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Spring 2017, Issue 3

Class of 2017, Hartford Jt 1

A Message From Our


Josh Schoemann

School Board President

Attila J. Weninger, Ph.D. Superintendent

There is always work to be done to improve. We can always find things that need fixing. Sometimes, though, it’s good to know what we do well and celebrate that. Life would be dreary if we didn’t stop to “smell the roses” every once in a while. Recently, we conducted focus groups with 19 different employee groups, and one of the questions asked was, “What do you see as the strengths of the District.” There were over 6 pages (single spaced) of items! Here are a few of the strengths that your faculty and staff see at Hartford Union High School. • Comprehensive curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students. • Helping students find their passions and interests for life beyond high school. • Financially supportive community • Business community support for the future of the school and lending hands to help us move into the future ready to continue preparing our students. • A high school that is large enough to offer opportunities and small enough to be a community…a family. • A community that values education. • Faculty and staff who are passionate, dedicated, and committed to their craft, jobs, and to what is best for students. • High caliber of students: mature, respectful, engaged in learning. • Parents who care about their students and support their learning, and are supportive of HUHS efforts. • An outstanding Food Service program. • Faculty and staff that are willing to tackle the “hard” issues, acknowledge what needs improvement, and “gets after it” with a positive attitude. We have been very busy and successful this year, making improvements where they are needed. As we move into spring and the end of the year, let’s also take time to celebrate what is best about HUHS. Those formal occasions, such as recognition programs and graduation will be upon us quickly. We look forward to seeing you there and to continue building Oriole Pride in all that we do. Thank you for your abiding support and belief in our mission and work. We count you among our very best. Sincerely, Josh Schoemann, School Board President and Attila J. Weninger Ph.D., Superintendent

Report Card


Improved Testing Environment

Focus Areas for 2016-2017 to Increase ACT Scores Better Test Preparation

Increased Communication

Increased Test Participation

$ $


• Juniors only in building; no classes for other students • Smaller group sizes – 12 students per room • Breakfast and snacks provided for all students

• ACT 36 prep class • Testing strategies and sample questions embedded in many classes and homeroom

• Information and resources shared with students and parents through varied modes

• Multiple reminders and encouragements sent to students and parents • Focused efforts to test at least 95% of students in certain subgroups

Future Considerations to Continue Growth • • • • •

Ensure curriculum includes alignment to ACT standards Schoolwide focus on academic skills that improve ACT scores More formalized plan for test preparation More training for teachers on test prep and strategies Raise academic rigor and expectations

• • • •

Create a strong familiarity and importance of the ACT among students, parents, and staff Seek solutions to close performance gaps for subgroups of students Study the effectiveness of various academic programs Increase parent awareness and involvement


Student Council hosted its first Middle School Leadership Conference on April 5, 2017. Students from Central, Erin, and St. Kilian’s school participated in leadership training that focused on teamwork, tolerance, and how to be a good role model. Seventh and eighth graders shadowed students during the morning hours, while sixth grade students developed their teamwork skills. In the afternoon, Dr. Weninger and Hanna Wienke (Class of 2012) addressed students about the importance of being student leaders. Ms. Wienke currently sits on the executive board of the Wisconsin Leadership Seminar (WILS). < StuCo President Stephanie Lane (Hartford Jt. 1) leads a discussion about communication and teamwork with the sixth grade students.

< Elizabeth Rhinehart (Hartford Jt. 1) demonstrates an activity in the Community Service session.

Our Associate

Hartford Joint 1 School District


On March 8, 2017, Central Middle School conducted its first ever National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Induction. The NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. The induction ceremony included officers leading with speeches about each pillar of the organization and a keynote speech from Central graduate and successful college student, Alexis Trost. Students from the 7th and 8th grade classes that met the criteria applied, and 53 were selected: 29 from the 7th grade class, and 24 from the 8th grade class. Inductees have a 3.5 GPA or higher and had to submit an application indicating their experiences with scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. The induction into the NJHS means that each member will complete 8-10 hours of volunteering by the end of May. Many students will meet their requirements through tutoring and chess tournament concessions or through other community organizations.


