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Admission and Scholarship Guide

The early admission consideration and scholarship guarantee deadline is December 15

Size of Main Campus 328 acres Enrollment Undergraduate 10,035 Graduate 1,077 International 600 students from 45 countries Female/Male Population 60%/40% Multicultural Population 10.5% (15% including international students) Students from Missouri 83% Out-of-state students from more than 40 states. Illinois has the largest out-of-state representation. Full-Time Freshman Average ACT 23 Full-Time Freshman Average GPA 3.35 Average Freshman Class Size 30-35 Student-to-Faculty Ratio 20:1 Freshman-to-Sophomore Retention 72% Areas of Study 200+ Residence Halls 11 Dining Venues 9 Intercollegiate Athletics NCAA Division I, Ohio Valley Conference Team Mascot Rowdy the Redhawk School Color Red Student Organizations 150+ Fraternity/Sorority Population 10%

Admission Requirements

Early College Credit

To be considered for admission to Southeast, submit:

Dual Credit Students

Early College Credit/Dual Credit

Students with dual credit/early college credit should apply as beginning freshmen. You have paid the application fee if you took the credit through Southeast.

Verify credits are transferable and necessary. Check transferability to Southeast. At Southeast, the best classes for college credit fill University Studies requirements (general education courses).

1) An online application for admission at 2) A non-refundable $30 application fee 3) ACT/SAT Scores 4) A 6th or 7th semester high school transcript 5) A final high school transcript after graduation 6) College transcripts (for dual credit or transfer students)

Admission to Southeast is based on a combination of the highest ACT or SAT score and the cumulative high school grade point average. SAT (CR+M) or or or or

980 940 900 860

and and and and

Submit the home-school transcript with each course listed by grade and signed by the home-school educator. If using a transcript service, have them send an official transcript.

Non-Traditional Students

Beginning Freshmen

ACT Composite 21 20 19 18

Home-Schooled Students

Cumulative HS GPA on a 4.0 Scale 2.00 2.50 2.50 2.75

In addition to meeting the test score and GPA requirements, applicants must complete a minimum of 17 units of high school core curriculum (year-long classes), as follows: ✔ English – 4 units (two emphasizing composition or writing skills; one may be speech or debate) ✔ Mathematics – 3 units (Algebra I, Algebra II/ Intermediate Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry or Calculus) ✔ Social Studies – 3 units (one unit of American history and one semester of government required) ✔ Science – 3 units (not including general science; selected from biology, chemistry, physics, botany, zoology or anatomy and physiology; one must be a lab course) ✔ Visual/Performing Arts – 1 unit (art, dance, music or theatre) ✔ Additional – 3 units (foreign language and/or a combination of two or more from the above areas) Note: If your school does not have a 4.0 scale, convert your GPA to a 4.0 equivalent by multiplying your GPA by four and dividing that number by the scale your school uses. Example, a 4.38 GPA on a 5.0 scale converted GPA equivalent is 3.5 [(4.38x4)/5=3.50].

Applicants are non-traditional if they are 21 or older, married, supporting a dependent child or a veteran with qualified armed forces active duty. Documentation is required. Proof of high school graduation or completion of GED must be submitted.

Transfer Students You are eligible for admission as a transfer student if you are in good academic standing at your last accredited college/university and have a 2.0 cumulative transfer GPA.  Apply for transfer admission at the beginning of your last semester at your current college.  Course equivalencies and enrollment procedures are available online.  24 or more transferable hours: Submit an online application for admission, along with official transcripts from each college attended and a non-refundable $30 fee.  Fewer than 24 transferable hours: Follow beginning freshmen requirements and submit official transcripts from each college attended. If you are not in good academic standing at your last accredited college/university, you may be considered for probationary admission one year after your last semester of full-time enrollment. Allow 7-10 days for application processing and transcript evaluation. Admission to the University does not indicate automatic admission to programs with additional admission criteria and/or specific prerequisites.

Fall Application Deadlines for Beginning Freshmen and Transfer Students OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS

Southeast Missouri State University One University Plaza Cape Girardeau, MO 63701-4799 (573) 651-2590 (573) 651-2957 (transfer students) (573) 651-5936 (fax) Access our mobile website at


Apply online at

November 1 Recommended application date for students wishing

to meet the priority housing deadline of December 15. This does not guarantee choice of housing.

