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2 10 YEARS

May 16, 2014

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Out of state, somewhere warm. -Christian van Adelsburg

(M. Krebs)

I want to be living in a city, I don’t know which, and be painting murals and do volunteer work for inner cities. –Cristina Alfano In 10 years, I hope to have my bachelor’s in Molecular and Cellular Biology and be an MD. Hopefully a neurologist. I don’t really care if I have a husband or not, I mean, I could always get a dog, it’s like the same thing. –Deni Alvarez Hopefully, making money in my field and maybe starting a family. –Michael J. Ammer, Jr. I see myself having my dream job of being an elementary school teacher. I also see myself getting married and having a family. –Sam Andrews In 10 years, I see myself living in NYC with a hubby about to graduate from med school with one child on the way (preferably a girl). -Onyeka Anikmadu I probably see myself really getting into acting and possibly having a husband or family. –Lexi Archambeau Traveling the world and giving lectures at prestigious universities (though about what, I’m not sure). –Holly Baldacci I try not to think that far ahead. –Michael Bartot “I’m not Raven Symone, I can’t see into the future,” said Brittney Gundlach. -Jenny Bednarczyk Doing something I love and getting paid to do it. Mostly the first part, hopefully the second part. -Rachel Bednarczyk Becoming the next Jordan Belfort or living in a van down by the river. –Shylbin Berberabe Traveling the world with friends; working with recording artists; teaching as a special education teacher. -Alex Blanchard Living in a community in Colorado. -Taylor Brooks Working in a hospital as an X-ray technician. –Ashley Campbell In 10 years, I will be serving as an officer in the U.S. Army. I’m hoping to serve active duty as a combat engineer. –Peter Campbell Out of college (hopefully), hopefully out of debt, and working. –Amanda Caputi In 10 years, I see myself working for a professional athletic team as a sports psychologist with my PhD in Sports Psychology. I also see myself married and thinking about

starting a family. –Michelle Caputi I see myself living in an apartment in the city, writing for my dinner. –Angelica Cataldo In 10 years, I see myself continuing my residency and perusing a career as a cardiothoracic surgeon. -Jenni Carlson In 10 years, I’ll be 28, so hopefully I am married and living in New York. I also hope that I will be doing something in my career field of psychology such as being a counselor for kids. -Taylor Carter Either somewhere in physical therapy or special education. -Troy Cantu In 10 years, I don’t really know what I will be doing, as long as I am surrounded by supportive people and doing a job that I genuinely enjoy, I will be happy. Of course, making a good amount of money wouldn’t hurt either. –Amanda Cazel I will be engaging myself in the high-end world of computer engineering. -Jeffery Chan In 10 years, I see myself being a physical therapist at a hospital. I will be married and starting a family. -Jaycelin Chan Very obese. –Collin Chapleau

In 10 years, I will be out of dental school and beginning to practice being a dentist so I can gain enough experience to be an orthodontist (I hope it is warm wherever I am and that I have a puppy). –Abigale Enrici Flying airplanes and traveling. –Carly Ferris Picking up girls at the roller rink with Tyler Husin. -Brendon Fitzgerald I see myself in space. If mankind has reached the space age, exploring new worlds. I would study the plants of another world as an exobotonist. –Jordan Francisco I hope that in 10 years I’ll be working for a production studio, writing, recording, mixing and mastering music. Then coming home every night to a loving husband. –Jessica French I see myself married, starting off a family while maintaining a good job. -Kira Frendreis Working towards becoming an orthopedic surgeon. -Tamara Funke Hopefully living a great life. Whatever happens, happens. -Jessica Galason Probably still crying over the fact that “Freaks and Geeks” only has one season. -Katie Gallegos

As a film producer. –Kellye Davenport

I see myself living in Arizona, married, and being a nurse at a children’s hospital. –Briana Gerardi

Onstage in New York, Chicago, or London. –Zoe Detlaf

Probably working at a dental practice cleaning a lot of teeth. –Zach Gorney

Living in someplace warm with a job I love. –Tina Driscoll

Either teaching at an elementary school or being a respiratory therapist. –Brittney Gudlach

27 club. –Michael Corona

May 16, 2014 Working an exciting job, probably away from Huntley. -Chase Hall I see myself as having made an impact on at least one person’s life. -Hiam Haffizuddin As a veterinarian. –Rachel Halter Being an EMT in the back of an ambulance; it’s my life to help people. –Mackenzie Hellgeth Working as a mechanical engineer at a military contractor making some serious bank. -Thomas Helm I see myself out of medical school and working with brain DNA. –Emily Hemingway I see myself in 10 years hopefully married with a couple of kids. Also, to have a job in a school district being a PE teacher and coach. –Savannah Henn Married in a house. -Jenna Hermansen I see myself graduated from the University of Missouri. I see myself as a newscaster, eventually working my way up to working on “The Today Show.” Also, being married and having tons of kids. Also, living in a nice home with my puppy. –Heather Holinbeck Happy doing whatever makes me smile. –Robyn Huth Let’s see, I’ll be 28 years old, so I hope to have a job in animation. I also hope to maybe married and live in a different state. –Dani Iniguez Being awesome. -Melissa Janelli I see myself working in the business field for a sports team. –Jimmy Jestus Doing something. Probably still be in the military. -Andrew Johnson Graduated from college. Hopefully have a good job, not living in Illinois or dealing with its weather. –Sarah Johnson In a place where it doesn’t snow. –Conner Johnston Living in Tennessee as a nutritionist married with one kid and a house with a white picket fence but no dog. –Maura Jones In Texas designing planes for the Air Force. –Adam Kalish I see myself with a job and a house and a family. -Mitchell Kawell In 10 years I see myself with a law degree, working in a powerful law firm in Chicago. -Vicky Kazmierczak A burnout. –Ryan Kiolbassa I see myself done with college, with a good career and living in my own house. –Matthew Kitsis

10 YEARS 3 I see myself working in a hospital as a clinical psychologist. I hope to be married and have at least one kid by then. -Hannah Klehr

I see myself flying a plane for a commercial airline, coming back to our 10 year reunion of course! –Nick Meyer

I will be on a beach in California while finishing another year of being a fourth grade teacher. -Brittany Koss

In 10 years, I see myself as 27, living in Chicago working for an architecture firm as an interior designer. –Karen Mueller

Not here and an architect. –Olivia Krewer I honestly have no idea, but I will be successful. I guarantee that. -Daniel Lasota Working as a high school teacher and loving what I do, having a loving husband or boyfriend and feeling happy/content. -Emily Litwin Living in California with a wife and kids having my own car exchange to sell exotic supercars. -Eric Luecht Working in a hospital in a pediatric trauma unit. –Alexi Lukowski I see myself working in a law firm. Married, hopefully living somewhere warm with a cat and dog, and traveling the world. –Erin Lyman Living happily with my family and backpacking Europe occasionally. –Sam Madej Hopefully, still in the Marine Corps. -Jason Mahn Having some of my plays published and hopefully put on for producers, and hopefully actively working in Chicago or New York in the theater realm. –Emily Marrazzo My career that I want to retire with while I begin to create my family. –Mason Martin Married and working as a pediatrician. –Rebecca Martin Hopefully healthy with a job. A job would be good. Maybe married, maybe a kid. Who knows. Let’s go with alive and with a job. -Brittany Mathis

Married and working as a psychiatrist. –Stephanie Newman Working in the neonatal intensive care unit at a hospital. –Jenny Ngo I will be living in Dublin with a wife and a boy and a dog with a cool house in the city. –Tony Nigro As a psychologist. –Victoria Oliveira I see myself with a husband and kids. –Keely O’Neal Hopefully in ten years, I hope to be done with Med School. I’m going to be in school for a long time… -Caitlin Ong Teaching dance and education, settled down in a place of my own… Hopefully with a husband and also performing. –Kayla Oshinski At a rave. –Trevor Oslance Hopefully graduated from college and working in Wisconsin or somewhere in the south, maybe have a wife. I really don’t want to live in Illinois. -Cole Paarfusser I want the job of Charlie from the TV show “Numbers.” -Sarah Palecki Hopefully in Africa speaking French and playing with baby panthers, spending my days with a ton of animals. -Marlee Palka I see myself with a job that I love and I will be making a lot of money. I might be starting a family, and I will be married with two kids. –Dallin Patel

4 10 YEARS

May 16, 2014

Being a teacher and married/engaged. –Laura Pellegrino I will have graduated college, and will be building a career, possibly a family, or something completely different. –Max Peterson A pharmacist. –Lauren Piel On a beach, with a family, being a lawyer. -Lani Pietrantonio In 10 years I see myself traveling the world. Also, I hope to have worked at Disney World for some time. -Laura Pilat Hopefully I will be doing reassert on marine life, living on the coast. -Emma Plansky Married, a job within the gymnastics world and a doctorate in physical therapy. -Aubrie Purtell Colorado in the mountains. -Jay Quintana I see myself working in some mid-level job in the television field; nothing flashy, just production or something. –Nicoli Raymond I hope to have my master’s degree in Elemen-

I don’t plan that far ahead. C’mon people. – Jantzen Rosales Somewhere warm! – Jazmine Rosales Living in NYC, working for Rolling Stone. – Hannah Rosso In the mirror, or in a reflection on water. Same place I’ve always seen myself. – Kollin Rott Working a good job, having a wife. Probably in a lot of debt. – Kevin Runge Working a well-paying job with a beautiful wife in my own downtown condo watching ESPN on a lazy boy with a German shepherd. – Jakub Rys

tary Education. I would love to be married and thinking about having a family. –Kora Rea One year away from completing the process and schooling to become a pediatrician. –Vitoria Reales Being an ultrasound tech with a lovely family. –Ronni Recchia Owning my own business and living abroad. – Connor Reed In the Navy serving my country and married to Stephanie Newman. –Geoffrey Allen Reif Own my own pharmacy. – Alex Reiter Somewhere over the rainbow… Just kidding, probably in an office somewhere or a life of some sort. -Alexia Rivera I see myself teaching in a classroom and having started a family of my own. –Angelica Rodriguez Having a job as a pre-school teacher and be married and have kids. –Emily Roller

Working with my dad in his business. – Michael Schmitt

MBA; entry-level job for PR firm. – Britni Siwuda Married with two and a half kids, in a house with a white picket fence and with a Portugese water dog. – Charlotte Skala I see myself living a steady life. Trying to get a family started. I have a job that I love to attend every day. – Mark Skonieczny Married with two kids, working a job for an engineering firm. – Drake Slater Having my own business and being a businessman while still playing soccer and staying fit. – Reyman Solis Still in school… - Kyle Sommerfield I see myself living and working in New York City. Hopefully, I’ll be working in one of the

Eating gelato in my summer home in Italy. – Ashley Secreto I see myself married with at least one kid. I will be a successful music therapist. I want to move to a different state. Doesn’t matter which one just not Illinois. – Meghan Sedey I see myself in California, living my dreams and being truly happy! – Aparna Sivasankaran Graduated from ASU; graduate school for

Broadway/Off-Broadway Theatres. – Megan Sover

May 16, 2014

10 YEARS 5

South Carolina, owning a business. – Bradley Spoeth Living in some big city doing something I love. – Jolie Steinert In 10 years I see myself being a successful businesswoman and owning my own business. I also see myself being active in the community and giving back. – Bijal Suchde In 10 years I hope to have finished college and be a physician’s assistant. Also, I hope to be married and ready to start a family soon after. – Kelli Swanson Working in either Chicago or Milwaukee for a larger construction company. – Trevor Symbol I see myself living a steady life. Trying to get a family started. I have a job that I love to see myself in a house on the coast with my husband, working as a pediatric physical therapist. –Jasmine Tado Having a family and hopefully working in a hospital. -Nicki Taylor Married, working as an occupational therapist, living in an apartment with maybe one kid. –Krystyna Tolentino I see myself married with two kids (wanting more), spending time with family and changing the world somehow. -Nicolette Tsiveriots Fighting off bears and Russian Spetznaz operatives in the Siberian wilderness.

-Adam Urbanski In 10 years, I hope to be successful in whatever career I choose. That I will be married with a family. I also hope to continue to go on crazy adventures with my best friends. -Mckenna Vanacker In 10 years, I see myself in New York working for JP Morgan. I would like to be an investment banker, but also trade stocks. –Ronit Ved

A well-known software engineer. Yes, wellknown. –Ben Wibicki Livin’ like Larry! –Richard Witt I see myself as a veterinary surgeon and living in Tennessee. Probably married and definitely having at least one dog. –Katie Zornow Buying my first house probably somewhere out of Illinois. -Chris Zozokos




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May 16, 2014


May 16, 2014

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May 16, 2014

My greatest high school accomplishment I was able to keep my grades up every year. -Cristina Alfano My greatest accomplishment would probably be something dance related, naturally… Probably managing to go from JV Poms my freshman year to the Universal Dance Association All-American senior year and getting to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. -Deni Alvarez I went to state as a cheerleader and I am a back-to-back conference champion and an allconference. -Elizabeth Ambrose Losing weight and finding who I am and who I want to be with. -Michael J. Ammer Jr. My greatest accomplishment during my four years of high school was during my junior year when we made it down to state for basketball. Also getting into Truman State University to play basketball. -Sam Andrews My greatest accomplishment was keeping my cool for four years. -Onyeka Anikamadu I would say my greatest accomplishment is how I’ve grown as an actress through the theater program in HHS. -Lexi Archambeau Balancing work, a sport, extracurricular activities, and AP classes and not having a nervous breakdown. Also, getting a full merit scholarship to my first choice school was awesome. -Holly Baldacci Passing all the AP exams. -Michael Bartot Finishing with semi-good grades. -Rachel Bednarczyk Varsity football. -Shylbin Berberabe Getting a four on my AP Psych test. -Alex Blanchard Being section leader two years in a row, or achieving a debt-free future. -Rebecca Bocian Becoming an Eagle Scout. -Peter Campbell When I made Mr. Styers laugh. -James Cannalte Having the opportunity to play college baseball. -Troy Cantu Being able to direct students in the one-act plays the past two years and assistant directing the allschool play, “Cinderella.”

