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Delectable Cakery plans to open on Route 1 in October. P. 3


Community Forklift honored by eBay in Las Vegas. P. 4

Parking change worsens one problem, solves others


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By Lindsay Myers

A recent change to parking on the 4800 block of 42nd Avenue has left some circling the block and others sleeping more soundly at night. On July 12, the Department of Public Works took bright yellow paint to the eastside curb of the 4800 of block 42nd Avenue, the small cross street connecting Decatur and Crittenden Streets near the new Pizza Paradiso and Art Works Now buildings. Emergency signs planted prior to July 12 stated that parking would be closed on the street from 10:00 a.m. until

Vol. 14 No. 8

Hyattsville’s Community Newspaper

August 2017


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DeMatha is much more than an ‘athletic powerhouse’ By Chris McManes

DeMatha High graduate Markelle Fultz’s selection as the No. 1 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft brought the Hyattsville school a treasure trove of free publicity. Nearly every major radio and TV network, as well as online and print media, identified Fultz with the school he attended from 2012-16. So all that visibility is a good thing, right? Not necessarily. “We say it’s our cross and our crown,” DeMatha President Father James Day said. “It’s our cross because all people think is that we are an athletic powerhouse, and we are much more than that. It’s our crown because people know the name. We don’t have to explain what DeMatha DEMATHA continued on page 12

KERRY-ANN HAMILTON (Left to right) Maya, 13, and sister Jordan, 11, spend the afternoon at a community pool in the Arts District. See more summer fun photos on p. 13.

Gilbane, local officials hold groundbreaking ceremony The Riverfront at West Hyattsville Metro development started July 18

By Allan Walters

Dodging the threat of thunderstorms and enduring an unusually muggy afternoon, a group of local community leaders joined executives from the Gilbane

Development Company on July 18 to formally kick off the construction of The Riverfront at West Hyattsville Metro — a new mixed-use condominium and town house development adjacent to the West Hyattsville

Metro station. From a podium set up in front of the abandoned Ginn’s Warehouse, which was recently adorned with graffiti murals, RIVERFRONT continued on page 10


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Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017


Making sanctuaries, making homes By Heather Wright

Hyattsville is a officially a sanctuary city. Whether or not you voted for this result, many of us can agree on wanting our area to be a genuine sanctuary — a place of safety or refuge — and a launching pad for individuals and families from other countries, especially when they have come to the U.S. to escape persecution. Consider a father of five who worked as an interpreter for the

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U.S. military in Afghanistan. He and his family, natives of Afghanistan, found their lives in danger because of this service. What happened when they came to the U.S. as refuge-seekers looking for a place to call home? This family and about 20 others from Syria and Afghanistan moved into the same apartment complex within a nine- to 10-month period, placed by a variety of resettlement agencies working with the U.S. Department of State. Approximately 30 students from these families enrolled in Cheverly’s Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary School (GNS) for the 2016-17 year. This influx could have overwhelmed GNS. One kindergarten teacher alone welcomed six Syrian and Afghan children into her classroom, according to PTA treasurer, Lowri de Jager. After soliciting donations for school supplies, lunches and uniforms, the PTA wanted to address long-term family needs by focusing on three categories: donations, tutoring and establishing host families to partner with the resettling families. De Jager said in an email that the initial donation drive resulted in approximately 200 people col-

lecting 1,000 items “from soap to sofas” — the raw materials that help make a home. Numerous area organizations, including the Cheverly Parent Resource Center, Cheverly United Methodist Church, Cheverly Women’s Club, Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area and Progressive Cheverly, have partnered with the PTA to assist these refuge-seeking families. In spring 2017, following the initial donation drive, several Cheverly residents with connections to St. Jerome Church (SJC) contacted SJC to see if the parish would offer support to two new Afghan families, each of whom has five young children and a father who had assisted the U.S. military. Hyattsville resident and SJC parishioner Catherine Distajo helped coordinate communications and these new donation and supportive efforts, reaching out to SJC parishioners and area Catholic listservs, as well to the broader Hyattsville community through the H.O.P.E. (Hyattsville Organization for a Positive Environment) and Hyattsville Nurturing Moms listservs. Many more area individuals answered the call for aid.

Why is this Hyattsville paper pointing out a movement that began in Cheverly? As a parishioner of SJC, I’m writing about what I know and have seen in action. And it’s a great example of a response to community and immigrant needs that expands and strengthens connections between communities, between public and parochial schools, churches and civic organizations, between cultures and so on. At a time when immigration-related debates are becoming increasingly vociferous and polarizing, collective responses like this expand and fortify the common ground between us. I was especially impressed by the emphasis on host families. Host families help resettling families adjust by maintaining connections with them, providing broad assistance and advice and, hopefully, developing lasting friendships. The Cheverly organizers have looked beyond meeting material needs to meeting deeper relational and cultural needs. De Jager noted, “The host families that I know spend time with their [immigrant] families on a regular basis, enjoying family meals together, inviting them to the Cheverly Pool, tak-

ing them to sightsee in the city. Right now host families are helping [resettling] students get ready for the new school year by getting their school supplies and uniforms.” A measure of character — our own and our community’s — is the hospitality extended to foreigners and strangers: “The stranger who sojourns with you shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself.” Most of us have felt like a stranger at some point, whether in the cafeteria the first day at a new school, in the break room on the first day at a new job, or at a party when you know only the host. How much did it mean to you when someone welcomed you, introduced you to others, explained how things really worked and otherwise made you feel a part of things? Made you feel, well, less strange, and less of a stranger. And then, all the better if they stuck with you when the newness and “firsts” were over and you found that you’d made it another step closer to truly feeling at home. For more information about supporting these families, or others like them, through donations, tutoring or becoming a host family, contact

MY TWO CENTS: LETTER TO THE EDITOR SUGGESTIONS FROM A TROLLEY TRAIL TRAVERSER The article in the July issue about constructing a half-mile of new trail to connect the Trolley Trail to the Northwest Branch Trail is a bit like the trail itself: It’s great as far as it goes, but something is missing. I am a frequent bike rider on the Trolley Trail, from Farragut Street to Greenbelt Road, with some furtive workarounds for the currently missing section near the new Whole Foods in Riverdale Park. So I support the general concept of extending the trail to Armentrout Drive and the Northwest Branch trail on the southern end. But there’s a glaring issue: one that I have not yet heard addressed by proponents of the new trail section. The east side of the intersection of Route 1 and Armentrout Drive would be a very tough place to create a safe bicycle crossing. Currently there is no sidewalk down the east side of Route 1 at that intersection. There is no pedestrian crossing of Route 1 on the north side of that intersection. And the railroad overpass abutments immediately east of the intersection would block sightlines for cars coming from Alt. 1 and for bikers and pedestrians who would be coming south down

the new trail. This creates a nightmare scenario: It would take only one driver or one biker carelessly rolling into that blind intersection to cause a nasty accident. There are already other ways to connect from the Trolley Trail to the Northeast Branch Trail and our wonderful wider trail system, either north of Paint Branch Parkway or by taking the Riverdale Road crossing of the CSX tracks and using quiet streets in Riverdale Park. If we’re going to make the Trolley Trail go farther south, we need to pay careful attention to the conditions at its new southern terminus. — Flawn Williams is a media producer and college professor who bikes for pleasure and commuting. PLEASE FINISH ‘BURSTING ON THE SCENE’ MURAL My name is Emma Atlas. I used to write as a columnist for The Diamondback at the University of Maryland and currently live in the neighborhood around the West Hyattsville Metro station. Before I say anything, I want to preface: I love graffiti. I know it’s a sore spot for some, but anytime I see a new tag on a dull walk my face lights up. So the recent public graffiti tagging on the soon-to-be-demolished Ginn’s

