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ivanka Manhattan’s stylish mogul reigns over her booming business empire. Has power ever looked this good?

Terron Schaefer ashley Marie kelsey Steve Weatherford Javier Fernández


The Oscars WOW! Gowns Fern Mallis’ Favorite Week Robert Graham’s Magic










Big Bang Ferrari ÂŤCarbon Red MagicÂť. UNICO column-wheel chronograph movement, 72-hour power reserve. Entirely manufactured by Hublot. Carbon fi ber case with red crystal and sapphire dial. Rubber strap and black leather, interchangeable by a unique attachment. Limited edition of 1,000 pieces.





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The all-new 2014 CLA-Class




Introducing the all-new 2014 CLA-Class four-door coupe. The aggressive lines aren’t merely for show – they also help create aerodynamics worthy of a supercar. The CLA-Class’s potent design and performance are matched by its technology suite, starting with mbrace2TM – the next-generation of connected, in vehicle services from Mercedes-Benz. It is the most comprehensive cloud-based telematics system ever. 888-726-0650

28 Grand Avenue Englewood, NJ 07631

24 Grand Avenue Englewood, NJ 07631


T Y.



Starting at $29,900





This stunning uncompromising vehicle is available now at the totally redesigned and expanded family-owned Benzel-Busch. Experience our My Service approach, where we provide a range of service offerings and deliver an unparalleled personalized ownership experience centered on transparency, honesty, integrity, and trust. Arrange to meet with your own Personal Account Representative today to take an up-close look at the All-New CLA-Class or start your journey at

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TRUMP POWER “If you’re passionate about what you do, you’ll ultimately succeed.”

34 What Ivanka Wants Manhattan’s magnificent mogul is perfect. Really. By RichaRd PéRez-FeRia Photography by MATT JONES

IconIc oscar 42 GoWns The dozen dresses that took home the prize. By JoRge Ramón

48 robert Graham’s maGIc man

Robert Stock’s an innovative genius. By simon muRRay

50 campIon platt: manhattan’s DesIGn rock star Why this man is the designer everybody wants. By William WeatheRsBy

55 covet 58 stYle 62 GorGeoUs 66 Gentleman 68 shelter

72 home 76 GroUnD 78 DrInk 80 events 88 encore

the coVeR: Ivanka Trump was photographed by Matt Jones. Clothing: Ivanka Trump Apparel; earrings: Signature earrings with diamonds in 18kt rose gold; necklace: rose gold necklace with turquoise and diamonds in 18kt yellow gold; bracelet: “Metropolis” bracelet with diamonds in 18kt yellow gold; shoes: “Juno,” Ivanka Trump; handbags: “Ivanka” Collection. Shot on location in New York City.


Fashion As the new school year started and I entered the eighth grade at Glades Junior High in Miami—with my 13th birthday just hours away—I went shopping with my aunt and immediately saw what I wanted in the window. There, beckoning to me from a mannequin at Bal Harbour Shops, was the most beautiful shirt I had ever seen. I had to have it. Until that moment, I don’t remember having a solitary thought or opinion about fashion, let alone style. But when I laid eyes on that patterned, burnt orange, long-sleeved, Qiana work of art, I felt as if I were in a shiny, silky dream. And I wanted more. For the uninitiated, Qiana was a nylon faux-silk fabric created by DuPont (!) and made into men’s shirts, mostly meant to be worn at the clubs, um, discothèques. I, of course, didn’t know any of that (nor would I have cared) when I saw the shirt. I told my aunt, “That’s my birthday present, right there.” She couldn’t have been more pleased, not only with my colorful selection but also with just how quickly our shopping expedition was wrapping up. In a matter of minutes, my new favorite garment was headed home with me. Oh, yes, this would certainly be one happy birthday. And that’s how I became a fashionista, or, rather, styleconscious, the term I much prefer.

I paired my new shirt with equally alarming dark orange polyester slacks and pointy black “dancing” shoes and proudly wore my “outfit” several times that year, on special occasions. God how I loved the way the shirt felt on—so markedly different from the Lacoste polo shirts I usually wore. And for the first time in my life, I felt confident, I felt smart and, yes, I felt sexy. Such is the power of fashion. Now, the reality of how I looked in that outfit was surely up for debate. I mean, a teenager awash in orange polyester doesn’t exactly scream sartorial splendor. But the point was made that clothes—the right clothes for you—can not only put an extra spring in your step, they can also give you a sense of personal style and genuine joy. And that’s precisely what I was experiencing. Mercifully, from that launching point, I’ve made significant adjustments to my clothing repertoire, though missteps have been more commonplace than I’d like to admit (don’t even ask me about my tragic half shoe, half clog “shlogs” phase—Oy). But thanks to many stylish designer friends whose names end in a vowel—Gucci, Prada, Dolce, Armani—I entered the land of natural fibers. A happy place, to be sure. Here’s the thing: Even the richest Tom Ford tuxedo can’t beat the feeling that orange Qiana shirt gave me all those years ago. When clothes make you truly happy, fashion transitions into style. For me at least, orange was indeed the new black.

I felt confident, I felt smart and, yes, I felt sexy. Such is the power of fashion.




ORS 914.734.1383 8 D e v o n s h i r e C o u rt C o rt l a n D t M a n o r , n Y 1 9 5 B u e n a v i s ta D r i v e r i n g wo o D, n J 0 7 4 5 6 315 east 69th st #1l n e w Yo r k , n Y 1 0 0 2 1

Phyllis h arbinger asiD, CiD awa r D e D t h e C ov e r o f Westchester home anD winner of Best traDitional l i v i n g ro o M o f “ t h e B e s t D e s i g n awa r D s ” 12 HUDSONMOD SEPTEMBER 2013

the editor


RicHaRD PéRez-FeRia Executive Vice President, Editor in Chief


The Mall at Short Hills | 973.258.0500

PArty GiAnts With New York Giants legend Tiki Barber at HudsonMOD’s anniversary event.






LUXURIOUS Design.ULTIMATE Comfort This summer began in true luxurious Design.ULTIMATE Comfort fashion with the success of our

914.734.1383 8 D e v o n s h i r e C o u rt C o rt l a n D t M a n o r , n Y 1 9 5 B u e n a v i s ta D r i v e r i n g wo o D, n J 0 7 4 5 6 315 east 69th st #1l n e w Yo r k , n Y 1 0 0 2 1

Phyllis h arbinger asiD, CiD awa r D e D t h e C ov e r o f Westchester home anD winner of Best traDitional l i v i n g ro o M o f “ t h e B e s t D e s i g n awa r D s ”

spectacular anniversary event. With the invaluable support of our clients, sponsors and celebrity guests, including Tiki Barber, Thom Filicia, Constantine Maroulis, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, Blanche Garcia, Joey Lauren, Vanessa Deleon and so many others it was a proud and humbling experience (turn to page 80 for event coverage). As the summer continued we mixed equal parts hard work with pleasure that led us to some quintessential events, including the Bridgehampton Polo Challenge opening match hosted by supermodel Christie Brinkley. As synonymous as Brinkley is with the Hamptons, it was my great pleasure to attend the Bon Jovi concert on the Jersey side of the river with a client of ours at the Commissioner’s Club. During the bands thrilling performance of “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” images of towns devastated by Hurricane Sandy served as a poignant backdrop. The photos weren’t of the devastation, but rather of a state of healing and

“HudsonMOD’s fall social calendar kicks off this month with Kate Spade’s store opening.”



persevering. I can’t tell you how proud I was, in that moment, to call New Jersey home. After the concert I had the pleasure of speaking to notable Bon Jovi fan, Governor Chris Christie (and his wife Mary Pat) who was met with cheers befitting a celebrity. The enthusiastic reception coupled with those photos still playing in my mind served as a true testament of the deep pride and strength that runs through the Garden State. Continuing HudsonMOD’s social calendar into fall, we’ll kick-off September with Kate Spade’s opening in Ridgewood, followed by a celebration of British fashion at Bloomingdale’s in Short Hills. Join us in Bernardsville where designer Blanche Garcia will serve as special host launching the newest location of California Closets. To end the month, we return to The Mall at Short Hills where we’ll be celebrating Robert Graham’s “Renaissance Man” with the brand’s founder and designer, Robert Stock. And I’d be remiss not to thank HudsonMOD’s Editor in Chief, Richard Pérez-Feria, and the team who worked so diligently to bring this spectacular magazine to life. Read this issue of HudsonMOD and let it serve as a reminder of all the greatness that surrounds us— just as the remarkable Bon Jovi served as mine.

S h anno n St e itz President/Publisher


Š2013 California Closet Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Franchises independently owned and operated. NJ Lic. #13VH01142500



e n t r y way

Exceptional designs for every room

wa l l b e d

media center





sHOWrOOM Grand OPeninG! Please join us in celebrating the opening of our new 1,900 sq. foot Bernardsville Showroom on September 19. Blanche Garcia, HGTV Design Star contestant and a regular designer on Hotel Impossible - is going to be at the event. Call showroom for details.

FairField 4 Gardner Rd. bernardsville 9 Olcott Square


pa n t r y


Life weLL Lived

G facebook .com/hudsonmod U @hudsonmoD


pinterest .com/hudsonmod

SEPTEMBER 2013 vo l u m e t Wo , n u m B e R F o u R

Richard Pérez-Feria Editor in Chief

Kathleen Gates Murray online eDitoR Amanda Thorogood Fashion eDitoR Jorge Ramón Beauty/gRooming eDitoR Marco Medrano Design eDitoR William Weathersby eDitoR at laRge, luxuRy Richard Crawford Fashion stylist Shana Newstadt coPy chieF Dana Schlesinger Design DiRectoR

senioR eDitoR Simon

eDitoRial assistants

Christin Aswad, Marianella Orlando Jacqueline Roman, Michael Scrivner contRiButing eDitoRs

Erin Dostal, Joshua Fine Nadine Jolie, Robin Suerig Holleran contRiButing aRtists/PhotogRaPheRs

Leonora Conley, David Kaptein, Chris Morris, Charles Palmisano, Mike Ruiz, Myrna Suárez

shannon steitz Publisher


associate PuBlisheR Christopher


Chris Pellegrino account manageRs

Vanessa DeNotaris, Christine Wood Amanda Thorogood ciRculation DiRectoR Lauren Mena WeB DeveloPeR Larry Volmer

maRketing manageR

we’ve got you covered


June 17: HudsonMOD’s Facebook likes increase by .


June 28: our anniversary event video hits Facebook, gets more “likes” and more views than any of our posts that week.


HudsonMOD’s Instagram photo with the most likes this summer? Hollywood heartthrob Matthew McConaughey and polo superstar/ Ralph Lauren model Nacho Figueras at the veuve Clicquot Polo Classic at Liberty State Park, of course!

HudsonMOD is on Pinterest! We have a bunch of boards,


pins and counting. Check us out! Pick of the Week: ANgLOPHILIA— celebrating all things British, from Burberry to Prince george— had a whopping more pins. Cheers!


The HudsonMOD anniversary event video already has twice as many views as the video of last year’s launch event. This year’s video, hosted by MTv Real World San Diego’s Ashley Marie kelsey, features interviews with Tiki Barber, Thom Filicia, Constantine Maroulis, Jacqueline Laurita and more.


sales/maRketing DiRectoR


In support of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, HudsonMOD promoted the Super Saturday: Pin It Forward campaign, during which QvC donated $1 for every pin their posts received. Post views: higher than that week’s average views.


gRaPhic DesigneRs, aDveRtising seRvices

George Costello, Jared Weinberger Michelle Bodnar maRketing assistants Dylan D’Arpino Florencia Sadler, Victoria Strubel

maRketing associate TreNDiNg: at one of our events? use #HudsonMOD event to let people know you’re there and to view other attendee’s photos and tweets. The HudsonMOD anniversary event video was tweeted to

696,715 Twitter users.

@HudsonMOD’s June 26 tweet thanking @CakeBoss Buddy and @CarlosBakery for creating the edible masterpiece that was the anniversary cake received more favorites that the average tweet that month.


©2013 by MOD Media, LLC All rights reserved ISSN# 2167-6151

For advertising inquiries call 973.249.6157 or email For all editorial inquiries contact For subscription information and customer service contact

HudsonMOD is published by MOD Media, LLC




moD media, llc 973.249.6157





Discover the exceptional taste of Grey Goose Cherry Noir.

