Clement's Kindness 2019 Annual Report

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Since the inception of Clement’s Kindness in 2002, I have had the opportunity to work closely with the organization in a variety of ways, first as Medical Director of the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Center at the BI-LO Charities Children’s Cancer Center, then as a Clement’s Kindness board member, and now as board chair. Throughout these years, I have witnessed some of the life-changing effects of Clement’s Kindness' work for patients and families struggling with cancer and chronic blood diseases. Clement's Kindness has provided support to hundreds of families in unique ways, specific to their individual needs. This would not be possible without the many contributions from caring people throughout the Upstate. Clement's Kindness is indebted to several corporate donors who have made it possible to fund major projects at Camp Courage, Cancer Survivor’s Park, and the BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center and Bon Secours Adolescent and Young Adult Program. We are especially grateful for the generous support of Peter Larocque and SYNNEX Share the Magic over the past nine years. We would not have been able to accomplish many of these projects without their help. Lastly, we are sincerely thankful for the generosity of individuals who contribute every year in a number of ways. Loyal donors like you are the backbone of our support year after year. You have made Priscilla and Knox’s dream of a meaningful and lasting memorial to Clement a vibrant reality!

-Cary E. Stroud, M.D.

2019 1



29 96

school visits were conducted through the School Intervention Program individuals participated in a STAR Bereavement Program monthly meeting

25 29

patients attended teen focused events on average end of treatment gifts presented to patients

HOW CLEMENT'S KINDNESS HELPS Clement’s Kindness serves the Upstate community through funding and support of the following: PROGRAMS AND FACILITIES •

• • •

School Intervention Program to help school staff understand the medical and psychosocial needs of the patient Support Groups including teen, sickle cell and the STAR Bereavement Program Survivorship Clinic for the transition from active treatment to cancer survivor Facility Upgrades and Additions to In-Patient Parent Room and Day Hospital where patients receive treatments


• • • • •

Discretionary funds for nonmedical needs including mortgage payments, car payments, utility bills, car repairs and more Travel expenses for out of town treatments Psychological counseling Special outings such as trips to Clemson University’s athletic events and Carowinds Teen Events Family Celebration Gift given at the completion of therapy


Families face tremendous challenges surrounding a child's diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Clement's Kindness founders, Knox and Priscilla Haynsworth, experienced many of these challenges first-hand. After tragically losing their son, Clement, at the age of 24, the Haynsworth's made it their lives work to help children and families facing unexpected illness. With this commitment, Clement's Kindness Fund for the Children was established in 2002 through the Community Foundation of Greenville to address the medical, psychological, social, emotional and financial needs of Upstate families impacted by pediatric cancer and serious blood disorders.

Facility additions such as six cabins built in 2010 and an on-site infirmary, the Dr. Cary E. Stroud Camper Care Center, completed in May 2017


281 111

Financial Assistance for non-medical needs Creation of the Teen and Young Adult Activity Center for patients to use during treatments Mobile activity carts for patients to use during treatment

patients and family members attended the annual Carowinds Trip patients and family members enjoyed the Clemson football viewing party

gifts were provided through Santa's Clement’s Kindness funded the creation of the Clement’s in honor of Dr. William F. Schmidt III Kindness Children’s Garden Workshop to find hope and healing


for everyone


R N U E O Y J of a

Clement s Kindness family '

NEW PATIENT BAG Upon diagnosis, families are provided information about Clement's Kindness programs and services along with a blanket and other gifts to comfort children

Clement's Kindness funded the creation of the Children's Garden in honor of Dr. William F. Schmidt III at Cancer Survivors Park where play dates are held for patients and families



Many outings and events are planned for patients and their families throughout the year to provide an escape from the normal routine of doctor's appointments and treatments

Counseling services are integrated into the treatment plan and conveniently provided at the BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Help with household bills, travel expenses for treatment, groceries and more are provided to families in financial need 3


SICKLE CELL SUPPORT GROUP Monthly dinners, annual retreats, and a weekend at Camp Courage allow families to connect and hear from speakers to learn valuable information on management of Sickle Cell Disease



Assistance is provided for families of children who must travel out of town to receive treatment

Patients are given a $200 voucher toward a wig of their choice from Parisienne Wig and Hair Replacement


COMFORT DURING TREATMENT Children have access to a comfortable environment and distraction technologies at the BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center Knox and Priscilla Haynsworth Day Hospital

