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Growing closer and stronger with NS

A shared experience “Being physically drained out from training has got to be a common experience!” said SSG (NS) Mohamed Nasir Bin Ibrahim, 56, who served as a Rescuer NCO in the SCDF Basic Rescue Training Centre. “However, being extremely tired with all your friends was really motivating, and all the good times we spent made us as close as brothers in a very short time.” His son, 2LT (NS) Sharif Hidayat, 21, a Commander with the Special Rescue Platoon of SCDF’s 1st Division, had a similar experience to share. “We had a night exercise called the Long Lay On where we had to lay 1.4km of hoses on a field and then more hoses up a nine-storey furnace. We were really tired and starting to get cramps, but it was great to see how everyone kept motivating one another. That night was special to me, because I can feel our camaraderie as we all pushed our limits together.” For INSP (NS) Mohd Aidil Subhan Bin Mohamed Sulor, 45, who served as a Staff Officer in the SPF ‘J’ Division, there was plenty to share with his twin sons, who are both 19 – SC/CPL Mohamed Sadiqin Subhan and SC/CPL Mohamed Salihin Subhan, who are both serving as NS Ops Support Officers in the SPF ‘D’ Division and Police Coast Guard respectively. “Being in the police force, there are similarities in what we went through, such as the effort we need to put in for shooting and IPPT,” said the senior Subhan. “It’s also interesting to share similarities and differences in the weapons we used, such as the old Smith & Wesson Model 36 and the new Taurus Model 85, and the different range conditions at the Old Police Academy and the Home Team Academy.” Then and now “It’s clear that the technology used in training has changed a lot from my time, said SSG (NS) Mohamed Nasir. “There are now sophisticated systems and training equipment that enable my son to have a better NS experience.” INSP (NS) Subhan agreed: “The


NS system in the police force is now more systematic. In the old days, we used to learn on the job from the regulars. Now training is more structured. But the importance of NS has not changed.” Many fathers find that having their sons go through the same experience as they did is an experience in itself. “I was at the hall at the Home Team Academy when my sons took their pledge of allegiance, and before that there was the performance by the Women Police Pipes and Drums,” said INSP (NS) Subhan. “That’s the police tradition I know, and that’s what I want my sons to go through. The police tradition to protect and serve is something we must continue to uphold.” As “old birds” who had been there, done that, fathers are able to give their sons useful advice on NS. “Before my enlistment, my father told me to do my best in any posting or vocation assigned to me,” said 2LT (NS) Sharif. “He asked me to appreciate the one year and ten months of service as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, where I get to serve the country with people from all walks of life.” For the Subhan twins, the advice they got was similarly practical and straightforward: “Just think of NS as learning a new skill.” All in the family To the families of Home Team servicemen, there’s no doubt that NS has changed the boys for the better. “I’ve seen my son become more appreciative of the people around him,” said Mdm Rohana Ibrahim, mother of 2LT (NS) Sharif. “I believe the time he spent training away from home made him realise that some things in the world should not be taken for granted.” Said a thankful Sharif: “My family has been very encouraging, and their presence at my commissioning parade made it all so much memorable and worthwhile.” The Subhan twins are also grateful for the support from their family, who rescheduled their functions and get-togethers to accommodate their NS commitments. On top of giving fathers and sons more to talk about besides the English Premier League, their common rite of passage is a bond that keeps on giving. “Our NS experience is a bond that doesn’t end when my sons ORD,” said INSP (NS) Subhan. “We’ll relive it again and again as NSmen when they go for their reservist training!”



ational Service is more than just an experience for true-blue Singaporeans. It is a legacy that has bonded generations for 45 years. Fathers and sons from SPF and SCDF tell Frontline how NS has brought them closer as a family.

SPF INSP (NS) Mohd Aidil Subhan Bin Mohamed Sulor, 45 • Lecturer on Asian Languages and Cultures, Nanyang Technological University • NS appointment: Staff Officer, SPF ‘J’ Division • Enlisted 18 December 1985 SC/CPL Mohamed Salihin Subhan, 19 (left) • NS appointment: NS Ops Support Officer, Police Coast Guard • Enlisted 14 December 2010 SC/CPL Mohamed Sadiqin Subhan, 19 (right) • NS appointment: NS Ops Support Officer, SPF ‘D’ Division • Enlisted 14 December 2010

SCDF SSG (NS) Mohamed Nasir Bin Ibrahim, 56 • Auxiliary police officer with Singapore Airport Terminal Services • NS appointment: Rescuer NCO, SCDF Basic Rescue Training Centre • Enlisted 29 July 1977 2LT (NS) Sharif Hidayat, 21 • NS appointment: Commander, Special Rescue Platoon, 1st Division, SCDF • Enlisted 11 July 2011

get active

Be inspired by these Olympic sports! A well-known motto of the Olympic Games is that “the most important thing is not to win but to take part!” Now you can also be an Olympian – find out what you’ve been missing, then turn to the centrefold to sign up now!

Judo and taekwondo

Calories burnt per hour (judo): 704 Calories burnt per hour (taekwondo): 704 These are the only two Asian martial arts in the Olympics, and both have a loyal following of millions worldwide. In judo (which means “the gentle way” in Japanese), a small player can overcome a much bigger opponent with the correct strategy and technique, and the focus here is on throwing and locking, rather than hitting or attacking. In contrast, taekwondo (which means “the way of the hand and foot” in Korean) is known for its spectacular kicks and punches that break bones as well as wooden boards. No matter which martial art (or both) you choose to practice, the physical and mental strength gained will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

Calories burnt per hour: 704 You don’t need to be Michael Phelps to take up swimming, although it’d help if you’ve got an arm span that’s greater than your height. And it’s not true that humans can never swim faster than a fish. Scientists tell us that we can outswim a mudskipper. Even though there’s little danger of being eaten by a mutant mudskipper, swimming is a great way to lose weight and tone your entire body. Another piece of trivia – we swim faster than the average dog (unless the stroke you’re using is the dog paddle).


WORDS WINNIE KOH Photos istockphoto; shutterstock


Aqua aerobics

Calories burnt per hour: 281 If you’re awed by aquatic ballerinas doing their “Swan Lake” at the synchonised swimming event, the good news is you can do a Jane Fonda at a swimming pool near you. Aqua aerobics make for a great low-impact workout that’s gentle on the joints, but if you’re thinking this is for those who are 60 rather than 16, think again. The resistance and intensity involved can pack quite a punch – apparently aqua aerobics helped Britney Spears get her killer abs in her heyday. Give it a try and you might get a few more abs yourself.

Archery and shooting

Calories burnt per hour (archery): 246 Calories burnt per hour (shooting): 175 What do Robin Hood, William Tell and Legolas have in common? Steely nerves, perfect eyesight and superb hand-eye coordination. Although gone are the days when we need to shower arrows on evil sheriffs and apples and orcs, archery is a wonderful way to practise focus and discipline. The same goes for shooting. With HomeTeamNS’ Archery Club and Air Gun Club, you can shoot to your heart’s content with all the arrows and rounds you want. Apples not included.


Calories burnt per hour: 317 With a smash clocking in at 300 kilometres per hour, badminton is the world’s fastest racquet game. This game requires explosive speed, agility and the ability to think on your feet – skills all put to good use when we need to chope a table at lunchtime in town. What’s more, you’ll find there’s no lack of badminton kakis around, as it’s the world’s most popular sport after soccer.

