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Winter 2018, Issue 2 Volume 2

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A Letter from Our


Welcome to the 2017 – 2018 school year! This year is an important year for both planning and action. First, our planning includes the completion of our Strategic Plan (2020: Create Our Future!) in December for Board review and approval. Then, we will take action in January to begin implementing it and achieving its goals. We will have 3 – 5 goals that will guide the District for three years, January 2018 – December 2020. Josh Schoemann

School Board President

Second, we are developing a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for facility/grounds improvements, as well as a plan for non-capital items. The CIP framework was presented to the Board on October 30, and it will be completed by March, which will include ranking by needs, cost estimates, and time lines. As part of the CIP, the Board approved replacement of a major section of the building’s fire alarm system, as well as renovation of our small gym. Both items are at the top of the needs list. The fire alarm system will be replaced by the end of winter, and the small gym renovation will take place between February 26 - June 7.

Third, after much planning this past summer, we launched a school wide literacy initiative to positively impact student academic achievement in every area. A core team of three teachers with expertise and passion for literacy lead a supportive team of 10 – 14 faculty. We are infusing literacy skills, tactics, strategies, etc., across the curriculum, as well as academic language used in standardized tests Attila J. Weninger, Ph.D. (e.g., ACT).


Finally, we are taking a “deep dive” into teacher evaluation using the highly regarded and researched Danielson Framework for Teaching. Faculty and Administration are receiving training in the Framework in six professional development days, and Administrators and Department Chairs are also being trained in how to use the Framework for observation, informing best practices, and evaluation. Thank you for your continued support of HUHS! We are proud to serve the community by preparing and developing our most important assets: students. Sincerely, Josh Schoemann, President Attila J. Weninger, Ph.D. Board of Education Superintendent



Our Associate


H-N-R Schools

Fourth Graders Go Global!

This year the Honor Elementary fourth grade is on a mission to think, study, and become global learners. They have used a variety of resources to reach out to different parts of the world and learn how others live in their everyday lives. The fourth graders participated in the Global Read Aloud and read the book, The Wild Robot, with other classes from around the world. While reading the book, some classes would participate in a Mystery Skype together. Each class would try to figure out where the other class was located by asking and answering yes or no questions. The Mystery Skype helped kids connect to others from various parts of the world who were reading the same book. The fourth graders would discuss parts of the book with the other class, as well. Honor 4th graders also used Edmodo, a classroom communication hub, to connect to classrooms around the U.S. and world. With Edmodo, the classes were able to link to shared Padlets (virtual “bulletin” boards) and Google forms where students could respond to questions about the book and read or view responses of other readers from many different schools. Fourth graders also hand-made bears, Honor Explorers, to be sent around the world along with a journal to capture who had their bears and where they were living. The fourth graders are getting mail and emails from all over telling them about where their bears have been staying. Students from both 4th grade classes at Honor Elementary are able to view classmates’ emails by using the Edmodo platform. They have also begun to post Honor Explorer locations on a shared Google Map. By the end of the year, the Honor Elementary fourth grade will have built a solid foundation for using technology to respectfully connect with others from around the world. This year the goal for learning is to instill global citizenship throughout the classrooms.

Peace Lutheran School

For over ten years, Peace Lutheran School has partnered with the Schauer Arts Center for its annual spring musical performances. The Peace middle school students present back to back shows in April – typically to sold out crowds. This partnership enables Peace to share its excellence in Fine Arts with the Hartford Community. Peace has a strong fine arts tradition with nearly 60% of all middle school students participating in some way. Past shows have included junior versions of popular shows such as: Seussical, Fiddler on the Roof, Music Man, Beauty and the Beast, and many more. These shows are executed with only one week of stage time which makes the quality of these performances even more noteworthy. The Hartford Community is invited to join the Peace Lutheran family on Friday, April 27th and Saturday, April 28th for this year’s show: Peter Pan, Jr.

Excellence in Fine Arts



The reason that we do what we do. Here are only a few of the students that we want to recognize for the great things that they do every day!

