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Johannesburg ready to stage record-breaking Tyrexpo Africa 2014 Johannesburg is set to take centre stage for the largest gathering of tyre and equipment suppliers ever assembled for a Tyrexpo Africa exhibition. When it opens its doors on 4 March at the Sandton Convention Centre, the show will play host to thousands of visitors from countries across the tyre-buying world. And with more than 140 exhibitors involved there will be plenty to occupy delegates over the course of three busy trading days. Tyrexpo Africa 2014 brings together an unprecedented number, range and variety of tyre companies, along with dozens of international suppliers of retreading materials, technology and equipment, tyre recycling, wheels, workshop machinery, tools, accessories and consumables. “With so much interest in the show and large numbers of visitors expected on all three days, we encourage delegates to pre-register via our website, to avoid queuing to get into the show,” says Rowena Suthers of ECI International. “We can also assist those who have not yet reserved their accommodation in Johannesburg, by putting them in touch with our dedicated travel and bookings agency, Eastravel.” The web address for pre-registration and other show information is, while travel and accommodation enquiries should be sent to

Automotive Equipment International has become the leading specialist in Garage and Workshop Equipment, involved in the importation, manufacture and distribution of many famous brands including PCL Tyre Inflation and Nitrogen Generators, AME bead breakers and related OTR products, RAASM and ACTWELL Lubrication Equipment, ROTARY and OMCN Lifts and Jacks and PIUSI Meters and Controls. The company has focused on being able to provide all types of workshops with their requirements from Hoists, Jacks and Ramps to Lubrication Equipment, Battery Chargers, Compressors and Air Hand Tools. Tyre accessories from passenger vehicle valves up to OTR equipment are also catered for. Automotive Equipment International are agents for CEMB Wheel Balancing & Tyre Changing Machines and MAD and AMMCO Brake Lathes. A complete range of Garage Equipment including full service and training facilities are available to all existing and new customers in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. The AEI Tyre Division is responsible for the marketing of the following products on a sole agency basis. • AME OTR EQUIPMENT • PCL TYRE INFLATION, AIR TOOLS & NITROGEN EQUIPMENT • CEMB WHEEL BALANCERS / TYRE CHANGERS & WHEEL ALIGNERS • HANDIJACK HYDRAULIC BODY REPAIR & LIFTING EQUIPMENT • ROTARY TWO & FOUR POST LIFTS • OMCN HYDRAULIC JACKS & PRESSES • UNO AIRTOOLS & ACCESSORIES • MYERS TYRE PRODUCTS A special Lubrication division exists to ensure top-level support to the Oil Companies and the workshops they maintain at Petrol and Service Stations. This division holds the PERMEX Oil Watch Agency for Oil Monitoring Systems. Automotive Equipment International together with AME International (USA) and PCL Air Technology (UK) look forward to seeing you on our booth and to introduce you to some exciting new products.

Columbus McKinnon Corporation the world’s leading manufacturer of tire shredding equipment has developed new shredding technology to adapt to the ever changing markets in the tire recycling industry as well as expand into new markets beyond tires. Since entering into the business in 1982, all CM tire shredders have exclusively used Holman Patent Technology. The CM knives have very close knife to knife tolerances that allows the machine to produce cleanly cut tire chips ideal for TDF. However, with the growth of the Crumb Rubber Industry shredder requirements are evolving. Shredders within these applications are used for volume reduction to prepare the tire for additional processing allowing for other cutting technologies to be considered. The CM Hybrid Primary Shredder is built for multiple uses within the tire industry as well as other applications. By using Removable Rotor Technology the machine becomes a “Hybrid” system. The machine can use Holman Patent Technology that has been adapted to a Removable Rotor which works well for tire applications as well as other applications where close cutting tolerances are required. It also accepts single piece shear shredder knives that are common for shredding general waste applications. This combination allows the machine to be versatile within the industry. The shredder boast high volumes of output and can process everything from passenger car tires, truck, super singles, small OTR’s and pre-processed mining and earth mover tire pieces as heavy as 500 pounds.

The South African tyre industry produces over 10 million waste tyres every year which end up as pollutants and create breeding grounds for disease-spreading mosquitoes. There are 60 million waste tyres lying in stockpiles (many illegal and unsafe) or in the South African countryside. South Africans are paying the cost of ignoring this problem and it’s a cost that will rise over time. The REDISA Plan aims to remove waste tyres from the South African environment while at the same time alleviating some of the extremely high unemployment in South Africa. The basis for this is to subsidise the collection and recycling process by attaching a value to the collecting of waste tyres. Fuelled by this incentive, individuals and small entrepreneurs will then seek out and remove tyres from their community and deliver them to a collection point. A key element of the REDISA Plan is that it will target small businesses in the area where they are needed most: in the informal and SMME (Small Micro and Medium Enterprise) sectors. This will allow REDISA to address the waste tyre problem, while simultaneously creating over 10,000 jobs for South Africans.

