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A Message From Our

BOARD PRESIDENT & SUPERINTENDENT Dear HUHS Parents and Community, We are embarking on the development of our next strategic plan for the future success of our students, the District, and its stakeholders. This is an exciting and critically important opportunity to connect our performance to our potential. A strategic plan represents the things we must do to be successful in the future. We know there are many things we could do, should do, or may like to do, but our goal is not to produce a giant list. In fact, the challenge we face is quite the opposite: identify the 3 to 5 most critical things we must do, and then ensure we have every reasonable expectation of accomplishing them. It will require focus, discipline, and tenacity. Josh Schoemann

School Board President

Attila J. Weninger, Ph.D. Superintendent AR











1. HUHS Board of Education 2. Superintendent 3. District Leadership Team 4. Faculty 5. Support Staff 6. Students 7. Parents 8. Local Government 9. General Community Members 10. Members of the Hartford Area Business Community 11. Associate Districts/Schools 12. Higher Education HUHS has undertaken strategic planning in the past. Our most recent iteration took place for the 2014-2016 school years. There were three primary focus areas, seventeen strategic objectives, fifty-five activities, and fifty-three performance measures. While we did accomplish some of what we set out to do, it was clear our ambition was greater than our capacity. We have learned.








Being successful will also require a diverse group of committed participants to help us through this process; people who can provide stewardship, perspective, commitment and advocacy for the District. Our Strategic Planning Team will have approximately 25 members, and it will be a diverse group, representing the community. While all are stakeholders in the District’s success, each will bring a slightly different perspective. This is a core strength of this Team’s design. We have invited members from the following stakeholder groups.


We will be working with a professional facilitator. Brett Remington has over 20 years of experience in building high-performing organizations. He has worked with other southeastern Wisconsin districts, and most recently helped the West Bend School District through their strategic planning process. He is President of Blue Rock WI and Executive Director for the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence. A kick-off meeting for the Team is expected in late June, and our Strategic Plan Process is expected to take 5 to 6 months. We are excited about the Team recommending a direction to the Board for the District over the next 3 – 5 years. The process will also involve focus groups and surveys, and we sincerely ask that you participate so that your voice is heard. Thank you for supporting our students and HUHS. We are better because of you. Sincerely, Josh Schoemann, President Board of Education

Attila J. Weninger, Ph.D. Superintendent


Our Associate Fuel Up to Play 60


In 2013-2014, Plat Elementary School applied for and received the Fuel Up to Play 60 grant. Four years later, the program continues to thrive and expand. This May, Mr. Heinritz along with a team of teachers and parents built a Gaga Ball pit. What is Gaga Ball? It is a modified form of dodgeball that is believed to have originated in Israel. Since the construction, students, staff, and parents have enjoyed playing Gaga Ball during gym class, YCARE, Recess, weekends and evenings, and soon summer school!

National History Day

At Richfield Elementary School, one of the projects students look forward to is National History Day. This project is completed at each grade level, but this year, the sixth graders were featured in UW Oshkosh Today for becoming researchers at Polk Library. This year’s theme, “Taking a Stand in History,” invited students to research people who took risks that led to change. Through this university partnership, students were able to learn new skills, foster a love for research, and possess the ability to review and use resources. This year, twenty students qualified, or were alternates, for the state competition, and of these, one student qualified as an alternate for the national competition! (More photos can be found at:

Math Team

Our middle school students had the opportunity to participate in the HUHS Math Meet this winter. The sixth and seventh grade math teams took first and second, and second and third place, respectively. Individually, five Richfield students placed in the top three for their grade level!

Cons o l ida t io n

At the district level, consolidation talks between Friess Lake and Richfield continue. In April, both school boards passed initial resolutions. While not binding, these resolutions kept the talks moving in the direction of a consolidation. The boards and administration of both districts have continued to listen to feedback. While some concerns have been expressed, the majority of the feedback we have received continues to be in favor of a consolidation. Each of the boards have designated a committee on consolidation to work with administration to build trust and rapport, as well as establish a draft resolution for the July board meetings. Two joint board meetings were held in June to continue this work. A final resolution to consolidate will be considered at the July Board Meetings. The Friess Lake Board will meet on July 17th, and the Richfield Board will meet on July 24th. We encourage the public to attend these meetings.


“Committed to providing the foundations of the Catholic faith and education excellence.”