G R E YG O O S E . C O M



The WOW you know you want it

Hubba bubba The world’s first hovercraft golf cart, promoted by Masters Champion Bubba Watson, is named BW1 in his honor.


gOlf’s besT Drive

video that could have been taken on any golf course shows your run-ofthe-mill golf cart winding down a paved pathway. But suddenly, a larger cart flashes across the screen. Never mind that the driver of this floating golf cart is none other than 2012 Masters golf champion Bubba Watson, who deadpans with a nonchalant stare back at a gawking golfer. The golfer looks like he’s seen something he can’t very well explain. Yes, that’s a hovercraft on the links. Welcome to the future. What started as a clever marketing stunt earlier this year by Thinkmodo to drive interest to Bubba Watson’s promotional deal with Oakley has had another, truly astonishing, effect. Since being uploaded to YouTube, the video “Bubba’s Hover” has gone viral, receiving more than eight million views thus far and garnering worldwide media attention for Neoteric, the manufacturers of rescue, military and commercial hovercrafts—and now the first hovercraft golf cart on the planet, the BW1.




“Since the viral video hit YouTube, we’ve been deluged with inquiries from all over the world,” says Filip Przybysz, an executive at Neoteric. The prototype bearing Watson’s initials has given rise to 100 limitededition HoverGolf carts that are custom manufactured at the close of each sale. “At this point, we have shipped the first order and are in the process of shipping the second to customers in the US,” he says. One of the recipients of the accommodating fourpassenger, two-golf-bag, 65-horsepower vehicle is the Windy Knoll Golf Club, in Springfield, OH, which recently became the first golf course in the US to purchase two $58,000 hovercrafts with lift-up roofs and the latest noisereducing fan technology. But why wait for your local golf course to follow suit with futuristic rides? You could be piloting a cushion of air across water hazards in no time with your very own personal hovercraft. Finally, a reason to smile about spraying a shot: You get to drive in a BW1 to find the ball. The future has arrived. Score! — S I M O N M U R R AY


The Dress Mrs. reynOlDs’ Wrap


lake Lively—bombshell beauty, star of Gossip Girl and, perhaps most tantalizing, Mrs. Ryan Reynolds—literally sparkles her way into the bestdressed lane in this stunning skirt ensemble from the Burberry Prorsum Resort 2014 collection. Revving up the glamour, Lively shines like a diamond at the Manhattan premier of Turbo, her husband’s latest film. Designer Christopher Bailey referenced “the girl next door” for this romantic collection that’s defined by elegant sleek cuts and the timeless appeal of the pencil skirt. The blinged-out jewel- and sequin-encrusted, bodyhugging, calf-length sensation is perfectly paired with a pastel FROSTED sea-foam cardigan that languidly cascades over a deep V-neck BLAKE Blake Lively tank top, lending a sexy easiness to the elegant separates. sparkles By blurring the lines between sultry and sophisticated, minimal in Burberry. and showstopping, Ms. Lively effortlessly exudes movie star style. Paired with Christian Louboutin’s “So Kate” pump, the blonde goddess completes her look with naturally tousled hair, barely-there makeup and a golden glow that keeps all of us smiling at the results. —JOrge ramóN

The NUMBers 126,150 Estimated number of fashion professionals who will be working in New Jersey by 2018


Year Fashion Group International was founded by 17 women, including Eleanor Roosevelt and Edna Woolman Chase, then editor in chief of Vogue


Year celebrated New Jersey fashion designer Clare Potter was born


New York City’s current rank on the global list of leading cities in fashion



Number of universities in New Jersey offering fashion programs

232,000 Average number of people who attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City every year

$21 million

Amount funneled into the New York City economy during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

$865 million Amount Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week generates annually for New York City

4 milliON Number of people employed in the fashion industry in the US

$250 billion

Amount spent on fashion in the US each year

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• 18-hole, par 72 Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course

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The quoTe Kevin Jonas Musician @kevinjonas Candy crush thank you for consuming all my thoughts Jason alexander Actor @IJasonAlexander Lost my wallet last nite on a plane to LA. And this morning, it was there and waiting at LAX. Thanks good people. Sometimes humanity rocks! Paul Wesley Actor @paulwesley Wise words I just read from the pages of a magazine- ‘a man should never tweet unless he can improve upon the sound of silence.’ Kathy naJimy Actress @kathynajimy dear guy in the deli on 57th & 10th. i feeel U. yor order of 1st, iced coffee &water & then 2 pieces of cake 2 go. i’m w/U angel. blessss U! lisa edelstein Actress @LisaEdelstein I keep having to remind @CaughtOffBase that spanakopita is not the same as spinabifida. #thingsthat soundlikefood

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” –racHel zOe Illustration by ChrIs MOrrIs exclusively for HudsonmOD



september 2013

shaquille o’neal Basketball Player @SHAQ Congrats on a fabulous career David Beckham you’ve been a joy and a pleasure to watch. Welcome to the retired life.

The feed @HudsonMOD

The .com Fast &

LuxuriOus By now it’s become evident that has the need—the need for speed. With summer coming to its conclusion, we can’t help but crave just one last thrill ride before we retreat indoors as the leaves start to turn. And really, can you blame us? We’re hard-pressed to recall a time when there was a more abundant fleet of luxury cars on the market than there is today—cars that embody sleek sophistication yet still maintain

enough power and torque underneath the hood to push you back against the cool leather as you shift into gear. From the show-stopping Bentley covered in more than 100 carats of diamonds to the Ferrari 458 Spider convertible, we’re all clamoring for the driver’s seat. Even if your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to take to the open road behind a V8 engine of your choosing, we know you’ll be able to steal a few minutes for daydreaming. And some fantasy Web surfing. Step into the impressive virtual luxury-auto hangar and take the grand tour. We

The Score

Lea Michele @msleamichele Actress, Singer


Gordon ramsay @GordonGram Celebrity Chef



Drive tHiS From the show-stopping Bentley covered in diamonds to the Ferrari 458 Spider convertible, is the go-to destination for luxe car coverage.

encourage you to mentally test drive every car we have in stock. With tantalizing photos, industry insight and the tidbits you’re after—how quickly you’ll reach top speed, for example—premier sports cars, including Maserati and McLaren, are a mere click away. Can you handle that much power? —AmAndA Thorogood

(InSTAgrAm FollowerS)

Joe Jonas @joejonas Singer, Musician


Chrissy teigen @chrissyteigen Model


Diane von Furstenberg @dvf Designer


Michael Kors @michaelkors Designer






b y



243 East Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450 • Tel - 201 857 5757 • e-mail - • WWW.CLIVE.COM

THe SCene save the date

RUNWAY TRAFFIC the fashion world descends on Gotham.

Closets Bernardsville. HudsonmOD is hosting the launch event on September 19 from 6-9pm with wine tastings, showroom tours and Hotel Impossible’s designer, blanche Garcia.

civilizeD cOMfOrT c popular men’s fashion powerhouse, robert Graham, has invited HudsonmOD to co-host an event from 6-9 pm on September 26 at Robert Graham’s The Mall at Short Hills location. benefiting the Lustgarten foundation, guests can enjoy cocktails, shop the latest collections, enter to win fabulous giveaways and take home some swag.

MerceDes-Benz neW yOrK fasHiOn WeeK For the second time of the year, the world’s elite fashion designers come together for the most notable week in manhattan: Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. From September 5–12, take-in the anticipated showcases of spring/summer 2014 and the not-so-rare celebrity sighting.

all THe PreTTy PeOPle Washington square is calling all art lovers to experience culture in the heart of Greenwich Village during the annual Outdoor Art Exhibit on August 31, September 1, 2, 7 and 8.

KaTe sPaDe in riDgeWOOD c the popular designer of clothing, shoes, bridal accessories, handbags and home décor has put the finishing touches on the Kate Spade Ridgewood location. Grand opening is set for September 12 from 5-7pm.

feasT, fOOD anD faiTH Little Italy welcomes guests to the 87th Annual Feast of San Gennaro— New York’s most festive celebration of faith. the 11-day event will feature religious processions, vibrant parades, live musical entertainment and indoor and outdoor dining at 35 of Little Italy’s most famous Italian restaurants from September 12-22.

26 HUDSONMOD september 2013

51 years Of filM

H-O-T BriTisH invasiOn

c Bloomingdale’s at The Mall at Short Hills is celebrating the fall fashion season in style. the week-long event kicks off September 14 when HudsonmOD joins for a british-themed fashion event moderated by HudsonmOD Fashion editor, Jorge ramón.

Wine anD Dine aT THe Jersey sHOre Let your taste buds savor the last memories of summer with fine wine and delicious food during the 17th Cape May Food and Wine Celebration from September 14-22. Visitors can enjoy winery tours and tastings, demonstrations, luncheons, workshops, and much more, which are sponsored by the mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities.

THe WelcOMe WagOn c California Closets, an industry leader in luxury custom closets and organization solutions, is expanding their New Jersey reach with the opening of California

Film lovers come together on September 27-October 13 at the 51st New York Film Festival. presented by the Film society of Lincoln Center, the event highlights new and significant cinematic work through main slate selections, panel discussions and the experimental film showcase. {c = HudsonmOD sponsored event}

34th America’s Cup san Francisco is hosting this year’s sailing competition that awards the oldest trophy in international sport. Watch as Challenger and Defender fight it out in san Francisco bay September 7–21. Monaco Yacht Show set sail for port Hercules, monaco, to view the world’s most impressive luxury yachts September 25–28. World Luxury Expo Abu Dhabi 2013, will be held at the emirates palace, September 27–29. Whisky Exchange Show Go ahead and buy your ticket to London for the all-important Whisky Show October 5–7.

the shops at riverside, 380 hackensack ave. caLL 201.646.1800, visit saks.coM/hackensack, doWnLoad the saks app or Find Us on FaceBook, tWitter and sakspov.coM.

e for Biker Jackets in the WEAR NOW area from LAFAYETTE 148 NEW YORK



The 10 let’s count the ways


Goût de Diamants “Taste of Diamonds” $1.8 million When celebrities pose with Goût de Diamants “Taste of Diamonds,” people take notice—of the bottle. That’s because luxury designer Alexander Amosu (with an assist from expert connoisseur Shammi Shinh) crafted a masterpiece worthy of an extravagant price tag and the title of this year’s World’s Most Expensive Bottle. Get this: The all-black limited-edition bottle, hand-adorned by Amosu, bears an 18-karat solid white-gold packaging that is centered by a single, flawless, 19 carat, deep-cut white diamond and an 18-karat solid gold label that is engraved with a buyer’s name. While every bottle of Goût de Diamant comes with a diamond-cut Swarovski crystal, this bottle is truly one of a kind. Luxury, meet perfection.


Bavarian Warmblood $1.8 million Originating from the rottaler breed of strong, mild-tempered horses, the bavarian Warmblood was officially registered as a separate breed in 1963. recognized today by the crowned shield surrounding the letter “b” branded on the left thigh, these horses are bred in particular for a variety of international equestrian competitions, including the Olympics. Lord sinclair, a bay stallion, broke records for this breed, selling for an unprecedented amount at a psI auction.


Zafirro Iridium by Zafirro $100,000 making history as the first razor ever to be made with solid whitesapphire blades and a handle manufactured with the most rare and durable metal in existence, the Zafirro Iridium brings exclusivity and cutting-edge technology to the morning shave routine. After all, what other razor is made of metals used in rocket engines and produced by way of particle physics? With only 99 Iridiums being released, there’s no time like the present to experience the shave of a lifetime.

28 HUDSONMOD september 2013


The Graff Pink $46 million Once belonging to sir Harry Winston, this “Fancy Intense pink” 24.78-carat, emerald-cut diamond emerged on the open market once again, after 60 years in a private collection. In 2010, british jeweler and billionaire Laurence Graff purchased this rare pink diamond at sotheby’s in Geneva and became the holder of multiple world records for any jewel sold at auction. Graff set to work increasing the diamond’s worth, sacrificing less than a single carat on the wheel cutter to make the newly renamed Graff pink internally flawless.


THE 10 Car

AR-1 $450,000 (base price) Limited to 50 units


Merdinger Prestige Cutlery Cabinet $10,320 most dinnerware isn’t plated with titanium and 18-karat gold and ergonomically designed. Nor is it neatly placed inside a shrine of a cabinet complete with a black piano finish and gold arabesque design. so what are you waiting for? Get ready to throw the most luxe and impressive six-person dinner party your guests have ever seen, because this silverware is anything but silver.

Slot Machine Sidney Mobell’s Lady Luck $18 million

this is one slot machine worth far more than any triple 7 jackpot. Lady Luck is coated in glimmering gold and dressed up in a jaw-dropping 317 sapphires, 302 rubies, 183 diamonds and 16 emeralds. From old pastime to world-class collector’s piece (recognized as gaming’s Crown Jewel), it’s clear that famed jewelry designer sidney mobell has made this classic machine one very lucky lady, indeed.

