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Pack those lunches & sharpen those pencils, it’s back to school time!

Three Waseca teachers enjoy their friendship in and out of the classroom

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Play Clothes | Mary Closner

Reunions…the good, the bad, & the hairless have to clarify this detail). The UP has the largest annual snowfall of anywhere in the universe. Ok, I exaggerate…the largest annual snowfall on this PLANET. I mean, when you add up all the snow days, it’s astonishing I can read and write.

Thirty years. That’s how long it’s been since I was in high school. Holy hell…when did this happen? I’m on my way to my hometown for my high school reunion this week. I’ve never been to a reunion, but now, thanks to Facebook, I’ve re-connected with all sorts of people from my past. You can run, but you can’t hide! They say you can’t go home again and really, would you want to? I grew up in a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the top of the state is much better than the bottom, so you always

Not that I didn’t have a stellar educational experience filled with top-notch teachers, don’t get me wrong. But you have to wonder how I’m even able to function in regular society when you consider… My high school Home Economics teacher had a nervous breakdown and forced the core group of troublemakers (my pals and me) to be split up into different classes as we were apparently the straw that collapsed her sanity (who doesn’t love a good mixed metaphor?). It was my basketball coach (Louie) who told me, “It’s your own fault you’re a girl,” and made me practice five hours a day all summer. I certainly enjoyed the “kill or be killed” scrimmages against my 6-foot, 6-inch brother and the men’s varsity basketball team

Your Back to School Shoe Experts!

• Part I

that were intended to “toughen us up.” Louie mysteriously disappeared after he was too hard on a player and she pressed charges. Back in the dark ages, teachers could still smoke in their offices. My algebra teacher (Fran) kept all his cigarette butts displayed in a giant, clear-glass jar on his desk. And did I mention, he wore the same black suit and white shirt every day? I mean EVERY DAY, OF EVERY YEAR, THE ENTIRE TIME THAT HE WORKED THERE. My siblings all experienced the wonders of Fran and his smelly black suit. Rudy (and doesn’t that name just tell you pretty much everything you need to know) was my Driver’s Education teacher. He made us spend the entire hour of “field training” running personal errands for him. I went to his dry cleaner so many times, it’s no wonder I failed the damn driving test. How about mentioning a little thing called parallel parking, huh Rudy?!

tan and his ever-present pucca shell necklace. He was especially popular with the female students. One lucky gal each year managed to get pregnant and quietly drop out of school. I blame my complete lack of knowledge regarding history as well as my inability to do anything but basic math, on my high school years. I don’t even know if any of my teachers were accredited. I think most of them were chosen because they were the only ones willing to put up with a bunch of smart-ass, hormonelaced kids on a regular basis. So, I’m on my way home to share stories and check who still has their hair. I’ll be having a cocktail (legally) with the same folks I drank with 30 years ago. I’ll report back! — Mary Closner has fond memories of the prom where her date wore a polyester, birch-bark patterned tuxedo and took her home early so he could go to a beach party with “his guys.”

Our most infamous high school teacher (Dirty Al) wore his gauze shirts unbuttoned to show off his

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where local women turn







TUNED IN TO SUCCESS Betsy Anderson has been playing the cello since she was 8 years old. She has turned that passion into her own business, teaching others the joy of music.

10 MONEY WISDOM Nobody wants to just throw their money away. Tips from experts can help you negotiate a better deal and even help you understand the art of tipping.

18 SAFEGUARDING OUR CHILDREN We trust our kids to them nearly every school day. With a lot of know-how and even more care, our kids are in good hands with these bus drivers.

For one area family, food allergies have changed the course of their lives. See how they adapted and find out more from experts about this growing concern.


With back-to-school shopping quickly approaching, there are things parents and children should know about backpacks. Girlfriends can help.

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From Left: Karen Pfarr, Tracy Kopetzki and Joan Conway

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Self-taught fun

Three Waseca teachers enjoy their friendship in and out of the classroom

By Brenda K.M. Ward

From Left: Tracy Kopetzki, Joan Conway and Karen Pfarr Photo by Kelli Wencl of GingerSnaps Photography

“We have a common thread in that we all take our classrooms very seriously. We make interesting sounding boards for each other.” - Joan Conway

Steele County Free Fair Minnesota’s Largest County Fair

For some kids it’s difficult to imagine their teachers having a “life” outside the classroom doors. That’s certainly not the case with Waseca educators Tracy Kopetzki, Karen Pfarr and Joan Conway – three women whose friendship extends from school to home to community with good times no matter where they are or what time of the year. In the autumn, for example, Fantasy Football keeps their competitive spirit alive as they track their “virtual” team for the win. “Fantasy football is an excuse for guys to get together and we thought, we need one of those,” said Kopetzki. For six years now, the three,

along with other women friends, vie for the ultimate prize: a pink colored bedazzled trophy. Surely their male counterparts can’t compete with that. Football season closes with a Super Bowl party, and in theme of TV watching also comes occasional viewing of “The Bachelorette” – much to Pfarr’s chagrin. “Joan guilt tripped me into it,” she said jokingly. In the summer, there are campfires, lawn darts and ladder ball for the women, along with barbecues and pontoon boating on Lake Francis. When the school year kicks back in, their time together is a bit more sporadic. As head basketball coach for the high school team, Conway “goes missing” during basketball

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6 Back To School 2012


season. Kopetzki finds little time for more than school and family during marching band season, and Pfarr, a school theater director, is tied up during production weeks. But in the relatively small district of Waseca Public Schools, it’s not uncommon for staffers to run across their colleagues at work, and it was in this school setting that they first came to know each other. Pfarr, a seventh grade language arts teacher, met Kopetzki, a high school language arts teacher, during the

speech circuit in which they were both involved. Kopetzki met Conway, a junior and senior high math teacher, when they were both marching band instructors. Over the years, the friendship between the three slowly developed into the comfortable, convivial relationship it is today. “Students find it really strange that we talk to each other and that I know who won the game or who got the lead in a play,” said Kopetzki. “They don’t see that we have anything in common.”

“I don’t think they understand our friendship because we are so diverse,” said Pfarr. But at the core of their relationship, the three women are not so different, each carrying the same passion for education and respectfully regarding one another’s thoughts and ideas as they see students move up through their years in the school system. “It’s nice to get a different perspective on how to handle things like kids who are struggling with grades or classroom management techniques,” said

Pfarr. “We have a common thread in that we all take our classrooms very seriously,” said Conway. “We make interesting sounding boards for each other.” As the women prepare for another school year, for the first time in the same building with the recent merging of the junior high and high school, there will, no doubt, be many more ideas to share and good times to follow. “I think it will be pretty exciting,” said Pfarr. G

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2000 NORTH AVENUE • NORTHFIELD, MN 55057 • 507-646-1478 • WWW.NORTHFIELDHOSPITAL.ORG/WHC Back To School 2012 7

Tuned in to

Success derson. “I think something was moving me towards spreading my wings.” Anderson, who has been playing the cello since age 8 and teaching cello lessons part-time for 20 years while working in sales full-time at Wenger Corporation, found herself in the throes of the economic downturn, laid off from her job on Nov. 9, 2009.

