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Holiday 2012

Holiday Tips on making your next holiday gathering a feast to remember

Twelve women share an inseparable bond, experiencing loss and celebrating life

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Fame & Fortune vivid fantasies of bossing around minions as a District Manager, but was told everyone had to start as a barista-in-training to “get a feel for the company.” I worked with an array of high school girls whose main concerns appeared to be prom and avoiding pregnancy. The girls took great pleasure in assigning me the bathroom cleaning and trash removal duties as they knew I would probably end up being their boss at the end of my indentured servantry.

You know when those cheesy Hollywood tabloid shows ask celebs what they did before they got famous? And how

it’s always some dorky story about a menial job that seems really out of place for a gazillionaire? Well, I’ve had a lot of terrible jobs and I can assure you the stories would be much more amusing if I was making $100 million a year and chatting about it on late night TV. Like the lifetimes (OK, technically it was only two months) I endured the management training program at a regional coffee shop. I had

I was pretty clear on about day three that I could make you a coffee drink or make inane small talk about what your day held, but I couldn’t do both simultaneously. Matter of fact, I didn’t care what you were doing later that day. Once you ordered a drink that required 25 adjectives and you telling me what temperature you expected your milk to be, I quit listening. I pretty much stood at the espresso machine dreaming of what poisons could be diluted in soy milk and wouldn’t leave a trace during your autopsy. Kids would come in and demand drinks that were basically blended candy bars topped with whipped crème. I especially loved it when

they paid with $100 bills or platinum credit cards. And imagine my sense of personal pride when they spoke slowly to me like I might be a moron because I was in my 40s and working at a coffee shop. The company had a strict rule that you would be fired if you ever entered the store alone first thing in the morning. I’d end up sitting in the parking lot at 5 a.m. waiting for another car to pull in, hoping it was one of my teenage coworkers instead of a crazed robber/serial killer. Since most of the management trainees quit in the first month, inevitably, I’d have to open alone. Which would have been fine if it hadn’t happened during my first week. Which would have been super if I had thought to empty the 10-gallon coffee makers filled with the overnight cleaning solution before starting to brew new coffee … all over the floor. Which would have been perfectly acceptable if I had remembered I was in charge of doing the milk order for the busy holiday weekend. Which would have worked out swimmingly if I had remembered to thaw the crappy frozen pastries the night before so they weren’t hard as rocks. Which would have all worked out

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flawlessly if the power hadn’t gone out forcing me to handwrite all the credit card info to run later. It was especially funny to me when regular customers would get miffed that I didn’t remember their drink. I’d think to myself, “I’ve been up since 4 a.m. and already want to kill myself for taking this job and you’re gonna give me $*!@ about the fact that I’ve seen you twice and don’t remember that you liked your Americano with lite vanilla?!” Really? The straw that broke the camel’s back was the two-hour meeting on what direction the lemon bread should be facing in the bakery case. I was tempted to put a fork in the next customer’s eye and expose said coffee shop to a long and expensive lawsuit. I guess I’m not what the company called a “team player.” — Mary Closner apologizes to all the people she waited on during her coffee house tenure. She is pretty sure she made your drink incorrectly and never was clear which beans were decaf.

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where local women turn

Holiday 2012





Tips and ideas to make your next gathering a feast to remember.

18 ‘IT’ GIFT GUIDE Holiday Shopping just got easier! Local retailers share the hottest gift items of the season.

22 REDEFINING CELEBRATIONS Two families share what it means to have their loved ones away on military duty.

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28 HOLIDAY CALENDAR Check out the great events happening in the area throughout the holiday season.

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4 Holiday 2012

Publisher: Lauran Rott Associate Editor: Jaci Smith Staff Writer: Brenda Ward Advertising Consultants: Lauran Rott, Luke Brown, Rachel Ebbers, Mark Nelson, Deb Theisen, Diane Gengler, Jennifer Fisher, Lisa Dwyer, Debbie Ensley, Kristie Biehn Graphic Designer: Ashley Ptacek Photographer: Kelli Wencl

Girlfriends Giveaway! Please note the correction in Marla’s Reuben Soup recipe, published in the Fall 2012 issue: Step 3. Bring the large saucepan to a second boil and add the Swiss or American cheese, stirring vigorously to avoid clumping. Add desired amount of roux to the soup mixture, stirring and cooking until quite thick. Turn the heat to low and stir in the cream and corned beef.

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Happy Holidays

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{ } Best buddies since middle school, these Owatonna women gather each holiday season to celebrate their friendship

Photo by Kelli Wencl of GingerSnaps Photography

Devoted Dozen By Brenda K.M. Ward A good friend knows all your stories. A best friend has lived those stories with you. In Owatonna, a group of women lives out their life stories with one another a dozen times over, calling not one or two “best friends,” but easily naming 11 others their closest companions, the 12 together now for 15 years.

{The Girls}

Kira Schiller of Owatonna Missi Miller of Rochester Cassie West of Rochester Ashley Thomas of Bloomington Bonnie Wavrin of Minneapolis Holly Arndt of Owatonna Anni Yule of Owatonna Nicole Meinhardt of Eagan Beth Fink of Kearney, Neb. Tanya Jungbluth of Savage Kelsey Schultz of Avon, Ind. Angela Christenson of Des Moines, Iowa

6 Holiday 2012

There’s Kelsey, the free spirit. Holly is the emotional one. Ashley is the fashionista, and Anni is calm. Missi is spontaneous, and Kira gives the best advice. Nicole is a great listener. Angela is very analytical. Beth is like a standup comedian, and Tanya is filled with energy. Bonnie tells you like it is. “We truly love each other for who we are, though we are all very different,” said Nicole. “The Girls,” as they are often called by friends and family, met at Camp Wild, a seventh grade youth camp in Minnesota. Though some had known each other beforehand, it was this summer memory that began their journey of friendship. Since then they’ve shared hundreds of sleepovers – still happening to this day; celebrations of graduation, birthdays and weddings; numerous summer and holiday gatherings; as well as comforting each other during difficult times in life, whether simply a “bad day” or during times of tremendous loss.

“When I was having a rough day a while back, my mom said, ‘You have 11 best friends that aren’t going anywhere. Most women would die for that – it’s an amazing thing.’ I realized I really do have 11 people to turn to at any given time,” said Kira. “We’re all like sisters, there through everything with each other,” said Cassie. “We’ve been through hard times, and we’ve been through amazing times.” Finding comfort through tragedy In 2003, tragedy dropped its heavy heart on The Girls when a deadly house fire took the life of one. Liz Wencl, one of the then group of 13, was a student at the University of Minnesota when the house she lived in was destroyed by a massive fire. Liz was one of three who lost their lives that tragic day, just eight days after celebrating her birthday. “Liz was the most full of life person. You could not be around Liz and not laugh,” said Holly. “When we got the call, we immediately all came together.” Through the misfortune, the relationship of the remaining friends became an even more powerful force in their respective lives as they helped each other cope with the loss. But Liz, it seems, hasn’t entirely left the group.


While certainly with all of The Girls in spirit, most of them also see their friend in recurring dreams, dreams that are uncanny in their similarity. “Just after her death, I had a dream of Liz and she let me know everything was OK,” said Cassie. “The dream filled my entire body; it was a very spiritual thing.” Cassie continues to often dream of her friend. “In my dream I always ask Liz, ‘Why are you here?’ She says, ‘I don’t have a lot of time, but don’t worry,’” said Bonnie, who feels comforted in knowing that Liz is OK. Ever in their memory, to this day, the 12 friends share stories of Liz on their personal Facebook friends page and when gathering over the holidays each year. Holiday celebrations Not a single holiday season has come and gone in all these years in which The Girls have not celebrated together. Photo by Heidi Kubes,

Typically, their reunion begins with a couple of hours of catch-up time, each sharing what’s been happening in their life. Then, they break out the food, drinks and fun, playing original games and exchanging gifts during the weekend sleepover. They’ve even faked a bachelorette party to gain entry into a nightclub, and ironed each other’s hair with a clothes iron bringing out their retro side.

