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Asia’s biggest HR and technology conference hits Singapore on May 8 and 9

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he HRM Asia offices are abuzz with activity as I write this, as the team enters into the last stages of preparation for HR Festival Asia. It has certainly been exciting to watch the event come together these last few months. Brought to you by the joined forces of HR Summit (Asia) and the HR Technology Conference & Exposition (US), HR Festival Asia will be the region’s largest gathering of HR and technology, bringing together more than 5,000 decision makers in these spaces for a packed two-day programme. This April-May issue is dedicated to the event, with a 45-page show guide that lays out everything you need to know about this unmatched two-day conference. With a line-up of more than 100 speakers across six dedicated streams, there will be a plethora of content to navigate – and we’re here to help you do just that. Spotify is just one of the many movers and shakers that will be represented at HR Festival, with Michael Kim, the Head of HR for Southeast Asia, talking through the company’s people journey from fledgling Swedish startup to global streaming superstar. I had the opportunity to sit down with Kim for an in-depth conversation, as chronicled in this month’s HR Insider (page. 6), and I was unsurprised to learn that attracting talent is not a problem at all for the company. Indeed, it receives more than 25,000 applications a month. The real challenge for the talent acquisition team is in finding the right people from that incredibly large pool.

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As Kim says, “Not only are we looking for the right skill sets, but we’re also looking for the right culture fit as well: people that align with our values and are passionate about our company mission”. Also this issue, we’ve got an exclusive guest contribution from Paul Choo, the Vice-President of HR at Bridgestone Asia-Pacific. Choo takes us through the digital transformation journey that the tire maker’s HR function has embarked upon, which includes the unenviable task of moving from traditional, disparate, paper-based processes, to an electronic system wholly integrated across the region. No doubt it was a monumental endeavour, but as Choo notes, the capabilities that such a system provides will be imperative to making faster, better business decisions – something that will no doubt be an advantage in the rapidly-evolving digital age. Have a great HR Festival Asia. We look forward to meeting you all there. Come and say hi at the dedicated HRM Asia newsroom on site.

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H R F E S T I VA L A S I A SHOW GUIDE With all the maps, timetables, speaker information, and exhibitor listings – this section is your comprehensive guide to everything on offer at HR Festival Asia 2019

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Well-collated people analytics can bring a wealth of new insights into the way an organisation runs itself, Microsoft’s Workforce Analytics team has found Michael Kim, the Head of HR for Spotify’s Asia-Pacific business, chats exclusively to HRM Magazine Asia about how people-focused strategies has been key to the popular tech giant’s success


HRM Magazine Asia presents this exclusive map of the HR technology market in Singapore, with more than 160 startups all vying for attention


Paul Choo, Vice-President for HR in AsiaPacific, provides a step-by-step lowdown of the company’s digital transformation journey


HRM Magazine Asia looks at three things HR leaders and teams need to know about mobility for this year and beyond



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The new world of workforce analytics Well-collated people analytics can bring a wealth of new insights into the way an organisation runs itself, which gives HR leaders the chance to truly impact and transform their workplace culture in line with the digital era.


here is no doubt that big data and analytics are on every HR professional’s mind in 2019. How to best harness, analyse, and interpret people-related data from every corner of the business is one of the biggest challenges facing the profession at the moment. Adding to the challenge is the fact that the practice of analytics itself is evolving. Traditional organisations will need to transform their own cultures in order to bring out the innovation, creativity, and digital intelligence needed to gain the new insights available through organisational data. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says there is a symbiotic relationship between data, insights, and cultural change in this newfound digital era. Culture, he points out in his 2017 book Hit Refresh, is a corporate asset that requires continuous attention. “We’re making great progress (with transforming Microsoft’s culture), but we should never be done,” he wrote. ”It’s not a programme with a start and end date. It’s a way of being.” Microsoft’s global Workplace Analytics division defines this practice as “the use of data about human behaviour, relationships, and traits to make business decisions”. It says this helps to replace decision-making based on anecdotal experience, hierarchy, and risk avoidance with higher-quality decisions based on data analysis, informed prediction, and experimental research. The team has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, observing their use of people



A P R I L - M AY 2 0 1 9

analytics to help understand and drive their transformation efforts. Much of that learning is available through the exclusive Igniting Innovation with the Power of Culture webinar, available to HRM Magazine Asia readers until May 9.

Actionable insights Among the powerful insights highlighted are the increasing costs and organisational impacts of unnecessary and low-value meetings. Across a single multinational company that Microsoft consulted to, some US$14 million was lost due to these low-quality meetings, including through redundant hours (where three or more levels of a team or organisation are present in the meeting), multitasking (where attendees’ attention is necessarily split between their colleagues and other tasks such as email), and conflicting hours (where workers are expected at two or more meetings at the same time). Microsoft also offers some key advice on measuring and improving manager effectiveness. Its Workforce Analytics team has found that 70% of the variance in employee engagement can be traced back to the managers that they reported to. Effective analytics – available through Microsoft’s Office 365 – can help HR to determine management behaviours that lead to more engaged staff and higher productivity. Microsoft has found, for example, that doubling the one-on-one time between managers and their direct reports can lead to a 67% increase in employee engagement.

By looking at the whole of the data, and the common scenarios that certain actions or skills led to, organisations can confidently set more robust targets and expected behaviours for their management level These new, data-driven benchmarks can then be communicated across the business to empower all managers to create better teams leveraging off the clear evidence available to them. Chantrelle Nielsen and Natalie McCullough, both leaders in Microsoft’s Workplace Analytics division, say the effective use of analytics has the power to help transforming organisations get on the right path far more quickly and confidently. “As organisations increasingly look to data to help them in their transformation efforts, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t just mean having more data or better charts,” they told Harvard Business Review last year. “It’s about mastering the organisational muscle of using data to make better decisions; to hypothesise, experiment, measure and adapt.”

The Igniting Innovation with the Power of Culture webinar is available for free download at the following link: https://tinyurl.com/y3faqm23

Insights on offer

The new world of workforce analytics leverages off data that can be easily collected through tools such as the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Here are just some of the organisation-specific insights it can bring: Do people have enough time to innovate? What inefficiencies are present in the human processes my organisation or team uses? Do manager behaviours influence the worklife balance of their direct reports? What do new hires need to be successful? What employee behaviours lead to disengagement? How can physical space be optimized for improved collaboration?

The impact of unnecessary meetings One multinational organisation wasted

Managers in the spotlight


Portion of the variance in employee engagement directly attributable to managers


The increase in engagement that came from doubling the amount of one-onone time that managers spent with each of their direct reports

$13,947,214 in a year through overuse of meetings.

The cost came through a range of factors including:


Redundant hours At least three distinct levels in a person’s organisation attended the meeting


Multitasking hours Meetings during which an attendee sent 2+ emails within 30 minutes


Conflicting hours Amount of time an employee has overlapping, non-declined meetings

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Katarina Berg Global Chief HR Officer

Shruti Malhotra

Talent Aquisition Lead, Asia-Pacific

Shiny happy people At Spotify, doing what’s best for the company translates to doing what’s best for its people. HRM Magazine Asia chats with its head of HR in Asia-Pacific to learn more about its Swedish-inspired philosophy. B Y Yami n i C hi n n U s wamy



A P R I L - M AY 2 0 1 9

Simita Mahajan HR Specialist, Asia-Pacific

Michael Kim Head of HR, Asia-Pacific

Tilo Sequeira

Learning and Development Lead, Asia-Pacific

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potify’s offices in Singapore are located in the city – in the middle of a square formed by key commuter train hubs – but they are most definitely not within the dense skyscraper arrays that make up the central business district. Rather, the offices take up a few floors of an old-school Singaporean shop house; nestled in a neat, sleepy line of such buildings that are, in the words of U2, “faraway, so close” from the frenetic hustle and bustle. As non-descript as the premises are on the outside, the inside is the complete opposite: colourful, hip, and comfortable. Crisp sunlight streams through the windows, lighting up the splashes of bright yellows, blues, and reds around the room, and the floors are covered in a mixture of textures from hipster concrete to plush fabric. Music is a subtle but vital presence: amplifiers double up as coffee tables in little nooks, guitars decorate the walls, and a staircase in the corner leads up to a dedicated jamming space.

In its own way, the space is a perfect manifestation of Spotify as a brand which aims to have its finger firmly on the pulse of what’s hot and current – but one that is nonetheless intent on doing things its own way. Even though it has the cultural heft to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Silicon Valley giants like Facebook and Google, the company’s Swedish origins and millennialdominated outlook (among employees and customers alike) set it apart. “[CEO and co-founder] Daniel Ek’s values as a Swedish national shaped our company culture,” says Michael Kim, the company’s Head of HR in the Asia-Pacific (including Japan). “It’s driven based on a philosophy of doing what’s best for the company, and that translates in Spotify to doing what’s best for our people.” For his HR team, on a day-to-day basis, that means anchoring themselves by always asking: ‘Does this make sense for our people? Is this in the best interest of our people?” “We don’t look much at what external competitors are doing. We are a unique brand and business, with unique values. We as an HR team need to constantly keep up with our own growth and change, but do it the Spotify way,” says Kim.

A mindset for hyper-growth A key aim of the company’s talent strategy is to keep employees challenged and engaged – so that they stick around first of all, but also to ensure that they are agile enough to keep up with a technology landscape that is constantly under siege from disruptive forces.



A P R I L - M AY 2 0 1 9

“When you’re working in a hypergrowth company, the landscape is changing all the time. Speed is a really big factor and value at Spotify. I don’t think Spotify would exist today if we, and our founder, didn’t have that growth mindset,” notes Kim. At Spotify, this “growth mindset” means that any challenge can be overcome through dedication, resilience, and hard work.

It means experientially learning on the job; it means learning from and with peers; and it means creating an open environment where people are empowered to be accountable for their own development and career growth. It also means a talent philosophy that isn’t interested in performance management, but rather, in performance development. Traditional appraisal processes and distribution curves are out. Instead, employees organically receive honest, constructive feedback on an ongoing basis throughout the year. “We don’t force people into buckets of performance, because at the end of the day, all humans are wired differently,” says Kim. Performance improvement plans are also persona non-grata. “A lot of the research shows that managers who use them have already made up their mind that the employee is going to be terminated,” says Kim. “In my experience, they are often just used for legal purposes, as a last step to validate that a person should be shown the door. That, to me, is a manager having a fixed mindset.”

Instead, Spotify urges its managers to troubleshoot: Why is this employee struggling? What are their weaknesses and strengths? Are they in the right role? “If you think about the war for talent and how competitive it is out there and how much time we’ve put into investing and growing our people… what a waste to just throw that all out. So if you can just tweak or pivot a struggling employee’s role to be focused more on their strengths versus their weaknesses, you’re going to turn a bottom performer into a top performer,” Kim says. “I’ve never got so many of these calls before, where managers come back to me saying that their underperforming employee is now performing really well after having honest feedback sessions and investing in their development. Every other company I’ve worked for, 90% of the time it’d be like, ‘remember my underperforming employee? We’d like to move forward with termination’. “We prefer to give it time, patience, and empathy; to take a more humane approach. And it works,” he adds.

Guardians of the Spotify culture

Happy employees; better employees

“For the seventh month, they are given the autonomy to ease back into the workplace – whether that means working part-time, working from home, doing a nineto-three workday, whatever –they have that month to settle back in,” says Kim. The leave can be spaced out, and taken up to three years after the child’s birth, he adds, “because it all comes back to what’s best for our employees”. When staff are able to achieve a strong work-life balance, and not deal with the stresses of missing out on family time, they will then bring their best, most productive, and most innovative selves into the office. It’s a belief that has resonated with the wider talent pool. After the parental leave programme was launched to much fanfare, in partnership with the administration of then-US president Barack Obama, job applications to Spotify spiked. Today, Spotify receives over 25,000 unique applications per month globally. The programme has also proven to be an asset in talent development. When an employee goes off on parental leave, one of their teammates will usually be asked to step up and cover for them.

A few years ago in Sweden, Kim sat down for lunch with Katarina Berg, Spotify’s Chief HR Officer. Berg noted the average employee age – then, it was somewhere in the late-20s – and predicted that a Spotify baby boom was probably on the horizon. But being still a startup, the company did not yet have a formal parental leave programme. It did follow statutory laws in its individual markets, but many of these were, and are still, inadequate. So Berg tasked Kim to lead a small team with developing a parental leave programme that suited the company’s values – and that could meet the needs of its young, millennialdominated workforce. She gave him three rules: Don’t bother with what competitors are doing; look into the Swedish framework for parental leave; and talk to employees with the mindset of what is best for them. Fast forward a few months later, to Spotify implementing one of the most innovative and progressive paid parental leave programmes in the world, that offers all new parents – women, men, surrogates, gay couples, everyone – six months of fully paid parental leave.

Being an iconic, modern brand, Spotify doesn’t have to worry about attracting talent – it’s more about finding the right talent from the more than 25,000 applications that flood in each month. “Talent acquisition, as a function, is so important because they are the gatekeepers of the people that join Spotify. Not only are we looking for the right skill sets, but we’re also looking for the right culture fit as well: people that align with our values and are passionate about our company mission to give a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the

opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it,” says Michael Kim, the company’s Head of HR in the Asia-Pacific (including Japan). Still, the company does try to make the recruitment process as personable as possible; with a focus on forging a human connection with each candidate. But that doesn’t translate to soft or spineless, by any means. “When we look at offers, we look at what’s best and fair for a candidate. Fair is all relative, but we purchase and leverage third-party salary benchmarking data reports from the top companies around the world, so that we can be confident of making

an offer that we know is competitive,” Kim explains. “If a candidate comes in and say, ‘I have an offer at another company and they’re offering me $10,000 more. I need Spotify to match it or I’m going to go with them’; a lot of other companies would say, ‘oh we have to match it, or we’ll lose this candidate.’” “But our recruiters have the confidence to say, ‘well, best of luck to you’, because we take that as a red flag that maybe the candidate isn’t really that passionate about joining our company and contributing to our mission, and maybe doesn’t fit with our values, after all,” he says.

