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Change and transition in the workplace




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Welcome from the GM Having concentrated for so long on the negative impacts of the pandemic, it is a welcome change to be able to focus on some recent positive indicators. At the time of writing, we are enjoying an extended time in Alert Level 1, which will hopefully remain the case for the foreseeable future. Although not fully resolved, there appears to be an improvement in the supply chain for some businesses and consumers, and we have opened the trans-Tasman travel bubble, which has, in general, brought a welcome air of positivity locally, regionally and nationally. The long wait to meet in person is over for many, hopefully providing the positive experiences that social interaction brings, all of which have been sorely missed. The increased freedom and opportunities that lie ahead, as face-to-face meetings between family, friends and business partners increase, is indeed a meaningful step in the right direction. BNH has successfully found new premises (which we will feature in September’s FYI), and we have seen an increase in the number

of new businesses coming into our district. This has led to a decrease in the number of commercial premises for lease or sale and, hopefully, provides some local employment opportunities. Additionally, there is a lot of commercial and residential construction taking place, all of which helps to support the local

economy whilst also providing further employment opportunities. In this issue of FYI, we look at personal development and career transitioning, providing some examples from people who have changed career paths and are happy to share their personal experiences. There’s some sound advice for business owners who are hiring staff, including looking beyond the paper (CV), and we look at the value of older employees. Our Community section profiles the Blind Low Vision Foundation, which is looking for puppy raisers, and explains how businesses can sponsor a Guide Dog. Finally, I sincerely hope that most, indeed, all North Shore residents and businesses are enjoying a more positive outlook, as together we look to recover stronger. Kia kaha

Kevin O’Leary General Manager, Business North Harbour

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This app makes it easier to report local issues

Frustrated by overgrown berms or uneven pavements in your street? Snap Send Solve allows users to report issues like these in their community. The app is designed so that problems with the likes of illegal parking, graffiti, streetlights, fly-tipping, and potholes can all be shared while people are out and about. The process should take less than a minute, and the information is passed to the appropriate authority (e.g., Auckland Council, Auckland Transport) to help direct contractors’ priorities. Snap Send Solve is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

Supporting Crohn’s & Colitis New Zealand’s ‘I Can’t Wait’ programme

We welcome Crohn’s & Colitis New Zealand “I can’t wait” toilet card holders.

I Can’t Wait!

The bearer of this card has a medical condition that requires him/her to use the bathroom facilities urgently. Thank you for your help and understanding.

Crohns and Colitis Sticker 74x105mm A7.indd 1

5/02/20 9:04 AM

Crohn’s & Colitis New Zealand is inviting retailers, business owners and venue operators to show their support for people living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Choosing to display an I Can’t Wait sticker at their premises means that they will allow I Can’t Wait cardholders to access their toilets when needed. A spokesperson for the charity said: “This community service will assist with raising awareness and empathy for all people living with IBD…and enable the cardholders to undertake normal day-to-day activities with confidence.” To find out more, go to

Running for rehab A team from Active+ Albany took part in the Rotorua Marathon and raised more than $4,000 for the PINC & STEEL NZ Cancer Rehabilitation Trust. This means the clinic can fund cancer rehab programmes – which typically include tailored physiotherapy, exercises and lymphoedema treatments – for about 12 patients. Great job! 4

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The Active+ team: Courtney Sloane, Anthony Lane and Emma Lane

The mutual rewards of QuickCircuit’s partnership with PolyEmp

“Alex is a diligent, focused team member who takes his work very seriously.”

As profiled in FYI September 2020, PolyEmp supports young people with learning disabilities through all aspects of their employment journey. When QuickCircuit’s co-director Mike McElhannan met some of the PolyEmp team at a disability expo, a flourishing mutually beneficial relationship began. Alex started work at QuickCircuit’s electronic manufacturing base in William Pickering Drive earlier this year. “We already have a rich diversity of culture here,” Mike explains. “Having Alex as part of the team is a simple extension of this.” He describes the enthusiasm that Alex has brought to his role as “amazing”. “He has a highly logical mind and enjoys following a process. To have those skills is incredibly valuable for us.” Mike feels that a partnership with PolyEmp provides an opportunity for business owners to find passionate people – which is more challenging than ever in the current recruitment market. He accepts that a detailed integration process is vital so that Alex’s skills and confidence can be further developed. However, as Mike prudently observes, any new employee requires a comprehensive induction for them to succeed. “I would urge other local business owners to open their eyes to the potential that young people with learning disabilities can offer their workplace,” Mike affirms. To investigate the opportunities of a partnership with PolyEmp, visit


Changing careers, but not sure where to start? Connected helps New Zealanders find the employment, education and training initiatives funded by government agencies. Anyone looking for a job, careers information, study, training or business support can find links to more than 150 employment, education, training and support services offered by government agencies via Connected. The info includes new initiatives set up in response to Covid-19. Visit , call 0800 264 737, or drop into a Connected centre, in 35 MSD service centres and three of MBIE’s skills hubs – Takapuna and Glenfield, respectively, are the closest to North Harbour.

If you are thinking of switching career paths, particularly if this entails retraining, you and your employer could be eligible for funding. The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) offers several programmes, such as Mana in Mahi and Skills for Industry, designed to help employees learn while they work. Its Flexi-wage programme helps job seekers acquire a job and the skills required to do that job. As well as a contribution to wages, Flexi-wage can include training and in-work support. The role must pay at least the adult minimum wage and be ongoing, continuing after the Flexi-wage has finished. Following a recent expansion of Flexiwage, MSD has: • More money available to support people into work

Gateway to success Since 2019, Business North Harbour (BNH) has welcomed students from Westlake Boys as temporary team members. The school’s Gateway programme provides Year 13s with valuable commercial experience, and employers can benefit from a younger person’s perspectives and untainted enthusiasm. Marlon Senior was BNH’s intern this year. He appreciated the various aspects of his placement. “Working in an office is very different to a classroom, as you can get work done independently without having a ‘teacher’ figure watching over you the whole time. I quite enjoyed working independently, as it made me feel as if I was trusted to do the task. I learnt some great personal skills through the multiple workshops I attended, such as the public speaking course where I had to speak in front of a large group of people – which is something I would never have done before!” BNH’s marketing and events manager, Peter Green, comments, “I would absolutely recommend Gateway to any other business, as you get the opportunity to work with bright, young talent who can share some great insights. “Fiona Scanlen, Westlake’s Gateway co-ordinator, has got to know the BNH team very well, and she carefully selects a new Gateway student who will easily fit into our organisation. The students who have joined us have all had a passion for marketing and communications in particular.” He adds that the programme is not a huge commitment. The student spends one day per week within the business over two months. To see how your business could get involved with Gateway, contact Fiona Scanlen at Westlake Boys on (09) 410 8667 ext 5258 or or Kiri Wilson-Cudby at Westlake Girls on (09) 489 4169 ext 208 or

• Widened eligibility, so it now includes job seekers who are disadvantaged in the labour market and/or at risk of longterm benefit receipt (they do not have to be on a benefit) • Increased subsidy rates • Introduced set subsidy rates and durations, to give the employer certainty (paying the employer a wage contribution of $276 including GST for 24 or 36 weeks, with some discretion) • Increased support for people out of work who want to be self-employed Read more about MSD’s training and work experience programmes at

BNH Local Heroes Around our district, every day, there are people doing good. Quietly, without fuss, flying under the radar. BNH believes that these outstanding members of our community deserve to be recognised – which is why we are launching our Local Hero initiative. At this time, we would like to acknowledge Jacqui Cheal, general manager of Ramada Suites by Wyndham, Albany. Jacqui goes above and beyond to support and partner with other local businesses. But more than that, we know that she extends a supporting hand of friendship to people going through difficult circumstances. BNH’s Peter Green says, “Jacqui truly personifies ‘compassion in business’. Her kindness and generosity made her the natural choice for our first Local Hero nod. Thank you, Jacqui, for being a ray of sunshine in our community.” Tell us about the good sorts in North Harbour who deserve a shout-out. Nominate your Local Hero by e-mail to

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Past Events Find your formula with Business of Brand 11 March Business Capability Workshop Grant Finer and Gaelene Adams Wood The traditional way a business prioritises needs to be flipped on its head. That’s the principle at the heart of Business of Brand (BoB). Participants were encouraged to rethink their views of “the brand ladder” and consider the impact of conscious consumerism, particularly younger generations’ core values.

