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Welcome to Denbigh Timber Products, innovative range of garden products designed to enhance the gardens potential. With an ever-developing extensive range of fence panels and garden products, we seek to accommodate a multitude of requirements for both the trade and consumer. Without exception, every product line is available in bespoke, non-standard sizes and being manufactured at our own factory here in the UK, every line is stringent to strict quality control. If there is a particular product that you are seeking but it can’t be found in our catalogue, our designers will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. We have introduced new exciting lines this season whilst extending our Elite Precedent Range. This range was designed by our in-house designers and was launched in February 2007. We are extremely pleased at how this range has been received and how successful it has been. The range is an appreciation of products produced here in the UK. Thank you for browsing our brochure and we hope that you will derive years of service and pleasure from whatever products you choose.


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Trellis Range

Precedent Range Fencing

Elite Precedent Range




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Animal Housing


The Elite Precedent Range The Elite Precedent Range of Fencing Panels & Gates inspired and created by our very own in-house designers is exclusive in more ways than one. Manufactured on site using planed all round pressure treated timber, we can manufacture any size you require.

The Elite Acorn Panel Tongue and Groove V-Jointed pressure treated Panel combined with a Domed 3� Diamond Trellis. Aesthetically pleasing, this panel is a very popular choice

The Elite Acorn Panel The Elite Acorn Panel in situe (see above) Illustration includes Timber Posts, Acorn Finials and Bases (optional extras)

The name of the Elite Panels is for its identification only, the name has no reference to the type of timber used within its construction they are all manufactured using PAR pressure-treated Softwood timber.


Precedent Range

Exclusive To Denbigh Timber Products The Elite Sycamore Panel Tongue and Groove V-Jointed pressure treated Panel combined with arched (Convex) 3� Diamond Trellis. Front and Rear Views illustrated below.

The Elite Ash Panel

The Elite Pine Panel

Sycamore Panel

Poplar Panel

The Elite Willow Panel

The Elite Sycamore Panel shown here with a matching Elite Sycamore Gate. Should the sycamore gate not be to your required taste an Elite Oak Gate as shown below could be an alternative option. All precedent panels and gates are designed to mix and match.

Willow Gate - Elm Gate

The Elite Elm Palisade

The Elite Acorn Panel & Elite Oak Gate Tongue and Groove V-Jointed pressure treated Panel combined with arched (Convex) 3� Diamond Trellis. Front and Rear Views illustrated

The Elite Cedar Palisade

*As with all images, the panels, posts, ironmongery, finials and bases are all sold separately

The Elite Precedent Range can also be manufactured DOUBLE SIDED, thus allowing the panel to be pleasing to the eye from either side

The Elite Spruce Palisade


GARDEN FENCING Precedent Range

The Elite Birch Panel Constructed with Tongue and Groove board with a PAR finish, pressure treated, a simple yet elegant design

The Elite Fern Panel With Double-Arched Diamond Trellis

The Elite Yew Panel The same construction as the Birch Panel but available as a concave design

The Elite Fern Panel Manufactured from Pressure Treated PAR Tongue & Groove V-Jointed Timber

The Elite Maple Panel The Maple and the Yew are compatible to be placed side by side to create a wave effect

The Elite Oak Panel *As with all images, the panels, posts, finials and bases are all sold separately

The Elite Acorn Panel 3

The name of the Elite Panels is for its identification only, the name has no reference to the type of timber used within its construction they are all manufactured using PAR pressure treated Softwood timber.

Precedent Range


Precedent Range The Elite Ebony Panel

The Elite Sapele Panel Manufactured from Pressure Treated PAR Tongue & Groove V-jointed timber

The Elite Teak Panel

Elite Ebony & Teak Panel

The Elite Walnut Panel Bowed under panel / Concave Panel

The Elite Oak Panel

The Elite Cherry Panel The Elite Holly Panel V jointed Timber panel with a diamond crest, is compatible with the Acorn Panel to create a wave effect Effects of the weather: Wood is a natural product and is susceptible to extremes of weather conditions, such as warping and twisting in dry spells when the timber dries too quickly, and this may cause small splits – commonly known as shakes. Such reactions are natural, these effects MAY be reduced with the correct installation and recurring maintenance.

