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business of streamlining operations, Casey said. Home furnishings exhibitors could be extracting more value out of a lower footprint of showroom space, he said.

HIGH POINT – The extra traffic generated by the High Point Market that opened today was already evident in some stores and restaurants, though local businesses reported different results. “Three weeks before the market starts, we get all of the set-up and construction crews in,” said Jeff Baker, owner of Jimmy’s Pizza House, one of the few restaurants in the showroom district that operates year-round. “That’s the way it always is. Since Wednesday, we’ve seen more (people in) suits than the previous markets.” The furniture market is known as the world’s largest furniture trade show and North Carolina’s single largest economic event. Marketgoers are a welcomed business opportunity for business owners like Baker, who says it’s hard to predict what his busiest days of the furniture market will be. But it always boosts his bottom dollar, he said. “It’s still hard to tell when people will be here,” Baker said. “But the absolute busiest time is always three weeks before (market) with the set-up crews coming in.” In terms of construction crews and temporary jobs, the furniture market creates about 13,000 jobs a year, according to the High Point Market Authority. Its impact also expands to surrounding areas like Greensboro, where George’s Pizza and Grill on Old Oak Ridge Road sees a slight boost from marketgoers staying at hotels around Piedmont Triad International Airport. “We see an increase,” said manager Ghassan Mustafa about orders during the market. “Not a big increase because we aren’t in the High Point city area, but we’ll do about 15 or 20 percent extra. It picks up a little bit for us.” Mustafa said the restau- | 888-3528



Jenny Billings, representing NaturaWorld of Ontario, Canada, gets her market credential from Erin Ocheltree, at the International Home Furnishings Center desk.

City records show showroom space shrinking Inside...


Number of owners still widespread. 2A the major players at market in terms of controlling space. Of the 9.8 million square feet of showroom space, two companies – the International Home Furnishings Center and Merchandise Mart Properties Inc. – own 55 percent of the space, or about 5.4 million square feet. The vast majority of showroom space owners in the High Point Market district hold 50,000 square feet or less of space, with the smallest ownership at 975 square feet, city records indicate. The economy may have compelled some showrooms to reduce the amount of active space they are using at market, said Market Authority President Brian Casey. “The one thing I would like to remind everyone is that, even if this is amounting to 10 million square feet, it is


Mike Anderson moves furniture into place at the Telescope Casual space in Showplace. way beyond any other home furnishings market around the world,” he said. Another factor for the contraction of actively used showroom space is that home furnishings exhibitors are reflecting the overall trend in

Job numbers at issue in mayor’s race BY PAT KIMBROUGH ENTERPRISE STAFF WRITER

HIGH POINT – Has the city gained or lost jobs during the recession? A contender for High Point’s top elected post has made this a campaign issue, claiming that the city has seen a net loss of about 2,700 jobs over the past three years. Jay Wagner argues that this figure, based on N.C. Employment Security Commission statistics, gives the true economic picture and illustrates the shortcomings of Mayor Becky Smothers and the City Council. Smothers defends the city’s record of economic development under her watch,



pointing to 6,668 new jobs created or announced from 2007 to 2009. She argues that every city in the nation has been battered by the recession and other economic problems that are beyond the city’s control. “I don’t know where he’s getting his numbers,” Smothers said. “We know we’ve lost jobs; that’s the national economy in action.

127th year No. 289 High Point, N.C.

Market preparation, opening bring economic increase

HIGH POINT – The recession and its continuing fallout have taken a toll on the size of the High Point Market. For years, market organizers have touted the world’s largest home furnishings trade show as covering 12 million square feet of showroom space, but records kept by the city of High Point show that official showroom totals have contracted to 9.8 million square feet. The city maintains detailed figures on showroom square footage because it collects a special showroom tax, proceeds of which are used annually to support activities of the High Point Market Authority. The authority organizes the spring and fall trade shows and promotes the event across the world. Market showroom properties are owned by 120 separate entities, according to records from the city of High Point. A handful of owners are

October 16, 2010

LASTING LEGACY: Cameron will leave big shoes to fill at GTCC. 1B




The numbers I’ve released have all been public record and never been challenged.” According to ESC figures cited by Wagner, there were 2,665 unemployed residents in the city in January 2007, and that number jumped to 5,375 by December 2009, a net loss of 2,710 jobs. According to the ESC, the figures are based on the unemployed individual’s place of residence, not where the job is located. Wagner said this doesn’t diminish his argument, pointing out that some new or announced jobs in places like north High Point are likely filled by Greensboro residents. “What the heck is an announced job? I think we

have to stick to real numbers,” he said. Wagner said he understands the effects of the recession nationwide but argues that a pattern of inaction at the local level is partly to blame. For instance, he said the city’s economic incentives budget was cut and an incentive plan for innercity areas and south High Point has yet to be acted on more than 19 months after it was proposed. “The bigger issue is the lack of response to the economy,” he said. “I get the impression the attitude was, we’ll just ride it out, and it will all be OK.” Smothers said the city has continued aggressively


recruiting new industries during the recession, and has seen several recent economic development successes, including more than 170 companies that have created new jobs since 2008 and a No. 1 national ranking by Site Selection magazine for attracting new business. “At this point in time, people need hope and confidence that the situation we’re in will change,” she said. “I think the facts presented indicate High Point is well-positioned to take advantage of business investment because we’re doing it. High Point is attractive for many different types of industry.” | 888-3531



B. Hofler Milam was named senior vice president for finance and administration and chief financial officer at Wake Forest University. Milam is currently vice president for finance and treasurer at Duke University. He is expected to begin work at Wake Forest in December.



LOSE WEIGHT: Local nutrition club holds contest. 1B OBITUARIES


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Number of showrooms owners still widespread BY PAUL B. JOHNSON ENTERPRISE STAFF WRITER



HIGH POINT – In a geographic sense, the High Point Market is unique among major trade show venues in the nation, and perhaps the world. Most international trade show halls or buildings involve exhibitors of product renting space from a single organizer of the event, or at most a handful of showroom space owners. In High Point, a broad range of companies own and provide showroom space in settings that range from hundreds of thousands of square feet in a building to a spot covering a couple of thousand square feet. The High Point Market is made up of 120 separate showroom owners, with the vast majority of those owners holding 50,000 square feet or less of space, according to city of

Records show space is shrinking. 1A High Point records. Part of the reason for the unique landscape of the High Point Market is history. As the trade show, which celebrated its centennial last year, prospered into the latter half of the 20th century and early 21st century, exhibitors sought showroom locations beyond a set number of large buildings. Downtown buildings that once housed other businesses were converted to showroom use. The physical landscape of the High Point Market contrasts it with its main rival, the World Market Center in Las Vegas. The World Market Center complex features three adjacent buildings covering 5 million square feet, operated by one corporate entity.