Exit Planning – how to extract the greatest value when you sell 17 March Business Capability Workshop Kenina Court FCA, Pathfinder Solutions Kenina Court shared a wealth of information about many different aspects of how to sell a business in the most effective manner. As a chartered accountant and business owner, Kenina thinks and speaks from different perspectives to ensure clients do not overlook critical elements.

A breath of fresh air 8 April Business Capability Workshop David Nottage, TORQUE Business This was an action-packed 80 minutes, full of activities to help attendees overcome their fears and appear more confident when presenting. Practical pearls of wisdom were delivered with extremely good humour, encouraging greater participation from everyone in the room. 6

J U N E 2 021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z


Boost employee ownership for greater productivity 14 April Business Capability Workshop Simon Weakley, Dale Carnegie Auckland Employee engagement is not a new concept, but it can be complex and does require more than lip service. Business owners need to choose to actively engage with their team. Referring to the “human relationships triangle”, Simon explained that the day-to-day focus should be on enhancing employer/employee relationships but is more typically about “telling people what to do and ensuring that they do it”. At the end of the workshop, he challenged participants to consider what they would now stop doing, start doing and keep doing.

A Remarkable Journey with Tracey Melville-Smith, The Remarkable Chocolate Co 15 April Women in Business, sponsored by Eclipse Recruitment The Remarkable Chocolate Co was founded on quality and ethics, with a focus on the future of food. This means choosing organic and Fairtrade ingredients because, as Tracey wisely observed, “it’s important to be able to sleep at night”. Life is not all smooth sailing for a small business. Tracey shared the good, the bad and the ugly, with many relatable examples striking a chord in the room, as evidenced by empathetic nods of acknowledgement. Thanks to our event sponsor

To read about these events in more detail, go to J U N E 2021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z



Diary Dates June

For more information and to register for any of these events, please go to





Business Capability Workshop: Scale your business faster, more profitably and with less drama with Rob Morris Time: 12.00 pm-2.00 pm Venue: North Shore Golf Club, 51 Appleby Road, Albany


Are you the leader of a mid-market business who’s frustrated with your growth rate and feels your business has stagnated? Or perhaps you’re experiencing high growth, but you feel like you’re working day and night to keep the wheels from coming off? Scaling Up is a proven growth system used by thousands of companies worldwide to transform their businesses and deliver exceptional results. This seminar is aimed at mid-market business owners, CEOs and executive teams who have high growth ambitions and are looking for effective tools and best practices to scale their business. We’ll cover the four critical decisions that all businesses must get right to scale: strategy, execution, people, and cash.

Women in Business: From the Bays to the Beehive with Erica Stanford MP Time: 10.00 am-12.00 pm Venue: North Shore Golf Club, 51 Appleby Road, Albany Erica Stanford MP is really proud to have represented the East Coast Bays since 2017 and has worked hard to achieve results on a wide range of projects, important to the local community. Born in the East Coast Bays and having lived in the area for over 40 years, Erica is heavily invested in the community where she raises her two children with her husband in Okura.Erica will share some of her career highlights and disappointments with the audience, along with her focus for the future. Sponsored by:


Business After Five hosted by BNZ Partners Time: 5.00 pm-6.30 pm Venue: BNZ Partners, 55 Corinthian Drive, Albany BNZ Partners is delighted to be hosting BNH’s upcoming Business After Five event and invites all BNH members to its stunning new North Shore premises. The BNZ Partners team members look forward to meeting many local business owners, employees and property owners, and having the opportunity to present and discuss how they can be of service. Sponsored by:


J U N E 2 021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z

August 5

Business Capability Workshop: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with Samantha Patel Time: 12.00 pm-1.30 pm Venue: North Shore Golf Club, 51 Appleby Road, Albany 2020 was an unprecedented year with Covid-19, and increased awareness and consciousness around the Black Lives Matter movement. The ongoing discrimination and prejudice faced by people of colour and marginalised groups and its subsequent disparities are indisputable. Aren’t they? When Samantha shares racist experiences with some, the response is, “I can’t believe it.” Why is that? In this workshop, Samantha will offer a paradigm shift in how DE&I is seen, felt, valued and ultimately lived within organisations and our everyday lives. Using evidence, compassion, empathy and lived experiences, Samantha is committed to supporting our ongoing journeys towards real DE&I and creating a real fair go for all.

Women in Business: Naomi Ballantyne Time: 10.00 am-12.00 pm Venue: North Shore Golf Club, 51 Appleby Road, Albany Naomi Ballantyne is most likely the only woman in the world to have started and built the three largest competitor companies in any one market. As the single longest-serving chief executive in the New Zealand Life insurance market, her work outcomes over the past 38 years are evident. As she puts it, her successes and mistakes are there for all to see. Over her lifetime in the New Zealand Life insurance industry, Naomi has created careers for many hundreds of New Zealanders, created business opportunities for many thousands of New Zealand and international businesses, made hundreds of millions of dollars of returns for shareholders, and financially supported hundreds of thousands of New Zealand clients when health issues interrupted their lifestyles. Naomi is also a sought-after keynote speaker who gives freely and willingly of her time to tell the story of her journey and the lessons she has learned, including the mistakes she has made. She has motivated and inspired audiences across New Zealand from all walks of life and is passionate about helping others to follow their own dreams. Sponsored by:

23-24 Office Inorganic Collection Venue: Across the North Harbour Business Improvement District The twice-yearly BNH office inorganic collection is the perfect opportunity to clear out your old office furniture, e-waste and other items cluttering up valuable workspace. Pick-ups are made from your business and will be organised with you directly once you have registered for a collection.


North Harbour Asian Business Group 26 February | Chinese New Year Luncheon On the last formal day of Chinese New Year celebrations, often called the Lantern Festival, more than 50 guests gathered at North Shore Golf Club to welcome the Year of the Ox. Forte Catering provided a wonderful and plentiful selection of Asian-inspired dishes. Kevin O’Leary joined guests at every table to share new year toasts of green tea. BNH’s relationship co-ordinator Jess Huang presented guests with fortune cookies, which were extremely well-received judging by everyone’s smiles and laughter.