30 HUDSONMOD september 2013

Water Bottle Aurum 79 $450,000

Aurentum switzerland, the luxury designers responsible for a $1 million sheesha, has an eyecatching assortment of water bottles lauded as the world’s most expensive. the Aurum 79 collection includes one of three limitededition bottles covered in 24-karat gold, with a total of 135 diamonds in the shape of the number 79 on the backside totaling 6.91 carats, a lock made of 24 carat gold, and a golden key that can be worn as a necklace. the bottle comes with two matching glasses—every bottle is adorned with a unique creation of 24-carat gold from Coléo.

Elliptical ElliptiGO 11R $3,499

the 11r is an elliptical bike unlike any other. Yes, you read that right—elliptical bike. Designed specifically for racing, it’s currently all the rage in circles that include Olympians, elite runners and adventurous athletes seeking a cross-training exercise without pounding impact. the fluid ride is made possible by the 11r’s carbonfiber drive arms and a shimano 11-speed hub, which provides a range of high and low gears that challenge riders looking to feel the burn up hills and through long-endurance rides.

Debuting at the 1979 New York Auto show, the Ar-1 is an unconventional concept car built by Alessi Fiberglass. Now it’s back—and it’s meaner than ever. According to its creator, Nick Alessi, the updated Ar-1 features, instead of the original buick V6, a twin-turbo Gm Ls/3 engine capable of racetrack speeds. While the original, handcrafted fiberglass body comes as an option, every inch of the car is customizable to meet the discerning driver’s needs. built exclusively in the Us, this car screams American muscle.

Belt Buckle R22 Mark I Bugatti Edition $79,000

Imagine a handcrafted belt buckle, assembled by Geneva-based master craftsman roland Iten, that is composed of 100 components made of solid white and rose gold, stainless steel and titanium and is adorned with smoked sapphire crystals. envision that the mechanical belt buckle is also strategically engineered to reach the peak of performance and calibration. say hello to the bugatti edition buckle. Like it? thought you might.

You are invited to join

Thursday, September 26, 2013 6pm - 9pm The Mall at Short Hills 1200 Morris Turnpike, Short Hill, NJ 07078 973.258.0500

Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, cockatails, and luxury giveaways. Come mingle with Robert Graham founder and chief creative officer, Robert Stock and special guest PGA Tour Professional Pat Perez. 10% of proceeds from sales from 6pm – 9pm will be donated to Lustgarten Foundation. Robert Graham and HudsonMOD are partnering for an exclusive shopping event to celebrate the Renaissance Man – the refined & eclectic taste-maker.

THE LIFE livin’ large

Ashley MArie Kelsey’s WOrlD Gets reAl


he’s a bubbly blonde in her mid-20s, yes, but Ashley marie Kelsey is also a woman who knows what she wants. With a television career that includes starring roles in mtV’s juggernaut Real World (San Diego) and a subsequent season of the network’s The Challenge, Kelsey has the energy and excitement to take on what’s next: modeling, television hosting, and, just maybe, a future slot on The View. She wants it all. We caught up with Kelsey, and she shared her secrets to success, her ideal Saturday and why Shaq would be her perfect co-host. Watch out for Ashley marie Kelsey—her star is definitely on the rise. —EriN DOStal

What was the key to winning on mtV’s The Challenge? the key was working as a team and having patience. When you’re working with other personalities, it’s difficult to accomplish simple tasks. I just had to take in different ways people handle different situations in order to get through to them. You have to get to know people.

What was the biggest lesson you learned being on mtV’s signature, long-running show The Real World? I learned that sometimes when you



September 2013

control yourself too much, you can be portrayed as not being open enough or not having a personality or a voice of your own. Off of that show, I learned to express my opinions. I definitely speak up more now. I’m less timid. I’ve never been shy, but I’m less timid than I used to be.

find it in materials, some people find it in experiences. If anything, for me it’s the experiences. It could be traveling. It could be anything.

You’re a huge New York Giants fan. Who’s your favorite player? Victor Cruz has been my favorite player for a long time.

Describe your absolutely perfect Saturday morning. I’d go to brunch. I love going to brunch. I’m a chill person, but I’m also a very active person. pampering is also key, so I’d go to Oscar blandi’s manhattan salon as a treat to myself.

tell me something surprising about you.

Pretty tOUGH “I’ve never been shy, but I’m less timid than I used to be,” says Kelsey, star of MTV’s Real World: San Diego and The Challenge.

back in the day, I used to play the clarinet, oboe, percussion— a lot of instruments. And I was really, really good.

What would your dream job in television be? If I were to emulate someone’s career, it would be Giuliana rancic’s from E! News. I find the opportunity to interview people about their lives fascinating. Let’s see... I could host a show about fitness or a show where I could comment on the news. that’s why I’ve always loved The View. I could also do a sports show with Shaquille O’Neal. I think Shaq has such a great personality.

What’s a great question to ask celebrities on the red carpet?

You’ve certainly had a busy couple of years. What’s next?

I like any question that throws somebody off. that’s where the research comes in. I like to know something about the celebrity they wouldn’t expect people to know.

I’m definitely getting into fitness modeling. I love to talk about health and fitness. I’m starting a health blog. I just like to use my knowledge and what I’ve learned to help people live a healthier life. I’d really like to return to tV. I can’t say that I would turn down The Challenge again. I wouldn’t mind winning again. [Laughs]

Define luxury. I think luxury is anything that makes you feel good inside. Some people




IVaNKa waNts s By RichaRd PéRez-FeRia P h o t o g r a p h y b y M aT T J O N e S

H o w d o e s M A N H AT TA N ’ s e T H e r e A l M o g u l , I vA N k A T r u M p — M o d e l , H e I r e s s , g o d d e s s — k e e p g e T T I N g , b e T T e r , r I c H e r , s e x I e r ? I s T H I s wo M A N F o r r e A l?

34 HUDSONMOD september 2013

COMFORT INN “To me, luxury actually means exquisite comfort and quality,” says Ivanka Trump, Manhattan’s most stylish mogul. earrINgS: Mixed cut earrings with diamonds in 18kt white gold rINg: “Patras” ring with aquamarine and diamonds in 18kt white gold



OK, I’ll just say it: Ivanka Trump is perfect. And I can prove it. Sort of. A few years ago,

in the midst of her mother’s spirited campaign for president, Chelsea Clinton, another manhattan-based child of privilege with supernova star wattage, was sitting in the booth next to mine in the patio of the Abbey, West Hollywood’s legendary hotspot. It was lunchtime, and Chelsea, sitting with a group of good-looking guys, was clearly in great spirits; I knew this because she’d frequently throw her head back and laugh, much like her mom does. When one of her more, um, effervescent friends playfully messed up her hair, the delighted group, including Chelsea, screamed in joyful hilarity. that’s when it hit me: there wasn’t a chance in hell that Ivanka trump—in my mind, Chelsea’s chief rival for the White House in 2028—would ever find herself in this predicament. Ever. C’mon... can you, in a million years, picture the elegant, composed, impeccably coiffed Ivanka sitting with six muscular male friends in a WeHo gay bar in the middle of the work day, laughing at her messed up hair? I certainly can’t. Here’s the thing: there isn’t anyone on the planet—I’ll say that again slowly: Nobody. On. earth—who has managed to combine such a mind-blowing, crazy/eclectic résumé,

36 HUDSONMOD september 2013

ethereal supermodel looks and buddhist-like calm in the face of conflict. she always has the answer or the solution and conveys it without making the lesser lights around her feel inferior. No one else can check all those boxes. No man. No woman. No one. Yes, Ivanka is a business mogul in the making, and in many ways she’s her father’s daughter. but more than anything, Ivanka, as her singlename moniker suggests, is a true original, the likes of which we have never encountered before. Ever. Given Ivanka’s ridiculous roster of corporate and personal achievements, it’s hard to fathom that she’s barely past 30. Ambitious, whip-smart, serious—Ivanka trump has packed her young life with ascendant, turbopowered precision. Astonishingly, the statuesque beauty hasn’t made a public misstep yet. Not one. Ever.

Ivanka Trump became

a household name as the gorgeous teenage offspring of the combustible/ fascinating union of Ivana and “the Donald,” as the blonde socialite famously referred to her husband. In the middle of a successful career as a model—Ivanka’s 1997 debut on the cover of Seventeen served notice on a curious world that a new, stunning trump had arrived—Ivanka graduated cum laude from the University of pennsylvania’s Wharton school of

Finance with a degree in economics. Clearly, merely graduating near the top of her class from an Ivy League school wasn’t enough; Ivanka excelled at arguably the country’s premier business school as well. so began a dizzying streak of overachievement that Ivanka trump is still navigating. then, the inevitable: A corner office in the executive suite of her father’s global conglomerate. Again, success begat success. Ivanka currently wears numerous hats for the trump Organization, including executive Vice president of Development & Acquisitions, for which she’s charged with the domestic and global expansion of the company’s real estate interests. No small task, to be sure. since joining the trump Organization in 2005, Ivanka has directed all areas of the company’s real estate and hotel management platforms. to do a deep dive into the specifics of what Ivanka spearheads at the company would be an exercise in jaw-dropping corporate competence—from overseeing the trump Hotel Collection (executive management and interior design) to championing the acquisition and $250 million renovation of the legendary Doral Hotel & spa (soon to be trump National Doral) in miami, and a heavy armload of other projects and functions, this trump is all business, all the time.

THE RULES “You must challenge yourself. Seek feedback on your work from peers and superiors. Criticisms may be hard to hear, but in the end they’ll make you better.” DreSS: Ivanka Trump Apparel earriNgS: “Patras” earrings with diamonds in 18kt white gold bracelet: “Patras” bracelet with diamonds in 18kt white gold SHOeS: “Herly,” Ivanka Trump



To the surprise of exactly no one,

Ivanka trump has become a colossal global brand. starting in 2007 with the monster success of Ivanka trump Fine Jewelry, the chic founder opened boutiques in manhattan (soHo) and beijing, and her luxe baubles are now sold at elegant department stores worldwide. the bling queen then launched Ivanka

there’s no doubt, the lady makes bank. And she’s just getting started. Don’t forget, Ivanka tackles her branded businesses in addition to her daunting 24/7 responsibilities at the trump Organization. but she’s not done. Not by a long shot.

Most of us have watched Ivanka

serve as her father’s principal adviser,

lying and, ultimately, self-destructing on camera. but if you play back every single scene and listen to every single utterance that has ever come out of Ivanka trump’s mouth on The Celebrity Apprentice, she not only has displayed herculean composure and well-heeled manners but also has been dead-on right about absolutely everything, every single time. every. single. time. Now, ordinarily, that alone would be freaky and all kinds of annoying if it were someone else. but, we’re all still on team Ivanka, and here’s why: Given her abundant gifts—smarts, beauty, money—Ivanka trump retains a loose, aloof awareness of what really matters to you and me—civilians— and she embraces her calling with a sort of couture common touch. It’s as if princess Diana and martha stewart forged spirits and created—wait for it—the perfect Woman, Ivanka. Who can resist equal parts charm, beauty and brains? exactly. As if Ivanka’s business acumen and unrivaled taste weren’t enough, she had to go on and marry one of manhattan’s most eligible bachelors— owner of The New York Observer—

It’s as if Princess Diana and Martha Stewart forged spirits trump Footwear in 2010, and no less an authority than Footwear News, the industry’s bible, dubbed Ivanka’s collection the “Launch of the Year.” With runaway successes in jewelry and shoes, Ivanka quickly followed up by adding an abundance of categories to her already impressive portfolio: handbags, outerwear, sunglasses, fragrance, apparel, home décor and cold weather accessories (gloves, scarves, hats, oh my!)—



september 2013

sitting side by side in the notorious (“You’re fired!”) conference room on NbC’s primetime hit The Celebrity Apprentice. the show is interesting enough theater—it’s riveting watching the (formerly?) famous folks work, plan, scheme and suffer epic meltdowns for all to see; but, for me, what ultimately makes the show mustsee tV comes from reveling in Ivanka’s genuinely bemused expressions as she witnesses these well-known folks

Jared Kushner, and give birth to a true beauty, Arabella rose. And, yep, baby No. 2 is due any moment now. I can see why some of us mere mortals could be annoyed by the very idea of Ivanka trump. perfect career, perfect family, perfect life. It is annoying. but I don’t sense a lot of that is going on; quite the opposite. With yet another deft trick up her beautifully stitched sleeve, Ivanka is also made of teflon. Case in

point: When her father notoriously goes off the rails politically and quite publically—I won’t even get into the ridiculousness of it here—Ivanka (and her successful enterprises) remains unscathed by the controversy, as if her last name weren’t Trump at all. Plausible deniability has never had a more attractive spokesperson than Ivanka. The Donald’s gifted daughter seems to have it all figured out, and it’s nothing short of spellbinding to witness.

