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Find “seeds” of information spr inkled across the fIELDS OF THIS PLANBOOK . Learn about Boulder, its residents and more!


CREATIO Sprouted from the minds of Austin’s next generation of strategic storytellers, Creatio is a full-service media consulting agency that provides services such as advertising, public relations, brand management and event coordination. At Creatio, we’ll take you beyond your current needs and push the limit on what you thought your brand could achieve. We believe in moments, specifically Eureka moments. In Greek, Eureka means “I have found it.” It is an interjection used to celebrate a discovery or an invention.

John Alexander Huggins “A-Hug” Media Strategist and Buyer Token Vegan

Magdalene Molhoek “Mags” Events Coordinator Watt Watcher

Jessie Neuendorff “Jessica Katherine”

Creative Director Cycling Enthusiast

We want you to have that “Eureka” moment with us, where “the light bulb goes off.” That moment when you realize that our partnership can help fulfill your vision and ignite your next journey. We believe in being bright, both personally and with our clients. Our brightness comes from our research driven, avant garde and committed working styles. This then translates into our clients’ brightness because our focused and analytical approach on projects will foster attention and help radiate your brand. Relish and bask in your light. We’ll amplify it. Hugo Rojo “Javier”

PR Director Weekend Forester

Alejandra Valeriano “Ale” Account Planner Antique Revitalizer

Saumya Wali “Saumz”

Account Services Organic Adventurer



SUMMARY Creatio has been assigned with the task to expand Austin home improvement store, TreeHouse, to Boulder, Colorado. Creatio will be using a pulsed strategy of nontraditional media placements to optimize TreeHouse’s potential in its new market. With a time frame of 44 weeks and a budget of $45,000, Creatio will tactfully execute a strong and creative media plan that will make TreeHouse successful in Boulder and maintain their eco friendly identity. Through PRIZM and Mintel, we have identified Caucasian men and women between the ages of 28 and 38 as TreeHouse’s primary target market in Boulder. They are perfect customers for TreeHouse because they are either married and/or homeowners who are interested in healthy and sustainable living. Our secondary target market consists of UC Boulder college students in order to build brand loyalty among future Boulderites. Targeted zip codes include 80302, where TreeHouse is located, 80303 and 80305. These zip codes are being targeted due to their proximity to TreeHouse’s location in the Hill District, as well as their residents having above average annual incomes. To begin our campaign, we will place seed ball machines around Boulder which will have pouches of seeds that Boulderites can receive. Boulderites can then use these seeds to plant saplings and literally make Boulder more ecologically sound. After the first two weeks, TreeHouse will host a launch event to garner awareness. This weekend affair will allow customers to get a taste of what TreeHouse is all about, and let them take a bit of TreeHouse back to their homes.


In the late summer,TreeHouse will participate in the Boulder Home and Garden Fair, establishing themselves as the premiere, local destination for green living products. To start conversations with the target markets, Jeff Lewis,

renowned house flipper and the creator of the exclusive non-toxic Jeff Lewis Color paint sold at TreeHouse, will conduct Q&A sessions powered by Google Hangout On Air and Twitter. These sessions will allow TreeHouse followers to get all their do-it-yourself questions answered by an expert. In the fall, Treehouse will green-ify the children’s section of the Boulder Public Library in order to give back to the city and promote themselves as a community oriented brand. The renovation will be completely done by TreeHouse products. During this time, TreeHouse employees will also assist UC Boulder freshmen move into their dorms, so they can start building a long term relationship with the city’s future residents. To celebrate TreeHouse’s six-month Boulder anniversary, we’re launching a month-long Twitter contest in August. TreeHouse’s Twitter followers will be encouraged to post pictures of themselves using TreeHouse products. To officially enter, tweeters must use the #TreeHouseWin hashtag. This contest will allow Twitter followers to win a $100 gift card to TreeHouse. Throughout the campaign, Creatio will also be employing the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube. Additionally, we will be using search engine optimization and search engine marketing to ensure that TreeHouse is known on the web. We will also be rebranding TreeHouse’s blog and renaming it Built by TreeHouse which will provide consumers with ideas on how to decorate and enhance their homes. It is Creatio’s main goal to ensure Boulderites know the benefits and advantages of shopping at TreeHouse. By implementing meaningful media placements, Creatio guarantees that TreeHouse will prosper in Boulder.