Warehouse near the West Hyattsville Metro, presented by ART BLOC DC and Double Down Kings, was an absolute thrill to see. But this gorgeous fresh paint has created a really pathetic juxtaposition against the “Bursting on the Scene” mural (by ART BLOC DC and volunteers). Uncompleted, still covered in tape, and seemingly abandoned, it’s a far cry from the vibrant art only a stone’s throw away. Frankly, the warehouse art reads as a protest. I know what ART BLOC DC wanted to do: get the community involved, make the design easy enough for anyone to paint it, and be careful to keep it looking like a mural and not like a vandalized wall. They had some deadline and can’t be blamed for being rained out. They picked this design out of 28 alternatives. I know they had good intentions. But the mural mustn’t stay unfinished forever. I’m imagining some committee somewhere thinks it’s done or ART BLOC had to re-prioritize to the warehouse before it was knocked over. But I’m begging you: Come back and finish when you can. In its current state, “Bursting on the Scene” is mostly an eyesore, while I’m pining for the talent I’m going to have to watch get torn down with the warehouse. — Emma Atlas is a resident of West Hyattsville.

Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017

DC Sweet Potato Cake sprouts up in Hyattsville: Bakery to (re)open on Rt. 1 By Kit Slack

A bakery cafe is coming this fall to the storefront immediately north of Pizza Paradiso. Delectable Cakery, now a wholesale provider of DC Sweet Potato Cake to retailers including Wegmans, Safeway, Starbucks and, soon, Walmart will be opening a flagship retail store in Hyattsville. Co-owner April Richardson says she is planning a rooftop deck and a business that “opens early and closes late.� She says the cafe will be adult focused; kids will be welcome, but it will be a better place for a date than for a kid’s birthday party. Richardson and her business partner, Derek Lowery, are particularly pleased to be opening the bakery in Hyattsville on Route 1 since Lowery had to make the painful decision in 2011 to shutter the doors of his original retail bakery just down the road on Route 1 in Mount Rainier. Delectable Cakery represents “the American experience� according to Richardson. “I say that because our company has fallen on hard times and has found a way to stand up a little stronger every time.� The company’s story began in the Portland, Ore., home kitchen of Laurine Helen Lowery, who taught her son Derek to bake from a young age. Derek Lowery, a founder of Delectable Cakery, started out selling sweet potato cakes made according to the family recipe out of the back of his car at churches in New York and DC. Richardson describes herself as a business lawyer with a reputation for helping struggling small businesses. In 2012, that reputation led fans of the bakery to seek out her assistance at a chance meeting at the Hyattsville Busboys and Poets. She recalls as a turning point a 2012 conversation during which she convinced

the bakery’s landlord, then in Landover Hills, not to evict the bakery — in exchange for Richardson’s commitment to remain personally involved. Since then, the bakery has greatly expanded its wholesale business through partnerships with large national retailers. Most recently, Delectable Cakery won a contract to supply Walmart beginning in the third quarter of 2018. Richardson projects that the Walmart contract will lead to a fourfold increase in production, without taking into account sales at the new Hyattsville bakery. Delectable Cakery anticipates hiring about twelve employees for the cafe alone, according to Richardson. She is looking at partnering with Prince George’s County to hire and provide job training for veterans and formerly incarcerated individuals. Catering to the tastes of locavores, Richardson is sourcing locally made tables and candles and will feature local products, including books by area authors. While most of the baked goods served will be from Delectable Cakery, Richardson is excited about featuring the baked goods of other local artisanal bakers. Some of Delectable Cakery’s renovations were partially funded through the Hyattsville Commercial Facade Improvement Program. The building’s owner, Demers Real Estate, received grants to help pay for a new roof and gooseneck lighting, among other improvements, according to City Administrator Jim Chandler. Chandler described Delectable Cakery as “a startup that has grown incredibly fast.� While still going through the permitting process, it will soon be “ready to rock and roll.� Richardson anticipates that the bakery cafe’s doors will open towards the end of October.

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Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017

Community Forklift wins award from eBay By Krissi Humbard

A local company that has had a big impact on the community has just won a big prize. Community Forklift, along with its CEO, Nancy J. Meyer, have been selected as the winner of the Charitable Business category for the eBay SHINE Awards for Small Business. The announcement was made at eBay Open 2017 on July 27 in Las Vegas. The SHINE Awards, sponsored by USPS, is a seller-recognition program for entrepreneurs who have used eBay to help build successful businesses. In its second year, eBay says it received over 2,400 submissions from sellers across the U.S. Those submissions were narrowed to 15 finalists in five categories. Winners from the five categories were selected through online voting from the public. “Whittling so many submissions down to just 15 finalists in five categories wasn’t easy,” wrote Hal Lawton, senior vice president of eBay North America, in a blog post. The five categories were Minority or Woman-Owned Business, Rising Star, Global Business, Charitable Business and Young Entrepreneur. The prizes include $5,000, a professional redesign of the seller’s eBay storefront and additional marketing support from eBay. “This award really belongs to our Forklift fans who rallied the votes to help us win,” Meyer said.

She added in a blog post, “All of us here at the ‘Lift are excited, and feeling grateful for all of YOU. So many people have shared their love for us through this process, and lots of you told us you voted every day. Our staff and volunteers work hard to lift up our community through reuse — so it feels terrific to know that our work is appreciated!” Community Forklift is a nonprofit reuse center for building materials, architectural salvage and antiques. The name refers to the organization’s mission “to lift up communities” in the DC area by turning the region’s construction waste stream into a resource stream. “These prizes will help us reach a larger online audience, which means we can do more good here in the DC region!” Meyer wrote on a blog post. “We can keep more materials out of landfills, provide more free materials to neighbors in need, and offer more green jobs to local residents.” Meyer says Community Forklift started selling on eBay to attract a larger audience for some of its quirkier items. Community Forklift sells everything from cabinets, rugs, door knobs, appliances, art, old doors and windows — even toilets. “Community Forklift is the largest and most successful seller of vintage toilets on eBay,” Meyer wrote on her eBay application. “We clean, crate, and ship vintage toilets worldwide.”

COURTESY OF COMMUNITY FORKLIFT Community Forklift and its CEO, Nancy J. Meyer, won a SHINE Award from eBay in the Charitable Business category.

