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Editor It’s nearly 3 o’clock in the morning and after weeks of work, a drip feed of sleep and a lot of help from the talented students of Huddersfield, I’m happy to present the very first issue of T’HUD. Our brand new student magazine. This month’s issue is geared towards helping those of you who are new to the town settle in and contains a ton of handy advice about making the most of your first few weeks and months in your new home. As it’s our first issue of the new year. I’m keen to know what you think of the mag, what’s good (please let some of it be good), what’s bad so don’t be afraid to stop me and say hello if you see me around campus or the Freshers Festival. For those of you scared of unattractive men with a beard and glasses, fear not, you can fire me an email to and rant (or bow at my feet) to your hearts content. Cheers Kev PS. T’HUD has one of those hipster Tumblr blog’s, please follow us at





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Thanks for picking up the first copy of our

brand new magazine, T’HUD, which is part of the HUDMedia group. In its pages you will find all kinds of useful information, from dedicated student news coverage, provided by HUDNews, to a handy article on how to make a lovely new cushion case, and much more in between. Whether you are a Fresher or a PhD student you’ll have the full use of the Students Union and its services during your entire time at Huddersfield University. But what does the SU do I hear you ask? Well, put simply, we’re here to help you work through any problems you may encounter. So if you’re struggling academically or are with dealing with a dishonest landlord then we can offer the advice that’ll help. The SU is not only a place for advice, our bar and café open from early - till late and it’s the ideal place to socialize with friends. Whether your on a break between lectures or starting a night out with a few pints, the SU should be your first port of call. Last March your fellow students elected 5 of their peers into full time positions to help run the SU. The positions were filled by; President- Matt Wheelton Communications and Democracy OfficerMatt Wetherill Education Officer- Steven Brown Wellbeing and Equalities OfficerNosheen Dad


Student Activities Officer- Danny Dunn You can find us in the office on the top floor of the SU in the far right hand corner and we are here to ensure you enjoy your time at University. We as an Exec Team plan to help you make this acadmic year the best it can possibly be, whether its helping you to play an new sport like American Football with the Huddersfield Hawks or supporting you to attain the best results you can

YO U GET INVOLVED HudMedia is your chance to become apart of something that improves your time at University whilst gaining some valuable experience for your CV. Whether you want to work on the radio, invent your own TV show or try your hand at journalism and write work as part of our news team the HudMedia is here to give you the chance. To get involved this then please contact Mike Bristow, HudRadio controller, Kevin Lawson, T’HUD Editor, Matt Wetherill, Communication and Democracy Officer or ask in the iZone at the SU.

in your studies. We typically work 9-5 however you will be able to contact us at any time on our Facebook page HudSU Student Officers. See you around campus. Matthew Wetherill Communications and Democracy Officer WWW.T-HUD.CO.UK




News Editor

New Learning & Leisure Centre operational by 2014

The University of Huddersfield is poised to start

work on a state of the art £22.5 million learning and leisure centre. Occupying some 7,000 square metres, the centre will offer massive improvements to students sports, leisure, learning and catering facilities.


Work begins this summer with the demolition of the existing Shorehead Building. After six phases of construction, designed to minimise disruption to university life, will conclude in the spring of 2014. “For its size and complexity, this will be the largest and most complex project we have tackled on campus,” says the University’s Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities, Alan Johnson, who will be project manager. Leeds-based architects Watson Batty have produced designs for the new building which have now been submitted as part of the planning permission process.

YOUR FUTURE The new centre will stand on stilts and have four levels. The lowest will be the new sports hall and will offer a greater range of facilities than the present building, including an eight-court hall, squash courts and modern fitness studios. The next floor will have more than 1,000 square metres of social, catering and learning space that links through to the existing library and will also house a new expanded student services centre.

Planning permission for demolition of has now been granted and this work will get underway during the summer.

The exterior of the main entrance to University’s Central Services Building will be remodelled to allow access to the new building, the third floor of which will be new premises for the University’s Students’ Union. The top level will be a conference centre. WWW.T-HUD.CO.UK




News Editor

As part of their ongoing efforts to improve their services, this summer the Library reorganised its stock and services to make them easier to use. Here are 5 of the main changes that you’ll find:

The books have been re-organised into a simplified Dewey Sequence, and other collections, e.g. journals have been grouped together into a more logical order:


• Floor 2 - Literature, Geography and History • Floor 3 - Business, Hospitality Management, Art, Design & Architecture • Floor 5 - Science & Engineeering • Floor 6 - Computing, Psychology, Religion, Law & Tourism

2 08

The Subject Enquiry Desk has moved and can now be found at the end of the Student Support Desk.

