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March 29, 2002



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Ian L. Schlanger News Editor


or all of you Seniors out there diligently painting away on your mandalas or fervently figuring out what mysteries await you post graduation here is one mystery solved. The commence-

ment speaker for 2002 will be Mark Shields. Mark Shields is a distinguished commentator, writer and analyst of the U.S. political system. He is currently the moderator of CNN’s “The Capitol Gang.” In addition to his television credits Shields’s political column can be found in The Washington Post and other papers. Shields was born on May 25, 1937 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Notre Damn, and spent time in the United States Marine Corps from which he was

Tempest Blows Through HWS Ian L. Schlanger News Editor


arch 24, Geneva Room – Terry Tempest Williams spoke into a sea of fresh you faces with a power that resonated on the personal and personified meaning. Williams who was this terms 3rd Fisher Center speaker and also co-sponsored by Writers Reading proved to be one of the most dynamic personalities this campus has seen. Prof. Betty Bayer Director of the Fisher Center and Prof. of Psychology helped to introduce Williams, “…She is a poet, nature writer, environmentalist, and Feminist,” she explained describing her work as, “…moving from one bodyscape to another…”

Williams burst onto the writing scene with her deeply personal memoir, Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place. She has since published other books such as Leap and Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert, and has contributed numerous essays and OpEd’s most recently an OpEd in the New York Times. “…[Williams] is revered by all of us,” exclaimed Deborah Tall a professor in the English department, author, and one of the principle people responsible for bringing Williams to campus. Prof. Tall also helped to introduce Williams noting her works, “…fierce loyalty to the natural world…” “It’s a great privilege being here,” a deeply grateful Williams exclaimed, CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

honorably discharged. Mr. Shields has taught American Politics and the press at both Harvard University and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has been deeply involved in political campaigns ranging from all strata of government. Shields’s book entitled On The Campaign Trail about the 1984 presidential campaign has been praised as “funny,” “irreverent,” and “insightful.” Shields has been and continues to be a frequent contributor on the Newshour With Jim Lehrer on PBS. Commencement is scheduled for May 12, on the Hobart quad.

HWS Students “Serve Time” Over Break Liz Kenney News Contributor


our huge army hummers barri caded the path in front of us as men in fatigues surrounded our van. No, this wasn’t overseas; it was the beginning of our Alternative Spring Break. Fortunately, these cadets were mistaken, wrong cabinthey were down the road. We proceeded to move in, excited and anxious to begin the week. Over break 29 students decided to head south not to Cancun or Fort Lauderdale, but to Richmond, VA and Warrentown, North Carolina to do community service projects. NineCONTINUED ON PAGE 2


The Herald


March 29, 2002

Paying Tribute to Women That Matter Phynd is Back Sara Leslie Wingerath News Contributor


his week brings Women’s History Month to a close, and it was done with a proper tribute to women past and present. Women’s Collective’s major contribution to this month was the weeklong event, “Tribute to Women We Know.” For a modest donation of a dollar, contributors were able to write messages about women who made a difference in their lives on a simple cardboard brick. These bricks were later used to make an archway, illuminated by Christmas lights, standing as a temporary monument to the women who had a direct impact on peoples’ lives. The women who are named on the bricks are both still with us as well as those who have passed on.

As you pass by you will read names of family members, neighbors, friends, colleagues or even blank bricks to represent the women who were not named but still left an impact on someone’s life. Some bricks were as general as just, “MY MOM,” or some had inspiring words and pictures to describe that special woman. The William Smith Deans also made a generous contribution to aid in this project. As Dean Butler noted, “If I had to give a dollar for every woman who made an impact on my life, I would not be able to pay my rent.” The proceeds from each brick went to the Susan B. Anthony House. The Susan B. Anthony House is the home of the woman suffragist who lived from 1866 to 1906. The House at 17 Madison Street in Rochester NY is the spot were Susan B. Anthony was arrested for voting in 1872. The brick home

that now has offices, educational space and historical items for a tour is in need of money. The hope is to match the grant that was given to them by the National Park Service or they will not receive the money for the restorations that are required. The three days of tabling were completed with a lighting ceremony and a reception that followed. The lighting, in Christmas lights for safety was done in Scandling Center and everyone was invited for refreshments at the Women’s Resource Center in the Miller Basement. Women’s Collective was honored to have Lorie Lachiusa Barnum, the executive director of the Susan B. Anthony House who was on hand to receive the check. Women’s Collective would like to thank all of those who contributed financially and with their time and presence to make such an event possible.

Alternative Spring Break Gets Students to “Serve Time” CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

teen students along with faculty advisor Jim Burruto traveled to Pocahontas State Park in Virginia to build nine floating fishing piers for the recreational facilities. The ten other students made the trek even father to North Carolina to tutor children at the Mariam Boyd School, while staying in a local church. For the past two years of the Alternative Spring Break program there was only one destination and that was Pocahontas State Park, where students primarily cleared trails. However, with the record-breaking number of responses two trips were feasible this year. Each was seen as an enormous success. The Virginia group, under the direction of Jason Groah was warmly welcomed by a group of rangers, who both put us to work and welcomed us into their homes. Led by Ranger Dan, the heartthrob with a southern drawl, the rangers put themselves out to accommodate our needs and make sure we had a great time. Three long laborious days were spent in the workshop constructing huge and hopefully sturdy piers. We got off to a slow start learning to master power tools, but by the second day we worked independently and were pumping out docks. “This trip was an amazing experience. We got to play in the woods, canoe, eat lots of s’mores, and really

help out the park Rangers. It was great to see the finished product of our work”, claimed Regina Assetta. The end of the week was a reward for all of our hard work. We spent the day bird watching, touring colonial civilizations, viewing reenactments, and wandering around the Richmond Art Museum as well as belting out tunes to karaoke on stage. Concluding with a bonfire, reflections, and skits, it was apparent that the group got a lot more than a fun time from this trip. “Just being in nature rejuvenates your spirit. The combination of service, being outdoors, and the people made it unforgettable. ASB had such a great group of people and I am so glad that I did it,” stated Colleen Judge emphatically. The second group, led by faculty

advisor Jenna Logue and Brooke Robinson, focused on the tutelage of elementary students in North Carolina. After spending most of their day in school, they went off to various community organizations such as the fire department, library, and school office to continue their service. At night, different churches cooked for them. They even got an opportunity to explore Raleigh and an Explorist museum. Like the first group, there was a lot of reflection as to the impact they were making for themselves and on the community. “It was awakening to see how challenging the teaching profession is, and to see the needs of the kids today as well as the community, claimed Lauren Shallish, “A little help can go a long way and can mean so much.”

David Sugar News Contributor


hynd has made its return to Hobart and William Smith Col leges network. For those who do not know what Phynd is or who are here at the colleges for their first year, Phynd is a website which catalogs the files and directories shared on the network. In a less technical description, any file you can find in, “Network Neighborhood,” you can find through Phynd. This includes files such as .mp3 files, compressed files ending in .zip, and movie files ending in .mov, .avi, and others.

Once in the website you have the option of searching for any file you would like on the network. All you do is type in the name of the song, movie, or file you would like to find, press the search button, and Phynd will return a list of where you can find the file you want on the network. You also have the option of choosing whether you would like to search only music files, compressed files, movie files, or any other type of files that are available on the network. If you would like to access this, go to Enjoy!

Tempest Williams Speaks at HWS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

“I was so stunned by the beauty of the finger lakes.” Williams’s speech moved with the same fluidity of her writing, slipping seamlessly from excerpts of her past works, to the quiet observations of a thoughtful soul. Williams described a society that looks at the world through, “the lens of a camera,” noting that, “We can choose to take a photograph of a tree or lie in its arms.” Williams ended the evening reading from her essay, “The Clan of One Breasted Women,” an essay that delves into the explosion of cancer cases in and around the desert space in Nevada where the government

used to test nuclear weapons. “Most statistics tell us breast cancer is genetic, heredity, with rising percentages attached to fatty diets, childlessness, or becoming pregnant after thirty,” Williams read, “What they don’t say is living in Utah may be the greatest hazard of them all.” If emotion could be measured in sound, then the standing ovation that thanked Williams at the end of her deeply passionate speech was a cataclysmic explosion of the very fibers of the heart and soul. Students and faculty alike stood in communal appreciation of an author whose words were rooted in place, and whose voice was laced with an intelligent tenderness.