By Brenda K.M. Ward

Betsy Anderson turns her passion for the cello into a thriving business of music instruction

What does it take to start your own successful business? For Betsy Anderson of Owatonna, it was a metaphorical “push” by her husband James to turn the disappointment of a job layoff into an opportunity to share her tremendous talent for music. Anderson is owner of the String Academy of Southern Minnesota, a full-service chamber music school providing lessons in music and performance to students of all ages – a one-ofa-kind service in the area. “I needed to go this direction, I just needed a push,” said An-

8 Back To School 2012

“It was the best day and the worst day all at the same time,” said Anderson. After that fateful day, she first took the time to finish her doctorate degree. Within one year after her job layoff, she rented a tiny studio above a hair salon in Owatonna where she continued to teach the cello, increasing her students from four to 15. “It wasn’t ideal, but it was my own.” But when a student walking down the two flights of steps tripped and fell, along with his cello, it was time to find a new space. Her improved space on Cedar Avenue offers more room, which also allows for increased services. “That’s when I decided to open

a string academy – something not just for teaching cello, but where kids could go and learn chamber music,” said Anderson. “I called on friends who could teach, and before I knew it I had a school going.” It began with her existing 15 students and as of June was at 76 (27 of them cello students) ranging in age from 4 to retirement. Along with lessons, students are given opportunities to perform in a recital twice a year. “There are a number of really high level students, and others are here because they just like to play,” said Anderson. “Our focus is not to push the kids into performance, but to be the best they can in whatever they do.” But as with success for student musicians, success for business owners also comes with its difficulties. “It’s been discouraging, challenging and joyful,” said Anderson. “Lots of nights I laid awake wondering, how is this going to work? Will anyone sign up? How will I get the word out? The biggest hurdles were getting the little things to work,” like credit card machines, website design, and details, details,




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Contact Rod Magsam 507-366-2833(BUFF) “You’re not going to have all the answers when you start to follow your passion, but you can’t let that discourage you,” said Anderson. “Sometimes you have to let go and trust. Jump in. It may not work, but what if it does?” details. “I learned to just take one thing at a time.” Acquiring the help of the Owatonna Business Incubator got her on the right track to putting the pieces of the business ownership puzzle in place. Anderson also attributes her success, in part, to the high level teachers she has on board. All the string teachers at the String Academy hold a master’s degree in music and have taught at the college level. Some are from prestigious schools, like a recently hired man who studied at Yale. “When I opened this business, I just thought, let’s teach. I never had any idea it would be this huge of a thing,” said Anderson. “I’m really proud of where we’ve come from in such a short amount of time and am pleased that we’ve been able to attract such amazing people that the kids like so much. I’m excited to see what this continues to be in the future.” The String Academy of Southern Minnesota is located at 319

N. Cedar Ave. in Owatonna. For lessons or to hire talented faculty to perform at an event, reach Anderson at 507-7740174 or visit her website at

Want to start your own business? The Small Business Administration ( is a federal government entity that helps develop healthy small businesses by offering loans and advice. Many towns in the region also have local economic development organizations that help get a business up and running, like the Owatonna Business Incubator, the Northfield Enterprise Center and the Rice County Small Business Management Center.


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“You’re not going to have all the answers when you start to follow your passion, but you can’t let that discourage you,” said Anderson. “Sometimes you have to let go and trust. Jump in. It may not work, but what if it does?” G Back To School 2012 9

MONEY WI$DOM How to negotiate a good deal and know when to leave a tip

By Brenda K.M. Ward If you’re one of those women who drives home after making a large purchase and wonders, “Could I have gotten a better deal?” or orders a latte and throws a buck in the tip jar out of sheer guilt, you’re not alone. Nobody wants to toss away their hard-earned money – nor be too stingy – but it’s not always easy to know how much of your money to leave behind. You can now put yourself at ease. Read on to learn what the experts have to say.

Dickering your way to a good deal

Paul Erickson, owner of Erickson Furniture in Faribault, says negotiating when buying furniture can be done – but only in certain circumstances. “A customer can offer what they want to offer, but it really depends on the item,” said Erickson. Regular retail, already priced lower than most stores, says Erickson, is generally not negotiable. But when it comes to sale items, there might be a bit more leeway. “We have our set price, but things are sometimes sale priced – a fabric might be discontinued or there is a knick, scratch, or we’ve had

10 Back To School 2012

it for longer than we’ve wanted it,” said Erickson. “We might discount those a bit more.”

power of competition can get many sellers matching or beating competitive offers.

Other times a customer might negotiate a furniture discount: when writing a check as opposed to billing, buying the item off the floor rather than ordering it, or assembling the piece themselves instead of having the delivery guys do so for you.

Nibble a little – “If I buy this dress, will you throw in a pair of shoes?” If not a discount, perhaps a free item can be included in the deal.

Straight from the expert

Buy in quantity – Buy three dresses rather than one, going in together with friends.

Ed Brodow, negotiation expert, speaker and author of the book “Negotiation Boot Camp,” says negotiating can happen with most any purchase.

Wait for the seller’s big sale or slow season – Jan. 1 is often the time of year when sellers want to clear their stock and make room for new items.

“Now that the economy has gone south on us, these rigid attitudes about wheeling and dealing are loosening up. The notion that you can stretch your paycheck by negotiating better purchases is enjoying wider acceptance,” Brodow writes in his blog “Don’t Pay List: Negotiating the Best Deal for Your Money.” (

Be funny – Lightening up the atmosphere will sometimes weaken the seller’s defense.

Brodow recommends the following for achieving the greatest success in dickering your way into a good deal: Do your homework – What are other businesses asking for the same car, piece of furniture, porcelain crown? Is the product in demand or not so hot and worthy of a better deal? Ask for concessions – Ask for a deal and challenge what the seller says. In some stores, salespeople are instructed to give a discount by simply having the customer ask for one. Execute the squeeze – “I like your hotel, but I can get a better room rate elsewhere.” The

Great tips, but just what can be negotiated? Turns out there’s a world of

items, services and bills that may offer flexibility in costs. Retail purchases – Cars, pets, airline tickets, even clothing can be discounted if the asking is appropriately done. You won’t know until you try. Use Brodow’s advice and be confident, but also know when to back off or walk away from a purchase. Credit card interest rates – Those credit card solicitations need not be put to waste after all. Gather them up and call your credit card company, using the competitive rates as ammunition for lowering your own rate if they want to keep you as a customer. Maintaining a high credit score will also give you better bargaining power. Car repair bills – If you are unhappy with the work done or believe you’ve been charged

too much, it’s OK to dispute it. If the final bill is more than 10 percent of the estimate, say something. Get estimates from other repair shops. And, be honest if the bill is going to break the bank – the manager may show leniency. Salary – In “A Woman’s Guide to Successful Salary Negotiation” authors Lee Miller and Jessica Miller suggest that women consider just how valuable they are to the company for which they work. Do they need you more than you need them? Have you proven yourself in your job? Some employers may think less of you if you do not try to negotiate a better salary – will that lack of assertiveness carry over to your sales job? Know your worth in the market place, understand how to negotiate and firmly and creatively negotiate a compensation package consistent with your market value. Cable and cell phone bills – Take advantage of promotional offers or ask for an extension of the rate if expired. Review your options beforehand, comparing prices, and let the company know you’re looking at the competition. When a deal is made, get it in writing – the customer representative’s name or ID and the offer.