“We truly believe our friendship is something special,” said Kira. “We cannot imagine life without one another.” G

“You just need that time to let loose and have fun,” said Kira. “We’re happy the whole time.” The Girls seemed destined to have been brought together, and they have no desire to let that friendship go astray – ever. “We sometimes talk about what we’ll do when we’re in a nursing home together,” said Nicole with a laugh. Grow old together, have kids who will form friendships together, celebrate life together – there are dozens of reasons these friends have to stay together, the least of which is not love.

Liz Wencl

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Holiday 2012 9

Simply Ambrosial! Make your next holiday gathering a feast to remember By Brenda K.M. Ward


he guests have been summoned and grocery cart filled. It’s time to begin preparing the holiday dinner. This year you want to ensure the turkey is fully cooked and on time and that you don’t repeat the distastefully cold sweet potatoes served last year. In fact, you would like nothing more than to present your guests with a magnificent dining experience they will not soon forget. Pat Wieseler, store director at Hy-Vee in Waseca, and Suzy Taggart, owner of Rooms by Tagg 2 in Northfield, offer practical tips for pulling off the perfect holiday dining experience.

10 Holiday 2012

It’s all in the planning When mapping out your holiday dinner, keep timing foremost on your mind: how much oven time and space will be needed for various dishes? Once you’ve figured it out, plan accordingly. Wieseler suggests starting the dinner a day early by preparing any dishes that don’t require day-of baking. Marinate the roast, prep the dressing and bake turnovers and pies. Don’t forget relish or fruit trays and holiday drinks. On the day of the celebration, get an early start with baking the bread to have it out of the way by the time the turkey or roast goes into the oven. Cook dishes like potatoes or casseroles ahead of time also. They can easily be re-warmed later.

How much is enough?

Prepare the remaining dishes to be ready for the dinner table 30 minutes after your turkey or roast is done.

In general, the size of an individual meal is 16 ounces, said Weiseler, with kids meals typically around 8 ounces.

From there, putting the food out will be a snap.

For a three-course meal, plan on about 8 ounces for the main dish and two 4-ounce servings for the sides. If there are more than two sides, plan on 2-3 ounces for each for the sides. Bear in mind that appetizers and beverages will also affect the “per person” amounts, and, conversely, that some people will eat more than usual. You know your guests best.

Time Crunch?

Turkeys cooked in a bag typically cooks up to an hour faster.

Deviate from the traditional Feeling the itch to try something different when it comes to your turkey? Try cooking it in one of these nontraditional ways. The results may surprise you.

Bag it - Some swear by turkey in a bag for locking in moisture, and it makes for a much easier clean-up process – simply toss out the bag when you’re done.

Deep fried – If you’re a tried and true fried food lover, this could be the method for you, though you’ll need an awfully big vat and several gallons of oil or lard to pull this off.

Grilled – Who says grilling season ends when cold weather sets in? Oil and season the turkey then place it inside a large roasting pan and cook it over medium-high heat for 2 to 3 hours.

Crock pot – Tender is the key word here, not to mention freeing up room in the oven. Keep in mind that cooking time will increase to 5 or 6 hours.

Holiday 2012 11

What? Me Cook a Turkey? Cooking a turkey need not be so daunting. It’s as easy as this... Before cooking, remove the giblets and rinse the bird inside and out, then pat it dry with paper towels. If you are stuffing the bird, stuff it loosely, allowing about ½ to ¾ cup stuffing per pound of turkey, and tie the drumsticks together to keep the stuffing inside. Smother the bird with butter and a fresh herb mixture – the fresher the ingredients the better. Wieseler says experimentation is what makes the process fun. Once seasoned, insert a food thermometer at the thickest part of the thigh, and place the bird on a rack in a roasting pan and into a preheated 350 degree oven. Bake the turkey until the skin is a light golden color, then cover it loosely with a foil tent. During the last 45 minutes of baking, remove the foil tent to brown the skin, and baste the bird with its own juices to help even the browning.

First Snow

Shoes & Clothing for Men & Women 401 DIVISION STREET, NORTHFIELD • (507) 645-4257 12 Holiday 2012

Thoroughly cooked, but not overly cooked To determine the proper amount of time it takes to cook a turkey, follow this general rule of thumb:

Multiply the weight of the turkey in pounds by 15 to determine the total number of minutes to cook it. For example, if the turkey is 12 pounds: 12 x 15 = 180 minutes or 3 hours at 350 degrees. Add an extra 15 minutes to the cooking time if the turkey is stuffed. The juices should run clear when it is thoroughly cooked; however, a variety of conditions can affect cooking time, so always determine doneness by temperature. Check the temperature with a cooking thermometer at the thickest part of the thigh to ensure the turkey is cooked to at least 170 degrees. The stuffing should reach a temperature of 165 degrees.

Potatoes or Stuffing? How about both! Try this recipe from Taste of Home.

Potato Stuffing Ingredients: ½ cup chopped celery ½ cup chopped onion ¼ cup butter, cubed 6 cups dry bread cubes 1 large sweet potato or 2 baking potatoes, cooked, peeled and finely chopped

½ cup chicken broth ¼ cup chopped pecans ½ teaspoon poultry seasoning ½ teaspoon rubbed sage ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon pepper

Directions: In a large skillet, sauté the celery and onion in butter until tender. Stir in the remaining ingredients and transfer the mixture into a greased 3-quart slow cooker. Cover and cook on low for four hours or until the vegetables are tender. Makes 10 servings.

When done, let the turkey rest for about 20 minutes before carving it for your guests.



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Holiday 2012 13

The holiday table Accompany your best-ever meal with a dazzling holiday table to complete the dining experience. Suzy Taggart (www.RoomsByTagg2) offers the following tips: Set the mood Use candles and lamp light for a soft glow to create a warm, intimate atmosphere for your gathering.

Center stage For a dramatic centerpiece, cluster similar items. A grouping of plain white candles can make a striking focal point when set on a mirror that reflects the glow of the flames. Fill clear glass vases with round glass ornaments of various sizes in the hue of your choice, then scatter a few more ornaments at the base of the vases, intermixed with tealight candles in clear glass votives. For a more natural look, plain sticks taken from the backyard can be paired with boughs from a pine tree and placed in vases. Be sure not to use anything too tall so your guests can see each other across the table. It’s all in the details To add an unexpected element to the holiday table, fold cloth napkins in a rectangle and place one on each dinner plate. Tie a small gift to each napkin, like a holiday or winter-themed cookie cutter, a decorated sugar cookie, or an ornament. A sprig of evergreen also adds a festive touch to the natural table.

Tie it all together If serving from a buffet table, continue the table theme for a put-together look. Do not go overboard, as the food is the main centerpiece. A mirror over the buffet will help reflect candle light, and give the space a more open feel.

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14 Holiday 2012

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Holiday Music Nothing sparks a bit of nostalgia like Holiday Music. Here are a few staff-picked favorites: “O Holy Night” - I have a vivid memory as a child at a Christmas Eve service, a young woman singing this song in a most beautiful, clear voice and feeling the true spirit of the holiday. - Brenda Ward, Staff Writer

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by Andy Williams. My father used to play Andy William’s Red Christmas album while we decorated the tree when we were kids, and it was so much fun belting it out at the top of my lungs with my sisters. - Lauran Rott, Publisher

“Silent Night” - it brings back fond childhood memories. My mother used to sing it to me in German. It was her favorite too! - Debbie Ensley, Advertising

Most popular holiday song of all time? ASCAP names “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)” performed by Nat “King” Cole number one. (

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1/3 cup semi sweet chocolate morsels 1 tbsp. butter 3/4 cup pecan halves, chopped 3/4 cup brown sugar 1 egg 2 tbsp. light corn syrup 1/2 tsp. vanilla 1 package refrigerated pie crusts, softened as per directions on package


1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. In microwave safe bowl, combine the chocolate and butter and heat on high for 20-30 seconds, until melted and smooth. Add the pecans, brown sugar, egg, corn syrup and vanilla to the chocolate mixture. Whisk and set aside.