Upcoming Registration Announcement Just a reminder to HWS returning students that web-registration for Fall Semester 2002 begins April 8, 2002 according to the schedule below: (Contact your faculty advisor during advising week April 1-5, 2002 to be advised for fall registration and to obtain your new PIN number which is required for access to the web-registration system). Registration for Juniors ’03...........……...begins April 8, 2002 Registration for Sophomores ’04.............begins April 10, 2002 Registration for First-Years ’05........…...begins April 12, 2002 Students may register during or after their scheduled dates, but not before. The web registration system is open daily 6:00AM-11:00PM beginning April 8, 2002 For more information on registration for fall semester 2002, see the Registration Handbook and Schedule of Courses delivered to your po boxes on Friday March 29, 2002.

The Herald



March 29, 2002

HSA/WSC Elections 2002-2003 HSA Exec Board

WSC E x e c B o a r d

Ryan Gillmore - Presidential Candidate

Meg Marsh - Presidential Candidate

For the past three years I have been an active member of the HWS community. I have spent my time playing two varsity sports, serving on several different committees, and I am also currently the President of the Sigma Phi Society. The opportunity to become the next president of the Hobart Student Association appeals to me because I feel I am ready to pledge my time and

I ’ m currently a junior at William Smith and I think I would be an excellent president of William Smith Congress. I grew up in Summit, New Jersey and in high school, I was a representative to my student council for three years. Right now I am a Computer Science major and a Cognition, Logic, and Language minor. Congress is the main focus of my activities on this campus. I was on financial committees as a first year and a sophomore. This year I am the student representative to the Committee on Standards. My first year, I was on the committee that rewrote the congress constitution. In addition to congress and the sub committees, I also work for the AV/ Media department, am a writing colleague, participate in Day of

efforts to help facilitate serious change. Our school is heading in the right direction, but there are still many changes that need to be made. For example, I would like to see on-campus activities become more appealing to the student body. By creating more fun and interesting options for students to choose between, hopefully not only will school become more enjoyable, but interaction among students will grow. After three years up here, it is clear to me that Geneva is not one of our country’s Top Ten Most Exciting Cities, and it is my goal to figure out a way to make

students’ time more pleasing on campus. I am determined to work with clubs and organizations to make this happen. My term as the President of the Sigma Phi Society is winding down, and it has given me a sense of responsibility that I take pride in. I feel my efforts in coordinating community service activities along with the relationships that I have been able to build while working with numerous members of the administration will pave the way for me to make a positive impact throughout the HWS community.

Taylor Coe - Vice Presidential Candidate Hi, my name is Taylor Coe, and I am a rising junior at Hobart. I am running for Vice-President of H.S.A. For those of you who don’t know me allow me to give you a brief look into my life. I am 19 years old and my hometown is Lake Forest, Illinois. I am an active member of H.S.A., The Alpha Alpha Chapter of Sigma Chi, the Hobart rugby team, and the Hobart intramural

lacrosse team. Through my experiences in these clubs I interact with a broad range of students, and am able to listen to people’s opinions and wishes of and for the colleges. I am extremely excited about the changes I can try to implement if elected. As Vice-President I would like to push for our campus to move to a one-card system, which would make everyday life a little easier on us all. (A one-card system is that which would allow your student id to be used to do laundry, buy food at the café and vending machines, be used as a security device to

open doors, and more.) Along with the ease this would bring to our lives as students, I would like to further simplify life at Hobart by working to put elections online. Students already have a lot to deal with when it comes to homework and class, by putting the vote online you can vote from your dorm room instead of making the walk to Scandling Center. I am ready to work with the students, faculty, and H.S.A. to help implement any changes that will better our college. I am the man for the job, and on April 3rd I hope you feel so too.

Will Stewart - Vice Presidential Candidate I would like to extend a greeting to the Hobart College community. My name is Will Stewart and I am running for the position of Vice-President of HSA. I am a rising Junior of the class of 2004, and I feel that I would be a very strong candidate for the position. I am an aspiring political science major, and my education thus far in these types of courses has led me to run for a political office on campus. I have learned that active political participation is possible on all levels of society, from the state and federal level, down to the microcosm of both the local, as well as our school. My interests are varied. Perhaps you may see me in one

of your classes, out playing rugby, or learning martial arts; perhaps you see me in town on any night. I feel that my interests have led me to participate and become acclimated to many social circles at the Colleges. It is this understanding I would like to put to use to help HSA become more effective in serving your needs. It is important for the men of the College to understand that if you become actively involved in various aspects of college life, as well as participating in the decision-making bodies that run the school, you can have a strong opinion in the processes that affect it. I have spent my first two years at this school becoming acclimated to both the academic, political, and social environments that are present on and around campus. I am a brother of the Kappa

Sigma fraternity, and it is evident that our house has become a positive and contributing member of both the college community as well as the Geneva area, as we actively participate in community service programs in and around this town, such as the Geneva Boxing Club, which we tutor children in the academics. It is this experience I have in being involved, that I can use to your advantage. I have high aspirations for what next year’s HSA can do for you, if I am elected, I will repay you by doing the best I can. Either way, on April 4-5, please take the time and vote in the HSA elections. It is a small step to exercise your political potential on campus.

Service every year, and have been a SIB leader for two years. I’m a strong supporter of HWS athletics and try to attend as many events as I can. I try to get as much as I can out of this school and I love to try new things. I have a good relationship with much of the staff and faculty on this campus. I think this is very important in representing the students because a good relationship is usually helpful in getting what you want or need. Sometimes I feel like people are lacking a sense of community on this campus. There are small groups of people that work hard for what they believe is important on this campus. These groups put on events and try to get other people involved, but unfortunately, the turnout is often smaller than what was hoped for. It’s discouraging when this happens and I think that these groups need to join together and create programs together that involve more people. Congress is a great way for people to come

together and learn what’s going on around campus. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, congress also has the problem of getting people involved. As president, I would really like to try and understand why this is and try to get more people involved. I think that if there were more people at congress, everyone would have a chance to learn from each other what everyone else is interested in. By doing this people may get excited about things they never even thought about before. I think that if congress started getting more of a turnout, other groups would, in turn, end up with a better turnout too. I’d really like to be president because I really care about this school and how my fellow students feel about the school. I’d like to help out with many of the daily problems students face and try to find a way of making this campus a better place for all of us.

Donna Richardson - Vice Presidential Candidate I am running for the position of Vice President of William S m i t h Congress.

I consider myself dedicated to WSC and have taken part in many of the sponsored events. If elected I will look forward to the responsibility of helping organize and run next year’s meetings and agendas. I am currently a member of the William Smith Judicial Board, and I have had

many years of experience in executive office and government membership. I consider myself qualified to hold the Vice-President position. If elected, I shall hold the Vice-President of William Smith College position enthusiastically, officially and with dedication.

Jamie Holland - Secretarial Candidate Hello, my name is Jamie Holland. I am a r i s i n g sophomore from We b s t e r, NH. I am running for the position of Secretary for the William Smith Congress executive board. Currently I am a representative in Congress for my floor, Hirshson 1. After a week of shadowing the current secretary Jess Miller, I

decided that I was a suitable candidate for the position. The responsibilities for the position of secretary include typing the minutes after every meeting, meeting with the deans, contacting clubs, and brainstorming ways to better the colleges and student life here at the Hobart and William Smith. I feel that I can approach each of these responsibilities with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. I feel that in order to be qualified for this position a candidate must have leadership skills that allow her to resolve conflicts, attain goals, and communicate

well with others. I believe that I am fully qualified to complete the tasks of the secretary position as a result of four years of experience as class secretary in high school. If elected, I hope to grow as a leader and person, and will take every opportunity to do so. All in all, my caring, determined, and thoughtful personality, coupled with my strong communication and organizational skills make me a strong candidate for the next secretary of the William Smith Congress.

election 2002 continued on the next page...