All-day, everyday 3K & 4K Option Please call the school office to schedule a tour! 262.673.3081

Enroll Now!

Faith ~ Knowledge ~ Service



Our focus for this newsletter is looking at our Class of 2017 graduates and checking out four different educational pathways to a career! Meet Mitchell, Kaitlin, Austin, and Anna all ready to hit the next educational adventure on their path to success. Congratulations to all of our graduates from the Class of 2017, we wish you all the best!

Mitchell Komp

United States Marine Corps Favorite Classes TEE Courses: Welding & Metal Fabrications Favorite Memory at HUHS The friendships, and being able to attend the graduation ceremony in my Dress Blue Uniform was also very cool and I appreciated the support of the audience when I received my diploma!

Future Plans [Mitchell graduated early from HUHS and completed his Boot Camp for the Marines during the Spring Semester.] I have been interested in the Military since I was young. I believe in this Country and what it stands for and I think it is worth defending and fighting for. That is why I chose Infantry for my MOS (Military Occupational Specialty). “Mitch was a hardworking, courteous student. If something didn’t come easy, he would do the extra work to figure it out. I am confident he will be a great Marine and feel lucky to have such a fine man protecting our country.” -Mr. Corey McCauley, TEE Teacher

Austin Brewer

Waukesha County Technical College

Kaitlin Twardokus

Fox Valley Technical College Favorite Clas Dairy Science, I loved having a class dedicated to my intended career field. Future Educational Plans I will be attending Fox Valley Technical College in the fall to get a technical diploma as an Agribusiness Dairy Technician.

Future Career Plans I completed my Youth Apprenticeship on my family farm, and being around on the farm for those extra hours allowed me to get much more involved in the day to day operations. I hope to become a Herd Manager for a dairy farm once I finish school. “Katie is a perfect example of the idea that if you do a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Cattle are definitely her passion and by working with the Co-Op and FFA program, she’s been able to continue to develop that passion and determine where she wants to focus her career.” -Ms. Kim Schadrie FFA Advisor & Agri-Science Teacher

Anna Hermann

University of Wisconsin

Favorite Classes Band and Pre Calculus

Favorite Classes Choir, and APUSH (AP US History)

Activities Band, Marching Band (Drum Major, Junior and Senior year), Baseball, Basketball, National Honor Society, and Student Council (Freshmen year)

Activities Musical, Cross Country, Choir, District and State Solo & Ensemble Festival, National Honor Society, We the People Competition, French Exchange Program, Math Team, Math Club, Forensics, Softball, Track and Field, and H-Club

Favorite Memories at HUHS Going to Florida with the band, marching in the parade and the band concerts, being a part of the baseball and basketball programs, and all of the friends made along the way. Future Plans Attending WCTC to become a Firefighter “Austin is one of the hardest working kids I know. He puts everythng he has into his school work, on the field, and leading the band as drum major. Yet, with all the accolades he has received, he is still very humble and thankful to all those who have helped him along the way. He is what Hartford is about.” -Ms. Sheila Parker English Teacher & Student Council Advisor

Favorite Memories at HUHS Any moment I spent participating in the fall musical. I met so many friends there and loved every second of it. Future Plans: Attending UW-Madison and majoring in Psychology with plans to become a Mental Health Counselor. “If I had to describe Anna in one word, it would be caring. Anna cares to work hard to improve her music making. Anna cares to help others have great experiences in music. Most of all, Anna cares about other people and has a great heart. She will be missed, but will always be a part of our choral family.” -Mr. Ernest Brusubardis Choral Director

HUHS ScHolarSHip FoUndation, inc. annoUnceS itS 2017 ScHolarSHip recipientS Megan Zickert