在中国春节的尾声——元宵节当天,超过50位嘉宾出 席了在North Shore Golf Club举行的新年午宴,共迎 牛年的到来。

活动上,Forte Catering提供了一系列亚洲美食。 BNH总 经理Kevin O’ Leary以茶代酒,向每桌的嘉宾作了新年问 候。 随后,工作人员Jess Huang为来宾们送上为牛年准备 的 “好运曲奇” ,各种好运预言给大家带来了满满的欢乐。

Are you enjoying the benefits of BNH’s inorganics collections? Specialist architects The DESIGNFIRE recently signed up as BNH associate members. They are enjoying connecting with local businesses and appreciate the services offered by BNH, such as networking events and the Showcase North Harbour expo. They also made use of March’s inorganics collection, clearing out disused office tables and chairs. Practice manager Camillia Kim says, “The team was very professional. They arrived on time, and moved the items out quickly.” She encourages other businesses to sign up: “It is definitely worthwhile!”

THE DESIGNFIRE是一家建筑设计公司,他们近日作为“荣誉 会员” (Associate Member)加入了BNH。他们对BNH的会员 服务感到相当满意,积极参加了亚洲企业活动及Showcase North Harbour等。加入BNH后,他们还报名使用了3月的大 型垃圾清理服务,处理了办公室闲置的桌椅等家俱。 公司负责 人Camillia Kim说道 , “(垃圾清理公司的)工作人员非常专业。 他们按时到达,搬运效率也很高。 ” 她形容这个服务 “物有所值” , 并且鼓励其它会员参与使用。

Find out more at

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Members’ feedback adds weight to submissions As part of its core activities, Business North Harbour (BNH) continues to dedicate time and resources to advocating for the best possible outcomes for our members whenever opportunities arise. There is no set programme for our formal advocacy; we simply have to be prepared to act when any such possibility is made available by the relevant party seeking to involve stakeholders in their consultation. This means that this formal process can often be famine or feast, depending upon the timing of consultations. Since the previous FYI was published, BNH has submitted on a proposed plan change at 473 Albany Highway, where the developer is now looking to build around 1,800 homes on land previously owned by Massey

University. We consulted with members, then submitted, on the Auckland Council 10-Year Budget 2021-2031 (Long Term Plan), about which I also encouraged members to make individual submissions, which I hope many did. About the same time, submissions were also made on changes to the Auckland Council Revenue and Financing Policy and a review of the Waste Minimisation Innovation Fund. More recently, we have consulted with members and made submissions on three major transport issues, all of which may have a profound effect in our area. Consultation on the Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) also included questions regarding the Regional Fuel Tax (RFT) and The Congestion Question (TCQ). A TCQ report is proposing to introduce congestion charging (which basically means that you must pay to use certain roads at certain times of the day) in Auckland CBD and surrounding areas, including Takapuna, in 2025, with the phasing-in of charges reaching Albany and other areas of the wider city by 2028. All BNH submissions can be found at

Less formal but no less important advocacy is ongoing too. We continue our dialogues with Upper Harbour Local Board, Auckland Unlimited and Auckland Emergency Management, focusing on developing local economic initiatives and the support available for members, to stimulate and promote local economic recovery and development. The Shore Unity project working group continues to meet monthly and is currently developing the strategy to move the project forwards. Part of the overall strategy will be to identify key decision-makers at central and local government level, as the group looks at evolving into an influential advocacy group, whose main aim is to ensure a collaborative approach to the development of the wider North Shore. Advocacy about continuing to buy local and utilise locally available goods and services remains a common theme across a range of BNH communications platforms, as collectively we look to recover stronger and re-establish a thriving local economy.




Contact Dave on 021 560 287 to find out more


Leading with knowledge Like many inspiring stories of Kiwi entrepreneurship and innovation, one of the country’s most well-regarded water and gas technology companies began life as a humble garage project. Ken Breckon joined that original company in 1986 to kickstart the plumbing supplies division. Ken and his late brother Peter acquired 50 per cent of the business in 1987; that same year, the business was renamed Hydroflow. They bought the other 50 per cent in 2000. At first, Hydroflow specialised in supplying pump shops and milking machine companies with predominantly rural water products. Over time, Hydroflow has evolved its technical expertise, and its offerings have expanded to cover six key market segments: plumbing, rural, fire and fabrication, HVAC, irrigation, pipe and infrastructure. Many leading industrial names, including APEX and Bugatti, regard Hydroflow as pivotal for establishing and distributing their brands in New Zealand. The products that the business chooses to represent not only need to meet stringent quality standards but must also be backed up with excellent technical support. In addition to technical excellence, CEO Kathryn Sixton says that the company is built on two other cornerstones, one of which is curiosity. “We constantly ask ourselves: ‘What do we not know today that we’ll need to know tomorrow?’ It feels like we have a million ideas to explore, coming externally and internally, and we have regular ideas forums to evaluate these.” The company is not hierarchical, so no suggestion is dismissed out of hand.

Hydroflow has always had strong links to the North Shore and has been based in Bush Road since 2005. The business currently employs 85 people in New Zealand, including 30 at the Albany head office.

The other foundation is about retaining the values of a family-run business. It was arguably Ken Breckon’s relationship building that cemented the company’s future. Therefore, while there is always a drive for new product innovations, employees are encouraged to keep a sense of fun and remember the personal touches which form the basis of meaningful relationships. Ken now serves as executive chairman and is still very much involved with the company.

It was arguably Ken Breckon’s relationship building that cemented the company’s future.

Co-founders Ken and Peter Breckon in 1991. Ken is now Hydroflow’s executive chairman. “He is one of the most energetic people you’ll ever meet.”

Many employees have been there for 10 or 20 years, and there is a strong focus on personal development and succession planning. If an employee expresses an interest in growing their skillset, genuine efforts are made to accommodate them within other areas of the business. The company cannot afford to be formulaic if it wants to look effectively to the future, so the team’s diversity is crucial too. After all, New Zealand is a diverse nation, plus Hydroflow deals with numerous global suppliers and brands. As suppliers of water and gas products, Hydroflow is an essential service at every Covid-19 alert level. There is a shared sense of pride about how the warehouse teams operated during the March/April 2020 lockdown. It was a tough seven or eight weeks, with turnover cut to only 25 per cent of normal. The warehouse and customer service teams worked on-site through lockdown, and everyone did “an exceptional job” of taking care of their customers while also looking out for each other. If any positive can be taken from Covid19’s lockdown and travel restrictions, it has been the enforced opportunity for Ken and the team to step back from the business and think strategically. There had been a desire to automate the financial systems for a few years – and that was achieved in just 12 weeks! Where possible, the company has also strengthened its supply chain by looking more within New Zealand. And, there has been recruitment, taking advantage of the pool of specialised talent brought about by outbound travel restrictions and returning Kiwis. Hydroflow is now “busier than ever”. Despite the ongoing travel restrictions, teams still feel connected, with numbers of staff choosing to return to the office increasing incrementally after each lockdown. “I think we’re definitely ‘more present’ in New Zealand – and that feels great.” J U N E 2021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z



Where to next?

Change and transition in the workplace

The ongoing repercussions of Covid-19 have seen thousands of people reconsider their careers – either by choice or necessity. Former employees from the most severely impacted industries, such as tourism and hospitality, are now available to hire with valuable transferable skills. But what should employers do to take advantage of this new pool of talent? Lisa Hill of Eclipse Recruitment spoke to FYI about the commercial benefits of an open mind. 12

J U N E 2 021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z

People coming from other roles and industries can be a great fit.