Justine Meyer

2. Unroll the pie crust onto a lightly floured surface and roll into a 13-inch circle. Unroll the second crust and gently fold it in half. Starting at the center, cut the folded crust crosswise into twelve 3/4 inch strips for the lattices.

From the Kitchen

Recipe by Justine Meyer Executive Chef, Latham Place, Waseca

3. Spoon the chocolate mixture over the center of the rolled out pie crust. Spread into a 10-inch circle and carefully twist a strip of pie crust and place evenly over the filling both horizontally and vertically to form a lattice. Firmly press the ends of each lattice into the pie crust and pinch the ends to form a nice edge (just like making a pie). Sprinkle additional pecans on top of the lattice strips, if desired. 4. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until the crust is golden brown. Remove from oven and cool for 10 minutes. Tastes great with vanilla ice cream!

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Holiday 2012 17





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Give the Gift of Warm and Cozy Feet! SmartWool socks in a variety of styles and colors and UGG slippers in several styles. Slipper by UGG ($120), SmartWool Socks ($20), Burkhartzmeyer Shoes, Downtown Faribault,, 507-334-7774


Based on the Zen concept of living in the moment. Simply paint with water, watch it slowly evaporate and start over again with a clean slate and a clear mind. A truly unique gift for all ages! (Original Buddha Board, $42; Mini Buddha Board $15) The Sketchy Artist, Northfield,, 507-645-2811

The Diamond Halo Collection starting at $795! (or we will gladly set your own diamond). Only at Douglas Diamonds, Faribault,, 507-332-2347



Panache Floral has beautiful holiday center pieces and arrangements that make wonderful gifts. Panache Floral, Owatonna,, 507-214-2919

Classic and Casual Clothing. LAL~Live a Little Turquoise Suede Jacket ($115), Sacred Threads Scarf ($22). Fine Threads, Northfield, 507-663-7993

Holiday 2012 19

Photo by Kelli Wencl, GingerSnaps Photography



Get to know some of our advertisers. (from left)

Kelli Sackett

Stephanie Aman

Owner of Hair-i-tage Salon and Sisters Salon and Day Spa. Kelli is also an operator at Hair-i-tage Salon.

Just Food Co-op, Marketing and Owner Services Manager

Favorite Holiday Business Tradition: With thirteen years of experience, the holidays are definitely my favorite! The best thing about the holidays is the decorating and the hustle and bustle of helping everyone look and feel their best for those family gatherings! Passion outside of work: Being a mom!

Kimberly Bardwell Northfield Urgent Care, Receptionist (Also,Therapist for Dr. Bardwell, as needed. Ha!)

Favorite Holiday business tradition: Holiday tastings at the Co-op! There is a ton of energy in the store during that time and the store is dressed up and festive! Passion outside of work: Family, crafting and sewing.

Kathy Olson Millstream Commons, Executive Director Favorite Holiday Business Tradition: Annual Holiday party with the tenants and their families. Passion outside of work: Family, travel and gardening.

Favorite Holiday Business Tradition: Our clinic employees take turns hosting a Holiday “Progressive Dinner� where we enjoy eating one course per house. Passion outside of work: Gardening.

Thank you to Met-Con for the use of their lobby used in the photography.

Joyce Hoogenakker Fine Threads, Owner Favorite Holiday Business Tradition: Winter Walk. Passion outside of work: Grandchildren!

Holiday 2012 21

Redefining Celebrations How two military families have learned to cope with deployment By Brenda K.M. Ward

tions – like Christmas – to continue to give her family a memorable experience.

Ulrika Peterson is a woman of considerable strength.

She is happily married, yet at times a single mother of four. Her husband disappears for months at a time, but she trusts he will always return. Her extended family lives across the world in Sweden, but she embraces her nearby friends as if they were a second family. Ulrika is a military wife who has found ways to cope with the absence of her husband who must leave his family when duty calls, adjusting to everyday life and redefining celebra-

We have the most colors. That’s the Savvi difference.



10% OFF each wedding tuxedo rental plus a Free Groom’s Rental!

Mustregister register by 3-1-12. Free groom with 6 or more rentals. See store for details. Must by 1-31-2013

214 Central Avenue | Faribault, MN 55021 507-332-7171 22 Holiday 2012

Married to Jim who has put in five tours of duty during his 26 years of service, she knew early on that he wouldn’t be around for long stretches of time and would miss out on holidays and special occasions – like the birth of their daughter, Nicole. But Christine, too, keeps moving forward, adapting to each deployment.

The Peterson Family Ulrika and her husband Jeff met in Duluth where she was an exchange student from Sweden and he was in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corp (ROTC). Love and marriage,

Need a new Spring Wardrobe? Ride the Metro EXPRESS from Northheld to the Mall of America and Shop ‘til You Drop!

Girls day out has never been this FUN! You and your friends can ride in comfort and style to/from the Mall of America! Enjoy roomy, comfortable seats, free Wi-Fi and of course, lots of room for your shopping bags! Call or click today to book your tickets! --

Download a QR Code reader to your smart phone.

The Peterson Family

Like Ulrika, Christine Behne has no misgivings about what it means to be a military family.

They’ve Given You Their Best. Now It’s Your Turn to Give Back. followed by four children – Nickolas, 17; Alexander, 15; Lukas, 10; and Julia, 8 – one dog, Shadow, and many moves, the family has now settled in Northfield. Jeff, presently an Air Force Major, has devoted almost 20 years to his military career, during that time missing out on five Christmases and numerous other milestones and events. “I knew what I was getting myself into when I married him,” said Ulrika, who has learned throughout the years how to best deal with Jeff’s absence. “I know when he will be gone, so I plan ahead of time and prepare the kids. But, as the time gets closer, it starts to feel more real. All of a sudden it’s not so fun anymore.” Though Ulrika doesn’t let it get her down for long. “Emotionally, every few months when Jeff is away I go up and down (in mood), but I always work myself through it. Being busy really helps,” said Ulrika, who this year, along with caring for her four children, has added a new iron to her fire by starting a natural soap making business from her home ( If it’s the holidays Jeff will miss, Ulrika keeps the kids involved by preparing a care box filled with gifts and photos for their dad and using Skype to visit with Jeff whenever possible.

The holiday season is all about families, and so are we. As you enjoy some special time with your aging family members, we encourage you to engage in a conversation about their needs and lifestyle. At some point, routine activities take more effort or are simply too overwhelming without help. They’ve always been there for you. Now it’s your turn to make sure they receive the care they deserve. Northfield Retirement Community offers seven varied senior living options and a wide range of services. From independent living to round-the clock care, we cater to the needs of all seniors. When it’s time for a lifestyle change, we invite you and your family members to become a part of our extended family. For more information, visit or call 507-664-3466.

“He misses the kids tremendously when he’s gone,” said Ulrika. “He’s such a good dad. It’s definitely hard on him.” Wanting to keep family traditions alive, the Peterson family plans their own celebration with Jeff either before or after the holidays during those times that he will be away, sometimes celebrating as early as October or as late as February. Ulrika has also learned to accept any offers of help that she can from friends and her church community – invitations to holiday parties, neighborhood gatherings, meals delivered to her family, gifts delivered to Jeff, or offers to entertain the kids for a day. In fact, much of her personal “means of survival” is through the help of her closest girlfriends.

“Without my dear girlfriends, the year that Jeff was overseas would have been unbearable,” she said. >>>

Northfield Retirement Community 507-664-3466 • 900 Cannon Valley Drive Holiday 2012 23

The Behne Family

The Behne Family The Behne family of Owatonna understands the Peterson’s plight all too well. Christine and Jim, a Supply Sergeant in the U.S. Army, have three children: Zachary, 14; William, 12; and Nicole, 8. Throughout the years, Jim has been on five tours of duty in places like Afghanistan, Curasol and Diego Garcia – where he had to wait patiently for word of his daughter’s birth from across the world. “It was hard not having him there for Nicole’s birth,” said Christine. “But when he first came home with his orders, I said, ‘I’m OK with this.’ I’ve never wanted to tell him no or make him feel like I didn’t want him to complete his job.” With her mother and sister both nearby, Christine knew she could count on them for support.