Asked about the most memorable thing they’ve sold on eBay, Meyer wrote, “We’ve sold some pretty cool items. Even so, what is far more memorable are the people who give new life to our old materials!” She said the “Mamie Eisenhower” pink tub, sink and toilet used in the bathroom of Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” series on Netflix came from Community Forklift. “We also sold duckpin balls to be used in an episode of ‘Elementary’— which thrilled our Sherlock Holmes-loving employees — and a vintage film-developing canister is now on display on the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.” Meyer also tells an aww-inducing story about a couple who fell in love on the bowling lanes — and ended up with some of those lanes in their home, thanks to Community Forklift! Meyer has been with Community Forklift since early 2007, becoming chief operating officer in 2009 and serving as CEO since 2012. Community Forklift says it currently employs 50 green workers, keeps millions of dollars of building materials from going to waste, and provides materials for tens of thousands of homeowners, small businesses, nonprofits, artisans and historic restoration projects. The organization also offers public education about reuse, green living and home repair and distributes free supplies to hundreds of local nonprofits and neighbors in need each year.

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Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017

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Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017


Traditional arts have opened many doors for one Brazilian immigrant By Julia Gaspar-Bates

Growing up in the Bahía region of northern Brazil presented many challenges and opportunities for Livaldi “Babajan” da Cruz. Born into a favela (ghetto) on the outskirts of the city of Salvador, da Cruz explained, “I lived in the middle of all kinds of people — from good to bad. Everybody was living together and trying to keep everybody else on the right track.” Da Cruz lived with his parents and five siblings in a small home in an alleyway. “I come from a poor family. My dad would wake all the boys at 4 a.m. to go to

the open marketplace to buy fruit to put in a wheelbarrow to sell in the street to give us money. If we were lucky we would sell enough fruit to have food in the house. There were times when we didn’t have food and we would only have sugared water and dry bread to eat. But my parents always made sure that we had a lot of discipline and manners so we wouldn’t end up on the wrong path.” At age 10, da Cruz started to do theater at a local community center that provided creative arts to underprivileged youth to equip them for a better future. He

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porates elements of dance, music and acrobatics), samba and music, eventually becoming a performing arts teacher himself. Capoeira has been significant in da Cruz’s life. “Capoeira is a tradition of [slave] resistance through building community and [changing] your life within the social structure. You’re always learning the ritual and the tradition. It’s part of Brazil’s oral history — you have to learn through JULIA GASPAR-BATES doing and living it.” Livaldi “Babajan” da Cruz. Capoeira also proved to be the ticket out of Brazil for da Cruz. In continued to study capoeira (a 2004, he was invited to attend a Brazilian martial art that incor- conference in California held by the International Capoeira Angola Foundation (ICAF or FICA). “After the conference, I was invited to come to DC to teach. [ICAF] paid for my trip, but I had to pay them back by working construction. I did volunteer work at a charter school to 5113 Baltimore Ave teach Brazilian culture, capoeira and Hyattsville, MD 20781 samba. At the same time, I was giv301-971-2834 ing classes and workshops at other Saturdays schools to make a living.” Da Cruz did not encounter major 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. culture shock when moving to the U.S., largely because he had interacted with Americans when they visited his Salvador community. “America has been good for me because there are lots of opportunities to work here. In Brazil, jobs are only available for white people. They don’t say it, but it’s clear. There is a lot of prejudice. Rich and poor people here are able to have cars and homes in the U.S. You feel confident when you walk in the street and you drive. In Brazil, if you have a nice car and you are a black person, the police will stop you to investigate why you are driving a car.” Da Cruz misses the sense of community in Brazil most, and he has

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tried to replicate it through his work with capoeira and music. In 2007, da Cruz and some of his friends created Samba Trovão, a Brazilian samba-reggae group, in which he plays various types of Brazilian percussion instruments. Through his music, da Cruz has toured the U.S. playing at festivals and other venues. And through capoeira, he met his American wife, Kristen. After the two lived in DC for several years, Kristen became pregnant, and they decided to move to Maryland. They were drawn to Hyattsville “because it is close to the Metro, we knew it was a diverse community and there was the Arts District.” Da Cruz describes Hyattsville as a perfect place to live due to the “ability to create community here because neighbors are friendly and you can talk to them.” Indeed, creating community has been a central theme for da Cruz and inspired him to co-found the Espaço Cultural Samba Trovão with Kristen. Launched in April 2017, the center provides capoeira, samba and percussion classes and will be offering a free acupuncture clinic for refugees and immigrants. Da Cruz hopes to start an after-school program through the center soon. The goal of the center, he says, “is to create a community space to promote Brazilian culture and to help underprivileged kids to create healing as a community.” Da Cruz continued, “One of the things the whole world needs is to keep kids away from technology so they can have the face-to-face interaction and more physical activities. Kids don’t have the same opportunity to move and be creative [that they would if they made their] own instruments and toys. I would like to bring this to the community, to unite neighbors through movement, music and creativity.” Cultural Connections is dedicated to sharing the stories of immigrants and foreigners who have settled in Hyattsville.

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4203 Farragut Street, Hyattsville, Maryland Pastor: Evangelist Samuel Wade Time of Services: Beginning of the Sabbath: 7:30pm - 9:30pm Sabbath Service (Saturday) 11:00am to Sunset

Psalm 71:4-5 Deliver me, O my God, out of the hand of the wicked, out of the hand of the unrighteous and cruel man. For thou art my hope, O Lord God: thou art my trust from my youth.

Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017

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Arts & Ale: Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival. Tasting passes (ages 21+) are $25 in advance online and can also be purchased at the gate for $30. Three blocks of downtown Hyattsville (Farragut & Gallatin Streets near Franklins Restaurant, Brewery and General Store). 301.683.8267.

Teen Advisory Group Meeting. Enjoy snacks and fun while working on teen-centered projects and programs. Ages 12 and up. 4:30 to 5:45 p.m. Hyattsville August 30 Branch Library, 6502 America Family Movie Night. Co-hosted Blvd. 301.985.4690 by the Town of Riverdale Park. 7:30 to 9:20 p.m. Riversdale House Museum, 4811 Riverdale Rd. 301.864.0420 USED BOOKS • MUSIC • ART • T-SHIRTS


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Art Works Now Senior Summer Camp. Theme: “Hyattsville Is Home.” 1 to 4 p.m. Art Works Now, 4800 Rhode Island Ave., Suite 1. 301.985.5058

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La Policía de Hyattsville está colaborando con las comunidades de fe para hacer una serie de conversaciones con residentes para fortalecer nuestra ciudad. Acompáñenos.