Matt Simpson

Hobart Student Trustee Nominees Karl Brautigam Many Hobart students are probably asking themselves “ W h y should I choose Karl to be my Student Trustee?” The answer is simple: I am a firm supporter of student’s rights, needs, and concerns. As a student, I have noticed that we are very underrepresented on this campus, mainly through outlets such as the Board of Trustees and the administration, both of which make the long-term plans for HWS. This needs to be addressed and changed, and I believe I am the one who can provoke such change – by being a vocal presence for Hobart students on the Board of Trustees. This past year, I served as your Secretary for the Hobart Student Association. During my tenure as HSA Secretary, I created a web site for HSA (located at, the BAC/Finance Council (located at hsg/bac/), and published a committee facebook – all firsts for HSA. I made it as easy as possible for all Hobart men to get all necessary information regarding HSA, which I felt was extremely important. I am also very visible on campus – whether it is in Saga, the Library, in the Quad, or anywhere else, I welcome all to voice their opinions and concerns. In the past, I have served as a member of LAO (Latin-American Organization), a member of the HWS Leadership Institute, served as a Finance Council representative during my first year, and have worked as a contributing writer/photographer for The Herald. I have also served as a SIB Leader during Orientation 2001, a First-Year Advantage (formerly Transition to Success) TA. I also sit on the HWS 2005 Student Task Force Committee to help create a better environment for student life at the Colleges. As your elected trustee, I will initiate my “Five Point Plan,” whereby I would tackle the following pressing issues:

David Powell M y name is David Powell; I am a sophomore at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and lived there for most of my life. Through my time here at HWS I have made is a personal goal to use this liberal arts education to make me as well rounded as possible. I have done this by involving myself in many different aspects of this school. First and foremost my major is International Relations, with a concentration in economics. This allows me to take classes in different fields creating a personalized education that covers many

aspects of learning. I also have involved myself in different clubs on campus. One of which is the Mock Trial Team, in which we went to nationals in St. Paul Minnesota this year. The other is the Rugby Team, in which we finished second in state last fall. I also started an intramural soccer team last fall, played on an intramural basketball team this winter, and I started an intramural softball team for this spring. Along with these aspects of HWS that I have taken advantage of, I am planning on taking advantage of our diverse abroad program by attending the Vietnam trip in the fall of 2002. I am also a brother at the Delta Chi Fraturnity, which has elected me manager of the house. Through Delta Chi I have had the opportunity to volunteer at the soup kitchen in Geneva, as well as the Boys and Girls Club

in Geneva. I have also attended the Hobart Student Administration meetings, which has kept me up to date on all the current issues on the Hobart campus, as well as allowed me to bring up many issues that I have. All these activities have allowed me to enjoy my campus life that much more, as well as kept me deeply involved here at HWS. This deep involvement on campus is why I want to run for the Hobart Student Trustee position. These activities have kept me well rounded on campus, have qualified me for a deep understanding of what campus life is like, and have enabled me to know what many of the students on campus want. These three aspects have created me as a perfect candidate for the Hobart Student Trustee position.

Jonis Belu-John M y name is Jonis BeluJohn and I am running for the position of Hobart Student Trustee. I am the best candidate for this position due to the fact that my involvement in many different organizations has given me the opportunity to learn and become aware of many issues and concerns of the HWS community from campus enrollment to development projects. Since my in-

ception into the HWS family, I have been involved in the Colleges. I am the only person to be elected into the executive board of HSA (secretary) as a first- year student. I haave also served as treasurer of HSA, a coordinator of Day of Service, President of BSU, and a host of other positions on many different organizations and clubs that I will not list here. In addition, a trustee, especially a student trustee, should be able to convey the needs and wants of the students in a manner that does not jeopardize or alter them. If I am given the privilege and opportunity to

serve and represent my Hobart men, my only goal will be to fight for and protect the interests of my constituents. Finally, through my experiences I recognize and acknowledge the importance of strong student leadership on our campus. My reputation and confidence among the students, staff and administrators will allow me to represent the level of leadership present here on the campus as well as serve as a liaison between all parties. For these reasons, please vote for Jonis BeluJohn for Hobart Student Trustee.

--The condensing of winter break! Lots of Hobart students have had many concerns about the winter recess being shortened, and I would like to find out why. We need to compare our calendar to calendars of our contemporaries (such as Skidmore, and Hamilton, for example) and see if this is due to the Semester Conversion (which was completed between 1999 and 2000). -- Extended Hours For The HWS Shuttle! Many students are unhappy that the shuttle only runs for a limited amount of hours during the academic day. Students have voiced that they want the shuttle to run both earlier on weekends and later into weekend nights.

-- The Alcohol Policy! Yes, it is a controversial topic, but something needs to be done. I am ready to sit down with The Board of Trustees, Student Trustees, the IFC, and the administration to settle this problem, or at least allow all parties to have a voice in what is going on. -- The HWS 2005 Initiative! As your trustee, I want to keep all of you informed of all the longterm plans that the institution has decided on, whether it boils down to curriculum or to new facilities. I also would update the student trustee web site to make it easier for students to find information about our initiatives. -- The One-Card System! Many students are concerned

about the safety of not only themselves, but also security of their belongings within residence halls (especially with the thefts that occurred over spring break). I want the administration to get a one-card system that would allow students to enter residence halls with their student ID cards (as do many of our contemporaries). These are some of the important issues I that think need to be addressed and dealt with. If it means generating controversy, so be it. But students need to have their voices heard and I can be the person that will make it happen.

As an Economics major, a varsity Athlete, an International Student, and a Trustee Scholar, I will bring a wide range of interests and experiences to the position of Student Trustee. My knowledge of economics will give me a better understanding of the work of the Trustees allowing me to effectively represent the student body in making important financial decisions. As the only varsity athlete running for this position I am fully aware of the benefit of athletics to our school and understand the hard work and dedication required to balance being a successful athlete while at the same time maintaining academic integrity. As an International Student I understand the need for diversity and cultural development, and maintain a high level of respect for all people, regardless of color or creed.

Finally, as the only Trustee Scholar running for this position, I consider myself to be a prime example of one of the many roles the Trustees play in our school. I have had the opportunity to attend past board meetings, and have become familiar with many of their procedures and many of the Trustees themselves. Since my first days at Hobart it has been my desire to work with the men and women on the Board of Trustees, to make important decisions regarding the Colleges and to show them that their investment in me has paid off; that I have taken full advantage of their great gift, and become the best athlete, student, and person I can be. The Trustees have given me the great opportunity of attending this fine institution and furthering my education, and I ask you to please vote for me as Student Trustee, and allow me the opportunity to give back to this school, and to this group, that has meant so very much to me.Thank You.

Ryan Kelly As a student trustee I would concern myself with all of the required aspects of the position but my greatest interest lies in effectively understanding and representing the needs of our student body. I have the desire and will to aggressively represent

the real needs of our student body. It is also my goal to raise the general student awareness about what really goes on here at HWS beyond the classrooms. I.e. What is going on with the student court? What kind of surveillance does our school perform on us? Elect me and I will be sure to find answers to the questions that are important and relevant to us as students who are part and party to any and all actions carried out by this institution, HWS.

Peter A. Beaulieu

Being a student trustee means being the collective voice of the student body. It means listening to your concerns, being active in the HWS community, and caring about what happens to our school. Not just anyone has what it takes to be a student trustee. You have to be motivated, organized, and willing to appreciate everyone’s views. As

a student trustee I will do all of these things, and I am sure I have what it takes to be effective. Over the past two years I have participated in various clubs on campus, It Might Be Funny, the Orange Key Honor Society, as well as others. I have also gained leadership experience through being an RA and being enrolled in the Leadership Institute. My workstudy job in Admissions has given me a unique look at the HWS campus and what we need in the future. I would love to be a student trustee and I can only hope that you will give me the chance to make HWS a better place.