L iving today to the

fullest is a matter of fully preparing for tomorrow. To learn more about our services, from home care to senior living to skilled nursing, call (507) 327-7308.

All faiths or beliefs are welcome.

24 Holiday 2012

Christine’s friends also extend to other wives from the “Omelet Unit” – a term for a group of men from around the state who are placed together into the same unit. If Christine needs to commiserate over Jim’s absence, these women can surely empathize, and through phone calls or Facebook chats they help each other through the challenging times. “We miss him when he’s away, but we still have lives that must continue on,” said Christine. “Basically, we needed to just keep going.” Along with raising her family, Christine “keeps going” by running a daycare and working part-time at Cabella’s.

What you can do Whether husbands, wives, sons or daughters who must follow orders and leave their family for any number of weeks, months or even years, there is a period of adjustment and learning in coping with the temporary absence of he or she who has left. As a friend or neighbor of a military family, there are things you can do to provide assistance. Consider hiring cleaning help for the family once a month, or shoveling snow from their driveway when the season calls for it. You could deliver a pizza or home-cooked meal on occasion. Perhaps you could have a child of the family spend a day of fun with you, visiting Santa or sledding. Even a simple gesture, like setting up Skype so the family can visit, is welcome.

Explore: Faribault Acupuncture & Pain Management Clinic, LLC Michelle LaCroix

Licensed Acupunc tur ist, RN (Traditional Chinese Medicine) To help service men and women from around the country enjoy the holidays while serving away from home, here are a few more options to look into: Holiday Mail for Heroes Each year the American Red Cross delivers holiday cards to veterans, military families and active-duty service members. The cards and personal messages provide a “touch of home” for the troops during the holiday season. Cards are collected through December 7. For further information and guidelines, visit Send a care package Unless you have the name and address of a soldier you personally know, the best way to go about sending a care package is to do so through a well-established organization. Visit online at www.BeliefNet. com to learn about reputable organizations like the USO, Operation Gratitude or Soldiers’ Angels that provide guidelines and assistance in getting packages to the troops. Stuff stockings Help stuff Christmas stocking for deployed troops overseas with Operation Santa, which accepts donations of funds and time. You can also donate a Christmas tree to American military units overseas. Books for Soldiers Send a “care package for the mind” through Books for Soldiers (, an online venue for connecting soldiers with citizens, or Operation Paperback (, which provides the address of a soldier who requests a particular book or magazine.

Insurance Coverage May Be Available

Call for a Free 1/2 Hour Consultation 122 N. Central Ave - Faribault


For every local purchase – there is a local purpose.

Shop Local this

Holiday Season

Paradise Center for the Arts Presents

WINE, WOMEN & COMEDY GNO ~ Saturday, Nov. 17th Wine Sampling 7:00 pm Comedian/Hypnotist 8:00 pm

$17 Members / $22 NM


Downtown Faribault

Sami Dare

Like us on FACEBOOK and see what you can “Get in Faribault!” .

7 Large Tanning Beds NEW Stand up Booth Private/Secure Rooms Tanning Products Walk-Ins Welcome In Room Stereo


HOT DEALS! Click into weekly HOT DEALS posted by local businesses who want to make sure you GET IT!

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(across from Harry Brown’s) 332-9948 •

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 8:00AM - 9:00PM

Carrie Peterson and “Isabella”

By Brenda K.M. Ward Dream of owning your own business? Working from home? Doing what you love?

Gone to the Dogs Northfield entrepreneur finds worldwide success with “Doggy Bows”

Carrie Peterson took action on her dreams, starting her own business, Doggy Bows, a specialty company that creates and sells artisan dog bows designed primarily for show dogs. A former Maltese breeder and dog show competitor, Carrie was living in Colorado when she decided upon a change. Along with her husband and children, the Petersons trekked across the country, settling in Northfield, and Carrie set to work on building her recently formed business, concentrating on bows for Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers and Shih Tzu dogs. Within just a couple of short years, sales grew exponentially with a customer base that spans the globe. “It’s a very competitive industry; there are bow makers all over the world,” said Carrie, who had to find her own niche to make her business stand out. “I attribute my success to social media.” Beginning with stores on eBay and Etsy, it was Facebook that boosted recognition of Doggy Bows. The savvy entrepreneur uses the medium to promote products, but also to recognize accomplishments of those in the business of show dogs. In turn, many of those top show people and breeders have become her customers and friends – one woman from Hungary even shipping to her

26 Holiday 2012

a Maltese, Isabella, after learning that Carrie’s previous Maltese had died. In addition, Carrie has built a business relationship with Toni Mari Couture, a top dog clothing designer. Though she has but one assistant, Carrie handcrafts each of the intricate bows made of top quality ribbon, Swarovski crystals and pearls, gold and silver beads, and other embellishments. The bows must also be aesthetically appropriate for the given breed, which means giving consideration to the size of the dog, the shape of the dog’s face and coloring. No shoddy work here, these bows are meant to last, and their quality shows in the number of repeat customers and overall growth in business. She offers hundreds of design options on her website, along with the option for custom made bows. “People want something hand sewn, personal designs. They want something special,” said Carrie. “Dog people take this pretty seriously.” While the majority of her customers are dog show competitors, with prices ranging from $4.50 to $29, the bows make an affordable gift as the holidays near. She’s also expanded her offerings to include satin dog beds, quilted dog blankets, specialty made show leads and grooming items. Carrie’s handcrafted bows can be viewed and purchased through her website, www. G

Keep Your Pet Safe this Holiday Season Take care with holiday decorations, especially with young dogs who will chew almost anything. Common yuletide plants, including poinsettias, mistletoe and holly berries, can be poisonous. Tinsel and small ornaments may cause choking or severe intestinal problems if eaten. Animals may be electrocuted if they chew on lighting or extension cords.

Imagine the excitement of a tree in the house in the middle of winter, especially a tree festooned with dangling items! The temptation to play is often too great for cats in particular to resist. To avoid a mishap, provide a wide flat base for the tree and consider supplementing this support with fishing line. Place only nonbreakable items within your cat’s reach.

Keep boxes of chocolates out of harm’s way. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs, who have been known to get into unopened wrapped boxes of chocolates under the tree and become quite ill. Don’t feed holiday leftovers to your pets. Poultry bones can splinter and changes of diet can cause vomiting and diarrhea, especially in older dogs.

Finally, be sure to take time to have fun with your pet over the holidays. Let your dog inspire you to go for extra walks and you will both feel better!