Missing girl’s dad unsure of wife’s involvement

Each market’s layout offers an appeal to certain marketgoers, said Ken Smith, managing partner with the financial services firm Smith Leonard in High Point. “If you’ve got it all in one place, it’s easier to maneuver around at a market. But with the transportation system in High Point now, there’s some who say it’s not bad to be able to get outside and move around, instead of being stuck in one building. There’s really pluses and minuses to both,” Smith said. The setting of a furnishings trade show – whether in one complex or spread out among many buildings – often isn’t as critical as the product offering, he said. “It’s where the breadth of product is, even within a given showroom,” Smith said. | 888-3528

Active showrooms, square footage ENTERPRISE STAFF REPORT

Southwood Furniture Corp. – 13,000 Charles Jarrell –3,000 Johnson Family Bravo Ltd. – 6,516 Khalifa Zaki Uddin –3,550 L&JG Stickley – 29,467 Lambeth Enterprises – 18,163 Lucky 7 Development Group – 33,372 Main Street Holdings – 10,560 Maple Leaf Holdings – 323,439 Chung Lee Chao – 22,416 Market Properties – 31,026 Market Square LLC – 2,096,440 McCreary Associates LLC –22,352 Sadie N McCurry – 15,086 Patricia S McEachern – 8,460 Merchandise Mart – 30,096 Wakefield Group LLC – 56,400 Mississippi National – 423,300 Natuzzi Americas Inc. – 111,319 Market on Main Street LLC – 59,874 Commerce & Design Associates – 250,100 R&G Investments – 1,780 Reflections Furniture – 5,172 SS Cool Springs LLC – 29,752 Rosesam LLC – 12,250 Diana P Sarantos – 3,420 Riken Properties LLC – 11,440 SS Cool Springs – 23,188 S&P Commerce Street LLC – 7,990 Ralph H. Short Jr. – 8,580 Showplace Properties LLC N Wrenn and Hamilton – 95,064 Capstone Showplace Management – 821,550 Showrooms on English LLC – 47,564 Charles Simmons – 7,055 Southern Furn Co of Conover – 39,996 Glenn E Swaim Jr. – 12,500 MRSR Properties – 5,464 Randall Tysinger Antiques – 21,000 Universal Furniture Ind. Inc. – 112,768 Vanguard Furniture Inc. – 32,461 W G Acquisition Co. Inc. – 2,990 Williams Gold LLC – 38,568

HIGH POINT – The following is a list of active showrooms and their square footage: 135 South Hamilton Assoc. LLC – 27,492 1822 English Rd, LLC – 11,782 3-D Investments, LLC – 18,846 Americraft Properties – 43,458 Tawny Lam– 2,020 Baker, Knapp & Tubbs – 33,000 Bencini & White – 50,400 Bencini Realty LTD – 34,020 Bencini Realty – 53,024 Best Chairs Inc –23,982 Pine State Inc. – 16,680 Hughes - Larkin LLC – 14,720 Boykin Hotel Properties – 12,500 White Associates –11,250 Broyhill Realty Inc. – 33,738 Helen Castanes – 3,520 John C Castanes – 1,738 Embassy Properties LLC –9,992 David A Conner – 20,067 Joan Cramer – 40,024 Cridlebaugh Properties Inc. – 3,871 R Braxton Culler – 28,026 James Henry Dowdy Sr. – 19,830 Drexel Heritage Furniture Ind. – 79,760 Shimon & Barbara Einhorn – 15,894 Soft Line SPA – 14,568 Ferguson Copeland LLC – 24,901 E Vernon Ferrell – 11,040 Fine & Shavitz Inc. – 5,200 Joe D Floyd – 12,667 Frienz LLC – 45,692 Furniture Showroom Prop LLC – 26,112 Huddle Partnership – 33,311 GRLS LLC –24,000 HMM Associates –69,044 IHFC Properties –3,254,342 Marchello Design – 27,295

Joseph A Williams – 6,316 James Douglas Wilson – 9,203 Michael Yeh – 45,186 VM Realty LLC – 12,784 Art and Frame Direct/Timeless – 34,201 Patsy H Wagner – 3,796 Franklin R. English – 975 Thayer Coggin Inc. – 10,045 Ronald W. Hinkle – 7,800 Wright Place LLC – 24,238 Steele Street Partners LLC – 154,534 Marzilli USA Inc. –8,000 MPT Properties – 5,395 Southwood Holdings LLC – 7,159 L.E.O Co. LLC – 86,970 Lee Properties – 18,632 Jerome Thompson – 4,000 Athena Family Hardwin LP – 3,600 Willard Stewart Real Estate – 3,146 G&J Styles – 29,318 OLY – 3,720 Tomlinson Erwin-Lambeth/Direct – 15,000 Atrium Furniture Ltd. – 21,288 Decca Furniture USA Inc. – 13,267 Tri City Acquisitions LLC – 12,700 French Heritage – 13,500 PCH Holdings – 12,960 United Atlantic LLC – 20,166 Southern Places Associates LLC – 3,320 Eliko Art and Decorative Rugs – 11,232 DHE Provence Collection LLC – 10,584 308 West Broad LLC – 24,160 Randy Brownlow – 21,958 BW Hughes Properties – 16,848 Lexington Home Brands – 2,900 Schwarz Properties LLC –– 17,599 M Wagner, Wilson & Cheek – 14,700 JNS Properties LLC – 6,000 Nera Smith, Smith, Byerly, Smith &Smith – 5,840 M&M Real Estate – 17,822 Wrenn Street Properties – 3,151 TOTAL: 9,810,306


supplies track lighting fixtures and bulbs to showroom designers, said they had received larger orders in the weeks leading up to the fall furniture market than in the past several years. The High Point Market ends Thursday. | 888-3617


The High Point Enterprise strives for accuracy. Readers who think a factual error has been made are encouraged to call the newsroom at 888-3500. When a factual error has been found a correction will be published.

Agency pulls stem cell poetry off website

Is your hearing current? 211 W. Lexington Avenue, Suite 104, High Point, NC




SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – An attempt to lighten up the heavy subject of stem cells through poetry has backfired on the California agency that manages the state’s $3 billion research fund. The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine decided to hold a poetry contest

to commemorate Stem Cell Awareness Day last Wednesday. But it later pulled the winning entries from its website because of religious language in one of the works. The poem “Stem C.” begins, “This is my body/which is given for you,” and ends with, “Take this/in remem-



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FUNDRAISERS Homemade Brunswick stew is for sale for $8 a quart at Sandy Ridge United Methodist Church, 2223 Sandy Ridge Road. To order call 665-0774 or visit the web site www. A gospel singing will be held at 5 p.m. Saturday at First Emmanuel Baptist Church, 831 Leonard Ave. Performers include Men of Gospel from Greensboro. It is a benefit for a 6-year-old High Point resident with cancer.