Through 2020, Lisa and her team steeled themselves for a predicted surge in enquiries for temp workers as businesses tried to balance the uncertainty of Covid-19 with operational requirements. In fact, it is permanent recruitment that is “humming”. “Business confidence is reassuring,” says Lisa, “but it

does mean that competition for candidates is fierce.” Business owners should be clear about the skillsets and capabilities required when recruiting for a role. Equally important though is to recognise that people coming from other roles and industries can be a great fit. Lisa cites the example of travel agents. “They’re competent dealing with multiple parties, like airlines, accommodation providers, tour operators, and their clients. They need to be detail-orientated, work quickly and efficiently, and have the personality to get along with everyone they engage with. All of these

CO V E R STO RY traits strongly align with administration roles, customer service or sales support – anything that requires attention to detail, process orientation, and people skills.” Likewise, Lisa highlights that former cabin crew could be ideal for front-of-house or reception. She urges employers in highly competitive industries – where staff are being poached or receiving counteroffers – to consider where they might find the same kind of people. “If you’re a telco, what are the characteristics of your industry? Who are the people that succeed, and what other industries have the same kind of people?” Adopting this mindset will help a business take that broader view on where to look for potential candidates and enable them to support people who are in career transition while adding value to the organisation.

“Hiring people is an art, not a science, and résumés can’t tell you whether someone will fit into a company ’s culture.” Howard Schultz, fmr CEO, Starbucks Coffee Company

Businesses who choose to work with a recruitment agency may have an advantage – provided that they are prepared to trust their recruiter’s expertise and depth of knowledge. “The recruiter can encourage them to think more widely while still weighing the need to mitigate risk with a potential candidate’s character and transferable skillset.”

“In determining the right people, the good-to-great companies placed greater weight on character attributes than on specific educational background, practical skills, specialised knowledge, or work experience.” Jim Collins, author of Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t

Moreover, Lisa advises against trying to find “a unicorn”. “Unfortunately, they don’t exist! Rather than looking for one person to handle, for example, marketing, accounts, and general admin, individual part-time roles structured to the needs of the business can be hugely beneficial. You get the calibre of person you need for the time you need them without compromising on the skillset that is required.”

“Hire character. Train skill.” Peter Schutz, Porsche

Similarly, a business could choose a person who does not necessarily have the conventional background for a role but does have all the characteristics and capabilities. In that instance, there can be upfront testing to establish these. “Which means the company can have the person in the role and trained up before they ever find that elusive unicorn that everyone else was hunting for too!”

Paul’s story “I didn’t know cars, but I did know people.” Having qualified with City and Guilds, Paul Scotting worked in hospitality for 14 years, first as a chef and then in front of house and management roles. He thrived on the daily variety and interpersonal aspects of the work but had lost the passion for the industry. Paul admits that he was never fanatical about cars, so switching to car sales was perhaps not the most obvious choice. But for Paul, it was never just about the vehicles; it was always about the people. “Front of house means you have to get on with everyone, listen to what customers are really saying, and, on occasion, learn to ‘suck it up!’” Those skills were complemented by an appreciation of processes and structure, and an enthusiasm for finding solutions. Paul’s achievements speak for themselves. He was Mitsubishi’s top salesperson in New Zealand for seven years before joining Driveline Fleet in 2018. Paul is sympathetic to anyone trying to switch careers, and urges them to go beyond just sending off a CV. “You must have the confidence to sell yourself. Find a great mentor. Figure out where your real passion and talent lie, and then work hard to put these to use in a job that excites you.”

Kate’s story From enforcing the law to practising law When I first started my law degree, I thought I would stay in the police but seek promotion. However, studying law opened me up to a world of different possibilities and other ways that I could make a difference in society. It showed me that my view of life had become too narrow. Trying to get that first job in law was a nightmare. At law school, we were regularly told that only 20 per cent of graduates become practising lawyers. I graduated on the wrong side of the GFC and, as an older person with a previous career in a supervisory role, I often felt dismissed at interview stage. A common comment from interviewers was: “How will you cope in a grass roots role, where you are not in charge?” Eventually I did find employment at a well-regarded firm, but only because, having missed out on one job, the interviewer told me to keep in touch – so I did! I phoned them a few months later and there was an opportunity that I managed to secure. What advice would I give to someone thinking about changing careers? If it is something you passionately want to do, do it. We shouldn’t dance through life regretting the possibility of not having tried. Research as much as you can about your chosen change of direction and seek advice. Maybe even get a mentor or talk to someone who is currently where you want to be. But don’t let fear hold you back from reaching your potential.

Justin’s story “I wouldn’t have been able to do this without MSD’s support.” The fall-out of Covid-19 has hit the hospitality industry hard. Faced with employment uncertainty, Justin, a chef, decided to pursue an entirely new path. Following a formal framework and supported by funding from MSD, he is now training on the job for a Certified Builders Licence, operated by New Zealand Master Pool Builders Inc (NZMPB). Over an expected period of 24 months, the diploma course comprises 12 papers, including aspects of pool equipment, maintenance, safety, and chemistry. At first, Justin says he experienced a mix of emotions. “I was relieved that an employer was prepared to give me a shot, and I was excited to be trying something new.” He acknowledges the essential support of MSD. “I had to take a significant pay reduction to start on the first rung of this new ladder. MSD topped up my wages just enough to help cover my cost of living, they helped me with tools and equipment, and are paying for my qualification. I’m very grateful to my employer for approaching MSD and organising all this.” Justin encourages would-be career changers to have faith in themselves. “There is support available out there. Remember that attitude is a great part of succeeding, and many of the skills you’ve already learnt will be transferable, even to a career that seems completely different.”

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“Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions and a healthy dose of curiosity. What do you think is the most important factor when building your team? For us, it’s personality.” Richard Branson

“Let’s think about an accounting role,” suggests Lisa. “Neither an agency nor the employer will consider a candidate who has no experience of accounts. The questions then become: ‘What level of accounting do we need?’ ‘Must we recruit at the same level as the person departing, or can we look at someone who has the background and the skills at a different level but has the potential to get there?’”

Do not dismiss a CV that doesn’t tick all the boxes for the role. Preparation will be essential here. When a business is considering a person in career transition or at a lower skill level, they must ensure they have the right induction programme in place. If not, it sets up everyone to fail – the business, the recruiter and the candidate.

Lisa’s 5 top tips for employers 1. Have a structured recruitment process from start to finish. In today’s competitive market, businesses should be ready to move at pace. Procrastination means you run the risk of losing a candidate. 2. Be open to viewing the CVs of applicants going through career transition. Do not dismiss a CV that doesn’t tick all the boxes for the role description. 3. Develop an understanding of the characteristics you are looking for – regardless of whether the candidate is from the same industry or not. You want the right fit for your business, people and culture. 4. Scope out the job. What are the duties, skills and competencies? What are the core elements of the role and the “nice to haves”? 5. Give every candidate the same interview to ensure you are comparing like with like. Write up the interview questions to align with the scope of the role, including situational and behavioural competencies.

‘How do I figure out my transferable skills?’ Transferable skills are the know-how and abilities that everyone develops throughout their lives, from study, paid work, volunteering, hobbies, sports, and travel. According to, employers say that there are seven skills which are essential for the workplace: 1. Positive attitude 2. Communication 3. Teamwork 4. Self-management 5. Willingness to learn 6. Thinking skills (problem solving and decision making) 7. Resilience The website also has a range of tools and tips to help job seekers plan and develop their career, along with more than 400 job profiles, each of which gives an idea of the skills needed, where to gain the qualifications, salary expectations and the market demand for those roles. Crucially, there is also a step-by-step guide to identifying transferable skills. Because it can be hard to self-analyse, the perspective of trusted friends and colleagues could be invaluable. It may also be worth working with an HR adviser who offers career transition advice, and CV and interview preparation services to their clients. Read more at and articles/your-transferable-skills-can-take-you-anywhere. You can also chat to a adviser by calling 0800 601 301, weekdays between 8.30 am-5.00 pm (9.30 am-5.00 pm on Wednesdays).