Be an Olympian with HomeTeamNS! Turn to page 18 and 19 to sign up today!

Sources: NutriStrategy ( and Calorie Count ( Calories burnt for each sport are calculated for a guy weighing 70kg.

young talent — scdf

Sultry in Motion Firefighter SGT Isammudin sets the dance floor on fire

SGT Muhammad Isammudin Bin Ismail Age 25 Appointment Section Commander, Yishun Fire Station, SCDF Specialties Cha-cha, rumba, jive Achievements • Quarterfinalist, 8th SGDF Singapore Nationals DanceSport Championships 2008 • Semifinalist, 9th SGDF Singapore Nationals DanceSport Championships 2009

You could probably consider SGT Isammudin a natural talent – one good enough to compete just months after taking up dancing. Frontline speaks to this young dancer who’s got all the right moves. What do you do in the SCDF? I lead a team of firefighters as a Section Commander with Yishun Fire Station. When activated, we are ready for action within one minute, and we arrive at the scene within five to eight minutes. I also assist the officers to investigate the cause of minor fires. How did you get started in ballroom dancing? In 2008, I took up Latin dance when I joined the DanceSport Club during my third year in Singapore Polytechnic. In that same year I took part in the Singapore Nationals DanceSport Championships organised by the Singapore DanceSport Federation, and I got to the quarterfinals. The next year I joined the competition again and reached the semifinals.

What’s next in your dancing career? I’d still like to take part in competitions, but I’ll need to get a good partner first. For now I will continue to dance for leisure. I may also teach dancing in future. Any advice for aspiring dancers? Some people may see dancing as a rather unmanly activity, with tight pants and all, but it feels great when I try it! So don’t be shy. Give yourself a chance and be willing to learn. Don’t be bothered by what other people think. Treat it as a challenge to yourself!


Words JEFFREY KONG PHOTOS Gin Kah/Shining Head Media

How did you become so good in what you do? Let the music move you naturally. When training for competition, I practise two evenings a week for four hours each time. It’s important to be really familiar with the dance routine, as every contestant needs to compete in all the styles, including cha-cha, rumba and jive. I keep my body in shape to build up my stamina for performance. I also learn by watching dance videos on YouTube.

young talent — spf

Ace of Base

CPL Chew Jee Boon is a hard hitter in both softball and baseball

CPL Chew Jee Boon Age 23 Appointment Assistant Protocol Officer, International Cooperation Department, SPF Specialties Softball, baseball Achievements • Singapore South Zone Schools Sports Council Colours Award 2006 • Emerged second in Bangsaen Open (Thailand) 2009 • Emerged first in Malaysian Open 2010

CPL Chew Jee Boon may be all of 23, but he’s already been playing softball and baseball for a decade. Frontline touches base with this seasoned hitman. What do you do in the SPF? As an Assistant Protocol Officer, I help to take care of the SPF’s foreign guests, such as making arrangements for their meals and transport. This is a job that requires a fair bit of tact and communication skills. How did you get started in softball? I started playing softball for fun in secondary school when I was 13. The coach thought I had potential, and so I became part of the combined school team. Then I played softball and baseball for the Singapore Recreation Club. After that I made the Singapore youth softball team (under-19) and the men’s softball team. Nowadays I play second base and the designated hitter. How did you become so good in what you do? When I was with the national team, I trained from 7pm to 10pm almost every day. Thankfully my SPF superiors allowed me to go for training and make up for my duties on non-training days. As a hitter I could easily hit around 200 balls in the space of three hours. What’s next in your sporting career? Right now I’m aiming to get into the men’s baseball team for next year’s Southeast Asian Games in Myanmar. Even when I am no longer able to play competitively, I will continue to play softball for fun, and may become a part-time coach or umpire. Any advice for those who’d like to take up softball? Just try! Compared to baseball, softball is an easier sport to pick up, with a smaller field and a larger ball. To join a rookie team, check out NTUC’s U Sports ( Here you can try slow-pitch softball. Unlike fast-pitch softball, in slow-pitch softball the ball is pitched slowly to the batter, making it easier for beginners to pick up the game.

food spy

Taste of Tradition Relive the good old days with these authentic eats!

Ming Chung Restaurant

There’s something seriously old school about a restaurant when your cutlery comes immersed in a metal bowl filled with boiling-hot water. Expect nothing less from this gem that’s been serving authentic Henghwa cuisine since 1933. Just $4 gets you their signature lor mee – braised noodles swimming in a thick gravy chock full of fresh clams, yam, egg, prawn, squid and more. The perfect complement to this bowl of goodness is a generous dousing of vinegar, which is thoughtfully housed in the Bacardi Breezer bottle that sits on every table. Other perennial faves include their stir-fried clams and fried prawn paste chicken wings. There’s often a queue and you may need to share a table with fellow foodies, but the taste of home-cooked Henghwa food at an unbeatable price is more than worth the wait. Prices $4 for lor mee, $9 for stir-fried clams, $9 for prawn paste chicken wings Where 67 Maude Road (between Jalan Besar and King George’s Avenue) Open Tue–Sun 3pm–11.30pm

Ready to relive some childhood memories? The popular mee siam here is reminiscent of an old primary school canteen, while the chicken cutlet with homemade sweet and sour sauce is their modern take on the classic Hainanese pork chop. Write your order on a little whiteboard, and while you wait for your food, there’s a box of toys on your table with childhood games such as five stones and erasers with country flags on them. Those who are health-conscious will be glad to know there’s no MSG added in all their food. With its homely setting and retro paraphernalia, this place will take you back to the days when recess time was so much fun. Prices $5.50 for mee siam, $8.90 for Hainanese chicken cutlet Where 215M Upper Thomson Road Open Wed–Sun 12pm–11pm


In the eighties and nineties, Marina South was a carefree place to fly a kite, go bowling and groove the night away at the Cantopop pub. It was also known for a popular stall with spicy curry chicken, mutton, vegetable, fish and fish head. Come August, the original curry from Marina South will be back at Amara Hotel, where it will expand its offerings to include curry beef, seafood, prata, noodles, nasi lemak and chicken pie. All curry will be served piping hot over a flaming stove. Prices $5.90 for curry chicken, $8.90 for curry mutton, $29.90 for curry fish head Where 100 Tras Street, 100 AM, #03-14B (opening on 10 August) Open Mon–Sun 9am–10pm


Old School Delights

Na Na Curry

Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant

Ibrahim Mee Stall

With the passing of the legendary Shukor Stall Makanan Istimewa (originally at the now-defunct Taman Serasi Food Centre at Botanic Gardens and later at Serangoon Garden Way Food Centre), one of the best places to go for roti john is this friendly stall at Adam Road. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, bursting with egg and mutton bits in the middle, with a killer homemade sweet chilli sauce – this is everything a good roti john should be. Prices $3.50 for mutton roti john, $4 for chicken roti john, add $0.50 for cheese Where Stall #4, Adam Road Food Centre, 2 Adam Road Open Mon–Sun 9am–4am; closed on alternate Mondays

There are few places better than this for a midnight snack with your mates. With half a century to get their taste just right, this establishment is all about authentic Hong Kong and Shanghai dim sum at affordable prices. Their juicy xiao long bao are packed with savoury soup, and the deep fried mee suah kueh (vermicelli cake) is a crispy twist on the fried carrot cake. Try also the steamed salted egg yolk custard bun, a new dish that will have you oozing with (yellow) satisfaction. There’s always a queue in the early evening, and reservations are not accepted. If you don’t have time to dine in, you can always bring home these goodies from the takeaway counter. Prices $4 for xiao long bao (set of four), $3.30 for salted egg yolk custard bun (set of three), $2 for mee suah kueh (set of two) Where 185/187/189/191 Jalan Besar Open Mon–Sat 6pm–10am; Sun 6pm– 12pm; closed on Tuesdays