Michael Faust

Emily Rohloff

Favorite Class at HUHS? School Service

Favorite Class(es) at HUHS? AP Language & Composition & AP Biology Future Aspirations? To become a Physician Assistant and work at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee.

Friess Lake

Future Aspirations? Wants to become a Blacksmith.

St. Kilian

018 ss of 2 a l C , r io Sen Mike is such a fun kid to be around. Over the past two years I’ve appreciated having Mike in two of my classes. In the first, he was a diligent student, who despite his limited interest in English consistently completed work and never complained about it. This year, he made every single day in class enjoyable with his goofy sense of humor and his ability to engage other students into the material. And now that I don’t have him in class anymore, I still get an enthusiastic hello every single day. It puts a smile on my face every time. ~Ms. Jessica Carter, English Teacher

Emily is exactly the type of student I want in my classes. She is sweet and respectful, but also inquisitive and persistent. I can always count on Emily to struggle through difficult texts or explain what a writer is trying to say to her peers. And she always does it with a smile on her face. She works hard despite already being a talented student and writer. I enjoy hearing what she has to say each and every day. ~Ms. Jessica Carter, English Teacher

Lilly Betts

Reese Komp

Favorite Class at HUHS? All PLTW (Project Lead the Way), Currently in Human Body Systems

Favorite Class at HUHS? World Cultures


of 2020 s s a l C re, Sophomo

019 ss of 2 a l C , r o Juni

Future Aspirations? Still deciding on an Optometrist, Dermatologist, or Dentist

Lilly is a devoted student all around. In the art classroom she strives to improve her skills every day and never delivers anything less than her very best. She is also involved with a pottery fund raising project, selflessly giving hours of her time to help others. ~Ms. Kim Pietruszynski, Art Teacher


Future Aspirations? Beginning to look at a career in Law

of 2021 s s a l C n, Freshma Reese is a kind and respectful student. He actively participates, listens, and brings great insight into class discussion. We are proud to have him in our English 9 class. ~Ms. Jody King, English Teacher




Your $20,000 donation to our Technology & Engineering Education (TEE) Department will allow for our students in our courses to continue learning on cutting edge tools and equipment!

THANK YOU! Thank You First National Bank of Hartford for your continued support of our Athletics and Academics programs: you help our students in many ways. Their most recent $10,000 donation is for our updated scoreboard for the football field and track and field behind our school.

An In-Depth Look at our


OUR TEACHERS Ms. Sue Algiers Ms. Lisa Fendt Ms. Kelly Yach Ms. Coral Loebel Ms. Sara Ruiz Department Chair


FRENCH TRIP TO FRANCE This past summer, 14 French students from HUHS had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in France experiencing the language, history, culture and foods that they have been studying in class. They were able to experience the Alps in all their glory, the warm sunny Mediterranean coast, and the 2,000-year old history found there. They walked the streets of medieval walled cities such as Carcassonne on their way to visit the “pink” city of Toulouse. Our students also had the somber experience of visiting the remains of WWII atrocities at Oradure and Normandy. As one student commented, “History just got real.” Another region included visits to the Renaissance castles of Chenonceau and Chambord in the Loire Valley. They also had the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of nobility with a visit to the Palace of Versailles. The trip ended with most of the major monuments and museums of Paris.


SPANISH CONVERSATION After Honors Spanish IV, students have the opportunity to take Spanish Conversation. Students spend the majority of their time working on their speaking skills including presentations and spontaneous speaking opportunities like conversation circles. This fall, students worked in groups to recreate holiday experiences from Spanish speaking countries. This included providing background experiences about the holidays, as well as activities for the class to participate in. Students were able to taste holiday related foods like tres leches birthday cake and participate in activities such as decorating Easter eggs and filling them with confetti (called cascarones in Spanish) to smash on people’s heads, as well as learning the traditional song sung while hitting a pinata.