SCOPE Walking into TreeHouse is like walking into your grandfather’s backyard tool shed. It’s where you go to find that familiar tool you want to use to build your dreams. Creatio’s goal is to inspire, educate and empower the community of The Hill District of Boulder to join a revolution of home improvement that feels as good as it looks. A new era led by a commitment to health, performance, sustainability and corporate responsibility is coming to Boulder and Creatio could not be more excited to be a part of it. Creatio has crafted a comprehensive campaign to guide the store from setting roots on March 1, 2014 through extending its branches to December 31, 2014 and beyond. Our campaign kicks off with planting the TreeHouse seed amongst our target markets. In this stage we’ll be educating the community in identifying the store’s name, location and grand opening date. We’ll be taking steps to build brand affinity within the first six weeks in the Boulder community and expect for 50 percent of our target market to be aware of the TreeHouse name within this time frame. The Creatio team has taken a careful look at the Boulder geographic market

and has conducted extensive research on the TreeHouse target market with a SWOT analysis. Through our research, we found that print media hasn’t worked in TreeHouse’s past campaigns with advertising agency, McGarrah Jessee. As a result, Creatio aims to strategically allocate our budget of $45,000 to completely digital media such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing and advertising on the websites for media outlets like the Boulder Home and Garden magazine and the CU Independent. These platforms will help in our attempts to raise awareness amongst our target markets. Driving local Boulder in-store sales is a top priority for establishing the new store in the market and keeping the location open. By the end of the eight weeks following the store’s opening, Creatio aims for TreeHouse to have an average of 150 visitors per day from Monday through Friday and 300 visitors per day on Saturdays and Sundays. Creatio is ready to water, plant and nurture TreeHouse as its branches grow to cover new fertile environments. It’s through a community-focused and research driven strategy that Creatio will help TreeHouse fulfill its mission to make sustainable living attainable.




Boulder, Colorado, located 35 minutes outside of Denver at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, consistently receives high rankings in education, quality of life, job opportunity and health from various magazines and news outlets across the country. Boulderites embrace a green lifestyle, as companies like Celestial Seasonings, White Wave (soy food manufacturer), Wild Oats (now owned by Whole Foods) and Horizon’s Organic Yogurt all started in Boulder[14]. The total population of Boulder is 98,903 and the median age is 28.4. Our research indicates that the city has grown by an estimated 0.5% yearly since 2000 and is expected to grow to 119,371 by 2035[15]. On average, Boulder residents are younger, more likely to have a college degree, work in professional or managerial occupations and have higher incomes than residents of many other American communities. In contrast, Austin’s total population is 842,592 and the median age is 31. Source:


TreeHouse will be located in the zip code 80302 where the median income is $43,400. The store will be 0.7 miles away from UC Boulder[16], drawing in just less than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students.The store will be in the heart of the Hill District, which is a hip and trendy area of Boulder that houses eclectic restaurants, entertainment venues and shops. Significant portions of the people who live in Boulder don’t have kids and are either newlyweds or single professionals. 37% of the population is between the ages of 21 and 34 and about 90% of the population is white [15].


PROFILE Kevin Graham, Jason Ballard and Evan Loomis wanted to create an environmentally-focused home improvement store in the Austin community to enhance one of the most basic human necessities, shelter [1]. TreeHouse was their answer. The store opened on November 18, 2011, and ever since then, the guys at TreeHouse have been educating the Austin community to be wise, responsible and efficient in their lifestyles. Product

TreeHouse promotes their values by choosing products that benefit the community. The TreeHouse Product Filter, their process of choosing products, separates TreeHouse from other home improvement stores. The filter uses a criterion of four distinct aspects of a product: health, performance, sustainability and corporate responsibility. Going through the product filter is the equivalent of a guarantee from TreeHouse management, assuring that the brands on their shelves are trustworthy [2]. TreeHouse has a diverse selection, with over 60 products and services to choose from. TreeHouse’s wide variety of in-store options, from their installation based products to their multiple solar-energy solutions, will help a new family build their home in a safe, costeffective and eco-conscious manner [3]. Educating the community is a priority for TreeHouse. They hold frequent workshops encouraging the community to participate in an array of activities, which range from rainwater harvesting, to painting with TreeHouse’s cost-efficient paints, to canning sessions [4]. TreeHouse focuses on being a socially conscious hardware store dedicated to helping people build their lives, and together, building a smarter community and a brighter future.