Goodwood Hotel Durian Fiesta

Durian Durian is back! By the time you read this, you’ve got just a month left to catch this annual feast that’s got durian lovers hooked since 1983. Come undone as you sink your teeth into the finest D24 durian pastries – from this year’s new Durian Banana Chocolate Mousse Cake to classic hits such as Durian Cappuccino Cake and Durian Mousse Cake. Prices $32.80++ per person for dessert buffet with durian pastries only Where Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road When Till 31 July

Nam San Otah

Our food spies go to great lengths to sniff out good food, but thankfully it’s rather easy in this case. That’s because you can catch the unmistakable aroma of grilled fish paste and banana leaf from a good distance away. Their smooth and succulent otah is satisfying with rice or on its own, and the menu includes mackerel, prawn, sotong and fish roe otah. Available for takeaways only. Prices $1 for mackerel otah, $1.10 for prawn otah, $1.10 for sotong otah, $2 for fish roe otah Where 261 Joo Chiat Road Open 24 hours, every day

family fun

Heritage Haunts Rediscover our rich history with these awesome trails!

Relive the illustrious history of our civil defence force at the CD Heritage Gallery in Singapore’s oldest existing fire station. Feast your eyes on vintage fire engines, understand the challenges faced by the fledging force and learn about a four-legged firefighter friend. Just a few steps away is the Singapore Philatelic Museum, where you can learn about our history through the colourful world of postal services, then walk over to the Peranakan Museum to experience the vibrant heritage of the nyonyas and babas. These attractions are located along the Civic District Trail II marked out by the National Heritage Board (


Civil Defence Heritage Gallery

Singapore Philatelic Museum

Peranakan Museum

Where Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, Central Fire Station, 62 Hill Street (opposite Funan DigitaLife Mall) Open Tue–Sun 10am–5pm Admission Free

Where 23-B Coleman Street Open Mon 1–7pm; Tue–Sun 9am–7pm Admission $6 for adults, $4 for children, free for NSFs and senior citizens

Where 39 Armenian Street (next to The Substation) Open Mon 1–7pm; Tue–Sun 9am–7pm (till 9pm on Fridays) Admission $6 for adults, free for NSFs and senior citizens


Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, Singapore Philatelic Museum and Peranakan Museum

Police Heritage Centre and TTSH Heritage Museum Find out how Singapore became one of the safest cities in the world. At the Police Heritage Centre in New Phoenix Park, see how the SPF has become a defender of justice and equality since its founding in 1819, and pay tribute to the officers who gave their lives in the line of duty. If you park at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, drop by the small TTSH Heritage Museum next to the food court. Here you can learn how a Peranakan merchant set out to care for all patients regardless of race, language or religion, and view some hypodermic relics that will make you thankful for the advanced state of medicine today. Police Heritage

TTSH Heritage Museum

Where New Phoenix Park, Police Headquarters Tower, Level 1 and 2, 28 Irrawaddy Road (next to Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Ren Ci Community Hospital) Open Tue–Fri 10am–5pm; Sat 10am–1pm Admission Free (need to make appointment online at least five working days in advance; minimum of five persons for guided tour)

Where Tan Tock Seng Hospital, 11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng (museum is next to food court on first level) Open Mon–Fri 8.30am–6pm Admission Free

family fun

Sun Yat-sen Nanyang Memorial Hall The next time you’re at the Balestier Clubhouse, why not step inside this villa to learn about the life and times of the father of modern China. Re-opened in October 2011 after a year of renovation, this institution traces Sun Yat-sen’s revolutionary activities in Southeast Asia, and explores the influence of the 1911 Chinese Revolution on the Chinese community in Singapore. Sun Yat-sen Nanyang Memorial Hall Where 12 Tai Gin Road (near HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse) Open Tue–Fri 10am–5pm Admission $4 for adults, free for children, NSFs and senior citizens

Singapore City Gallery Fancy a bird’s eye view of Singapore? You could take a ride on the Singapore Flyer or Singapore Cable Car, or get on top the Sands SkyPark or Pinnacle@Duxton. Or visit this hidden gem that lies next to the Maxwell Road Food Centre and Red Dot Design Museum. Check out the wonderfully detailed maps and models that reveal the past, present and future of our urban planning – or imagine this was what Tokyo and New York looked like to Godzilla and King Kong. Singapore City Gallery Where 45 Maxwell Road, The URA Centre Open Mon–Sat 9am–5pm Admission Free


Mint Museum of Toys This is one for the young – and the young at heart. The Mint (Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys) Museum of Toys is the world’s first purpose-built museum for toys, which all happen to belong to its Singaporean owner (lucky kid!). Go back in time and space with more than 50,000 vintage toys and memorabilia from more than 40 countries, from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century. Every toy tells a story, and this museum has plenty of stories for all of us. Mint Museum of Toys Where 26 Seah Street (opposite Raffles Hotel) Open Mon–Sun 9.30am–6.30pm Admission $15 for adults, $7.50 for children and senior citizens (family promotions available)

Battle for Singapore Trails History buffs will love this one. Now you can relive the battle for Singapore with this free app developed by the National Heritage Board and the National Archives of Singapore. Experience for yourself the bravery of the Malay Regiment at Bukit Chandu, and learn why British troops surrendered to a much smaller Japanese force. Running across the northern, western, central and eastern parts of Singapore, these trails highlight historical moments such as the landing of Japanese forces on the island, the last battle of Singapore and the impact of World War II on civilians and prisoners of war. Historic sites covered include the Kranji War Memorial, Reflections at Bukit Chandu and Memories at Old Ford Factory.

Visit NHB museums for free!

11B at these cool eums every day? Just flash your get free admission to all NHB mus nakan Museum, Pera e, apor Sing of eum Do you know that full-time NSFs at Old Ford Factory, National Mus ories Mem , eum Mus eum. Now that’s ons Mus isati telic places: Asian Civil at 8Q) and Singapore Phila apore Art Museum (including SAM ils. deta e mor for l htm tion. omo Reflections at Bukit Chandu, Sing entry_pr n! Visit one of the perks of serving the natio

go go Retro

1 Fujifilm FinePix X100 digital camera ($1,599) 2 Calendar flip clock ($149) 3 Lego notebook ($11.90) 4 Rubik’s Cube coasters, set of six ($15.90) 5 Retro 1970s desktop telephone ($90) 6 Film paper towel box ($19.90) 7 Casio F-91W wristwatch (price on request) 8 Holga 10-in-1 special lens and filter turret for iPhone 4/4S ($29) 9 Herringbone Beatle Medium Brown camera bag ($249) 10 Casio DBC-32 Multilingual Calculator Data Bank wristwatch (price on request) 11 Vinyl coasters, set of six ($16.90) 12 USB SuperMute metal fan ($23) 13 Creative cloth wallet ($19.90)


PHOTO Munster & long fei/t2 pictures Art direction Stephanie lim

tech watch

style e cool c h t e ool Reliv of yesteryear ts! e s e e g h t gad with

Item 1 available at major camera retailers; items 2–6, 8, 11–13 available at Kiitos The Lifestyle Shop ( outlets; items 7 and 10 available from several shops at The Bencoolen (180A Bencoolen Street); item 9 available at Red Dot Photo Singapore (

What’s on

NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HomeTeamNS 8th Annual General Meeting 29 September, Saturday, 3pm HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok Clubhouse, Auditorium FOR ORDINARY MEMBERS AGENDA • President’s Message • General Secretary’s Report • Adoption of Annual Report • Financial Statements • Presentation of Most Supportive Division Awards • Dinner Reception Copies of the Annual Report will be available at the Bukit Batok, Sembawang and Balestier Clubhouses by the first week of September. To register, email or call 6665-4621 by 21 September. Questions to be raised at the AGM should be submitted by 15 September to the above stated email address.