AP SPANISH CHANGES TO CAPP SPANISH V Students currently are able to take AP Spanish Language and Culture as a class after Honors Spanish IV or Spanish Conversation. However, due to the minimal number of college credits available to students who pass the AP Exam, the class will be replaced in Fall 2018 with CAPP Spanish 5. CAPP Spanish V is a concurrent enrollment program through UW Oshkosh. It is a college level course taught by a HUHS teacher and allows students to receive up to 5 credits for the course (students pay a reduced college tuition rate) and 11 retroactive credits if the student receives an A or a B in the course. We are looking forward to making this change and supporting students as they prepare for college. If you have questions about the CAPP change, please contact the Fine Arts Department Chair, Sara Ruiz, at or (262) 670 - 3200 ext. 293.

SPANISH TRIPS In July of 2017, 25 HUHS students and chaperones traveled to Lima, Cuzco and Puno, Peru for 11 days. The students and teachers stayed with local families in Cuzco, learning about language and culture and eating Peruvianstyle delicacies. Using Cuzco as a base, they explored many famous archaeological sites like Oyantaybambo and Pisac, as well as the bucket-list wonder of the world, Machu Picchu. They sampled local delicacies like roasted guinea pig and chicha, and fresh trout from the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca. They worked and played with young students from a rural school and gave them gifts of much-needed school supplies. It was an exhilarating experience for these adventurous students and teachers. June 14 - 21st, 2018, 31 students and 5 chaperones will be traveling to Costa Rica.

and our MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT MATH TEAM The Math Team participates in 6 Wisconsin Math League (WML) contests throughout the school year, along with 4 invitationals and 1 North Shore Conference meet. Math meets consist of JV and Varsity competitions. About 80 students participate in the WMLs, and about 40 students travel to the invites. This year, the varsity “mathletes� designed and printed their own t-shirts in the HUHS graphics department to wear to competitions.

DEPARTMENT BOOK STUDY The Math Department is working on professional development each month by participating in a book study. The book is called Taking Action: Implementing Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices published by NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics). Recent discussions have focused on how to develop lessons on conceptual thinking rather than procedural thinking. Each month a different member of the Math Department facilitates the discussion.

PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Algebra teachers applied what they learned from the book study and developed a series of lessons focused on rate of change. During one of these lessons, students watched a variety of 15 second videos and had to predict what the graph would look like.

MATH CLUB What do we do?


-Participate in the Homecoming Parade -Design a Math Club T-Shirt -Host the annual Middle School Math Meet for 250-300 Middle School Students -Celebrate Pi Day -Provide Math Decor in the Hallways Members


-Co-Secretaries Caden Benson and Bethany Everts -Co-Treasurers Alyssa Hoppe and Julia Brown -Director of Middle School Math Meet Anna Kregel

Spotlight on Alumni

What does an HUHS Education Mean to You?

Da n i K uep p e r , C la s s o f ‘91

Artistic Director, Danceworks, Inc; Senior Lecturer, UW-Milwaukee

Dani Kuepper, nee Wallisch, is the Artistic Director of Danceworks, Inc. in Milwaukee. She joined Danceworks Performance Company in 1998 and has since choreographed more than 35 dances for the company. As a Danceworker, she has enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate extensively in the Milwaukee community with established organizations such as Present Music, First Stage Children’s Theatre, Florentine Opera, Milwaukee Opera Theatre, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, The Tontine Ensemble, Chant Claire Chamber Choir, as well as interdisciplinary independent artists from the Milwaukee community. Dani received both her BFA and MFA from UW-Milwaukee, where she has been a faculty member of the UWM Dance Department since 1999. As an undergraduate at UWM, Dani choreographed and performed the solo, Mrs. Schultz, at the national American College Dance Festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. She was honored in 2009 as a “Forty Under 40” recipient by the Business Journal of Milwaukee and also received the UWM Alumni Association Teaching Excellence Award for non-tenure track instructors in 2010.

What does an HUHS education mean to you?