-Amanda Caputi My greatest accomplishment during my four years of high school was earning my black belt in Shotokan karate. -Michelle Caputi My greatest accomplishment during high school was becoming a varsity runner on the cross-country team, and continuing to improve my athletic and academic abilities. -Jenni Carlson Becoming an editor for The Voice and winning a Quill and Scroll award. -Angelica Cataldo Competing on the varsity swim team for all four years has definitely been my greatest accomplishment. I was able to receive my fouryear varsity letter award that I cherish deeply, and will always remember my teammates and coach fondly. -Amanda Cazel Getting a job at State Farm and likewise being respected as a vital part of the team was an unexpected and rewarding accomplishment, and graduating at the top of our class is pretty cool too. -Jessica Chalas My greatest accomplishment was getting into my dream college and earning a scholarship. All the hard work and effort was worth it. -Jaycelin Chan Football and Science Olympiad. -Jeffery Chan Getting an A in BC Calculus. -Collin Chapleau Being able to go and play baseball in college. -Nick Constantino

Dancing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. -Kellye Davenport Marching in the Rose Parade. -Zoe Detlaf Backup QB on B team freshman year for football. -John Diamond My greatest accomplishment during my four years of high school was committing to Augsburg to play soccer, being accepted to their honors program, and knowing that I want to become an orthodontist. -Abigail Enrici Becoming friends with Kyle Sabie, Hannah Rosso, Michael Corona, and Jessica Celli. -Brendan Fitzgerald Being on varsity cheer all four years, a twotime all-conference cheerleader, and keeping my two best friends all throughout high school. -Carly Ferris I was able to help get my Science Olympiad team to the Science Olympiad Illinois State Competition. I also got third place in Agribusiness at FBLA State Conference. -Jordan Francisco I feel like I’ve really grown and transformed myself over my four years here. I became more sociable, open, confident, and comfortable with who I am. -Jessica L. French Well, I survived, so there’s that. -Kira Frendreis

May 16, 2014


Making the varsity soccer team all four years and committing to ISU to play soccer. -Jessica Galason Getting awarded first place for probably the ugliest newspaper design to ever exist. -Katie Gallegos Committing to play soccer in college. -Briana Gerardi Winning the FVC Basketball Championship during my senior year. -Zach Gorney Beating DeKalb for the regional title. Since we lost to them last year, it was nice revenge. -Brittney Gundlach Getting 30 Varsity Science Olympiad Medals and qualifying and placing at State and getting first place in State for FBLA and qualifying for Nationals. -Haim Hafizuddin Taking and passing AP classes. -Chase Hall Qualifying for IHSA State for Poms for the first time ever. -Rachel Halter Being a Link Crew Leader because it helped me become a better person. -Mackenzie Hellgeth My only friend coming into high school was Jason Shields. The fact that I am still friends with him and have made at least 100 more friends means so much to me. -Tommy Helm Participating in multiple art shows/competitions and getting my work displayed at the Rockford Art Museum. -Emily Hemingway Getting into college and continuing my favorite sports, cross country and track. -Savannah Henn Committing to college. -Jenna Hermansen Being in Miss Huntley. I didn’t win, but I did win Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic. It meant the world to me because I worked really hard and being in the pageant made me grow as a person. -Heather Holinbeck Completing the Huntley 100 in a little under a semester. -Robyn Huth Surviving. Proving people wrong and not giving up. If I learned anything it’s that life is hard but only if you let it knock you down. You have to fight to get back up. -Dani Iniguez

Digging deeper and allowing myself to find out who I am as a person and for always staying true to who I am. -Melissa Janelli Competing on the varsity level full-time in cross-country as a senior. -Jimmy Jestus Surviving high school. -Sarah Johnson Enlisting into the Marine Corps. -Andrew Johnson Working with Student Council. -Conner Johnston Dancing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. -Maura Jones My ACT score. -Adam Kalish Getting all-conference in football and being part of the team that changed the football program around. -Mitchell Kawell Qualifying for sectionals for wrestling and winning a regional title with the soccer team. -Matt Kitsis Reaching my time goal in cross-country my junior year. -Hannah Klehr I am proud that I started every varsity softball game all four years. -Brittany Koss Running my own lawn business. It taught me a lot about responsibility, hard work, and management. -Dan Lasota Getting into and deciding on a Big 10 college or being awarded “Most Contagious Laugh.” That made me feel really awesome and good

inside. -Emily Litwin Getting the 12 Seasons of Sports award. -John Los Having the ability to play college baseball. My hard work, coaches, family, and friends have helped me accomplish my goals. -Eric Luecht Being in the top 20 percent class rank. -Alexi Lukowski Graduating. -Erin Lyman Getting a short play that I wrote into the One Acts. -Emily Marrazzo Being one of the two people that is on varsity baseball my senior year who played on the Freshmen B team. -Mason Martin Going to state for cheerleading. -Rebecca Martin Working, dancing, and somehow managing to keep my grades up. -Brittany Mathis Getting into college. -Nicholas Meyer Being a student athlete and maintaining good grades. -Mckenna Moffett Graduating in three years. -Kaelin Mueller Making it to state for cheerleading. -Stephanie Newman Being able to pass my Certified Nursing Assistant State Exam. -Jenny Ngo Completing high school. -Tony Nigro

10 ACCOMPLISHMENTS I hosted the Mr. HHS Pageant and Miss Congeniality 2012. -Keely O’Neal Becoming a certified nurse assistant and passing clinicals were the best moments ever. -Caitlin Ong Opening a dance program at the Huntley Park District. -Kayla Oshinski Getting into MCC. -Trevor Oslance Going to the Illinois Bass Fishing Tournament and winning sectionals. -Cole Paarfusser Meeting Kollin Rott. -Sarah Palecki Having a job every year of high school. While having those jobs I kept my grades up. The biggest accomplishment is that I have bought myself a car and paid it off in only a few short months. -Madeline Palka When our Wind Ensemble A was nominated to perform at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago with Dr. Tumer from Cornell. -Marlee Palka Becoming President of Student Council and Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook. -Jordan Pasco

Making all my great friends. -Laura Pellegrino Going to state for Speech Team. -Max Peterson Doing well in school. -Lauren Piell Getting accepted into college. -Lani Pietrantonio Qualifying for Jo eastern Nationals and taking first place on the Uneven bars as a level nine. Also qualifying for Jo-NIT as a level 10. -Aubrie Purtell

May 16, 2014 Graduating and moving on in my life. -Ronni Recchia Earning the sportsmanship award freshman year for baseball. -Connor Reed Dating my girlfriend Stephanie Newman who I have liked since freshman year but finally asked her out my senior year. -Geoffrey Allen Reif Coming to terms with myself about what my future should be even though I still have doubts in the end. -Alexia Rivera

First regional boys soccer championship ever. -Jay Quintana

My greatest accomplishment was making color guard captain for the past two years. -Angelica Rodriguez

Making friends. I am not exactly streets ahead socially, so developing those skills was a highlight. -Nicoli Raymond

That I was able to pass all of my classes and that my senior year I am getting a 3.2 GPA average. -Emily Roller

I am in the top 15 percent of my class. -Kora Rea

Being Jantzen and nobody else. I like me. -Jantzen Rosales

My junior year, the mock trial team actually placed at state (and probably got fourth). -Vitoria Reales

Joining speech team and actually enjoying it. -Jazmine Rosales 2013 Mock Trial Team awarded fourth place at state. -Hannah Rosso Receiving a 36 on the ACT. -Kollin Rott Being named drum major of the marching band. -Kevin Runge Winning a regional title in soccer, awards of team of the year for Sun Times and Daily Herald along with being All-Sectional and ranked in state. -Jakub Rys Math team State. -Jacob Schaefer Never having a detention. -Michael Shane Schmitt Getting into Northwestern, but you know, I did many great things. -Ashley Secreto When we got Grand Champion at Stagg High School for marching band. -Meghan Sedey Graduating top 10 percent of the class and being an Illinois State Scholar. -Britni Siwuda Significantly diminishing my fear of public speaking since middle school and vastly improving my musical taste. -Aparna Sivasankaran Passing BC Calculus and not dying. -Charlotte Skala Received my National Letter of Intent to the University of Illinois for baseball. -Mark Skonieczny Graduating high school is pretty great. -Drake Slater Going 21-3-1 with our boys high school varsity soccer team. -Reyman Solis Getting into Notre Dame. -Kyle Sommerfield


May 16, 2014

I got into the BFA theatre management program at the theatre school in DePaul University that only accepts 8 to 10 people -Megan Sover Committing to continue my golf career. -Bradley Edward Spoeth Passing all of my AP tests so far (and hopefully passing this year’s too). -Jolie Steinert Greatest accomplishment would have to be academics and FBLA. After being shy for the first two years of high school I broke out of my shell. I actually ran for office treasurer and senior year ran for president. We also expanded FBLA and are going to nationals. -Bijal Suchde Being able to maintain good enough grades in order to attend the college I want. -Kelli Swanson Earning my black letter for four years of varsity wrestling. -Trevor Symbol Opening up and being myself around others. -Jasmine Tado Fox Valley Conference champion two years in a row performing at state. -Nicki Taylor Maintaining perfect grades in science all four years. -Krystyna Tolentino

Playing volleyball freshman and sophomore year and being able to control my blood sugar because I am a type one diabetic. -Nicolette Tsiveriotis

-Alvin Wong

Marathoning entire seasons of TV shows on Netflix in one sitting. -Adam Urbanski

Playing on the tennis team. Doing so many activities like Friends of Rachel club, marching band, pep band, tennis team, Snow Raiders, and Raider Radio Club. -Jackie Wyslak

Enlisting in the Army National Guard. -Christian van Adelsberg Acceptance into US Naval Academy -Tyler Vasconez My team and I got fourth place in Business Plan for FBLA State Competition. I also double bronzed at JV State for impromptu and extemporaneous speaking. -Ronit Ved Finishing my four years of high school. -Ben Wibicki Surviving freshmen year band camp. -Megan Wilson Being a founding member of the After School Buddies club. -Richard Witt Playing football for all four years and making lifelong friends. -Jonathan Wolicki Getting my black letter for swimming and also doing 100+ hours in community service.

Getting a scholarship for football. -Marcus Wright II

Getting all-conference for lacrosse sophomore and junior year. -Nick Zielinski Junior year we went to state for basketball. Also, playing varsity soccer all four years and contributing to the team’s success. -Rachel Zobott Going to state for girls basketball and placing fourth. -Bethany Zornow Starting in December of sophomore year I started “adopting” service members who were deployed. Since then I have supported three soldiers, one marine, one airman, and I plan to “adopt” again soon. -Katie Zornow Winning a rec league championship. -Michael Zornow Making the soccer team and keeping a good GPA throughout high school. I guess my friends are all right, too. -Chris Zozokos


May 16, 2014

He said, she said

“I can’t believe you woke me up for this.” – Cristina Alfano

leg.” – Jeff Chan

“Here’s another one, untouched.” – Collin Chapleau

“Do you want to build a snowman?” – Venecia Alvarez

“Yeah.” – Michael Corona

“I’m not as random as you think I salad!” – Venecia Alvarez

“Freakkky.” – The Cougs “You’re great.” – The Cougs

“Yay! I’m not allergic to Johnny Depp!” – Lexi Archambeau

“Teenagers are people too.” – Sam Craig

“Mexican Batman no como nachos!” – Josh Archambeau

“Uno Mas.” - Cross Country Team “Savage.” – Amir Dajani

“I am Beyonce.” – Holly Baldacci

“Hey coach, the Jets stole our playbook!” – John Diamond

“I have an elephant vest on. What could go wrong?” – Holly Baldacci “If I woke up in an ultra-centralized state where everyone practically worships the government, well, that’d be alright.” – Michael Bartot “On the pH scale, you’d be a 10 because you’re basic.” – Michael Bartot “Slay.” – Spencer Bingham

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” – John Diamond “Do you even lift?” – Brandon Dranka “I do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want.” – Amanze Egekeze “MIKE!” – Tony Fleck

“Wicked cool.” – Rachel Bednarczyk

“Who threw the sauce?” – The Football Players

“Turn up.” – Alan Beltran

“I love Katrina Kaiff.” – Jordan Francisco

“Bruh.” – Shylbin Berberabe

“He is a master debator.” – Matt Frederick

“We’re not friends Meghan.” – Alex Blanchard

“Something really interesting.” - Katie Gallegos

“Shut up Emily.” – Becca Bocian “Surprise me.” –Taylor Brooks “Charlotte, please.” – James Cannalte “For Seabrook.” – Jeff Carter “I’m going to kill your family.” – Angelica Cataldo “I need to see what he looks like before I make my decision.” – Angelica Cataldo “Seam rip for what?!” – Angelica Cataldo “Why are you so worried about your hair?? It’s not a hot dog eating contest.” – Jaycelin Chan “I thought it was funny when Cole broke his

“Yaas, you look so good.” – Katie Gallegos “If people are not laughing at your dreams, then your dreams are not big enough.” -Justin Gundlach “I am Hiam and I can!!!” – Hiam Hafizuddin “My grandpa was in Vietnam, he saw Auschwitz and everything.” –Jessy Helm