Prior Lake and New Prague

Dr. Alice Crook heads the Animal Welfare Unit at Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island, and is on the animal welfare committee of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Fore more information visit

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Holiday 2012 27

For something that’s unique shop Apparel & accessories out of mainstream the ordinary! Boutique Jeans, tops, scarves, jewelry, handbags... 123 E. Main Street, New Prague, MN 56071 952-758-4150

A Season of Celebration Nov. 25 – Celebrate in the traditions of our ancestors and rural com-

Nov 29-Dec. 29 – Find themed weekends of holiday shopping

munities during Christmas on the Farm at Farmamerica in Waseca. You’ll find sleigh rides, outdoor activities, singing, crafts, games, dressup photos, storytelling, tree lighting and take-home ideas for your own family get-togethers. Details:

throughout Faribault during Faribault Hometown Holidays. It all begins with a Holiday Lighting Ceremony featuring Santa and carolers setting the mood. Details:

Nov. 29 – Shattuck-St. Mary’s School of Faribault hosts “Simple Gifts” featuring guitarist Billy McLaughlin performing traditional favorites with a focus on what Christmas is really about. Details and tickets: or

Nov. 29-Dec. 2 – In addition to a nationally broadcast musical performance, the four-day St. Olaf Christmas Festival features a traditional Scandinavian buffet, musical performances, book signings and more on St. Olaf’s beautiful campus in Northfield. Details:

Nov. 30-Dec. 1 – A Victorian Christmas awaits you at the Village of Yesteryear. See the historic Dunnell Mansion lavishly decorated for the holidays, and take part in horse-drawn sleigh rides, an Artisan Market, caroling, wassail and more at Christmas in the Village held at the Steele County Historical Society in Owatonna. Details:

Nov. 30-Dec. 16 – The Northfield Arts Guild presents several performances of “White Christmas.” Based on one of America’s most beloved Christmas movies, this merry musical tells the tale of two successful song-and-dance men, two singing sisters, and a deserted

Bridal Fair OwatOnna 2013

Sunday, January 20th 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Interstate 35, Exit 45, Owatonna

Free admiSSion Thousands of dollars in prizes will be given away

For Booth information please contact Betty Frost 507.444.2389 or

Photo courtesy of Frank Photography

28 Holiday 2012

135 W. Pearl | Owatonna

Wrap yourself in a warm coat and slip on some cozy boots. And don’t forget your holiday spirit as you celebrate the season throughout the region at any of the following upcoming events. “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

Vermont inn. Also, stop by the downtown Arts Guild for the Festival of Wreaths featuring artist-decorated holiday décor, from traditional to wacky in expression. Details and tickets:

Dec. 6 – Stroll along luminary-lined streets during this Norman

Dec. 1 – Shop to your heart’s content at the noon Christmas Bou-

Rockwell-style Christmas tradition known as the Northfield Winter Walk. Experience downtown dining, discounted shopping, holiday music, horse-drawn wagon rides and cozy fires to warm your hands by. Details:

tique and follow it up with the Holiday Lights Parade at 6:30 p.m. in downtown Le Sueur. Details:

Dec. 21 – Ugly Sweater Party with live music by the Mary Guentzel

Dec. 1-2 – Hear favorite holiday classics in this original Paradise Center for the Arts (Faribault) musical event. Filled with the warmth and kindness of the season you will be left with a joyful vision of the holidays. Details and tickets:

Dec. 1-2 – The Sights & Sounds of Christmas Housewalk, an annual

Quintet from at Indian Island Winery, Janesville. Details: Dec. 21 – Faribault’s River Bend Nature Center celebrates the shortest day of the year with a Winter Solstice Celebration bonfire and cookout supper. Later, following a night hike, return to the bonfire for marshmallow toasting and sharing of winter stories. Details:

Christmas benefit for the Waseca Arts Council, features five homes decked out for the holidays. Details:

Print Solutions: • Brochures • Catalogs • Direct Mail • Posters • HardCoprorate Cover BooksGraphics • Soft Cover Books • Magazines and More. . .

Doug Jones

507-381-1540 • 800-891-1345 •

Holiday 2012 29


Less Stressed Holidays How to Survive and Thrive this Holiday Season By Meg Jensen-Witt, Just Food Co-op Wellness Manager

Do you ever get stressed over the holiday season; feel like there’s a million things to do, too many people to see and too much to cook in too little time? Well, this happens every year and what I want to know is how to not feel that way every time the holidays roll around. Therefore, I am in search of how we can better manage our stress, so that the holiday season can truly be about merriment and good tidings. I have searched high and low and have found a few little tricks that I think really can help bring in the joy this season. I have three things that I find most helpful in managing the holiday season stresses. The first thing I find that helps me to keep the stress at bay is ‘making a list and checking it twice.’ In all seriousness, I do make a list of the things I need to get done and prioritize the list in two ways: (1) when the tasks need to be completed by and (2) by the importance of the task. This helps to create a road map of where I should be putting my energy first so that I don’t feel overwhelmed by the whole list, but just focus on the next task at hand. If by some unforeseen chance my list doesn’t goes as planned, the second line of defense is to take some time under the mistletoe and breathe. Some of the best defense against being stressed in the moment is to stop and breathe. I know it sounds silly, but just taking a few seconds to calm yourself and your breathing, can truly help to relieve stress. The best breathing exercise I have done is to count to four while you inhale and then count again to four while you exhale. As your breath begins to slow, count to five, then to six and so on until you reach eight. This sounds simple, but it takes serious control to inhale for a count of eight. Once you’ve done two cycles of counting to eight on both the inhale and the exhale, decrease the count back down

to seven and then six until you reach four again. You’ll feel so much calmer and now you can tackle the list again with a clear head. Another good defense against stress is to make sure you are getting enough restful sleep. I know that this is a struggle for some, even in the least stressful times, but it’s really important to get nestled snugly in bed so that you can dream of dancing sugar-plums. If you are like me and don’t sleep well and have an especially hard time getting your mind to quiet itself so that you can fall asleep, there are some great aids available. One of my favorite supplements that helps with both stress and sleep is Rescue Remedy. Rescue Remedy is a brand name of a five flower essence formulated for stress reduction. Rescue Remedy has recently come out with a sleep formula that is made to help quiet the mind and calm the nerves so you can fall peacefully asleep. Another great aid is L-Theanine which is an amino acid naturally found in the body that works by calming the alpha brain waves (the ones that get all out of whack when your brain won’t stop chatting) and has the added side effect of making you drowsy. Let’s recap your ‘less stress holiday!’ 1. Make a list and check it twice. 2. Take time to breathe. 3. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. If all of your planning and good intentions manage to fail you, just remember to make the best of it. This too shall pass. And hey-it’s supposed to be a celebration, so get out there and make the season merry. (Sponsored by Just Food Co-op)

Fresh. Local. Co-op. Join us for Winter Walk.

Cooperatively Owned. All are welcome! 30 Holiday 2012

Thursday, December 4 from 5 to 8 p.m.

516 Water St S, Northeld 507-650-0106 ·


Underwire, lace and seamless –

oh my!

Your sure-fit guide to bras and panties Want to look taller? How about define your waist, enlarge your bustline and slim down your overall figure? Good news – it may be a simple matter of finding the right bra! offers the following guidelines to ensure the proper fit: 1. When measuring, wear a non-padded bra and, if possible, have someone else measure you using a soft tape measure. 2. For band fit, measure snugly around your rib cage, under your bust and shoulder blades, then add 5 inches. Example: 30” + 5” = 35”. If you get an even number, this is your band size. If you get an odd number, round up one. Example: 35” + 1” = 36”.

Studies show that 8 of every 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra (OneHanesPlace. com) – something a proper bra measuring can fix. But measuring for bra size isn’t a one-time deal. For an ongoing appropriate fit, it’s vital to measure yourself regularly, as bra size changes with age, weight, exercise routines, pregnancies and even menstruation cycles.

3. For bust size, take a loose measurement around the fullest part of your bust. Example: 38”. 4. To determine your cup size, subtract the band measurement from the bust measurement. Example: 38” - 35” = 3”. Use the chart below to determine your cup size: Example: 3” = C cup. A key thing to remember: accept your bra size. Stick with what the measurements show, not the size you want to be. If you’re in between sizes, go larger. Also, use common sense. If the bra rides up in back or the cups wrinkle, it’s clearly too big. If the band digs in or the cups overflow, it’s too small. >>>

Bra Sizes for Most Bras & All-in-Ones If difference is: 0” 1” 2” 3” 4” 5” 6”

7” 8” 9”

Then cup size is: AA










Fine Threads in Northfield hosts bra fitting events throughout the year. To find out when the next event is contact Joyce at 507-663-7993

Holiday 2012 31


Let’s Talk Panties (without lines) Partner to the right bra is a properly fitting panty. Find the size that’s right for you with these guidelines from Finding Your Panty Size Determining your proper panty fit requires that you know two components: waist measurement and hip measurement. Waist measurement – Measure your waist by placing the tape measure around the natural indentation or break in your waist. Hip measurement – Measure the fullest part of your hips, making sure the tape measure remains parallel to the floor. Once you have those numbers, look at the chart to determine your proper panty size. If your measurements represent two different sizes, go with the larger one.

