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2018 Grads! Watson Leroy Annaheim Volume 9 No. 40

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Art trail opens local art galleries

Education Page3 Wynyard teacher to stay in Wynyard

Goodwill Page 3 Visitors along the 11th annual Spirit of Manitou Trail had the opportunity to stop by homes and studios of 19 different artists from Meacham to Watrous and Manitou Beach. This included painter Mavis Hrynkiw at her home in Manitou Beach. photo by Becky Zimmer

Perrot launches crossprovince tour


Music for strays in Manitou By Becky Zimmer Editor Manitou Beach is getting together for stray cats during this year’s Manitou Boogaloo on July 13. Four bands, being led by The Garrys, will be raising money to develop a stray cat trap, neuter, release, and maintain (TNRM) program in Manitou Beach, says organizer Karen Scalise. “There are a lot of cats they’re not owned, not being cared for. They’re

breeding and breeding. We’re trying to get a program going that addresses that.” The program will not only help to control cat populations over time but will also make a more friendly environment for all cats within Manitou Beach. “For cats who have been [spayed or neutered], there is a lot less aggression, fighting, howling, spraying, a lot of those things that make them hard to live by.” There would be more

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to the program than just the TNRM and Scalise says they are looking for more volunteers to do everything from shovelling snow to event planning for other fundraisers, social media work, fostering, and forming an executive. “There’s a lot of different ways people could get involved in different levels of commitment that would be required.” While the Boogaloo is meant to raise money to help control Manitou’s spray cat population,


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Page 12 Red Sox wrap up week 2-1

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Scalise also hopes this will bring people out to Manitou Beach’s Danceland who have not been there before. “By having a different kind of event out here, attracting some new people who might not have come out here before, people will become more familiar with Manitou Beach and some of the issues that are facing it.” More information will be coming regarding the program and its development, says Scalise.


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Crop Report EAST-CENTRAL SASKATCHEWAN The ground remains very wet in some areas of the east-central region and haying operations have been delayed due to frequent rain and high humidity. Crops are advancing nicely but are in need of some heat and moisture to help them develop further. Rainfall in the region was variable, ranging from trace amounts to 34 mm in the Langenburg area. The Rocanville area reported 6 mm of rain, the Roblin (MB) area 33 mm, the Ituna and Raymore areas 2 mm, the Rama area 12 mm, the Kelvington, Semans and Lumsden areas 10 mm, the Wynyard area 1 mm, the Holdfast

area 2 mm, the Stalwart and Humboldt areas 3 mm and the Allan area 4 mm. The Langenburg area has received the most precipitation (296 mm) in the region since April 1. Topsoil moisture conditions have deteriorated significantly in the area due to the recent high temperatures and strong winds. Cropland topsoil moisture is rated as eight per cent surplus, 53 per cent adequate, 33 per cent short and six per cent very short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as four per cent surplus, 44 per cent adequate, 37 per cent short and 15 per cent very short. Haying is underway in between rain showers. Thirteen per cent of the hay crop has now been

cut and six per cent baled or put into silage. Hay quality is rated as seven per cent excellent, 46 per cent good, 30 per cent fair and 17 per cent poor. Hay yields so far have been about average, although some western areas in the region are reporting below-average yields due to lack of moisture. Pastures are rated as four per cent excellent, 38 per cent good, 36 per cent fair, 17 per cent poor and five per cent very poor. In-crop herbicide applications are wrapping up and fungicide applications for diseases such as sclerotinia and fusarium head blight are underway. Most crop damage this past week is due to localized flooding, lack of moisture and wind.

Producers are busy haying, applying pesticides and scouting for insects and disease.

NORTHEASTERN SASKATCHEWAN Crops are advancing quickly and are in relatively good condition overall. Rainfall last week was welcomed but more will be needed in the coming weeks to help crops develop and fill. Rainfall ranged from trace amounts to 53 mm in the Arborfield area. The Porcupine Plain area reported 18 mm of rain, the Star City area 29 mm, the Tisdale area 30 mm, the Bruno area 3 mm, the Melfort area 37 mm, the Birch Hills area 21 mm, the Garrick area 20 mm and the Spruce Home

area 8 mm. The Arborfield area has received the most precipitation (212 mm) in the region since April 1. Cropland topsoil moisture is rated as 10 per cent surplus, 78 per cent adequate and 12 per cent short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as 15 per cent surplus, 70 per cent adequate, 12 per cent short and three per cent very short. Crop District 8A is reporting that 26 per cent of the cropland and 33 per cent of the hay land and pasture have surplus topsoil moisture at this time. Haying operations are well underway in the area and six per cent of the hay crop is cut and 11 per cent baled or put into silage. Hay quality is rated as 33 per cent excellent, 56

per cent good and 11 per cent fair. Hay yields are expected to be about average, although some areas may have much less hay than normal if rain does not arrive soon. Pastures are currently rated as five per cent excellent, 65 per cent good, 29 per cent fair and one per cent poor. Most crop damage this week came from lack of moisture, hail and strong winds. Some areas reported high temperatures that have damaged crops such as canola; yields are expected to be average at best in these areas. Farmers are busy haying, spraying fungicides and scouting for insects and disease. Source: Government of Saskatchewan

Viscount News Sandra Reid Contributor The Great Grandma’s and their Reading Buddies met in the foyer at Viscount Central School for the Great Grandma Tea on June 21. The reading buddies escorted their Great Grandma’s from the foyer down to the Music Room. Personal awards were

handed out to each of the students by Mrs. Nancy Kirzinger. Tea and delicious homemade goodies were enjoyed. The reading buddies and their Great Grandma’s exchanged gifts. Each of the students made their reading and writing Great Grandma’s a beautiful necklace out of melted pill bottles.

The Blankets for Canada Viscount Chapter ladies met for the last time this past week. We will resume our blanket-making again in the fall. In the mean time, we will all be busy enjoying summer. From January 2018until the end of June, we have made and delivered 89 blankets to four different shelters

in the city. Weekly, we are approximately 8 to 11 ladies from Viscount, Plunkett and Drake, with plenty of squares made for us from all over. We so much enjoy our three hours together at the Viscount Library where we catch up on each other’s week as we work, joining the knitted and crocheted

squares together. Please call Evelina at 1-306-944-4820, to get more information or if you would like to join us in this fun project. Thank you to all that helped make the news this week. Have a great week, to all those holidaying have a safe and happy holiday.



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Horizon addresses disrupted community By Becky Zimmer Editor Wynyard Elementary School will not be losing teacher Bonita Reeve in the next school year. Members of the school community led a protest in front of the Humboldt Horizon School Division office on July 3 with Horizon School Division Director of Education Kevin Garinger calling a public meeting on July 6. It was announced before the meeting that Reeve had successfully appealed the decision and will not be leaving WES for Punnichy Elementary School for the 2018-2019 school year. While the community is happy that the decision has been overturned and Reeve is grateful for the community support, the fear and disruption still lingers for the community, says protest organizer and parent, Nicola Finnson. Parents, staff, and students were very emotional following the announcement that Reeve would be transferred. Where that comes from is her dedication to her community and the fear

Wynyard Elementary School students Olivia Gillespie and Chloe Hague address the crowd while Horizon School Division Director of Education Kevin Garinger listens on during the Wynyard public meeting on July 6. photo by Becky Zimmer that a teacher like Reeve could be removed so easily, says Finnson. “The fact that they could just make a decision to remove her without, what seemed to be, any regard for community, for students, was astounding and extremely confusing and, quite frankly, very scary.”

