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Art eMagazine / Easter 2017

HT Art Magazine Publishing’s Team is wishing you a very Happy Easter!

Jurors: Georgia Szollosi painter, director, curator and editor Mike Paul Ellis art collector and financial adviser Zsolt Pinter graphic designer and painter Eva Toth photographer Josephine Holmes guest curator Vivien Domokos guest curatot

On the Cover: Artist: Daniela Ament with “Birth” Media: bronze edition of 9 Size: 45cm Year: 2016 On the Back: Artist: Capt. Stjepko Mamic with “The Net, Cannes” Media: mixed media on canvas Size: 100cm x 80cm Year: 2017

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“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.� Oscar Wilde With great pride and an even greater sense of duty and responsibility we would like to present the 8h volume of our publications the Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017. Our mission is to connect and build a bridge between artists and art lovers by providing and presenting a high quality source of visual art and design through our book, website, magazine and other publications. We are dedicated to bringing happiness and recognition to the artists and joy, beauty and satisfaction to the art lovers let them be collectors, buyers, galleries, curators or others taking pleasure in art and design. This idea was embraced by 32 artists from eleven countries all over the world and this is why we believe that Hidden Treasure Art eMagazines have so much to offer both to the Artist and to the Readers.

Georgia Szollosi director, editor and curator

hidden treasure art magazine’s ARTISTS

AD TOLBOOM.....................................................14 ADI ZUR...............................................................06 BARBIE MONTERROSA...................................16 CAPT. STJEPKO MAMIC........................ ........30 CHASSÉRIAUD FRÉDÉRIC.................... ........40 DANIELA AMENT...................................... ........64 DURAND SEAY...................................................22 ELHAM HAMRAZ..................................... ........66 FRANCESCO SANDRELLI.................... .........42 FU WENJUN........................................................54 GIUSEPPE DIGIACOMO........................ .........76 GUILLERMO GREBE................................. ........46 GUY DOR.................................................... .........10 JEAN-MARC ANGELINI......................... ........50 JUCHUL KIM.............................................. ........20 JULIE RIVER........................................................44 LEO DEVILLE............................................. .........72 LILAC ABRAMSKY-ARAZI............................26 LYNN CHEN.........................................................24 MA NONG.................................................. .........32 MARIAN SAVA...................................................70 MARTA WAPIENNIK.........................................52 MOHADESEH PILEHVARIAN............... ........28 MOLLY J. SCHIFF..................................... ..........12 OHAD GERZI......................................................08 PADMINI....................................................... .........74 PAUL-JÜRGEN WEBER...................................60 SAMANTHA SMITH...........................................18 SHAE WHITE.............................................. ........38 SHENPING WANG.................................... ........68 TYLER J R CANNON.......................................36 ZAHRA KHALILZADEH......................... ........34

Paintings Drawings Mixed Media



Chemistry mixed media on board 38in x 48in 2015

The Power mixed media on board 36in x 48in 2015

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017

“Printing is another form of diary-keeping.� (Picasso)


“I am intensely moved by a notion of a “connector”- an umbilical cord, if you will – which joins us to knowledge, harnessed in the distant past, but driving us into an uncertain future. My recent interest in the fragmented forms of futurism brings this sensibility to the present day. The contemporary world is similarly disjointed as we are bombarded each day by information from competing media. My paintings are born out of a sense that in the midst of this world of media and information there is a calm eye to the storm. I believe that we have lost a connection to this center, just as we have all but lost access to a more fundamental, ancient knowledge.”

Changes Everything mixed media on board 24in x 24in 2015 Wind mixed media on board 24in x 24in 2016

“In my artwork, I use oil paint and combine collage with photographs that I take randomly in my day to day life, and headlines from newspapers. My work, with the use of collage, looks to give shape to this knowledge’s hidden forms, uncovering a personal sense of a past that we all share.“ Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine


OHAD GERZI Woods oil on canvas 80cm x 70cm 2016

Ohad Gerzi, a painter from Kadima. His childhood home was rich with music, culture and art. His grandfather, who was a painter and a scientist, introduced him to the art of sketching. When he was 5, they carved together his first colour palette. Ever since then, he has been sketching and painting with charcoal and pencils. In his art, the observer can notice the light emerging from the darkness, the heat from the cold, and the human touch in nature. In his paintings, movement is of great importance, which resonates in his extensive use of colors. The colours in his artworks reflect his passion. In the last years he is focusing on using a palette knife, painting oil on canvas.

Prague oil on canvas 50cm x 70cm 2016 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Stockholm oil on canvas 40cm x 50cm 2016

Music oil on canvas 25cm x 30cm 2016

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Art is part of every human being’s way of life, but one who makes it his livelihood is truly blessed.For myself art embodies a wide range of complex emotions that weave the fabric of something new and consistency that enables a timeless sense of empathetic familiarity with any person regardless of geographic and cultural boundaries. In my work I create a coalescence and expression of my thoughts through the medium of oil on canvas. Some of my paintings reflect experiences from my own life. In those I open a window to the gamut of my emotional and mental states, thus allowing the observer to comprehend the meanings in my works in a subjective way and introduce them to my language of art. The Dancer oil on canvas 70cm x 50cm 2014

Smoke oil on canvas 40cm x 30cm 2014

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


The painting. A moment in a life OR a life in a moment. The intimate dialogue and solidarity are some of the parameters I strive to achieve while developing my art language to no boundary, that, with the love of humanity and any living soul as my guiding light. The volume of the artwork, it echoes and emotional magnitude do not necessarily reflect the adherence to classical rules of art. Unknown oil on canvas cm x cm 2015

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine


MOLLY J. SCHIFF Ancient Chimu Inspirations via Studies I-II-III acrylic on canvas 36in x 48in 2014

Molly’s studies (Painting-Drawing-Printing-Art Education) lead to degrees (BFAMFA-MAAE) at the School of The Art Institute in Chicago. Her professional artistic abilities further were enhanced in her roles as teacher, photographer, lecturer, curator and artist. Moreover, travels to almost 100 countries provided visual and thoughtful impressions of many differing cultures. She is represented in museums, corporations and private collections.