“The thing that I will remember is how well the officers were prepared and organized. They also delivered fantastic speeches. Many students have never seen or heard of NJHS before and for them to step up as true leaders at the ceremony made me proud that I know these amazing students.” ~Ms. Cindy Smits, NJHS Advisor

STREAM-line into the Future



You may know about the cutting edge approach to education called STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, but you may not know that St. Gabriel Catholic Parish School offers a unique opportunity that includes Religion and the Arts in addition to STEM. This 21st century educational initiative is called STREAM. In realizing that the Arts go beyond art class, St. Gabriel School offers general music classes, public speaking opportunities, forensics, a children’s choir, and beginning next school year - instrument lessons. Teaching the Catholic faith continues to be at the core of our educational goals as we instruct 114 children in our 4K-8 St. Gabriel Day School and 175 children in our K-8 Christian Formation classes. Christian values are instilled across the curriculum every day, and with this we continue to serve others in our school community, parish community and global community.

In addition to the Arts and Religion, St. Gabriel Catholic Parish School will be offering First Lego League Robotics, Lego Club, and Chess Club to our students next year, building onto our STREAM initiative as we journey into the future. There are many great things happening at our school, and it is through the dedication of the staff, the commitment of the students, the support of the parents and the generosity of the parish that we succeed in working together as one body in Christ.

Some of Our Service Projects Serving meals at St. Ben’s Community Meal Program Making fleece blankets for the needy Collecting food items for the local pantries Raising money for veterans for the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight Program Making treats for the Washington County Humane Society Making cards for the homebound Participating in the Rice Bowl Collection for the needy around the world




Gage Spiegler

Senior Associate School: Hartford Jt. 1 Favorite Class: Choir Favorite thing about HUHS: Our Art Department Activities: Choir, Forensics, Games Club Future Plans: Go to college to study to be a Computer Technician “Gage is a true gentleman who offers his help and knowledge to others. He really cares about people.” ~Ms. Dawn Bloomer, Art Teacher

Zachary Larson

Sophomore Associate School: Friess Lake Favorite Class: Honors English 10 Favorite thing about HUHS: Most definitely the people. Both the staff and many of the students work hard to better the lives of others. Future Plans: Currently something in the Healthcare field

“...I am most amazed by the way in which Zach can empathize with others, whether they be fictional characters from literature or the classmates and adults he interacts with on a daily basis. These qualities - combined with Zach’s desire to write passionately about issues that matter to him - prove that Zach has and will continue to profoundly change our world for the better.” ~Mrs. Katie Herrmann, English Teacher


Danielle Kilthau


Junior Associate School: Richfield Favorite Class: AP Psychology Favorite thing about HUHS: The teachers all have been helpful and nice Future Plans: Attend college and get a degree in general Psychiatry and Art Therapy in order to become an Art Therapist

“Danielle is an active learner and her interest in Psychology is evident every day. Danielle does not just learn material so she can get a good grade, she learns because of her desire to know more about the topic of the day. Her questions are insightful and unique and I appreciate all of her efforts!” ~Mr. Jeff Martin, AP Psychology Teacher

Sarah Young

Freshman Associate School: Peace Lutheran Favorite Class: Biology Favorite thing about HUHS: Athletic Programs and Clubs Future Plans: Being a Phy Ed or Art Teacher “Sarah is an enthusiastic, motivated and creative learner who puts 100% effort into everything she does. Her outstanding personality, maturity and intelligence make her a dynamic contributor to the classroom atmosphere.” ~Mrs. Melanie Axford, Science Teacher


Community Our community partners represent partnerships that are mutually supportive, and for which we are deeply grateful.


MORAINE PARK TECHNICAL COLLEGE HUHS has partnered with MPTC for over 15 years. The partnership developed the opportunity for our HUHS students to earn technical college credits, and as a result, saves students and their parents hundreds and even thousands of dollars on college tuition. HUHS also works hand-in-hand with MPTC to provide multiple (510) students Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification through Course/Youth Options each year. MPTC also uses the HUHS building to offer evening classes in several Technology and Engineering areas to the greater Hartford and MPTC communities. Several of our HUHS TEE teachers teach those evening classes as well. Finally, MPTC works with HUHS on several area-wide committees and groups to develop greater educational opportunities for our mutual students.