Waist Measurement

25”-26” 27”-28” 29”-30” 31”-32” 33”-34” 35”-36” 37”-38” 39”-40” 41”-42” 43”-44” 45”-46”

Hip Measurement

Panty Size

35”-36” 37”-38” 39”-40” 41”-42” 43”-44” 45”-46” 47”-48” 49”-50” 51”-52” 53”-54” 55”-56”

5 S 6 M 7 L 8 XL 9 XXL 10 XXXL 11 12 13 14 15

Q&A: Bras and Panties (Compliments of and

What type of bra strap should I look for? With modern engineering, no bra should have annoying straps. Look for padded straps, wide straps, no-slip straps, convertible straps and comfort straps. There are also several options of the no-show variety, including backless, spaghetti strap and halter styles that are much more comfortable and secure than those of the past.

Where are breasts supposed to sit? Breasts should sit midway between your waist and your collarbone.

Some of my bras are hot or cause extra perspiration. I need a more breathable fabric in my bra. Choose a cotton or cotton blend bra that allows air to circulate and helps remove body moisture by absorbing it and wicking it away from the skin. Many sports bras are designed in this way.

What is the best way to launder my bras and panties? Using the washing machine is fine, but make sure hooks are latched to avoid tangling or hooking onto other clothing. Wash on delicate cycle in cool water with gentle detergent. Always air-dry, as heat breaks down the spandex. 32 Holiday 2012

Lace, seamless and underwire – which to wear? A pretty bra can make you feel feminine, so unless you’re wearing a fitted shirt or sheer fabric blouse, throw on a lacy bra with sexy matching panties. Underwire bras were created to allow a bra to have less coverage, while still being supportive, so make a good overall bra. Though if not comfortable for you, there are many non-wire styles that give similar support. Smooth knit sweater or fitted tops – Go for a seamless, uplifting bra. Bulky sweater – Wear a bra with shaping, like an underwire bra. Sheer blouse – This requires a seamless flesh-tone bra.

If I don’t want my bra to show under thin fabric or light colored clothing, what color should I wear? Wear colors as close as possible to your skin tone.


The Surgery Center Not just for your grandmother

(Compliments of Probably the most over-looked piece of lingerie today is the slip. However, if your outfit calls for one and you forgot to put it on, look out! The world will be seeing more of you than you intended. A slip is a very helpful garment to have in your wardrobe. For example, if an unlined wool dress makes you itch, a slip between you and the dress can make wearing it bearable. Or, if you have a sheer skirt and don’t want your silhouette to show through, a slip is just the trick. A slip can also smooth the lines of a clingy knit. Slips aren’t just for your grandmother. Finding Your Personal Slip Size Full Slip: The traditional slip as we know it is called a full slip. These slips almost always have adjustable straps and can be as decorative or plain as you like. Sizing for these slips comes two ways: dress size (e.g. size 8 dress, size 8 slip) or bra band measurement (e.g. 34C bra size, 34 slip size). Half slip: The half slip is very popular. It begins at the waist with an elastic waistband and comes in varying lengths depending on the skirt length you wear. Sizing for a half slip is based on your hip Hip Measurement Half Slip Size measurement. 32-35” Petite Half slips are based on an av- 36-38” erage 5’ 4” woman. If you are 39-41” taller, you may need to buy 42-44” the next longest half slip.

Small Medium Large

What can I do to stop my thighs from jiggling and shaking? A control brief with legs should solve the problem. Various lengths are available, like biker pant length to support the tummy and thin the upper thigh; capri length to provide a slimmer and more elongated silhouette for most of your leg to the calf; and a long leg-liner to shape and smooth your entire leg.

How do I eliminate panty lines? Wearing a thong or a g-string will eliminate panty lines in the back. However, if you find those uncomfortable, consider wearing a slip or pant-liner between your panty and garment. If this doesn’t work, consider a long-leg style shape-wear brief.

G-string or thong?


General Surgery Orthopedic Gynecological Gastroenterological Ear, Nose & Throat Urinary

Community People Quality Healthcare

Though you’ll likely have that initial “wedgie” feeling when first trying on a thong or g-string, many women claim that the uncomfortable feeling quickly goes away and that the panties actually feels quite comfortable. Unlike a g-string that is, literally, a string in back, a thong has a more generous cut of about an inch of fabric. Both work great for reducing panty lines under tight dresses or skirts and are perfectly suitable for women of all sizes. Holiday 2012 33

Designer Looks Distinctive eyewear is in your sight! CaLL for an appointment: 507.645.9202

Fit for life Using “functional fitness” to enhance everyday living By Brenda K.M. Ward Exercise isn’t always about slimming down or sculpting rock-hard abs. Some people wish for the ability to join their kids in a game of kick-ball, while others simply want to carry groceries into the house with ease or work their way out of bed without pain.

glasses and contacts provided by

Tailoring your workout to accommodate such everyday tasks with greater comfort is exactly what functional fitness is all about – using “real life” postures to prepare for day-to-day situations. “Going up a flight of stairs, reaching for a can in the cupboard – instead of going for a perfect look, functional fitness is a way to encourage being healthy and feeling good in everyday life,” said Aaron Peterson, ISSA certified personal trainer of Northfield. “Basically, it’s training for life.”

Get Beautiful Skin.... on your lunch hour

A synergistic exercise, functional fitness is designed to have several body parts moving at one time to teach your muscles, and therefore your body, to work as a whole. Typically weights are used – kettle bells, fitness balls, or hand weights – for a simultaneous multi-joint, multi-muscle exercise.

Our in-office peel can renew a youthful appearance and can easily be done during a lunch hour

Now Available! Lunch-Hour Facial Peels and Botox


Now Available: Botox® Experience the extraordinary results of Botox® in a professional medical environment

Fitness trainers like Peterson use their expertise to tailor a program that meets the goals of the individual, focusing on meaningful tasks. Using a variety of exercises that includes core, balance, flexibility and strength, the workouts move progressively towards higher levels of difficulty that are performed in context-specific environments. A squat-to-bicep curl combination (squatting while moving dumbbell into bicep curl), for example, would be beneficial for one who has trouble picking up a laundry basket or young child, as it combines upper and lower body movement in one exercise. A multi-directional lunge (stepping one leg in front of, behind, or to the side of the other) prepares your body for activities like vacuuming and yard work. The benefits of functional fitness exercises are typically noticed fairly quickly. What’s more, it helps increase flexibility and range of motion and reduces the risk of injury.


2014 Jefferson Road #C in Heritage Square Northfield, MN Check back often for more information 34 Holiday 2012

“If you have chronic pain, first talk to your doctor and make sure you are physically able to complete a workout program. Most trainers will be able to come up with a program to fit your objective,” said Peterson. “The best exercise you can do is the one you will do.” Peterson is an employee of Huckle Media and can be reached at

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS: WHO NEEDS IT? If you find yourself victim to any of the following, you do! • Sports, running, or even walking is challenging • Unable to comfortably play with your children • Have difficulty in picking up objects from the floor or in getting up from the floor • Find it painful to climb the stairs • Raking leaves, sweeping or vacuuming leaves you feeling the pain • It is challenging to reach overhead • Carrying grocery bags, laundry baskets or other heavy objects is a strain • You want to improve posture or balance • You want more to achieve better overall fitness and quality of life

Early Detection

Saves lives Call to schedule your mammogram today!



924 First St. NE & 300 State Ave. | 507.333.3300

2200 26th Street, NW | 507.451.1120 Holiday 2012 35

Unexpected Caregiver | Kari Berit

A Trip of a Lifetime-Your Parents and Their Travel Dreams My mother-in-law’s dream was to go to the country of her heritage, but you don’t necessarily have to leave the country or even your state to experience travel abroad. You can find “foreign� opportunities close to home. Most cities of any size, and lots of small towns, have a variety of heritage festivals and other celebrations throughout the year. They provide a chance to experience, or re-experience, the food, the dress, the crafts, the history, the language of a new or favorite place – and without crossing a time-zone line or lining up for a customs check. These days, for example, I do a lot of foreign travel without ever leaving my home state of Minnesota via Concordia Language Villages’ adult weeks and weekends with language and culture themes (www. ConcordiaLanguageVillages. org). My group often tells me, “I feel like I’m in Norway,� while in the Northern woods of Minnesota.