The Elite Chestnut Panel



Core Range Vertical Board

The Vertical Board Panel is constructed with featheredge boards and is an ideal, strong, heavy-duty panel allowing greater versatility. By using concrete or timber posts & base boards, posts finials & the addition of trellis on top, this panel can be personalised to every individuals design.

Pressure Treated

Vertical Board Panel

Vertical Board Panel Vertical Board with built in Pressure Treated Base board 2.

The Spruce Panel

The Vertical Board Panel can be purchased as a fence panel (as shown above) or as featheredge slats (as shown below). Vertical Board Gates are also available as shown above, flat top or convex top as an alternative option.

Convex Vertical Board

Concave Vertical Board

Featheredge Slats The single featheredge slats can be purchased (as shown above) to make your own individual style of fencing.

Chevron Panel 50mm spacing between slats, left handed & right handed available

Fencing Accessories


Hit & Miss Panel

From Left to Right above: These are: A Repair Spike if an existing post snaps in the ground, the repair spike can be placed over the post stump to act as a joint for a new post. A Fence Spike to be inserted directly into the ground to stabilise your post. A Bolt Down Anchor is ideal where the ground isn’t soft i.e. patio/concrete/decking. U-Clips are for attaching Panels onto timber posts

Waney Fence Panels This traditional, popular panel, constructed with overlapped waney slats, provides privacy and security whilst giving value for money. There are three different types of Waney Fence Panels. The Classical Waney has a bevelled top cap, the Budget Waney Panel is the same as a classical waney except there are less battens and it has a flat top cap and the Super Waney Panel is constructed with 8mm slats and is the strongest of the Waney family

Super Waney Panel The Cedar Panel



Waney Panel

Budget Waney Waney Gate

Super Waney Gate Budget Waney Panel

Interwoven Panel

Picket /Palisade Fencing Created with Uniform Gaps and available in numerous styles and sizes to enable this panel to be used on a boundary or as a garden border. Available in a concave (Bowed Under) and convex (Bowed Over) style and with pointed or rounded tops

Palisade Fencing Shown here with Pointed Tops * Convex Palisade Panel

* Concave Palisade Panel

Palisade Fencing Shown here with Rounded Tops

*As with all images, the panels, posts, ironmongery, finials and bases are all sold separately

Use 75mm (3x3) or 100mm (4x4) Square Posts, which are available in a number of lengths. Use a Timber Post Cap on top of the post once in position. This is normally 4 way weathered, which helps prevent rain from penetrating rotting the wooden post

Palisade Gates Available with round or pointed tops and concave or convex style



Trellis Range This open style range has multiple uses. The Square & Diamond Trellis can be used as Fencing or as an infill for Pergola features, with matching Fan Trellis & Gates this range is perfect to help you create a garden of your own unique design

6” Diamond Trellis

3” Diamond Trellis


The Spruce Panel

Diamond Trellis Wave Concave & Convex combined


The Spruce Panel

3” Square Trellis

How to Choose your Style of Garden Trellis 4” Square Trellis

We have two types of Trellis. Square Trellis which is available in 3”, 4” and 6” squares and Diamond Trellis, which is available in 3” and 6” diamonds. Choose your preferred style of Trellis (as shown on the left) then choose your chosen style of panel as below. There are three choices. Flat Top, Convex or Concave. Measure whatever size you want and place the order Please be aware that the 3”, 4” & 6” spacing in the trellis panels are only nominal sizing, and not an exact reflection of the indicated sizes. *As with all images, the panels, posts, finials and bases are all sold separately

6” Square Trellis


Flat Top Trellis

Convex Trellis

Concave Trellis

This Flat Top style is available for both Diamond and Square Trellis

This Bowed Over style is available for both Diamond and Square Trellis

This Bowed Under style is available for both Diamond and Square Trellis


The Elite Ash Panel

Fan Trellis & Domed Fan Trellis (pictured on the right) An attractive support for climbing plants

The Elite Pine Panel

The Elite Willow Panel

The Regal Trellis Garden Planter This diamond planter, as shown above, is 4ft wide x 18” deep and 16” high with an overall height of 5ft

The Elite Willow Gate

Trellis Toy Store & Garden Seat (see above) Measures 5’ wide x 18” high x 18” deep (5ft high overall)

Diamond Trellis Garden Shroud Universal Size for Compatibility with all our archways and Arbours. Simply place over your existing pots to totally transform your planters. Measures 18” Square

Combination Fencing You can combine any of our trellis with a fence panel to create any desired effect that you like



Entrance & Field Gates

We offer an extensive range of garden gates, entrance gates and field gates. Manufactured to customer specification our selection of gates can serve a multitude of purposes, they can provide practicality, create the perfect entrance, secure your property or simply provide the finishing touch to your garden fencing‌.


