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The tough gets going in this multi-terrain challenge When Less is More

Check out these barefoot shoes


It’s mooncake time!

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The best theme parks in Asia

A signature HomeTeamNS event, the REAL Run has challenged thousands of runners from around the world since 1996. Frontline speaks to two veteran runners and a sports physician to find out how you can train and perform like a pro! Learn about barefoot shoes and why they’re hot, enjoy some family fantasy for the holidays, sink your teeth into exotic mooncakes and check out live music venues for a night with your date. Enjoy!

On the cover: Sand, trail and road and urban terrain – do it all at the HomeTeamNS-New Balance REAL Run!

– The Editorial Team

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The tough gets going in the REAL Run

Get more thrills when you run with no frills

Go the distance with these free running apps

Inspiring lads from the SCDF and SPF

Mooncakes to send you over the moon

Have some fantasy fun at these theme parks

Live music venues to go with your date


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Running for REAL The tough gets going in this multi-terrain challenge

If variety is the spice of life, it’s little wonder that the multi-terrain REAL Run has become so hot with runners from Singapore and abroad.

What HomeTeamNS-New Balance REAL Run 2012 REAL Regular Exercise, Active Lifestyle When 21 October (Sunday) Where Changi Exhibition Centre Routes 21km (17.5km road, 1.5km sand, 2km trail), 10km (6.5km road, 1.5km sand, 2km) Categories Men’s/women’s open (21km), men’s/women’s open (10km), men’s/women’s junior (10km), men’s/women’s veteran (10km), HomeTeamNS individual (10km), 100PLUS HomeTeamNS team (10km), HomeTeamNS corporate race (10km) Fees for members $35 for 10km category, $48 for 21km category Website Registration closes 10 September, so hurry – sign up at today!


Racing for the rush “I love racing and the thrill that comes along with it,” said SPF NSman Madankumar Balakrishnan, 25, who won the HomeTeamNS individual 10km category in 2011 and 2010 and came in second in 2008 and 2009. The former captain of the cross-country team at Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College is no stranger to racing on track and trail. His victory at last year’s REAL Run was especially sweet, as he managed to beat his 2010 record of 37 minutes 18 seconds to come in at 36 minutes 57 seconds. Interestingly, despite his impressive speed, Madan’s advice to runners in a race is to take it slow and steady. “Learn your target pace and work towards maintaining it,” said the NS police inspector. “In a race, try not to get excited too early. Keep the pace you’ve been training at.” If you’re tired of hitting the road or doing rounds in the stadium, or if you’re feeling like a hamster on a treadmill, consider varying the terrain to add some spice into your running routine. According to Dr Lim Baoying, resident physician with Changi Sports Medicine Centre, cross-terrain running can improve a runner’s balance, vision and coordination due to the uneven surface and ever-changing conditions. “Unlike the monotonous repetitions of the same body movements when one runs on asphalt, cross-terrain running involves frequent changes in direction, pace and stride length,” said Dr Lim. “The force transmitted to the lower limbs is usually less


Fast Facts: REAL Run 2012

Started in 1996 with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle among Home Team NSmen, the 21km and 10km REAL Run has become a signature HomeTeamNS event and a mainstay in the local sporting calendar. Frontline catches up with Home Team runners who love a race with a challenge – on road, sand, trail and urban terrain.

in softer off-road terrain, and that can mean less risk of impact-related injuries such as stress fractures.” Another REAL Run participant is SCDF NSman Kelvin Phon, who caught the running bug during his NS days. The 33-year-old, whose runs range from 5km sprint races to 42km marathons, counts the 10km run as his favourite event. “What kept me going was my early IPPT,” said Kelvin, who came in 16th in the HomeTeamNS individual 10km category last year. “I keep training hard to break my 2.4km timing, which now stands at 8 minutes 40 seconds.”

Training for the trail While the varying landscape in multiple terrains could motivate runners to run further, there are some points to note in cross-terrain running. “Runners who are new to cross-terrain running should train at least two to four months on sand or off-road terrain prior to the race,” said Dr Lim. “The training can include some strength and balance training as well, as this would enable the body to better handle the uneven running surface.” The choice of shoes is also important due to a higher risk of falls and ankles sprains on uneven surfaces. “Choose shoes with good sole traction and a firm heel counter for foot support,” said Dr Lim, “and include adequate warm-up and stretching on both the lower limbs and core muscles to improve flexibility and responsiveness on the run.” For newbie runners, Madan cautioned against going too hard, too soon. “Take it slow at first, as your body is not yet conditioned for strenuous workouts. Try to avoid injury as it will only slow down your progress.” Kelvin is an advocate of adding variety to spice up the regime. “Try to have three types of training in your workout – long runs on weekends, hill runs or interval training on weekdays,” said the engineer with an automotive company. “Have fun running! I always say to my friends: ‘Better sweat than fat!’”

Join the

REAL Run Club! Run for real with HomeTeamNS’ premier running club, which is open to all Home Team NSmen, their families and HomeTeamNS Social members. With an annual membership fee of just $20 for Ordinary members ($12 for Family members and $25 for Social members), you get an exclusive HomeTeamNS REAL Run Club running vest, special discounts on sports apparels and products and lots of fun at our regular running sessions! For more information, call 6665-4609 or email


When Less

is More

Get more thrills when you run with no frills


arefoot running isn’t really anything new. People have been going around barefoot long before hobbits did, and professional athletes have indeed run barefoot. One outstanding example is South African Zola Budd, who set world records in the women’s 5km in 1984 and 1985 without shoes. The idea of running barefoot is now popular again. Many brands now offer barefoot and minimalist shoes with minimal cushioning that mimic the natural barefoot gait, while protecting the feet from broken glass and other hazards.

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A striking difference What makes running barefoot different from running with shoes? With cushioned shoes with elevated heels and arch support, the runner lands heel first in what is known as a heel strike. In contrast, barefoot runners – or those who wear minimalist running shoes – tend to be forefoot or midfoot strikers. Some researchers believe running barefoot helps to reduce the force of the strike, and therefore reduce injuries associated with such an impact. “Barefoot running engages the calves and deep plantar (sole) muscles of the feet more than the usual type of running we are used to,” said Dr Lim Baoying, resident physician with Changi Sports Medicine Centre. “The feet could have better ability to deform with impact and dampen the shock.” With barefoot or minimalist running, the lack of a flanged heel means every heel landing is slightly different. Supporters say this variability helps to reduce repetitive stress injuries and localised wear and tear that are associated with cushioned shoes.

Walk before you run However, before you ditch your padded shoes, do note that barefoot running is not for everyone. “Barefoot running may not be suitable for those with flat feet, diabetics who suffer loss of protective sensation, and runners with existing plantar fascia, Achilles tendon or calf injury, as it might worsen them,” said Dr Lim. Whatever the case, it is important to start gradually when you try barefoot running. Walk first before running, use short strides and build up distance slowly – don’t expect to become a Zola Budd overnight. Always listen to your body, as you can hurt yourself if you do too much too soon.

For a responsive, barefoot sensation on rugged terrain, the Minimus Trail features a RevLite midsole that offers more cushioning even as you run at the speed of lightness on the toughest trails. $165 at New Balance Concept Store, #01-39/42 Velocity Novena Square


Barefoot versus minimalist shoes There are “barefoot” shoes and “minimalist” shoes, although this distinction is blurring. True barefoot shoes have a heel height of zero, with just the bare minimum of thickness in the sole. Minimalist shoes feature a greater heel height of around 4mm, little arch support and a bit of cushioning. Note also the tread on the outsole. Shoes designed for the trail tend to have a more pronounced tread and offer more protection against abrasions, while those made for the road are designed to give a smoother ride, and provide little protection from the elements. Be sure to choose the right shoe for the terrain you run in.

All set to go? Time to hit the road in these new shoes!


New Balance Minimus Trail 1010

Adidas Adipure Trainer Liberate your feet with the Adipure Trainer. Its flexible fit lets your toes move naturally, while the anatomically rounded outsole is fitted with tough rubber for extra grip and protection. $169 at Adidas Performance Store, #B4-25/25A ION Orchard

Nike Free Run+ 3.0 v4 Streamlined and lightweight, the Free Run+ 3.0 v4 features a new flex groove that runs the length of the shoe to provide outstanding flexibility for road performance. $179 at Nike Concept Store, #01-45/46 Great World City

Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport Tackle the great outdoors with the rugged TrekSport, which comes with a durable and breathable Coconut Active Carbon upper and a 4mm Vibram performance rubber for extra traction. $199 at Outdoor Life, #02-60/67 Novena Square

Saucony Hattori The Hattori’s mitten-like toe box gives toes room to naturally arch, grip and push off, and its sculpted foam sole delivers a slight piston effect without compromising natural motion. $139 at Running Lab, #01-47 Velocity Novena Square

Vivobarefoot Achilles Go amphibious with these outdoor sandals. Fashioned with a removable and fully adjustable nylon strap, the Achilles offers comfort, control and protection with its split toe guard design. $85 at Outdoor Life, #02-18 Wheelock Place

tech Watch

Running Mate Grab your phone and go the distance with these free apps

Nike+ Running iOS, Android

Now sporting a sleek new look, the popular Nike+ Running app allows you to map your runs, track your progress and calories burned. It works with your phone’s GPS to record your distance, pace, and time, and get audio updates on the fly. Rally your mates and get real-time cheers when you broadcast you’ve started a run, and share your route on Facebook and Twitter. For extra motivation, activate a Powersong to spur you on to your next milestone.

