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Fontana Cottage Industry is the premier artisan & heritage crafts outlet on the Island of Gozo. Housed within the island’s old slaughterhouse, with more than 100 years of history, this fully covered indoor market offers a unique experience for all visitors to the island. Located on the cusp of the main city of Victoria, Fontana Cottage Industry can be found on the main road to the seaside town of Xlendi on the south coast. Open daily throughout the year, this unique sightseeing and souvenir experience is a “must-do” and a feast for the senses for all visitors who will be welcomed by a knowledgeable and friendly team, dressed in authentic period costumes. Visitors will be invited to sample local foods and drinks and will enjoy live demonstrations as our skilled artisans practice the ancient crafts of weaving and lace making amongst others. All of our items are hand crafted in Gozo and are available to purchase. We look forward to seeing you at Fontana Cottage Industry.

Bella, Jeremy, Thomas, Nicholas & The Fontana Cottage Industry’s Team

Our family owned and operated enterprise welcomes you to the unique experience of Fontana Cottage Industry. All good things come to those who wait and we are proud to be returning to our roots and preserving and reinstating some of the lost cottage industries of our beautiful islands. We are driven by our passion for authenticity and take pride as custodians of times past and look forward to nourishing the home of artisan products through an organic process of development over the coming weeks, months and years. Join us on our journey to reclaim our heritage through food, drink, lace making, weaving, knitting, honey production, pottery and other crafts. The adventure begins here and we invite you all to be a part of it.

The Fontana Cottage Industry experience is a feast for the senses and visitors can expect to...


the heritage of Gozo the traditional soundtrack of our island the hand-picked local produce the hand-crafted items made from local materials

the sweet nectars of our signature liqueurs and award winning Gozo wines


At the heart of the Mediterranean way of life is food and Gozo offers some of the finest produce of the region.

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We see food as nourishment for the body, mind and soul and it is central to the very fabric of our society. Family is everything and the Gozitan dinner table is the daily meeting point and the catalyst for the sharing of generational knowledge and the epicenter of social activity. Our natural and authentic hand-crafted produce includes regional specialties such as olives, goats’ cheese, capers, kunserva (tomato paste) and a diverse variety of conserves, tapenades and preserves including carob syrup, fig and prickly pear. The fields and valleys of Gozo offer an abundance of herbs and Fontana Cottage Industry embraces nature’s offerings of peppers, coarse sea salt, basil, fennel, Rosemary and more. Our range of beverages has been perfected through generations to create smooth liqueurs and small harvest wines. They are all here for you to sample, enjoy and take home.


One of the finest souvenirs that you can buy from Gozo is traditional hand-made lace, referred to as “bizzilla� and Fontana Cottage Industry is an expert creator of Maltese lace. Our lace primarily uses the Maltese cross in its patterns working the typical cream, black or white silk to create designs that will stand the test of time and are a keepsake to pass from generation to generation.

WEAVING & KNITWEAR Fontana Cottage Industry is famed for its high quality knitwear produced from natural fabrics and classic designs that are celebrated the world over. Experience for yourself, the Fontana Cottage family work the traditional looms and choose unique, high quality knitwear from a wide selection suitable for all members of your own family, young and old.

SOUVENIRS & KEEPSAKES At our expansive indoor market, set amongst the natural springs and old wash houses at the point where Fontana meets Xlendi, we offer a large selection of souvenirs and gifts to meet all tastes and styles including garments, kitchenware and artists’ prints amongst others.

BUILDING THE FUTURE TO PRESERVE THE PAST Beyond our specialities of local ingredients, foods, beverages, knitwear, pottery and lace, you can always expect more from Fontana Cottage Industry with each visit. Our commitment to our heritage means that in the coming months and years, Fontana Cottage Industry will have a fully working honey distillery, an increased selection of regional wines and liquors and a growing line of handcrafted local produce as well as re-introducing the fine art of traditional Maltese Coffee making. We will always welcome our visitors with the friendliest of greetings and create a scenario for our guests to enjoy FREE samples of our produce. We end as we begun and invite you to journey with us into the future, so that you can experience even more of our colourful past.

Fountain Street | Fontana | Gozo | Malta +356 2155 2996 | info@fontanacottage.com

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Fontana Cottage Industry 2014  

Fontana Cottage Industry is the premier artisan & heritage crafts outlet on the Island of Gozo. Housed within the island’s old slaughterhous...

Fontana Cottage Industry 2014  

Fontana Cottage Industry is the premier artisan & heritage crafts outlet on the Island of Gozo. Housed within the island’s old slaughterhous...