August 24, 7-8:30 p.m. Seventh Day Adventist Church 4905 42nd Place

24 de Agosto, 7-8:30 p.m. Seventh Day Adventist Church 4905 42nd Place

September 21, 7-8:30 p.m. First Baptist Church of Hyattsville 5701 42nd Avenue

21 de Septiembre, 7-8:30 p.m. First Baptist Church of Hyattsville 5701 42nd Avenue

October 19, 7-8:30 p.m. St. Matthews Episcopal Church 5901 36th Avenue

19 de Octubre, 7-8:30 p.m. Iglesia San Mateo 5901 36th Avenue

November 16, 7-8:30 p.m. First United Methodist Church 6201 Belcrest Road

16 de Noviembre, 7-8:30 p.m. First United Methodist Church 6201 Belcrest Road

For more information please contact Chief Douglas Holland at or 301-985-5084

Para más información, por favor contacte a Chief Douglas Holland a o 301-985-5084

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Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017


Hyattsville Reporter No. 353 • August 8, 2017 • 301-985-5000

Time Change: DPW Groundbreaking

Our Department of Public Works is getting a new home! We invite you to join us for the groundbreaking ceremony and a light reception on August 9 at 2:30 p.m. (note the time change from previous announcements) at 4633 Arundel Place.

Summer Jam

Our next Summer Jam—happening Friday, August 18, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.—will be our first ever in Magruder Park! (Weather and construction projects permitting.) Come enjoy gypsy punk brass band Black Masala, chow down with Jammin’ Flava’s Jamaican food truck, and sip some delicious beer from Calvert Brewing Company. We’ll have all this plus BBQ, our moonbounce, and kids’ activities with Mandy the Clown! See you there!

Community Cleanup

Join your friends and neighbors at 3400 Stanford Street on Saturday, August 19, to help clean the Duck Pond (University Hills Park) and Lane Manor Park from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Supplies will be provided, so just bring the fun with you and your friends! If you have any questions, please contact Ward Three Councilmember Thomas Wright at (301) 422-1506.

Community Conversations

The City of Hyattsville’s Police Department is partnering with several faith-based communities to host a series of community-building conversations with residents. Join us for the first of these on Thursday, August 24, 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., at Seventh Day Adventist Church (4905 42nd Place). For more information, please contact Chief Douglas Holland at or (301) 985-5084.

Sunset Movie Series

Come out to Heurich Park on Friday, August 25, at 8 p.m. for the next film in our Sunset Movie Series, “Finding Dory.” Bring your blankets or chairs and come enjoy a FREE movie in the park!

Magruder Park Teen Club

Teens ages 13 to 18 from Hyattsville and the surrounding area, as well as Northwestern students, should check out the City’s Teen Club Mondays and Wednesdays (6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.) and Fridays (6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.) throughout the summer for good food, new friends, and lots of fun! Remember to bring your ID, proof of age, parent/guardian signature, and emergency contact information with you to the park when you register. Northwestern students must also bring their school ID.

Farmers Market

The Hyattsville Farmers Market continues to bring you the best in fresh, local produce every Tuesday, 3 p.m. – 7 p.m., until the end of September. Come out to 3799 East West Highway, on the corner with Queens Chapel Road, and try it for yourself! Our vendors accept SNAP, WIC, and FMNP—and if you take a nutritional tour of the market, you’ll get a $10 shopping voucher. Be sure to follow the City of Hyattsville on social media to see more of our weekly fun!

Labor Day Trash Collection Changes

City offices will be closed Monday, September 4, in observance of Labor Day. There will be no yard waste pick up that Monday, but trash will be picked up on its regularly scheduled days. Compost will be collected on Tuesday, September 5, from households participating in the Volunteer Composting Pilot Program.

Hyattsville Afterschool Program

This school year, the City of Hyattsville is launching a pilot afterschool program at Felegy Elementary. Monday through Friday, 2 p.m. – 6 p.m., from the first day of school (September 6) to the last day of school, students at Felegy will be able to do arts and crafts, get homework help, play games and sports, and much more—even on Early Dismissal Days! The cost is $75 a week per child. To register, call (301) 985-5065 or visit www.hyattsville. org/afterschool.

Language Exchange Cooking Classes

The City of Hyattsville is partnering with Prince George’s Community College’s Adult Education Program to offer a language exchange and baking class for adult English language learners. The ESL class will be hosted by Hyattsville Mennonite Church, which has ample space and ovens! Adults who are English language learners—but already know a little bit—are encouraged to enroll in this ESL class. It will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm, from September 26th to December 12th. In addition, we are also looking for proficient English speakers who are willing to volunteer for a class or two to share a recipe with a student. There will be an opportunity towards the end of the class to learn how to prepare a dish or two from the students’ home countries. Space is limited, so if you’re interested in learning English or in volunteering, please call the PGCC office at University Town Center (301) 546-8350. Finally, folks who have baking tools they no longer need—mixing bowls, measuring cups, baking pans, and more—are asked to donate to the class. Contact Jennifer Kubit at to arrange donating supplies.

Hyattsville Green Expo

On Saturday, September 9, you can learn how to better protect the environment and have a great time doing it! The City of Hyattsville’s Environmental Committee is hosting its Second Green Expo that day at the City Building (4310 Gallatin Street) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Come get information, earn coupons, and buy sustainable goods from almost thirty local and regional vendors, including: Calvert Brewing, Vigilante Coffee, Big Bad Woof, Community Forklift, authors, bee keepers, yogis, advocacy groups, Prince George’s County Department of the Environment, and more than a dozen electric vehicle owners (all showing off their rides and the advantages of going gas-free). We’ll have special performances throughout the day featuring local talent, including a blue grass duo, rock musicians, a clarinet quartet and more! Several food trucks will be parked nearby including Jammin’ Flava Jamaican and Healthy Fool. The Environmental Committee will also provide information about a tree rebate program and English ivy removal. Don’t miss out!

Let’s Talk Climate Change

Join your friends and neighbors at the City Building (4310 Gallatin Street) on Sunday, September 10, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m., for “How Climate Change Affects You and Your Family”—the first of a series of informative climate change presentations and discussions organized by the

City of Hyattsville’s Health, Wellness, and Recreation Committee. Barbara Gottlieb, Director of Environment and Health at Physicians for Social Responsibility, will guide the conversation. Come to listen, learn, and ask questions! Light refreshments will be served.

Park(ing) Day

Join the City for its second annual Park(ing) Day on Friday, September 15. Throughout the City, on-street parking spaces will be transformed into temporary pop-up parks. Spend your day hopping around these mini urban oases before they pack up until next year! Park locations and times will be announced soon.

Public Meeting on City Transportation Study

The City of Hyattsville is launching a study to develop the Hyattsville Transportation Plan. This plan will help the City improve existing transportation infrastructure, carry out new projects, and determine priorities for the next 20 years. Join us for a Public Meeting on Wednesday, September 20, 7 p.m. at the City Building (4310 Gallatin Street) to let us know what your priorities are in transportation.

Senior Lunches

There is such a thing as a free lunch - if you’re a senior in Hyattsville. In August, September and October the City of Hyattsville is partnering with the Prince George’s County Senior Nutrition Program to offer a monthly free lunch, prepared live by one of the County’s chefs. Join us for the first one at West Hyattsville Baptist Church at 3100 Nicholson Street on August 24 at 12 p.m. For more information or to get a free ride to the luncheon on our Call-A-Bus, please call 301-985-5000.