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Dealing with Parkhead Place’s boy racers Businesses in Parkhead Place have alerted Business North Harbour (BNH) to nuisance night-time activity. This involves boy racers doing burn-outs in front of large groups who enjoy watching this unacceptable behaviour. As there is no pattern to when these gatherings happen, we have asked our night-time security patrols to perform random visits to the area to ensure that there is no suspicious activity occurring. In addition, the security

community patrols, who patrol the area at night on Thursday through Saturday, have also been advised to watch out for boy racer gatherings. In early April, BNH’s security patrol spotted boy racers “drifting” during burn-outs, so immediately reported this to the police. The individuals quickly dispersed when they saw the patrol, except for one vehicle, which was left on the roadside due to damage caused



when it crashed during the burn-outs. The police arrived and arranged for the damaged vehicle to be towed away, with likely ongoing enquiries. Our night security patrols continue to monitor Parkhead Place and other similar streets in an attempt to have these offenders arrested and/or have them “moved on” from the Albany and Rosedale areas.

Parkhead Place is located between William Pickering Drive and Albany Highway.

If you have any security concerns around your business within the North Harbour BID, please contact Dave Loader via J U N E 2021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z



AT supports The Shielded Site Project

Using transit lanes out of hours Auckland Transport (AT) is one of a growing number of businesses and organisations, including IRD, ACC and Ministry of Justice, to add a feature to its website supporting Women’s Refuge New Zealand. The Shielded Site is a web-based portal providing a safe and secure avenue for victims of domestic violence to reach out for help. Women’s Refuge says technology is increasingly being used to control women in abusive relationships, for example, by

monitoring locations, passwords and web history. The Shielded Site is easy to add to any company website. By including its tab or button, organisations are providing access to a helpline and resources without leaving a trace in the user’s browser history.

Just a quick reminder that, outside their specified operating hours, transit lanes serve as normal lanes. This photo shows a T2 lane that is “active” from 6.00 am-10.00 am, Mondays to Fridays only. Therefore, AT and BNH encourage single occupancy vehicles to use this lane at all other times to help increase traffic flow.

To see how you and your business could support victims of abuse, visit

For more detailed information about transit lane usage, go to

Record numbers respond to BNH surveys to everyone who took the time to respond to three recent surveys. We asked for BNH members’ opinions about congestion charging, Auckland Regional Fuel Tax (RFT) updates, and the Draft Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) – and received more than 470 responses! These comments form valuable feedback for the relevant consultation processes, and BNH will provide updates on each topic in a timely manner. BNH welcomes constructive feedback from members. If you have a query about public transport, roading or car parking in the North Harbour district, please e-mail Sarah de Zwart at


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Light poles installed on the Albany Busway Bridge Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency reports that the urban design for this project looks to the ancestral use of the wider area for safe passage and harvesting kai (food), whether by ara (tracks) or awa (water). Design elements of the bridges, bridge barriers and retaining wall panels provide travellers with a connection to the cultural and ancestral landscape of the area. For people travelling from the north, the new Albany Busway Bridge is the first distinctive landmark of the project and references the movement of a waka (canoe) through water. The light poles which have just been installed are positioned to be reminiscent of hoe (paddle) stroking through water from a waka. The lights will be switched on later in the year. Keep an eye on BNH’s e-newsletter, website and social media for updates.

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25 March | National Hockey Stadium, Bush Road, Rosedale

More than 45 local organisations took the opportunity to step into the spotlight, exhibit their products and services, and network with their neighbours. MC David Nottage did a grand job, energising visitors and chatting with exhibitors.

“The rebranding and refreshing of ‘Business Expo’ to the new and improved ‘Showcase North Harbour’ proved very popular, as did the change of venue to the centrally located National Hockey Centre on Bush Road. Our new venue had a fantastic buzz with plenty of great interactions amongst attendees and exhibitors. The addition of the Taste North Harbour food sampling area was a real hit with our local food businesses enjoying the opportunity to provide delicious samples to hundreds of people across the day.”

Thank you to the exhibitors and visitors who have contacted BNH after the Showcase with their feedback. It is most gratifying to learn about your new business partnerships and opportunities. “Just a quick heads up that we are still extracting value from Showcase North Harbour. A very worthwhile event.” E-mail excerpt from Philip Noble, NZ Blood

Peter Green, BNH Marketing and Events Manager

Ash Baldry (left), High Performance Profiling “You can feel the energy in the room. There are green shoots of confidence, and it’s terrific networking.”


J U N E 2 021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z


The Harbour Sport team getting employers and employees involved in the “You Good?” 12-week wellness plan Alisha Fox and Louie Livaja, 4Split One of North Harbour’s newest businesses – shared office space and event facilities at 11D Douglas Alexander Parade

Peter Lamberton of Primacc showing off his hidden talent

Rocket IT’s third time exhibiting at the expo, taking leads and enjoying good conversations with potential partners

Kristin School taking the opportunity to raise brand awareness and forge valuable business connections

Stefan and Irfan of Advice First in Parkway Drive “We’ve been in the area since 2017 – it was time to get ‘out there!’”

Sean Brandon of Roof Design and Management demonstrating the health and safety benefits of drones

BNI Albany had a productive day. “These events always provide a great opportunity to catch up with established local businesses and meet some new ones – and this year was no different. The chance to explore the new venue also made for a very worthwhile day out of the office.”

J U N E 2021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z



The Climate Action Toolbox can help you cut your carbon footprint

Plastic packaging: six things every business can do Businesses wishing to tackle “the plastics challenge” can now watch a helpful online webinar. The video features an engaging conversation between SBN experts Kate Hasselhoff and Andy Kenworthy, as they discuss the top tips to come out of the organisation’s 2020 Plastic Packaging Masterclass. Learn more at

New Zealand Packaging Masterclass 2021 2 September | Venue TBC REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW!

About 97 per cent of New Zealand’s businesses are small to medium-sized, and they contribute about 35 per cent to NZ’s GDP. Their carbon emissions are likely to be a similar proportion. The Climate Action Toolbox gives organisations access to a range of practical tools and resources – such as carbon footprint calculators – and inspiring Kiwi business case studies. Although primarily targeted at SMEs, any company starting on its climate action journey can use the toolbox. By completing a quick self-assessment, the business can have a tailored, ready-to-use action plan in less than 30 minutes. Rachel Brown ONZM, CEO and founder of the Sustainable Business Network (SBN), says: “We know businesses want to do the right thing for the climate. The challenge for many, particularly smaller

businesses, is what to do. This is why we collaborated to create the Climate Action Toolbox, which is an excellent resource for business. It’s free, super easy to use and can be tailored to the individual circumstances of any small to medium-sized business. It gives examples of what others have done and creates a ready-to-use action plan. There are no excuses for inaction on climate anymore!” The toolbox focuses on the five key areas where a business can make a difference: • • • • •

Moving people Moving goods Office operations Site operations and equipment Designing products

To get started, visit


BNH’s March inorganics collection Thanks to everyone who participated – and helped to prevent more than 43 cubic metres of landfill waste. Good job! BNH’s twice-yearly inorganics collections are a great way to support your business’ sustainability efforts. The next collection is scheduled for 23-24 September. Register your interest at 20

J U N E 2 021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z

This year’s masterclass is expanding to look at all forms of packaging – from plastic to glass to fibre, and beyond. There will be updates from key players across the packaging system (government, industry, science and innovation) highlighting best systems practice from production to end of life. Sign up to stay informed about this event at