TEEN EVENTS Fun outings, such as movies and bowling parties, are organized for teen patients to spend time together and make memories

SIP educates school staff to understand the medical and psychological needs of the patient and helps parents advocate for appropriate support and accommodations for their child

HOLIDAY EVENTS The holidays should be a time for festivities and fellowship, and Clement’s Kindness makes sure to provide several opportunities for families to celebrate

CAMP COURAGE More patients are able to enjoy camp thanks to the onsite infirmary funded by Clement's Kindness, the Dr. Stroud Camper Care Center, where patients can receive on-site treatment from doctors while at camp



Childhood Cancer survivors are invited to attend a clinic annually to focus on their medical and psychosocial needs

Patients are presented with a $50 gift card to Camelot Cinemas and Spare Time upon the end of their treatment to celebrate with their families 4

Parker Black

Pre-B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 4 years-old | Central, SC

Parker Black adores cheerleaders. In fact, that’s what this spunky four-year-old would like to be when she grows up. So it comes as no surprise that when Parker met Miss Hailey, a cheerleader, at a special Clemson event through Clement’s Kindness, she was thrilled. Clemson and Clement’s Kindness strategically partner to create unique opportunities for families with kids battling cancer, kids like Parker, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at just two years old. In August of 2017, Parker showed signs of low hemoglobin at a wellness checkup. When iron supplements didn’t improve her numbers, further blood work revealed Parker had leukemia. Her first year of treatment required intense chemotherapy and week-long inpatient stays. But this past year has been maintenance, with fewer hospital visits. “She’s made it easier on us because she has been so tough,” says Parker’s mom, Katie. “She doesn’t cry when she gets poked or prodded, and she shows off her port like it’s a fashion statement.” The Clemson events, along with other opportunities made possible through Clement’s Kindness, have also made the journey easier for Parker and the Black family. And it’s not simply that they provide a safe place for Parker to interact and enjoy everyday experiences. For Katie and her husband David, it’s also about being around other families who understand. Parker finished her treatment in January of 2020, but will continue to be monitored closely in the coming years. And whether or not she ends up being a cheerleader, her family looks forward to a bright future for their brave little girl.

"I think for me, it’s been about helping us have a community. Clement’s Kindness has provided opportunities to be around other families who understand." — Katie Black, Parker's mother



Patient at the BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center

When MaKenzie Kirksey imagines her life twenty years from now, she sees herself in a doctor’s coat or a teacher’s classroom. These aren’t unachievable dreams for this 11-year-old, who consistently makes A/B honor roll as a sixth-grade student at Legacy Early College. MaKenzie’s mom, Jasmine, knew her eldest daughter’s life would be different from the moment she arrived. Diagnosed with sickle cell disease at birth, MaKenzie would face a lifetime of chronic pain. Sickle cell disease is a life-long condition, and those who have it often deal with pain flare-ups. To minimize the effects, sickle cell patients must be vigilant about staying hydrated and regulating their body temperature.

MaKenzie Kirksey

Sickle Cell Anemia | 11 years-old Greenville, SC

For MaKenzie, the pain is her toughest battle, sometimes requiring extended hospital stays just to manage it. But another challenging aspect of dealing with a chronic illness is educating the people around you to understand your daily struggles—the nuances of how the disease impacts your everyday life. For Jasmine, this is where Clement’s Kindness has played a significant role in her daughter’s well-being. The sickle cell support group has allowed Mackenzie to connect with other families and learn about management of the disease. Since MaKenzie started school, the School Intervention Program, funded by Clement's Kindness, has communicated her specific needs to teachers, counselors, and other staff members. Missing class for hospital stays could cause a student to fall behind, but MaKenzie’s teachers often bring her work to the hospital for her. Through the ups and downs, MaKenzie remains a cheerful 11-year-old, who enjoys doing normal 11-year-old activities like coloring, doing word searches, and joining a traveling dance team. And one day in the future, whether a doctor or a teacher, she might find herself helping kids like her.