There are still many aspects of Horizon’s decision that could not be discussed at the meeting, and Finnson understands that. But Finnson wanted the school division to know what impact their decision had on the staff, students, and community. “I do believe that (Garinger) is responding in

a way where he does understand that impact... the decisions they make at a table directly affect the community and that community involves the students that they are supposed to be providing the best education, and caring and safe schools for. ” The community will

be forever grateful to Garinger for reversing that decision to transfer Reeve, says Finnson. The situation involving Reeve’s transfer and how it was handled has caused the school division to take a look at their procedure involving transfers of staff across the division. Teachers do have the right to an appeal but there are other parts of their procedure that need to be added while other parts need to be changed, says Garinger, one of them being the proper timing of transfer. Timing of the transfer was one of the factors of the situation that was hard on the community, says Finnson, and she is happy that the division is going to rethink that aspect of the procedure in the future. “It’s great that they are going to look at the time and maybe...put their process in a different way so that it’s not so traumatic for those who are receiving the news.” Other aspects of the procedure will also be looked at besides the timing of such transfers.

Finnson says she hopes that there is more collaboration in the future regarding collaboration between the board and teachers when discussing transfers of teachers and administrators. Following what happened, teachers are fearful for their positions, says Finnson. “If the division can take the time to deliberate a teacher’s transfer and ask if the teacher will be a cultural fit at the school, why can’t the teacher have the same right and ask the same question about the school they’re going to be transferred to?” Parents and students advocating for teachers; and in turn, students, are important and Garinger was happy to see that in Wynyard, he says. “Our perspective obviously can look different that way but what also is important is we continue to listen to the voices of our staff.” Part of being a safe and caring school division is seeing the need for consideration and ensuring those conversations happen, he says.


Needed upgrades coming for rural communities By Becky Zimmer Editor It has been an improvement that the community has been fighting for for years. Now Drake, along with Govan, Muenster, Lake Lenore, Weldon, Semans, and Spalding, will be seeing improvements to their 4G LTE cellular services through “Phase 2 of a four-phase initiative to provide rural communities with enhanced access to reliNEW LISTING 1209 Flory Pl, Humboldt $389,000.00

able cellular and high speed internet services” according to a recent government press release. Sasktel announced in December 2017 that 100 locations would receive upgrades to their rural cell coverage. The current release noted 43 communities that will see small cell sites being completed before March of 2019. The other 57 locations will be announced at a later time

NEW LISTING 17.23 Acres, RM Spalding $369,000.00

with the list still being finalized. Mayor of Drake Peter Nicholson says cell service in the small village has been non-existent. “In my house, I can occasionally get a signal in my living room but most often by the window I can pick up a signal and it’ll be dropped.” Numerous petitions have gone out over the past three years to Sasktel to ask for improved services, as well

NEW LISTING 7.93 Acres, RM St. Peter $125,000.00

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as community members contacting them to complain about the level of service in Drake, says Nicholson. “They came out initially and said there was nothing they could do. We were in a V between Watous and Lanigan and they couldn’t do anything to improve it. That’s been back and forth many times.” Many people in Drake are turning off their landlines, says Nicholson. 629 – 11th St, Humboldt $245,000.00

A 30-metre tower has been planned for in town that should offer full service within Drake, Nicholson has been told by Sasktel. They are hoping to see the tower installed by the end of summer 2018. Lake Lenore is also slatted to see improvements that mayor Travis Thompson is looking forward to. Service is spotty within town and especially in the surrounding rural

area, he says. “I hope it covers our area. I know the fire department has always got trouble in the area with cell service up in Verndale and out in St. James, smaller rural places that are around us that just have poor coverage.” So far Lake Lenore has been approved for the upgrade, however, no timeline has been set for when the tower will be installed.

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Friday, July 13, 2018 ECT 3

Red Sox sluggers outshining Yanks’ pair The American League East is loaded with sluggers and the two-headed monster getting the most attention — they operate out of New York, after all — is the Yankees’ slugging duo of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. But a far scarier, far more powerful twoheaded monster is operating this season out of Fenway Park in Boston. Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez may not garner the Judge-Stanton headlines but they are the most potent pair of sluggers of 2018. It’s easy for Martinez, who played with Arizona and Detroit last year, to get lost in the shuffle. A quick check of the internet shows that 46 players with the surname Martinez have played Major League Baseball. (You’ve heard of Buck, the former Blue Jay who’s now a team broadcaster; you’ve probably heard of Pedro, the former Expos’ star pitcher; and you might know of Dave, who’s the current manager of the Nationals).

Bruce Penton But J.D. is currently at the mountaintop of Martinezes, and is having an MVP-calibre season, a potential Triple Crown season, and an offensive season that could carry the Red Sox to championship glory. With 25 homers in Boston’s first 84 games, he’s on pace for a 48-homer season, far ahead of his career average of 34 per year. That homer total would put him in elite Red Sox slugging company, alongside Ted Williams, C a r l Ya s t r z e m s k i , Jimmy Foxx and David Ortiz. But Betts’s numbers may be even better. The Red Sox leadoff hitter leads the league in

slugging percentage (Martinez is second) and is runner-up to Jose Altuve of Houston in the batting-average category. Betts is fifth in homers (Martinez is No. 1). Betts and Martinez are No. 1 and No. 3 in OPS (on-base percentage plus slugging), the most tell-tale stat for hitting proficiency. W h i l e N e w Yo r k fans think their JudgeStanton one-two punch might be baseball’s best, Red Sox fans know differently when they see Betts and Martinez in action daily. Team-wise, the Red Sox trail the Yankees in home runs, but lead the American League in almost every other offensive category. Boston and New York are neck-and-neck in the A.L. East standings, with the division’s other three teams needing high-powered binoculars to see the two front-runners. It’s going to be baseball nirvana on the final weekend of the season when the Yankees visit

Fenway Park Sept. 30Oct. 2. Pennants, homerun titles and Triple Crowns could all be on the line. • Comedy writer Jim Barach: “A hot dog shot out of a cannon by the Phillie Phanatic injured a fan. Which was still less harmful than if they had actually caught and eaten it.” • Comedy writer Brad Dickson on Twitter, after watching a College World Series game in Omaha: “Starting a Go Fund Me to buy CWS umpires a copy of the rule book.” • D i c k s o n again: “Those shirtless Arkansas fans with H O G S written across their bare chests still met the dress code at Applebee’s after the game.” • TBS’s Conan O’Brien after President Donald Trump tweeted that he is considering a pardon request made by Sylvester Stallone: ‘The pardon is for the guy who wrote Rocky V’.” • Brad Rock in the Deseret News.“ESPN

and Netflix plan to air a 10-part documentary on Michael Jordan. Because what the world seriously needs is more stories on Michael Jordan.” • Barach again: “The father of pro golfer Maverick McNealy is selling his home in Palo Alto for $100 million. His son is the golfer who shows up with the golf cart driven by a chauffeur.” • RJ Currie of “Canadian Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, chosen 11th in the NBA draft, says he gets basketball tips from Steve Nash. And judging by his suits, fashion tips from Don Cherry.” • Currie again: “The Milwaukee Brewers have promised their famous racing sausages will compete ‘beyond 2018’ with new sponsor Johnsonville. It reassured fans who had feared for the wursts.” • Another one from Currie: “Brewers pitcher Adrian Houser made it through an inning of relief against the

Impact of horses lost in shuffle When it comes to agriculture the equine sector sometimes seems to get lost. The sector is often seen more as a hobby, or perhaps falling into t h e re a l m o f s p o r t , than an agriculture enterprise, and there are some obvious reasons for being unsure exactly what box to check in terms of horses. But what should not be lost is the significant impact the horse industry has on our economy. The impact was b ro u g h t i n t o s h a r p focus again last week when attending the Yorkton Exhibition Association’s summer fair. E a c h d a y I d ro v e down the road at the back of the grounds