What’s on

Loving Singapore, Our Home Join HomeTeamNS in celebrating NDP 2012! With its theme of “Loving Singapore, Our Home”, this year’s NDP, which will be held by the waterfront promenade of the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza, is an invitation for us to rediscover and remember what we love about Singapore. Now HomeTeamNS members can register to be part of the action! Each member is allowed only one ticket, which provides entry for three other persons to the event, and includes one official NDP 2012 Fun Pack. Registration can be done only through email. To register, email your name, NRIC, contact number and home address to by 31 July. Tickets are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Upcoming Golf Games for 2012 When



5 July

Horizon Hills Golf Resort

Monthly Medal

23 August

Raffles Country Club

HomeTeamNS vs SAFRA

31 August

HomeTeamNS Pasir Ris Chalet

Golfers’ Get-Together

18 September

Tanah Merah Country Club

Wong Kan Seng Challenge Trophy

11 October

Sembawang Country Club

Monthly Medal

Dates and games are subject to changes. Email for more information.

What’s on

BALESTIER CLUBHOUSE For courses at Balestier Clubhouse, please call Eddric at 6353-3131/6351-8139 or email


Saturday Where Dance Studio Duration 10 sessions Tiny Tots (for age 4) When 9.45–10.30am Fees $105 for members $115 for guests Pre-Ballet (for ages 5–6) When 10.45–11.30am Fees $105 for members $115 for guests

Primary Ballet (for ages 6–7) When 11.45am–12.30pm Fees $105 for members $115 for guests Grade One (for ages 7–8) When 12.30–1.30pm Fees $120 for members $125 for guests Sign up now! For more details, please call Ms Evangeline Chong at 9734-8983 or email


Friday For ages 5–12 When 7.15–8.15pm For ages 13 and above When 7.15–8.30pm Fees $135 for members $150 for guests Duration 3 months



Tuesday Beginner When 7.30–8.30pm Intermediate When 8–9pm Where Learning Centre Fees $100 for members $110 for guests Duration 8 sessions

Tuesday and Thursday When 7–9pm Where Dance Studio Fees $50 for members $55 for guests Duration 10 sessions

Aqua-aerobics YOGA

Wednesday When 7.30–9pm Where Learning Centre Fees $65 for members $70 for guests Duration 12 sessions

Thursday When 7.45–8.45pm Where Swimming Pool Fees $45 for members $55 for guests Duration 4 sessions Note: Classes commence on 7 June

Sign up now!

For more details, call Ms Jean Tan at 9691-4973 or email

BAZGYM GYMNASTICS SCHOOL Weekdays and weekends Gym Bears (for ages 3–5) Fees $280 for members $290 for guests Duration Minimum 11 sessions Gym Boys/Girls (for ages 6–8) Fees $280 for members $290 for guests Duration Minimum 11 sessions Physio Gym (for ages 5 and above with special needs) Fees $340 for members $350 for guests Duration Minimum 11 sessions

Weekends Mini Bears (for ages 3–4) Fees $315 for members $325 for guests Duration Minimum 11 sessions One-time registration fee $25 for members $50 for guests

Sign up now!

For more details on class schedules, call BazGym at 6256-8191


Sunday When 11am–12pm Where Learning Centre Fees $80 for members $90 for guests Duration 10 sessions


Sunday When 5–6pm Fees $100 for members $110 for guests Duration 10 sessions

Saturday and Sunday When Saturday: 3–7pm Sunday: 10am–12pm and 3–6pm Size 5–10 students Fees $120 for members $140 for guests Duration 10 sessions


Photos istockphoto


What’s on

BUKIT BATOK CLUBHOUSE For courses at Bukit Batok Clubhouse, please call Edi at 6665-4609 or email


Where Squash Court Junior Course Fees $190 for members $200 for guests Duration 10 sessions Beginner Course (4–8 pax) Fees $75 for members $85 for guests Duration 5 sessions Beginner Course (2 pax) Fees $130 for members $140 for guests Duration 5 sessions Intermediate Course (4 pax) Fees $180 for members $200 for guests Duration 8 sessions Intermediate Course (2 pax) Fees $240 for members $260 for guests Duration 8 sessions

Sign up now!

For more details, call Mr Richard Koh at 9664-5536 or email


Saturday For ages 7–8 When Saturday 4–5pm For ages 9–11 When Saturday 5–6pm Where Function Room Fees $100 for members $110 for guests Duration 8 sessions Sign up now! For more details, call Mr Hansen Bay at 9793-9745 or email


Sunday When 2–4pm Where Multi-Purpose Hall Fees $80 for members $85 for guests Duration 1 month

Sign up now!

For more details, call Mr Jack at 6561-7078


Where Gymnasium One-to-one: Fees $20 for members $25 for guests Duration Minimum 5 sessions Group (2 pax): Fees $30 for members $40 for guests Duration Minimum 5 sessions Note: 1.5 hours each session. Prices quoted are per session

Sign up now!

For more details, call our gym instructors at 6665-4637 or email fitness_workz@


Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Where Dance Studio Duration 10 sessions Tiny Tots (for ages 4–5) When Thursday 7–7.45pm Sunday 11.45am–12.30pm Fees $105 for members $115 for guests Pre-Ballet (for ages 5–6) When Saturday 3.30–4.15pm Fees $105 for members $115 for guests Primary Ballet (for ages 6–7) When Saturday 2.45–3.30pm Fees $105 for members $115 for guests Grade One (for ages 7–8) When Sunday 12.30–1.30pm Fees $120 for members $125 for guests Grade Two (for ages 8–9) When Sunday 2.45–3.30pm Fees $125 for members $130 for guests Grade Three (for ages 9–11) When Sunday 1.45–2.45pm Fees $125 for members $130 for guests Grade Four (for ages 10–12) When Sunday 3.45–5pm Fees $135 for members $140 for guests

Sign up now!

For more details, call Ms Evangeline Chong at 9734-8983 or email


Saturday and Sunday When 1–3pm Where Archery Range Fees $36 (adult) / $20 (junior) for members $50 for guests Duration 8 sessions

Sign up now!

For more details, call Mr Terriss Chooi at 6665-4634 or email archery_club@

BODY TONING Saturday When 10.30–11.30am Where Dance Studio Fees $90 for members $100 for guests Duration 10 sessions

Sign up now!

Air Gun Aikido Monthly Shoot


Sign up now!