30 retail and

commercial businesses that registered and received a collection


of waste collected, including e-waste, outdoor furniture, kitchen appliances, printers, and old and/or broken office furniture

43.25m3 of waste recycled by Abilities Group

3m3 of

waste taken to landfill


The Warehouse Group introduces EV trucks and expands EV charging network The Warehouse Group (TWG), which includes Noel Leeming and Torpedo 7, has expanded its electric vehicle (EV) fleet. From April, customer deliveries for whiteware, general appliances and oversized items located in a 220km roundtrip radius from the distribution centres in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Christchurch have been carried out by the new custom EV trucks. Chief sustainability officer David Benattar says the rollout of these vehicles is an exciting new step in the group’s continued progress in decarbonising its operations and forms part of its broader set of sustainability commitments. “Moving goods to our customers is an essential part of our operations, and decarbonising our transport and logistics is one of our business priorities.” At the same time, TWG has expanded and upgraded its public-access charging station infrastructure. Three new sites in Kaitaia, Waipapa and Greymouth grow the Group’s network to 28 charging stations. All offer free EV charging outside The Warehouse stores around the country, and 13 of the sites have been upgraded to 25kW DC rapid

From left to right: David Benattar, The Warehouse Group chief sustainability officer, Camilla Cochrane (EECA) and Tania Benyon, The Warehouse Group chief product officer, at the unveiling of the four custom EV trucks for home deliveries.

chargers. The rapid charger network expansion was enabled by a $265,000 grant from the EECA. As part of the rapid charging expansion project, TWG has collaborated with

award-winning Business North Harbour member ChargeNet, which is supplying the software for the charging installation, and YHI Energy, which has provided the Delta 25kW DC wallbox chargers.

Davenports’ new food waste bins

CityLINK bus route goes electric As part of Auckland’s Low Emission Bus Roadmap, Auckland Transport (AT) and operator NZ Bus has introduced a new electric fleet for the CityLINK bus service. Mayor Phil Goff says these 12 new electric buses will help reduce carbon emissions as Auckland works towards meeting its climate change goals. The electric fleet will also be quieter than the previous diesel vehicles. “Electrifying Auckland’s CityLINK buses helps improve air quality by reducing pollution from black carbon and nitrogen oxide emitted by diesel vehicles,” he says. “Black carbon damages health and is at higher levels in Queen Street than in any other New Zealand city and many other cities in Europe and North America. “The introduction of these new fully electric buses is another step toward electrifying the rest of Auckland’s bus fleet. When completed, this will stop around 93,000 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere every year compared to 2019 emissions levels. “We are working with central government towards bringing forward the transition to a fully electric bus fleet, and we’re looking to halt the purchase of new diesel buses from July this year as part of our commitment to a carbon-free city.”

As part of its broader commitment to sustainability, Davenports Law recently began using Business North Harbour’s food waste collection service. This initiative allows forwardthinking, eco-minded local organisations to divert organic waste from landfill and into commercial composting. Davenports Law director Bronwen Newcombe says, “Business North Harbour was invaluable in this process, guiding me and our sustainability committee around how to set up the new system and providing a discount for the first few collections.” Davenports now composts all food scraps, compostable coffee cups, compostable packaging (including all handtowels from bathrooms), coffee grinds, compostable courier bags and tea bags, which would otherwise have gone to landfill. “We’re filling an 80-litre wheelie bin with organic matter each week. This is a huge achievement for the business – but there is always more work to do, and the focus of the sustainability committee is now looking at what other types of products, such as Tetra Paks and batteries, can be collected en masse and recycled.” J U N E 2021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z



Blind Low Vision NZ needs puppy raisers Every day, an average of six New Zealanders turn to Blind Low Vision NZ (formerly the Blind Foundation) for support with sight loss. Some are looking for emotional support; many want to find ways to remain self-reliant, stay in work, and get around independently. All want to find ways of doing the things that are important to them. Blind Low Vision NZ, which has an office in William Laurie Place, provides practical and emotional support, advocates for inclusive communities, and leads the way in vision rehabilitation.


The organisation is currently seeking puppy raisers. “We need to place 120 puppies with families every year,” says head of marketing and communications, Laura Skerritt. “These volunteers are invaluable. They provide our pups with loving homes for up to 18 months before they move onto their formal Guide Dog training.” Blind Low Vision NZ funds its Guide Dog puppies’ food and vet’s bills. Puppy raisers also have the support of the wider

Guide Dog community, including puppy development trainers. Sara Leavy has raised three Guide Dog puppies, beginning with Ivy in 2018, followed by Aztec and, currently, Emma. She shared a few experiences and insights for would-be puppy raisers. “Guide Dog pups differ from a pet dog in that they come everywhere with me – fitness classes, cafés, hairdresser, on the bus or ferry – with only a few exceptions, like hospitals or Department of Conservation land. Every outing involves new noises, sights and smells, so it’s always a learning opportunity. “On walks, it’s not just about the pups exploring their world, going where they want and doing what they need to do. They need to remember that they are a team with their handler, exploring the world together. If they get distracted, you need to redirect their attention back to you, so they can ignore other dogs, pause at a zebra crossing, pop their front paws on the first step, so the person doesn’t trip up steps, or pause at the top of a flight of steps, for example. As their puppy raiser, you should be the most interesting thing around them – hence why you hear a lot of us talking in high-pitched voices, praising good behaviour. “It’s an honour to be part of this beautiful, well-bred pup’s life, knowing that you’re also helping someone in the community. However, it takes lots of time and patience. When out with your beautiful pup in their cute Guide Dog jacket, the most common question you’ll get is: ‘It must be so hard giving them up.’

Sara Leavy with Aztec

Actually, I think the hardest part is the first two or three months. These can be tiring and a little restrictive with shorter outings, as well as a few messes to clear up, but it is also incredibly rewarding as you see the pups develop and learn. “The pups and their training programme teach you as much as you teach the pups. The biggest lessons our family has learnt are: be patient and consistent, and praise the good and distract from the bad. Personally, I think those are good lessons for all of us – plus, you get to do it with an adorable bundle of puppiness!” To find out more, visit /guide-dogs/our-puppies

It costs in excess of $50,000 to raise and train a Guide Dog. Could your business make a monthly donation and become a Guide Dog Puppy Sponsor? Get involved at 22

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A career in commercial real estate Janet Marshall, recipient of the Property Council’s Women in Property Award in 2019, understands what it takes to succeed on a career path. Starting as a broker in 2005 without any sales experience, after just a year in brokerage support, Janet became Colliers International’s Rookie of the Year in 2005, Marketer of the Year in 2013, and a director of Colliers in 2016. Janet says passion and drive are vital to making it in the industry. “Commercial real estate brokerage is an exciting and challenging career. Unlike residential property, which relies more on emotion, brokers need to provide a high level of expertise and build ongoing relationships with clients. It’s also more complex than residential property, with brokers needing to understand earthquake ratings, zoning, and be good with numbers. “There are 14,000 real estate agents in New Zealand, but only about 2,000 work in commercial property. Many entered the

Commercial real estate brokerage is an exciting and challenging career. Unlike residential property, which relies more on emotion, brokers need to provide a high level of expertise and build ongoing relationships with clients. industry with a property degree, a previous qualification as a lawyer, police officer or accountant, or prior sales experience. “While a qualification is not necessary, an understanding of property will provide a good head start, whether from investing in commercial property or knowing others who work in the industry.” Janet says many have queried why there are not more women in the industry. “I believe it is a lack of information and not knowing what to expect in commercial real estate. In reality, there is a core set of skills that will allow anyone to thrive in this career. What’s crucial is a determination to work hard. You’ll need good organisational skills, initiative

and discipline. And a competitive streak is vital for a commission-driven role. “Mental toughness is also key. Positivity, resilience and persistence all go a long way. “Commercial property also requires a high level of integrity. You’ll need to really enjoy working with people and have good communication skills to become a trusted expert to your clients. “And of course, you’ll also need to sit for your real estate salespersons licence. Many choose to do this while learning the ropes in a support role.” Janet’s role at Colliers is director of commercial investment sales and leasing, based at the Takapuna office. She is also now involved in brokerage recruiting for Colliers and is excited about this new role.