The 24/7 PC rooms CS4/01 and CS4/02 have moved to the former Castle Hill suite, (adjacent to the University Shop, “Store on 4”) This will be open from the 23rd September and includes specialist software and improved performance computers.



Folders, pens, etc. can be purchased from the University shop, “Store on 4” or the Students’ Union shop as the library will no longer be able to offer this service.

The Careers Library has moved. As a result, if you want to pick up a reserved book, use the cash copier and printer, or using binding and laminating materials you will find them in the area that was formerly the Cybercafé.


One thing that hasn’t changed, is that the library and its staff are there to help YOU. So if you have any problems in finding items, please ask for help at the Subject Enquiry Desk on floor 4 or ask a student helper.


1. How many floors are there in the main library and computing centre?


5. How much does it cost to copy an A4 page?

a.) One b.) Three c.) Five d.) Seven

a.) Free b.) 3p c.) 8p


2. Which other Yorkshire town has a “University of Huddersfield” library?


6. Who provides help with your subject enquiries?

a.) IT help desk b.) Library subject teams c.) Library wardens


7. The name of the library system for searching for journal articles is?

a.) OpenBook b.) Summon c.) Recall


8. What card do you need to get into the library?

a.) Bank card b.) Oyster card c.) Student card

a.) Doncaster b.)Keighley c.) Barnsley


3. How many items can an undergraduate student borrow?

a.) Five b.) Eight c.) Twelve d.) Fifteen


4. How long is the library’s standard loan period?

a.) Two Days b.) Two Weeks c.) A Term

WANT TO WIN £20 of Amazon Vouchers ? Take the Library quiz and send your answers to before 28th Sept to be in with a chance! WWW.T-HUD.CO.UK





Lifestyle Editor Co -Wr i t t e n by Ma t t Ja gge r

Top 8 Money Saving Tips For New Students

The first few months at University are an excit-

ing time. You’re spending most of your time busily making new friends, going out and of course drinking. In all the excitement it’s really easy to overspend and make the months leading up to Christmas tough. So to help you make the best of your loans and savings, I’ve come up with 10 handy tips to help you stretch your funds:

ther into your overdraft). Instead, try swapping clothes with friends, shopping on eBay or in charity shops and vintage stores. You may even find that you don’t want to follow the high street trends anymore. Use your student discount - there’s only a few years in your life when you can get discount on just about everything. Take advantage of being a student and invest in a 16-25 Railcard, which saves you a third on train travel, and an NUS Extra card which will get you a discount in most food and retail places.


shopping in high street shops 1 Stop However much you think you need the latest trends, buying expensive clothes will see you starving for a week (or just going fur-


DO NOT take your bank card on a night out - Too lazy to walk to the cash point before a night out? This laziness will only end badly. Tenner after tenner will


have spare cash to spend on treating yourself. Buy in bulk - As well as sharing the cost with your flatmates, never buy small quantities of anything. Buy large packets of all the things you use often, such as: Tea and coffee; rice, noodles and pasta; cereals and biscuits, bottled drinks, cleaning liquids etc…


Sell what you don’t use - Why keep things you don’t need or wear? It only clutters your living space. Set up an eBay account and get selling your unwanted goods, you’ll be surprised what people will buy. After all, people bid for pieces of toast with Jesus on them, so why not be creative and sell something weird and wonderful and see how much beer money you can make out of it.


Shop late at night - Supermarkets sell off fresh produce at a highly discounted rates before midnight of their sell by date, most stores begin to slash prices between 7.30pm and 9pm. From a loaf of bread for 7p to fresh chicken breast for 12p, any of the produce you buy can be frozen for at least a few weeks, giving you more money for the pub.


be pulled from that cash machine the drunker you get and it will all be regrettably gone by the morning. Try to take cash out with you, and if you want to spend less while you are out, just drink more before leaving the house; simple. Budget and share Living with like-minded students, it is hard to be sensible with money: usually you will just say “forget about it” and then get drunk. But by writing down what you need to pay for on a weekly/monthly basis, you will gain you a better understanding of how much money you have to spare. Also sharing food costs with your flatmates will benefit you all as you won’t go hungry, and you’ll


Get insurance - Although it involves an upfront cost, insuring your possessions against damage and theft will save you money in the long run should the worst happen. Endsleigh offer discounted rates to students as long as you get a direct quote. Standard contents insurance starts at just £50 a year, which is nothing compared to replacing laptop, mobile phones and clothes out of your own pocket.