PURSE STRINGS “I’m very much looking forward to the launch of the new “Ivanka” leatherhandbag collection. The bags are unique in comparison to my previous collections.” clOtHiNg: Ivanka Trump Apparel SHOES: “Galyn,” Ivanka Trump

hard to hear, but in the end they’ll make you better. Be confident enough to ask questions. This will help you gain perspective and allow you to make the most knowledgeable decisions. Have a positive mindset, and surround yourself with optimists. Nothing is more demotivating than negativity. Take pride in your work and your passion will inspire others.

The career, the family, the success—having it all can’t be as easy as you make it look, right?

I, for one, can’t wait

to see that sure-to-be epic presidential campaign between Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump in 2028. These two politically savvy and articulate Manhattan princesses, who clearly both exude the very best their last names afford them, going head to head in the public square for the

Efficiency is everything. It’s definitely an advantage living close enough to the office that I can stop at home between meetings to spend some time with Arabella. I’m always working, but I love it, and that’s why it works.

OK, let’s talk New Jersey. I have many fond memories

and created—wait for it—The Perfect Woman, Ivanka. betterment of our country’s future? Yes, please. I like it. I really, really like it. But as much as I L-O-V-E anyone named Clinton—believe me—I wouldn’t ever bet against Ms. Trump when she sets her mind on doing something. Not ever. Ever. Let’s try this together, shall we? Everyone take a deep breath, take a sip of the sophisticated, billionaire flavored Kool-Aid and say it with me: Ivanka Trump is perfect. She really is.

What’s the best piece of advice your dad ever gave you? My father has always told me, “Be passionate. If you’re passionate about what you do, you’ll ultimately succeed.”

I’m curious: What would be your advice to women who want to succeed, as you have, in business? You must challenge yourself. Seek feedback on your work from peers and superiors. Criticisms may be

from my time spent in New Jersey, but I particularly cherish the moments spent at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster—not only is it one of my favorite golf courses in the world, it’s also where I was married to my wonderful husband, Jared. The golf course is challenging, gorgeous and the perfect escape from the city. I also try to visit Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia. I fell in love with the area when attending Wharton, and



MAD MEN “Marry the right person, and then never take them for granted,” says Ivanka Trump about her marriage to media magnate Jared Kushner; (top) with her father at launch ceremony for the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago.

the philadelphia course, designed by tom Fazio, is simply stunning.

What’s next for Ivanka Trump? Our massive $250 million renovation of the iconic Doral resort in miami began last march, directly after the Cadillac Championships, so I’ll continue to spend a lot of time

In addition to my work with the trump Organization, there are several exciting projects on the horizon for the Ivanka trump brand. I’m very much looking forward to the launch of the new “Ivanka” leather-handbag collection. the bags are unique in comparison to my previous collections but are still consistent with the overall Ivanka trump brand. early next year I’ll be launching home décor and a collection of cold weather accessories, including scarves, hats, gloves and belts. beauty is a place I have yet to explore beyond fragrance, but right now I want to focus on solidifying all of my existing product categories. In addition to the expansion of the brand categorically, I’ve also been focused on growing my wholesale footprint domestically, as well as in independent freestanding stores and e-commerce. As you can surely tell, I’m very excited to get the new innovative Ivanka e-commerce site up and running within the next few months.

Are you an inherently shy person? You know, I’m actually not a shy person, but I do think it’s important to maintain a certain level of privacy, especially when family is concerned.

OK, Ivanka, fess up: Tell me your secret to a happy marriage. marry the right person, and then never take them for granted.

What’s your beauty routine? recently, natural companies have improved the quality of their products as well as the scents. Cleaner and toxic-free products have always been a go-to part of my routine. For skincare, I love tammy Fender’s products and always have La rocheposay’s Anthelios sunscreen, burt’s bees tinted lip balm, trish mcevoy High Volume mascara and estée Lauder smoothing Crème Concealer in my Ivanka collection bag. I never leave home without a spritz of my signature Ivanka trump fragrance with a hint of bulgarian rose. It’s subtle but refreshing and works both at the office and out on the town.

“Have a positive mindset, and surround yourself with optimists. Nothing is more demotivating than negativity.” commuting to miami to oversee the project. the resort was once the pinnacle of luxury in south Florida, and my family and I fully intend on restoring that reputation—and then some. I’ll also be spending quite a bit of time in Washington, D.C., as our plans for the Old post Office move forward. I’m very excited to be spearheading this project as well, along with my father and brothers.

40 HUDSONMOD september 2013

Let’s talk television, shall we? Who do you think has been the most impressive contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice thus far? the contestants surprise me every season. I’m so enamored with their personalities, determination and skills. It’s so much fun to watch the celebrities compete, and I feel very fortunate to have spent time with each of them over the years.

Define luxury. to me, luxury actually means exquisite comfort and quality.

Let’s wrap this up with a revelation: Tell me a secret or something we’d be surprised to know about you. OK, I danced in The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center in New York City as a child—I was both a party girl and an angel in the show.

SUPER MOM “Efficiency is everything. It’s definitely an advantage living close enough to the office that I can stop at home between meetings to spend some time with Arabella. I’m always working, but I love it, and that’s why it works.” clOtHiNg: Ivanka Trump Apparel



What We Live For


Oscar Gowns By Jorge ramón

On May 16, 1929, with an audience of 270 people, the first Academy Awards ceremony ran 15 minutes long, 15 statuettes were awarded and tickets cost $5. The Academy Awards is for the fashion flock what the Super Bowl is for the rest of America. The Big Game’s commercials and halftime show are replaced by the Oscars opening monologue and the most epic red carpet of them all. On the planet. EVER.



than one billion of us are transfixed by stories of manic stylists who set out on quixotic quests to find

Anne Hathaway

THE dress; diamond houses that vie for the necks,

Valentino (2011)

course, A-list fashion designers who fiercely compete

One of eight gowns worn by the evening’s co-host Anne Hathaway, this simple signaturered Valentino gown has a flowing bustle and rose detail that makes romantic hearts flutter.

with each other to clothe the victorious few who will

wrists and earlobes of the chosen glitterati and, of

accept a golden statue. Though we may not remember who won what, we do have a clear recollection of what those Hollywood glamazons wore, as memories of haute couture flood our minds.


So shade your

eyes from the flashbulbs and join HudsonMOD as we take a look back at some of the most iconic dresses ever seen at the Academy Awards.

Halle Berry Marchesa (2012) Presenting the tribute to the late Lena Horne, Halle Berry stuns in a glittery nude Marchesa that steals our breath as she floats in soft cloud-like ripples of a tulle train.

Julia Roberts Vintage Valentino (2001) When kismet happens, this is what it looks like: Julia Roberts in a vintage velvet-andsatin Valentino gown. The Best Actress makes fashion history and accepts her Oscar channeling true Hollywood glamour in black and white.



Angelina Jolie Atelier Versace (2012) Which comes first, the pose or the dress? Draped in dramatic black, Angelina Jolie’s unique pose is instant global news, thanks to social media. A full five minutes on the red carpet and her leg has its own twitter account.

Gwyneth Paltrow Tom Ford (2012) No stranger to the Academy Awards red carpet, this best Actress winner reinterprets modern glamour, proving to be more fashion superhero in this ultra now take on the Grecian gown.

44 HUDSONMOD September 2013

Michelle Williams Vera Wang (2006) Fashion maverick and Best Supporting Actress nominee Michelle Williams makes a bold color choice and scores in a retro-inspired Vera Wang of delicately pleated mustardyellow chiffon.

Charlize Theron Dior by John Galliano (2006) Created especially for her, Oscar winner and two-time nominee Charlize Theron dons Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano for the ultimate in red-carpet sophistication. The dress’ structural layers of handpainted steel-green leather and a giant silk satin bow makes it oh so haute!

Penélope Cruz Versace (2007) With elaborately slashed chiffon ruffles looking more like feathers, and an intricately pleated corset, this ethereal blush Atelier Versace gown catapults Penélope Cruz to the top of best-dressed lists around the world. We concur.



Zoë Saldaña Givenchy (2010) In a lavender ombré Givenchy Couture gown with sparkling crystal-strewn bodice and billowy sculpted tulle hem, Zoë Saldaña proves purple is the color of fashion royalty.

Nicole Kidman Balenciaga (2007) With a large neck bow that transitions into a train, Nicole Kidman brings the drama and turns up the heat when elegant meets edgy in this fire engine red balenciaga gown. Just wow.

46 HUDSONMOD September 2013

Jennifer López Zuhair Murad (2012) Can you say glamour goddess? Looking jawdropping amazing in this painted-on striped showstopper, Jennifer López turns heads in nude silk tulle and transparent crystal beading. Perfection.

Hilary Swank Guy Laroche (2005) A two-time champ for Best Actress, Hilary Swank takes the gloves off and displays some sexy winning curves in this dress that’s all business in the front and party in the back.

SePtemBer 2013 HUDSONMOD



obert Stock wants to show me a magic trick. mr. Stock and I are sitting on a low-slung leather sofa in that prime manhattan real estate corner that is Soho House’s club level, where the anything-couldhappen vibe is not only palpable in this room full of actors and models, it’s downright infectious. So the fact that this internationally renowned fashion rock star—robert Stock is the founder, principal designer and face of the venerable robert Graham brand—wants to show me a card trick seems just about right. As Stock shuffles several business cards, I realize quickly that we’re playing a little threeCard monte, the classic shell card game that has forced plenty of unsuspecting New York tourists to part with a lot of their money. but playing this game with a fashion maverick known for his unconventional style? thankfully, the bronx-born designer—constantly bucking the fashion world with his out-there creations—also happens to be a good guy. He even lets me keep my cash.

the magic of the robert Graham brand—being much more than what it appears to be at first pass—is the work of robert Stock. Shirt by shirt and fabric by fabric, Stock’s surprising, colorful, pattern-rich, wellcrafted choices are doing nothing less than redefining how we think about fashion. We never said this designer wasn’t ambitious. For a man responsible for creating this “American eclectic” brand at the turn of the century—the luxe label now delivers thousands of different, personalized garments (which brings to mind a production verging close to manic)—robert Stock comes across as an unflappable, congenial guy that exudes a calm, cool, collected spirit. Looking to expand aggressively even as you read this to a whopping 1,200 retail locations across the world— including a handsome outpost at the mall at Short Hills—the future is looking bright (and full of color) for the robert Graham brand and its collectors. And it’s all thanks to an amateur magician and master craftsman. And that, fashion fans, is robert Stock’s real magic trick.

Define luxury. Whether it’s the way you feel inside yourself, whether it’s sitting in a car and feeling the leather seat or wearing a garment, a jacket or pants—to me, luxury is something that makes you feel good.

What’s the biggest misconception you deal with regarding the Robert Graham brand? I think a lot of people believe that we’re a “going out to dinner” shirt company or that we cater to people strictly above 45 years old.

What’s your limited-edition shirt collection all about? the limited-edition shirt collection started about three and a half years ago, and it started because I really wanted to do what I considered very high-end luxury fabrics and really be able to detail them in a way where they would be very individual and very special, and we started numbering them.

Why did you start developing more interesting pieces? the reason I started robert Graham was because I was getting tired of doing mundane fashion, which is more main-floor department-storeoriented fashion.

RobeRt GRaham’s By S i m O N m U r r ay

48 HUDSONMOD September 2013

Was it a niche market? It was more that there was nobody out there doing anything exciting. that’s why I did it.

Why is American eclectic so affiliated with your brand? It’s a bouillabaisse: A little this, a little that, and once you mix it together, it tastes good. And that’s how we do it.

What’s the biggest mistake men make regarding fashion? American men have a tendency to be very conservative. there’s a lot of sameness out there.

What celebrity does it right? Honestly, the style pattern for Hollywood in general over the last ten years has been very retro 1960s. So it’s been very simple: white or gray jacket, black pants, black tie, white shirt. It’s been homogenized. It’s a good, clean look. but I think randy Jackson is a very hip, stylish guy.

Tell me about New Jersey. Some manhattan folks just don’t get New Jersey. It’s unfortunate, because there are some areas of that state that are just off-the-charts beautiful.

Ralph Lauren was your business partner and friend. Any takeaways? I think I saw his perseverance; how he always strived for perfection. When we were working with ties, he would say to me, “What are we doing here?” In other words, a tie is just a white piece of paper, and it’s what you put on that piece of paper that makes it exciting. So it was always instilled in my mind that fabric was the most important element in design, and that has stuck with me over the years. It’s the fabric and it’s the color. And you’ve got to get that right.