“But it’s a stretch role for them,” notes Kim. “If that’s what their career path and next step is anyway, then it’s a great opportunity to show them what that role is, and for us to see how they perform in the role for that short period.” Subsequent data indicated that these stretch stints ended up organically fasttracking promotions for a number of employees, because that parental leave gap had given them the chance to demonstrate their capability. The programme is a feather in the cap of Spotify HR, but Kim is quick to note that its success is due in no small part to the company’s leadership philosophy and company culture. “We knew this programme would work because we have a culture and leadership team that supported it. When we presented it to our CEO and Chief Financial Officer, they simply said, ‘This makes sense. Let’s do it.’ “There’s an understanding that investing in your people is how you’re going to be able to stay in the game, and stick around in the long run,” he says. yamini.chinnuswamy@hrmasia.com.sg A P R I L - M AY 2 0 1 9





OCT. 1 - 4, 2019 | LAS VEGAS,USA

10,000+ 40+ ATTENDEES










Star of the Hit Show Shark Tank

Global Expert on the Future of Work

Barbara Corcoran

Ravin Jesuthasan

Save an EXTRA US$300.00 on your Premium All-Access Pass with Promo Code HFA19 www.HRTechConference.com CD1903-13 © 2019 LRP Publications

Festival Asia


Show Guide Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre May 8 and 9, 2019

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Visit us at



At ADP, we’re designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you’re #workingfor.


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#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

The future of work is right here and now Welcome to HR Festival Asia, the region’s largest event focusing on workforce leadership, technology, and innovation. Volatility, disruption, new players, and new customer demands have affected almost every industry and market sector over the last five years. Business functions have also been forced into transformation – and it is currently HR teams that are being faced with this dilemma. The question is not whether to transform or not; the challenge is in defining the “how” and “why” of change, and then plotting a way forward. HR Festival Asia, a partnership between HR Technology Conference & Exposition (US) and HR Summit (Asia), aims to help HR leaders throughout the Asia-Pacific region tackle these and other high-level workforce strategy issues arising from the complex new business environment. Whether you’re here for one of the six targeted conference streams featuring expert speakers from around the world, or for the comprehensive expo hall filled with the latest products and services to help HR through its transformation, we hope that this is an event that inspires, informs, and challenges the profession at every turn. Take it all in, and then take it back to the office. We look forward to hearing about your efforts and successes in pushing forward to the exciting new future of work. Have a great HR Festival Asia 2019! Joanna Bush Executive General Manager HRM Asia Don’t forget to download the HR Festival Asia app for the most updated timetables and exhibitor information.

Festival Asia


April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

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Cornerstone is a leader in human capital management We help companies strategically manage their workforce and continuously develop their talent so people remain their true competitive advantage. Meet us at HR Festival Asia 2019 - booth #88 csod.com

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Show-stoppers Welcome to HR Festival Asia. This two-day event is much more than a conference; it is THE biggest and best meeting place for the professional HR community from across Asia-Pacific. Amid the more than 100 speaker presentations, the once-a-year region-wide networking opportunities, and the exclusive opportunities to test-drive the latest HR technology, don’t miss these HR Festival Asia highlights.

HR Fest Awards Guest of Honour: Singapore to be unveiled Minister of State for Manpower The winners of the first-ever HR Fest Awards will be announced on the HR Tech stage at the close of the first day’s proceedings on May 8. Awards will be given out in five region-wide categories. The ADP Best HR Transformation Award, and the SAP Best Innovation in HR Award recognise some of the best HR work across organisations, while the RChilli Best Use of HR Technology Award will also recognise innovative use of technology from a pool of seven finalists The individual categories to be presented are the Microsoft Best HR Leader Award and the Cornerstone Best C-Suite Leader Award. An esteemed panel of judges will be selecting the five winners from some 40 finalists in total, based on the detailed report submitted by each nominee.

Singapore’s Minister of State for Manpower, Mr Zaqy Mohamad will be HR Festival Asia’s highly-anticipated Guest of Honour. The Minister will help to open the festival proceedings on Day One, delivering a keynote address on the plenary stage, focusing on the exciting benefits that well-used technology can bring to people leaders and organisations in Singapore and around the region. “In a manpower lean business environment, technology enables companies to create quality jobs with good career prospects, and build a skilled and engaged workforce that supports business growth,” Minister of State Zaqy says. ”By investing in their employees even as the business transform, companies are more likely to build employee trust and engagement.”

In partnership with CIO Academy

The relationship between an organisation’s HR and IT departments has never been more important - which is why HR Festival Asia is proud to have brought in the Singaporebased CIO Academy Asia as a key partner. It will host a series of breakout sessions during HR Festival Asia, pairing selected Chief HR Officers and Chief Information Officers for intensive workshops on a range of topics. These include detailed briefings on artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, collaboration between the HR and IT teams, and strategies for harnessing data most effectively. The partnership will provide HR Festival Asia delegates with a highly interactive experience, combining what are arguably the two most important C-Suite leaders in the digital age.

April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

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#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

HR Festival Asia, at your fingertips

Hands on at the expo With 100 exhibitors across 3,000 square metres of floor space, the HR Festival Asia Expo is set to be the region’s biggest such exhibition in 2019. Throughout both days, HR and business leaders will have the opportunity to receive expert insights on how to select the right technology for their organisations, and to better understand the current and future technology landscape. The exhibition also features a dedicated Start-Up Zone, where, the hottest HR startups will showcase their new technology and products to an audience hungry for the latest emerging products. The Power Talks stage, right in the heart of the exhibition, will feature more than 20 skills experts delivering bite-sized, enthusiastic learning on a variety of topics.

Welcome all international delegates and delegations HR Festival Asia is excited to welcome hundreds of international visitors to the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre on May 8 and 9. Their number includes several delegations from the region’s most important HR communities, including The Indonesian Society of Human Resources, Ariva Philippines, the Vietnam Human Resources Association, and the Personnel Management Association of Thailand. The organisers are also greatly appreciative of the Singapore Tourism Board, which has provided invaluable support in marketing the event across the Asia-Pacific region.


HR Festival Asia is embracing the digital transformation era; once again providing attendees with a dedicated app that will be their one-stop virtual shop for all things related to the event. In addition to hosting the most up-to-date timetables, speaker profiles, and exhibitor listings, the app also offers an interactive element. Attendees will be able to share their learnings from each session and stream on the social feed. Users can even sign up to interact with each other, via the app content. Find the app on the Apple or Google Play stores, either by searching “HR Festival Asia”, or using this QR code.

Pitching for a start-up dream The HR technology space is in the throes of disruption right now, with more than 100 recognised start-up businesses in Singapore alone. HR Festival Asia will witness this vibrant competitiveness from right up close, with the inaugural HR Fest Pitch Fest taking place live on stage during the event. Held over two rounds, on the Expo Power Talks stage (Day One) and the HR Tech stage (Day Two finals) respectively, up to 30 businesses will vie for a huge range of prizes and development opportunities. They’ll have just five minutes of stage time to convince the esteemed panel of judges of their product’s ability to solve a key HR problem, as well as overall viability of their business model.

HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

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03/04/2019 12:05

SWITCH TO SMART HIRING Find the right pool of local talent and build a workforce with a strong Singaporean core

Workforce Singapore's (WSG) programmes present opportunities for employers to transform and grow, as well as benefit from recruitment and training support to build a stronger local talent pool and foster progressive workplaces.


P-MAX P-Max will assist SMEs to better recruit, train, manage and retain newly hired PMETs. It will enable SMEs to adopt progressive HR practices and help place job-seeking PMETs into suitable SMEs. P-MAX FEATURES:

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#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Plenary stage

There’s no bigger platform for HR in this region than the plenary sessions of HR Festival Asia – and no expense has been spared to bring some of the most cutting-edge visionaries down to grace the stage here in Singapore. Held in the HR and Digital Transformation stream, these sessions at the beginning and close of the two-day festival will bring all HR Festival delegates together for a shared learning experience to rival no other. The inaugural HR Festival Asia has six key presentations lined up for the plenary stage, each bringing a different perspective to the challenge of how HR can leverage technology for greater innovation, creativity, and – ultimately – success in the Industry 4.0 business environment and the ongoing war for talent.

Business Development unit, and also held consulting roles with both Arthur Andersen and IBM. He joins HR Festival Asia as the event’s official Guest of Honour and will open the plenary stage with a keynote presentation on the importance of effective HR practices during the current era of innovation and business disruption.

Paul Cobban Zaqy Mohamad Mr Zaqy Mohamad is the Minister of State within the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. He has been a Member of Parliament since 2006, following a distinguished career in business and professional services. He was a Partner with Ernst & Young, with the ASEAN

Paul Cobban is DBS Bank’s Chief Data and Transformation Officer, and has been a key player in the organisation’s transformation since2009. He has been part of the team that led to DBS being named “World’s Best Digital Bank”, by Euromoney magazine in 2016 and 2018, and has plenty to share on the cultural aspects that helped guide that successful transformation. Cobban will deliver a keynote presentation on the plenary stage from 9:35am on Day One of HR Festival Asia, May 8. April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 19

19 03/04/2019 11:53

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Dr Frederik G. Pferdt

Jason Averbook

Dr Frederik G Pferdt is the Chief Innovation Evangelist for Google, and also an Adjunct Professor with Standford University. He leads a talented global innovation team which catalyses creative thinking and trains people on how to build a better future through technology. Every business leader is facing times of increasing uncertainty, he warns, and this calls for creativity and innovation to become the new benchmarks for success. His keynote address will focus on how organisations can create a future-forward environment that encourages exploration and experimentation to meet the challenges of digital transformation.

Jason Averbook is the CEO and Founder of Leapgen, a digital transformation consultancy that aims to shape the future of work around the world. He is often described as an HR futurist, and will be sharing his own insights on the changing world of work on the plenary stage at 4:00pm on Day Two. He will share why digital transformation matters in today’s complex business environment, and outline a proven formula for success in this demanding space. It all starts and ends with a clear vision, which must be held “front and centre” in the organisation, he says.

John Sumser

Josh Bersin

John Sumser is the founder, principal author, and editor-in-chief of the US-based HRExaminer Online magazine.His plenary session – at the close of Day One – will illuminate more on the possibilities of next-generation technology and new ways of working. Looking specifically at the tools known collectively as “artificial intelligence” (machine learning, natural language processing, data modelling, systems thinking, and process automation), Sumser will explore how emerging technology changes the work of HR, the new kinds of management required for 21st Century productivity, and effective tools that help connect HR to business outcomes.

Josh Bersin is a world-known industry analyst and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, which provides research-based membership programmes in corporate HR, talent management, recruiting, leadership, and workplace technology. His closing keynote address to HR Festival Asia – from 5:00pm on Day Two – will draw on his exclusive research into the fast-changing, and always exciting global HR technology market. Using data gathered from throughout Asia-Pacific, and the globe, Bersin will explain how the workforce is changing in this part of the world, and the ways employers themselves will need to evolve.

Day One Time

Presentation Title



Welcome, by HRM Asia

Joanna Bush


HR Festival Asia - Opening address

Steve Boese


Address by the Singapore Minister of State for Manpower

Mr Zaqy Mohamad


Keynote presentation from DBS Bank

Paul Cobban


Your future-ready mindset

Dr Frederik G. Pferdt


The age of intelligent tools: How AI is reshaping HR

John Sumser


Presentation Title



Why digital transformation matters to HR

Jason Averbook


The HR technology market and the disruptions ahead

Josh Bersin


Day Two


HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

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Corporate Assessment Certification made easier. Gear up for the future. The Institute for Human Resource Professionals is the only HR professional body in Singapore authorised to implement the national HR credentials, which is known as the IHRP Certification.

Access to accredited refresher courses

Dedicated on-site assessment at your premises

IHRP now brings you a new initiative, Corporate Assessment, making it easier than ever for your team to be certified. Benefits of Certification A current and future-ready HR team that is benchmarked against the national HR credentials A resourceful HR team with the capability to use data and apply analytics to guide decisions in HR

Receive a corporate competency profile report

Be one of the IHRP Corporate Partners with certified HR professionals

An integrated HR team with business and financial acumen to develop business-aligned workforce plans Contact us at 6513 3895 or visit Booth 83 today to find out more.

A tripartite organisation

Lifelong Learning Institute, 11 Eunos Road 8, Lift Lobby A, #05-02, Singapore 408601 HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 21

Follow us 05/04/2019 13:10

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

CxO Symposium With the rise of digital workplaces, automation, and mobile teams, businesses – and the markets they treasure – are rapidly evolving, bringing about unprecedented challenges for today’s leaders. Now more than ever, leaders are expected to adapt to the uncertain and disruptive world of Industry 4.0, in order to maintain a competitive advantage and sustain business success. The CxO Symposium will keep business and HR leaders up-to-date and empower them with the keys to strengthen their organisation’s capabilities from the top. Some of the world’s most prominent HR and workforce technology luminaries will delve into discussions on the most cuttingedge visionary research and thinking available in the field. Shining a spotlight on the intricate balance between the “human” and the “technology” at work, the CxO Symposium will be a one-stop shop for the modern, forward-thinking leader. This is the place to catch HR Festival Asia’s biggest plenary speakers up close and personal: Josh Bersin, John Sumser, and Jason Averbook will all be hosting exclusive sessions against the more intimate backdrop of the CxO Symposium. They will be joined by top regional leaders such as Wouter Van

Exclusively curated for C-level executives, this stream connects senior business and management professionals with leading industry experts and thought-leaders.