Salvadori S.r.l. is a family run company in Northeast Italy which was founded in. It operates in the following fields: retreading, workshop and recycling of tyres. Thanks to the experience and expertise of all its co-workers Salvadori S.r.l. has established itself internationally as one of the leaders in the tyre industry. The leading philosophy of the company consists in turning any tyre-related problem into a solution, therefore transforming a cost into a new resource with a constant respect for the environment. The company currently produces 1435 different items, from retreading equipment like blades, wheels and rasps to recycling machineries such as bead removers, shears and moulding plants. Salvadori S.r.l., with over 2600 customers in 100 different countries of the world, is a renowned company entirely dedicated to the tyre’s life cycle. Its strength consists in providing the customer with the most customised solution in accordance with its needs thus pursuing the aim of a mutual knowledge exchange.

Established in Johnstown, Ohio in 1939, Tech International is a world-leading producer of tyre and tube repairs and wheel service solutions, marketing more than 10000 products into over 96 countries throughout the world. The company has been recognised in the USA as one of the country’s top exporters and has been honoured by receiving the U.S. Presidential ‘E-Star’ Award for Excellence in Exporting on two occasions, one of only two companies to have ever received this prestigious award twice. Tech Europe, headquartered in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, has responsibility for the marketing and distribution of Tech products into Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA). In addition to its own line of quality products, manufactured at facilities in the United States, Northern Ireland, China and India, Tech offers a vast selection of tools, service items and equipment from industry-leading manufacturers. With expertise in the Tyre Repair, Retreading, Industrial and TPMS sectors, Tech Europe also boasts an active training school in Turnhout, Belgium and maintains an on-going commitment to repair education, innovation and continuous improvement. In addition, tailored packages for strategic partners, comprehensive customer support, effective logistics, and influence within trade associations, are some of the ways in which Tech Europe works to provide customers with the ‘best solution’. Tech is actively looking for distributors in Africa – do you have what it takes? If so, come and meet us at stand G13. Trust Tech - a global company with family values and a passion for excellence in tyre repair.

As a producer, the top priority of the Hämmerling Group is to meet the high quality standards of our national and international customers and to develop its products in line with their wishes and requirements. ATHOS, the truck and trailer tyre has been in use for several years by various OEMs and in the replacement tyre business. It has an impressive performance, appearance and a casing quality which can be retreaded twice. TALAS, the steel tyre with superb corrosion protection due to its powder coating and which comes ready fitted with a high quality valve. ATHOS and TALAS have several USPs which make them leading trade products. Both of these Hämmerling Group products are the only ones of their kind in Germany and Europe to be TÜVcertified. They undergo quality control checks both at their production sites in Asia and after arrival in Europe. The Hämmerling-Group is the 100% owner of the moulds and specifies the technical requirements. The Hämmerling Group is responsible for the development of the brands, tread patterns and sizes. SÄMM: The production of retreaded light truck and truck tyres has been located at our head office in Paderborn since 1980. All sizes and tread patterns are ECE 109 certified and are produced in one of the largest autoclaves in Europe. Hämmerling Group proprietary products are available direct from our warehouse in Paderborn. A steadily increasing number of outlet partners across Europe means that availability is now almost universal. Needless to say, as an international tyre wholesaler and full-line supplier, we also carry all other tyre sizes and standard makes. The impressive quality of Hämmerling Group private brands is due to the quality of the scope of supply, but not least to their unbeatable competitive price, which enables the trade to make a profit and makes them a pleasure to sell!

SUNSET TIRES CORPORATION is a traditional import, export and distribution company. Sunset has 30 years of experience in the Paraguayan market and in the past 10 years is also dealing in the Brazilian market and in the whole of Latin America. We represent major manufacturers of tires for Latin America, and also offer a wide of assortment of private brands such as XBRI, DURABLE, TITANMAX and ADERENZA all over the world, in categories like passenger car, SUV, light trucks, trucks, agricultural, off-road, inner tube, flaps. The success of our company is based on our competitive price, offering top quality brands manufactured in China. All this combined with efficient logistics. We interact with our customers in a personalized and efficient way. Sunset has the capacity for retrieving orders from a Distribution Center in Paraguay and another in China, with lower cost of management and maintenance. We export FOB CHINA and also from our Free Zone in Paraguay where we keep a stock of approximately 800,000 tires. For some brands we export from our available stock in China. This makes the import process fast and easy for the importer. Currently, we serve diversified clients, among which we quote: automobile industry, supermarket chains, wholesalers, retailers and fleets.