Adidas miCoach

iOS, Android, BlackBerry

Get a personal trainer in your phone with this powerful app. With the Adidas miCoach, you can customise your own workouts for running, cycling, football, basketball, tennis and whole lot more. Get real-time coaching instructions as your phone’s GPS tracks your distance, pace, calories burned and elapsed time. One convenient feature is the ability to control your music playlist within app. You can even track the wear and tear of your shoe based on your workouts.


iOS, Android, BlackBerry

With this app, you’ll never run out of places to run. MapMyRun lets you search for routes near you to vary your training. While it monitors your progress and gives you feedback in real time, it stands out for its Nutrition section, which allows you to record your food intake and weight, and calculate the calories remaining for each day. Its weight tracker is also a handy tool for those who want to lose weight.


Log your miles with this easy-to-use app. Enter your activity you’re on, be it running, hiking or cycling, press to start the stopwatch, and that’s it – RunKeeper tracks all your activity and stats with GPS and stores all this history on your phone. See your progress on the map as you run, and get voice guidance on the go. You can also take pictures along the way and share them with friends as you work out.



iOS, Android

young talent — spf

Blade of glory

SC/SGT Sim Zheng Jie is a versatile fighter and esteemed exponent of wushu

SC/SGT Sim Zheng Jie Age 22 Appointment Neighbourhood Police Centre Officer, Bukit Merah East NPC, SPF Specialties Southern fist, southern cudgel, southern sword Achievements • Silver medallist at the 3rd Asian Junior Wushu Championships 2005 • Double bronze medallist at the 1st World Junior Wushu Championships 2006 • Double gold medallist at the 8th Grand Wushu Festival Shanghai 2006

For SC/SGT Sim Zheng Jie, wushu is more than a passion – it’s a philosophy of life. Frontline gets dazzled by the moves of this young martial artist. What do you do in the SPF? I’m currently a Neighbourhood Police Centre Officer in Central Police Division, Bukit Merah East NPC. My duties include patrolling my NPC area and deployment in events such as last year’s General Elections. How did you get started in wushu? I was inspired by my brother, who joined wushu as his CCA in secondary school. When he showed my family the moves he learnt, I was able to mimic his actions after seeing it once or twice. My father noticed this and signed me up for wushu lessons at a community centre. I was six years old then. In my first year, I competed in a group event in the National Wushu Competition. The next year, I competed in two individual events and got into the top three. I specialise in the southern fist, southern cudgel and southern sword, but I was also trained in other weapons such as the broadsword and spear.

What’s next in your wushu career? I wish to pass my wushu skills and knowledge to the next generation, so coaching will be an option for me. I am currently helping to coach students at a martial arts club. Any advice for aspiring martial artists? Work hard and keep practising. Wushu also requires that you treat others with respect. It doesn’t matter how highly educated you are – you still need to give people the respect they deserve.


Words JEFFREY KONG PHOTOs long fei/t2 pictures

How did you become so good in what you do? It takes sweat, blood, tears and lots of discipline. When training for competition, I practise four hours a day, six days a week – basic techniques, strength and flexibility, as well as sit-ups, push-ups and leg squats. Training will not make you perfect, but will make you better. Do not give up easily, as you never know what you’ll get in the end. I’m also grateful to my family and friends for their support.

young talent — scdf

Play it forward SGT Ahmad Afzal is a rising star in floorball

SGT Ahmad Afzal Bin Mohd Kassim Age 21 Appointment Section Commander, Yishun Fire Station, SCDF Specialties Floorball Achievements • Asia Pacific All-Star Team 2008 • Republic Polytechnic Sportsman of the Year 2009 • World Floorball Championships Qualifiers 2012

It takes plenty of talent and training to shine in a game that’s played at lightning speed. SGT Ahmad Afzal takes the floor in this issue of Frontline. What do you do in the SCDF? I’m a Section Commander with Yishun Fire Station, Rota 1. How did you get started in floorball? My elder brother, Mohammed Hafeez, is also a national player. When I was younger, I picked up his spare floorball stick and started playing around at home. Soon enough, we started playing one-on-one against each other, with our storeroom door as the goal. When I was 12, my brother enrolled me in a local floorball club. I started training in a club called SKOOLS under renowned coach Mr Amir HMS, who nurtured many national players. I am currently a forward in the national team. How did you become so good in what you do? There are no shortcuts. Neither are there any secrets. It’s pure hard work! The hours you put in during training will pay off. If it takes a hundred shots to perfect a single shot in a match, it’s worth it. My training also includes lifting weights at the gym and agility training with ladder drills. Discipline, passion and high expectations of myself, as well as support from my family and friends, have also made me a better player. What’s next in your floorball career? Our national floorball team qualified for the World Floorball Championships finals, which will be held in Switzerland this December. Right now I’m busy training for it. I will keep on playing floorball until someone takes over my spot in the national team. When that happens, I might go into coaching. I have coached Anglo Chinese Junior College before for a few months. It was quite interesting, but I’d rather be in the court than to stay outside it. Any advice for aspiring floorball players? Compared to hockey, floorball is played on a smaller court with five players (hockey has eleven). It’s easy to pick up floorball as the game is getting more popular. Check out online forums for floorball clubs that you can join in Singapore. Treat your training seriously. Be disciplined. Be humble. Last but not least… enjoy the game!


A Mid-Autumn Night’s Dream

off Get 15% cakes! n o o m arriott


for Exclusively rs NS membe HomeTeam ember. till 30 Sept r details. 26 fo Turn to page

Mooncakes to send you over the moon Marriott Hotel

There’s always pleasant surprises to be expected from Marriott’s handmade snowskin mooncakes, and this year is no exception. The Peach with Choya Praline snowskin cleverly balances the aroma of peaches with the refreshing scent of plum from the Choya praline, while the Blueberry Cheese snowskin features velvety cheese filled with blueberry bits. The White Lotus Seed Paste with Yam Praline snowskin and the Rich Chocolate and Lotus Seed Paste with Whisky Praline are also worth a try.

Goodwood Park Hotel This year, antioxidant appeal comes in the form of the Blood Orange with Banana snowskin mooncake. This blushing beauty with blood orange pulp and banana puree is the latest addition to the Goodwood family of fruity snowskins, the others being Mango with Pomelo, D24 Durian Paste and Cempedak Paste. The other new flavour is the Mao Shan Wang snowskin mooncake. Packed with luscious durian pulp to satisfy all any Mao Shan durian fan, the olive green snowskin is left unflavoured to allow the Mao Shan essence to shine true. Prices $46 for 4 pcs Blood Orange with Banana snowskin, $68 for 4 pcs Mao Shan Wang snowskin Contact 6730-1867/6730-1868,

Concorde Hotel Known for its classy Mid-Autumn creations, Concorde Hotel is back with two new exciting flavours. The health-conscious will like the Low Sugar Taro Yuzu mooncake, which features a no-sugar-added yuzu white lotus paste mixed with zesty orange peel and wrapped in a yam butter pastry skin. The new Precious Black mooncake packs a (take a deep breath now) no-sugaradded white lotus paste with chunky dried longan and natural wolfberry lotus paste in a pure charcoal powder butter pastry skin. Now that’s healthy, nutritious and exotic all at the same time. Prices $56 for 4 pcs Low Sugar Taro Yuzu mooncakes, $56 for 4 pcs Precious Black mooncakes Contact 6739-8370,



Prices $56 for 8 pcs White Lotus Seed Paste with Yam Praline snowskin, $56 for 8 pcs Peach with Choya Praline snowskin, $58 for 8 pcs Blueberry Cheese snowskin, $58 for 8 pcs Rich Chocolate and Lotus Seed Paste with Whisky Praline snowskin Contact 6831-4708,

Four Seasons Hotel

Get a taste of zen with the new Low Sugar Pu’er Tea Paste and Pine Nuts baked mooncake, which also counts XO sauce, milk tea and coffee among its ingredients. The new Bird’s Nest with Custard snowskin mooncake offers a unique experience – one that requires you to order two days in advance. Other signature classics include the Pistachio and Silver Lotus Paste baked mooncake and the Infused Milk Tea and Coffee Lotus Paste baked mooncake. Prices $55 for 4 pcs Low Sugar Pu’er Tea Paste and Pine Nuts baked mooncakes, $55 for 4 pcs Bird’s Nest with Custard snowskin mooncakes Contact 6831-7220,

Polar Puffs & Cakes For value that’s hard to beat, there’s these two understated flavours from the Polar folks. Those who are watching their diet can try the Low Sugar White Lotus mooncake, while chocoholics can check out the German Black Forest with chocolate and blueberry filling. Prices $44 for 4 pcs Low Sugar White Lotus mooncake, $40 for 4 pcs German Black Forest mooncake Contact 6221-0777, salesenquiry@

