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Humboldt Township

APRIL 2015

The Administrative Office

FISHING DERBY The annual Humboldt Township fishing derby is fast approaching. This fun filled family event will take place on Saturday, June 13 at the Humboldt Pond at 10:00 am. Registration is open to children 17 and younger, and will begin at 9:00 am and continue throughout the day. Registered children will be entered in to a drawing to receive a prize! Everyone will enjoy free food and drink! Everything is free, so bring your children, grandchildren, neighbors, and enjoy the day.


SENIOR LUNCHES Senior lunches take place the second Wednesday of each month at the Humboldt Township Hall at 12:00. These are a potluck luncheon. Or if you prefer not to bring a dish you can give a monetary donation for beverages and supplies. If you have questions or would like to help, please call Carol at 339-2191 or the Humboldt Township Hall at 339-2927.

TOWNSHIP CLEAN UP Friday, July 10— 4—8 pm Saturday, July 11— 8 am—4 pm

Your New Supervisor Treasurers Corner Joe Derocha Steps Up The Administrative Office Fire Department Meet the New Office Volunteer!


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As the Administrator, I’m here to help with the day to day operations, answer calls and generally help out in any way I can. You can reach me from 8—4 M—TH at 339-2927; or through email

P.O. Box 10 244 County Rd. FAF Champion, MI 49814 906.339.2927 PH 906.339.4431 Fax

Originally from Ishpeming, I’ve been a Humboldt Township Resident for over 10 years. Married to my high school sweetheart, with two amazing boys and one fur baby. We love the family friendly community of Humboldt and have no plans of ever leaving. When I’m not assisting with the administration of the Township or chasing my boys and dog around, I’m also a photographer specializing in high school seniors and women’s portraiture. Humboldt Township is a wonderful place and I’m looking forward to contributing to our continued success!

Humboldt Township Issue 1 April 2015

My friends and supporters, I want to thank each and everyone of you that supported me through the years as your Humboldt Township Supervisor. Over the years we were able to make a difference in this small community I call home. Thanks to your further support and belief in me, now as your Marquette County Commissioner as I can continue to carry the energy, wisdom, and fortitude to the Marquette County Board. I know the issues, and you know me. I will continue to do good things for this place that we call home. So, this isn’t goodbye to Humboldt Township, but rather me making a difference at another level! Joe

I was appointed by the Humboldt Township Board to fill Joe Derocha’s vacancy, when he was elected as a county commissioner. I would like to thank Joe for the years he served and all he has done to benefit Humboldt Township. Joe had a great vision for the future of Humboldt Township which I plan to continue. Since I became Supervisor on January 6, 2015, the Elf site has been sold and we are now working on putting the rail line to Republic which passes through our Township. I would also like to encourage everyone to be part of the Township by attending meetings. I’m sure there are many gifts in the Township that would help benefit the community. There are several functions that are enjoyable to everyone and volunteers would be welcome and appreciated! Warm weather is on the way. Enjoy the summer!


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I would like to say what a pleasure it has been to be back in Humboldt Township working towards the betterment of the community for the people. I had the great opportunity of growing up in Humboldt Township, and have many memories that still stay with me to this day. These memories made me want to move back to the area and raise my children here. I wanted them to have the same joyful experience that I had growing up here. So, in 1996 I did just that. We moved to the West Ishpeming area, were I have been ever since. I have raised five beautiful children and recently have been blessed with one amazing granddaughter! I have greatly enjoyed living back in the area and showing my children the things I enjoyed as a child. That is also my goal working here at the township, to ensure that the residents of Humboldt Township can have the best experience possible from their community! Humboldt is the little township that has so much to offer its residents, and the people who want to discover a quiet but yet exciting place to vacation or move to! In our fast changing world we can be grateful that we can have both the peace that Humboldt Township has to offer, but yet the resources the small community has to make it a desirable place to call home. I am grateful that I can play a part of the continuation in improving what Humboldt Township can offer its residents and assist them to the best of my ability. It has been a pleasure meeting new people, reconnecting with past acquaintances, and I look forward to meeting more of the township residents. Enjoy the weather and see you at the events or at the hall!

First off, I would like to say thank you to Jill Rankinen and the Humboldt Township board for giving me the opportunity to become the new Deputy Clerk of Humboldt Township and also to become a member of our township team. My name is Andrea Glisson (Irwin) and I am a lifelong resident of Humboldt Township. I attended Westwood High School and graduated in 2002 and went on to attended and graduate from Northern Michigan University in 2005 with an Associate's Degree in Business. I married my husband, Chad, in 2009 and we welcomed our beautiful son Colton in December of 2011. I love living in Humboldt Township because it is a safe, quiet and family friendly community. I look forward to raising my son in the same place that I grew up in. I also look forward to getting to know those of you I don't already know and having the opportunity to see and speak with those of you that I do know. I feel that Humboldt Township has a lot to offer and I certainly look forward to being a part of making it an even more wonderful place to live and raise a family! Thank you again!