On the tipping edge

It seems no matter where you go these days, tip jars are ever present, leaving consumers to toss money around like confetti on New Year’s. There are different theories on the origin of tipping, one dating back to 18th century Europe coffeehouses where collection boxes were set out “to insure promptitude.”Others believe it began in German drink houses, where customers would give their server trinkgeld (drink money) to enjoy a drink of their own. Whichever the case, today it seems to have become an expected practice in service settings most everywhere. Tipping waiters is a given, as with taxi drivers, but how about your barista? Pizza delivery guy? Pet groomer? Who and how much is appropriate to tip? In the United States, those who work in the low-paying service industry often rely on tips for a good portion of their income. Julie Melton, owner and stylist at Plush Pup, a professional pet grooming business in Faribault, says she finds about half of her customers leave a tip – a greatly appreciated generosity. >>>

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Back To School 2012 11

MONEY WI$DOM “People do tip in the dog grooming industry, however some people don’t know we are a field that accepts tips,” said Melton. “It’s a service job, just like getting your hair cut or having a waitress serve you.” However, if a person is not happy with the work provided, no tip should be given, says Melton. Just be sure to let the stylist know what you didn’t like so it can be done differently next time – a solid guideline for anyone you tip. When it comes to tipping, go with your instinct – leave a show of appreciation if you want to, but don’t feel obligated. Maybe your barista simply pumped a cup of French roast from the carafe, yet gave you a laugh to start off your day in a good mood. Or maybe your pet groomer took the time to comfort your dog and not keep him kenneled longer than necessary. Remember, too, that there are other ways to show appreciation – like referring your stylist or massage therapist to a friend. G

When it comes to tipping guidelines, we looked to the advice of the queen of etiquette, Ms. Emily Post. Following are Post’s general tipping guidelines. FOOD + DRINK •Wait service, sit-down: 15-20 percent •Wait service, buffet: 10 percent •Take-out: No obligation, though 10 percent for extra service •Delivery: 10-15 percent of the bill or $2-5 for pizza delivery •Bartender: $1-2 per drink or 15-20 percent of the tab •Tipping jars: No obligation, though tip occasionally if barista or counter person provides a little something extra or if you are a regular customer SALON •All services: 15-20 percent TRAVEL •Bellhop: $2 first bag, $1 additional bag; $2-3 for each additional service like room delivery •Housekeeper: $2-5 per day •Taxi driver: 15-20 percent of the fare •Gas station attendants: $1-2 or more when they voluntarily check fluids, watch windows, etc. MISC. •Furniture or appliance delivery: $5-10 •Pet groomer and pet sitter: 15 percent •Flower delivery: $1-10, depending on size of delivery



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Literary Ladies

Feisty Lydia By Edna Thayer

Minnesota Heritage Publishing • Paperback, $12.95 •

By Brenda K.M. Ward Those who were familiar with Elysian’s Lydia Ross knew that she could be a “feisty� woman – that fiery spirit having saved her life more than once as she grew up during the Nazi Regime in World War II Germany. Some might say it was fate that had Lydia play hooky for a day from her job at the munitions plant – the same day the underground plant was bombed by American soldiers, killing everyone inside as Lydia and her boyfriend enjoyed a picnic nearby. But it was her indomitable spirit of survival that returned her safely to her parents’ home after the bombing, a three-day bicycle trip with no food and no water. After hearing years worth of stories like this told by Lydia, friend and neighbor Edna Thayer began recording the stories of Lydia’s life, the two women eventually collaborating on the creation of “Feisty Lydia: Memoirs of a German War Bride.� “Feisty Lydia� follows Lydia’s life from the time she was born two months early with little hope of survival to the “mesmerizing� handshake with Adolf Hitler

to life in Minnesota with her new American soldier husband. More than a memoir, the early chapters of the book are preceded by brief historical facts about World War II that enhance the setting of Lydia’s experience. “Lydia was known in town as a feisty, spirited woman who spoke her mind,� said Thayer. “She was also known as a very hospitable person in her sharing and caring, always maintaining a positive attitude.�

Edna Thayer

Lydia died in 2009 at age 83, just before the book was published, though she was able to choose the cover – a charcoal sketch of Lydia’s wedding photo created by her grandson. “Feisty Lydia� received a first place award for creative nonfiction by the Written Art Awards, Rebecca Reads, in 2010; and was a finalist award winner in 2009 for National Best Books. Thayer, a former nurse, has also co-authored two other books with friend Mary Huntley, including “A Mirthful Spirit: Embracing Laughter for Wellness,� a book that teaches the benefits of joy and laughter for one’s health. She has presented more than 800 talks in 11 states on the topic of “Secrets of Survival.� Hear Thayer discuss “Feisty Lydia� at 7 p.m. on Sept. 13 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Waseca. “Secrets of Survival� will be presented at the Boomers and Beyond Senior Expo at 2:15 p.m. on Sept. 22 at the Community Center Building in St. Peter.

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107 N. Cedar • Downtown Owatonna • 507-451-3430 Open M-F 6:30am-5:30pm; SAT 8 am-1 pm

Back To School 2012 15

From the Kitchen

Custom Coffee’s Nutritious Crispy Bar

Ingredients 2 ½ cups rolled oats 3 cups unsweetened rice crispy cereal 2 T. chia seeds 2 T. whole raw flaxseeds ¾ cup peanuts, finely ground 1/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 cup maple syrup 1 cup natural peanut butter


1. Blend the oats, cereal, seeds, peanuts and chocolate chips together. 2. Stir together the maple syrup and peanut butter over low heat to form a thick syrup. This will take only a few minutes – do not let the syrup get hot. 3. Pour the syrup over the dry ingredients and blend until well coated. 4. Lightly oil a 9 x 13 inch pan. Spray hands with cooking spray and press the mixture into the pan. 5. Refrigerate the bars to firm quickly, then cut into 24 bars or desired amount. *For gluten-free bars, simply use gluten-free rice crispy cereal instead, available at health food stores. “Follow your passion and you will never ‘work’ a day in your life.” I am so blessed to be able to say that I did follow my passion by being involved in the food industry for more than 21 years. Simply said, I love to cook! I purchased Custom Coffee in 2007 and introduced Cardinal Catering featuring my family’s favorite recipes, many of them handed down from my mother who was an awesome cook. Eating good food is definitely one of life’s great pleasures and providing good food to others is so rewarding to me. This healthy snack recipe is delicious, easy to make, healthy and can be gluten free. It’s a great choice for busy moms and kids back to school snacks. Diane Randall is owner of Custom Coffee and Catering located at 324 N. Cedar Ave., Owatonna (

