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Summer 2018, Issue 2 Volume 4 805 Cedar Street, Hartford

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Herman l Neosho l Rubicon School District

Honoring the past, Embracing the future

A Letter from Our

BOARD PRESIDENT & SUPERINTENDENT Dear HUHS Community, For those of you able to join us at Graduation, I’m sure you’ll agree that it was a memorable day. Not only were our Class of 2018 graduates celebrated, but so were their parents, HUHS alumni (including 2 alumni from 1941!), veterans, and other esteemed guests. To all those who are honoring the accomplishments of their beloved daughters and sons, nieces and nephews, friends and neighbors, Congratulations! Graduation offers a point of reflection, and as we look back over the past year, there are a few items that deserve to be highlighted. Deb Reinbold

School Board President

Retirees – A special THANK YOU to Mark Capps​, M ​ ath and Science teacher;​and Ellen Engebretsen, Library Support Specialist, for your service to the ​​District. We wish you the best in your retirement! Community Service Day – Approximately 1,100 HUHS students plus 175 staff were in the community performing individual and group community service. We owe a huge thank you to all who participated, but a special thank you is deserved by Stevy Schliewe as she organized and coordinated the day’s events! Holy Hill Area School District – On July 1, 2018, the school districts of Friess Lake and Richfield will merge together into the Holy Hill Area School District. Inaugural Grad Walk – Graduating students returned to their Associate S​ chools, fully dressed in caps​and gowns. This was a huge hit with both students and staff, and a tradition that we look forward to continuing. Small Gym Renovation – Bleachers are in, banners are hung, and the A/C is working! Finally, we’d like to thank each of you as you

Attila J. Weninger, Ph.D. continue to support our District. We are proud


to serve you and look forward to this fall as we welcome in the class of 2022! Sincerely,

Deborah Reinbold, President, Board of Education Attila ​J. ​Weninger​, Ph.D. Superintendent​

Richard Smith won I Am Sport Award The Journal Sentinel recognizes and honors the top athletic students in Southeastern Wisconsin High School Sports. Richard Smith, a senior at HUHS, was nominated by Mr. Helms, HUHS Athletic Director. The top 3 candidates were selected by the Journal Sentinel and had online voting for the winner. On May 14th, Richard Smith won the I Am Sport Award from the Journal Sentinel. Richard is very deserving of this award. While competing in 3 sports, Richard still makes time to work with and mentor youth in our community. Richard coaches youth flag football, works with youth baskeball players, officiates middle school track meet at HUHS, worked with elementary and middle school Fitness Fridays, and speaks with the students about the importance of physical fitness. Richard’s compassion and dedication to our youth is inspiring.

Tracy Hennes

Bill Savage

Jeff Becker

Scott Henke

Surpasses Goal!

Thanks to the HUHS community, Mr. Kasza’s Leadership & Project Management class was able to surpass it’s goal of collecting 1,000 stuffed animals within a month. With the addition of a few last minute donations, the final total was 1,421 toy items. Through Operation Christmas Child, the stuffed animals will be sent to needy children around the world and will add comfort and joy to their lives.

Our Associate


Principal Carron being slimed.

Timeline of the the school district

On Wednesday, May 30th the Richfield Joint School District No. 1 celebrated 150 years of service. The youth of the Richfield community had a huge Birthday Bash and Math & Literacy Night. While math and reading were the academic focus, student-created artifacts were the main display. A timeline of the history of the school district, inclusive of photographs, time capsule letters, and world history, created by the Art, English Language Arts, and History classes was on display. Further, the band and cheerleaders performed, and the night ended with Principal Carron being slimed! In addition to supporting families academically, students, staff, and parents were able to recognize the historical significance of the school district one final time before the district will unite with the Friess Lake School District to become the Holy Hill Area School District on July 1st.

