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‘The View’ Lending A Downtown is Murky Helping Hand New Bar is Unlikely to Open for Halloween Bash

By Rory Sasson ’10 Herald Contributor

By Rebecca Dennee ’10 Campus Happenings Editor

Rebecca Dennee/Photographer

“The View” is a little bit unclear right now for Darryl Sims and building owner John Cecere of the former Holiday bar in downtown Geneva. Sims, who previously operated Heavy’s bar on Seneca Street downtown, wants to open a bar named The View in the Exchange Street building that used to house the Holiday, according to a column Tuesday in the Finger Lakes Times by Chief Photographer Spencer Tulis. The name is from the view from the back of the bar.

While the prospect of a new bar for students is a positive development for Geneva’s downtown, it does not appear that the opening will be anytime soon. The city of Geneva wants repairs made to the Holiday building’s south wall and rear deck before the new business can occupy the site, and Cecere and Sims don’t see eye to eye with the city on these repairs. According to Cecere, damage to the Holiday building happened when the DOWNTOWN continued on Page 2

Several students from Hobart and William Smith Colleges volunteered their time to the Zonta Club of Geneva when it hosted a breakfast Oct. 24 at the Presbyterian Church on Wa s h i n g t o n Street. F r o m 8 to 11 that morning, HWS students helped clean dishes and serve food and beverages to local residents who attended the event. After the breakfast finished, several students helped clean up the church’s dining room, where the event took place. Overall, about 12 students from HWS volunteered to help out with the breakfast. The breakfast cost $5 per person, with all the proceeds

being used to provide college scholarships for women in the Finger Lakes region. Since the breakfast was geared towards a charitable cause, the Zonta Club of Geneva was looking to get a large number of Geneva residents in attendance so more money could be raised. The organization HAND continued on Page 4

The Ballet Jörgen’s HWS Professor Works With ‘Election’ Director Anastasia By Neala Havener ’12 Herald Contributor

By Kelsey Lee ’12 and Melissa Warner ’12 Herald Contributors The Canadian ballet company Ballet Jörgen put on a performance of Anastasia at the Smith Opera House on Oct. 24. The plot of this ballet focuses on the life story of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanov, the youngest daughter of Czar Nicholas II of Russia. The ballet began with scenes from Anastasia’s childhood before World War I, then continued during the war when she worked as a nurse to help wounded R u s s i a n soldiers, and finally on the over throw of her father and Imperial Russia by the Bolshevik Revolution and her family’s execution. H o w e v e r, aspects of the ballet’s plot were historically

inaccurate, or at least fictionalized. In real life, Anastasia had three older sisters, Olga, Tatiana, and Maria. She also had one younger brother, Alexei, who was next in line for the throne before the revolution and his death. In the ballet, the only sibling included was one older sister, Tatiana. Also, the love story between Anastasia and the kitchen boy, Dmitry, that the ballet was centered on, was an embellishment of her life story. There is no record of Anastasia having any kind of affair with a kitchen boy. T h e l a r g e s t difference between BALLET continued on Page 2

Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ Media Club presented an Oct. 21 screening of the movie Election, which was released in 1999. Media and Society professor Liz Lyon introduced the movie and answered questions afterward about her involvement with the film. In her introduction, Lyon explained her role in influencing the director Alexander Payne to make the novel Election, written by Tom Perotta, into a film. According to Lyon, after adopting the sassy novel about a high school student government into a screenplay, Payne went to the limit negotiating with Bona Fide productions, MTV productions, and Paramount Productions to ensure that the actors featured in the film captured the spirit of

Photo courtesy of:

Perotta’s writing. Lyon said that finding Election was like finding find a diamond in the rough. While working for Payne from 1994 to 1999, she said she read about 10 to 15 scripts a week. When answering questions, DIRECTOR continued on Page 2

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A r tis ts O n Display

Toy Stor y & Toy St or y 2

Debating the Issues:

R u s s Ph i l l i p s

‘M is c hief Night’

Cost ume I de a s

B r ea k the Siege of Gaza

Halse y ’ s R e ope ns

L a n d o f the R ising Sun

Dave Bi nde r’ s ‘ 1 9 6 9 ’

Shoul d D or ms Be Co-E d? F r e e dom i n E duc a t i on D r unk D ri v i ng O n Ca mpus

L acr o s s e : C r e at o r ’ s G am e D avi d T y r e e T r an s f o r m s U p co m i n g G am e s



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By Bailey Meeker ’09 William Smith Alumnae With the jobless rate for college graduates at a disturbing high, it may be tempting to remain in school for another few years. For students who are serious about continuing their education, attending graduate school can be a promising option. Because getting into graduate school at all can be a struggle, it is important to begin the application process as soon as you can. What should you be doing right now? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Decide whether to attend grad school or take a year off. Taking a year off before graduate school is a very popular option. Those who take a year off usually have more time to complete their application. Some things to do on your year off include getting a job or internship related to your intended field of study, traveling, or doing community service. Any of these can enhance an application. 2. Decide where to apply and put due dates on a calendar. Some applications may be due this semester or immediately after finals! Sometimes schools have different dates depending on whether you want to be considered for funding. Be sure to apply in time to qualify, since graduate school can be expensive without a fellowship or assistantship. 3. Know what you need to do for each application.

Print out the application requirements for each school and check them off as you complete them. Completing part of the process will make you feel better.

4. Take the entrance exams.

Submission Guidelines The Herald is currently accepting submissions for our upcoming issue. The deadline for this issue is Monday at 5 pm. Must include the: 1. Name and Class Year 2. Individual phone number or e-mail 3. Articles must be between 250-700 words E-mail submissions must be made via file attachment. Please send it as a .doc file. If criteria are not met, the Herald may not be able to print the submission.