Swensen’s Get creamy goodness in every bite with these ice cream mooncakes from Swensen’s. Choose from Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Strawberry Fields Forever, Mocha Almond Delight, Yummy Yam, Durian Royale (made with D24 durians) and Cookies ‘N’ Cream Dreams (with a special peanut butter-flavoured skin). The little ones will love the adorable Mickey ice cream mooncakes, which come in strawberry and chocolate flavours. Prices $29.80 for any 4pcs of Strawberry Fields Forever, Durian Royale, Yummy Yam, Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Cookies ‘N’ Cream Dreams or Mocha Almond Delight ice cream mooncakes (can mix and match), $16.90 for any 2pcs of Disney Strawberry Fields Forever or Disney Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream mooncakes (can mix and match) Contact Swensen’s outlets

TWG Tea Tea aficionados will love the tea-infused mooncakes from TWG Tea, who brings us four baked and four snowskin varieties this year. The snowskin collection features exquisite blends of Yin Zhen white tea alongside ingredients such as vanilla (Palace), rice pudding and gingerbread (Immortal), lavender and apricot (Secret) and passionfruit and chocolate (Desire). The baked mooncakes also showcase an eclectic mix of wild berries (Moonlight), orange marmalade and chocolate chips (Dragon) and mango and chestnut (Pagoda) in addition to their more traditional Constellation. Prices $48 for 4 pcs of any flavour (Constellation, Moonlight, Dragon, Pagoda, Palace, Secret, Desire and Immortal) Contact 6733-7997,

family fun

Theme parks to go for the school holidays! Legoland Malaysia

It’s plastic fantastic at Asia’s first Legoland, which is set to open on 15 September. The iconic Miniland uses more than 25 million bricks to recreate famous Asian landmarks in amazing detail, with the people, animals and vehicles all animated to bring the models to life. Check out the Petronas Towers, Putrajaya Mosque, the Malaysian version of the Merlion and a whole lot more. There’s also something that the Home Team community will appreciate. At the Rescue Academy in Lego City, you can work with fire trucks and police vehicles to put out fires and stop robbers – a hilarious workout for any family!

Splash out at one of Asia’s best-loved water park. Go with the flow on the water slides, and zip along on Malaysia’s longest Flying Fox at 206 metres. With more than 80 rides and attractions, and just minutes from Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Lagoon promises something for everyone.

Sanrio Puroland Tokyo

Meet the world-famous kitty with no mouth and all your beloved Sanrio characters. Fans of Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and My Melody will love this all-weather theme park, where the sun always shines and everyone is happy. Here you can go on a tour of Kitty’s house, and take a photo of yourself dressed as Hello Kitty or My Melody. If you come here during your birthday month, you’ll receive a birthday card and a special birthday show with the Sanrio characters!

DreamWorld Bangkok

Discover many worlds at DreamWorld Bangkok. Visit the Taj Mahal, Great Wall and Leaning Tower of Pisa at the Dream World Garden, and check out Sleeping Beauty’s castle and Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage at Fantasy Land. Get your share of thrills and spills with the many rides at Adventure Land, where you can experience Asia’s first hanging roller coaster, and find out just how brave you are. At the Snow Town, you can ride a sleigh, make a snowman and visit an igloo – right here in tropical Thailand.



Sunway Lagoon

Phuket FantaSea

Las Vegas comes to Thailand at Phuket FantaSea, which is located 9km from the famous Patong Beach. The star attraction here is the glitzy Fantasy of a Kingdom show, which features a dazzling array of stunts and pyrotechnics, and the most number of elephants ever in an indoor theatre. Throw in a Tiger Jungle Adventure, a Carnival Village shopping street and a 4,000-seat buffet restaurant, and what you get is plenty of family fun in a highly romanticised version of Thai culture.

Universal Studios Singapore

Reel becomes reality at Universal Studios Singapore in Sentosa. Witness the never-ending battle between Autobots and Decepticons at Transformers: The Ride, brave the rapids at Jurassic Park as a T-Rex snaps at you, and visit Shrek and Princess Fiona in their Far Far Away Castle. This is an adventure not to be missed for the young and young at heart.

Attention all HomeTeamNS members! If you’re a MasterCard holder, you get 10% off admission to Universal Studios Singapore! Call 6319-3292 and quote “HomeTeamNS” to enjoy this offer.

Tickets are limited, so hurry! UniversalStudiosSingapore

at ArtScience Museum By the time you read this, you’ve got a month left to experience the magical world of Hogwarts. Now showing at the ArtScience Museum till 30 September, Harry Potter: The Exhibition is where you can pull a Mandrake from its pot, play some Quidditch, meet Buckbeak the Hippogriff and visit Hagrid’s hut for real. In the Forbidden Forest you can even hear the Dark Lord calling out to you – if you listen hard enough.

date night

Love for

Live Where to take your date if she’s a fan of music

It was none other than Shakespeare who wrote: If music be the food of love, play on! These venues for great live music may even let you sing her a song, if you ask them nicely. Let music be the language of love tonight!


The Pigeonhole

A homely place for heartfelt unplugged sessions, Broun prides itself on serving wholesome food that’s free of MSG – hardly surprisingly as one of the owners is a doctor. Their wraps and brunch offerings, as well as their cheesecakes and brownies, are sure to delight your date. At time of print, the cafe is in the midst of moving, and will be holding its dinner and music sessions temporarily at The Loft Cafe (which is known for awesome pancakes and waffles).

Fans of indie music, rejoice! This hidden gem organises regular Open Mic sessions that showcase up-and-coming singers and songwriters. The minimalist decor and quirky knickknacks add to the eclectic look, and the random selection of books provide ample distraction from the outside world. Feeling bookish? Snuggle up on the couch, strum some tunes on the house guitar and grab a cuppa – made with freshly-ground beans from Highlander Coffee, no less.

Switch This bilingual venue with Mandarin and English performances is a great place to spend a hard day’s night with your date. It’s run by the folks from Timbre, so the food’s as good as the music. Munch on their signature thin-crust pizzas and baked portobello mushrooms as you groove to the live bands, and check out more exotic offerings such as salted egg prawns and poached chicken leg in herbs pasta. Its accessibility is a big plus if you’re planning a group date. Where 73 Bras Basah Road #01-02/03 (at NTUC Trade Union House, beside Singapore Arts Museum and Bras Basah MRT Station Exit A) Open Mon–Thu 6pm–1am; Fri–Sat 6pm–2am



Where 268A South Bridge Road (off Smith Street, at The Loft Cafe) Open Tue 11.30am–3pm; Wed–Fri 11.30am–10pm; Sat 9am– 10.30pm; Sun 10am–3pm

Where 52/53 Duxton Road Open Tue–Thu 10am–11pm; Fri 10am–1am; Sat 11.30am– 1am; Sun 11.30am–8pm

TAB For a happening night, catch local and foreign talents as they rock it out at TAB, which also offers dancers and DJs from Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. Revamped in January for a more classy and edgy look, this concert venue serves a wide variety of Western dishes. Bites to try include the fried whitebait (warning: can be addictive!) and their very own TAB burger. Where 442 Orchard Road, #02-29 Orchard Hotel (next to Delfi Orchard) Open Mon–Tue 9pm–5am; Wed–Thu 7pm–5am; Fri–Sun 7pm–6am

CrazyWorld Cafe The world’s a stage at this little cafe, which has a genuine, whimsical vibe to it. Located in a laid-back corner of Chinatown, this feels like the kind of place where crazy dreams do come true. On top of regular Mandarin acts, you can also check out the work of local designers and photographers. Their chicken wings and calamari are worth a nibble, as are the exotic beverages they have on offer. Do note that the cafe does not serve food and drinks during music showcases. Where 24 Temple Street Open Tue 6pm–10pm; Wed–Thu 12pm–10pm; Fri–Sat 12pm– 11.30pm; Sun 12pm–10pm

15 Minutes

Friends, food and fame – the tagline says it all. Tucked away at the LASELLE College of the Arts, this is a cool place where aspiring musicians can get their 15 minutes of fame as you hang out with your date and mates. The funky canteen concept is befitting of a cafe in an arts school, and the food is great value for money as well. Try the chicken wings, pastas, oriental duck pizza, cajun fries and corn tortillas, which is topped with chilli beef, melted mozzarella, guacamole and sour cream. Heavenly! Where Block D, #01-01, 1 McNally Street, LASELLE College of the Arts Open Mon–Thu 11.15am–11pm; Fri 11.15am–12am; Sat 11.15am–11pm

he says, she says

Be a knight on your date night, says our love guru Got a hot date this weekend? Getting her to go out with you was the first step (and probably the most difficult too), so good on you! Now all you have to do is prepare for date night and impress her simply by being a gentleman. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

Steer clear of gossip and touchy topics What’s worse than a gossipy chick? A gossipy dude. Avoid the grapevine talk, especially if the two of you have common friends. Also, try your best to avoid sensitive topics like religion or politics. It’s fine if you want to skim the surface of such issues, but don’t go in-depth until you get to know her better after a few dates. A gentleman like you wouldn’t want heated arguments or uncomfortable moments now, right? A little (extra) respect goes a long way It’s the little things that count – opening the car door for


her, making sure it’s “ladies first”, pulling out the chair at the dinner table for her, walking on the outside of the pavement… the list goes on. Whatever the gesture is, no matter how small, she’ll definitely take notice and appreciate the special treatment. Offer to pay for dinner This doesn’t just apply to the first date, but the ones after that as well. Offer to pay for the date, but keep in mind that today, many girls would prefer to go Dutch. If that’s the case, then don’t be too insistent on settling the bill yourself, as this move may very well offend your date. Send her home To end the evening, send her home. Whether the two of you are walking, taking a cab or the car, make sure to see her right to her doorstep and make sure she gets home safely. Who knows? You may be rewarded with a sweet goodnight kiss for all your hard work!