MANTZ AUTOMATION, INC. HUHS has been greatly supported by Mantz Automation for many years. Mantz serves on the Technology and Engineering Education Department Advisory Committee, offering insights into how our programs could best meet the growing demands of skilled manufacturing employees. Last summer, the TEE Department Manager served a one week “Externship” at Mantz gaining insights into day-to-day operations outside the school walls. In addition, at least five Mantz employees visited HUHS classes to observe teachers and students to learn how and what we do here. This year, Mantz played the pivotal role in helping the TEE Department acquire new technologies for its lathe and mill machines, bringing them up to current industry standards and providing training through the manufacturer, thus saving the District over $100,000. Thank you, Mantz Automation, for your deep and long lasting support.

UNITED WAY The United Way of Washington County has been in partnership with Hartford Union High School for many years. The United Way funds programs that directly support our students and parents. Over the last three years, they have utilized community conversations to identify key issues affecting our area. Inspire, Washington County was the answer to this research which will address the labor shortage and skills gap uncovered in their research. This program will work towards facilitating career mentoring between businesses and HUHS; coordinate high-impact career based learning opportunities, and assist with developing county-wide standards for workand-life ready skills.

WTKM RADIO The Voice of Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine continues to help promote HUHS Athletics and Activities. Tune in to 104.9 each day to catch HUHS news and highlights. You can also listen to many athletic events broadcast throughout the school year with Jared Bublitz. Catch Oriole action on the radio or at WTKM also provides the District and community with a monthly show after regularly scheduled Board meetings, featuring the Superintendent, other Administrators, and students. We are grateful for WTKM’s support of HUHS.

An In-Depth Look




Performance Ensembles

Our Talented Leaders

Voces Bel Canto

Concert Choir

Auditioned Choir Grades 10-12 Sopranos and Altos

of the student body

participate in music classes every day

Treble Chorale Non-Auditioned Choir Grades 10-12 Sopranos and Altos

Non-Auditioned Choir Grades 9-12 Tenors and Basses




Auditioned Choir Grades 10-12 Sopranos , Altos, Basses, and Tenors

String Orchestra Concert Band Non-Auditioned Grades 9-12

Non-Auditioned Grades 9-12

Symphonic Band Auditioned Grades 9-12

Marching Band

All Band Students Take Part in Marching Band and Pep Band

Pep Band

outside of the school day and performs at concerts Jazz Band rehearses and other local events From Left: Alex Nettesheim: Brass & Percussion Lesson Instructor Andy Hacker: Bands & Orchestra Director and Teacher Barry Clark: String Bass Lesson Instructor Ernest Brusubardis IV: Violin & Viola Lesson Instructor Ernest Brusubardis III: Music Department Manager & Choral Director and Teacher Emily Schuhmacher: Choral Director, Woodwind Lesson Instructor, Musical Director and Teacher Alicia Storin: Cello Lesson Instructor

Outside of the Classroom

Other Musical Experiences Beginning Piano

Excursions in World Music


-Bands & Orchestra Trip to Disney World -Concert Choir & VBC Trip to New York City -Bands & Orchestra Trip to London

Opportunity -Christmas Eve Mass at Holy Hill -Solo and Ensemble -Concert Choir Clinic Experience with World Renowned Composer Eric Whitacre -Jazz Band Clinic Experience with Jeff Coffin Saxophonist with Dave Matthews Band -Hosted UW-Marching Band Performance

Fall Musical

-Performed the 2nd and 3rd Weekends in November, every year -Auditions at the end of May/Early June -Student Opportunities Include: Cast Members, Stage Helpers, Costume Helpers, Hair, Makeup, Lighting, Sound, and Pit Orchestra

Fall 2018 Musical:



Career Pathways

Information Technology

Business Management & Administration



Classes: Classes: -A+ Computer -Principles of Systems & Marketing Maintenance*# -Sports & -Website Design*# Entertainment -Independent Study for Marketing Certification - IT#

Classes: -Exploring Business -Business Management & Entrepreneurship* -Leadership & Project Management

Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

Classes: -Personal Finance* -Principles of Accounting* -Focus on Careers

Classes: -Introduction to Digital Communications -Oriole (Yearbook) -Digital Comm for Digital & Social Media

*Course is transcripted to receive Technical College Credit upon successful completion #Completion of Industry Certification earns weighted grade for the course

Our Talented Leaders








Ms. Sara Sturm Business Teacher, FBLA Advisor, Birdhouse Advisor Mr. Patrick Austinson Business Teacher, Assistant Wrestling Coach Ms. Michelle Kutz Business/Marketing Teacher, DECA Advisor, ACP Coordinator, JV Softball Coach Ms. Jana Danay Business Teacher, District Communications Coordinator, Dept Chair, Yearbook Advisor

SKILLS that Transfer

Every student participates in a mock interview with a local professional

Students are challenged with real-life problems and scenarios in all courses

Every student completes a 9-week unit in Personal Finance and participates in a Reality-Check simulation

Students practice working together to solve problems and present solutions

Students in Leadership & Project Management lead team building activities

Various courses complete different types of projects for local organizations

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and DECA are Career and Technical Student Organizations that focus on bringing business, marketing, finance, hospitality, and management together with education through leadership development, educational programs, community service and academic competitions. At HUHS, FBLA and DECA work together to provide our students with the best opportunities that these organizations have to offer. At the local level, FBLA and DECA members participate in community service events such as Trick Or Can, collecting canned goods for the Hartford Food Pantry, the Polar Plunge for Wisconsin Special Olympics and the March Miracle Minute, which raises money for the March of Dimes and Muscular Dystrophy Association. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in leadership conferences and business tours throughout Wisconsin and neighboring states. During the winter months, students who compete through FBLA and DECA attend local competitions to demonstrate their skills in a variety of business, marketing, finance, hospitality, management and information technology related events! Qualifying students can move on to compete at the state level in the spring, which can qualify them to compete at the national or international level. Both FBLA and DECA will host their highest level of competition in Anaheim, CA this year. To find out more about what FBLA and DECA are up to at HUHS follow us on Twitter or Instagram using the handle @huhsfbladeca, or contact advisors Michelle Kutz or Sara Sturm.





Congratulations to Mr. Corey McCauley, Technology & Engineering Educator who has been named the Educator of the Year for the Wisconsin Technology Education Association. This is a significant honor and distinction. HUHS and our students are fortunate to have Mr. McCauley as a teacher. Mr. McCauley has been sharing his love and passion for Technology and Engineering Education for the last 22 years and has kept a brisk pace. During his time in education, Mr. McCauley has taught high school students, adults through the technical college system, and his peers in TEE through summer courses and other professional development he has led. He continues to be a lifelong learner, learning new techniques and keeping pace with industry trends.

Mr. McCauley’s educational philosophy for his courses holds firm to the belief that regardless if a student is college or career bound, students will gain necessary, life skills they can use through Technology and Engineering courses. His courses focus on project-based learning by incorporating modern technology and hands-on techniques that are currently used in today’s manufacturing world and workforce. He strives to add creativity to his courses through unique experiences. His Fabrication Methods course designed and created all of the wood cut-outs that decorated the Hartford Holiday River Walk this season. Beyond that, he continues to provide his students with a global view of TEE. He completed an Externship last summer at Signicast to keep abreast of industry and to share those experiences in his daily teaching and methodology. Mr. McCauley is currently teaching Welding Processes I & II, Fabrication Methods, Automated Manufacturing, and Auto Maintenance. Outside of the school day, he co-advises the HUHS SkillsUSA chapter that has had great success and continues to provide students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Mr. McCauley was also recently inducted into the Richland Center Wrestling Hall of Fame and serves as an Assistant Wrestling Coach at HUHS. Beyond the courses that he teaches and educational opportunities that Mr. McCauley provides our students, it is his outgoing and fun-loving personality that draws people to him. He has a unique way of working with students that draws both high-level and struggling learners to always feel comfortable while learning. After his days at HUHS end, Mr. McCauley is a member of our community where he and his wife Katie are raising their four children; Emma, Halli, Isabel, and Henry. He is also active in community sports and enjoys playing softball and volleyball in his “free time.” Congratulations to Mr. Corey McCauley. It is easy to see why he was selected as the Wisconsin Technology & Engineering Educator of the year. He is well deserving and has earned this honor!