Day One Time

Presentation Title



Design-think your people for better business value

Dr CJ Meadows


Exclusive presentation from ADP

Peter Hadley


Live Q&A: Navigating the new world of work at GE

Wouter Van Wersch


Exclusive presentation from Cornerstone OnDemand

Kartik Krishnamurthy


Trends and strategies for managing your workforce – Today and tomorrow (Part I)

Josh Bersin


Trends and strategies for managing your workforce – Today and tomorrow (Part II)

Josh Bersin


How culture transformation leads digital transformation

Melanie Sharpe Nseir and Alessandro Giacobbe

Day Two Time

Presentation Title



Your key to change and productivity: A human-centric approach

Dr Makarand Tare


Managing the tech race: Striking a balance between people and technology

Panel discussion


Exclusive presentation from SAP



What is YOUR vision for building a digital workforce experience? (Part I)

Jason Averbook


What is YOUR vision for building a digital workforce experience? (Part II)

Jason Averbook


How to prepare your organisation for the AI revolution

John Sumser


Boosting performances with Change ReadinessNQ

Amy Brann


Exclusive presentation from Alight


Schedule is correct at time of printing. Please check the HR Festival app for the latest information.


HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

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Dr CJ Meadows, Professor of Design Thinking, SP Jain School of Business

Peter Hadley, President of Asia-Pacific, ADP

Wersch, President and CEO of GE in Southeast Asia. He will be on stage for a fascinating presentation on how the new world of digital has changed the game for large multinationals, and how to build strong leadership talent for the challenges that lie ahead. Dean Tong, Managing Director and Head of Group HR and United Overseas Bank Limited, Bicky Bhangu, President of Rolls-Royce, for Southeast Asia, the Pacific, and Korea, and Peck Kem Low, Chief HR Officer and Senior Director of Workforce Development at the Singapore Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office will be part of a panel discussion titled Managing the Tech Race: Striking a Balance Between People and Technology. They will highlight the challenges and opportunities in digitalisation, and discuss strategies to keep the human touch alive in this world of technology. Dr CJ Meadows, Professor of Design Thinking at the SP Jain School of Global Management, will also be taking the stage to share

Amy Brann, Neuroscience expert

Dr Makarand Tare, Chief Talent Officer, McCann World Group Asia-Pacific

exclusive insights on the business value that HR and organisations can achieve with design thinking. And neuroscience expert Amy Brann will discuss the science behind the concept of ChangeReadinessNQ , which measures the capacity of a workforce, team, or organisation to intelligently anticipate, prepare for, manage and respond to change. She will also highlight the framework to assess ChangeReadinessNQ across your own people, and present strategies to guide your employees to achieve great performance.

Stream chairperson: Dr Tanvi Gautam, Transformational Leadership Expert

Learn more @ booth 49 HR Fessval


April-May May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

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23 05/04/2019 13:04

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

HR and Digital Transformation

Pallavi Srivistava, Talent Leader, Asia-Pacific and Greater China, IBM Global Technology Services

Take a journey through some of the most exciting transformation journeys of leading Asia-Pacific organisations Workplaces today look nothing like they were 10 years ago. Over the past decade, the world has experienced an intense growth in technological capabilities and connectivity, and these dual engines show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Undergoing a digital transformation is already at the forefront of most business leaders’ minds. There is now, however, a need to go the extra mile – being ‘digital’ is no longer sufficient. Conversations have shifted to the need to be “smart” around technology and processes. Also on this stage will be Alexander Nicolaus, Head of People, Talent, and Culture at Circles.Life, Jeff Lee, Chief HR Officer for Agoda, and Audra Pakalynte from Fave. The HR and Digital Transformation stream features a host of case studies and thought-leading presentations

from HR professionals experienced in these workforce revolutions. They include Pallavi Srivastava, AsiaPacific and Greater China Talent Leader of Global Technology Services at IBM. She will delve into the synergies between digital transformation and employee experience, and how these are vital parts to thriving in the world of Industry 4.0.

Tom Cooper, Head of Performance and Reward, People Services, Telstra

Stream chairperson: Steve Boese, Host of HR Technology Conference US Jeff Lee, Chief HR Officer, Agoda

Day One Time

Presentation Title



Using predictive analytics to forecast employee turnover

Chloe Hamman


Digital transformation in HR through the lens of extraordinary employee experiences

Pallavi Srivastava


Digitalisation as a way forward for the organisation's growth and success

Chloe Gan


Successful digital transformation: Best practices

Panel discussion


Making the most of your HR data and employee feedback to create more compelling and engaging experiences

Steve Bennetts


Scalability through mobility: Telstra’s journey

Tom Cooper and Sten Tamkivi

Day Two Time

Presentation Title



Global HCM technology trends and applications for Asia-Pacific

Trish McFarlane and Steve Boese


A modern mindset and approach for HR

Mahesh Muralidhar


From start up to scale-up: What can you learn about HR and people from a high-growth e-commerce company

Audra Pakalnyte


Workplace innovation fueled by data: Workplace analytics

Sambin Sharma


Cultivating a deeper relationship with employees through digitalisation

Pambudi Sunarsihanto


HR for Industry 4.0: People transformation at Agoda

Jeff Lee


People practices for a disruptive innovation landscape

Alexander Nicolaus and Gui Wainwright

Schedule is correct at time of printing. Please check the HR Festival app for the latest information.


HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

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Turn employees into ambassadors Deliver actionable insights to every leader and improve employee experiences from pre-hire to exit. ONBOARDING ENGAGEMENT PULSE



Over 10,000 enterprises worldwide, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 100, rely on Qualtrics to develop a phenomenal employee culture, build products that people love, create more loyal customers, and build iconic brands.


#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Smart Workforce and Innovation

Saurab Jain, Head of HR, ABN Amro Singapore

Learn how you too can redesign your existing business models to increase mobility, responsiveness and agility, taking full advantage of the new world of work. How can you attract, enable, develop, and also empower a smart, innovative workforce? What tools and infrastructure does a smart workforce require to thrive? With globalised talent flows and the power of the cloud, the smart workplace of today need not be a physical space. In reality, it is more likely to be focused online with work taking place anytime, anywhere, and through collaboration with partners located throughout the world. The Smart Workforce and Innovation stream will focus on the opportunities made available by increasingly techsavvy and mobile workforces. Nicole Poon, Former Senior Vice President of Performance and Region al HR at MatchMove Pay, is one of the expert speakers slated. She’ll be explaining how organisations can create smarter, more collaborative

workspaces during an afternoon session on Day One. Saurabh Jain, Head of HR at ABN Amro, will share his strategy for recognising the strengths of different generations, and Grace Yip, Head of HR for Accenture will close out the stream with an important discussion on the New World of Work.

Stream chairperson: Shaun McEwan, Professional speaker and emcee

Chinmay Sharma, Director of People and Culture, Philip Morris Malaysia

Ritu Gupta Mehrish, Leadership Expert

Day One Time

Presentation Title



The power of the people network

Manish Goel


The future of work and preparations for a world of AI

Bernard Golstein


Create a smarter, collaborative workplace

Nicole Poon


Cultivating innovative cultures: The key attributes of a smart workforce

Cecile Alper-Leroux


Preparing for the future of work: Getting employees to understand the impact of digital and disruption

Gunnar Jaschik

Day Two Time

Presentation Title



What are the most critical substantial foundational skills a smart workforce needs?

Panel discussion


A 'future-ready' mindset for a smarter workforce

Chinmay Sharma


Collaboration and new ways of working

Seng Chee Ho


Tapping on the skills of our multi-generational workforce

Saurabh Jain


Smarter leadership for a smarter workforce

Ritu Gupta Mehrish


Culture and ways of working: An exploration of "the old" vs "the new"

Michele Ferrario and Siewyee Bay


Drive innovation and growth through inclusive, diverse, and flexible workplaces

Grace Yip

Schedule is correct at time of printing. Please check the HR Festival app for the latest information.


HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

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NALANTIS OFFERS INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR TALENT ACQUISITION AND CANDIDATE MANAGEMENT. Our state of the art technology offers cross-language competence analysis & matching solutions ranging from ready-to-use to API and cloud based services. We service governments, enterprises, staffing and recruiting companies, job boards, ATS, job posting companies and many more Visit us at www.nalantis.com

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Talent Management and Development Effective talent management is crucial to stay ahead of the curve, especially in a new world of work where one-size no longer fits all. With the recent entry of Generation Z employees into the workforce, organisations are hosting as many as five different generations across their headcounts. Each one comes with different perceptions and expectations of their jobs and colleagues. It’s not just diverse ages either. The global workforce is becoming much more mobile and across Asia-Pacific in particular you can see a wide range of cultural backgrounds across any one organisation’s talent pool. This newfound diversity is a key focus of the Talent Management and Development stream. Delegates will gain practical insights on how to effectively reinvent their strategies to keep their workforces agile, engaged, and productive. The first presentation will be led by Aye Wee Yap, Head of Learning and Development at OCBC Bank. She will focus on the new self-directed learning culture that has been developed at her organisation, and provide clear,

best-practice takeaways for delegates looking to emulate that same feat. Peter Wood, Vice President of Talent Management within Schneider Electric’s global HR function will join Michael Kim, Head of HR for Spotify in Asia-Pacific for a unique panel discussion on Day One. Also catch Syed Ali Abbas, Group HR Director of Global Fashion Group, on Day Two, where he’ll discuss HR’s role in creating strategic value for the business in this new, disrupted world.

Stream chairperson: Joanne Flinn, Author and professional speaker

Syed Ali Abbas, Group HR Director of the Global Fashion Group

Dr Swatee Sarangi, Head of Capability Development, Larsen and Toubro

Aye Wee Yap, Head of Learning and Development, OCBC Bank

Day One Time

Presentation Title



Self-directed learning: Shaping a learning culture in today's workplace

Aye Wee Yap


Harness the power of your Hi-Pos and high performers for greater business results

Ajit Iyer


Strengthening the links: Develop effective mid-level leaders

Shux Mazur


Feedback vs ratings: Surviving in an increasingly ratingless world

Panel discussion


The key to successful sponsorship and mentorship programmes

Dr Jovina Ang

Day Two Time

Presentation Title



Transform your employees into lifelong, agile learners

Rashmi Sharma


Changing times, changing HR

Syed Ali Abbas


Building a future organisation through talent management

Yenita Oktora


Beyond performance management: Cultivating a growth mindset in the workplace

Dr Swatee Sarangi


The new ASEAN HR community: Meet the founding members of the ASEAN Human Development Organisation

Panel discussion


Exclusive presentation from Shell

Jane Low

Schedule is correct at time of printing. Please check the HR Festival app for the latest information.


HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

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05/04/2019 13:06

Payroll | HCM | Technology & Services

We help you put your people first so you can unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Connecting People and Payroll We provide end-to-end integrated Human Capital Management and Payroll solutions for 1,400+ global brands and listed companies across a range of industries in the Asia Pacific region through 850+ dedicated staff with local payroll and HR expertise based in 10 countries. Contact us to learn more about how our combined solutions can enhance your employee experience: +65 6761 9450



#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Powered by

Recruit and Engage As the working world transforms and organisations strive to keep up, the pressure to recruit, engage, and retain quality talent is dramatically intensifying year-on-year. As the working world transforms and organisations strive to keep up, the pressure to recruit, engage, and thereby retain quality talent is dramatically intensifying. With increased transparency and innovative technologies enabling a new world of work, HR is also expected to evolve and lead the charge across the workforce. Organisations need all of their talent to be more agile, cost-effective, and forward-thinking. Across the Recruit and Engage stream, powered by Indeed, the seemingly dark art of attracting and retaining talent will be demystified. Attendees will gain real-world insights, and hear practical tactics, to get ahead in the seemingly never-ending war for talent. JPS Choudhary, Regional HR Head for Africa, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific at Vodafone will join John Kivel, GSK’s Head of Recruitment in Asia-Pacific, and Yenita Oktora, HR Director for L’Oreal’s Asia-Pacific Consumer Division, for a panel discussion on social recruiting. John Hall, Head of Talent Acquisition at Grab, will speak about hiring the right talent in a highly competitive

environment, leveraging off the experience of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing tech start-up. But that’s not all for the big tech names. Sandra Teh, Head of Employer Brand for Amazon Web Services in AsiaPacific will discuss how the company is attracting, engaging and hiring the best talent to support its growth momentum in this region. And Annie Lim, the global lead for Diversity and Inclusion at Sanofi, will take audiences through the new rules and best practices when hiring for diversity.

Stream chairperson: Richard Farmer, Founder, Connector

Annie Lim, Global Lead Diversity and Inclusion, Sanofi

John Hall, Head of Talent Acquisition, Grab

Day One Time

Presentation Title



Transformational talent

Conor McCarthy


The new model for modern talent engagement: Think big and long-term with employer branding

Sandra Teh


Digital recruiting: Your key to making informed hiring decisions

Rachel Fitton


Embracing the high-touch, high-tech transformation of recruitment

Kevin Erikson


The entrepreneurial culture: How it can be the winning key to embracing the new digital workplace

Jarrod Patterson


Hiring for the fastest-growing Southeast Asian tech company

John Hall


Presentation Title



Creating better engagement for your millennial and gig employees

Wendy Baker


The inside job: efficiently matching your talent gaps from within

Chris Mead


Get social or get left behind: What you need to stay ahead of the competition

Panel discussion


Identifying, developing and engaging your talents from all levels of the organisation: Creating a culture of entitlement or high performance?