Too lazy to walk to the cash machine before a night out? This laziness will only end bady







Arts Editor

My first year as an international student


hen I alighted at Huddersfield train station almost a year ago, I had expectations about my upcoming year in University, some good, some bad, but the reality exceeded them all. It doesn’t matter where you’re from China, India, France, Romania, or Ireland, we all have the same concerns - will people like me, will they accept me, will I make new friends? Put simply, yes you will, and more than you’ve ever dreamed of. So drop off your worries, leave your shyness behind and get out there, because guess what? Everyone else is in the exact same situation as you. Before moving here, I was confused about which accommodation to choose. I’d never been to Huddersfield, and didn’t have the opportunity to visit the University campus before I enrolled. So like many others I decided on the DIG’s run Storthes Hall, a decision, in spite of the bad terms we parted on and the incredible amount of money I paid to live there, I don’t regret. It’s community kept me constantly busy, in the company of friends and helped cure my homesickness. Huddersfield has three major student villages. Ashenhurst, which has the advantage of being very close to town, yet surrounded by green meadows.


Storthes Hall, which is a little farther out of town, but surrounded by stunning Yorkshire countryside. Which more than compensates for the 20 minute bus ride you have to take every day. You might have heard rumours that it used to be a psychiatric clinic, don’t worry, there are no ghosts or paranormal activities lurking in its rooms. Aspley, is the place to live. The rooms are bigger and much nicer than those in Storthes Hall or Ashenhurst. Plus you won’t have to pay 6 pounds for a taxi when getting back from a night out. If you don’t have the luxury of having a lot of money, I would recommend you find a student letting in town. Private let houses are much cheaper, more comfortable and closer to the centre. A word of warning, during the first weeks, give up on any hope of sleeping. Pretty much all you’ll be doing is running around different flats and ending each night with completely different

advantage of theses great venues you’re going to need a bank account. So my advice is to not delay and just get over with it. If you’re an International or EU student, most banks will charge you a monthly fee of £8. HSBC and NatWest in particular, Lloyds however will not charge you. To keep your funds topped up you’ll probably need to get a job and although I am not familiar with the all work permits types for International Students, I will urge you to not count solely on University to help you with your documents. Make calls, ask questions and be pushy, because if you don’t stand up for yourself, no one else will. For all new Bulgarian and Romanian students, you should first apply for a Yellow Certificate (work permit), so that you can apply for a National Insurance Number. Do it as soon as you can, because currently applications are considered for a period of 6-7 months. Be sure you have all the proper documents and a stock of patience. One other piece of advice for International Students. Don’t, I repeat DON’T, hang only out only with people from your own country. Make as many friends as you can, no matter where they come from. I know it’s scary coming to a new country, and living in a new town, but the only way to survive and escape from homesickness is to dive into the new environment. Now is the time to forget who you were and try find who you are going to be. Don’t waste time thinking about what you have left, think about what you have found, time passes by so quickly, so make sure you don’t leave anything to regret. Anyway, enough of the heavy. Go have fun. Eat some unhealthy food, have a pint, and a couple of more after that. Meet people, join societies, go to your lectures and seminars,. Just don’t forget to study, because this is why you are here and you’re paying hell of a lot for it.

people. Enjoy the time you have, because once you start Uni and start running out of money, you won’t have these opportunities and freedom again. Since, I’ve touched on the subject of partying I’ll stray from the boring stuff and tell you a couple of places in Huddersfield which you should visit. Despite your fresher’s instinct of going to all the popular places like Camel and Tokyo, I should urge you to explore some of the local bars. Where you’ll find the music is of a better quality, the people cooler and the atmosphere incomparable. Vox Bar is famous for its deadly cocktails, Parish is for Rock music lovers and Verve Bar has a monthly Floor Plan event, that mixes ultra cool DJs with very, very cheap booze. To really take WWW.T-HUD.CO.UK

Now is the time to forget who you were and try to find who you’re going to be.




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Music Editor

5 ways to jazz up your bedroom without breaking the bank

For most of you, moving into student halls will probably mark your first bedroom away from the family home. For me, a timid southerner dropped in this foreign land where people say ‘Baff’ instead of Bath, ‘Breadcake’ instead of Bread Roll and seem to have ‘dinner’ at lunchtime, it was a little intimidating starting completely afresh and vital that I had a retreat that felt comfortable and familiar. I found with a dash of creativity and a little work, your student room can become a reflection of your new independent personality, without breaking the bank.

Attack the walls - Let’s be more imaginative than a scantily clad Cheryl Cole/ Channing Tatum or the ever clichéd Che Guevera/ Mixology hybrid. Just because you’re a student, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little class. How about a collage of some of your favourite photos from home, a beach scene or some abstract art? Look out for the poster sale in Freshers week, which has a great selection, prices starting at just £3. When I moved to Uni in my first year, my lovely friends from home made me this great collage out of our antics as a leaving gift (pictured above), and it kept me company all year.