Calvin Daniels right through the middle of the parking for those involved in chuckwagon and chariot races. It is an impressive site seeing the semitrailer units, horse trailers and campers sprawled across the grass, and the horse tethered out awaiting a chance to run the track. In talking to Kevin Gareau president of the

Eastern Professional Chariot & Chuckwagon Association (EPCCA), I learned that there were 45 chuckwagons entered in the Yorkton show, and 53 chariots. A bit of math and I realized that would account for 286 horses on the grounds, add a few more carried as extras, or training purposes and it is easy to suggest 300 horses were on-site. Gareau said a young horse for racing might be purchased for $2,500, but the best were about $10,000. If you average that at a modest $5,000 the value of horses for racing in Yorkton was $1.5 million. Of course the horses, while the single most important component of racing, are only a

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small part of the cost of what is very much a hobby for drivers, but also an economic stimulator. Every hitch requires a wagon and harness, the horses need feed. A farrier will be needed to shoe the horses. On occasion a veterinarian will be required. And that is just to run the track. Drivers in the EPCCA come from all over the province. Gareau as an example is from Domremy, SK., which according to Google is about a 350 kilometre jaunt from Yorkton. Rolling a truck and trailer down the highway means gas purchases, flat tires that need fixing, and dozens of other pop up costs drivers will

face as Gareau noted they hit some 18 communities for 40 days of racing each summer. There is also of course the cost of the trailers, many manufactured on the Prair i e s , a n d o f t ru c k s , and campers, barbecues and tarps and a hundred other things chuckwagon drivers and their families will require for life on the road from June t h ro u g h S e p t e m b e r each year. While the horse industry is not the critical aspect of farming it once was, it does remain a sector that sees dollars spreading through the local economy, with the chuckwagon and chariot sector a clear example of that.

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Phillies despite vomiting — twice. If ever a guy deserved to be called a hurler.” • Comedy writer Alex Kaseberg: “The host country’s team, Russia, is playing extremely well in the World Cup. Here is an interesting World Cup fact: it turns out soccer players do not like the idea of getting poisoned to death.” • Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times: “Golfer Bryson DeChambeau used a compass in a tournament, prompting a PGA To u r i n v e s t i g a t i o n . Veteran Tour watchers were stunned — to learn that a man actually thought about checking for directions.” • Brad Rock again: “Egyptian goalkeeper Essam El-Hadary, 45, is the oldest player in World Cup history. How old is he? He remembers when people thought U.S. men’s soccer would rule.” Care to comment? Email

Correction In the July 6 East Central Trader, in the story “Anti-bullying car lost in accident” on page 9, it was stated that Alex Chutskoff’s vehicle was a PT Cruiser. His vehicle was actually a 2007 Chevy HHR that was fixed up by his brother, Adrian, to promote anti-bullying at local car shows. In the July 6 East Central Trader in the story “Wynyard Fights to keep teacher” on page 5, the former principal was actually let go from his position with Horizon School Division and not transferred like it was stated in the article. The protest also took place on July 3 with Horizon School Division also releasing a statement that afternoon. The Trader regrets the errors.

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Blechinger honoured for 24 years of service


TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE! Hearing Clinic in Humboldt Thursday, July 19 Canalta Hotel (Meeting Room) 10am - 5pm Up to


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Call Today to Book Your FREE Hearing Test The Muenster Housing Authority Board recognized Diana Blechinger and her 24 years with the board at the July 3 meeting. Blechinger started with the board in 1994 and was chairman for half that time, said fellow board member Garry Loehr. photo by Becky Zimmer

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Living tea healthy option for probiotic health I recently attended a Kombucha class in Humboldt and making my own kombucha has been my new latest hobby. I’ve wanted to get into making my own for years, but never got around to it until I attended this great class. I’m sure some of you are wondering: what is kombucha? Kombucha is a form of fermented tea. Once the tea is fermented it contains a combination of live organisms making it rich in probiotics. It is made with only three simple ingredients: tea, sugar and a starter scoby. Scoby is short for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.” This healthy organism is responsible for the fermentation process of the tea which, will fill your drink with all the healthy probiotics. Once the kombucha is ready to drink it will be sparkling, bubbly and carbonated giving it a delicious taste. Who can say no to something delicious to drink that is also good for your health? Don’t fear the sugar

Megan Parker in this drink. The live bacteria require sugar as fuel for their fermentation process. They will eat up all the sugar before it is ready. If you don’t add sugar or skimp on sugar the scoby won’t be able to thrive and your kombucha batch will be a dud. Since kombucha is a fermented beverage it is full of probiotics and healthy gut bacteria. Your body has more bacteria cells living in it than you have human cells making up your body. These bacteria have a wide variety of roles and are essential for optimal health. The majority of these bacteria live in your digestive tract. They help you to break down your food, absorb nutrients and form healthy bow-

el movements. Over eighty percent of your immune system function is found within your digestive tract and these gut bacteria play an integral role. They help to keep your immune system strong, prevent allergies and autoimmune activity, and help prevent colds and flus. Your healthy bacteria flora is essential for maintaining gut health and immune system function. Healthy flora also plays a role in a lot of other body systems. It can help manage autoimmune diseases, decrease asthma and eczema flareups, manage metabolism, regulate energy, speed healing and decrease risk of chronic diseases including cancers. Without a healthy flora, your body can’t function to its full potential. Kombucha has also been shown to contain the bacteria strain S. boulardii. This particular strain is resistant to stomach acid and antibiotics. Because S. boulardii is antibiotic resistant and helps maintain a healthy gut whenever

taking antibiotics. My latest craze has been second fermenting my kombucha to give it flavours. My favorites are sour cherry, black currants and mango. It adds a whole new flavour to the drink. Studies on the human microbiome and gut flora show the health benefi ts. Kombucha is just one of the ways we can help to regulate this flora. Happy brewing! This article is intended for educational and information purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Should you require medical advice, diagnostics or treatment, please contact your nearest healthcare professional.

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Lintlaw Service

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Tour spreads inspiration and motivation By Becky Zimmer Editor When Amanda Perrot started her St. Brieux based business, Grounded Goodness, she wanted to spread her message of motivation, inspiration, and selfdevelopment through decals and connection events. Perrot is now taking that message across the province with her 4,000 kilo-

metre Saskatchewan Sisterhood tour with events to connect with Saskatchewan people. “When we do find time to sit and talk with new people and new friends, we make great connections and all sorts of stuff can come from that…we’re stronger together.” Perrot kicked off her event in Melfort on July 8 at Dayna Brooke Park with around 50 people

helping to send her off on her tour. The park was developed by her sister and brother-in-law in memory of Perrot’s niece, so this also a way to christen and promote the new park. “It’s all about bringing people together and that’s what we did.” There are fantastic people from across the province that are doing amazing things, says


Over 100 workshops included with paid admission Cultural Camp: a variety of workshops on traditional Métis art forms Nightly concerts, old time dances and fiddle contest On-site concession & children’s activity area & special room rates at the

Amanda Perrot, owner of Grounded Goodness in St. Brieux, kicked off her Saskatchewan Sisterhood tour with an event at Dayne Brooke Park in Melfort on July 8. Perrot is traveling 4,000 km across the province to spread her message of self-development, motivation, and kindness. Photo courtesy of Adrienne Perrot Perott, and since her product line and events are bought and attended mostly by women, Perrot is excited for all the women she is going to meet on her trip. Even just in the Humboldt, Melfort, and St. Brieux areas there are tons of people doing amazing things, she says. “I don’t know who else is out there so I want

to go find and meet these women. Business owners, community leaders, women that have visions and want to see great things happen for their community.” Collaboration leads to great ideas and great things, which is the biggest thing that Perrot is looking forward to as she goes on to meet people from across the

province and has conversations with people. Other stops for Perrot’s tour includes K i n d e r s l e y, S w i f t Current, Lloydminister, Niapwin, and Tisdale, with the final stop being in Humboldt on Aug. 23. Over seven weeks of travel, Perrot is expecting to host around 20 events throughout the province.