“Relax and just take things one day at a time.” – Tommy Helm “What?!” – Emily Hemingway “Something is not right.” – Jon Hemingway “I got a 35 on my last ACT because I used the writing section to threaten the family of my test grader. #GuessedItWorked.” – Harry Hochwater “Aim for the bushes.” –Andrew Johnson “ROFL.” – Mitchell Kawell “You’re laughing because I’m laughing, but I’m laughing because I farted…” – Matt Kitsis “It’s ya boy Jack, we back.” –Jack Kulesza “Bless yo’ face!” – Arthur Laboda “Have you ever just cooked 4500 pounds of spaghetti and just filled all your clothes with it.” – Mike Laing “My Chemical Romance? Greatest band of all time.” – Jake Liebman “Bibbity Bobbity- sucks for you.” – Kaelin Lopriore “Guys can I say something real quick?” – Emily Marrazzo “Swag.” – Emily Marrazzo “You can’t melt Christmas!” – Francesca Milone “A man got shot in his rectum and died.” – Karissa Mulvihill “Hey coach, while you’re down there [on the ground] why don’t you do some scorpions?” – Anthony Neshewat

May 16, 2014 “Do you hear something? It’s kind of annoying.” – Johnny Nugent “Your eyebrows remind me of the Nike symbol.” – Keely O’Neal “I’ll put GLITTER!” – Caitlin Ong “Google ‘rice pudding traditions!’” – Sarah Palecki “Is it because I’m Indian?” – Parth Patel “Oh my lanta.” – Morgan Pearl “I don’t say anything quotable!” – Lauren Piell “I have never been scared enough by a wasp to contemplate suicide. Italians, man.” – Jacob Quirk “My dad.” – Vitoria Reales “No. Seriously, Emily, shut up.” – Vitoria Reales “EDM and European soccer gets me so hot and bothered.” –Alex Reiter “That’s the dream.” – Jantzen Rosales “Like a young Denzel.” – Tyler Ross “It’s fine.” – Hannah Rosso “I can’t quote myself, that would be ridiculous.” – Kollin Rott “Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.” – Jakub Rys “I see you.” – Angel Sanchez “Hi, I’m Perrin and, uh, I like football.” –Perrin Schupbach “My eyes are open, but my mind is asleep.” –Perrin Schupbach “So Bio… So Stats…” – Perrin Schupbach “You know who would look good in a tan…” – Perrin Schupbach “Jah feelio?” – Aparna Sivasankaran “You must first cross the flaming field of Prostatots.” –Charlotte Skala “I drown my sorrows from AP classes in the school’s mac and cheese.” - Kyle Slonka “When the going gets tough.” – Keagan Smith “Abbey is the best.” – Abbey Staab “Every time I refresh my twitter I get sad because it sounds like a baby coughing.” – Jolie Steinert “Is peeing on your evil roommate’s bed not a thing…?” – Jolie Steinert “Yo wassup. The name’s Kid Squeal. Never go swimming after a big meal.” – Adam Sturtecky

STUDENT QUOTES 13 “Who cares what others think about you.” - Bijal Suchde “Wow, one blow…” – Matt Sullivan “Varsity to the trees!” – 20132014 Varsity Cheerteam “Melv.” – John Walker “Look at those melons!” – Paige Wallace “It’s not about what’s at the table it’s about who’s sitting around it.” -Zach Whitaker “You don’t want to put them in the oven and see their faces puff up.” – Justin White “Play like a champion.” – Samantha Wyslak “Row row fight the power.” – Brad Zavasnik


May 16, 2014

May 16, 2014


Most embarrassing moments of your life Freshman year in gym, I tripped in front of the whole class running after a ball. – Shylbin Berberabe I hit my cheekbone with a flag, which nearly broke my cheekbone and gave me a black eye that lasted about a month. – Alex Blanchard I fell down the stairs. Twice. – Cristina Alfano Mr. Sturm always tells this story about how a kid fell asleep in class when he taught at a juvenile prison and had a heart attack and died in his desk and no one noticed. I fell asleep, like, actually asleep, and kids were shaking me to wake me up, and I wouldn’t wake up. Everyone thought I was dead. – Deni Alvarez When Keely had to crawl on the Taco Bell parking lot to get a hand warmer, and a certain football player stuck his head out the car window and starting hitting her with a water bottle. – Elizabeth Ambrose Two words. Guy Poms. – Michael J. Ammer, Jr. I ripped my pants during the school day. – Sam Andrews My most embarrassing moment was in freshman year when a braid fell out of my head in class and I had to pick it up and slyly put it in my backpack. Little did I know people were watching. – Onyeka Anikamadu I think the funniest moment I’ve ever experienced was during the production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” I really had to pee, and we were practicing on how to act like little kids. Mrs. Cross thought I was acting really well, but I was trying to control myself. After she let me go, she said, “Keep it in!” I didn’t know she was joking, so I said, “You want me to keep it in?” – Lexi Archambeau Falling gracefully down the stairs my freshman year. – Holly Baldacci Doing Mr. HHS. – Michael Bartot They all blend together. – Jenny Bednarczyk Much too difficult to pick one. I can be very awkward, clumsy, or both. Usually both. – Rachel Bednarczyk

I would have to say the opening dance to Mr. HHS. *NSYNC isn’t exactly my favorite band. – Peter Campbell When I learned what “knock on wood” meant for the first time. – James Cannalte When Kyle Sabie in Spanish, during Sophomore year, kept saying, “Cinco! Cinco!” And the teacher asked him what number that word means in English, and he yelled, “Four!” – Troy Cantu During a summer show, I had to walk on stage during rehearsal for a show, but the people I had to walk out with weren’t there. So, I had to walk alone and we could not go on with the show. – Amanda Caputi My funniest moment at HHS happened my junior year in Spanish. I was the last one to be called for the game “La Carerra,” and if I didn’t make it to the board first, my team would lose. In an attempt to win, I ran up the aisle, clipped the top of a backpack, and ended up on the ground. There was a moment of silence before the whole class started laughing. – Jenni Carlson Anytime I opened my mouth in Operation Click. – Angelica Cataldo Tripping. Every day. All the time. Up the stairs, down the stairs, over backpacks – you name it. – Jessica Chalas. I was on crutches during my junior year and was crutching down the hallway to get to Biology, and there was water on the ground. I didn’t see it and slipped and fell on my butt, making a really loud noise. People saw and laughed instead of helping me up! – Jaycelin Chan I was playing baseball in gym and my bad knee from a previous football injury gave way and I had to get wheel-chaired away by the nurse, who was pregnant at the time. – Jeffrey Chan

After the in-school shows for Shrek, I had to take an AP Psych quiz. I didn’t feel like making the effort to wash the green makeup off my face, so I just walked to Mrs. Phillips’ room with it on. The most common comment I got was, “You have a little something on your face.” – Zoe Detlaf During an early morning practice for Senior Powder Puff, I was running with the ball for one of our plays. One of our defenders was chasing after me and in an attempt to pull my flag, she ended up pulling down my shorts, underwear and all. The girls, the senior football team, and Mr. Kempf saw my butt. – Tina Driscoll First semester senior year, we were playing Town Ball in gym, and I thought I was being super sneaky by running from first to second base. But everyone saw, and so I got the ball thrown at me and I fell in slow motion… Literally. I ate it in front of the whole class and instantly got a huge bruise. It’s always embarrassing when a gym leader fails. – Brianna Eierman My freshman year I was walking fast through the upstairs circle full of seniors and because I wasn’t paying attention, I never saw the huge puddle of water. I slipped and wiped out in front of a group of seniors. Not only was it painful, but also humiliating as couples laughed at me and others were staring with their worried expressions. – Abigale Enrici I embarrass myself a lot. – Carly Ferris I walked into the wrong class and sat down for five minutes before realizing I was in the wrong hour. –Jordan Francisco Every single day of my life… No, no just kidding. One day in band, Mr. K had his attention on me to talk about the part I had to play. I said something and the whole class burst out laughing. –Jessica French My most embarrassing moment would have to be one of the times I’ve fallen in the stairwell. – Kira Frendreis Getting asked to Homecoming in my Biology class. – Tamara Funke During layout for the paper, we always put on Disney Pandora and whenever “Let it go” came on, I reenacted the majestic scene move for move. – Katie Gallegos When Jason Shields changed out of his pants in the middle of the hall during passing periods and no one noticed. – Zach Gorney The very first day of freshman year I was in gym and since it was the first day we didn’t have to dress, so I was wearing jeans. There was something on the floor I had to sign and I decided it was a good idea to lunge down and I split my pants wide open and I had to wear shorts the rest of the day. – Brittney Gundlach


During my sophomore year, I took Chinese I, and that class had to be my funniest class of HHS. No one could pronounce anything right, so our Chinese teacher, Ms. Chong, repeated herself over and over again. The class was somewhat chaotic and we never learned anything, but one thing I can take away from that class is that throwing pencils into the ceiling is a bad idea. –Chase Hall Slipping into a puddle of water and getting laughed at. – Mackenzie Helgeth We were doing an experiment in AP Physics where I had to throw an egg at a blanket. As I was throwing it, it exploded in my hand and sprayed against the wall. Every time we would do an experiment after that day, I would get so much crap. – Thomas Helm The time I fell off of an elliptical machine during personal fitness, not even five minutes after saying I wouldn’t. – Robyn Huth If any of you people know me, I embarrass myself quite a bit throughout high school. The most common thing is tripping on the main stairs and knocking someone down… They weren’t happy about that. –Dani Iniguez The funniest moment at HHS for me is seeing Ricky Raclawski running into a parked school bus during cross-country practice. – Jimmy Jestus Tripping up the main stairs, and other stairs. Tripping on air. Losing my voice the day before Prom. – Sarah Johnson

to me was when Mr. Kalas would make fun of me during class all of the time. –Mitchell Kawell Junior year, volleyball season, I broke my nose a week before Homecoming. I had two black eyes, wore a cast for a week, and had to wear a facemask when I played for six weeks. – Vicky Kazmierczak One day I was trying to beat the buses and it rained the day before. I didn’t notice the mud in front of me, I slipped right over. I had mud everywhere and everyone saw. My sister couldn’t stop laughing and I got mud all over my car. – Alex Kisten One time I was sitting in class and it was dead silent. I was leaning back in my chair and before I knew it I fell back and the desk went with me. Everyone turned and cracked up. I have never turned so red in my life. – Rachel Kisten I threw out my retainer at lunch and I had to look for it in the garbage. – Matthew Kitsis Freshman year I was helping move hurdles at the sectionals track meet. I jumped the fence with the other girls but my pants got stuck on the top and ripped all the way down to my knee. I had to walk all the way to the school with my butt showing. – Hanna Klehr My freshman year, I hit my first homerun ever during senior night. I ran around the bases as fast as I could while flapping my arms. I was so excited, but now, people remind me of “the bird-flapping homerun.” – Brittany Koss

Sitting down in the wrong class for like five minutes. – Conner Johnston

Just doing stupid things with Kylar Yaccinno, Mitch Kawell, Blake Jacobs, Tyler Jernigan, and Geoff Reif. –Daniel Lasota

During the NHS induction ceremony, I introduced myself as a junior instead of a senior. – Maura Jones

Bryan Haage jumping in the pool for the JV heat of backstroke, and then falling back in trying to get out. – John Los

The most embarrassing thing that happened

When I got hit in the head freshman year

May 16, 2014

with a basketball and ended up with a concussion. My nickname then became “Concussion” for the rest of the year during gym. – Alexi Lukowski Jumping out of the window in the chaotic Chinese room sophomore year. – Samantha Madej Freezing up during a speech sophomore year and standing in front of the class with a blank stare. – Jason Mahn In Ms. Kuchta’s math class freshman year, she bought this plant to make the classroom pretty or something. Me and a few others glued google eyes to the plant and named it Aaron. Aaron lived for at least another month. – Emily Marrazzo I broke my nose during open gym, by a baseball. In my last baseball game, I was trying very hard to catch a popup and I tripped on my catcher’s gear right in front of my dugout. – Mason Martin My freshman year Homecoming, one guy wouldn’t let me stop dancing with him so I went to the bathroom and “got sick.” He then asked my friend for my phone number. She told him I didn’t have a phone, which I did then. He asked for my home phone number, and my friend then told him I was Amish and didn’t have one. –Rebecca Martin My most embarrassing moment was when I fell asleep in class and started snoring really loud. – Nicholas Meyer When I broke my collarbone playing flag football freshman year. – Sam Morin When I was getting food from the vending machine it got stuck and I threw myself at the machine and some guy walked in and had to help me get it out. – Kailen Mueller



Sophomore year I went and pranked someone’s house with a bunch of friends. The person came out of their house and we all ran in different directions. I fell face down in a bunch of bushes and got pretty cut up. But hey, they never found me. – Stephanie Newman A certain football player whacked me with a water bottle while in the drive through at Taco Bell. My friends laughed. – Keely O’Neal My entire freshman year. One time, someone dropped and spilled an entire water bottle. I was walking behind them and I ended up tripping on the water bottle and slipping. I completely wiped out. It was really embarrassing. –Caitlin Ong When my phone kept going off in math class freshman year. – Kayla Oshinski Guy poms. I got so many compliments on my ghetto booty in yoga pants. – Cold Paarfusser

Walking into the first hour study hall thinking it was my second hour study hall, and sitting down with the wrong class and not realizing it until the end of the period. –Geffrey Reif

Having to witness Perrin’s embarrassing moments. –Kyle Sommerfield

Getting pooped on by a bird during leaders gym. –Alex Reiter

Freshman year I was sitting in a student council meeting and someone had carved “F*** it, I am going to Hogwarts” into the desk I was sitting at. –Jolie Steinert

Falling off the bus steps into the snow in front of the evil bus driver who laughed, as well as my friends. –Alexia Rivera When my PowerPoint said “Tatooine” instead of “Alderaan.” My father would have been so disappointed. –Angelica Rodriguez When I was a freshman, I was in history class and on the first day of school, I did not know about the half way lunch bell, so while I was in class the bell rang and I practically jumped out of my seat. –Emily Roller