Ancient Chimu +Paracas Multi Inspirations acrylic on canvas 40in x 30in 2015 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Ancient Chimu +Warli Inspirations II acrylic on canvas 48in x 48in 2014

The art works seen here are part of a suite of 25 paintings chiefly inspired by ancient Chimu and Paracas ceremonial textiles from Peru. Further historic information and earlier explorative imagery can be read and seen in her website as listed above.

Chimu Reversed Inspirations via Studies 2 acrylic on canvas 36in x 36in 2014

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Treatening oil on canvas 80cm x 60cm 2016

Formation of the Earth oil on canvas 70cm x 50cm 2015

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Ad was born on May 3rd 1939 in the Netherlands, in a village called Hoogland. Art, and especially painting is his great passion for more than 60 years. Preferable he takes a subject from nature, gives his fantasy space and a surrealist painting emerges almost automatically. A painting which he has worked with pleasure, with love for detail and beautiful to look at. Of course he also creates realistic work. Ad works with oil- and acrylic paints, both free and commissioned.

What is this? oil on canvas 80cm x 60cm 2014

Poor Mouse oil on canvas 70cm x 50cm 2014

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Surrounded by the Love of Colour acrylic on canvas 16in x 20in 2016

Barbara Monterrosa is an Author and Artist from Detroit Michigan, she began painting 12 years ago. She has a burning desire within her to paint with a lot of emotions. It’s something she is very passionate about. Her style is very diverse as she is always expanding to new levels in her creativity.

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


The Light is Beautiful / acrylic on canvas / 16in x 20in / 2016

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Blue Fairy Ai acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 152.4cm x 121.92cm 2015

Monaco acrylic on canvas 101.6cm x 76.2cm 1997

Annette Princess Jimerson, aka Samantha Smith is an African American artist, with European roots. Jimerson is known for distinctive style, vivid details, bright colours, whimsical symbolism. Her work has been featured in various popular publications, art events, as well as various museums and galleries, across the USA. Including multiple international art books, and websites. She has sold hundreds of paintings including commissions, across the USA.

Spider Boy acrylic on canvas 60.96cm x 76.2cm 2014

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


The Message is Love / arylic on gallery wrapped canvas / 152.4cm x 121.92cm / 2016 Listed International Contemporary Artist EU: Athens, Greece (2016) State of the Art Portugal, Spain (2016) Listed Top 100 Illuminati UK (2012) Marquis Who’s Who American Fine Art Providence, New Jersey (2014 and in 2016) Art Price Paris France (2012 and in 2016) Dick Blick & website Studio: in Winter Sale Magazine San Diego, Ca.Agora Gallery New York City, NY. (2012) Laguna Art Gallery Laguna Beach, CA. (2013) San Clemente Art Gallery, San Clemente, Ca. (2014) Peppertree Studio Cedar Rapids, Ia. (1992) Featured Channel 7 News Station (1993) Contemporanea Art Gallery, Jacksonville Fla. (1992) Weems Gallery (2006) Forbes Magazine Jersey City, NJ in (1993) The Perspective Newspaper, Albuquerque, New Mexico (2006) Cedar Rapids Iowa Gazette (1992) Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Through Our Eyes: African American Artistic Expressions.ExtraImaginary (2012) Interweave Magazine. 75 Artist of all Time Magazine (2012) Abqartreview (2010)

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Born in 1963 Graduated Kaywon Art of High School BA Horn, Sculpture Dept in Chung Ang University.

Accompany - Nice, France oil on canvas 60cm x 60cm 2015

Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated, “A life in harmony with Nature, the love of nature and of virtue, will purge the eyes to understand her text.� Contemporary artist Juchul Kim draws inspiration from this philosophy in his unique compositions which explore and celebrate nature across the world. Mr. Kim is fascinated with the theories of the Impressionists and the Post Impressionists and their determination to study and capture the effects of light on the natural environment through expressive brush strokes. With symphonic precision, he translates familiar scenes onto his canvas with a unique perspective, orchestrated by the delicacy of his brush strokes and the kaleidoscopic hues of his palette. His sudden bursts of pure, brilliant colour with splendid differences of touch and tone exemplify his natural originality and closeness with nature.

Angel oil on canvas 60cm x 60cm 2007

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Brooklyn Bridge - New York oil on canvas 91cm x 62.2cm 2015

Accompany oil on canvas 91cm x 116.7cm 2012

Mr. Kim achieves strong contrasts of light and shade. With an insatiable curiosity for colour, Mr. Kim’s paintings communicate emotion as he uses colour as a tool for linking the viewer with the sublime experience of being in the landscape. As a colourist, he is a virtuoso in using the full range of his palette to create powerful fragments of dynamic tones alongside vibrantly orchestrated planes which immediately demand the viewer’s attention. Excelling at depicting the environment around him, it is not the tangible qualities that are highlighted in his paintings, but the soft memories of specific locals across the world. Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine


DURAND SEAY A deep-south Alabama artist and architect, 61 years old, Durand Seay escapes from traditions that label artists by location. His paintings offer a plastic, flowing, and unpredictable expression, ever changing like water in a stream. As an architect, Seay delivers an understanding of space and the movement within. Therein, time is an essential factor which affects the participant. He builds his expressions from structures intuitively found in nature. There is a language with a quantum perspective, past, present, and future all at once. He harnesses a viewer’s subconscious to instil awareness, insight, achievement and the ascendancy of understanding. With numerous exhibitions all over the southeast since 1978, Seay receives consistent award recognition such as Directors Award, LaGrange Biennial 2016. Recognized for his talents in the kitchen, he enjoys preparing meals only as a chef can. Additionally, he designs jewellery utilizing organic structures like vine wreaths or tangled seaweed.