The Spruce Panel

5 Bar Entrance Gates Available in Joinery Softwood, PAR Hardwood or PAR Oak and a variety of sizes. With a planed finish and chamfered top rail they can be manufactured to be hung on either the left or the right and will fit any size opening that you require


The Spruce Panel

5 Bar Field Gates Also available with 6 bars, and in joinery softwood, PAR Hardwood or PAR Oak. Can be manufactured to any size and with a Top Rail they are ideal for agricultural or domestic use

A Full Range of Gate Posts and Ironmongery Kits are available to compliment your chosen gate 9

Garden Gates

Garden Gate

Vertical Board Gate

Waney Gate

Palisade Gate

Untreated PAR Softwood Garden Gate to create the right impression

Manufactured from featheredge slats to complement the vertical board panel.

The Waney Gate is available in a water based treatment or pressure treated.

The perfect compliment to our range of palisade/picket fencing.


Garden Doors & Estate Gates

Garden Door Pressure Treated, Framed, Ledged & Braced Tongue and Groove door available in concave and convex and various sizes

Diamond Feature Garden Door Framed, Ledged & Braced Tongue and Groove Gate available in concave and convex With Diamond Trellis Infill.

Estate Gates – flat top Untreated Framed Ledged & Braced V Jointed Tongue & Grooved Estate Gate

Estate Gates - convex Untreated Framed Ledged & Braced V Jointed Tongue & Groove Timber. Convex Estate Gate shown above, Concave also available.

Gate Posts & Fixings

Extensive Range of Ironmongery available, please ask for further details

Gate Fixing Kits

Gate Posts

18� Long Reach Bolt

Includes: Top strap and band, bottom strap & band, either drive in pins or pin bolt.

Pressure Treated 4 way weathered softwood or hardwood posts

Suitable for Entrance Gates & Field Gates. When you have a pair of gates together, the long reach bolt allows one gate to be kept in the open or closed positions.

Throw Over loop

Ring Latch

Zinc coated to give Corrosion resistance

Can be operated from both sides of the gate

Oval Pad Bolt

T Hinges

Option of fitting Standard padlock for security

Anti Corrosion coating as standard



4” Machine Rounds

Landscaping Landscaping accessories and essentials provide the definition, identity and finish to any garden, combined with inspiration we provide all that you could need to create the ultimate extension to your home

Ideal for building a strong, attractive & effective retaining wall

Decking 2.

The Spruce Panel


Simple, effective, easy to construct and compatible to both traditional and Contemporary gardens, can even be used to create an aesthetically pleasing base for a garden ornament, plants or water feature

The Spruce Panel Illustration of decking only (seating not yet available)

4” Machine Rounds can even be used to create a ramp in your garden – perfect for children

Planters Log Roll 6’ lengths, various heights available

Stately Planter Standard Size available is 18” square

Reclaimed Railway Sleepers


Suitable for Border Edging or raised Flowerbeds

New Sleepers available

Perfect to create steps

Post Cap 4 Way Weathered

Many Thanks to Actual Landscapes @

Slotted Timber Post

Decking - Inspirational

Timber Posts

Rope Fencing Picnic Tables Available in two sizes

Created with 95mm square posts with chamfered top. Drilled to accept a 1� character Rope


Concrete Posts & Gravel Boards


Bolt Down Anchors

Post & Rail Fencing - Various Styles and Options Available

Finials & Bases

Bevelled Top Cap

Featheredge Slats



Structures & Arbours Whether your requirements are for practicality, an extension of space, a retreat or simply a feature for enhancement, our extensive range can accommodate a multitude of requirements – without exception.

90º Pergola Corner Pergola also available in 180º


The Spruce Panel

Flat Pergola Plants can be trained to grow overhead or trailed from hanging baskets 2.

The Spruce Panel

Pergola Systems The Pergola components are made from pressure treated planed timber and can be sold separately to enable you to design and construct your very own unique pergola system. The options are endless. For further information, please ask your retailer for more information on Purlins and Bearers.

