2022–23 Impact Report

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As we reflect on this last year and God’s faithfulness to Highland Park Pres, we echo Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians. We’ve truly seen God work in ways that are wide, long, high, and deep:


We celebrate the planting of Good Shepherd Oak Cliff, the newest congregation in our family of churches. As part of Vision 100, we’re committed to multiplying new churches in new neighborhoods to reach people with the hope of Jesus. We give thanks for the 227 new covenant partners who’ve joined HP Pres over the last year, 139 baptisms, and for the more than 1,000 kids and volunteers who were part of our VBS experience.


We resist an instant-results culture, knowing that genuine transformation is “a long obedience in the same direction”. This past year we have strengthened our enduring commitment to global mission, and to long-term partnerships seeking the flourishing of our city.


Transcendent worship continues to be the heartbeat of HP Pres. On Easter Sunday, 5,377 people joined together to “lift high the cross”! We gather to lift our hearts upward to the risen Christ, so we can be scattered into workplaces, schools and communities as a kingdom people.


If I could name one commitment that is stirring among us, it’s the work of deep discipleship. The pursuit of things that are hard to measure—learning to deeply abide, growing rich prayer lives, helping people grow under the waterline. Jesus is inviting us into so much more!

Thank you for joining in this mission that is Highland Park Presbyterian Church. Praying with and for you,

Bryan Dunagan Senior Pastor
And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.
Leading all generations to find and follow Jesus for the flourishing of our city and beyond

Vision 100

Moving toward our 100th anniversary in 2026, we want to look forward and continue to advance God’s mission for HP Pres. Our goal is that everything we do be about helping people find and follow Jesus, and Vision 100 is how we measure that. By 2026, we want 100% of our covenant partners growing as followers of Jesus, 10 new churches planted, 100 leaders raised up from the next generation for Christ-centered ministry, 10,000 people coming to faith in Jesus, and 1,000,000 hours of prayer fueling everything we do.


We established these goals on our church’s 90th anniversary, and it is hard to believe that we are over halfway through our ten-year plan! We have made some incredible progress, and as we look forward, we want to invite you into Vision 100 so we can see Jesus’ name be known in our city and beyond.

10 new church plants

100% of our Covenant Partners growing as followers of Jesus

10,000 new followers of Jesus here, near, and far

100 leaders raised from the next generation for Christ-centered ministry

1 M hours of prayer

“It is right that we should meditate some on the past, but our eyes must always be on the future… that God would fill us with divine discontent, and send us out for even greater things.”

Discipleship at HP Pres

Our hope for discipleship at HP Pres is that we would be a church where everything we do is about helping people find and follow Jesus. What does that mean?

Every environment, every community, and every ministry provides the space and opportunity for anyone to grow in their relationship with Jesus. We seek to do this in a holistic way as Jesus teaches, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” (Mark 12:30).

This means bringing our minds to learn from God. We do not just read his Word, we study it, meditate on it, and let it guide the way we think.

This also means we bring our hearts to experience a loving relationship. In other words, we get honest before God and one another to let him shape and heal our interior life, our emotions, our hurts, and struggles.

This also means bringing even our bodies to take literal steps of faith. Embodying our faith could include spiritual practices, serving, mission trips, worship, and more.

To be a church that “equips the saints for ministry” means we equip our people to bring their entire selves before our God

who shapes, molds, and transforms them to go out into the world as disciples who make disciples because of the way they now live, speak, work, and live life with others.

We invite you to grow with us by finding a community here that’s the right fit for you. Taking this step, you will find not only are we made to grow together, but God has been waiting and wanting to grow us... if we will just bring ourselves, our whole selves, before him. Find your place at hppres.org.


Max and Liza visited HP Pres for the first time in 2022 after attending a friend’s wedding and they have called it home ever since.

They quickly connected with ministries within the church and decided to participate in Becoming HP Pres (formerly Starting Point) after being told about the course by Max’s Discipleship Conversation partner.