Peg Lonergan, Special Education Aide Ms. Peg Lonergan will be celebrating her 27th year at HUHS this August. Throughout her time at HUHS, Peg has supported a number of different classes and departments to help out our Special Education students. Her kind and caring demeanor draws students to her and allows them to feel comfortable and supported when they receive support. Amanda Christian, the Special Education Instructional Chair, shared this about Ms. Peg Lonergan: “My first year at HUHS, I was fortunate enough that Peg’s desk just happened to be located in my classroom. She served as an invaluable mentor to me as I tried to learn as much as possible about the school and community. For any question I had, I never had to go far. If she didn’t know the answer, she knew exactly who in the building could help me.”

Kelly Kline, Food Service Kelly Kline is a legacy in the Hartford Union High School kitchen. Her mother ran the Food Service program prior to our current director, Monica Glorioso. Kelly has been hard at work in our kitchen for the last 22-years. Beyond being someone the kitchen can consistently rely on, Kelly is one of the only food service workers who can cut up onions without any tears. Ms. Monica Glorioso shared the following about Kelly: “Kelly brightens up everyone’s day, from the students to her co-workers. She always has a smile on her face, even while chopping onions! Kelly’s hardwork and positive outlook help make our HUHS kitchen team the best in my book.”

College & Career Fair



On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, HUHS held its annual College and Career Fair. All Juniors were required to attend this event or the Washington County College & Career Fair on Thursday, March 16. In addition to the traditional college fair booths, this year we added a number of break out sessions for students and parents to learn more about Financial Aid, as well as hear local leaders speak on behalf of the Healthcare, Financial, and Manufacturing Industries. Students and parents were very pleased with all of the schools and career opportunities that were present for our students. To see a complete listing of all of the education and businesses that made our fair successful, see the back cover of this newsletter. Thank you to all who helped to make our Fair a huge success for our students!

Winter Formal Court

Congratulations Dave Grundy! Dave Grundy (Hartford Jt. 1) took 1st place on February 25 in the Skills and Drills Basketball Special Olympics Competition. He then competed at the State Competition for Skills and Drills. Way to go Dave!

Back, Left to right: Hannah Stephans, Nat Kruit, Alex Richards, Erika Hilsman, Priyanka Bharadwaj, Kali Cashion, Tyler Pulvermacher, Luke Carroll, and Nicole Weber. Row two, left to right: Jordan Dvorak, Stephanie Lane, Laura Kregel, Serena Hitzelberger, Andrew Stowe, Quartez Turner, Lauren Skell, King Josef Fulop and Queen Megan Zickert

Save the Date

Booster Club Pancake Breakfast All You Can Eat Sunday, May 7, 2017, 8:30-11:00 am to Honor our Senior Athletes $10 at the Door, $8 in Advance


Coaches & Athletes


Leadership Training

Winter Sports Achievements Girls Basketball

Morgan Lentz Peace Lutheran Honorable Mention All-Conference

Boys Basketball

Joshua Much Hartford Jt. 1 Honorable Mention All-Conference Richard Smith (Hartford Jt. 1), addresses his peers during an exercise at the leadership training

Quinn Meinerz Hartford Jt. 1 First Team All-Conference State Qualifier 5th Place 285