SPECIAL INTEREST The Coltrane clan reunion will be held at 12:30 p.m. Sunday at Cen-

brance of me.” The words echo language used during Holy Communion in many Christian churches. The conservative California Family Council called the poem blasphemous. The agency apologized in a statement for any offense the poem may have caused.

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months. Elisa Baker, 42, is being held on an obstruction of justice charge after police say she tried to throw them off with a fake ransom note. Her court-appointed attorney says she is “scared to death” and very emotional. Adam Baker, 33, said Friday that he hasn’t talked to his wife and remains unsure if she had anything to do with his daughter’s disappearance. “Maybe,” Baker told AP. “I’m still trying to figure it all out.”



in that come in every year, but we have a lot of customers that don’t show here anymore,” she said. “We have less designers walking in to get those flowers for showrooms.” Hughes estimates her busiest days were Thursday and Friday as she received a few orders for showrooms that still were being set up. Owners of Triad Lighting, which


Carolina in mid-September, but they’ve had trouble finding anyone else who has seen her in recent


Restaurant’s busiest days are at the beginning rant’s busiest market days are at the beginning of market on Friday and Saturday night. Others have seen business from the market wane in recent years, however. Tommie Hughes, owner of Ellington’s Florist in High Point, said walk-in orders have slowed down over the years. “We’ve had a few people come

HICKORY (AP) – The father of a missing 10-yearold said Friday that he is still not sure whether his wife was involved in the girl’s disappearance. Adam Baker said he just wants to find Zahra Clare Baker and take her back to the family’s native Australia if she wants to go. Police believe the girl is dead. Baker and his wife Elisa, the girl’s stepmother, reported her missing Oct. 9. They said they had last seen Zahra – who used hearing aids and a prosthetic leg because of bone cancer – in her bed at their home in Hickory, about 50 miles northwest of Charlotte. But police don’t believe them. Investigators said Zahra may have been alive when the family moved to a new home in North

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Saturday October 16, 2010

CANT BEAT THE RAP: Judge sends T.I. back to prison. 2D

Managing Editor: Sherrie Dockery (336) 888-3539


Petraeus: Video shows grenade use in failed rescue



Gun battle leaves 4 dead in Mexico MONTERREY, Mexico – Mexican marines battled suspected drug cartel gunmen whose allies erected at least a dozen roadblocks in the northeastern city of Monterrey, authorities said Friday. One marine and three gunmen were killed. The gunmen opened fire and threw grenades at a marine patrol Thursday night on a highway on the western city limits, according to a Navy statement.

Chile miners do not disclose ordeal details COPIAPO, Chile – The first rescued Chilean miners out of the hospital celebrated their new lives as national heroes Friday, as word emerged that the 33 want to closely guard their story so they can fairly divide the spoils of their media stardom. That could explain why none of them have spoken publicly at any length or provided any dramatic details of their 69 days trapped a halfmile beneath the Atacama desert.

Sludge flood factory restarts production BUDAPEST, Hungary – Production restarted Friday at the metals plant whose broken reservoir unleashed a massive flood of caustic red sludge, even as villagers began returning to one of the affected towns in western Hungary despite warnings from environmentalists that it was too early and too dangerous to return. Some 800 Kolontar residents were evacuated last Saturday after authorities said a wall of the factory reservoir could collapse further.

Swiss celebrate digging world’s longest tunnel SEDRUN, Switzerland – Workers hugged, cheered and set off fireworks as the huge drill broke through the last stretch of rock deep in the Swiss Alps. There was delight at the end of the tunnel, the world’s longest, when it was completed Friday. The $10 billion, 35.4-mile tube will connect Europe’s high-speed rail network and is part of a larger effort to cut in half the number of trucks, now at 1.2 million, that thunder through the Alps each year.


An Afghan soldier peers from the turret of a military armored vehicle at Howz-eMadad Forward Operating Base, Kandahar, Afghanistan.

LONDON (AP) – NATO’s top commander in Afghanistan confirmed Friday that the coalition has provided safe passage for top Taliban leaders to travel to Kabul for face-to-face negotiations with the U.S.-backed Afghan government. Petraeus declined to provide details of the alliance’s role in the clandestine talks, discussions that he described as “preliminary.� Many Taliban figures have reached out directly or indirectly to the high-

est levels of the government, but there are no formal peace talks under way. “Indeed, in certain respects we do facilitate that, in that, needless to say, it would not be the easiest of tasks for a senior Taliban commander to enter Afghanistan and make his way to Kabul if (the International Security Assistance Force) were not willing and aware of it and therefore allowing it to take place,� he said. “That’s about as far as I can go on that.�

3 NATO troops die as attacks surge in Afghanistan KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – Three NATO troops were killed Friday in Afghanistan in a surge of attacks that raised the death toll to 17 in three days for international troops in the country. One service member died Friday in an insurgent attack in the east and another was killed by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan, an alliance statement said. It did not give nationalities or exact locations of the attacks. France said a one of its soldiers died Friday of wounds sustained in a clash in the

Uzbin Valley east of Kabul the day before. On Thursday, eight NATO troops were killed in a spate of attacks, including four separate roadside bombings. Improvised explosive devices on roadways are the weapon of choice for insurgents, who rely on guerrilla tactics to counter intensified NATOAfghan operations. It has been the deadliest year for international forces in the nine-year Afghan conflict. Troop numbers have been ramped up to turn the screws on insurgents and


casualties have mounted. The escalating toll, more than 2,020 NATO deaths since the 2001 U.S.-led invasion, has shaken the commitment of many alliance countries, with calls growing to start drawing down forces quickly. U.S. Gen. David Petraeus, the top commander in Afghanistan, confirmed Friday that NATO has provided safe passage for senior Taliban leaders to travel to Kabul for face-to-face negotiations with the American-backed Afghan government.



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2728 S. Main St. (IGH0OINTs

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A man works next to a fallen tree in the aftermath of the Tropical Storm Paula in Havana, Cuba, Friday.

Cuba’s capital cleans up from Tropical Storm Paula HAVANA (AP) – Much of Cuba’s capital remained without power early Friday following a direct hit from Tropical Storm Paula, as cleanup crews carried away fallen trees and swept up chunks of concrete torn from the city’s famed seawall. The once-Category 2 hurricane was downgraded to a tropical depression in the morning, with maximum sustained winds dropping to 25 mph (35 kph),

just bought her ďŹ rst HotDeal

according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami. Cuban officials discontinued all storm warnings. Branches and palm fronds littered the broad, verdant 5th Avenue, home to foreign embassies and crumbling mansions, and at least a halfdozen large trees had come crashing down onto the gates of some properties. Police directed traffic since signals were blacked out.


