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Welcome to the March 2012 edition of HSN. For Distribution and any other County Office matters please use:

email me, Tall Paul (Jon), now with all your photos, articles, adverts and roll of honour for the next edition of HSN

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Hampshire Scouts provides adventurous activities and personal development opportunities for over 16,000 young people aged 6-25, promoting the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being of the individual, helping them achieve their full potential. In Scouting, we believe that young people develop most when they are ‘learning by doing,’ when they are given responsibility, work in teams, take acceptable risks and think for themselves.

s u n joi

To join the adventure of Scouting whether as a Adult or Young person fill in the form at: or email: or phone us on: 02380 847847


er g a n a m t ou .uk online sc outma


Online Scout Manager is a free tool to help you to manage your entire section or group online - badge records, termly programmes, evening attendance, camps and events, and more!! It has been developed by a Scout leader for Scout Leaders. Since its launch at Easter, it has over 250 groups and 500 users using it. It is incredibly easy to use and is even suitable for the technophobes amongst us! If you have any questions or suggestions, please email:

s t n e t con 4.

New to County Office

2 new members of staff


Aadm’s bit

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

6. 2



DIY time Waterlooville Scout Group

Thumbs up

Hamble Sea Scouts


The oldest trophy

Hamble Sea Scouts


Invested on a ferry

Way Ahead Explorers

13. Network Next summer

14. Use it... or lose it! The hampshire Trailer

15. The Bursary Continues The Ferny Croft’s Bursary

23. Hampshire Scout Heritage 24. Feeling Sporty? Beavers

Hi everybody, I am Helen, the new Senior County Administrator I am really excited about joining the team and I am very much looking forward to the fun!

We also welcome Jai the new County Accountant.

Celebrating The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with Community Challenges Sixty years ago Princess Elizabeth became Queen and dedicated her life, whether long or short, to the service of her people. She has had a quite remarkable reign, and this year we will all be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee through a range of activities, from camps to street parties to beacons. Whether sixty years ago or last week, all of us have also made our Scout Promise in which we’ve committed to do our duty and help other people. So what better way to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee than by putting our Promise into practice, and that’s why Hampshire Scouts and Guides have joined together to launch the “Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Community Challenge”. All you have to do is join together with your local Guide, Brownie, Rainbow or Senior Section unit and agree a community service project. We’ve provided lots of great ideas in a fantastic new resource at qdjchallenge, which has been developed by an awesome group of young leaders from Hampshire Scouting and Girlguiding. You can also register your project through the website, or by sending an email to Then dive into making your community project a real success between now and June. When you’ve completed your project, send us a report and photographs, and you can get a special uniform badge plus an opportunity to share what you’ve achieved with the whole of Hampshire. We think that the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Community Challenge will be a really fun activity and a great chance to build links with your counterparts in the Guides, as well as benefitting your local community. I’m convinced that young people today are far more willing to help others than we often acknowledge, and the Diamond Jubilee offers a great opportunity for Scouts and Guides to work together on worthwhile community challenges. Adam County Commissioner Hampshire Scouting

Y I D e! Tim

Our photo shows younger members of the 2nd Waterlooville Scout Group, giving their HQ make over thanks to a . In the picture we have josh and Brandon who are Beaver Scouts who enjoy getting paint everywhere, with Harry, Matt and Edison who are Cubs. Harry has even persuaded his Dad to join Scouting as a Leader. Lizzie Ryall of B & Q Havant, handed a gift card to Pam White the Group Scout Leader at 2nd Waterlooville. Nationally B & Q have become partners with The Scout Association and as part of this scheme not only make gifts available to local Scouting but also welcome younger members to come along to their ‘kids can do it’ DIY classes. Additionally the partnership will enable local Scouting Volunteers to access expert advice from the stores, so that maintenance work to Scout buildings will be done in a professional manner. got a big thumbs up last weekend when a series of polo kayaks were unveiled bearing the company’s logo. HugoFox were keen to get involved with supporting community projects and sports teams and so local listings website committed to three years support for the Hamble Sea Scouts who are very active in many sports, including Kayak Polo, 6th Itchen Scout Hamble Sea Scout’s combined Sea and Explorer Scout Group, comprises twenty five Beaver Scouts, thirty Cub Scout members, fifty Sea Scouts and Forty Explorers Scouts together with an active Network Section. The Group have both Scout and Explorer teams in the South West Water Polo League and at February’s competition the Under 18s team, came away fourth from the top of the BCU South West Youth Canoe Polo League, and hope to continue upping their game as the season goes on. Seven polo kayaks donned the new sponsor’s logo at last week’s match Victoria Poolman HugoFox news: “We are delighted to be supporting such a great local club, and although we wholeheartedly back mainstream sports, it’s great to be sponsoring a more unconventional sport and helping more young people get involved.”