Plus, it didn’t cost me a penny. Just don’t forget the white tack, because first-hand experience tells me that blu tack is a nightmare to get off and may even result in you losing some of your deposit. Which certainly wouldn’t be part of your budget.

“Look out for the poster sale in Freshers week”

Make your own cushions and throws Covering a bed in cushions is a great and cheap way to jazz up a plainer bedspread and give you something to cuddle up to if homesickness does kick in. Many fabric websites offer free fabric samples to sew with if you’re feeling crafty, or else Wilkinsons and Primark do a great line in cheap cushion inners and covers. I made this owl cushion out of free fabric samples


Matalan cost me just £13 this September. Don’t dismiss places closer to home either – I got this green polka dot double duvet (pictured below left) from Yorkshire Linen right in Huddersfield town for £13.00 again, almost half the price of the very same item in more famous high street stores. Jazz up basics – When you’re moving out for the first time, there are a lot of simple, boring things to be bought, and it can get pretty expensive. Whilst there is no shame in buying low cost basics, you can still personalise them to look a bit more interesting. An old copy of NME or Cosmo, some PVA and a bit of imagination can turn a basic flat pack box from a supermarket into something more eye catching and durable, and a godsend if storage in your halls is a little on the thin side. Get imaginative! A plain shower curtain in a bright colour will make a claustrophobic ensuite look a bit more inviting, as will a throw over a desk chair, a cheap rug or even some jazzy stationary to help you get going with that dreaded assignment. Hobbycraft’s website has a great section of craft tutorials.


from Terry’s Fabrics and Laura Ashley (amongst others), using a simple hand stitch, some cheap toy stuffing from the local market and a bit of patience (pictured above). It’s pretty similar to the popular version they sell in Urban Outfitters, but with a far less punishing price tag.

Get snap happy - Photos not just of home, but of your experiences over the year too. Call me a sentimental sap, but covering my pinboard in flyers from nights out and gig tickets reminded me of all the new memories I was making on top of pictures of my old friends from home. Mix them all up and you’ll soon realise that there doesn’t have to be a divide between your old and new life. Websites like Snapfish and Kizoa offer printing discounts to first time account users. Plus, when you’re old, have your degree and Camel Wednesdays are nothing but a distant memory, you can gaze fondly at the picture of you holding your mate’s hair back as she spews into the gutter after one too many jagerbombs. Priceless.


Shop local, shop online – For the stuff you can’t get free samples of, it’s worth having a good browse online. Supermarkets like Asda and Tesco Direct tend to accommodate the student market best, often reducing basic items like bedding and cookware in the academic months, so it’s worth keeping an eye on their online offers. Stores like Home Bargains, Matalan and Dunelms are also worth a rummage - two pillows and a double duvet from






Fashion Student

On the open edge, draw a line 1cm away from the edge of the fabric and another 4cm away. Fold on each line and iron to keep the fabric folded.


Make Your Own Cushion

Follow this quick and simple guide on how to

make an adorable drawstring cushion in less than an hour! Place the two fabric pieces together with the patterned sides of the fabric facing each other. Sew around three of the edges leaving one that measures 37cm open.




Now sew along each of the folds you have just created to keep them in place.


Now mark on the cushion two points 5cm away from the centre and carefully snip the top layer of fabric.


Sew around the snipped fabric with the embroidery thread, this will ensure there is little fraying.


Attach one end of the ribbon to the safety pin and thread the ribbon through one of the holes and out of the other. Put the cushion filler in the cover, pull the ribbon tight and tie.



Et voila! A gorgeous little cushion! If you don’t fancy it as a cushion it would make a neat little pyjama bag!

What you’ll need: • 2 x fabric pieces measuring 40 cm x 37cm (If you don’t have any fabric check out Samuel Taylor’s in Queensgate Market Arcade or the Market near Tesco’s for some bargains!) • 1 x 35cm cushion filler • Scissors • Sewing Machine (Hand Sewing works just as well!) • Thread • Embroidery Thread • Large Needle (Big enough to fit embroidery thread through) • Ribbon (Approximately 1 – 1.5 Meters) • Safety Pin




THIS IS HUDD FYI is a pocket guide to places to eat, drink, shop and do stuff in Huddersfield, celebrating the brilliant independent businesses that make Huddersfield a great place to study! It was founded by Huddersfield designers, Aidan Nolan and Warren Slingsby, who wanted to promote the shops, bars and restaurants that set Huddersfield apart. No one is able to pay for coverage; they are chosen specifically because they offer great service, value and are that little bit different.