The Herald


Oscar Veras I am running for the Junior Student Trustee because as a student who is involve on most campus activities and organizations I know and understand many of the changes that my fellow peer would like to see on this campus. I am currently the Resident Advisor for Sherrill Hall. The majorities of my resident are first year students. As an RA for first

year students I understand what many first year need in order for them to adjust and feel welcome in this college. They would like to see more campus events in which they would not have to pay for. I am also the current Public Relations of the Latin American Organization, which as a board we organize campus wide events in cooperation with other clubs. As part of this board I am able to see what events are successful and which one are not. Therefore, I would be able to suggest many good events and activities to the Board of Trustee that would beneficial to everyone.

I am also part of the Committed on Standard, which I get to know in the kind of trouble many HWS students get into; therefore I would be able to suggest some changes that would help many students not to get in trouble. This committee and organizations helped me to see a bigger picture of how many students from different backgrounds and experiences feel on this campus and I know that seeing the bigger picture would help me to suggesting and voting for changes that would help and benefit the school as whole. If we want to see changes, Lets do it now!

something that she would like to change about HWS whether it be lack of parking, problems with Res Ed, or suggestions about Saga. These changes can only take place with a student trustee who is a good listener and has the motivation to work hard in implementing your ideas. With previous experience as a participating member of William Smith Congress and a student justice on William Smith Judicial Board, I feel that I have the skills to effec-

tively work with administration in having your voice heard. I am involved in numerous areas of campus life and these varying positions allow me to interact with a wide range of people to better serve this diverse population. Most importantly, I bring to this position a genuine desire, enthusiasm, and motivation to work on behalf of you, the students of William Smith College, in making our time here more enjoyable.

Lisa DeLucia A s trustee, I will work to ensure that your ideas, suggestions and concerns are brought to the attention of the administration so that action can be taken. I’m sure that each one of you has

William Smith Student Trustee Nominees Carolyn Lluberes Allow me to take this moment to give you an inside view on myself, my ideals, and intentions of serving the William Smith body as Junior Trustee. First of all, my connections with the Hobart and William Smith community have been established for quite some time – my sister was a graduate of the class of 1987. My love and appreciation for the colleges is one that has always been embedded in me. I have a genuine desire to give back to the colleges, which has done so much for my family, my sister and me. My service to the colleges is one that I take great pride in. From serving on the elected Cam-

pus Safety and Fire Safety committees during 2000-2001, to being a “Side Kick” mentor to a first-year woman this year, my responsibilities to the campus come from a deep appreciation for the resource that is our college. I am currently a planner in the coordination of a student-run cross-cultural retreat at our campus. This retreat will bring students of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds together as one, and embrace the beauty of diversity. I have been in the process of organizing this since September, and the retreat will be held in April. I had the pleasure of being one of two William Smith students to represent our colleges at a cross-cultural conference/retreat in Highland Springs California last semester. I took great pride in representing our colleges and plan to continue being involved in student life. If elected as stu-

dent Junior Trustee, I vow to use my voice as an effective tool for conveying the ideas, desires and needs of the William Smith student body. As a New Yorker, I have been exposed to and participated in numerous cultures, ethnicities, viewpoints and ideals. I intend to use this knowledge to represent the different voices and ideas of the many faces of William Smith. A Student Trustee has the ability to bridge the voices and concerns of the student body to the board of Trustees. My goal is to make myself accessible, in order to guarantee that you, the students, are well served and represented. Put your faith in me, and on Thursday April 4th 2002, put your voice to good use. Vote for me, Carolyn Lluberes for the position of Student Junior Trustee. Every vote, and every voice counts.

experience I have learned that talking about some of these different issues is helpful only if following the conversation some kind of action takes place to move forward with new ideas. This is what I am looking to do as a Student Trustee. I plan on listening to other students, whether it be through the setting of a forum, or sitting in Saga, and assessing what we as students want to see from the Board of Trustees, then sharing with the Board different issues that students deem critical to their lives here at the colleges and then finding the best solution we can together. The majority of the members of the board have not been a student on this campus for over 10 years, therefore the role of the Student Trustees must be to bridge the communication gap between the students, and the Board who is running our school and I believe I would be a good representative. Through serving on WSC I have worked closely with the current Student Trustees, on issues such as the September 11 remembrance wall and penny drive, re-writing our WSC constitution and creating a Class

Presidents position/constitution. I am also currently serving on President Gearan’s 2005 Student Life Task Force along with the two current Junior Trustees among other faculty and administrative members, which has given me yet another insight to our school. Through these interactions, I have realized what an important role the position of Student Trustees as well as the Student Governments play in making changes on our campus. Overall, I have worked hard on Congress this past year and hope to continue my leadership efforts throughout the rest of my William Smith career. I have developed a great commitment to our school both academically and through the many important relationships I have made through out my last two years here. I plan to continue this commitment to both myself and our school for my next two years here as well as looking to the future of our colleges. I believe I am a qualified candidate for the position of Student Trustee and would love to dedicate my time to serving on this board.

Jessica Miller

Heather Harris H i ! My name i s Heather, and I’m excited to be running for the position of your next student trustee. My hometown is Morgantown, West Virginia, but I’ve enjoyed making


March 29, 2002

upstate New York my second home for the past two years. During my time here I have been very involved in the theatre. I’ve been in several plays, as well as directing a student-written production last fall, and doing my work study as a stage crew member. I have also participated in America Reads, been a peer tutor for CASS, and am active in the Newman Catholic community

here on campus. Next fall I will be participating in the school’s study abroad program in Bath, England. Because of these experiences and interests, as your student trustee I will do my best to promote the role of the arts here on campus. I am also interested in issues of environmental protection, and maintaining and enhancing the school’s ongoing commitment to community service.

HSA/WSC Treasurer Nominees Adam Tumilowicz

Carla Delucia

I am currently a junior and a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Since arriving here at Hobart and William Smith Colleges I have been involved with the Student Athletic Association Committee, Professor review board, and play Varsity Football. Currently, I am the Grand Master Of Ceremonies for the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. I am running for this position because I think I could better allocate funds more evenly through out many student organizations.

I’m a public policy major, a current member of WSC and have served as vice president of my high school class for four years. I feel that I will be able to better serve our community by channeling the opinions of students to the proper places so that all of your needs can be met. Did you know that at the beginning of each semester, William Smith Congress is given approximately $35,000 to spend? I will work to make sure that each dollar of that amount is spent in ways that best accommodate the needs of William Smith women. I will manage our finances so we will be able to spend more money on clubs and campus wide activities that the student body feels we should have. As a first-year student, I see much at HWS that is in need of change – I’m sure each student can think of something that they want to change as well. In order to make this happen, we need to start now. So if you want positive action, vote Carla DeLucia for WSC treasurer.

My name is Jessica Miller and I am currently serving on our William Smith Congress executive board as secretary and am running for the position of Student Trustee. Throughout my past two semesters here I have learned a tremendous amount about myself as a student, as well as a leader, and I have worked closely with both other students and the administration to try to make William Smith the best college it can be, both in itself and within the coordinate system. Although the position of Junior Student Trustee is different in many ways from WSC, I believe my experience on Congress has strengthened my qualifications as a candidate for the Student Trustee position. I have worked both with a wide variety of students on many different issues pertaining to our school, as well as learned how decisions are made pertaining to our lives here as students. Through this leadership


THE HERALD Established 1879 By and for the students of Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Boozin’ & Cruisin’

Melissa Roberts ‘02 Editor-in-Chief Ian Schlanger ‘02 News Editor Dina Paulson ‘03 Assistant News Editor Dave Gordon ‘02 Photo Editor Benjamin Kenna ‘03 Sports Editor Carl “Tex” Morgan ‘03 and “Dirty” David Diehl ‘05 Opinion/Editorial Editors Christina Taranto ‘05 Arts & Entertainment Editor Wamaris Rosario ‘02 and Martha Genao ‘02 El Heraldo Editors Michael Cabot ‘02 Advertising Manager

CONTRIBUTORS Courtney Buckmire ‘03.5, Sports and Op/Ed Tina Carrasquillo ‘04, El Heraldo Liz Kenney ‘05, News Nicole Lemperle ‘03, Op/Ed Anthony Liuzzi ‘02, Op/Ed Rosio Ramos ‘02, El Heraldo Sara Wingerath ‘02, News Jonathan Widmark ‘02, A&E