The oldest trophy in Scouting history The oldest trophy in Scouting history has found a new home in Hamble, the prestigious “Otter Trophy” presented to winners of the U12 section of the Annual Royal Navy Sea Scouts National Swimming Gala, held at HMS Raleigh, Plymouth. The Scout and Explorer team from Hamble. The group travelled to Plymouth for the weekend event in February and were accommodated by the Royal Navy at HMS Raleigh, Torbay. Not only did they swim, but had the Scout had the opportunity to learn seamanship skills during the weekend and the Explorers took part in power boating from ‘Jupiter point’ HMS Raleigh’s waterfront Training Centre. Nothing comes without a little effort, competing against strong teams from 22 Royal Navy Sea Scout Groups from across the UK, Team Hamble

spent the past 5 months training at their weekly swimming session for what they knew was going to be a very tough competition. Results were the closest they had ever been, and there was an anxious wait while the event organisers checked and double checked all the results. On the day clean changeovers, smooth starts and not a single missed throw in the rescue line relay clinched the trophy with a win in the final event. Credit goes to the whole team for a outstanding performance from every member, the team are now making plans to build on their success to retain the trophy in 2013 and match the achievements of the Hamble Explorers who won their equivalent trophy in 2009 and 2010.


! y r r e f a sted on

The Way Ahead Explorer Unit in New Forest South just invested it’s first new members on a memorable hike across the Isle of Wight. The Explorers decided to get invested on the ferry, then map read across to the Island and back. To say thanks for the special day - the leaders got presented with their very own special explorer egg! The Way Ahead Explorer Unit 1st Lymington and Pennington Scouts HQ 1st New Forest South.


de n a l s a h e Eagle

t North ew Fores N s t u o Sea Sc p who op, Eling o r T r Scout Troo io r r r io rr a Wa W took om etition and e teams fr p re m th o c e y th h tions to gle Trop District Ea Congratula t n e c re e laces. in th and 4th p took part rd 3 t, s 1 allenges stic various ch h three fanta it w e ik eir h overnight s well as th s a n a e g s d e le lv o w previou etition inv ls and kno have been The comp cout’s skil p S ks o e ro T th r t s arrio Many than to te W . d . in e a re n g u ig s a s s s e u re d p hy with ink under e the trop e s to ability to th d o o event. nd it is g winners a d with the e lp e h o h ew to all thos


Archery Leaders

Your County Needs you

More & more Groups are asking for archery sessions but still don’t know who to ask and who their local archery leader is. So we are putting together a contact list of archery leaders who can go to Groups or Groups can come to them for an archery session. This will entail your contact details being posted on the County web site and being circulated to Districts so Groups can contact you directly and ask for your help. If you feel you can offer your services please email…. Tim Beeching: Hampshire Scout Archery Club

More & more Groups are asking for archery sessions but still don’t know who to ask and who their local archery leader is. So we are putting together a contact list of archery leaders who can go to Groups or Groups can come to them for an archery session. This will entail your contact details being posted on the County web site and being circulated to Districts so Groups can contact you directly and ask for your help. If you feel you can offer your services please email…. Tim Beeching: Hampshire Scout Archery Club

irteen h t y t n e w TURE t 13 N E V D A 0 th August 2 SUISSE st – 17 03rd Augu

on is closes h T . k r o Netw for Scout n e p o w no Booking h 2012 , harder, 31st Marc twork only e N , d g e is and waitin lly custom y d ia a c e e r p s k c a a ome, king p ow have It’s first-c pe of boo ! Network n ty it e to m e t e y, tr g re ex ing to go b sure. So a th y le n p faster, mo a g e r in n later ownload ookings a rather tha for your d nd if the Explorer b r e n o o s da ons in first-serve r applicati u o y t e g some trip! t to e n a w a w l is ’l u th o y e on follow tee a plac to guaran et you can g r fo ’t n o ork’ tweets m and d o tw e .c n e r ‘# u t r n fo out roup sieadve itter, look acebook g F tw www.sus e n th o ’ in e r jo dventu fo. an also ‘@suissea e latest in info. You c th c ll ifi a c r e p fo s rk irteen’ for Netwo Twenty Th e r tu n e v ‘Suisse Ad

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Explor brate b year. Cele iform. is th 0 1 n your un are o s e g d a ay b Shop. the birthd cal Scout lo u o y The m fro are -T4 On s r Available a e y 0 1 he rating Scouts - T r e r Also celeb lo p x E p Gear Beach - To Euro.