BALLET continued from Page 1 the ballet and true history was that, in the ballet, Anastasia escapes the execution of her family and takes refuge in a convent. However, in 2008, two bodies were found near, but separate from, the mass grave where the rest of the Romanov family had been buried. DNA testing on the recent discovery of what appeared to be the long missing bodies of Anastasia and her younger brother, Alexei, has confirmed that they were both murdered with their family in 1918. Despite these historical inaccuracies, the performance was definitely a success. The Smith Opera House was full with an eager crowd on Saturday night and the company performed exceptionally well. Ballet Jörgen’s principal ballerina, Tara Butler, demonstrated exquisite technique and dexterity as the titular character of Anastasia. She was an actress as well as a ballerina, portraying her roughhousing with boisterous childhood friend Dimity with flexed feet and hunched shoulders, and showcasing her grace and nimbleness during the romantic pas de deux (or balletic duets). She rose up and down off pointe with flawless precision, just like her portrayal of Anastasia’s transition from playful tsaritsa to elegant, poised Grand Duchess. Preston McBain was lithe and energetic as Dimitry, the son of a palace kitchen maid who joins a group of passionate working-class rebels. He had a natural rapport with his fellow

Applying to Graduate School

dancers and was always in sync with his partner or the corps surrounding him. The full orchestral score, composed by Ivan Barbotin, was searingly romantic and exceptionally evocative. Exciting staccato dr umbeats resounded during the scene in which the troops marched off to war. Quaint, upbeat tones chimed during the playful scenes that featured Anastasia and her comical nursemaid’s interactions. And soaring, dramatic scores set the mood for Dimitry and Anastasia’s longing and despairing duets. The choreography that the scores accompanied can be credited to Bengt Jörgen, a dancer, choreographer, and director of this innovative ballet company. The styles demonstrated during each number were quite varied but still classical, adding to the excitement of the tense story line. Set/costume designer Sue LePage incorporated some rather authentic-looking Russian garb into the attire, and Jörgen complemented it with his occasional tribute to traditional Russian dance. Though the style of movement was distinctly balletic and did not incorporate a large amount of the Russian trepak, the little that was added was blended in seamlessly. Anastasia was a beautiful performance and an interesting, if embellished, chronicle of the life of a Russian royal. Audience members will remain captivated by this ballet long after the curtain falls.

If you are applying to graduate school next year, you will need to take any required entrance exams immediately! Check the application requirements for each program and take each required test. Recommended exams are also a good idea. If you have missed your opportunity to take a test this semester, contact someone at your programs and ask them if they will still accept your application. They may recommend taking the exam next semester. Also, be sure to report your scores to each school.

5. Send your transcripts now.

This is probably the easiest part of the application, but if you do not send your transcript in time it can break your application. Some programs may require the transcript this semester

6. Talk to your professors.

They are a great resource for the application process and many will be excited to hear that you are considering studying their field. Professors went to graduate school and have an understanding of at least their own graduate program. They may also know people at the schools to which you are applying. Be sure to ask them to write a recommendation letter for you.

7. Show applications, especially essays, to several people. Ask professors, friends, parents, and the Center for Teaching and Learning to read your essays and comment on them. You do not have to do everything that they suggest, but you will be able to improve your application. Read your essays aloud to yourself as well. 8. Join a supportive community.

Online, you can find other graduate applicants at www.thegradcafe. com, but you can also find other students on campus who are applying. Meeker is in the Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics at the University of California at Davis.

HWS Is Goin’ to the Dogs By Jennifer Hollander ’10 Advertising Editor

Tillie Moodie

How old are you and what breed? I’m a Tibetan Spaniel mix and oh… 10 years, I believe, in human years.

Jennifer Hollander/Photographer

Do you have any favorite treats or toys? Milkbone treats and I’m too old for toys

What can you tell us about sociology? That George Herbert Mead would say that my self is developed through behavioralism, or communicative process. And his books are not food. What does your dad do for the Colleges? He’s a Professor of Sociology



Campus Happenings DOWNTOWN continued from Page 1 town tore down a building adjacent to “For real this time?!” one William the property. Smith student remarked, alluding to Cecere added, “According to previous reports of Sims’ plans to open the New York State Property Code the a new place downtown. city is responsible for cleaning up the A Hobart student this week damage, but the city is blackmailing posted on Facebook: “I saw Heavy us.” He said he plans to get a lawyer himself DT (downtown) this past if the city refuses to weekend, and he “According to the New York told me they were fix the damage. Sims, who State Property Code the city opening up.” is black, believes Before he is responsible for cleaning that the building up the damage, but the city ran Heavy’s, Sims standards are being operated a nonis blackmailing us.” unfairly applied to alcoholic juice bar. just him because of his race, according Currently Sims’ could open a similar to Tulis’ article. establishment until they are able A local resident’s posting to obtain a liquor license. Cecere is Monday on Facebook said that there optimistic The View will get a liquor would be a Halloween party at “The license soon, by “sometime next View’’ on Saturday night, Oct. 31. week,” he said in a phone interview. But Tulis, who interviewed Sims for With 407 confirmed guests Tuesday’s column, doubts the place on Facebook looking forward to the will open then. Halloween bash, there are still looming When asked if Sims mentioned questions as to whether Sims and opening the bar for Halloween, Tulis Cecere will obtain the proper permits responded, “No, never mentioned that from the city to legally hold the party. at all.” Sims and Geneva City Manager HWS students had a mixed Matt Horn did not return phone calls response to the Facebook posting: to the Herald by deadline.

Upcoming Events Friday, Oct. 30th -6 pm- community Haunted House @ 429 Exchange Street -8 pm- “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” @ Vandervort Room -9 pm- “Paparazzi” Halloween Block Party @ 133 & 144 St. Clair Street -11 pm- Anime Club’s Mischief Night @ Barn Saturday, Oct. 31st -6 pm- HWS Chorale: An Anniversary Celebration @ St. John’s Chapel -7 pm- CAB Haunted House @ the Quad -6 pm- Odell’s Trick ‘r’ Treating @ Odell’s Village -9 pm- Sub-Free Open House @ 775 S. Main St.

Break the Siege of Gaza Initiative On Thursday, Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. in Demarest 14, Ted Auerbach of United for Peace in Justice (UFPJ) in New York will show photos and talk about his trips to Palestine, particularly Gaza. Further, he will provide details for Break the Siege of Gaza- the Gaza Freedom March. This is an international initiative undertaken by various groups and individuals, which include both Jewish (and some Israeli) and Palestinian peace groups. This initiative hopes to break the brutal siege of Gaza nonviolently and through the Gandhian tactic of Civil Disobedience. The guiding principles of the Gaza Freedom Initiative are Palestinian Human Rights and International Law and its primary objective is to prevent the fast -deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The March is scheduled to take place on January 1, 2010 to coincide with one-year anniversary of the bombing of Gaza. With this event, Auerbach hopes to spread awareness of the ongoing siege of Gaza and the non-violent efforts that are being undertaken to force Israel

to comply with international law and grant 1.5 million residents of Gaza their basic human rights to food, medical supplies, and building materials in order to repair the damage due to Israeli shelling. Ted Auberbach is an activist and organizer around many peace and justice issues. He was active in the Vietnam anti-war movement in the 60s and 70s.   Since 2002, he has worked with United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) against the war in Iraq.  He has worked against the Israeli occupation and for Human rights in Palestine for many years.    He has been to West Bank four times and was arrested for trying to stop the building of the separation wall. Ted Auerbach recently returned from a delegation to Gaza and has been sharing and speaking about his experiences there.  He is one of the coordinators for the Gaza Freedom March in December 2009. This event is cosponsored by the Young Memorial Trust Fund, the Fisher Center, Political Science Department, History Department, Intercultural Affairs, and the International Student Association.

