IHFA Spring Journal 2017

Page 63

Makers Adding value to milk

Entrepreneurial Spirit at IHFA

In this special feature we profile some of our members who have established an enterprise to capture added value from the milk produced by their Pedigree Registered Holstein Friesian herds. There are many such farm-based family enterprises throughout the country. Some are firmly established and are familiar to many. For others it is the quintessential cottage industry. All are focused on getting their unique message out to the public.

their products. Theirs is a signature of the qualities they stand for. We are all aware of the taste, nutrition and wholesome characteristics of milk. Cashel Blue, Temple Dairy and Valentia Dairy have seized on to this and added their own authentic imprint to take it to the next level. We wish success and prosperity to all members throughout the country involved in a farming related enterprise. Read on for the entrepreneurial business story so far of Cashel Blue, the Daly family and Curtin family respectively

In this instance we feature three such family-farm enterprises Cashel Blue Cheese, Valentia Farmhouse Dairies and Temple Farm Dairies. All have a passion for their Holstein Friesian cows and for 59