DECember 15 Early admission consideration and scholarship guarantee deadline

February 15 Recommended FAFSA completion date for students wishing to meet the March 1 financial aid priority processing deadline

March 1 Final deadline for merit, student involvement and endowed scholarships

JUNE 1 Fall 2011 application deadline for students required to live in on-campus housing. Applications will continue to be accepted past June 1 from commuter students.

Fall community college scholarships deadline

Advanced Placement Courses (AP) Credit for AP examinations is granted for examinations with a score of 3 or above.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit is granted for higher-level examination scores of 4 or above in International Baccalaureate subjects.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Course credit for CLEP examinations is granted for each exam with a score of 50 or above. Testing Services (573) 651-2836

Residence Halls Living in the residence halls contributes to your overall education. Research demonstrates that students who live on campus do better academically and rate their college experience as more satisfying. Southeast’s campus includes 11 residence halls, whether you are interested in community-style or suite-style housing. After admission to the University, complete the Contract for University Housing online via the process outlined in your admission materials. A $150 housing deposit is required. Enrollment at Southeast continues to grow. As a result, the residence halls at Southeast will reach their full capacity by June 1. The priority housing deadline is December 15. Due to space limitations, submitting a housing contract by this date does not guarantee that students will be placed in their choice of housing. The fall semester admission deadline is June 1 for students required to live in on-campus housing. Students who apply after this date, and are required to live on-campus, may be deferred to the following spring semester.

Residency ­Requirement

Learning Communities

Living on campus is an important part of the college experience. Southeast requires that all full-time students live on campus for two years (four semesters) unless they meet one of the following criteria: ✔ Living with parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and ­commuting from their residence within a reasonable distance (50 miles) of Cape Girardeau ✔ At least 21 years of age by the beginning of the semester for which they are enrolled ✔ Military veteran ✔ Completed 57 credit hours accepted by the University toward earning a degree from Southeast. Credit hours must be earned as of the beginning of the year for which the release is requested. ✔ Married and/or have dependent children in residence

Accessible to students with disabilities Air conditioning Cable TV in rooms Carpet in rooms Elevator Full kitchen Wireless Internet LAN access in rooms Kitchenette Laundry Lofts permitted Meeting rooms Social and study lounge space

Many consider Southeast’s residence halls to be the best in Missouri.

Towers East Towers South Towers North Towers West Meyers Cheney Dearmont Vandiver Henderson New Hall Group

Residence Halls

Students with similar interests or courses may be grouped in residential learning communities such as: ✔ Business ✔ Education ✔ Jane Stephens Honors Program ✔ Sciences ✔ Transfer (45 or more credit hours) ✔ Visual and Performing Arts











Jane Stephens Honors Program

The Jane Stephens Honors Program offers opportunities tailored to the aspirations and motivations of students with intellectual and creative abilities, underscoring Southeast’s commitment to leadership. Honors credit may be earned by taking honors courses in the University curriculum or by completing honors contracts for courses taught by honors faculty. The honors community in Vandiver Hall allows contact and support from other honors students, combined with the diversity of living in a large residence hall. For more information, call (573) 651‑2513.

opened 2009


F = Located on floor, H = Located in hall, Y = Yes, N = No

Apply online at


Scholarships Maximize Your Scholarship Opportunities 1. Merit* Submit the Application for Undergraduate Admission and Merit Scholarships. Make sure we have your most recent transcript and highest ACT score.

4. Participation Band, theatre, dance, music, art, athletics – Contact the department for application or audition requirements.

2. Involvement* When completing the application for admission online, answer the optional essay questions, which are used for Student Involvement Scholarship consideration.

5. College Access Partnerships Southeast has partnered with college access and scholarship programs throughout the state. (573) 986-6135

3. Endowed and Sponsored Apply online by March 1. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15 for need-based scholarship consideration.

Scholarship Information  Merit scholarships are awarded to regularly

admitted beginning freshmen at the time of admission to the University (no separate ­application required).

