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Our Founder

Dimas Lee Amador founded Amador Funeral Homes, Inc in 2006. He opened his first funeral home in Pharr, Texas and two years later, he opened his second location in Alamo, Texas. A 1985 graduate of Weslaco High School, Amador attended the San Antonio College of Mortuary Science. He recieved his Morturay Science Degree in 2001 and later obtained his Funeral Director’s license in 2004. He is actively involved with Future Farmers of America at Weslaco High School and supports the Weslaco Football Youth League. He is single and has two sons, Thomas Lee (16) and Aaron Daniel (14).

Our History

Dimas Lee Amador Amador Funeral Homes Inc Funeral Director President/CEO


Amador Funeral Home Inc. was established in 2006 at 1201 East Ferguson Ave, in Pharr, Texas by its founder, Dimas L. Amador. After 22 years in funeral services he decided it was time to venture into his own business and provide affordable funeral services in the Rio Grande Valley. In 2008, Amador Funeral Home Inc. opened its second location in Alamo, Texas at 841 East Austin Ave. Amador Funeral Home Inc. strives to provide excellent service and understands that each family is unique. They will also continue serving in the Rio Grande Valley and offer services to the families at their time of need.

What We Offer At Amador Funeral Homes Inc, we offer a gallery of Caskets, Urns, a full limosine fleet for transportation to funerals. We can accommodate up to 200 patrons in our Chapels with spacious lobby and kitchens. At Amador Funeral Homes Inc, we offer cremations. If your loved one needs transportation services anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico, we can help too. Call us today!

Start Planning for your Family Pre-Needs Insurance

At Amador Funeral Homes Inc, we offer PreNeeds Arrangements. Today, many seniors are considering pre-need funeral plans. A pre-need funeral plan is an agreement in which a seller agrees to provide funeral services and merchandise at the time of the buyer’s death. The costs may be paid in installments or in one lump sum. At Amador Funeral Homes Inc, you can trust our professional staff. How can you be sure a pre-need plan is good? At Amador Funeral Homes Inc, we offer the advice that will fit your needs. Before you purchase a Pre-Need, consider these factors: Know the details of the burial plan If you have any questions, get answers from the seller (Funeral Home) before you buy. Beware of any plan that does not specify exactly what you will receive. The law requires that pre-need funeral contracts specify in detail the funeral merchandise and services that are to be provided. Pre-need burial plans may be sold directly by funeral homes or by other companies that have arranged to have a funeral home in your area service the plan. Sellers are required by law to have a written contract with the funeral home to ensure there are arrangements.

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We invite you to come visit Amador Funeral Homes Inc, you’ll be glad you did. And remember, we are here for you.

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Amador Funeral Homes Inc  

Located in Pharr and Alamo, Texas. We provide the service our patrons deserve. Estamos Aqui Para Ustedes.

Amador Funeral Homes Inc  

Located in Pharr and Alamo, Texas. We provide the service our patrons deserve. Estamos Aqui Para Ustedes.

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