For more details, call Ms Shirley Tan at 9744-1772 or email

Monday and Wednesday When Monday 7–8pm Monday 8–9pm Wednesday 7.30–8.30pm Where Dance Studio Fees $40 for members $48 for guests Duration 4 sessions

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For more details, call Mr Edi Yamin at 6665-4609 or email

(second Sunday of the month) When 10am–1pm Where Air Gun Shooting Range Fees $5 Duration 8 sessions

Friday When 8–9.30pm Where Multi-Purpose Hall Fees $135 for members $150 for guests Duration 3 months

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For more details, call our range officers at 6665-4633 or email

For more details, call Ms Cheen Cheen at 6256-0111 or email hq@



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Wednesday When 8–9.30pm Where Function Room Fees $100 for members $105 for guests Duration 10 sessions

For more details, call Ms Helen Goh at 9185-1417 or email

Where Tennis Court Adult Beginner Course (4–6 pax) Fees $188 for members $208 for guests Duration 6 sessions

For more details, call Mr Danny Yip at 9438-2951 or email


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Enjoy the rewards of being a HomeTeamNS member with exclusive treats during your special month


HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, Tel: 6569-2515

Enjoy 50%+10% off on any face or body treatment (valid for one time only)

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$2 per game (maximum two games)

TANG SPORT SHOP HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, Tel: 6561-7078

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LASER QUEST HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, Tel: 6665-4632

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BAZGYM GYMNASTICS SCHOOL HomeTeamNS-JOM @ Balestier, Tel: 6256-8191

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TEN DOLLARS CLUB FAMILY KTV KARAOKE HomeTeamNS @ Chinatown, Tel: 6225-1231 HomeTeamNS-JOM @ Balestier, Tel: 6252-5508

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190 Changi Road #B1-01 MDIS Building, near Eunos MRT Tel: 6471-1771

Complimentary Eye Health Screening worth $53 with any eyewear purchased at NOOCC Terms and conditions: • Valid during birthday month • Not valid with other vouchers, promotions, credit card offers and member’s discounts • Present NRIC and membership card to enjoy the offer


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VivoCity, Downtown East and Jurong Point

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The Heeren #12-09 and Novena Square 2 #B1-135 Call 6235-2425 for appointment

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ME NUTRITIONS For purchase, please call 9456-4537

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BIG BEAR CAMPING One for one – Book a tent on your birthday and enjoy another one absolutely free

OUR IN-HOUSE TREATS Terms and conditions apply For more details, visit to print your birthday e-vouchers


Terms and conditions: • Valid during birthday month • For bookings, log on to • Please quote “BDAY 141-HT” in the remarks section during e-booking • Not valid with other promotions or discounts • Member must present NRIC and membership card at time of check-in

Rest and relax Transit tranquillity beckons at the Rainforest Lounge


he next time you need to catch a flight at Changi Airport and you’ve some time to spare, head to the Rainforest Lounge. An oasis of calm for the entire family, the SATS Rainforest Lounge is located at Terminal 1 Departure Transit Lounge West, Level 3, and is easily accessible via Skytrain from Terminals 1, 2 and 3. To celebrate 45 years of NS, the Rainforest Lounge now offers exclusive packages for HomeTeamNS members. Show your membership card to get a free NS45 mocktail. For $45 you can knead your worries away with a professional 45-minute massage, or two members can enjoy a buffet and an invigorating rain shower. So soak up the tropical vibe while you chill out at the Rainforest Lounge. Rainforest Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1, #03-03, Transit Hall West Wing (opposite Gate C1)

Enjoy these exclusive packages for HomeTeamNS members!


NS45 Indulgence for Two • Rainforest on-the-go package 1-for-1 at $45 (no bookings required) • 4-hr food and beverage buffet (excludes alcohol), business centre, shower and toilet facilities NS45 Rejuvenate Package • 45-min massage at $45 per pax (to book, call 6541-8518 or email • Choose from two of three focus areas for massage (leg, shoulders, back) NS45 Mocktail • One free mocktail for every HomeTeamNS member – flash your card at the Rainforest counters • Additional charges per shot for cocktail option

Discover the Secret of Earning More, Living More, and Working Less When 21 July (Saturday), 10am–2pm Where HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, CELL Room Fees $5 for members, $7 for guests Let career coach William unleash your full potential! William’s life journey illustrates the power of lifelong learning and personal development. Initially unable to qualify for university, he set his mind on pursuing an alternative path – seven years of work and study that eventually led to a full business degree. William has facilitated several Employability Skills System (Workforce Development Agency) programmes in both English and Mandarin. The organisations he has inspired include Swiss Precision Industries, Neptune Orient Lines and South West CDC. Topics • Identify the career with the best chance of success for you • Manage your time, money and energy to stand out in your profession in the shortest time possible • Knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits for success • Light refreshments provided Attend this workshop if you are… • Starting out in your working life and want to have a head start • Not enjoying what you’re doing professionally • Not progressing in your career no matter what you do • Not satisfied with your life • Not sure about your career prospects

Manga Adventure Art

Water Cure

When 7 July (Saturday), 1–3pm Where HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, Children’s Playroom Fees $165 for members, $170 for guests (10 sessions)

When 28 July (Saturday), 10am–1pm Where HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, CELL Room Fees $5 for members, $7 for guests

Learn how to draw manga with this course for beginners. Students will be exposed to basic colour blending, line techniques, creating their very own manga characters and exploring story-based characters. There will be engaging sessions of discussions, projects, assignments and presentations. • Achieve your desired manga style • Explore ideas through visuals, discussions and more • Instill confidence and promote creative thinking skills Look out for “Our Artist Of The Month”, where one chosen artist will be rewarded every month. You can view all our students’ artwork at the children’s playroom beside the swimming pool.

Learn how drinking water can help relieve health disorders and enhance your immune system! This talk will share the works of Dr F. Batmanghelidj (aka Dr Batman), who had devoted more than twenty years to research the role of water in the body. His famous saying “You’re not sick; you’re thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medication” has helped many people improve their health. This talk is suitable for people who are looking for answers to staying healthy, especially for those who are not getting positive results from healthcare advice. Topics • The speaker will share important information from the book Your Body’s Many Cries For Water by Dr F. Batmanghelidj • How to naturally prevent and reverse conditions such as obesity, asthma, allergies, dyspeptic pain, joint pain, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, stress, chronic fatigue, depression and diabetes • The correct way of drinking water

To register, call Jonathan at 6665-4608 or email 22

Photos istockphoto; shutterstock


What’s on

How To Beat Your Sleeping Problem When 4 August (Saturday), 10am–1pm Where HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, CELL Room Fees $5 for members, $7 for guests Do you or anyone you know suffer from sleeping problems? Learn about a clever sleeping system that will improve your health. The speaker was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, an autoimmune disease that drastically affected sleep. When Western medicine was unable to help, the speaker turned to alternative medicine, and after ten years of research found a clever sleeping system that cured the Grave’s disease naturally without medication – clinical reports showed complete recovery with no relapse. Since then the speaker has been helping people perfect their sleep, especially those with: • Insomnia and depression • Diabetes • High blood pressure • Allergies and asthma • Thyroid issues • Arthritis • Headache and migraine • Aches and pain In this seminar, the speaker will share this clever sleeping system along with some shocking truths. Participants get a chance to win a packet of Energia beads worth $99! These beads are able to convert drinking water into healthy, alkaline, ionised and energised water.

Doctor-Link International Health Care Seminar

When 25 August (Saturday), 1.30–3.30pm (minimum pax of 30) Where HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, CELL Room Fees $5 for members, $7 for guests Topics • Debunk some common myths of cataracts Myth 1: Cataracts are not a common problem Myth 2: Cataract treatment has to be done only after the cataract is developed Myth 3: One has to wear glasses after cataract surgery Myth 4: Cataract surgery requires hospitalisation Myth 5: Cataract surgery requires full anesthesia • How cataracts can be treated with the new LensX technology What treatments are available? What is LensX Technology? Is this technology a better option? What’s the difference between LensX Technology and phacoemulsification?