CIMA IMPIANTI SPA is one of the world’s leaders in the manufacture of tyre retreading equipment. In 60 years of activity, CIMA IMPIANTI has developed a complete range of hot curing presses to retread all tyre sizes available on the market, from passenger car to OTR tyres up to 63”rim diameter. Recently, we completed our range of products with the development of the machines models CIMAXI and CI-MASTER, a 5 axis CNC controlled Buffing Peeling Grooving and an Extruder Builder Machine for OTR tyres. We propose these new equipment in 3 different sizes: up to 35”, up to 51” and up to 63” rim diameter. CIMA IMPIANTI is capable of offering to OTR tyre retreaders a complete range of products covering all existing retreading techniques: PRE-CURE, SMOOTH&GROOVE and HOT (MOULD)-CURE.

Started in 1994, Exotic Wheel & Tyre has been at the forefront of tyre distribution in Southern Africa. We currently distribute Silverstone High Performance tyres, as well as Accelera, Kenda, Sonar and Zeta tyres. Exotic Wheel & Tyre is amongst the leading tyre suppliers in Southern Africa and enjoys a highly successful distribution network of wholesalers and retail outlets. Exotic Wheel & Tyre is recognized for excellent customer service and has built an impressive reputation for offering our customers with the finest quality tyres, which undergo stringent quality control tests and are certified for use in Europe, Australia and America. All the brands of tyres which we import are also certified by the NRCS (National Regulator for compulsory specifications) formerly known as the SABS. Exotic Wheel & Tyre has a storage capacity of 100,000 tyres, ensuring that we always have stock on hand to meet our customers needs. The fact that Exotic Wheel & Tyre has strong customer loyalty and gains new customers everyday, proves that we as a company know how to meet and treat customer demands. As a family run business with energetic management, Exotic Wheel & Tyre is able to service the dynamic demands of the market competently. At Exotic Wheel & Tyre we are fully aware of the competitive nature of the industry we serve and therefore sensitivity to and close monitoring of the multi-cultural consumer trends helps us identify the market needs and therefore allows us to make good selections with regard to brands and products we sell.

Leaderquip Plans to Wow Visitors Renowned for their top-of-the-range selection of equipment from HUNTER Engineering Company, U.S.A., LEADERQUIP AUTO SERVICES has been a special draw card at Tyrexpo since 2006, when the exhibition was first launched in South Africa. LEADERQUIP has revealed to the organisers that their exhibition at Tyrexpo 2014 will be especially exciting, as they will be introducing a selection of new, top quality products to the South African market. These innovative products will also be of specific interest to their valued visitors from the African countries north of South Africa, where LEADERQUIP and HUNTER have a strong presence and an excellent reputation. According to the directors of LEADERQUIP, Mr Jan Labuschagne and Mr José Domingues, LEADERQUIP has a few aces up their sleeve which will only be revealed at Tyrexpo 2014. They did promise us that these new products will wow the market – not only with their good looks, but also with their sheer quality and effortless performance. No amount of pressure from our intrepid journalist could get them to reveal more. “Wait and see!” was their final word. In the meantime, take a look at Leaderquip’s website at for a few clues.

Auto & Truck Tyres offers services that extend from New tyre supply to Rim provision and repair, by our in-house engineering company. We handle Forklift tyres, Wheel Alignment and balancing, 24-Hour Nationwide Breakdown assistance, and innovative onsite tyre management for customers. Other areas include Truck exhausts, Locknuts, Fuel savers, Batteries, accessories and Technical services. ATT is most commonly recognised for our Retreading factory, confirmed to be the world’s biggest, by volume. Customer-driven and quality focused, our passionate 26 year old company has leveraged humble beginnings and solid foundations to produce and impressive outfit, a valued and longstanding customer base with a sterling reputation for reliability, competitive pricing and outstanding service. We look forward to meeting you at the Tyre Expo Africa 2014, where we will be on show with our partners:

Crowntyre Industrial Co., Ltd has been providing professional tire solutions to international wholesalers for years. With multiple quality product lines we have developed full range products for PCR, TBR and OTR tires. We always keep the principle of integrating abundant superior resources for a more competitive product group. Crowntyre has been putting tremendous effort in continually improving product quality, which contains comprehensive control system from compound analysis, pattern design, construction design and the final performance evaluation for the best value for customer satisfaction. All product lines are under continual monitoring to maximize the quality stabilization as well. In the meantime, Crowntyre has reached out to several continents to provide highly efficient service to our customers. We believe not only with our cost-effective product itself, a closer communication and solid cooperation will also create more value and this makes substantial benefits to our partners for a long term.