We’re Hiring

Serve your community by working for our local government. We’re currently seeking police officers, a police dispatcher, a crime analyst, a code enforcement inspector, a television and video coordinator, a part-time code compliance licensing clerk, and teachers and aides for our new after-school program. Visit www.hyattsville. org/jobs for more information and to apply.

City Updates

Are you staying in the know? Visit notifyme to sign up for e-mail and text message notifications from the City of Hyattsville!

Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017

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Reportero de


No. 353 • 8 de Agosto, 2017 • 301-985-5000

Cambio de Hora: Celebrando un Nuevo Edificio

¡Nuestro Departamento de Obras Públicas se va a mudar a un nuevo hogar! Le invitamos a celebrar con nosotros la colocación de la primera piedra del edificio nuevo el 9 de agosto a las 2:30 p.m. (tenga en cuenta el cambio de hora de anuncios anteriores) en 4633 Arundel Place.

Summer Jam

El próximo Summer Jam tendrá lugar viernes, el 18 de agosto, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., y (si el clima y proyectos de construcción lo permiten) ¡será el primer Summer Jam en Parque Magruder! Venga y disfrútese de la banda gitana/punk Black Masala, el camión de comida jamaicana Jammin’ Flava y cerveza buena de Calvert Brewing Company. ¡Tendremos todo esto además de BBQ, la brinca brinca y actividades para niños con Mandy la Payasa! ¡Nos vemos ahí!

Limpieza de la Comunidad

Únase a sus amigos y vecinos en 3400 Calle Stanford sábado, el 19 de agosto, para ayudar a limpiar el Estanque de Patos (Parque University Hills) y Parque Lane Manor de 11 a.m. a 1 p.m. Serán proveídos los suministros, ¡pues solamente tiene que traer la diversión con sí mismo y con sus amigos! Cualquier consulta, por favor contacte a Thomas Wright, Concejal de Distrito Tres, al (301) 422-1506.

Conversaciones Comunitarias

El Departamento de Policía de la Ciudad de Hyattsville está trabajando con varias comunidades de fe para organizar una serie de conversaciones con residentes con el fin de fortalecer la comunidad. Únase a nosotros para la primera conversación el jueves, 24 de agosto, 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., en el Seventh Day Adventist Church (4905 42nd Place). Para más informacion, por favor contacte a Jefe de Policia Douglas Holland en dholland@hyattsville. org o al (301) 985-5084.

Serie de Películas al Atardecer

Venga al Parque Heurich el viernes, 25 de agosto, a las 8 p.m. para la próxima película en nuestra Serie de Películas al Atardecer, “Finding Dory.” ¡Lleve sus mantas o sillas y disfrútese de una película GRATIS en el parque!

Club de Adolescentes en Parque Magruder

¡Adolescentes entre 13 y 18 años de edad en Hyattsville y su alrededor, además de estudiantes de Northwestern, están bienvenidos al Club de Adolescentes de la Ciudad! Tendrá lugar los lunes y miércoles (6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.) y los viernes (6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.) durante el verano. ¡Habrá comida rica, nuevos amigos y mucha diversión! Venga al parque para inscribirse y acuérdese de llevar su identificación, prueba de edad, firma de padre y/o guardián legal, e información de contacto en caso de emergencia. Estudiantes de Northwestern deben llevar también su identificación escolar. ¡Nos vemos ahí!

Recolección de Basura Para El Día del Trabajo

Las oficinas de la Ciudad estarán cerradas el lunes, 4 de septiembre, en observación del Día del Trabajo. No habrá recolección de residuos del jardín ese lunes, pero siguen normales los días de recolección de basura. Habrá recolección de composto el martes, 5 de septiembre, para ellos que participan en el Programa Piloto de Composto Voluntario.

Programa Extraescolar de Hyattsville

Este año académico, la Ciudad de Hyattsville está lanzando un programa extraescolar en Felegy Elementary. Los estudiantes de Felegy podrán realizar proyectos de arte, recibir ayuda con su tarea, hacer juegos y deportes y mucho más los lunes a los viernes, 2 p.m. – 6 p.m., desde el primer día de escuela (el 6 de septiembre) hasta el último día de escuela—¡también los días de salida temprana! Sale $75 semanalmente por niño. Para registrar, llame al (301) 985-5065 o visite

Mercado Agrícola

Hablemos Sobre el Cambio Climático

Intercambio de Idiomas en Clases de Cocina

Park(ing) Day

El Mercado Agrícola de Hyattsville sigue ofreciéndole lo mejor de productos frescos y locales cada martes, 3 p.m. – 7 p.m., hasta los fines de septiembre. ¡Venga a 3799 East West Highway, en la esquina con Queens Chapel Road, y véalo por sí mismo! Nuestros vendedores aceptan SNAP, WIC y FMNP—y si usted hace el recorrido nutricional del mercado, recibirá un cupón de $10. ¡Asegúrese de conectar con la Ciudad en las redes sociales para ver más de la diversión cada semana!

La Ciudad de Hyattsville está trabajando con el Programa de Educación para Adultos de Prince George’s Community College para ofrecer clases de cocina para estudiantes intermedios de inglés. ¡Esta clase de ESL tendrá lugar en Hyattsville Mennonite Church, lo que tiene espacio y hornos abundantes! Se alienta que se inscriban en esta clase los adultos que ya saben un poco de inglés y quieren seguir aprendiéndolo. Se reunirá los martes y los jueves, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., desde el 26 de septiembre hasta el 12 de diciembre. Además, buscamos voluntarios proficientes en inglés que puedan venir a una o dos clases para compartir una receta con los estudiantes. Habrá una oportunidad al fin del curso para aprender cómo preparar comida de los países de los estudiantes. El espacio está limitado, asi queellos al que les interese ser estudiante o voluntario deberían llamar la oficina de PGCC en University Town Center al (301) 546-8350. Por último, le pedimos a todos que donen cualquier herramienta de cocina que ya no se necesita—tazas, tazones, cacerolas y más—a esta clase. Póngase en contacto con Jennifer Kubit en para arreglar su donación.

Exposición Ecológica de Hyattsville

El sábado, 9 de septiembre, usted puede aprender cómo proteger el medio ambiente mejor y divertirse muchísimo a la vez. El Comité del Medio Ambiente de la Ciudad de Hyattsville está organizando la segunda Exposición Ecológica para ese día en el Edificio Municipal (4310 Calle Gallatin) de 10 a.m. a 2 p.m. Venga y reciba información, gane cupones y compre productos sostenibles de casi treinta vendedores locales y regionales, incluyendo: Calvert Brewing, Vigilante Coffee, Big Bad Woof, Community Forklift, autores, apicultores, yoguis, grupos políticas, el Departamento del Medio Ambiente del Condado de Prince George y más de una docena de personas que tienen vehículos eléctricos (todos de ellos mostrando sus máquinas y compartiendo las ventajas de conducir sin depender del gas). ¡Tendremos actuaciones destacando talentos locales, incluyendo un dúo de blue grass, rockeros, un cuarteto de clarinetes y más! Habrá varias trocas de comida como Jammin’ Flava para comida jamaicana y Healthy Fool para comida sana. El Comité del Medio Ambiente también proveerá información de un programa de reembolso para plantar árboles y de cómo quitar la hiedra inglesa. ¡No se lo pierda!