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Saturday October 16, 2010

TOM BLOUNT: High Point Market requires attention from all of us. TOMORROW

Opinion Page Editor: Vince Wheeler (336) 888-3517


Voters express more support for candidates Barnes, Clapp are worthy of support by voters As an elected official, I know the importance of good, sound leadership. The citizens of Guilford County have an opportunity to re-elect our sheriff, BJ Barnes, and elect Lisa Clapp as an at-large representative to the school board. I know both Sheriff Barnes and Clapp and know that both of them will bring good, sound leadership to Guilford County. Although Sheriff Barnes and I do not always agree, I have always found him to be understanding and respectful of my position. I know Sheriff Barnes to be a hardworking, honest and fair sheriff, highly respected by those that work for him, and most importantly, the citizens of Guilford County. The sheriff serves the citizens of Guilford County well. Clapp is a mother with children in the Guilford County school system and a volunteer school leader. She will stand with and be a voice for the citizens on issues involving the



schools and our children. In these difficult economic times, we need good, sound leadership in Guilford County. I believe that Sheriff BJ Barnes and Lisa Clapp have what it takes and what we need. Vote Barnes for our sheriff and Clapp to the school board. BILLY YOW Greensboro The writer is a Republican Guilford County commissioner.

erties 25-40 percent above tax value. High Point needs someone with a vision and leadership qualities to be mayor. Our city will see new development if voters elect Jay Wagner as new mayor. Please go to www. and read his campaign website. DICK & ANNIE PAINTER High Point

Alexander works hard

High Point needs Wagner’s

to represent the people

vision, leadership

Please join us in supporting Latimer Alexander for re-election to High Point City Council at large. Alexander has served the people for eight years as City Council at large. He served two one-year terms as mayor pro tem. Alexander has the experience and has worked hard to represent our needs to our elected officials in Raleigh and in Washington.

High Point is a great place to live, but it needs changes and these change need to start at the top. You cannot cut the economic incentives budget and attract new small businesses or help the struggling existing ones. City department heads were instructed to cut their budgets, and the city work force was cut while at the same time the taxpayers money was wasted on buying two prop-

He has worked very hard beyond the city limits lines to represent our needs. We need for our elected leaders to have a good relationship and serious dialogue with our elected leaders, and Alexander has proved to us that he can do this. Alexander listens to the citizens who contact him with a problem with city services and gets the answer for them. He shows interest for the citizens. Let’s re-elect a person who has the experience and the knowledge for this very important position. This person is our friend Latimer Alexander. See you at the voting polls. JOHN & VIRGINIA HOWELL High Point



What is the most important issue in determining for whom to vote in High Point city elections this year? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), e-mail us your thoughts to letterbox@


Lenders continue making mess



The High Point Enterprise is committed to this community ... and always will serve it by being an intensely local newspaper of excellent quality every day.

Founded in 1883 Michael B. Starn Publisher Thomas L. Blount Editor Vince Wheeler Opinion Page Editor 210 Church Ave., High Point, N.C. 27262 (336) 888-3500



Salisbury Post, Oct. 8 With North Carolina and Rowan County both especially hard hit by home foreclosures, it’s galling to learn that some lenders are botching the foreclosure process just as thoroughly as they messed up on loan approvals. The situation is serious enough that N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper has asked lenders to cease processing foreclosures until lending institutions and state regulators take another look at their procedures. The center of the controversy is a practice known as “robo-signing” – meaning that some lenders have been signing off on foreclosure documents without bothering to verify, or perhaps even read, the information they contain. Isn’t it loan officers and closing attorneys who are always telling consumers not to sign anything they haven’t read or don’t thoroughly understand? Apparently, that doesn’t apply when it’s someone else who’s about to find an eviction notice tacked on the door. The documentation lapses now coming to light nationwide aren’t limited to minor clerical mistakes. In some cases, bank employees have acknowledged they did not verify how much borrowers still owed on the property or failed to follow proper notarization procedures. In some instances, according to the attorney general’s office, these lapses could constitute fraud. Even if such sloppiness doesn’t rise to the level of a statutory crime, it represents yet another regulatory failure in the lending industry. Inevitably, it also raises questions about the degree to which a rush to foreclosure is helping to fuel persistently high foreclosure rates. Thus far, the problems appear to be concentrated among major lenders who are processing tens of thousands of foreclosure claims. Bank of America has halted foreclosures in North Carolina, while delaying such actions in several other states. JPMorgan Chase and Ally Financial’s GMAC Mortgage Unit are among other lenders who have stopped or slowed foreclosures, while yet others are expected to follow suit as regulators continue to scrutinize foreclosures across the country. These new problems have come to light just as some struggling homeowners could latch onto a glimmer of optimism about getting federal foreclosure prevention funding that might help them keep their houses. But that funding isn’t due to arrive until the end of this year or early 2011. Meanwhile, it appears some big lenders have been rushing through foreclosures with the same careless, cavalier attitude that helped create this mess.

An independent newspaper


Gov. Beverly Perdue, Office of the Governor, State Capital, Raleigh, NC 27603-8001; (919) 733-4240 Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, 310 N. Blount St., Raleigh, NC 27699-0401; (919) 733-7350. N.C. Senate Sen. Katie Dorsett (D) (28th Senate District), 1000 English St. N., Greensboro, NC 27401; (336) 275-0628 Sen. Jerry Tillman (R) (29th Senate District), 1207 Dogwood Lane, Archdale, NC 27263, (336) 431-5325

We must stop the corporate takeover of America


orporations are making their move and will soon rule American politics. They are giving big money to the GOP, with the hopes of grabbing American electoral power. You see, they operate with one disadvantage; they are not people and cannot vote. So, they need front groups, regular people to carry their banners. Some people want to rub elbows with power. Others delight in the contrariness of being for the other fellow and negating their own interests. Some people are against aiding neighbors. But all, I assume, honestly think that they are involved in a higher and nobler cause. The Tea Party is the front group in the mid-term elections. In the past, in the Bush administration, the religious right, the evangelicals were the facades for corporate interests. George W. Bush was holy at the beginning of his first term in office, and he had followers. These were the people who staged big victories, when all the while CEOs were at the helm. When the religious right was no longer needed, the corporate GOP set it free. Jesus did not have a permanent place in Republican politics and neither do the Tea Partiers. The Tea Partiers serve the same dastardly purpose; they are warm bodies that can punch ballots. You say, “Oh they’re more than that. Look at their movement, their triumphs!” The GOP operates on topdown leadership; it cannot accommodate grass roots organizations. Its back and forth with Tea Party activists is theater, little more than a hoax. Karl Rove and his handful of billionaires do not intend to share power with a few George Washington wannabes or people who dress up to rap on drums. When Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, apologized to BP for the president securing funds for ordinary people’s losses over