DOUBLE STAR: • Established in 1921. • Manufacturers of Truck, Passenger and Light Truck Tyres. • Imported into South Africa by Auto & Truck Tyres for 2 years. • ISO 9001:2008, DOT MARK, E MARK, ISO 16949:2009. FULLRUN: • Established in 2003. • Manufacturers of Truck, Passenger, Light Truck and OTR Tyres. • Imported into South Africa by Auto & Truck Tyres from 2007. • ISO 9000:2000, E MARK, DOT MARK. SOFT SOLID: • Established in 1983. • Manufacturers of Solid Tyres. • Imported into South Africa by Auto & Truck Tyres since 2011. • ISO 9001:2008.

Elgi Rubber Company Limited is a company headquartered in India with subsidiaries in Australia, Brasil, Kenya, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka and the United States of America. Elgi manufactures a comprehensive range of raw material, equipment, tools and accessories used in the Rubber Industry, predominantly in the Tyre sector. With state of the manufacturing facilities, testing laboratories and R&D centers around the world ELGI is able to deliver products to the most demanding users. Elgi’s products are sold under the following brands: • • • • • •

Jet - Tyre Retread and Repair Systems Pincott - Rasp Blades, Hubs & Spacers Armonas - Retread Process Equipment Midwest Rubber - Gums, Adhesives and Sealants Carbrasive - Brazed Carbide Tools Ecorr from Rubber Resources - Reclaimed Rubber

NITRALIFE continues its steady advance in inflating tyres with Nitrogen instead of air. Long used in trucking and offered by Tyre Dealers to the public this market has consolidated and grown. New growth has come in Mining where a top mining group no longer permits heavy trucks, theirs or their contractors, on their mines without the tyres being inflated with Nitrogen as a result of tyre explosion fatalities. This resulted from tyre tests being done by them where air and nitrogen inflated earthmover tyres were tested to destruction. The air inflated tyres exploded within 17 minutes while the same tyres inflated with Nitrogen went past the hour mark showing no sign of distress. Also new is the move by filling stations to offer a free Nitrogen top-up service to customers filling up at their stations. This was started by Total but is now also being done by many Engen, Caltex, BP, Shell and Sasol stations. This is in recognition that over 15,000 motorists per month have their car tyres filled with nitrogen at tyre dealers nationally and would no longer want their tyres topped up with air. Fuel sales have accordingly increased at these sites.

Trident International P Ltd is a Star-Export House that specializes in the supply and distribution of industrial tyres, rubber tracks and pads for construction equipment, material handling equipment, and other specialized infrastructure-related equipment. Trident offers a wide range of sizes that conform to international standards and are distributed in over 35 countries which include the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Trident has developed a range of Solid Tyres specifically designed for Skid Steer Loaders, Aerial Work Platforms, Wheel Loaders, Container Handlers, etc. These machines are normally fitted with pneumatic tyres that are prone to punctures and fast wear. This result in losses associated with frequent repair and replacement, downtime and leads to additional costs associated with excess inventory of spares. While the use of solid tyres in the material handling segment (i.e. forklifts) is well accepted, the use of solid tyres on construction and other specialized equipment is a relatively new phenomenon. However, this has been gaining acceptance as the benefits become more apparent. Solid Tyres are puncture-proof and are made from highly wear resistant rubber compounds. This gives them a lifespan three to five times that of conventional pneumatic tyres. Innovative features include the use of sidewall apertures for shock absorption when moving over irregular surfaces and debris thereby providing a smooth and stable ride. These tyres also significantly improve occupational safety as there is no possibility of tyre blowout related accidents. Besides providing the user complete peace of mind, these zero maintenance tyres are a sound investment for demanding applications such as construction, scrap and recycling yards, steel mills, solid waste management, ports, mining, etc.

Associated Motorways (Private) Limited, established in 1949, a pioneer in the country’s tyre manufacturing industry. Popular known as AMW, is a highly respected company in Sri Lanka with more than 60 years of experience. AMW concentrates on product and service development, while offering world renowned automotive and related products and service brands to its valued customers. Our product segment as follows; Tyre re-treading & re-treading materials (tread-liners, cushiomgum….etc) • Rubber compounds ⇒ Sulphur, un-sulphured rubber compounds and Carbon black master compounds for any applications • Pneumatic rubber tyres ⇒ three wheel (4.00x8 & 4.50x10 Heavy Duty) and farm tyres(6.00x12) • Solid tyres ⇒ POB (Press On Band’s) tyres and Resilient tyres (2 layer & 3 layer) • Auxiliary molded rubber products ⇒ rubber mats, car-mats, tyre flaps/rim tapes …etc •

We have build-up much expertise in production to highest quality assurance with ISO 9001:2008. In addition, our products are complying with ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification. Above are few quality milestones we achieved and many more are on the process to testify our superior quality. The company adopted global quality management system by restructuring supplier chain management system and implementing process technologies related to applied statistics. Looking after the welfare of production staff and the neighborhood, the company enforced effective working procedures for safe handling of chemicals, following the principles of responsible-care and green concept. We produce quality products in accordance with the international standards and most of our customers around the world are dealing with us for many years due to our supreme quality level and the excellent service we provide to our customers beyond their expectation.