This year I fell flat on my butt down the stairs, Mrs. Phillips walked by and glared and I just sat there in shame for a while. – Sarah Palecki

Jazmine, Maura, Vanessa, and I were in the sophomore hallway throwing around a hacky sack. I hit Maura in the neck accidently and Vanessa hit the ceiling tiles. So then we ran. Fast. –Jantzen Rosales

When I slipped on ice in front of my ex-boyfriend’s car and his friends all laughed at me. Ugh, awful. – Marlee Palka

Rushing to leave a speech meeting and knocking over a bunch of desks in Mr. George’s room. –Jazmine Rosales

Every day of my life. – Lauren Piell My most embarrassing moment is when my backpack gets caught on the doors. – Laura Pilat I was on my way to fifth hour and I walked into my seventh hour class. It was a blended class and no one was there so I walked around the whole school trying to find my 7th hour teacher and then I freaked out and told her she said we had class that day. She got all confused and said, “Yeah… Seventh hour.” I got a Plasco to fifth hour and my teacher told the whole class. – Emma Plansky One time, I got out of running in gym class because I showed my teacher all the scars on my foot from an old injury. She thought I had just did it. – Aubrie Purtell Getting kicked out of gym. –Jay Quintana I was helping someone on crutches and walked into the wrong class and the teacher asked me who I was and I just stood there so embarrassed. – Kora Rea At a speech tournament this year, I accidentally wore one black shoe and one gray shoe. . . Both for the left foot. – Vitoria Reales Sophomore year during the cheerleader’s homecoming performance, I slipped in the grass while tumbling and landed right on my face. I had mud and grass all in my hair for the rest of the game. –Rachel Recchia I fell off my desk. –Ronni Recchia Freshman year my dad drove away with my backpack and I had to run and chase down the car. – Connor Reed

May 16, 2014

For some reason, I stuttered my entire introduction at the NHS induction ceremony. –Hannah Rosso I mistakenly thought that two sisters who look similar are twins, when they are not. So I told one happy birthday on the others birthday. Not funny but embarrassing. –Kollin Rott It didn’t happen to me, but a friend pocket dialed 911 in AP chem. –Kevin Runge When I forgot to ask my date to Prom, Sorry Rachel! –Jakub Rys I got kicked out of math team for being too cool. –Jake Schaefer Voice crack in class. –Michael Schmitt We were sitting at lunch and Drake’s friend came over and started poking him in the back. Every time she did, he would squeal. It was so funny at the time that I went to my next class in tears. – Meghan Sedey Trying to back my mini-van into a parking spot at the school drive-in. I just got my license and hadn’t yet mastered the skills of parking. Let’s just say it took three different people, including a stranger to put my car back in the spot in reverse, with the entire parking lot “booing” at us because we were blocking the drive-in. –Aparna Sivasankaran When I asked for a Charlie Chaplin moustache on “moustache day” and people called me Hitler for the rest of the day, tons of fun. -Charlotte Skala I tripped over a backpack sophomore year in Mr. M’s room and broke the wall that I ran into. – Mark Skonieczny

Voice crack in class. –Bradley Edward Spoeth

I tripped going up the stairs and got a taste of the steps. It was nasty and painful. –Reyman Sulis One of the funniest moments at HHS was when I was working in the training room at the end of junior year, and we were cleaning and you could hear one of our freshman trainers singing “Old McDonald” from the locker room. –Kelli Swanson Tripping up the stairs a good 10 times over my four years. – Jasmine Tado My very first Friday night football game… I can’t say anything more. – Nicki Taylor When my backpack would get stuck to the middle of the double doors and I would fly backwards. Everyone would look at me and laugh. – Krystyna Tolentino I don’t remember anything embarrassing from high school… So maybe it was so embarrassing that I repressed it in my memory. – Nicolette Tsiveriotis Trading all of my minions to clear the board when I had fatal. – Richard Witt Freshmen year there was a food fight and I was hit with a meatball. – Jonathan Wolicki Breaking my helmet after hitting Bartlett’s running back and dancing/celebrating instead of picking up the ball scoring. – Marcus Wright II My teapot is now a teapot whistle. – Jackie Wyslak Wearing a tutu and getting lifted in the air for guy poms. – Nick Zielinski Going home without my car… Twice. – Bethany Zornow Freshman year it was raining outside and I was heading in to basketball practice, I slipped and fell in front of the entire football team. They laughed. – Katie Zornow During the break for the ACT, I didn’t realize that everyone had started to go back to class and I had to get let in by the teacher and everyone was looking at me. – Chris Zozokos

Jessica Galason Mckenna Moffett Augustana College Tony Nigro Amanda Caputi Jordan Pasco Courtney Kampert Jonathan Wolicki Nick Zielinski Judson University Benedictine Savannah Henn Zach Gorney Bethany Zornow Bradley Lewis University Peter Campbell Eric Luecht Thomas Helm Michael Bartot Sarah Johnson Loyola University Alexi Lukowski Esha Munshi College of Dupage Julia Garcia Krystyna Tolentino Zoe Moss Columbia College McHenry Jenny Bednarczyk County Rachel Bednarczyk College Kierra Renwick Lexi Archambeau Concordia Ashley Campbell Cristina Alfano Brittney Gundlach Depaul University Chase Hall Megan Sover Mackenzie Hellgeth Megan Wilson Robyn Huth DeVry University Ryan Kiolbassa Michael J. Ammer, Jr. Kailen Mueller Dominican University Ronni Recchia Alex Kisten Emily Roller Eastern Illinois University Kayla Oshinski Jessica L. French Trevor Oslance Laura Pellegrino Mckenna Vanacker Elgin Community College Jackie Wyslak Angelica Cataldo North Central Meghan Sedey Emily Marrazzo Elmhurst College Northern Illinois Briana Gerardi University Harper College Aubrie Purtell Scott Dorvilier Jenny Ngo Matthew Kitsis Angelica Rodriguez Olivia Krewer Jorie Stowell Dan Lasota Northwestern Jay Quintana University Bijal Suchde Vitoria Reales Illinois State University Ashley Secreto Chris Zozokos


Alabama University of Alabama Collin Chapleau Kaitlyn Moriarty Kollin Rott Laura Pilat Richard Witt Zoe Dowell University of AlabamaHuntsville Jacob Schaefer

Colorado Colorado State University Beth Parks Colorado Mountain College Melissa Janelli

Kansas University of Kansas Rebecca Martin Stephanie Newman



Arizona State University Shylbin Berberabe Britini Siwuda University of Arizona Lauren Piell

University of CaliforniaLos Angeles Ali Cazel

Arkansas University of Arkansas Allyson Pater

New York New York University Taylor Carter

Quincy University Mitchell Kawell Robert Morris University Michael Zornow Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Elizabeth Ambrose Jenni Carlson Lani Pietrantonio Nicki Taylor Southern Illinois Univeristy- Edwardsville Jazmine Rosales The Art Institue of Schaumburg Dani Iniguez Tribeca Flashpoint Academy Katie Gallegos Alexia Rivera Nicoli Raymond U of I-Chicago Ronit Ved Jeffery Chan Rachel Zobott U of I-Springfield Troy Cantu Sam Morin U of IUrbana-Champaign Deni Alvarez Hiam Hafizuddin Sarah Kapolnek Sarah Palecki Kishan Patel Pooja Patel Mark Skonieczny Abbey Staab University of St. Francis Mason Martin Western Illinois University Rebecca Bocian Zoe Detlaf



Indiana University Drake University Emily Litwin Kristen Kostecki University of Grand View University Notre Dame Marcus Wright II Kyle Sommerfield Iowa State University Purdue University Alvin Wong Kevin Runge Venecia Alvarez Kira Frendreis Iowa Wesleyan Purdue UniversityJimmy Jestus Calumet University of Dubuque Brendon Fitzgerald Nicholas Meyer University of Iowa Stevenson Jasmine Tado University Max Peterson Samantha Madej Onyeka Anikamadu Townson University Kora Rea Baylor University United States Connor Reed Texas Tech University Naval Academy Tyler Vasconez John Diamond





Michigan Technological University Drake Slater John Los Calvin College Alex Blanchard Central Michigan University Adam Kalish Spring Arbor University Brianna Eiermann Western Michigan University Emily Hemingway

Drury Univ Nick Costan Truman State University Matt Freder Sam Andrew University Missouri Heather Ho Washington University in St. Louis Holly Baldac

Massachusetts Framingham State University Victoria Oliveira

Pennsylvania Philadelphia University Erin Lyman


Oklahoma State University Carly Ferris Taylor Brook

Oh, the places you’ll go... Wisconsin




South Carolina

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Augsburg College Abigale Enrici Minnesota State University Abigail Nordeen University of MinnesotaTwin Cities James Cannalte Michelle Caputi Ran Xu

Case Western Reserve University Jessica Chalas Miami University in Ohio Dallin Patel Ohio University Jordan Francisco The Ohio State University Tamara Funke University of Findlay Rachel Halter University of Ohio Rachel Recchia University of Toledo Cole Paarfusser

Clemson University Amanda Cazel Coastal Carolina University Emma Plansky University of South Carolina Conner Johnston

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New Hampshire University of New Hampshire Charlotte Skala

Tennessee Tennessee Tech University Tina Driscoll

North Carolina Wake Tech Community College Madeline Palka Marlee Palka


Virginia Virginia Commonwealth University Jolie Steinert Washington and Lee University Vicky Kazmierczak


Mississippi State University Katie Zornow University of Mississippi Velez College Maura Jones Caitlin Ong


Beloit College Hannah Klehr Carthage College Rachael Kisten Alex Reiter Marquette University Kelli Swanson Milwaukee School of Engineering Trevor Symbal University of WisconsinLa Crosse Jaycelin Chan University of WisconsinParkside Bradley Edward Spoeth University of WisconsinStevens Point Alyssa Deem Emily Westermeyer University of WisconsinMadison Hannah Rosso University of WisconsinMilwaukee Kellye Davenport University of WisconsinPlatteville Ben Wibicki University of WisconsinSuperior Reyman Solis University of WisconsinWhitewater Michael Shane Schmitt Nicolette Tsiveriotis Jenna Hermansen University of WisonsinOshkosh Jakub Rys Wisconsin Lutheran College Brittany Koss

U.S. Military Marines Andrew Johnson Jason Mahn National Guard/Army Christian van Adelsburg Dan Lasota Navy Geoffrey Allen Reif Michael Corona Tyler Vasconez


May 16, 2014

A word from the wise: Teachers speak “That’s like asking if you rode the bus or brought your lunch to school.” – Mr. Kalas “Can I just rant for a minute?” – Mr. Dowling “I’m going to kick you through the goalpost of life.” – Mrs. O’Donnell “I don’t have an accent!!!” – Coach Hart “Does anybody have questions about today’s homework or life in general?” – Mr. Farlik “Leg lifts! Love ‘em!” – Mr. Hart “You want to be part of the five club; we get to wear cool sweaters with elbow patches.” – Mr. Swartzloff

“Americans are morons!” – Mr. Nixon, making an “M” with his fingers on his forehead “That just happened…” – Mr. Kalas “Conservative vector fields… there will be no liberals in my classroom.” – Mr. Styers “If that was supposed to be heroic, I don’t want you to save me.” – Mr. Konwerski “You have to be better than them.” – Mr. Nixon “Be quiet it’s America time!” – Mr. Marchand, before the pledge

“Get your head out of your… *hand motions*.” – Mr. Brown

“If we played king of the hill and I stood on this table just like this and you all attacked, I’d probably just end up kicking most of you in the face, hard. Maybe eventually I’d even be taken down but only by those stronger than me. That’s stratification.” – Mr. Nixon

“I will mark off points and say bad things about your family.” – Mr. Styers

“Wishes are like fishes; they just swim away.” –Mr. Konwerski

“I’m done with the easy questions. Let’s talk pregnancies.” – Mr. Styers

“I could be teaching about Satan right at this very moment and you wouldn’t know.” – Mr. Kalas

“Results, not excuses.” – Mr. Brown

“Past the due date is not a happy time.” –Mr. Styers “And yet you fail.” – Mr. Styers “You think the die your younger brother gave you may be unfair. Cretin.” – Mr. Styers “Shall I take that silence and sullen stare as a yes?” – Mr. Styers “I don’t lie; I just tell stories.” – Mr. Towne “Great oaks grow from small acorns, Mr. Witt.” – Mr. Styers “True dat boo.” – Mr. Kalas “Dammit to hell… don’t put that in your notes.” – Mr. Kalas “Ok, guys!” – Mr. Banas “In terms of dogs, don’t get a dog if you’re leaving for college in five months.” –Mr. Thornley, on guy advice “Always make sure to wipe the snow off your shoulder.” – Mr. Swartzloff “He’s so cute I just want to rip his face off!” – Mr. Pettorini, talking about his son “In local news…” – Mr. Kaplan “Hard work pays off.” – Mr. Kaplan “Moron! You’re a moron!” – Mr. Nixon “Keep it real, keep it fresh.” – Mr. Allen

“Have you ever thought about retail theft?” – Mr. Kalas

Satan, Beelzebub, the dark lord, or… master.” – Mr. Kalas “Get changed, nimrods!” – Mr. Hart “Keep it real.” – Mr. Allen “Quibbles.” – Ms. Knott “If you thinketh, then you areth.” – Mr. Nixon “It is infinitesimally small.” – Mr. Styers “No glove, no love.” – Mrs. Wheeler “God Bless America; I love this country.” – Mr. Kalas “There is a method to the madness.” – Ms. Reppert “Life sucks, then you die.” – Mr. Styers “When Dom was a micro-pimp in my wife’s belly.” – Mr. Pettorini “Happy Friday-Eve!” – Mrs. Fowler “If you see yourself doing long and insane calculations, you are treading on a dark and lonely road, miss.” – Mr. Styers “Talk to me, goose.” – Mr. Kalas

