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Summer 2019/20

High Performance Magazine

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High Performance Magazine Edition 22 Summer 2019/20

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Hamish gets TECnical at Hutcheon & Pearce


The year that was: Highlights from 2019






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Welcome to the 2019/20 Summer edition

Stihl caring for customer needs

Generosity keeps doors open

Happy customers; Happy team

Harvesting good help

All new 6M Series: Power and comfort in compact package

DONATE BLOOD THIS SUMMER 1 in 3 people you know will need a blood donation in their lifetime. If you’re fit and healthy be the sunshine in someone’s life by becoming a blood donor! Call 13 14 95 to make an appointment or visit www.donateblood.com.au and sign up to the Hutcheon & Pearce Community.


Hutcheon & Pearce


Welcome to the 2019/20 Summer edition of High Performance Magazine.


s is typical when another year draws to a close, I have been out on the road chatting with farmers in our region and reflecting on the season and the year that was. It’s a part of my job that I love and I always learn so much from the people I meet. This year, if I can sum up my greatest take away from these reflections, it’s gratitude. I am grateful to work in the industry we do. I am grateful to be of service to the individuals and families we serve, and I am grateful that throughout what has been a challenging time climatically, many of you are feeling grateful too. Here at Hutcheon & Pearce, we’re excited about what’s coming next. We’re seeing an unprecedented level of new products being released from John Deere and new technology coming out. With the 7R, 8R and 9R machines and harvesters undergoing some serious upgrades, it is a very exciting time to be involved in the ag industry. The efficiencies that can be made and the differences to farm and business viability is incredible. Of course, we’re working hard to keep everyone up to speed and well-informed so that every customer can make the most of these new technologies. And what better time than now for us to welcome a new TECSight Manager. Hamish Ross brings with him a good industry knowledge and real thirst for technology. When you couple that with all that is being released in terms of products, it’s really exciting times for us. But while we’re all getting excited, we’re also getting on with a whole lot of work to prepare for the new machines and the impact on our farmers and their businesses.

I also want to acknowledge the exceptional work of the team at the Orange Branch his year. From a change to management early in the year to a major change in product at the back end of the year, Matt Newham and his team have done a fine job of keeping things running smoothly for our customers, old and new. In October we introduced Stihl products at Orange, to meet the growing lifestyle farming demand in the area. The move has been a long time coming for us as we took the time to ensure we had the right product. Matt and his team have gone above and beyond to get to know the product and business behind it and we’re all thrilled to have Stihl on board. If you’re in Orange, be sure to drop in and check out the entire range of Stihl products on offer. Of course, if you’re looking for other reasons to pop into a H&P branch, you really ought to see for yourself the impressive range of John Deere toys waiting to take their place under your Christmas tree. And if you can’t find something in that lot, you can always pick up a 2020 H&P calendar, filled with some stunning images from across the region and selected from our H&P Photo Competition that ran earlier this year. Thank you to every member of the H&P team for their efforts this year – your commitment to your work and our customers is inspiring. Thanks also to our H&P customers for your continued support throughout 2019. We look forward to a happy and productive 2020 with you. Whatever form the festive season takes for you, we hope you find time for the simple things and we wish you a safe and happy Christmas! Arron

One member of the H&P team working particularly hard to keep things running smoothly through the season is Russell Bate at our Forbes Branch. Russell and his team ran the harvester demos and deserve congratulations for their efforts.

Summer 2019/20


High Performance Magazine Summer 2019/20

Hamish gets TECnical at Hutcheon & Pearce Newbie TECSight Manager, Hamish Ross came to Hutcheon & Pearce in August fresh from nearly eight years in agribusiness banking. While it may not be an obvious career transition, Hamish brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the team and we’re very happy to have him on board.


riginally off the farm in Henty, and with a contracting business still running, Hamish Ross has first-hand understanding of what it means to get the job done on the land. He has two Bachelor degrees – one in Agriculture and one in Business - and a Masters in Agriculture. He has also been hands-on helping farmers across the H&P footprint to keep their businesses running through his previous role as Agribusiness Manager at NAB. When the TECSight Manager’s job came up, Hamish knew it was his chance to get back into a more hands-on role in farming and try to help farmers from a different angle. “The common thread between agribusiness banking and precision ag is the goal to identify efficiencies in the farmer’s business and maximise their returns. With TECSight, I feel like I can be more of a trusted advisor and business partner and really help farmers to make every dollar count.”