The Winning Jump oil on gallery wrap canvas 122cm x 91cm 2014

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017

The Wave oil on gallery wrap canvas 91cm x 122cm 2015


Limerence oil on wood panel 50cm x 40cm 2016 Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Woman, Woman oil on canvas 116.5cm x 91cm 2016

Chen studied at National Taiwan University of Arts from 1987 to 1991. Even though graduated with a Bachelor from Design Department, She had involved herself in a variety of Fine Arts learning at NTUA, which were still the nurture for her growth and development in painting. To meet the challenge of being superior to her previous self in creation, she had made a great effort on participating a lot of the juried exhibitions hosted by Taiwan Arts Associations in 1999 to 2013, won many awards including 12 gold medal awards of Art Societies, and, therefore, qualified and invited as a member of Tai-Yang Art Society. Since then she has kept going to participate annually in Art Exhibitions and invited to hold solo exhibitions at the public. Oriental Beauty oil on canvas 116.5cm x 91cm 2012 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Her art philosophy, however, is to create a new style of painting with Oriental language and artwork of goodness, beauty, and truth for sharing with this Universe and expressing the positive power of “Love�. Starting from June 2016, she has actively participated in international juried art competitions and exhibitions. This year an exhibition of her artwork will be held at XIth Florence Biennale, 2017. Right now, she lives and works in Chia-yi, Taiwan.

The Moment of Free oil on canvas 116.5cm x 91cm 2014

Consciousness of a Wonder Fairy oil on canvas 116.5cm x 91cm 2016

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Black and White III acrylic on canvas 105cm x 125cm 2016 Goldfish acrylic on canvas 76cm x 116cm 2017

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Lilac is an artist working with painting and dance. She has a PhD in neuropsychology. Lilac lives and works in Israel and has exhibited in Israel and internationally. Her art is characterised by multi-layers, textures, movement and restless relationships. Lilac is a member of the Israeli Fine Art association and her paintings are found in various collections, including Shari Arison’s.

Dual Space acrylic on canvas 127cm x 105cm 2016

Wandering Fish acrylic on canvas 97cm x 163cm 2016

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine


MOHADESEH PILEHVARIAN Ghoule Nar acrylic and watercolour pencil, colour pencil, coffee and tea as natural colours 40cm x 26cm 2011

Mohadeseh is an artist living and working in Tehran. Born in 1987 in Tehran, Iran. She acquired Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design from The University of Art of Tehran in 2011. She finished the MA 3D Computer Animation program from Bournemouth University, UK in 2013. Since 2013, she has been working as a freelance 3D Generalist for different companies. Also, her interest areas are creating artworks in Acrylics, Water Colour, Digital Fine Art and also mixing media.

Morrat Ibn Hares acrylic and watercolour pencil, colour pencil, coffee and tea as natural colours 40cm x 26cm 2011

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Ghoul Maddeh acrylic and watercolour pencil, colour pencil, coffee and tea as natural colours 40cm x 26cm 2011

Jennian Abi acrylic and watercolour pencil, colour pencil, coffee and tea as natural colours 40cm x 26cm 2011

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Long Net 2 mixed media, glass and ceramics paint on linen canvas 200cm x 110cm 2016

Jellyfish mixed media golden leaves on linen canvas 80cm x 80cm 2017

“Artist, world traveller and captain Stjepko Mamic has spent much of his life at sea and it is from this perspective that he creates his paintings.Inspire by the depth and width of open water, his works represent his connection with the natural world. He manages to “pour” the sea water on canvas and creates unique paintings. From the beginning, Stjepko has made his own path. He has pursued an “ecological vision” of art’s place in contemporary life.He likes to explore new materials and artistic ideas, he often uses paints for the glass and ceramics in combinations with pigments and golden or silver leaves ( new and old techniques ) to create stunning artworks with vivid colours and lighting effects on linen canvas. His works are in holdings of numerous galleries, museums and private collections worldwide. Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Artistic Fish mixed media, golden leaves on linen canvas 80cm x 80cm 2016

For his works he received many international awards. He has exhibited extensively in individually and with groups of authors in Croatia and worldwide. Stjepko is a member of the Accademia Culturale Europe,Italy,The Croatian Association Of Artists-Dubrovnik ,ICAF - International Culture and Arts Federation, South Korea, Arteide, international cultural origination ,Art Nation, international Artist Association from Munich, Germany, Gogyoshi Art Project International and others.�

Through Passage mixed media, glass and ceramics paint on linen canvas 80cm x 80cm 2016

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Big Child One oil on paper 50in x 50in 2015

Cube No. 9111 oil on canvas 30in x 30in 2017

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017

Ma Nong A.K.A Wan Hung Sun, the signifier of identity textures shapes and forms colour brushwork and material these undo character and build up evidence of culture persona and experience. I am a nomad Korean stranger when in Taiwan Taiwanese stranger in Korea and just a stranger in the US. I am interested in identity inherited acquired ascribed in my recent work. I have developed a series of portraits exploring signifiers of human nature. I represent my figures as children’s dolls with exaggerated heads and smaller torsos my figures represent a child-like vulnerability where the feelings of dread loneliness and weakness in the familiar unfamiliar world are conveyed the square box shape I use, represents home.


