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One vision, one solution.

We have the solution for your entire department to accomplish your vision. With the same benefits and resources for everyone, all your teams can reach success.

Make an investment. Unlike your other expenses—gyms, fields, uniforms, equipment—Hudl gives your department the tools to encourage development without any maintenance required. And since we never stop improving, our features only get better with time.

Gain a competitive edge. We’ll equip your program with our latest and greatest technology—you won’t have to lift a finger. Student athletes and coaches will come and go, but with Hudl, your vision and program will stay on the cutting edge.

Protect your resources. We’ve made security a snap—teams are set up to store information safely. You’ll determine the team administrators, and they’ll control all movement on the account. Video, data, reports and evaluations can only be seen by those given access.

Keep your coaches happy.

Give each coach equal resources to develop their programs, effectively communicate with their athletes, and be successful.

Bring lessons to life. Enable open conversations between coaches and their players. Athletes can critique their own performance, or study their coach’s feedback via comments and drawings to learn exactly what needs to improve.

Lower the risk of burnout. A department-wide solution is like hiring the perfect assistant coach. Instead of spending hours manually breaking down games throughout the season, coaches will get all the stats and reports done for them. They can reinvest that time into their teams and focus on what matters most.

Teach safety first. Equip every coach with the ability to keep their players safe. With video, athletes can replace some physical reps with mental ones to learn proper technique without as much wear and tear on their bodies.

Two of the top ten legal issues high school athletics face relate to player safety and injury protocols. National Federation of State High School Associations

Inspire every athlete.

Provide all student athletes the same means to find their full potential and create memories they’ll appreciate for years to come.

Connect with recruiters. Help all your athletes reach their dreams. With Hudl, they can get on the radar of the right collegiate recruiter for their level—not just Div. I— no matter where they’re located.

Keep it consistent. When Hudl covers all your school’s athletics, multisport athletes can take advantage of the same familiar tools. No matter what game they’re playing that day, you can give them their best chance for improvement.

Relive the best moments. With every athletic program on Hudl, all game, tournament and championship highlights are saved for everyone to enjoy.

Rally the community.

Keep your fans in the know. With team profiles for every sport and level, family and friends can track each win.

Unite your program. Use video to kickoff new seasons and build support around big meets or upcoming tournaments.

Celebrate as one. Provide your entire program the ability to create and share highlights with family, friends and fans.

Engage your alumni. Give your loyal supporters something to cherish. You can save and share your program’s legacy on Hudl to connect with past student athletes.

Achieve your vision. Invest in your program.

Equip every coach and athlete with the tools to reach their goals.

Gain support.

Highlights for each team will build excitement and bring your community together.

Find success.

Help all athletes learn in the safest way possible, enjoy their high school experience, and make lasting memories.

Streamline your invoices. Say goodbye to chasing down multiple purchase orders and billing documents throughout the year. Get one due date that works best for all your sports.

One Invoice • Stat services • Highlight and recruiting tools • Instant replay • Digital playbook • Online video storage and communication

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Hudl | One Solution  
Hudl | One Solution  

With the same benefits for everyone, all of your teams can succeed.