• Eye aesthetics: Truths and myths What causes eyebags, dark eye circles, droopy eyelids and wrinkles? Are creams effective in solving these problems? New non-invasive technology available for eye aesthetics About the speaker Dr. Steve Seah Kah Leng, Steve Seah Eye Centre and Eye Aesthetics Centre Singapore MBBS (S’pore), FRCS (Ed), MMed (Ophth), FRCS (G), FRCOphth UK, FAMS • Medical director cum senior consultant ophthalmic surgeon • Over 21 years of experience in cataract, glaucoma and laser refractive surgeries • Pioneer surgeon in Asia to perform PAC LASIK treatment • Founding executive member of the Asian Oceanic Glaucoma Society • Member of the Glaucoma Research Society, a prestigious organisation with membership limited to 50 top glaucoma specialists worldwide


What’s on

Swimming Marathon When 1 September (Saturday), 12pm–6pm Where Old Police Academy Swimming Pool Fees $17 for members, $19 for guests • All swimmers who complete 1,500m, 3,000m or 5,000m will receive an achievement certificate and a woven badge from the Swimming Teachers’ Association • Registration and payment can be made at HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse • All participants are to report at the registration booth by 11.15am • Swimmers can collect their certificate and a woven badge from the HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse reception

9-Pin Bowling Tournament • Registration starts at 9am, roll-off at 9.30am • There is a handicap of 15 points per game for woman and children under 12 years • Special promotion for members: Sign up for the next two tournaments now at a discounted price of $30 (non-refundable) • Cash voucher worth $240 to be given away!

To register, call Eddric at 6353-3131/6351-8139 or email 24

Photos shutterstock

When 9 September (Sunday) and 9 December (Sunday), 9.30am–2pm Where HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse Bowling Alley Fees $18 for members, $23 for guests

Wine Dinner 2012 When 12 October (Friday), 7.30–9.30pm Where HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse Function Room Fees $30 for members, $35 for guests • Open to all on a first come, first served basis • Red/white French wine from various countries paired with exquisite dishes from Seafood Kampong Restaurant

Joo Chiat Heritage Food Trail by Maureen and Derrick

Shell Livewire Entrepreneur Talk

When 6 October (Saturday), 11am–2pm Where HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse and Katong area Fees $27 for members, $32 for guests

When 22 September, 13 October and 3 November (all Saturdays), 9.30am–12pm Where HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse Function Room Fees $10 for members, $15 for guests

Go on a guided tour of the best food in Katong by renowned food bloggers Maureen Ow ( and Derrick Tan (! • Includes food photography session at 11am • The top three food photos taken on that day will win a prize! • Tips on food blogging • Only limited to 20 spaces, so sign up now!

A free seminar will be conducted on 15 September, 9.30am–12pm at ITE College East Lecture Theatre

club news

Best of both worlds N

Get more perks with the HomeTeamNS-PAssion card! ow membership comes with even more privileges. With the new HomeTeamNS-PAssion card, you get all the existing privileges that HomeTeamNS members enjoy, plus all the special perks offered by the People’s Association. This collaboration between HomeTeamNS and People’s Association was sealed with a memorandum of understanding signed on 19 April at HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok. Present at the signing were Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister of State for Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs and President of


HomeTeamNS; Mr Yam Ah Mee, Chief Executive Director of People’s Association; Mr Ng Joo Hee and Mr Eric Yap, Commissioners of SPF and SCDF; and Mr Chan Boon Fui, Deputy Chief Executive and Group Director (Policy and Corporate Development Cluster) of the People’s Association. “This marks as a stepping stone for future cooperation and more partnership between the two organisations,” said Mr Zulkifli. “We find ways that we can leverage on each other’s strengths.”

in the force — MHA

Comrades with Compassion SCDF, Mercy Relief and Singapore Polytechnic work together for humanitarian causes 1

1. At the MOI signing (from left): COL Yazid Abdullah, Director (Public Affairs Department), SCDF; COMR Eric Yap, Commissioner SCDF; A/P Ho Peng Kee, Chairman, HTVN; Mr T.K Udairam, Chairman, Mercy Relief; Mr Hassan Ahmad, Chief Executive, Mercy Relief; Mr Tan Hang Cheong, Principal, Singapore Polytechnic; and Mr Joshua Soe, Senior Manager, Strategic Innovation and Partnership Unit, Mercy Relief. 2. Sealing their commitment to deepen humanitarian relief efforts.


CDF and Mercy Relief have pledged to work together for a good cause. On 12 April, SCDF Commissioner Eric Yap and Mercy Relief Chief Executive Hassan Ahmad signed a memorandum of intent to share resources and networks in humanitarian cooperation, which included training more humanitarians for the future. Both parties were involved in previous disasters that hit the region – the Asian tsunami of December 2004 (Aceh, Indonesia), the South Asian earthquake of October 2005 (Muzaffarabad, Pakistan), the Wenchuan earthquake of May 2008 (Sichuan, China) and the Padang earthquake of October 2009 (West Sumatra, Indonesia). During the acute post-disaster phase, the SCDF focused on urban search and rescue to rescue trapped victims, while Mercy Relief focused on medical relief, evacuation and provision of basic survival for victims. In the latest partnership, more SCDF officers and members of the Civil Defence Lionhearter Club will join Mercy Relief’s overseas volunteer expeditions and rebuilding programmes. Nurturing tomorrow’s humanitarians In 2010, Mercy Relief and Singapore Polytechnic launched Singapore’s first Diploma-Plus certificate programme in Humanitarian Affairs to acquaint students with the principles, mechanics and dynamics of humanitarian work. Last August, Mercy Relief, Singapore Polytechnic and SCDF held the inaugural Youth Humanitarian Seminar with the theme “Global Citizenry – Youths of Today, Humanitarians of Tomorrow”, which urged secondary and tertiary students to take a proactive role as a responsible global citizen.


“With the creation of the Mercy Relief-Singapore Polytechnic certificate programme in Humanitarian Affairs, SCDF was invited to teach two civil defence-related modules,” said Commissioner Yap. “We believe this will serve as a good platform for SCDF to provide our youths greater insights on disaster response and humanitarian assistance.” SCDF’s wide-ranging capabilities in emergency preparedness and response would help enhance Mercy Relief’s response capacity. With Mercy Relief’s sound humanitarian network in the region, the memorandum would provide SCDF officers with more platforms and opportunities to take part in humanitarian outreach efforts. The memorandum signing, which took place at the Singapore Polytechnic Auditorium, was witnessed by Chairman of Home Team Volunteers’ Network, Assoc Prof Ho Peng Kee, Mercy Relief’s Chairman T K Udairam and SP’s Principal Tan Hang Cheong.

in the force — scdf


the mark

SCDF promotes firefighters to Section Commanders in a historic first


ast November, firefighters Farhan Firdaus Bin Darman and Muhammad Ya’aqub Bin Ridawi made SCDF history as part of the first batch of trainees to attain the rank of lance corporal upon graduating from the 46th Fire Fighter Course (FFC).

SGT Farhan and SGT Ya’aqub joined the senior term of the 8th SCC. After completing their training with outstanding results, SGT Farhan and SGT Ya’aqub were posted to Paya Lebar Fire Station and Yishun Fire Station respectively.