Cube No. 9092 oil on canvas 30in x 30in 2017

The figure is centered anchored as if trying to root itself into the given frame dimensional crystalline shapes which simultaneously create and break the form symbolize complex units that both comprise and undermine identity colour is bold and convincing resembling that of nationality yet it does not reveal true origin of the figure. She had B.F.A fashion design from Ewha Womans University in Seoul South Korea. She currently lives in Deerfield Beach Florida and gradated her M.F.A in Painting at SCAD

Big Child Swim oil on paper 44in x 46in 2017 Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Mask acrylic on canvas 30cm x 30cm 2015

Zahra Khalilzade was born 23 July 1985 in Iran-Tehran. She was, like many other teenagers interested in art, so she entered the conservatory (institute of art) to continue painting and began to paint at the educational system. Meanwhile, she was doing different things apart from her assignments.

Women acrylic on canvas 100cm x 100cm 2014 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Somali acrylic on canvas 100cm x 70cm 2015

She has different and tender emotions with a sense of philanthropy. These feelings and emotions gradually began to appear in her works and due to living in a society with contradictions, anomalies and a lot of other social problems, those soft and tender emotions slowly became bitter and sad emotions and expressions that are fully evident in her works like choosing everyday social issues of women and children’s lives, as if they are forced to live and surrendered to the conditions. In terms of structure, her works are combinations of all elements which have surrounded the paintings. The use of pure colours and all the controlled lines in the paintings leave nothing to say. A heavy and fierce atmosphere, resulting from solid lines, colours and textures are shown independently in the paintings, as if there is no coordination and a kind of anger and silence reigns in her works. All these, are the result of the tension and struggles that are openly expressed. Because of having problems and difficulties in presenting and exhibiting her works in Iran, she has held several exhibitions outside of Iran in Istanbul, Italy, San Francisco and some other places.

Somali acrylic on canvas 40cm x 50cm 2015

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Tyler Cannon is a Vancouver based visual artist, working primarily in print media and drawing. Cannon’s mother began teaching him to draw and paint at an early age, focusing on wildlife and people. In 2009 his formal training began at North Island College in Courtenay, British Columbia. After completing a fine art diploma at NIC he continued on to Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia. At NSCAD he completed a BFA Major in Interdisciplinary Fine Art with a Minor in Art History focusing primarily in printmaking. Always Looking for a Shock lithographic drawing with monotype 11in x 14in 2013

Generators for Fear of Night colour lithograph with monotype 31in x 23in 2014

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Monod Anatomy lithographic drawing and etching as digital composite 30in x 22in 2013

Despot Love viscosity print 14in x 18in 2014 Cannon’s current work revolves around his ongoing narrative project called Singleton’s Epic. Cannon creates characters, bodies and systems within his other world which interact and live within a strange psychological economy or ecosystem. The central character of the narrative are the singletons, strange human like figures who loaf around the environment focused mainly on hedonistic pleasures. Currently Cannon is attending a Student Scholarship Residency at Malaspina Printmakers in Vancouver. His Newest work is in various states of completion which is tracked on his website and blog. Thematically the newest images orient around imaging states of the Singletons, enmeshed within their machine world as productive cogs, complicit, victims and rowdy fools.

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Kaleidoscope Lady acrylic on canvas 24in x 30in 2013

Born in China, adopted at an early age and raised in the United States, Shae White brings both cultures alive in each of her canvases. Each painting tells so much about her and where she came from. Self-taught at an early age, she learned the most important values: the freedom to explore, to create, and best of all, to try. Some Kind of Wonderful acrylic on canvas 24in x 30in 2014

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Shae ignores the rules so she can express her thoughts in her own way. Her work isn’t abstract, surreal or cubism. It’s a synergy of all those and more. She refers to this style as “Geometrism.” “I feel I have more freedom to try different ways to open my mind and grow every day in ways that inspire me to be better,” - Shae White

The Boy I Love acrylic on canvas 24in x 30in 2014

Natural acrylic on canvas 24in x 24in 2014

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine


CHASSÉRIAUD FRÉDÉRIC The Human Robot A robot is a Human who does not take the time to think linen and oil painting paint brush and knife 60cm x 92cm 2015

The artistic activities, painting and writing, offer wings to my soul. I cannot live without these artistic activities which share my thoughts with others people. With these wings, I do not see the human frontiers which are the fears of the human’s ego. The freedom is the acceptation of others thoughts which create the only wealth of the human when you share them. With this richness, the Human has not harms but the joy to live in an human environment.

The Contemplation All that exists, lives to be a human fruit linen and oil painting knife 72cm x 100cm 2015

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Human is his own Home The Human Being creates that he is with his thoughts linen and oil painting paint brush and knife 46cm x 60cm 2010

The Family The sharing of your life with all your environment creates the family linen and oil painting knife 80cm x 100cm 2015

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Donna Antica oil on canvas 270cm x160cm 2012

Narcosis oil on canvas 270cm x 160cm 2012

Francesco Sandrelli is a self-taught artist from Castiglion Fiorentino, Tuscany. He had art exhibitions in France, Canada, UK and the United States. Although he had a keen interest in drawing since early childhood, he began to paint in the eighties, attending a private school in Florence. After four years spent in school, he felt exhausted and went to hospital for art therapy in painting. From 1994, he paints again. His works during this period reflect a ‘grande’ love for his family.

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


For a while he paints large canvases, especially in remembrance of childhood memories, sensations and dreams: his virtual storytelling mixes fairy tales with inner visions, combining imperfection with sharpness and abstraction with figurative. Sometimes feeling everything farce around, Francesco is striving to find sense in turmoil through painting.

