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Hull Collegiate School Online Learning

Guidance for Pre-Prep and Prep School Parents

Introduction Dear Parents and Guardians Thank you for your support in this remote-learning phase of your child’s education. Here at Hull Collegiate, we are continuing to offer our children a high standard of education online. This booklet provides information to support families through this period of remote learning and outlines the provision provided in the Prep School. It includes details of: • • •

the academic provision useful contacts to stay in touch and access support at home useful links for pupils’ wellbeing and safeguarding

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to families for your support at home, we want to continue to work together for the very best outcomes of our children. Alongside academic achievement, as always, the good health of our pupils is paramount. We would like your child to be safe, happily engaged and motivated to learn. You might also like to look at www.parentinfo.org as a useful starting point. In terms of what you can do to help your children in the coming weeks with their studies, you don’t need to be an expert in any subject to support your child at home but encouragement and awareness of what they are studying is invaluable. There are some small practical ways in which you can involve yourselves and support them without having to watch over them all day long: • • • •

Take an interest in what your child is working on Offer praise and encouragement Acknowledge the effort your child puts in Keep them going and motivated Children really value this from their parents – even if they don’t tell you that!

Make sure your child has a good routine in place for completing work. It might help to have specific times for using technology, going outside, reading, and completing school work. Children are used to the routine of the school day so it’s helpful to have this at home too. Space out academic tasks throughout the day. Ensure your child has a suitable and comfortable space where they can work, free from distractions.Ensure they have breaks, eat and drink healthily, read books, take exercise and enjoy some fresh air. I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to our teaching team – they continue to offer their unstinting support, educational provision and pastoral advice to pupils and parents through this period of home-learning. We look forward to being back together when it Is safe to be.

Mrs Antje Kell Head of Prep


Communication “Daily team chat really appreciated and helps to structure the day; personal touch really liked. Love the PowerPoints they can click through themselves and go back to as needed”

How you can communicate with school? Please contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance for any learning or pastoral concerns. The form tutor will be able to answer any queries or redirect your email if appropriate. You can show us what your children are up to and how they are engaging in the lessons by sharing photos and videos on social media, using the hashtag #HullCollegiateSchool or email enquiries@hullcollegiateschool.co.uk

How the School will communicate with you: Relevant Primary Contact mailings will be emailed as and when required. The school email (enquiries@ hullcollegiateschool.co.uk) and text message number (07581 992 882) are in operation as normal. All personal, academic and pastoral matters will be communicated to you directly by your child’s class teacher or the relevant member of staff.

Social Media You can follow our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram. Facebook @Hullcollegiateschool Twitter @Hullcollegiate Instagram @hullcollegiate Linkedin/Hullcollegiateschool Antje Kell, Twitter @HCS_PrepHead


Hull Collegiate School remains tightly connected as a community at all times.


Our aim during this period of remote

order to replicate, as far as possible,

learning is to ensure continuity of

the school day. There will also be

educational provision for our pupils.

opportunities within classes and year

Our principle learning platforms

groups for face-to-face interaction

include The Hub (firefly) and Microsoft

between teachers and pupils. Year

Teams. We believe these are safe

groups have put in place structures for

and efficient platforms for our pupils,

pupils with the ongoing expectation of

enabling them to access work and

high-quality work whilst also caring for

keep in touch with their teachers daily.

their health and wellbeing.

We wish to continue to deliver excellent teaching and maximise our active approach to learning. Now that pupils and families have adapted to a new way of working, we will adopt a more formal, structured model in

MUSIC LESSONS If pupils receive music lessons, online lessons will be arranged directly with them.

CONTACTING YOUR TEACHER Teachers can be contacted on their school email address.

PUPIL EMAIL ADDRESSES All pupils’ communication with teachers should be via their school (@hullcollegiateschool.co.uk) email address or Microsoft Teams.


YOUR OPPORTUNITIES “I appreciate fully the updates and regular communication from the school, and the teachers have been excellent in engaging my child. The tasks and work set are still teaching the children to a high standard and I feel proud to be part of Hull Collegiate School.”

Enrichment Pupils should access subject pages on The Hub for a range of academic enrichment activities and wider learning suggestions.

Homelearning outdoor art task based on the artist Andy Goldsworthy by Erin, Year 6.

KEY CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESSES Foundation Stage – Mrs J Maltby: Janet.Maltby@hullcollegiateschool.co.uk Year 1/2 Phase Lead - Mrs J Hamilton: Joanne.Hamilton@hullcollegiateschool.co.uk Year 3/4 Phase Lead - Mr A North: Andrew.North@hullcollegiateschool.co.uk Year 5/6 Phase Lead - Mrs S Stokes: Sarah.Stokes@hullcollegiateschool.co.uk Deputy Head – Mrs C Smith: Carrie.Smith@hullcollegiateschool.co.uk Prep Headteacher – Mrs A Kell: Antje.Kell@hullcollegiateschool.co.uk


EXPECTED ONLINE BEHAVIOUR Pupils are expected to behave online as they would in the classroom: politely and sensibly with unconditional respect. It is vital that all pupils listen carefully to instructions from teachers and to wait for an explanation about the task in hand. It is also important to listen with respect and patience when other pupils express their ideas in lessons, and to use appropriate language at all times.