Lawrence Chan


Building the employer brand and candidate experience: A perspective of a fast-growing company

Teck Yong Lim and King Chang


Recruiting 4.0

John Sumser

Day Two

Schedule is correct at time of printing. Please check the HR Festival app for the latest information.


HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

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05/04/2019 13:06

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

HR Tech Located on the bustling HR Festival Expo Hall, this stage will reveal essential updates on how your organisation could be further leveraging the cloud, design thinking, and the digitisation of work.

HR technology is a multi-billion dollar market that’s only set to grow further in the coming years – so it’s only natural that a key focus of HR Festival Asia is on how technology is revolutionising the world of work. This covers the full range of HR functions, with exciting new applications impacting the way organisations recruit, engage, train, and even reward their staff. Technology is also increasingly playing a significant role in the culture of organisations, motivating staff, inspiring teamwork and innovation, and enhancing the employee experience. The HR Tech stage, with presentations running throughout the

Day One Time

Presentation Title



Women in HR Tech - Opening address

Jeanne Achille


Making sense of diversity data

Jasie Fon


Women in STEM: Educate, retrain, reskill

Panel discussion


Designing fair and equitable workplaces

Kylie Baullo


Climbing the leadership ladder

Panel discussion


Workforce diversity: Creating new global business opportunities

Cecile Alper-Leroux


Integrated capability building platform for millenials, Gen Z

Vineet Koka


Exclusive presentation from SAP



Exclusive presentation from Cornerstone OnDemand

Mark Chan


Strengthening partnerships with the business for digital success

Panel discussion


Unlock organisational performance with learning experiences, leveraging on digital technology

Emanuele Castellani


Making use of tech to deliver better business outcomes and enable HR

Deepak Bansal

Day Two Time

Presentation Title



The Sierra-Cedar 2018–2019 HR Systems Survey white paper, Asia-Pacific edition

Stacey Harris


The Josh Bersin Academy: Preparing the HR profession for disruptions ahead

Panel discussion


At the crossroads in the digital workplace: The mix of tech, talent, and pay design

John Antos


Core HR Systems: Where are we now? What’s on the horizon?

Chiou Hao Chan


Unlock the full potential of your workforce with the help of HR Tech

Inna Wahlberg


Exclusion presentation by Nalantis

Frank Aernout


The state of tech in HR across Asia-Pacific

Pip Penfold


Change management for effective HR tech adoption

Merle Chen


Designing an employee experience to connect and engage your workforce in the digital age

John Mayes


The next generation of recruitment

Stephanie Morton


Data: HR's most important asset, and how to use it

Sapna Saxena

Schedule is correct at time of printing. Please check the HR Festival app for the latest information.


HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 32

05/04/2019 13:06

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Deepak Bansal, Vice President of Analytics, OCBC Bank

Philippa Penfold, Chairperson, HRM Asia Advisory Committee

event, will highlight all of these changes, and much more. It is also home to the celebrated Women in HR Technology series of speakers. This “conference within a conference” takes place over the first half of Day One on May 8, and is hosted by Jeanne Achille, Founder and CEO, of The Devon Group in the US. She will introduce several game-changing women who are achieving great things across the HR technology space, both in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world. They include Kylie Baullo, Vice President of Client Services with ADP in Asia-Pacific, Cecile Alper-Leroux, Vice President of HCM Innovation at Ultimate Software in the US, and Dr Jaclyn Lee, Chief HR Officer at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Women in Technology has been a key part of the annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, US, and HR Festival Asia is excited to bring the brand and concept to Asia for the first time this year. Deepak Bansal, Vice-President of People Analytics at OCBC Bank, will close the first day’s proceedings on the HR Tech with an in-depth look at the use of data and technology to deliver better business outcomes and further enable HR teams.

Stacey Harris, Vice President of Research and Analytics, SierraCedar

Cecile Alper-Leroux, Vice President of Human Capital Management Innovation, Ultimate Software

The big names and first-in-Asia thought leadership continue on Day Two. Stacey Harris, Vice President of Research and Analytics with Sierra Cedar will unveil the company’s latest paper on HR Systems Technology in Asia-Pacific. This was produced in collaboration with HRM Asia and will provide a first-of-its-kind picture of HR technology use in this region. And Merle Chen, Chief Talent Officer of the Lo & Behold restaurant group, will explore how HR can navigate the change and transformation that comes inherently with embracing of new HR technology. She will take delegates through a step-bystep process that includes managing and engaging stakeholders, communications, and dealing with resistance.

Stream chairperson: Graham Brown, Host of the Asia Tech podcast

Rethink The Way You Work Through Integration, Automation, Smart Workflows

Scan to view our solutions at our website now!

See You at Booth #91 April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

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HRiQ HRMS fuses Core and Talent modules into a single system empowering you to become a powerful driving force in your organisation.

33 05/04/2019 13:07

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Conference Agenda HR & Digital Transformation

CxO Symposium

Smart Workforce & Innovation

8 :0 0

R EG I S T R AT I O N O P E N S 8 :5 0



8 :55

9 :0 0

Steve Boese, Programme Chair & Host, HR Technology Conference

Design-think Your People for Better Business Value

9 :1 5

Zaqy Mohamad, Minister of State for Manpower

Dr. CJ Meadows, Professor of Design Thinking, SP Jain School of Business

guest of honour

9 :3 5

9 :35


Paul Cobban, Chief Data and Transformation Officer, DBS Bank

Exclusive Session Delivered by ADP

9 :55

Peter Hadley, President - Asia Pacific, ADP 1 0 :2 0


Your Future-Ready Mindset Dr. Frederik Pferdt, Chief Innovation Evangelist, Google & Adjunct Professor, Stanford University


Navigating the New World of Work @ GE


Wouter Van Wersch, President & CEO, GE ASEAN-ANP

1 0 :4 0



Exclusive Session Delivered by Cornerstone OnDemand Kartik Krishnamurthy, Managing Director Asia, Cornerstone OnDemand 12 :0 0

Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Employee Turnover

The Power of the People Network

Chloe Hamman, Director of People Science, Culture Amp

Manish Goel, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, TrustSphere



1 1 :1 5

1 2:00

Digital Transformation in HR through the Lens of Extraordinary Employee Experiences

Trends and Strategies for Managing your Workforce Today and Tomorrow (I)

The Future of Work and Preparations for a World of AI

Pallavi Srivastava, Asia Pacific & China Talent Leader, IBM


Josh Bersin, Industry Analyst, Thought Leader, Educator & Entrepreneur

Digitalisation as a Way Forward for the Organisation’s Growth and Success

Bernard Golstein, AI Thought Leader, Author & CEO, sharperAI

Chloe Gan, HR Director, Arvato Systems Malaysia

12 :45


HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

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07/04/2019 11:27

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

MORNING · Day 1 | Wed. 8TH May Talent Management & Development

Recruit & Engage

Powered by

HR Tech

8:0 0

R EG I S T R AT I O N O P E N S 8:5 0 8:5 5



Steve Boese, Programme Chair & Host, HR Technology Conference 9 :1 5



Jeanne Achille, Founder & CEO, The Devon Group

9 :00

Making Sense of Diversity Data

Zaqy Mohamad, Minister of State, Manpower guest of honour

9 :3 5

Jasie Fon, General Manager, ASEAN, Workday


Paul Cobban, Chief Data and Transformation Officer, DBS Bank

9 :45



Women in STEM: Educate, Retrain, Reskill

Your Future-Ready Mindset

Dr. Jaclyn Lee, Chief Human Resources Officer, Singapore University of Technology and Design

9 :5 5

Dr. Frederik Pferdt, Chief Innovation Evangelist, Google & Adjunct Professor, Stanford University 10:3 0



Siew Choo Soh, Group Head of Consumer Banking and Big Data/ AI Technology, DBS Bank / Anthea Collier, Managing Director APAC, Randstad Sourceright

1 0:30

Designing Fair and Equitable Workplaces


11: 15

Self-directed Learning - Shaping a Learning Culture in Today’s Workplace Aye Wee Yap, SVP, Head of Learning and Development, OCBC Bank

Kylie Baullo, Vice President, Client Service, Asia Pacific, ADP 1 1 :1 5

Transformational Talent Conor McCarthy, Head of Sales – Emerging Markets, Indeed

1 1 :30


Climbing the Leadership Ladder moderator

12:0 0

Harness the Power of Your HiPOs and High-Performers for Greater Business Results

Ajit Ayer, Managing Director – Human Resources, Semiconductor WorldWide Operations, Applied Materials

12:2 0

11: 4 0

The New Model for Modern Talent Engagement: Think Big & Long-Term with Employer Branding

Sandra Teh, Head of AWS Employer Brand, APJC, Amazon Web Services

12 : 0 0

Strengthening the Links - Develop Effective Mid-level Leaders

Digital Recruiting - Your Key to Making Informed Hiring Decisions

Shux Mazur, Talent Lead Asia Pacific, Airbnb

Rachel Fitton, Head, Group Talent Acquisition, Singtel



Pip Penfold, Chair of HRM Asia’s Expert Advisory Committee panelists

Anthea Collier, Managing Director APAC, Randstad Sourceright Stacey Harris, VP Research and Analytics, Sierra-Cedar

1 2:1 5


Workforce Diversity: Creating New Global Business Opportunities Cecile Alper-Leroux, VP of Human Capital Management (HCM) Innovation, Ultimate Software 1 :00

Integrated Capability Building Platform for Millennials, Gen Z Vineet Koka, Regional Head - South East Asia, Disprz

April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 35

35 07/04/2019 11:21

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Conference Agenda HR & Digital Transformation

CxO Symposium

Smart Workforce & Innovation

1 :3 0


2 :2 0

2 : 20



Trends and Strategies for Managing your Workforce Today and Tomorrow (II)

Successful Digital Transformation: Best Practices

Josh Bersin, Industry Analyst, Thought Leader, Educator & Entrepreneur 3:0 5

How Culture Transformation Leads Digital Transformation Melanie Sharpe Nseir, HR Leader, Microsoft Services Asia, Microsoft Alessandro Giacobbe, GM Worldwide Cross-Industry Corporate Learning, Microsoft



Making the Most of Your HR Data and Employee Feedback to Create More Compelling and Engaging Experiences

Steve Bennetts, Head of Growth & Strategy – Employee Experience Solutions, APJ, Qualtrics


Scalability through Mobility: Telstra’s Journey

Tom Cooper, Head of Performance & Reward, People Services, Telstra // Sten Tamviki, Chief Product Officer, Topia

Create a Smarter, Collaborative Workplace Nicole Poon, Chief People Officer, Upcode Academy 3:05

LIVE Q&A: Cultivating Innovative Cultures: The Key Attributes of a Smart Workforce

m o d e r a t o r Jeanne Achille - Founder & CEO, The Devon Group // s p e a k e r Cecile Alper-Leroux, VP of Human Capital

Management (HCM) Innovation, Ultimate Software


Preparing for the Future of Work – Getting Employees to Understand the Impact of Digital and Disruption Gunnar Jaschik, Operations Transformation & Change Manager, Schroders



The Age of Intelligent Tools: How AI is Reshaping HR John Sumser, US-based Futurist & Technology Commentator

5:3 0

E N D O F H R F E S T I VA L – DAY 1


HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 36

07/04/2019 11:28

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

AFTERNOON · Day 1 | Wed. 8TH May Talent Management & Development

Recruit & Engage

Powered by

1:3 0

HR Tech 1 :30


1 :40


Exclusive Session Delivered by SAP 2:00 Exclusive Session Delivered by Cornerstone OnDemand Mark Chan, Regional Sales Director Asia, Cornerstone OnDemand

2:2 0



Feedback vs. Ratings – Surviving in an Increasingly Ratingless World panelists

Peter Wood, Vice President & Global Lead, Talent Assessment & Selection, Global Human Resources, Schneider Electric Michael Kim , Head of HR APAC, Spotify Sowjanya Reddy, Regional Head of HR, Asia Pacific & Japan, HP Inc.

3:0 5

A Culture of Trust: Empowering Business Success Through Real-Time Feedback

3:2 5

The Key to Successful Sponsorship & Mentorship Programs

Embracing the High-Touch, High-Tech Transformation of Recruitment Kevin Erikson, Head of People Analytics, Asia & Oceania Region, Nestlé 3: 0 5

The Entrepreneurial Culture How it can be the Winning Key to Embracing the New Digital Workplace


m o d e r a t o r Ritu G. Mehrish, Leadership Expert, Keynote Speaker & Author // p a n e l i s t s Pallavi Srivastava, Asia Pacific & Greater China Talent Leader, Global Technology Services, IBM Deepak Bansal, VP, People Analytics, OCBC Bank Daniel Kusmanto, Global Head, HR Analytics, ASM Alan Tan, Head of Human Resources - Southeast Asia, Festo


Jarrod Patterson, Head of Human Resources, South Asia & ANZ, Henkel

3: 2 5

Hiring for the FastestGrowing SEA Tech Company

Dr. Jovina Ang, Communication Expert, Speaker & Thought-Leader

John Hall, Head of Talent Acquisition, Grab


Unlock Organisational Performance with Learning Experiences Leveraging on Technology Emanuele Castellani, Cegos APAC

3:25 Making Use of Tech & Data to Deliver Better Business Outcomes and Enable HR Deepak Bansal, VP of Analytics, OCBC Bank




Strengthening Partnerships with The Business for Digital Success



HR Fest Awards 4:30


The Age of Intelligent Tools: How AI is Reshaping HR John Sumser, US-based Futurist & Technology Commentator

5 :3 0


E N D O F H R F E S T I VA L – DAY 1 D I S C L A I M E R : Changes to t he co nferenc e. H RM A s ia m a y (at i t s so l e d i sc ret i o n) c h a n ge t h e fo r m at , sp e a ke r s, p a r t i ci p ants , content, ve nu e l o c at io n a nd p ro gra m m e o r a n y ot h e r a sp e ct of t h e C o nfe re n c e at a n y t i m e a n d fo r a n y reas on , whether or not d u e to a Fo rc e M a j e u re event , i n e a c h c a se w i t h o u t l i a b i l i t y .