On Tuesday, June 5th, staff, students, parents, alumni, friends, and family gathered at Plat School to celebrate its impact on the school community and, to say their final, “Farewell.” The evening began with student performances-- including an entirely new cheer about Plat from the cheerleading squad, a presentation by the administration and board, and an unveiling of the Plat Mural, designed and created by the students of Plat School under the direction of Art Teacher, Ms. Kassia Kostuch. The remainder of the evening afforded families the opportunity to tour the school, reminisce on good times and meet others who shared their love of Plat School. To understand the impact this country school had on the community, you needn’t look further than the attendance at the event, which boasted graduates from the 1980s, 1970s, and even 1932 graduate Gerry Flynn! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to touching the lives of our students; you will forever be in our hearts!

Left to right: Gerry Flynn 1932 graduate; Lee Weber 1978 graduate; Unveiling of the Plat Mural Kim Guetzke Weber graduate 1986



SENIORS Class of 2018 Molly Hansen

Future Plans: UW- Milwaukee for Finance or Accounting Associate School: St. Gabriel Favorite Class: AP Statistics Favorite thing about HUHS: The friendly environment and variety of co-curricular and classes I can take. Activities: NHS, Writing Center, and Math Club “Molly is a great student and an overall sweet girl. She always has a smile on her face and takes interest in what we are learning and the lives of those around her. She always works hard and is creative in her work and makes learning fun. I told her she is not allowed to graduate and has to stay back to take my class again next year because I enjoy having her in class and just talking to her. My favorite memory is when she got me a coffee mug that says “I really, really, really love my dog” as she has heard me talk about my reservations in getting a puppy this past year.” ~Sara Ruiz, Spanish Teacher

Zach Rupp

Future Plans: Going into landscaping but would like to be a writer. I am currently writing a book right now. Associate School: CMS Favorite Class: Creative Writing Favorite thing about HUHS: I get to meet very interesting people. Activities: Yearbook “Zach always has such a positive attitude. I’m so impressed with his ability to make friendly, relatable conversation with anyone he meets. In the three years that I’ve known him, I’ve never once seen him waver from his philosophy of making the best out of what life gives him. He’s truly an inspiration!” ~Katie Herrmann, English Teacher

Robert Perzigian

Future Plans: UW-Washington County for Business and Management Associate School: Friess Lake Favorite Class: any English class Favorite thing about HUHS: The environment, people, and the teachers. Activities: FBLA, Deca, choir, and enjoys hiking “I always appreciated Robert’s willingness to engage in all of our learning activities and make positive contributions to our class discussions. Robert is the kind of young man who is compassionate toward everyone, and his positive disposition really made the class feel safe and more comfortable for everyone. I also especially loved when Robert customized our literary characters’ dialects by incorporating fun accents when reading aloud. He brought smiles and laughs to the class almost daily.” ~Katie Herrmann English Teacher

Kaitlyn Kerrigan

Future Plans: Concordia for Marketing and Management Associate School: Erin Favorite Class: The Hartford Chronical & Independant Study Favorite thing about HUHS: Welcoming students and teachers at HUHS. The Hartford Chronical and Independant Study taught me leadership and communications skills. I got real world experience with these 2 classes. Activities: NHS, FBLA, Deca, H-Club, Hartford Chronical, Independant Study, Golf, and taking photos “Kaitlyn has such a strong work ethic and drive. She is unlike any other student I have met. She takes challenges head on and doesn’t look back. Her character and demeanor are amazing.” ~Dani Klink, Yearbook Teacher

HUHS ScHolarSHip FoUndation, inc. annoUnceS itS 2018 ScHolarSHip recipientS Sheridan Schmitt Aurora Medical Center Washington County Volunteers $1,000