Rider parties coming to Watson and Watrous

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6 ECT Friday, July 13, 2018

By Becky Zimmer Editor The Saskatchewan Roughriders will once again be in the Humboldt region, this time with Watson and Watrous playing host to a Saskatchewan Roughrider Block Party presented by Special Blend. W h e n J i m Hausseckker saw the ad to nominate a community for the Block Party contest, he thought that would be perfect for his community of Watson. Throwing his community into the ring paid off, with the Watson Block Party coming to town on July 14. Hausseckker is a huge

Roughrider fan, along with many others in Watson, and even Santa will be sporting the green and white for the afternoon, he says. “People are excited by it. You see them putting up a little extra Rider paraphernalia in their windows. I’m hoping the whole town will be a little green.” Festivities will take place at the Watson Fresh Air Community Centre northeast of the arena with the Roughrider crew coming into town from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. While the event is free to attend, funds raised from parts of the event will go to the Watson Fire Department. Diehard Roughrider

fan, Eric Pankratz, threw Watrous’s name into the ring to play host to a party. August 3 will be their day to bring the green and white to the Watrous Curling Rink and their sports grounds from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., says Brendan Manz, Community Development Officer. Money raised will go towards different Watrous organizations, including the daycare centre and local volleyball team. Watson and Watrous are not the only local community hosting a special party with the Saskatchewan CFL football team. Six communities were chosen through a social media bracket to host a green and white party to raise money for local organizations and projects. Along with fun and games for all ages, the Roughrider Pep Band, Cheer Squad, Gainer the Gopher, and a number of players will also be in attendance to have fun with the people in the host communities.

s G n o i r t a a d l s u t o a f r 2 g 0 n 18! o C Watson School Class of 2018

Back row, from left: Justin Pitka, Justin Yuzik, Jannik Pedersen, Jonah Perlitz, Wyatt Bohnen, Dorian Green; front row, from left: Jillian Bader, Naomi English, Heather Dufault, Shelby Reschny, Christie Koenig, Mercedes Robinson. Photo by Pamela Gagnon

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Friday, July 13, 2018 ECT 7

Leroy Graduating Class of 2018


Grads of 2018!

From left: Katrina Alarilla, Wyatt Panter, Audrey Nieto, Dawson Block, Brandon Meiklejohn, Alex Bendel, Vince Dungo, and Almira Alarilla Photo by Amanda Crashley

Alex Bendel Just add

2304 Quill Center, Highway 5 West 306-682-2130 Locally owned and operated by David and JoAnn Doepker.


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Let’s grow together.

PRIME S T A E M LTD. (306) 366-2134 3BJMXBZ"WFOVFr4U(SFHPS 4,


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Annaheim Graduating Class of 2018

Alyssa Wuchner

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Take pride in how far you have come & have fait h in how far you can go Kristen Kunz

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Cudworth Graduating Class of 2018

Ivan Repolles

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Three Lakes Graduating Class of 2018

From left: Troy Martinka, Hailey Shewchuk, Jason Struck, Jenna Brockman, Cameron Kirsch, Alexa Kirsch, Tristan Punk.

Congratulations on your Graduation!

Photo by Michelle Mertz

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2018!!! All the best in your future endeavors. Bethany Pioneer Village Inc.

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SPORTS Muenster Red Sox wrap up week 2-1 By Christopher Lee Reporter The Muenster Red Sox used a powerful offensive display to pick up wins in two of three contests this past week.

VS. SASKATOON GIANTS Chris Major scored Kyle Froehlich with a walk-off single in the bottom of the seventh inning to lead the Muenster Red Sox to a 7-6 win over the Saskatoon Giants in Saskatchewan Premier Midget AAA Baseball League action from Muenster on July 3. Rylan Marianchuk and Drew Bauml did the majority of damage offensively for the Red Sox as the third year players combined to hit 3-for-8 driving in four runs and scoring one other. Matthew McGrath got the start and was charged with the no decision on the mound for the Red Sox as the LeRoy native pitched three innings giving up six runs, with just three earned, on seven hits and one walk, striking out one before turning the ball over the Bauml. Bauml pitched the final four innings to earn his fourth win of the season. The Lake Lenore native gave up no runs on just one hit and four walks, striking out four. The contest got off to a tough start for the Red Sox as the Giants scored one run in the first, two in the second, and three in the third to take a 6-0 lead through three innings. Despite the early hole the Red Sox kept plugging away, scoring four in the fifth, two in the sixth and one in the seventh to take the win.


Muenster Midget AAA Red Sox’s Jayden Huls applies a tag on a Swift Current 57’s runner during Saskatchewan Premier Midget AAA Baseball League action from Muenster on July 7. Photo by Christopher Lee Offensive outbursts in the third and fifth innings were just enough as the Muenster Red Sox outscored the Swift Current 57’s 15-12 on July 7 in Muenster. The Red Sox tacked on six runs in each of those innings, twice stretching away from the 57s, only to see them cut back into the deficit. Matthew McGrath led the way offensively for the Red Sox as the second year player finished the afternoon 2-for-5 at the plate with four runs batted in and one run scored. Jayden Huls, Kyle Froehlich, and Chris Major also enjoyed solid contests at the plate as the trio combined to hit 7-for-12 with nine runs batted in and five runs scored. Froehlich picked up the win on the mound for the Red Sox as the Nipawin native pitched five innings, giving up six runs, with five earned, on nine hits and three walks, striking out three.

Aaron Aquino came on in relief in the top of the sixth, and pitched 1.1 innings giving up six runs, with none earned, on three hits and four walks, striking out none. McGrath closed out the contest registering the final two outs to preserve the win. The contest got off to relatively tough start for the Red Sox who scored once in the bottom of the first, but watched the 57s score once in the first and third innings, and three times in the second to take a 5-1 lead through two and a half innings. Despite the early hole the Red Sox refused to quit, and were quickly rewarded as they scored six times in the third inning, thanks in large part to a McGrath three-RBI triple, and a Major two-run homerun, turning their 5-1 deficit into a 7-5 lead. The 57s cut into the Red Sox’s lead with a single in the fourth

but that is as close as they would get as the Red Sox tacked on six more in the fifth, thanks to a Major solo homerun and a Froehlich three-run homerun, extending the Sox’s advantage to 13-6. The 57s tried to make a comeback scoring three times in each of the sixth and seventh innings, but a pair of Red Sox runs in the sixth was too much to overcome as the Red Sox pulled out a 1512 win.

VS. SWIFT CURRENT 57s GAME 2 With a shot at the doubleheader sweep, the Muenster Red Sox came agonizingly close to completely the sweep after falling 8-7 to the 57s. Matthew McGrath enjoyed an excellent contest at the plate for the Red Sox as he finished the afternoon a perfect 4-for-4 with two runs batted in and three runs scored.