“I love you…” – Mr. Konwerski, to the marching band

“I might not curve this test because some people really deserve to fail.” – Mr. Johnson

“The man, the myth, the legend, all wrapped up into one big creature.” – Mr. Kalas

“Correlation does not prove causation.” – Ms. Knott

“Kwanza is not a holiday.” – Mr. Styers “Don’t refer to him as the devil. Call him

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” –Mr. Kalas


May 16, 2014 “This is Mr. Farlik, Dean of Students A-K, 1012.”- Mr. Farlik “Hi guys.”- Ms. Boukhari “Get to work, Ricky.” –Mr. Marchand “It’s good enough for government work.” –Mr. Styers “Don’t embarrass me. Love bugs!” –Mrs. Graft “Y’all.” –Mrs. Pasco “Okay guys, here’s the deal.” –Mrs. Corapi “I’m not going to lie; this test will probably destroy you.” –Mr. Johnson “We’re going to force you to be healthy and then force you to eat that cafeteria food.” –Mr. Styers “Illinois has their hands in everyone’s pockets and not in a real funky way.” –Mr. Styers “D is for Dumbledore, not Bumbledore.” –Mr. Konwerski “You really march to the beat of your own drum, Aparna.” –Mr. Styers “Work work work. Don’t be a jerk and do your work.” –Mrs. Sikora “The juice isn’t really worth the squeeze.” - Mr. Styers “All of you cats.” –Mr. Hart “I love checking my fruits.” –Mrs. Swartzloff “Back in the halls of justice.” –Mr. Kalas “Video games make you nothing.” –Mrs. Bardy “What does the brain say?”- Mr. Marchand “The man, the myth, the legend.” –Mr. Kalas “I’m as sarcastic here as I am at home. Deal with it.” –Mr. Thornley “This is a bus, not a rocket.” –Mrs. Zaleski “I’m going to make it rain Pop Tarts when I receive a Nobel Peace Prize.” –Mr. Marchand “Put a box around your answer and move on with your life.” –Mr. Kalas “Mmmmmkay…” –Mr. Schmitt “I have a sinking feeling that everybody is going to fail this test.” –Mr. Johnson “Yeah I was in a gang once too. We were the Duffy Penguins. We helped people. In a good way.” –Mr. Kalas “Dumber than a box of grapenuts.” –Mr. Hart “Decrescendo does not mean falling off a cliff.” –Mrs. Cross

“We all have bad burritos sometimes.” –Mr. Konwerski “That’s just bad math.” –Mr. Styers “This is the future of our nation.” –Mr. Kalas “But engineers make bank. No, seriously, engineers make banks.” –Mr. Angle “It’s probably the pizza guy.” –Mr. Kalas “Don’t sacrifice chickens.” –Mr. Kalas “Not in front of the tigger.” –Mr. Sturm “Just jam it in there.” –Mr. Johnson “It may seem like I have a rough exterior, but actually on the inside there is a soft nougaty center.” –Mr. Zielinski “Shame! Shame!” –Mr. Swartzloff “Look at me being all cross-curricular.” –Mrs. Kruse “I’m so excited, I can hardly contain my rapture.” –Mrs. O’Donnell “I found a fossil on Mars.” –Mr. Marchand “Hey, Savannah Rebekka Henn, get back to class!” –Mrs. Henn “We all know you’re on your phone. No one spends that much time staring at their crotch.” –Mr. Bertelsman “Wink, wink…double wink.” –Mr. Swartzloff “Stupid teacher.” –Mr. Styers “Op, who did that?” –Mr. Styers

“How we doin’ today?” –Mr. Schmitt “When you step across that stage, it’s like saying go and that’s when your path begins.” –Mr. Nixon “It’s sexy.” –Mr. Brown “You guys know me, short and to the point.” –Mr. Banas “I’m gonna be more compassionate now. Let me pretend to be your shrink.” –Mrs. Meyer “My husband went to his Prom with some ugly girl from his high school.” –Mrs. Henk “Stop playing with your cell… phone.” –Mr. Kalas

“If education was a business, it would fail miserably.” –Mr. Dowling

“Never trust someone with two first names.” –Mr. Thornley

“Friday fun day, everybody run day.” –Mr. Graves

“I don’t wipe. Wiping is a waste of time.” –Mr. Popenfoose

“I can either dress like a grandma or super slutty; there’s no in between.” –Ms. Avner

“Please turn to page two hundred something important.” –Mr. Styers

“Carpe diem.” –Mrs. Downing “I think talking to Mr. Paarfusser has made me more stupid.” –Mr. Styers “To the moon, Alice!” –Mrs. Sikora “Boom roasted!” –Mrs. Jenkins

“Grading these tests was like swimming upstream in a river of sludge.” –Mr. Styers “Asseyez vous.” –Ms. Parrin “No permission slips. Just get in my van.” –Mr. Johnson



May 16, 2014

Senior wills I, Christina Alfano, will my locker to the Huntley High School building, because no one wants it; my parking spot to any underclassmen that gets it first; my homework to Alex B, because together we will fail. And to my teachers, may my quietness and sarcastic tone always remain in your classroom.

I, Deni Alvarez, will Stef Newman all my “Garfield” comics from grade school; Kellye Davenport a copy of every ticket consequence I’ve ever gotten from our actions; Rachel Recchia a heart; Jillian Jenkins my flexibility and power to resist cafeteria cookies; Mark Skonieczny permission to enter my dorm and eat my kettle corn next year; Cecily Sarcinelli perfume; Ed Ferrante the will power to deal with Randy and Susan; Amina Hasan permission to contact me at any time, day or night, for any reason with a guaranteed response; Lauren Apa a promise to visit often and deliver many hugs; and Kristin Maggiore all the sarcasm and sass in my being and some leg hugs.

I, Michael Ammer, will to Brian Zimmerman my shiny marching band baritone, treat it well, I could not think of anyone better to take my place! Thanks for being awesome. I, Sam Andrews, will to the Senior Class the best of luck in their futures. I also will some height to Kayla Baretto. I will Rachel Zobott a forever lasting friendship. I will some clothes and my room to Ali Andrews. I, Onyeka Anikamadu, will to Taylor Carter my afro. I also will all my chocolate to Jazmine Rosales. I will to my little sister, Chika Anikamadu, the mac and cheese line because she is obsessed. I, Lexi Archambeau, will give Ashley Chapstick so she can continue her morning routine: fist pump, push up, Chapstick. To Zoe, I give you my undying love and please come back to Asgard. We miss you, bro. To Kaelin I give you

money and the food you’ve gotten me. I also will to you my presence for the rest of your life because you’re never getting rid of me. And finally I will to Joseph Stuve a sense of humor and a stress free senior year. I, Holly Baldacci, will all my childhood inside jokes to Julia Molaski; my sweet Hyundai to Gwen Bartot; my “Doctor Who” stuff to Roshni Bhatt; my nail polish to Ashley Secreto because she’ll put it to better use than I did; my rockin’ journalism skills to next year’s The Voice staff; and everything else to Heather Baldacci, even though she already uses all of my stuff anyway. I, Michael Bartot, will to Harrison Hochwarter control of the realm and name him as sole heir to the knighthood. I, Alex Blanchard, will any clothes in my locker to Jackie and any Sociology projects; my never attempted math homework to Meghan, because we’re not friends right? I will my pencils to Cristina, pencil stealer extraordinaire. Any leftover homework completed but never turned in to the garbage cans. And to my teachers, if it was a good time or bad it doesn’t matter because in reality I only liked about two of them. Sorry, not sorry. I also will away every swear word I used when completing homework because let’s face it, all those words don’t even live up to what we all mean. I, Taylor Brooks, will Aparna Sivasankaran my good taste in music and party pants collection. I will to Jaycelin Chan my good times in Colorado. I will to Aparna Sivasankaran my guitar skills. I will to Francesca Milone my Cannonball Sax and rad peace signs. I will to A. Banks a lifetime supply of celestial seasoning tea.

I, Venecia Alvarez, will my crop tops to Aparna Sivasankaran. For Kristen Kostecki, my chocolate chip Pop Tarts, sugary cereals, and my Tumblr account. Please take care of my blog. I will my trampoline to Caitlin Ong. I will all my One Direction posters and merchandise to Adam Urbanski. I will my dog, Zuko, to Ryan Ericson. All my tennis things to the best doubles partner in the world, Pooja Patel. I, Elizabeth Ambrose, will Jimmy the Jeep. I will Nicki an apology from Eminem. I will Michelle friends. I will Lexi Gardocki a poster of my senior night picture so I’m always with her. I will my cheer girls a kickass season next year, wherever they may be cheering. Make it count; it goes by way too fast. I will Zachary to get muscles.

pudding, because pudding. To Allie I give you my moose plush Sam, because “Supernatural” killed my feels. To Amanda I give you my llama. To Emily I give you the exclusive soundtrack to “Human Centipede: The Musical.” To Charlie I give you my magical scepter, it usually works. To Lexi I give you “Boondock Saints,” watch it religiously. To Kora, have Thor, Loki is better anyway. To Josh, I give you S.H.I.E.L.D, hail Hydra. And finally for Chrissy, I give you Doge. Wow. Thank you all, swag. I, Becca Bocian, will to Emily the right to say “swag” and get punched; keep on swaggin’ Em. I will to Gwen all my nail polish so you can paint my nails. To Max, Vitoria, she is mine but I will share. I will to Megan good luck with cute theater boys and rides whenever she needs them. I will to Vitoria at least $100 to cover gas

I, Peter Kelly Campbell, being of sound body and questionable mind, will to Christopher Campbell the rights to drive a powder blue Oldsmobile for three years of high school. Remember Chris, if people trash talk your car, they’re just haters. To Thomas Helm, Jessica Helm, and Lexi Lukowski, I will the next four years at Bradley. To Mr. O’Neill, I will my CAD work station and educational license for inventor because we’re living the CAD life. To Jeffery Carter, I will my Saucony Cohesion 7s and my absolute inability to do push-ups. And now, for the last and most important item in my estate; I will my size and Tony Lama boots to Christopher Campbell, because he needs serious points. I, Amanda Caputi, will to Valarie Hartgraves all of my purple shirts and Ariel from the “Little Mermaid.” I will Lexi Archambeau anything Loki/ Tom Hiddleston. I, Michelle Caputi, will my loud, encouraging voice and yellow headband to Jessica Knutsen. I will my softball pants to Megan Baczewski. I will an endless supply of peanut butter crackers to Shannon Walsh. I will an unlimited supply of goldfish to Haley Spannraft. I will a 6-foot bubble to Jessica Shields at short-stop. I will


May 16, 2014 fence bubble wrap to Megan Larson. I will a permanent tan to Haley O’Mara; my gym leader abilities to Mrs. Meindl and Mrs. Kruse; and my team encourager role to Katelyn Behrans. I, Jenni Carlson, will to Michael Carlson my dedication to school. I will to the girls Cross Country team 100 spikes from Peoria. Finally, I will Kelly Meehleib two watermelons. I, Taylor Carter, will to Onyeka Anikamadu a relaxer. I will to Kaitlyn Moriarty my closet full of clothes since I plan on going shopping every day in New York. I also will to any underclassmen my Huntley Red Raiders Lanyard because I never wore it anyway. I will to Jade Williams my iPod cases because Apple products are the best. I will to Colleen Mcneill one of my jean jackets and a pair of leggings. I will to Olivia Krewer a magazine of New York so she will come to school there. Finally I will to always remember and cherish my time I have spent at Huntley High School. I, Angelica Cataldo, will to Adam Reckamp and Rachel Brands the right to use my comebacks. I will my freedom to Meghan Sass. I will to Rachel and Jenny Bednarczyk my sense of direction. I will to Kurt Kostans my unbearable attitude, may the sass be with him. I, Ali Cazel, will Marlee Palka a lifetime supply of Band-Aids. I will Laura Pellegrino a muzzle, unlimited Mountain Dew, and a roommate for college. I will my sister a plane ticket to California for whenever she misses me. I will my brothers some common sense for the next two years of high school. I will Jenny Carlson some pants that fit. I will Dallin Patel my mom’s cooking skills. I will Savannah Lincoln my shoulder to cry on. I will Emily Blanken extra-strength hearing aids.

I, Jessica Chalas, being of sound mind and body, do solemnly bequeath my miniscule handwriting and test-taking abilities to all the teachers who have since suffered permanent sight impairment on account of squinting and/or have been late to a meeting, lunch, etc. I could never thank you enough. And to the remaining Huntley High School students I leave my accordion folder, assignment notebook, ID card, pencil case, and TI-84 calculator- everything you need to survive high school. Cheers. I, Jaycelin Chan, will to Taylor Brookes my endless supply of sarcasm, our ridiculous nicknames, my sense of humor, and a title of being my best friend. I will to Hannah Klehr my optimism, goofy personality, and our inside jokes. I will to Jazmine long talks and the weirdness of being WFLs. I will to Sarah K. my friendship and crazy memories. I will to Zoe my bad jokes and some funny ones, too. I will to Kelly, Sofia, Rachel, Rebecca, Kate, and all the XC/track girls the ability to embrace hills, fun long runs, workouts, snowball fights, and the best of luck in their next season. To my sister, Jerissa Chan, I will to her our morning car rides, and funny jokes that no one else understands, my XC spirit stick, and all the motivation, happy memories, and support necessary to finish high school successfully. I, Jeff Chan, will to Parth Patel my ability to match clothing and will tutting skills to Alex Park. I, Collin Chapleau, will my full head of hair to Mr. Johnson.