While participating in Becoming HP Pres, they were welcomed and “encouraged by the different life stages and backgrounds of the folks who are also taking the first step in becoming a recognized member of HP Pres.” God used the class to rekindle a desire to mentor students in Liza and reinforced Max’s faith in Christ as it solidified his desire to be a part of our church family.

No matter your previous experience in church, Becoming HP Pres is a great place to start. As Liza says, “It is not a commitment. It is a conversation. The class is a safe place to ask questions (about the church and the world) and really is the best way to get connected where you belong within this large body.”

It can be intimidating to start a new journey, but like Max’s experience, “The church body here is so welcoming and encouraging no matter what your background is. There is a place for everyone, and you will get a first-hand look at how welcoming the congregation here is.”

We can’t wait to hear your story and grow in Christ as we become HP Pres together! hppres.org/becoming-hp-pres



“It is not a commitment. It is a conversation.”


Morgan began regularly attending HP Pres in January 2022 after working as one of the designers for our recent campus updates. Because of her relationships with staff and members, she decided to make HP Pres her church home.

Although she felt like it was a daunting experience to build a community with people she barely knew, God placed the right people in the group to be the community she had been missing. There is a group for everyone at HP Pres, and we can’t wait for you to find yours!



Soon she connected with others in community groups who encouraged her to get plugged into a group. Morgan wanted to meet other like-minded young women, and a Community Group was the perfect opportunity to meet people her age while she spent time in the Word.

Getting connected with a Community Group at HP Pres gave her relationships that encourage her and keep her accountable. She felt more at home in church because of the women in her group going through similar life phases. God provided Morgan with the community of friends she was missing, and it has become something she looks forward to each week.


Preparing for marriage is full of excitement, but can also be full of new challenges. By participating in the Marriage Prep course at HP Pres, Claire and Riley learned to navigate these challenges with real-world examples. Surrounded by couples with similar questions and challenges, the newly engaged couple was encouraged to discuss crucial topics heading into marriage. Leaders in the Marriage Prep course provide each couple with support and guidance as they strengthen their relationship.

Through this experience, Claire and Riley were able to bond more than they ever have before. Together, they learned how to create a God-centered marriage that solidifies them as partners on the same team instead of competitors fighting for their own needs.

The relationships and skills Claire and Riley built in this course are significant to their life as a married couple. Whether it’s navigating holidays as a married couple, finding community, or talking through the hard issues, there is something for you in Marriage Prep. hppres.org/marriage



During the last year at HP Pres, more than 150 adults ages 55+ have had the opportunity to participate in wide-ranging, curated events intended to provide enrichment and social connection for individuals in the third third of life.

The centerpieces of HP Pres’ third third ministry are a six-week Flourishing in the Third Third of Life course and monthly Third Third Luncheons. Flourishing in the Third Third helps adults develop a vision for the third third years by looking at the keys to flourishing, including understanding God’s plan for this part of life, the importance of relationships, and insights for identifying our calling.

Third Third Luncheons are great opportunities to enjoy friends, good food, and stimulating programs on a variety of topics, such as gardening, exercise, movies, food, and protecting ourselves against financial exploitation. Other third third events include seasonal off-site tours, the Walkie Talkies walking club, and quarterly classic movie screenings. In total, there have been 20 reoccurring or series-long events in the last year, and there will be more forthcoming.

The third third life stage is unique in that each age group faces different life circumstances. Individuals ages 55–70 are often still working and may have kids at home or just leaving for college, while those ages 70 and older might be grandparents or even greatgrandparents. To address third third-ers’ varying interests, HP Pres is sponsoring an increasing variety of events.

HP Pres knows that with age, people’s needs change, and it is important to remain socially connected, supported, physically active, and thriving with every new season of life. If you have not joined us yet, we would love to have you.


Leaving a Legacy

Wendy Jordan first set foot on the HP Pres campus at sixteen at the invitation of another teen. She heard the gospel for the first time that night and was completely changed. Over the years, she stayed involved with HP Pres even after she moved to Oklahoma with her late husband.

After twenty years away, Wendy returned to Dallas to look after her mother. She was looking for community and was so excited to hear about the Third Third ministry at HP Pres. The ministry opened Wendy’s eyes to the things people her age and older experience.