Dovetree Arch Pergolas/ Arches invite climbers to grow for example honeysuckle or ivy Standard Size is 6ftw x 7fth x 6ft deep different sizes available upon request

Pergola & Archway Systems Pergolas and Archways can create a stunning walk through over a pathway, use as a frame for climbing plants, and create an idyllic entrance or use as a standalone garden feature



What is the difference between Pressure Treated timber and water based dipped treated products. Pressure treated, also known as tanalised timber involves the impregnation of the timber with a wood preservative under controlled conditions and assists in providing some protection against the weather, insects The Cedar Panel and fungal decay. Water based dipped products soak up a colour, and invariably the colour will fade with time. To retain the factory finish on both types, treatment should be applied regularly. We recommend that you apply colours or stain on a small test area first to ensure the desired colour is as required.

Cottonwood Arch 4 ft wide x 6’6” high x 2 ft deep

Gazebo designed exclusively to accommodate a Hot Tub Warm summer evening, the sun is starting to set, there is a warm southerly breeze and you can here only the sound of water. What a perfect way to finish a busy day or rest those tiring feet. Built to customer order and specification this range of gazebo can be built to accommodate any size hot tub.

Bayberry Arch 4ft wide x 6’6” high x 2 ft deep

4 ft wide x 6’6” high x 2 ft deep



Fernleaf Arch

Our standard Classic Gazebo is beautifully made from par pressure treated timber. Provides an ideal location in your garden for you to relax or entertain ‘in any weather’. An attractive feature to any garden

Sophora Seated Arbour 4 ft wide x 6’6” high x 2 ft deep

Summerhouse All our summerhouses are made to customer Order and specification

Rosewood Seated Arbour 4ft wide x 6’6” high x 2ft deep



Sheds & Storage

Our range of multi purpose sheds provides the solution to any storage or extension of space requirements. Manufactured to order, each shed is bespoke to your requirements.

Felt Tiles / Felt Roof All sheds come complete with a felt roof as standard. However, as an alternative we offer felt tiles, which are available in numerous colours to brighten any garden

Shiplap Shed Shown here with an apex roof

All our sheds are pressure treated and manufactured to customer order & Specification, which provides you with a choice on the following: • • • • • • • • • • •

Any Design Any Size Shiplap Sheds Featheredge Sheds Pent Roof Apex Roof Single Door Double Doors Windows No Windows Felt Roof

Featheredge Shed Shown here with an apex roof

Pent Roof


Mobility Scooter Storage The Mobility Scooter Garage has been manufactured from pressure treated timber to minimise maintenance and we have added numerous accessories to ensure safety.

Mobility Scooter Storage

There is a stainless steel chequer plate ramp to gain access to the door, so that our customers can either drive or reverse the scooter into the shed safely. The opening on the door has been widened to ensure accessibility of any scooter up to a maximum width of 36 inches. However, because we manufacture to order, we can amend specification and sizes to suit each individual customers requirements. Once safely inside, the garage has been manufactured to ensure sufficient room to enable customers to disembark safely and to facilitate this we have inbuilt an interior handrail with smooth finish. The garage also comes with an external hand rail as standard to provide support whilst walking down the ramp.

Garden Tool Store Creates the ideal storage solutions for all garden equipment from lawn mowers to ladders and wheelbarrows.


Garden Tool Store

The Garden Tool store is manufactured from pressure treated timber and is available in a variety of sizes the tool store can be easily modified from a tool store to a toy store.

Security Sheds Are also available manufactured with larger framing sections – please ask for further details

Always ensure your choice of timber outbuilding is erected on a flat, level base and there is sufficient drainage


Children’s Timber World

Built to Order, By Hand, The way a Craftsman Builds a home All these options are included in the price 1.Choose a Roof Type

Reed Matting-which creates a Rustic effect or

The delightful product range of Children’s Timber World is unique. It is unique because every product is made to your specification and finish. Personalising it to you and your child. Choose one of the four styles of houses, then choose your choice of finish from the options shown on the left then we have numerous extras and accessories shown opposite to enable you to create that extra special finishing touch. All Children dream of having their very own special place and Playhouses provide a space for children to explore the world through imaginative play, supporting their intellectual and physical development….

