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Our Firm The firm was founded in 1978 by Tom Hatch, FAIA, with a commitment to help build strong, vibrant communities. It has evolved over several decades from its soleproprietorship beginnings to its current partnership structure when, in 2006, Erik Ulland and Randall Owen joined him as partners. Our keen sense of community values has inspired a wide range of distinctive projects including: 65 Whole Foods Markets across the country, including the original Corporate Headquarters at 6th Lamar; The Crossings (now Travaasa Experiential Resort and Spa); Threadgill’s; Thundercloud Subs; Twin Oaks Library; McKinney Roughs Nature Park; Mueller Community Homes; and most recently Antone’s, Homestead Oaks Apartments and Learning Center, The Groves Information Center and Oak Point Park Nature and Retreat Center. Whether public or private, we favor timeless projects designed with an eye, not on the latest architectural trend or signature style, but on the special needs of our clients and the community at large. As active members of Austin’s “Green Building” program, we are keenly aware of environmental issues and strive to create buildings that enhance the health and well being of both the earth and its inhabitants. We were the architects for Austin’s first large scale, commercial “green” building – the first Whole Foods Market and Corporate Headquarters at 6th and Lamar. All of our projects are guided by the ethical and far-reaching applications of sustainability.

Community - Shared spaces & Amenity Centers We were privileged to work with the Lower Colorado River Authority on McKinney Roughs Nature Park, an Environmental Learning Center situated on a 1000+ acre site located between Austin and Bastrop. Phase One of this project included site planning, site infrastructure, and improvements (drives, parking facilities, pathways, and large public plaza) and the design and construction of an administrative office building and a natural science laboratory building with classroom facilities. Due to our success on the initial phase, we were selected to complete subsequent phases: a large dining hall/multipurpose room; three dormitories; a rustic outdoor amphitheater; and an Animal Care and Maintenance Facility which is primarily used for the care of rescued wildlife. Since then, we have completed numerous other projects that benefit the community and enhance the environment of the area.

Barton Creek Landing Amenity Center

Another noteworthy project is The Crossings (Now Travaasa Experiential Resort and Spa), a privately-owned retreat/holistic learning center and wellness spa, located on a 200-acre tract of land near Lake Travis. The entire site design and layout of the buildings was guided by the clients’ desire to connect the guests with the beautiful Hill Country landscape. Since the parcel contains protected habitat, the utmost care was used in minimizing the “footprint” of the facility and in protecting certain areas of the land from disturbance. All design decisions - including road and trail design; placement of the structures; utility layout, and wastewater disposal – were driven by the desire to minimize site degradation and create a welcoming, environmentally friendly retreat. The 18-building campus includes: a welcome/administration building, conference center, meeting hall, dining hall and cafe, wellness spa and pool, seven lodges, bunkhouse, sanctuary, and maintenance building. Phase One included the first three built structures: a gatehouse, the caretaker’s residence, and a horse stable.

The Groves Information Center

Our most recent Civic project, Oak Point Park Nature and Retreat Center, is a new 20,000 square foot visitor and retreat center for a major municipal park in Plano, Texas. The building is located on a rise, overlooking a small lake. The building’s functions include restrooms and vending for park visitors, an interpretive exhibit hall, meeting rooms for Parks and Recreation programs and private functions, and offices for the City’s Parks and Recreation departments. The stone tower of the visitor’s center building is visible from across the 800-acre park. The tower is 45 feet tall, and built of loadbearing sandstone blocks. In the evening, the lantern at the top is illuminated from within, and the tower acts as a beacon, drawing guests to events in the center’s meeting rooms and metaphorically is the heart of the building and the park. The entrance to the center is a row of tapered stone columns, supporting the butterfly roof of the interpretive exhibit hall. Oversized gutters and rain chains demonstrate how the building captures rainwater, which flows into the lake.

Sparky “Pocket� Park (originally a city of austin electrical substation)

The images in this book demonstrate an abbreviated look at the many shared spaces & amenity centers within the communities we have designed. For further project details or further information, please feel free to contact one of our partners.

Contact: Tom Hatch, FAIA Erik Ulland, AIA, LEED AP Randall Owen, AIA, LEED AP | 512.474.8548 | 512.474.8548 | 512.474.8548

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Tom Hatch has amassed an extensive and varied background in his 39 years of practicing Tom architecture. Hatch has amassed He hasan worked extensive on a tremendous and variedvariety background of projects, while practicing ranging from aarchitecture variety ofsince retail 1975 projects and then and founding offices, the to public firm in institutional 1978. He has worked buildings on a tremendous such as schools variety andof libraries, projects, ranging to large frommultifamily a variety of projects, retailrural projects retreats and offices, andtocustom public institutional private residences. buildings such as schools and libraries, to large multifamily projects, rural retreats and


As a licensed architect for 20 years, Erik has a comprehensive background in commercial As a licensed architecture architect since 1994, and Erik design has a which comprehensive includes multi-million background in both dollar commercial office complexes, and residential schools architecture and and libraries, design which and various includes retail multi-million projects dollar including office complexes, car dealerships schools and and libraries, franchise and mixed use operations. multi-family Additionally, developments. his Additionally, extensive his experience extensive includes experience solar varies energyfrom consulting, carefully crafted large scale custom multi-discipline homes to large project scale management, multi-discipline civic and project design-build management, projects. civic and design-build

In 2008, custom Tom private wasresidences. honored with the John V. Nyfeler, FAIA Community Service Award projects. and inIn2011, 2008, he Tomwas was elevated honored with to fellowship the John V. Collaborative teamwork is the foundation in the American Nyfeler, FAIAInstitute Community of Architects. Service Award Most and of Erik’s Collaborative projectteamwork management is the foundation skills. of Erik’s He recently, in 2011, in 2013, he was heelevated received to Fellowship the James in the D. listensproject to the management client and He listens within to the client the Pfluger American Community InstituteServices of Architects. Award Most recently, for his budgetandasworks wellwithin as the inherent budget as environmental well as inherent The images in this book demonstrate an abbreviated look at the many shared spaces & work in and advocacy of the community and governmental constraints. He constraints. believes 2013, he received James D. based Pfluger environmental and governmental amenity centers within the communities we have designed. For further project details and affordable housing designs. the best results are realized when the Community Services Award for his work and He believes the best results are realized when or further information, please feel free to contact one of our partners. advocacy of community based and affordable ownerthe and owner theand architect the architect workwork in tandem in tandem to to housing designs. develop develop a project a project that that truly truly integrates integrates the owner’s the owner’s desires, desires, innovative innovative design anddesign environmental and environmental responsibilityresponsibility. . Contact:


Randall began his career in architecture over 20 years ago. He specializes in commercial Randall began design his career and in development architecture in including 1993. He retail specializes shopping in commercial centers designand and tenantdevelopment improvements, including retail restaurants, shopping centers bars, flex-office and tenant spaceimprovements, and warehouse restaurants, buildings. bars, He prides flex-office himself spaceon and being warehouse able to buildings. take “offHe the-shelf” prides and himself readily on being available able to take products “off-theand use shelf” them and readily in innovative available ways. products and use them in innovative ways.

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hatch + ulland owen a r c h i t e c t s

Community - Shared Spaces and Amenity Centers  

An abbreviated look at some of the community centers and shared spaces within our community projects

Community - Shared Spaces and Amenity Centers  

An abbreviated look at some of the community centers and shared spaces within our community projects