Janet says a commercial property career provides a high level of flexibility and remote work options. “Brokerage offers good worklife balance, with weekday business hours rather than the weekend work common in the residential sector. The role also provides autonomy and independence, along with plenty of opportunities to socialise and collaborate. “We don’t want people to fail in the industry, so candidates with potential are handpicked and offered good training and support. Colliers is renowned for its collaboration, teamwork, mentorship, and regular recognition and feedback.” If you think you have what it takes, whether you are already a leader in the industry or keen to see what opportunities could be at Colliers, please contact Janet on 021 684 775 for a coffee and chat. J U N E 2021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z



Maat Group – Growing Investors’ Wealth After such a tumultuous 2020 behind us, the year we all thought would be the “recovery year” has already had its share of uncertainty. With two lockdowns in February and March, holiday dates were adjusted with a pencil and eraser. Planning future trips is tainted with the bitter thought of possible restrictions. However, there are still things we can do to prepare for our own future within the realm of what we can control – ourselves. Personal development is something we all say we should do, but how many of us actually put that into action? Personal development delivers clarity for an approach to the future with a clear path, providing a reduction in stress levels that comes from knowing the direction you need to take. It provides a better gauge of your current performance and allows you to track the effectiveness of this new “plan”; and it gives people motivation to progress. Likewise, having your own investment plan can do similar things. Knowing you have a plan on how you would like to create future wealth can alleviate the stress that comes with not knowing the right direction to travel in. But where do you start? At Maat Group we pride ourselves on helping investors understand what Equity Investments are - regardless of whether you decide to invest in our offerings. Having a level of comprehension of investments can help you decide if this is the right path to grow your wealth. Investing in Commercial Property is where 90% of investors build their wealth. Having a greater knowledge of this sector means investors can make more astute choices. Diversifying your risk and dividing your funds through different investment channels provides the greatest opportunity to flatten the peaks and troughs that come with investing. Selecting the right investment can be challenging, but at Maat Group, our intention is to enable investors to make decisions by showing transparency with investments.

Maat Group took its name from the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Balance. These qualities are present in every proposal offered. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our investments with you. To be notified of our future offers, please contact the office on (09) 414 6078 or email Alternatively, you can view our website, , and get in touch through the “contact us” tab.






Creating innovative solutions to move your business forward. Have an idea or project? Talk to us today! P +64 9 300 7303 E W A The Crate, 28 Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632 24

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Eighty years old – and still going strong! Many people are genuinely shocked when I tell them the story of my most senior business consultant, who turned 80 years old in April and is still going strong. This amazing man has been with us for the last 17 years, is constantly in the top three of all our consultants nationwide and has built up a client base that would be the envy of many. When asked why he is still working five days a week, his simple reply is: “Well, what else would I be doing apart from sitting in my La-Z-Boy and twiddling my thumbs?!” From Driveline’s perspective, what Laurie offers his clients is experience. Sixty years of genuine commercial insight, along with a big dose of grandfatherly advice – and the clients lap it up by the bucket load! To be truly effective in business and to develop solid relationships with clients, there has to be a high level of trust and credibility developed. I am firmly of the belief that the more experience you have in life, the better equipped you are to fulfil these age-old requirements.

Lance with Laurie Brown-Haysom

Too often, I see and hear of those 55-plus being turned away from possible employment positions due to having “too much experience” or not presenting “the right fit” with an employer. In reality, given half a chance, these people will create value for a business that will be unsurpassed when compared with a recent degree-qualified graduate. Being in this category myself now, it really does hit closer to home, but fortunately I am the boss and not likely to get fired soon! For

future employment requirements, I would have no hesitation whatsoever to bring on an “older” employee. The experience that comes with them, effectively managed, is gold. Lance Manins Co-director | Driveline Fleet 222 Bush Road, Rosedale 0800 275 374

We’ve moved... for a sustainable future

Powered by Solar Energy. Supplied, installed and supported by local North Shore company SkySolar.

Now at 5-11 Parkway Drive J U N E 2021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z



Looking for a picturesque venue to enjoy a drink and light bite? North Shore Golf Club’s new Sprig Bar is the perfect place! • Winter hours 7.30 am until 6.00 pm, seven days a week • Serving sweet and savoury favourites • Excellent range of beers, wines, and soft drinks (including teas and coffees) • Ideal spot to refuel before, during or after your round • Conveniently located on the ground floor, next to the pro shop • No bookings required • Non-members welcome (09) 415 9924 51 Appleby Road, Albany


CORPORATE DEALS AT GAME OVER AUCKLAND TRIPLE TROUBLE 1 x Laser Tag Mission 1 x Jurassic Mini Putt 1 x $15 Arcade Credits


Per Person

EXPRESS EXPERIENCE 1x 15 Lap eKart Race + Choice of Laser Tag or Mini Putt


Per Person




1x 15 Lap eKart Race 1 x Laser Tag Mission 1 x Jurassic Mini Putt





J U N E 2 021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z



Per Person

BUSINESS BASH 2x 15 Lap eKart Races - great for competitive teams! + Choice of Laser Tag or Mini Putt


Per Person

ULTIMATE TEAM BUILDING EXPERIENCE 2x 15 Lap eKart Races 1 x Laser Tag Mission 1 x Jurassic Mini Putt 1 x $15 Arcade Credits


Per Person


Email and beat the rush!


Check-in to a culture of kindness Travelling can be stressful. It’s not unusual for guests to arrive at a hotel feeling anxious or distracted. Which is why, at Ramada Suites by Wyndham, Albany, while check-in is an efficient process, the staff always take time to ask: “How’s your day? Is there anything extra we can do to help you?” Great customer service happens when staff feel confident and empowered. “When you create an environment where your employees know they are truly valued, that’s when they can flourish. And that’s when everyone – the

Jacqui Cheal

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou team, our guests, and the business overall – benefits,” says Jacqui Cheal, Ramada Albany’s general manager. Jacqui admits that she is “passionate about staffing”. In a competitive sector with a notoriously high staff turnover, this approach arguably sets her apart. The rewards speak for themselves though, with most of Ramada Albany’s staff being long-time employees, staying years rather than weeks or months. “They know I’ve got their back, which means, if mistakes do happen, no-one’s afraid to speak up. Once we understand what may have gone wrong, it’s a learning opportunity. How do you fix this, and how do you avoid it happening again?” This is how the team grows together, and it’s also how an individual’s strengths can be identified and developed. “We discovered that one of our front desk team has a talent for analysing numbers and

Pathfinder Solutions are chartered accountants and advisors bringing you a forward-focused accounting and advisory experience like no other, where you, our client, are at the very heart of everything we do. With our real world business and investment experience, we’re focused on helping you make the right decisions and that means looking beyond the numbers and always looking forward. With knowledge and experience broader than traditional accounting, we can give you strategies, options and information on which to make the best possible decisions. Yes, we’re accountants, but we know that the best advice comes from more than just the numbers, that’s why we offer a comprehensive range of products and services, including;

Tax & accounting Optimal tax savings, cloud-based and efficient for your peace of mind.