Aurora Medical Center Washington County Volunteers $1,000

Megan Kellicut

Monica Bertucci Jim and Jean Bell Scholarship $1,000

Mallorie Smits

Hartford Community Services, Inc. Terror on Rural Street Scholarship $1,000

Hartford Community Services, Inc. Terror on Rural Street Scholarship $1,000

Stephanie Lane

Elizabeth Degroot

HUHS Faculty & Staff Scholarship $1,000

Abigail Lynch Florence Place Scholarship $1,000

HUHS Faculty & Staff Scholarship $1,000

Andrew Stowe

Del and Ellie Renzaglia Scholarship $1,000

Allison Dentice Grace & Glenn Broker Family Scholarship $1,000

Taylor Weyer

Hartford Community Services, Inc. Terror on Rural Street Scholarship $1,000

Luke Carroll

HUHS Faculty & Staff Scholarship $1,000

Hanna Bertucci

Mary Roemer Thomas Scholarship $2,000

Derritt Dietlmeier

Donna & Dennis A. Carroll Family Scholarship $1,000

Frances Duffek

Hartford & Kettle Moraine Lions Clubs Endowment Fund-Jack Bell Memorial $1,000

Nathaniel Seibold Brian J. Janzer Memorial $2,000

Laura Kregel

Jack & Gerry Russell Scholarship $1,000

Tiana Dorosz Elmer J. Ebling Scholarship $1,000

Sydney Mikulec

Hailey Klink

First National Bank of Hartford Scholarship $1,000

Shelia Weninger

Hartford & Kettle Moraine Lions Clubs Endowment Fund-Jack Bell Memorial $1,000

Hartford & Kettle Moraine Lions Clubs Endowment Fund-Jack Bell Memorial $1,000

Heather Griesmer

Austin Brewer

Bruno G. & Catherine Jordan Scholarship $1,000

Grace Hoffman

Jack & Gerry Russell Scholarship $1,000

The Koch Family Scholarship $1,000

Rebecca Krueger

Mr & Mrs. F.W. Schauer Scholarship $1,000

Mikala Hall

Alexander Richards

Luis & Iris Garcia Scholarship $1,000

General Scholarship $1,000

Josie DeRosa

Jordyn Schultz

Tony Pearson

Melanie Rigden

Hartford Players Fine Arts Scholarship $1,000

Jim Kreuser Woodworking Memorial $1,000

Hartford Rotary Club Scholarship $1,000

Hailey Weston Dave’s Job Shop Scholarship $1,000

Betty and Carl Labuwi Scholarship $1,000

Kayla Doege

David & Susan Schulteis Scholarship $1,000

Morgan Lentz

John M. Grandine UW- Madison Scholarship $1,000

Anna Hermann Hartford Savings Bank Scholarship $1,000

Olivia Wisth

E.A. Laubenstein Trust Scholarship $1,000

The following HUHS Alumni have been awarded an additional year for their specific scholarships. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Caitlyn Josten...........Jim & Doreen Mohr Arts Endowed Scholarship - $1,000 Audra Boettge.................Ruth A. Knoll Music Endowed Scholarship - $1,000 Alyssa Higley ..................Ken and Anita Reed Endowed Scholorship - $1,000 Amy Holzer ...................Jack & Gerry Russell Endowed Scholarship - $1,000

Thank You to the following General Scholarship donors for their generosity and support. General Scholarship Donations of any size from corporations, civic, charitable groups, and individuals may be made annually. Donors are recognized as follows. ◊ Platinum: $5,000 and above ◊ Gold: $1,000 - $4,999 ◊ Silver: $500 - $999 ◊ Bronze: Up to $499 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Hartford Rotary Club .........................................................................................Platinum Courtney-Carr-Milner Post 19 American Legion ..............................................Gold Hartford Area Foundati......................................................................................Gold Beverly Koch .....................................................................................................Gold O’Bryon Family in memory of James R. O’Bryon............................................Gold Wayne Heidel and Jennifer Semmann Foundation ............................................Gold Hahn Ace Hardware in memory of Ralph Schellinger ......................................Bronze Nancy Honeck in memory of James R. O’Bryon ..............................................Bronze James and Cheryl Monnahan in memory of James Van Beckum ......................Bronze

Jordan Dvorak

Thomas H. & Lori. L Seeboth Scholarship $1,000

Cora Meinberg

Hartford Community Services, Inc. Terror on Rural Street Scholarship $1,000

Halli McCauley

HUHS District Scholarship $1,000

Lindsey Palmersheim Florence Place Scholarship $1,000

Tasha Rusch

Team SummyrSummyr Aulenbacher Zuern Scholarship $1,000

AT OUR ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Teachers: Jeff Carter, Jessica Carter, Ryan Cramer, Nick Dobberstein, Matt Geracie, Katie Herrmann, Sheila Parker, Bill Schliewe, Stevy Schliewe, Jane Stone, Heather Weise, Kathryn Zimpel

Highly Qualified

An In-Depth Look

10 of 12 English Teacher’s have a Master’s Degree in English, Reading, or Educational Leadership Two teachers are currently studying to receive their Master’s Degree. Katie Herrmann has achieved the prestigious National Board Certification. Jeff Carter, Ryan Cramer, Katie Herrmann, and Heather Weise have all taught classes at the College level as adjunct professors.