It’s all available on a location aware, mobile optimised website at Specifically designed for your smart phone, it features discount offers for many of the FYI locations. You can also discover the full FYI experience in the printed guide book, available at a discounted price from The Student’s Union shop or from various FYI locations. Look out for the stickers! Here are 5 FYI places we’ve selected that have great student offers and we’ll be providing a monthly look at more brilliant places to eat, drink, shop and do stuff in and around Huddersfield and giving you the lowdown on events you need to check out, new offers and an unbiased opinion of the great things happening in Huddersfield. Welcome to Huddersfield from FYI

T HE C I T P Fashion as an art form The Connoisseur’s Independent Trading Post in the Byram Arcade is probably the coolest shop in Huddersfield, with inspiring artwork and cool clothes designed by the owner Benaiah Matheson. Whether you walk away with a slogan T-shirt, some customised trainers or one of the signature sweatshirts, it’ll be interesting and unique. Student offer 10% off for students




T H E SP O RTSM A N A Local boozer with HD1 post code In the past few years The Sportsman has been winning awards, from ‘Pub Of The Season’ through to ‘Mild Pub Of The Year,’ and for good reason. There’s a fantastic selection on tap and it’s extremely well priced. You can also pick up great simple pub grub, from a doorstop butty to a tasty home- made curry. It’s the perfect place to start a big night out or spend an afternoon with a bunch of like minded mates in the warm comfort of the beautiful mahogany booths and side rooms. The location makes it a welcome change to bars if you’re looking for local boozer feel within the town centre.

VOX Boozy, hedonistic nights Vox bar on Wood Street has probably the best atmosphere of any bar in town. It’s hedonistic, open late, usually busy later on and has a great selection of beers and cocktails. There is free wifi and you can usually get served pretty quickly, even when it’s at its busiest. Just remember it’s not a wine bar; the wine choice usually runs to red or white, but it’s about the only place in town where you can get a Patron XO Cafe shooter if you’re in need of a little pick-me-up. The Veltins beer is a favourite of FYI, but don’t expect to escape without a headache.




CAFE OLLO A place to work Café Ollo, a great place for weekday breakfast, coffee and lunch. It’s an distinctive setting with great service and free wifi meaning it’s perfect for meetings. There’s a good selection of sandwiches, soups and other delights for lunch and delicious cakes to go with your afternoon tea too. They also run interesting evening events from creative cultural talks, acoustic nights and a whole lot more. Plus it’s the birthplace of FYI to boot! Student offer FREE drink with any sandwich

T H E B LU E RO O M S Laid Back Recently taken over by new owners, The Blue Rooms has been given a new lease of life. Key to the success is the mix of good food and eclectic decor providing an alternative laid back atmosphere. Their evening events transform The Blue Rooms into a lively spot that becomes a nice addition to your weekend check list of places to go for a good night. Student offers 10% OFF for students 15% OFF for when you check in on Facebook

Keep up to date with the latest offers, follow @for_yr_info






Fashion Editor

Huddersfield is a bit of an enigma when it comes to fash-

ion. On one hand the town is littered with the same chains stores as every other town in Europe, but if you’re willing to venture off the high street you’ll find a multitude of independently owned stores selling original designs and smaller brands. Here are a selection of my favourites.

T HE LEFT B A N K & PA RT E N DE M I C T WO Located just around the corner from the Byram Hardy Punglia has been designing clothes professionally since 2008. Having trained at Northumbria University, one of the top universities for fashion design in the country, he worked as a designer at Lucy Barnes in New York and as a personal shopper in high-end designer department store Harvey Nichols. Hardy’s now on the second floor of Huddersfield’s trendy Byram Arcade where his two stores, The Left Bank and Part Two, sell high quality, hand crafted items of men and women’s clothing that have to be seen to be believed. Best For - Hand made orignal designs Student Offer - 10% With NUS Card Web -


Arcade, Endemic has been servicing the public of Huddersfield’s skate needs since 2006. Within it’s small shop space you can find a wide selection of skate wear from brands such as OBEY, The Quiet Life and KR3W. They don’t offer a student discount, but store owner Andy will reward repeat custom. Best For - Skate wear brands Student Offer - None, but repeated custom is rewarded Web -

PI N K CA DI L L AC Hidden in an alley just off the high street, this local family boutique has been open in Huddersfield since 1972. Selling a line of contemporary women’s clothes and accessories similar to that of Topshop, the store owners pride themselves on providing clothes which are exciting, high quality and affordable. Best For - Modern designs at affordable prices Student Offer - 10% With NUS Card Web -

D AIS BOUT I QU E The minimalist DAIS Boutique offers some of the coolest clothes you’ll find in all of Huddersfield, stocked with clothes from emerging designers from all over the UK and the world. Store owner Kano set up shop in 2010 and his range comprised of tees, vests, sweatshirts and trainers is second to none. Best For - T-Shirts, Low cost Levis 501’s Student Offer - 10% With NUS Card Web -