Out of Time oil on canvas 270cm x 160cm 2012

Cring Out of Beauty oil on canvas 280cm x 160cm 2011

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



A Venise watercolour and ink on paper 25cm x 35cm 2012 “In her Brussels Studio, that artist loves to mix China ink and waters colours, feather and brush in concert. In that technique error does not forgive, the indelible stroke becomes a challenge that she finds amusing. In her peaceful gardens, she affirms her fantasy, in representing strange personages, often insects that she acts like actors on the stage. The wood, the trees, the leaves become the decor and the curtains”. Julie River “The watercolours are worked in a non-conformist way, often with five or six layers, very meticulous work. In tone splashes of colour the artist juggles with the strokes of the feather, with rhythm, movements, and dynamism. Transported by the delicacy of the stroke, the insect himself becomes a comedian or a minstrel. And finally this strange world takes us to respect the differences. In feat, it means respect of the other, Love of Live, in all shapes and form”. N-P Louise, 2012 En Piste watercolour and ink on paper 30cm x 40cm 2012

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Vers La Lumière watercolour and ink on paper 25cm x 35cm 2013

Sous Le Soleil De Saturne watercolour and ink on paper 25cm x 30cm 2014

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Uknown media size year

Guillermo Grebe studied Visual Arts at the University of Chile between 1983 and 87 and design in 2010 to12. He has been studied from the masters as Gonzalo Diaz and Adolfo Couve. Since 1989 he dedicated himself to working in advertising as an artistic creative director. Guillermo Grebe has been teaching design and audiovisual communication at numerous universities also, he has been working in the same profession as creative director and strategic communicator until present days. He has been painting without great pretensions and intermittently since he left the School of Arts and has exhibited in group as well as in solo exhibitions in Chile. Since 2014, Guillermo dedicated himself to painting professionally and permanently.

Uknown media size year

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017



SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORKS FOR INCLUSION IN HIDDEN TREASURE ART MAGAZINE YEARBOOK 2017 Hidden Treasure Art Magazine Yearbook 2017 is the ninth part of a series of art publications featuring the latest trends and artists in visual arts all over the world, promoting their work by connecting them with a vast audience of collectors, curators, exhibitors, art lovers and potential buyers. Hidden Treasure Art Magazine Yearbooks are beautiful, high quality annual publications that connect artists directly with designers, art consultants, fine art dealers, collectors and art galleries throughout the UK and in other European countries. throughout the UK and in other European countries. ​ Our publications enable creative people to come together and show their work with the aim of breaking into the creative industry. Each artist’s direct contact information is listed alongside their work, which means, Hidden Treasure Art Magazine Publishing does not take a commission from your sales! In addition, the cost is very low in comparison with most other marketing strategies. We are of course, always looking for something fresh and new for our publications, so we would like to invite you to be part of our artist community and get promoted in a beautiful art publication. Deadline: 15th of June, 2017 Please, use our Submission Form on the website or send your details and images to the following email IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SHOWING YOUR WORKS PLEASE SEND FOLLOWING INFORMATION:

​ • Images of 4-6 artworks (minimum 1Mb maximum 5Mb images including details of the works, such as title, size, medium and the year of creation), • A short biography or description of artistic interests (maximum of 200 words, in the third person, in English. Please, don’t send us your CV or list of exhibitions) • A profile picture, possibly portrait (minimum 500Kb image, not a company logo) • A website address (if applicable). Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017

Photgraphy Digital Art

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Embryon digital art from photo by Marie Wlody 2016

“Born in Antibes, France, in 1961. Arts et Métiers engineer, I’m an aerospace structural designer but my strong passion for photography is still alive, and now full part of my activities. With a predilection for art and experimental photography, I often work in group projects with other artists by mixing drawing, painting, sculpture, live performance, photo and video.”

Bruges photography 2016

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Top: Lady in Red by the Tree digital art from photography 2016

Bottom: Lady in Red, Ghost photography 2016

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Model I digital photo and collage 50cm x 70cm 2016

Marta Wapiennik - multidisciplinary artist born in 1988 in Cracow (Poland), where she currently lives and works. Graduated from Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Graphic Department (2013). She has a diploma in screenprinting. She takes photos, paint and is a graphic designer. Exhibited in Europe (Italy, France, Finland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland), USA, China, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia. Model III digital photo and collage 50cm x 70cm 2016

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Model II digital photo and collage 50cm x 70cm 2016 Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine


FU WENJUN Nepotism conceptual photography 140cm x 175cm 2015

Fu Wenjun, Chinese important conceptual photography artist, talks about history of art; it’s not a means, but the main goal. He therefore analyses some aspects which are meant to express a timeless concept. In this way, the expression of every artwork becomes a thesis with no possibility of anti-thesis, full of proofs which we find again many times in history, western and oriental, to remember that history is repeating itself and that the mankind as a whole has similarities beyond geo-cultural position.

Life is Simple conceptual photography 140cm x 175cm 2015

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


350 B.C. conceptual photography 140cm x 175cm 2015

Drift Away conceptual photography 140cm x 175cm 2015

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine

You Become Better with Age At what age do people hit their stride professionally? Categorically speaking, athletes, engineers, politicians, television writers, salesmen, and actresses all have varying norms and shelf lives, sometimes affected by physical attributes or societal expectations. Seemingly immune to ageist perceptions and traditional notions of retirement are artists. A historical look reveals that a striking number have been highly productive and turned out some of their best work late into old age, including Bellini (who died at 86), Michelangelo (d. 89), Titian (d. between 86 and 103, depending on your source), Ingres (d. 86), Monet (d. 86), Matisse (d. 84), Picasso (d. 91), O’Keeffe (d. 98) and Bourgeois (d. 98). “All the case histories point in one direction - the extraordinary flowering of artistic genius in old age” Thomas Dormandy wrote in his book Old Masters: Great Artists in Old Age. While Dormandy rejected the attractive idea of creativity as an antidote to physical or mental decline - “it is contradicted by the facts” - he explored the powerful inner shifts in old age that propelled many artists to new heights, whether it’s Monet painting his “Water Lilies” when he was almost blind after cataract surgery, or Matisse inventing his paper cutouts in his last years when confined to his bed and a wheelchair. The numerous recent exhibitions of actively working artists age 80 and up would bear out this anecdotal correlation between longevity and creative production. New “Old Masters” who have enjoyed gallery and museum shows over the last year inHidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