Once she began attending the Flourishing in the Third Third of Life course, topics like the value of nostalgic foods helped her care for her mother. She would make lists of foods that would comfort her mother and was excited to see how those foods rejuvenated her mother’s spirit.

Wendy eventually began leading a course group herself and shared it online with her friends in Oklahoma. They all loved the Flourishing in the Third Third curriculum and were grateful for the opportunity to connect with one another on engaging topics. Many people connected online are caretakers or cannot leave home but still experience community through the Third Third ministry regardless of their situation.

Wendy’s experience in the course has given her a more empathetic and compassionate heart for others, specifically as she cares for her mother, and prompted her to think of her own legacy and future generations. Surrounded by people with more wisdom and life experience than her, Wendy has experienced first-hand the value of intergenerational relationships between believers. She wants to leave a legacy of faith for her family and has found the resources to do that through the Flourishing in the Third Third course.

God can use you whether you are thriving, struggling, or just feeling lost in your current purpose. Take the opportunity to dive in to learn, grow, and prepare for what God has planned next. You never know what good things will come of it!






“It has been a long and winding journey of following Jesus and winding up where I am today. To be honest, pastor is not a title or role I ever saw coming or even desired. What happened was that the Lord began burdening my heart to share his Word in the Children’s Ministry. As I taught, the Spirit developed the gifts of teaching and preaching, and exhortation. As the Lord began to expand my role in ministry, the burden to point to Jesus expanded from children to the entirety of his Church.

As Jeremiah declared, ‘There is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I am weary with holding it in, and I cannot’ (Jeremiah 20:9). My desire is for people to look and see God! He is present, he is active, he is pursuing, he is here and he loves you with a passion!

It took several years of wrestling with God before I surrendered to ordination; the more I fought, the more the fire in my bones burned. I now realize God has greater, bigger, and wilder plans for all of us. But it’s not until we sit underneath that old, rugged cross long enough that we finally understand there really are no other words that say thank you like, ‘Here I am Lord, send me.’ Do it and see what happens.”

—Emily Scates, Pastor of Discipleship

After years of faithful service at HP Pres, Emily was officially ordained on March 26, 2023. It’s with much joy that ECO has endorsed and confirmed Emily’s calling to serve through HP Pres as an ECO pastor.

“As the Lord began to expand my role in ministry, the burden to point to Jesus expanded from children to the entirety of his Church.”

VBS 2023: Twists & Turns

This summer kids played their way through VBS while learning that Jesus guides them through all the twists and turns of their lives, and that even when they mess up it’s never “game over.”






Steve Blaising has been involved in the Highland Kids ministry for several years and can be found regularly helping on Wednesday nights.

He began volunteering in the Highland Kids ministry after an announcement one Sunday morning that shared a need for volunteers. Steve thought it would be great if everyone in the church pitched in and decided to do his part.

VBS planted the seed for Steve’s faith in Jesus when he was only eleven years old. He encountered Jesus as a kid at the church where he grew up in San Antonio.

Because of the impact VBS had on his own life, Steve wanted to share the same gospel with the kids at HP Pres.

The one-on-one teaching and discussing the gospel in small groups gives Steve so much joy while serving at VBS. He is often reminded why Jesus said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18: 3

50 5TH

Praying for Our Family, Our City, & Beyond


The Intercessory Prayer Team exists to pray for people so they may find God’s healing, restoration, and love. They also pray for God to accomplish his work through the people of our church. Praying for our congregants, worship services, ministries, and missionaries is our holy responsibility and our great privilege. Intercessory prayer means waiting on the Lord and trusting that the Holy Spirit will intercede.

HP Pres creates opportunity to learn about and participate in different types of prayer through the five Prayer Teams. These teams focus on specific areas of prayer as they educate and equip believers to deepen their faith and impact the world around them.


Prayer changes everything because it allows us to communicate directly with God. Through the power of prayer, believers can bring healing, peace, and transformation into our lost world.