Artists on Display in Houghton House By Amy Nimon ’11 Photography Editor “I think it’s a mermaid.” “It’s the human body—a rib cage.” “This reminds me of the sea...” Comments like these floated around the Davis Gallery at Houghton House on Oct. 23. It was the opening reception for Emily Kenas’ exhibit titled “Works on Paper,” featuring pieces of paper fused and crinkled in collage formations. The paper creations are quiet but simultaneously exciting, filled with movement and energy. Kenas is originally from New York City and she earned her bachelor of fine arts degree in painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston. Her work will be on display in Houghton House until Wednesday, Nov. 18. The Student Art Show hosted by Arts Collective also went on display Oct. 23 on the second floor of Houghton House. The show features the work of several student artists, from paintings to prints to 3-D art, featuring portraiture, landscapes,

Photo courtesy of:

still life, abstract, and more. Many students helped prepare for the show, including Barry Samaha, Yeasmine Khalique, Mary Marciniak, José Rodriguez, Ben D’Innocenzo, Meggie Schmidt, Ben Strong, and Emily Sarokin. The Arts Collective plans to have another student show to coincide with the next art opening reception, and all students are encouraged to submit artwork for the exhibit. A competition will be held at each show and a prize awarded to the student with the most votes for his or her work.

Amy Nimon/Photographer

Joe Chan, ’13, at left, and others admire Emily Kenas’ exhibit “Works on Paper” in Houghton House.

Professor Attends Sanskrit World Conference By Liz Witbeck ’10 Herald Contributor In September, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Anthony Cerulli attended the 14th World Sanskrit Conference in Kyoto, Japan. This event occurs every three years and is always in a different city. It was a truly international occasion that brought academics from all corners of the globe to speak on a variety of topics. Professor Cerulli was on a panel dedicated to Scientific Literature and its relationship to Sanskrit. The paper that Professor Cerulli presented, “The Construction of the Patient in Sanskrit Medical Literature,” focuses on the representation of medical patients, which is his specialty in Sanskrit literature. He was invited to attend the conference because of a similar discussion on the subject matter that he gave previously in Vienna. His

paper discusses ancient narratives on the origins of disease and how they are spread, as well as what role the patient had as a part of medical storytelling. The Sanskrit medical system, called Ayurveda, can be translated as “Knowledge for Long Life”, and is heavily influenced by ethical and religious standards. Those who live by it believe that people become ill not because of bacteria and viruses, but rather because of their interactions with other people. Sanskrit narratives tell stories of gods and goddesses bringing sickness to people, not the people bringing sickness to each other in the way it is thought of today. The act of casting illness onto people was a punishment for improper conduct, and incentive to keep those who were still healthy acting in an appropriate manner.

Ayurvedic literature also explains in great detail the processes of the human body, such as the fetal development, from the formation of the zygote to the birth of a living baby. The people of ancient India writing and reading these texts did not have the access to modern technology in order to know that what they were saying was in fact correct. Scholars believe that some of what was written was based on hypothesizing, rather than actual knowledge. Another possibility is that there was access to animals, and medical providers did surgery on them to learn more about the human body. Today, many people of India still look to these texts for medical guidance. Although some of the practices may seem far-fetched compared to Western medical

traditions, Professor Cerulli believes that the ideas written in the Sanskrit texts are in fact medical practices; this is simply a “different medical practice than the way we think about medical practice today.” He also believes that, although these are classical texts, they are still relevant to life today, and can teach us much about our own history, as well as to help craft our writing style. Professor Cerulli has been fascinated by this subject for much of his academic career. His dissertation, titled Somatic Lessons: Myth and the Body in Sanskrit Medical Literature, also focuses on topics of the Ayurveda. He is continuing to explore this area further, with plans for a book on the subject, and hopes to be able to attend World Sanskrit Conferences in the future.



Campus Happenings Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun By Annica Crouse ’10 Herald Contributor Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun! I have been looking forward to studying abroad in Japan the entire time I have been a student at HWS, and I am finally here, but even if I had my entire life to prepare I don’t think I would have been completely ready for all of the differences I would observe while living in another country. I had been warned about “culture shock”, and despite how Above: Slippers that are traditionally worn hard I tried to prepare myself it indoors to keep the floors clean. Right: The was still a challenge to get used to genkan is where people place their shoes when the differences between Japanese entering a building, whether public or private. and American culture. doing an internship, the normally do. For example, paper is The first thing I noticed indoor slippers must be taken off and burnable, not recyclable. Figuring when I stepped off the plane was replaced with “toilet slippers” when out where to throw my trash was at how incredibly neat everything is. going to the bathroom. This keeps first a very complex endeavor, but I Unlike many American cities, there the unclean nature of the bathroom have no gotten it down to a science. is no trash littering the streets and contained to the individual room. Another cultural difference very little sign of vandalism. Even on Another tradition that I was that took some time to get used to the subway you are hard-pressed to unprepared for was the ohuro. was the Japanese tradition of taking find a stray piece of paper, let alone off your shoes when entering a Similar to onsen, which are the a bottle or food wrapper. Along with the incredible building. Most Japanese buildings, well known public baths, the ohuro cleanliness comes a very complex both public and private, have an refers to the bath in a Japanese set of rules regarding trash entrance hall – or a genkan—with a family home. The ohuro  is slightly different from a normal bathtub in disposal. When approaching a rack where you place your shoes. Europe or the United States. The In public buildings there will trash receptacle you must first tub is deeper and has sides that also most likely be a rack of slippers decide which category the object go straight down instead of being that are to be worn indoors. The you would like to dispose belongs sloped. tradition of wearing slippers indoors to: combustible, non-combustible, These style of bathtubs originally served the purpose of regular recyclables, or PET bottles. originated in ryokan, the traditional keeping the floors from becoming The rules for what belongs Japanese inns, and are common in contaminated with outside dirt. in each category are often most Japanese households. The In some buildings, such as counterintuitive to what you might the elementary school where I am same bath water is used by every

Up for Some Mischief? Come to HWS Anime Club’s ‘Mischief Night’ By Keith Bartlett ’10 Herald Contributor

Photo courtesy of:

The Anime Club will host a substance-free pre-Halloween party at 11 tonight in the Barn, complete with dancing, karaoke, and plenty of free food. The “Mischief Night” event is open to all HWS students. Several activities are planned from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. on the Barn’s first floor, ranging from karaoke and dance sessions to a showing of the movie Coraline, with a discussion afterward led by professor Laurence Erussard of HWS’ English department. All HWS students are welcome to attend and to enjoy music, food, and merriment, all for free. Costumes are optional, but encouraged. For those who choose to show up decked out in costumes, there will be a costume contest with prizes awarded to the winners. According to Morgan Williamson, the events coordinator for Anime Club, the contest will feature several categories, including “Most Accurate” for costumes depicting known characters (be they from anime series or otherwise), “Most Awesome,” and “Scariest,” among others. Costumed or not, everyone will have the option of playing games (such as Twister), dancing, or showcasing their skills with a microphone courtesy of a karaoke setup managed by Anime Club’s karaoke master, Grace “GK” Lyttle, who will also serve as the DJ for the event. If dancing and singing isn’t your thing, there’s also the option of vying for Gamer supremacy at a gaming station set up by Anime Club’s partner group, the Gaming Guild. No RSVPs are necessary, and everyone can come and go as they please. So if you feel like getting into Halloween a night early, swing by the barn tonight and join the Anime Club on “Mischief Night.”

member of a family, which is why it is important to clean yourself thoroughly before entering the bath. The purpose of the ohuro is to be able to relax in the hot water. The water is kept warm from the time that it comes out of the faucet until it is drained out of the tub by a heating system. Traditionally the head of the family takes a bath first, followed by those who follow him in the familial hierarchy. These traditions are only a few examples of the amazing culture that I am surrounded by every day. I am fascinated by everything that I see and the new things I am learning all the time. Although I am sure I will never completely understand Japanese society, I am thrilled to be able to have these experiences.

HAND continued from Page 1 sought volunteers because a large crowd was expected at the event. The HWS students who volunteered could be seen running from table to table, ,putting away the dishes from people who finished eating and making sure all of the cups of maple syrup were full. Students from HWS had the opportunity not only to help the Zonta Club, but to interact with local Geneva people, as well. “I felt like I was really helping out an organization that catered to local needs,” said senior Steve Sweeney, who took time out of his morning to help out with the breakfast. “It made my work that more meaningful.” The Zonta Club of Geneva, which has existed since 1929, is a branch of Zonta International, an organization with a mission to provide better lives for women across the world. They look to do this through issues ranging from domestic violence to education. Zonta’s slogan is, “Advancing the Status of Women Worldwide.” Zonta International actually originated about 90 miles from Geneva as the first branch of the organization was formed in Buffalo in 1919. Today, there are 1.206 different branches of Zonta in 67 countries throughout the world. Each Zonta club has different issues involving women’s lives that they focus on. The Zonta Club of Geneva has two specific issues on which they are currently focusing. “In Geneva, we concentrate on two

different issues,” said Judy Fraquhargoa who is the president of the Zonta Club of Geneva. “Domestic violence in Geneva and the local college scholarship for high school graduates.” Fraquhargoa explained that different Zonta organizations, including her own, work among each other to coordinate events geared towards bettering the lives of women. “We work with other organizations from around the area,” she said. She also wanted to alert William Smith students to a possible internship opportunity being considered by the Zonta Club of Geneva. “One thing under consideration is having a female internship for William Smith students since we are looking for more help from the youth,” Fraquhargoa explained. If established, the internship would be for female students who have an interest in public service. According to Fraquhargoa, it would cost around $50 for a student to participate in this program. It would last throughout the HWS academic year, beginning in September and ending in May. The Zonta Club of Geneva also will have a holiday cookie sale in December. Orders can be placed for four dozen cookies, which will cost $25 dollars, or two dozen, which will cost $15. All orders are due by Dec. 10 and delivery will take place on Dec. 18 and 19. All proceeds will go to the Domestic Violence Program at Family Counseling Service of the Finger Lakes. The Zonta Club of Geneva would appreciate volunteers from HWS for this event, as well.

DIRECTOR continued from Page 1 Lyon explained to a small group of Media and Society students that a screenplay that stands out is one that literally jumps off the page. Perotta’s text was very visual and included the “telling detail” that Lyon was looking for. Novels that are heavy in dialogue may be a good read, but are not necessarily fit for film, said Lyon. Election pieced together easily as a film, yet there are certain elements Payne added to make the film more suitable for the screen. For instance, the character Paul Metzler , a jock turned high school political candidate played by Chris Klein, sports a broken leg throughout the entire

movie. Also, as one point all three candidates running for student government president, character Tracy Flick (played by Reece Witherspoon), Tammy Metzler (played by Jessica Campbell), and Paul Metzler share a prayer scene in their respective bedrooms asking God to win the election or in Tammy’s case to lose. The largest departure from the novel was forced by Paramount, said Lyon. Originally, Tracy Flick meets with her former teacher who sabotaged her election, Jim McAllister, played by Matthew Broderick. Flick comes to terms with McAllister’s fall from grace, as he no longer

works in education. Yet, Paramount felt that it wasn’t believable for a teacher to no longer work in the field of education. Payne changed the ending so that McAllister works in New York City at the Museum of Natural History and sees Flick one last time while visiting Washington, D.C. McAllister throws his soda at Flick’s limousine as she drives away with a congressman. But the massaging of the text for the film only makes it stronger, in Lyon’s opinion. The combination of narrative, action, and voiceovers gave the film “another dimension,” and Lyon is happy that the film still remains relevant 10 years after its release.