I, Amanda Cazel, will to Emily Finn the famous “I Believe” cheer at every meet for the past three years I have belted that cheer out for everyone to hear, and as the loudest and most loving swimmer that I leave behind. I know you will do well. To my little brothers, Benjamin and John Cazel, I will the “Cazel Legacy.” You two are the last ones to uphold the Cazel name at Huntley High School. Do me proud boys.

I, Michael Corona, will my burrito rolling skills to Zach Lugo; my Snapchat doodle skills to Maddie Palka; my vinyl records to Brendon Fitzgerald; my basement to Carlos Garza and his group of friends; and my tan skin to any white girl. I, Nick Costantino, will to Parth Patel a pair of shoes. I will Neil Moriar a burrito from Chipotle. I will Jake Lonergan my glove for pitching next year. I will Johnny Nugent a cup of green tea. I will to Victoria Kazmierczak good luck during four years of college volleyball. I will to Ka-

tie Costantino a sense of humor and my time management. I will to Mason Martin one good haircut. I will to Eric Luecht the ability to drive. I will to Troy Cantu an eat-out at Denny’s. I, Kellye Davenport, will Luke Kazmer stilts. I will Rachel Kelly my lungs for midfield in college. I will Victoria Oliveira Kyle Sabie. I will Taylor Giese a lifetime of tall boyfriends and tennis lessons. I will Deni Alvarez a copy of all the laws. I will Christa Halter a suit for kid president. I will Tara Krasczyk a dictionary. I will Sarah Manczko a certificate to legally change her name to Lucie. I will Hailey Loring the Bagel Bites and Pixie Stix of mine she ate at UDA. I will Ryan Davenport a razor to shave his beard. I will Rachel Halter a college boyfriend. I will Taylor Hewitt a tan senior baseball player from Prairie Ridge. I will Maura Jones a model boyfriend. I will Sarah Murray another year of Driver’s Ed. I will Danny Basile a lifetime long pass to Gameworks. I will Britni Siwuda the Garage Room. I, Alyssa Deem, will to Erin Lyman, both of my dogs, the foster puppies, and my running form; to Victoria Kazmierczak, my ability to be careless and my leather jacket; to Emily Westermeyer, a great roommate and country music; to Beth Parks, my uncracked iPhone, the paints, and our box; to Delany Loprieno, my knee, white stripes, and Frank; to Mitchell Deem, my car and grades. I will to Blake Jacobs the ability to understand my sarcasm, new shoes, and Jax; to Luke Janus, my math skills and dark love; to Brea Jereb, my tanning membership; to Dan Janus, “Frozen” and luck because Erin; to Rachel Shores my tanner skin and Lil’ Wayne tickets. I, Tina Driscoll, will to Jena Perkins Brendan Boesche. I will to Delaney Lyman my school spirit to lead Raider Nation. I will to Tess Miller the ability to make a decision efficiently. I, Abigale Enrici, will to Sabrina Enrici the privilege of picking up the dog poop and mowing the lawn and to Katelyn Brace the duty of driving five other siblings around. I, Carly Ferris, will to Sarah Wanat a plane ticket home and American food; to Maddie Palka endless cookies without getting fat; to my cheer team a 3-Peat Conference title and a state qualifying place at sectionals and new uniforms; to Julia Garcia, nine years of friendship and many more to come; to Nick Zielinski a movie role as an impressionist; and to Tyler Vasconez new pickup lines.

24 WILLS I, Brendon Fitzgerald, give deodorant to Kyle Sabie. I will an ASAP Ferg CD to Jake Liebman. I will all my Martin Scorsese movies to Michael Corona; a sexy black men calendar to Emily Litwin; my self-esteem to Michael Lousy; my shake weights to Brad Sterk and Jon Jordan; my Mayday Parade CD to Zach Gorney; my chill to Cole Parfusser; and my 10 years of great friendship to my friend Kyler Callahan. I will a Mountain Dew Code Red to Vonn Navarro; my mall to Jordan Kabb; my Hot Wheels to Jessica Celli. I, Jordan Francisco, will give Rachel Ziejka the position of first clarinet in Wind Ensemble-A. I, Matt Frederick, will to Nick Zielinski my perfect tan. I will Adam Sturtucky my rap skills. I will to Trent Craig my jump shot. I will to Tony Nigro my height. I will Brandon Memmini my cat Simone. I will Brad Spoeth 20 pounds of muscle. I will Matt Skonieczny my killer socks and pink laces. I will Dan Jukas my hammer. I will Kyle Slonka my winning record in 21. I will Beth Parks Luke Janus. I will Michael Zornow my NHL talent. I will Jake Grabner a backhand return. I will Ricky Wicks the ability to talk to girls. I will Dan Frederick my good looks. I will Trill Tennis everything. I will Harry Hochwarter my ability to eat McDonalds. I will Rachel and Alex Kisten my math skills. I will Jessica Galason my facial hair. I will Ali Cazel my heart.

May 16, 2014 glamorous Snapchats. To Kira Frendreis all the double chocolate chip cookies; to Adam Reckamp the role of layout, and to Chris Sawalski a mute button. I, Jessica Galason, will to Alyssa Kaufman my sense of balance. I will to my brother, Johnny Galason, my room, since I‘m moving out. I will to Beth Parks my texting abilities. I will to Troy Cantu some “spray” repellent to take to college. I will to Bobby Hecker a good senior year and a tougher neck. I will Matt Frederick my patience. I, Julia Garcia, will Carly Ferris rides to anywhere as payback, Jack Claussen unlimited train tickets to come visit me, Sarah Wanat a ton of Taco Bell, Nick Zielinski chocolates to sell, and Maddie Palka the ability to say no and twist-off chocolate milk. I, Briana Gerardi, will Delany Loprieno girl qualities, Beth Parks a straight finger, Mitchell Kawell no girlfriend until he makes a million, Adam Kalish Christmas dark chocolate, Michael

I, Brittney Gundlack, will the Huntley varsity volleyball team my optimism and enthusiasm to make it through Coach Liss’ 8 a.m. Saturday practices and conditioning. I, Rachel Halter, will to Taylor Giese a bicycle and apple juice. I will to Christa Halter my closet space. I will to Kellye Davenport a bunch of puppies. I will to Victoria Oliveira a license and a car. I will to Rebecca Martin a bench. I will to Taylor Hewitt all the “O” shaped foods that exist. I will to Deni Alvarez the rights to my ghetto nickname. I, Thomas Helm, will to Mrs. Bernaky (also known as Ms. Kuchta) all my math knowledge from my first two years of high school. I will to Brandon O’Donnell, Michael Grochulski, and John Cazel the fact that they ‘don’t matter.’ I will to Mr. O’Neill all my beautiful CAD drawings. I will to the entire 2012-2013 Boys JV Soccer team the best and most fun year of soccer in my life. I will to Lesli Kemperas the courage to use the band saw and to Ryan Ernst the ability to use the planner properly. I finally will to all my freshmen from Link Crew the best next three years of high school. I, Emily Hemingway, will Lauren my Starbucks gift cards. To Matt, I give the key to his dream cardboard mansion. To Ben, I leave a pencil. To Jeremy, I leave a CD with 10 hours of dance music. To Kevin, I leave all of my instruments. To Steven, you get any tacos I own.

I, Jessica Lynn French, will to Matt Clemenson and Chad Jurgenson the drumline and front ensemble of marching band. Make it rock this fall guys! And I also will the Science Olympiad team to Sarah Schirmacher, Brittany O’ Conner, and Chad Jurgenson. You guys better make it to state this fall!

I, Savannah Henn, will my amazing car to Chynnah Henn, my bedroom to Dakotah Henn, and my love for running to my XC team.

I, Kira Frendreis, will my nail polish to Gwen Bartot. I will my artwork to Mrs. Corapi. I will my car to my brother Kyle. I, Tamara Funke, will to Kristen “Peaches” Kostecki all of the peaches from my lunches; to Megan Baczewski the number 51. To Jessica Knutsen a million jelly beans. To Sarah Henderson the non-existent Coffee Shop. To Jantzen Rosales my Nike socks. To Adam Urbanski one red velvet iced coffee; to Megan Wilson my height. To Taylor Stone one item off the McDonalds dollar menu; to Aparna Sivasankaran, Ronit Ved, and Jordan Petryniec my

a heart. I will Kyle Nwogh my Moses costume. I will Emma Marucelli some class.

Schmitt Rob Dydrek’s Fantasy Factory, Jessica Celli a one way ticket to California, Heather Hollinbeck and Hannah Rosso a great journey through college. I, Zach Gorney, will to the Boesch brothers 30 pounds. I will Jack Bessey a new haircut and a great sports career at Huntley. I will Luke Janus

I, Jenna Hermansen, will Bri Gerardi a pair of soccer balls. Beth Parks, a boyfriend and a surfboard. Delaney Loprieno, anti-grandma pills, Hayley Hennessy, a dog to marry. Luke Janus, an official bae. Taryn Jakubowski, my killer dance moves. Deanna Hecht, a Dakota. Jordan Kabb, a new bed, Kyle Sionka, a prom date. Brad Spoeth, ability to not throw up when taking a picture. Mitchell Kawell, a marshmallow. Korbyn Kozelka, a wombat. Tyler Jernigan, a soul. Jessica Galason, a new jaw. Michael Schmitt, I will Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. Brandon Dranka, a Polish girl. Lexi Kabb, a world championship ring. Girls varsity soccer team, my talent of being funny.


May 16, 2014 Niko Chino, ability to make decisions. Abby Nordeen, I will my flexibility.

High School some school spirit.

I, Chase Hull, don’t know what to will. I will nothing.

I, Adam Kalis, will to Jake Cisco to carry the torch of the pitching staff and bring the team to victory. Be phenomenal.

I, Dani Iniguez, will anyone who bothers to read this, know my time here wasn’t the best, but I did have a lot of memories. From good

I, Courtney Kampert, will to Wes Kampert the drive to be as good of a pole vaulter as I am. To Delaney Lyman a mini me to psych her up

pair of black shoes, to Katie nothing except my love, to Delaney my dancing skills, to Mrs. Holton every essay I ever wrote, to Mrs. Corapi a picture of her favorite student (me), and to HHS thanks but also good riddance. I, Hannah Klehr, will Sofia Porrovecchio all my running clothes. I will Armina my neon yellow cross country shoes. I will the track team all my dance moves and sense of humor. I will Brittany Gunlach my lifelong supply of goldfish. I will Rachel B. 500 chocolate chip cookies. I, Daniel Lasota, will my hockey skills to Steven Marcinkiewicz. I will my ACUs to Brad Cwik (join the guard). I will my protein powder to Chase Burkart. I will my fishing poles to Daniel Dennis. I will my lawn business to my brother Paul who will be a freshman next year.

to bad, there were many ups and downs. I lost and gained friends, but I don’t regret meeting everyone. I hope we all grow up a bit at college and cherish my friendships with everyone outside of high school. I’m glad to have met everyone here. Will you miss me when I’m gone? I, Melissa Janelli, will to Hannah Rosso the part of me that’s always looking for a little trouble. I will to Jessica Celli my desire for travel and to find comfort. I will to Heather Hollinbeck my appreciation for deep talks. I will to Briana Gerardi the memories that come with the quote “Woohoo, woohoo.” I will to Lani Pietrantonio the late night runs to Walmart to switch clothes. I will to Conor Trier my sacred memories from Azlan. I will all my fourth hour adventures and for keeping the nickname “Melvin” around to Sean Homola. I will my larger perspective on life to Mr. Nixon, and I will all the great times and memories that Huntley has showed me to Michele Janelli. Also, I will all the muscle I didn’t gain in weights to Slattery. I, Sarah Johnson, will all the empty water bottles in my locker to Kaelene Goettlemann. I will all my napkins and paper towels to Sarah Gangano to clean up her mess from lunch. I will my eraser to Shea Robinson. I, Maura Jones, will the Pringle company a way to make the containers bigger. I will Kellye Davenport and Taylor Giese bleachers full of Tiger Nation people without Butthurts. I will Sarah Murray all my clothes. I will Mitchell Jones by room so he can hang hammocks. I will Huntley

for big meets. I will Kelli Kampert to have the best freshman year. I will Ali Cazel a nice Asian husband. I will Tina Driscoll my ability to eat slowly. I will Emily Schmidt, my tan and blonde hair so she can be Barbie. I will Rebecca Cords the strength and perseverance to get through anything. I will Sam Reyes, my pole vault abilities. I will Kelly Meehleib my twerk skills. I will Jenni Carlson an infinite amount of booty pop underwear. I will to Zach Gorney an infinite amount of black socks.

I, Emily Litwin, will my Raider Nation leading abilities to Brendan Boesch and Jerid Perkins. I will my amazing Link Crew leading techniques to Trent Craig. I will Nick Waite endless Belgian waffles from Burnt Toast. I will cookies from Mortin’s to Andrew Mendonca. I will the word ‘freaky’ to Lani Pietrantonio. I will 1,000 mocha madnesses from Lifetime to Heather Holinbeck. I will drives in the Jeep to Melissa Janelli. I will every late night talk to Jessica Celli. I will Hannah Rosso every memory made at Camp Echo. I will Briana Gerardi every sparkly item I own. I will endless iced coffee to Glenn Miller. I will diamond earrings to Josh Esikiel. I will Matt Sullivan my middle name (Frances). I will 1,000 hugs to Sergio Pineda. Lastly, I will to everyone who has ever meant something to me throughout high school my love.