"MaKenzie has attended Camp Courage for six years, where she meets other kids that also have sickle cell anemia. Experiences like these can ease the stress of harder times anemia by providing encouragement and hope." — Jasmine, MaKenzie's mother Patient at the BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center


Braxton Horton Burkitt's Lymphoma | 6 years-old Inman, SC

Right after the 2018 Christmas holidays, Sabrina Horton took her son Braxton to the pediatrician. Her vibrant and sweet-spirited five-year-old seemed extra tired, and had started snoring heavily. She thought it might be sleep apnea, but a visit to the ENT revealed he had a growth on his tonsils. They quickly scheduled surgery to remove it, but within minutes, the doctor was back out of the operating room. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” he told Sabrina, pausing removal until they had more information. A biopsy revealed Braxton had a rare and fast-growing cancer called Burkitt's lymphoma. A tumor covered his entire nasal cavity and had begun to spread into his throat. Despite the diagnosis, Braxton’s medical team was hopeful the cancer would respond well to aggressive treatment, and he began chemotherapy immediately. Although he lost his hair, as well as his energy, Braxton’s endearing spirit endured through all four months of treatment. He even named his port, the device used to transfer fluids and medication, “Daisy.” But while his optimism comforted Sabrina, caring for a child with cancer presented countless challenges. So when Clement’s Kindness stepped in to provide special, protected outings for Braxton, Sabrina found it a tremendous help. Braxton and his siblings went to Carowinds, and he loved going to Clemson for the preseason football practice and player signing. Clement’s Kindness also helped Sabrina with new tires for her car, and the School Intervention Program set up homebound educational services so Braxton wouldn’t fall behind during kindergarten. Braxton finished chemotherapy the day before his 6th birthday, and his initial scan revealed the tumor had a dramatic chemotherapy response. His monthly checkups continue to be clear, and his hair grew back in time for him to be Super Mario for Halloween. Braxton is still his animal-loving, kindhearted-self, and now, he’s cancer free.

"Clement's Kindness provided special, protected outings for Braxton. They have been very, very good to us throughout our journey." — Sabrina Horton, Braxton's mother



Patient at the BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center

Kat and Chad Lanier have always said their son Dredger is an old soul. At four years old, he enjoys wearing his robe and slippers, and knows exactly what he likes and doesn’t like. “He has a strong mind,” Kat says. It hasn’t been an easy journey for Dredger and his parents. At two-and-a-half years old, he was diagnosed with pre-B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Weeks prior, he’d had a bad sinus infection that steadily grew worse and landed him in the ICU. There, Dredger’s medical team discovered his hemoglobin was very low, which led them to suspect leukemia. He started chemotherapy right away, but an infection in his port site caused issues early on. During Dredger’s initial month in the hospital, Kat suffered a miscarriage, and Chad took time off of work to care for his family.

Dredger Lanier Pre-B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 4 years-old | Pelzer, SC

In trying times, moments of kindness can be lifelines. The Laniers are not only grateful for the compassion of Dredger’s entire medicinal team at Bi-Lo Charities Children’s Cancer Center, but also for the ways Clement’s Kindness has stepped in to help life feel more normal. Along with attending exciting events like the Greenville Drive game and the Clemson football preseason practice as well as the player signing, the Laniers also received funds from Clement’s Kindness to help with rent. Kat also looks forward to Dredger attending Camp Courage, and the unique opportunities her son will experience there. After almost two years of treatment, Dredger’s situation has improved significantly. Though he continues to receive chemotherapy and lumbar punctures, his medical team is pleased with his progress. Kat and Chad still consider him an old soul. In fact, today he tells his mom that the flowers he picked for her smell “just like sunshine.”

"Clement’s Kindness honestly helps Dredger have a normal life. They give him opportunities to do things that normal kids do." — Kat Lanier, Dredger's mother


Patient at the BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center


Gracie Cooke Hodgkin's Lymphoma | 15 years-old Greer, SC

From homework to deciding who to sit with at lunch, high school can be challenging for any ninth-grade girl. So when fourteen-year-old Gracie burst into tears after school at the start of Christmas break, it could easily have just been normal high-school stress. But instead, Gracie showed her mother a knot on her neck. “She asked me then if it was cancer, and I thought, ‘There’s no way it’s cancer,’” Laurie says. Assuming it was simply a swollen lymph node, Laurie still kept an eye on the knot. Gracie seemed fine, but the morning of her first day back to school, she passed out. Bloodwork from a trip to the ER confirmed cancer, and three weeks later, Gracie began chemotherapy. While the physical effects, like fatigue and hair loss, were challenges for Gracie, the affects on her emotional and relational realms came to be just as taxing. Gracie spent an initial month away from school. The Adolescent and Young Adult Activity Center at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System was such a blessing to Gracie and her family. Created by Clement’s Kindness as a welcoming space for young adult cancer patients, the room provided Gracie a place to make positive memories with friends and family, even while undergoing treatment. After 12 rounds of chemotherapy, Gracie completed treatment two days after her 15th birthday. While she still returns for checkups, her scans look great, and her energy has returned, along with her hair. Now in tenth grade, she’s jumped right back into the hustle and bustle of high school—cheering in the stands at football games, playing violin in the school orchestra concert, and just recently, obtaining her driver’s permit. Gracie's parents, Laurie and Bill, beam with pride at their daughter’s courage. “She’s stayed focused on her grades, she’s been very determined, very driven. She never asked, ‘Why me?”’ Laurie says. “She stayed very strong.”

