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SUGAR HOUSE Diane Nixa and Kurt Hochfeld were thinking of moving to Jersey City, but before they acted on someone’s advice to buy a unit in the Sugar House, they moved in across the street. “We wanted to see if we liked the community,” Nixa says. It didn’t take them long to feel at home. “It’s a combination of upscale urban and small town,” she says. “You can walk to restaurants, and we have our friendly dry cleaner, and it’s really fun to walk into the pharmacy and they know our names.” The Sugar House is the upscale, renovated factory that sits on the Morris Canal in the Paulus Hook section. “It’s an easy commute into the City—you can take the ferry and get anywhere—and it has some of the best views in the world,” Nixa says. In fact it was a view of the Statue of Liberty that stopped her in her tracks when she first looked at the space. “It causes one to pause,” she says. “The vaulted brick ceilings, ironwork, wood floors—they kept so much of the detail of the actory. ‘I could just move in today,’” she remembers thinking. Soon they did move in, enlisting the help of interior designer Paul Somerville (pjsomerville.com) to help with the window treatments and paint colors, which are warm, burnt umbers and deep buttery yellows as opposed to the cooler colors that had been there originally. Nixa, who grew up in Minnesota with a mother who loved collecting and refinishing antiques, “caught the bug. One of the cupboards behind Kurt’s desk I’ve had since I was 12 years old,” Nixa says. On the wall in the hallway are an old pair of wooden skis and an old pair of wooden oars, with the green paint, artistically chipped. Nixa and Hochfeld seem to have caught the Jersey City bug. “We’re staying around here,” Nixa says. “That’s it. We like it.”

Jersey CITY Magazine ~ FALL & WINTER 2010/11 •



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SAWADEE 137 Newark Avenue (201) 433-0888 www.sawadee.com Offering exceptional Thai cuisine, Sawadee is a dining experience that will please both the eye and palate! Enjoy lunch, dinner, or a refreshing cocktail in an inviting atmosphere. Sawadee is conveniently located just steps from the Grove Street PATH.

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SKINNER’S LOFT 146 Newark Avenue (201) 915-0600. www.skinnersloft.com This long-awaited restaurant was created by the former owners of the popular Hamilton Park Ale House. A chic, loft-style eatery, it features a warm, spacious interior with exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and total attention to detail. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail and a fine meal.

SKY THAI 62 Morris Street (201) 333-4311 www.skythaijc.com This new Jersey City eatery near Exchange Place serves traditional Thai cuisine in a warm and beautiful atmosphere. Enjoy a cocktail before dinner and get ready for an authentic Asian feast.

Jersey CITY Magazine ~ FALL & WINTER 2010/11 •


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