Isabella Weber

Hartford Community Services, Inc. Terror on Rural Street Scholarship $1,000

Natalie Martin Ruth A. Knoll Music Scholarship $1,000

Hannah Goodchild

Hartford Community Services, Inc. Terror on Rural Street Scholarship $1,000

Kaitlin Kahn

Lauren Oman

Aysiah Jaeke

Donna & Dennis A. Carroll Family Scholarship $1,000

Alyssa Hoppe

Elmer J. Ebling Scholarship $1,000

Andrea O’Bryon

Hartford & Kettle Moraine Lions Clubs Endowment Fund-Jack Bell Memorial $1,000

Hartford & Kettle Moraine Lions Clubs Endowment Fund-Jack Bell Memorial $1,000

Nicholas Vogel

HUHS Faculty & Staff Scholarship $1,000

HUHS Faculty & Staff Scholarship $1,000

Sadie Stelter

Brandon Strupp

Kristopher Bender

Melissa Vanosky

Katerina Tadlock

Kylie Grinwald

Del and Ellie Renzaglia Scholarship $1,000

Olivia Pusch

Hartford Community Services, Inc. Terror on Rural Street Scholarship $1,000

HUHS Faculty & Staff Scholarship $1,000

Florence Place Scholarship $1,000

Joshua Much

Ella Justman

Grace & Glenn Broker Family Scholarship $1,000

Mary Roemer Thomas Scholarship $2,000

Brian J. Janzer Memorial $2,000

Kenneth & Anita Reed Scholarship $1,000

Bruno G. & Catherine Jordan Scholarship $1,000

Andrew Driessen

Ralph Schellinger Scholarship $1,000

Ethan Hanisko First National Bank of Hartford Scholarship $1,000

Mitchell Regan

Hartford & Kettle Moraine Lions Clubs Endowment Fund-Jack Bell Memorial $1,000

Abigail Groppe

Andrew Klubertanz

Luis & Iris Garcia Scholarship $1,000

Kaitlyn Kerrigan

Hartford Players Fine Arts Scholarship $1,000

Zach Braun

The Koch Family Scholarship $1,000

Jim Kreuser Woodworking Memorial $1,000

Taylor Bever

Nicholas Arvidson

Mr & Mrs. F.W. Schauer Scholarship $1,000

Dave’s Job Shop Scholarship $1,000

Carly Hlava

General Scholarship $1,000

Britney Lane

Hartford Rotary Club Scholarship $1,000

Cade Lambert

Betty and Carl Labuwi Scholarship $1,000

Logan Hennes

David & Susan Schulteis Scholarship $1,000

Cierra Trost

Caden Benson

Jim & Doreen Mohr Arts Education Scholarship $1,000

Richard & Linda Fuetz Family Scholarship $1,000

The following HUHS Alumni have been awarded an additional year for their specific scholarships. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Grace Hoffman...............Jack & Gerry Russell Endowed Scholarship - $1,000 Laura Kregel...................Jack & Gerry Russell Endowed Scholarship - $1,000 Amy Holzer ....................Jack & Gerry Russell Endowed Scholarship - $1,000 Monica Bertucci.......................Jim & Jean Bell Endowed Scholarship - $1,000

Thank You to the following General Scholarship donors for their generosity and support. General Scholarship Donations of any size from corporations, civic, charitable groups, and individuals may be made annually. Donors are recognized as follows. ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Platinum: $5,000 and above Gold: $1,000 - $4,999 Silver: $500 - $999 Bronze: Up to $499 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Hartford Rotary Club .........................................................................................Platinum Courtney-Carr-Milner Post 19 American Legion ..............................................Gold Hartford Area Foundation...................................................................................Gold Wayne Heidel and Jennifer Semmann Foundation ............................................Gold Vivian Johnson...................................................................................................Bronze Thomas Kreuser; In honor of Jim Kreuser.........................................................Bronze

Melissa Bohn

John M. Grandine UW- Madison Scholarship $1,000

Emily Ott

Emma Hirt

Hartford Community Services, Inc. Terror on Rural Street Scholarship $1,000

Ethan Winter

Hartford Savings Bank Scholarship $1,000

HUHS District Scholarship $1,000

Tessa Nicpon

Tabitha Bryzek

E.A. Laubenstein Trust Scholarship $1,000

April Alsum

Thomas H. & Lori. L Seeboth Scholarship $1,000

Florence Place Scholarship $1,000

Kaitlyn Garms

Team SummyrSummyr Aulenbacher Zuern Scholarship $1,000

An In-Depth Look at our

Social Studies Department

OUR TEACHERS Mr. Pete Meinberg, Mr. Bill Greymont Mr. Jeff Martin, Mr. Pete Kelly Mr. Paul Coffin-department chair, Mr. Ryan Ziegler Mr. Corey Manlick, Mr. Zack Weddig Mr. Ben Skifton and Mr. Terry Wick

Special Education instructor Russ Kumbier and his son, who are avid Civil War reenactor, shared their knowledge and insights with Mr. Manlick’s class.