Únase a sus amigos y vecinos en el Edificio Municipal (4310 Calle Gallatin) el domingo, 10 de septiembre, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m., para “Cómo el Cambio Climático Afecta a Usted y a Su Familia”—la primera en una serie de presentaciones y conversaciones organizadas por el Comité de Salud, Bienestar y Recreación de la Ciudad de Hyattsville. Barbara Gottlieb, Directora del Medio Ambiente y la Salud en Physicians for Social Responsibility, va a conducir la conversación. ¡Venga para escucharla, aprender y hacerle preguntas! Habrá refrescos, también.

Únase a la Ciudad para el Segundo Park(ing) Day anual el viernes, 15 de agosto. ¡En calles por toda la Ciudad, espacios de estacionarse se convertirán temporalmente en parques! ¿No nos cree? ¡Pasa un día lindo visitando estos paraísos urbanos antes de que se marchen hasta el próximo año! Compartiremos los lugares de los parques pronto.

Reunión Publica Sobre El Estudio de Transportación de la Ciudad

La Ciudad de Hyattsville está lanzando un estudio de transportación para ayudar a desarrollar el Plan de Transportación de la Ciudad de Hyattsville. Este plan ayudará la Ciudad en mejorar la infraestructura de transportación ya existente, realizar nuevos proyectos y determinar prioridades para los próximos 20 años. Únase a nosotros para una Reunión Publica el miércoles, 20 de septiembre, a las 7 p.m. en el Edificio Municipal (4310 Calle Gallatin) para compartir cuales prioridades en la transportación son las suyas.

Almuerzos para Mayores

Hay almuerzos gratuitas - si usted es un mayor en Hyattsville. En agosto, septiembre y octubre la Ciudad de Hyattsville y el Programa de Nutricion para Mayores del Condado de Prince George ofreceran almuerzos mensuales gratuitas, preparado en vivo con un chef del Condado. Acompañenos en el primero a West Hyattsville Baptist Church a 3100 Calle Nicholson el 24 de agosto a las 12 p.m. Para mas informacion o para que nuestro Llama-Un-Bus le lleve al almuerzo, por favor, llama 301985-5000.

Estamos Contratando

Sirva su comunidad por trabajar en nuestro gobierno local. Ahora buscamos oficiales de policía, un despachador de policía, un analista del crimen, un inspector de cumplimiento con el código, un coordinador de televisión y video, un funcionario autorizador de medio tiempo y maestros y auxiliares para nuestro nuevo programa extraescolar. Visite para más información y para solicitar.

Noticias de La Ciudad

¿Quiere mantenerse informado de noticias en la Ciudad? ¡Visite e inscríbase para recibir actualizaciones por correo electrónico y mensajes de texto!

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Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017

NEWS BRIEFS VISIT HYATTSVILLELIFE.COM FOR MORE MACY’S NEW OUTLET STORE, BACKSTAGE, TO HOST GRAND OPENING ON AUGUST 26 In a recent press release issued by Macy’s, the retail store announced the grand debut of the new Backstage The Outlet Store inside the Macy’s at the Mall at Prince Georges on

Aug. 26. This is the third DC area location opening after the Macy’s Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg and Macy’s Dulles, Va., fall of 2016 openings. According to the press release, a cross between a department store and an outlet, the Backstage experience delivers entertainment and an

Over 100+

all-access, VIP pass to fashion and savings. The outlet is approximately 15,400 squarefeet and located on the second level of Macy’s. The grand opening will be celebrated with $20 gift card giveaways for the first 100 customers and special events throughout the day.

DOCTOR’S COMMUNITY HOSPITAL GOLF TOURNAMENT RAISES $215,000 The Doctors Community Hospital Foundation raised more than $215,000 at its 22nd Annual Golf Invitational held in Queenstown on May 22, its most successful fundraising

event to date. These funds will support community health and wellness programs for residents of Prince George’s County and surrounding areas. Donations will support the hospital’s community, clinical and health education programs including its new Wellness on Wheels mobile health clinic.

artists, food trucks, maryland brewers, live music & activities & dance

purchase a tasting pass for access to ales from dozens of maryland brewers


thank you Life & Times for your continued support!

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The Dental Group is here to help your family SAVE on dental costs with our Dental Care Program*! Cost is no longer a factor in order to receive quality dental care. Improved dental health that’s affordable is something that will make you smile! Our Dental Care Program features:

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(301) 864- 5200 Family Dentistr y

6200 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 200 Riverdale Park, MD 20737

w w w. th e d e nt a l g r o u p . c o m

Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017


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2:00 p.m. After 2:00 p.m. the signs were removed, but the parking did not return. The curb had been painted bright yellow, indicating the change was permanent. The change caused mild grumbling amongst some residents of Crittenden Street. Parking is already prohibited on Crittenden Street, and residents who lack driveways often parked their cars on 42nd Avenue. Visitors to

Though the city is sympathetic and aware of the parking problem, Jake Rollow, the community services director, said the change was necessary because emergency and public waste vehicles could not easily turn the corner on 42nd Avenue, which is a major safety concern. Crittenden Street also took advantage of the small street. Both groups now must park on Decatur Street, which is often busy on the weekends with visitors to Pizza Paradiso, Art Works and the Hyattsville Seventh-day Adventist Church. Though the city is sympathetic and aware of the parking problem, Jake Rollow, the community services director, said the change was necessary because emergency and public waste vehicles could not easily turn the corner on 42nd Avenue, which is a major safety concern. Ann Barrett, whose property abuts the east side of 42nd Avenue confirmed how difficult it was to drive down the street with parking on both sides. “I think it’s important that fire trucks can get through. I’ve had the issue myself on that street where I’ve gotten all the way down that street and had to back up because I couldn’t get through,” said Barrett. Several years ago, a city councilmember approached Barrett about selling some of her property to the city to potentially widen 42nd Avenue or put in a sidewalk to improve the walkability of the street, but the idea never gained traction. “Nothing ever came of it. We never had a serious conversation after that,” said Barrett. When considering changes to city streets, the city responds differently depending on the significance of the possible change. Rollow said that the city will typically call a community meeting to gar-

Page 9

ner feedback when considering the installation of a new stop sign, speed hump or “other device that would alter the flow of traffic.” In the case of the 4800 block of 42nd Avenue the city acted independently of the residents because the street was a safety hazard and is not a major thoroughfare in the neighborhood. Residents were notified of the change via printed notices about a week before the street was painted and were given a two-week grace period to adapt to the change before Code Compliance began ticketing on Aug. 1. Barrett said she is also glad parking has been removed from the eastside of 42nd Avenue because her yard had become a dumping ground for garbage. Prior to her family’s residence, her property had been vacant. 42nd Avenue is dark and relatively shielded from prying eyes. Barrett thinks the cross street gained a reputation for illicit activity that has largely disappeared since the change to parking. “For me, there were a lot of people parking on that side of the street tailgating at night, drinking alcohol and leaving their six-packs of beer on the road or on my property. So every week I’m coming through and cleaning up that garbage. And now I have a 17-yearold driver and to think about some guy drinking a six-pack and then dropping it in my yard and driving away when we [have] no sidewalk and all these beautiful babies in the neighborhood and young drivers — to me that was more of a concern than losing some of that parking,” said Barrett.