It’s not all about you Rule number one – do not spend the entire date talking about yourself. You may feel the need to show off a little to make her go all “wow” and wide-eyed, but to avoid coming across as a boastful, arrogant motormouth, allow there to be a balance during your conversation. In other words, make sure your voice is not the only one being heard.

What’s on

BALESTIER CLUBHOUSE For courses at Balestier Clubhouse, please call Eddric at 6353-3131/6351-8139 or email


Saturday Where Dance Studio Duration 10 sessions Tiny Tots (for age 4) When 9.45–10.30am Fees $105 for members $115 for guests Pre-Ballet (for ages 5–6) When 10.45–11.30am Fees $105 for members $115 for guests

Primary Ballet (for ages 6–7) When 11.45am–12.30pm Fees $105 for members $115 for guests Grade One (for ages 7–8) When 12.30–1.30pm Fees $120 for members $125 for guests Sign up now! For more details, please call Ms Evangeline Chong at 9734-8983 or email


Friday For ages 5–12 When 7.15–8.15pm For ages 13 and above When 7.15–8.30pm Fees $135 for members $150 for guests Duration 3 months



Tuesday Beginner When 7.30–8.30pm Intermediate When 8–9pm Where Learning Centre Fees $100 for members $110 for guests Duration 8 sessions

Tuesday and Thursday When 7–9pm Where Dance Studio Fees $50 for members $55 for guests Duration 10 sessions

Aqua-aerobics YOGA

Wednesday When 7.30–9pm Where Learning Centre Fees $65 for members $70 for guests Duration 12 sessions

Thursday When 7.45–8.45pm Where Swimming Pool Fees $45 for members $55 for guests Duration 4 sessions

Sign up now!

For more details, call Ms Jean Tan at 9691-4973 or email

BAZGYM GYMNASTICS SCHOOL Weekdays and weekends Gym Bears (for ages 3–5) Fees $280 for members $290 for guests Duration Minimum 11 sessions Gym Boys/Girls (for ages 6–8) Fees $280 for members $290 for guests Duration Minimum 11 sessions Physio Gym (for ages 5 and above with special needs) Fees $340 for members $350 for guests Duration Minimum 11 sessions


Sunday When 11am–12pm Where Learning Centre Fees $80 for members $90 for guests Duration 10 sessions


Sunday When 5–6pm Fees $100 for members $110 for guests Duration 10 sessions

Weekends Mini Bears (for ages 3–4) Fees $315 for members $325 for guests Duration Minimum 11 sessions One-time registration fee $25 for members $50 for guests

Sign up now!

For more details on class schedules, call BazGym at 6256-8191


Monday and Saturday Where Swimming Pool When Monday: 8–9pm Saturday: 9–10am Size Minimum 6 participants Fees $100 for members $120 for guests Duration 4 sessions

Sign up now!

For more details, call Ms Jean Tan at 9691-4973 or email

Saturday and Sunday When Saturday: 3–7pm Sunday: 10am–12pm and 3–6pm Size 5–10 students Fees $120 for members $140 for guests Duration 10 sessions


Photos istockphoto


What’s on

BUKIT BATOK CLUBHOUSE For courses at Bukit Batok Clubhouse, please call Edi at 6665-4609 or email


Where Squash Court Junior Course Fees $190 for members $200 for guests Duration 10 sessions Beginner Course (4–8 pax) Fees $75 for members $85 for guests Duration 5 sessions Beginner Course (2 pax) Fees $130 for members $140 for guests Duration 5 sessions Intermediate Course (4 pax) Fees $180 for members $200 for guests Duration 8 sessions Intermediate Course (2 pax) Fees $240 for members $260 for guests Duration 8 sessions

Sign up now!

For more details, call Mr Richard Koh at 9664-5536 or email


Saturday For ages 7–8 When Saturday 4–5pm For ages 9–11 When Saturday 5–6pm Where Function Room Fees $100 for members $110 for guests Duration 8 sessions

Sign up now!

For more details, call Mr Hansen Bay at 9793-9745 or email


Sunday When 2–4pm Where Multi-Purpose Hall Fees $80 for members $85 for guests Duration 1 month

Sign up now!

For more details, call Mr Jack at 6561-7078


Where Gymnasium One-to-one: Fees $20 for members $25 for guests Duration Minimum 5 sessions Group (2 pax): Fees $30 for members $40 for guests Duration Minimum 5 sessions Note: 1.5 hours each session. Prices quoted are per session

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For more details, call our gym instructors at 6665-4637 or email fitness_workz@


Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Where Dance Studio Duration 10 sessions Tiny Tots (for ages 4–5) When Thursday 7–7.45pm Sunday 11.45am–12.30pm Fees $105 for members $115 for guests Pre-Ballet (for ages 5–6) When Saturday 3.30–4.15pm Fees $105 for members $115 for guests Primary Ballet (for ages 6–7) When Saturday 2.45–3.30pm Fees $105 for members $115 for guests Grade One (for ages 7–8) When Sunday 12.30–1.30pm Fees $120 for members $125 for guests Grade Two (for ages 8–9) When Sunday 2.45–3.30pm Fees $125 for members $130 for guests Grade Three (for ages 9–11) When Sunday 1.45–2.45pm Fees $125 for members $130 for guests Grade Four (for ages 10–12) When Sunday 3.45–5pm Fees $135 for members $140 for guests

Sign up now!

For more details, call Ms Evangeline Chong at 9734-8983 or email


Saturday and Sunday When 1–3pm Where Archery Range Fees $36 (adult) / $20 (junior) for members $50 for guests Duration 8 sessions

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For more details, call Mr Terriss Chooi at 6665-4634 or email archery_club@

BODY TONING Saturday When 10.30–11.30am Where Dance Studio Fees $90 for members $100 for guests Duration 10 sessions

Sign up now!

For more details, call Ms Shirley Tan at 9744-1772 or email


Monday and Wednesday When Monday 7–8pm Monday 8–9pm Wednesday 7.30–8.30pm Where Dance Studio Fees $40 for members $48 for guests Duration 4 sessions

Sign up now!

For more details, call Mr Edi Yamin at 6665-4609 or email


Wednesday When 8–9.30pm Where Function Room Fees $100 for members $105 for guests Duration 10 sessions

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For more details, call Ms Helen Goh at 9185-1417 or email

Air Gun Aikido Monthly Shoot (second Sunday of the month) When 10am–1pm Where Air Gun Shooting Range Fees $5 Duration 8 sessions

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Friday When 8–9.30pm Where Multi-Purpose Hall Fees $135 for members $150 for guests Duration 3 months

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For more details, call our range officers at 6665-4633 or email

For more details, call Ms Cheen Cheen at 6256-0111 or email



Where Tennis Court Adult Tennis for Beginners Fees $188 for members $208 for guests Duration 6 sessions Adult Tennis for Children Under 10 Fees $168 for members $188 for guests Duration 6 sessions Tennis for Family Fees $158 for members $178 for guests Duration 6 sessions

Sign up now!

For more details, call Mr Danny Yip at 9438-2951 or email

Saturday and Sunday Where Swimming Pool Children Swimming Lesson (above 5 years old) When Saturday and Sunday: 9–11am and 3–6pm Fees $170 for members $190 for guests Duration 10 sessions Special Tadpole Class (5 years and below) When Saturday and Sunday: 9–11am and 3–6pm Fees $200 for members $230 for guests Duration 10 sessions

Sign up now!