clude Wayne Thiebaud (92) at Acquavella, Robert Irwin (84) at Pace, Anthony Caro (89) at the Yale Center for British Art, Malcolm Morley (81) at the Parrish Art Museum, Yayoi Kusama (84) at the Whitney Museum, Alex Katz (85) at the Yale School of Art, John Baldessari (81) at Marian Goodman, and Philip Pearlstein (turning 89 in May) at Betty Cuningham. Thornton Dial (85) had a retrospective that traveled to several American museums, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art mounted a survey of Jasper Johns (who turns 83 on May 15), Betye Saar (86) filled a room of the National Academy Museum with her birdcage sculptures, and an exhibition of Claes Oldenburg’s (84) work is currently on view at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. “Being an artist is a way of life” says 82-year-old Faith Ringgold, who has a solo show opening in June at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. and just closed one at ACA Galleries. “It’s not about ‘I’m going to major in this and get my degree, and then I’ll go to work, and then I’ll retire.’ It is something one has a passion for, does, and then becomes - and can do it literally until they pass away. It’s an old-age thing. You become better with age.” Ringgold is currently creating an online museum of her work since 1948 that will provide games for people to create their own art - an entirely new venture for her. “I do think some young people have the mistaken notion, especially today, that they’re supposed to be successful right away”


says Ringgold, adding that many women artists don’t receive acclaim before 60, especially women of color. “There’s a great deal of racism and sexism in the art world. If you’re going to drop out early, you’re going to miss the whole thing.” Cuban-born painter Carmen Herrera, for instance, spent decades working unwaveringly on her hard-edge abstractions before selling her first canvas in 2004, at age 89, to the collector Ella Fontanals-Cisneros. Since then, Herrera, who turns 98 this month, has experienced a flurry of interest in her work and shows at Lisson Gallery. “I admire long-term careers” says Duane Michals, 81, who just had a show at DC Moore Gallery of 19th-century tintypes that he playfully embellished with various styles of modernist painting. He had painted on photographs during the 1980s but cycled back to it a couple years ago in an entirely new way. “Anyone can be the flavor of the month or the year,” he says. “I really admire people who evolve. What I’m doing now I wouldn’t have imagined five years ago. I’d like to think that five years from now I might be doing something I can’t imagine now.” “If you’ve lasted this long in the game, you probably are making a living” says Michelle Stuart, who recently turned 80 and now proudly admits her age (she used to lie about it). In July, Stuart has a survey of paintings, sculpture, and photographic works from 1968 to the present going on view at the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, New York. She agrees with Ringgold that experience counts. “Experience certainly gives you insights into things

that you didn’t have in your earlier years,” Stuart says. “You’ve made more things, you’ve honed your craft, you’ve experienced more books, you’ve experienced more criticism or praise. You don’t need to worry about what people think. There’s that kind of freedom.” Joan Semmel, 80, feels relief in not having to hustle and put herself out there in the same way she did when she was younger. “In the work itself, you know who you are as an artist,” she says. She’s gratified by the current interest in her work, with an exhibition of her self-portraits from the last decade up through June 9 at the Bronx Museum of the Arts and a show of her most recent nudes juxtaposed with very early figurative paintings up through May 25 at Alexander Gray in New York. “You’re not struggling with finding your voice and doubting everything you do in quite the same way as when you’re younger. It’s all part of self-acceptance.” “Working becomes your own little Eden” Thiebaud says, while acknowledging the challenge of overcoming the traps of what others think and say. “You make this little spot for yourself. You don’t have to succeed. You don’t have to be famous. You don’t have to be obligated to anything except that development of the self.” Risk taking seems to be a common trait among these artists, not just in old age but throughout their lives. “Artists are like gamblers,” says Stuart. “Who else would walk into life without a job, no credit? You’ve got to have that little extra frisson of adventure.” Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine


Morley has always eschewed working in any one predictable style. Being an artist is “a perpetual renewal, it’s always for the first time,” says the artist, widely credited with jump-starting bothphotorealism and Neo-Expressionism. “It’s rather like my dog. When you throw the ball, she runs for it as if she’s never run for it before, and it must be the millionth time.” Over the last decade, Morley has faced several health crises but has rallied and come back, taking new directions in his painting. “I seem to be a cat with nine lives,” he says, adding that it’s impossible to know whether his development would have been similar if none of his mishaps had happened. For Ellsworth Kelly, who turns 90 this month, the connection between physical and mental health has only become stronger with age. “Recently, I have had some physical challenges related to aging, though I accept it, and it has given me an added surge for continuing to create new work,” he says. Kelly has two new sculptures in his current exhibition at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia.

“Making art has always been a necessity” “I don’t know if being an artist is making me live longer,” says Semmel. “But certainly in terms of keeping me vital and interested and alive in the sense of how I live my life, being an artist is undoubtedly a very important part of that - even when I’m not well. Normally, I work standing. If I can’t stand, I sit - but I still work. That engagement is very important.” For Semmel, aging has become a central

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017

subject in the work itself. Since the 1970s, she has painted pictures of her own naked body. “Early on, I was interested in a non-idealization of the body, the body as one really experiences it,” she says. “Age, then, was a natural part of the way I was working. I felt it was important to focus on the changes in the way we look as a natural formation rather than something undesirable.” Semmel’s recent paintings, with layers of shifting views of her face and body, are much more psychologically complex than her earlier hard-edge canvases, which cropped out her face.