IN LIVING COLOR The “Bunyip Multi” shirt from Robert Graham’s 2013 fall collection; (opposite) founder Robert Stock.

September 2013 HUDSONMOD


50 HUDSONMOD September 2013


platt manhattan’s



staR B y

W i l l i a m

W e a t h e r s B y


ampion Platt is straight out of Hollywood’s version of what a Manhattan interior designer should be: Debonair, engaging, an affable host who has the polish to put across his design ideas with ease.

Nice guy that he is aside, his work speaks for itself: Campion Platt is a rock star. Ostensibly a contemporary modernist, Platt can integrate form and texture in everything from an old sea captain’s house, to a jewel-box Manhattan penthouse to a tropical/African-inspired bungalow. “Every space can tell a story,” he says. And finding a story to tie your rooms together becomes especially important “when

Eric StrifflEr

you consider that 80 percent of home furnishings are hamptons ClassiC A Campion Plattdesigned home on Mecox Bay Lane in the Hamptons.

purchased not by designers, but by people shopping for their own dwellings.” The secret, Platt says, is a unifying design to tie the elements together.

Define luxury. Ah, time with my beautiful wife and kids, without a phone—free time in general.

Who has inspired your own creative work? Gio ponti, Frank Lloyd Wright, Carlo mollino, Louise bourgeois.

What’s your interior design pet peeve? my interior design pet peeve is definitely nonrigorous eclecticism or designs thrown together in the name of being eclectic.



September 2013

mArk rOSkAmS (tOp); SCOtt FrAnCeS (mIddLe, bOttOm); mICHAeL CLIntOn (pLAtt pOrtrAIt)

GOTHAM GETAWAYS (from top) Platt’s 1924 British Colonial Revival house, Palm Beach, FL; entryway and dining room of historic Hudson Valley home near West Point, NY.

the Ivy League–educated (Columbia University) architect spent his youth in Cambridge, outside of boston. One of the many things that sets platt apart from his competitors is the fact that he is both architect and interior designer for topshelf clients such as late-night television host Conan O’brien and author Jay mcInerney. “triangulating” his time between homes in SoHo (with a main manhattan office), palm beach and the Hamptons, platt says he stays young chasing after his three youngest children (an older son is out of the nest) with his wife, tatiana, an Internet entrepreneur. to survive the busy schedule between design projects and home, he has recently adopted a vegan diet and wouldn’t be without his Up bracelet by Jawbone, a favorite new gadget that tracks his sleep, movement and calories. platt considers travel the ultimate luxury, but when it comes to interiors, “luxury is about both materiality and context,” he says. “Context might mean creating clear, open spaces within the confines of a manhattan residence, or selecting opulent finishes—such as leather, resin or marble—to accentuate spatial forms.” platt’s signatures are refined custom furnishings, sleek wood and metal surfaces, tactile fabrics and the interplay of sculptural pieces. platt’s singular notion of luxury often incorporates fine craftsmanship and contemporary styling as well as eco-sensitive design. It works. All in all, Campion platt’s design cred is pure platinum. but we wanted to know more. So we asked.

What’s overrated in design? Bamboo; while a sustainable material, it costs a lot of energy to harvest.

What’s something you’ve learned and appreciated? I appreciate the artisans who pursue excellence to the smallest details because it’s the right thing to do.

What’s your favorite getaway? Morocco—I’ve been to many places there, from the surf waves of Essaouira to the dunes in Merzouga.

Where haven’t you been that you’d like to visit? Bhutan.

What’s your hidden talent? Haircutting is my hidden talent—22 years now.

Do you have a favorite interior design space? For interiors, it’s Hollyhock House, in LA, by Frank Lloyd Wright. This is a house where you can sense the volume of every room. It’s worth a visit.

What career would you have liked to pursue? I would’ve loved to be an atomic physicist, but since I’m not that smart, I may have been an astronomer.

What’s a design challenge you’d like to tackle? I’d love to tackle a space-station design that looks magazine ready, more human, not just ergonomic.

Let’s talk color.


My favorite interior design color is lavender, and my least favorite is green. Both are difficult to work with.

Do you have a material you’re fond of working with? I love elm and have specified it for a new project.

What’s the last book you read? Sun in a Bottle: The Strange History of Fusion and the Science of Wishful Thinking, by Charles Seife, is the last book I read.

What’s your favorite hotel?

HIS KIND OF TOWN (from top) Scenes from Manhattan: Platt’s SoHo loft; Zen living room, Carnegie Hill; Nested wood boxes, Greenwich Village.

My favorite hotel is Amankila Hotel in Eastern Bali, Indonesia.

What are design trends to be on the lookout for? Smaller homes, more tech for interactive environments, greater connection to the exterior, outdoor “rooms.”



COVET pretty please


annes, that idyllic spot on the French Riviera, is known as the premier playground for the super wealthy and the site of the annual star-studded film festival. But recently it has achieved a new distinction, one far less glamorous and enticing. Cannes has a bit of a diamond-thief problem. And this time, a tuxedo-clad Cary Grant is not the culprit. In the past few months, there have been no fewer than three high profile robberies, with the biggest robbery, from the lobby of the Carlton InterContinental Hotel, valued at $136 million, making it the largest jewelry heist in France’s long history. Coincidentally, the brazen robbery occurred at the same hotel that Alfred Hitchcock filmed scenes for his Oscar-winning 1955 film To Catch a Thief, starring the dashing Grant as a retired cat burglar who is seduced by blonde goddess Grace Kelly and her large diamond necklace. “Diamonds—the only thing in the world you can’t resist,” Kelly playfully While the coos at Grant as fireworks explode in the background. Eyes up here, please. hunt is on for the real-life suspects who’ve carried out these heists, know that Sidney Thomas Jewelers—the newest name in luxury from Ross-Simons—has a dazzling pavé diamond necklace under lock and key 4,000 miles away, at The Mall at Short Hills, that would make a princess swoon. All 16 inches of this stunning creation are treated with 18 karats of white gold and 42.55 carats of diamonds. The gradations of white diamonds appear the way brilliant sparkling disco balls would if you wore them around your neck: a breathtaking array of beads that will make even your closest friends burn with a desire bordering almost on criminal. Even Cary Grant wouldn’t resist.




SHINE BRIGHT All 16 inches of this stunning creation are treated with 18 karats of white gold and 42.55 carats of diamonds available at Sidney Thomas Jewelers at The Mall at Short Hills.

TiMeless DiaMOnDs Cary GranT WOulD lOve B y S I M O N M U R R Ay




By aNy OtHer Name Jacob & Co.’s “Rose Cuff” bracelet is paved with 80.57 carats of round-cut diamonds and 42.81 carats of rose-cut diamonds.

The eleganT alTernaTive


luster drop earrings never seem to receive the attention they deserve, but when Hollywood A-listers Katherine Heigl, Edie Falco and Natalie Portman show off these ear-bound chandeliers at the Academy Awards, people take notice. Rather than the refined elegance of single-diamond earrings, cluster drop earrings offer both elegance and excess within a tight bundle of small diamonds and precious metal. Yanina & Co., in Cedar Grove, is ahead of the curve when it comes to cluster drop earrings, and owner Yanina Fleysher says she’s creating new ways to popularize them. Fleysher’s boutique has specialized in custom-made jewelry for more than a quarter of a century and has tailored necklaces, rings and bracelets that reflect popular style and impeccable trendiness. Yanina’s yellow-gold cluster drop earrings are crafted from gorgeous 18-karat yellow gold and envelop 3.6 carats of diamonds— each extravagant earring contains an impressive 22 diamonds. For $10,150—the jeweler’s yellow-gold cluster drop earrings can be elegantly hanging from your ears. While cluster drop earrings may not be as popular as they once were, Yanina & Co. is breaking current conventions with its ear cHaNDelierS dazzling yellowYanina & Co.’s cluster gold cluster drop drop earrings boast earrings. Who 18-karat yellow gold needs popular and 3.6 carats when something of diamonds. so classic is available?

—micHael ScrivNer


PreTTiesT rOse Of TheM all By JacqUeliNe rOmaN


ears ago, a 16-year-old discovered his passion in a jewelrydesign course, where he quickly catapulted to the top of the class and soon thereafter opened his own booth in New York City’s competitive Diamond District. Jacob Arabo was that ambitious prodigy, and from a young age, he understood the draw of elegant, opulent and undeniably unique jewelry. Since the establishment of his business Diamond Quasar in 1986 and the creation of Jacob & Co., this fine-jewelry aficionado has become a highly respected and sought-after designer for celebrity entertainers, athletes and global corporate titans. Jacob & Co.’s “Rose Cuff” bracelet is not only a luxe representation of the jeweler’s modern inventiveness but also an example of the sophisticated craftsmanship the brand is known for. The Rose Cuff—priced at $560,000—is paved with 80.57 carats of round-cut diamonds and 42.81 carats of rose-cut diamonds, a dazzling combination. “The cuff embodies everything from the unique design to incredible construction to the spectacular quality of the pink diamonds,” says Arabo. “This piece is truly a work of art. At a time when so many brands are starting to look the same, our clients come to us for originality. Of course, we need to do this without losing quality of construction coupled with spectacular gemstones. These two things are a must for us.” Jacob & Co. also knows that pleasing its customer base is key. “We often hear that when our clients put on their Jacob & Co. watch or piece of jewelry, it’s the one that makes them smile.”





A presentation from Blanche Garcia of the Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible

Wine tastings | Light bites Giveaways | Swag bags And so much more

A portion of the proceeds from sales made at the event will directly benefit the Steeplechase Cancer Center at Somerset Medical Center

Be one of the first 100 guests to RSVP to receive a luxury HudsonMOD swag bag: or 973.249.6157

STYLE fashion chronicles


ern mallis may be the fashion world’s most important person you’ve never heard of. Until now. As the creator of “7th on sixth” in 1993, mallis, like a masterful ringmaster, managed to harness the leaders of American fashion under one main tent. the event—later called New York Fashion Week—would forever change the landscape of American fashion by centralizing and remodeling the way American fashion designers “show,” giving them a leg up, thereby enabling them to compete with european designers. the impact would be felt on a global scale, forever changing the fashion business by paving the way for fashion weeks in miami, Los Angeles, berlin, moscow, mumbai, sydney and melbourne. mallis, who’s now an in-

Fern Mallis: the gODMOther OF new yOrk FashiOn By JORGE RAMÓN

58 HUDSONMOD september 2013

demand consultant, is wickedly funny, smart as a whip and fully dedicated to her many passions. her energy, passion and determination have made mallis an undisputed industry icon. Considered a fashion maverick—a designation she received from the American Apparel & Footwear Association—mallis influenced or helped create many of the organizations that are now cultural mainstays, including Fashion targets breast Cancer, a group that generates more than $100 million in donations. she is also a founding board member of diFFA (design industries Foundation Fighting Aids), has served on the board

timothY greeNFieLd-sANders

MALLIS IN WONDERLAND What makes Mallis a living legend in a world that doesn’t hand out accolades freely— and the reason Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg have her phone number on speed dial— is simply that she “gets it done.”

“Today, the immediacy of the shows is frightening, and fashion shows have become content.”


of the partnership for the Homeless and has been instrumental in the creation and success of the Heart truth’s red Dress Collection befitting research for heart disease in women. Fern’s a busy woman with a huge heart. to witness this bundle of kinetic energy in action is to witness corporate competence. the patented Fern mallis approach begins with tackling every task in front of her with relentless focus and superhuman vigor and never falling for the complacency of a been-there-done-that attitude. but what makes Fern mallis a living legend in a world that doesn’t hand out accolades freely—and the reason the likes of Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg have her phone number on speed dial—is simply that she “gets it done.” mallis’ word is golden, and her joie de vivre is infectious. In the often prickly, highfalutin’, Mean Girls world that is couture fashion, it’s reassuring to know that Fern mallis is still minding the store. Without Fern mallis, there wouldn’t be a New York Fashion Week. And that’s why the lady is a giant. A fashion giant.

As the creator of New York Fashion Week, what surprises you the most about its current execution? It’s interesting to me how [New York] Fashion Week has become a social and cultural phenomenon. everything waits for Fashion Week to open: new clubs, stores, restaurants and so forth. It’s now so much more than just fashion shows.

What are the differences in the fashion industry now, compared to when you started New York Fashion Week two decades ago? the biggest changes are in the

Fashion Flash

technology—no one had a digital camera when we started, no less a phone that took pictures. Now, everyone attending a show tweets and pins and posts images and blogs and comments on whatever they see—they’re all so busy, they barely look at the clothes. today, no one has to wait for the few fashion leaders in the media to tell us what we’ve seen. the immediacy of the shows is frightening, and fashion shows have become “content.”

