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Winter 2017 - Issue 2

An Academic and Activities Extravaganza

A Me s s age from our SUPERINTENDENT AND BOARD PRESIDENT Josh Schoemann

Dear HUHS Orioles,

School Board President Happy New Year! We have so much for which to look forward, but none so

much as what our community’s greatest assets - our students - can achieve. This would not be possible without the strong support and affirmation from you, our community. For that and so much more, we are ever so grateful. Thank you.

Dr. Attila J. Weninger

Interim Superintendent 262.670.3200 x209

We also usher in this new year a new name and new look for our quarterly newsletter: Ovations. Our goal is to provide you with as much “news” about HUHS in positive, constructive ways. News that focuses on our primary mission: educating our students, providing them with academic and co-curricular opportunities, supporting them in times of achievement and challenge alike, and ensuring that they are prepared to engage successfully in their lives after high school. Positive is about celebration, and constructive is about informing. In this Ovations, we provide an update from our School Report Card Improvement Team, highlight the exceptional work by our Science and Agri-Science Departments and staff (and students), recognize community partners, bring you insights into 4 of our students - one from each grade level, showcase happenings in two of our Associate Districts/Schools, recognize two faculty/staff, and celebrate our students’ passion and success. These, and more, will be in each issue. We have set our own expectations high with Ovations, and ask you to tell us if we are meeting your needs. We can only get better if our audience - you - tell us how we’re doing. In this section, as your elected and appointed leaders of the District, we will forecast some of the major initiatives the District is either engaged in and/or looking to. The Superintendent was charged with two goals this year: 1. Create and implement an effective and efficient administrative leadership organizational structure; and 2. Build constructive and productive partnerships with the community. To those ends, our leadership team and organizational structure were re-aligned to meet the needs of the District now and into the future. District and school leaders have been more empowered and charged with leading their respective areas with greater autonomy. In addition, we have met with numerous business, governmental, non-profit, and community leaders and citizens, seeking to build bridges and partnerships with them. In addition, and critically important to the success of our students, we have worked hard to foster trust and effective working relationships with our Associate Districts/Schools. That work continues daily, weekly, and monthly. Thank you again for your continued support and trust in our work. We welcome your views and perspectives, suggestions and counsel. Our bi-monthly Community Oriole Chatter is but one avenue for that, and in addition, we welcome your signed emails and letters, phone calls, and personal visits. The more we communicate, the stronger a District and community we are. Appreciatively,

rep ort c a rd


Josh Schoemann, Board President Attila J. Weninger, Ph.D., Interim Superintendent

Improving our School Report score continues to focus the work of our teachers this year. Since our last issue, we have done the following: • Professional Development with staff to incorporate ACT strategies and preparation materials in everyday classes • Student Learning Objective (SLO) goals have been aligned to continue to increase strategies within the everyday classroom • A team of professionals from within HUHS has met three times to focus on our Report Card score and will continue to develop professional development and resources to focus on improvement. • Our Junior ACT Prep Class in preparation for the February 27th test is now in progress with 100 HUHS students enrolled.

H-N-R District - Herman ~ Neosho ~ Rubicon

As s ociat e SCHOOLS

This school year marks a historic beginning for the Herman-Neosho-Rubicon School District. The three districts consolidated last year, so this is our first year as a combined school district. Many challenges will present themselves, but this year marks an opportunity for our students to meet new teachers and friends, participate in more educational opportunities, and experience stability in their educational environment. Along with expanded offerings such as Spanish and Music, students are able to participate in STEAM classes.

The website Education Closet defines STEAM as “an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The end results are students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. These are the innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century!” Our first trimester was an exciting one for our 7th and 8th graders. Their culminating projects consisted of building rockets and then launching them to observe the effectiveness of their designs. Students not only experienced hands-on learning but were able to evaluate and reflect on their products in hopes of improving their designs. Other activities included a Hot Air Balloon Project, Electrical Circuitry, and Structure Challenges.

COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS 2017 Save t he Dat e s: Mon, Feb 20 Mon, Feb 27 Mon, March 6 Community members are invited to participate in this discussion which will assist the District in developing our strategic plan and our direction for the future. We ask that people commit to all three days in order to have a continuous conversation. See our website for more information and to RSVP:

“Do Somet hing” Service Project


The 7th and 8th grade Peace Lutheran students are involved in a year-long community service project called, “Do Something.” The goal of this program is to teach students leadership skills while making a positive impact in their school and surrounding community. Students have elected their own officers, chosen their own projects, and responded to the mentorship of parents and teachers. This fall the 7th and 8th graders chose to support the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, which enables our local veterans to see their memorials in Wa s h i n gto n D.C. and return to a heroes’ welcome at the airport. The Peace students held a car wash in late August, ran a concession stand in September, and wrote letters for the veterans mail call. These 45 students collected proceeds to fund three veterans on a future flight. They even had the opportunity to welcome the veterans on their return flight and host two of the Stars and Stripes volunteers as guest speakers. The Stars and Stripes leaders were so impressed with the Peace students’ selfless attitudes, they returned to personally thank them for their gifts. Upcoming projects include collecting food for local food pantries, interacting with residents at assisted living facilities and cleaning a portion of Highway 83. As the students continue serving throughout the year, they will learn valuable lessons which will benefit our community – in Hartford and beyond.

Our REASON WHY Stephanie Dei

Senior, Class of 2017 Associate School: Neosho Activities: Editor-in-Chief of Yearbook, Girls Golf, Student Council, National Honors Society Favorite Class: AP Chemistry #iLOVEHUHSbecause I was given the opportunity to try a new sport that I would’ve never tried otherwise, girls golf!

Clas s of 2017

“Stephanie is a very motivated science student. She is a senior helper this year in Chemistry II, and I can easily rely on her to make all of my chemicals and set up labs. That is a lab skill that many students don’t learn until college. What I enjoy most about Stephanie is her attitude: always willing to learn and accept challenges. She can navigate through a tough AP Chem lab even if it means starting over and loves to tackle challenging inquiry tasks. ” ~Ms. Lauer

Joshua Much

Junior, Class of 2018 Associate School: Central Middle School (Hartford Jt 1) Activities: Boys Soccer, Boys Basketball Favorite Class: AP Psychology #iLOVEHUHSbecause it provides a variety of activities and memorable experiences for all kinds of students. HUHS gives every student a chance to do and have fun with whatever they are best at. “Josh is a very dedicated and hard-working student who strives to do his best. He is an excellent example of a high caliber student-athlete at HUHS!” ~Mr. Jeff Martin

Marley Kreger

Clas s of 2018

Sophomore, Class of 2019 Associate School: Erin Activities: Girls Tennis, Girls Track & Field, FBLA/DECA, Student Council, Hartford Chronicle Newspaper Favorite Class: Honors Spanish IV #iLOVEHUHSbecause of its extensive opportunities to get involved and the endless support from all of my teachers and advisers who inspire me to do the very best that I can.

Clas s of 2019

“Marley has been one of the most involved students in our FBLA & DECA chapter. She is always looking for new ways to grow her leadership skills and does so by choosing to attend leadership conferences or taking on new roles within our chapter!” ~Ms. Sturm

Payton Weber

Freshman, Class of 2020 Associate School: Richfield Activities: Football, Basketball, FBLA/DECA (2017-18) Favorite Class: Honors Geometry #iLOVEHUHSbecause of the teachers and fantastic school spirit. The students at HUHS are welcoming and easy to work with. “In class, Payton is a role model student. He is always actively engaged and participates in course discussions. His work is well thought-out, and he always tries his hardest.” ~Ms. Danay

Clas s of 2020


Community PARTNERS

Thank You!

A huge THANK YOU to our sponsors that provided the funding for our new scoreboards in the Field House. On Friday, January 6, 2017, we held the dedication of the scoreboard and recognition of our sponsors at our Boys Basketball game.