Branching out to a new community, TreeHouse’s seeds will be planted in the Hill County of Boulder, Colorado, an area booming with new families and college students from the University of Colorado at Boulder. The mix of the two demographics parallels that of South Austin’s hip, self-sustainable, forward thinking citizens, and will be a great place for TreeHouse to open a second location.


TreeHouse’s main source of success comes from their digital promotions[5]. With over 4,700 followers on Facebook and their user friendly website, TreeHouse does a great job in branding their image and publicizing their events and products[6]. To reach an even larger audience, TreeHouse incorporated an in-store signing from interior designer and Bravo TV personality, Jeff Lewis. TreeHouse uses promotions not only to reach the community, but also to educate the members of the public.


Quality is the tenet upon which TreeHouse is built. All of their products are selected based on their high quality and because of this, their products are priced higher than those of their competitors. The products encourage their patron to live a more sustainable life.



COMPETITORS Home Depot The Home Depot, Inc. is the world’s largest home improvement retailer[7]. With stores in all 50 states, the Home Depot is one of the most wellknown home improvement stores in the country. They specialize in providing great customer service and budget friendly home improvement products with a variety of eco-friendly options. They have built their brand to be the one-stop hardware and home improvement store for those undertaking do-it-yourself projects. The closest Home Depot is located six driving minutes away from TreeHouse.


Lowe’s Lowe’s is the second-largest home improvement retailer in the country. They have more than 1,825 home improvement and hardware stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico[8]. Lowe’s is committed to delivering exceptional customer service for people searching for budget friendly quality products or home installation services. The closest Lowe’s is a 13 minute drive away from TreeHouse.

McGuckin Hardware McGuckin Hardware, a local hardware store, prides themselves on being Boulder’s everything store[9]. They believe their success is based on personalized service selection and first-hand experience. Every employee makes sure their consumers leave with what they need. McGuckin Hardware store is a 13 minute walk away from the University of Colorado at Boulder campus and offer products such as builder’s hardware and office supplies. It’s five minutes away from TreeHouse, the proximity makes it a likely competitor.


ANALYSIS Strengths



informative YouTube videos, TreeHouse offers workshops to inspire customers with different DIY projects. Installation for counter tops, flooring, solar paneling, doors and windows are all available for purchase, taking a customer-centric approach a step further[10].

tend to yield higher prices that might be off-putting at first glance.

Less Variety: The selective nature of TreeHouse’s products creates fewer options for customers in comparison to their competitors.

company design provides homeowners with cost effective products that will “green” their home. TreeHouse will have the opportunity to connect with UC Boulder’s Campus Environmental Center and Boulderites who are living green.

Inviting: TreeHouse offers

Young: With only two years

Interactive: Along with

a relaxed and welcoming environment for customers to browse merchandise that are sure to improve their homes[11].

Local: TreeHouse keeps their roots in the surrounding culture. Honing in on a certain target market, the company is able to directly cater to and satisfy the needs of their local consumers. They pride themselves in having a distinctive character, which gives them an economic advantage of repeat purchase[12]. Green: With the core belief

that nature is the home everyone shares, TreeHouse finds products that improve the quality of homes and preserve the environment[10].

Price: Higher quality products

under their belt, moving to a new city and expanding their staff could present obstacles like a disconnect in communication between TreeHouse management in Austin and the new store in Boulder[1].

Connections: TreeHouse’s

Community: Boulder is a

dedicated eco-friendly city. Through strategies such as the Eco Pass program, green points and the growth management systems, Boulder is a prime environment for TreeHouse to bloom as a new company[13].

Proximity: College students

at The University of Colorado at Boulder are at the prime age to become brand loyal. TreeHouse’s close location to the campus makes it ideal for students to begin exploring their creative, domestic endeavors and grow with the TreeHouse brand.


Apathy: Will college students be open to jumping on the “green bandwagon”? Will they engage with the movement and grow with TreeHouse to create a greener world? Change: Coming to a new city,

a new demographic and having to re-establish themselves can pose a difficult situation for any organization. TreeHouse will also be bringing new management and hiring new staff to represent the green company in Boulder. How will the success in Austin translate to Boulder? Will there be brand recognition and brand insistence?

Competition: How will TreeHouse compete against well-known and established companies such as Lowe’s and Home Depot? Neighborhood: Will the community around The University of Colorado at Boulder be receptive and embrace TreeHouse? More importantly, the people in the general area need to not only visit, but must also purchase from TreeHouse in order for the store to survive.