Diane Randall 16 Back To School 2012

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All Natural Glob Paints

Made from fruits, vegetables and spices, these water-soluble pigments become paint just by adding water. Similar to watercolors, GLOB paints can also be used for a variety of arts and crafts activities. All natural, safe and environmentally sound - perfect for kids! The Sketchy Artist, Northfield, starting at $2.50

Chocolate Eye Candy

Chocolate Swarovsky crystals set with rose gold plated chain. Other pendants and earring styles also available. Elegant styles at great prices! Chappuis Jewelers, Faribault, Starting at $99

Back To School 2012 17

Safeguarding Our Children By Brenda K.M. Ward

It’s not always easy to let your child step onto that bright yellow bus for the first time. But with caring drivers like these four women behind the wheel, you can rest assured they are in good hands.


Owatonna Bus Co., Owatonna

Sandee Hardy-Hagen enjoys the flexibility of her job and the company for which she works – Owatonna Bus Company. But most important to her are the kids, so much so that the Owatonna woman takes the time each morning to pray for a safe and happy day for the bus drivers and the riders. “I don’t know what kind of morning the kids had before getting on the bus or what kind of day they had at school,” said Hardy-Hagen, though often she finds that the kids’ stories from the day give her a good chuckle. Driving a bus is something that has always interested this Owatonna woman. The trust, freedom and independence unbeatable. “At the end of each day I say, ‘We got ‘em all home safely. That takes care of today.’”


Faribault Transportation Inc., Faribault “When I parked my bus this year, it completed my 30th year,” said Helen Pemrick, driver for Faribault Transportation Inc. Pemrick speaks highly and lovingly of her job, the company she works for and the students she has the privilege to transport. The kids, or “my kids” as Pemrick refers to them, range in level of disability from special needs to severely handicapped. She has a keen awareness of the each of her kid’s personality and physical and emotional needs. What’s more, they are her buddies. “I tell the kids that as a bus driver we are your friends. Never be afraid, we’re there for you.” The most difficult part of her job: “losing” one of her kids to graduation. “Every year I have to cry,” she said. “They become a part of you.”


Saints Bus Service, St. Peter Ronda Kenyon’s role at Saints Bus Service is that of manager, supervising a crew of men, though occasionally she drives kids of all ages, too. She particularly enjoys driving younger kids, seeing their unabashed joy and hearing the stories of their day. “They jump on the bus and want a hug,” said Kenyon. “It’s a very rewarding job.” Just as much, she enjoys working with all of the men, having grown up with six brothers and one sister. “They’re such a diverse group of guys – it makes life more interesting,” said Kenyon.


Benjamin Bus, Northfield

When Sonja Freiermuth’s daughter began kindergarten, she had the privilege of picking her up after school each day, not in the family car, but with the big yellow bus. Driving a bus was a job she never expected to have, until a conversation took place with her 7-year-old son. “I told my son I wanted to find a job that was on his schedule so that I could have days off with him,” said Freiermuth. “The next day he got on the bus and told his bus driver that I wanted to be a bus driver.” Soon after, she received a call from company owner John Benjamin who offered her a job. Fourteen years later, she is still driving for Benjamin Bus. Throughout the years, Freiermuth has not only been able to drive her own kids to school and sporting events, she also drives a coach bus and has traveled the country – Florida, California, New York and more – places she may never have had the chance to otherwise go. “It is a fun job, even to this day,” she said.

18 Back To School 2012


As owner and manager, Lenz most enjoys dealing with the employees of the school system with whom, she says, the company has a very good relationship.

Lenz Bus Service, Waseca Kelli Lenz began driving a bus when she was a young 18 years old. In September 2010, she became owner of Lenz Bus Service, having purchased the business from her dad, who ran it for the previous 37 years.

“The teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators – they are all wonderful people and I’ve known many of them for so long.” Though Lenz doesn’t drive a bus herself, her most senior employee is a woman who has put in 34 years transporting students from the Waseca School District. G

“I always figured one of my two brothers would take over, but all of the pieces fell into place for me at just the right time,” said Lenz.

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We Time

Rustic Dining with an Italian Flavor By Brenda K.M. Ward

Photo by Tammy Winter

For one Northfield couple, “caring for people and Mother Earth” is a standard upheld in their everyday life and their popular seasonal business that draws hundreds of people out to the countryside for a unique dining experience.

Relax to the sounds of local bluegrass or jazz musicians performing or linger around the farm, weaving through gardens or watching the antics of chickens and peacocks housed on the edge of the yard.

For the third year, Pat and Tammy Winter, owners of Red Barn Farm, welcome guests to enjoy the 10 charming pastoral acres of land where they reside while feasting on a handmade brick-oven pizza made with the freshest of organic ingredients – most grown right there on the farm.

Quality food and a working farm are exactly what the Winters want their guests to experience, as together the couple works alongside their children to feed their visitors. Son Max, 16, tosses the dough, while Hannah, 18, handles the front end taking orders. You’ll find Tammy baking pizza pies in the brick oven and Patrick overseeing the event.

Visitors are invited to spread a picnic blanket in an open grassy area, near the gardens or beneath the cool shade trees, or sit at a table within the beautiful red barn where tiny white lights wrapped around beams offer an ambiance of rustic relaxation.

Red Barn Farm is located at 10063 110th St. S., three miles southeast of Northfield. Pizza will be served through the end of October beginning at 4:30 p.m. each Wednesday and one Sunday afternoon a month beginning at 11:30 a.m.

Bring a bottle of wine or freshly squeezed lemonade to enjoy while your made-to-order pizza topped with farm produced peppers, onions, basil, eggplant, squash, spinach or tomatoes and locally raised meat is baking in the brick oven just outside the barn.

Having just undergone a remodel, the Winters expect to be open for business in early August but request that guests first check online at

The Merlin Players Present Meshuggah-Nuns! The Ecumenical Nunsense Oct. 26-28 * Nov. 1-3

Directed by Julianna Skluzacek

Come laugh with us! Paradise Center for the Arts * Faribault Ticket sales start Oct. 9 - Call 507-332-7372

Championship Course New Clubhouse and Grill Event Pavillion

box ofc hrs:12-5PM Tues-Wed., Fri-Sat.; Thurs 12-8PM

Try pre-theatre dining at The Depot Restaurant Sponsored by Owatonna Physical Therapy Center and Charter Communications


1515 Shumway Avenue, Faribault 507.332.7177 • Back To School 2012 21

Capturing Life’s Moments...