For more details, call Mr Bruce Ong at 6569-5509 or email


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Enjoy 50%+10% off on any face or body treatment (valid for one time only)

15% off birthday cakes (minimum 1kg) for online orders only

HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, Tel: 6569-2515

STARBOWL HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, Tel: 6564-7500

$2 per game (maximum two games)

TANG SPORT SHOP HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, Tel: 6561-7078

$10 voucher


Terms and conditions: • Limited to one redemption on birthday month • Not valid for full-month cakes and wedding packages • Not valid with other vouchers, promotions, credit card offers and member’s discount • Print out the email order confirmation and present it with your membership card during collection


190 Changi Road #B1-01 MDIS Building, near Eunos MRT Tel: 6471-1771

HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, Tel: 6665-4632

Complimentary Eye Health Screening worth $53 with any eyewear purchased at NOOCC


Terms and conditions: • Valid during birthday month • Not valid with other vouchers, promotions, credit card offers and member’s discounts • Present NRIC and membership card to enjoy the offer

Birthday package worth $180

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Free 50 balls

GUILIN RESTAURANT HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, Tel: 6899-2588

20% discount

ART DE SPA HomeTeamNS-JOM @ Balestier, Tel: 6251-0058

50% off a la carte treatment

BAZGYM GYMNASTICS SCHOOL HomeTeamNS-JOM @ Balestier, Tel: 6256-8191

Free trial session worth $30

JIMM’S PUB & KARAOKE LOUNGE HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, Tel: 6563-5231 HomeTeamNS @ Sembawang, Tel: 6758-0852

Complimentary bottle of red wine worth $60

TEN DOLLARS CLUB FAMILY KTV KARAOKE HomeTeamNS @ Chinatown, Tel: 6225-1231 HomeTeamNS-JOM @ Balestier, Tel: 6252-5508

$10 voucher


VivoCity, Downtown East and Jurong Point

Free La Vanille Nutella worth $7.90++ Terms and conditions: • Valid during birthday month • Redeemable with a minimum spending of $30 in a single receipt • Not valid with other promotions and discounts • Promotion valid at all Fig & Olive Singapore outlets • Present NRIC and membership card to enjoy the offer


The Heeren #12-09 and Novena Square 2 #B1-135 Call 6235-2425 for appointment

Free hearing test valued at $80 Terms and conditions: • Valid during birthday month • Not valid with other promotions or discounts • Please quote “HomeTeamNS” when making your appointment • Present NRIC and membership card to enjoy the offer

ME NUTRITIONS For purchase, please call 9456-4537

30% discount on ME Nutrition Brand Terms and conditions: • Valid during birthday month • Not valid with other vouchers, promotions, credit card offers and member’s discount • Present NRIC and membership card to enjoy the offer

BIG BEAR CAMPING One for one – Book a tent on your birthday and enjoy another one absolutely free

OUR IN-HOUSE TREATS Terms and conditions apply For more details, visit to print your birthday e-vouchers


Terms and conditions: • Valid during birthday month • For bookings, log on to • Please quote “BDAY 141-HT” in the remarks section during e-booking • Not valid with other promotions or discounts • Member must present NRIC and membership card at time of check-in

What’s on

Swimming Marathon When 8 September (Saturday), 12pm–6pm

Where Old Police Academy Swimming Pool Fees $17 for members, $19 for guests • All swimmers who complete 1,500m, 3,000m or 5,000m will receive an achievement certificate and a woven badge from the Swimming Teachers’ Association • Registration and payment can be made at HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse • All participants are to report at the registration booth by 11.15am • Swimmers can collect their certificate and a woven badge from the HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse reception For more information, please contact Albert at 9678-3577.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

When 29 September (Saturday), 6–9pm Where HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse Poolside Terrace Fees $10 for members, $12 for guests Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival as a family with these fun activities! • Make your own snowskin mooncake • Free popcorn and candy floss stations • Puppet show on the legend of Chang’e • Lantern walk to Zhongshan Park • Every child will receive a goodie bag Sign up at the HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse today!

Ignite the Stage! When 17 November (Saturday), 9.30am–12.30pm

Where HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse Learning Centre Fees $20 for members, $23 for guests Boost your confidence in public speaking with techniques from this experiential workshop.

Shell Livewire Entrepreneur Talk When 22 September and 13 October (both Saturdays), 10.30am–12pm Where HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse Function Room Fees $10 for members, $15 for guests

A free seminar will be conducted on 15 September, 9.30am–12pm at ITE College East (Simei) Lecture Theatre.

9-Pin Bowling Tournament When 9 September (Sunday) and 9 December (Sunday), 9.30am–2pm Where HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse Bowling Alley Fees $18 for members, $23 for guests

• Registration starts at 9am, roll-off at 9.30am • There is a handicap of 15 points per game for women and children under 12 years • Special promotion for members: Sign up for the next two tournaments now at a discounted price of $30 (non-refundable) • Cash voucher worth $240 to be given away!

Wine Dinner 2012 When 12 October (Friday), 7.30–9.30pm

Where HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse Function Room Fees $30 for members, $35 for guests • Open to all on first come, first served basis • Red/white French wine from various countries paired with exquisite dishes from Seafood Kampong Restaurant

Katong Heritage and Food Trail by Miss Tamchiak (Maureen)

When 6 October (Saturday), 11am–2pm Where HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse and Katong area Fees $27 for members, $32 for guests Go on a guided tour of the best food in Katong by renowned food blogger Maureen Ow (www.! • Includes food photography session at 11am • The top two food photos taken on that day will win a prize! • Tips on food blogging • Only limited to 20 spaces, so sign up now!

To register, call Eddric at 6353-3131/6351-8139 or email

What’s on

Adventure in a Cup When 22 September (Saturday), 10am–12pm Where Yahava KoffeeWorks, 4 Jalan Gelenggang, Singapore 578188 Fees $20 for members, $25 for guests

Smart Money Game and Cashflow 101 When 13 October (Saturday), 10am–1pm Where HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, CELL Room Fees $3 for members, $5 for guests

Learn the foundations of wealth creation with the Smart Money Board Game! Negotiate the pitfalls and opportunities in life to increase your capital and accumulate your assets. How early can you retire? How much wealth can you create? Find out how to get rich with this exciting game! Topics • Understand basic accounting principles, running a cash statement, profit and loss, and balance sheet • Make business acquisitions and investment decisions based on future capital gains and passive income • Control debt, reduce liabilities and reduce interest costs • Appreciate the financial requirements for retiring comfortably • Understand the difference between earned (active) income and investment/business (passive) income • Seek quality professional advice for business and investment • Realise that one can achieve financial independence by exercising good judgement • Learn from mistakes, including those made by other players

Australian franchise Yahava KoffeeWorks brings you an “Adventure in a Cup” experience! This workshop will introduce the journey of coffee from crop to cup. Appreciate coffee by using the right senses, and learn about proper brewing methods and mythbusting facts about coffee! Topics • Coffee process theory • Coffee roasting demo • Coffee tasting terms • Coffee brewing and tasting (three different types) • Q&A session • Includes one regular cup of coffee of your choice

Colour Me Beautiful

When 15 September (Saturday), 10am–12pm Where HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, CELL Room Fees $5 for members, $7 for guests Not enough time for makeup before going to work? You may be dressed for success, but how about makeup for success? If you’re not quite sure where to start with your makeup and how to finish it, this workshop is for you. Learn how to apply makeup in a friendly and effective way that works great for busy professionals. Time to give your career and confidence a boost!

Topics • Identifying your skin tone and colour palette • Selecting the correct foundation, eye shadow, lipstick and blush • Simple daily makeup techniques and tricks • Simple hairdo for office professionals • Secrets and tips for power makeup • Creating a natural, beautiful and radiant look everyday!

To register, call Jonathan at 6665-4608 or email


Manga Adventure Art

When 22 September (Saturday), 1–3pm Where HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, Children’s Playroom Fees $165 for members, $170 for guests (10 sessions) Learn how to draw manga with this course for beginners. Students will be exposed to basic colour blending, line techniques, creating their very own manga characters and exploring story-based characters. There will be engaging sessions of discussions, projects, assignments and presentations. • Achieve your desired manga style • Explore ideas through visuals, discussions and more • Instill confidence and promote creative thinking skills Look out for OurArtistOfTheMonth, where one chosen artist will be rewarded every month. You can view all our students’ artwork at the children’s playroom beside the swimming pool.

Baby Care

When 22 September (Saturday), 10am–12pm Where HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, CELL Room Fees $5 for members, $7 for guests If you’re a new father or father-tobe, this hands-on workshop will give you the skills and confidence to care for your baby. Learn how to be a better father and have fun as you bond with your newborn! Participants will be using dummy infants for practice. Topics • Bathing a baby • Dressing a baby • Diaper changing • Feeding

Secrets to Fighting Hair Loss

When 6 October (Saturday), 10am–12pm Where HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, CELL Room Fees $3 for members, $5 for guests

PaperMarket Scrapbooking Starter Class When 23 September (Saturday), 2pm–4.30pm Where PaperMarket @ Raffles City Shopping Centre, B1-27 Fees $40 for members, $45 for guests Learn how to stop hair loss and premature white hair with this workshop by hair care specialists from Beijing 101. Understand common hair problems and their causes, and how your lifestyle and hair care routine can affect your hair. Take control of your hair health – prevention is better than cure! Be one of three lucky winners to win a hamper worth $100 in our instant lucky draw! Topics • Types of hair problems and their causes • How hair problems can be prevented • Hair care basics to improve your hair and scalp conditions • Demonstration on hair care routine to prevent further hair loss • Demonstration on Beijing 101 Signature Scalp Massage • One of three lucky winners will win a hamper worth $100