EZRA & LESLIE our primary target market

Ezra, a 31 year old aerospace engineer at the Sierra Nevada corporation in Louisville, Colorado and Leslie, a 30 year old marketing manager for IBM, met at the University of Colorado Boulder. They both wanted to get jobs in the Boulder area after college as they deeply fell in love with the beautiful city. Their combined income of about $180,000([17])([18]) led them to recently purchase a house together in the Newlands neighborhood[19] and they are looking to expand their family soon. Ezra and Leslie both love the outdoors and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Leslie, a Pinterest enthusiast, is excited to start decorating her new home. Since they are looking to start a family soon, both Leslie and Ezra are cautious about creating a safe environment in their home. Additionally, the Walkers both fall under the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability consumer market. The term, commonly referred to as “LOHAS�, describes people who are socially responsible and environmentally conscious and heavily incorporate these values in both their personal and professional lives. Source:


Natalia, Nati as her friends call her, is a junior psychology major from Durango, Colorado. As an intern for the Environmental Studies Department at University of Colorado, Boulder, she has a huge passion for the environment[20]. She is looking to move into a house her senior year with three of her friends in the fall. Nati hoards HGTV shows and enjoys taking on do-it-yourself projects in her free time. Natalia believes in change and is constantly looking for a new venture to take on whether it is in her academic or personal life. This girl can often be seen browsing the record store, Albums on the Hill, on her onespeed Schwinn to pick up Grimes’ new record.

Source: Claritas

In order to reach these target markets, the zip codes Creatio looks to hone in on will be 80302, 80304 and 80305. 80302 is targeted for the fact that it is where both TreeHouse and UC Boulder are located. Creatio looks to plant the brand loyalty seed with the young audience of 80302. The Creatio team believes proximity instills a sense of convenience and will result in a high amount of purchases from the University of Colorado Boulder Buffalos. Creatio aims to reach the other zip codes mentioned because of their proximity to TreeHouse and due to the high average income ($60,567) of their residents.


NATALIA our secondary target market



VISION Establish TreeHouse as the destination to educate and empower the Boulder community in their journey to living a more green lifestyle.



OBJECTIVES Recognition We aim to bring awareness to TreeHouse. We’ll employ guerrilla tactics as well as social media strategies and ads on various websites. This will establish TreeHouse as a premier option in the minds of Boulderites who are interested in an eco-friendly home improvement store. Consumer Interaction We also hope to involve Boulderites in the TreeHouse experience by advertising TreeHouse workshops and having a booth at the Wild Earth Day celebration where the children of Boulder can plant Black Eyed Susans. This will actively engage future clients and help them reap the benefits of TreeHouse’s facilities. Return on Investment We aim to convert intent into action through our various media efforts by having the people of Boulder come to TreeHouse and purchase items. Brand Loyalty Lastly, we hope that Boulderites will build a relationship with TreeHouse and become advocates for the TreeHouse lifestyle and brand. After they buy Treehouse products, we want Boulderites to spread their appreciation for TreeHouse’s services by telling their family and friends, thus creating more brand love and sales for TreeHouse.

Keeping up with the plastic bag ban, Creatio will market reusable totes for TreeHouse consumers to use not only when they shop at TreeHouse, but also in their eve ryday lives.



THE SEED flight one

Flight One explains the process of positioning the TreeHouse brand in the Boulder marketplace. By heavily promoting TreeHouse, Creatio will raise awareness of the brand in the Boulder community. To get Boulderites buzzing about the opening of a new store in their community, the TreeHouse team will “plant” seed bomb machines around the target market zip codes of 80302, 80304 and 80305. These seed bomb gum ball machines, a creative guerrilla marketing tactic, will quite literally help Boulder plant the TreeHouse seed throughout the area. Each machine will be colored green and decked out with a large TreeHouse sign, advertising the Grand Opening Weekend to achieve a strong and consistent brand presence. Accompanying each machine will be a ‘green’ graffiti message of our hashtag, #TreeHouseBoulder. Depending on the surrounding environment, the graffiti message will be power-washed onto the pavement in front of the machine or painted with moss above the machine. Welcome to the TreeHouse: A Sneak Peek An exclusive preview of TreeHouse will be offered to local contractors that deal heavily in the home improvement industry. A group of 25 contractors will be treated to catered hors d’oeuvres by Boulder’s Heirloom Food Truck as they experience the TreeHouse culture. For two hours, it’s all about the store and the quality of available products. The contractors are TreeHouse’s main liaisons to future guests looking to undertake home improvement projects. As a result, this event will foster brand loyalty among the contractors and TreeHouse. Source: greenaid, homedepot, heirloomtruck, hooksandlattice, simplygreensolutions,