“These new paintings are really concerned with the understanding of the self in one’s total humanity rather than in one’s sensuality” she says. Other painters find the motivation to work every day in the legacy of painting itself. “I have to up the ante continuously,” says Morley. “I have a big ambition to sit in the pantheon of the greats. Whether or not it occurs, of course, other people will have to decide.” Thiebaud feels sustained by his ongoing dialogue with the history of the medium. “It’s great to have the community of that long tradition of painting, which, however small a part you have in it, is a comforting kind of life,” he says. Currently, he’s working on paintings of mountains, synthesizing memories and characteristics of various types of mountain formations experienced in his youth. “I must say, I don’t feel very successful,” he says.


“I’m still trying to figure the damn things out. This probably helps me to keep going - new problems, new sensibilities, new challenges.”

“Whatever you feel is undone, you should do” says Stuart, a piece of advice she gives to artists and nonartists alike. For her, it meant creating an entirely photographic body of work, a medium she had previously only used for documentation. Her recent large-scale grids of images, surreal and cinematic ruminations on natural phenomena and human frailty, were shown last fall at Leslie Tonkonow in New York. “It’s that book I always wanted to write, the storytelling aspect of my psyche that needed to come out,” she adds. All of these artists have maintained consistent, disciplined studio schedules.

“You’ve got to do just like the musicians do, you’ve got to practice every day” Ringgold says. “I plan to do that for the rest of my life, practice every day.” The luck of the gene pool as well as staying fit support the stamina and coordination required to remain at the top of one’s game. Morley says he treats himself like an athlete in terms of the seriousness with which he approaches his physical therapy. Thiebaud plays tennis three to four times a week, which he finds akin to the athleticism of painting. “This mind-body construct is a very important thing to recognize,” he says. “The plumb line in the body gives us a sense of things like grace or awkwardness or tension. In tennis, after all, you’re playing on a kind of surface like Mondrian

where the parameters and limitations are as important as the spontaneity and freedom of the body.” The shift in one’s sense of time that comes with aging also impacts the studio routine.

“When you’re 28, you feel like you’ve got infinite time in front of you, which you just don’t have when you’re my age” says Stuart. “You become more circumspect about how you spend it.” Semmel agrees that time is an important factor in why and how she works today. “You know that your time is limited, so you don’t want to waste your time doing work you don’t feel is important.” That means she gives herself permission to take occasional days off if she doesn’t have something she really wants to do.

“When I was younger, I had to work every day because I might not be an artist if I didn’t. - she says. - Now I’m pretty sure.” Article by: Hilarie M. Sheets

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine


PAUL-JÜRGEN WEBER Weber lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Art works since 1968, at first painting and assemblages, since the 1980ies primarily photography. He feels particular reference to Ansel Adams, Bernd Becher and Sebastiao Salgado. His works are preferentially focussed on landscapes in a broad sense, meaning “natural finished” and “man-made” settings. Source to his works is the world’s visible reality as it is. It actually provides an endless domain of endemic art basics. The particular feature is to discover, select and process the intrinsic essence from the huge diversity and variety of forms, substances and situations with a discrete power of attraction to be creatively converted into artworks. Sir Karl Popper very rightly accentuated the abundant beauty of our planet Earth. With his photographs Weber quests to contribute to it’s visualization. Wilfried Wiegand calls this the ‘detected beauty’, which has been already existing but has to be bared and recollected. It is no matter of words and reasons to get access to this kind of artwork. The key is to realize it subjectively as individual beholder in his respective perception. In this sense Weber’s artwork wants to touch people and at the best to fascinate and to inspire.

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017

Spouter IS43 fineart pint 36cm x 47cm 2015 Glacier Texture IS46 fineart print 36cm x 47cm 2015


Glacier Texture IS53 fineart print 36cm x 47 cm 2015

Glacier Texture IS89 fineart print 36cm x 47cm 2013

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017

Sculptures Installations

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Daniela Ament Daniela Ament is a autodidact artist Born in Israel and resides there She always created something ever since her childhood At the age of 50 she started to sculpt with clay Her sculptures are full of emotions and expresses a unique inner world. Most of her images consist with children and women and their world. Daniela has a unique languish and a very expressive way of talking through her sculptures. At 2004 she started to make some of her works in bronze and had her first solo gallery exhibition.

The Senior Partner bronze, edition of 7 2004

Pregnancy bronze edition of 7 45 cm 2004

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Birth / bronze edition of 9 / 45 cm / 2016

Daniela exhibited in about 50 exhibitions solo and in group in Israel Paris France Florence Ferrara Italy Vancouver Canada and Miami & NYC USA Daniela stayed on a scholarship for a month in Artcroft KY as a resident on 2009 Features in books: Le Livre Des ARTISTS ISRAELIENS- published by La Gazette Des Artes in Paris France CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS OF THE WORLD- 2008-2009 published by Museum Of The Americas” - Florida USA “CREATIVE ARTISTS”-100 years to Tel-Aviv—Jaffa Israel “THE BERLINER 17” published: Art Management Berlin.

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Human, this roomer of eternity, in the turbulent journey of life faces questions that shake its pillars of existence. Seeking for answer to these questions I spend several years of my life studying physics, philosophy and art. I try to experience every field I love even if I am uneducated in that, because I believe it makes me improve my creativity. I have experiences in painting,calligraphy,sculpture and installation.

Human Rights wood and paper 18cm x 11,6cm 2016

We Are One mirror and string 65,6cm x 10cm 2015

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Study Yourself mirror and paper 45,3 x 18cm 2016

Human Is wood and paper 18cm x 11,6cm 2016

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Struggle Power Bronze 24in x 12in x 4in 2015

Liberation Wing mixed media 24in x 20in x 20in 2012

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Shenping Wang was born in Beijing, China in 1980. He earned a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Beijing Technology and Business University in 2003. Interestingly, when he graduated he had nothing to do with the work of art for some reason. It took another seven years he has a new opportunity to learn the arts again. In early 2011, he enrolled at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in order to pursue a MFA degree. The main concept for his current series “Limitation” came from his childhood and adolescence experiences of the artist. As he grew up, Wang always lived in what he calls “a small space”. The life experience of living in such a small space became the main driving force for this young artists work. His work focuses on people’s expressions of emotion that occur when they are in such small limited places.