Hutcheon & Pearce

It’s been a whirlwind first few months for Hamish since making his unofficial debut at the Annual Employee Meeting two weeks before his first day on the job. “The AEM was a great experience. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone to jump right in with 200 plus strangers, but from a cultural perspective, it was something that really cemented my decision to take the role. “It’s been full steam ahead since starting. There’s a lot to learn in terms of the product – what we offer and what’s coming. I’ve been in plenty of strategy talks with John Deere and spent some time driving around to some of the branches with a solutions specialist from JD Brisbane, so we could get out and talk to staff and customers and go through some metrics.

TECSight Update

“So far, it hasn’t been too much of a challenge learning some of the more technical aspects but, thankfully, my role is less about technology and more about leadership and strategy. I have a team made up of mostly mechanics with an impressive understanding of precision ag. My focus will be on keeping us ahead of the curve so we can be of service to our farmers – ready to spot the new opportunities and efficiencies to be made from the changing technology.” Hamish says his personal measure of success in his new role and with the TECSight team is obvious. “I define my success, our success, by our customers’ success. We are in a position to make a critical impact on farm operations, on a per hectare and per tonne basis. When our farmers’ profit margins increase and their farming business is healthy and successful thanks to our technology, our data and advice, then we’ll know that we’ve been successful in our job.”

While Hamish has been settling in, the TECSight crew has also welcomed another two members to the fold in Michael Graham and Jess Pachi. Michael and Jess are both fantastic additions to the team and while the last six months has seen some big changes, everyone has settled in and looks forward to what lies ahead, starting with regular software updates aimed at simplifying and automating operations and providing more abilities and efficiencies to our farmers. With all that’s changing, Hamish and the TECSight team will be working to upskill our staff and customers over the next 12 months and, as always, will keep the direct line to John Deere open to ensure we have the latest knowledge and support to hand. If you have any queries about the upgrade, contact Hamish on 0428 998 440 or hamish.ross@hutcheonandpearce.com.au

Welcome to the H&P family, Hamish!

Summer 2019/20


High Performance Magazine Summer 2019/20

New four-track 8RX BEST. GIFT. EVER I t’s like Christmas has come early for some of our team, with the announcement of the John Deere all-new 8RX tractor.

And there’s plenty to get excited about. With more power, versatility and durability than any 8 Series tractor before it, these high-horsepower row-crop tractors represent a huge leap forward in smarts, strength and spaciousness. Sales Operations Manager Andrew Watt has seen a lot of tractors in his day, but this first-of-its-kind 8RX has him pumped.

“The 8RX is the first-ever four-track, front wheel assist tractor. It’s is the first time a machine of this type has been put into production anywhere in the world by any manufacturer. “Four-tracks have been around in other larger models, but they’ve been very limited as to what they can do. It’s really been limited to pulling large implements. With the launch of the four-track, front wheel assist tractor, everything that we used to do with a wheeled machine is now possible with a four-track machine. Three-point linkage mounted units for row crop work, heavy tillage, spraying, you name it. And the benefit of the four-track is a whole lot more surface area on the ground, all with the flexibility of being able to turn in tight spaces without disturbing the soil.” Andrew said the new 8RX represents true tractor innovation and is a prime example of John Deere responding to customer need. “The 8RX is all about listening to customer issues, and them wanting to do more in less time. “In the United States, and here in Australia, our windows are very, very short. When it’s raining and the ground is wet, we’ve got to wait for that to dry out before we can get a traditional tractor on there. Whereas the high flotation and less ground pressure capability of the 8RX allows you to maximize that window and get on the ground earlier and stay on it longer, even in the wet.


Hutcheon & Pearce

“Importantly for the operator, the 8RX is exactly like driving a wheel tractor in the fact that it doesn’t lose traction in a turn. Typically, track machines are very good at pulling in a straight line, but when you start to turn you have to slow down one side and that becomes the weakest link. “But with the 8RX, that all changes. This has a large footprint with all four tracks maintaining contact during steering, so you can pull around the corner the same way as a wheel machine.” Operator comfort also really takes a step up in the 8 Series. “When you reach a 40-hour week by Wednesday, you’re logging some serious hours in the cab. But watching the video of the 8RX brings to mind being in a late model Mercedes or a luxury yacht. It’s absolutely next level!