April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 37


07/04/2019 11:22

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Festival Asia


Smart Workforce & Innovation

Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre 4th Floor

ME RO Powered by y

Recruit & Engage



07 04 03 Talent Management & Development




34 45




09 15

22 27





08 16



CxO Symposium

48 53



55 56


72 70






84 80




36 43






24 25


50 51














* Not to scale. Floorplan is correct at time of printing.


HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 38

04/04/2019 13:57

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com









104 114


106 112


120 97


124 122

125 126 127





HR & Digital Transformation



Booth number

ADP 97 AGHRM 112 AIA 43 Allegis Global Solutions 48 Androgogic 60 Arete Asia Pacific Pte Ltd 16 Ascender 106 Berlitz 3 Bupa Global 53 Cambridge Assessment 64 Cegos Asia Pacific 2 ConnectDott Start-up Zone Cornerstone OnDemand Singapore 88 Datumstruct Solutions 120 DDI 45 Disprz 46 Dunn & Partners - Whyze 39 Enboarder 71 Essec Business School 9 Fetias Start-up Zone FindJobs Pte Ltd Start-up Zone Frontier e-HR 51 Gpayroll Start-up Zone GreatDay HR 124 Haury Solutions Start-up Zone HSBC Bank (Singapore) 21 ICS Learn 23 Immigration@SG LLP (IASG) 58 Indeed 30 Indorse 67 Institue for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) 83 Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants 85 Intercorp Solutions 84 iQDynamics Pte Ltd 91 JustLogin 89 Kaplan Learning Institute 125 Kosh Consulting Group 27 TM Start-up Zone Mathilda Mauve Group 36 MDIS 68 Microsoft 108 Ministry of Defence 4 Nalantis 15 NUS - SCALE 24 Onsite Health Start-up Zone PACS 122 Panalyt Start-up Zone PeopleCentral 49 PeopleStrong 104 PerFit HR (dotin Inc) Start-up Zone Qualtrics 77 RChilli 54 SAP 77 Society Staples 11 Standard Chartered Bank 61 SuperPark United 25 Synchrony Global 100 TAFEP 96 Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) 40 Training Vision Institute 82 Virgin Pulse 7 Wanted 22 Wildlife Reserves Singapore 34 Workforce Singapore (WSG) 102 Workforce Advancement Federation 35 Workulture Start-up Zone Wolters Kluwer 93 Zoho 65 April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 39

39 07/04/2019 11:33

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Conference Agenda HR & Digital Transformation

CxO Symposium 9:0 0

Your Key to Change and Productivity: A Human-Centric Approach

9 :00

Global HCM Technology Trends and Applications for APAC


Managing the Tech Race: Striking a Balance Between People and Technology

9 :00 Improve Your Workplace Flexibility, Harness Innovation and Technology

Trish McFarlane, CEO, H3 HR Advisors Steve Boese, Programme Chair & Host, HR Technology Conference

Dr. Makarand (Mak) Tare, Chief Talent Officer, McCann Worldgroup Asia Pacific

9 :2 0

Smart Workforce & Innovation

9 :20

9 :20

A Modern Mindset and Approach for HR


Mahesh Muralidhar, VP, People Operations, Airtasker

Peck Kem Low, Chief HR Officer & Sr Director, Singapore Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office Dean Tong, Managing Director, Head of Group HR, United Overseas Bank Limited Bicky Bhangu, President - SE Asia, Pacific & Korea, Rolls-Royce


What Are The Most Critical Substantial Foundational Skills A Smart Workforce Needs? panelists

Raman Sidhu, Global Head of OD & Learning, Global Commercial, Shell Ying Yuan Ng, Executive Director and Group Head of Learning & Development, DBS Bank

Narelle Burke, Global Head of Talent & Leadership Development, Kantar

1 0 :0 0



From Start Up to Scale-Up – What Can You Learn about HR and People From A High Growth E-Commerce Company

Exclusive Session Delivered by SAP

Audra Pakalnyte, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Fave

11: 1 0

Workplace Innovation Fueled by Data: Workplace Analytics

11 :3 0 C XO E XC LU S I V E

What is YOUR Vision for Building a Digital Workforce Experience? (I) Jason Averbook, Lead Analyst & Futurist, ‘Redefining The Future of Work’

Sambin Sharma, HR Leader for Marketing & Operations and Consumer Business, Asia Pacific, Microsoft Nishanth Satheesan, Workplace Analytics Lead, Asia, Microsoft


Cultivating a Deeper Relationship with Employees Through Digitalisation Pambudi Sunarsihanto, Chairman, Indonesian Society of Human Resources (ISHR)

1 0:45

A ‘Future Ready’ Mind-set for a Smarter Workforce

Chinmay Sharma, Director People & Culture, Philip Morris Malaysia

1 1 :1 0

Collaboration and New Ways of Working Seng Chee Ho, Chief Corporate Officer, JustCo

1 1 :55

Tapping on the Skills of Our Multi-Generational Workforce

Saurabh Jain, HR Leader, Corporate Banking, APAC, ABN AMRO

1 2 :1 5



1:1 5 C XO E XC LU S I V E

What is YOUR Vision for Building a Digital Workforce Experience? (II) Jason Averbook, Lead Analyst & Futurist, ‘Redefining The Future of Work’


HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 40

07/04/2019 11:29

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

MORNING · Day 2 | Thu. 9TH May Talent Management & Development 9:0 0

Transform Your Employees into Lifelong Agile Learners

Recruit & Engage 9:00

Creating Better Engagement For Your Millennial and Gig Employees

Rashmi Sharma, Global Learning & Wellbeing Lead - South East Asia & ANZ, Unilever

9:2 0

Powered by

Wendy Baker, Partner, ICE


Changing Times, Changing HR Syed Ali Abbas, Group Human Resources Director, Global Fashion Group

The Inside Job Efficiently Matching Your Talent Gaps From Within Chris Mead, Head of Talent Acquisition APAC, DuPont

10 :0 0

HR Tech 9 :00

The Sierra-Cedar 2018–2019 HR Systems Survey White Paper, Asia-Pacific Edition

Stacey Harris, VP Research and Analytics, Sierra-Cedar

9 :20

The Josh Bersin Academy: Preparing the HR Profession for Disruptions Ahead Josh Bersin, Industry Analyst, Thought Leader, Educator & Entrepreneur

1 0:00


At the Crossroads in the Digital Workplace: the Mix of Tech, Talent, and Pay Design John Antos, VP Strategy & Marketing, ADP

1 0:20

Core HR Systems – Where Are We Now? What’s On the Horizon?

Chiou Hao Chan, Chief Operating Officer, JustLogin

10 :45

Building a Future Organisation Through Talent Management

10: 45

Looking Beyond the Norm: Hiring for Diversity

Yenita Oktora, HRD Consumer Division Asia Pacific, L’Oreal 11:3 0

Beyond Performance Management: Cultivating a Growth Mindset in the Workplace

Dr. Swatee Sarangi, Head- Capability Development, Larsen and Toubro

1 0:45 Unlock the full potential of your workforce with the help of HR Tech Inna Wahlberg, General Manager Asia, Ascender HCM

1 1 :05

Exclusive Session Delivered by Nalantis Frank Aernout, CEO, Nalantis

11: 30

1 1 :25 PA N E L D I S C U S S I O N

Get Social or Get Left Behind: What You Need To Stay Ahead of the Competition panelists

Yenita Oktora, HRD Consumer Division APAC, L’Oreal John Kivel, Asia Pacific Recruitment Head, GlaxoSmithKline

12 :1 5

The State of Tech in HR across APAC Pip Penfold, Chair of HRM Asia’s Expert Advisory Committee 1 2:1 5


1 :00

Change Management for Effective HR Tech Adoption Merle Chen, Chief Talent Officer, Lo & Behold Group

April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 41


07/04/2019 11:23

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Conference Agenda HR & Digital Transformation

CxO Symposium 1: 45 2 :0 0

HR for Industry 4.0: People Transformation at Agoda

1 :45

How to Prepare Your Organisation for the AI Revolution

2 : 05

Boosting Performances with Change ReadinessNQ Amy Brann, Neuroscience Expert, Author & Keynote Speaker


Enabling Digital Transformation Through Data Insights

2 :4 0 Exclusive Session Delivered by Alight

2 : 50

Smarter Leadership for a Smarter Workforce Ritu Gupta Mehrish, Leadership Expert, Keynote Speaker & Author

Jeff Lee, Chief People Officer, Agoda

John Sumser, US-based Futurist & Technology, Commentator

2 :2 0

Smart Workforce & Innovation

People Practices for a Disruptive Innovation Landscape

Alexander Nicolaus, Head of People, Talent & Culture Gui Wainwright, Special ProjectsCircles.Life

Culture and Ways of Working: An Exploration of The Old vs The New

Michele Ferrario, Co-Founder & CEO Siewyee Bay, Head of People & Culture StashAway 2:50

Drive Innovation and Growth Through Inclusive, Diverse and Flexible Workplaces Grace Yip, Head of HR ASEAN Accenture

3 :1 5


Why Digital Transformation Matters to HR Jason Averbook, Lead Analyst and Futurist, ‘Redefining The Future of Work’ 5:0 0 PLENARY

The HR Technology Market and the Disruptions Ahead Josh Bersin, Industry Analyst, Thought Leader, Educator & Entrepreneur

6 :0 0

E N D O F H R F E S T I VA L – DAY 2


HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 42

07/04/2019 11:29

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

AFTERNOON · Day 2 | Thu. 9TH May Talent Management & Development 1: 45


The New ASEAN HR Community: Panel with the Founding Members of the ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) moderator

Bob Aubrey - Founder & Strategic Advisor, AHDO & Chairman, HR Committee, European Chamber of Commerce Singapore panelists

Pambudi Sunarsihanto, Founding Chairman, AHDO & Chairman, Indonesian Society of Human Resources Aresandrian J., Vice-Chairman, AHDO & Executive President, Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management Le Hong Phuc, Vice-Chairman, AHDO & President, Vietnam HR Association

2 :3 0

Exclusive Session Delivered by Shell

Recruit & Engage

Powered by

1: 45

Identifying, Developing and Engaging Your Talents from All Levels of the Organisation – Creating a Culture of Entitlement or High Performance?

HR Tech 1 :45

Lawrence Chan, Senior Manager, OD & Learning, Human Resources, NTUC Income

2 : 05

John Mayes, CHRO, SoftwareOne


Building the Employer Brand & Candidate Experience: A Perspective of a Fast-Growing Company Teck Yong Lim, Head of Regional Operations & People Team, Shopee King Chang, Regional Talent Acquisition Manager, Shopee


Jane Low, Global Learning Advisor for Senior Leader Development, Shell Leslie Hayward, Vice President Human Resources, Shell

Designing an Employee Experience to Connect and Engage your Workforce in the Digital Age

Recruiting 4.0 John Sumser, US-based Futurist & Technology Commentator

3: 1 5

The Next Generation of Recruitment

Stephanie Morton, Global Talent Acquisition Manager - Strategy, Technology & Talent Relationship Management, Siemens 2:50

Data - HR’s Most Important Asset, and How to Use It

Sapna Saxena, Senior Director HR APAC, Tableau

3:1 5


HR Tech Pitchfest


Why Digital Transformation Matters to HR Jason Averbook, Lead Analyst and Futurist, ‘Redefining The Future of Work’ 5 :0 0 PLENARY

The HR Technology Market and the Disruptions Ahead


Josh Bersin, Industry Analyst, Thought Leader, Educator & Entrepreneur 6:0 0

E N D O F H R F E S T I VA L – DAY 2 D I S C L A I M E R : Changes to t he co nferenc e. H RM A s ia m a y (at i t s so l e d i sc ret i o n) c h a n ge t h e fo r m at , sp e a ke r s, p a r t i ci p ants , content, ve nu e l o c at io n a nd p ro gra m m e o r a n y ot h e r a sp e ct of t h e C o nfe re n c e at a n y t i m e a n d fo r a n y reas on , whether or not d u e to a Fo rc e M a j e u re event , i n e a c h c a se w i t h o u t l i a b i l i t y . April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 43

43 07/04/2019 11:30

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

HR and IT: Side by side There is a powerful new relationship at the top of the most successful organisations today. HR Festival Asia will highlight the ways HR and IT departments can work together for significant impact on their businesses

Four ways HR and IT leaders can collaborate • Breaking through the stereotypes Forget the preconceptions that IT leaders don’t understand people, or that HR experts can’t operate a laptop. Both groups need to understand each other’s true value and rewrite the relationship story. • Connecting teams Working collaboratively across teams will allow for a more holistic digital transformation strategy, with buy-in from essential pillars • Partnering for performance Opportunities abound for impactful partnerships across strategy formulation and key initiatives. Mentoring can take place in both directions, building up skills that would otherwise remain siloed. • Data collection and analysis Harness the full power of technology to transform HR practices by leveraging the full value of HR data.