We are doing all we can to ensure your child stays

Staying active is more important than ever right now

safe online, but we ask that you support us in this

as the official advice is to stay at home and to only go

by being aware of what they are doing online.

outside for one form of exercise a day. Now that we as

We understand that you cannot be expected to sit

a School have moved to online learning, it is important

with them throughout the day due to your own work

that pupils keep themselves physically active each day

commitments, but we advise that you, when possible,

in order to maintain good physical health and mental

take time to discuss their online learning and activities.

wellbeing. The Sports Department have compiled

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s

some of the most useful tips on how to stay active

safeguarding, please do not hesitate to contact the

when at home.

Prep School’s Designated Safeguarding Lead as below: carrie.smith@hullcollegiateschool.co.uk



It is more important than ever for pupils to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle even during the period of school closure. Please encourage your children to keep to a regular routine by following the school timetable, eat healthily and take exercise - in the fresh air if possible, provided it is safe to do so and remembering the social distancing requirements. Pupils will not be able to meet up with their friends and will no doubt miss their company; please encourage your children to keep in contact virtually. Please also encourage your children to be creative and imaginative with their spare time: read books, take exercise, play music, cook, write a blog, be helpful around the house... In addition to the array of fitness challenges the sports department has posted, there will be a series of house and co-curricular challenges and events over the course of the term, as well as tutor goup, phase group and Prep School assemblies.


We have a dedicated area on the school website for Covid 19: • External links to help parents with resources from Young Mind, NSPCC and Think You Know • ICT support to access Microsoft Teams • Parent communication • Staff contacts www.hullcollegiateschool.co.uk/covid

Reception Pupils Reception teaching and learning tasks will be provided via the HCS Hub through a combination of teacher-created video, PowerPoint, PDF files and activity choice grids, based around the Reception weekly timetable, incorporating Reading and Phonics, Literacy, Communication and Language, Maths, Knowledge and Understanding, Physical, Creative and Personal, Social and Emotional Development challenges. These will be based around resources commonly found in the home, including Numicon and Phonics equipment already provided by the school, and will also be supported by links to appropriate on-line resources. Reception pupils can access a daily message on The Hub which will welcome the children each morning and outline the learning goals for each day. This can be accessed at a convenient time for each family. Tasks and activities will be created to support children in achieving the national expectations for the end of the Reception, whilst providing scaffolding for those pupils who are still working towards this point and also providing opportunities for further development for those pupils who are beginning to work at an exceeding level. Parents can email class teachers regarding individual questions and to discuss individual pupils’ learning needs directly. Evidence of pupil responses continues to be invited via parental email to Reception teachers or can be uploaded to the HCS Reception Twitter account @HCS_Reception.

Reception artwork inspired by former pupil

Creating “Counting Caterpillars”

Elearnor Tomlinson

Symetriacal giant Butterfly artwork

Working on multiplication using Numicon


Years 1 to 6

Science enrichment project by Maisie, Year 5.

Science enrichment project by Harry, Year 6.

Live Support Live face-to-face support will be available four times per week in Year 1 – 6. These ‘live clinics’ will be available on Microsoft Teams at times set by your child’s class teacher, between 11:00 – 14:00 each day. This time will allow for teachers to address any misconceptions. Your child may not need to access these sessions. In between registration and live clinics your child will be able to ‘ask questions’ of their class teacher via Teams chat. If your child or your child’s class teacher feel, following these live clinics that they would benefit from 1:1 instruction, then this could be arranged in agreement with the class teacher as to a suitable time, for any 1:1 sessions your home camera would need to be disabled.

Form Group Virtual Meets Form tutors will be holding a live pastoral form group check-in each week for your child with their teacher and their friends; this will be on Friday instead of a live clinic. Once these are established, your child should be able to take part independently. Details of timings will follow from your child’s class teacher. For younger children, we would advise that a parent was in the room of the child. For these, your home cameras will be unblocked. These will be for showing things from home e.g. the family puppy! There will be activities, for example form bingo and this will be important to allow the children to connect socially with classmates and teachers and to feel part of their school community, whilst at home.

Non-core Subject Optional Tasks There will also be the option of year group specific non-core subject tasks set after Easter for your child to access. Whilst it would be our hope that these were completed, we do not want to overwhelm families and working families, particularly in pre-prep. Most prep aged pupils (Year 3 – 6) should be able to manage this workload independently. Five non-core subject assignments will be set at the beginning of the week, for children to choose the order and complete before the end of Friday. These will include video links, PowerPoint/voiceovers by teachers, websites to explore.



Year 1 to 6 Registration Each morning you have the option for your child to access a live registration on Microsoft Teams to set them off for the day motivated, to have tasks explained briefly and to ask any questions. For these live meets, your cameras will be unblocked, for your child’s teacher to see them and so they can see each other. Timings will be: 09.00 – 09:30 Joe Wicks PE or PE work available on The Hub to suit your own timings. You can also

track Joe Wicks pre-recorded workouts a day behind to do these at a time to suit the family.