SPROUT flight two

Flight Two focuses on interacting with the Boulder consumer market and converting product interest to purchase intent. Open House: Grand Opening Weekend This is TreeHouse’s debut in the Boulder community. The three-day affair includes different free, daily workshops, locally catered treats and fun giveaways. To celebrate Opening Weekend, a green grass carpet will be rolled out in front of the store. During the weekend activities, Boulderites can sign up to be on TreeHouse’s online newsletter list and in return receive a free reusable totes, water bottles and t-shirts. It is Creatio’s goal to have #OpenHouse trending on Twitter throughout the weekend. Friday, Opening Day, begins with a ribbon cutting ceremony. TreeHouse will also be offering canning workshops. This interactive workshop will allow consumers to get ready for the spring and summer by learn proper canning practices. While arriving on Saturday, attendees will walk down the green carpet and pose for a photographer in front of a branded wall depicting the TreeHouse tagline of ‘Smart Building. Better Living.’ As an incentive to participate in the family-friendly composting classes, shoppers can enter into a raffle to win a free composting system for their homes. For an Opening Weekend afternoon treat, local company, Ice Cream Alchemy, will provide three unique flavors of ice cream: Go Green Tea, Sustainable Cinnamon Roll and TreeHouse Tres Leches. Finishing out the weekend, the first 100 customers in the store on Sunday will receive a free succulent. They will then be able to learn how to care for their new plants in one of the Planting 101 workshops that will be going on all day. Wild Earth Day Celebration In order to expose TreeHouse’s products and services, the company will host a booth at Boulder County’s largest Earth Day event, the Wild Earth Day Celebration. This annual event attracts thousands of visitors of all ages from the region. Children will be able to interact with the TreeHouse employees, while planting Colorado-native Black Eyed Susans in TreeHouse branded terra cotta pots. Both TreeHouse reusable totes and t-shirts will also be available to spread recognition. Source: rcspecialevents, displays2go, alltimetrading, edenbrothers, wildbear, customink, simplygreensolutions, hooksandlattice, etsy, icecreamalchemy, pixilstudio, amazon


CULTIVATE flight three

In Flight Three Creatio will continue to develop the TreeHouse brand as it grows into becoming Boulder’s one-stop shop for those looking to live a green, healthy and sustainable life. Boulder Home and Garden Fair We’re participating in the 7th Annual Boulder Home & Garden Fair, a fertile ground for our target market. The fair empowers local families with an abundance of new project ideas, information and inspiration to improve their indoor and outdoor living spaces by showcasing the finest home improvement companies and contractors. We have the potential to interact with over 5,000 Boulderites and we’ll harness this potential with an interactive display that highlights the benefits of our energy-saving products. Additionally, we have 100 t-shirts and 300 reusable totes with TreeHouse’s logo to hand out to booth visitors. TreeHouse’s commitment to a green and sustainable standard of excellence extends into its partnerships with other brands. Jeff Lewis, the man behind the Bravo hits Flipping Out and Interior Therapy, is also behind Jeff Lewis color, a prominent brand of paint in TreeHouse’s aisles. Every two weeks during this flight, TreeHouse will broadcast Jeff Lewis Q&A sessions powered by Google Hangout On Air and Twitter. Lewis will be answering guests’ DIY questions and interior conundrums. Boulderites can participate by using the #TreeHouseLewis hashtag and asking their questions to the ‘Bravo-lebrity’. Source:, homeandgardenmag, customink, simplygreensolutions