Who are the most important functional heads in the C-Suite today? It’s a deliberately provocative question given the key audience for this HR Festival Asia Show Guide, but it can still be illuminating to consider how the dynamics of such leadership groups are changing with the Digital Era. Certainly, the CEO still has plenty of clout at the top of the food chain – and the Chief Financial Officer remains a key signoff for new investments and strategic direction. Beyond these however, the traditional hierarchy is changing quickly in favour of two relative newcomers. The Chief HR Officer invested many years, not to mention barrels of energy in getting their coveted “seat at the table” in the C-Suite. But it has been the increasingly important war for talent and recognition of culture as a growth driver that has ensured a permanent engraving on the name plate. Innovation, teamwork, and employee endeavour are now a vital part of the “how do we get there” behind any business strategy, and it is the Chief HR Officer whose hand is on this key growth lever. The Chief Information Officer (CIO), or Chief Technology Officer, meanwhile has also found themselves in an important position. As more and more business, communication, and work in general moves on to digital platforms, technology becomes the basic infrastructure behind the way every enterprise works. It is only the CIO who can effectively map out the opportunities of the Industry 4.0 era and then bring the key stakeholders together to rollout and troubleshoot the chosen strategy. These two C-Suite leaders each hold valuable cards in the strategic direction of organisations today. Their knowledge and

understanding of each of their respective fields places them at the heart of the business conversation for any organisation looking to move forward in the current volatile landscape. But what if these skillsets and influence were combined? As a collaborative team, the CHRO and CIO are well placed to have a profound impact on the ways staff work, and the potential impacts they can have. Put simply – they can drive the working culture of the organisation far more effectively than the Chief HR Officer on their own.

Just the two of us

Ramakrishna, CEO of CIO Academy Asia says this is because technology now plays such an important part in an organisational culture, and the range of tech solutions leaves a huge gap between the most and least advanced workplaces. “The digital revolution has completely transformed the future workforce,” he says. Artificial intelligence and robotic process automation are key areas where the two fields converge, and Ramakrishna says this offers an ideal opportunity for collaboration across departments. HR and IT teams need to partner across all aspects, ensuring both the technical side of the implementation is sound, and that the human touch remains an influence. The collaborative power of the HR and IT functions will be on show at HR Festival Asia 2019, with a series of sidebar workshops –connecting senior HR and IT leaders – taking place throughout the event. “CIO Academy Asia is excited to partner HRM Asia (organisers of HR Festival Asia) to engage HR and Tech leaders in developing a new digital mindset towards talent management in Asia,” Ramakrishna says.

HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 44

07/04/2019 09:15










TODAY, IT STILL IS. Immigration@SG LLP (IASG) is an award-winning Singapore-based immigration consultancy providing comprehensive immigration services & advisory catering to the varying needs of businesses and individuals. Permanent Residence Application | Citizenship Application | Work Pass Application | Business Relocation Advisory | Global Migration Advisory

+65 6493 1830 www.iasg.com.sg


Immigration@SG LLP 1 Raffles Place, #26-02 One Raffles Place Tower 1 Singapore 048616

Local Expertise. Global Clientele.

April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 45

45 04/04/2019 14:07

Exhibitor Listings HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 46

04/04/2019 13:34


#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com


ADP Booth 97

Cambridge Assessment Booth 64

Designing better ways to work through cutting-edge products, premium services and exceptional experiences that enable people to reach their full potential. HR, Talent, Benefits, Payroll and Compliance informed by data and designed for people. Learn more at adp.sg or visit us at Booth #97.

Cambridge Assessment English, part of the University of Cambridge, helps millions of people learn English and prove their skills to the world.


AGHRM Booth 112

AIA Booth 43

Allegis Global Solutions Booth 48


Ascender Booth 106 With more than 1.3 million customer employees being serviced by Ascender’s payroll and HR platforms throughout the Asia Pacific region, approximately 1,400 global brands and listed companies across a range of different industries trust us to meet their payroll needs. We service these customers through 850 dedicated Ascender staff based in 10 countries, who have local payroll and HR knowledge, and expertise across seven languages to provide solutions to 31 country legislations. For more information, visit ascenderhcm. com or see us at booth 106

We research, create, and deliver world-class assessments securely in over 170 countries, supported by leading-edge technology and a global team of more than 2,500 people. Our qualifications and tests are accepted by over 20,000 leading universities, employers and governments worldwide. They include Cambridge Personal Styles Questionnaire, an online behavioural styles assessment which provides insight into how you approach tasks and relate to others. The Thinking Skills Assessment measures your ability in critical thinking and problem solving, skills which are essential for success in higher education. We are launching our newest test, Linguaskill, at HR Festival Asia 2019. It is a convenient online test built to help employers check the English levels of existing and prospective employees. It combines the latest artificial intelligence technology with the reliability and quality you expect from Cambridge.

Androgogic Booth 60

Arete Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Booth 16

Bupa Global Booth 53

Berlitz Booth 3

Datumstruct Solutions Booth 120

Culture Amp Culture Amp is the Culture First employee feedback company. We make it easy to collect, understand, and act on employee feedback, enabling organizations to better manage the employee experience and turn company culture into a competitive advantage.

April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 47

47 04/04/2019 13:35


#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com


Essec Business School Booth 9

Cegos Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Booth 2 Cegos is the largest training provider in Europe and among the top five such organisations worldwide. We support our clients’ strategic business shifts, and we help them empower their people by developing their performance and by adapting their competence. Our company, with corporate values of Commitment, Agility, and Sharing, has three key activities: • A catalogue of engaging learning solutions available in many countries and in different formats • Fast and simple deployment of corporate programmes worldwide • Transformation of corporate learning and development towards more global and digital learning focuses (including training outsourcing)

Frontier e-HR Booth 51

Together, our workforce of 1,068 staff train more than 250,000 people yearly across 30 countries.

GreatDay HR Booth 124

DDI Booth 45

Dunn & Partners – Whyze Booth 39

Disprz Booth 46

Enboarder Booth 71

Immigration@SG LLP (IASG) Booth 58 SPONSOR

Cornerstone OnDemand Singapore Booth 88 Cornerstone was founded with a passion for empowering people through learning and a conviction that people should be your organisation’s greatest competitive advantage. Cornerstone is a global human capital management (HCM) leader with a core belief that companies thrive when they help their employees to realise their potential. Putting this belief into practice, Cornerstone offers solutions to help companies strategically manage and continuously develop their talent throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Cornerstone’s HCM platform is successfully used by more than 3,500 global clients of all sizes, spanning over 40 million users across 192 countries and 43 languages. Learn more at csod.com, or visit us at Booth 88.


HSBC Bank (Singapore) Booth 21

Immigration@SG LLP (IASG) is an awardwinning, Singapore-based immigration consultancy firm providing comprehensive immigration services to cater to the varying needs of businesses and individuals. Our team comprise of well-trained immigration professionals with up to 20 years of combined immigration experience in Singapore, with close working relationships with relevant government agencies such as the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore. Our in-depth knowledge of Singapore immigration laws and policies, as well as extensive experience in handling a myriad of immigration cases, allow IASG to offer clients sound and strategic immigration advice with full compliance to the local laws and regulations.

HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 48

04/04/2019 13:35


#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com


Kaplan Learning Institute Booth 125

Indeed Booth 30 More people find jobs on Indeed than anywhere else. Indeed is the Number One job site in the world and allows job seekers to search millions of jobs on the web or mobile in over 60 countries and 28 languages. More than 250 million people each month search for jobs, post CVs, and research companies on Indeed, and Indeed is the Number One source of external hires for thousands of companies, according to SilkRoad and iCIMS. For more information, visit indeed.com or see us at Booth 30.

ICS Learn Booth 23

Intercorp Solutions Booth 84

Kosh Consulting Group Booth 27

Mauve Group Booth 36 SPONSOR

Indorse Booth 67

iQDynamics Pte Ltd Booth 91 Microsoft Booth 108

Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants Booth 85

JustLogin Booth 89 SPONSOR

Institue for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) Booth 83 The Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) is the HR professional body, set up by the tripartite partners of Singapore: the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), and the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) to professionalise and strengthen the HR practice in Singapore. IHRP is the only HR professional body in Singapore authorised to implement the national HR credentials, which is known as the IHRP Certification. IHRP has the goal of setting the HR standards of excellence and enabling human capital development in enterprises. Through the IHRP Certification, IHRP aims to enhance the competencies of HR professionals, as well as create developmental and professional pathways for them. IHRP is also the appointed programme manager for the national Human Capital Diagnostics Tool (HCDT) and the SkillsFuture Study Awards for HR. Through the HCDT, Study Awards and other initiatives, IHRP supports multiple government agencies helping organisations to adopt progressive human capital practices.

Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Our mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. Our mission is grounded in both the world in which we live, and the future we strive to create. Today, we live in a mobile-first, cloud-first world, and the transformation we are driving across our businesses is designed to enable Microsoft and our customers to thrive in this world. We do business in over 170 countries and are made up of 134,000 passionate employees where every day, we strive to create an environment that brings the power of diversity to life; where people with different backgrounds and experiences thrive in both their professional and personal lives— and where we’re all able to channel our passions to help people and organisations achieve more.

April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 49

49 07/04/2019 11:34

#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Over 2,000 companies from startups to Fortune 500s use Culture Amp to power employee insights Learn more at cultureamp.com/ee-demo

www.cultureamp.com | The Employee Feedback Platform

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 50

04/04/2019 13:36


#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

MDIS Booth 68

Qualtrics Booth 77 Qualtrics is the technology platform that organisations use to collect, manage, and act on experience data, also called X-data™. The Qualtrics XM Platform™ is a system of action, used by teams, departments, and entire organisations to manage the four core experiences of business – customer, product, employee and brand – on one platform. Over 10,000 enterprises worldwide, including more than 75% of the Fortune 100 and 99 of the top 100 US business schools, rely on Qualtrics to consistently build products that people love, create more loyal customers, develop a phenomenal employee culture, and build iconic brands.

Ministry of Defence Booth 4

To learn more, and for a free account, please visit www.qualtrics.com.

NUS - SCALE Booth 24

PACS Booth 122

PeopleCentral Booth 49

Society Staples Booth 11

People Strong Booth 104

RChilli Booth 54

Standard Chartered Bank Booth 61 SPONSOR

Learn more @ booth 49 HR Fessval

Nalantis Booth 15

Nalantis offers innovative solutions for Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, cross-language competence analysis, and matching solutions, all available as ready-to-use tools or as API and cloud based services. Our technology features in online solutions, smartphone applications, chatbots, and video-CV analysis. We work for governments, enterprises, staffing and recruiting companies, job boards, Applicant Tracking Systems, and many more. Our state of the art technology is based on an artificial intelligence system, enabling machines to understand text and natural language. We have developed solutions that allow “read and understand” tasks across bulk batches of CVs and jobs, to automatically find matches. This improves the time-to-hire by 80%, and dramatically changes the user experience in the recruitment space. Our technology is truly cross-language, allowing uploading and matching across different languages. We currently offer English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French. Nalantis is based in Belgium, and also has offices in Singapore. To learn more, visit www.nalantis.com or see us at Booth 15.

SuperPark United Booth 25

Synchrony Global Booth 100

Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) Booth 40 April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 51


51 04/04/2019 13:36


#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com


SAP Booth 77 As the cloud company powered by SAP HANA®, SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and in all industries to run at their best: 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP® system. Our machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics technologies help turn customers’ businesses into intelligent enterprises. SAP helps give people and organisations deep business insight and fosters collaboration that helps them stay ahead of their competition. We simplify technology for companies so they can consume our software the way they want – without disruption. Our end-to-end suite of applications and services enables more than 425,000 business and public customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and make a difference. With a global network of customers, partners, employees, and thought leaders, SAP helps the world run better and improve people’s lives.


Workforce Singapore (WSG) Booth 102 Workforce Singapore promotes the development, competitiveness, inclusiveness, and employability of all levels of the workforce. Its key mission is to enable Singaporeans to meet their career aspirations, take on quality jobs at different stages of life, and help enterprises be competitive and manpower-lean. Workforce Singapore’s focus is on strengthening the Singaporean core and ensuring that Singaporeans are able to have better jobs and careers.

For more information, visit www.sap.com or visit us at Booth 77.

Training Vision Institute Booth 82

Wolters Kluwer Booth 93

Virgin Pulse Booth 7

Workforce Advancement Federation Booth 35


Workforce Singapore, in partnership with key stakeholders, also provides support to business owners and companies to enable them to transform and grow, while building a future-ready workforce.

Wanted Booth 22 Wildlife Reserves Singapore Booth 34

TAFEP Booth 96 The Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) promotes the adoption of fair, responsible and progressive employment practices. TAFEP helps employers build workplaces where employees are respected, valued, and able to achieve their fullest potential for the success of the organisation.

Zoho Booth 65

Employers can approach TAFEP for tools, resource materials and assistance to implement fair and progressive practices at their workplaces. Employees who encounter workplace discrimination can contact TAFEP for advice and assistance. To learn more, see tafep.sg/contact-us, or visit us at Booth 96.


HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019 April-May 2019

HRM Asia Showguide New copy.indd 52

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#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

Startup Zone The HR Festival Asia Exhibition Startup Zone brings together 10 of the most exciting new HR technology developers in the Asia-Pacific region. The participants listed below are all in their first five years of business, and each offers a new perspective or unique technologyenabled solution on some age-old HR challenges. There are payroll services, job boards, and organisational culture

specialists, among a host of other solution providers ready to make their mark in the HR community. Visit them all at the Startup Zone, just beside the HR Tech stream stage in the Expo Hall. Or see them vie for some big prizes, funding, and recognition in the inaugural HR Festival Asia PitchFest taking place on both days of the event (see: below).