Students in English 9 have six different options of courses to take, and in English 10 students have four different course options to meet graduation requirements. • • • • • •

Cohort English 9 Cohort Honors English 9 English 9 Honors English 9 English 9 Reading Language Arts 1

• • • •

Bundle English 10 English 10 Honors English 10 Language Arts 2

Community Outreach

Personalizing Learning

Strategic Initiatives Language and Composition students worked with middle school Language Arts students on a writing project. Conferencing individually with students, high school students assisted middle school students in editing and improving their writing. The AP Literature students led book discussions for middle school literature students and answered questions about high school for 8th grade students.


Passed the test with a 3 or higher

AP Literature & Composition



of students enrolled Passed the test with took the AP Test a 3 or higher


Co-Curriculars - Creatif & Chronicle Creatif is a biannual publication showcasing outstanding writing, art, and photography of current Hartford Union High School students. The Faculty Advisor for the Creatif is Katie Herrmann, and the Student Editor is Kylie Grinwald. Anyone can get a copy of the Creatif magazine from the school library.

Annika Csizmadia

Sarah Jocham

Alexis Puffer

The NY Times sponsors a Found Poem contest every April in honor of National Poetry Month. Kylie Grinwald (Peace) was selected as a winner of NY Times Seventh Annual Found Poem Contest for her poem, “Past and Present Times.”

Great World Texts-UW

AP Success

of students enrolled took the AP Test

The Letters About Literature program in Wisconsin has been coordinated by the Wisconsin Center for the Book (WCB) since 1992 in partnership with the Library of Congress. The finalists from our Cohort English Program were Annika Csizmadia (Erin), Sarah Jocham (Richfield), and Alexis Puffer (Erin).

In April, students from the Senior Seminar: Drama classes attended the Great World Texts program at UW-Madison where they presented their “The Tempest” projects, met other students from around the state, and were given the opportunity to listen to keynote speaker, Margaret Atwood. Anna Hermann and Allison Dentice (Hartford Jt. 1) were selected to present their project to the entire symposium.


92% 76%

Writing Awards

AP Language & Composition

The school’s paper was awarded the Blue Ribbon at the NEWSPA Contest placing as the top high school newspaper in the state. This award looks at the writing quality in all areas, photography, design, and coverage of events of several issues of the paper. Receiving the Blue Ribbon demonstrates the consistent high-quality work of the newspaper staff. The staff also received nine individual awards for their work in News Story Writing, Sports Column, Column Writing, Open Photo, Editorial Cartoon, and Feature Writing.

ed t n e al T r Ou



de a e L

Art Fundamentals

Art Fundamentals students worked in groups on a fantasy dragon project. They designed and built them in small groups working as a team.

Drawing 1 & 2

Painting 1 & 2

Pottery 1 & 2

Metals 1 & 2

AP Art Studio

Ms. Kristen Kieckhaefer & mer Ms. Dawn Romano-Bloo

Classroom Happenings Art Fundamentals


AP Art History

The hallways of HUHS and the display cases that greet visitors in the front of the building and the back hall by the art rooms were decorated with student art throughout the year. Student work was also represented at the Scholastic Art Exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum. At the University of Wisconsin Washington County Art Festival, at Puebla’s Kitchen, and at this year’s Young People’s art exhibit at the Wisconsin State Fair, this August. Our student’s are given many opportunities to showcase their abilities in all of the art classes.


Art Fundamentals students work in the Glass Unit.


Chicago Field Trip

Students enrolled in Art History, Studio, and the advanced classes spent the day at the Chicago Art Institute looking at the art that they learned about in class.

Art of Writing Conference AP Art History

Students in AP Art History recreate pieces of art to remember all of the intricacies that relate back to history in order to prepare for the AP Exam.

Come Check out our Student Artwork at the Wisconsin State Fair

English and Art students were given the opportunity to sign up for the Art of Writing Conference this past December at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Their work from this day will be published.