the Gulf oil spill, the public was given a glimpse of just how cozy the GOP is with corporate powers. It was shocking to see an elected representative act so cowering and lowly. Yet, that is the true balance of power OPINION in the United States today; the people are considered Kristine secondary to corporate Kaiser interests. ■■■ The U.S. Supreme Court decision “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission” ruled that meddling corporations can now give secret and unlimited contributions to political campaigns. The high court’s decision now gives free speech rights to parasitic and bloodless entities. Their spirits are far from human, and greed is their primary end. America is in a daunting battle, not against government, not against Obama, but with large corporations that threaten the lifeblood of the nation. Their considerations are the bottom lines, and they are always looking for new ways to steal from the middle class. If they can elect enough Republicans, they will surely attempt to privatize Social Security. They will certainly attempt to reduce or do away with the minimum wage. They are out to take from the American people, who work so hard to make a living. Corporations are collectively heartless and must be stopped with the ballot on Nov. 2. Founding Fathers’ wisdom gave only people the power of the vote. Even the poor and disconnected have a say in America. Use the benevolent legacy of suffrage and stop the thievery. KRISTINE KAISER lives in Kernersville. Contact for comments at:


Sen. Phil Berger (R) (26th Senate District), 311 Pinewood Place, Eden, NC 27288; (336) 623-5210 Sen. Don R. Vaughan (D) (27th Senate District), 612 W. Friendly Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27401 (336) 273-1415 Sen. Stan Bingham (R) (33rd Senate District), 292 N. Main St., Denton, NC 27239, (336) 8590999



The Enterprise welcomes letters. The editor reserves the right to edit letters for length and clarity and decorum. Writers are limited to 300 words and to no more than one letter every two weeks. Please include name, home address and daytime phone number. Mail to: Enterprise Letter Box P.O. Box 1009 High Point, NC 27261 Fax to: (336) 888-3644 E-mail to:


Rev. Willimon to speak at Memorial United Methodist SPECIAL TO THE ENTERPRISE

THOMASVILLE – Memorial United Methodist Church has been so fortunate for the past 51 years to be able to sponsor guest speakers and ministers from all over the world. This mission would not have been possible without the vision and generosity of the late Doak and Agnes Finch who donated funds more than a half century ago to be used for this sole purpose. These funds have allowed many people from all faiths to hear some of the most dynamic

theological speakers of the day. This year is no different. Memorial United Methodist Church is excited to announce that The Willimon Reverend Dr. William H. Willimon will be the guest speaker for the 51st Annual Finch Preaching Mission. The Rev. Wiilimon will begin this year’s mission on Sunday, October 24, 2010 at the 11:00 a.m. service in the sanctuary at the church. He will continue the pro-

gram on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening, Oct. 24-26, 2010 at 7 p.m., with celebration in song beginning at 6:45 p.m. The Rev. Willimon will also speak at The Tom A. Finch YMCA on that same Tuesday from 12:10-12:50 p.m. for the Spiritual Enrichment Tuesday. (Light refreshments provided and no charge for admission). The Rev. Willimon comes to Thomasville from Birmingham, Alabama. There he is the Bishop of the Birmingham Episcopal area. Special music has been planned




by Director of Music at Memorial, Dr. Bill Cates. Guests will hear Teresa Sink and Company, Blended Gospel and Spiritual Music, accompanied by keyboard, bass and drums on Sunday night. Monday evening the combined MUMC Chancel Choir, Praise Team and MUMC Children’s Choir will perform, and on Tuesday night, The High Point University Chapel Choir will sing traditional anthems under the direction of Marc Foster. The High Point University Choir is an elite choir at HPU, numbering more than 50 members.

Yesterday’s Bible question: Complete: “But the very ... of your head are all numbered.� Answer to yesterday’s question: Hairs. (Matthew 10:30) Today’s Bible question: What did Jesus say about those who deny Him? BIBLE QUIZ is provided by Hugh B. Brittain of Shelby.



JESUS WAY HOUSE OF PRAYER The one-year homecoming will be celebrated at 4 p.m. today at Jesus Way House of Prayer, 5020 Meadowbrook Road, Trinity. The Jacob Family of Rockingham will be in concert.

SHILOH ROCK BAPTIST Pastoral anniversary will be observed at 4 p.m. Sunday at Shiloh Rock Baptist Church, 104 Kearns St., Jamestown. Pastor James W. Flake of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church will be guest speaker. The pastor anniversary will be cel-

ebrated at 7 p.m. Friday with Pastor John Stukes of Voice of the Word Ministry, Thomasville, as guest speaker.

Church Drive, Trinity. The Rev. Pamela Blackstock of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Asheboro, will be the guest speaker.

RICH FORK BAPTIST The Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa will be in concert at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Rich Fork Baptist Church, 3993 Old Highway 29, Thomasville. The choir is part of The 410 Bridge, a non-profit organization focusing on mission work in Kenya.

FRIENDSHIP HOLINESS Musician’s Appreciation Day will be observed at 4 p.m. Sunday at Friendship Holiness Church, 820 Leonard Ave., honoring Barbara “Lane� Steele and Chris “CeCe� Steele Jr. Guest speaker will be the Rev. Tanny Wright Jr., pastor and founder of Damascus Christian Center, Greensboro.

LIBERTY GROVE UNITED METHODIST The 116th anniversary will be celebrated at 3 p.m. Sunday at Liberty Grove United Methodist Church, 5581 Liberty

HALLELUJAH BAPTIST Appreciation Service for Minister Perry Widemon will be held at 3:30 p.m. Sunday at Hallelujah Baptist Church, 2511 Guyer St.

BLESSED REDEEMER HOLINESS Fall revival services will be held at 7 p.m. Monday through Friday at Blessed Redeemer Holiness Church, 908 Kroll Lane. Guest speakers will be: Monday, Minister Betty Smith; Wednesday, Minister Alexander Shea-

rin; and Friday, Minister Dorothy Campbell.

NEW COVENANT LUTHERAN A healing worship will be held at 11 a.m. Sunday at New Covenant Lutheran Church, 10445 N. Main St., Archdale.


HILLIARD MEMORIAL BAPTIST Revival services will be held at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday continuing at 7 p.m. Monday through Wednesday at Hilliard Memorial Baptist Church, 2311 Westchester Drive.