Kate SpaDe Classic American designer and tastemaker Kate Spade, known for her incredible use of color and pattern, has opened a new location in the heart of Ridgewood. Raise a glass at the grand opening celebration on Thursday, September 12, from 5 pm–7 pm.

BrOOKS BrOtHerS The oldest men’s clothier in the US, Brooks Brothers, is remodeling its women’s store in The Shops at Riverside. Look for a fortified assortment of fall classics, including the current collections, and the introduction of a children’s department.

DOver Street MarKet Dover Street Market, the popular London store that revolutionized the shopping experience with its sensational store design and avant-garde collections, has launched Dover Street Market New York E-Shop, with plans to open its first US-based location in Manhattan later this year.

GlOBal FaSHiON Set your couture clocks, because the collections are fast approaching: New York City, September 5–12; London, September 13–17; Milan, September 18–23 and Paris, September 24–October 2. Get your passports (and wallets) ready, people.

Who are the biggest divas, fashion designers or supermodels? I’d say maybe the press and VIps who sit in the front rows.

Your philanthropic endeavors are staggering—battling AIDs, breast cancer, homelessness, atrisk students—why are they all so important to you? It just makes good sense to use the positive energy of the fashion industry and its creativity to give back, and it’s the right thing to do, and it’s good business as well. Listen, when we all experience our friends and colleagues dying, how could you not do something?

Your house is on fire. tell me, what do you grab first?

— JOrGe raMÓN

easy—my cat, Dimples.

september 2013 HUDSONMOD


style NOON by NOOr: Fa S H i O N With fans that include blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato and front-row fashion stalwarts Olivia palermo, poppy Delevingne and selita ebanks, design team—and cousins— Noor rashid and Haya mohammed Al Khalifa have everyone paying attention to their line, Noon by Noor. the line, whose name comes from the Arabic pronunciation of the letter N, is based in bahrain. Noon by Noor’s beauty is in the details. rich, lavish fabrics; a spectacular and sumptuous color palette; and unusual textures are the height of elegant exotica. Flowing vintage-inspired dresses, to-die for printed pants, body-hugging silhouettes and cherry red dusters take our breath away with their timeless modernity. statement-making separates and feminine dresses are the key to the Noon by Noor collection, and it celebrates a NOON STRUCK Everyone’s paying specific point of view. attention to the promise of more Noon by Noor to come excites as the cousins’ sophisticated style fuses with fresh, on-trend silhouettes. this is one collection we fully endorse oohing and ahhing over.

60 HUDSONMOD september 2013

Le MOS: JeweLry What happens when you mix one part “dirty south” with a shot of 1990s surf lifestyle and a dash of “sexy tomboy”? Le mos Jewelry. brooklyn-based jewelry designer Jessica brasfield serves up a healthy dose of badass rocker and sultry androgyny with her innovative designs and pioneering materials—including a handmade resin in her Orbital collection that you’d swear is organic. With every gorgeous piece, whether it’s set alone or layered, Le mos embodies an elegant irreverence that screams good girl gone bad... but not too bad. even the angelic miranda Kerr is a fan.

JiLL Haber: HaNDbagS

rUpert SaNDerSON: SHOeS brit rupert sanderson’s stilettos are all show, all go, and he’s got the footwear tracks to prove it. Heeding his catwalk aspirations and giving into his passion for design, sanderson quit what he calls “a disastrous career in advertising” and learned how to make shoes. Did he ever. After working for Italian footwear legends sergio rossi and bruno magli, sanderson went out on his own, and his designs quickly shook up the footwear world. Having received several awards, including Accessory Designer of the Year at the british Fashion Awards in 2008 and Accessory Designer of the Year at the

catwalk collections and now finds his name in the same sentence as masters such as Jimmy Choo, manolo blahnik and Christian Louboutin. Dripping in glamour, with zippers, embroidered mesh, rhinestone zebra prints, ombré glitter heels and pops of neon, sanderson’s creations are complete knockouts. What’s even more quintessentially british is that every pair of rupert sanderson shoes is named after an english daffodil. Love it.

elle style Awards in 2009, sanderson’s trajectory was set—upward. sanderson’s singular perspective comes from his passion for the art of traditional craftsmanship, his insane attention to detail and his well-documented desire to make women feel sexier. And it’s working. sanderson’s shoes are featured in glossies and on the most stylish women on the planet, including highoctane stars Victoria beckham, Freida pinto, rose byrne, sandra bullock, Naomi Watts and Amanda seyfried. sanderson also designs all the shoes for the Karl Lagerfeld mainline

Custom handmade Italian frames, exotic wood gussets and over-the-top-luxe skins are just a few reasons why Jill Haber has been named the best new handbag launch this year. Inspired by a lifelong passion for vintage purses and her extensive international travel, Haber’s creations are thoroughly— and unequivocally—modern, made with the edgy jet-setter in mind. Her trademark is structured bags or evening clutches in classic shapes made with exquisite textiles that will keep you lusting for more. Seriously. — JOrge raMÓN

gorgeous forever young

BEAUTY RULES! Today’s beauty barometer is measured by supple, lifted, even-toned skin.

Fall’s Bright OutlOOk By MARCO MEDRANO


lthough summer is just about over, we all know early autumn can be the best time to enjoy the luxe life. It’s an even better season to start planning how to turn back the hands of time, or to at least look glamorous doing it. The caveat is that most of the products we use and procedures we indulge in require staying out of direct sunlight—at least from the neck up. As we all know by now, today’s beauty barometer is measured by supple, lifted, even-toned skin and silky hair.


The parts of summer we can leave behind are the leftover debris from sunscreens and spray tanning, and any uneven color blotches if we let down our sunscreen guards. Visit Mario Badescu Day Spa in Manhattan for the no-nonsense clearing facial that celebs and society doyennes have booked like clockwork (honest). Consistently great (and low key) for decades, they’ve managed to develop very pointed, simplified, effective products that can be used easily, including the newest launches, Peptide Renewal Serum and Peptide Renewal Cream. Mario Badescu has become globally famous for its legendary (and clearly effective) acne solutions. My faves? Hyaluronic Emulsion with Vitamin C and Cellufirm Drops. The men’s line including its blue PreShave Conditioner is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend an expert consult in one of their private product rooms, or any one of their full-service aesthetic treatments, including massage. mariobadescu. com and ULTA in Clifton. Now that your skin palette is clear, let’s keep it that way by applying your new attitude to an acknowledged brand that boasts some seriously updated technology: Clarisonic. Want dirt and makeup cleansed away six times better than by hand? The hand-held, high-speed Aria Sonic Skin Cleansing System oh-so-gently makes clear, revitalized, poreless skin possible. It has three speeds with timers and

comes with a drying stand/stand-up charger and a USB travel option, plus free monogramming. Can you see why I’m addicted? Oh, but there’s more: Opal Sonic is an infusion device that uses 125 sonic movements per second to maximize absorption of AntiAging Sea Serum in a way that’s not possible with your fingers alone. In short, #penetrate. The Opal Sonic is a must-have antiaging tool designed for the eye area (I also used it for spot-treating hyperpigmentation on my face). Make no mistake, folks, this is a major score. Speaking of unsightly spots, Repêchage’s Biolight line is responsible for my own confidence in being able to leave the house because of unforeseen facial spots I endured for weeks. After a stressful move and a lengthy toxic eliminating cleanse, I developed three pea-size dark scars and patchy tone (from years of sun as a teenager). OMG! From the Brightening Cleanser and Toner to the Brightening Overnight Cream, each item in the seven-piece Biolight collection is packed with marine biotechnology “actives,” ensuring a potent cocktail of penetrable brightening properties, without damaging the skin’s delicate surface. Repêchage’s exclusive Laminaria Complex contains two Ecocert seaweeds and numerous extracts to enhance cell renewal. Add watermelon extract and mineral (zinc oxide) protection that



N e ve r

le ave

luxu ry



b e HiN D

HudsonMOD is available for the iPad, Kindle Fire and Nook tablet.

Download Today FALL 2012 HUDSONMOD


GorGeous Marco’s Tips 

Does mastering spot concealer have you flustered? Judith August, the “queen of camouflage,” provides the answer with Gotcha Covered: The Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup.

The right hairbrush is everything. It’s true. Speed drying your hair with a nylon vent brush is fine, but when it comes to silky-smooth (not necessarily straight) style, only a tightly woven boar-bristle brush with no spaces, round or flat, is going to give you that magazine-cover finish.

Get a cellular-rejuvenation lift with The Biotic Wave, which stimulates and reshapes facial muscles. Before or after facial surgery or as an alternative to surgery, everyone in the know bows to Ellza Bellezza at Mzia Shiman Spa, in Manhattan, where she performs the Microcurrent Flow series. Amazing find, but don’t bother the celebrity next to you. Seriously.

If you can’t make time for a salt bath, do what I do: Take a “salt shower.” Fill the bathtub with three inches of hot water and a scoop of Dead Sea salts to detox your feet while you shower. Multitasking genius. — MARCO MEDRANO


disappears (Daytime Brightening Serum and Cream) and you’ll see how simplified the skincare system is. So far, it’s the only full line that has enabled me to actually see my scars break down, taking them from brown to red to pink to nearly gone. Best of all, if you find yourself scrubbing off summer’s blotchy tan remnants, Biolight’s Brightening Body Cream works even harder on your exposed skin and décolletage. Give your skin a fighting chance. Now, if your skincare regimen is heading toward a throw-down moment, IOMA Paris (exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue’s Manhattan and Beverly Hills locations) has emerged with cutting-edge technology that provides acute precision, using the patented IOMA Sphere, a monitored skinmeasuring device (a sensitive, in-depth photo-optic skinreality booth, really) that shows your skin’s health status and provides a personalized, printed report. IOMA’s Bespoke Youth Rituals follows with a customblended group of eight specific serums, dosed to the specifications from the Sphere. Ultimately, you walk away with one daytime moisturizer and one nighttime moisturizer (about 6-8 weeks’ worth). TIP: Keep the barcode handout to follow your repair progress via the IOMA Paris App. More good news: Launching this month is Youth Booster, with MEMS technology. Simply put, the future is here. Your high-tech bottle of moisturizer houses a MEMS Sensor on the end. The number of LED bars on the sensor determines on a day-to-day basis whether you use one or two pumps of the moisturizer. The product’s formula is beyond sophisticated yet minimalist, but is big on proprietary ingredients such as omegassis

ACTIVE DUTY Repêchage’s and hydrasome, Biolight collection which are is packed intended to with marine control hydration, biotechnology detoxification “actives.” and regeneration. IOMA Paris. Rich. Easy. Necessary. As you know, eyelash growth, lash extensions and hybrid mascaras have become another part of our daily routine. Well, LASHEM has taken that two steps further and put a platinum bow on it, safely. All of the products— whether the Double Trouble Mascara, Extensions In A Bottle (buildable) or Colour Strokes Liquid Eyeliner—contain our favorite thing: Lash And Brow Enhancing Serum. Now we no longer have to wait until bedtime to feed our lashes and brows. In no time, LASHEM’s eye skincare and Magic Touch Eye Enhancing Wand will have you saying, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall.” Who can keep up? The Puff has debuted as the encapsulated no muss, no fuss mineral-based powder/foundation gadget that easily dispenses—without dipping or spilling—with a built-in velvety sponge, allowing you to forgo powder brushes if you wish. Find your shade of bronzers, blushes and Illuminiser Dust at Now for some colorful glam. Armani Beauty’s Eyes to Kill Limited Edition collection or YSL’s Black Jade Crème Gel Eyeliner will certainly say you are in it to win it this season. Neiman Marcus. Let’s fall back into autumn with a brighter outlook. Remember, the holidays—what?!—are just around the bend. Can’t you feel the chill, comin’?