09:30 – 09:45 Registration for Year 1 and 2 09:45 – 10:05 Registration for Year 3 and 4 10:05 – 10:30 Registration for Year 5 and 6 This can be from a laptop, desktop, phone, iPad or Mac.

Returning Work Years 1 – Year 6 Parents of younger children may choose to upload work on a daily or weekly basis on The Hub. Older pupils should be able to upload their work independently. This will aid their transition to the Senior School. If I can ask all parents to stick to the platform of The Hub and not email, to avoid class teachers managing differing communication channels. Uploading returns via the Firefly Student app takes less than a minute.

Year 1 – 6 English

Each Year Group will be set English work each day, with spellings, grammar, handwriting and comprehension as part of their weekly diet. This work will build to a finished piece of written work. We would reccomend that your child spends no more than 50 minutes on their English work each day at the younger stages, and no more than one hour 15 minutes at the upper age limit. If your child is well, our expectation is that they will complete the English and Mathematics work set. If you wish your child to have a day off, please allow them to catch up over the five-day pattern. It is an expectation that all children Years 1 – 6 will also read for at least 20 minutes each school day. This may be to a sibling, a parent, or by video call to a grandparent. From WC 10th April, in Year 3 - 6 there will be additional elements of live teaching being delivered in English. Each teacher will be in communication with parents regarding the timings for these, calendar invites will be established with links to join Teams at these times. These live elements will not replace the powerpoints/ resources on the Hub, but be in addition to. Year 1 and 2 Phonics/Spelling Rules In Years 1 and 2 there will be a phonics programme introduced by your child’s year group staff team at the start of each week, supported with video links and games, as appropriate to reinforce their learning. Again, children should be able to access this learning through a headset or such and be able to particulate in recall independently, they are used to daily phonics sessions in school. 10

Year 1 to 6 Mathematics Teachers have chosen to either:

1. Set White Rose Maths teaching videos of new content and accompanying work set or their own compiled resources. White Rose materials are one of the main resources we structure our teaching around in school and have done for the past three years, following a mastery approach. The resources they have produced for lockdown are excellent. Our children are familiar with their approach, methods and the reasoning and problem-solving aspects of the questions through our daily challenges and they are the front leaders in Education for teaching and learning in Mathematics. Or 2. Chosen to use their own tried and tested resources with voice-over PowerPoint clips. Children working at expected standard or beyond should be able to complete these on their own, with some, but minimal, parental oversight. The core fundamental principles of the work are the most important, so if your child is fluent in the core method (the early slides) this provides a solid foundation for us to build on as school re-opens. All lessons will be accessible throughout the day from the evening before, for you to access at a time to suit the demands of your family, your home schedule, the activities you have planned, your child’s access to IT and your child’s mood. All mathematics resources will contain answers to allow your child access to instant feedback once they have completed their tasks, for them to mark their own work and re-attempt any questions, as they need to. We would recommend that your child spends no more than 50 minutes on their Mathematics work each day at the youngest ages, and 1 hour 15 minutes at the upper age limit. Year 1 – 6 Optional Extension Mathematics As you know, we are academically ambitious for our pupils, class teachers will also be extending this daily Mathematics provision to include further challenge. These challenges are open to all children but are targeted to challenge all children working beyond National Standard.


KEY POINTS Access to Microsoft Teams can be found through Office

When logging on and accessing Teams pupils should, for

365 which pupils access through their school email

reasons of safeguarding, be appropriately dressed and in

address and password. Alternatively they can download

a suitable working environment.

the Teams App available for free from the App store (School email details to be used to log in to the App) –

Ongoing pastoral support is available through your class

this means that pupils do not need to have access to a

teacher. Their contact information can be found on the

computer but can take part in lessons and activities via a

school’s website:

mobile phone.


Please note that as we are continuing to provide childcare

Any technical difficulties should be emailed to:

for children of key workers on a rota there may, at times,


be one or two staff who will be unavailable ‘live’ but who will have set work for the pupils to cover.


Prep pupils Emma and Lizzy make PPE equipment for the NHS


IMPACTED SURVEY We are working in partnership with ImpactEd, a non-profit organisation that exists to help evaluate, understand and improve impact in education. We will be monitoring pupils’ engagement, wellbeing and motivation so that we understand what is and isn’t working. For further information, please see their website ww.impacted.org.uk

“High-quality evaluation is crucial to making a difference for outcomes for pupils”. Sir Jon Coles, CEO, United Learning



MON - FRI: 8.30AM - 5.00PM (01482) 657016

enquiries@hullcollegiateschool.co.uk www.hullcollegiateschool.co.uk

Address: Hull Collegiate School Tranby Croft Anlaby East Yorkshire HU10 7EH

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Hull Collegiate Guide to Home Learning - Pre-Prep and Prep School Parents  

Hull Collegiate Guide to Home Learning - Pre-Prep and Prep School Parents

Hull Collegiate Guide to Home Learning - Pre-Prep and Prep School Parents  

Hull Collegiate Guide to Home Learning - Pre-Prep and Prep School Parents