BLOOM flight four In Flight Four, Boulderites will be aware of the TreeHouse brand and the benefits and advantages that come from purchasing TreeHouse products. By this time, TreeHouse will be in full bloom, thriving in the Boulder market as it transitions from purchase intent to forming brand loyal relationships with customers. Renovation on Boulder Library To establish our presence as a community-focused brand, TreeHouse will green-ify the kids’ section of the Boulder Public Library. A team of TreeHouse employees and volunteers will use TreeHouse products to create a healthy environment for little Boulderites to enjoy. By installing LED light bulbs, decorative recycled lighting fixtures, painting a mural with non-toxic paint, and replacing the libraries air filters, Boulder will be one step closer to smart building, better living. UC Boulder Move-In As fall approaches, the University of Colorado at Boulder will open its doors to 25,805 undergraduate students. To reach our secondary target market, Treehouse will hire a street team to help students move into the dorms and give them TreeHouse t-shirts. By participating in this event, new college students will become aware of TreeHouse and the possible products they can incorporate during their college years. #TreeHouseWin To mark the six months since TreeHouse opened it’s store in Boulder, Colorado, a Twitter contest lasting the entire month of August will be held. TreeHouse Twitter followers will be able to interact with the brand by posting a picture of themselves using TreeHouse products with the hashtag #TreeHouseWin. Every week two winners will be chosen and awarded a $100 TreeHouse gift card for their creative and inventive way of capturing the TreeHouse product. Source: simplygreensolutions, customink, boulderlibrary, treehouseonline


NURTURE continuous efforts Social Media The store isn’t open 24 hours, so it’s vital that TreeHouse finds and caters to its guests. TreeHouse’s social media platforms span from Facebook and Twitter, to Instagram and YouTube. Harnessing the full power of their platforms would include helpful, innovative and shareable content. This would vary from short clips on weekend DIY projects with products found exclusively at the store to a behind-the-scenes look at the people that make TreeHouse, well, TreeHouse. Creatio will strategically increase the activity on Pinterest with easy DIY and home improvement projects. Creatio understands that TreeHouse guests are in a state of “infolust”- always seeking information on how to properly install their tiles or mix their own eco-friendly detergent. Our continuous digital strategies aim to place TreeHouse as the top social media contender for home improvement resources. This also extends into promoted Twitter and Facebook ads.


SEO TreeHouse needs to meet people where they are looking, online. Search Engine Optimization is a form of internet marketing used to develop a brand’s digital presence by working to be referenced, cited, and relevant in order be the first result on search engines. Creatio wants TreeHouse to be at the top of the list on Google when people search for phrases that range from “Home Improvement in Boulder” to “ecofriendly living.” Currently, Treehouseonline. com is ranked four out of ten on Google. Creatio will purchase 300 words in order for more referrals to boost TreeHouse’s page rank. Recently Google has switched their focus to driving returns on a more social aspect, and as a result, Creatio will integrate social media into every aspect of the page.’s website architecture will be changed to include deeper indexation, improved Headline tags,

and an XML sitemap. These aspects all help search engines dig through a website, and find the best fit site to match the search. Restructuring the website would make TreeHouse more accessible for people online. For instance, an XML sitemap lets a search engine view every single page on the website and match their relevance to keywords. Without an XML sitemap, a search engine will simply skip over the pages they cannot see. The process looks to raise TreeHouseonline. com’s Google PageRank Value from a four to a six over the flights with these strategies. SEM Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility through paid search listings. Search Engine Marketing will complement SEO by increasing brand awareness. A combination of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization increases a campaign’s awareness by 20%. Creatio looks to cast a wide net, and by not only being at the top of the page, but also being promoted on a results page will ensure to reach the maximum amount of people as possible. BUILT by TreeHouse The opening of a second store will also mark the launch of BUILT, TreeHouse’s behindthe-scenes content powerhouse. This is not a marketing blog, as you won’t find pieces strictly announcing new products. Instead, BUILT will push content about how TreeHouse products can enhance a Fourth of July barbecue or increase your first home’s energy efficiency and much more. By offering these suggestions, Creatio believes that Boulderites will be intrigued by the variety of ways they can incorporate TreeHouse products into their everyday life. Source: Brand Media Strategy by Anthony Young

PLANT IT FORWARD creatio recommendations

Loyalty cards It is imperative for consumers to establish a relationship with TreeHouse in which they are rewarded for their allegiance. As a result, Creatio would like to employ the use of loyalty cards in order to engage consumers, increase frequency sales and customer retention of products and reward them for their repeat purchases. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology: This innovative, new idea will allow TreeHouse to be more efficient in tracking consumers and inventory for their newly placed store. RFID can also be used when it comes to promotional campaigns or contests where customers can get upgrades or win TreeHouse products for free or at a discounted price. The application of the tags will become more and more prevalent as time goes on, allowing TreeHouse to move into the next wave of technology implementation. Connections TreeHouse should establish connections with prominent figures in the Boulder/Denver community, whether it means partnering up with local bands, political figures, or business executives. By doing this, TreeHouse will foster important relationships that will benefit them in the long run and provide them with credibility and support. Denver Trade Show Trade shows are gatherings of companies and organizations in a certain industry that showcase their products and services. TreeHouse should consider participating in the Denver Trade Show in order to get the word out about their brand and establish themselves as a serious competitor in the Colorado home improvement market.