 Cumulative GPA requirements are based on a

4.0 scale.

 Scholarship recipients must be enrolled full-time

(minimum 12 hours per semester).

 Scholarships are available to graduates from

accredited secondary schools for the fall semester following gradu­ation. Schools should be accredited by a recognized agency such as state departments of education or North Central.

6. Community Ask your high school counselor how to apply for scholarships offered by your school and community. Your counselor also may have a list of national scholarships. December 15 guarantee deadline


Endowed and ­Sponsored ­Scholarships Endowed and sponsored scholarships have a variety of criteria, which may include residency in a specified county, a minimum high school GPA, a specific major, or financial need as determined by the FAFSA. These competitive scholarships require submission of a new scholarship application each year. The Endowed and Sponsored Scholarship Application deadline is March 1, unless otherwise noted.

 The December national ACT/SAT test dates are

final test dates used for Governor’s and Regents’ Scholarship consideration. If funds allow, February test dates are the final test used for all other merit scholarships.

 The Governor’s and Regents’ Scholarships pay

incidental fees for the equivalent of up to 30 Southeast credit hours per academic year (15 hours per fall and spring semesters). In addition, the Governor’s Scholarship covers general fees, textbook rental and room and board, including communitystyle, double occupancy room with a 15-meal plan.

 Students receive the highest award for which they

qualify. This is adjusted as new test scores are received.

 Merit scholarships (excluding the Regional

Achievement Award) are renewable for 3 additional academic years for a maximum of 4 consecutive academic years with a Southeast cumulative 3.5 GPA and a minimum of 30 Southeast credit hours per academic year (may include Southeast summer hours). Transfer credit/GPA is not included when calculating renewal eligibility.

 Transfer scholarship eligibility is based on course

work completed after high school graduation.

 Refer to the official award letter for complete award

Regional Achievement Award  Renewable for 3 additional ­academic

years for a maximum of 4 consecutive academic years, 128 credit hours (including transfer) or completion of the course work for a bachelor’s degree, whichever occurs first.  Must maintain a minimum cumula­ tive 2.75 GPA in Southeast courses and complete a minimum of 24 credit hours per academic year; may include Southeast summer hours.  New freshmen must live in the ­University residence halls for two years and transfer students must live on campus for one year.  May receive a combination of RAA and the University Scholarship ($1,500 renewable) or RAA and the Foundation Leadership Award ($1,000 renewable), but not all three awards.  Community College recipients may combine RAA and Community College Scholarship ($1,500 renewable).

and renewal criteria.

Paper scholarship applications are available upon request 3

Apply online at

Merit Scholarships

All applicants for admission are automatically considered for merit scholarships. Some merit awards may be combined with a Missouri or Foundation Leadership Award. Scholarship/Award


Governor’s Scholarship

31 +

1360 +


Upper 3%

31 + 27 + 27 + 25 + 28 + 28 + 26 +

1360 + 1210 + 1210 + 1130 + 1250 + 1250 + 1170 +

and and and and and and and

Valedictorian 3.5 Upper 10% Valedictorian or Salutatorian 3.5 Upper 10% 3.5

26 + 27 + 24 + 24 + 23 + 23 + 27 + 24 + 24 + 21 +

1170 + 1210+ 1090 + 1090 + 1050 + 1050 + 1210 + 1090 + 1090 + 980 +

and and and and and and and and and and

Upper 20 % 3.3 3.5 Upper 20% Upper 10% Valedictorian or Salutatorian 3.3 3.5 Upper 20% 3.0

Value: Incidental fees, general fees, room & board, textbook rental

Regents’ Scholarship Value: Incidental fees

President’s PLUS Scholarship (Missouri only) Value: $2,500 applied toward incidental fees

President’s Scholarship (Missouri only) Value: $2,000 applied toward incidental fees

University Scholarship (out-of-state only)

Value: $2,500 applied toward incidental fees ($1,500 when combined with the Regional Achievement Award)

Regional Achievement Award (RAA)

Value: Recipients pay in-state incidental fee rate plus 25 percent. Available to: Ark., Ill., Ky. and Tenn. students in designated counties.