The Manor House

Felt Tiles (Armour glass) – Available in many colours 2.Choose your cladding

Tongue & Groove or Super Waney Finish 3.Choose a style of Fascia & Matching window boxes

Wave Finish

Squared Finish

With a 2ft Verandah and stable door opening as standard, this playhouse is the only one to which you can attach a dormer. The raised deck shown above is compatible to all the range and is available as an optional extra. If you like the style of this playhouse but not the finish, you can change it, you can change the window style, and / or apply colour, you can have a thatch effect roof or change the colour of the tiles. Endless possibilities but exactly the same price…..

The Town House Recess Finish 4.Choose a style of Fascia & Matching window boxes





5.Choose a Heart or Diamond Finial


This is the only playhouse within the range (at present) that will accommodate the addition of a garage alongside it to enable your child to park their bikes or scooters. This playhouse provides an excellent illustration of how you can modify the playhouse. The application of colour, changing the roof tiles to reed matting, changing the window styles and window boxes transforms the outlook of the town house completely.

Optional Extras

The Country House

Elevated decked Platform


Standing in its own 180 degree handcrafted verandah. The illustration of the Country House is finished in a Waney edge cladding and reed matting on the roof creating a rustic appearance, complimentary to any garden. Simple accessories including the sisal rope style fencing and chimney creating the finishing look. But you can change it, apply colour or change the finish and replace the reed matting with tiles?‌.


The Pent House Spy Hole


The Construction of the Pent House has ensured that we have maximised the floor space in this house. almost doubling the floor area. Internal viewing highly recommended to appreciate the internal construction. Shown here with black felt tiles, tongue and groove cladding, five windows as standard, recessed fascia boards and co-ordinating window boxes. Extras shown here include two-foot high elite elm palisade panels with a mini gate and a spy hole. But, as with all our playhouses you can modify the design to your own specification without modifying the price!


Fence and Mini Gate

Rope Fencing

Please contact our sales team for a detailed brochure

Door Bell


Animal Housing

Our extensive range of animal housing provides shelter for all kinds of animals, from pets to working animals and equestrian requirements. If you have a requirement that is not listed here please contact our in –house design team.

Dog Kennels

Shiplap Dog Kennel

Featheredge Dog Kennel

All our kennels are Pressure Treated and available in two sizes - 3ft x 2ft (suitable for small breeds) and 4ft x 3ft (suitable for medium 4 x 3& Larger Breeds)



Themed Dog Kennels

Create a Personalised Dog Kennel by following 2 simple steps:

Choose the size , a 3 x 2 or a 4 x 3, which sets the price and then you choose either Bone Print or Paw Print to go above the entrance and then make your choice of roof finish, whether a reed matting for a rustic appearance or felt tiles (available in numerous colours)

Dog Kennels & Runs

Secure Compound for one or more dogs, compatible to any breed. Offers the opportunity of Shelter and Exercise. The Pent style Kennel is 4ft wide x 3ft deep x 3ft high as standard and can be sold separate to the run. Both the kennel and the Run can be manufactured to your size and specification.


Nesting Boxes All with 32mm Holes as standard

Code: NB1

Code: NB2

Code: NB3

Code: NB4

Code: NB5

Code: NB6

Chicken Houses

Our chicken nesting houses are manufactured as standard as a 4 x 4, pent roof pressure treated shiplap building with one perch, one sliding door opening for chicken access and has the capacity to house 4 chickens comfortably to nest at the same time. As our products are manufactured to order differences in size and specification can be catered for.

Stables & Field Shelters



Kickover iBolts

Roof trusses

Anti-chew strip

Onduline Roofing

Stables Block

Whether you require a single unit, corner unit, replacement stable doors, tack room or an upgrade to existing buildings, please contact our customer services for a brochure on our equine services. All our outbuildings are manufactured to order and will be designed and modified to accommodate your individual needs, With a free consultation service, various optional extras and accessories, cumulative years of experience will go into building the design of your choice leaving you with a finished product that will be to your exact specification and satisfaction.

Please contact our sales team for a detailed brochure


Animal Housing

Field Shelter

Denbigh Timber Products 29/30 Colomendy Industrial Estate, Denbigh, Denbighshire. LL16 5TA Customer services:

01745 813737 Your Local Stockist: -

The information contained within this publication is believed to be correct and complete at the time of printing. Denbigh Timber Products Limited reserves the right to change prices and product style without prior notification

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