Course Recaps

Modern American History

World Cultures

Classes 2nd semester continued their thematic analysis of the world focusing on culture, world religions, economic development, and global environmental issues.

Civics Students spent a portion of 2nd semester looking at the creation of the Constitution, how it impacts American citizens, and discussing the impact of the Bill of Rights as it has been applied to constitutional case law.

Classes explored the legacy of World War I as it connected to the next 100 years of history. They also assessed the similarities and differences between the Great Depression and the Recession of 2008.

American Military History Students enjoyed the opportunity to explore the life of a soldier through the lens of a Civil War soldier.

Freshman Cohort Students 2nd semester analyzed the impact of European Imperialism on Latin America and Africa, as well as utilizing population demographics to help create action plans to be used to fight regional epidemics.

From Our District Administrator

MR. DENNIS G KACZOR Greetings HNR Families,

This year has certainly flown by and it is hard to believe that summer is already upon us. Everyone at the school would like to thank you for your support of Honor Elementary and Honor Intermediate schools during the 2017-18 school year. There is a great sense of family within the district and we hope to keep that feeling as we continue to grow. As in any family, there are some disagreements and issues to work through. Our district is no different. Last year was a year of discovery where everyone, teachers and parents, went into the school year with eyes wide open and did whatever was necessary to have a successful first year. This year brought on questions about how and why we do things the way we do and when three schools come together as one, there are always bumps in the road. The good news is that HNR has identified areas of need and have started to address these issues. Honor Intermediate will have a new parking lot next year to address the amount of traffic, especially during evening events. Honor Elementary will receive a new playground base with work being done to the drainage system to alleviate the pooling of water after a hard rain. Our procedures continue through refinement to find efficiencies. As a result, our registration will be two days this coming year and our pictures will be taken during Open House. There will always be subtle changes to our operations as a result of data and observation. The goal is to continue to refine our systems until we have them solidified. It was my pleasure to serve the HNR communities this past year and I anticipate another exciting year in 2018-19. Thank you again for your support of our schools. Sincerely, Dennis Kaczor

Herman l Neosho l Rubicon School District

Honoring the past, Embracing the future



We recognized and showed appreciation to our staff for all their years of service with certificates and pins based on the years that they have committed to the district. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our schools and especially to our students! Two of our staff members, Mr. Pohland and Mr. Grimm each have put in over 30 years and are pictured accepting their gifts and certificates in front of their students - the kids were impressed with the number of years they have been here! Thank you to all of the staff at both Honor Elementary and Honor Intermediate!

Save the Date June


Come join us! Wed, June 20, 6:30 PM

Board of Education Monthly Meeting

(Honor Intermediate Library)



Open House

4:00-7:00 PM

Elementary & Intermediate N E W ! School portraits

will be taken at the Open House!


1 OR 2


Mr. Kaczor and Mr. Pohland

Two days to choose from! • AUG 1 7:00am-2:00pm • AUG 2 12:00-7:00pm Both dates will be held at the Intermediate Building.



Start of School Mr. Grimm and Mr. Kaczor


The seventh and eighth grade students from Honor Intermediate went to Wyalusing State Park for a four day camping adventure. The students started their trip with a tour of Cave of the Mounds in Blue Mounds, then continued on to visit Villa Louis in Prairie du Chien. Villa Louis is a mansion of one of the first millionaires of Wisconsin. On the premise of Villa Louis the students had the opportunity to see the Fur Trading store and the family’s office space. While at Wyalusing, students hiked to fish, see Effigy Mounds, Picture Rock Cave, and Point Lookout. They also did a glow band night hike to an astronomy program, where they were able to see Jupiter and Venus through huge telescopes. A visiting naturalist presented a program on the Web of Life. The students learned many life skills through exercise, cooking, cleaning and campfires without the use of technology. What a great trip!!