Hartford Basketball Club

Pictured above: HUHS Athletic Director, Scott Helms, HBC Board Members: Nick Frank, Neil Reskeske, Jeff Martin, Jesse Egan, and Eric Garretson, and HUHS Principal, Dan Dobner

Broan Nutone

Pictured above: HUHS Athletic Director, Scott Helms, Denise Wilgenbusch and Broan Nutone representative Greg Wilgenbusch, and HUHS Principal, Dan Dobner

Hartford Booster Club

Pictured above: HUHS Athletic Director, Scott Helms, Hartford Booster Club Board Members Monica Braun and President, Sharon Meinberg, and HUHS Principal, Dan Dobner

Quad Graphics

Pictured above: HUHS Athletic Director, Scott Helms, Terri Much, Steve Brault, Cathy Hespric, and Kris Woltmann of Quad Graphics, and HUHS Principal, Dan Dobner




are Say ing COHORT

Many of us wouldn’t be where we are or get close to achieving our dreams if it wasn’t for the wonderful teachers who guided us on our way. ~Sydney Bohman (‘15)

Sophomore year (in college) and I still have a one up on all my classmates thanks to the endless dedication and devotion you show to your students. Thank you so much for all that you do; you are so appreciated. ~Ember Shea (‘15)

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to create life-like scenarios and relating them to a molecular level; those demonstrations and projects have had a HUGE impact on my success in my college biology class. As my professor gives a boring lecture and basically reads from the textbook, I can picture in my head the interactive lesson you taught me. I have had a lot of success in my current biology class and was even able to earn A’s on both exams! Thank you for taking the time to make sure students fully understand concepts; it is greatly appreciated! ~Melissa Mikulec (‘14)

When I took the General Biology course at UW-La Crosse, I used your notes more than my professor’s powerpoints and reviews, and I did well on all the tests. Anyone taking your classes will be very well prepared for college science courses. Keep up the awesome job! ~Kristin Wilfert (‘12)






Kelsey Gill (Richfield) & Carley Skaalen(Friess Lake)


Myra Tadlock (Hartford Jt 1)


Holly Beske (Hartford Jt 1)


12 85%

HUHS Alumni Speak at Science High Interest Day on December 22, 2016. Pictured above are Sean Johnson (‘11), Susan Brown (‘14), and Amy Holzer (‘16). *Years 1-4 Offer College Credit Options

AND AGRI-SCIENCE DEPARTMENT COURSE OFFERINGS AGRI-SCIENCE EXPERIENCES Hands-on experience is a cornerstone of our Agri-Science Department. Student’s experience dissection of specimens, create models, and work directly with animals, whenever possible. Pictured left: Sara Dow (Erin) and Nic Bauer (Hartford Jt 1)

*Animal Science Ag Co-Op /Youth Apprenticeship Dairy Science Exploring Life Science & Ag

Service learning is also important in the classroom. Students in the Horse & Companion Animals class host a fund raiser each year as they learn about advocacy and the importance of scrutinizing nonprofits. The Exploring Life Science classes practices their teamwork while making tieblankets for the Hartford Christmas Project. Pictured left: Justin Ehmke (Herman/H-N-R), Mackenzie Thompson (Hartford Jt 1), Allison Neureuther (St. Gabriels), Katie Brose (Hartford Jt 1), Parker Neu (Herman)

Horse Science & Companion Animals Horticulture/Greenhouse Management Landscape Design Outdoor Conservation *Veterinary Medicine Wildlife Forestry


*Plant & Soil Science *Course is a Science Equivalency Course.

Thanks to Act 114, passed in 2010, eligible high school Agri-Science courses can be taken as a science credit toward graduation. In order to offer more diverse opportunities for HUHS students to meet their graduation requirements, we offer 3 courses for equivalent credit.