WED - FRI: 12 - 7PM SAT: 12 - 5PM FIRST SUN: 12 - 5PM

5303 Baltimore Ave Hyattsville MD 20782 301.660.3426




any purchase of $20 or more when presenting this ad in store.

TRAIN PRINTING Offset Printing ♦ Full Color Digital Printing Wide Format Printing ♦ Copy & Fax Services Design Services ~ Rush Service Available ~

301-864-5552 4547 Rhode Island Ave | Brentwood, MD 20722 Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. E-mail: Fax 301-864-0740 •

Helping Sell Hyattsville

And our Neighboring Community



SOLD 4621 Burlington Road, Hyattsville. Sold for $325,000 6003 43rd Street, Hyattsville. Sold for $379,000

5601 44th Avenue Arts District Hyattsville Gorgeous 4-level end-unit townhome with open floor plan, wood floors, 2 car garage and roof deck! 3 BRs all with en-suite baths! Listed for $479,000


5707 31st Place, Hyattsville Under Contract before the Open House! 3 BR, 2 Bath with family room addition and detached garage. Listed for $285,000


3513 Longfellow Street, Hyattsville. Sold for $315,000 4905 Somerset Road, Riverdale Park. Sold for $400,000 6013 44th Avenue, Hyattsville. Sold for $365,000 5805 38th Avenue, Hyattsville. Sold for $325,000

4004 Buchanan Street, Hyattsville 1921 bungalow with welcoming front porch swing. 3 BRs, 2 full baths. LR with wood stove & skylight. Detached garage too! Listed for $350,000

8506 Laverne Drive, Hyattsville Spacious 1 level rambler with contemporary addition. 4 Bedrooms & 2 full baths. Beautiful wooded yard and rear deck. $350,000


6010 44th Avenue, Hyattsville. Sold for $340,000

Thinking of selling your Hyattsville home? Call Ann Barrett for professional representation. No property is too small or too big — good condition and bad! I am here to help you Hyattsville!

Ann Barrett Realtor®

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cell: 240-938-6060 office: 301-441-9511 ext. 261


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The information is believed to be accurate but is not warranted.

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Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017


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Stuart Eisenberg of the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (CDC) kicked off the event with a speech remarking on the history of the site and underscoring that the new development “will be a departure from a previous pattern of land use in the area — from bleak industrial to public-transit oriented.”

Mayor Candace Hollingsworth described Hyattsville as “entrepreneurial, connected, persistent and resilient, creative and a little bit funky.” According to Eisenberg, the murals were a collaboration with the Double Down Kings and the Hyattsville CDC. All 37 of them were completed over a span of two days by local artists in collaboration with artists from neighboring states and one from Belarus, who recently arrived in the U.S. to get married. Mayor Candace Hollingsworth

thanked everyone in attendance, noting that the Riverfront project “took the work of many.” She described Hyattsville as “entrepreneurial, connected, persistent and resilient, creative and a little bit funky,” and said, “This project embodies all of these elements and will unleash an invitation to join in the promise of West Hyattsville.” Bobby Gilbane Jr., of Gilbane Development Company, noted that the “project belonged to everyone here” and said that Gilbane is eager to bring the community’s goal of a shared vision to life. He also remarked that a 4-acre park was “one of the most important parts of the development,” and that the park would be open to the community. Ed Broderick, president of Gilbane Development, closed out the remarks by thanking all of the local officials and applauding the real sense of community that the project ties into. Upon completion of the speeches, attendees were invited to participate in ceremonial hammering and create their own tags on the building. Mayor Hollingsworth was the most active tagger, painting “I am” under a large Hyattsville mural and “#HVL” at the base of the warehouse. Demolition of the old Ginn’s Warehouse has begun, and town house sales are anticipated to start by the end of this year.

ALLAN WALTERS Mayor Candace Hollingsworth adds the words “I am” under the word “Hyattsville” to the mural on the soon-to-be-demolished Ginn’s Warehouse during the groundbreaking ceremony for the Riverfront at West Hyattsville development.




Burgers • Food Trucks • Hot Dogs Refreshments • Musical Entertainment Face Painting • Moon Bounce • Mandy The Clown

Hamburguesas • Bebidas • Perros Calientes


Camiones De Comida • Entretenimiento Musical Pintura De La Cara • Brinca Brinca • Mandy La Payasa

May 19 (4310 Gallatin Street)

19 De Mayo (4310 Gallatin)

Lenny Kurlou & KRA Band

Lenny Kurlou & KRA Band

June 16 (Magruder Park)

16 De Junio (Parque Magruder)

Timbason La Original

Timbason La Original

July 21 (4310 Gallatin Street)

21 De Julio (4310 Gallatin)

Just Us

Just Us

August 18 (Magruder Park)

18 De Agosto (Parque Magruder)

Black Masala

Black Masala

September 15 (4310 Gallatin Street)

15 De Septiembre (4310 Gallatin)

The Roustabouts

The Roustabouts

6:30 – 8:30 PM This is a rain or shine event!

6:30 – 8:30 PM ¡Este es un evento de sol o lluvia!

Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017

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BRICK WORK PLUS Specializing in maSonry & Small concrete conStruction FOr yOur cOnStructiOn neeDS, call uS at

301-864-8161 • Fax 301-864-0013

Office: 4318 Hamilton St. #106 • Hyattsville, MD 20781

George W. Reaves, Owner

Lawson’s Pharmacy PICK-UP & DELIVERY OF PRESCRIPTIONS Ostomy Supplies, Sr. Citizen’s Discounts Convalescent Aids Sales & Rentals Richard Sabatelli, R. Ph.