GingerSnaps Photography

by Kelli Wencl

NEW location! 1620 Hwy 60 West, Suite C (west door), Faribault 507-334-5488 |


Food Allergies: My Story ness. But it continued as I moved into my second and third trimesters, and I was rapidly losing weight. Though very healthy before the pregnancy, I could now have no lactose or preservatives and very limited meat and grains. Fruits and vegetables were for the most part OK, but also limited. Two to three times each week I had to go into the clinic to get fluids and stay hydrated. During the worst times, I was even hospitalized for a day or two. For nine months I lived almost entirely off of a liquid diet and multivitamins.

Manda Kappes with son Brenden By Manda Kappes My goal during pregnancy was an unusual one: I wanted to gain enough weight to return to my pre-pregnancy weight before the time my child was born. Not after he was born – before. When I unexpectedly became pregnant three years ago, what should’ve been an exciting nine months of my life were anything but, as I remained physically and at times violently ill the entire duration of the pregnancy. Out of the blue, my body became plagued with food allergies. I could keep almost nothing down. From the beginning, I was sick all day, every day and at first assumed it was morning sickness. I would have been happy with just morning sick-

When I gave birth to Brenden, a healthy boy, I had finally reached my weight goal.

Brenden was fine, drinking formula immediately and doing all of those great things little babies do. But within a month, he began spitting up a lot – acid reflux, the doctors said. Brenden eventually became so ill that he, too, had to be hospitalized and was put on various medications to alleviate the reflux. But things still weren’t right, and when he was 8 months old, doctors finally narrowed his condition down to food allergies. They took him off of everything and I began feeding him a special formula that is easier for sensitive babies to digest, and within a short time he was able to come off of his medications and was no longer ill. Slowly, different

foods were added back in, beginning with dairy products. Two days after giving him milk, he became sick. Lactose-free milk, however, was just fine. But here’s the thing – dairy products, like powdered milk, are in so many foods: soup mixes, crackers, cake, frosting, baked goods ... the list goes on. We also discovered he has sensitivities to tomato products, orange juice and preservatives. And preservatives - we all know how prevalent they are in our food. His allergies are nothing life threatening, but definitely life changing. With a modified diet, Brenden, now 2 years old, is amazing – happy and healthy. If you were to meet him on the street, you would never guess what he’s been through. I’ve learned to cook with different spices and flavors and find substitutes for his diet, like frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. We call his milk “special milk” and he calls foods he can’t have “acky.” Family and friends are accommodating, and I call ahead to see if there will be foods available he can eat or if I should bring something for him. His daycare provider, too, has been amazing to work with on this. But when eating out, we’re sometimes seen as “difficult.” I’m not trying to be difficult, just trying to be informed when I ask if there are certain products in the foods served. I don’t expect everyone to be accommodating, just understanding. That goes with any allergy. >>>

Are you up for the challenge? CHALLENGE August 25–September 22

Cooperatively Owned. All are welcome!

516 Water St S Northfield 507-650-0106

Food Allergies: What everyone should know about this growing concern By Brenda K.M. Ward Hearing talk of “food allergies” hasn’t always been so common, but today researchers estimate that some 12 million Americans have a reaction to certain foods. The Food Allergy Institute also states that 1 in 13 children under the age of 18 are affected by food allergies. The numbers are certainly concerning and emphasize the need for everyone to be aware of this condition, the likelihood of your child having a friend that must stay away from particular foods high. For some, even touching an allergen can cause an anaphylactic shock – a serious allergic reaction that restricts breathing and if not treated immediately can cause death. “When my son was a baby, his doctor had recommended an increase in protein intake in the form of eggs,” said Kristi Winkels, medical nutrition therapist at Northfield Hospital specializing in food allergies. “The next day, I gave him a bite of scrambled eggs and he became wheezy – the symptoms happened so fast. We immediately jumped into the car and drove him to the emergency room.”

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That frightening experience led Winkels to have her son, Gavin, tested for other allergies too, soon to learn he was also affected by dairy, wheat, peanuts and barley. Now age 7, Gavin’s diet is carefully monitored and an EpiPen kept nearby at all times. His 5-year-old brother also has an allergy to eggs. A growing concern So just what makes a scrambled egg or grilled cheese sandwich so dangerous to some?


2014 Jefferson Road #C in Heritage Square Northfield, MN Check back often for more information 24 Back To School 2012

A food allergy is when the immune system perceives certain foods as invaders, putting into action responses to help rid of it: mucous, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. The body also reacts with inflammation in the form of swelling, pain, heat or redness.

When it comes to a food allergy, the body sets off a fast response – from seconds up to two hours – of any of the above symptoms or, most seriously, anaphylactic shock. The food doesn’t have to be ingested – just being in contact with allergens can be deadly to some. Food sensitivity, however, is a less aggressive delayed response that does not produce anaphylactic shock. The symptoms, though uncomfortable, are usually less dire: upset stomach, diarrhea, bloating, migraines, inflammation and achiness. Even fatigue, brain fog, crankiness or headaches can be symptoms. Food sensitivity is more difficult to diagnose, an elimination diet the best way to diagnose which foods trigger responses. Though researchers generally accept that allergies of any sort can be genetic, exactly how food allergies develop is up for debate. One theory, the Hygiene Hypothesis, suggests that decreased exposure to farm animals and an overly sanitized modern environment just may come into play. “Our environment is so clean that we are no longer exposed to enough germs,” said Winkels. “Our immune system becomes hypersensitive.” The prevalence of homogenization, pasteurization, rise in the use of antibiotics and sanitizers may all be factors, too, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, as could be chemicals found in our food supply. Advocating for your child If your child is diagnosed with food allergies, Winkels recommends seeing a dietician early on, especially one who specializes in food allergies. Working with a dietician can make the diagnosis seem less frightening as you learn to alter recipes. She also says it’s up to parents to be investigators – and throw personal hesitation out the door. >>>

“As a parent of kids with food allergies, I don’t want to seem overly concerned or make waves, but I have to,” said Winkels. “It’s important for other parents to know ingredients that could indicate an allergen for my child.” But no matter how much educating you may do, you also have to expect errors, she says, and must always be mindful about whether cross-contamination could have occurred. Even the smallest of food particles can set off a reaction in a big way. Be sure to send with your child with an epinephrine auto injector, like an EpiPen, if necessary. In addition, when it comes time for school or daycare, fill out health forms thoroughly. Have conversations with your child’s teacher, school nurse and school administrator about your child’s allergies and what the symptoms are, and create a plan should a reaction occur. Make sure all involved knows where to find an EpiPen. If your child is planning a visit to a friend or relative’s home, call ahead to make parents aware of the allergy and to check the menu. If food allergens will be present, offer to send with your child a nonallergic cupcake or pizza so that he, too, can join the others in eating what they’re eating.