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES It is the policy of The Herald as a student-run publication to inform the community of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. In keeping with this policy, the Editorial Board wishes to encourage constructive participation by any member of the Colleges' community. The Editorial Board reserves the right to omit, edit or reject any material. Deadline for all articles is 5 p.m., Tuesday evening preceding the issue. No exceptions will be made without prior consultation with the Editor-in-Chief. Deadline for all advertising is the Tuesday afternoon prior to publication. The Herald’s office complex is located in the basement of Scandling Center on the campus of Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, New York 14456. Address correspondence to Box SF-92. Letters to the Editor are subject to editing for clarity and libel by the Editorial Board. Letters may be submitted anonymously ONLY after consultation with the Editor-in-Chief. Letters do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Editorial Board. Suggested length is 400 words.


hy are we as a nation blinding our eyes to the harsh realization that underage drinking will always be happening, no matter how many kids you arrest, how many parties you bust, how many bars you raid. All you’re doing is screwing up somebody’s police record, screwing up somebody’s relationship with his or her folks, wasting 60 of their dollars to buy a new fake ID. I don’t care how many times a cop will take a kid’s ID, they will always go get another one. Believe IT. We need to change some policies for kids, excuse me, or men and women my age. Both the HWS and the US Constitution. Instead of just busting and incriminating kids because we want

to be stubborn, be realistic, kids will drink anyway. What we need to do is educatenot to know the terrible consequences if we get caught, but how to be responsible when in the presence of alcohol. Give other means of transportation. Designated Drivers. There would be many less problems. I could never tell my parents I was drinking because they would have ripped my head off in high school, but I still drank. And because of the consequences if they found out, I was never allowed to sleep at the house I was partying at. I couldn’t tell them I had too much to drink to drive home. I had to just go. I was lucky. But I am definitely not the only person in America or the world or HWS who has had this problem or something similar that put them into just as compromising a position that could’ve been avoided had we, as a nation of authority figures, decided what was more important- busting kids who drink or keeping them safe.

The Fine Line Between Terrorism and Foreign Policy Anthony Liuzzi


f the many things missing from our pseudo-president’s State of the Union address last month, what was lacking the most was his button that appropriately says “worry.” With all of his talk on terrorism and the “axis of evil,” it has forced me to turn and look at our own country and the government’s own practices in recent history. I find that terrorism may be more common than we think, and perpetrators of terrorism could very well be said to be the very ones condemning it. Last November I was part of an electoral delegation in Nicaragua to witness the presidential elections, and try to help assure a safe, clean election. Because the US government has assumed the right to intervene in Nicaragua for the last 150 years, it wouldn’t have been such a shock if George W. had intervened to pick a president himself. After all, it was only two decades ago when Reagan’s “military advisors” and weapons helped kill 30,000 innocent civilians in Nicaragua. By 1979, the 43-year Somoza dictatorship had received so much criticism, it was bound to fall. Originally implemented

by our government to suppress Augusto Cesar Sandino and his revolutionary followers, the Somoza dictatorship became so explicitly corrupt and repressive that even the United States government (or at least Jimmy Carter) supported some sort of government takeover. The Sandinista Party (FSLN), founded in 1961 and named for the national hero Sandino, triumphed in July 1979 with our financial and political support (the US government actually implemented a new government in Managua, but it only lasted eight hours). When our government realized the government was concerned about the wellbeing of the entire population, it was labeled communist and Ronald Reagan started his first term by placing “freedom fighters” in Central America. Many claim that the 1990 elections were rigged in favor of the US-sponsored candidate. Nonetheless, the people of Nicaragua were without a doubt ready to end a war that threatened the lives of even the most passive citizens, for land mines were placed on roads, simply to increase the depression (both emotional and economic), dissidence, and terror in the crumbling nation. The land mines, guns, and CONTINUED ON PAGE 9

New For Spring: Sex On The Quad Nicole Lemperle


h, spring…. Ok, so there are a few inches of snow on the ground and the temperature is equal to my age, but my calendar says we’ve passed the Vernal Equinox. (That’s the first day of spring, not an STD.) April is in a few days, birds are singing and bees are buzzing. And we all know what birds and bees mean. Here at HWS, we college students are no different than those damn squirrels taking over campus. Yes, ‘tis the season to find a member of your preferred sex to, ah… spend time with as you see fit. Now, some may argue that it is always mating season here, but I guarantee you that for many people the hormones are about to kick it up a notch. The first place you may notice increased interaction between Hobart and William Smith uld like to point out the following: Can we really call it a Mating Ritual if the objective isn’t reproduction of the species? She has a point. more So I’ll just call it… the “Ritual to get Some”?) Everyone loves the quad, so no one is left out of this one. Thmeans that your favorite one-strap tank tops, tight halter tops, short skirts and platform sandals will be emerging from hibernation! That’s right girls, it’s time to put away the black pants and dig out the skirts and capris! Don’t worry boys, you won’t be left out of donning a new spring line. Your DT uniform will be changing, too. Get out your flip-flops and polo shirts (on the count of three, everyone flip up your collar!) Remember: Real men wear pastels. Another prime location for observing the HWS mating ritual is on our favorite warm-weather place to be, the Quad. (At this juncture, Erinn McNamara would like to raise this question: If the objective is not reproduction of the species, can we really call it a “mating ritual”? She’s right, so I’m taking suggestions for a better term. Perhaps “Ritual to Get Some”?) The first thing you may notice is topless Hobart students throwing CONTINUED ON PAGE 7

The Herald



March 29, 2002

Sit Up and Take Notice: Issues at HWS Winter Break: Too Much Minkie O. English


ello Ladies and Gentlemen of the HWS community. After residing in Geneva for the past four years, more specifically on the HWS campus, there have been numerous issues that I have encountered that have continued to disturb me, but I’ve only shared with my closest friends. Now if you’ve seen me disgruntled or laughing hysterically sometimes around campus with a few friends, Yes I maybe laughing at you or maybe some other ridiculous thing that I’ve encountered for that day. Though this article may offend some, make some mad, make some laugh, and whatever else, to tell you the truth it does not bother me. This is just something that I need to share with the HWS community or better yet things that need to be said that others have been too afraid or just did not have the time to share with you guys. Word to the wise, if anyone at this institution has any rebuttal to this article, please be sure to make it comprehendible and try to sound a bit educated. On that little note here are the issues that I believe exist at HWS: #15 – Why is Odell’s always the last place on campus that is shoveled and/or iced when snow or ice cover the walk-ways? #14 – Since I am not my entire race, do not expect me to represent it in a heated class discussion on the issue. Yes, I will voice my opinion, but it is just that: MY OPINION. #13 – Not to say that there is anything wrong with this much needed program at HWS to create a ‘diverse’ community here, but do not get it twisted, NOT all minorities on this campus are from the Bronx or Brooklyn and is at HWS because of the HEOP program. #12 – To quote a friend, “Who I associate with does not define who I am. Get to know me as an individual.” #11 – For those that attend Barn parties, the last time I checked dancing did not involve having sex on

the dance floor...if you are there and you feel the urge…GO TO YOUR ROOM (with the consenting party/ partner of course). #10–STD is to HWS as female acquaintances on this campus are to sleeping with the same guy. Why do girl-friends on this campus, ‘step on each others feet’ to get at the same guy? Ladies that is nasty, it cannot be that serious…GET A GRIP ON YOURSELVES. #9 – If you are stupid enough to sell illegal substances on a small campus like HWS where everyone knows your business before you do and, especially when you have no need to, I feel no sympathy when you are caught and kicked off campus or out of school. Think of the consequences of your stupid acts before you decide to carry them out. #8 – You see me on campus and don’t say jack (anything) to me, therefore when you see me downtown do the same. Do not be selective in when and where you say hi to me. #7 - OK, the last time I checked the majority of us here are in college. So why is it that some of you act like you are still living at home with your maids or better yet your parents who clean up after you. The cleaning people are not your maids or your parents…RESPECT THEM. Ladies, if you are old enough to use a tampon or sanitary napkin and cook, I am sure you are old enough to know how to discard it and also clean the kitchen after yourself. If you are stupid enough to drink yourself into a stupor you should be respectful enough to clean up your ‘throw-up’ in the hall bathroom. The guy that drives the drunk bus and takes your sorry irresponsible behinds downtown and then back to campus is not your special driver….RESPECT HIM AND HIS WISHES—sit down, if you have a seat, shut up, and don’t bang