Hampshire Scout Network’s Suisse Adventure Twenty Thirteen What is it?

A two week expedition to Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC) in the heart of the Swiss Alps, for Hampshire Scout Network alongside Hampshire Explorer Scouts and their leaders.

When is it?

3 – 17 August 2013

Who can go?

There are 45 places for Scout Network, plus a dedicated support team of 5. They will be supported by a team of 40 Suisse Adventure staff. To be eligible to attend the Network Suisse Adventure participants will need to be aged 18-24 on the 3rd August 2013.

How much will it cost?

£590 per person, excluding catering

What's included?

       

Return transport from Hampshire to KISC travel insurance campsite fees pre-event training and social events event polo shirt, badge and necker opening and closing ceremonies (inc dinner) programme of evening entertainments a selection of activities (such as white water rafting, glacier hike, dawn / day hike, jacobs ladder / crate stacking, city visit, international campfire / disco / BBQ, open air swimming, eco projects)

How do I book?

Booking forms will be available to download from from mid February 2012. Bookings will be open from 1st - 31st March 2012. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, and applications can only be accepted if accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of £100. Places go fast, so be sure to get your form in asap!

How can I find out more? for all the latest up-to-date information For more information on KISC including activities available:

e h t s ’ t a h T ! t i o d o t y wa

for a SAS - Ask l a c lo e h nclude t aders - I e L r orable. e r lo xp ing mem h t e m o Include E s o l launch esent - D their officia t a VIP to pr rk o tw Scout Ne ast Lions E m a h re a th F bruary. Well done ay 24 Fe d ri F f o g nin on the eve xplorer and the E le p m ry a D r a ader, Andy al need fo e re L t a u End 2011 o w c a s S District Explorer er. ham East • District re a F f ntial Lead o te rs o e p d a a e d L n t ted to u Scou ork and fo ork presen as tw tw e e N N t t u u o o c c etwork h n Duck S local S ber of a N uthampto o m S e y f m o a rs g e bein sioner, Ra t is a h m • Memb w m o rs C e ers rk al memb ec. memb out Netwo x c E S , m ty a potenti n u te o District r them. C stions from done fo e u q d re e answ Noice, aders. and Le

Join us

ch eaders. The laun their bers and L m e m S awards to A ’ S n f o o g t n in o v • In fr nted ‘Mo ders prese a e L r re lo embers. • Exp ted the m outs. s c e S v r in re , s lo n p a , ex-Ex Adam Joll Rennision r, e im n K io r, s e is d Comm twork Lea rs. • County t Scout Ne ic tr is to membe D h rs it e k w c r e e n ith rk • Togeth Leaders w out Netwo c rk S o ty tw n e u N o ted C nt Scout presen nd Assista a im K d sente • Ray pre llowed. neckers. rk style) fo o Network tw e N ( o g ning of Bin • An eve Scout ation of a rm fo e th d approve ext? sioner has What’s n is m m o C unty trict. • The Co pproval. rs Ford Dis le d n a h form for a C it in m b rk u s o Netw about to t North. New Fores District are h r it te w s k e n h li c • Win king to ast are loo E t s re o F • New area. rk in your o tw e N a u need ve one, yo a h ’t n o d ation; If you rther inform fu r fo s u Contact twork Scout Ne e ir h s p m Ha 61 7 7228 90 pshire t/text: 07 twork Ham e N t u o outs-hants c c S S : @ k e o c o ffi b Face county.o 47847 e: 8 0 8 3 2 0 t: network n a h ts u o w: Sc

Use it... or lose it!