Advisory that changes lives The right game plan, and an experienced guide. Know which levers to focus on.

Asset structuring for tax & risk reduction Structures that protect your assets, reduce risk and minimise tax

Support on tap Contact us anytime for guidance and support when you need it. We’re here to help.

spotting discrepancies! She’s got a keen eye, and gets satisfaction from it. It’s the perfect way to expand her skillset and business knowledge.” The hotel also has a strict zero-tolerance policy towards bullying or harassment, which applies equally to staff and guests. “We have a culture of kindness here. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.” To find out more about Ramada Albany’s world-class facilities, contact Jacqui Cheal on (09) 974 4568 or e-mail

Kenina Court i s a chartered accountant and advisor with over 25 years of hands-on experience in both investment and business. Kenina is known for simplifying the complex, giving you practical and actionable advice, and strategies to achieve your financial goals and protect your assets. With her expert knowledge, Kenina is regularly invited to be a guest speaker at conferences and events. Our clients value Kenina’s pragmatic, practical and progressive approach.

Richard Orsbourn is a chartered accountant and advisor with extensive real-world business and commercial experience. As a former CFO and business leader across multiple business disciplines including IT and operations, Richard brings invaluable practical advice and strategies that go far beyond the numbers. Our clients value the depth of Richard’s experience which enables them to explore options through many different lenses.

Contact us today for an obligation-free chat. We’d love to help you. 09 869 2356 J U N E 2021 F Y I B U S I N E SS N H .O R G . N Z




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Not sure which path to take? Would residential or commercial property investment be more appropriate for you? Recent government announcements about residential property targeted investors buying and selling homes. The bright-line test period doubled to 10 years, meaning investors must pay 39 per cent tax on profit from an investment property sold within 10 years of the purchase date. Additionally, the ability of residential landlords to claim full tax deductions on mortgage interest payments has been restricted and will eventually be phased out entirely. As the residential property market feels increasingly challenging, more investors are looking at commercial property or new build residential as alternatives. It certainly appears that there has been a conscious shift to encourage investors into the new build residential market. Unfortunately, in KC Legal’s view, this is likely to create further competition between investors and first-home buyers. Perhaps this is why long-time residential investors are starting to dip their toes into the commercial property market. The allure of potentially higher yields may be appealing. Still, it is important that investors new to commercial property understand the

market, and are aware of potential pitfalls as well as the positive aspects. A few of the potential positives Lower market entry price with some opportunities around $350,000, plus GST (if any) Regular rental increases and more certainty around lease terms A prescribed and efficient process for dealing with unreliable tenants Tenants are usually responsible for paying for outgoings (such as rates, insurance, and certain maintenance costs) Kate Chivers

A few of the potential pitfalls Economic instability may affect the ability to lease the premises. Long-term high vacancies rates can be a risk to regular income. It can be harder to obtain finance, with more deposit required and an application fee charged by lenders. Commercial buildings have more compliance requirements. Whatever kind of property investment you’re considering, you need a lawyer in your corner who truly understands the market.

KC Legal specialises in property, which means you’re assured of comprehensive, competent advice – so you can make a genuinely informed decision. Ph: (09) 972 3932 E:


The Last Word Around the world, over 75% of people say they are happy in their jobs. But even satisfied people often consider a career change. What motivates them? There are the common themes such as better compensation, work-life balance, and opportunities to advance. While these are important, what we are seeing on the back of Covid-19 are people who no longer enjoy the industry or the role they are in and want to transition into something completely different. There are challenges when making a switch into other industries or positions, not only for the employee but for a business. The cover feature for this edition of FYI looks at recruiting people in transition from the business perspective, but what if you are a candidate who wants to transition careers? You need to be very clear about your soft skills versus your hard skills. Time and effort must be put into knowing how you would position yourself for a different role in another

industry and how to align these skills, and their value, with the position you are looking at. Even if a business is open to considering a person in transition, you need to ensure that your CV gets past that first quick look by the business or recruiter. The cover letter must explain the match that you see as a fit for the position. It must also be short, sharp, and punchy. Why have you applied? Why are you right for the position? As a recruitment agency, we see both sides of the transitional coin. Daily we are pre-screening candidates, keeping an open mind for anyone looking towards new horizons. And, if you are a business wanting to broaden your candidate pool, we provide interview training. Conducting effective interviews is key to being able to get the information you need that ensures knowledgeable decisions are made and that you feel 100% comfortable in taking on a person in a career transition.

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We are invested in helping businesses achieve success through people. Working alongside both the candidate and employer to find great people who fit the role, the industry, and the culture. Lisa Hill Managing Director

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For Lease - Albany Office

55 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland 5 Star (Design) Green Building

Prominent and highly visible standalone building offering a 5 Green Star rating and occupied by Corporate and Government tenants plus a high tech gym and cafe. You are invited to view the most outstanding building on the North Shore which further offers sustainable features and high grade specifications. 55 Corinthian Drive is a four level office building and included in the complex is a five level car parking building with a circular access ramp located on the eastern end of the building. Please contact Janet on 021 684 775 or email for an exclusive viewing.

2 Levels of 1650m floor plates

5 Green Star rating

High level of car park ratio

Janet Marshall 021 684 775

Colliers NZ Limited Licensed REAA 2008

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Boundary Line Indicative Only

For Sale by Deadline Private Treaty, closing Thursday 1 July 2021 at 4pm

68-76 Clyde Road, Browns Bay, Auckland Large Retail Site For Sale Rarely does an opportunity such as this come to the market. This high profile corner site in the heart of Browns Bay close to the beach, comes with x7 tenancies including a long established Optometrist, The UK Grocer and Flaming Onion Restaurant. The site is close to multiple schools, childcare centres and residential, with a newly built apartment block across the road. Browns Bay is a stratgegic location in the heart of Auckland’s North Shore. Zoning is Business - Mixed Use and the site is surrounded by established commercial businesses. For an information pack and/or an exclusive viewing, please contact us.


7x Tenancies split risk

1,232 sqm site close to beach

Janet Marshall 021 684 775

Returning $310K pa + GST

Premium corner & frontage

Matt Prentice 021 464 904 Colliers NZ Limited Licensed REAA 2008

Tony Allsop 021 959 154 tony.allsop@

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For Commercial/Industrial property solutions contact the property specialists now: Janet Marshall 021 684 775

Ryan de Zwart 021 575 001

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6 Months Free Coffee For New Tenant*

Cheap & Cheerful Office for Lease Unit B, 238 Bush Road, Rosedale This space ticks all the boxes for a small business looking for premises with high profile to passing traffic and good street parking without the price tag! Excellent amenities close by plus easy access to the motorway and main arterials. The office has an efficient fitout with it’s own kitchen and bathroom facilities. Recently upgraded with new carpet and repaint. Offices of this size are hard to find so don’t miss out! The landlord will provide daily coffee for six months to the new tenant*. *Terms and conditions apply.

115 sqm, 3 car parks plus street parking

Easy access to motorways & main arterials

Janet Marshall 021 684 775

Newly refurbished

Kerry Cook 021 943 949

Colliers NZ Limited Licensed REAA 2008

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