3415 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, MD 20782

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Dear Miss Floribunda, I am seven years old. My daddy is helping me with this because I can’t spell many words and he says I ask too many questions he can’t answer. I like bees. I like to watch them and they don’t sting me but my friend got stung. Why would they be nice to me and mean to him? Can he make them like him and not hurt him? I have some more questions but this is the important one so he will still play outside with me. Please hurry. Kid Who Likes Bees on Kennedy Street Dear Kid Who Likes Bees, Is it possible you have been nicer to the bees than your friend has? Bees are fun to watch because they are busy gathering pollen and nectar, but, like all hard workers, they are intent on their task and don’t like to be interrupted or interfered with. Did your friend shake the flower a bee was on? Did he try to pick up a bee up and frighten her? Did your friend have sticky hands from candy or soda pop that might have attracted the bee who then was upset not to get any nectar? Bees are not mean, but if you frighten or annoy them they can sting you. Some people get very sick from bee stings, but most people just feel a sharp pain that’s like getting stuck with a thorn. Now if you really and truly want to learn about bees, plus have a

lot of fun and enjoy good food, games and music, you and your daddy and other family members could come to the Green Expo at the Hyattsville Municipal Building on Saturday, Sept. 9. It starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m., when a beautiful cake from Shortcake Bakery will be sliced up and shared. The Bowie-Upper Marlboro Beekeepers Association (BUMBA) will have honey to sell and an exhibit with plenty of information about bees. Nikki Thompson, faculty research associate at the University of Maryland College of Agriculture, is going to give a talk especially for children, and it will include lots of pictures and a real beehive (without bees) so you can see how the bees live and how a big bee family is organized. You will learn how bees are put together, and that bees can smell with what we consider their feet, as well as just what it is they use for feet; the amazing things their antennae do; and how their eyes work so they can see in all directions. You will also find out why even bees that don’t make honey are still necessary in order for fruits and vegetables to develop; what happens when bees have a queen they don’t like and decide to leave; how bees are different from wasps and yellow jackets; and just about anything else you want to ask a question about. But that’s not all. Children’s author and songwriter Richard Morris will talk with kids. Love Yoga Studio will provide an interactive demonstration we can all participate in. Dr. Nicole Farmer, who has been featured

on PBS, will accompany her talk “Nourishing Foods for You and for the Planet” with a cooking demonstration using fresh vegetables that come straight from the Hyatt Park Community Garden on Hamilton Street. You can buy food from Honey’s Empanadas, Healthy Fool and Jammin’ Flava ( Jamaican) food trucks and drinks from Calvert Brewing and Vigilante Coffee Company. If you and your family like music, you will enjoy Amy Watson’s bluegrass duo, Janet Nackoney’s clarinet quartet, Jim Groves and Co. singing blues and rock to guitar, Adam Ortiz and his indie rock band, Blue Plains, and Mary Amato singing contemporary folk originals with uke and acoustic guitar. Master Gardeners, the Hyattsville Horticultural Society and ECO City Farms will have information tables. In addition, staff from ECO City Farms will give away yard signs from the Sierra Club that say “Pesticide Free” and “Bee Safe” to all those who promise not to use chemicals in their gardens. Community Forklift will have a display of fun things that are recycled. Along with other vendors and displays, 12 electric cars will be parked nearby with their owners ready to answer any questions and talk about the technical aspects and practicalities of their green vehicles. This is part of the kickoff for National Drive Electric Week. In addition, there will be games for kids, as well as environmental/health trivia and vendor bingo for all ages. I hope you can come. Bring lots of friends and family!

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Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017


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stands for.” DeMatha’s 13-sport athletics program is one of the finest in the nation. Sports Illustrated twice recognized (2005, 2007) it as No. 2 nationally. The Stags have won more than 200 league championships since 1957. Students routinely receive athletic scholarships to play in college. DeMatha has two members of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (Adrian Dantley and former football and basketball coach Morgan Wootten). It has graduates playing professional football, hockey soccer, lacrosse and baseball. When Fultz suits up for the Philadelphia 76ers, he will be one of COURTESY OF MEREDITH PERRI/MASSLIVE.COM five former Stags playing in the Markelle Fultz’s selection as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft brought a tremendous amount of NBA. St. John DeMatha Catholic publicity to DeMatha Catholic High School. High School, founded in 1946, has an enrollment of about 850 director of admissions, is a for- have countless teachers who program,” he said. “We have five boys. Its educational goal is to mer Stags player and assistant have been recognized locally full-time music teachers in 14 difproduce “faith-filled gentlemen coach. When he goes on re- and nationally. We have double- ferent [musical] groups.” Seventy-two percent of Deand scholars.” It offers each stu- cruiting visits, he spends little digit alums who are priests or dent the opportunity to grow in time discussing athletics. He studying to become priests.” “faith, community and service,” talks more about his alma ma- Paolucci also enjoys talking while challenging them to excel ter producing National Merit about DeMatha’s award-winning in “academics, arts and athletics.” Scholar finalists and twice music program. Its performers “The students are surrounded being named a National Blue consistently receive superior ratby those pillars,” Day said, “and Ribbon School of Excellence ings at music festivals throughwe do our best to make sure that (1983-84, 1990-91). out North America and have they embrace every one of those “If you look beyond our athletic won more than 40 gold medals. aspects of high school life.” success, you’ll see that’s there so “Just over 40 percent of our Tommy Paolucci, DeMatha much more,” Paolucci said. “We students participate in the music

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Matha’s students compete in freshman, JV and varsity sports. Many athletes also participate in music. Day likes to tell the story of the time the Voices of DeMatha chorus was preparing to perform the national anthem prior to a big football game. A student-athlete, dressed in his full football uniform, marched out with the singers. “It was a marvelous visual of the fact that guys are in and out of all kinds of subgroups at DeMatha,” Day said. Paolucci said that at the spring 2017 academic awards night, more than 80 percent of the honorees were athletes. “They’re really doing well academically,” he said. “You can do both here.” The football team, which has won the past four Washington Catholic Athletic Conference championships, will open the season in Las Vegas on Aug. 25. ESPN will carry the game live. Three members of last year’s team are at the U.S. Air Force Academy. DeMatha would be doing a disservice to its athletes if all it did was care about their ability to win games. Physical skills are the first to decline. Thinking abilities last much longer. Spiritual development is a lifelong pursuit. “Athletics helps with our students’ identity. It helps them feel that they’re being successful,” Day said. “But I want to be sure that no one is sequestered into one area.” Day is proud that one-third of the faculty are DeMatha grads. When he gives a tour of campus, he likes to show people the display “True to the Mission.” This group of photos honors those who have served the school for at least 20 years. “Any success that we have has to be connected to the commitment and dedication of our faculty, staff and coaches,” he said. “They are priceless.” Chris McManes (mick-maynz) is a member of the DeMatha Alumni Association and an assistant baseball coach.

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Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017

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KERRY-ANN HAMILTON Clockwise from top left: William, 4, goes for a swim with his dad, Andrew Battaile; Shaniya Bryant, 9, and Reygan Joseph, 8, play on the swings at Magruder Park; Two boys run at Magruder Park; Meredith, 8, plays in the park; Sophia, 7, plays in a slide with Sydney, 9, at Magruder Park.

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Hyattsville Life & Times | August 2017

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August 2017 Hyattsville Life & Times  

Riverfront at West Hyattsville groundbreaking; DeMatha High School profile; parking change on 42nd Ave.; more ...

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