Opinions Freedom In Education

Hit and Run Highlights Campus Drunk Driving

By Hunter LaCroix ’12 Herald Contributor

By Tim Hollinger ’11 Opinions Editor

My name is Hunter LaCroix. I am freedom of speech and its expression Jewish, my mother is Jewish, and my must be taken in its entirety and that as great-grandmother is a Hassidic Jew from long as violence wasn’t being advocated Poland. I have had family members who groups could express what they please. were at the camps in southern Germany Do I agree with the message that they and Western Poland during the Holocaust bring? Absolutely not, but as an American I during the Second World War, and I believe vehemently support the First Amendment in the value of discussing the events that and like it or not that extends to all sorts transpired there. of dialogue, especially within the academic And I must say that I was offended realm- even if it is regarding hate speech. by the lack of factual representation my Once we start labeling dialogue as opinion was given in the Martini and I being too controversial to be heard, then was rather startled how purposefully that is when we are opening a “logical pitfall” misconstrued my original as you so elegantly put article was. Maybe if the Do I agree? Absolutely it. Where does one limit author of the Martini not. Do I support the what is “controversial” actually read the article right of an individual and therefore should instead of consistently not be heard? If I agree misquoting me I would in an academic setting with the war in Iraq or to offer controversial Afghanistan and why we take his concerns more seriously. are there, should I not viewpoints? Yes. Now normally be allowed to offer my the Martini is considered to be factually opinion regarding it? skewed, poorly researched and horrifically What about discussion regarding written, but I feel that their response to an waterboarding? Guantanamo Bay? The article I wrote was in poor taste, twisting, Military Commission Act? Don’t all these downright false and lacking any particular issues deserved to be discussed in an understanding of what my opinion actually academic environment? Frankly, sir, your is. attempt to grab the moral high ground The article Holocaust Denial used by aligning the Martini with the aspect of snippets from my article in the Herald being “American “ is doing nothing more to further a baseless accusation that my than dragging down basic civil liberties original article does not even make. I am into the mud with your dreadful opinionreferencing an opinion piece that I wrote and I stress opinion because apparently for the Herald last week, in which I argued the Martini only selectively chooses which that every person has the right to offer opinions to hear, and frankly I would like their opinion regardless of whether it is an apology on behalf of any person who popular or not. That was the point of my actually knows what the Bill of Rights is. article, sir, if you actually took the time to Quite honestly the moral high ground read it maybe you would sound somewhat is aligned within these indispensable beliefs: informed instead of a ranting and raving, “Congress shall make no law respecting an self-righteous buffoon. establishment of religion, or prohibiting Let me make this brief and simple, the free exercise thereof; or abridging the something I am hoping even you can freedom of speech or of the press; or the contemplate. I believe that Professor right of the people peaceably to assemble, McGowan’s claims about Holocaust and to petition the Government for a revisionism, denial etc. are in bad taste, redress of grievances.” almost certainly, but I still believe that he Obviously since you are a little lost has the right to make them. Do I agree? as to the meaning that, it is from the Bill Absolutely not. Do I support the right of an of Rights, one of the most American things individual in an academic setting to offer I know of. In conclusion, do I believe controversial viewpoints? Yes. I believe that that McGowan’s views are correct? No, in an educational institution, which Hobart absolutely not. Do I believe that they and William Smith is, controversial ideas should be allowed to be said? Yes I do, I and claims should be allowed. believe that the value of a good education That is what an education is, and democratic ideals is through the exposure to various ideas to help formulate expression of opinions and the ensuing your own. That is what a free education debate that follows. is, it is a conflict of ideas, anything that Does that make me a supporter of a is one-sided is not education but rather Holocaust Revisionist? No, that makes me a indoctrination. The Supreme Court ruled supporter of the United States Constitution, in the case Skokie Ohio vs. Collins that something the Martini seems to forget.

This past Sunday Rachel Nargiso and their there was a hit and run by friends were visiting Colgate the Barn. The driver that University. They were caused the accident was walking back to the campus allegedly drunk. Pulling out in the rain and flagged down of the Barn, he sideswiped a car containing students another car causing a dent. who had been drinking. He then attempted to flee Less than a minute later, the the scene. The students he driver of the car lost control crashed into gave chase. and crashed into a tree. They caught up to the driver The impact killed Collins and confronted and Nargiso, I’ve done it before, him. He was who were first I’m a good driver, a Hobart year students, I’m not that drunk, student. as well as two I only had a few T h e other students. beers. students who According were hit decided not to to a 2001 report from the call the police. They didn’t Highway and Traffic Safety want to get the person who Administration, drivers aged crashed into them kicked 15 to 20 are most likely to be out of school. One of the involved in alcohol-related students who was in the accidents. crash said the student who There are plenty of caused it was intoxicated. ways to get around when They called the drunken you’re intoxicated that don’t student’s parents, explained involve trying to drive. Take the situation, and made a the trolley. Even if it takes private agreement. No one a little longer the trolley was physically harmed. crowd is usually pretty I know HWS students amusing. Walk. Fresh air who admit to drunken and walking feel great when driving. It’s fine, they say, you are drunk and you’ll be I’ve done it before, I’m a good at your destination before driver, I’m not that drunk, I you know it. Call a friend and only had a few beers, the have them give you a ride. explanations are myriad, but Not everyone drinks, and there are no excuses. 1,700 often someone you know college students die every will be spending a night in, year from alcohol-related have them give you a ride. injuries, including drunken If you’re not drinking offer driving, according to the people rides. You can call Annual Review of Health. Campus Safety and have I live on St. Clair them send a safe ride. They Street. Every Friday would much rather see you and Saturday night I see get home safe than be killed students speed, swerve, or severely injured. There and drive recklessly past is no reason to drive drunk. my house. Not all of them Drunken driving not only are sober. A 2004 National endangers yourself, but Highway and Traffic Safety everyone else on the road. Administration survey Two years ago I left found that 21- to 24-year- a party with a good friend. olds were more likely to We’d been drinking for drive while intoxicated several hours and refused than any other age group. rides home. We went our I’ve seen small accidents separate ways and the next happen, and if we don’t morning I learned my friend change our behavior there had totaled his car. We were will be another tragedy. lucky to be alive. Don’t let In 2000, William Smith your friends drive drunk. students Emily Collins and

Debating the Issues By William McConnell ‘12 Herald Contributor

Should Hobart and William Smith Allow Co-Ed Rooms? Point in Agreement

Point in Opposition

It seems worth pointing out it’s going on anyway - there seems to that there is an HWS policy akin to be little reason that HWS should not this right now. On campus, not only openly adopt the policy. Doing so is are there co-ed dormitories, but co- important – most people can agree ed floors, and even co-ed houses and that the Colleges should allow as apar tments! many freedoms to This means students as possible that members insofar as nobody of the opposite comes to any harm. sex can, and One could often do, share object that students the same living in a relationship space amicably. might opt to live M a n y together and colleges are then have that Photo courtesy of: not nearly so relationship go sour, lenient in this regard, enforcing causing a rough situation. However, strict rules as to when members of this happens between roommates the opposite sex have to evacuate now and can be resolved. Also, entire dorms. HWS has no such it seems that only people in very sleepover policy, so it is often the strong relationships would ever case that rooms actually become co- consider living together. ed for nights and weeks at a time Those who are unsure of their often to a roommate’s dismay. partners rarely even choose to live Seeing that there is nothing in the same house; but HWS has inherent about men and women little reason to stop the people who being unable to live together - are confident in their friendships especially considering the fact that and relationships from doing this.