The Startup Zone participants are:


PerFit HR (dotin Inc)


FindJobs Pte Ltd


Haury Solutions

Onsite Health






PitchFest The inaugural HR Festival Asia PitchFest takes place over the two days of the event, with many of the above companies joining others from around the region to pitch their unique business and HR solutions to a live audience and judging panel. Round One takes place throughout the first day on the Power Talks stage. Entrants will have just five minutes to wow the judging

panel, which consists of HR professionals, technology experts, and government and private funding agencies. Selected startups will pass through into the finals, where they will each have 10 minutes on the HR Tech stage to make their pitch. Don’t miss this chance to see the next big thing in HR technology making their mark in Asia-Pacific!

April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

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#HRFESTASIA SHOW GUIDE www.hrfestivalasia.com

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April-May 2019 HR Festival Asia Show Guide 2019

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Singapore’s vibrant startup community

New research has highlighted just the sheer size and rapid growth of Asia’s HR startup scene, based heavily around the innovation hub of Singapore.




TALENT DEVELOPMENT www.adriantan.com.sg

Supported by





HRMS Enterprise

HR Automation & Bots

PayRoll SMBs Onboarding

Updated on 28th Feb, 2019



A P R I L - M AY 2 0 1 9


ore than 160 HR technology service providers, including local startups, are intensely competing to leverage the increased adoption of digital HR systems by enterprises in Singapore, and throughout the region. According to the newly-released Singapore HRTech Market Map (presented here in print), there is a significant trend of HR technologies moving away from being just compliance-driven systems. Rather, their customers are demanding

tools that provide actionable insights for better talent engagement. The market map is a collaboration between hrtech.sg, a Singapore-based boutique HR technology advisory and analyst firm, HR technology blogger Adrian Tan, and media partner HRM Asia. Tan says there are two key factors for the rapid growth of HR technology players servicing the Singapore talent marketplace. “Firstly, the productivity focus of the Singapore government is nudging enterprises to adopt

digital HR systems faster and better,” he says. “Second, enterprises are increasingly feeling the need to better engage with their employees, more specifically millennials, to recruit and retain them.” “The really hot areas in HR technology seem to be talent acquisition and talent engagement, considering that over 50% of the players are present in this segment, said Sriram Iyer, CEO of hrtech.sg. “Enterprises are investing in new technologies that can automate the mundane and repeatable tasks and enable the HR teams to focus on higher order employee engagement.”










Compensation & Benefits


Health & Wellness

Designed by

A P R I L - M AY 2 0 1 9








Optimising HR functions across borders

Tackling a digital transformation across multiple borders and business units is no easy task. Paul Choo, Vice President of HR for Bridgestone in Asia-Pacific explains his organisation’s still ongoing journey



A P R I L- M AY 2 0 1 9


oday, digitalisation and advanced technologies have resulted in a highly-

competitive business environment. While many factors can elevate an organisation’s performance, one key driver – a foundational one - towards building a sustainable competitive advantage lies in the transformation of the HR function. People management, talent identification, and positive employee engagement through an optimised HR function is crucial in ensuring that the business functions more seamlessly and with greater agility. This is especially true for large organisations. Many have recognised this and undertaken a series of changes to better support their people and business.

In 2017, 45% of large companies and 51% of mid-sized companies increased their spending on tech solutions to improve their HR capabilities. A unified and digitalised HR system is an important enabler to optimise HR functions. Companies that operate globally without a unified HR function typically end up with individual business units having their own sets of operations and processes. This can lead to a variety of problems and inefficiencies. For instance, a company that lacks a centralised HR framework to assess and manage talent across the region will lack visibility and find it immensely challenging to identify talent, understand their growth aspirations, or match them to the various business plans across the organisation. In addition, the lack of a common framework for compensation and benefits can be a hindrance for the smooth transition of employees across different markets and entities. A centralised system will not only provide companies a pool of global HR data to more accurately identify and match talent but also reduce duplication of effort. With the onset of the digital age, a globally integrated HR system can utilise digital capabilities and obtain analytics to enable informed and faster decision-making. Organisations can “connect the

dots” to bring together core HR functionalities, from performance and goal setting, succession, compensation, learning, development, onboarding, and recruiting within a single platform. Not only does digitalising processes provide data-driven insights that affect workforce trends, it also unlocks time and cost savings. This is because all the information is stored in one location, making it easy to retrieve and compare across entities. Furthermore, HR plays an important role in building a cohesive company culture, which is key to an organisation’s success. In multinationals, all employees of the company, regardless of their location or position should feel like they are part of the larger organisation. This sense of belonging can translate into a rich experience for employees. A unified HR system with interactive tools, and newsletters, and one that allows online collaboration is a powerful enabler to help foster this sense of “belonging” and community among employees; to share the core values of the organisation and work towards common goals. It was with these benefits in mind that Bridgestone China and Asia-Pacific (BSCAP) has undertaken a multi-phase HR transformation exercise across this region that we expect will take four more years to complete. As a regional headquarters with 14 entities and 25,000 employees across 10 countries, the exercise has been a monumental one. It has involved moving all HR processes from a paper-based system with no common ways of working, to a unified HR platform digitally integrated across the region. This has been made much more complex by the fact that several of our entities have been in operation for up to 50 years, with well-established HR processes and systems to support their own operations, hence resistance to change was expected. To anchor the program, the company established a set of shared values for the region, known as “TRACE”: Transparency, Respect, Accountability, Collaboration, and Embrace Change. These formed the basis for expected behaviors, to achieve Bridgestone’s goal to become “The Most Trusted Leading Brand” in the region, and ultimately to become Dan-Totsu in our industry (Dan-Totsu is the Japanese term for “the absolute and clear leader”) which is Bridgestone Group’s global management goal. Today “TRACE” has also become part of the region’s performance evaluation for all employees. A P R I L- M AY 2 0 1 9




GUEST CONTRIBUTOR the global and regional management is a crucial early step. HR professionals will need to put forth a proposal on why they believe such a transformation is crucial, and how it can impact the organisation’s productivity and growth.

2. Examine your organisation’s needs – both at a global and local level

This exclusive guest contribution is brought to you by SIM Professional Development (SIM PD). SIM PD’s comprehensive range of executive programmes provide wide learning pathways and career development courses for PMEs (Professionals, Managers, and Executives) to sharpen their business and management skills. SIM PD also offers customised programmes for unique corporate needs. With a wealth of experience in the industry, it is able to tailor training programmes that will fulfil your business needs and training return-on-investment. See https://pd.sim.edu.sg/ for more information.

We also took a holistic approach in the transformation exercise, where alongside building out these leadership values and behaviours – which we refer to as the “organisational software” – we introduced the “hardware” which consisted of HR products and services, such as a centralised performance assessment system. This saw the movement of all information onto a single standardised digital platform. Currently, the transformation is in its last phase, and will involve educating employees about these improved HR systems through learning modules and training programmes. While the scale of implementation has been challenging, we believe that one



key factor behind Bridgestone’s successful transformation was the understanding of our organisation’s culture. Prior to embarking on this initiative, we took time to study it closely, and this allowed us to anticipate where the key challenges and roadblocks would be. The project team was then much better prepared to address them at each phase of the project. Below are some sharings based on our experience in digitalising our HR functions within Bridgestone’s China and Asia-Pacific region:

HR professionals would need to re-examine the requirements of their organisation and determine how their workforce expects to consume HR services, and how their HR function can operate to complement the company’s business needs. In a large organisation, this would involve understanding the current HR processes that are being used in the different entities, and how a global system can unite the approaches, while being flexible enough to meet the specific needs of local businesses.

3. Develop a HR transformation plan that is gradual and ongoing In most cases, change doesn’t come easy, especially in large organisations with differing practices across markets and entities. It is therefore important for companies to allocate the necessary time and resources in order to successfully implement the HR transformation project. Furthermore, to deliver true transformation with lasting results, the process needs to be gradual and ongoing, with constant checks along the way and “discovery” periods with all stakeholders following each phase. This stage will ensure that the each phase meets its planned business objectives.

1. Align and obtain consensus across global and regional management

4. Upgrade HR processes and implement core technologies

To employ a region-wide transformation process, obtaining consensus from

Replace legacy systems with an integrated digital platform for a sound digital infrastructure

A P R I L- M AY 2 0 1 9

and alignment across regional units. Upgrade old tools for learning, recruiting, and performance management, and bring in systems that are easy for employees to use. Keep up to date with the latest tools available, while also ensuring that they are relevant in meeting the needs of the organisation.

5. Educate employees about the new HR systems and processes Towards the end of the transformation journey, it is important for the company to invest in training its employees on the new HR processes and tools at their disposal. This will help them feel connected to the larger community of leading practices and new ideas in the marketplace.

6. Encourage feedback and keep room for improvement The transformation journey does not stop even after it is implemented; it is an ongoing process. Encourage employees to share their feedback and stay open to new suggestions or better ways to work. Employees who believe they are listened to and valued will feel more connected to the organisation and motivated to do their best.

About the Author PAUL CHOO is the Vice President of HR and CSR of Bridgestone Asia-Pacific (including China)


PA R T N E R CO N T E N T Such integration negates the need to input the same data over and over, and it further enables a seamless, digitised end-to-end HR process for the employees using the technology. This also allows smaller businesses to have end-to-end solutions, even if they don’t have big budgets.

Emerging tech

Three trends impacting core HR systems Technology is rapidly changing the game for many HR professionals and teams. JustLogin’s Chief Operating Officer Chiou Hao Chan highlights three trends that are set to rewrite the rulebook for core HR systems.


ecent technology advances have forced a multi-faceted transformation in the way humans experience life. As consumers, we live and die by smartphones, 4G connections, and the multitude of user-friendly apps that seemingly serve every purpose under the sun. If there has been a lag anywhere, it might be in how organisations approach the backbone of how we work – how we experience core HR tasks such as receiving payslips, booking time off, or even clocking in and out. As renowned industry expert, Josh Bersin says, “In most companies, the technology experience at work is two orders of magnitude worse than the one at home.”

A focus on mobility Data from the UN Population Division indicates that millennials



have been the world's largest generation for the last 25 years, and according to the World Economic Forum, they will comprise 75% of the global workforce by the year 2025. For these ‘digital natives’, mobility is key – as evidenced by the rising popularity of flexible and remote working opportunities. Accordingly, millennials also want and expect their core HR systems to be compatible across multiple operating platforms and devices, and to be accessible anywhere, anytime. The rise of the cloud, which represents cheap, flexible, and convenient computing, has been crucial in driving this “anywhere, anytime” mindset.

Integrated experiences Crucially, the cloud has also enabled a democratisation of HR technology: solution providers are now able to develop flexible HR systems that can satisfy a wide

A P R I L- M AY 2 0 1 9

range of diversified needs. Consider the example of JustLogin’s own HR platforms. These are scalable across businesses of almost any size, whether an organisation has 10 employees, or 10,000. If needs change, that’s okay, too – the cloud makes it easy to scale up and down as necessary. The cloud also powers the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs); software protocols which allow HR teams to painlessly and affordably link up multiple systems. Whether it is payroll, benefits, leave management, or any other module, these APIs mean an organisation can use the best-inclass HR apps together – without the headache of incompatible systems. They can integrate a localised payroll module to their SAP system used by their international operations, or seamlessly link their payroll and accounting software.

The cloud is also the conduit for every emerging technology of note, from artificial intelligence (AI), to machine learning, to blockchain. Each of these presents new possibilities and realities for how core HR systems function, and how they are experienced by employees. AI, for instance, is already powering chatbots that help employees apply for vacation leave, or check their benefits. Meanwhile, blockchain has the potential to facilitate secure transactions for international payrolls, without the fuss of third-party fees and processing times. These developments are just the tip of the iceberg, considering that the core HR software market size is expected to grow to US$9.9 billion in 2022; up from an-already staggering US$6.5 billion in 2017, according to research from MarketsandMarkets. With such massive growth on the horizon, factors such as business size, industry, or maturity, are moot – there has never been a better time to make the switch.

JustLogin’s Chief Operating Officer, Chiou Hao Chan, will also be speaking further about the future of core HR systems at HR Festival Asia. Catch him on May 9, at the event’s dedicated HR Tech stream. For more information, visit www.hrfestivalasia.com For more information on JustLogin’s HR solutions and offerings, visit www.justlogin.com

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Suppor t edby :



The changing mobility agenda Technology, flexibility, and humanity will be shaping mobility expectations and programmes in the year ahead, and beyond. B Y Ya m i n i C h i n n us wa m y


H R M A S IA . C O M

A P R I L - M AY 2 0 1 9


he increasingly global nature of business is increasingly unavoidable. In this landscape, workforce mobility is more important than ever – it has become a key strategy for attracting, developing, and retaining the best available talent. The 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Survey found that out of more than 11,000 business and HR leaders, from some 124 countries, more than two-thirds (68%) felt that a mobile workforce would enable business and talent strategies. However, only 5% considered themselves to be “world class” in handling mobility across their workforces.

This is perhaps because disruption has shifted how organisations understand and approach workforce mobility. In 2019, that disruption will be taking multiple forms – from the international tensions caused by the USChina trade war, to the evolving expectations of millennials and Generation Z. Against this complex backdrop, HRM Magazine Asia looks at three things HR leaders and teams need to know about mobility for this year and beyond.