With increased public awareness of this dangerous condition, perhaps someday more opportunities will be available for safe dining in restaurants and schools and there will be an even greater understanding of those, like Winkels and Kappes, who simply request a little extra information about food in order to keep their child safe. “Please don’t be offended by parents of kids with food allergies when they have questions about food being served,” said Winkels. “They are just looking out for their kids.” Resources On her website,, Winkels provides loads of information on the top food allergens, what ingredients to watch for and allergy-free recipes that allow for kids to eat cupcakes, pizza and other favorites without the worry of an allergic reaction. Recommended support groups in Minnesota include the following: The Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota ( includes helpful tips, a message board, webinars, events and local support group meetings. The Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of Minnesota (www. offers meetings, school advocacy, awareness and events. G

COMMON FOOD ALLERGENS, UNSUSPECTING INGREDIENTS (Note: This is a partial list of foods commonly containing allergens. For a more complete list visit Kristi’s website: • Dairy – “Non-dairy” creamers, baking mixes, many margarines, canned pasta meals, hot dogs and lunch meats, frozen yogurt • Eggs – Baked goods, coffee drinks with foam, root beer, sherbet, fish and chicken nuggets, pasta, salad dressings, soups • Soy – Packaged spaghetti or macaroni and cheese, canned tuna packed in oil, chocolate, imitation meats and seafood, cooking spray, chips, vitamin supplements • Wheat – Soups, condiments, root beer, instant breakfast drink mixes, frozen meats, lunch meats, hot dogs, gravies and sauces • Peanut – Mixed nuts, hydrolyzed plant protein, vegetable oil, natural flavoring

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• Tree nuts – Baked good, frostings, Asian foods, pesto, salads, candy bars • Fish and shellfish - Worchestershire sauce, Caesar salad, gelatin, Asian cuisine Back To School 2012 25

Hot Food for Hot Weather Credit to Martie Jirovec, Deli, Meat and Cheese Manager at Just Food Co-op This recipe provides a complete meal and can easily be multiplied and adapted to your palate. The Salsa stores well but the heat will increase from the Jalapenos the longer it sits. Grilled Fruit Salsa 1 Red or Orange Bell Pepper (cut in half) 1 Green Bell Pepper (cut in half) 1-2 Jalapeno 1 Mango Cut into large slices or 2 peaches cut in half 2 limes (use organic) ¼ cup cilantro Salt & Pepper to taste Heat grill to medium high. Dip a clean coffee filter in 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and coat grill racks. Place peppers and fruit on grill. Cook peppers until skin is slightly charred and fruit until it is slight softened with grill marks. This should take about 5 minutes per side. You still want a bit of crunch from peppers. Pull peppers and fruit off the grill and let cool, then chop fruit and bell peppers into ½ inch pieces. Remove stem and seeds from jalapeno. Depending on your heat tolerance, cut into preferred size. Place in mixing bowl. Zest and juice the limes and place in bowl, mix to combine flavors. Taste for seasoning and sourness. If needed add a teaspoon of sugar. Chop cilantro and mix in when ready to serve. Serve over grilled chicken, fish or veggie burger for a sandwich or tacos. Or make a green salad, place chicken and salsa on top. Serve with avocado on the side.

Back in Action

How to make the best of a bad situation: heavy backpacks By Brenda K.M. Ward

How to Help Prevent Injury

When it comes to lugging around a backpack that’s heavier than the average preschooler, kids don’t always have a choice, especially as they reach their high school years.

Conway says the most important thing a person can do to prevent injury is to stay fit. If a body is strong overall, especially the core, it has more stability and can better handle the weight of a heavy pack.

Too often, backpacks are filled with books and materials for every part of the day with no time for kids to trek to their locker between classes. Or, nightly homework requires the use of several texts, students schlepping the bulky pack home putting a heavy duty strain on their back, neck and shoulders. Until technology changes are set in place reducing the need to carry weighty textbooks, parents have to focus instead on ways to effectively reduce injury to their child’s back.

Using an exercise band or hand weight, raise your hand, arm straight, to the one o’clock position and pull it down, across the body to the opposite hip. Repeat several times on both sides.

What Happens

The spine is made up of 33 bones – the vertebrae – with shock absorbing discs in between each. When extra weight is taxing the back, the body has to find a way to compensate. “When backpacks are too heavy, it leans the posture forward and puts stress in the low back area,” said Dr. Jacob Conway, owner of Cannon Pointe Chiropractic in Northfield. “The neck also gets pulled forward and strain is put on the shoulders.” Not ideal posture for certain, but the reaction to strain doesn’t stop there. When the backpack is removed and the neck is naturally set back in place, muscle spasms can occur while inadequate shoulder straps can leave the pec muscles feeling sore. Leaning forward can also throw a child off balance, making it easier to slip and fall. “If you see a kid leaning forward while wearing a backpack, it’s kind of a ticking time bomb,” said Conway. “The body just can’t handle that for a long period of time.”

26 Back To School 2012

Lunges are great for the core, pelvis and balance as are exercises involving a BOSU ball. This simple move recommended by Conway is also a great way to build core muscles:

Conway also shared these tips for preventing injury:

• Carry a backpack made with thick padded straps, padded backing and multiple compartments (for better weight distribution), keeping heavier books closer to the back. • Adjust straps so that the pack is closer to the back and no more than four inches below the beltline. A waist strap is also beneficial in balancing the weight between the back and pelvic area.

LAPAROSCOPIC HYSTERECTOMY SURGERY District One Hospital & Mayo Clinic Health System - Faribault Surgeons

Kristina Rauenhorst, MD, OB/GYN & Thomas Howell, MD, OB/GYN • Wear both straps to distribute weight evenly rather than slinging it over one shoulder. • Consider using backpack weight guidelines and coaching your child to leave unnecessary items at home or in his locker. The American Chiropractic Association advises carrying no more than 5 to 10 percent of a child’s body weight. • Talk with teachers and school administrators to help define ways to reduce the number of textbooks to be carried home. Though roller backpacks are touted by some, Conway does not recommend using them because, he says, they are often not the proper size causing a different form of back strain from bending forward. And, getting them up stairs and through snow can prove to be quite a feat. If one is used, make sure your child can stand up straight while pulling it behind.

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To schedule an appointment, please call 507.333.3300.

When You Should Seek Help

According to reports in the American Occupational Therapy Association and the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, thousands of children visit an emergency room annually because of backpack injuries. If your child is showing signs of pain – to the back, head, shoulders or even hands – seek help as soon as possible.

200 State Avenue · Faribault, MN 55021 To learn more about how

“As soon as an injury happens, you should see a chiropractor right away. It takes extremely less time to get the back to where you want it to go if the injury is still young,” said Conway.

District One Hospital can serve you,

Dr. Conway can be reached at 507-645-8000 or through his website at G

please call: 507.334.6451

Community People Quality Healthcare

Back To School 2012 27

Unexpected Caregiver | Kari Berit

Rescuing the Past

Some people look at a scrapbook and see simply a photo album, random pictures collected, and would surely be amazed to see how the practice has grown. By some accounts, scrapbooking is the fastest growing hobby in the U.S. today.