VIGIA specialises in on-board tyre inflation systems Loss of pressure in a tyre or just lack of discipline in tyre management will result in excessive tyre costs and unnecessary breakdowns. A VIGIA system will ensure that your truck gets to its destination safely and on time. If an air leak develops in any of the tyres the VIGIA system will supply air to the tyre, on a continuous basis and while driving, ensuring that the tyre remains inflated until the truck reaches its destination. This saves not only an expensive breakdown, the time lost in repair and the complications of road side safety but also conserves the tyre casing for repair and future re-treading. Tyres are one of the main expenses in any long distance fleet and underinflation of only 350kPa will reduce the effective tyre life by a shocking 25%. Under-inflation in general accounts for 80% of retread separations, cuts, bruises, flats and blowouts VIGIA’s high quality components are built to last and their tyre pressure system is the systems of choice for durability, safety and reliability. Distributed for more than 20 years in many countries around the world, VIGIA stands ready to handle the most strenuous demands in the toughest environments, again and again.

Japan Toyomoto Tire Corp is a marketing organization of KK Tokyo Nihoon Rubber Corp with Toyomoto as its trademark. The products include PCR, TBR,OTR and Giant Radial OTR . Toyomoto tire is the perfect combination of Toyomoto technology and the Chinese productivity. As the know-how supplier to SCTM tire factory in Saudi Arabia,Toyomoto is serving the market in all aspects.

Atturo is a tire brand exclusively for SUV and 4X4 vehicles. With sizes to cover original equipment and tuners for this popular segment, Atturo is a great addition to any program. The AZ800 is a performance tyre for SUV and Cross Over vehicles offered in sizes from 17” through 24” rims. The Atturo AZ600 is a highway touring tyre for SUV and Cross Over in sizes from 16” through 18”. The Trail Blade M/T is an aggressive off road tyre for 4X4 and Jeeps with sizes from 16” to 20”. The Trail Blade A/T is an all-purpose LT tyre in sizes 15” through 17”. Atturo is constantly expanding our size range and developing new products to continue to serve the fastest growing segment of the market. Atturo Tires are built in Taiwan and Thailand and distributed on a factory direct basis. There are opportunities for importers in many African markets. Visit our stand A07 at the Tyrexpo Africa to learn about this exciting brand.

Tyres are not just about their looks! Proper tyre care is important to get maximum mileage, safety and to prevent wear out of them. It not only increases the fuel efficiency but also decreases the maintenance of the vehicles. This saves about 10-15% of the expenditures in terms of petrol/diesel and the extended life of the tyres!!! Absence of proper alignment and balancing of the tyres makes the vehicles unsafe. It decreases the tread wear, increases vibration and causes stress on the vehicle. Maintain your tyres! …….And we help you do it with ease! For over two decades, We at Sarv have been dedicated to provide complete comprehensive solutions for tyre maintenance by not only offering equipment with latest technology from the world’s renowned OEMs but by also having good stock of spare parts to cater the immediate needs of our customers. ISO 9001:2008 certifications conform to our commitment to the quality systems and deliver the best! Being in Industry since last 25 years, Sarveshwari Group stands as one of the biggest specialized manufacturers of professional automotive quality repair tools and accessories for garage equipment. We have accomplished the feat of being the most preferred brand for providing the complete tyre care and maintenance solutions to the modern day garages and tyre care centers. Our performance spectrum includes not only the realization of concepts for setting up complete workshops, but also providing stand-alone solutions to the automotive aftermarkets. Our experience in the automotive industry has led us to establish alliances with well-known garage equipment manufacturers around the world. The tools and accessories manufactured at our manufacturing units at Kundli, Haryana have not only created a niche in the domestic market but are also exported to more than 60 countries all over the world including Germany, France, USA, Japan etc. to name a few. We have factory trained manpower, sales and service engineers to cater to the after sales service all over India. Our global mission is to create value to our customers through our distribution network by offering equipment with world-class technology and quality, world-class service, after sales support and spare parts supply to our customers at the most competitive prices.! We value your safety! We value your tyres!