The Leadership Training was very entertaining and helpful in learning what type of athlete and person to be, as well as how to be a great leader. This experience will help me throughout life with how to handle adversity Wrestling and be supportive. Cody Werner, Sophomore, Football & Baseball In order to continue to develop the leadership capabilities of our student athletes and our coaches, Athletic and Activities Director, Scott Helms, brought in Craig Hillier for a day of interactive activities. Students listened to Craigâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s high energy program which allowed them to participate in many team-building activities and personal reflection. Student athletes were also forced to step outside their comfort zones to learn more about themselves and the opportunities that they have to lead. Training like this encourages our student athletes and coaches to understand the impact that they have in our school and community. It gives them the tools they need to be successful leaders with the demands they are faced with each day. Wrestling Not only did Mr. Hillier make enhancing our leadership skills fun, he also brought in many important life lessons that I will continue to use my entire life. Catherine Uttech, Sophomore, Swimming, Basketball, & Softball



Hartford Jt. 1 First Team All-Conference State Qualifier 113



Jalen Spuhler

Cody Werner (H-N-R) and Catherine Uttech (St. Kilian) hold up their string challenge during the team building exercises


of the Month January



Little Ten Final Standings Girls Basketball - 7th Place Boys Basketball - 8th Place Wrestling - 6th Place Regular Season 6th Place Conference Tournament Gymnastics - 6th Place Regular Season 6th Place Conference Tournament Boys Swimming - 1st Place Regular Season nd 2 Place Conference Tournament

Jordan Christnovich Hartford Jt. 1 Boys Swimming

Quinn Meinerz

Hartford Jt. 1 Wrestling

Jack Johnson

Hartford Jt. 1 Boys Track & Field

Broke Pole Vault Record on 4/1/17



The H-Club Shamrock Shuffle 5-K and Leprechaun Lap (One Mile) Run/Walk was held on Saturday, March 18, 2017. With the recent loss of HUHS 8th grade student and H-N-R student, Cade Werner, our H-Club decided to donate all proceeds for the run to the Werner family. The weather proved to be a true March day in Wisconsin, but runners came out to support a great cause in memory of a great student, and in honor of Cadeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s brother, and H-Club Member, Cody Werner.


Winter Sports Achievements Boys Swimming

Mile Medal Winners (Female): 1-Deann Lehner, 2-Tracy Langenbach, 3-Krista Warner, 4-Jessica & Macy Carter, 5-Megan Bingen; Mile Medal Winners (Male): 1-Gavin Albrecht, 2-Brady Helms, 3-Charlie Kraus, 4-Aston Warner, 5-Blake Welak; 5-K Medal Winners (Female): 1-Julia Buettner, 2-Melissa Thiery, 3-Lori Grinwald, 4-Nora Martin, 5-Jenny Nicpon; 5-K Medal Winners (Male): 1-Ethan Hanisko, 2-Andy Komp, 3-Brian Merklein, 4-Alex Hall, 5-Collin Johrendt

First Team All Conference -Jordan Christnovich (50 Freestyle) -Cory Maxwell (100 Backstroke)

Second Team All Conference


In Our Schools

Fitness Friday at Erin School

Britney Lane (Hartford Jt. 1) and Courtney Kind (Erin), encourage students with a push-up contest.

Catherine Uttech (St. Kilian), participates in Fitness Friday by doing Joey Buddenhagen (Erin) sit ups with students while using a works with students in paper plate under their feet to mix it up. kickboxing.

-Jeromy Lofy, Mitchell Worman, Cory Maxwell and Jordan Christnovich (200 Medley Relay) -Santiago Cloud (200 Freestyle) -Cory Maxwell (100 Butterfly) -Santiago Cloud (500 Freestyle) -Mitchell Worman, Zach Michalak, Erik Doll and Santiago Cloud (200 Freestyle Relay) -Santiago Cloud, Jeromy Lofy, Cory Maxwell, Jordan Christnovich (400 Freestyle Relay)

Honorable Mention All Conference -Mitchell Worman (200 Individual Medley) -Jordan Christnovich (100 Freestyle) -Jeromy Lofy (100 Yard Backstroke)