"The Adolescent and Young Adult Activity Center provided a place for Gracie to make positive memories with friends and family. It was a breath of fresh air." — Laurie Cooke, Gracie's mother 9

Patient at the Bon Secours St. Francis Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Care Program

ST. FRANCIS ADOLESCENT AND YOUNG ADULT CANCER CARE PROGRAM For the past 4 years, Clement's Kindness has partnered with the Bon Secours St. Francis Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Care Program. The partnership allows Clement's Kindness to expand its reach in serving adolescent cancer patient in the Upstate. In South Carolina, AYA patients account for approximately 10% of newly diagnosed patients, yet there is a shortage of programs accommodating these patients. The Bon Secours AYA Cancer Care Program is one of the few oncology programs in the United States that is exclusively dedicated to teens and young adults. Clement's Kindness provided initial funding to the St Francis AYA Cancer Care Program in 2016. This funding helped facilitate enhancements of the spaces and programs which have allowed for maximized patient connectivity, belonging, support and emotional wellbeing. Some of the contributions that Clement's Kindness has made through the years to enhance the quality of life for St. Francis AYA cancer patients have included funding for:

ADOLESCENT AND YOUNG ADULT (AYA) ACTIVITY CENTER The first center of its kind in the Southeast, providing age-appropriate activities, decor, connectivity, and opportunities to continue school or vocational needs for patients and their support team


Outfitted with computing, gaming and networking capabilities that are used by patients to provide entertainment and distraction while receiving treatments in their infusion bays or in the AYA Activity Center


The coordinator manages aspects of the AYA Program including developing and overseeing the AYA Activities (support) group, providing educational opportunities for patients and families, and coordinating community resources and relationships


Psychological counseling services are integrated into patient treatment plans


Financial assistance for counseling services is offered to patients


introducing the new

you can check out the new website by holding your phone camera here

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the newly designed Clement’s Kindness website. Our goal with this new site is to provide visitors an easier way to learn about the services of Clement’s Kindness and communicate how they can help. Among new features, the site contains integrated social media buttons to foster improved communication. If you have not already, please follow @ClementsKindness on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with our news and events.


We will continue to update the website with helpful information. Look out for options to buy Clement’s Kindness ornaments, holiday cards and artwork in the near future!

BEREAVEMENT CARE Unfortunately, the treatment of cancer or serious blood disorders doesn't always end with patient recovery. The death of a child is devastating and leaves surviving family members in a whirlwind of complex and powerful feelings. Clement's Kindness supports families beyond treatment by providing a number of end of life services including a family photography session, funeral assistance, extended grief care, and the book Healing After Loss.

Someone to Always Remember STAR PROGRAM

Led by Reverend Patrick Jinks, the STAR Bereavement Program is a support group for families who have experienced the loss of a child. Monthly meetings along with an annual retreat at Camp Courage are designed to help families to connect and support one another as they learn how to live as a family forever changed.

The Bennett family

When parents are caring for a child with a life-threatening illness, resources are often not far away—from the support of a medical team, to community care. But after the death of a loved one, families can be at a loss for where to turn for help and healing. Josh and Tiesha Bennett’s youngest son Keltin was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer, at just nine months old. He received treatment at the BI-LO Charities Children’s Cancer Center for more than a year, but passed away in December 2017 at two years old. Grief is a complicated journey, and for Josh and Tiesha, along with Keltin’s older siblings Kirin and Tyannah, the STAR Bereavement program has provided a safe place to process and find support. “Clement’s Kindness has been amazing with getting us in touch with other parents who are going through the same thing,” Tiesha says. “Although everybody’s story is different, in the end we’ve still lost our child.” As a way to celebrate her son’s life, as well as give back to others, Tiesha started Keltin Cinema, a mobile movie theatre on the oncology floor of the hospital. Keltin loved Toy Story, and the Bennetts bonded as a family by watching movies together during treatment, typically on an iPhone or a small TV. After Keltin’s passing, Tiesha created a cart with hundreds of DVDs, movie-theatre snacks, a projector and a 90-inch screen for families to enjoy a moment of entertainment together.