Half a year later, the two FFC graduates made history again as SCDF’s first firefighters to cross over to the 8th Section Commander Course (SCC).

We wish them all the best in their new appointments. Well done guys!

On 27 April, during the passing out ceremony of the 8th SCC, Farhan and Ya’aqub had their hard-earned sergeant epaulettes placed on their shoulders as their loved ones watched on. The Civil Defence Academy recently introduced the crossover scheme to groom firefighters as Section Commanders as an incentive for the top 10% of FFC trainees.

SGT Muhammad Ya’aqub Bin Ridawi (left) and SGT Farhan Firdaus Bin Darman (right) made history as the first SCDF firefighters to cross over as Section Commanders.



Once selected, the candidates will be posted to a fire station as firefighters for the next 17 weeks. During this period, their commanders will monitor and assess them on their leadership potential as Section Commanders. The candidates are then interviewed to determine their suitability.

Getting hooked on fishing has never been easier!


ew to fishing? Once regarded as a sedentary pastime, fishing is fast becoming a popular hobby for both the young and old. Frontline tells you everything you need to know about fishing in Singapore.

I’m not sure if I have time to fish. Why should I go fishing? It is exactly the need to get away that makes fishing a great activity for city folks. Instead of hanging out with family and friends at shopping malls on weekends, take time out to get some fresh air. Fishing is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. Although patience is definitely a virtue in fishing, it does not mean anglers do nothing but wait all day. Take the time to catch up with your loved ones, have a picnic, or read a good book while you’re at it. Singapore is such a small place. Where can I go fishing other than the sea? Not everyone knows this, but our friendly Public Utilities Board allows fishing in designated areas in our reservoirs, so there’s no lack of places to cast your line. These fishing spots include the MacRitchie, Bedok, Kranji, Upper and Lower Seletar and Lower Peirce reservoirs and Jurong Lake. It’s perfectly legal to take home your catch, although more and more anglers are choosing to catch and release their game these days (and we hope you do the same too!). You can also go fishing at the many commercial fishing ponds in Pasir Ris and Punggol. What kind of fish can I expect to catch in Singapore? At local reservoirs, expect nibbles from fish such as the peacock bass, snakehead, toman, tilapia, arowana, aruan, carp and catfish. At commercial ponds, common game include the snapper, grouper and barramundi (seabass). Many rods and reels look really pricey. Is fishing an expensive hobby? Unless you’re catching sharks or sailfish, fishing is actually more affordable than most people think. A value-for-money combo (inclusive of rod, reel, line, hook and swivel) can cost as little as $40 – the Pioneer “Black Gold” combo shown here, which includes a 7ft rod and size 4000 reel (available from Hong Guan Pro-Fishing; retail outlet at 275 Beach Road #01-02), is versatile enough for most anglers to land a catch 8kg or so, and will serve you well for a long time. Okay, I’d like to give fishing a try. Where can I learn the tricks of the trade? A good place to start would be Hong Guan Pro-Fishing (retail outlet at 275 Beach Road #01-02), an established fishing tackle company that has supported HomeTeamNS events for many years. Last year they started a Fishing Clinic for beginners, where newbie anglers get one hour of fishing theory and tips before testing their new skills in a twohour fishing session at a pond. This is a great way to feel what it’s really like to reel in a fish.

Happy fishing! Ltd hing Pte Pro-Fis 02 n a u G g 1#0 Hon ch Road 275 Bea 199549 e 957 r Singapo -9676/6296-9 6 9 2 6 Tel:

club news


Echo Division crowned three-time champ at HomeTeamNS Family Futsal Championship 2012 On 26 May, 91 players from 13 divisions battled it out at Offside @ Whitley for the HomeTeamNS Family Futsal Championship 2012, where the Guest-of-Honour was SUPT (NS) Lionel Chai, HomeTeamNS Management Committee. SPF Echo Division scored a hat trick as the winner for the third time in a row, while second, third and fourth place went to HQ SCDF, Police Coast Guard and 4th CD Division. Well done guys!

Swinging Good Time Golflinks members live it up at the annual overseas golf trip


rom 17 to 21 April, nineteen diehard Golflinks members and guests had a great time in Chongqing, where they enjoyed wonderful weather, spicy food and superb golfing action.

Since it was springtime, the golfers were blessed with 15–20°C weather and plenty of sun at Sun Kingdom Club, Poly Golf Club Phoenix Course and Eagle Course.

Club. Poly Golf Chongqing at s er lf The go

Sun Kingdom Golf Course, which was located at the foot of Jinyun Mountain, had long fairways and bunkers that seem to be everywhere – all 121 of them! The immaculate greens were fast and smooth. Nearly every hole is a dogleg, and the fairways were trimmed short, making short iron shots a delight. It was a fascinating experience to play some island greens in the midst of scenic mountains and lakes. Chongqing Poly Golf Club, which was situated in northern Chongqing, had two world-class 18-hole courses – the Phoenix (South Forest) course and the Eagle (North Mountain) course.


Tourna ment c ham and his pion Sam H en young caddie g Keow .

The Phoenix course features a winding river on its grounds, which means many balls ended up in the water, while the undulating Eagle course required much long carry with its doglegs, semi-island greens and short and long holes. The golfers had a half-day city tour on their last day, where they visited the People’s Assembly Hall and the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers. Everyone had a ball of a time and was already looking forward to next year’s trip.

club news

Sharp TRACOM emerge tops at the HomeTeamNS .38 shooutout Held on 12 May at the Home Team Academy, the annual HomeTeamNS .38 Shooting Competition saw the participation of 151 shooters from 19 SPF and SCDF divisions, as well as agencies such as CISCO, AETOS and SAFRA. Guest-of-Honour was COMR Ng Joo Hee, Commissioner of Police and Vice-President of HomeTeamNS.

Team TRACOM, division champion for the Commissioner of Police Challenge Trophy.

Top honours went to TRACOM, who won the Commissioner of Police Challenge Trophy with a score of 1,271 points. TRACOM Team 1 also won the SPF category with 679 points, while Alpha Team 1 (646 points) and KINS (645 points) came in second and third. The Individual Sharp Shooter title went to Mr Sun Harris from Alpha Division, who scored 232 out of a maximum of 250 points. Well done to all our top guns!

Join our shooters!

Have a blast as an Air Gun Club member Mr Sun Harris from Alpha Division is this year’s top Individual Sharp Shooter.

Do you get a high when you fire a rifle or pistol? Join our HomeTeamNS Air Gun Club and you can use our indoor shooting range! Annual membership fee: $30 for ordinary members, $45 for social members Annual school affiliation membership: $50 Email the range officer at for more information.

Winners of HomeTeamNS Accuracy Challenge 2012 Ten teams from SPF and SCDF tested themselves in archery, bowling and air rifle at the HomeTeamNS Accuracy Challenge 2012. This year’s challenge was held on 19 May at HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok, with LTC (NS) Cheah Kok Keong as the guest-of-honour. The team champion was SCDF 3rd Division with 425 points, while the second and third place went to SPF Transcom (409 points) and Alpha Division (396 points). The first, second and third team winners won cash prizes of $400, $300 and $200 respectively. The individual champion was Mr Richard Tan from Transcom, who scored 186 points and walked away with $150 cash. Congratulations to all our winners!

The champion team from SCDF 3rd Division.