GPA/Class Rank

In-State Criteria

Other Qualifications


National Merit/ Achievement Semifinalist


National Merit/ Achievement Commended


National Merit/ Achievement Commended


Live on campus first two years (one year for transfer students)

How to Apply


December 15

All applicants for admission are automatically considered for merit scholarships.

December 15 guaranteed; awarded through March 1 as funds allow

Out-of-State Criteria

Student Involvement and participation Scholarships Student Involvement

Scholarship/Award Missouri Leadership Awards

Value: $500 to be applied toward residence hall fees or $1,000 when combined with President’s or President’s PLUS

Foundation Leadership Awards (out-of-state only)

Eligibility Available to beginning freshmen with leadership and academic skills and a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in high school after six or seven semesters.

Maximum of four consecutive academic years with a Southeast 3.25 cumulative GPA and 30 Southeast hours per academic year.

Available to beginning freshmen. Applicants must graduate from an official Renaissance high school AND  Send a recommendation from high school Renaissance sponsor  Be a resident of the state of Missouri  Live in University residence halls  Have a 3.0 cumulative high school GPA

Value: $1,000 to be applied toward residence hall fees

Renaissance Scholarships

Value: $1,000 to be applied toward residence hall fees The Renaissance Scholarship may not be combined with a merit or leadership award (may be combined with Missouri Boys/Girls State).

Missouri Boys/Girls State Citizens Awards

Value: Varies up to $1,500

Leadership awards may not be combined with Governor’s or Regents’ Scholarships.

How to Apply

Application for Undergraduate Admission and Merit Scholarships

Student Involvement Scholarship Application

Online (Must complete the optional essay questions.)


Dec. 15 award guarantee; awarded through March 1 as funds allow

Students must have attended Missouri Boys State or Girls State, have a 3.0 cumulative GPA after six or seven semesters, and be beginning freshmen at Southeast.

Value: $300 one-time award to be applied toward general fees (may be combined with Regents’, President’s or President’s PLUS)

School of Visual and Performing Arts


Renewal Maximum of four consecutive academic years with a Southeast 3.25 cumulative GPA and 24 Southeast hours per academic year.

Requires 3.0 cumulative Southeast GPA, completion of 30 Southeast hours per academic year and approval of academic department chairperson

Music Ensemble Golden Eagles Theatre and Dance Speech and Debate Spirit Groups

Available to beginning freshmen with a 21 ACT and 3.0 cumulative GPA after six semesters and to community college transfer students with 24 transferable hours and 3.0 cumulative GPA. Additional criteria include:  Art, music, theatre or dance major  Demonstrate artistic promise judged by the awarding department  Audition may be required Audition is required

Contact the department for application, audition and/or portfolio requirements. Art (573) 651-2143 Music (573) 651-2141 Theatre and Dance (573) 651-2149 Department of Music (573) 651-2141

Audition is required

Director of Bands (573) 651-2141

Audition is required

Theatre and Dance (573) 651-2149

Audition is required.

Cheerleading and Sundancers (573) 651-2818

March 1

Communication Studies (573) 651-2241

Value: Awards start at $200

Usually spring semester

Community College Student Scholarships Scholarship/Award



Outstanding Community College Scholarship

Renewable for a second year with a 3.5 Southeast cumulative GPA and 30 Southeast hours completed during the academic year.

Community college presidents in the service region may nominate two students transferring to Southeast in the fall semester. Nominees must meet the criteria for the community college scholarship below. Contact your financial aid office to determine your school’s eligibility. This award may not be combined with the other scholarships listed.

Submission by community college president

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

Same as above

Phi Theta Kappa membership, 3.5 GPA and 24 or more transferable hours (may be combined with the Community College Scholarship).

Send a copy of membership card, certificate or letter of recommendation from faculty advisor.

Community College Scholarship

Same as above

24+ transferable credit hours and 3.5 GPA

Community College Scholarship

Same as above

24+ transferable credit hours and 3.75 GPA

Community College Scholarship

Same as above

Associate degree and 3.25 GPA

Value: $3,000

Value: $500 (maximum of 25 awarded)

Value: $1,500 (Missouri) $2,500 (out-of-state) Value: $2,000 (Missouri) $2,500 (out-of-state) Value: $1,500 (Missouri) $2,500 (out-of-state)

Regional Achievement Award (RAA)

How to Apply

Applicants are automatically considered for these awards.