“There are three different options, Select, Premium and Ultimate, which includes leather everything, heating, cooling, ventilation, and massage functions.” Of course, it’s much more than just riding in style. Precision ag is also made effortless with the 8RX. “The display and GPS receiver are both fully integrated into this machine, standard from the factory and AutoTrac™ ready. “This is the first time the receiver has been integrated, so it’s just like a car where sat nav is built right in. The result is a seamless user experience with no need to reconfigure every time you plug or unplug or have a battery change on the tractor. Say hello to no more calibrations. It just does everything itself. “This makes it great for the row crop user with high precision requirements – like cotton, corn, rice or anyone who’s in irrigation that needs to plant in a timely manner. Of course, the other main users will be anyone who has been in a wheeled machine but is looking to get more out of the ground to pull larger implements. We’ll have up to 410 horsepower available in these machines and the way that gets to the ground outperforms any wheel or two-track of similar horsepower.” “This is a big deal. The entire Hutcheon & Pearce Sales team is going to Toowoomba to see the first machine in the country in operation and we’re all pretty excited about that. While information about the 8RX was released in October, the first orders won’t be taken until December. Just in time for the Christmas wish list!

To learn more about the 8RX, talk to the Sales team at your local branch.

Summer 2019/20


High Performance Magazine Summer 2019/20

The year that was Highlights from 2019

Cowra High School’s Try a Trade event where students could see what it is like to be an Ag Mechanic

The Hutcheon & Pearce site at the 2019 Henty Machinery Field Days.

Our 3rd year class attending their last official Block of TAFE. They will now be 100% on the tools until they graduate in January 2021.

The Hutcheon & Pearce site at the Australian National Field Days. Rice Harvest Demo Day in Coleambally, NSW. 8

Hutcheon & Pearce

Winner of our 2020 Calendar Photo Competition; Todd McCarten, Rankin Springs, NSW Harvester Demo Day in Wagga Wagga, NSW

Hutcheon & Pearce and George the Farmer Colouring-in Competition at Henty Machinery Field Days.

Hutcheon & Pearce Finley Demo Day in Cobram, VIC

Rachelle at the 2019 Leeton High School Careers Expo. Qualified mechanic based in Hay & Griffith, Evan Gargaro was awarded the Training Services ‘Apprentice of the year’ Award for the Southern Region.

Delivery Day in Wagga Wagga, NSW

Snow Day in Orange, NSW. Summer 2019/20


High Performance Magazine Summer 2019/20

Harvesting good help Throughout September and October, Hutcheon & Pearce hosted more than 100 customers and staff at a series of Harvester Optimisation Clinics.


tarting on 24 September and concluding on 21 October, clinics were held at Griffith, Cowra, Temora, Finley, Coleambally, and on-farm at Junee and Oaklands.

Hutcheon & Pearce Product Optimisation and Diagnostic Manager, Glen Montgomery said the clinics were designed to meet two main objectives. “We were there to answer any questions or concerns regarding maintenance, set up and operation of Combines. We were also there to raise awareness of the John Deere applications and assist with farm management and machinery set up.” The format of the day included: - A walk-around on the base unit to point out service points and adjustments - A run through of changing the set-up for different crop conditions and performance issues - A session to provide advice on calibrations and correct processes - A demonstration of the display settings and best practices for documenting yield and harvest operations - An overview of MyJohnDeere, data management and assistance to set up accounts and machine terminals.


Hutcheon & Pearce

Glen said the Hutcheon & Pearce team planned the days, so everyone got the most out of it and, by all accounts, they were a great success. “We grouped the customers into different levels to tailor the training to suit their needs and because we worked in small groups, we were able to spend time with individual customers to set up accounts and answer questions in a relaxed atmosphere. “The feedback has been really good. There were plenty of questions asked and ideas shared, with many customers learning about solutions they had never previously known were available.” More than simply a day for learning about the machines, Glen said the clinics are important to Hutcheon & Pearce to stay in touch with customers and their needs. “These days are about supporting our customers as much as it is about educating them. The highlight for me was the great interaction between the customers and staff. Meeting with our customers, hearing about their unique farming enterprise and challenges, helping them to optimise equipment and just learning from their experiences is priceless for us.”