A three-night “Face Lift Crusade� will be held at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday through Friday at New Dimension Community Christian Center, 105 N. Hoskins St. Pastor Carrie Fay Simmons of The Father’s House Outreach Ministry, Florence, SC, will be guest speaker.



niversary will be celebrated at 3 p.m. Sunday at Foster Grove Baptist Church, 112 Scientific St., Jamestown. Guests will be Pastor C.A. Wallace and congregation of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Gaffney, SC.

Is your hearing current?

211 W. Lexington Avenue, Suite 104, High Point, NC



Items to be published in the church religion calendar should include the complete name of any guest speaker. They should be typed or clearly written with a contact name and number (between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.) and must arrive in the office of the Enterprise by 8 a.m. on the Thursday prior to publication. Fax number 888-3644 or e-mail pblevins@hpe. com.


Evangelist Kenny & Deborah Greenway


Sunday, October 17th, 11 am & 6 pm Monday, October 18th - Wednesday, October 20th 7 pm nightly



West FairďŹ eld Baptist Church

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 9am - 11am Farlow Kennedy Center

622 W. FairďŹ eld Road High Point 336-883-0617

(336) 884-3333 x263 .#ENTENNIAL3Ts(IGH0OINT .# WWWWESEDORG

Please Come & Join Us!

Who Is Your Neighbor? In an era where modern modes of travel allow us to travel halfway around the world in a single day, and computers and phones connect us instantly with those on the other side of the planet, our "neighborhood" has expanded considerably. We are living in an era where all of earth's inhabitants are truly our neighbors, that is, people with whom we can interact in a way which can harm or help them. Just as we can easily send money or aid to faraway places, we can just as easily harm them, sometimes unknowingly. Americans who buy drugs smuggled into our country are often supporting violent drug cartels and therefore funding violence. Likewise, the things that we say and do online may hurt or harm people around the world. Cyber bullying has become a problem in many places because people use social networking to ridicule and ostracize others. These days, we may have more direct contact with someone living halfway around the world than we do with the person living next door. Consider how our actions might be helping or harming our neighbors around the world, and next door. We should love our neighbors as ourselves. When asked who our neighbors are, Jesus responded with the parable of the Good Samaritan, the story of a man who risks helping a stranger who had fallen prey to robbers, when a priest and a Levite had passed him by.


Logo’d Apparel and Ad Specialty Items Available! Blackinton Dealer #HESTNUT$RIVEs(IGH0OINT .#   sWWWTROPHIESHPCOM

1859 E. Lexington Avenue High Point

3TREAMLINE!PPRAISALS ,,# Tim Taylor Realty, LLC Broker, Property Manager 336-882-0611 OfďŹ ce 336-848-4443 Cell 336-882-9643 Fax


Serving the Triad for over 40 years 712 NORTH HAMILTON STREET POST OFFICE BOX 2513 HIGH POINT, NC 27261-2513

(336) 889-3422 FAX (336) 885-0595

7ILLOW7OODS !PARTMENT(OMES Which of these three, do you think, proved neighbor to the man who fell among the robbers? He said, "The one who showed mercy on him." And Jesus said to him, "Go and do likewise."


R.S.V. Luke 10:36-37

For you have the poor with you always,and whenever you wish you may do them good; but Me you do not have always. 336-882-9635

New K.J.V. Mark 14:7



336-861-5911 NC Lic.# 15210

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Economy Plumbing Son, that whoever believes in 883-4491 him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion. Psalms 71:1 (KJV)

To the Triad Community: The High Point Market, one of the state’s most important economic assets, would not exist without your support and I would like to thank you for making our 80,000 guests feel welcome when they come to Market this week. We should all take pride in this Market, not only for what it represents but for what it provides our communities and the state of North Carolina. Twice a year, the High Point Market hosts home furnishings professionals from 106 countries in the largest trade event for this industry in the world. Over its 100-year history, the Market has grown to 180 buildings and over 10 million square feet of permanent exhibition space.

There is truly nothing like it anywhere else in the world. As residents of the Triad, we all benefit from the commerce the High Point Market produces. In the past year alone, there has been more than $17 million in private-sector funds spent on improvements to showrooms and showroom buildings. That provides work for contractors, carpenters, electricians, painters, caterers, trucking and shipping companies, delivery services, business services, retail, hotels and restaurants from across the state.

HIGH POINT MARKET Economic impact: $1 billion annually Jobs created: 13,000 each Market Visitors to Market: 80,000 per Market

In fact, the Market brings more than 13,000 jobs to Global reach: the surrounding cities to support the infrastructure requirements for the trade show. The economic 106 countries impact to the state of North Carolina is more than $1 billion every year. To put that into perspective, that’s more than the economic impact of three Super Bowls. It is a precious economic asset that we all need to protect and nurture because it is the core to future economic development. The High Point Market is strong and will get even stronger as we work on our future development strategies and plans. As the economy improves, the Market will grow and will bring more awareness of the global home furnishings hub here in the Triad area, which in turn will help to generate future manufacturing jobs, distribution center jobs, design firm jobs, headquarter offices, as well as Market-related jobs. Whether you realize it or not, you personally have a stake in this Market and you influence its future. Thank you for making it all that it can be. Sincerely,

Brian Casey, CEM President & CEO High Point Market Authority

High Point

MARKET WEEK Oct. 16-21


EMILY’S PLEA: Couple want daughter’s death to keep others from same fate. SUNDAY PASSING: Lead singer of Chairmen of the Board dies at 69. 2B

Saturday October 16, 2010 City Editor: Joe Feeney (336) 888-3537

DEAR ABBY: Funny looks are a persistent part of life. 3B

Night City Editor: Chris McGaughey (336) 888-3540

And the winner is...



Premalata Sundaram joined High Point University as an assistant professor of accounting in the School of Business. Sundaram is responsible for teaching courses and conducting research relevant to the accounting profession and community.

Design competitions beckon input from public, industry BY PAM HAYNES ENTERPRISE STAFF WRITER

HIGH POINT – Two furniture design competitions being held during the High Point Market are giving the public a chance to choose the design for a new product, and one is asking industry officials for their vote. ProjectU Design is a competition between students at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. Six semi-finalists who submitted wing chair designs were selected, and their entries were uploaded to Facebook, where the public can cast votes through Tuesday. The competition is sponsored by Cargill’s BiOH polyols business, makers of the soy-based ingredient which replaces a percentage of petroleum in foam used for upholstered furniture cushioning. It was created to raise awareness for a growing number of environmentally friendly furnishings, according to a spokesperson for the company. To vote, go to Another project that was created by Groovystuff, a regular exhibitor at the High Point Market specializing in teak furniture, is asking the public and industry officials to cast their vote on designs from several Appalachian State University students this week. The public can vote online at Groovystuff. A ballot box is on display at the Suites at Market Square where industry officials can vote. Chris Bruning, co-founder of the company, said this competition also is centered around furniture created with natural materials. The design entries reflect the company’s Dick Idol brands, which consist of contemporary and modern pieces made with recycled materials. “We need to embrace these talented young students and encourage them to seek a career in the home furnishings industry,” Bruning said. “If we are going to appeal to Generation X and Generation Y consumers, we need designers with a fresh, young perspective.” Both of the winning designs will be announced Wednesday, and each will be put into production and sold to consumers. Winning students also will receive cash prizes and other royalties. | 888-3617


To cast your vote in the ProjectU Design competition, go to To cast your vote in the Groovy Stuff Design competition between Appalachian State University students, go to


Dana Whitley updates the weight loss of club members at Gotta Get It Nutrition on Fairfield Road.