HNR ELDERS PROGRAM RECEIVES RECOGNITION As many know, the Elders Program at Herman-Neosho-Rubicon School District pairs grandparents and elderly members of the community with HNR’s first and fourth grade students. The purpose is to bridge the generational gap and to teach our young students to appreciate others. HNR’s Elders Program was awarded the Wiscon-

sin Character Education Partnership’s (WCEP) 2018 Promising Practice Award. This award is given to programs across the state that exemplify the principles of developing good character and empathy in young student learners.


By receiving this recognition, members from HNR will be attending the Character Education Conference to be held this summer at Alverno College in Milwaukee. Registration for this event is complimentary as a recipient of the Promising Practice Award. Anne Oechsner (first grade teacher) and Heidi Zubella (art teacher) have been instrumental in continuing this program and applying for the WCEP award. The conference allows for our team to present our story to the rest of the state and to learn what other schools are doing to develop character in their students. There will also be a recognition dinner where HNR and the other six recipient school districts will receive their award for the programs they have developed. The two day conference features speakers and break out presenters to allow attendees to further their knowledge about character education and how we can instill these principles in our students.

Spring Concert Series VOCAL CONCERT


Watch live steaming of our concerts: Spring Vocal Concert: Spring Band Concert 4-8th grade:


SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA Honor band students performed at Six Flags Great America on May 24th. All band

THE SUMMER SLIDE: SUMMER LEARNING LOSS FACTS AND PREVENTION TIPS What can you do to prevent the “summer slide”? Parents don’t need to spend lots of money buying specialized programs. Instead, consider these simple ideas to keep your child engaged in learning activities during the summer months. Encourage your child to read 20 minutes every day. Public libraries are great resources for summer reading lists by age/grade level, and they often offer reading programs. Read to your child to build listening skills, engage the imagination, and increase vocabulary. Unplug from technology and give your child time to read and escape the heat of the day. Keep books in the car for your child. Listen to audiobooks on long trips. Encourage math skills by creating number books of things you collect or do during the summer. Practice estimation skills by guessing how far and how long a road trip will be. Have children compute arrival times and miles covered. Provide math workbooks with activities to complete on road trips or during quiet times. Encourage your child to keep a reading log and calculate the minutes read each week. Cook with your child. Have your child follow simple recipes to learn fractions and practice measurement skills. Encourage your child to practice writing skills by writing letters to relatives, sending postcards from camp, keeping a summer journal, writing a book, or authoring an online blog. To read entire article by Staci Jackson, M.A., CCC-SLP:


students, fourth through eighth grade, had the choice of performing concert style or marching band. Mr. Uttke lead the concert style performers and Mrs. Kolinski lead the marching band. The performances went very well and we received positive feedback from people at the park. In all, 80 band students attended this wonderful opportunity to perform outside of the school setting. Once finished, band members enjoyed an afternoon in the park. It was a great day in every respect!! - Terri Kolinski, band teacer


The Herman-Neosho-Rubicon School District held their graduation ceremony on June 5, 2018 at Honor Intermediate school. Guests included friends, family, board members, teachers and other community members. Speakers at graduation included former students, Izzy Weber and Sheridan Schmitt, who are now graduates of HUHS and Attila Weninger, HUHS Superintendent. Special thanks to HNR Intermediate School teacher Hannah Lindemann for organizing the graduation ceremony. The event was well attended and a reception dinner followed the official ceremony. We wish our graduates much success in their future as they continue their education.