SUMMER DEMO DAYS Our new Demo program kicked off in November as we hit the road with the new John Deere S780 Combine. This combine has all the latest technology and options available – Combine Advisor, ActiveYield and Active Terrain Adjustment, and we’re excited to show everyone. TECSight has set up a mobile office in field to stream live machine and yield data from the demos and according to Glen Montgomery, Hutcheon & Pearce Product Optimisation and Diagnostic Manager, the S780 is making a real impression. “So far we’ve just had demos in Forbes and Condobolin, running with the 640FD Flex Draper and 740D Ridged Draper platforms. Its ability to run on the ground and capture most of this year’s short crops is impressive and we’ve seen a good increase in yield over a standard platform. We’ve just moved the machine down into the Wagga area so it will be good to see what it can do there. “Combine Advisor™ has been a winning feature, with its ability to automatically change machine settings to conditions. With drought and frost affected crops, generally you need an experienced operator to be able to maintain good performance but with Combine Advisor™ its cameras and sensors adjust the machine automatically when conditions change.” At the time of printing all demo days had been completed. If you want an on-farm demonstration, talk to your local Hutcheon & Pearce branch.

Summer 2019/20


High Performance Magazine Summer 2019/20

Stihl caring for customer needs: New premium products in Orange


Hutcheon & Pearce

Parts Interpreter Samantha Culverson and Parts Manager Neil Barnes from Orange Branch

It’s no secret that Orange has seen huge growth in hobby and lifestyle farming in recent years. As Large Ag Specialists, we thought it was time for a shake-up at our Orange Branch by introducing the full range of Stihl products.


s Branch Manager Matt Newham said, the move to introduce Stihl products was prompted by a search for a product line that complemented the existing Orange Branch offering.

“We started trading Stihl products in Orange from the beginning of October. Historically, we supply a lot of smaller acreage equipment to our customers and have some great options in the John Deere range, but we are always on the lookout for products that help give our customers a more complete solution. “We decided on Stihl because Stihl is a premium product, and that runs in line with the premium standard of the John Deere product. They go hand-in-hand quite well.” Matt said customers will have many more options on-farm with the full range of Stihl products in store. “Around Orange we have a good population of customers who are lifestyle farmers and want to be able to do tasks at home for themselves. They don’t want to have to have contractors coming in. They may have a small tractor for yard and farm maintenance. That customer can now add to that line-up of those tools with Stihl products to complete more jobs for themselves. “We stock the entire range, from very affordable, residentialyard-based rechargeable products like blowers and hedge trimmers through to petrol powered chainsaws, trimmers and blowers.

“We also have more commercial products, tile saws and the like, spare parts for anybody’s existing Stihl product, Stihl-branded oils, chainsaw sharpening equipment, earmuffs and helmets, as well as a range of battery-powered walk behind mowers. “Battery-powered products are an increasing market due to the ease of maintenance and operation. You don’t have to worry about mixing two-stroke fuels and that type of thing. It’s there, it’s charged, it’s ready to go. Convenient and hassle free. “If people are interested in exploring battery-powered products versus their petrol counterparts, our team is on hand to talk them through it. Of course, all Stihl products come with the same level of Hutcheon & Pearce customer care, with in-branch servicing available for all products. “We’ve actually employed a specialist small engine mechanic in the dealership to help look after Stihl products as well as smaller mowers and small, compact tractors. “By coming into the branch, you get a great experience from start to finish. We now offer everything from small residential products right through to commercial products, lawn and garden care, alongside our John Deere range. Excellent service, excellent products, excellent parts and accessories backed up by excellent after-sale service – that’s our promise.”