Boulder county’s green-building program, BuildSmart, went into effect in over fIVE years ago. It requires builders and contractors to create energy-efFIcient residential buildings.TreeHouse,the one-stop shop for green products, can provide all these installation needs.


fFLOWCHART let’s put it all together




MENU Web/Mobile


Types of Ad

CU Independent (UC Boulder student newspaper)


Per Month

Month per


Month per


TV Adults 25-54

Radio Adults 18+, :60

Rates Per Week

Academic Year


Early Morning


AM (M-F 6AM-10AM)




Early Fringe


Early News


Prime Access




Late News


Late Fringe


Day (M-F 10AM-3PM)


900 x 80

$150/ week

$500/ month



PM (M-F 3PM-7PM)


Rectangle Box

290 x 250

$130/ week




Evening (M-F 7PM-12 Midnight)


597 x 89





University of Colorado , Boulder Social Media

SQAD CPP Estimates for Denver, CO. 3 mentions



Top Banner

Bottom Banner



SQAD CPP Estimates for Denver, CO.



Column Inch Rate


week Twitter

1, 832

Social media mention



1, 820

Social media mention


Colorado Daily

6,998 Print



Column Inch Rate

Magazines Urban Home Boulder/Denver Color Rates, 4-color





1 page

$2, 265

$2, 157

$2, 054

1/2 page

$1, 538

$1, 465

$1, 395

1/4 page




SQAD CPP Estimates for Denver, CO and the surrounding suburbs Print



Guerrilla / Promotion


Total Cost

Custom Tattoos



Woven Tote Bags



Water Bottles Sunglasses








Full page



Jr. Page



Half Page



Quarter Page



Colorodo Daily Insert



NeoCom Promo

Column Inch Rate

Single sheet


4 tab


8 tab


SQAD CPP Estimates for Denver, CO and the surrounding suburbs

Newspapers Colorado Daily 6,998




Full page



Jr. Page



Half Page



Quarter Page



Colorodo Daily Insert 6,998


1x Single sheet


4 tab


8 tab


SQAD CPP Estimates for Denver, CO and the surrounding suburbs

OOH Out door Ads, Inc.          

Type Bench Ads Quan tity

1 to 10 2 to 10 11 to 25



  1-2 Months

3-5 Months

6-11 Months



450, 000

11, 250, 000










SQAD Estimates for Denver, CO





Smart building.

Better living. 27




SYNOPSIS TreeHouse takes a proactive role in creating an ecologically sound environment. They have expanded the realm of home improvement by invoking a passion to leave the world better that it was found. TreeHouse’s goal is to provide green solutions for one’s home and the environment. Boulder’s outdoor culture and natural focus parallels that of the already TreeHouse supportive South Austin. The welcoming environment provided by Treehouse’s unique experience builds powerful relationships that college students, and new families ages 28 - 38 years old can feel welcomed in. The competition and weaknesses for TreeHouse are evident, but because Boulder is one of the greenest cities in the nation[21], TreeHouse has the ability to stand out as a convenient and engaging experience. Bringing a green improvement center with a focus on bettering the community to a city that prides itself in being a leader in promoting a green lifestyle will be a perfect fit in Boulder.


Smart building.

Better living. 24

LET’S BUILD Creatio would like to thank you for considering us for TreeHouse’s Boulder, Colorado location agency of record. As Treehouse opens their second store in Boulder, Creatio would like to take part in planting their seed in the lush Boulder environment and solidifying their roots in the Hill District. We believe that our comprehensive plan will make Boulder residents aware of the smart and eco-friendly options they will have if they incorporate Treehouse products into their already present green lifestyles. By implementing our effective and efficient media strategies, we guarantee that Treehouse will thrive in Boulder, Colorado. So what do you say? Let’s build something great together.






BUILD: A TreeHouse Media Planbook  

Group project for ADV345J: Foundations of Media Planning, advertising course in the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texa...

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