People might do something college campus are ready for this, similar to this now on the HWS especially in our hookup culture? campus, but it hardly seems to Not many, especially considering, be analogous to an actual policy. as has been noted, they can see Sure, a student can live in the same one another as much as they like apartment as anyway without members of actually having to the opposite live together! sex, they can Thankfully, even sleep there is a stronger over in another reason to oppose person’s room this policy than as often as a simple lack of they like. student interest. At the same Adopting this time however, sort of policy, one neither of which has little these is quite representation Photo courtesy of: the same as in schools across actually living in the same room as the nation, would bring HWS a lot your friend or partner. of negative press. This is because That being said, it doesn’t the policy doesn’t seem to be in the seem likely that people will want spirit of positive strides towards to do this. Even after college, two greater students’ rights. It seems people in a relationship deciding more like pushing the boundaries to move in with one another is a of decency and convention for huge step and should not be taken nothing other than the sake of lightly. How many students on a being edgy.



Arts and Entertainment David Binder’s ’1969’

Book Review:

By Amy Nimon ’11 Photography Editor

House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski

recounted various memories of his past: “I went to college for premed,” he told the audience. He went on to explain how a brother of a friend found him gigs playing music at several college campuses, and throughout college he began playing more and more venues. “When I graduated from college,” he said, “I thought, ‘well looks like I have a job!’” Binder never ended up pursuing his medical Amy Nimon/Photographer career—he’s been making music “I remember the day I realized my ever since. parents weren’t just my parents … they During his two-hour act, when were actually people too!” said David Binder wasn’t singing or telling Binder in the Vandervort Room last stories, he was sharing some historical Friday: It was his Parents’ Weekend insight about the year of 1969 and presentation of 1969: The Year that how it “rocked.” He raved about the Rocked the World. excitement of Woodstock and how the His act was filled with not only concert almost didn’t happen when signature music of 1969 but also the the planned location for the show fell history of the time period and accounts through. “Once all the hippies found of his own college experiences — out they weren’t wanted, they wanted stories that had the audience laughing to go even more,” said Binder. He went and nodding heads in understanding. on about the madness of Woodstock, “Parents weekend was always great planned for a crowd of 50,000 but because my parents would take my ending up with a crowd much, much friends and me out to dinner,” he larger. He mentioned the shortages of reminisced. food and medical supplies. But it was Binder stood on stage, a solo act all OK, Binder said, because everyone with a guitar, an amp, and some pre- just helped one another and it was still recorded background music, belting out a wonderful time. tunes by artists such as David Bowie, The traffic for Woodstock was The Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, The backed up for miles and miles, Binder Who, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Chicago, informed the crowd. “Joni Mitchell and even one of his own songs, while wrote Woodstock while waiting in the audience sang along, clapped traffic on her way to the festival,” said hands, and waved arms in the air. In Binder, smiling. “She never even got to between songs like Get Back, Binder perform.”

Halsey’s Reopens In Downtown Geneva By Erin Meehan ’12 Arts & Entertainment Editor

House of Leaves, a psychological thriller, begins as a diary account of the main character Johnny Truant. Delving into the mind of Truant we learn that he has been driven crazy after finding the work of a deceased blind man by the name of Zampano whose novel is called The Navidson Records. The book critiques a nonexistent documentary about a mysterious house that seems to have paranormal activity within. A hallway that Photo courtesy of: never ends, and walls that move the book takes you on the same journey that Johnny himself is undergoing. As Johnny warns continuing to read will change your life forever. “For some reason, you will no longer be the person you believed you once were. You’ll detect slow and subtle shifts going on all around you, more importantly shifts in you. Worse, you’ll realize it’s always been shifting, like a shimmer of sorts, a vast shimmer, only dark like a room. But you won’t understand why or how.” As you flip through the pages as Johnny becomes drawn deeper into psychosis, so does his writings. Words spiral across the page, some require a mirror to read the pages. Some claim it is the scariest book they have ever read while others maintain a less strong opinion. Regardless, the book is not a quick read. It is complicated by the mind of Johnny who spirals ever deeper into madness as he tries to learn more about The Navidson Records. It is a perfect book for a long night in, and if you’re feeling like you need a good scare this is the perfect book for you. Enjoy.

A Spirited Review The Original Drink of the Week Since 2006

Frog in A Blender Our last week of a Halloween themed drink involves a frog in the blender. The "Frog" is actually lime slices that are only slightly blended with the other ingredients. (No frogs were actually hurt in the making of this drink.) Ingredients: 1 cup of ice 2 oz vodka 4 oz cranberry juice 2 lime wheels

Hungry Hobart and William Smith students rejoice! The popular restaurant Halsey’s has re-opened downtown, and not a minute too soon. At the end of the spring 2009 semester, the restaurant saw the opportunity to make some renovations even though it is a fairly new in the area. It has expanded the downstairs and the bar. One of the most important new additions includes a brick oven. The atmosphere is still the same, elegant and pleasant. However, the staff hustles around, which can be a bit distracting and anxiety provoking while you are trying to enjoy your dinner. However, they are all friendly and are very responsive to their guest’s needs. They were all also fairly young; they could very well be HWS students. Dressed in black collard shirts and jeans, they look polished yet relaxed. The particular night was a busy Saturday evening during Family Weekend. Parents and students seemed to be in good spirits as they enjoyed their meals and their family time. The menu has not changed much if at all from the previous one last year. This was somewhat disappointing although an old favorite such as the Halsey’s salad with added chicken or shrimp is always a good option. However, you should ask for the half-size portion unless you enjoy eating multiple servings of lettuce and spinach at

once. The seafood chowder was very good but served in a deep bowl, making it almost impossible to cut the pieces of fish. Overall the menu seemed to have options for everyone but lacked any new imagination. Stuffed chicken, a pasta dish, duck, pretty much what one could expect from a moderately priced dinning experience. Entrees range from $18 to $24 and do not include salads. They also offered only one special, which would never happen at Port’s! I was surprised to see the absence of the flat bread pizza on the menu, which I know was a favorite among college students, especially with the new addition of a brick oven pizza. In its place were fried vegetables cooked in the brick oven. I passed. The dessert menu was basic and somewhat heavy considering that the meal portions are not small, including chocolate cake, cheesecake and their famous cookies. Overall it is exciting that the restaurant has re-opened, giving an alternative to Belhurst and Port’s for a special dinner. In the past Halsey’s also hasbeen very accommodating for larger parties, making it very popular for birthdays. My experience was pleasant and the food enjoyable but hopefully they will be making some new modern additions to the menu soon. For more information visit their website at Reservations are recommended.