Congratulations to the following students for winning art awards at the WI State Fair: Koral Trevorrow won second place for her scratchboard; Morgan Lentz won third place for her scratchboard; Carlie DeBack won the “Dynamic Digital Art” award for her photograph; and Hannah Weibel won the “Perfect Pencil” award for her drawing. Come support HUHS by checking out the art August 3-13 in the Expo Center lobby!



Focus on Connections

Focus on Connections is a personal finance simulation completed annually by our Junior students. Prior to the event each student registers for a career of interest and they make some decisions about how they see their life 10 years from now. During the event students simulate one-month of adult expenses based on the various life choices that they selected for their future selves. All students begin the event by opening a checking account and writing checks to pay their student loans and general debt payments. After that students visit a variety of stations where they make a number of spending decisions while also keeping their check book in balance. The goal of the simulation is to emphasize the importance of sound money management and decision making skills. Connections provides students the opportunity to experience the financial “reality check” that adults face each month living within their means. Furthermore, the event provides insight into career selection and how that career selection will play a part in a student’s financial future. Student conversations at the event revolved around financial decisions and future changes or aspirations. The event is only possible with the cooperation of our business, parent, and community member volunteers. Without these volunteers we could not hold the event and provide such an invaluable learning experience for our students. To show our appreciation, students in Mr. Rich Schmidt’s Culinary Arts 3 & 4 classes prepared lunch for our volunteers. The spread put out by our students was presented and prepared in a professional manner and had our volunteers very impressed.

Thank You to all Parent & Business Volunteers!

Junior Prom Court 2017

Front Row (Left to Right): Sheridan Schmitt, Queen Andrea O’Bryon, Amanda Loga, Carley Hlava, Abigail Hamilton, Hannah Goodchild, Sadie Driscoll, and Adrianna Andrews Back Row (Left to Right): George Trawitzki, Dion Miszewski, King Richard Smith, Garrett Thomas, Ethan Hanisko, Myles Zimdars, Caden Benson, and Joshua Much

Theme: Enchanted Forest Location: Chandelier Ballroom Date: April 22, 2017 King & Richard Smith & Queen: Andrea O’Bryon

State Special Olympics Qualifiers from HUHS Three of our HUHS students participated with the Hartford Parks and Rec Department team to qualify for the State Special Olympics competition held in Stevens Point on June 8 & 9.

Natalie Cleland Swimming

Noelle Marks Swimming

2nd Place 100 M Freestyle

2nd Place 25 M Butterfly

3rd Place 4 x 25 M Medley Relay

3rd Place 4 x 25 M Medley Relay 3rd Place 4 x 50 M Freestyle Relay

David Grundy Softball Throw



Our community partners represent partnerships that are mutually supportive, and for which we are deeply grateful.

AURORA MEDICAL CENTER HUHS has partnered with Aurora Medical Center in Hartford for many years. All HUHS Employees begin their employment by completing a physical and TB Testing at Aurora. Members from many different areas of Aurora Medical Center have come to speak to our classes and have helped to carry out Mock Interviews for our Juniors. During our recent workforce tours for our Junior class, Aurora provided tours for over 100 students. Aurora also is a member of the Washington County Workforce Alliance with HUHS, and they come to HUHS for our annual College and Career Fair each year. This year, members of the Aurora Medical Center team presented workshops at our Fair for our students to learn more about all careers in Healthcare.

MJ’S MARKET AND CATERING MJ’S Market and Catering provides excellent food and catering service to Hartford Union High School. MJ’s acts as a regular sponsor for our Athletic programs and provides the meat for our concessions for both the Hartford Booster Club and our H-Club. MJ’s also provides food and catering services for all of our Athletic Banquets, team meals, and for our semi-formal Retirement and Recognition Luncheon. There have been a number of times where MJ’s Market and Catering was contacted at the last minute by one of our coaches or staff members, and they came through with their excellent food and service. MJ’s Market and Catering continues to go above and beyond to support HUHS and provides a great partnership.