These days, scrapbooks can entail journaling (telling the story behind the photos), memorabilia (tickets, letters, keepsakes, etc.), and highly focused forms of family genealogy. They can be interlaced with video and audio tapes to provide a form of family oral history. They can be developed around a theme, created to give each sibling a sense of his or her own personal story, or compiled as a lasting record of your parents’ lives. The process can be simple or complex - the “scrapper” chooses. In essence, each scrapbook is uniquely personal, a form of permanent record for the creator and a true gift to the person looking through it. If you’re working with your parents, you’ll find the time naturally evolves into reminiscing about people and places. If they’re working on

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their own, they’ll likely find scrapbooking can fill many an hour – and lead to many more when they page through their finished creations with you and other family members. It goes without saying, but both the activity and the memories can be very good for them. In addition to using fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, building scrapbooks can give your parents a sense of accomplishment, help them chronicle their thoughts and feelings, and challenge their brains to put things together in both new and familiar ways. Don’t be surprised, however, if the process confounds some family mythology – yours as well as theirs. Hmm, looks like it was Uncle Everett who had that first-year Edsel, not Uncle Jake. And gee, according to this picture, there weren’t



any raspberry bushes behind Aunt Mart’s garage; you must remember picking them at Cousin Mildred’s across town. In your parents’ later years, scrapbooking can be a great way to connect your family across multiple generations, preserving memories in ways that resonate with you, your children, their children, and future folks yet to come. For more practical tips on scrapbooking with your loved ones, check out The Unexpected Caregiver. -Kari Berit ( is a radio show host, speaker and the author of The Unexpected Caregiver: How Boomers Can Keep Mom & Dad Active, Safe and Independent. Follow her on Facebook!

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Custom Coffee and Catering offers the best caramel rolls in Southern MN! We also provide specialty drinks, delectable pastries and delicious soups & sandwiches! Stop in today for scrumptious, fresh food options for breakfast and lunch served with a smile. Spend more time entertaining and less in the kitchen with our personalized, friendly catering service! Design your own menu and use our banquet room with no charge for your event. Call or visit us today! 324 North Cedar Ave Owatonna, MN 55060 507-451-8775



BETHLEHEM ACADEMY Bethlehem Academy, a Sinsinawan Dominican Catholic school founded in 1865, is currently home to students in grades 7-12. We strive to empower our students and staff to achieve personal, spiritual and academic excellence. Call 507-3343948 to schedule a visit today! 105 3rd Ave SW, Faribault, 507-334-3948,

Conveniently located in downtown Faribault, Sandy Wenker, CPA, provides tax planning & preparation, payroll services, accounting & bookkeeping, QuickBooks assistance & training, and new business consulting. Call or stop in at 14 3rd Street NE, Faribault. 507-333-3973

CASTLE ROCK BANK The Castle Rock Bank has been serving the women in this community for 96 years. To answer the question, “What do women want in banking?” We believe the answer is, “To be heard, understood, respected and valued.” 27925 Danville Ave Castle Rock • (507) 645-7751

STATE BANK OF FARIBAULT State Bank of Faribault is an innovative community bank with two locations in Faribault (established in 1919). Offering business loans, home mortgage, free mobile banking, free online banking and more, SBF is a leader in convenience, as well as customer service. 507-332-7401 Member FDIC Equal housing Lender

• Food & Entertainment COSTAS CANDIES & RESTAURANT We are a candy shop & restaurant located in downtown Owatonna that’s been family owned and operated for 90 years. All our candy is hand-made & our food is made from scratch using fresh ingredients. Stop in today to experience the small-town, local café, friendly atmosphere of Costas! We’re sure you’ll leave with a smile on your face and a full stomach! 112 N Cedar Avenue, Owatonna, MN 55060, 507.451.9050, Fax: 507.446.0501

COUNTRY KITCHEN Still strong on the comfort foods that have defined us for years, today’s menu features old favorites and exciting new flavors. Guests will find Country Kitchen a perfect place to have breakfast anytime of the day or wind down with one of our tempting desserts. Stop in today! 3050 Hwy 60, Faribault, 507-332-4007 www.countrykitchenrestaurants. com

The Gainey Conference Center, of the University of St. Thomas, is a full-service conference and retreat facility located in Owatonna. Nestled on 180 acres, Gainey provides groups with dedicated meeting space, private social areas, comfortable lodging and classic cuisine in a distraction-free learning environment for meetings, conferences, retreats or special events. Gainey Conference Center, 2480 South County Road 45, Owatonna, MN 55060. 507-446-4460.

LEGACY GOLF & THE GRILL AT THE LEGACY The Legacy is a championship 18-hole facility offering value-added golf and a warm friendly environment for golf outings & casual dining. It provides a unique setting for meetings, reunions, groom’s dinners, banquets and bridal showers. The indoor Grill can accommodate 30-50 people & the open-air Pavilion can accommodate up to 170. 1515 Shumway Ave, Faribault, 507-332-7177

• Health & Wellness FIT FOR LIFE Fit for Life is a 24-hour Fitness Center located just off Hwy 21 N. We specialize in individual and group personal training as well as weight management and group fitness classes. State of the Art Cybex Equipment is on site for those who prefer to do it alone. 1400 Cannon Circle, Suite 6, Faribault, 507-333-5430

HAIR-I-TAGE SALON Hair-I-Tage Salon is a full service salon located in the heart of downtown Owatonna. We offer such services as hair cuts, color, perms, manicures, pedicure, massage and more! All of our 9 independent stylist have many years of experience and are up to date on current styles and trends. Give us a call today to set up an appointment, we look forward to seeing you! 320 N Cedar Ave, Owatonna, 507455-3100, or

MAIN STREET DENTAL Main Street Dental Clinics offer comprehensive dentistry for the entire family. Main Street specializes in superb customer service and gentle dental care. Our office has expanded hours including two evenings and all day Saturday. Relax-It’s Main Street Dental with offices in Blooming Prairie, Owatonna, Rochester and New Richland. 507-455-1000. Visit us at

MILLSTREAM COMMONS ASSISTED LIVING Millstream Commons Assisted Living is located in downtown Northfield. 44 Assisted Living apartments (studio, 1 and 2 BR) featuring three meals a day, supportive nursing care, respite care, & life enrichment activities. Pets allowed. Licensed Housing with Services provider. Part of the Three Links Community. Member of Aging Services of Minnesota. 210 8th St W, Northfield, 507-6509627,

NORTHFIELD URGENT CARE Tired of waiting to see your doctor for simple problems like sore throats and earaches? We provide walk-in medical care for all ages, from infants to adults. We are open 7 days per week and no appointment is needed! Quick, easy and efficient! 2014 Jefferson Rd Suite C, Northfield, MN 55057, 507-664-9999,

PAT DUNN’S NUTRITION CENTER Make your health and wellness a top priority! Pat has been helping people on their journey to successful weight loss (and maintenance!) in Northfield and the surrounding communities for 30 years. Pat provides individual counseling on Weight Loss, Body Composition, Nutrition, Menopause and sells only all-natural supplements and herbs. 500 Water St S, Northfield, MN 507.663.6121