Students Modeling A Research Topic

National FFA Organization

Advised By Science Teacher Mark Arnholt

Advised By Agri-Science Teachers Kim Schadrie and June Strupp

SMART Team (Students Modeling A Research Topic) is an opportunity for students to investigate biological sciences at a college level. Run through the Center for Biomolecular Modeling at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, these students will build 3-D models of proteins for area researchers. Team, Pictured left to Students compete with other schools 2015-16 right, top: Taylor Kieckhefer, to complete tasks in 3 phases: 1) Nicole Schmidt, Austin Burg, Kaul, Heidi Stoellinger, Qualification, 2) Research and design, Marissa Advisor, Mr. Mark Arnholt, and 3) Presentation. Students have the Abigail Kastner, Miranda Gall, opportunity to visit their researchers’ Not pictured: Lauren Diol lab facilities as they learn the molecular story of their protein. The 2016 SMART team competed at the 1st annual SMART Team poster session at Marquette University and took 1st place at the event for their work on the role of Cyp17 in androgen production. The 2017 team has been paired with Dr. Makky at Marquette University and are working with MecP2 in patients with Rett Syndrome. They will be presenting their findings at the National Association for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Chicago in April 2017. 2016-17 Team, Pictured, from top left: Jordyn Schultz, Hanna Bertucci, Monica Bertucci, Nicole Weber, Adam Heimermann, Travis Hart, Tasha Rusch, Morgan Lentz, Tiana Dorosz, Hannah Weiss, and Advisor Mr. Mark Arnholt

FFA members are able to develop their leadership and agricultural skills beyond the walls of the classroom. Each summer our members serve up thousands of sundaes at the Wisconsin State Fair, show off their animal handling skills at the Washington & Dodge County Fairs, and compete and network at the Wisconsin State FFA Convention. Jordan, Derik, and Emily Gehring (Hartford Jt. 1) celebrating Derik’s American achievement

Cheyenne Krell (Hartford Jt 1) and Leah Weninger (Herman) sell sundaes at the Wisconsin State Fair

In 2016, Hannah Horst played in the Wisconsin State FFA Honors Band while Leah and Sheila Weninger sang in the Honors Chorus. Sheila was also chosen to play in the National FFA Honors Chorus in Indianapolis this past fall. Mark Herther received 3rd place honors in his Vegetable Production Proficiency at the state leadership competition. Mike Groshek, Raphael Roxas and Kevin Twardokus received their Wisconsin State FFA Degrees and Derik Gehring received his American FFA Degree, an honor earned by less than 0.5% of all members.

HUHS in t he COMMUNITY Our organizations, athletic groups, and classes have been very busy this Fall working on many great causes in the local and greater Hartford community.

Dig Pink

Coaches VS Cancer

HUHS Boys Football in the annual HUHS VS Slinger game, raised $12,605 for the Coaches VS Cancer - American Cancer Society Fund. Pictured above is Mike Daniels from Slinger, Deb Martola, Liz Pap, Janine Nietzel, and Katie Schellinger from Coaches VS Cancer, and Scott Helms, HUHS Athletic Director.

Girls Tennis for Gilda’s Club

HUHS Girls Tennis organized sales days at Cousins Subs and Papa Murphy’s in Hartford for a portion of sales on a certain date to go to Gilda’s Club in Madison. The girls raised $230.

Penny War for a Cause

HUHS Girls Volleyball team raised $805 for the Dig Pink foundation that benefits Breast Cancer Research. Pictured above are: Sydney Nienhaus (Erin), and Kaitlyn Stamm (Hartford Jt 1).

Pink Hair for Hope Student Council sold pink hair extensions with proceeds benefitting American Cancer Society. They raised $250.

H-Club Food Drive

Trick or Can

Members of FBLA, DECA, and FFA partipated in Trick or Can and collected 915 items for the Hartford Food Pantry. Pictured above are: Marley Kreger (Erin), Tanner Brault (Hartford Jt 1), Jordyn Sutrick (Hartford Jt 1), and Sophia Stingl (Friess Lake).

H-Club Lincoln & Richfield Fun Runs Our H-Club Students organized the Lincoln and Richfield Fun Runs for students at their respective schools.

Cross Country Challenge

In October, the Cross Country team sponsored the “Grade School Challenge” race that allowed students from Hartford Area Schools to participate in a race with Ozzy and the Cross Country Team.

Students in Ms. Kim Schadrie’s Horse & Companion Animals class donated approximately $1,600 to animal related charities like the Washington County Humane Society, PAWS, the ASPCA, and the Free Roaming Feline Program as well as Make a Wish-Wisconsin through their service learning project.

H-Club held its annual Food Drive for the Hartford Food Pantry raising $1,032 and 900 food items. Pictured above are (winning class) teacher, Terry Wick and H-Club member Cordell Hron (Peace).