Uptown Automotive in Slinger has worked with Hartford Union High School in a number of capacties throughout the years. Uptown most recently worked with three of our Youth Apprenticeship students to extend their classroom learning by providing them with an Automotive Service Technician position while earning credits at HUHS. Uptown has also provided our Automotive classes new cars for our Showcase event as well as for a recent Top Tech Challenge competition. The vehicles are used during class to show advances in new automobiles along with costs associated in owning a new vehicle. Uptown also participates in our College and Career Fair every year and has helped out with our Focus on Connections Event for our Juniors. HUHS and the Hartford community are fortunate to have support from Uptown. HUHS greatly appreciates the commitment from Uptown to support our students.


HUHS has partnered up with Hartford Fire and Rescue on a number of very important tasks. We are lucky to have their consistent presence at all of our home football games at Gib Mahr Field. Beyond that, the Hartford Fire and Rescue recently provided over 100 students in our Junior class tours and career talks about all of the different opportunities and participated in our College and Career Fair. They work closely with the athletic trainers to preplan for medical emergencies and to get to know each other’s scope of practice and expectations. They are often seen in our school for health career talks and emergency preparedness talks to Sports Med students. The Hartford Fire and Rescue went above and beyond last Fall for our HUHS French Exchange program, when they hosted their send off event. Thank you Hartford Fire and Rescue for all that you do for HUHS!


ATHLETIC RECAP 5th Place in Little Ten Conference All Conference Recognition: 1st Team – Blake Lazaris 2 Team – Cody Guetzke and Myles Zimdars nd

3rd Team – Scott Savage and Zach Braun

Blake Lazaris

7th Place in Little Ten Conference All Conference Recognition: 2nd Team – Catherine Uttech 3rd Team – Katelyn Matt

4th Place in Little Ten Conference All Conference Recognition: 2nd Team – Luke Carroll and John Turchi

3rd Team – Thomas Popies *Academic All State – Luke Carroll, John Turchi John Turchi, and Hartford Jt. 1 Thomas Popies

4th Place in Little Ten Conference All Conference Recognition: 1st Team Doubles – Tanner Brault & Matt Melsheimer Honorable Mention Singles Ethan Nieskes

Matt Melsheimer

Catherine Uttech St. Kilian

Hartford Jt. 1

Honorable Mention Doubles – Kris Bender & Andy Tiefenthaler

2nd Place in Little Ten Conference All Conference Recognition: WLT Athlete of the Year – Megan Zickert 1st Team – Megan Zickert, Abby Bailey and Julia Stephans 2nd Team – Mallory Knight Megan Zickert and Maddie Erin Hoxworth

7th Place in Indoor & Relays and 8th Place in Outdoor in the Little Ten Conference

All Conference Recognition: 2nd Team – Rachel Zuern, Cassidy Sheehan, Allison Dentice, Alyx Evans (3200 Relay) 3rd Team – Alyx Evans (800M)

Alyx Evans Hartford Jt. 1

7th Place in Indoor, Relays and in Outdoor in the Little Ten Conference

All Conference Recognition: 1st Team – Jack Johnson (Pole Vault)

Quinn Meinerz - Shotput

Jack Johnson Hartford Jt. 1


Rachel Zuern, Courtney Kind, Cassidy Sheehan, Allison Dentice, Grace Noe, Alyx Evans - 3200M Relay Team Alyx Evans - 800M

2nd Team – Quinn Meinerz (Shot Put) 3rd Team – Max Lehner (High Jump)


Jack Johnson - Pole Vault 5th Place *Cleared 14’6”, a School Record

Megan Zickert Erin

Sign Up No w !


Megan Zickert

Girls Soccer


HUHS Athletic Department Golf Outing Austin Brewer



Girls Soccer

Boys Baseball Friday, July 21, 2017 Hartford Golf Club Registration Info on our Website: - Athletics / Activities


Curt Chybowski

ON YOUR RETIREMENT Mr. Chybowski spent the last 26-years teaching Science and Coaching at HUHS. Curt’s had a lasting impression on many students in the classroom and out on the field. His colleagues that work around him and with him describe him as a loyal friend that truly cares about his students and his colleagues. His interest in bettering the lives of the ones he works with while sharing a smile and a story will be greatly missed! Good Luck Chybo!

Science Teacher Football & Track Coach

Teresa Redmond

JoBeth Kreuser-Hercules

Ms. Kreuser-Hercules has worked at HUHS for the last 221/2 years as an administrative professional in some capacity. She is an alumni of HUHS and all three of her children graduated from here. JoBeth is the person that helps out all of the staff with their grade book issues, she creates the courses for the counselors to register students in, and does all of the behind the scenes work to keep all of our student records accurate. Her patience and service to our staff is second-to-none and will be greatly missed!