1. Place all the ingredients in a blender (including the lime wheels). 2. Blend for 3-5 seconds (ingredients will not be completely blended).

Photo courtesy of:

The Herald reminds you to enjoy the drink of the week safely and at the appropriate time and location, as long as you are of age…

New Artist Alert: The Secret Handshake Throw in a little techno, a little pop and you have yourself The Secret Handshake. Currently on tour, they will be making appearances in Boston, NYC, and even travelling across the world to Australia. Sounds like: Hellogoodbye Owl City The Maine 3Oh!3

Songs to listen to: I Wish and Summer of ‘98 Photo courtesy of:

Interested in seeing them in concert? They will be in Boston on Nov. 5, NYC on Nov. 11, Buffalo on Nov. 12.



Arts and Entertainment Ask Doctor Blackwell

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3-D By Hannah Semaya ’13 Herald Contributor

Got a question about dating that you need answered? Write me at

Dear Liz, Halloween is coming up and my boyfriend and I still do not have costumes picked out. I have looked in stores but do not like anything I see. Got any ideas? Sincerely, Going Batty Dear Going Batty, Check out this ghoulishly great list of costume ideas for couples… just in time for the holiday! • The man wears all brown and goes as Peanut Butter, you wear all purple and go as Jelly… a classic combination that everybody loves! • Or, another classic combination… he goes as Captain Morgan, and you go as a bottle of Coke. • He goes as Edward, you go as Bella. Add some glitter for a little extra sparkle. • The guy wears a decorated cardboard box and goes as a car; you wear all black with yellow tape down your middle and go as a highway. • Your boyfriend goes as Adam, you go as Eve… just please remember to wear clothing. • He wears a yellow striped polo and goes as a bee; you wear bright colors and go as a flower. Try not to do any pollinating in public. • Cut out pieces of cardboard into odd shapes and go as two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You two complete each other! • Wear either all black or all white clothing. Your boyfriend is the King of the chessboard, and you are his Queen. • Your boyfriend wears a suit and is a gambler; you wear a cocktail dress and are Lady Luck. • Wrap yourselves in aluminum foil. He goes as Hershey’s Hugs, and you go as Kisses. Hope those ideas helped! Have fun, and be safe! Sincerely, Doctor Blackwell

Costume Ideas: Play on Words Some of the funniest costumes are the most creative and also a play on words. I’m sure you’ve seen White Trash costumes on the streets possibly even been a Cereal Killer years back. Here are a few more funny costume ideas you may not have thought of before. For more ideas check out

Holy Cow:

Dunkin' Donuts:

Coffee lovers delight on this popular morning stop costume. You could easily borrow a b-ball jersey from a friend and most of us have some sort of tall socks or sweat bands from the random theme party at some point. If you wanted to get creative you could make your own donut by covering a child’s inner tube with fabric and your favorite donut topping.


These two costumes could be a costume for friends or a couple. For the “highway to hell” draw road lines on a shirt and dress as a devil. For “stairway to heaven” an easy angel costume with a staircase on the front of your shirt will make these both a winner. Photos Courtesy of

Both Toy Story and Toy references that would only be Story 2 have been out for quite obvious to older viewers, and they a while now. They made millions are sprinkled throughout. in theaters when released in Between the first and 1995 and 1999, respectively. They second movie there is a very are both available on DVD. So generous intermission period. why would anyone be willing Interesting trivia was shown on the pay to watch them in a three- screen while the characters from hour double feature in theaters? the movie invited the audience to It doesn’t seem to make sense. buy snacks. Toy Story 2 began And yet the special 3-D double soon after. Unlike many sequels, feature has been a huge success. it does not disappoint. The story It’s an experience. While the 3-D continues with more characters, does literally bring a whole new more toys. Woody, through a dimension to the movies, that’s series of unfortunate events, ends not why you should see it. See it up in the hands of a toy collector. if you want to remember why you Here he meets Jessie the Cowgirl, loved them the first time. voiced by Joan Cusack (The The first movie starts School of Rock), Stinky Pete the off introducing the characters, Prospector, voiced by Kelsey the concept. The animation is Grammar (Frasier), and Bullseye beautiful, the script well written. the horse. Together they make up The audience follows toy cowboy the Roundup Gang. Woody has to Woody, voiced by Tom Hanks decide whether he wants to return (Forrest Gump, Cast Away). to Andy, or make a new life with Woody lives with his fellow toys new friends. in a little boy’s room, where he Showing Toy Story and Toy is top toy. Life is going well until Story 2 in 3-D as a double feature shiny new astronaut toy Buzz was a brilliant move on Pixar’s Lightyear, voiced by Tim Allen part. Toy Story 3 is being released (Galaxy Quest) knocks him off in June, and this is the perfect way the top rung. Woody and Buzz to get everyone excited about it. fight over their place in Andy’s Not only are both Toy Story and life. The characters have a depth Toy Story 2 as excellent as the that is often missed by films that first time around, but watching are geared more towards adults. both straight through in 3-D is And yet this movie THE is notHERALD only an experience that is not to be for children. There GENEVA are certain missed. 5/58 stars MOVIEPLEX AD

FRIDAY 10/23 2 COL X 5.5”

White tights or leggings are pretty easy to find and really cheap at a place like TJ Max or Walmart, and a white t-shirt is just as easy. Draw on the cow spots add some wings and a halo and ta-da you’ve got yourself a HOLY COW!

Highway to Hell Stairway to Heaven:

Photo courtesy of:



STADIUM SEATING z1:30z3:40-5:50-8:00S10:10 R

DTS STADIUM SEATING z12:20z2:30-4:40-6:50S9:00 PG z12:50z3:10-5:30 -7:50S10:05

D T S PG-13 #1 MOVIE


z12:00z2:20-4:45-7:10S9:20 STADIUM SEATING z12:10z2:40-4:55-7:20S9:40



z12:15z3:00-5:15 -7:40S9:55 PG-13 z12:30z2:50-5:05 PG-13 -7:30S9:45 8:10S10:00 ENDS TUE R CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS IN 2D z12:05z2:10z4:10-6:10 ENDS TUE PG SPECIAL ADVANCED SHOWING TUE AT MIDNITE STADIUM SEATING






FRIDAY, October 30, 2009


Sports The Rookie

Russ Phillips Joins the Hobart Basketball Coaching Staff By Carrie Stevens ‘12 Sports Editor