DELINQUENT PROPERTY TAXES NOTICE As of March 2, 2015 taxes became delinquent and are not able to be paid at the Humboldt Township Hall. Delinquent real property taxes must be paid at the Marquette County Treasurer’s office. Delinquent personal property taxes are to be paid to the Humboldt Township Treasurer at the Humboldt Township Hall. Please call the hall at 339-2927 for an appointment. 2015 PROPERTY TAX The next property tax cycle will start on July 1, 2015. We will resume tax collection hours during this period. Times will be announced on the website at a later date, and on your tax bill. CONTACT INFORMATION The Treasurer, Barbara Mackey, or Deputy Treasurer, Carol Mackey, are available at the Humboldt Township Hall to answer any tax questions you may have. Carol will hold office hours on Tuesday and Thursday in July during tax season. You can contact either one of them at 339-2927.

We have added a new copy machine here at the Humboldt Township Hall which has made it possible for us to make copying and scan to email services available to our residents for a small fee.

Visit us and like us on Facebook! Share a favorite picture, thought, or memory of Humboldt that you have. We will also have the newsletter available for you to access there. Watch for upcoming events posted on the page!

Submit your favorite photo of Humboldt Township. Whether it be the spring weather attempting to come out, Bridgefest, Fishing Derby, as long as it depicts our area. The staff will be the judge on whose picture will win! The winning picture will be used in our October newsletter, and posted on our website, and facebook site. To submit your picture, go to the Website for the form, call the hall @ 339-2927, or email us at Please be sure to read all the rules. Good Luck!

ADDRESS CHANGE If you have an address change please notify our office. CHECK WRITING INFORMATION Please use Black or Blue ink when writing checks. We now use a check scanner and it can only read these two colors. Please note that with the use of the scanner your check clears your bank account immediately upon our receiving. WEST MARQUETTE COUNTY TRANSFER STATION TICKETS

$5 for 100 lb. load $2 for ONE Passenger Tire up to 16.5”

Clerk’s News The Clerk can be reached by phone: 371-5455 (c); 339-2953 (h); 486-7297 (w)

From the Clerk’s Desk: Spring is trying to work its way here and I am sure everyone is as excited as I am to have warm sunny days hit us soon. Michigan Sales Tax Increase for Transportation Amendment, Proposal There will be an election on May 5, 2015. This will be for the increase of Sale/ Use tax from 6% to 7%. This tax will be used to replace and supplement reduced revenue to the School Aid Fund and local units of government caused by the elimination of the sales/use tax roads, and to give effect to laws that provide additional money for roads and other transportation purposes by increasing the gas tax and vehicle registration fees. Hopefully we will see you all at the polls on May 5. If you are not going to be in the area please contact me 339-2927 for an absent ballot or go to http:// .

Your vote does count.



From the desk of Fire Chief Jim Carlisle. Do you want to be a part of something big? Something that really matters? If you said yes to either of these, then sign up to become a Humboldt Township Volunteer Fireman or become an EMS member. We currently have six dedicated people taking the fire training and three who will be starting Medical First Responder training in September. There is a great need for these dedicated people in our township, so please think about joining. If you are interested and would like more information, please call the Humboldt Township Hall at 339-2927 or Jim Carlisle at 371-0029.

We are currently working on raising money for new playground equipment. After all, our kids deserve the best that we can give them. We are few but would love to be more. It takes a lot of planning and hard work to raise this kind of money, so we are looking for your help. If you are interested in joining our committee or making a donation towards the equipment, please call the Humboldt Township Hall at 339-2927 or Jeannie Carlisle at 371-0233 or you can come to our next meeting. We meet the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. We hope to see you there!

FISHING DERBY Volunteers are needed for the annual fishing derby to hand out prizes, bait hooks and help set up. We are also looking for cash donations to this event. If you are available to assist with any of these things please call the Humboldt Township Hall at 339-2927 or Jeannie Carlisle at 371-0233.

The Humboldt Township website is in the process of being updated. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on the website, please contact us at the hall at 339-2927 or email We would like to update our history section. If you have any pictures and stories you would like to submit it would be greatly appreciated.

CHIMNEY CLEANING The Humboldt Township Fire Department will be offering free chimney cleaning during the month of August. Please call the Humboldt Township Hall @ 339-2927 to sign up. You will be required to sign a waiver releasing the fire department from any responsibility.

Planning Commission "After several years of concentrated effort, the Township Planning Commission completed the Humboldt Township Master Plan which was adopted by the Township Board on August 13, 2012. The Township Zoning Ordinance was also revised and updated to reflect current State statutes along with the Goals and Objectives as outlined in the Master Plan. The Zoning Ordinance was adopted by the Township Board on September 8, 2014, and took effect on September18, 2014. Copies of the Master Plan and the Zoning Ordinance are available for review and /or for sale at the Township Hall during normal office hours, and large scale, colored maps depicting the Existing Zoning Districts and Future Land Use are also available for review as well. Township officials are planning to ad this information to the Township web site in the near future. Howard Robare is the Humboldt Township Zoning Administrator, therefore any questions regarding zoning issues or zoning action requests should be referred to his attention by calling the Township Hall, PRIOR to initiating any activity which may require zoning review and/or approval. A reminder that the regular Township Planning Commission meetings are held on the 4Th. Monday of each month, and that all residents are always welcome and invited to participate in the Planning Process. The Planning Commission is currently working on updating and revising the Township Recreation Plan and the Cemetery Ordinance". Joe Wasie

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