If it is still March and although we’ve been getting weather outside the winter norm, you do not have the right to be wearing such few pieces of clothing.

on the damn windows. Yes everyone on the damn bus knows that you are drunk, hell we saw you downtown ourselves, making a fool of yourself. All I want to do when I get on that bus is have a peaceful ride home. #6 - OK, many are going to be angry with me on this one and if you are, refer to my opening statements to review my feelings about your anger. Anyway, besides the fact that we can see the obvious separation of our student body on this campus by observing their obvious seating arrangements in Saga, does not mean that everyone has to adhere to those implemented social patterns. You are your own person, so sit wherever you want. But don’t you dare criticize me for sitting where I want. Little Africa- loud. Why is it always so loud over there…I must admit I am often loud sometimes, but I try to dilute my loudness by moving to other areas of saga, so it is not so concentrated in that one area. The middle section in the center of saga (second level) - the catwalk. Now if you choose to wear pants that reveal the crack of your behind and most often your thong, do me a favor, PULL YOUR PANTS UP. Yeah some fellas may love the view as you are sashaying down the catwalk, but trust me, it is not cute. #5 - Ladies the nonexistant “can’t carry much” Fendi bags are played out. Now if you are carrying your books in one hand and rocking an ever-so small bag on your shoulders, guess what…GET A BIGGER BAG, you are only in school. Save the small bag for your night out on the town in one of Geneva’s finest hot spots. #4 - When the weather person (to be P.C. and not offend anyone) predicts snow and the current weather outside is in the low thirties and windy, but I see numerous individuals walking around campus with shorts and/or vest and a thin sweater pulled over their fingers, and the best one of them all, a winter coat with Capri pants and slippers which reveal extremely red toes…it’s time for you to put on some more clothes. HELLO…maybe it’s just me, but if it

#12 – To quote a friend, “Who I associate with does not define who I am. Get to know me as an individual.”


of a Good Thing? Courtney Buckmire


ow did you spend your win ter break? Were you sitting on the beach in the Caribbean? Maybe you were skiing in Vail or the Swiss Alps. If you’re like me, you just relaxed at home, spending time with friends and family. Or, you could have been like the vast majority of the campus, slaving away in low paying jobs, trying to save money for the impending semester. You probably spent a week looking for job, filling out applications and going on interviews, leaving you just enough time to work. But what if you had a week less? You would be left with one less week to work, making you an unappealing candidate for employment in the eyes of an employer. By the time you started and got settled, your time would be over. This isn’t a “what if” situation. This could happen to you next winter. Next winter, the calendar will be modified. The winter break will be shortened by one week. To compensate, the summer vacation will be extended by one week. One WS junior had this to say, “Students won’t have enough time to look for a job or relax after a long semester. The additional week to summer vacation

makes no difference. There’s so much time already; I won’t notice it.” A WS senior commented, “For upper class students, it’s a drastic change from six weeks to three.” One Hobart sophomore felt the extra week to be a necessity, “Students have to have time for themselves. You don’t have time to see your family during the fall. Winter is the only time that we have. I don’t want an extra week in the summer.” First year students are aggravated as well. A WS student said, “Winter break is a time for students to relax. Students are bombarded with work all semester. There are going to be a lot of unhappy people here. We need the time.” HWS has gone through many changes since my first year in 1999. The most significant change being the trimester to semester conversion. I watched the construction of the turf field and the renovation of the café. We now have new ID cards and online registration. The appearance of the website has changed, as will the campus with the addition of the new academic building. Though some changes have been and will be beneficial to us, the student body, others have not. This change to the CONTINUED ON PAGE 9


some type of ball, Frisbee or Saga Burger (the object doesn’t matter, as long as you are able to play wearing only shorts). The group of males will take their position in the center of the quad. Other groups of students will form near said males. Many will be wearing Reef flip-flops and Abercrombie shorts or sun dresses. More students (H and WS) will join in the game, perhaps creating their own game of pitch-and-catch but always shedding clothing in order to do so. Although this ritual involves—eww – sweat, it is fun for one and all. It also offers a prime opportunity to show off that tan you’ve been perfecting all winter long. If you already have an S.O. (that’s significant other) or simply choose not to participate in the rituals I’ve described, don’t worry—spring is not a lost season for you. There will be other activities on or near campus to cure your spring fever. Take a

walk by the lake with your girl/boy/ group of friends (the lake is on South Main if you’ve never been down there before, it’s blue). You could head to Mr. Twisty’s for ice cream (no fake n’ bake tan required for this one); play a rough and tumble game of soccer (a game meant to kick butt, not show yours off) or take a walk on the trails by Houghton. These are just a few suggestions, I’m sure you could name a few other activities that do not involve cheesy pick-up lines and excessive giggling). Whether you choose to spend your spring working on the art of attraction or otherwise, remember: Use Protection (whether it’s in the form of a Trojan or a bottle of Hawaain Tropic). And if you haven’t figured it out by now, this article isn’t exactly about sex on the quad, but I got you to read it, didn’t I? (and if you are considering sex on the quad, just remember: the web cam sees all…)


El Heraldo

Write for El Heraldo! E-mail

Latinoamérica celebra Student Participation On la Semana Santa Campus-Wide Events Wamaris Rosario Martha Genao El Heraldo Editors

Para los hispanos, la Semana Santa es una se las fechas más importate, ya que esta tiene un significado religioso muy valorado por estos. El mundo espiritual inició la celebración de la Semana Santa en la que se recuerda los días de la pasión y muerte de Jesucristo y su resurrección. Una tradición que a través del tiempo ha cambiado de los rigurosos ritos religiosos y procesiones, hasta convertirse en un período de ocio vacacional en muchos países latinoamericanos. miles de personas iniciaron las celebraciones de Semana Santa, que algunos utilizan para la reflexión y el recogimiento, mientras otros aprovechan para viajar internamente en los paises en busca de descanso y esparcimiento. Como forma de respeto hacia estos dias sagrados según un articulo en Univisió “los obispos católicos de Colombia pidieron a los ciudadanos ‘silenciar los fusiles’ y promover el perdón y la reconciliación, durante las homilías del Domingo de Ramos” con las que se iniciaron los actos de la Semana Santa. La Semana Santa difiere en su forma de celebración en cada país latinoamericano. Muchos se sumergen a la meditacón, otros

asisten a las procesiones religiosas que desfilan por las calles dia a dis y otros lo toman como motivo de celebración. Por ejemplo, muchos fieles ecuatorianos celebrarán la Semana Santa con el Primer Festival de Música Sacra que congregará en Quito a más de 400 artistas nacionales y 70 extranjeros. Músicos, directores y compositores de Alemania, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, España, Guatemala, Japón, Rusia, Ucrania y Venezuela participarán en el festival que concluirá el Domingo de Resurrección con el concierto de campanas de torres y espadañas a cargo del valenciano Llorens Barber. El encuentro de músicos dará realce a la celebración de la Semana Santa, que en toda Hispanoamerica conjuga la profunda religiosidad con la cultura, ignorando color, raza o posición social y uniendo a todos los cristianos en una celebración dando gracias a Dios. Semana Santa es una multitudinaria manifestación de fe en la que puede verse a hombres y mujeres que piden, rezan y aclaman a Dios tratando de limpiar sus pecados con penitencias que intentan imitar la vida, pasión y muerte de Jesucristo. Esta celebración religiosa es algo muy sagrado para nosotros, lo representando una parte impoortante de la cultura Hispanoamerica.

Chistes (Jokes) La cobra Le dice Jaimito a su mama: Mami me mordió una serpiente. Su mama le dice:” ¿cobra?” y el le dijo:” ¡ No gratis!!!” Maridos Una joven le llama por teléfono a su amiga con urgencia:

Refranes (Sayings) Dios aprieta, pero no ahorca. God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb.

Favor con favor se paga. If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Gallina vieja hace buen caldo. There’s many a good tune played on an old fiddle.