Shamrock Shuffle 5K Run/Walk & Leprechaun Lap 1 Mile Run/Walk Saturday, March 18, 2017 Registration 8-8:45am, Race Begins at 9:00am

Cost: Pre-Registration - $20 Registration Information can be found on the Athletics & Activities Website at - Athletics & Activities Race Day - $25

H-Club & FFA Collect Toys and Money for Toys 4 Tots-Hartford Christmas Committee

Students in H-Club and FFA worked together to gather money and toys for the Hartord Christmas Committee’s annual Toys 4 Tots Campaign. FFA held their annual Fruit Sale to earn money for the cause to go shopping, and H-Club held their class drive during 1st Hour in December. Pictured above, from top left to right are: Ryan Zuern (St. Kilians), Luke Carroll (St. Kilians), Jack Johnson (Hartford Jt 1), Allison Dentice (Hartford Jt 1), Morgan Lentz (Peace), Mikala Hall (Friess Lake), Taylor Weyer (Richfield), Hailey Klink (Hartford Jt 1), Abby Hamilton (Richfield), Cheyenne Krell (Hartford Jt 1), Hannah Krell (Hartford Jt 1), Leah Weninger (Herman/H-N-R), Brandon Strupp (Hartford Jt 1), Heather Griesmer (Hartford Jt 1), Sheila Weninger (Herman/H-N-R), Jordan Gehring (Hartford Jt 1), Quinn Meinerz (Hartford Jt 1), Front, Left to Right: Joey Buddenhagen (Erin), Cassidy Sheehan (St. Gabriel), Megan Kellicut (Friess Lake), Megan Zickert (Erin)

Peers 4 Peers Red Ribbon Week During Red Ribbon Week the Peers 4 Peers hosted a Movie Night for Central Middle School Students.


All local Associate District Schools were invited to a free matinee of our fall musical, “Mary Poppins” Pictured above is Josie De Rosa (Erin).

H-Club Erin Fitness Friday

H-Club students organized a “Fitness Friday” event for students at Erin School through the NFL Play 60 Program.

Student Council Blood Drive

Student Council members held their first Blood Drive of the year on November 30. It was the busiest drive they’ve had yet, collecting 122 whole blood units and 10 Dual Red Units. Save the Date for the next Blood Drive on February 21. Pictured above are: Maddie Davis (Friess Lake) and Chloe Grusynski (Hartford Jt 1).

Miracle Minute Our HUHS School and

Community came together for a HUHS family that lost their home to a fire. On December 22, in one minute, the students and staff came together and raised $6,025 for the family, right before the holidays!

Play 60

HUHS Football players teamed up with the Packers and the NFL Play 60 program to put on a camp for the H-N-R District last fall. Shown above is Adrian Schroeder (Herman).

At hlet ic s CELEBRATIONS In our Fall issue of our District Newsletter, our Fall Athletic Awards season had only just begun. Since we last reported, a lot has been added to our Fall sports celebrations! What a great start to the year that has continued into Winter!

ALL COUNTY PLAYERS OF THE YEAR Girl s Volleyball Boy s Soccer

Abby Hamilton Richfield Player of the Year 2nd Team All State Alivia Marks - Honorable Mention All County

Cristian Tyrpak Hartford Jt 1 Player of the Year All State Honorable Mention


Ryan Zuern St. Kilians Player of the Year 1st Team All State Running Back

Josh Much - 1st Team All County Quinn Meinerz - Honorable Mention All Ethan Hanisko - 1st Team All County State Offensive Line & Quinn Kennedy - 1st Team All County Defensive Line, 2nd Nathan Seibold - Honorable Mention All Team All Area Offensive County Line, 1st Team All County Defensive Line/ Offensive Line Cordell Hron - Honorable Mention All County Offense Cody Guetzke - 1st Team All County Defense Jake Katzeberger - Honorable Mention

Congratul at ion s! ATHLETES OF THE MONTH December November

All County Offense


Check out our HUHS Athletes on their reasons they chose athletics!

Follow HUHS Athletics on Twitter Morgan Lentz Peace Girls Basketball

Santiago Cloud Hartford Jt 1 Boys Swimming


Two New SPORTS Beginning in Fall 2017, HUHS will have Boys Volleyball. After completing an interest survey last year, results yielded the necessity to research the possibility of adding the team. This research became a reality at the December School Board meeting when the Board approved Boys Volleyball as well as Competitive Dance (the current HUHS Dance is a club). A search is currently taking place for a Boys Volleyball Head Coach, and Dana O’Neill will continue on as the Dance Team coach.