Mobility is for everyone Diversity and inclusion at the workplace hasn’t generally included discussions of mobility, but as the understanding and approach to it matures at the organisational level, employees are also expecting it to expand to better encompass the whole working experience. In 2019, companies will need to be prepared to expand their mobility programmes to be more inclusive to families, women, and disabled workers, if they haven’t already done so.

Further, it’s no longer enough to think about mobility as something that only impacts the upper echelons of the organisation. Businesses are now increasingly using mobility as a way to ensure their employees at all levels are globally-competitive. Overseas stints offer potent opportunities to optimise individual potential and skill; not just for the leadership of today, but also the leadership of tomorrow. Employees are increasingly aware of mobility as a tool for career progression, too: in a 2018 survey by Topia and Wakefield Research, more than 70% of the more than 1,000 respondents felt that relocating to a different office within the organisation would help advance their careers in the longterm, even if the assignment itself didn’t come with a pay raise or promotion.

Leveraging technology and data Business trips, short stints, and longer overseas assignments are just some of the different mobility options available to organisations. But this year, the impetus is on organisations to enact flexible frameworks and infrastructures. These should allow employees to be mobilised according to their own personal needs and preferences, along with those of the business.

A P R I L - M AY 2 0 1 9

H R M A S IA . C O M




For instance, organisations are increasingly turning to the concept of extended business travel to keep costs down: a pulse survey by Cartus last year found that three-quarters of respondents expected their internal demographic of extended business travellers to increase over the next two years. Crafting a more flexible mobility programme doesn’t necessarily have to make it more complex. Relocation experts offer tools and solutions that don’t just help employees to navigate their relocation journeys, but also organisations to track trends and costs. Such tools also enable far more effective communication between mobile workers and their employers. In fact, technology has impacted all aspects of mobility. It has enabled the development of sleek and powerful platforms to make everything from freight and shipping, to accommodation and financial services, accessible at the click of a button. Even serviced apartment providers are getting into the game, with the aim of providing hi-tech end-to-end experiences.

In the pre-booking space, Ascott has partnered with online accommodation booking platforms market leaders such as Tujia and Fliggy. Post-booking, guests in Singapore are welcomed with pocket devices that allow them to enjoy wireless connectivity anytime, anywhere; while guests in Hong Kong are provided with smartphones equipped with unlimited mobile data.

Don’t forget the human touch Of course, technology will make mobility more painless, but HR teams need to be careful to ensure it does not overshadow the importance of human interaction. Even as there is greater understanding of workplace mental health issues, emotional and psychological support are vital in ensuring that mobile employees are able to adjust and thrive in their new environments. Most importantly of all, mobility professionals and teams will need to evolve to keep up with these new expectations, and deliver advice and support that enables positive, future-ready mobility experiences for all.

Marketplace - Mobility and Relocation Cartus

Far East Hospitality

Cartus has more than 60 years of demonstrated solutions and satisfied clients. Our Products and Services cover every phase of the relocation process, from selling a home, finding a new home, and shipping household goods, to settling in and adjusting to new communities around the world. And our relocation services are as flexible as they are varied. Working as your partner, we can provide as little, or as much, support as you need to meet your mobility goals.

Far East Hospitality is an established international hospitality owner and operator with a combined portfolio of more than 14,500 rooms under management across over 90 hotels and serviced residences in seven countries: Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore. It has a stable of nine unique and complementary brands: Oasia, Quincy, Rendezvous, Village, Far East Collection, Adina Hotels, Vibe Hotels, Travelodge Hotels, and TFE Hotels Collection, offering guests a greater diversity of choice and locations.



Ascott Malaysia – Afiniti Suites Somerset Medini is one of a premier collection of The Ascott Limited’s serviced residences in over 160 cities in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Whether as an individual or with a family in tow, Somerset Medini makes for an excellent choice in Johor Bahru, because the serviced residence is a stone’s throw away from established developments such as Puteri Harbour,


H R M A S IA . C O M

A P R I L - M AY 2 0 1 9

Sunway Iskandar, Pinewood Iskandar, Gleneagles Hospital and Legoland Malaysia. The strategic location makes Somerset Medini the place to live, study, work, and play.


Technology that Moves You



TOOLS FOR NEXT-GEN MOVES Introducing MovePro Vision: an Industry-Exclusive Predictive Analytics Application for Mobility Leaders MovePro VisionSM provides key mobility stakeholders with data-driven insights into their program’s past, present, and future, resulting in better planning and cost management. Available exclusively through our reinvigorated client interface in CartusOnline®, MovePro Vision is powered by our Leading Edge Analytics Practice (LEAP). Dynamic data visualizations and advanced filtering offer smarter, deeper decision support when and where you need it. For more information, visit CARTUS.COM/MOVEPRO or email us at MOVEPRO@CARTUS.COM



Powered by LEAP

©2019 Cartus Corporation. All rights reserved. Cartus, the Cartus logo, and CartusOnline are registered trademarks of Cartus Corporation.



Get into the local-motion When in Rome, do as the Romans do – and when in Singapore, it’s also worth taking a local perspective on things. That’s the philosophy that Far East Hospitality is leveraging with its exciting Village brand of serviced residences.

Insider tips

We asked staff from Village Residence Clarke Quay and Village Residence Robertson Quay for their best tips on how expats can truly “live like a local”. These were their two most common pieces of advice:

• Go where the locals go


Village Residence Robertson Quay

ingapore is wellrenowned for its perfectly manicured parks and streets, glossy air-conditioned malls, and towering hotels and skyscrapers. While attractions like Marina Bay Sands, Orchard Road, and Sentosa Island have put Singapore on the global map, the delights extend well beyond this Southern triangle. For the urban explorer looking to experience Singapore at its most true and authentic, their best bet will be to venture off the beaten path to lesser-known spots that only the locals typically frequent. Far East Hospitality’s Village brand of hotels and serviced residences offers this key cultural component alongside the anticipatory service that guests have come to expect with each stay. So if you are looking to eat, play, explore, and simply live like a local, you can do it in style with two of its centrally located serviced residences - Village Residence Clarke Quay and Village Residence Robertson Quay. Both are close to all the action that the city has in store for business

travellers, but each also offers a distinct cultural experience that will bring visitors closer to the Singapore that locals know and love. All guests have access to the Village Passport, a travel guide that highlights some of the best shopping, dining, and sightseeing spots for newcomers. At Village Residence Clarke Quay, Front Office staff also lead a personalised twohour tour of nearby attractions, including the Budhha Relics Temple, Chinatown, and Pagoda Bridge. Other cultural activities across both properties include Botanic Gardens walks, regular festival celebrations, and even introductions to authentic local cuisine, with kitchen tips and recipe cards to help replicate the fare at home.

At the heart of it all Although Singapore is a small island, location of accommodation is key for convenient access to both the hidden spots and the main tourist hubs. Located in the middle of all the key happenings is Village Residence Clarke Quay. The serviced

Village Residence Clarke Quay apartment is only a short walk away from the scenic Singapore River, the bustling nightlife district of Clarke Quay, and Chinatown. One of the things residents will notice as they enter Village Residence Clarke Quay is the Straits Chinese influences and design touches in the property. The Straits Chinese are the descendants of Chinese immigrants from the southern provinces who first settled in the Malay Archipelago, including Singapore, in the 16th Century. That is matched by an enthusiastic and highly-trained staff, who are ready to serve and share many of the historical and modern secrets of the cosmopolitan area. Further down the Singapore River – and offering a completely different vibe and atmosphere – is Village Residence Roberston Quay. The location is ideal for families looking for a quieter and more relaxed experience. They can explore the picturesque riverside parks and promenades, with an array of international cuisines and award-winning restaurants and cafes right at their Village Residence doorstep.

Tackling a digital transformation across multiple borders and business units is no easy task. Paul Choo, Vice President of HR for Bridgestone in Asia-Pacific explains his organisation’s still ongoing journey 68


A P R I L- M AY 2 0 1 9

The heritage site of Tiong Bahru has to be one of Singapore’s most charming districts. Former residential blocks, which dominate the landscape, have been converted over the years into hip cafes, restaurants, book stores, clothing shops, and spas. Chinatown is another unexpected local haunt. This area has undergone massive changes over the years, becoming more cosmopolitan with the introduction of malls and international brands. Still, it remains the best place to score a good deal for food products like Bird’s Nest and bakkwa (pork jerky), or simply to enjoy a piping hot serving of Yong Tau Foo.

• Learn the lingo A first-time visitor to Singapore might notice the widespread usage of Singaporean slang words (or Singlish). Take the time to read up on the history and key parts of this not-so-secret language (the Village Passport comes with a handy colloquial language guide) and guests will soon be connecting with their new homeland at a truly local level. For more information, visit: www.StayFarEast.com/servicedresidences, Facebook: www.facebook.com/StayFarEast Instagram: @FarEastHospitality

FEH-HRM Asia-SR ad adaptation-210x268mm-20190325-p.indd 1

3/25/19 6:01 PM


Winning at change BY yamini chinnuswamy

Romantic poet John Keats once said, “There is nothing stable in the world; uproar’s your only music“. If there was ever any doubt, he has certainly been proven right by the last century or more of technological development – there has been no finish line; no point at which one could sit down with a sigh and think, “That’s it, things will be stable now!” Of course, it’s not that technological revolution has invented change; but it has sped up the urgency of it – particularly for employers looking to retain talent and maintain their culture. Change is hard, but necessary. At an organisational level, it requires a herculean effort from all levels. Here are five key strategies to ensuring that this “herculean” task doesn’t end up becoming “impossible”.

Get total leadership buy-in The organisation’s topmost leaders will know that change is happening – in fact, they should be the ones steering it. But don’t forget about that level between them and the rank-and-file employees: middle management. Getting these leaders on board early, ideally in the planning stage, will give them an active role in making the change a success. If not, there’s the risk that they will see it as just another bit of pointless ‘policy’ to shill to their teams.

Communicate the plan Sending an all-staff e-mail titled, “Change is happening, FYI,” is not going to get the organisation anywhere! Whether it’s a merger, acquisition, new piece of technology, or new company mandate, there are some key facts that will help reassure employees – and make them participants of the plan, rather than victims. They need to understand “the what”, “the why”, and “the how”. Leverage multiple platforms – focus groups, blog posts, company chats, posters, town halls, videos – and repeat, repeat, repeat. Don’t leave this vital stage to chance.

Empower your champions Change champions aren’t “dogs of war” to be unleashed upon the rest of the organisation to wreak havoc. They are a support system who will hopefully encourage and inspire their peers, and will themselves need to be supported through the process. Have regular check-ins to see how they are holding up, and as much as possible, publicly recognise and applaud their efforts.



A P R I L - M AY 2 0 1 9

Work with detractors Conversely, change detractors aren’t necessarily saboteurs to be put down at all costs. It might be worth taking some time to understand why they are reluctant to change. Are there real concerns in the workforce, or just fear? The former might be useful, constructive criticism. But if it’s the latter, it might be more prudent to cut the losses, and leave them be. They will either come around, or choose to leave.

Launch pilot projects Pilot projects are a manageable way to enact change in small doses. It could be trialling a flexible work arrangement for just one team or division in the first instance, or perhaps testing an alternative software solution with a random sample of staff. The success of this project will speak for itself. If any issues arise – well, better they show up in such a project, when it will be easier for the organisation to address and resolve. yamini.chinnuswamy@hrmasia.com.sg


We Are Hiring. Regional HR Manager We are representing a renowned European software developer company. They are a worldwide organization with subsidiaries in Europe, the Americas and Asia. The business has exciting expansion plans into new markets within Southeast Asia. Currently, they have offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing. The HR Manager will focus on implementing and managing a variety of human resource programmes across the region. The HR Manager will also play an important advisory function to the region’s Senior Management team with regard to HR issues. The incumbent will work closely with and report to the local management as well as the HR Business Partner based in the Headquarters in Europe. Due to the diversity of responsibilities of the role, the ideal candidate should be a competent and resourceful individual, with at least 7 years of HR experience. As the only HR personnel in the region, the candidate should be hands-on and independent. The role will suit individuals who enjoy the building process with companies in growth mode. For more information, please contact Deborah at deborahp@charterhouse.com.sg or call +65 6950 0396.

Regional Head of Talent Management We are representing a client with an established international footprint with a sizable revenue exceeding billions. The business has ambitious plans for further expansion into other continents such as in Africa and Middle East and this is a unique proposition for an experienced Talent Management professional to helm the agenda for Asia, Africa and Middle East countries. As Head of Talent Management, the role will have a broad remit covering succession planning, leadership development, culture, engagement as well as Talent Acquisition to ensure executive hires are benchmarked correctly to desired competency. This is not a maintenance role and there will be plenty of greenfield and transformation projects, and the team is empowered to consult, conceptualise and implement frameworks that can impact the business. The ideal candidate should have between 10 to 15 years of progressive talent management and leadership development experience, in a large established MNC. We are open to candidates from all types of industries but it is critical that the person is agile and technically competent to be successful in a leadership appointment. For more information, please contact Audrey at AudreyN@charterhouse.com.sg or call +65 6950 0369.

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We help you achieve bigger.









Profile for HRM Asia

HRM Magazine Asia April-May 2019  

Go inside HR at Spotify in Asia-Pacific, and check out the full Show Guide for HR Festival Asia, coming up in Singapore on May 8 and 9, 2019...

HRM Magazine Asia April-May 2019  

Go inside HR at Spotify in Asia-Pacific, and check out the full Show Guide for HR Festival Asia, coming up in Singapore on May 8 and 9, 2019...

Profile for hrmasia