2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

School Fees

School Breakfast / Lunch Prices

Chromebook Parents are asked to pay for lunch and registration fees with separate checks. Fees may be reduced or waived in situations where there is financial hardship. HERMAN NEOSHO RUBICON SCHOOL DISTRICT (HNR)

OUR TEACHERS Ms. Jamie Piittmann Ms. Chris Calderon Mr. Christian Schnell Mr. Dave Rottersman Ms. Jamie Buedler Mr. Russ Kumbier Ms. Brittany Fischer Ms. Jenifer Kirsch Ms. Amanda Christiandepartment chair Mr. Bob Pulkowski Ms. Abby Bumgarner Ms. Tricia Becker Ms. Ashlea Roselle Not pictured Mr. Kevin McKenna

Instructional Assistants Ms. Carol Strupp Ms. Patsy Lulich Ms. Emily Weiss Ms. Marsha Roskopf Ms. Peggy Lonergan Ms. Diann Wagner Ms. Nancy O’Rouke Ms. Beverly Worman Ms. Heidi Johnson Not pictured Ms. Jane Grundy


• Based off-site at Hartford Finishing / Steel Craft Corporation • Personalized learning aligned to education and industry standards • Work based program for successful completion of a Youth Apprenticeship

and our Alternative and

Special Education Department

Overview and Philosophy The HUHS Alternative and Special Education Departments believe in high expectations for each learner. We respect students’ unique and diverse abilities and value student relationships. We believe students can prove competence, expand their options, thrive, and be successful. We provide individualized, and sometimes alternative, paths to graduation. Together, we develop college, career, and life ready students.

Alternative Paths to Graduation GEDO 2 Oriole P.A.S.S.

• On-site, partial day program • Personalized learning aligned to successful completion of GED tests • Additional requirements include work based experiences, community service, and a senior portfolio

• On-site, partial day program • Personalized learning aligned to successful completion of competency in 4 core areas • Additional requirements include work based experiences, community service, and a senior portfolio

“Bird’s Nest Creations”

The Transition Program operates a student run business, Bird’s Nest Creations, in which students design and sell candy arrangements for all occasions.


• Community based instruction • Focus on daily living, social, and self-advocacy skills • Structured work, volunteer, and recreational experiences

State Special Olympics

Junior Prom Court 2018

Four of our HUHS students participated with the Hartford Parks and Rec Department Team who qualified for the State Special Olympics competition held in Stevens Point in June.

Natalie Cleland Swimming

Co n grat u l at i o n s to the Prom King Josh Stortz and Prom Queen Ava Schaefer!

Pictured from left to right: Savannah Ott and Josh Stortz, Rachel Zuern & David Buhle, Haleigh Reinbold & Tanner Brault, Carriden Krebs & Jacob Loosen, Taylor Ohm & Cody Werner, Maddie Hoxworth & Mitchell Worman, Cady Uttech & Philip Hoeschele, Ava Schaefer and Samuel Klosowski. This years theme was "Golden Empire" at the Chandelier Ballroom.

50M Backstroke and 200M Free

Graduation Walk

This year, our 2018 graduates went to their former elementary and middle schools. They did a “Grad Walk� through their former hallways while students cheered them on. It was fun day for both associate school students and the class of 2018!

Caitlyn Marks Bowling

Grads at Central Middle School

Noelle Marks Bowling

Ashley Strupp Team Basketball

Grads at Friess Lake

Grads at Erin

HUHS Day of Service


Hartford Union High School’s first annual Day of Service was held on Thursday, May 24th. Over 1,200 students, staff, and parent volunteers were out in Washington County to perform various volunteer activities, which totaled more than 4,500 hours of service. Students volunteered at a wide array of locations, including various assisted living homes, Washington County Humane Society, Pike Lake, Quad Graphics, union cemetery, HUHS, and many more!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Contributing positive spirit in our community!