The Alliance Tire Group (ATG) is a leading entity in the global Off-Highway Tires business. It represents three world-renowned brands - Alliance, Galaxy and Primex. Actively present in over 120 countries in 6 continents. The group aims to exceed a global turnover of $1 billion by 2017 with a vision to be one of the top 3 global market leaders in Agriculture, Forestry, Construction tire segments (AFC) and to build a strong presence in niche OTR tire segments such as Port and Underground mining. ATG is a world leader in for Flotation, Skidsteer, Contract Utility and row crop tires. ATG is also a pioneer in the high speed radial flotation segment. The company owns 2 manufacturing plants. Apart from its own plants, ATG’s tires are also manufactured at dedicated contract manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan. The company’s world-class R&D centres are situated in United States, India, Israel and South Africa. The regional offices are in The Netherlands, United States, India and South Africa. The group also has regional offices and representatives in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Iberia, Italy and Scandinavia. The Group was founded and promoted by Mr. Ashok Mahansaria and Mr. Yogesh Mahansaria, who are among the leading names in the Off-Highway Tire industry with the backing of Warburg Pincus LLC., the $35 billion American private equity firm. Currently the Group is backed by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co (KKR), a New York based multinational private equity firm. Founded in 1976, KKR is a leading global investment firm with $75.5 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2012. With offices around the world, KKR manages assets through a variety of investment funds and accounts covering multiple asset classes.

BENTON TYRE & RUBBER CO., is a globally oriented organization manufacturing, marketing and distributing tyres and related products. Our range of BENTON® quality Tyres are produced at state-of-the-art production facility, using best raw materials and under stringent checks at every production stage. We manufacture Radial all steel truck and bus tyres (TBR), Bias truck and light truck tyres, Radial passenger car tyres (PCR), Bias and Radial OTR, Bias Agriculture tractor and implement, Industrial Solid and Pneumatic tyres. Our tyres are produced as per international standards with total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction and have quality certifications viz. DOT, ECE, CCC, SNI, INMETRO, S-MARK, NOM, SONCAP, GCC. As an organization with over 18 years of experience in tyre industry, BENTON brand tyres are the right choice for buyers in various countries.

CHINA TYRES DISTRIBUTION LTD. is a professional company dedicated in supplying various tyres, especially PCR, UHP, SUV, LTR and TBR. Professionalism, Efficiency and Creditability are our features. We offer not only premium quality tyres, but also extraordinary service to our customers. We are distributing MINERVA, IMPERIAL, TRISTAR and ROCKSTONE tyres with the latest European Labeling law - the most strict tyre quality standards in the world, which guarantees less braking distance, less noise, less fuel consumption. Besides that, tyres with certifications of DOT, ECE, BIS, ISO, GSO, JIS, ADR, INMETRO also contribute to the superior quality. CHINA TYRES DISTRIBUTION LTD is most sincere to cooperate with global tyre importers. We are confident that both of us will be mutually benefited with our joint efforts.

Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd. (ZC-RUBBER) takes great pride in producing tyres that rate among the best in the world. Our operation philosophy is all about collaboration with our suppliers, with the 10,000s of companies who sell our products around the globe, and with our millions of end customers who trust our tyres every single day. Our engineers are working together closely with our international Research and Development (R&D) team combined of experts from all over the world. We keep on investing millions of US dollars in establishing various productions and testing facilities such as the first noise test laboratorium in China and the MTS Flat-Trac III CT Tyre Test System. As a result we successfully join the ranks of the global top 10 tyre manufacturers in 2012. Our belief in producing quality tyres makes us to set up strict quality control system approved by most global tyre manufacturers and automobile companies, introduce world lastest production facilities from Fischer, VMI, Krupp, etc, and inspect every single tyre by hand before it leaves the production line besides the X-ray, balancing and uniformity inspection by most advanced equipments imported from Germany, Japan and U.S.A. We guarantee our tyre quality by system, facilities and employees' responsibility.

QINGDAO ODYKING TYRE CO., LTD Located in Qingdao City, Shandong Province of China. Our produces a full range of Radial Tyres and Bias Tyres with the Annual throughput of 2,000,000 standard sets. The company specializes in producing heavy-duty Radial truck tyres. The Company sticks to such principles as “Seeking Survival on Quality and Promoting Development on Science and Technology”. The company cites the advanced production equipments, carries out ISO9001 Quality Management System through the whole process. The company has successively passed ISO9001 Quality Management System, United States DOT, European Union ECE, Gulf GCC, Brazil INMETRO, China CCC and Soncap for Nigeria. With fairly strong capacity of research and development, the tyres main performance index has reached the advanced international level. Welcome to QINGDAO ODYKING With the excellent quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery and excellent service. We trust that we are to be your best supplier and partner in China, we are so pleased that our tyres can be seen all over the world, including South-East Asia, Middle east, Africa, Europe, America, South America etc. Welcome to join QINGDAO ODYKING and we trust that we will become one of your best suppliers and partners in China. Wherever you work, we work.