GENTLEMAN man, oh man



f you’ve ever experienced stepping into a Ferrari (or even a humbler Fiat), you know that pininfarina’s auto interiors are synonymous with ingenious invention, fabrication and well-thought-out style. pininfarina’s inviting environments always feel special. so when the company merged design forces with master watchmakers bovet, the demand for their watches began in earnest. Not only does the chronograph cambiano Special edition look really great on your wrist—it looks and is truly expensive— but it also doubles as a table clock and a swanky pocket watch and, get this, serves as a dashboard clock by fitting into builtin housing on the center console of their Cambiano concept car. And no tools required. Amazing. The Timepiece Collection in Englewood or go to OK, men: Zirh Platinum Skin care, the results-oriented men’s skincare brand, has gone beyond its heralded shaving line by introducing repair, revive, PM rescue, age Defense and other products to keep your mug looking good. real men moisturize. see yourself as the new James bond? Or are you just a little thirsty? the Stelton cylinda-Line 8 Piece Bar Set is precision-engineered stainless steel and not your ordinary martini shaker set. the strainer doesn’t spill a drop, and the ice tongs grab the cubes but good. Way cool. Hey, barkeep... shaken, not stirred.

even if you’re not a cigar aficionado, Davidoff’s Voyager-Macassar looks so elegant that you could store your Harry Winston cuff links in it. but if cigars are your catnip, then you know this exquisite humidor, made from exotic hardwoods and fitted with a magnetic closure, is the perfect smoking companion. the Voyager safely houses up to 13 cigars.

ever feel off your game? callaway Golf’s X Forged Steel Irons were designed to give you an extra edge on the links. Here’s what Callaway’s expert has to say: “the triple Net Forging process allows for more aggressive grooves and extreme precision to create the feel, ball flight and turf interaction that the very best players prefer.” sounds like you’ll be shooting under par with these babies.

66 HUDSONMOD september 2013


Introducing New Introducing YoungProfessional Professional Introducingaa a New New Young Young Professional Level of Membership! Level of Membership! Level of Membership! Affordably Designed For Ages 37 & Under-No initiation fee or monthly dining assessments required

Affordably Designed Ages3737&&Under-No Under-No initiation dining assessments required Affordably Designed ForFor Ages initiationfee feeorormonthly monthly dining assessments required

Join Now for the Upcoming Season and Enjoy Playing Fall at No Cost! It’s time to take another look at Introducing Sue andCountry Tom Delaney, Basking Ridge Club.Co-Head PGA Professionals Introducing Sue and Tom Delaney, Co-Head PGA Professionals Introducing Sue andholes Tom Delaney, Co-Head You’ll find eighteen of challenging golfPGA thatProfessionals will

test all shot-making skills. We’ve been working as hard on our course as you have on your game, making it playable, fair and fun for all, from scratch golfers to beginners. And, when you want to work even harder on your game, bring your clubs over to our extensive practice facilities, or get a tune up from Co-Head Golf Professionals, Tom and Sue Delaney and their PGA Staff. One glance at our swim club and you’ll notice the expanded amenities and list of activities. Lastly, take a look at the many non-equity membership options we offer that require no bond, no initiation fee and no monthly dining assessments. You’ll find that Basking Ridge Country Club is a truly outstanding value.

185 Madisonville Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 For complete information and to schedule a tour, contact our Director of Membership, Kelly Pantone at 908.766.8200, Ext.116 or

SHELTER beautiful, inside

What materials do you work with?

I love exotic woods, such as zebrawood. I also work with metal finishes, including copper and stainlesssteel sheeting. I incorporate pony hair and leather on walls and ceilings. I’m a frustrated architect and love to redesign spaces with architectural elements. For a fitness gym, I created a grid effect on a long entry wall made of zebrawood, and inside the large squares were tan and olive green suede—the contrast was great.

ORANGE CRUSH “Donald Kaufman DKC-48 is the perfect shade of orange. I also love different shades of gray,” says Fernández.


What accessories would make great investment pieces? Antiques and art have a good resale value and express personal passions.

What about custom furniture? I commission custom furniture quite often. I once had a sofa chaise made by Christopher Guy that was 12 feet long in red silk—it was gorgeous!

By William WeatHerSBy

Let’s talk color—favorites?


Donald Kaufman DKC-48 is the perfect shade of orange. I also have been using different shades of gray, especially charcoal, accenting them with bold colored fabrics in purples, mustard and fuchsia.

spaces. One of my favorite clients was avier Fernández is the the late, great performer [Cuban salsa style-making genius behind legend] Celia Cruz. She was going Interior Design by Javier through treatment for a brain tumor, based in Norwood. From and her manager said that she didn’t special decorative finishes to custom have much time, so I had to create the upholstery and drapery, Fernández interiors in a week. I don’t has a discerning eye and know how, but I did it. After a flair for rooms rich in her death, her manager said saturated colors and that in her final days she layered textures. After had said that she loved her graduating from college, beautiful apartment.” Fernández worked in his family’s home-design business, which has Define luxury. been an institution in My philosophy about Guttenberg for more luxury is all about simple than three decades. elegance. I love quality ANSWER MAN “I realized I had a pieces. I’m always trying HudsonMOD turns passion for the design to find furniture that’s to interior designer, side of the business and different from anything Javier Fernández, to eventually started my you would ever find on a help us come up with own firm,” Fernández retail level, one of a kind or design solutions. says. “I love what I do. to the trade. I also believe It doesn’t seem like work. I have that whatever I select for clients, it wonderful clients for whom I’ve had has to feel comfortable as well as be the privilege to design beautiful visually pleasing, of course.


Colors you hate working with? Pink—I absolutely hate it. And I’m also not a big fan of red.

What are some drapery trends? I don’t do formal draperies. Simple panels in great fabrics, with decorative tapes or trims, work best. I also mix fabrics on the panels. Sometimes, mixing it up with leather looks amazing. You can also complete the look with decorative hardware.

Favorite accessories? Barbara Barry has a great line of accessories, from vases to writingdesk toppers. Books and pictures are also great accessories. I try to implement my client’s personal items so they reflect their lifestyles.


T hree centuries of Italian Furniture under one roof



973.779.3200 BY APPOINTMENT



SHELTER Let’s talk living-room lighting. Symmetry is key when designing a space. I like using small high hats on the ceiling, with a dimmer, with wall sconces, floor lamps and table lamps for soft lighting to create mood. Sconces definitely work best as a pair.

What about decorative finishes?

Biggest interior design mistake? Painting everything white or beige, and not using art or any accessories.

What about millwork, such as built-in cabinets?

I use a lot of wallpaper. Donghia has a gorgeous pony-hair wall covering that I use all the time, in different colors. I also use many leather finishes with stitching or faux-croc looks. I even use them on the ceiling.

Millwork can definitely be pricey at times but is definitely worth it. Raised panels and decorative molding always increase your property value. A rule of thumb: Keep it simple and don’t go overboard.

Tell me about your own home.

Any pet peeves?

My home is a mix of different elements and artwork groupings. I would say it’s transitional.

I really hate matching sofas and loveseats together. You can use two different sofas in complementary fabrics that pair up with chairs.

Who inspires you? Million Dollar Decorator’s Mary McDonald is my favorite designer. Also, Kelly Wearstler, David Hicks and Bunny Williams all inspire me tremendously.

Easiest way to update a kitchen?

What materials do you work with?

Beige stonework surrounding a fireplace seems dated. Should we rip it out and plaster over?

I prefer quartz or Caesarstone— both have new and interesting finishes and textures. But I don’t like to use granite at all.

Paint the cabinets. Change the hardware. Update appliances. Add new window treatments. Accessorize.

Yes, rip it out. Remove the mantle as well. I would use a large to medium

Design Finds 

Madeline Moss The popular furniture and accessories store in Westfield, Madeline Moss, has opened a second location in Maplewood. The shop carries upholstery, lamps, chandeliers, tables and works by talented local artists. Staff designers can assist with design and staging. California Closets For more than three decades, California Closets has maintained a reputation of delivering custom products for

LOVE MATCH “I really hate matching sofas and loveseats together,” says Fernández.

tile and bring it all the way up to the ceiling to create a focal point and drama. You could also create a paneled look in wallpaper or wood, with a half-inch reveal.

Finally, great living room tip. The sofa should be placed on the largest wall. The rest of the furnishings must be on a smaller scale. For variety, use one floor lamp instead of lamps on end tables. Try two small glass tables in front of the sofa. Then, add two small slipper chairs for additional seating.

and finely woven upholstery. Also on view are the Kenzo Maison and Bentley Home collections, plus the year-old Ambiente Cucina kitchen collection.

home organizing and design. The company has expanded its New Jersey reach to a new location in Bernardsville. 

B. Garcia Designs Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible star, Blanche Garcia, is an interior designer who has unveiled new offices in Upper Montclair. Fendi Casa The famed Italian fashion and luxury goods house has opened its first New York City home-design location, a 10,000-square-foot flagship store on Madison Avenue. The contemporary furnishings feature exotic hardwoods, fine finishes

The Muddy Boot Summit native Lorie Combias, a design veteran of House & Garden, Ralph Lauren and the White House, is the proprietor of a charming shop in her hometown that is brimming with antiques. From gilt mirrors and sconces to burnished sideboards and vintage glassware, her wares are displayed in rooms that illustrate how things could translate to your home. — WilliaM WeaTHerSBy


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Steve WeatherfOrD IS PumPed! By R i c Ha R D P é R ez- Fe Ria


teve Weatherford has done the impossible: He’s made a punter— invariably the low man on the totem pole in the National Football League— interesting. Don’t believe me? Quick, name any other punter in the history of the game. Go ahead, any other one. exactly. How the current New York Giants punter— who’s undeniably one of the very best at his position— transcended kicking a football for a living to become a factor in the pop zeitgeist is fascinating. the interest for Weatherford outside of football can be attributed to three things: his ridiculous, jawdropping physique; his goofy, relentless wit; and his addiction to social media and how it spreads the word about the first two. Unexpectedly, Steve Weatherford personifies what constitutes a 21stcentury professional athlete: equal parts talent and marketability. I don’t think ray Guy, the NFL’s greatest punter, was worrying about his “brand” back in 1978. Who was? that’s all changed, of course, and



September 2013

body of work “I get a lot of attention for my physique, it’s true,” says Weatherford, here with wife, Laura, and their three children.

that’s precisely why Weatherford has much bigger plans for himself than just being a great punter. And it’s already beginning to pay significant dividends. Weatherford played for several other NFL teams—including a successful and ultimately controversial tenure with the New York Jets, where he butted heads with famed special-teams coach mike Westhoff—before happily landing with the Giants in 2011 and seeing his career flourish as a

result. the Giants, clearly pleased with the Indiana native as well, recently rewarded Weatherford for his contributions in helping the team win a Super bowl by giving him a five-year contract extension. being in Weatherford’s presence, one can’t help but get excited, because he’s excited. He’s always excited. And he’s funny. For the thousands who follow the punter’s exploits on Facebook, twitter and Instagram (among others), Weatherford comes off as the goofiest bodybuilding prankster on the planet. And he very well may be. His constant stream of posts, including numerous photographs (and short videos) that range from loving family portraits—he and his wife, Laura, have three children: Ace, Carney and Aurora—to WtF half-naked celebrations of his eye-popping muscular form, are stuff of urban legend. And the public loves it. really loves it. And so does he. As is the case with any celebrity that puts himself out there, wild stories abound. I pinned down the fast-talking Weatherford—who is eyeing a career in broadcasting after his playing days are over—just long enough to separate truth from rumor. the best part? He was game. Steve Weatherford’s not punting now.

How did an NFL punter end up being featured in this luxury magazine (and so many others)? I get a lot of attention for my physique, it’s true. I could be anywhere, and people are always asking me for training or nutritional advice. my body

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Here’s a bet I’d win: You’re the first punter in the history of the sport who has given workout advice to his teammates. I bet that’s true. [Laughs]

A lot of people unfamiliar with football know exactly who you are. Are you cool with attracting so much attention for your, um, other physical attributes? Are you kidding me? Of course I am! I’m well aware that my fan base reaches much farther than football fans. Look, any chance I get to reach out and connect with other human beings and spread my positivity about life I’m down for. Yes, I have a large gay fan base and a large religious fan base and a large fitnessenthusiasts fan base, and I love them all! the more the merrier.

Is it safe to say that you won’t be sending your former New York Jets coach, mike Westhoff, a Christmas card?

Is a career in broadcasting next? I think so. Here’s the thing: Once the


September 2013

time comes and I can’t play at this level, I still want a platform to inspire.

Let’s talk philanthropy. this is a huge part of my life. I love going to schools and hospitals to motivate kids. And right here in this part of the world, we’ve been deeply affected by the Sandy Hook massacre as well as the Hurricane Sandy devastation, and I’m trying to do my part to use my platform to help. I also have the Steve Weatherford Foundation’s “Kick For Kicks” campaign, where we provide barely used NFL sneakers to kids who need them. I also take hundreds of kids shopping for a pair of sneakers, because something as simple as that can help kids dream big. I tell them that I was just like them at their age, and look at me now, playing a sport I love and wearing a Super bowl ring. Dream big, I always tell them.

“Yes, I have a large gay fan base and a large religious fan base and a large fitnessenthusiasts fan base, and I love them all!”

It’s frankly the only working relationship I’ve ever had that didn’t mesh. mike Westhoff didn’t enjoy me as a punter at all. I’ll put it this way: I’ve never had a coach who didn’t get along with me. Ever. though I will continue to focus on the positive way things turned out for me, and how good I have it now, and how much I’m loving being with the New York Giants, I’m still scratching my head over the whole mike Westhoff experience.