Our Creative Studio@ PaperMarket Raffles City (www.papermarket. houses resident designers and educators who are ready to share their passion and techniques in a wide range of papercraft, scrapbooking as well as home decor projects. A monthly variety of creative classes in gift wrapping, card making, scrapbooking, stationery personalisation and home decor are available and updated constantly to include the latest trends, techniques and newest products. • Please bring two to three 4R photos for the session • You will complete and bring home a 12 x 12-inch layout with your photos • Materials such as glue, papers, letterings and embellishments will be provided

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What’s Chillin’ Experience a “winter getaway” right here at your doorstep! Members can enjoy one hour of Snow Play time at Snow City, Singapore’s only indoor snow centre, together with three other guests at a very affordable fee. Weekdays (Mon to Thu): $20 per letter Weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun and PH): $25 per letter • Five letters are available daily for one hour of snow play. Each letter admits four persons. Terms and conditions apply. • For bookings and enquiries, call HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok at 6665-4600 or visit

Car Engine Rejuvenation Package Rejuvenate your car! The 3-in-1 Eco Detox package reduces carbon deposits, adds extra mileage and saves the earth while improving throttle response, power performance, engine efficiency and extending its lifespan. HomeTeamNS members pay $288 (U.P. $398). Buy one get one free! For appointment, call 6254-5939 or email and quote “HomeTeamNS”, or visit

Aromatherapy & motherhood care Clinic All pure. All natural. We offer clinical massage using therapeutic aromatherapy essential oils. We use a wide range of 100% essential oils, rose oils, rose absolute, rose concrete and carrier oils – mother-to-be oil, belly rub lotion, postpartum oil, edema oil, anti-cramps oil and more. • Enjoy 20% off all products till 31 December. • Free 10ml head and sinus care oil for every body care service booked. For bookings and enquiries, call 8337-8332 or visit Aromatherapy & Motherhood Care Clinic is located at 511 Guillemard Road, #01-35 Grandlink Square.


The Oral Care Centre At the Oral Care Centre, a dedicated team of multidisciplinary dental specialists helps you achieve good oral health with in-depth analysis of your oral environment and prescription of the best preventive measures. • Fifteen vouchers worth $40 each to be won! Email your name, NRIC and address to contests@ • Enjoy 50% off till 31 December 2012. Terms and conditions: • Present your HomeTeamNS membership card when ordering. • We accept advance bookings only. • Applicable for first-time visit only. • Opening hours: Mon–Fri 9am–6pm, Sat 9am–1.30pm, Tue nights 6–9pm • Address: Novena Medical Centre @ Square 2, 10 Sinaran Drive #10-17, Singapore 307506 • Contact: 6397-6990 (clinic)/9647-7527 (emergency hotline)

Dr Joe Joint Care If you experience joint, bone and muscle pain, do you know that relieving this pain with synthetic drugs can cause adverse side effects? Dr Joe Joint Care is a natural supplement that relieves joint problems without no side effects. The ingredients include Boswellia serrata, a plant used to treat arthritis in India, Zingiber officinale, horsetail, glucosamine sulfate and methylsulfonylmethane – all of which work together to prevent inflammation and promote the growth of cartilage. Available at all NTUC Unity Healthcare pharmacies at $58 for 90 capsules. Win a bottle of Dr Joe Joint Care worth $58! Just send your name, contact number and email address to Ten bottles to be won!

West Mall Get exclusive deals at West Mall from 1 August to 31 December 2012. Flash your HomeTeamNS membership card to enjoy these offers! West Mall is located at 1 Bukit Batok Central Link, next to Bukit Batok MRT and bus interchange.

GNC, #B1-08 15% off regular-priced items. Excludes foodstuff and selected items.

Pontian Express, #02-10A 10% off on purchases. Valid for dine-in only.

GOLDHEART, #01-07 Additional 10% off gem-set jewellery (including sale-priced jewellery). Not valid with Great Value Buys and nettpriced jewellery. CITIGEMS, #01-11 Milanne® Swirl White Gold Diamond Pendant (6987DD) at $115 (U.P. $568).

Bukit Batok Public Library, #03-01 Free exclusive gift with every six library items borrowed.

SingTel Exclusive Retailer, #03-11 Free Samsung E1080F (U.P. $58) with purchase of a non-contract Samsung Galaxy SIII.

M1, #01-16/17 Nokia Lumia 800 at $30 off prevailing promotional price. Valid for new sign-ups/re-contracts on SunSaver and above plans with a two-year handset contract. For full terms and conditions, go to

Better Vision, #03-17 Get a free pair of single vision lenses (worth $60) with purchase of any frame worth $199 and above. Valid for lenses in stock range only. Value of lenses cannot be exchanged for cash.

SK Jewellery, #01-31 Skarlet® Diamond Necklace at $139 (U.P. $209).

Pet Lovers Centre, #04-16 Get Hery Lab Cani Tartre 300g dog treats at $14.70 (U.P. $24.50) and Hery Lab Feli Tartre 50g cat treats at $5.50 (U.P. $8.90). Not valid for online purchase.

Sogurt, #01-36 10% off storewide. Terms and conditions: • Valid at West Mall outlets from 1 August to 31 December 2012, unless otherwise stated. • Presentation of HomeTeamNS card at point of purchase is required. • Offer is limited to one redemption per card member per day. • Offer is not exchangeable for cash, partially or wholly and is not exchangeable for other products.

• Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, VIP privileges, discount/privilege cards, discount/gift vouchers, nettpriced or sale items unless otherwise stated. • Offers and free gifts are on a while-stocks-last basis. • Information is correct at the time of printing and is subject to change without prior notice by the participating outlets. • Individual terms and conditions apply. Check with individual outlets for more details.

Ehkay Corner Tailors Established in 1981, Ehkay Corner Tailors specialises in custom-made attire for ladies and gentlemen for all occasions. • Eight vouchers worth $75 each to be won! Email your name, NRIC and address to • Enjoy 20% off till 31 December 2012. • Get personalised consultation with our award-winning tailors Dinesh and Hina. Terms and conditions: • Present your HomeTeamNS membership card when ordering. • We accept advance bookings only. • Opening hours: Mon–Sat 10am–9pm, Sun 11am–7pm

• Address: Orchard Plaza, #01-57 & #01-01, 150 Orchard Road, Singapore 238841 • Contact: 6734-1482 (shop)/9697-4297 (Dinesh)/9747-2177 (Hina)


Mid-Autumn Special Enjoy 15% off mooncakes from Marriott Hotel Singapore till 30 September at these sales counters: • Marriott Hotel forecourt stall, hotel entrance • Jurong Point, Level 1 atrium • VivoCity Tangs • Lot One Shopper’s Mall, Level 1 atrium • Bugis+ (formerly known as Illuma), Level 2 atrium • Junction 8, Level 2 atrium • IMM, Level 1 atrium • Tampines Mall, Level 1 atrium • ION Orchard, Basement 4 event hall • Nex, Level 1 atrium

Jazz up your home and inspire your life with bold designs from, an online store offering modern lifestyle products, gifts and accessories! Now members get a 10% discount* on! Terms and conditions: • Quote discount code upon checkout: HomeTeamNS. • Offer valid from 1 September to 31 October 2012. • Applicable with minimum purchase of $25. • Does not include Veho and Wine-o-matic products.

True Beauty International Established in 2001, True Beauty provides all-natural skin care and facial treatments that work deep beneath the skin for a naturally flawless glow! No harsh steaming or painful extraction needed. • Ten vouchers worth $100 each to be won! Email your name, NRIC and address to • Enjoy 50% off till 31 December 2012. • HomeTeamNS members get a complimentary one-hour sleep therapy session worth $75 that comes with a pre- and post-meridian health check.

For enquiries, call 6831-4605 and quote “HomeTeamNS”.

ONE Fighting Championship™ Witness the clash of the titans at the biggest mixed martial arts event of the year! Date 6 October Venue Singapore Indoor Stadium Prices $348 (VIP cageside), $148 (arena), $68 (terrace), $38 (balcony) Booking , From now till 6 October, HomeTeamNS members enjoy a 10% discount at SISTIC outlets. Just flash your HomeTeamNS card. No promo code needed.

Namastaey India Namastaey India offers authentic Indian vegetarian dishes that taste as good as home-cooked food – all without using MSG or any artificial colours or ingredients. • There are 35 vouchers worth $15 each to be won! Email your name, NRIC and address to • Enjoy 21% discount on your bill till 31 December 2012.

Terms and conditions: • Present your HomeTeamNS membership card at the salon. • We accept advance bookings only. • Opening hours: Mon–Fri 10am–8pm, Sat 10am–6pm • Address: 163 Penang Road, #01-01, Winsland House 2, Singapore 238463 • Contact: 6836-5775/6836-1157

Terms and conditions: • Present your HomeTeamNS membership card to enjoy discount. • Opening hours: We are open seven days a week (advance booking advised on weekends, public holidays and eves of public holidays) • Address: 80 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207659 • Contact: 6392-2449


in the force — MHA

Forget Retirement,

ChiefisVolunteer better A

fter stepping down as Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs, Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee has taken up the job of “Chief Volunteer” of the MHA – as Chairman of the Home Team Volunteers Network. A/P Ho has been known to the residents of Sembawang and Nee Soon East as their MP since 1991. But that is not the only hat he has been wearing. Since his school days he has been a volunteer extraordinaire. A National Junior College alumnus, he was a student counsellor, and had organised visits to homes for old folks and the disabled. “I have been a volunteer for a long long time, because I really believe in doing something for the community,” said A/P Ho.