“The most profound aspect of my education at HUHS (1987-1991) was being a part of the strong choral program, directed by Ruth Knoll. Ms. Knoll was committed to excellence and would do anything she could to develop her students’ artistry. She gave us all private lessons during lunch hours - meaning that she gave up her own lunch breaks. She committed her life to ensure student success. Ms. Knoll gave me the opportunity to begin my choreographic resume at HUHS, setting dances on the Show Choir. When I was a member of KIDS from Wisconsin in High School, directors frequently noted the fine choral program that I had been trained in, led by Ruth Knoll. She established a well-known precedent of professionalism and artistry that is sustained by the new directors of the program - Emily Schumacher and Ernie Brusabardis III. I looked forward to everyday of choir and found my home in that room. I am so proud that my daughter, Louiza Kuepper has the same home away from home, in the choir room at HUHS.”

Tim Alg iers , Cl a ss o f ‘7 8

Attorney, O’Meara Law Firm & Hartford City Attorney

Tim Algiers is the owner of and senior attorney of the three attorneys at the O’Meara Law Firm in Hartford and West Bend. Attorney Algiers specializes in representing injured people. Mr. Algiers is also the City of Hartford prosecutor, and prosecutes for many other area municipalities. The O’Meara Law Firm has been a part of Washington County since 1870 and is Washington County’s oldest law firm. Tim and his wife Susan are two of the principal owners of Bethrick, Inc, the creator of the GreatPlate. Attorney Algiers received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Spanish from Marquette University and his Juris Doctor in Law from Marquette University Law School. He served in the U.S. Navy as a Judge Advocate General lawyer for five years of active duty, in Southern Spain and San Francisco, and then spent ten years as a reservist. Mr. Algiers is active in the Hartford community in a number of organizations, including St. Kilian Catholic Church and the Hartford Rotary Club. Mr. Algiers graduated from HUHS following in both of his parents’ footsteps and then headed to Marquette where he met and married his wife Susan, a Spanish Teacher at HUHS. They have three children who have all earned highest-honors HUHS diplomas and have since graduated from UW-Madison. In addition to his active community service, he is particularly proud of his and his wife’s involvement in the HUHS community. Mr. Algiers has supported our students in athletics, music, and Student Council and has chaperoned four different Spanish trips with our students to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, and Guatemala.

What does an HUHS education mean to you?

“An HUHS education means even more to me today then it did back in the ‘70’s. My own three children exited Hartford Union High School well prepared to succeed at UW-Madison. Having the skills necessary to experience success in college or the workforce is paramount. The school has changed from being a good school back then to a great school now. In community business and in local industry, our community appreciates and credits the Technology and Engineering Education (TEE) department as an excellent training program for future employees. HUHS is truly a well-rounded school that also advances the goals of the college-bound students. I think that whatever an HUHS grad chooses to do or wherever he or she decides to go, the HUHS graduate will leave the high school well prepared for success.”

Steve Bes t, Cl a ss o f ‘9 1

Physical Education and Health Teacher, Hartford Union High School

Mr. Steve Best graduated from HUHS in 1991 after a very successful high school wrestling experience. Mr. Best was named State Wrestler of the Year two times during his high school experience and brought home two state championships. He attended UW-Madison on a wrestling scholarship and continued his success in college. He graduated from UW-Madison with a Bachelors degree in Political Science, but then decided he wanted to become a Teacher. He went to St. Cloud State University where he began his coaching career while earning his second degree in Education. After college he found a position in Physical Education and coaching football and wrestling in Texas. He spent two years in Texas before the position at HUHS opened up. He has worked at HUHS in our physical education and health department and as a wrestling coach since 200. At HUHS Mr. Best spent 16-years at the helm of the wrestling program with a career record of 192-90, 13 of those as head coach. During his time leading Hartford’s team, the program received many awards including: 43 Individual State Qualifiers; 24 Individual State Place Winners; 6 Individual State Titles; 7 Conference Titles; 3 Team State Appearances,1 State Final Appearance, and Mr. Best was named the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Coach of the Year in 2012. Mr. Best and his wife Alyssa live in Watertown and have a son, Harrison (5) and a daughter, Hayden (2).