Limitation mixed media 29in x 11in x 11in 2012

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Amapola black belgian marble 56cm x 17cm x 18cm 2009

“Marian Sava” makes the stone sing” He received his artistic education at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Bruxelles. When looking at his works, one word comes to mind ‘Emotion’, because one experiences a great pleasure, produced by the creative impulses of the artist, which are marked by the seal of extreme sensitivity. Marian Sava approaches the abstract art in his very nuanced manner, without ever falling on the side of pure and hard abstraction. He passes smoothly, from the strict image of a subject to the creation of new unexpected forms (...) Collette Bertot, Art Critic, Brussels 23 02 2008

Messenger white marble 72cm x 37cm x 8cm 2013 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017

71 Flight of Day black belgian marble 73cm x 27cm x 6cm 2008

Amapola For the eye’s delight, in the summer, colored parasols invade fields and the roadsides … these are the poppies!

Light of Day “Vibrations of the wings of insects, the day and the night”. A true rehersal in miniature, with an end unpredictable when you look carefully the vibration of insects’s wings

Burning Bush “Myth and reality in the history of humanity”. The burning Bush is, in the biblical tradition, the revelation of the Angel of the God inside a Bush that burned without ever burn on Mount Sinai. Here, God sends Moses deliver his people from slavery and gives him the tablets of the law with the ten commandments, carved in stone by the fire.

Burning Bush white marble 63cm x 47cm x 7cm 2002

Messenger Birds were always used to carry messages. Benefiting from their aerodynamic shape in their flight, one watches them, high above, in an imaginary form.

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine


LEO DEVILLE Spirit ‘G’ ceramic and mixed media 16cm x 33cm x 7cm 2013

Birdeyes ceramic and mixed media 32cm x 17cm x 6cm 2013

Leo creates ceramic faces, figures, sculptures and jewellery that sometimes include coloured wires, textiles, beads and paint. When she has a black biro in her hand she produces surreal black & white illustrations and also paints in oils & acrylics. She started working spontaneously with the black biro drawings, which took her on subconscious journeys to a world far more interesting than the physical normality. She now lets her ceramics evolve and loves this process as she’s constantly intrigued to view where her mind has taken her. Leo’s eyes, ears and mind are forever open to new ideas and influences.

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Fuzzy Dreads ceramic and mixed media 23cm x 24cm x 8cm 2012

Ishka’s Moment ceramic and mixed media 26cm x 19cm x 12cm 2014

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Unknown sculpture size year

London based Andrea Peng was born in 1983 in Argentina to Taiwanese parents. Her work has been influenced by the search for her identity and explores mixed cultural associations and the nature of human existence. She has always been fascinated by unseen details, looking at things from the inside out in order to discover a sense in between.

Unknown sculpture size year

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Unknown sculpture size year

She is a versatile prop maker with a distinctive approach who is fully comfortable combining conceptual and practical realization. Andrea has a keen interest, and active involvement, in organizing various alternative art, music, and social projects. Culturally and politically aware these activities feed her practice. Currently in her final year at RCSSD, Andrea works as a freelance prop maker on various projects including for Pinewood Creative, Kimatica Studios, Mantaray Props, and artist Tom Price.

Unknown sculpture size year Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine



Icaro installation 130x45 cm 2015

Giuseppe Digiacomo was born in Manduria on January 23, 1990. Since childhood he was fascinated by the art of shaping wood and by attending the workshop of an artisan, he acquired the rudiments that allowed him to learn how to assemble and transform materials readily available. At 9 years old, he moved to Rome, where he still lives and works. The eternal city stimulates and intrigue him, with its many shops and works of art in every alley. So, he get close on tiptoe to the art world that, in a short time, involves him completely. In January 2015, he made his first work, “Spazio Vitale”, in which he focuses the man with his own emotions. Emotions that are also his and that, since then, take shape in his works. In a short time, he experimented new materials and perfected his technique. The Maestro Alberto Vespaziani, President of “100 Pittori di via Margutta” Association, is the first who to take an interest in its work and, judging them as innovative, he agree, in 26.03.2015, to expose him with artists of the Association. Since then he has participated in several collective exhibition and in various artistic contest.

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


Ricordi installation 50 x 50 cm 2015

Alla ricerca di‌ installation 70 x 92 x 40 cm 2015

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine


GEORGIA SZOLLOSI Georgia Szollosi is an airbrush artist and designer, based in London, UK. Since she established her Airbrush Studio, G-Design in Budapest, 2007, her work has been featured in leading art and custom painter publications, as well as shown in many exhibitions around Europe. “Ever since my earliest days growing up in Hungary I have enjoyed painting and I love to express my emotions through my art. I have been a fine artist for the last eight years and have exhibited in both solo and group shows across Europe. I have sold several pieces which include paintings, drawings and sculptures, some of these have been commissions from clients within the UK and Europe.

Recently I have developed my technique using the airbrush. I am a multi skilled artist who is not tied to one media. I choose materials based on their relationship with my concept and what can be interpreted from such means.�

Teach me to Ride acrylic on canvas 50cm x 75cm 2012

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017


The Clown acrylic on canvas 65cm x 50cm 2012

Spirit of Ecstasy acrylic on canvas 55cm x 45cm 2009

Easter 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine

hiddentreasure Art eMagazine / Easter 2017

on the back: Capt. Stjepko Mamic The Net, Cannes / mixed media on canvas / 100cm x 80cm / 2017 Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017  

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017 is the 8th part of a series of art publications featuring the latest trends and artists in visual...

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017  

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017 is the 8th part of a series of art publications featuring the latest trends and artists in visual...