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October 29, 2012 US-Americas Refinery location/capacity Details Glitches, unplanned outages, and interruptions (in chronological order of initial event) Valero Energy's Meraux, LA, The crude unit was restarted the week ending Oct. 20 after being shut in July US/125K b/d following a fire. The unit is now running at planned rates. ExxonMobil's Joliet, IL, US/ Gasoline and heavier products were released from a coker safety release system 238K b/d on Oct. 19 after an unspecified unit malfunctioned. Tesoro's Golden Eagle, A processing unit fire occurred on Oct. 21 and was immediately extinguished. Martinez, CA, US/161K b/d There were no injuries and no offsite impacts. The fire broke out when a unit seal failed, releasing material that subsequently ignited. Coker production will be cut in order to repair the compressor damaged in the fire. Citgo Petroleum's Lemont, IL, A flare gas compressor was shut down and restarted within a few hours on Oct. US/158.7K b/d 22. Western Refining's El Paso, Smoke was observed emerging from wire insulation on an electric motor in the TX, US/125K b/d laboratory on Oct. 22, but it has been concluded that there was no fire. Chalmette Refining's The 112K-b/d VDU and both 96.3K-b/d CDUs were restarted on Oct. 25 after Chalmette, LA, US/192.5K b/d having been taken offline on Oct. 22. Also, a hydrogen sulfide leak occurred as a result of loss of cooling water due to the loss of a pump on Oct. 23. Citgo Petroleum's Lake A small leak in an ultra low sulfur diesel unit caused emissions and was Charles, LA, US/440K b/d discovered on the C106D Fin Fan on Oct. 23. BP's Ferndale, WA, US/ 222.3K A tail gas unit emitted sulfur dioxide in excess of allowed limits on Oct. 23. b/d Deer Park Refining's Deer A malfunction occurred at the flare on Oct. 24 causing a release of hydrogen Park, TX, US/327K b/d sulfide. Onsite emergency personnel responded and contained the release. Phillips 66's WilmingtonAn external power dip affected units at the refinery on Oct. 24. Carson, CA, US/138.7K b/d Chalmette Refining's A hydrotreater was shut down for overhaul on Oct. 25. The refinery declined to Chalmette, LA, US/192.5K b/d comment on how much production will be reduced or how long the overhaul will take. Valero Energy's Port Arthur, Elevated flaring occurred on Oct. 25. TX, US/310K b/d Marathon Petroleum's Emissions from the alkylation unit flare occurred on Oct. 26. Catlettsburg, Kentucky, US/212K b/d Planned shutdowns and maintenance (in chronological order of planned event) Philadelphia Energy A cumene unit and a stripper were restarted after being down for maintenance that began on Sept. 12. Solutions's Philadelphia, PA, US/330K b/d Phillips 66's Wood River, IL, The refinery's 182K-bpd CDU and 150K-bpd VDU were shut down on Oct. 23 as US/306K b/d planned maintenance continues on the 64K-bpd CDU, the 30K-bpd VDU, the 16Kbpd coker, and the 42K-bpd FCC. The units have been down since Sept 25. On Oct. 25 , the 64K-bpd CDU, the 30K-bpd VDU, the 16K-bpd coker began restart. Citgo Petroleum's Corpus The refinery is restarting units after planned turnaround. The units were shut Christi, TX, US/156.8K b/d on Oct. 1 for the maintenance. Valero Energy's McKee The hydrocracker and reformer were restarted after planned maintenance that (Sunray), TX, US/170K b/d began on Oct. 16.


Refinery location/capacity ExxonMobil's Joliet, IL, US/238K b/d Tesoro's Anacortes, WA, US/113.3K b/d Marathon Petroleum's Garyville, LA, US/436K b/d

Details The refinery resumed operation after being temporarily shut down for inspection on Oct. 23. A boiler was shut down for planned maintenance on Oct. 23. The refinery has announced planned expansion of its HCU and CDU for Nov. this year.

Europe/Middle East/Africa Refinery location/capacity Details Glitches, unplanned outages, and interruptions (in chronological order of initial event) Repsol's La Coruña, Spain/ The 34K-bpd FCC remains shut after sustaining fire damage on Oct. 10. The refinery has not provided a restart date. 120K b/d BP's Gelsenkirchen, Capacity has been cut due to a hydrocracker outage on Oct. 22. Germany/264K b/d Mineralolraffinerie's Karlsruhe, Production has halted on Oct. 22 due to insufficient pipeline crude deliveries. Germany/310K b/d Planned shutdowns and maintenance (in chronological order of planned event) Total's Vlissingen, The refiner reported on Oct. 23 that planned refinery maintenance is due to Netherlands/147K b/d conclude at the end of Oct. Mineralolraffinerie's Karlsruhe, An alkylation unit was halted for maintenance on Oct. 24. The unit will remain offline for at least four weeks. Germany/310K b/d Ceska Rafinerska's Kralupy, The refinery will shut down on Oct. 25 for a week and a half of planned maintenance, moved up from Nov. due to supply cuts which began Oct. 20. Czech Republic/62K b/d Repsol's La Coruña, Spain/ The refinery will shut down four units, including the hydrogen and kerosene units, 120K b/d for planned maintenance to begin around Nov. 1. Maintenance should be completed by the end of Nov.

Asia-Pacific Refinery location/capacity Details Glitches, unplanned outages, and interruptions (in chronological order of initial event) CPC Corp.'s Talin, Taiwan/ The refinery is preparing to restart its 30K-b/d RDS, the firm reported on Oct. 25. 300K b/d The unit was knocked offline by a fire and explosion on Aug. 10. Sinopec's Guangzhou, The 104K-bpd CDU has been restarted after a 20 day shutdown that began Guangdong, China/210K b/d on Oct. 2. The refinery had been shut down due to poor environmental conditions. Sinopec’s Dongxing, Zhanjiang The refinery has restarted after passing environmental checks. The refinery had City, China/100K b/d been shut down on Oct. 2 due to poor environmental conditions. Ceypetco's Sapugaskanda, Sri The refinery will shut down for two weeks beginning Oct. 26 as a result of delays Lanka/50K b/d in crude oil procurement. Planned shutdowns and maintenance (in chronological order of planned event) CPC Corp.'s Talin, Taiwan/ The 40K-b/d reformer will be restarted during or around the weekend of Oct. 27300K b/d 28. It has been offline since Aug. 9 for maintenance. JX Holdings's Negishi, Japan/ The refinery's No. 1 crude unit was shut for planned maintenance on Oct 21. 340K b/d


Global Refinery Shutdown Roundup  

The Global Refinery Shutdown Roundup offers details and tracks planned and unplanned refinery shutdowns, all in a sortable database.

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