What does an HUHS education mean to you?

“The teachers at HUHS cared about my success both in and out of the classroom. They were great role models that worked hard to help to prepare me for success in college and life. Mr. Don Kreuser taught me about work ethic and how important it was to create good connections with students.”

AATSP Spanish Teacher of the Year Congratulations Sara Ruiz! Congratulations to Hartford Union High School Spanish Teacher Sara Ruiz, who has been named Wisconsin’s Spanish Teacher of the Year by the AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese)-WI. She received this recognition in November at their annual conference. Senora Ruiz lives in West Bend with her husband Gabriel and three children Abi (5), Adrian (3), and Amelia (1). Senora Ruiz is in her 2nd year of teaching at HUHS and prior to that spending 9 years in West Bend. She has taught every level of Spanish from 6th grade through high school. In the classroom she focuses on language production and getting students involved in speaking, listening, writing, and reading on a daily basis while making it fun and relevant to their lives. “My passion to teach comes from the students. I love seeing them get excited about different topics we are discussing and watching them get excited about communicating in another language. Watching a student go from being able to say hello or goodbye to being able to have a whole conversation in Spanish is an amazing journey to witness, “ said Senora Ruiz. HUHS Senior Kaitlyn Kerrigan adds, “Senora Ruiz is truly a great teacher. Spanish is a hard skill to teach students, and I think she does it very well. She incorporates a lot of fun learning into the language that helps to retain the information.” Outside of the classroom, Senora Ruiz involves her students and herself in the Latino community. Senora Ruiz was on the founding committee for Casa Guadalupe’s Dream to Succeed program, which supports high school students as they graduate from high school and look at their future college and career options. Additionally, she has volunteered annually with Centro Hispano in Milwaukee alongside students for their Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive and assisted packing boxes of food to provide Thanksgiving meals for hundreds of families in the community. She has coordinated various trips for her students to Peru and Panama, and is very excited to be taking 31 HUHS students to Costa Rica this summer. Professionally, Senora Ruiz is the Co-coordinator for the AATSP-WI State Spanish Pronunciation Contest. She organizes and coordinates a day-long event in which students memorize poems, short narrations or participate in short theater performances in Spanish. She also has acted as the AATSP Webmaster/Communications Coordinator for the last six years. HUHS is very proud to have Senora Ruiz as a part of our World Languages department. Our students are lucky to experience such a passionate and driven teacher each day. Congratulations to Senora Sara Ruiz!

Our Talented People Tim Hegy

Laurell Scholz

Health Technician

Mr. Tim Hegy has always been an Oriole, he married an Oriole, and his Dad was an Oriole--one reason that it is so easy for him to put such TLC into every part of our school with every project and task that he completes. Mr. Hegy was hired at HUHS in August of 1997, after the brand new field house was built as a second shift custodian. For the last 10-years, he has worked in our Maintenance Department on first shift. He married his wife, Gina, in 1994, and they have two daughters, Morgan (22) and Noelle (16). During his free time, Tim enjoys doing projects outside and mowing lawn. HUHS is lucky to have a dedicated and hardworking Maintenance person, and it truly shows throughout our building.




“Tim Hegy is a “man of many hats”...Tim is an electrician, HVAC tech, plumber, activities coordinator, groundskeeper and custodian all in one day. He handles all of his tasks efficiently with a calm, quiet demeanor, and without complaining or becoming overwhelmed. You add that to his teamwork driven passion and community spirit here at Hartford, and you get the well rounded, intelligent, dedicated employee that every business entity strives for. The Buildings & Grounds Dept here at HUHS is extremely lucky and fortunate to have Tim as a stand out team leader. If something needs to be done, Tim can and will care of it, no questions asked. -Mr. Frank Lord, Director of Buildings & Grounds

Ms. Laurell Scholz has been working in emergency care for over 25 years; as a volunteer firefighter for several years, as a Critical Care Technician in the emergency room & ICU at St. Joseph’s Hospital, and as a volunteer ski patroller and outdoor emergency care instructor. Ms. Scholz has been working in public education in Wisconsin for 27 years and has been at HUHS since 2011. When she is not working, she enjoys geocaching (hi-tech treasure hunting), reading, painting acrylic “masterpieces”, and any kind of craft or DIY project. She absolutely loves her job at HUHS and working here has been the highlight of her career! Ms. Scholz takes great care of all of the students and staff at HUHS, and we are fortunate to have her.