For 19 years IRJ has been bringing comprehensive coverage of the Rubber Industry and during that time, the IRJ has evolved and grown due to our subscriber base and our advertisers. We have grown from a small, regional, industry magazine to become the dominant source of Rubber Industry news throughout India, Asia and Europe. Having stepped into our 20th year, we intend to keep growing, evolving and improving. Our strategy for the future is to engage the Rubber Industry on a global level and bring the most comprehensive and timely coverage. Beyond physical coverage, in an age when content from all over the world is available through countless platforms, we are looking to expand our digital content and we are making major investments in an updated e-format and exploring social media options as we attempt to enhance the value you derive from being subscribers and advertisers. Ever since the first issue of the IRJ in July 1993, it has been a real privilege to keep our readers informed of the news, events and highlights of the international rubber & tire and rubber-related industries. IRJ gives unique access to the Indian rubber industry while chronicling events and news related to the rubber & tire industry in every part of the world. We hope that our readers, advertisers and friends, will continue to support our success, even as we document yours.

SELAGO INDUSTRIES (PTY) LTD is a privately-owned company that manufactures and distributes components for the automotive, industrial and refrigeration market. Selago, previously known as Schrader South Africa, has been in business for the past 35 years producing quality products to local and international markets. Selago is situated in the port city of East London, South Africa and is well placed to serve the needs of the local and export market. Selago has operated a globally recognised Quality Management System for the past 15 years and has a ISO/TS 16949:2009 rating. Selago’s area of expertise lies in the manufacture of small to medium-sized, high volume Pressed, Turned and Milled metal components for the automotive market. We pride ourselves in our people and the technology which allows us the flexibility to meet the customer’s requirements. Over the years we have built up a reputation as a reliable distributor of quality products. Selago, a distributor of Schrader International, will be exhibiting the Schrader Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems for the passenger market for both aftermarket and OE replacement with accessories. We look forward to seeing you at Tyre Expo Africa ’14.

BaRo GmbH is a tyre wholesaler based in Hamburg. The Company currently supplies more than 2.000 tyre traders in Germany from their stock in Hamburg, thus also about 150 wholesalers worldwide. Their product range includes truck, agricultural tyres and passenger car tyres, mainly from East European countries. BaRo GmbH also offers premium quality tyres. Truck tyres Truck tyres are produced with the most modern European machines and adhere to the strictest quality controls. Exclusive brands such as TYREX ALL STEEL from SIBUR and KAMA for utility vehicles are postcuttable and retreadable. All TYREX ALL STEEL / KAMA for road haulage can be subsidised by the programme "De-Minimis". Agricultural tyres Agricultural and tractor tyres distinguish themselves by their indestructibility and an optimal price-performance ratio. Implement and Radial AS-Reifen from DNEPROSHINA, BELSHINA, VOLTYRE and ROSAVA are used mainly in the original equipment for agricultural trailers, manure barrels and combine harvesters. Our exclusive brand TYREX AGRO from SIBUR with modern profiles distinguishes itself by low soil compaction, high traction and optimum power transmission. Industry / Implement / Flotation / logging / EM / MPT tyres MPT, EM and logging tyres from SIBUR Russian Tyres, BELSHINA and DNEPROSHINA are used for machines with high charges. Implement, Flotation and AS-Reifen of ORNET, FARMKING, ALTURA and DURO have powerful competitive grip qualities, good traction force and are soil-conserving. Passenger car tyres Baro offers exclusive brands like CORDIANT, KAMA euro and ROSAVA in the middle price segment. The production equipment, the rubber compund and the know-how originate from leading European manufacturers.

Tyrexpo Africa 2014 Marketing Support

Tyrexpo Africa’14 Accommodation

A comprehensive marketing programme is implemented to bring a target audience to Tyrexpo Africa.

Accommodation for Tyrexpo Africa’14 is being organised by EASTRAVEL LTD, our specialist conference and exhibition hotel reservation service.

3 Regular media releases to all trade journals & media

3 90,000 visitor tickets distributed

3 Tyrexpo Africa Newsletters

3 Electronic visitor ticket mailings

3 Database of over 20,000 potential visitors regularly updated 3 Press office showcase exhibitor press packs/product literature for visiting press 3 Internet - show details available on tyre industry and industry association websites

3 Local radio advertising 3 Trade journal advertising & inserts

Tel: +44 (0) 1473 214 / 305 / 210 770 Fax: +44 (0) 1473 232 740 Email:

For exhibitor/visitor info please contact us today at: Tel: + 44 (0) 1892 863888 Fax: + 44 (0) 1892 863828