My mother-in-law wanted to travel to Germany and she didn’t want to go alone. “Would you two come along?� she asked me and her son. And a two-week trip to Germany turned into a onemonth travel adventure. It was a trip of a lifetime and a fulfillment of a long-held travel dream. Travel can be an uplifting source of excitement and adventure. Going to new places. Experimenting with new things. Trying new foods. Making new friends. Bringing home new memories. Or simply revisiting favorites from a lifetime of such experiences.

My mother-in-law had experienced the heritage festivals, and was now ready

to head across the pond. This was her dream trip, so it was important to tailor our locations and outings to fit with my mother-in-law’s desires. She collects Inge-Glas Christmas ornaments, so I organized a private tour at their factor — all easily done via email. And our glassblower tour guide was terrific. While I may not have included the factory tour in my personal tour, it turned out to be a highlight for all. My motherin-law holds it in high regard. Certainly there were accommodations we had to keep in mind to pull off a great trip — especially when traveling with your husband and his mother. We are fortunate that we like and love each other! You may also need to consider particular conditions so they can travel safely and successfully: wheelchair access, special diets or accommodations, the ability to bring along an attendant. Many places will seat people with limited mobility or other physical handicaps first, or find ways to relieve them from the draining ordeal of standing in lines.

FATHER OF EIGHT energetic lady. Must love  jump in and join the fun.


Celebrate KNOWLEDGEABLE Celebrate agent seeks customers Thanksgetting. Thanksgetting. looking for real PROTECTION and long term RELATIONSHIP.

Gloria Butler, Agent

Nobody offers more Nobody moredrivers drivers Look no offers further. more discounts. SoSoget more discounts. getyours. yours. Having one special person ThisThis time of year, extra time of year, extramoney money for your car, home and life comes in handy. LetLetState comes in handy. StateFarm Farm insurance lets you getcar down carve some fatfat off carve some offyour your car insurance bill.bill. toinsurance business with the rest of GET TO A BETTER STATE. GET TO A It’s BETTER your life. what STATE. I do. CALL AN AGENT VISITUS US CALL ORORVISIT GETAN TOAGENT A BETTER STATE™. ONLINE TODAY. ONLINE TODAY.




The State Farm logo is the most visible expression of our corporate identity. It’s composed of the three-oval symbol, which grows out of the State Farm historic identifier, and a modified version of the State Farm wordmark. The logo has been designed to work effectively in all media and at all sizes and should be used to represent State Farm in all forms of communication.

36 Holiday 2012

The State Farm logo is one of the most recognized in the world. We must leverage its recognition and protect its use. It has a trademark registration and should not be altered for any reason. The State Farm wordmark is an update of the 2007 wordmark. The letters have been carefully

Have a story idea? We’d love to hear it!

At the end of our December trip, my mother-in-law had caught the cold we were passing back and forth. We purchased a day’s stay in the Copenhagen Airport Apartment and were able to spread out, relax, snack and even sleep. Instead of our trip ending on a sore note, we were able to sit back and enjoy the memories from the month. Happy traveling! -Kari Berit ( is a radio show host, speaker and the author of The Unexpected Caregiver: How Boomers Can Keep Mom & Dad Active, Safe and Independent. Find her on Facebook

Our Team is here for you.

Email ideas to Brenda Ward, at

GRANOLA EATING, CAMP LOVING, WORLD TRAVELER seeks woman of my dreams.          

SINGLE, ARTSY LADY SEEKS SINGLE ARTSY GUY. If you love painting, decorating, baking and

Gloria Butler, Agent Gloria Agent 215Butler, 2nd Ave NE 215 Ave NE 215 2nd Ave2nd NE Waseca, MN 56093 Waseca, MN 56093 Bus: 507-835-8301 Waseca, MN 56093 ate Farm Brand Center Our Standards - The State Bus: Farm logo 507-835-8301 Bus: 507-835-8301 The State Farm logo

ADVENTUROUS CAT LOVER seeks adventurous cat owner. Please be employed and willing to relocate. Especially fond of black and white tuxedo cats. All responses will be answered. Looking for that Purrr-fect match.

I often schedule extra time at airports, so that we’re not racing through crowds with luggage in tow. Get there early, find an airport lounge. Yes, it costs more, but they are worth their weight in gold, especially when traveling with people who need extra time or get sick.

where local women turn

Plemel Insurance Agency Judy Plemel, Agent 920 Hoffman Drive, Owatonna, MN 55060 Bus: 507-451-4619 •

Girlfriends Guide • Education

• Health & Wellness



Bethlehem Academy, a Sinsinawan Dominican Catholic school founded in 1865, is currently home to students in grades 7-12. We strive to empower our students and staff to achieve personal, spiritual and academic excellence. Call 507-3343948 to schedule a visit today! 105 3rd Ave SW, Faribault, 507-334-3948,

• Financial Resources BRAD L. RUNNING CLU® Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., 1850 Austin Road, Suite 104 , Owatonna, MN 55060 , ,

SANDY WENKER, CPA Conveniently located in downtown Faribault, Sandy Wenker, CPA, provides tax planning & preparation, payroll services, accounting & bookkeeping, QuickBooks assistance & training, and new business consulting. Call or stop in at 14 3rd Street NE, Faribault. 507-333-3973

CASTLE ROCK BANK The Castle Rock Bank has been serving the women in this community for 96 years. To answer the question, “What do women want in banking?” We believe the answer is, “To be heard, understood, respected and valued.” 27925 Danville Ave Castle Rock • (507) 645-7751

STATE BANK OF FARIBAULT State Bank of Faribault is an innovative community bank with two locations in Faribault (established in 1919). Offering business loans, home mortgage, free mobile banking, free online banking and more, SBF is a leader in convenience, as well as customer service. 507-332-7401 Member FDIC Equal housing Lender

• Food & Entertainment COUNTRY KITCHEN Still strong on the comfort foods that have defined us for years, today’s menu features old favorites and exciting new flavors. Guests will find Country Kitchen a perfect place to have breakfast anytime of the day or wind down with one of our tempting desserts. Stop in today! 3050 Hwy 60, Faribault, 507-332-4007 www.

LEGACY GOLF & THE GRILL AT THE LEGACY The Legacy is a championship 18-hole facility offering value-added golf and a warm friendly environment for golf outings & casual dining. It provides a unique setting for meetings, reunions, groom’s dinners, banquets and bridal showers. The indoor Grill can accommodate 30-50 people & the open-air Pavilion can accommodate up to 170. 1515 Shumway Ave, Faribault, 507-332-7177

Come see why Curves is the largest fitness franchise in the world! We have CurvesSmart! Our state-of-the-art personalized coaching system gives you moment-by-moment feedback. We have Curves Complete! The only plan with diet, exercise, and motivation all in one place! Lose up to 20 lbs of fat in 90 days. We also have Curves Circuit with ZUMBA! Owatonna Curves,1828 S Cedar Ave, 507-455-4060

FIT FOR LIFE Fit for Life is a 24-hour Fitness Center located just off Hwy 21 N. We specialize in individual and group personal training as well as weight management and group fitness classes. State of the Art Cybex Equipment is on site for those who prefer to do it alone. 1400 Cannon Circle, Suite 6, Faribault, 507-333-5430

HOLLAND FAMILY DENTAL Holland Family Dental is located in the Professional Building on Hillcrest Ave. in Owatonna. We have been in Owatonna since 1996 and concentrate on dentistry for the entire family. We offer services in preventive, cosmetic and comprehensive care which includes implants and up-to-date dental technology. Please visit us at 605 Hillcrest Ave. Owatonna MN. 507-451-7250