Deadline April 1

June 1 for fall; November 1 for spring

 Associate degree and 2.75 GPA OR 24 transferable credit hours

and 3.0 GPA.

Value: Recipients pay in-state incidental fee rate plus 25 percent. Available to: Ark., Ill., Ky. and Tenn. students in designated counties.

 Live on campus one year.

Apply online at


Affordability Southeast operates a textbook rental program in which most students pay less than $260 per year for textbooks, compared to more than $1,000 per year at other colleges and universities. That is a savings of $3,000 over four years! Southeast is affordable within the Midwest and nationally. Our commitment is to continue to be Missouri’s most affordable and academically competitive compre­ hensive regional university. Scholarships and need-based grants are available.

Average Annual Cost of Attendance

Cost for 30 credit hours per year, based on fees in effect during fall 2011 semester for full‑time undergraduate students. Missouri RAA or SFAA Non-Missouri Resident Recipient* Resident Incidental Fees $5,634.00 $7,042.50 $10,674.00 General Fees




Textbook Rental




Average Housing Expenses Community-Style Room and 15+ Meal Plan  Residence Hall Fees (RHA, Internet, Cable TV) Parking Fees (Optional) 

Estimated 2011-2012 Cost













*RAA (Regional Achievement Award) is a scholarship program for residents of designated counties in Arkansas, ­Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. SFAA (Southeast Family Achievement Award) is a scholarship program for non-Missouri residents who are the children or grandchildren of alumni. Recipients of both pay the Missouri resident incidental fee rate plus 25 percent of that rate.

FEES Incidental Missouri Resident (per credit hour)


Incidental Non-Missouri Resident (per credit hour)


General Fees (per credit hour)


Textbook Rental (10 course avg. $25.94 per course)  Textbook rental includes taxes at current rate.  Tax rates subject to change.  Some courses will also charge a nominal fee to cover lab and material costs.  Most, but not all, undergraduate courses use textbook rental.


Parking Fees (Optional perimeter parking per year)


Special Course Fees A $30 per credit hour special course fee is assessed to ­undergraduate courses in athletic training, computer science and nursing. Additional special and Web course fees may apply.


Apply online at

(with $140 dollars in flex) (with $116 dollars in flex)

Henderson Hall (double occupancy)

$ 8,110

$ 8,320

New Hall (double occupancy)

$ 8,110

$ 8,320

Vandiver Hall (double occupancy)

$ 8,110

$ 8,320

Towers West & North (double or triple occupancy)

$ 8,010

$ 8,220

Myers Hall (double occupancy)

$ 7,860

$ 8,070

Group Housing (double occupancy)

$ 7,210

$ 7,420

Cheney Hall (double occupancy)

$ 6,610

$ 6,820

Towers East & South (double occupancy)

$ 6,360

$ 6,570

Dearmont Hall (double occupancy)

$ 6,110

$ 6,320

A $150 housing deposit is required before a Contract for University Housing can be processed. Information will be included in your acceptance packet. Meal plans other than those shown are available.

2011-2012 fees

Use the “Undergraduate Cost and Scholarship Estimator” to calculate your individual cost.

Residence Hall Fees (2011-2012)

Combined cost of room and meal agreement for an academic year 15+ Meal Plan 19+ Meal Plan Hall

Yearly charges for the following terms are in addition to the above room and meal rates. Residence Hall Association fee ($30); 24-hour high-speed Ethernet/LAN access ($50); and cable television fee ($60).

Fees are set annually by the Board of Regents and are subject to change.