STATION FARM E V O R G S Hosts Clement's Kindness

Several Clement's Kindness families gathered at Grove Station Farms in Piedmont, South Carolina, on a breezy September morning. The day began with a journey through the barn where the children learned about horse grooming, riding, and care. The rest of the morning was filled with arts and crafts, hula hooping, and bubbles. The kids were especially excited when they were given the opportunity to ride and groom a horse. For many, it was their first horseback experience. The day ended with a tasty picnic and relaxing in the shade. The children left smiling, ready to tell their friends all about their fun day horsing around. Clement's Kindness is extremely grateful to Grove Station Farms for planning this fun-filled day for a few of our families from the BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center and Bon Secours St. Francis Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Center.

To learn more about Grove Station Farms, visit


CAMP COURAGE Every June and August, patients of the BI-LO Charities Children’s Cancer Center spend a week at Camp Courage designed to promote normal development, coping and peer support, as well as recreation. Clement’s Kindness has made this possible with the funding of six cabins and an infirmary on-site. We are also always delighted to spend some quality time with the campers and take part in some of the camp activities.

Pam' s Peaceful Places On June 25, Clement’s Kindness dedicated a special reflection space at Camp Courage honoring Pam Broughton, a social worker at the BI-LO Charities Children’s Cancer Center. Pam has been with Clement's Kindness for many years, serving both as a board member and liaison to the hospital. Pam’s Peaceful Places was created to be a quiet, conversation area along the Leadership Greenville Boardwalk at Pleasant Ridge Camp & Retreat Center. It includes a garden with a collection of river rocks hand-painted by campers. This secluded outdoor space will serve as a safe place for campers to step away from activities, catch their breath, reflect and experience peaceful stillness. Thank you to the donors who helped make Pam's Peaceful Places possible, including Cliffs Residents Outreach, Big Rock, Carolina Custom Craftsman, Graham Kimak Landscape Designs, Patio Flavor and Volar Group.

Pam Broughton


A LITTLE TIGER KINDNESS Clement's Kindness' partnership with Clemson University has brought a lot of excitement and fun for patients and their families of the BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center.

Spring Scrimmage

Patients and families attended a scrimmage where they met players and coaches and received autographed footballs.

Viewing Party

In October, Clemson Cheerleaders hosted a Clement’s Kindness viewing party for the Clemson vs. Florida State football game. Patients and families were invited to their cheer clinic, participated in Tiger Walk, visited Howard’s Rock and walked on the field during warm-ups.

Basketball Game

The Women’s Basketball team hosted Clement’s Kindness for their Pediatric Cancer Awareness Game. Patients had the opportunity to participate in halftime activities and meet the players and cheerleaders.

P.AW . .


Clemson's P.A.W. Journey Clemson football program works to cultivate leadership in student-athletes through personal growth, life skills, and professional development. This year the program recognized Clement's Kindness as their most valuable community partner.

Hospital Visits

Throughout 2019, several Clemson cheerleaders visited patients at the hospital to brighten patient's spirits during their treatments and hospital stays. 15

CLEMENT'S KINDNESS EVENTS Patients look forward to Clement's Kindness events each year. They provide the perfect opportunities for families to escape the normal routine of doctor's appointments and treatments. Some of the 2019 Clement's Kindness events included:


Four patients represented Clement's Kindness in the amateur cooking competition benefiting the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance.


281 patients and family members enjoyed this year's Carowinds trip.

GREENVILLE TRIUMPH EVENT 32 patients and family members attended a meet and greet with Greenville Triumph players.


Clement's Kindness hosted a party for patients and families to view the downtown Christmas parade in a safe, enclosed environment. BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center patients and siblings received a handpicked toy donated by Clement's Kindness during their December visits.

12 12


SHARING SOME MAGIC Founded in 2010 by Peter Larocque, President, North America Distribution of SYNNEX Corporation, SYNNEX Share the Magic has raised more than $12 million since its inception for Clement’s Kindness and three other Upstate children’s charities. The annual fundraising initiative provides support for Upstate, South Carolina children and youth facing incredible challenges such as life-threatening illnesses, abuse, neglect, or developmental delays. Thank you SYNNEX Corporation, SYNNEX Share the Magic and supporters for your part in making this fundraising effort a success each year!