IT WORKS! Have you tried that crazy wrap thing yet? Tighten, tone, and firm your problem areas...see results in as little as 45 minutes. Actual fat loss, not water weight! Maria Hoisington, 612-702-3881,, busymomof5.myitworks. com,

MAIN STREET DENTAL Main Street Dental Clinics offer comprehensive dentistry for the entire family. Main Street specializes in superb customer service and gentle dental care. Our office has expanded hours including two evenings and all day Saturday. Relax-It’s Main Street Dental with offices in Blooming Prairie, Owatonna, Rochester and New Richland. 507-455-1000. Visit us at

MILLSTREAM COMMONS ASSISTED LIVING Millstream Commons Assisted Living is located in downtown Northfield. 44 Assisted Living apartments (studio, 1 and 2 BR) featuring three meals a day, supportive nursing care, respite care, & life enrichment activities. Pets allowed. Licensed Housing with Services provider. Part of the Three Links Community. Member of Aging Services of Minnesota. 210 8th St W, Northfield, 507-6509627,

NORTHFIELD URGENT CARE Tired of waiting to see your doctor for simple problems like sore throats and earaches? We provide walk-in medical care for all ages, from infants to adults. We are open 7 days per week and no appointment is needed! Quick, easy and efficient! 2014 Jefferson Rd Suite C, Northfield, MN 55057, 507-664-9999,

PAULA J. DETJEN, MA, LMFT, LPC Licensed Family Therapist serving children, teens, adults & couples in downtown Northfield, MN. Areas of expertise: anxiety, depression, grief/loss, self-image, relationships, transitions, school & work challenges, family issues, and gambling concerns. A solution-focused therapist, providing support, practical feedback, integrating methodologies & techniques to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. With compassion & understanding, builds on individual’s strengths & helps others achieve their personal goals. 105 E Fourth St, Suite 301, Northfield, 507-581-0430,

REPOSE MASSAGE THERAPY REPOSE Massage Therapy is located at 152 East Pearl in Owatonna. (Dow Chiropractic). Off-street parking. NEW modality offered for chronic pain: CUPPING. Receive massage regularly for cumulative benefits: pain and stress reduction. Visit www. for more information, or phone (507)323-5031. Please leave a message!

THE NORTHFIELD AREA FAMILY YMCA The Northfield Area Family YMCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for all individuals, families, and the community to achieve their fullest potential. From summer camps, to youth sports, to preschool activities and adult wellness, we have something for everyone. Become a member of the YMCA! 519 Division Street, Northfield 507-645-0088, Scholarships are available to ensure everyone can participate.

• Home & Garden CEDAR FLORAL Cedar Floral is located in downtown Owatonna. We are a full service floral shop, specializing in gift and home décor items, custom silk arrangements and the freshest quality flowers available. Our professional design staff is here to assist you. 314 N Cedar, Owatonna, 507-451-7673.

JUDYS FLORAL DESIGN Whether Your Wedding is black tie/ ballroom or barefoot on the beach or somewhere in between! Beautiful, quality flowers and great ideas start with Judy Smith. “Specializing in fresh creative and affordable blooms for all the flower moments of your life” 507-645-0008, 300 Railway St. North, Dundas,

Holiday 2012 37


• Shopping

Northfield Construction Company handles all types of residential remodeling---and promises a clean job site at all times. You and your dwelling are respected at all times—no lost pets, no smoking---just good work. For all your remodeling needs contact Ray Cox at 507-645-8975. www.


OWATONNA MORTGAGE Financing, or refinancing a home doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure if you have the right professional to guide you through the process. With Owatonna Mortgage you are guaranteed to receive supreme client care and trustworthy advice throughout the entire process. We know how valuable and precious your time is. NMLS #320358. 507-676-2708, 122 N Cedar, Suite A, Owatonna,

SIMON BROS CEMENT CO. Simon Bros Cement Co. has been serving the Northfield area since 1969. We specialize in quality concrete and masonry including foundations, driveways, epoxy garage floors. Call for a free estimate. We will look at your project and use 40+ years of experience to share ideas and advice. Call Ray 612-328-4591

• Insurance AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE BART JACKSON AGENCY American Family Insurance offers home, automobile, atv, motorcycle, boat, commercial business, farm and life insurance. We are available to meet with you personally to review your situation and provide recommendations as to the proper coverage’s for your needs. Bart Jackson Insurance Agency, 408 Central Ave N, Suite D, Faribault, MN 55021. 507-332-6812.

AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE THERESE WHITESONG AGENCY We’re a J.D. Power and Associates Distinguished Insurance Agency. We’re among a select group that demonstrated the ability to consistently deliver “An Outstanding Customer Experience.” Whether you need insurance for your auto, home, life, health, or business, we listen to you to determine the right insurance that fits your needs. Therese Whitesong Agency, American Family Insurance. Telephone: 507-645-5010, 510 Washington St South, Northfield,

STEVE MORGAN AGENCY The Steve Morgan Agency has received the “JD Powers Award for outstanding customer experience” for 8 years in a row. Call and let his Licensed Staff “wow” you with their experience. Insurance should have a personal Fit. Does Yours? 200 Western Ave, Faribault, 507-3340140

38 Holiday 2012

A Touch of Charm is a quaint florist and gift shop in downtown Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. Leanne Hanson, owner, has been providing home accents, decorating ideas, gift and full service floral for the area since 1988. We specialize in a mixture of traditional, cottage and countrypolitan accents for your home and a unique array of gifts that you can’t wait to give. 507-583-7637,

Be Scene, People

THE PAPER PETALUM The Paper Petalum in the historic Archer House (212 Division St.) offers friendly customer service and unique gifts for all occasions. Locally owned and operated since 1987 we specialize in Scandinavian gifts, Minnesota products, decorative napkins, Polish Pottery, Rothschild foods, and much, much more. Stop in and visit us. 507-663-0565.

UPTOWN CONSIGNMENT Visit Uptown Consignment of Owatonna, MN for all of your women’s clothing and home décor needs. We offer a unique shopping experience with a personal touch! Our New and Next To New items are of exceptional quality and style! We have new inventory coming in daily - so stop back often! Our consignment shop provides a large selection of quality women’s clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories. Sizes range from juniors to plus, offering something for everyone! We also offer a large selection of home décor, furniture and more! We only showcase quality items at Uptown Consignment! Stop in today! 207 N Cedar Ave Owatonna, MN 55060, 507-201-4509

• Transportation COMMUNITY CO-OP The Community Co-op is located in beautiful and historic downtown Faribault, MN. We were organized in 1925 and have been a cornerstone of this community ever since. We specialize in fuels, lubricants, tires, and vehicle service, all for an affordable price. Women live busy lives, our staff understands how important service and convenience are. That is why we are the Company where our customers send their friends. 9 Central Ave, Faribault (507)334-2056,

NORTHFIELD LINES, INC. Have your group arrive in style when you pull up in one of our luxurious motor or mini coaches. Single or multi-day sightseeing trips, shopping, girlfriend getaways, dining, concerts, weddings, receptions, casino visits – you name the event and we will get your group there safely and on time. 32611 Northfield Blvd, Northfield, 800-944-2190,

Dec. 14

Girlfriends Guide

Capturing Life’s Moments...

New Location!

GingerSnaps Photography

by Kelli Wencl

NEW location! 1620 Hwy 60 West, Suite C (west door), Faribault 507-334-5488 |

Happy Holidays from Nicollet County Bank

Women of NCB

Please join us for our

Holiday Open House December 14th • 2-4pm

Enjoy live music, cookies, cider and coffee

Not all banks are the same. Banks are as different as the people who work in them. We’re just a small-town community bank. Our approach to banking is an emphasis on prefessional but small-town-friendly servce.

We’re a small-town community bank, but we’re big on YOU!

N icollet c ouNty B aNk

220 South Third St. St. Peter, MN


Holiday Issue 2012  

Holiday 2012

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