The county recruitment and marketing trailer is a resource that is very under used. It is currently only booked for 2 events in 2012. I would like you to tell me what you think! If you have not heard about it before then here is a brief resume: It was bought for the County to use as a prominent and useful resource to assist with the promotion of Scouting at events such as village fetes, large shows, in a town precinct or even at Hampshire and national events. When on display it creates a great focal point for any recruitment or promotional event you are running. It’s not just an empty box. Inside the trailer you will find flagpoles and flags, banners, a gazebo, tables and chairs along with many other useful items for the hirer. There is a box with adult recruitment leaflets, section leaflets and postcards – everything you might need at your event. All you have to do is book it through Ferny Croft Scout Centre and arrange the collection and return. There is no cost for hire. I am aware of some of the problems i.e. the storage location and that you need an appropriate vehicle to tow it. What I would like to know is - if we allocate some financial resources to smarten it up and redo the graphics, will you use it? Can it be kept in a secure but more central location? Let me know your thoughts please. Vanessa Slawson County Development Officer

The Bursary Continues... by Matt



Over the winter period we have been extremely busy on the bursary preparing ourselves for the summer season which is fast approaching. The big development on site this winter has been the refurbishment of the toilet block, which has been ideal for us as we haven’t had to clean it for eight weeks. However late last month it was finally reopened and normal order was resumed. As it is slowly getting warm over the past couple of weeks our session numbers have picked up and four of us have gained our scout permits for climbing & abseiling, and have been gaining valuable experience running the activities. During winter there have also been a number of training courses various members have been on including; NSRA, BCU 2 Star, and Foundation Safety and Rescue Training award. The water awards took place at Woodmill outdoor activity centre at the end of January, you know its cold when you have to throw rocks in the lake to break the ice before launching but everyone had a brilliant time. We have also been set the task of coppicing the hazel on three of the campsites which meant being let lose with the silky saws, we were not aware of just how rewarding coppicing could be. At the beginning of February all 6 of us went to Scotland with HSX. For some of us it was our first time walking on snow. Matt and Joe both completed the first Antarctica training. Whilst the rest of us learnt basic snow skills such as ice axe arrests and how to walk with crampons on. 3 of us had a brilliant time climbing Ben Macdui the view from the top was... non existent but were told that on a clear day it’s beautiful. We all came back from Scotland tired but happy after an amazing week.

We are looking for 18 to 24

to join the Ferny Crofts Bursary Scheme Are you keen to learn new skills, hardworking and passionate about the outdoors? The Ferny Crofts Bursary is now open for applications to start in September 2012. The Bursary is designed to provide an opportunity to learn more about running an activity centre, gain nationally recognised outdoor qualifications and to get out on the crags, mountains and rivers of the UK. Current Bursary Student Levi reckons that the bursary is “awesome”. He admitted “The scheme has made me grow up a lot and made me realise what I want to do with my life.” During the Bursary, you’ll spend time working at Ferny Crofts, as well as being given personal development time. Personal development means different things to different people, to Joe is meant a lot of outdoor activities training. “I’ve done a lot of climbing training, as well as recently going on a trip to North Wales to do our Mountain Leader (ML) training. We’re also planning on going to Scotland and paddle from coast to coast in open canoes.” Accommodation and food are all included in the Bursary package, as well as some training and trip fees. A monthly grant is also paid to each student. The scheme begins in September and runs until July (11 Months), and puts you in a good position to be considered for a summer instructors’ contract at Ferny Crofts. Applicants must be 18 or over at the start of September 2012. If you would like to find out more about the Bursary or how to apply, please contact us on or 02380 845092

Kayaking is more than a hobby!

It is estimated that in the UK two million people take to the water in a canoe each year (Paddlesport Review). Indications are that this number is increasing at a spectacular rate. Paddlesport includes all craft propelled by a paddle, i.e. Kayaks, Canoes, Rafts and Bell Boats. The British Canoe Union (BCU) represents the interests of canoeists at local, national and international level, and is a member of the International Canoe Federation. The BCU has over 60,000 individual and club based members within the United Kingdom. As well as members of the BCU, there are thousands more people who only paddle recreationally and not as part of a club or the BCU. A kayak is a small human-powered boat. It typically has a covered deck and a cockpit covered by a spray deck. It is propelled by a double-bladed paddle by a sitting paddler. The kayak was used by the native Ainu, Aleut and Eskimo hunters in the sub-Arctic regions of northeastern Asia, North America and Greenland. Modern kayaks come in a wide variety of designs and materials for specialised purposes. Kayaks are classified by their intended use of which there are five primary classifications: white water, surf, touring/expedition, light touring/day tripping and general recreation. From these primary classifications stem many sub-classes. For example, a fishing kayak is simply a general recreation kayak outfitted with features and accessories that make it an easier kayak to fish from. Also within these classifications are many levels of performance which further separate the individual models. In other words, not all touring kayaks handle the same. Within Paddlesport competition there are various disciplines which include: white water racing, down river racing, sprint, marathon, polo, surf, freestyle and slalom.