100 Clement's Kindness patients and family members enjoyed an afternoon cheering on the Greenville Drive at the fundraising game in June.

SYNNEX hosted their Annual Charity Golf Classic in June. The tournament raised approximately $250,000 for beneficiaries including Clement's Kindness.

EASTSIDE HIGH SCHOOL SPIRIT WEEK Eastside High School students raised $129,088 for SYNNEX Share the Magic for their 2019 Spirit Week.




The 9th Annual SYNNEX Share the Magic Gala took place on October 5, 2019. Guests enjoyed live and silent auctions, cocktails, music and dancing.

Thanks to the many successful fundraising events of 2019, SYNNEX Share the Magic presented $360,803 to Clement's Kindness at their annual check presentation.

SYNNEX Share the Magic donated tickets for Clement's Kindness patients and family members to enjoy The Nutcracker performance at the Peace Center.



HELP US $5000 MAKE A DIFFERENCE. With your help and support, Clement’s Kindness can continue to make a big difference. A donation is the perfect opportunity to touch the hearts of these incredible families and see your generosity at work in the Upstate. Every donation supports the patients and their families. Your donation may be used for gas money to take a child back and forth for chemotherapy over the course of several months. Your donation could provide funds for a plane ticket to visit a specialist across the country. Or your donation may be used to help with a mortgage payment because a mother had to leave her job to care for her child. As you’ve seen, the needs are many, but so are the opportunities to help. Clement’s Kindness would love to share with you how your support is making a difference in the lives of these families. Please be sure to provide your email address with your donation in order for us to keep you updated! If you are able to, please remember Clement’s Kindness Fund for the Children in your will. All contributions and donations are tax deductible as allowable by law. Please check with your tax advisor. Clement's Kindness is a component fund of the Community Foundation of Greenville, a 501c3 organization.


$2500 $1000

$750 $500

CONTRIBUTIONS: 01/01/19 – 12/31/19 Individual Donors, Corporate Donors, Grants and Other Income ......................................................... $ will provide funds for a School Intervention Program, which helps transition and prepare children to reenter a school environment. will sponsor a fun outing for teen patients.

DISTRIBUTIONS Financial Assistance and Support.............................................. $ Financial Support of BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center Programs.......................................... $ Bon Secours St. Francis AYA Program....................................... $ Camp Courage............................................................................. $ OPERATIONS Total Operating Expenses.......................................................... $

4 99,710.78 177,960.95 75,000.00 50,000.00 34,575.10 91,695.92

TRANSFERS Transfers to the Endowment....................................................... $ 24,595.19 Net Additions......................................................................... $ 45,883.62

will pay travel expenses for the family of a child needing a bone marrow transplant or experimental therapy.

Beginning Balance at 01/01/19................................................... $ 978,998.35 Net Additions............................................................................... $ 45,883.62

will help a family with rent or a monthly mortgage payment.


can help a family with a car repair.


can help a family with their utility bills for the month.


will help a family with groceries or gas for a month.

Balance at 12/31/19..................................................................... $ 1,024,881.97

CONTRIBUTIONS: 01/01/19 - 12/31/19 Individual Donors and Other Income........................................ $ Unrealized Gain on Endowment................................................ $

48,484.73 38,836.99

DISTRIBUTIONS Administrative Expenses............................................................ $


Net Additions......................................................................... $


Beginning Balance at 01/01/19................................................... $ Net Additions............................................................................... $

231,405.58 83,693.48

Fund Balance at 12/31/19...................................................... $


Clement’s Kindness 2019 Advisory Board

FRONT ROW: Ruth Cook, Maurie Lawrence, Cary Stroud, Suzy Haynsworth, Anne Marie Odom

Susan Bridgers Pam Broughton Ruth Cook* Kristi Donlan Bern DuPree Frank DuPree* Gay DuPree* Mary DuPree Liz Einstein Jane Harrison Fisher Rebecca Gault Lee Harris Knox Haynsworth, Jr., Esq.* Priscilla Haynsworth* Suzy Haynsworth, Esq. Velda Hughes* Maurie Lawrence, Esq. Tami McKnew, Esq. Dr. Ashley Noojin* Ben Norwood III* Anne Marie Odom Chris Pracht, Esq. Hank Sanders Dr. Hal Shaw* Dr. Cary Stroud* Bett White