While the LeRoy native was getting it done with the bat, he also got the start on the mound for the Red Sox, and was charged with the no decision after pitching five innings giving up six runs, all earned, on 10 hits and one walk, striking out four. Nicholas Silcox came on in relief of McGrath and was charged with the loss after allowing two runs, both earned, on three hits, and two walks, striking out two. The teams came alive in the second with the 57s picking up a single to take a 1-0 lead, before the Red Sox answered with a pair to pull in front 2-1. The 57s then flipped the script on the Red Sox in the fourth, scoring two to Muenster’s one to pull into a 3-3 tie after four. Three each in the fifth did little to solve anything, as the teams came into the final two innings tied at six. Unfortunately for the Red Sox, a 57s pair in the sixth was too much to overcome, as they responded with a single but could not come up with the game tying run as they fell 8-7.

OUTLOOK Thanks to their 2-1 week, the Red Sox pull into fifth in the league standings with a 10-13 record. With the season winding down, the Red Sox will be looking to improve their record and make further strides up the standings when they return to action for a trio of contests, as they host the Saskatoon Diamondbacks on July 9 before heading to Lloydminster for a July 14 doubleheader against the North West Prairie Pirates.

Royals to celebrate 100th anniversary By Christopher Lee Reporter The Marysburg Royals turned 100 this season, and to celebrate their historic milestone, the club is holding a reunion celebration the weekend of July 13-15. Approximately 260 former members of the Royals family are expected back over the course of the weekend, with some members of the family dating back to their playing days in the 1940s. “That in itself is pretty special. That would be my grandfather’s generation and I know there’s a few of them coming… So we’re going back as far as we can,” said longtime Royal Curtis Strueby. While the reunion is

to celebrate 100 years of the club, Strueby said that they wanted to include everyone who has made a difference over the last 100 years of Royals baseball, which is why the club opened their weekend up to the whole Royals family. “It’s what we’re about in Marysburg. We’re tiny and tight-knit so anybody who’s lived there in the past and came to games and watched and supported or even was just a part of it in any which way we decided come back and celebrate with us. They deserve it,” he said. “It’s much more than the players, it’s wives and kids and parents and mothers and fathers of players. They ump, they scorekeep, they work in

12 ECT Friday, July 13, 2018

the booth, concession in our games. The wives, they take care of the kids during the games. There’s just so many things that go into it.” Being able to bring as many former members of the Royals family home for the reunion is great, says Strueby, who said it will be cool to see some old faces. “It’s going to be pretty special. Just to kind of look back and see some of the older generations and some of the faces I remember as a kid and then seeing some of the generation even before my dads. There’s unfortunately not a lot of them left but the one’s that are left there are some coming,” he said. “If you think about it 100 years is a long time

and it’s going to be a lot of pride and a lot of reminiscing going on so it should be pretty good.” While Strueby looks forward to seeing as many of the old faces, he did note many are unable to attend, some of them because they are attending provincial baseball with their own children, which is cool, said Strueby because they are still finding their way to the ball diamond. The reunion weekend has been a long time coming for the Royals, who have planned an exciting weekend for the Royals family, including an informal evening of registration on July 13. July 14 will see the bulk of the action pick up with a concession stand open from ap-

proximately 11 am to 3 pm, the Royals are set to host the Saskatoon Stallions at 12 p.m., and old timer slo pitch game will follow the Royals’ league contest, then a supper and reception will follow. Children’s entertainment, including a bouncy castle has also been booked. The final day of the reunion will see gospel mass at 10:30 am, brunch at 11:30 am, and a social and wind up at 12:00 pm. The slo pitch contest will add an interesting aspect of the weekend, with Strueby saying it will be a good chance for the players to get back into the dugouts with one another and reminisce. “We just decided who

ever wants to play can… I’m sure the people taking part would like to get back on the field and in the same dugout again together and hang out and have a few laughs and see if they can still swing a bat and throw and run. I know some of them can so it’s just a nice little event to have out there during the day.” If anyone has not yet registered for the weekend and would still like to Strueby encourages those people to call him at 1-306-231-6392. “(I’m) just looking forward to it, it’s going to be a pretty special weekend and a lot of work’s going to go into it so a big thank you to everybody who’s coming and helping out to put it on for sure.”

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CHYZ: William “Bill� June 28, 1926 - July 2, 2018 Our family is deeply saddened to inform you that our father and grandfather Bill Chyz Sr. has passed away July 2, 2018, at the age of 92. A full obituary will follow at a later date. Schuler-Lefebvre Funeral Chapel, Humboldt, SK. (306-682-4114)

“The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.�

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GREEN: Bill Nov. 25, 1941 - Jun. 24, 2018 Bill Green passed away on Sunday, June 24, 2018 at the Humboldt District Hospital. He was 76 years of age. Thomas William “Bill� Green was born November 25, 1941 to Thomas and Gertrude (nee Jebson) Green. He was the oldest of four children. Bill grew up in Shellbrook and attended Shellbrook School. He played ball, loved to skidoo, was very interested in photography, carpentry and gardening. In the spring of 1971 he moved to Watson to work at the Beaver Lumber. At this time he met his wife Marion McLeod and they were married on October 9, 1971. Bill and Marion had two daughters. Bill was a member of the Watson Jaycee’s, Boy Scouts and Archery Club. Bill worked for the Town of Watson as well as McNab Park and the Watson Arena. He retired in 2007. Bill is lovingly remembered by his wife Marion (nee McLeod) Green; daughter Glenda (Angelica) Green; granddaughters Kendra and Shondra; daughter Shannon (Jason) Friesen; granddaughter Hannah; grandsons Ethan and Lincoln; brother Robert (Carol) Green; sister Margaret Kloppenberg; mother-in-law Theresa McLeod; brother-in-law Lloyd (Shirley) McLeod; sister-in-law Bonnie (Bill) Lax; sister-in-law Judy (Eugene) Eggerman; brothers-in-law Gordon (Oleksandra) McLeod and Lorne (Cheryl) McLeod; as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Bill was predeceased by his parents Thomas and Gertrude (nee Jebson) Green; sister Pat Scarrow; father-inlaw Bryce McLeod; brother-in-law Richard Kloppenberg; and niece Cathy Kloppenberg. A Private Celebration of Life was held on Friday, June 29, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. at the Watson Legion Hall. Masters of Ceremony were Glenda Green and Shannon Friesen. Schuler-Lefebvre Funeral Chapel Humboldt, SK (306682-4114) Announcements

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PUDRYCKI: Alfred May 1, 1935 - July 17, 2008 In Loving Memory of Alfred Ten years have passed Seasons came and went Grandchildren added and graduated, some married, great grandchildren born No more morning chit chats on the phone No infectious laugh when we all come home Missing are the country drives, the music you loved, and your teasing jibes We miss you today and always will but we are thankful to God for those precious times We love you and honor you Until we meet again! Fondly remembered, The Pudrycki family


