Irish Holstein Friesian - Winter Journal 2019

Page 10

What is FPT??? “The pedigree certificate states that IHFA are relying on statements made by or on behalf of the breeder as to parentage at the time of registration.” If you, as a breeder/herd owner or agent, carry out genomics on female animals in your herd and failed parentage is identified (FPT) then the IHFA registration status is invalidated and you must – • Inform IHFA in writing of the animal’s identity (tag no.). • Return the existing pedigree cert to the office. • Follow up and correct the parentage at your own cost. IHFA will then issue a new cert for that animal reflecting the updated information. IHFA does not accept any responsibility for failed parentage.

Genomic Pilot Test Verified Ancestry is required to maintain the integrity of the Herdbook and the status of your herd IHFA are now offering a pilot scheme to members • • • •

A batch of females - 10 or more - can be genomically tested for the cost of €24 (inclusive of vat) per sample. This is a cost effective mechanism to confirm the sire of the offspring in cases where two or more stock bulls are left run with the herd. This test will provide a sire check and genomic value for the female progeny, providing all stock bulls used are genomically tested. This once-off scheme offering will be on the basis of using Hair Card only. Use of tissue sample is not acceptable.

If you would like to avail of this offer, contact the IHFA Office on 023 8833443 or email It is mandatory that all males for registration are GENOTYPED / SIRE VERIFIED once the animal is named (Rule 7 h (iv) of the herdbook rules). This process in the past was carried out through DNA profile using microsatellites. This has been replaced using genomics, which relies on matching SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism frequency). Females are registered once the female is named by the breeder. This is subject to spot checks, 1 in 300 registrations. The registration process is automated (Rule 7 h (v)). All male and female ET calves must be FULLY PARENTAGE VERIFIED either through genomics or DNA profile using microsatellites (Rule 7 h (v) of the herdbook rules). Terms & Conditions of acceptance of a registration by the IHFA Herdbook is based on the information supplied.


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