Our TALENT Along with all of our students, our staff make a big difference with our students, each day. We have chosen two people that we believe carry out our mission statement and represent what Hartford Union High School District values.

Maint enance Dan Retzlaff

There is certainly a reason that Dan Retzlaff represents Hartford Union High School District, as he has been employed since he was a Junior attending HUHS. Dan has the most seniority of anyone in our building. His hard work and dedication at HUHS does not go un-noticed and he is always in a good mood. He consistently works towards keeping our District in great order, specifically working on the pool and lighting. If he’s not fixing something, he is probably hanging out with our kitchen staff, who will talk about his peculiar love for ketchup! Dan is an allaround great employee that HUHS has been very blessed to have for 33 years! “I’ve been coaching in this pool for twenty years. In other schools I had worked prior to HUHS, I found custodians to be some of the grumpiest and unhelpful people in the building. Within my first week here, I came to realize that this whole custodial staff really feels a deep devotion to helping students. Dan Retzlaff personifies that. He’s definitely a dedicated member of the HUHS team. Through the years, we’ve had many deep philosophical discussions and even deeper belly laughs. “ ~Pete Meinberg, Girls Swim Coach/Teacher

Teacher Mark Arnholt

Mark Arnholt is a Science Teacher in our featured department of this issue. Mr. Arnholt exemplifies what it means to be an educator in most every possible way. He goes above and beyond in his teaching on a daily basis. A few quotes from those that work with him everyday, help to get an idea of how lucky students in his classes are. “Mr Arnholt has a truly strong passion for his job. Students thrive off his enthusiasm. He’s an extremely intelligent and comical teacher yet very humble and interpersonal.” ~Morgan Lentz, Senior SMART Team

“Mark is one of the most selfless people/teachers I have ever met. He puts his students first and continually provides opportunities outside of the school day for them. Mark has volunteered for several years to run the District’s SMART Team for his PLTW students. He also agreed to spend two weeks this past summer to supervise eight of our students, so they could participate in a hands-on Healthcare Career Academy at a local hospital. Mark is a true asset to HUHS, and we are very proud to have him as an integral part of our school and Science Department.” ~Jon Duhr, Director of Teaching & Learning

HARTFORD UNION HIGH SCHOOL 805 Cedar Street Hartford, WI 53027




Hartford Union High School District To learn more about current events and to keep up with the daily happenings and news at HUHS, follow our website at: We can also be found at:

Di strict

COMMUNICATIONSFacebook: Hartford Union High School District

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Nondiscrimination Statement:It is the policy of the Hartford Union High School District, pursuant to s. 118.13, WI Stats., and PI 9 that no person, on the basis of race, color, age, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, sex (including transgender status, change of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity), pregnancy, marital or parental status, military status, genetic information, or physical, mental, emotional, learning disability or handicap, may be denied participation, be denied admission to any school in this District or be denied participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any co-curricular, pupil service, recreation, or other program. This policy also prohibits discrimination as defined by Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 (sex), Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (race and national origin), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Hartford Union High School District has adopted a policy of nondiscrimination. In addition, the District has adopted procedures regarding the processing of discrimination complaints. Copies of the policy, procedures and complaint forms are available, upon request from any administrator. It is the policy of the Hartford Union High School District, pursuant to PI 41.04(1)(a), to provide for the reasonable accommodation of a student’s sincerely held religious beliefs with regard to examinations and other academic requirements. Requests for accommodations may be directed to any administrator. Questions or concerns regarding the District’s nondiscrimination policy and procedures should be directed to the Coordinator of Discrimination Complaints, Chad Ellefson, Hartford Union High School, 805 Cedar Street, Hartford, WI 53027, (262) 670-3200.

Ovations - January 2017 - Issue 2  

The Oriole Ovations from Hartford Union High School District for the Fall 2016 and the start of Winter 2017.

Ovations - January 2017 - Issue 2  

The Oriole Ovations from Hartford Union High School District for the Fall 2016 and the start of Winter 2017.