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*TRACTORS*1994 Ford/Versatile 9280, 18.4 x 38 tires, showing 3414hrs*1990 Case/IH 9130, PTO, 18.4x38 duals, PS trans., showing 8000 hrs*White T2-120 MFWD, 3PTH*1984 Case 4494, showing 5733hrs*Case 4690*1972 Case 970, showing 13,000hrs*COMBINE*MF 8780 XP, Swath Master 8 belt PU, 2805 sep hrs*SWATHER*2003 MacDon 8140 30ft, MacDon 972 30 ft, showing 1570 hrs*FIELD SPRAYER*Bourgault Centurion II , 70ft, 1000 US gal tank*AIR SEEDER*Morris Maxim 34ft*GRAIN TRUCKS*1978 IH Loadstar 1700, 16ft box & hoist*1977 IH Loadstar 1600, Western Ind 16ft box & hoist*1976 IH 1600, 15ft steel box*1975 IH Loadstar 1600, Lux 14ft box & hoist*1968 GMC 94012ft box & hoist*1952 Chev 1700 w/14ft wood box & hoist*GRAIN CART*Brent 1082*CULTIVATORS*CCIL 40ft, DT*Friggstad 35ft, MTH*IH Vibrachisel 35ft *Case 28ft DT*GRAIN AUGERS*Sakundiak 10in x 70ft*Sakundiak HD8-1200, SP mover kit*Sakundiak HD7x33, eng.,*Fieldking 7x40*Sakundiak 7 x 50, PTO drive*Sakundiak 7 x 24 w/ electric motor*Sakundiak HD7 x 41, c/w elec motor*Sakundiak HD10 x 1800, MD swing away*Sakundiak HD7 x 45, gas eng*GRAIN DRYER*%HKOHQ+$SURSDQHĂ€UHGDXWREDWFKFZFRQYHUWRUVLQJOHSKDVHWRSKDVHFZZKHHONLW SN HA-206*PROPANE TANK*1000 gal, mounted on 4 wheeled rubber tired farm wagon, 250 PSI*GRAIN VAC*Walinga 510 Std*MID HARROW BAR*2013 Bourgault 6000 mid-harrow, 70ft*ROCK PICKER*Shulte Conveyor style*BALE TRAILER*Dual tandem wheel square bale trailer w/push off*GRAIN BINS*3 Westeel 1805, hopper bins*Viterra 1805*Westeel 1805*Butler 4000bu hopper bin* Westeel Rosco 1800bu bin, Hopper*2 Behlen 2000Bu hopper bins, single skid*Caradon 4000bu, hopper bin, single skid*Goebel 4000bu hopper bin, large single skid*Butler 4000bu hopper bin, single skid*3PTH EQUIPMENT*3pth 2 bottom plow*3pth 7ft cultivator*Shop built 3pth potato planter*3pth tandem disk*MIXMILL*NH 357*BALE PROCESSOR*Bale King, rear bale lift*SCRAPER:*Shulte JS 3, 8½yrd*CATTLE EQUIPMENT*Lewis Cattle oiler*Cattle lick tank*Feed bunk*Round bale feeder*Approx. 60 corral panels*Calving pen w/ auto head gate comes complete w/ building*Poly calf warmer*Calf pullers*ANTIQUES*2 rubber tired farm wagons*2 walk behind cultivators*RIDING LAWN MOWER*Turf-Power 12-38*OLD CARS & TRUCKS*195060’s Ford Econoline Van*1964 Chev ½ ton , not running*1948 Fargo ½ ton, not running*Misc old cars & trucks for parts*COLLECTOR CAR*&KHYGRRUVHGDQ%RG\UHVWRUDWLRQVWDUWHGQHHGVĂ€QLVKLQJ*QTY ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES & HOUSEHOLD*Qty of Other Farm Equipment*Qty of Farm & Shop Miscellaneous Visit for full listing

Coming Events

Coming Events

Wanted Dead Or Alive Canadian Pickers returning to the area. PAYING CASH for COIN COLLECTIONS SILVER & GOLD COINS ROYAL CAN. MINT SETS BUYING GOLD JEWELRY We purchase rolls, bags or boxes of silver coins. PAYING HIGHEST PRICES.

To arrange a free in-home visit call Kellie @ 778-257-8647 BONDED SINCE 1967

Mobile/Manufactured Homes for Sale

Buying/Selling FEED GRAINS heated / damaged CANOLA/FLAX Top price paid FOB FARM Family Owned & Operated

Toll Free: 1-866-873-5488

Ph: 306-873-5488

Box 2199, Tisdale, SK S0E 1T0 Email: Incorporated

PL #314037

Land for Sale

Land for Sale

More Farmland Wanted - Justin Yin %,,     &8#%    !6   


Land for Sale

9 /5%1&4,-4,3)0,%-!1+%3).' .%35/1+2 9 /5%1&4,.',)2(().%2% 5%"2)3%2 9 !1-,!.$-!1+%3).'20%#)!,)23 9 %!341%$/.,/"!, 9 %!341%$/.(%,/"%!), 9 %!341%$/.(% %23%1. 1/$4#%1  %).$%%1/!$!2+!3//.


Following property located approximately 1 ½ miles south and 5 ½ miles west of Yellow Creek, SK is offered for sale by tender. (1) LSD 11,12,13&14 W ½10-43-24-W2, 150.7 acres with 79.5 cult. Assessed Value .......................... $147,200. (2) Pt.NW 11-43-24-W2, 118 acres all cultivated. Assessed Value..............................................................$173,600. (3) SW 11-43-24-W2, 161 acres all cultivated. Assessed Value..............................................................$248,000. (4) NE 11-43-24-W2,156.3 acres all cultivated. Assessed Value.............................................................. $215,000. Acreage totals are as reported by SAMA assessment notice and ISV. Every effort has been undertaken to provide accurate data; however buyers are advised to do their own due diligence. Land is offered free of encumbrance. TENDERS must be made in writing and submitted in a sealed envelope marked Tender Victor Stocki Estate and accompanied by a certified cheque or bank draft for 10% of the tender price; payable to Victor Stocki Estate in Trust. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. In the event of acceptance the successful tender will be notified, and unsuccessful tenders deposits returned without interest. TERMS of sale are cash, with the balance payable on or before September 15, 2018. In the event the successful tender fails to complete the purchase after acceptance, and by the date stipulated for completion the deposit will be subject to forfeiture. TENDERS will be accepted by the undersigned until 12 0’clock noon on July 27, 2018 at the following address: Sheppard Braun Muma #204 3988 Albert St. Regina SK S4S 3R1. For any additional information regarding property particulars, the Estate Administrator should be contacted at (306) 586-2547 or e-mail

14 ECT Friday, July 13, 2018

Western Commodities 877-695-6461 Visit our website @


Feed & Seed

EARLY DEADLINES August 8 Humboldt Journal August 10 East Central Trader Ad Deadline: August 2 @ 4:00pm

NOTE: Our office will be closed on August 6 for the Civic Holiday. Thank you for your co-operation!

Humboldt & District

‘”ƒ†˜‡”–‹•‹Â?‰‹Â?ˆ‘”Â?ƒ–‹‘Â?‰‹˜‡‘—”Â…ÂŽÂƒÂ•Â•Â‹Ď”Â‹Â‡Â†ƒ†˜‡”–‹•‹Â?‰†‡’ƒ”–Â?‡Â?– a call at 306-682-2561 or email


John Will, Q.C. Aaron Behiel, LL.B. Amber Biemans, B.A., LL.B. Morgan Jaster, B.Sc., M.Sc., J.D Jonathan Adams, B.A., B. Ed, J.D.

623 7th Street Humboldt, SK 306-682-5058

602-9th Street, P.O. Box 878 Humboldt, Sask. S0K 2A0 Phone 682-2642 Fax: 682-5165 E-mail: RIÂżFH#EHKLHOZLOOFRP Website:ZZZEHKLHOZLOOFRP

Humboldt & Area’s Largest Independent Accounting Firm








Thursdays: 535 Main Street Humboldt Journal Building 306-376-0008

OFFICE HOURS 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Mon. - Thurs. 8 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Fri.

821 - 21st Street (306) 682-4434

617 - 7th Street, Humboldt General Dentistry Phone 306-682-2313 Dr. Atul Dhir Dr. Sok Sun Dr. Evan Jarvi

Dental Centre

Mondays and Thursdays 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Alternate Tuesdays 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

(306) 365-3383

Carlton Trail Mall Lanigan OPTOMETRISTS

Dr. Alaina Elias

O P T O M E T R I S T 0DLQ6WUHHW‡+XPEROGW6. Call: 682-1590 “We offer a full service dispensary and diagnostic services including cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration.â€?

