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Hp printer help Paper Jamming;

Paper jams annoying and they will occur occasionally, but if your printer is jamming more often than it should, there are a few simple ways to reduce or eliminate the issue. Â

Toll Free: +1-800-485-4057

Hp Printer Support Number The following factors can cause paper jams:

Foreign objects (such as paper clips, coins, or rubber bands) might have fallen into the input tray. Paper loaded incorrectly in the paper tray. Damaged or dirty paper rollers. Torn, wrinkled, or damp paper loaded in the paper tray. The access door (on the rear or underside of the printer) might not be closed securely. Paper was added to a stack already in the tray while the printer was printing. The tray contains more than one type of paper. The paper is jammed inside the HP product where you cannot see it. An obstruction is blocking the paper path. Torn pieces of paper from a previous jam are stuck in the product. The tray is too full.

Toll Free:+1-800-485-4057

Hp Printer Tech Support Check for these common jamming causes and then follow these steps, in order, to help reduce paper jams. Turn the printer off and on again Make sure that the printer rests on a flat surface Clear the jam from the printer Clean the paper rollers Reset the printer Service the printer

Toll Free:+1-800-485-4057


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Hp printer support number +1-800-485-4057  
Hp printer support number +1-800-485-4057  

Dial our Hp printer tech support number +1-800-485-4057 for the best tech support service help, our support center will always open 24 hours...