Individual champion Mr Richard Tan from SPF Transcom.

Check out our exclusive offers for members

Gardens By The Bay Set in the heart of the city, the 101-hectare Gardens by the Bay comprises three waterfront gardens in Marina Bay. Bay South, the largest garden at 54 hectares, is the size of 90 football fields and presents the plant kingdom in a whole new way. Be awed by the vertical gardens of the iconic Supertrees, and explore the two cooled conservatories – the Flower Dome, which showcases Mediterranean flora and seasonal flower displays, and the Cloud Forest, which features exotic plants from the tropical highlands and a 35-metre waterfall. Enjoy 10% off on admission rates to the cooled conservatories. Terms and conditions apply. Visit now.

Mad Jack Cafe A halal-certified cafe offering maddeningly good food at crazily affordable prices with five-star quality ingredients, Mad Jack Cafe promises no MSG, no tenderiser, no artificial colouring, no preservatives and no further explanation. Go nuts on pasta, burgers, steaks and seafood that are prepared in a unique crazy way. Drool over delicious cakes and fruit desserts. Delivery and catering services available. If you’re not satisfied with the food, you’ll get a full money back guarantee. Enjoy 10% off nett bill during weekdays! Offer valid for dine-in only. Not valid on weekends or public holidays. Visit or call 6257-5951 for more information.

Fight ageing Collagen makes up about 30% of the protein in our bodies. As we age, the level of collagen will drop by about 1.5% every year. South Korea’s NewScience Laboratories has developed the Ultimate Collagen, which is produced with premium proteolytic enzymes. Halalcertified, each sachet of Ultimate Colla-gen contains nano-collagen as well as acai berry, chrondritin, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, methyl sulfonyl methane, probiotics, blueberry, silica and vitamin C. Shopping online has never been easier. is the place to buy authentic branded bags and watches at a great bargain! Choose from Coach, Kate Spade and other branded bags, watches and gadgets on sale. All products are 100% authentic or get double your money back – guaranteed! Visit for latest offers and promotions.

Two formulations are available. For those aged 20 to 40, the Ultimate Colla-gen Plus nurtures skin, hair and nails. For those in their golden years, Ultimate Colla-gen Gold nurtures joints, bones and skin. Available at Nishino Pharmacy outlets, Pharmex Healthcare outlets and Robinsons Centrepoint at $88 per box (30 sachets per box for one month of use).

• Quote promo code “HomeTeam” during checkout to enjoy an additional 5% discount with any purchase of $99 and above! • This offer applies to discounted items as well!

• Win an Ultimate Colla-gen half-box worth $44! There are 12 boxes to be won! Just submit your NRIC and contact details to by 31 July 2012.


Soleus Watches

Domino’s Pizza Hungry? Choose from the 11 sumptuous Domino’s Pizza specialty pizzas and you’ll get four guarantees: 30-minute delivery, 15-minute take-out, no GST or delivery charges, and product satisfaction or you’ll get a free pizza voucher! If you want to know if your pizza’s on the way or being made, check it out by logging on to Domino’s Pizza Great Pizza Tracker. Domino’s Pizza is halal certified. Get 20% off on Domino’s 11 specialty pizzas till November 2012! To order, call 6222-6333 or go to Terms and conditions apply: 1. For dine-in and takeaway, present HomeTeamNS card upon ordering 2. For online delivery order, visit and key in code “HTNS” 3. For call delivery order, dial 6222-6333 and indicate “HomeTeamNS” discount offer 4. Extra Large Pizza is only available in “NY” crust 5. Surcharge applies for Cheese Burst pizza, First Class pizza and upgrade cheese sauce 6. Discount is not valid with any other discounts, promotions, vouchers, privileges and special menus 7. Domino’s Pizza reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice

This compact GPS watch does it all – it tracks your location, speed, distance, pace and calories burned, and comes with interval timers, data upload and a heart rate monitor! You can also personalise your Soleus GPS by keying in your personal data to track calories burned during your workout.

Domino’s Pizza is on Facebook, and our app is available for download at iPhone App Store.

Enjoy 20% off all watches at OG Orchard Point

For Coffee Lovers Yahava KoffeeWorks is a boutique coffee roaster that brings you a unique experience. Enjoy the adventure as we take you through our range of specialty coffees. Watch our roasters at work or simply enjoy a beautifully brewed coffee with your friends.

NoTikum App

Enjoy 1-for-1 for beverages only (excluding bottled drinks) till end of July Enjoy free coffee tastings daily from 9am to 5pm. Yahava KoffeeWorks Singapore is located at 4 Jalan Gelenggang. Call 6554-7080 for details.

iPhone QR code

Android QR code

Have you ever made a supposedly good buy just to find an even better deal supported by your HomeTeamNS membership card down the street? With Notikum’s cutting edge locationbased search function, finding HomeTeamNS and other card-based offers is no longer a challenging task! Simply start by pre-selecting HomeTeamNS membership card and other cards (such as credit, debit and selected lifestyle club cards) whose deals you are interested in. To explore your deals around you, you can then enter the brand or product category you want to buy from. You can also enter the location (such as shopping mall or street name) that you want to make a purchase from. Alternatively you can enter a combination or even all of the above. Don’t leave it to chance! Download Notikum today and use it to get more bang for your buck! Available through or by scanning the QR codes provided.


Hotel Dining Treats

Singapore Flyer

Food lovers will be spoilt for choice with Millennium & Copthorne Hotels’ 18 restaurants and bars across their Singapore properties. Buffet lovers will also enjoy a plethora of cuisines, which include buffets at Café 2000, Orchard Café, Princess Terrace Cafe, The Buffet and more. Come join us during your birthday month within your stay and enjoy our “Dine 3, Pay 2” buffet promotion! Call our individual hotels for more details: Grand Copthorne Waterfront 6233-1100, Orchard Hotel 6734-7766, M Hotel 62241133 and Copthorne King’s 6733-0011. Terms and conditions apply.

Experience breathtaking panoramic views on the world’s largest observation wheel. Now members can experience the thrill at a nominal fee. Weekdays (Monday to Thursday): $25 per letter Weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays): $30 per letter With effect from 1 August 2012, only one letter is available each day. Each letter admits five persons. For bookings and enquiries, call HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok at 6665-4600.

Columbia Watches Simply divine Jade of India has a menu specially designed to enthrall you. Choose from a wide selection of tandoori kebabs, south and north Indian curries, biryanis, Indian breads, Indo-Chinese dishes, desserts and beverages. Wines have been carefully selected to complement the food. Popular alcoholic drinks are also available. Address: 172 Race Course Road, #01-01/05 Soho @ Farrer, Singapore 218605 Telephone: 6341-7656 Website: Opening hours: Mon– Sun 11am–3pm and 6pm–11pm • HomeTeamNS members get 15% off on any food order (dine-in or takeaway). Just show your membership card to the staff! Valid till August 31, 2012. • Win a Jade of India cash voucher worth $20! There are 25 vouchers to be won! Just submit your NRIC and contact details to by 31 July 2012.


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Our red and white family. Photo by Chua Li Ling

Three cheers for our Red Lions as they touch down on the parade grounds. Photo by Ong Yi Chao

Sharing a special moment with my best friend. Photo by Yeo Bee Lay

My home – a place that I travel 10,000 miles to visit. Photo by Andy Tan Tse Chow

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Action! Be mesmerised by the wonderful performances of National Day. Photo by Lim Yu Jie


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