Humboldt Vision Centre Dr. Curtis Knight Dr. Trevor Styan Dr. Paige Helmers


Our office has provided quality family vision care in our community for over 85 years. 2305 8th Ave.

Quill Centre


Call Gary at 306-369-7803 (cell) 306-369-2325


Hours Mon. - Fri. 9-5

Call for appointment / emergency 306-682-2335 New patients always welcome.

vice A er o f th yea e r





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Dr. Megan Parker, ND | (306) 682-0099 Mobile Welding Service Farm and Industrial Welding, Pressure Welding, Machining, Custom Fabricating, CNC Plasma Cutting, Customized Steel Signs TEL (306) 682-3424 8 miles North, Hwy #20 | 819 6th Ave, Humboldt, SK



   1  $!'(  "%'.' ' $ $&'& 1 %,"$ )(


Deborah Bryson-Sarauer, MSW, RSW, (SK) Phone or E-mail for appointments and fee schedules Cell: 306-361-6373 E-mail:

Specializing in renovations and Ă€QLVKLQJFDUSHQWU\,QFOXGLQJ - Windows/Doors 6LGLQJ6RIĂ€W)DVFLD 'HFNV)HQFHV - Kitchen/Baths - Basement Development $OO,QWHULRU)LQLVKLQJ ,QVXUDQFH&ODLPV Jason Schlachter Journeyman Carpenter  ‡

BARIL ROOFING New roofs ‡ Asphalt shingles Hidden Fastener Metal Repairs ‡ Re-roof Rubber Tile Insurance claims Warranty

Free Estimates!

Call Shawn at 306-231-9477 ‡

Serving Humboldt, Watrous and Naicam areas

MICHELLE Zimmer A.SC.T. Humboldt, Saskatchewan 306-231-9270

Custom Express Landscaping


DARIN PRAY, 306-682-5263 OR 306-231-9779



David D. Mueller, A.Sc.T. Phone: (306) 682-4751




Sewing Machine Service New & Used Sewing Machines & Sergers and Repair Service “Just a phone call away� Sales & Phone (306) 287-3941 Service Watson, SK

1 ' "'( '%0)! 1 %$()'*) %$%%"( 1  $  -+)%'(

*-*'. )$")%'$ )( )%'

,,,"& $()%'/'+  (%*')%&&' %' ).

ACTION ERVICES Emergency Water Damage / Fire-Smoke Damage Clean-up Mould Removal Rebuild / Repair Construction Specializing in Insurance Claims

306-682-1999 / Toll Free 1-877-895-1999 24/7 EMERGENCY 306-231-3500





338-3303 Wadena

682-5353 +XPEROGW

554-2181 Wynyard


unity Comm or f based s 5 year



-$ )(  ((%' )(




P9 designs inc.

JAYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CARPENTRY

1 1 1 1


For all Your Electrical Needs.......

Ph (306) 682-3352 Fax (306) 628-5490 Email: Website:

Bryson-Sarauer Counselling &Consulting

Dr. Michele Ackerman Dr. Joanne Bourgault






OfďŹ ce Hours: Monday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. New Patients Welcome


rd wa

Behiel, Will & Biemans



ACCOUNTANTS P.O. Box 4080 517 Main Street Humboldt, SK S0K 2A0 PH: (306) 682-5017 FAX: (306) 682-5019 P.O. Box 10 74 Main Street Quill Lake, SK S0A 3E0 Ph: (306) 383-2383 or (855) 383-2383 Fax: (306) 383-2333

231 Main Street (back entrance) Ph. 306-231-6828 Sharon C.P.C.A. #3171

ERNIEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S MOBILE AG REPAIR Ernie F Peters - Owner Box 5156, Humboldt, SK S0K 2A0

Cell: (306) 231-8819 Home: (306) 682-1470 Will work on all types of Farm Machinery + Air Conditioning Also Available for After Hours Emergency Work!

Friday, July 13, 2018 ECT 15


Royals rout Stallions

THE WORLD’S MOST INTELLIGENT LIQUID SYSTEM. © 2017 AGCO Corporation. RoGator and Challenger are brands of AGCO Corporation. AGCO®, FlowLogic™, LiquidLogic™, NozzleLogic™ and RoGator® are trademarks of AGCO Corporation. Challenger is a trademark of Caterpillar Inc. and is used under license by AGCO. All rights reserved. RG17P006CR

LiquidLogic™ is the smartest and most precise system in the world. The industry-exclusive FlowLogic™ constantly circulates product through the boom, plumbing and filters, reducing contamination and ensuring precise application. The self-priming boom saves time and conserves product. The industry’s first full recovery system minimizes contamination and product waste. And NozzleLogic™ controls up to 36 boom sections for less overlap and crop damage. It all adds up to a more precise, productive and pro table operation for you. Learn more at, or see your dealer for a demo.


Box 540 Hwy 20, Humboldt SK (306) 682-0738 • (800) 565-0500 email: WINDROWERS

(4) 2017 MF 9860, 40’, trans, a/s, 200 sep hrs, fl ld ............................................ $225,900 2016 MF 9860, 40’, dsa, trans, a/s, roller, 200 hrs ................................................. $205,900 2015 MF WR9740, 36’auto srt, 620’s full ld ....... $139,900 2015 MF 9840,137hp, 40’, dsa, a/s, cab & axle susp, 250 hrs ................................ $179,000 2012 MF WR9740, 36’, loaded, 1060 hrs, a/s, ....... $102,900 2012 MF WR9740, 36’, loaded, no a/s, 654 hrs .......................................................... $102,900 2012 MF WR9740, 36’, 1082 hrs, a/s, full ld ....... $106,900 2012 CIH WD1903, 956 hrs, 36’, 190hp, roller, ezee str . $95,900 2011 JD 450D, 36’ jd header, 583 hrs, big rbr, out back................................................................ $99,000 2009 MF 9430, 30’, cd, roller, sheers, 1027 hrs, wghts ................................................... $72,900 SOLD $12,900 1997 MF 220, 2400 hrs, 30’, sch drive, ull................ 1996 HESSTON 8100, 30’ ...................................... $17,900


2012 MF 9560, 520 dls, greaser, 900 sp hrs, elc tpr, lg unldr ............................................... $265,900 2010 MF 9895, dls, 920 hrs .............................. $225,000 2009 MF 9795,1500 sp hrs, dls, 350, sm pu ..... $175,900 2009 MF 9795,1061 sep, chopper, chaff, sm, dls .. $189,900 2008 MF 9790,1054 hrs, big work order,duals, mav ... $174,900 2006 MF 9790, dls, sw pu, cpr & cf sdr, shedded every night,1800 hrs ........................ $133,900 2004 CIH 8010, 2229 sep hrs, singles, big work odr, shopper ..................................... $119,900 2004 Challenger 670, rake up, 900’s tirs, c & c sdr.... $99,000