“Lacrosse: The Creator’s Game” By Liz Witbeck ‘10 Herald Contributor

Kevin Colton/Photographer

Batavia native Russ Phillips joins the Hobart Basketball coaching staff for the 2009-2010 season. In an Oct. 21 interview, the Cortland State graduate talked about his unique collegiate basketball experience, the upcoming season for the Statesmen and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Carrie Stevens: How was your experience playing basketball at Cortland unique? Russ Phillips: I was going to play, but I tore my ACL. Because I was unable to play and practice, I became the team manager/student assistant. The year the former assistant coach left, I graduated, so I filled in. CS: But even though you didn’t gain experience playing at the collegiate level, you must’ve learned a lot about coaching from your role in the program. RP: Yeah, I learned a lot about big-picture thinking. It’s a long season, so it’s important not to overreact over one game or one practice. The season is a grind – 25 games plus playoffs. With this long period of time, it’s necessary to keep an even temperament. And when you have fun, you get a lot more out of it. CS: Now that basketball season has begun, what’s your assessment of where the team is so far? RP: I’m very optimistic; we haven’t lost yet, we’re still undefeated. We have seven juniors and two seniors, nine upperclassmen total returning to the team. Even though we’ve only been practicing for a couple weeks, they’re playing hard and they’re picking up the stuff we’re teaching them. It’s really exciting, and I’m anxious to start playing games. CS: With so many seasoned players returning, how do you see their presence impacting the success of the team? RP: In general, upperclassmen teams tend to win more than younger teams. A lot of the athletes played significant minutes last year. They are coming back, and they have a better idea of what they need to do to win. CS: As an assistant coach, have you developed a coaching style you think is beneficial to the players? RP: As an assistant, you don’t have your own style yet, but how you interact with the players is based on your personality, I think. My high school coach [Buddy Brasky, from Batavia] had a lot of passion for the game. He was very motivated and really cared about the players. Those are the qualities I want to take from him and reciprocate when I coach. Hobart’s season opening is Nov. 16 against Ithaca College at 7 p.m. in Bristol Gym.

Kevin Colton/Photographer

It was cold and rainy last Friday night, but that did not stop faculty, students and community members from packing into McCooey Field’s bleachers to witness an event that has not happened in over a hundred years: an exhibition lacrosse game between Hobart College and the Iroquois Nationals. Before the game Peter Jemison, a film director and a member of the Seneca Nation of the Iroquois, spoke of the history of lacrosse. He recited a traditional blessing in both English and in the Seneca language. Then the teams were introduced, and the match began. Hobart took the early lead, scoring the first four goals. At the

end of the first quarter, Hobart held the advantage, 6-1. In the second quarter, the Nationals gained momentum and narrowed the gap. At the half, the Statesmen still held the lead, 9-7. During halftime, the Spirit Dancers of the Ganondagan Historic Site in Victor took to the turf. The group, consisting of men, women, adults and children, performed their traditional Iroquois social dances, including the Fish Dance and the Smoke Dance. Although an official score was not being kept, the second half of the game became more intense. Hobart started off strong, but the Iroquois Nationals pulled through and secured the victory, 20-12.

Upcoming Games Saturday, Oct. 31 Hobart Soccer vs. Hamilton 11:30 a.m.

Saturday, Oct. 31 William Smith Field Hockey vs. Geneseo 2:00 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 31 Hobart Football at WPI 1:00 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 31 Hobart Ice Hockey vs. Manhattanville 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 31 William Smith Soccer vs. RIT 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday, Nov. 4 William Smith Soccer vs. Union 1:30 p.m.

David Tyree’s Transformation from Drug Dealer to Super Bowl Superstar By Jacek Siarnacki ‘10 Herald Contributor With less than a minute left in Super Bowl XLI, the New York Giants confronted the impossible. Down 1410 to the undefeated New England Patriots, the Giants faced a thirdand-5 at their own 44-yard-line. Giant quarterback Eli Manning stepped back in the pocket, eluding three Patriot players, before launching a 32-yard pass downfield. David Tyree, a fifth year wide receiver from Syracuse University who only caught four passes during the regular season, went up for the ball with Patriots’ safety Rodney Harrison defending him heavily. Tyree managed to pin the ball to his helmet making, what many sport fanatics have called, the greatest catch in Super Bowl history. For Tyree, this catch meant much more to him than just a championship ring. This catch told a different story. A story of man who hit rock bottom early on in his professional career and managed to turn his life around with help from a place where he least expected to find

it. “Guys find one perfect moment in Jack Daniels, and smoke a blunt of their career that will define them for marijuana. In the 2003 NFL draft, the the rest of their lives,”said sportswriter New York Giants selected Tyree in the Jeremy Schapp, and for Tyree, this 6th round; however, Tyree carried his was the moment. college lifestyle into At Syracuse the National Football University, Tyree League (NFL). was a standout “When you wide receiver. Over get more money and his four years at you don’t have the Syracuse, Tyree had proper perception of 1,214 in receiving it then it intensifies yards, ranking him every dark part of 13th on Syracuse’s your life,” said Tyree. all-time receiving Although Tyree was Photo courtesy of: list. Although Tyree named the Giants’ experienced success on the field, his rookie of the year for his play in 2003life away from football was a different 2004 season, marijuana remained the story. His girlfriend Leilah, who also center of his life. attended Syracuse, had already given During the off-season, Tyree birth to Tyree’s first of four children. was caught with a half-pound of Aside from balancing the marijuana and charged with drug responsibility of being a dad and possession and intent to distribute. a star athlete, Tyree struggled with Tyree had accumulated $10,000 in alcohol and marijuana abuse. After fines and was selling marijuana to every game during his junior and pay them off. According to Tyree, his senior year, Tyree would drink a mindset was if I have access to the 40 oz of malt liquor, a half pint of best marijuana, I might as well sell it.

In jail, Tyree said he felt shameful and embarrassed. For the first time in his life, Tyree called out to God for help. Although Tyree said the walls of the jail cell never shook, he found peace within himself. After he was released from jail, Tyree found out his wife was pregnant with another child. Tyree had never followed or worshipped any religion, but eleven days later, he walked into a church and gave his life to the Lord. “I gave it all to God, and my life has changed forever,” said Tyree. “You would never make that catch again even with 10,000 tries,” said Rodney Harrison, the victim of Tyree’s heroics. Even though Tyree is widely known for his famous catch, he wants to be recognized for his achievements off the field. “If I dropped that ball, I would still have a story to tell,” said Tyree. David Tyree has recently released a book entitled More Than Just The Catch: A True Story of Courage, Hope, and Achieving the Impossible.


Drunk Driving On Campus David Tyree Transforms Freedom in Education Costume Ideas Break the Siege of Gaza Land of the Rising Sun Artists On...

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