Walking the walk New nutrition club offers cash for losing weight BY PAM HAYNES ENTERPRISE STAFF WRITER

HIGH POINT – Shedding 40 pounds can reveal a lot about a person. The amount of determination, drive and persistence they possess, for example. For 22-year-old Dana Whitley, it also revealed that she has what it takes to become a business owner and motivate others to lose weight. Whitley opened Gotta Get It Nutrition in High Point earlier this summer after she had a positive experience at a nutrition club in Greensboro. “Truthfully, I got started in this because I was fat, overweight and tired,” said Whitley, who lives in Jamestown and is a full-time student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. “I needed to make some changes.” She lost weight through the methods of educating herself about nutrition, adjusting her diet, working out and using some meal supplements. She decided a similar nutrition club was needed in the High Point area. She began operating a nutrition group out of her home last spring, when she also became an independent distributor of some weight loss and fitness products, such as


Gotta Get It Nutrition is located at 209 E. Fairfield Road in High Point. Phone number is 431-4973. Hours are 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 12:30-5:30 p.m. Saturday, and 2-6 p.m. Sunday.

protein shakes and smoothies. By the time she opened in a shopping center at 209 E. Fairfield Road, she had a long list of clients who were meeting regularly and losing weight. The nutrition club doesn’t require any membership fees, Whitley said. Instead, it has an a la carte list of options that participants can choose from. For example, it offers regular nutrition classes on a variety of topics, including diet and exercise, that are free and open to the public. One of the club’s most popular features, however, is its weight loss challenge programs, which are similar to the well-known TV show “The Biggest Loser” in which participants compete for money. “Everyone who participates puts in $35,” Whitley said. “The person who loses the most amount of weight wins 50 percent of the mon-

ey. Second place gets 30 percent, and third place gets 20 percent. People’s emotions are always tied to their pocketbooks, so it’s a great motivator.” The programs can last between six and 12 weeks, and there are negative consequences to not following the rules. If participants miss more than one weekly weighin, they have to pay $5. For every pound they gain, they have to pay $1. The competitions have caught the eye of more than 100 clients now. There’s also been many success stories, such as Crystal, a client in her 50s who lost 90 pounds in six months. Even participants who don’t win the money are happy, Whitley said. After all, they’ve lost weight, and shedding pounds can reveal a lot about a person, including their desire to live a healthy life as well as their desire to win the pot of money, she said. “Weight loss is 90 percent a mental process,” Whitley said. “We’re really all about nutrition. Some people use the shakes, some people do this naturally. But if you’ve lost 10 pounds, you probably won’t feel that bad about not winning the money.”


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---- | 888-3617

Cameron to leave a large legacy BY DAVID NIVENS ENTERPRISE STAFF WRITER

HIGH POINT – When Guilford Technical Community College President Donald W. Cameron announced his retirement this week, his friends and colleagues immediately began thinking about his legacy. Cameron announced Thursday that he will retire effective July 1, 2011, after 20 years as president. Meanwhile, GTCC leaders soon will start their selection proCameron cess for a successor. At his retirement, Cameron will have worked at GTCC for 30 years. “I know the college is up to the task, but you can’t replace him,” said Tom Dayvault, president of the High Point Chamber of Commerce. “Someone else will have to carry the torch. This is like (legendary Dodgers pitcher) Sandy Koufax going out on top. He is respected in the Triad, the state and across the country.”


Awards: First recipient of the N.C. State Board of Community Colleges President of the Year award in 2001. Community: Past chair of the Greensboro United Way; serves on the Greensboro Partnership board of directors; chairman of the board of trustees of High Point Regional Health Systems. Partnerships: Widely recognized for his formation of partnerships with the Guilford County Schools. Cameron developed GTCC into an ally for business and industry recruiters. “What he has done for developing jobs here and for others who were looking to bring jobs here is incredible,” said Loren Hill, president of High Point Economic Development Corp. “He is very good with clients.” Cameron is EDC chairman and was the chamber off commerce’s 2009 Distinguished Citizen of the Year. GTCC Board of Trustees Chairman Coy Williard credited Cameron with leading the college through unprecedented growth in enrollment, new programs and expanded facilities. Enrollment for all programs is about 42,000


students. Recently, GTCC leaders honored Cameron by naming the new northwest campus near Piedmont Triad International Airport in his honor. “There is no other college president who has had as much influence as Don,” Dayvault said. The campus will be home to the N.C. Center for Global Logistics, a cooperative of 19 colleges in the region. The project is an example of Cameron’s emphasis on work force development. “He promoted a future for a whole generation of people who needed an opportunity for a future,” Dayvault said. | 888-3626


3B 2B 5B 6B 2B


Chairmen of the Board singer General Johnson dies at 69



The High Point Enterprise publishes death notices without charge. Additional information is published for a fee. Obituary information should be submitted through a funeral home.

Catherine (Cathy) M. DeMoss

January 8, 1927 - October 13, 2010 VERO BEACH, Fla. – Catherine (Cathy) DeMoss died peacefully, Wednesday, October 13, 2010 in the loving, caring hands of VNA Hospice House, Vero Beach. She was born in Madison, Indiana and lived most of her life between North Carolina and Florida. She spent many happy years at Harbor Town and Fort Pierce City Marina boating and enjoying her many friends there. Survivors include her two loving daughters Catherine Fox (son in law Garry Fox) of Fort Pierce formerly Las Vegas, NV and Tracy D. Smith of Mount Dora, FL formerly of High Point, NC; grandchildren Sgt. Joshua Henegar and wife Carrie of Louisiana, Heather Smith of Thomasville, NC, Kyle Smith of Raleigh, NC and Cody Smith of Thomasville, NC; great-grandchild Reese Henegar and many siblings, family and friends that will miss her shining spirit and beautiful smile. Services: No services are planned at this time. Arrangements are under the direction of CoxGifford-Seawinds Funeral Home and Crematory, Vero Beach, Florida. Condolences may be sent through

John Dell “Johnny� Reaves LEXINGTON – John Dell “Johnny� Reaves, 64, of Leonard Road died October 14, 2010, at Hinkle Hospice House. Funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Monday at Piedmont Funeral Home Chapel, Lexington.

