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Independent Schools Inspectorate Report 2019 & Academic Highlights


Hull Collegiate School In June 2019, a team of inspectors from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) visited Hull Collegiate School as part of their regular cycle of inspection to carry out an independent review of the School. Their findings were outstandingly positive and it is a testament to the hard work of everyone at the School, pupils, staff and governors alike, that the inspectors awarded the highest judgement possible for educational quality in each individual category: i.e. ‘excellent’ for the achievement of pupils including their academic development and personal development. The following pages present just some of the many highlights of the inspection team’s report. Alex Wilson BA (Surrey) PGCE (Cantab) MA (London) Headmistress


98% of parents strongly agree the range of subjects is suitable for their child


Pupils’ Achievements The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent In discussion and in their responses to the pre-inspection questionnaire, pupils were keen to point to the quality of the teaching and the tremendous support they receive from their teachers as key contributory factors to their academic success. Pupils achieve these excellent results because teachers monitor the children’s progress rigorously to ensure that individual needs are fully met, and to plan for the next steps for learning. Exceptional mathematical reasoning skills are evident and pupils’ higher-order skills are extremely well-developed. From the youngest years, pupils use these skills with confidence because they are encouraged to extend their

understanding by learning through open questions and appropriate tasks. Pupils display excellent attitudes to learning, and are keen to embrace the extensive opportunities made available for them. They take a high level of responsibility for their studies, demonstrating an intrinsic motivation and determination to do well. This is because the pupils know what is expected of them and recognise the sense of enjoyment that can be gained from achievement and improvement. Within the classroom, pupils of all ages work co-operatively and collaboratively. Pupils are highly motivated, enthusiastic and keen to engage in discussion and challenge ideas; the

exchange of views between pupils and teacher is both commonplace and bespoke. This fulfils the aim of the school to bring out the best in everyone by providing an education that is relevant, challenging and engaging, enabling every child to develop an enthusiasm for learning. Throughout the school, pupils achieve excellent standards in a wide range of co-curricular activities and pursuits, thus fulfilling the school’s aim to provide opportunities for pupils to develop their confidence through learning and co-curricular opportunities. Pupils are encouraged to pursue their interests to the highest level and have


gained considerable success in local, regional and national competitions. Through their time at the school, every pupil will try many new activities, develop new skills, and challenge themselves in adventurous activities, all of which also contribute in no small measure to their personal development. Their strong ability to analyse, hypothesise and synthesise is evident through subject specific opportunities such as: in-depth analysis and evaluation in history, articulation of experimental hypotheses in science, and image analysis and creative problem-solving in art.


Children in the EYFS show excellent initiative and independence as they take leadership in their learning, whilst being guided in their decisions with skilful questioning by practitioners. Successes in the sporting arena abound from representing the school in major sports such as rugby and hockey to more individual pursuits such as show jumping. Musical ensembles have gained success in local competitions, and outstanding artistic achievement is evident in the quality of the artwork on display throughout the school.

Pupils seize opportunities to showcase their talent in drama. An increasing number of pupils are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme at all levels, with 18 pupils achieving a gold award in 2018. “The inspectors’ findings were outstandingly positive and it is a testament to the hard work of everyone at the School, pupils, staff and governors alike.” Alex Wilson, Headmistress

96% of parents strongly agree the school provides a suitable range of extracurricular activities 97% of parents strongly agree the school helps develop skills for their child’s future


Key Findings The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.

The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.

Pupils have extremely positive attitudes to learning, are highly motivated and are keen to make the most of all that the school provides for them.

Throughout the school, pupils develop into well-rounded, kind and confident young people.

Pupils are extremely articulate communicators who express themselves clearly, both orally and in writing, and who apply their skills effectively to other areas of learning. Pupils demonstrate excellent levels of knowledge, skills and understanding across all areas of the curriculum. Pupils are highly successful collaborative learners, both inside and outside of the classroom.


Pupils have an exceedingly strong sense of community; they are supportive of each other and are proud of their school. Behaviour throughout the school is excellent, and pupils have a strong awareness of the difference between right and wrong. Pupils are naturally inclusive and demonstrate strong acceptance for those who are different from themselves.