BACK ROW: Pam Broughton, Rebecca Gault, Frank DuPree, Bett White, Gay Dupree, Sandra Miller, Lee Harris,

* Emeritus Members

la Knox and Priscil Haynsworth

Liz Einstein, Hank Sanders, Susan Bridgers, Kristi Donlan, Mary Dupree Thank you to the following who retire from the Advisory Board in 2020: Jane Harrison Fisher, Bett White and Chirs Pracht

Thank you to BI-LO Charities Children’s Cancer Center and Bon Secours St. Francis Health System Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Center doctors and staff for the level of care you provide Upstate children with pediatric cancer and blood disorders. We are thankful for your support in enabling us to fulfill the needs of patients and their families that go beyond medical therapies. 20

Thank you for your kindness. Clement’s Kindness would like to thank the following donors who have helped make a big difference in so many peoples’ lives. Your contribution goes directly to helping these patients and families that come to the BI-LO Charities Children’s Cancer Center or Bon Secours St. Francis Health System from across the Upstate. We thank you for your generosity because without your kindness we would not be able to help. ENDOWMENT

Martin and Kristi Donlan Frank and Gay DuPree Bern and Mary DuPree Nate and Sugie Einstein Knox and Priscilla Haynsworth Knox and Suzy Haynsworth Bill and Libby Kehl Clifford and Maurie Lawrence Sandra and Matthew Miller Ben and Kathryn Norwood Louise Oxner Dewey Oxner Porter and Ann Rose Evelyn Runge Hank and Amanda Sanders Douglas and Jane Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stripling, Jr Cary and Donna Stroud Bill and Elise Weston Bett White

BEST FRIEND ($5000 and Over)

Delta Interests, LLC Jim and Lynn Gilreath Les and Jane Hudson Velda and Jackson Hughes SYNNEX Share the Magic W. W. Burgiss Charities Inc.

COMPANION ($2500 – $4999)


Jim and Nancy Baldwin Jeffrey and Leanna Garrison The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. Bobby and Becky Hartness Kellett Family Foundation Porter and Ann Rose

BUDDY ($1000 – $2499)

Pam Blakely Charles Timmons Foundation Drs. Hal and Mary Fran Croswell Dan and Liz Einstein Brian and Shannon Forcier Five Star Foundations, LLC Fielding and Gally Gallivan Christine Graham Gordon and Sarah Herring Charles and Sharon Howard Gerald Huskamp Hales Jewelers JVG LLC Maddrey Foundation Ben and Kathryn Norwood Pate Fund Laurie and Tom Patrick Ellis Pearce Roy and Susan Phillips Joe and Caroline Ryan Simpsonville Fire Department Gary and Mishelle Sems Gordon Sherard Tommy and La Mae Strange Jodie Winchester Anonymous

FRIEND ($500-$999)

Tom and Sherry Atkinson Neil and Lindsey Batavia Susan Bridgers Cleveland Park Animal HospitalJoyce Cline Davis Property Robert and Sandy DeLapp Dunn & Shirley, LLC Paul and Nancy Goldsmith Marsha Harper

Eric and Judy Hilliard Holiday Sunshine Fund Tee and Sherry Hooper Charlie and Sharon Howard Stuart and Mary Jackson Ed and Almena Lominack Charles and Patricia McDonald Ross and Susan McKibbon Matthew and Sandra Miller Jack and Marion Mitchell Garry and Margo Patton Graham Proffitt Brian and Patricia Rudisill Joe and Donna Sullivan Dick and Becky Toohey Bett White


Arrows Children's Boutique David M. Adams, Sr. Stephen and Suzanne Allen Frannie Apperson Arkwright Foundation Sara Baird Anonymous Kathy and Pete Becker Chris Bieber Ellen R. Boan Johnson and Tracy Bond Pam and Curtis Broughton Cedric and Cynthia Brown Bobby and Lu Brown Duff and Margaret Bruce Dr. Nichole Bryant Buck Buchanan Kristin Burrell Steve and Fajaya Butler Bill and Trish Campbell Billy and Nancy Carpenter Peggy Carver Ray Cash