The Inner Healing Prayer team exists to help guide you to experience freedom from the areas where you may feel bound, defeated, and wounded, that have hindered your relationship with God. By inviting Jesus to shine his light, he will help you identify what “lies” you are believing that are keeping you from knowing the truth of God’s love for you so that you’ll be able to receive God’s wholeness and healing in him.

To join a prayer team or request prayer, visit hppres.org/prayer.


The Physical Healing Prayer Team meets with people who request prayer for personal health. The prayer time may include listening, declaring, anointing, laying on of hands, and reading scripture aloud. This ministry allows gifts of healing and expressions of care to be shared for the building up of God’s Kingdom, with results manifested by the Holy Spirit either in this world or the next.


The Prayer Walking Team uses movement to participate with the Holy Spirit and bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. It involves an openness to God’s unique vision for places and spaces, and we’d love for you to partner with us as we steward the flourishing of our city through prayer!


The Crisis Prayer Team exists to follow the Spirit’s leading through prayer, worship, and discernment. We participate in the kingdom of God by engaging with large scale timely issues impacting our local, national, and global context. We are Spirit led. Kingdom driven. Crisis focused.

Five Years of Peak Street

Peak Street Church was planted by HP Pres in 2018 with the prayer that it would be a faithful presence in the community to bring people to Jesus. Over the past five years, people have been drawn to this place in search of freedom and belonging.

In an area that is primarily young professionals, people crave authenticity and connections in their community. The city can be exciting, but also very isolating. For young urban professionals, it’s easy to neglect your own soul. Peak has provided a unique opportunity for people to find deep friendship and healing through Jesus.

Located in Old East Dallas, the church is active in responding to the needs that are ever present in their own neighborhood. A strong partnership with Our Calling funnels volunteers and funds into addressing the tangible needs that are very evident in the surrounding area. Because of their location and willingness to serve, Peak has mobilized as the hands and feet of Jesus through multiple natural disasters and prevailing struggles like homelessness.


Since their founding in 2018, Peak has established a presence as a Kingdom outpost that has shifted their membership from 30% of the local neighborhoods to 80% in the past five years. The lonely are being welcomed

as family and are given tools to help them flourish in their faith, relationships, and careers. Peak partnerships like The Pegasus Institute teach young professionals in the church skills to help them integrate their faith and work.

People are being motivated by the gospel because of the investment of faith they’ve found through Peak. There’s real transformation happening that is only magnified the further the church is established in the community of Old East Dallas. The Lord has been faithful in answering our prayer from five years ago that Peak Street Church would be a presence in the community that brings people to Jesus.

There have been challenges throughout the years, but God has turned them all to opportunities. This is just the start of what is in store for Peak Street Church. Our prayer going forward is that the church will be a faithful and fruitful witness of the gospel. We can’t wait to see how God works in the next five years!

City & Global Impact

To fulfill God’s command in Matthew 28: 18–20, we partner with missionaries, churches, and agencies in our city and across the globe to extend the kingdom of God to the ends of the earth.

We work towards the transformation of our city and beyond through acts of mercy and justice, feeding the hungry, evangelizing the lost, welcoming the stranger, and supporting and mentoring the marginalized.

Your generous donations have made all of this, and more, possible over the last year. To participate in HP Pres’ outreach endeavors, and make a positive difference in our world, visit hppres.org/serve.













Our Compassion Fund exists to aid those experiencing situational hardship. Most of our assistance helps those with a job loss, medical crisis, death in the family, and those transitioning from homelessness. We provide rental and utility assistance, medical bills, car repairs, and furniture.



In the early hours of Monday, Feb. 6, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit near Gaziantep, Turkey. The effects of the earthquake impacted southern Turkey down to northern Syria. In only a few short hours, a second 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit the region again.

The confirmed death toll stood at 59,259: 50,783 in Turkey and 8,476 in Syria. Many buildings, bridges, and gas lines collapsed, and thousands of homes were destroyed.

As the body of Christ, we are called to be love in action and disaster relief teams were quickly mobilized.