To find more about Kayak Training Courses on:


e g d a B Prsto- th day r i B 1 2 Cam p

Calling all Pro-Badgers. On the weekend of the 23rd and 24th June, 2012 Pro-badge is holding its 21st Birthday Celebrations at Lyons Copse. All are former and present participants and staff are welcome. Besides everyone getting together and reminiscing, activities are planned to keep everyone amused. Both day visiting and camping opportunities are available.

For more information and to obtain a booking form please contact The Yeti on 07761912914 or the Pro-Badge website on We look forward to hearing from everyone who has been part of Pro-Badge and remembering times past and present. The Yeti, Snowy, Scissors and Midge

Thanks you

Lyons Copse Scout Campsite would like to thank the 32 people from 64th Portsmouth, 70th St Marys, Pinnacle Explorer Scouts, and Scout Active Support for their helping hands at the recent working weekend. Roads were repaired, a new kitchen was built, 250 new trees were planted, every building was cleaned, and walls were painted! Alan Crabb

e r i h Ham ps y t i v i t c A Scouts Clubs

e Scouts Hampshir s ivity club t c a e v i f r has unities fo t r o p p o g try offerin people to g n u o y d ipate in a adults an c i t r a p , y ip ctivit leadersh out the a , e m m a r g ro vity regular p , and acti s e s r u o c s! g sessment & coachin permit as d ramme an g o r p ’ s b the clu heir ase visit t details on le r p e , h t s r ie fu it r Fo r the opportun websites o ct: individual club conta Scout Hampshire oe Club County Can www.hsccc tly John Goligh 59 07967 4814 k @ e te it m m co y Club out Archer c S e ir h s p Ham www.hsac g Tim Beechin 01329 318519 info@hsac lub cout Rifle C S e ir h s p m Ha hsrc www.doho vell Andrew Tra 5 01256 76228 .uk andy@scou Team taineering n u o M t u o Sc Hampshire info www.hsmt. r Owen Taylo 73 01980 6259 outs-hants c s @ in ta n mou b t Caving Clu u o c S e ir h s Hamp ndomstuff.o a .r c c s .h w ww ick Dave Chadw 88 c 07768 0400 ts n a -h ts u hscc@sco


2 1 0 2 s e s r u o C p i h s Leader

Hampshire Scout Rifle Club


mpupport Ha S e v ti c A t f ng of Scou the “Roll o ti f e o e e m tl y ti r a e ged that th the Janu n agreed ill be chan e Following w e b t, r s o a p h p H), it ve Su some shire (SAS Scout Acti there was y e b s u ld a e c h e oll k b oo ”. This is ame of “R e n c Honour” b e n a th r b g n m le in adopti f Reme e County oung peop to “Roll o y th y to b s d d r e a s cau of aw confusion ecognition r e th r fo ” of Honour . ty ho has the Coun scouter w Y N A f o ay e Home”, m t the nam e a n o th G “ e s w a c the have has no It remains shire Scouting and ther they e h w f o s at mp regardles ot. I ask th d n e r helped Ha r o te t r n o e p e Sup name es of ship/Activ f the nam w have their o o ll e e m F f o m r r r mbe mber, info st Octobe e la m e t been a me c ic in tr s is ice Home” nother d r next serv ve “Gone u DC’s, or a a o h t a o t h u w o bers read uters past, mem those Sco es may be e m a th n in ir e s e A th at this year. come to th r y e a 2011 so th b m to t c ic O tr e dis toke in rs from th in Basings te u o c s r o mily ed. of their fa ames add n e th r a e h lume service to d in the vo n a 3 9 9 1 . e entered r cord since e e r w a s g e in m p ve 202 na een kee Scout Acti ellowship, f F We have b o f o n o e ti r a a c r the e form kept unde e since th m lu o v w e a n We have Support. pearing Richard S port Active Sup t u o c S C AC




12 st March 20 1 y a d s r Road reweeke TING: Thu e E B E , M b T lu X C E DATE OF N ennis and Squash 5pm ester T Time: 2.1 At: Winch lcome. es are we ti r a p d te teres ests and in u g d n a y Everybod

Feeling Sporty? Don’t let London have all the fun! Come and join us for Hampshire’s...



Beaver-lympics 2012 Saturday 16th June at Lyons Copse, Shedfield



Olympic Village - Opening Ceremony - Track and Field events - Team Sports Site opens at 08:30

County Office 023 80847 847 CLOSING DATE: Friday 25th May 2012 For further info please contact: Teresa Ginn t:023 92 259798

Hampshire Scout News HSN March 2012  

Scouting news form Hampshire 2012

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