Summer 2019/20


High Performance Magazine Summer 2019/20

Generosity keeps doors open For almost 15 years, Ronald McDonald House Wagga Wagga has provided accommodation for the families of sick and injured children and expectant mothers from across the Riverina and South West Slopes.


or many of those years, Hutcheon & Pearce has proudly supported the good work of Ronald McDonald House, both at the house on Edward Street and more recently at the Family Room on the Children’s Ward at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital. Ronald McDonald House Executive Officer Deborah Braines said that in her years in the role, her team has helped put more than 16,000 “heads on beds”, which equates to about 3300 families. “We recently extended the house with a new playroom, some office and meeting spaces and a utility room. For future expansion, we have two units at the front of the house that we’re presently renting to raise some income, which is really helpful, and these will be redeveloped into rooms for families. “We take every opportunity to raise funds because all funds keep the doors open. We have a major fundraiser every two years and we do lots of Bunnings barbecues and the community is extremely generous. Lots of people do fundraising for us. “Hutcheon & Pearce has been absolutely amazing to us over the years. We have a fantastic relationship with the team including CEO Arron Hutcheon, who knows first-hand about Ronald McDonald House.” Each year, the team at Hutcheon & Pearce supplies a raffle


Hutcheon & Pearce

prize to coincide with the Henty Machinery Field Days. This year that prize was a 12 volt Gator. “Our Henty 2019 raffle was the best ever, nd those funds will enable us to buy the things we need. Hutcheon & Pearce has also just donated $1500 worth of toys to the house. We’ve now got some little tractors that the children can ride, and a lot of the families that stay with us are rural families in the Hutcheon & Pearce footprint. “I get overwhelmed sometimes with the generosity of people.

After nearly 16 years in the role, Deb Braines will soon retire. We wish Deb all the best with her next chapter and thank her for all she has done for families in need. If you would like to donate to Ronald McDonald House visit www.rmhc.org.au/programs/houses/nsw/ronald-mcdonaldhouse-wagga-wagga



High High Performance Performance Magazine Magazine | Summer Summer 2019/20 2019/20

Harvest cut-out and stripper demo O n December 3, Hutcheon & Pearce held a Demo Day out at FarmLink in Temora, NSW.

On display was a John Deere MY20 S780 Harvester with a XCV 42 Shelbourne Stripper Front and John Deere 740 Draper.

The day included a walk-around of the machines and customers had the chance to witness the Shelbourne Stripper Front in action in a wheat paddock. The Shelbourne XCV Stripper range has a number of benefits. Some of these include: - Increased efficiency: the stripper delivers predominately grain to the combine which improves productivity and decreases losses - Crop recovery: the stripper is able to lift lodged or hailed crop off the ground to then strip the grain leaving the majority of the straw behind - Fuel saving: the stripper uses less power as the combine is no longer processing the straw, which in turn, saves on fuel - Better quality grain: the stripper allows the combine threshing system to be run slower and is therefore less aggressive on the grain. The demo was followed by a presentation on updates and new technology in the John Deere MY20 S Series Harvesters as well as a barbecue and a few beers. To learn more or to order for 2020, contact your local Hutcheon & Pearce Branch.


Hutcheon & Pearce

Happy customers; Happy team Since our new flagship store opened in Forbes, our customers are happier and our team is really humming.


orbes Branch Manager Barry Reidy said the team really hit the ground running when they moved to the new custom-built facility.

“We were so busy after the move we didn’t even have time for an official opening. It was just open the doors and straight into it. “We went from working in an outdated building in two separate sheds to operating under the one roof with brand new everything. We now have more storage, more display space and an overhead crane that allows staff to work without having to use the forklift. “While any change can have its challenges, our customers have seen the efficiencies we’ve been able to achieve.” “Since we’ve all moved under the same roof, our team communication has improved, and that workplace efficiency is flowing onto the customer. What might have been a two week job in the past can now take 3-4 days and we all know that in challenging seasons like this, every minute we have counts. Plus getting our farmers back onto their paddocks quicker is good for team morale.”

Barry said that since the move, the team has expanded a little, with 22 staff now employed across parts, sales, service and administration. “If conditions were better, we might have been able to put a few more on, but we have put on two apprentices starting in January 2020, one from Canowindra and the other from Condobolin. After a year in the Forbes dealership, our Condobolin apprentice will go back to Condobolin to finish his apprenticeship as this will assist us with building staff in both branches for the future.” Although the new store is 9kms out on the Newell Highway, Barry said it’s been any easy transition for most. “It is a little bit further to go for our Parkes customers but ultimately they are happy to go the extra distance and people are still dropping in or coming out when they’re in the area, which is great. “It’s important to us that people feel welcome to come in for a look, browse through the range of toys and have a chat to the team. We’re always up for a chat!”