Lincoln Fun Fair

Jordan Christnovich Richard Smith (Hartford Jt. 1) Ethan Winter (Hartford Jt. 1) and Luke Carroll (St. Laura Kregel (Friess runs a game with Linc the Lion Joey Buddenhagen (Erin) run Kilian and Destiny Lake) runs the pick a the football toss Laplander (H-N-R) duck game run the fishing game

Golf Outing Save the Date Gridiron Friday, June 9, 2017 Hartford Golf Club

Athletic Department Golf Outing Friday, July 21, 2017 Hartford Golf Club

WLT Swimmer of the Year Hartford Jt. 1

HARTFORD UNION HIGH SCHOOL 805 Cedar Street Hartford, WI 53027


Hartford Union High School District To learn more about current events and to keep up with the daily happenings and news at HUHS, follow our website at: We can also be found at:


COMMUNICATIONS Thank You! Facebook: Hartford Union High School District

Twitter: @HartfordUnionHS @HUHS_Athletics

The following businesses and schools made our College and Career Fair possible. Without them we could not have given our students the opportunity to plan for their futures!

ASQ Aurora Health Care Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washington County Broan-NuTone Camera Case Inc. Cedar Community Culver’s David J. Frank Landscaping Contractors Fox Bros. Piggly WIggly Froedtert Health Hampel Corp. Hartford Dental Group Hartford Finishing Hartford Fire & Rescue Dept. Hartford Police Dept Hatch Staffing Services Kay9 Calm LLC KDO Photography

Kilian Management Services Mantz Automation, Inc Maysteel Industries LLC MCR Services, LLC. Menards Menasha Packaging Pathways to Public Policy Quad/Graphics School-Pak, Inc Server Products Signicast Steel Craft Corporation Sysco Eastern WI Uptown Motors Washington County West Bend Mutual Insurance Willer Tool Corporation WTKM Workforce Development Center

Alverno College ABC of WI, Apprenticeship/Training Bryant & Stratton College Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards Cardinal Stritch University Carroll University Carthage College Concordia University-WI Lakeland University Lawrence University Marian University Michigan Technological University Milwaukee Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Center Milwaukee School of Engineering Moraine Park Technical College Mount Mary University Paul Mitchell the School Milwaukee Ripon College SE WI Carpentry Training Center

Silver Lake College St. Norbert College UW-Eau Claire UW-Green Bay UW-La Crosse UW-Madison UW Milwaukee UW-Oshkosh UW Platteville UW-Stevens Point UW-Stout UW-Washington County UW-Whitewater U.S. Army U.S. Marines Waukesha County Technical College Wisconsin Army National Guard Wisconsin Lutheran College

Nondiscrimination Statement:It is the policy of the Hartford Union High School District, pursuant to s. 118.13, WI Stats., and PI 9 that no person, on the basis of race, color, age, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, sex (including transgender status, change of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity), pregnancy, marital or parental status, military status, genetic information, or physical, mental, emotional, learning disability or handicap, may be denied participation, be denied admission to any school in this District or be denied participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any co-curricular, pupil service, recreation, or other program. This policy also prohibits discrimination as defined by Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 (sex), Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (race and national origin), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Hartford Union High School District has adopted a policy of nondiscrimination. In addition, the District has adopted procedures regarding the processing of discrimination complaints. Copies of the policy, procedures and complaint forms are available, upon request from any administrator. It is the policy of the Hartford Union High School District, pursuant to PI 41.04(1)(a), to provide for the reasonable accommodation of a student’s sincerely held religious beliefs with regard to examinations and other academic requirements. Requests for accommodations may be directed to any administrator. Questions or concerns regarding the District’s nondiscrimination policy and procedures should be directed to the Coordinator of Discrimination Complaints, Chad Ellefson, Hartford Union High School, 805 Cedar Street, Hartford, WI 53027, (262) 670-3200. Page 3 graphics thanks to

Spring Ovations Newsletter for HUHS  

Ovations - Issue 3 The happenings and good news at Hartford Union High School during January, February, March, and the beginning of April 20...

Spring Ovations Newsletter for HUHS  

Ovations - Issue 3 The happenings and good news at Hartford Union High School during January, February, March, and the beginning of April 20...