A quien madruga Dios le Ayuda Who rises early, God helps

Tina Carrasquillo El Heraldo Contributor


lubs and organizations pro vide events for everyone on campus. However, only a small crowd of people show support for any given activity. Take “Extravaganza”, for example, presented on March 02, 2002 by the board of the Latin American Organization. A beautiful event, put together for people all over campus to learn about the Latino culture, to taste the mixture of food and to enjoy a night filled with a live salsa band and colorful dance performed by students. This year “Extravaganza” featured a famous Latina, Frida Kahlo played by Rosio Ramos. One could see Kahlo come alive to share her

story as a Latina artist. The spark of the night was a duet in which Julia Jordan smoothly played the guitar to “Poetry Girl” while Steven Munoz sang away with his smooth voice they both captured the audience in a trance. The key note speaker, Sandra Guzman, reminded us of our power and how we worked hard enough then we could get what we want and to believe in ourselves. Do people avoid these events because they are run by students of color? Thus one should not complain about this campus being so boring. If one were to attend these events and be open minded to such events; one would realize that these events are fun. Fun comes in many different colors and different sizes.

Peace for Vieques On Tuesday March 26, Dara Guadalupe came to campus to speak about the U.S Navy in Vieques. She’s the fourth generation of Viequenses that has protested against the U.S Navy performing their military exercises on the island. Vieques is a small island off the eastern cost of Puerto Rico. Since the U.S took over in 1941 the island’s population has decreased from 30, 000 to 9, 400. Through forced expropriation of the territory, the U.S Navy controls over two thirds of the island. The U.S uses this territory for bombing practice and war maneuvers. In addition to the U.S. bombing, the Pentagon rents Vieques to NATO and other countries for their bombing practice. In recent years these maneuvers have included the U.S. admitting to the use of both depleted uranium and napalm on the populated island. Through ongoing studies, scientists have proven that the high cancer rate in Vieques (26% higher than the rest of Puerto Rico) is a consequence of the residues left behind by the explosions. Having the U.S on the island scares its inhabitants not only because of the depleted Uranium but

also they fear of being hit by bombs. On April 19th 1999, during one of the practices, David Sanes Rodriguez was killed by two 500 pounds bombs that were dropped by a Marine jet near a military guard post. The damage doesn’t stop there. Large scale ecological destruction is another result of the Navy’s more than halfcentury of bombing and experimentation with new weapons systems. Marine and land ecosystems have been destroyed from the impact of the bombs. The dirt and dust released into the air causes air pollution which contaminates the sea and land. The island’s main economic source is fishing and when the navy destroys their net markets it leaves the people without any source of income. This is why over 70% of the island’s population lives below the poverty line. The people from Vieques want the U.S navy out of the Island because it has caused economic slowdown, ecological destruction and increased cancer and health problems. The U.S doesn’t have any plans of retracting the military from the island any time soon.

Trabalenguas Twisters)


Pablito clavó un clavito. Un clavito clavó Pablito. Little Paul nailed pin. Pin nailed Little Paul. Me han dicho que has dicho un dicho, un dicho que he dicho yo, ese dicho que te han dicho que yo he dicho, no lo he dicho; y si yo lo hubiera dicho, estaría muy bien dicho por haberlo dicho yo. They have said that you have said a saying to me, a saying that I have said, that saying that has said to you that I am saying, I have not said it; and if I were saying, it would be very well said by it to have said I. Como poco coco como, poco coco compro. Like little Coco like, little Coco I buy.

SER OPTIMISTAS ES LA MEJOR VIRTUD (Being optimistic is the best virtue in life) Citas Celebres El pobre no es el que tiene poco sino el que desea más. Séneca Si no puedes cambiar al mundo no dejes que el mundo te cambie a ti. Dr. Henry MacCoy No hay muerte más lenta y dolorosa que una vida vivida sin pasiones ni emociones. Juan Vargas La muerte esta tan segura de ganarnos que nos deja toda una vida de ventaja. Anónimo Liberarse es fácil, lo difícil el saber ser libre. Anónimo Llegara en momento en que creas que todo ha terminado..., ese será el principio. Anónimo

The Herald

Latin American Organization Elections Public Relations Sharise Pabon I would like to work on the board on the Public Relations of Latin America Organization. As the Public Relations representative there are many things that I will work to see that this organization does. I will work to see that LAO further spreads diversity on campus by bringing more Hispanic speakers to the campus to give students an in-depth view of the Latin American Culture. I would also like to further educate HWS students by raising awareness as to some of the struggles that Latin American countries deal with on a daily basis. I want to become a part of the board and make my contribution to an already wonderful organization and see that the goals of this organization are further achieved. At the same time I will also bring my own ideas into this group as to see the new directions that LAO can take. I am hard working and will be dedicated to the work that I do with LAO as well as with the rest of the board. Treasurer Michelle Jordan My name is Michelle Jordan and I’m running for treasure in LAO. I would like to be treasurer because I handle finances well. I have previous experience in high school of being class experience in high school of being class treasurer and if elected I will do a good job in handling the expenses for LAO.

OP/ED AND EL HERALDO Anoche cuando dormía Antonio Machado Anoche cuando dormía soñé, ¡bendita ilusión!, que una fontana fluía dentro de mi corazón. Di, ¿por qué acequia escondida, agua, vienes hasta mí, manantial de nuestra vida de donde nunca bebí? Anoche cuando dormía soñé, ¡bendita ilusión!, que una colmena tenía dentro de mi corazón; y las doradas abejas iban fabricando en él, con las amarguras viejas, blanca cera y dulce miel. Anoche cuando dormía soñé, ¡bendita ilusión!, que un ardiente sol lucía dentro de mi corazón. Era ardiente porque daba calores de rojo hogar, y era sol porque alumbraba y porque hacía llorar. Anoche cuando dormía soñé, ¡bendita ilusión!, que era Dios lo que tenía dentro de mi corazón.

Terrorism vs. Foreign Policy CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6

“freedom fighters” were all paid for by CIA money acquired through illegal guns sales to Iran. So what did I witness in Nicaragua? Enrique Bolanos, the current vice president well known for his corruption, defeated three-time loser and former Sandinista president Daniel Ortega, in what appeared to be a fair election. Although there were some minor technical problems with the election, there were no signs of electoral fraud. However, the week prior to the election, the US managed to meddle in Nicaraguan politics once again. The most obscene came in the form of a newspaper ad (being displayed in the photo), and was submitted by the very man who helped get our unelected president into office: Jeb Bush. In small letters at the top, the fullpage ad reads “Brother of the president of the United States,” which is directly followed by huge bold letters, “GEORGE W. BUSH BACKS ENRIQUE BOLANOS.” In the text of the article, Jeb goes on to make such strong statements as, “Daniel Ortega is the enemy of everything that the U.S. represents…[and he] has relations…with states and individuals that… condone international terrorism.”

When the Sandinistas were finally ousted in 1990, it came at a time when the people of Nicaragua could no longer be optimistic about a government that cared about its people, for that very government was being overpowered by US military force. Our military’s bombs destroyed schools and health centers, and after they were rebuilt, they would do it again. This type of one-sided war prevented the Sandinista government from making any sort of progress. Furthermore, none of the actions or support by the US was in any way justified. From land mines, gunfire, bombs, and torture, over 30,000 Nicaraguans were killed by Reagan’s “freedom fighters.” It all came entirely out of an ignorance and fear of communism, that evil egalitarian ideology that prevents people from becoming filthy rich at the cost of the poor. In summary, the United States used force and violence against persons and property to intimidate and coerce the Sandinista government – which held elections in 1984 and was democratically voted into power – and the civilian population in furtherance of political and social objectives. The content of Jeb Bush’s ad was a clear threat to the people of Nicaragua that if they were to vote

for Daniel Ortega, they would be on the list of “axis of evil” countries and a return to the horror of the ‘80s would be just around the corner. As the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere, Nicaragua finds itself in worse shape today, twelve years after the Sandinistas handed over power to the free-market, US-backed right-wing party. Nonetheless, Enrique Bolanos is the new President-elect. The United States government actually got away with this legal terrorism. If you are shocked to hear our actions called terrorism, just look at the very definition given by our Federal Bureau of Investigation: “Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.” I see a huge gap in the political realm for discussion of our government’s hypocrisy. George W. Bush is responsible for more innocent deaths in the last six months than any individual not formally involved in politics in our nation’s history. This includes Osama bin Laden, who responsible for deaths in 2 embassies, 4 airplanes, 2 towers, and he Pentagon. Go and marinate on that.