Tyrexpo Africa’14 Exhibitor List Acten Marketing Sdn Bhd AEI (Automotive Equipment Int (Pty) Ltd Alliance Tire Group AME International Associated Motorways (Pvt) Ltd Atturo Tire Corporation Aufine Group Autotek Tyres Industrial Co Ltd Bandenmarkt Barcino Tyre Company S.C.P BaRo Gmbh Beissbarth Beltyre Africa (Pty) Ltd Benton Tyre & Rubber Co Best Choice International Trade Co Ltd Best Team Group Ltd Chaoyang Long March Tire Co Ltd China Tyres Distribution Chnoble Tyre Ltd Chonche Auto Double Happiness Tyre CIMA Impianti S.P.A. Columbus Mckinnon Corporation Crowntyre Industrial Co Ltd Deruibao Tire Co Ltd Dong Ah Tire & Rubber Co Ltd Dongying Fangxing Rubber Co Ltd Dongying Taisheng Rubber Co Ltd Dongying Wantong Rubber Auxiliary Co Ltd Dongying Zhengyu Wheel Dongying Zhongyi Rubber Co Ltd Double Coin Holdings Ltd Enjoy Tyre Co Ltd Exclusive Tyres Exotic Wheel & Tyre Foshan Nanhai Anchi Aluminium Wheel Co Ltd Guangzhou Scut Bestry Technology Co Ltd Guizhou Tyre I/E Co Ltd Hammerling The Tyre Company Gmbh Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co Ltd Hongfeng Rubber Co Ltd Hopeway Holdings Ltd Japan Toyomoto Tire Corp Jianxin Rubber (Fujian) Co Ltd Koryo International Industrial Ltd Leaderquip Leader Rubber Company Leling Vheal Rubber Co Ltd L-Guard Int’L Enterprise Ltd Loadtech Loadcells Pty Ltd MST Tyre Co Ltd NDI Tire (Qingdao) Co Ltd Neumaticos Isabel E Hijos S.L Nitralife Sa (Pty) Ltd Ocean Industrial Investment Co Ltd Opulence & Deruibao OTC PCL Pingdu Zihai Rubber Manuf. Qingdao Aouno Tyre Co Ltd Qingdo Au-Shine Tyre Co Ltd Qingdao Deman Tire Co Ltd Qingdao Doublestar Tire Industrial Co Ltd Qingdao Everbest Int Trading Co Ltd Qingdao Fleming Tyre Co Ltd Qingdao F.T.Z.Full-World Int’L Trading Qingdao Fullrun Tyre Corp.Ltd Qingdao Gloryred International Trading Qingdao Gm Rover Qingdao Goldshield Tyre Import & Export Qingdao Grandstone Qingdao Hengda Tyre Co Ltd Qingdao Honestar

Qingdao Honghuasheng Tyre Qingdao Honghua Tyre Factory Qingdao Huhai Tyre Qingdao Lander & Sea Tyre Co Ltd Qingdao Power Tyres & Rubber Qingdao Q & J Industrial Group Co Ltd Qindgao Qihang Tyre Co Ltd Qingdao Qingtai Qingdao Qizhou Rubber Co Ltd Qingdao Sentury Tire Co Ltd Qingdao Taihao Tyre Co Ltd Qingdao Tide Tire Co Ltd REDISA Rema Tip Top Reon Tire Retreading Business Roadsun Tyre Co Ltd Robert Bosch Robinair Rollstone Rubber Board Sagirun Corporation Salvadori Srl Sarveshwari Engineers SCLT Group Selago Industries (Pty) Ltd Shandong Fenglun Tyre Co Ltd Shandong Guofeng Rubber Plastics Co Ltd Shandong Haoyu Rubber Shandong Hengfeng Rubber & Plastics Co Ltd Shandong Hengyu Rubber Co Ltd Shandong Roctyre Int Trade Shandong Shengtai Wheel Co Ltd Shandong Wanda Boto Tyre Co Ltd Shandong Wosen Rubber Co Ltd Shandong Yixiang Xiangjiao Co Ltd Shandong Yongtai Chemical Co Ltd Shanxi Xiangyu Chemical Co Ltd Shengtai Group Co Ltd Sicam Sinorient Sinotyre Stamford Tyres Sunset S.A.C.I.S Sunwide Tyre Corp Ltd Suzhou Everich Bicycle Co Ltd Tech Europe Techking Tires Limited Tianjin High Jump International Trading Tire Group Inc Touran International Trade Co Ltd Toway Tracross Tyre Co Ltd Trident International Pvt Ltd Vee Rubber Vitour Wanshine Weifang Camrun Rubber Group Co Ltd Weifang Jintongda Tyre Co Ltd Weifang Shunfuchang Rubber & Plastics Ltd Weifang Yuelong Rubber Co Ltd Windforce Tyre Co Ltd Xiamen Sunrise Wheel Group Co Ltd Xuzhou Xugong Tyres Co Ltd

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Tyrexpo Africa'14 Newsletter Issue 6  

An ECI International Event

Tyrexpo Africa'14 Newsletter Issue 6  

An ECI International Event