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Maastricht’s newest district, offers modern accommodation favoured by expats who like inner city living with full amenities and services. BELVEDERE At less than 500 metres from Vrijthof Square, Market Square and the city centre, a new Maastricht district is being created: Belvédère. A district for young people, students, entrepreneurs, expats, creative artists and culture enthusiasts that offers many opportunities for experiments and temporary functions. SINT PIETER AND SURROUNDINGS A green residential area along Jeker valley and St Petersberg Hill, yet within walking distance to the centre or Belgium. International schools • United World College: www.uwcmaastricht.com Links • www.expatcentremaastrichtregion.nl • www.gemeentemaastricht.nl

OPEN TO THE WORLD The Heart of Brabant has a dedicated work force made up of people who like to face the world with an open attitude. Most of them speak good English and know what international collaboration means: they operate worldwide, from China and Japan, to Florida and California. As a matter of fact, making connections is vital to the kind of Social Innovation that runs through the veins of Mid-Brabant. That's how the region's current high-tech aeronautical and industrial maintenance service sectors evolved out of its former textile industry.


It is also how the Heart of Brabant became home to the internationally acclaimed faculties of Tilburg University – such as economics, law and social studies. All of this is characteristic for a community that views living and working together as vital, and that takes pleasure in linking knowledge to production, people to technology, and gamma concepts to beta facts.

Population: 215,521


Tilburg is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands. It has a population of over 200,000, representing many nationalities. In recent decades, Tilburg has welcomed people from practically every country in Europe, and many beyond. All have brought their own culture and customs. The city authority considers it extremely important that everyone can feel at home in Tilburg. Tilburg is a particularly nice city in which to live and work. Tilburg has every possible amenity: from schools and colleges at all levels, high quality healthcare facilities, cultural institutions offering something for every taste, to open spaces for recreation. Ride a bike, since this is Tilburgs’main means of transport! HART VAN BRABANT (HEART OF BRABANT) From the elevated sandy soils near Belgium, to the river beds of the Meuse and Walloon rivers, the Hart van Brabant (Heart of Brabant) region straddles a breathtaking stretch of park-like landscapes. It is a region marked by the Burgundian lifestyle of the nine municipalities surrounding Tilburg, along the Leisure Boulevard from Hilvarenbeek to Heusden. It is a great place of work, live and enjoy life in a setting reputed for its logistics, health care, leisure economy and aeronautical and industrial maintenance. It is no coincidence, that those sectors are the focal points of Midpoint Brabant, an alliance in which administrators of the Hart van Brabant have joined forces with businesses and knowledge institutes.


Entrepreneurs, educators and government are working together on Social Innovation – an approach to regional development unrivalled in Europe and attracting international fttention.


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Expat Survival Guide 2020 - The Netherlands  

The Expat Survival Guide assists your first essential steps: finding a home and job, organising permits, setting up finances and healthcare,...