I, Vicky Kazmierczak, will to Erin Lyman an unlimited supply of Dunkin’ Donuts. I will to Emily Westermeyer a boat and the ability to make decisions. To Alyssa Deem I will all of the dogs in the world. I will to Haley Arnieri a car so she can drive herself home from practice. I will to Katie Costantino the ability to get to school on time next year. To Riley Michel, I will more Link Crew leading abilities. I will Tony Nigro an attractive woman over the age of 30 with no emotions. I will Nick Zielinski an endless supply of crazy socks and preppy clothes. I will an endless love to Nicki Taylor and Luke Janus. I will to Nick Constantino the ability to make friends next year. To Esha Munshi, I will an endless Indian Romance. I, Rachael Kisten, will Brandon Memmini my kill shot. I will Matt Frederick my black Ticonderoga, a pencil. I will Delaney Lyman and Emily Lasota my awkward dance moves. I, Olivia Krewer, will to Ashley my Nokia phone, to Colleen all of my artwork, to Ashley my ugly

I, Eric Luecht, will my best wishes to Rachel Zobott in college, Deanna Hecht the strength to get back on the soccer field next year, Kyle

26 WILLS Sabie common sense, Nick Costantino pampers for any more accidents, Catherine Luecht a lunch card she can’t lose, Johnny Nugent a full-grown Rottweiler, Mason Martin ping-pong skills so he can beat me eventually, and Coach Jakubowski a lifetime supply of mints. I, Alexi Lukowski, will Klaudia Talaska my elephant for math. I hope that it will help you out in Calculus next year as much as it helped me out in Pre-Calc this year (NOT). I, Erin Lyman, will to Delaney Lyman my car and money for any speeding tickets you get. I will Haley Arneri my LA Tan membership. I will the HHS volleyball team lots of ice and tissues. I will Stephanie Hemandez a chocolate donut. I will Brendan Boesch and Jake Lonergan a new lunch table. I will Alyssa Deem a brown paper bag and some greasy food. I will Vicky Kazmeirczech a facemask. I will Emily Westermeyer earplugs. I will Mr. Schmidt unlimited Delaney Loprieno Jokes.

May 16, 2014 Vigil and Chris Gamboa to make it to state next year. I, Stephanie Newman, will to Rachel a date with cinema and a job working as a princess at Disney. I will Deni a trip to Abby Lee’s Dance Company. I will Grace a million trips to the dollar store. I will Keely a job as a Victoria’s Secret Model. I will Jordyn a shopping spree at Woodfield and a stress-free vacation. I will Rebecca every DVD of “Shrek,” yogurt, and every “Just Dance” game there is. I will Geoff a meet-andgreet with the Blackhawks team, and a safe deployment later on. I will Kaitlyn 20 pounds and all the white chocolate she can eat. I will Taylor Larson happiness and a girl’s night out every weekend. I will Maddie E. and Morgan P. endless sleepovers with venerating sessions

I, Sam Madej, will unlimited Jersey Mikes, every single Meek Mill mixtape, a chance to meet Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, and a great senior year to Chuck Addis. I will my rolling turd of a Toyota Camry and a girlfriend within a five mile radius to Nick Madej. I will Rachel Kelly all of the themed Disney blankets in the world and a trip to Hogwarts. I will a tanning bed and 24/7 happiness to Hayley Jacobs. I will Sam Pfaff game seven Blackhawks playoff tickets and good luck at Whitewater. I will Shane Conely some fashionable capris and a film camera. I will a haircut and success in firefighting to Ryan Andre. I will survival and the preservation of his personality to Massimo Eberle. I, Emily Marazzo, will the URL to my fan page when I become famous to Chrissy. To Lexii, the Closet of Friendship – may the name forever stay the same. To Vitoria, I will all the gas money I owe you for driving me everywhere last year. To Spencer – my undying platonic love. To Tia – the tools to find out what your actual race is. To Josh – an actual cell phone. To Megan, I will a physical copy of the Book of Mormon. To the cast of “Cinderella,” I will the rights to the Adult Show. To Austin – a helmet. To Abby – the hashtag #swaggie. To Gwen – the power to become a mermaid. To Jacob – a Jimmy John’s Italian Night Club sandwich. And to my teachers, an apology for my constant belief that I’m actually funny. And none for Becca, bye. I, Rebecca Martin, will Christa Halter my flying abilities. I will Maddie Eberhart Tarzan. I will Taylor Hewitt binoculars. I will Morgan Pearl my passenger seat. I, Nicholas Meyer, will any Pop Tarts left in my car to Mr. Marchand. I will absolutely nothing to my brother Brandon. I will good luck to Ricky

I, Tony Nigro, will to Angelo Amelio a new set of knees, to Chuck Addis a new set of friends, Ryan Andre can have my ACT score, Nick Z. a more decisive girl to pursue, Massimo gets to keep his personality. Also Dan Janos should be able to eat McDonald’s without gaining weight. Shane gets a smile. Ryden can have a girlfriend. I will a date with Beth to Luke Janus. And lastly I give Drew a clean record. I, Victoria Oliveira, will Melanie Naranjo a giraffe, my room, and Champ. I will Kellye Davenport every single Disney movie. I will Austen Emery some clam chowder. I will Rachel Halter gas money. I, Caitlin Ong, will my car to Myko Ong with the Hello Kitty seat covers and matching steering wheel cover. I will to Parth Patel my cardigans and garbage can. I will to Jazmine Rosales my curling iron. I will my appendix to Nick Meyer. I will to Melissa Drzal my parking spot. I will to Jess Clavero, Derick Gellangarin and Jestoni Losbanes my lemonade stand corner. I will my winter apparel and glitter supplies to Venecia Alvarez and Aparna Sivasankaran. I will my clinical scrubs to Jenny Ngo. I will to Hiam Hakizuddin and Jantzen Rosales all my love. I will to Nick Waite my New Hall dorm room. I will to Alvin Viloria my sassy rants and princess tiara. I, Laura Pilat, will to Jordan Pasco a stress ball. I will to Evan Pilat my locker from freshman year. I will to Savannah Henn all the running shoes I never use. I will to Becca Bocian a box of Girl Scout cookies so she can stop stealing mine. I, Cole Paarfusser, will Danny Scerbicke my classic 2005 Taurus so he doesn’t have to drive that piece o’ Mazda anymore. I will Sandy Fitzgerald my heart because she’s a saint and makes mean sandwiches. I will my fishing skills to Garret Koeppler because he could use some.

and tons of food. I will Jorie footie pajamas and deep-crust pizza. I, Keely O’Neal, will Keely future football player “the sauce.” I will Baily O’Neal a high five. I will Deni Alvarez all my other brother figures. I will Stephanie Newman bandages. I will Rachel Recchia scissors to cut her hair. I will Jordyn Pawlowic 20 pounds.

I, Madeline Palka, will Elizabeth my closet. I will Keely my baby butt. I will Michael all the Stephen King books. I will Matt red velvet cookies. I will Nick Z. Hawaiian shirts. I will Ceejay friends his age and bail money. I will Carly all the good looking boys. I will Julia concert tickets. I, Beth Parks, will Luke Janus a ticket out of the friend zone. Delaney Loprieno, that ring you’ve been wanting. Trevor Oslance, two giraffes that are always down to fight. Jenna Hermansen, a boy that can keep up with your dancing and a hurricane. Alyssa Deem a sunset, dolphins, and the paint at the corner of our street. Brad Spoeth, a koala. Brianna Trerarai, endless fruit snacks and Bistro Wasabi and a Fiji wedding. Jessica Galason, my tan and the secret to the meaning of 47. Michael Parks,


May 16, 2014 good luck living alone with my parents. Taryn Jakubowski and Ally Sunter, I give my car. Matthew Frederick, my love and the payments of that bracelet. I, Max Peterson, will to Joseph Stuve all tromboning responsibilities. I will to Parth Patel Mr. Styers and all his ties. I, Laura Pilat, will to Jordan Pasco a stress ball. I will to Evan Pilat my locker from freshman I, Kora Rea, will my best friendship to Mitch Mollica, I will my sensitive nature to McKenna Schaller, I will my talkative nature to Maddy Paez, I will my theatrical tendencies to Lexi LaFaire, I will my comforting nature to Lexi Archambeau, I will my entire being to all of my friends who have loved and supported me throughout high school. Thank you all so much, I will miss you all! I, Vitoria Reales, will to Parth the announce ments and a lonely year without me; to Collin, Jake, and Ricky a million Alabama parties; to Jon the right to interrupt me for as many seconds as you want; to Michael and Becca, endless love; to Kailen, I don’t even know, you got so much game; to Emily the right to swag freely; to Stephanie anything you want omg I love you; to Gwen another confetti egg; to Megan good luck with theatre boys; to Becca a bunch of cookies with compliments; and to Max the right to talk to girls next year. Platonically. I, Connor, will my shoes to my brother, my common sense to Alex Reiter, my intelligence to Parth Patel, and my academic success to all future HHS students. I, Geoff Reif, will my Throne of Huntley High School to Scott Rowe; my dirty singlet to B.J. Bertlesman; my love to Stephanie Newman; the stoop to my friends. I, Alexia Rivera, will make a change hopefully artistically or an impact in a positive way. I, Emily Roller, will to my friend Kat a better phone. I, Kollin Rott, will to Mr. Styers unlimited free passes for any and all math mistakes he makes; to Mr. Swartzloff, my dry wit, sarcasm, and sweet beard; to Alex Reiter, I bequeath a trip to “Taco Bell”; to Colin Worden, my position as the most important Kollin/Collin/Colin in the school; to Mrs. Swartzloff, I give two tickets so can take Mr. S to a Taylor Swift concert; and to everyone, a thank you for a wonderful four years.

I, Hannah Rosso, will to Melissa Janelli my talent for finding trouble wherever it may be. I will to Jessica Celli my dogs, Beuheler and Shelby (not really though). I will to Emily Litwin my lifetime supply of Double-Stuf Oreos. I will to Briana Gerardi the inflatable deer in my basement. I will to Heather Holinbeck my sense of adventure, and to Lani Pietrantonio I will my sarcasm. I will to Brendon Fitzgerald my love for Time and Eric. I will to Michael Lowry our 1 a.m. talks, and to the rest of the crew, I will all those nights at Husch’s. I will to my younger brother, Michael, the luck I had in finding such great friends in high school. I, Kevin Runge, will to Mr.Swartzloff the rights to our incredible APUSH video, even though it is technically not mine to give away. I also leave next year’s speech captains all the success we had this year. And finally, I leave the future of the marching band to next year’s seniors. March your hearts out! I, Jake Schaefer, will to Robert Witt my heartbreaking abilities! I, Michael Shane Schmitt, will to Trevor Oslance the training he needs to base jump, Brad Spoeth a pack of Trident Layers gum, Glenn Miller gets Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, Mitchell Kawell a lot of workout equipment, Kyle Slonka more height, Ali Cazel and Amanda Cazel nothing because they already have everything, Laura Pellegrino the energy to not go to bed as early, Savannah Lincoln a personal chef, Marlee a houseful of wiener dogs, Emily Blanken fully functioning hearing, Bri Gerardi less stress since she has to deal with Mitch, and lastly, Jenna Hermansen gets a movie theater.

I, Charlotte Skala, will all my belongings to my friends Megan Wilson, Allie Kurkjian, Lexi Archambeau, and Zoe Detlaf because it is mostly useless junk and will annoy them immensely. I, Mark Skonieczny, will to Matt Blain a bigger truck and a bucket of baseballs and a tee. To Robert Thomm and Brian Wiggins some beef jerky. To Eric Luecht and Mason Martin a bromance picture. To Dani Alvarez endless supply of Illinois clothes and Illinois school spirit. To Trevor Symbol some better attire and shiny shoes. To Matt Skonieczny, some better grades and a new brother to bug you. To Tommy Kiriakopoulos a better wood bat. To Vonn Navarro more Illinois gear, and a couch to sleep on in my dorm room. To Mr. Morehart a new clubhouse, a Fungo bat and some pearls. To Coach Jakubowski some New L screens, a field tarp, and some extra Quick Dry. I, Ashley Secreto, will my Robert Downey Jr. collection to Aubrie Purtell because I know she will take good care of it, my shoes to Zoe Quezada because she compliments me all the time, all my piggy banks to Olivia Krewer because she could use the extra cash, and my car, Crusher, to no one because I can’t think of anyone else worthy of the beast. I, Meghan Sedey, will to Alex Blanchard my friendship because now senior year is over, we can admit to being friends. To Quentin Sedey I leave an empty lunch table and #yoloswag. To Drake Wash-Prado, I will him Cory in the House. To Miles Jones I give a carpool service since you’re going to need it. I, Aparna Sivasankaran, will my combat boots to Pooja Patel. I will the rest of my summer apparel to Caitlin Ong. I will my arsenal of gifs and my ability to just not to Adam Urbanski a.k.a A. Banks. I will my collection of Harry Potter DVDs and my light-up wand to Sarah Palecki a.k.a Sarahpal. I will my statistical genius to Jolie Steinhert and Emma Plansky. And, I will all those mentioned above my surplus of chins. I, Britni Siwuda, will my hours and all the patience in the world to Brandon Brown for his job at Domino’s Pizza; protein shakes to Christian Olivera because he thinks he is strong; an English book to Cassie Miller so she learns how to pronounce ‘library,’ ‘gymnastics,’ and other words along with all the calories I gained from eating at restaurants with her.