Young people often need guidance finding their way in the world but don’t know where to turn. There are so may voices out there that can make it easy for people to make uninformed or mislead decisions.

The Roegner family serves students in eight cities across Spain to make sure they have the support they need for their faith. Join us in praying for the vision of Agape (Cru) as they give Biblical guidance to students living in this postmodern country.

Learn more about all of our missionaries at hppres.org/missionaries.



Body & Soul

Body & Soul provides people in downtown Dallas who are experiencing homelessness with meals, clothing, personal care items, and fellowship. HP Pres fully funds all meals served and facilitates Bible studies and worship services that coincide with each event. Countless men and women have come to know Christ through this outreach program. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, HP Pres gifted St. Paul United Methodist Church with a kitchen renovation so that Body & Soul can continue for years to come.

$15,000 Kitchen Renovation

Dallas Furniture Bank

Dallas Furniture Bank is a nonprofit that provides furniture to families in need who are transitioning out of homelessness. Through this collaboration during the last year, HP Pres provided $40,000 to help 40 families furnish their new homes, restoring their sense of hope, normalcy, and independence. The tangible items received, especially bed frames and mattresses, were the linchpin to reuniting some parents, allowing for children to move out of the foster system.

$40,000 Provided

Dallas Leadership Foundation

Families partnered with Dallas Leadership during Spring Break to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. About 50 children and parents transformed three homes through yard work, planted one community garden, organized clothing donations, and had meaningful conversations about God’s love.

50 Participants 40 Families Served

For The Nations: Refugee Outreach

HP Pres partners with For the Nations: Refugee Outreach (FTN:RO) in reaching the refugees in our cities. Our volunteers welcome refugee families into their new communities, teach adult English classes, and act as classroom aides.

The needs of our neighbors from Afghanistan are greater than ever. There were 170,000 qualifying Afghans evacuated and resettled across the United States, in communities including DFW. Many of these Afghan refugees are coming to Christ and sharing their new faith with their family members back home, where many fear for their lives. Our partnership with FTN:RO is helping to care for the immediate needs of these people.

$80,000 Afghan Benevolence Fund



Tucked between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico rests Cuba. The charming architecture, stunning views, and amazing people have drawn visitors from other countries for decades. However, in recent times, the country has fallen into misery because of the collapse of the currency, massive hurricanes, loss of income from the tourist industry during lockdown, rolling blackouts, and a comprehensive need for medicine and doctors.

The people of Cuba are struggling to survive one disaster after another. In February of this year, HP Pres sent medical supplies through Crosswater Ministries. Although simple medications like over-the-counter pain meds were sent, there was no space for more complex medications for things like heart conditions and diabetes.

HP Pres has a long-standing partnership with more than 100 churches and 40 pastors across Cuba. Joining them in prayer, people began asking God to provide people with the complex medicines they needed. Within a matter of days, supplies went from nothing to everything.

A group of men, led by an HP Pres member, were leaving for a trip in the Bahamas and were interested in stopping in Cuba. Hearing of the need to courier medication to HP Pres church partners in Cuba, they were happy to bring the long list of supplies along with them.

The full tapestry of God’s love unfurled as the case was hand-delivered to a translator in Cuba who brought the medication to the pastors. The medication was then evenly divided among the churches and directly distributed to the people in need.

Because of the diligence in prayer and openness of believers, people’s lives were saved and forever changed. God is always at work, but we don’t often see the full picture on this side of heaven. All that is asked of us is to be open to God’s call.


Given to Cuban Mission Partners

International Justice Mission

In India and 16 other countries, our partner, International Justice Mission, is combating human trafficking and slavery, violence against women and children, and police abuse of power. Their work is making a profound difference worldwide, protecting people in poverty, rescuing victims, bringing criminals to justice, restoring survivors to safety, and helping local law enforcement build a safe future that lasts.

When IJM discovered that Rajeshwari and her family were enslaved at a brick kiln, their teams began working on a plan to rescue the family. But IJM investigators could not safely trace Rajeshwari among the 100 nearby brick kilns without alerting the abusive owner and risking more violence. This is when Rajeshwari became the hero of her own story.