Spring Athletics


Baseball – 3rd Place

1st Team All Conference • Zach Braun • Zach Lutz 2nd Team All Conference • Blake Lazaris • Myles Zimdars

3rd Team All Conference • Zach Brewer

Softball – 5th Place

Honorable Mention • Ally Vogel • Taylor Ohm • Cady Uttech • Grace Schmidt

Tennis – 6th Place

Golf – 9th Place

Soccer – 4th Place

1st Team All Conference • Julia Stephans • Mya Tomashek 2nd Team All Conference • Maddie Hoxworth Honorable Mention • Olivia Carroll • Kayla Okla • Maddie Sieczkowski


Track State Qualifiers: • Sierra Thuecks - Hurdles • Jeremiah Cooper - 200

• Kristopher Bender • Caden Benson • Zach Braun • James Chivas • Sadie Driscoll • Alyx Evans • Abby Hamilton • Logan Hennes • Ella Justman • Kaitlyn Kerrigan • Maddie Lambie • Britney Lane • Josh Much • Tessa Nicpon • Andrea O’Bryon • Emily Perschbacher • Olivia Pusch • Catherine Van Lare • Ethan Winter

Track (Girls) - 9th Place

Track (Boys) - 9th Place


Nick Vogel Baseball


Nathan Melsheimer Tennis


Sierra Thuecks Track and Field



Ellen Engebretsen


Mr. Capps has worked in Science and Math departments for 38 years, with the last 5 at HUHS. He has worked at a handful of schools but truly enjoyed the cohesiveness at HUHS. Thank you, Mark, for being such a inspiring teacher!


Ms. Engebretsen spent the last 13 years working in a library, with the last 3 years at HUHS. Thank you, Ellen, for always seeing the best in every student, our students and staff are better because of you!

HUHS held it’s 131st graduation ceremony on June 10, 2018 in the field house. The salutatorian was Aysiah Jaeke and valedictorian was Sheridan Schmitt. Sadie Driscoll was the student speaker.

Valedictorian -Sheridan Schmitt and Salutatorian - Aysiah Jaeke



HUHS school board Student Speaker Sadie Driscoll

Principal, Mr. Daniel Dobner, and Superintendent, Attila J. Weninger, Ph.D. Choir

Top Ten Students - Kylie Grinwald, Olivia Burkholz, Abigail Hamilton , Sheridan Schmitt, Aysiah Jaeke. 2nd row: Alyssa Hoppe, Britney Lane, Olivia Pusch, Melissa Bohn, Katerine Tadlock


HARTFORD UNION HIGH SCHOOL 805 Cedar Street Hartford, WI 53027


Hartford Union High School District To learn more about current events and to keep up with the daily happenings and news at HUHS, follow our website at: We can also be found at:


COMMUNICATIONS Twitter: @HartfordUnionHS @HUHS_Athletics

Facebook: Hartford Union High School District

Upcoming Events in Fall Freshman Jumpstart

August 27th - 28th

1st day of school

September 4th

Homecoming Week

October 1st - 6th

Parent Teacher Conferences

November 7th



July 30th, 31st, August 1st







r a e Y l o o Sch mber 4th

te Starts Sep

Freshman parent night

August 29th

Nondiscrimination Statement:It is the policy of the Hartford Union High School District, pursuant to s. 118.13, WI Stats., and PI 9 that no person, on the basis of race, color, age, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, sex (including transgender status, change of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity), pregnancy, marital or parental status, military status, genetic information, or physical, mental, emotional, learning disability or handicap, may be denied participation, be denied admission to any school in this District or be denied participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any co-curricular, pupil service, recreation, or other program. This policy also prohibits discrimination as defined by Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 (sex), Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (race and national origin), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Hartford Union High School District has adopted a policy of nondiscrimination. In addition, the District has adopted procedures regarding the processing of discrimination complaints. Copies of the policy, procedures and complaint forms are available, upon request from any administrator. It is the policy of the Hartford Union High School District, pursuant to PI 41.04(1)(a), to provide for the reasonable accommodation of a student’s sincerely held religious beliefs with regard to examinations and other academic requirements. Requests for accommodations may be directed to any administrator. Questions or concerns regarding the District’s nondiscrimination policy and procedures should be directed to the Human Resources Supervisor or the Director of Business Services, Hartford Union High School, 805 Cedar Street, Hartford, WI 53027, (262) 670-3200. Graphics and illustrations courtesy of,, and



HNR Ovations Summer 2018 - Volume 4  
HNR Ovations Summer 2018 - Volume 4