WO O D Located in the heart of Huddersfield’s town centre, Wood is a little, mint green gem stocking everything from heritage brands like Lyle & Scott to directional brands like MHI by Maharishi. All of this side by side with the finest handpicked selection of collectable clothing, accessories and toys. Best For - Limited edition trainers Student Offer - 10% With NUS Card Web - WWW.T-HUD.CO.UK







If you are any sort of fan of live music, it is likely that

academies and arenas will well used phrases in your vernacular. I love an 02 sponsored gig as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s nice to spend an evening throwing shapes somewhere a little more unique. The beauty of live music in Yorkshire is the sheer wealth of quirky and unique venues that lie off the beaten track, the places where you can spot the fresh new talent and namedrop them in a smug ‘I knew them before they were famous’ esque conversation to impress all your new mates. So without further ado, here is my mini guide to some of the best venues in Huddersfield...

Music Editor



Best for: Hard rock acts and forgotten guilty pleasures. Anyone remember Wheatus? Well, the ‘Teenage Dirtbags’ graced Parish back in May. A bar during the day, Parish also boasts an impressive array of food, and great value cocktails. My personal favourite has to be their super strong Sex on the Beach (behave) or the Cosmopolitan. Worst for: A quiet night out. Parish’s PA is impressively loud, and not the best backdrop if you’re planning on having a cosy conversation. Previous Alumni: Marmozets, inMe, Sonic Boom Six Upcoming Gigs: OPM (Heaven is a Halfpipe)

Best for: Catching critically lauded names on their way up, and reformed bands. The afterparty continues by going downstairs to Wednesdays legendary indie disco, where House DJ’s spin the best of mainstream indie with a few suprises. Worst for: the odd excessively drunk reveller shambling in, not knowing there is a live gig on but dancing flamboyantly regardless. Pipe down. Previous Alumni: King Charles, Katy B, Shaun Ryder, The Beautiful South Upcoming Gigs: none confirmed as yet, but stay tuned to for future announcements.




Best for: Discovering new and local bands in a chilled, bohemian atmosphere, fuelled by world beers and spirits. Also one of the best venues to visit during the annual Oxjam festival that comes to Huddersfield this autumn. Worst for: turning up late. Zephyr isn’t the biggest of venues, so turn up in plenty of time if you want to be sure to get in. Previous Alumni: Wot Gorilla, Paper Plane, Audit Control Upcoming Gigs: More Than Conquerors

V ERV E Best for: Club nights. Floorplan, launched by students Liam Divers and Martin Moffat is fast becoming a must each month, showcasing the best in house, electronic and hip hop music. Worst for: Toilets. After taking advantage of Verve’s amazing drink deals, its sometimes a bit of a struggle to get down to the basement in one piece. Upcoming Gigs: Don’t miss out on Floorplans freshers night, featuring Jackmaster.

Jamie Marples, 2nd year ‘It’s not a venue that features a lot of live music, however when they do put on a gig the Students Union is decent. Last year they had One Night Only during Freshers week, and the battle of the bands was lively, entertaining and good for a weekly music fix!’ Sam Johnson, 2nd Year “As a pop music fan I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the various Rock bands that play here, particularly at The Parish bar. Be prepared to have your tastes, ideas and opinions changed when you visit the incredible venues in Huddersfield.”

BAR 1:22 Best for: Unsung talent and acoustic wonderment. Their open mic nights always spawn talent Worst for: Privacy. This is a one room bar, nooks and crannies to hide in are non existent. Previous Alumni: Runaround Kids, Total Stone Roses, Middleman, Charlie Barnes Upcoming Gigs: Penguin, Submotion Orchestra




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Arts Editor

Like it or not, the town of Huddersfield will

be your home for the next few years of your life. During my first year, quite a few of my friends kept complaining about how small, how quiet and boring they felt the town is. Unsurprisingly those people came from big cosmopolitan cities such as London, Paris, Bucharest. Yes, Huddersfield is comparatively small, quiet and at times boring. A place unable to satisfy those thirsty for adventures, longing for chaos and crowds. But Huddersfield has plenty going on, which for the unacquainted student might seem like a deep hidden secret. All you need to find them is look beyond the intoxicating draw of the same old clubs and pubs. One such place is Huddersfield Art Gallery, located in the town centre and just a couple of minutes away from University, the Gallery is a