Summer 2019/20


High Performance Magazine Summer 2019/20

All new 6M Series: Power and comfort in compact package Designed to make your job easier and more comfortable, John Deere has developed a completely new 6M Series tractor range, with higher standards of performance, manoeuvrability and visibility.


his range replaces the previous 6M, 6MC and 6RC Series and includes three new four-cylinder models from 90 to 120 horsepower.

As Sales Operations Manager Andrew Watt explains, this is a more compact 6M Series tractor. “The 6M Series makes up more than 30% of our sales year in year out. It’s been our bread and butter utility tractor for decades and this new line up offers expanded solutions for customers running sheep and cattle or with some cereal cropping. It also suits our government and local council markets and the dairy, viticulture and horticulture industries. “There are changes across the board with this new 6M Series, including new option codes and new cab design but one of the biggest changes is the Extra Small Frame models, which have a low bonnet design presenting a clear view to the front of the machine. “This adds a huge amount of visibility down to any front implements or loaders and right around the tractor, which is something customers have been asking for because they’re hooking and unhooking implements all the time. They might need the use of a front hitch to pick up a mower or a front mounted PTO implement, and that seamless equipment changeover right from the cab is crucial. “Another big thing for the 6M is the ability to do an electronic engagement of the front loader pins, which is new.”


Hutcheon & Pearce

Andrew said improved manoeuvrability is a result of the short wheelbase, which allows a tight turning circle of only 4.35m on the new four-cylinder models. “The Extra Small Frame is 178mm shorter on the wheelbase, which is better for the turning radius. This sees a 16% tighter turning radius for manoeuvring in tight spaces and the larger models still have a great turning radius. “Despite their slim design, these tractors feature a maximum permissible gross weight of 10.45 tonnes, which means an unrivalled payload capacity in this class of up to 4.7 tonnes. “Operator comfort has not been overlooked. All latest 6M Series tractors feature a newly designed cab that is significantly brighter and more modern in appearance, as well as extremely quiet, with a rating of 70dB(A). “All the important operating functions are located on the right-hand panel, which has been completely redesigned, while models equipped with the CommandQuad™ transmission can be optionally fitted with a Compact CommandARM™, with the functions located on the armrest. “The instrument cluster used to be around the steering wheel, which blocked visibility. That’s been moved to a new corner post display, which increases visibility. There’s also a bit more flexibility on seat design. When you move your seat, everything travels with you, so you’re no longer stuck in one position.”

“Driver comfort is also enhanced by mechanical cab suspension and the proven TLS (triple link suspension) front axle, while 360° LED lighting is optionally available for perfect illumination of night work. Andrew adds that there are another dozen or so options that were previously unavailable on the 6M, including up to four electric SCVs available. “Switches on the electrohydraulic joystick are fully programmable, and direction of travel can be changed on both this and the mechanical joystick via a push-button. “In addition, we’ll be offering a five-year subscription to the JDLink™ dashboard. This series of machine comes with a modem, so we can seamlessly track machine hours, customers can access their machine information from anywhere from the MyJohnDeere.com cloud, and remote display access will make training operators and diagnosing issues a hell of a lot easier. “Any production data a customer wants to capture can be sent to the cloud remotely using that subscription as well. It just means we start to get those machines connected so we can have more predictive and proactive diagnosis of issues.”

Orders for the new 6M Series tractor are now being taken, with the first machines to hit the region in April or May 2020. To learn more, talk to the Sales team at your local branch. Summer 2019/20









100 Series Mowers

E110 from


0 0

% % P.A. % 0 P.A. Easy to own. Easy to own.


Finance^^ Available Finance Available

No Deposit,^36 Month Term No Deposit, 36Available Month Term Finance On selected ride-on lawn equipment

100 Series Mowers

Residential ZTrak™ Zero-Turn Mowers

E110Series from Mowers 100

Z335E fromZTrak™ Zero-Turn Mowers Residential

* $ E110 from 3,619 $3,619*

Z335E from

$4,739* $4,739*

No Deposit

On selected ride-on lawn equipment

^Reverts to variable cash advance rate. Offer valid from 26/08/19 31/03/20. Annual fee $99.00. Minimum purchase amount $750.00. ^Reverts to variable cash advance rate. Offer valid from 26/08/19 31/03/20. Annual fee $99.00. Minimum purchase amount $750.00.