John and Ginger Cebe Judith S. Chason Clement's Kindness Fund Tom and Jill Coker Cal and Tessa Collins John and Whitney Collins Charlene H. Comer Rudolph and Ruth Cook Edwin and Karen Cooley Mr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Cotter, Jr. Paul Craven Daniel - Mickel Foundation Sally Daniels Davis Orthodontics Julian and Jean Dority Benjamin and Heather Dorr Steve and Dorothy Dowe Buddy and Billie Echols Nate and Sugie Einstein Rebecca Ellefson Ted and Anne Ellefson Sherri A. Estridge Doug and Pam Evans Charles and Elaine Gentry John Glymph Laura Goll Steve and Cathy Grant Greer Middle College Charter High School Hammer & Nails Color Street Frank and Jennifer Hammond Lee E. Harris Pat Haskell-Robinson Knox and Priscilla Haynsworth Jeffrey and Elizabeth Henry Glenn and Heather Hilliard Jimmy and Angela Hope Rolfe and Diddy Hughes Caroline Hunt Tod and Meg Hyche Robert and Codie Lorio Jeffrey and Amy Karmilovich Don and Mary Ellen Kiser Bob and Aurie Latham Boon and Barbara Lee Julian and Janet Lewis Creighton and Christina Likes Kaye and Tim Lindler David and Elisabeth Marchant Mike and Cat Martin Jan McCrary

Gregory and Lynn McGuire Betsy McKay Parks and Jackie McLeod Alben Miller Judith Miller Shafer Miller Bridget Tkacik Dorin and Brenda Muntean Vick and Betty Murdaugh Barry and Jeanne Myers Wake Myers Keri Ostby Louise Oxner Joyce Parks Alex Patrick Betty Pearce Barbara B. Pearson Helen Pickel John Plyler Bill and Eleanor Pope Pope, Smith, Brown & King, P.A. Michael and Caitlin Pugliese Suzanne Pyle Dean and Ivy Rainey Tim and Susan Reed Alan and Jeanne Robinson Claude and Nicole Robinson The Rock House Antiques John and Lynn Rowell Evelyn Runge Greg Ryan Sara Chastain Interiors Nicholas and Laura Sardone Patti Seigler Bobby and Judy Sheriff Skyla Strong Andrew and Annette Stephens Drs. Cary and Donna Stroud Fred and Judy Suggs Ron and Sherry Tate TD Bank, N.A. Toledano & Associates, Inc. Top Leaders Coach Addie Townes Bill and Pat Traxler Jesse Trout Leigh Turner Harry and Jo Ussery David and Lisa Vaughan Wade Hampton High School Arthur Wallace

James and Beverly Watson Tiby Weinstein Janet Welch Sallie Peterson White Bev Whitten Paul Wickensimer


Mrs. Hugh Aiken Mrs. Pat Apperson Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Arrington, Jr. Rhiannon McConnaughey Caroline Baird Harriet Bauknight Parker Ann Black Cam Daniels Birthday Marshall & John Robert Dunn Betty Farr Annie Fleming Skyla Forcier Greenville Health System ER Staff Mr. Don Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Corbin Haskell Knox and Priscilla Haynsworth Knox Haynsworth Birthday Mr. Tom Hipp Jane Hudson's Birthday Velda Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Paul Goldsmith Layza Juarez Clara Lawrence Sandra Miller Mrs. Billy Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Buzz O'Brien Jamie Osborn Mrs. Dewey Oxner Dan Sanders Alice Smith Cary Stroud Cary & Donna Stroud Benjamin Winchester


Mary Ann Buchanan Braxton Comer Percival Cabell Gregory, IV Bruce McPherson Linton Baldwin "Buddy" Puckett Bill Robinson Ann Sherard Heidi Stephens Thomas L. Thomason Bob Townes Ian Jake Witbeck Leah Marie Watson


Bennetts' Frame and Art Gallery Clemson Football Clemson P.A.W Journey Clemson Spirit Squad Clemson Women's Basketball Liz Einstein- Gift Wrapping Event Fitness Attic Greer Middle College Charter High School Hale's Jewelers Hughes Agency Oil&Vinegar Skyla Strong SYNNEX Share the Magic WHHS Junior Civitans Thank you to the following patients who created fundraisers for Clement's Kindness:

Hayden Long Parker Black Rhiannon McConnaughey Summer Venable Dredger Lanier Thank you to all who donated to SYNNEX Share the Magic for the benefit of Clement's Kindness. Clement's Kindness is a component fund of the Community Foundation of Greenville.



Community Foundation of Greenville, Inc.

630 East Washington Street, Suite A

Greenville, South Carolina 29601

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