“Huddersfield has plenty going on”


great place to educate yourselves in the world of modern art and see some quite bizarre and interesting sculptures, paintings and installations. The Gallery consists of exhibitions from world wide famous artists, such as L.S. Lowry, Francis Bacon and Henry Moore, alongside with works from local artists. It has a strong partnership with the University of Huddersfield Art Department, giving the opportunity of our local Art students to present their works there. It’s a free entry, so if you have a couple of hours to waste between lectures pay the gallery a visit. If you are truly an art lover or an artist yourself, you can also join the Huddersfield Art Society, which was founded in 1890. It has various activities including demonstrations, lectures and workshops, followed by an Annual Exhibition. If there’s one place in town where fairytales and adventure stories come to life and it’s on the stage of the Lawrence Batley Theatre. From crime stories and comedies, to dramas and operas, the theatre has strong collaborations with pioneering companies, that bring shows to Huddersfield that will take your breath away and if you use your student discount you can get tickets for more than half of the normal price. In September there

are not only theatrical events, but also films (Frida) and the Arts and Ales Festival, which will give you the opportunity to sample fine ale, real cider, world beers and enjoy live music at the same time. If you’re not that big of a fan of theatre and prefer something a bit more modern, Huddersfield can offer you the best new films in Odeon Cinema which is 10-15 minutes walk away from the town centre and just next to John Smith’s Stadium. The cinema is well equipped and there’s

a great selection of films, which are regularly changed. Look out for the release of gangster movie, Killing Them Softly, which features Brad Pitt and is already gathering calls for Oscar nominations. There’s also a student discount, for which you should bring your student ID, £6 during offpeak hours. Another artistic event that draws people to the University is the Huddersfield Contempo-

rary Music Festival. It is the biggest festival for Contemporary Music in the UK and each year it gathers famous artists from all around the world. If your first notion when reading Contemporary Music is of sitting for two hours listening to some guy playing the piano, the HCMF will surprise you. Light shows, installations, experimental music and art combined in one bring to Huddersfield a rather fascinating and extraordinary event. The Byram Arcade, the town’s oldest Victorian arcade and a very impressive building, is one more place in Huddersfield that hosts various art events, art shops, vintage clothes stores, tattoo studios, and many more. It’s also one of the main venues for the Huddersfield Festival of Light, an event that you should not miss. Even though Huddersfield is the biggest town in Europe, it may never be big enough for the most restless amongst you. I can’t promise your time here will be always exciting and full of adventures, but for those boring, quiet days there are plenty new things that you could try. You never know, you might even enjoy going to the theatre or to see an exhibition. You just have to be a little bit more open-minded.






Societies Editor

One of the best ways to make new friends at Uni is to join up with one of the many societies that the SU has to offer. Each one is like its own little social group, a family here to help you integrate into your new life. Here’s a selection of some of the Universities most active societies.



Totaling seventy members last year, Huddersfield University Boardriding Association (HUBA) are one of the Universities biggest societies’ and this year will be celebrating their tenth anniversary; a massive milestone.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, HUSSI gives Huddersfield’s students the opportunity to ski & snowboard during their spare time at University. On regular trips to local indoor slopes, members can take lessons to get slope worthy, top up with recreational sessions or take part in freestyle events. So is it just about the slopes? Definitely not. HUSSI host weekly socials throughout the uni year; which a great chance to make new friends and join the snow sports community. Each week is something a bit different, ranging from regular socials to beer pong championships. With so much going on, It’s easy to see how HUSSI became Huddersfield University’s biggest society last year and all the more reason get yourself involved.

The society was formed as a way for students to meet new people whilst gaining regular breaks from university by trying new things for a budget price. By offering a range of activities including surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, skim-boarding, sand-boarding and more. HUBA aim to enhance your university experience by keeping you active, partying, regular laughs and welcoming you into their family of past and present members. Contact - Cost - £40 per year


Contact -, Cost - £50 per year


Founded to make karting more accessible for the students of Huddersfield, and to gain the University an entry into to the British University Karting Championship. H-KARTS is an expanding society that won last years ‘Sports Club of the Year 2011/12’ award. A just reward for the effort it’s organisers put in last year and demonstrating the support they gained from the Union and students alike. Contact - Cost - ?

F.R.A.G F.R.A.G. is a friendly, social, gaming community. Whether you are a competitive professional or a complete n00b, we have something for everyone. We keep up to date with the newest releases, including: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, FIFA ’13, and many more. We run monthly tournaments with great prizes FTW and go old school with retro nights. So come and join us every Thursday night 5:15 to 9:15 in the Students Union upstairs meeting room. Contact - Cost - £20 per year

R AG Ever wanted to boost your CV, have fun and make new friends whilst raising money for charity? If so then RAG is the society for you! RAG stands for ‘Raise and Give’ and that’s exactly what they do. Their main focus is to raise money for charities voluntarily, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have fun in the process. The charities supported for the year 2012/13 are: The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust, The Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, The Prince’s Trust. If you don’t see your favourite charity? Just call into the RAG office, SU01/20 (next to the coffee bean) where Ryan Lowe will support your efforts. 35 WWW.T-HUD.CO.UK