Visit us today for a great deal Visit us today for a great deal

36 Month Term

On selected ride-on

lawn equipment ^Reverts to variable cash advance rate. Offer valid from 26/08/19 - 31/03/20. Annual fee $99.00. Minimum purchase amount $750.00.

Some products, options, attachments or accessories may not be available in all regions and from all dealers. Products, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. *Prices shown are starting from, in Australian dollars including GST of base unit only through 31/03/20. Price does not include pre-delivery, freight, assembly or dealer charges. ^Conditions apply. Interest free finance is applied Some options, attachments or specified accessories may not be available in all regions and of from dealers. Products, specifications are subject to change are theallpromotional period will form part ofandtheavailability normal account balances and willwithout accruenotice. interest*Prices at the shown cash advance only toproducts, promotional transactions for the period. Balances outstanding at the end starting from, in Australian dollars including GST of base unit only through 31/03/20. Price does not include pre-delivery, freight, assembly or dealer charges. ^Conditions apply. Interest free finance is applied rate current at the time or 25.99% pa as of 26/08/19 and subject to change. See in-store for details. Monthly repayments are required and calculated at 3% of the outstanding balance or $30, whichever is higher. end of theCredit promotional will Bank form Australia part of theLimited normalABN account balances andAustralian will accrueCredit interest at the232595. cash advance only to promotional transactions for thefees, specified period.apply Balances atonthe Licence Lending criteria, terms and conditions, andMowers charges and outstanding are available application. providedperiod by HSBC 48 006 434 162. ZTrak™ Zero-Turn Select Series™ Mowers rateResidential current at the time or 25.99% pa as of 26/08/19 and subject to change. See in-store for details. Monthly repayments are required and calculated at 3% of the outstanding balance or $30, whichever is higher. Lending criteria, terms and conditions, fees, and charges apply and are available application. X350on42 in. Credit provided by HSBC Bank Australia Limited ABN 48 006 434 162. Australian Credit Licence 232595. Z335E from


Deck from

ALBURY PO Box 823 Hume Highway Lavington NSW 2641 Phone: (02) 6058 6800

COWRA PO Box 160 64-68 Young Road Cowra NSW 2794 Phone: (02) 6341 4800

COLEAMBALLY 32 Bencubbin Way Coleambally NSW 2707 Phone: (02) 6954 4280

FINLEY 16 Riverina Highway Finley NSW 2713 Phone: (03) 5883 1655


Visit us today for a great deal

LAKE CARGELLIGO PO Box 2013 Lake Cargelligo NSW 2672 Phone: (02) 6898 1305

TEMORA 101 Kitchener Road Temora NSW 2666 Phone: (02) 6977 1100

ORANGE 26 Scott Place Orange NSW 2800 Phone: (02) 6362 9988

WAGGA WAGGA PO Box 5485 57 Moorong Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 Phone: (02) 6933 7900

FORBES CONDOBOLIN GRIFFITH PO Box 17 TECSight® Support Centre 1a May Street 98 Oakes Rd 56 Angus Clarke Drive (02) 5924 5111 Condobolin NSW 287t7 Griffith NSW 2680 Forbes NSW 2871 Phone: (02) 6891 2222 attachments or accessories Phone: (02) Phone: 6862 1666 Some products, options, may 69695300 not be available in all regions and from(02) all dealers. Products, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. *Prices shown are starting from, in Australian dollars including GST of base unit only through 31/03/20. Price does not include pre-delivery, freight, assembly or dealer charges. ^Conditions apply. Interest free finance is applied only to promotional transactions for the specified period. Balances outstanding at the end of the promotional period will form part of the normal account balances and will accrue interest at the cash advance rate current at the time or 25.99% pa as of 26/08/19 and subject to change. See in-store for details. Monthly repayments are required and calculated at 3% of the outstanding balance or $30, whichever is higher. Lending criteria, terms and conditions, fees, and charges apply and are available on application. Credit provided by HSBC Bank Australia Limited ABN 48 006 434 162. Australian Credit www.hutcheonandpearce.com.au Licence 232595.

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2019/20 Summer HP Magazine  

2019/20 Summer HP Magazine

2019/20 Summer HP Magazine  

2019/20 Summer HP Magazine