GIANT KICK “I may always be the first person to take my shirt off, but that doesn’t mean I’m not self-conscious,” says Weatherford, here modeling in a show for charity in NYC last spring.

tell me about living in New Jersey. I love seeing how much pride there is in New Jersey. I’ve been a resident of the state for five years now, and I can say without question that this is home. New Jersey has embraced my family and me completely, and that’s a big reason I spend so much time doing charity work in this state. I love New Jersey, and it certainly feels like home.


is about being the best player I can be. I love it when my teammates ask me questions about my diet or what supplements I take or my abs routine.

Define luxury. being able to afford to spend time with my family whenever I want. For me it’s not money, it’s time.

tell me a secret. I’m very self-conscious.

Um, I beg to differ. If anything, you’re an exhibitionist. [Laughs] OK, sure, I may always be the first person to take my shirt off, but that doesn’t mean I’m not selfconscious. I’m hyperaware of how I present myself; that’s something very important to me.

Not including you for obvious reasons, who has the best body in the NFL right now? [San Francisco 49ers] Vernon Davis is a monster and [New england patriots] tim tebow is also jacked.

In five years, tell me what Steve Weatherford is up to. I’ll be hosting my own talk show that will be a hybrid between Live with Kelly and Michael and Dr. Oz— a nutrition, health and wellness talk show. I’d be pumped about that!



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ground ground

hot wheels

A Street-LegAL DreAM By SimON mUrray


ay Leno is no stranger to exotic vehicles: In his storage building in California—which, at 17,000 square feet, is appropriately called the big Dog Garage—the longtime host of The Tonight Show maintains a collection that runs the gamut of automotive history. On his NbC auto blog, which combines the best parts of a Web series, an antiques tradeshow and a chop shop, vehicles are dissected in interviews and given a rubberburning road test by the famous guy himself. but even for Leno, a recent feature on Campagna motors’ “the street legal pavement predator” had him saying, “It doesn’t get much more unique than this.” the story of Campagna motors and its unconventional three-wheeler began some two decades ago. In 1993, as cloned prehistoric dinosaurs were running amok on a remote island, terrorizing moviegoers, Campagna motors’ flagship three-wheel production vehicle was retooled by Deutschman Design from an earlier concept created by skidoo mechanic Daniel Campagna. two years later the machine was built and sold in Quebec. perhaps banking on the blockbuster success of Jurassic Park (and its larger-thanlife antagonist), or because of its wide, triangular framework that looks almost reptilian, the name t-rex was given to the F1-derived roadster and has stuck ever since. Although it was originally built from Kawasaki parts and registered as a

JURAssic PARking Weighing in at 1,150 lbs., every inch of this T-Rex 16S trike is street legal.

motorcycle, it would be a disservice to simply label this 2F1r (two front wheels and one rear wheel) reverse trike a motorbike. Nor is it a trike in the sense of a touring bike—such as Harley-Davidson’s tri Glide and CanAm spyder—which requires the driver to straddle the vehicle like a traditional bike, with the passenger seated as an afterthought in the rear. For starters, the t-rex features one of the only side-byside seat designs compliant with all of the regulations set by the Federal motor Vehicle safety standards. this means that the Us Department of transportation has given this 1,150-pound, handcrafted Canadian invention the necessary two words every law-abiding, wouldbe owner wants to hear: street legal. the limited edition t-rex 16s differs from other models because the engine is powered by a bmW 1649cc in-line six-cylinder.

The T-Rex 16S goes 0–60 mph in just under four seconds.



september 2013

Adding a bmW motorcycle engine to the aerodynamic teardrop design of the 16s means an unparalleled amount of speed is being harnessed behind the driver. the six-speed sequential transmission can get the driver going 0–60 mph in just under four seconds (!), while the 160 horsepower and 129 pound-feet of torque pushes the machine around with an unbelievable power-to-weight ratio. And, though deceiving, the 16s is actually wider than a Corvette Zr1 by about three inches, giving this beefed-up t-rex a powerful, wide stance and a low center of gravity that’s augmented with dual-shock suspension. $62,000 before detail customization, and with amenities that include satellite radio, bluetooth capabilities, detachable side bags and Usb ports, there really isn’t anything quite like this on the open road. throw practicality out the window (or open windshield) and roar into work every day feeling like a not-so-extinct predator. this ride is nothing to joke about. even Jay Leno knows that.



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drInK happy hour

ground KINDRED SPIRITS Brandy and port are prime examples of after-dinner libations.

oh, Brandy By M i c H a e l Sc r i vN er


hether you’re feasting at a favorite local steakhouse or a michelinstarred restaurant in manhattan, after-dinner drinks can be as important as the meal itself. While ambrosial cuisine brings out the camaraderie of diners, digestifs allow for a moment of reflection upon the

meal and another day’s end. brandy and port wine are two of these meditative libations that have gained an elite following of both victual and alcohol aficionados over the years. brandy as we know it today was formally crafted in 12th-century Salerno, Italy, when the knowledge of distillation spread from the alchemists in Alexandria to other nations. the fractional distillation process, which is

still used by many modern distilleries today, involves heating wine to different boiling points in order to remove water and ethanol through evaporation. brandy goes through this process twice and is then aged in wooden barrels, or casks, for years. the absence of water and ethanol removes the wine’s original scent, creates a dark caramel color and emphasizes the fruity sweetness of the original wine. Interestingly, the liquor that was housed in a brandy barrel prior to the new batch will dictate its flavor. A barrel previously used for red wine will create a richer brandy, while a rum barrel will make a sweeter brandy. though brandewijn, or burnt-wine, as the name translates in Dutch, is one of the truly iconic drinks in history, port wine has legs that extend all the way to Douro Valley in portugal. Similar to brandy, port wine is a portuguese fortified wine that has been mixed with liquor that is identical to brandy. the addition of distilled grape spirits, otherwise known as aguardente in portugal and brandy in the rest of the world, stops the fermentation process, resulting in a rich wine-like mixture that contains close to 20 percent alcohol by volume. brandy, by comparison, can contain up to 60 percent alcohol by volume. It’s simplistic to say that brandy is twice-distilled wine and that port is fermenting wine mixed with brandy, because varying vintages and grapes make choosing the perfect brand as complex as the flavors inside each. Navigating the world of brandy and port wines can be as intricate as the processes that create them, but these reflective after dinner drinks are certainly worth your time, money and introspective sips.

A barrel previously used for red wine will create a richer brandy, while a rum barrel will make a sweeter brandy.



September 2013


events HudsonMOD’s Amazing Anniversary An historic first year for HudsonMOD, the region’s premier luxury magazine, was celebrated June 25 at the Waterside in North Bergen. Football legend Tiki Barber led a host of celebrities in attendance including Real Housewife of New Jersey’s Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, The Bachelor’s Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Queer Eye’s Thom Filicia and Princesses of Long Island’s Joey Lauren, and more who helped raise funds for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Supporting sponsors included Benzel Busch, Ecru New York, Giorgio Armani, Saks Fifth Avenue, Grey Goose, Bacardi, JR Cigar, Audi Meadowlands, Dewar’s and The Grand Del Mar.

Della Crews

Jason Lembo, Tiki Barber, Shannon Steitz

80 HUDSONMOD September 2013

Jacqueline and Chris Laurita

Vanessa DeLeon

Richard Pérez-Feria, Mike Ruiz, Jorge Ramón

Richard Pérez-Feria, Amy Poliakoff, Joey Lauren, Marco Medrano

Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Ashley Marie Kelsey

Kurt and Susan Nehlig, Laura and Steve Landau

Joe Mastalia, Ashley Marie Kelsey, Justin DePasquale

Ralph and Patricia Lauretta

Jess Dietrich, Michael Coviello, Cristina Mendez

Tiki Barber, Traci Johnson, Thom Filicia

Rosemary Marchetto and Javier Fernández

Constantine Maroulis

Frances Vagias, Richard Pérez-Feria

Danielle Felter, Benji Meyerson, Shannon Steitz photography:

Charles palmisano

September 2013 HUDSONMOD


events Bridgehampton Polo Challenge Amidst beautiful weather and gorgeous people, the 17th season of the Bridgehampton Polo Challenge officially commenced on July 20. The event began with the opening coin toss by iconic supermodel Christie Brinkley—who appeared ageless and radiant— while guests lounged among the private VIP cabanas as White Birch Farm defeated La Lechuza Caracas on the field.

Gabby Karen, Donna Karan, Shamin Abas

Tatiana & Campion Platt

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Jonathan Cheban

Christie Brinkley

Andrew Saffir, Daniel Benedict

Natscha Barnard




September 2013

rob rich/

Celebrating our flair for flavor

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events B. Garcia Designs B. Garcia Designs—the full service interior design and home renovation firm of the Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible designer and decorator Blanche Garcia—hosted a summer affair to celebrate the company’s move to a chic new office in Upper Montclair.

Blanche Garcia

Albie Garcia, Kathleen Gill, Blanche Garcia, Lisa Alexander, Jim Alexander


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84 HUDSONMOD September 2013

Blow a Candle, Hear a Giggle, first


Make a Memory.

Celebrating Lily’s 1st Birthday







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21 East Broad St.

12 Wilsey Square


HOBOKEN 95 Washington St.

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encore we’re not done yet

TerrOn Schaefer: SakS anD The ciTy

flow of conversation (he’s not a meme-me sort of celebrity). He’s someone I want to see again and have (many) martinis with. And that alone surprised me, in the best of possible ways. schaefer’s day job encompasses being group senior vice president of marketing at saks Fifth Avenue as well as chief creative officer and executive vice president at saks Incorporated. In simpler terms, terron schaefer is saks. And it’s been quite a journey getting there. A native of buenos Aires, schaefer left Argentina as a youngster to attend boarding school in switzerland. He later moved to the United states, where he earned two degrees from the University of texas. the incredibly successful world traveler is fluent in four languages a skill that has served him well in his myriad executive roles at DDb Advertising, bloomingdale’s, Harrods and Warner bros. before making saks his corporate perch the past decade. schaefer has called the likes of paris, tokyo, sydney, Hong Kong, singapore and manhattan his home. Final analysis: A rare combination of elegance, wisdom, humor and business acumen, terron schaefer has easily been my happiest fashion find this season. He really should be yours, too.

of shooting, I see Jessica in the greenroom as she was peeling off her bangs from her hairline. I looked at her with surprise, and she cheerfully showed me that her initials were sewn in the back of the hairpiece and said, “this is my 27th license.” I thought it was genius, and there’s a good reason Jessica simpson sells in the billions. Later, I went to macy’s and checked out Jessica’s shoes and apparel and was blown away: they were on trend, great color choices, amazing price point. she’s a smart, smart woman.

“Stefano Pilati is the best fashion designer in the world right now— hands down.”

lion king I’d assumed that Schaefer was a sort of cowardly lion in Savile Row tailoring. Not quite.


ess than 30 seconds in, I realize that I’ve been wrong—oh, so very wrong—about terron schaefer and what to expect from our encounter. schaefer, one of three “buyers” representing major American retailers on NbC’s Fashion Star (co-starring celebrity designers Jessica simpson, Nicole richie and John Varvatos), is undeniably the program’s senior voice, and he fills the role masterfully. but after watching him the past couple of years, I’d assumed that schaefer was a sort of cowardly lion in savile row tailoring. Not quite. schaefer is fully engaged in the now. He’s incredibly funny. He’s curious and remarkably generous with the ebb and

88 HUDSONMOD september 2013

—rICHArD péreZ-FerIA

Define luxury. Luxury is having the freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it.

Who surprised you on Fashion Star? Jessica simpson. At one in the morning, after an endless day

If you had your own television show, what would it be called?

the show I’d love to do is called Table for Two and features two seemingly disparate famous people talking over dinner, say, Henry Kissinger and madonna or Lady Gaga and the pope. You get the idea.

Does New Jersey get a bad rap? Years ago, a school friend invited me to spend time in mantoloking, making it the first time I had ever been in the Us. I was raised in Argentina and was in boarding school in switzerland. I was completely mesmerized by this country. I vividly remember this store we went to called mark Fore & strike, named after the three sports it catered to— shooting, golf and fishing. I had never seen anything like it in my life. I loved it, and fell in love with New Jersey.

Who’s the best fashion designer working in the world right now? stefano pilati, hands down. For the last decade, pilati was the head fashion designer at Yves saint Laurent and has now moved on to ermenegildo Zegna, and what he’s done there has been nothing short of miraculous. I also love Zak posen, who does red carpet gowns better than anybody else.


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