March 29, 2002

Winter Break: Students Sound Off CONTINUED FROM PAGE 7

calendar, a minor change in the eyes of some, has outraged us, the students of this campus. Though the faculty sees it as a step forward, we see it as a step back. The four-week break was not a luxury but a necessity after a hard semester’s work. Those of us who spend time vaca-

tioning and relaxing will just have to adjust, but what will happen to those of us who need the time to work? Obviously, this was not a major concern of the faculty or the administration at the time. If it was, we would have been consulted and our opinions would have been taken into consideration.

Sit Up and Take Notice CONTINUED FROM PAGE 7

majority, if the reproductive cycle holds true to current stats, would be the Latino race. Therefore, when this day comes, would it be right for a Black or Latino man to say that white women are exotic? Now to correct

all those ignorant and drunken statements, you can say black and Latino women are beautiful, because indeed in every sense of the word, we are. Lastly, CONGRATULATIONS to my fellow classmates that made it to the end. Good Luck.

Friday Flix: Sanford Room

No One Knows. How Exciting! ~A&E Editor

Arts & Entertainment

The Dead Do Dylan, Don’t Miss It! Jonathan Widmark A&E Contributor


wo of the most influential acts in sixties rock culture have come together in this latest release, Postcards of the Hanging: Grateful Dead Perform the Songs of Bob Dylan. This eleventrack collection documents the long legacy of Dylan songs performed by America’s number one jam band, the Grateful Dead. The Grateful Dead has a history of performing Dylan tunes stretching as far back as 1966. This limited edition double CD with two bonus tracks represents various Dead performances between 1973 and 1989. It also includes a rare rehearsal track of “Man of Peace” performed with Dylan during their 1987 tour. Dead and Dylan fans alike will revel in this latest look at a time long

since past. The bite and roar of these eleven Dylan songs have been transformed to suit the more laid back approach of the Grateful Dead. The once socially explicit lyrics of Dylan’s compositions have been altered by the Dead to, according to Rolling Stone Magazine, “find workingman’s poetry in Dylan’s most elusive parables.” Each of these songs strides along in perfect harmony with the tone set by Garcia, Lesh, Weir, Mydland, Kreutzmann, and Hart. As is the case with any artist, the Dead take some liberties in their interpretations of these songs. The careful listener, or Dylan aficionado will notice the distinct lyrical changes to “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues.” The change brings more of a humor to the song that may not have been as apparent in the original Dylan ver-

sion. The earliest recording is the 1973 version of “It Takes a lot to Laugh it Takes a Train to Cry.” This is a considerably slowed down version set to a pace comparable to “Truckin.” Nonetheless they manage to pull off this blues classic in a fashion that very tributors have included the Byrds, the Band, and many more. Here in this latest release we get a taste of another stellar American band, and their tribute to one of the great songwriters of the twentieth century. Purists may not appreciate some of the Dead’s interpretations, but most will appreciate the depth and quality of this work. As we enter into the twentyfirst century, take this opportunity to glance back at the music that represented a generation, and the musicians at the forefront of that generation.

The Herald


Hot Off the Presses or the Daily Update: The Houseguests by Harry Kondoleon


he Houseguests by Harry Kondoleon will be per formed at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, March 28 through 30, in Bartlett Theatre, Coxe

Hall. Admission $5 for the general public; students may attend for free. The Houseguests is a comedy by Harry Kondoleon that explores mu-


March 29, 2002

tilation, malice, and despair. He is an experimental gay playwright who boldly mixes wit, cruelty, and spiritual speculations. The cast includes Tristan Tanner, a William Smith senior from Falmouth, Maine; Kelly Burke, a William Smith first-year from Thornton, Colo.; Jeremy Lynch, a Hobart senior from Lisle, N.Y.; and Peter G. Tierney, III, a Hobart junior from Keuka Park, N.Y. “We are all God’s houseguests,” reflects the world-weary Vera, while she and her husband John set out to torment their own houseguests to alleviate their own boredom. Malicious games lead to spouse swapping, and the couples part, agreeing to meet again in six months. When they reunite, they have all suffered horrible misfortunes—broken bones, deafness, mutilation, and blindness. Is this what it means to be God’s “houseguests”?

The HWS chapter of Make-a-Wish and Kappa Sigma are sponsoring

Battle of the Bands! Come listen to your favorite campus bands at Kappa Sigma fraternity on April 6th, 2002!! Tickets are just $2, or $3 at the door. Tickets are on sale in Scandling Center during lunch time every day up until the event.

First 100 people to buy tickets receive FREE t-shirts!! Students present get to vote on their favorite band and are eligible to win exciting door prizes. Refreshments will also be available.



No Home Games Have a Good Weekend!

Herons Soar Over Flyers Courtney Buckmire Everyone’s Favorite Contributor


ast Saturday, William Smith Lacrosse defeated Nazareth College in a convincing 13 – 8 victory, improving their record to 3 – 0. This game marked the first time a NCAA Division III women’s lacrosse game was aired on the Internet, and the Herons gave first time viewers something to sink their teeth into. William Smith emerged with 4 – 1 lead over Nazareth early in the game. Nazareth bounced back with three goals of their own. The Herons countered with three unanswered goals, giving them 7 – 4 lead going into halftime.

The Herons opened the half with 4 – 1 run against Nazareth, increasing their lead to 11 – 5. By no means did Nazareth, currently 2 – 2, throw in the towel. The Flyers continued to fight back against William Smith, scoring three more goals, but their efforts were not enough to defeat the Herons. The Herons went on to score two more goals before the conclusion of game making the final score 13 – 8. Sophomore Gretchen Lasda led all Heron scores with six points and three assists. Senior goalie Rebecca Splain finished the day with 10 saves. This Friday, William Smith battles St. Lawrence at 4 pm, in Canton, NY, for their first UCAA game of the season. GO HERONS!

MVP FACTOIDS (Brief facts about HWS intercollegiate athletes reported by Professors Wesley Perkins and David Craig.) 1. Three quarters (75%) of all HWS athletes spend at least one hour per week talking or meeting with a faculty member outside of class. 2. 12% of HWS athletes watch no television and do not ever play video games while 10% spend at least 15 hours per week in front of the TV or video game screen. 3. 82% of HWS athletes never injure themselves or others as a result of alcohol consumption during the academic term. 4. Three quarters (75%) of all HWS athletes say leadership potential is a very important or essential consideration when they think about a career. Source: Data for all items were drawn from a November 2001 survey of 414 HWS student athletes (86% of all athletes on campus).

Heron Hall of Honor Events, Title IX Discussion Enlightens and Inspires From the Sports Desk Office of Communications


lumni and alumnae, par ents, students, faculty, staff and administrators joined together on campus Saturday, March 23 to honor and celebrate the anniversaries of the enactment of Title IX, NCAA championships for women and the induction of the Hall of Honor Class of 2002. The Heron Lacrosse team posted a 13-8 home victory over Nazareth College on the artificial turf. The game was not only impressive for its outcome, but as a history-making event as the first Division III women’s lacrosse to have live audio and video streamed on the Internet. Following the game, a distin-

guished panel discussed the history and future of Title IX legislation, which marks its 30th anniversary this year. The panel was made up of Mariah Burton Nelson, author and athlete; Kris Thorsness, attorney and Olympic rowing champion, Tiffany Jones ’99, former Heron soccer player and Ph.D. candidate at Springfield College, and Betty Bayer, associate professor of psychology and direc-

tor of the Fisher Center for the Study of Women and Men as moderator. The day was capped by the Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony honoring four women who have left a legacy for William Smith women to follow. They include Ann Lynch Burnes ’93, Polly Gnazzo Philbrick ’73, Meghan O’Brien Donaldson ’89, and Aliceann Wilber, Heron soccer coach.

March 29, 2002

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