Home of the Earl and Margie Holland

School of Visual and Performing Arts

Missouri’s only campus dedicated to art, dance, music and theatre

Financial Assistance Grants (Federal, State, Institutional) Federal Pell Grant Value: $694-$5,550 annually. Criteria/Eligibility:  Financial need  Satisfactory academic progress

For the most consideration for federal, state and institutional aid, submit the Free Application for Submit Your Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at  FAFSA Online by by mid-February to meet the March 1 priority February 15. deadline. Missouri residents who do not meet Southeast’s Federal the March 1 deadline should submit the School Code is FAFSA prior to April 1 to be considered for 002501. need-based aid from the state. Financial Aid Award Notifications are sent to the student’s Federal Perkins Loan Southeast email address. Maximum annual award: $4,000. Repayment begins

Student Loans

9 months after student graduates, leaves Southeast or drops below half-time enrollment Criteria/Eligibility:  Financial need

 Enrolled as a regular undergraduate student

 Undergraduate students enrolled at least half-time  Enrolled as regular student

Federal Supplemental Education ­Opportunity Grant

Priority deadline: FAFSA received by March 1

Value: $600 maximum Criteria/Eligibility:

Federal Direct Loan

 Financial need  Undergraduate students enrolled at least half-time

Deadline: FAFSA received and processed by Central Processor by March 1

Access Missouri Program (­Missouri ­Residents) Value: Awards range from $100-$2,150 (Maximum award may be reduced by the state.) Average award is $1,000. Criteria/Eligibility:  Initial eligibility determined by the state of Missouri  Full-time enrollment  EFC 12,000 or less  Maintain satisfactory academic progress and obtain a

2.5 cumulative college GPA

 Make corrections to the FAFSA by July 31 (Additional

information may be required by Missouri Department of Higher Education.)

Deadline: FAFSA received by Central Processor by April 1

Maximum annual award:

Base Amount (Sub+Unsub)

Work Study Federal Work Study

Value: Award varies from $1,000 to $2,500 Student paid at least minimum wage for no more than 20 hours per week. Criteria/Eligibility:  Financial need

Dependent Additional Unsubsidized

Total Loan Amount

1st yr...................$3,500............ $2,000.............$5,500 2nd yr..................$4,500............ $2,000.............$6,500 3rd and 4th yr......$5,500............ $2,000.............$7,500 The additional unsubsidized loan limit for independent students in the first and second year is $6,000. Repayment begins 6 months after student graduates, leaves Southeast or drops below half-time enrollment. Criteria/Eligibility:

 Enrolled at least half-time  Enrolled as a regular student

Priority deadline: FAFSA received by March 1 Office of Student Financial Services Southeast Missouri State University One University Plaza Cape Girardeau, MO 63701-4799 (573) 651-2253

 Financial need required for subsidized loans  Undergraduate students enrolled at least half-time  Degree-seeking

Loans accepted by May 15 to be included on first billing statement; June 15 to be included on second.

Parent Loans Federal Direct Plus Loan Maximum award: Southeast “Cost of Attendance” less other financial aid Criteria/Eligibility:  Parents of “dependent” undergraduate students

enrolled at least half-time

 Financial need not required

Apply online at


office of Admissions One University Plaza, MS 3550 Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 (573) 651-2590 Access our mobile website at

DISTANCE TO Cape Girardeau

Show Me Day 2011 – 2012

10 a.m. • Show Me Center Saturday, October 8 Saturday, November 12 Saturday, February 18 Monday, February 20 Saturday, March 24

 Schedule your individual tour

or register for a special event. Click on “Visit” (573) 651-5945


Tour times Weekdays 12:30 • 2:30 8:30 • 10:30 • Select Saturdays 10:30 • 12:30

Contact us one week in advance to maximize your visit (two weeks if scheduling Friday or Saturday). Call if you require special accommodations during your visit.

St. Louis.. . . . . . . . . 115 mi. Memphis. . . . . . . . 175 mi. Nashville. . . . . . . . 214 mi. Jefferson City . . . 240 mi. Kansas City. . . . . . 358 mi. Chicago. . . . . . . . . 371 mi.

Paducah. . . . . . . . . . . . 69 mi. Evansville. . . . . . . . . . 139 mi. Springfield, IL. . . . . . 198 mi. Little Rock . . . . . . . . . 272 mi. Louisville. . . . . . . . . . . 265 mi. Springfield, MO. . . . 310 mi.

2012-2013 Admissions and Scholarship Guide  
2012-2013 Admissions and Scholarship Guide  

2012-2013 Admissions and Scholarship Guide