Sports Editor


Moving away from family and friends can be a daunting experience. Overnight you are removed from your family and friends, and then thrust into a world of strangers. Joining one of Huddersfield University’s sports is a great way to make the town start to feel like home. They offer you an chance to take your sporting talents to the next level and are a great way to socialize and make new friends.

by Da nny Dunn

Last year was another great year for the football club, after 2 league titles in the last 3 seasons the club has been able to add a 3rd team for the first time ever. With the SU’s support and great sponsors on board for the coming season, the team will bid to build on last tears hard work and drive for promotions for all 3 teams. Whilst the group said goodbye to some great servants and influential characters last term, the management team look forward to welcoming you into the club and helping you create your own mark on the future. So, if you enjoy playing at a competitive level and are keen to socialise, then get yourself down to the trials. If selected training will take place on Monday nights, with matches on Wednesday afternoons. This year’s Trials..... Wednesday 26th September 2012, Kick Off will be 2pm (Please meet at 1.15pm so you can be assigned your trial number and team. Do not be late or you will not play!) Trial Games will be 11 a side and played on grass so you will need boots and shin pads! Address - Leeds Road Playing Fields, Leeds Road, Huddersfield, HD2 1YY



by Sam K irk

The University of Huddersfield’s Track and Field (UHTaF) squad can boast some great accomplishments over the last year. Not only did we compete all over the country in places like Cardiff, Sheffield and the Olympic Stadium in London, but we even managed to come away with a medal. We have a hectic social calendar with some of the most original themes and games, trips away and competitions of any sports club or society. My own personal highlight of the year was doing the YMCA down the final straight of the Indoor Championships

4x200M Relay.

But have you ever wondered, why athletics? Simply put, athletics is brilliant. It teaches us that we are our own greatest enemy, our own greatest competitor and that, is priceless. For any of you who have done athletics you will understand this feeling. It’s a constant strive to imporve, to beat your personal best, even if its half a centimetre or one-hundredth of a second. A mental attitude which transfers straight into everyday life, taking you to heights you never thought possible. Contact - Josh via email:


by R a c h e l Ho p e

Being part of the Netball team gives you the chance to be more than just another student at Huddersfield University. It gives you the chance to part of a group of people who quickly become your friends and really helped you settle into uni life. We are looking to field several teams of varyings levels of ability, so, if you have not played netball for a while or fancy trying something new, don’t be afraid to come and give it a try. On the social side, Wednesday nights are key. Each week we set a theme for our big nights out on the town and celebrate what I am sure will be a tremendous season. After last terms great successes; including being nominated for the team of the year and one of our very own players being nominated for the coveted sports personality of the campaign award. I hope we can build on those triumphs by recruiting you. Contact - Rachel via email: WWW.T-HUD.CO.UK




by Ni c k R hode s

The rugby team has given me a lot during my time at University, and this year I wanted to give something back. Joining a team or society is a great, and an easy way to make new friends, making settling into University life that bit easier. The past 2 years at UHRUFC have been very successful, and the committee has been working very hard behind the scenes in the run up to this years Freshers’ Festival, to make sure that standards remain high. This season, I want to bring in a sense of professionalism to the club in how we operate both on and off the pitch, helping us to reach our main season target- promotion. As we attract a large number of members, we also aim to field a 2nd XV for several games this year, giving new or less experienced players the opportunity to play competitive rugby. It keeps everyone motivated, interested, and leads to great nights out, which we are well known for! This year we are also offering the opportunity for club members to take refereeing and coaching courses, so we can spread UHRUFC out into local schools and the community. Hopefully, all will be a success, and this year will be a benchmark for future Captains. Contact - Alex Perry on 07908 103958 or email Nick:


said “How?” I replied with “Tennis…”

by A sh le y Lau

Playing Tennis has been one of my most enjoyable experiences at Huddersfield University. It’s not just the sport itself, but the social side of the group which has made me feel so welcomed and included. What I love about the Tennis Club is that we have a good mix of males and female that are a friendly group. Early this year, after training, the tennis group all went for a meal afterwards. I was starving after training so I decided to order 3 peoples serving and ate all 3 meals in 10 minutes. The other members just stared at me and

Sometimes during practise we love to show off our skills like hitting the ball on the side of the racket or doing trick shots such as a shot under the leg and I don’t recommend that the guys to try it as it has caused me a lot of pain on the times when it’s gone wrong… I look forward to you joining our group, just please don’t comment on how much I can eat. Contact -




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T'HUD Freshers 2012 Issue  
T'HUD Freshers 2012 Issue  

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