WORDS & PHOTOS CHARISSA TAN (Reproduced with permission from

As a Sub Dean of the NUS Law Faculty, A/P Ho was Master of Kent Ridge Hall from 1988 to 1993. During this time, A/P Ho was also in charge of student welfare. “But that was something I was passionate about – young people… That’s why I’m 57 years old, but I still talk like a young man, right?” joked A/P Ho, who is also a past President of the Football Association of Singapore. In 1990, Kent Ridge Hall was approached by Camp Rainbow to organise a stay-in residential camp for kids with cancer. “At that time, people didn’t want to take risks… they’d say ‘Wah, cancer kids, don’t know whether you’ll fall ill.’ Worse were the misperceptions that if you let them stay, the linen and the room would have to be disinfected,” recalled A/P Ho. “But I talked to (the Junior Common Room Committee) and they said ‘sure, we’ll do it!’... I’m happy that we actually opened our arms and the kids came in.” These students graduated and later formed a society called WALK – Walking in Aid of Leukaemic Kids. In 1995, WALK was renamed the Children’s Cancer Foundation. “That’s when they asked me to be their Patron, and I said sure! And today I’m still the Patron, and it’s voluntary,” said A/P Ho.

So it came as no surprise when A/P Ho accepted the invitation to be Chairman of the Home Team Volunteers Network, which oversees more than 11,000 volunteers. “The cause is better promoted and in a way, I walk the talk, because now I call myself the Chief Volunteer,” said A/P Ho. “I’m not paid, and I’m very thankful for my 18 years with Home Affairs, and basically I’m just doing what the rest are doing now – I’m one of them, the Chief Volunteer.”

in the force — sPF

Let the Bullets Fly

SPF shooters win 14 medals at the Singapore Open Shooting Championships 2012 A lone shooter waits at the firing line. “Are you ready… standby…” Beep! The shooter is gone in a flash, firing at paper and metal targets as he sprints from one point to another. The International Practical Shooting Confederation event requires shooters to be swift, accurate and adaptable – a practical test for fighting realworld crime.

At this year’s Singapore Open Shooting Championships (SOSC), shooters from home and abroad tested their skills in five categories. One was the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) event, which was held on 7 and 8 July at the National Shooting Centre. This year’s IPSC event drew 75 top shooters from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore, including the PNSmen members of the HomeTeamNS Practical Shooting Club, which sends a contingent to compete every year. The IPSC requires shooters to navigate tricky terrain while achieving speed and accuracy to obtain maximum scores. Every IPSC Course Of Fire presents varied challenges to the shooter, such as reactive targets that move, targets partially hidden behind no-shoots, and walls and obstacles that force shooters to squat, kneel, lean and even shoot one-handed. In Singapore, IPSC is popular among civilians and law enforcement officers as a fun way to build shooting proficiency. IPSC is the world’s largest practical shooting organisation, with around 200,000 members in 89 countries.


Practical Shooting C

If you enjoy shooting, join us as a member! For just $30 per year, you get free introductory talks and basic firearms training sessions at $45 per session.

Well done to all our marksmen!

For more information, contact Mr Lee Wee Lip at 6665-4620 or email

How SPF did in this year’s IPSC event Individual events • Peter Teh (Gurkha contingent): 2nd in Production division • Magar Budha, Rabindra (Gurkha contingent): 3rd in Standard division Team event • Gurkha contingent: 1st in Production division • Police Sports Association: 3rd in Revolver division • Gurkha contingent: 2nd in Standard division Total number of medals won: 14


SPF Commissioner Ng Joo Hee flanked by his team of sharpshooters, who won 14 medals at this year’s International Practical Shooting Confederation event.

WORDS & PHOTOS SUPT (NS) Chua Song Heng, NS Commander, ‘G’ Div

eamNS Join the HomeT

After eight stages and 240 rounds shot over two days, the results were out. The SPF shooters won a total of 14 medals across the individual and team categories. They received their medals from none other than SPF Commissioner Ng Joo Hee, the guest of honour for the event, who had earlier wowed the crowd with his shooting prowess by winning the novelty shoot by a comfortable margin.


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Firefighters at the Frontline

SCDF NSmen battle blaze at Tannery Lane during their ICT It is not often that NSmen firefighters get activated to put out a massive blaze during their ICT. But this was exactly what happened to CPL (NS) Muhammad Akid and LCP (NS) Muhammad Yusman, both ORNSmen from the Immediate Response Company. Inferno at Tannery Lane At 5.14am on 24 March, the SCDF Operations Centre received multiple calls from the public on a fire at a workshop at 48 Tannery Lane. Two fire engines, two light fire attack vehicles, four supporting vehicles and one ambulance were activated.

Firefighters using the 30-metre combined platform ladder at the workshop fire in Tannery Lane.

CPL (NS) Akid and LCP (NS) Yusman arrived within four minutes in Pump Ladder PL232. Both NSmen supported the regular firefighters in putting out the raging blaze on the first and mezzanine levels of the workshop. They managed to extinguish the fire within an hour. The experience was a challenge due to the scale of the fire operation. Both NSmen were glad to put their rigorous training as firefighters during their NSF days into good use, and were pleased that they could be involved in frontline firefighting and rescue operations even as NSmen.

It took firefighters around one hour to put out the massive blaze.

Reorganised for better response Earlier this year, SCDF reorganised the ORNS Immediate Response Company into Fire Station ORNS Units to boost its operational capabilities at the fire stations. NSmen attached to the Fire Station ORNS Units will be deployed for fire and rescue operations just like their regular counterparts. The new Fire Station ORNS Units are designed to better prepare the SCDF for future peacetime emergencies, as this means better alignment to their parent fire station, better task orientation and a more deliberate allocation of ORNS manpower to the frontline. With NSmen more involved in the day-today lifesaving mission of the SCDF, this will give them a greater sense of purpose when they serve at the frontline in their call of duty.


Love Life, Look Better! M Are your eyes healthy? Find out at NOOCC Eye Centre ost people check their eyes only when they notice something wrong with their vision. However, what many people do not realise is that basic eye power checks are unable to assess the health of their eyes. This is where a place like NOOCC Eye Centre (NEW Optometry and Ocular Care Centre) comes in. Established in 2005, NOOCC Eye Centre provides eye care services that go way beyond what the average optical store can offer. NOOCC Eye Centre invited SCDF NSman Charlie Yeo and his wife Josephine to find out just how healthy their eyes really are. “I’ve done eye power checks before, but this is the first time I’m doing such an extensive test for my eyes,” said Charlie, a 50-year-old manufacturing supervisor. The NOOCC staff were careful to record and understand the eye and medical history of both HomeTeamNS members before proceeding with their eye exam. Clinical optometrists, not opticians A comprehensive eye health examination takes around 45 minutes. The range of tests include determining the pressure inside the eye (as part of glaucoma screening), corneal curvature, colour vision, binocular vision, ocular motility (eye muscles), slit-lamp examination (to check for cataracts, corneal health and other structures at the front of the eye) and retinal examination (internal eye assessment including the optic nerve for glaucoma assessment). Due to rigorous nature of the eye exam, the tests are carried out only by qualified optometrists – healthcare professionals who are specially trained to assess vision and visual systems. “We also work closely with a panel of ophthalmologists (eye doctors),” said Ms Cigi Chew, executive director of NOOCC Eye Centre. “For patients with serious eye

problems, we can refer them to these eye specialists for further treatment.”

Good eyesight does not equal healthy eyes “There is common misconception that having good eyesight, or surgically-corrected vision, means your eyes are healthy,” said Cigi. “Corrective surgery is just a way to correct your vision. Other parts of your eye could have problem you may not notice in an early stage.” NOOCC’s comprehensive eye health examination lets you know the status of your eye health and detects early signs of any eye disease, and provides a proper eye health management plan as well. Eye conditions that can be detected include cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. These need to be detected at an early stage for treatment or to at least preserve the remaining vision, as some damages may be irreversible. Unlike our teeth, our eyes are irreplaceable. Prevention is better than cure Both Josephine and Charlie were glad to know the status of their eye health, and were pleasantly surprised to receive a 30% discount on eyewear as HomeTeamNS members.

Gift of Sight Enjoy special rates at NOOCC for HomeTeamNS members and their immediate family members!

• Comprehensive eye health examination: $68 per pax (usual price: $98) • Up to 30% discount on eyewear purchases (branded sunglasses, spectacle frames, transitions lenses, single vision and progressive lenses)

“The NOOCC staff were really professional and thorough in examining my eyes,” said Josephine. “Today I learnt a lot on eye health and eye problems. Early detection is important, and I’ll definitely ask my friends to get their eyes checked here.” Charlie agreed on the importance of early detection. “Thankfully the only problem I have are just some changes on blood vessels at the back of my eye due to hypertension, and presbyopia (“lau hua yan”), so it’s nothing serious,” said the father of three. “I’ll also get my children to check their eyes here at NOOCC!”