TRACTORS 2017 Fendt 1050, 517hp, dls ft & rr, loaded.............. CALL 2017 MF 6713, ldr, palt, 130hp, dlx, 12x12 shut, Demo.. $79,900 2015 MF 4610M, 99hp, 12x12, ldr, dlx cab ............... CALL 2015 Versatile 550, 800’s ps, pto, 1220 hrs, dif lks, wghts, 6elc ......................................... $359,900 2015 Versatile 2375, 1200 hrs, pto, 710’s dls, wghts, outback................................................. $205,900 2014 MF 7616, grpl, delux cab, cab susp, cvt, 3400 hrs .................................................. $142,900 2014 Fendt 724, 2500 hrs, 18.4dls, cvt, loaded, ft 3pth & pto ................................................... $209,900 2013 CH 545D, ldr, grpl, 1511 hrs, 24sp, dl pto...... $129,900 2013 CH MT955C, 475hp, 800’s, pto, loaded, 2400 hrs ........................................................ $279,900 2013 Versatile 2375, 950 hrs, pto, 710’sx38....... $195,900 2012 CHA MT975C,1750hrs,420triples ............. $325,000 2012 CH MT675D, 320hp, 520dls, cvt, ft & cab susp, 2568 hrs, 4hyd ......................... $195,900 2012 CH MT655D, 1467 hrs, 5hyd, 480x50 dlswghts, cvt .................................................. $175,000 2012 CH MT655D, 2215 hrs, 520/46dls, cvt, 4hyd, wghts ......................................................... $175,000 2012 CHA MT975C, 1750 hrs, 420 triples............. $325,000 2010 Fendt 820, loader, 710’s, cvt, 4hyd ............... $137,900 2010 Versatile 340, 1880 hrs, ps, pto, dlx cab, wght, gps, 620x42................................... $199,900 2010 Versatile 535, 4200 hrs, 12sp std, 800dls, full wghts, valve ....................................... $187,500 2009 CH 675C, F&R dls, 1900 hrs, 320hp.............. $175,000 2009 NH T9040, 3535 hrs, std hyd, 710dls, rear wghts, ps trans ............................................. $195,900 2007 MF 5465, 110hp, 16sp, eco pto, sl ldr, SOLD $72,500 3300hrs, fwa.......................................................... 1997 CIH 9330, pto,ps,as,5846hrs,new tires.............$72,900 1990 CHALLENGER 65, ps trans ............................ $29,900 1986 MF690,fwa,fel ............................................ $19,900 1983 IH 5288, duals, 8850hrs ............................. $24,900

16 ECT Friday, July 13, 2018

Thomas Lessmeister, and Nick Anderson combined to pick up the win. Wi t h t h e w i n t h e Royals push their regular season record to 9-1, and remain in first place in the Saskatoon Senior Baseball League. The Royals now enjoy nearly a full week break before returning to the diamond for a busy week ahead,

which sees them travel to Saskatoon for games against the Smokin Guns on July 9, and the Outlaws on July 11. The Royals then wrap up their busy week with a July 14 home contest against the Stallions. That game will also feature the homecomi n g re u n i o n f o r t h e Royals, who will be celebrating their 100th anniversary.



All Prices Listed As Canadian Dollars

By Christopher Lee Reporter The Marysburg Royals left nothing to chance in their most recent contest as they pounded out 11 runs in a dominating 11-3 win over the Saskatoon Stallions on July 3 in Saskatoon. While the offence played well, so too did their pitching as the trio of Thomas Bollefer,

Visit Us At:


2013 MF 9250, 40” pea, fx hdr, hc reels .............. $65,900 2008 MF 8200, flex, 35’, hc pu rls ....................... $33,900 2007 MF 5100, 36’, one piece reel, mf adptr ....... $36,000 2006 MF 5000, dpr, 36’, mf adp .......................... $26,000 HONEYBEE SP36, ull split reel, NH adpt ................. $6,900

Bisons fall to Armadillos on walk-off By Christopher Lee Reporter For the second contest in a row, the Bruno Bisons watched a chance to win slip through their fingers a s t h e y w e re h a n d ed an 8-7 loss by the Armadillos on July 8 at Stonebridge South in Saskatoon. After failing to drive home the tying run with the bases loaded

against the Selects, the Bisons this time managed to tie the game in the seventh inning, only to see the Armadillos respond with a run in the bottom of the inning to walk-off the contest and pick up the win, thanks to a Johnny Abdulnour run scoring single. The loss was the Bisons’ third in a row, and after starting the

season 4-0, the club now finds themselves with a record of just 7-7, good enough for a sixth place tie in the Saskatoon Men’s Baseball League A Division standings. The Bisons will have their next shot at climbing the standings when they return to action on July 10 for a contest against the Rhinos at Stonebridge South in Saskatoon.


2014 CIH HDX 162, rubber rls, 16”...................... $22,900 2014 MF 1375, Mower con, disc, 300 acres ........ $44,900 2013 MF 2856A, 5500bls, axel susp, twine & net .. $37,900 2011 MF 9125,18’,mowercond ........................... $16,750


2018 Ferris IS2100Z, 61”, 26hp, fab, f & r Susp .. $11,500 2018 Ferris IS700Z, 27hp, 61”, fab ....................... $8,800 2018 Ferris IS400Z, 23hp, 48”, fab ....................... $5,500 2017 Ferris IS700Z, 27hp, 61”, fab ....................... $8,150 2017 Ferris IS700Z, 27hp, 52”, fab ....................... $7,700 2017 Ferris IS600Z, 25hp, 48”, fab ....................... $7,100 2017 Snapper 560Z, 25hp, 61”, fab ...................... $6,200 2017 Snapper 560Z, 25hp, 52”, fab ...................... $5,700 2017 Snapper 360Z, 22hp, 46”, stamped ............. $3,450 2016 Ferris IS700Z, 10hrs, 27hp, 61”, fab ............ $7,800 SOLD $2,500 2015 JD Z235, 20hp, 42” bagger stamped ............



Swing by


Men’s Night Golf


Phone the Humboldt Golf Club at 306-682-2833 to register!

2017 RG1300B, 120’, 1300gl, raven, loaded ............ CALL 2016 RG1100B, 120’, 1100gl, raven, loaded ............ CALL 2016 8400B, appl, air max, cvt, 393hp ..................... CALL 2011 Versatile SX275, 100’, 1200gl, dis, raven, div, camera .......................................... $199,000

INDUSTRIAL LIFTS 2005 SKY JACK SJ8841, 4x4, sissorlift, 41’ lift, 1500lbs ................................................... $17,900 1999 TEREX TB44, man bskt, foam tires ............. $19,900 SOLD $21,900 1994 TRAVERSE TLC6044, 6000lbs lift, 4x4x4................. 1990 LULL 844 FORKLIFT .................................. $17,900.


2013 VOLVO MC85C, 60hp, 1750lb Lf, 300 hrs ..... $25,900 2006 VOLVO MC110B, 2400lb Lf, a/c, cab, 8Ohp... $25,900 2004 Cat 236B, cab a/h, 2 spd, 49hp,1750lb lift .... $25,900







Team prizes for flights and match winners Proximity and long putt prizes!

1998 SAMSUNG SL150, 5.9 cummins, 3.5yrd, 158hp................................................... $39,900


2007 TEREX 860B, 94hp, 4x4, 14’ 8” dd ............. $69,900

MISC New Elmers Super 7, 50’, 70’, 90’, 7 bar ................. CALL 2011 Elmers 1000, tarp, 900’s, hyd & pto, hyd spy & pivot................................................. $45,900 2011 Unverferth 9250, 1OOObus, 900’s, pto, scale, tarp ........................................................ $45,900 2010 Elmers 850, tarp, pto & hyd, hyd spt & pivot, 30.5’s, scale ............................ $39,900 2010 AMIDA AL4060D4MH, light tower, 6 KW gen ..... $5,900 2009 Riteway 8165, 68’, 20” tines ........................ $27,900 1993 DRESSER 870 grader, 201 hp, 14’ blade, cummins, fresh eng .......................................... $33,900 1981 TAMPO RP28D, comp, 84” drum,107 hp, cab..................................................................... $9,900 1977 DYNAPAC CA15, 66”smooth, Dd dsl ........... $10,900 INGERSOLL 185, air compressor, jd 3cyl dsl........... $8,900

Enter Early... limited to first 144 golfers Please register early to avoid congestion

Profile for East Central Recorder

East Central Trader - July 13, 2018  

East Central Trader - July 13, 2018  


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