PAULA J. DETJEN, MA, LMFT, LPC Licensed Family Therapist serving children, teens, adults & couples in downtown Northfield, MN. Areas of expertise: anxiety, depression, grief/loss, self-image, relationships, transitions, school & work challenges, family issues, and gambling concerns. A solution-focused therapist, providing support, practical feedback, integrating methodologies & techniques to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. With compassion & understanding, builds on individual’s strengths & helps others achieve their personal goals. 105 E Fourth St, Suite 301, Northfield, 507-581-0430, Back To School 2012 29

Girlfriends Guide REPOSE MASSAGE THERAPY Affordable stress and pain relief for busy people! Downtown Owatonna, 117 Broadway. Treatment sessions from ten to 90 minutes. Chair, hot stone, facial massage, Thai, muscle release technique (sports) massage. For details visit By appointment only: 507-3235031 or e-mail:

SELECTIVE LOOKS Selective Looks is a beauty salon located in downtown Owatonna, MN. Our salon offers our customers waxing, massages, many hair services including hair-cuts, perms, high-lights & hair coloring, along with great stylish trends including feather extensions. Call one of our 4 talented beauticians today to experience our great services at Selective Looks. Booth rentals are now available at our Salon! 109 N Cedar Ave, Owatonna, MN 55060 (507) 444-3099

THE NORTHFIELD AREA FAMILY YMCA The Northfield Area Family YMCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for all individuals, families, and the community to achieve their fullest potential. From summer camps, to youth sports, to preschool activities and adult wellness, we have something for everyone. Become a member of the YMCA! 519 Division Street, Northfield 507-645-0088, Scholarships are available to ensure everyone can participate.

WILD ABOUT HAIR From hair coloring and styling to our full service body waxing; we can meet your needs as well as the need of your entire family. Our hair stylist can help you find the right hair care products to meet all your hair needs. Looking great means feeling great, so call us today to schedule an appointment to get your hair cut, styled or colored and get the great look that you have always wanted. Call Wild About Hair today at 507-446-1109 to schedule an appointment or stop in to 208 N. Oak Owatonna, MN.

• Home & Garden CEDAR FLORAL Cedar Floral is located in downtown Owatonna. We are a full service floral shop, specializing in gift and home décor items, custom silk arrangements and the freshest quality flowers available. Our professional design staff is here to assist you. 314 N Cedar, Owatonna, 507-451-7673.

JUDYS FLORAL DESIGN Whether Your Wedding is black tie/ ballroom or barefoot on the beach or somewhere in between! Beautiful, quality flowers and great ideas start with Judy Smith. “Specializing in fresh creative and affordable blooms for all the flower moments of your life” 507-645-0008, 300 Railway St. North, Dundas, 30 Back To School 2012

NORTHFIELD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Northfield Construction Company handles all types of residential remodeling---and promises a clean job site at all times. You and your dwelling are respected at all times—no lost pets, no smoking---just good work. For all your remodeling needs contact Ray Cox at 507-645-8975. www.

SIMON BROS CEMENT CO. Simon Bros Cement Co. has been serving the Northfield area since 1969. We specialize in quality concrete and masonry including foundations, driveways, epoxy garage floors. Call for a free estimate. We will look at your project and use 40+ years of experience to share ideas and advice. Call Ray 612-328-4591

• Insurance AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE BART JACKSON AGENCY American Family Insurance offers home, automobile, atv, motorcycle, boat, commercial business, farm and life insurance. We are available to meet with you personally to review your situation and provide recommendations as to the proper coverage’s for your needs. Bart Jackson Insurance Agency 511 4th St NW, Faribault, MN 55021. 507-3326812.

STEVE MORGAN AGENCY The Steve Morgan Agency has received the “JD Powers Award for outstanding customer experience” for 8 years in a row. Call and let his Licensed Staff “wow” you with their experience. Insurance should have a personal Fit. Does Yours? 200 Western Ave, Faribault, 507-3340140

• Shopping KRISTI’S Kristi’s Clothing brings Big city style to the Midwest! Our boutique located in downtown Owatonna specializes in unique and fun clothing and accessories. Kristi’s carries unique items that you won’t find anywhere, appropriate for women of all ages. We pride ourselves in helping you to find a new top, outfit or pair of jeans that would look great on you. Spice up your work day with one-ofa-kind accessories. A pop of color can do wonders for your wardrobe, especially on those long days at the office. 301 Cedar Avenue, Owatonna, MN 55060 507-444-0400

THE PAPER PETALUM The Paper Petalum in the historic Archer House (212 Division St.) offers friendly customer service and unique gifts for all occasions. Locally owned and operated since 1987 we specialize in Scandinavian gifts, Minnesota products, decorative napkins, Polish Pottery, Rothschild foods, and much, much more. Stop in and visit us. 507-663-0565.

UPTOWN CONSIGNMENT Visit Uptown Consignment of Owatonna, MN for all of your women’s clothing and home décor needs. We offer a unique shopping experience with a personal touch! Our New and Next To New items are of exceptional quality and style! We have new inventory coming in daily - so stop back often! Our consignment shop provides a large selection of quality women’s clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories. Sizes range from juniors to plus, offering something for everyone! We also offer a large selection of home décor, furniture and more! We only showcase quality items at Uptown Consignment! Stop in today! 207 N Cedar Ave Owatonna, MN 55060 507-201-4509

• Transportation COMMUNITY CO-OP The Community Co-op is located in beautiful and historic downtown Faribault, MN. We were organized in 1925 and have been a cornerstone of this community ever since. We specialize in fuels, lubricants, tires, and vehicle service, all for an affordable price. Women live busy lives, our staff understands how important service and convenience are. That is why we are the Company where our customers send their friends. 9 Central Ave, Faribault (507)334-2056,

NORTHFIELD LINES, INC. Have your group arrive in style when you pull up in one of our luxurious motor or mini coaches. Single or multi-day sightseeing trips, shopping, girlfriend getaways, dining, concerts, weddings, receptions, casino visits – you name the event and we will get your group there safely and on time. 32611 Northfield Blvd, Northfield, 800-944-2190,

Here’s an option kids love to spice up their lunch BBQ Ranch Chicken and Bacon Wrap 12 Hy-Vee Chicken Breast Tenders 1/4 cup ranch dressing 2 tbsp Hy-Vee Barbecue Sauce 4 (8-inch each) flour tortillas 1 cup shredded lettuce 1/2 cup chopped tomato 8 slices bacon, cooked crisp 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese All you do 1.Prepare chicken tenders according to package directions. 2.Combine dressing and barbecue sauce in a small bowl. Spread tortillas evenly with dressing. Cover each tortilla with 1/4 cup lettuce; press lightly into dressing. Top evenly with tomato, chicken, bacon and cheese. Roll up tightly. More more great recipes and ideas, visit

It is easier than ever to shop and save at Hy-Vee with the convenient Hy-Vee App-another way we are making lives easier, healthier and happier. Mobile Website

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