NEW Optometry and Ocular Care Centre (NOOCC Eye Centre) Where MDIS Building, 190 Changi Road, #B1-01, Singapore 419974 (near Eunos MRT) Open Mon–Sat 9am–6pm Contact 6471-1771,

club news

ride of a Lifetime M

HomeTeamNS takes on Kelantan and Kedah during the June holidays ore than 40 adventurers hit the road in 15 cars on a 5D4N expedition to Kelantan and Kedah from 15 to 19 June. Led by the HomeTeamNS Auto Adventure Club Chairman Mr Low Lai Choon, his committee and the appointed organiser, Fanfare Driveaways, this 1,800km was the longest yet for the AAC! The convoy visited the town of Pengkalan Kubor, which lies on the Thai border, for some tax-free souvenir shopping. Next was the 40m-long reclining Buddha at the Wat Photivihan Buddhist Temple, followed by the Beijing Mosque with its unique blend of Chinese and Islamic architecture. The group found time to soak in the beauty of Perak’s Lake Temenggor by the Banding Lakeside Inn while enjoying their lunch. The following day, the convoy went north to Perlis, where they got up close to reptiles such as the deadly king cobra, and ventured into Gua Kelam (Cave of Darkness), a 370m-long limestone cavern. Next up was more shopping at the border town of Padang Besar for handicrafts, foodstuffs and souvenirs.

Win Papago Z1 GPS sets worth $199 and get exclusive discounts! With the most detailed road maps, 3D street views and free updates for five countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia – you’ll never get lost with Papago! • Win the new Papago Professional GPS Navigator Z1! Simply send your name, NRIC and address to contests@ Two sets up for grabs! • 15% discount on Papago GPS sets for HomeTeamNS members! Cut out this ad when you make your purchase at our main office at Ubi Road 1, #05-03, Singapore 408703. For more information, call 6743-1756 or visit

Finally it was time to say goodbye as the convoy headed back to Singapore safely on the fifth day. It was a historic achievement for the AAC members to have covered such a long distance!

Reel fun at Pioneer-HomeTeamNS Annual Fishing Competition 2012


nglers had a splashing good time at the PioneerHomeTeamNS Annual Fishing Competition 2012, which was held on Saturday, 7 July at the Pasir Ris Fishing Pond, with attractive prizes sponsored by Hong Guan (Tackle) Pte Ltd and Fisher’s Tavern Restaurant. There were ten winners for the Main Catch category and five winners for the Early Catch, as well as three jackpot prizes for the first three anglers who landed themselves a grouper.

The top ten winners for the Main Catch category.

It was thus no surprise that anglers came as early as 8am to save a good spot for themselves. For less seasoned anglers, there was also a learn-how-to-fish clinic from 9am to 1pm, which included a ready-to-fish kit for participants to put into practice what they learnt right away! The biggest winner of the day was Mr Tan Choon Huat, whose fish trumped the rest at 6.77kg! He walked away with $888 cash, $800 worth of Pioneer fishing accessories and a Columbia watch. Congratulations to all our winners!

Get 10% off at Fisher’s Tavern Restaurant! The top five winners for the Early Catch category.


HomeTeamNS members get a 10% discount at Fisher’s Tavern Restaurant when they spend more than $50 in a single receipt! Promotion valid from September to November 2012.

club news

Loving Singapore, Our Home HomeTeamNS and National Youth Council celebrate National Day 2012 at Marina Bay Sands


arina Bay Sands was a sea of red and white on 9 August 2012. Hundreds of HomeTeamNS members and their families, as well as stakeholders of the National Youth Council, turned out in full force to celebrate Singapore’s 47th birthday at the HomeTeamNS-National Youth Council National Day Celebration 2012. This event was organised by HomeTeamNS in partnership with the National Youth Council, SPF, SCDF, People’s Association Teen Network Club and Publicitas Publishing (formerly known as Emphasis Media). Armed with shades, snacks and balloon clappers, families big and small braved the sun as they enjoyed the action on the stage. A few lucky children got to learn the moonwalk from a local version of the King of Pop, while feisty dancers turned up the heat with their zumba performance. A live NDP telecast kept the audience posted on what was happening at the Marina Bay floating platform, and everyone’s vocabulary was reduced to oohs and aahs as the flag and fighter jets zoomed overhead. Next was the cake-cutting ceremony led by Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee, Chairman of the Home Team Volunteers Network and former Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs, followed by reciting of the pledge and singing the national anthem as one – the people of Singapore.


The fireworks finale was a great way to end the evening with a blast. Happy birthday, Singapore!

club news

owf!ull n p n u n and urs, Sigr registraotfiothesoer teoma.isl g Fo raries 4606 amns e e itin ll 6665 omet h a c @ i t r a sun

Family Fun with HomeTeamNS!

Tour 1 One Day Kampong Lifestyle Trip @ Parit Penghulu, Malacca When 10 November (Saturday) Fees $65 for members, $68 for guests, $55 for children (3–11 years) This tour includes the following: • Kampong activities: Basketry, gasing (top spinning), silat and ketupat weaving • Kampong lunch (100% halal) • Shopping at Tesco, Malacca • 45-seater coach • Guide and insurance Closing date: 29 October

Tour 2 One Day Trip to Desaru Fruit Farm When 3 November (Saturday) Fees $65 for members, $68 for guests, $55 for children (3–11 years) This tour includes the following: • Desaru fruit farm and tour • Lunch • Penggarang town • Tebrau Shopping Centre Jaya Jusco • 45-seater coach • Guide and insurance Closing date: 22 October

HomeTeamNS Family Walk Where Gardens by the Bay When 24 November (Saturday), 9–11am Fees $21 for members, $25 for guests, $13 for children (3–12 years) This walk includes the following: • Guided tour into the two cooled conservatories: Flower Dome and Cloud Forest • OCBC Skyway • Every participant will get a free goodie bag! • Limited to first 60 pax Closing date: 12 November


club news

HomeTeamNS Annual Golf Championship 2012 The Wong Kan Seng Challenge Trophy is back! Date 18 September 2012 (Tuesday) Venue Tanah Merah Country Club (Tampines Course) Shotgun tee-off 1pm Rates












Rates include green fee, buggy and dinner. All participants will get an exclusive goodie bag. Download your registration form today from For enquiries, call Sunarti at 6665-4606 or email Closing date: 7 September 2012 (subject to slot availability)

Fitness Workz Work that body with the wide range of aerobic and strength equipment at Fitness Workz, which also includes certified fitness instructors, personal lockers, full shower and towel facilities and steam rooms. Membership fees • $60/year for HomeTeamNS members • $90/year for Social members Guest rates for Fitness Workz members: Up to three guests (off-peak period) at $2 per guest/entry; one guest (peak period) at $3 per guest/entry For more information, call 6665-4637 or email

HomeTeamNS-UniSIM sponsorship: January 2013 intake now open! This sponsorship is open to all HomeTeamNS Ordinary Members who have at least 12 months of paid-up membership. The value of the sponsorship is up to 80% (including government subsidy) of the total course fee. The successful sponsorship recipient(s) are not required to serve a bond with SIM University or HomeTeamNS. Interested parties must submit an online application form through the UniSIM website. All applications must be submitted by 30 September 2012. Please note: • Applicants must have good academic and co-curricular activities record, strong language skills and demonstrate leadership qualities. Applicants must not already be degree holders. • Applicants must meet the admission requirements for the applied course of study. • There is a S$32.10 (inclusive of GST) non-refundable application fee to SIM University. For more details, please visit For enquiries, email or call UniSIM at 6248-9777.

Be one of our


Do you get a high when you fire a rifle or pistol? Join our HomeTeamNS Air Gun Club and you can use our indoor shooting range! Membership fees • $30/year for HomeTeamNS members • $45/year for Social members • $50/year for School Affiliation members

Come and join us at our featured events! HomeTeamNS Biathlon Shoot When 16 September Fees $10/pax HomeTeamNS Invitation Shoot When 17 and 18 November For more information, email the range officer at


Life in Action! Send us your best shot today!

Last issue we asked you to send in your photos that best reflect the theme of Action. Here’s our selection of the best! Off to school we go in the deep south of Thailand. Photo by KC Lee

Just jump in life and everything will be just all right! Photo by Douglas Fun

A typical family on two wheels in Ho Chi Minh City.

Our island city as an orb of life at night.

Photo by Edwin Goh

Photo by Mohd Hafiz

A dash of psychedelia on the underpass to Fullerton Hotel. Photo by Sharmila Devi

Theme for November/December issue:

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Celebrate our heritage with a blast from the past! Send us your best shot at with your name, contact number, mailing address and a short caption of 20 words or less. All published photos will receive a ODOYO protective case for iPhone 4/4S worth $49 courtesy of Thinking Group Singapore (



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