Laurell Scholz is exactly everything you would look for in someone to take care of your sick child until you can get to them; kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and proactive. She cares about the students and their well being and it shows in how she runs the Health Room. -Ms. Tammy Rolsma, Attendance Office Manager

Athletics and Activities


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HUHS in the

COMMUNITY H-Club & FFA Toys 4 Tots Drive

This year was another extremely successful year for the Toys 4 Tots drive to support the Hartford Christmas Committee. The FFA students organized a very successful fruit sale where all proceeds went to the drive and our H-Club members coordinated efforts between HUHS, Central, Lincoln, Rossman, and St. Kilian’s in December to collect toys and other donations. In total, $7,000 in donations and four truck loads of toys and other gifts were collected by all of the organizations and schools. Thank you to all of the people that helped our students with this worthy Hartford holiday cause.

H-Club Thanksgiving Food Drive H-Club members held another successful Food Drive the week of November 13-17, 2017 to benefit the Hartford Food Pantry. The drive was a huge success and raised $2,100 in cash, canned food and other donations!

FBLA, DECA, & FFA Trick or Can Members of FBLA, DECA, and FFA collected canned goods in place of Trick or Treating this year and collected 640 items for the Hartford Food Pantry.

Project 4 Awesome - Penny War Students in Horse/Companion Animal Science class held a Penny War during 3rd hour in December in honor of Project 4 Awesome, where they focused their efforts on the following charities: Heifer International, Alley Cat Allies, Florence Area Humane Society, Washington County Humane Society, Jr’s Pups-n-Stuff, Rescue Warrior Corp, Tailwaggers 911, Doctors without Borders, Farm Sanctuary, Paddy’s Paws, and Waukesha Humane Society. The Penny War brought out a lot of class competitions and raised $1500 to go towards the charities.

Supply Drive Students in Horse/Companion Animal Science class held a supply drive for the Washington County Humane Society. Students that donated all received a ticket to “Duct Tape Mr. Dobner or Ms. Rolsma to the Wall” in support of their donations.

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POPCORN! Please join us! All parents and students are highly encouraged to attend!


Nondiscrimination Statement:It is the policy of the Hartford Union High School District, pursuant to s. 118.13, WI Stats., and PI 9 that no person, on the basis of race, color, age, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, sex (including transgender status, change of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity), pregnancy, marital or parental status, military status, genetic information, or physical, mental, emotional, learning disability or handicap, may be denied participation, be denied admission to any school in this District or be denied participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any co-curricular, pupil service, recreation, or other program. This policy also prohibits discrimination as defined by Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 (sex), Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (race and national origin), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Hartford Union High School District has adopted a policy of nondiscrimination. In addition, the District has adopted procedures regarding the processing of discrimination complaints. Copies of the policy, procedures and complaint forms are available, upon request from any administrator. It is the policy of the Hartford Union High School District, pursuant to PI 41.04(1)(a), to provide for the reasonable accommodation of a student’s sincerely held religious beliefs with regard to examinations and other academic requirements. Requests for accommodations may be directed to any administrator. Questions or concerns regarding the District’s nondiscrimination policy and procedures should be directed to the Human Resources Supervisor or the Director of Business Services, Hartford Union High School, 805 Cedar Street, Hartford, WI 53027, (262) 670-3200.

HUHS Winter Ovations  

The Hartford Union High School Winter District Newsletter.

HUHS Winter Ovations  

The Hartford Union High School Winter District Newsletter.