Student Records Manager

Ms. Redmond spent the last 31-years in education, with the last 15-being at HUHS and wearing many hats including School Psychologist and Director of Special Education. Teresa is the consummate student advocate. Her knowledge of services for students with disabilities and kind disposition has allowed many HUHS students to be successful graduates. Thank you, Teresa, for always seeing the best in every student, our students and staff are better because of you!

Director of Special Education

Mr. Schmitt was a very hard working member of our Facilities and Maitenance staff for the last 23-years. Dennis took a great amount of pride in making certain that our building was looking good and functioning at a level that was second to none. Dennis’ dedication to HUHS did not end when the school day ended. He put in his time and efforts in making certain our building could function during all hours of the day, according to students, staff, and parent needs. Thank you Dennis!

Dennis Schmitt

Maintenance Supervisor



The 2017 Summer School session is in full swing and off to a great start this year, kicking off on June 12. All of the programs and courses that are offered this summer are being taught by HUHS teachers and/or coaches.

400 over

Courses Offered Students Participating

Students Can:

Work Ahead or

Recover Credits

• Foundations of PE • Lifeguarding • Strength & Speed for the Athlete • Strength & Speed Plus Endurance • Focus on Careers • Core Content classes for Credit recovery

Other Opportunities • Band Camp • Math Readiness • AP Practice • Freshmen Jump Start

HARTFORD UNION HIGH SCHOOL 805 Cedar Street Hartford, WI 53027


Hartford Union High School District To learn more about current events and to keep up with the daily happenings and news at HUHS, follow our website at: We can also be found at:


COMMUNICATIONS Facebook: Hartford Union High School District

Twitter: @HartfordUnionHS @HUHS_Athletics

HUHS ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR THE 2017-18 SCHOOL YEAR School/ID Portraits Co-Curricular Fees Bus Information Technology Services Health Services

HUHS will begin online registration for the 2017-2018 school year. Please note: online registration will take place using Family Access in Skyward. More information will be sent to you when this is ready. Inside of this online registration, you’ll be able to fill out and submit forms that were done on paper in prior years. The goal is to provide you flexibility and save time. On the three registration dates students will get pictures taken, IDs printed, pickup laptops, pickup yearbooks, and get help with online registration (if you wish to get assistance). The dates and times to complete these tasks are: July 31, from 3 - 7 pm, August 1, from 3 - 7 pm, and August 2, from 7:30 - 10:30 am.

Yearbook Pickup Textbooks Fee Payments Parking Passes Food Services

More information on Registration will be shared as the dates approach. Nondiscrimination Statement:It is the policy of the Hartford Union High School District, pursuant to s. 118.13, WI Stats., and PI 9 that no person, on the basis of race, color, age, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, sex (including transgender status, change of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity), pregnancy, marital or parental status, military status, genetic information, or physical, mental, emotional, learning disability or handicap, may be denied participation, be denied admission to any school in this District or be denied participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any co-curricular, pupil service, recreation, or other program. This policy also prohibits discrimination as defined by Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 (sex), Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (race and national origin), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Hartford Union High School District has adopted a policy of nondiscrimination. In addition, the District has adopted procedures regarding the processing of discrimination complaints. Copies of the policy, procedures and complaint forms are available, upon request from any administrator. It is the policy of the Hartford Union High School District, pursuant to PI 41.04(1)(a), to provide for the reasonable accommodation of a student’s sincerely held religious beliefs with regard to examinations and other academic requirements. Requests for accommodations may be directed to any administrator. Questions or concerns regarding the District’s nondiscrimination policy and procedures should be directed to the Human Resources Supervisor or the Director of Business Services, Hartford Union High School, 805 Cedar Street, Hartford, WI 53027, (262) 670-3200. Camera graphic above, Natkacheva / Freepik. Backgrounds and graphics page 7, designed by Freepik.

Ovations - Summer 2017, Issue 4  

The Hartford Union High School District Ovations Summer 2017 issue highlights our strategic planning initiatives, two of our associate distr...

Ovations - Summer 2017, Issue 4  

The Hartford Union High School District Ovations Summer 2017 issue highlights our strategic planning initiatives, two of our associate distr...