Personal Development The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent Pupils are kind, compassionate and extremely thoughtful young people who understand the value of service to others, both in their local community and across the world. They see it as their personal and collective responsibility to enhance the lives of others and are encouraged by teachers who are altruistic role models. Pupils have a strong sense of community and speak highly of the desire to take on responsibility and help other people, particularly beyond the classroom, for example through mentoring younger pupils and through the school council. Pupils who contribute to the community through voluntary activities, supporting in a residential home or helping in a special school, said how much such activities have helped them to mature and develop empathy for others. Pupils in the prep school develop social awareness by


taking part in small challenges in their homes and local communities, such as recycling single-use plastics to protect the environment. Pupils are extremely empathetic and appreciate what they have when they realise the extent of poverty in some other countries. It is no surprise that pupils from the school have led an initiative to import and sell coffee from Uganda to raise funds to pay for Ugandan children to go to school. Pupils show great sensitivity and respect for those from different backgrounds and with different learning needs to themselves. In questionnaire responses, an overwhelming majority of parents and staff felt that the school actively promotes the values of democracy, respect and tolerance of other people, and in interviews it was clear that

96% of parents strongly agree the school helps their child to be confident and independent

pupils are very accepting of each other. They work and play effectively together and enjoy opportunities to celebrate diversity through their studies, assemblies and celebration days. Through links with a school in Uganda, pupils have developed a strong appreciation of the challenges faced by pupils from a very different culture to their own. Their commitment to inclusivity is as a result of belonging to a harmonious school, and the dedication of the leadership to ensuring that everyone is treated equally and fairly. Pupils show a strong appreciation of the nonmaterial aspects of life through the obvious pleasure they get from their learning and the care they show for the environment in which they live. Pupils have a very well-developed aesthetic sense, and their appreciation of the arts is strong. In the EYFS, children showed pure delight when splashing in puddles and completely covering paper with paint, and older pupils appreciated opportunities for reflection in quiet places in the school grounds.


Pupils not only have an excellent understanding of the importance of staying safe and keeping both mentally and physically healthy, but they put this understanding into practice through their involvement in the life of the school.

resilient learners who have self confidence in abundance, whilst retaining an air of humility. Pupils develop a high level of selfesteem through positive comments and encouragement from their teachers and their peers.

They understand the need for exercise to stay healthy and enjoy the many opportunities for sporting activities provided for them, both in activities and in lessons. The pupils also have a well-developed understanding of the importance of mental health and feel well supported by the pastoral team.

From the youngest ages, the pupils’ ability to make decisions about their learning is exceptional. Pupils develop high levels of self-esteem through their involvement with activities which both challenge and interest them. All of the above amplifies the school’s aim to bring out the best in everyone by expecting pupils to have confidence in their own abilities, setting their own aspirational goals and working towards them with commitment, determination, independence and pride.

Pupils develop excellent life skills throughout every stage at the school and are fully supported with extensive transition programmes and pastoral care. They are


The opportunities which have such an impact on pupils’ personal development are a result of the clear vision expressed by the school’s leaders and the opportunities they are given to attempt challenging activities, and the encouragement to see setbacks as learning opportunities. Overall, the school is highly successful in developing well-rounded, confident, skilled young people who are very well equipped for the next stage of their education. “By the time they leave us our students are confident, self-assured young men and women who are ready to face the challenges of life beyond School and are equipped for their chosen path.” Alex Wilson, Headmistress

96% of parents strongly agree the school provides a suitable range of extracurricular activities 97% of parents strongly agree the school helps develop skills for their child’s future


University Destinations 2019 Newcastle:*



Dentistry Maths with Finance Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry Mechanical Engineering Agri-Business Management

Marine Biology

Business and Marketing with Professional Practice

York:* Law Physics Theoretical Physics History Human Geography and Environment Nottingham:* Maths and Economics Animal Science Hispanic Studies and History


Leeds:* Business Management and Philosophy Loughborough: English Literature Hull:

Northumbria: Psychology Nottingham Trent: Photography

Business Management Business Management and Marketing Media Studies

READ Dance and Theatre College:

Leeds Beckett:

Journalism: multimedia

Primary Education Primary Education (Early Years)


Manchester Metropolitan:

Politics and International Business

Primary Education

Musical Theatre Salford:

Sheffield Hallam: Urban Studies *denotes Russell Group

In 2019 our students achieved 100% pass rate at A Level 32% of A Level entries were awarded A*-A 60% of A Level entries were awarded the top A*-B grades 78% of students went onto their first choice of university destination. An overall GCSE 9-4 pass rate of 89% far outstripping the national figure of 67% An increase of 23% in GCSE top grades 7-9 (equivalent to the old A/A* grades)

First Choice


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ISI Report 2019 and Academic Highlights  

ISI Report 2019 and Academic Highlights