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Installation data Shallow inspection chambers 250mm inspection chambers UCL2 or UCL3 lid and frame

Local concrete surround

UCC7 250mm inspection chamber

600mm max

250mm inspection chambers may be used as an alternative to traditional manholes for invert depths up to 600mm. Intermediate depths can be accommodated by cutting the chamber riser using a hard tipped handsaw or similar. The UCC7 is a one piece, level invert chamber with push-fit inlet and outlet sockets, making installation quick and easy. Square or circular PVCu lids and frames are available for use with 250mm diameter inspection chambers and meet the loading requirements of BS EN 124: 1994 Class A15. An alternative to the UCC7 is the level invert chamber base UAC44 with separate riser UAR1. Both square or circular lids and frames are suitable for use with this inspection chamber assembly. Where the UCC7 or UAC44 inspection chambers are used to make a 90° change of direction in the drain, 45° bends should be fitted to the inlet and outlet connections to maintain a level invert through the chamber. It is also recommended that the peak flow in the drain is always discharged through the main channel and chambers are rotated accordingly on site to accommodate this.

Bed and surround with suitable granular material

250mm bottom outlet inspection chambers UCL2 or UCL3 lid and frame

Local concrete surround

600mm max

UAR1 riser UAC02 chamber body UBL488 long radius bend

UE407 coupling

Alternative 45º bend & branch

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Bed and surround with suitable granular material

The 250mm bottom outlet inspection chamber UAC02 provides a multiple collection point for branch drains from one or more dwellings and may also serve as a rodding and testing point for the main drain. The 110mm bottom outlet ensures that discharges from the side branches are quickly transmitted to the main drain which may be situated directly under the chamber or to one side at a lower level. The bottom outlet chamber is ideal for situations where the main drain runs parallel to a building at a lower level as this allows the chamber to be positioned directly above the drain. Connection is then made using a back drop arrangement with a 45° branch and bend to the main drain. Each chamber has four 110mm spigot inlets, three of which are open and the fourth can be opened for use if necessary. The UE43 plug can be used to blank off connections not required and the chamber riser UAR1 cut to accommodate invert depths of less than 600mm. The UCL2 circular or UCL3 square lid and frame can be used to provide access to the chamber at ground level.

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Installation data Inspection chambers 450mm inspection chambers may be used as an alternative to traditionally constructed manholes for invert depths of up to 1.2 metres. Intermediate depths can easily be accommodated by simply cutting a riser, between the ribbed sections, to the desired height using a fine tooth saw. 450mm inspection chambers

450mm deep inspection chambers

Chambers should be installed on a 100mm bed of suitable as-dug or granular material and care should be taken to ensure the bedding material is evenly compacted under the base so that the chamber is fully supported.

When connecting the UCC3 or UCC5 chamber base to a riser, or jointing riser to riser, the ring seal is always located in the first groove, as detailed opposite. To ease jointing it is recommended that silicone lubricant is used.

During the installation stage and prior to backfilling, it is recommended that chamber riser retaining clips UCC10 are fitted to maintain vertical alignment of the chamber during the backfilling operation.

The UCC5 160mm chamber base is fully compatible with 150mm Quantum pipe. This is achieved by removing the snap cap and seal from the chamber base and inserting Quantum pipe into the socket, with the seal located into the first corrugation of pipe.

Sidefill material should extend to just below ground level and the cast iron cover and frame set in a concrete plinth. Two versions of chamber base are available, the UCC3 has 110mm inlets and outlet and the UCC5 has 110/160mm inlets and 160mm outlet. Both have ring seal socket connections.

Local concrete bed and surround to frame

For the installation of an inspection chamber deeper than 1.2m, the regulations require the clear opening to be reduced to 350mm to prevent man entry. Inspection and maintenance should be carried out by remotely operated equipment and the maximum depth is limited to 4m. Access is only permitted when there is no other alternative.

Ring seal

For full details please refer to the Building Regulations (England & Wales) Approved Document H – Drainage & Waste Disposal – April 2002 or Part 3 of the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 BSEN 752 2008.

110mm (UCC3) / 160mm (UCC5)

450mm inspection chambers are designed to withstand water testing in accordance with BS EN 1610.

UCL35/UCL35PP/UCL125 cover and frame

UCL125 ductile iron cover and frame to BS EN 124 Class B125 for use in roads

The 110mm deep inspection chamber UCC3D incorporates reinforcing ribs on the underside of the chamber and a single UCR3 chamber riser rod welded to the chamber base.

Granular material

Bond breaker around riser (heavy duty DPC or similiar)

Please note that the standard UCC3 chamber base and UCR2 riser are not suitable for deep inspection applications. Featuring increased ring stiffness over our standard inspection chamber riser, the UCR3 deep inspection riser must be used for all deep inspection applications. Identifiable by tabs marked ‘Deep Inspection’ on the inside, each riser is 480mm high (effective height 440mm) and is supplied with a 450mm ring seal. The UCR3 must be used in conjunction with the UCC5 or UCC3D inspection chambers for deep inspection. The reduced access ring (UCLRR) fits into the UCL35PP lid and creates the required restricted opening for non-man entry.

Local concrete bed & surround




UCR2 chamber riser

UCC3 110mm or UCC5 160mm base

UCC10 chamber riser clip

Concrete surround 200mm deep Chamber riser

Bed and surround with suitable granular material

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110mm or 160mm pipe

All documentation can be downloaded from Technical hotline: 01622 852695


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