28 WILLS I, Brad Spoeth, will Trent Craig and Jake Grabner a high draw; to Michael Schmmitt a lion; to Trevor Oslance a parrot; to Beth Parks a giraffe; to Marlee Palka a bird that tells jokes; and to Glenn Miller a skateboard. I, Kelli Swanson, will my car to my little sister Kristy, but only when I am away at school… I want it back, so don’t break it! I will to my best friend all of my shoes and flannel shirts. I also will to Rachel Watts all of my scarves. I, Trevor Symbol, will to all future SALT members my spot on the HHS Polar Plunge team. It is one of the most enjoyable things you will do in high school; to Tommy Kiriakopoulos a pair of jeans; to Mark S. a Wisconsin or Indiana sweatshirt; to Mr. Styers a best dressed teacher’s award; Mrs. Wills a most interesting teacher award, and Ms. O’Donnell a favorite teacher award. And finally, I will Mrs. Gustafson a volunteer that is nicer to her than I was! I, Jasmine Tado, will to Samantha Tado my beautiful van! I will to Emma Plansky a real tan with no cancer. I will to Mr. Marchand an unlimited supply of Pop-Tarts. I will to Maddy Carbon my advice throughout high school. I, Krystyna Tolentino, in my senior will, would like to leave some advice: the only thing you need to take seriously is your classes. Experience it all; dye your hair, change up your style, worry about the experiences that you need to, well, experience and graduating. Don’t let other reckless high schoolers get to you. Oh, start saving up now! Senior year and college gets expensive; don’t miss out on prom like I did. Experience it all and leave no room for regrets. I, Nicolette Tsiveriotis, will to Lauren Tsiveriotis my spot on the couch. I, Adam Urbanski will to Sra. Swarzloff my collection of Werther’s Originals Caramel candies. To Holly Baldacci, multiple fandom discussions. To Sarah Palecki, my strawberry stems and phone case. To Aparna S., my extensive and impressive arsenal of gifts. To Taylor Brooks, I will countless bad puns, apologies, and movie quotations. To the Class of 2014, innumerable obscure pop culture and film references. I, McKenna Vanacker, will to Haley Sroka my dog Roxy. I will to Abby Staab endless cheese sticks. I will my arctic cat snowmobile to Caroline Powers because her Yamaha sucks. I will endless Chipotle to my sister. I, Tyler Vasconez, will to Josh Steinhoff a prettier face. I will larger pees to Mike Andrews, and six inches of height to Tony Nigro. I will my jersey number to Casey Popenfoose (27) and my squat to Sam Kunde. I, Ronit Ved, give my position as second singles tennis to Josh Simmons. I give my award for best teacher to Mrs. Goss, Mrs. Jenkins, and Mr. Aney. I give my tallness to every Indian to come. I, Ben Wibicki, will to Matthew Johnson a cardboard box of which to reside in for whatever purpose he seems fit. To Emily Hemingway, I bequeath a normal, not psychotic sounding laugh. To Lauren Piell, I bestow a sense of dignity and moral intelligence of which to use later

May 16, 2014 in life. To Matthew Johnson, I bequeath the key to previously said cardboard box.

ball shoes. I will to Michael Zornow my brains. I will to Mr. Ricky Crider my hulk-like strength.

I, Megan Wilson, will to Charlotte Skala my Toyota Camry so she can park like an idiot whenever she wants. I will to Zoe Detlaf my shampoo and obnoxious laugh. I will Tamara Funke my awkward roommate. I will to Allie Kurkjian Matt Smith in a life vest in a pool, again. I will Holly Baldacci all the oatmeal in the universe. I will Menley Urban all the stuffed animals hidden in my closet. I will Angelica Cataldo all the sexy men.

I, Katie Zornow, will to Mrs. Corapi the $50,000 art scholarship that I’ll (hopefully) win but never get to use. I also will to her the mural that I designed which I will never get to see.

I, Richard Witt, will my mad game to Alex Reiter. He’s gonna need it. I, Jonathan Wolicki, will to Josh and Vicky Wolicki all my notes and binders from the last four years. I, Alvin Wong, will to Ben Cazel my piano and ping pong skills. I will to Aaron Vandy all the butterfly he’ll ever want to swim in a lifetime. I will to Connor Smith my boxing skills and my punching bag. I will to Alex Reiter my car because it is faster in a drag race, and the Tomorrowland ticket. I, Marcus “Big Nasty” Wright, will the rights to all 24 pairs of shoes to LaDonovan Johnston a.k.a Conner Johnston. I will the rights to all my Nike things to Mitchell Kawell and Zach Lugo. Lastly, I want to will my ability to pop my pecs to Peter Campbell because he needs all the pecs he can get. I, Jackie Wyslak, will to Samantha all of my old tennis rackets for her to use to ACE her tennis game. I, Rachel Zobott, will Eric Luecht my superb driving skills, my listening skills, and the best of luck with baseball in college. I will Ali Andrews my basketball skills even though she doesn’t need them. I will Kayla Barreto some of my height. I will Jason Zobott some common sense. I will Catherine Luecht my makeup and jewelry. I will Abby Nordeen all of my butter. I will Deanna Hecht some of my tan. I will Sam Andrews some of my smartness and outspokenness. I, Bethany Zornow, will to Mr. Raethz my autographed basket-

I, Michael Zornow, will to Trent Craig a betterlooking jump shot and lots of distance off the tee. To Jake Grabner, a shorter NHL celebration and a mean drop shot. To Riley Wicks, my 15-foot jump shot and water slide shot. To Matt Frederick, a running volley and a game of NHL. To Alec Coss, some new ankles and Doris Burke. To Dan Frederick the Sprite Spark of the Game and Tyson Chandler. To Trill Tennis my slice shot and lob shot. I, Nick Zielinski, will to Tyler Vasconez the ability to not use corny pick-up lines. I will to Rachel Kelly feelings for her black hole of a to previously said cardboard box. Rachel Kelly feelings for her black hole of a heart. I will to Tony Nigro the ability to not be sarcastically mean all the time. I will to Emily Westermeyer unlimited cupcakes and a puppy. I will Ryden Scarnato the ability to talk to girls. I will Chuck Addis the ability to go to his left. I will Carly Ferris as many cats as she desires. I will Vicky Kazmierczak some common sense. I will to Andy Levra a jail-free life.


May 16, 2014 Amanze,


Congratulations on your outstanding academic and athletic achievements in high school. You have demonstrated great character and hard work through these four years and we are so proud of you!

We are very proud of all that you have accomplished! Keep believing in yourself and you will succeed at anything you set your mind to. Congratulations and best wishes for a bright future.


Love, Mom and Dad

Mom, Dad, Kemdi, Ogechi, and Uchenna



Who would’ve thought this bossy little girl would have already accomplished so much? We are so proud of your hard work, but mostly of the amazing person you are. We’ll miss you on the island!

We are proud of your courage to overcome obstacles and your hope that has survived disappointments. Keep your goals high, dance in the rain, and believe in yourself!!

Love, Mom and Dad

Much love, Mom, Dad & Stephi



You made it! You have overcome so much and it has made you a wonderful man. You have a world full of adventure ahead of you; those adventures will make you an even better person.

Keep smiling that big beautiful smile that matches your big beautiful heart. Continue to be true to yourself - a true “rebel.” Soak it all in with flair - a real “hotty toddy.”

Love, Mom and Dad

We love you, Mom and Dad



From the first steps to the many huge milestones that you have accomplished over the years... we are so proud of you. May the future present you with lots of success, wonders, and adventures. Congratulations!

Congratulations on your graduation! It seems like only yesterday you were a little guy crawling around and now you’re off to college. We are so proud to have you as our son, and are always here for you. We love you K-man.

With love always, Mom and Dad

Love, Dad, Mom, and Carly


May 16, 2014

Congratulations TC!


You’re an amazing young man and we are so proud of you. Your journey is just beginning and we can’t wait to see where it takes you!

We are so proud of the kind, thoughtful, and amazing man you’ve become! Wishing you joy, happiness, and great success in all you do!

We love you,

Love you, Mom, Dad, and Olivia

Mom, Dad, and Tyler



To our beautiful girl who brings sunshine wherever she goes... We’ll always be there for you and will miss your pretty smile. Looks like California...Remember, home is never so far away.

You have the best personality and smile sweetheart! We love you always, Dad, Mom, Jacob and Baily XXXXXX Good luck at UWM!

Love, Mom & Dad



Congratulations! We are so proud of the beautiful, intelligent, & kind woman you have become. This is just the beginning of the rest of your story. It will be as unique & wonderful as you are...Enjoy the journey & know that we believe in you!

We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. We love you and can’t imagine life without you. Always believe in yourself. Follow your dreams. Be kind. Be true. Ask lots of questions. Be daring. Be fearless.

Love you more & no matter what! Mom, Dad, Kaden, Kyle & Kami

Lauren, You did it!! We are all so very proud of you! We know you will do great in college. Love you! Mom, Dan, Amanda, Scott & Annabelle

Always, Mom & Jorge


We are very proud of you! We know you’ll do great things and achieve your dreams. Remember one thing, our LOVE is with you wherever you go. Congratulations! Love, Dad & Mom Emily Seymour


May 16, 2014

Amanda, Love this life you’re livin and let your heart sing... It’s feelin like Carolina! There’s a new place that you’ll call home, but you’ll never be alone... Love ya baby, Mom & Dad

Nick, I can’t believe you’re all grown up and going to college. I am so proud of you and you know if your dad were here he would be proud of you too. I will always be here for you. Congratulations. Love, Mom



Through the years, we have watched you grow from a sweet little girl to a kind-hearted young woman. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

We are so very proud of you! Keep reaching for all of your dreams! We know that you will make them all come true with your hard work and dedication! You will ALWAYS have our love and support!

Hotty toddy! Love, Mom, Dad, Camille, and Jack

Dear Bella, How exciting it was for Grandpa Hall and me when you, our first grandchild, came along. Not living close, we came to love you through visits and pictures. Beautiful, smart, talented...your future will be successful.

Love always, Mom & Dad

Rachel, Keep smiling! We are so proud of all the achievements you have made and look forward to sharing in many more. All our love, Mom, Dad, and Lauren

Love, Grammy

Alexandra, Meagan, We are so proud of you! We love you! Mom, Dad, and Mel

The day this picture was taken, we thought we could never love anyone more. We were wrong. We are so proud of your accomplishments and of the young lady you’ve become. Always follow your dreams. Love, Mom and Dad


May 16, 2014 Katie Rose, You have colored our world each and every day. You are talented, creative, strong, and true to yourself. We are thrilled you have chosen to follow your passion. Love, Mom, Dad, Bobby, and Mazie

Aubrie, The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. You’re off to great places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way! Congratulations! Love, Mom

Rachael and Alex,

Christopher Hartzog

We are so proud of both of you! The accomplishments that you achieved in school are so great! We know that this will continue in college and in life. Have fun in college and fulfill your dreams. Congratulations!

In 1995, you flew into our lives and hearts. Eighteen years later, you are ready to embark on your next journey. We are so proud of you. Congratulations!

Love, Dad and Mom

Jack, Feels like yesterday when you were sitting on a stool eating raisins! You are amazing and we are truly proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Follow your dreams and you will do well. College on!

Love, Dad, Mom, Gregory, William, and Emerson

Kalee, We are so proud of you! You have grown into a wonderful young woman. Your passion for life and thirst for knowledge is inspiring! Congratulations! Welcome to the next chapter of your life. We love you!

Love, Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad


Dear Sarah,

It is with tears in my eyes that I think of how incredibly proud we are of you and all of your accomplishments. We look forward to your continued successes!

Congratulations! You have inspired us all with your high goals and hard work. We are so proud of you! We can’t wait to see what the next four years bring!

Love, Mom, Dad, Ty, Tanner, and Ernie

Love, Mom, Dad, Rebecca, Tommy, and Matt


May 16, 2014 Austin,


You have sure come a long way from your first day of preschool with your beanie baby backpack. We are looking forward to watching you succeed at the University of Alabama. We will be visiting!

Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday you were playing little league baseball and Mustang Football. Soon you will be off to college. We will always be here for you. Congratulations! Good luck at NIU!

Love you, Mom and Dad

Love, Mom, Dad, and Lexi



You have made us so proud! Not only are you going on to college, you will be playing baseball there too. We wish you the greatest success at Dominican University. We love you! Congrats!

We are so very proud of you and the man you’ve become. We are certain you will have much success in the future.

Love, Mom and Dad

Emily, Congratulations! We are very proud of you. Love, Dad and Mom

Love, Mom and Dad

Kenzie, Wow, the years have flown by. It seems like just yesterday you were our little girl. Now you’re going off to college. We are so proud of you. Congratulations! We will always be here for you! Love, Mom and Dad

Kristen, You are a talented, intelligent, and witty young lady. We are very proud of your accomplishments, and know you will be successful in all you do. We believe in you! Love, Mom, Dad, Tyler, Joseph, and Justin

Kyle, We are so proud of you. You are on to the next chapter of your life. Open the doors for something amazing. Love you more than you know. We will miss you in the fall. Love, Mom, Dad, and Jenna


May 16, 2014 Jessica,

To Meghan,

You were such a beautiful, happy baby and brought so much joy into our lives. We are so proud of you, your accomplishments, and the woman you’ve become. Congratulations and good luck at ISU!

Your dad and I are proud of you. Just yesterday I was holding you for the first time. Now you are graduating, and soon you will be going to college. I hope your future is a bright one.

Love, Mom, Dad, and Johnny

Max, We’re so proud of you and all your accomplishments in band, speech, and school. Congratulations and good luck next year at Iowa! Love, Dad, Mom, and Randi

Love, Mom and Dad

Annette, You have inspired us with your high goals and hard work. We are so proud of you. Dream BIG! We love you with all our hearts! Mom, Dad, Peter, and Adam



We are so proud of you! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. You have many adventures ahead of you. Believe in yourself because anything is possible. You are our sunshine, soar like an eagle!

We are very proud of you and all your accomplishments. You have a very bright future ahead of you.

We love you, Dad, Mom, Chynnah, Dakota, & Blue Bear

Eric, From Kindergarten graduation to your high school graduation, you have never stopped aiming to do your best. Congratulations, we love you and are so very proud of you and your accomplishments. Love, Mom and Dad

We love you very much. Mom, Dad, Peter, and Annette

Congratulations graduates!!

Class of 2014 Senior Issue