As IJM tried to gather details from her terrified parents over the phone, the young teen drew a detailed map of their area, and covertly sent it to the rescue team. Her drawing showed the rescue team exactly where they needed to go to rescue the family. The details were incredible – even the trees on her map were exactly where she said they would be. Thanks to Rajeshwari’s creativity and bravery, IJM investigators found and helped rescue her family.

‘Today, after rescue, my dreams are coming true one by one,’ 16-year-old Rajeshwari shares joyfully. ‘I am happy I am back at school studying. I want to become a teacher and make sure every child in my community values education.’”

“Rajeshwari was an eager young student who loved school and dreamed of becoming a teacher one day, but her life abruptly changed when her family was forced to move and work long hours at a brick kiln to repay a debt. At just 10 years old, the life she loved was taken from her. Instead of studying, taking tests, and playing games at recess, she was forced to breathe in thick dust and smoke every day while she helped her parents make thousands of bricks for three years.


In the last year, Iran has been central to our outreach efforts. It is a nation with a population over 80 million in need of salvation. Their population is facing an unprecedented time where Muslims are putting their trust in Christ. HP Pres is strategically partnering with those that have direct access to people seeking Christ in Iran.

In Iran, we focus on supporting ministries that can evangelize, train Iranian leaders and pastors, and provide much need Bibles. Some of our partners are working covertly in training and are not even able to be mentioned due to security risks. A few of HP Pres’ Iranian partners include PARS Theological Centre, Rev. Dr. Sasan Tavassoli, a missionary with The Outreach Foundation, and Iranian Bible Society.

satellite ministry that is able to be viewed within the country.

Iranian Bible Society is led by Nahid Sepehri, Director of the Iranian Bible Society, says, “Christianity in Iran is growing every day. Every day, people are coming to Christ. And when they come to Christ, they need a Bible. It’s the main thing, the first thing, they need.” The Iranian Bible Society hopes to provide 1 million Bibles to Iranian Christians between 2023 and 2026.

PARS Theological Centre was founded in 2010 by an interdenominational team of Iranian pastors and theologians who dreamt of a hub for deep, holistic and contextual leadership training for Iran. They are successfully engaging in the strategic work of training and equipping the emerging leaders in Iran and the Persian speaking world.

Rev. Dr. Sasan Tavassoli, The Outreach Foundation, serves as a missionary among Iranians in Iran and among the Diaspora. He is a former Shi’ite Muslim from Iran and has devoted his life to building up the body of Christ among Iranians through teaching and evangelizing. This includes a


This past year we started partnering with our All Nations church family in shipping quality clothing to their connections at Kenyan churches. Volunteers sort the donations and carefully pack up large boxes that are then shipped to Kenya. This ministry allows families to use their funds to afford food and pay for their child’s education.

5,000 Pounds of Clothing Sent


where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”


By giving to Highland Park Pres, you are supporting our mission of helping people find and follow Jesus, while also serving those who are most vulnerable in our city and world. Thank you for your generosity!

To learn more about how we steward your gifts or view past giving statements, visit hppres.org/give. If you have questions about giving, please contact Theresa Guerra, Director of Finance, at 214-525-4268 or theresa.guerra@hppres.org.



Fiscal Year End is Aug. 31, 2023

2022–23 GIVING

Sept. 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023

YTD Giving Target


Actual Giving $9,957,000

Difference in Giving ($162,300)

Giving Needed to Meet Budget by Year End August 31 $4,478,600


Our projected actual expenses for 2022–23 are expected to fall within or near the suggested range for church budgets.

2022–23 Projected Suggested Range 50% 100% 0% Personnel Program & Admin. Outreach Facility 53% 21% 18%
By giving to Highland Park Pres, you are supporting our mission of helping people find and follow Jesus, and serving those who are most vulnerable in our city and world. Mail a check to: Finance Office 3821 University Blvd Dallas, TX 75205 Online at hppres.org/give Text HPPRES to 833-343-4801 WAYS TO GIVE
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