Rhonda Harmon WINSTON-SALEM – Rhonda Susan Harmon, 49, died October 13, 2010, at her home. Funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Monday at Davidson Funeral Home, Hickory Tree Chapel, Winston-Salem.

Archie Junior Anderson

Hazel May Eddinger

HIGH POINT – Mr. Archie Junior Anderson, 78, of High Point died Friday, October 15, 2010 at High Point Regional. Born September 30, 1932 in Guilford County, NC, he was the son of the late Archie Robert Anderson and the late Viola Bost Anderson. He was a member of Pilot View Baptist Church. A Mason and a York Rite Shriner, he was a member of Acacia Lodge # 674 AF and AM. He was also a member of Trophy Council 29 and a member of Jr. Order of United American Mechanics Herman Lodge # 716 pm. Mr. Anderson was in the US Air Force for 33 years and was employed with Thomas Built Buses for 33 years and retired from both. Archie was a family man and a great provider. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and he will be dearly missed. Survivors include his wife, of 51 years Betty Allen Anderson of the home; a daughter, Hope Lynn Sprinkle and husband Chris of Clarksville, GA; grandchildren Hannah Nichole Sprinkle, Matthew Conner Sprinkle and Kristin Hope Sprinkle; three special cousins Geraldine Wood, Clement Bost and Larry Bost all of Mooresville, NC. Funeral service will be 2:00 p.m. Monday at Cumby Family Funeral Chapel in Archdale, officiated by Rev. Bob Summers. Interment will follow at Floral Garden Memorial Park with Masonic Rites and Military Honors. The family will receive friends Sunday night from 6 until 8 at Cumby Family Funeral Service in Archdale and other times at the family’s home. Memorial contributions may be made to Pilot View Baptist Church, 7173 Prospect Church Rd., Thomasville, NC 27360 Online condolences can be made at Arrangements by Cumby Family Funeral Service in Archdale.

THOMASVILLE – Hazel May Eddinger, 88, passed away Thursday, October 14, 2010 at Abbott’s Creek Care & Rehabilitation Center in Lexington. She was born November 14, 1921 in Davidson County to the late Grady and Effie Lopp. Hazel was a member of Holly Grove Lutheran Church in Lexington. She retired from Brasscraft of Thomasville in 1983 after 21 years of service. She was a loving wife and mother. She is preceded in death by her husband, Olin W. Eddinger; son, Leslie Eddinger; parents. Hazel is survived by her daughters, Marie Adams of Thomasville, Evelyn Eddinger of Thomasville; son, Dale Eddinger and wife Kate of Lexington; 5 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. The family will receive friends from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Sunday, October 17, 2010 at Holly Grove Lutheran Church in Lexington. A Funeral Service will follow at 3:00 p.m. Pastor John Makco officiating; followed with Interment at Church Cemetery. The family will receive friends at other times at the Eddinger home place. A special thanks to those care givers at Abbotts Creek who went above and beyond their duties to love and care for mom, and support the family. The family asks that donations be made to Holly Grove Lutheran Church. Online condolences may be made through

Forrest Dennard Mason ROCKY MOUNT, Va. – Forrest Dennard Mason, 49, died October 12, 2010, at Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital in Rocky Mount, VA. Funeral will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday at New Faith Full Gospel Fellowship Center in Lexington. Visitation will be held at 2:30 p.m., prior to the funeral. Arrangements are in the care of Roberts Funeral Service of Lexington.

Morgan Payne KERNERSVILLE – Morgan Reiss Payne, 19, of McNeil Road died October 14, 2010, at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. A celebration of life service will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at North Pointe Pentecostal Holiness Church. Visitation will be held from 6 to 8 tonight at J.C. Green & Sons Funeral Home, Wallburg.

CHARLOTTE (AP) – General Johnson, lead singer of the popular beach music trio Chairmen of the Board, has died. He was 69. Johnson died on Wednesday in suburban Atlanta, his son, Norman Johnson, of East Point, Ga., said Friday. The singer died of complications from lung cancer, his son said. The Chairmen of the Board formed in Detroit in 1970, but moved south in the early 1980s and established a record label in Charlotte. Johnson was the lead on two hits, “Give Me Just A Little More Time� and “(You’ve Got Me) Dangling on a String.� Johnson also won a Grammy for writing the rhythm and blues classic “Patches,� which was recorded by Clarence Carter. Fan Harry Rogers, 60, met Johnson at a show in Gastonia in 2006, and the


RALEIGH – The October issue of a taxpayersupported wildlife magazine was briefly banned from the State Fair this week over a letter to the editor critical of Gov. Bev Perdue. Gordon Meyers, director of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, said he ordered all copies of the magazine pulled because he was unhappy with the editorial response to a letter titled “Smells Suspicious,� in which a reader questioned the decision to publish an August article featuring the governor and her administration’s conservation policies. “This section doesn’t pass the political sniff





test,� Wallace Chambers, the president of the Piedmont Wildlife Hunt Club, wrote of the Perdue article. “It stinks like three-day-old road kill. It stinks almost as bad as the Mike Easley article stunk just before the previous election.� Chambers, a plumber from Bahama, went on to suggest that the magazine would be better served by reporting on how political appointees on the wildlife commission “are leading us down the road of mismanagement in proposing foolish changes to North Carolina wildlife regulations.� Wildlife in North Carolina has been published for nearly 75 years and is delivered by mail to more than 44,000 monthly subscribers who pay $12 a year.

Man dead after shootout with Charlotte police CHARLOTTE (AP) – A man who traded gunfire with Charlotte police and then barricaded himself in his home is dead. Multiple media organizations reported a police SWAT team stormed the house in south Charlotte early Friday and found the dead man, who had

a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Police say he was 48year-old David Martin Sebaste. An autopsy will determine the cause of death. An officer arrived at the man’s home late Thursday after neighbors complained he was cursing and honking

Jewell Spell DENTON – Mrs. Jewell Loftin Spell, 94, died October 15, 2010, at Mountain Vista Health Park, Denton. Memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at Clear Springs United Methodist Church. Briggs Funeral Home in Denton is serving the Spell family.

two traded e-mails periodically. “He was very likeable. He was humble. He wasn’t the type of celebrity that would walk about with his nose stuck up in the air,� said Rogers, a retired Charlotte fire department captain who lives in Paw Creek. Rogers said he shared a tale with Johnson about how the song “Give Me Just a Little More Time� helped him look beyond war’s brutality as a soldier in Vietnam in 1970. Rogers said he was just 19 and guarding a halfdozen Viet Cong prisoners as they rebuilt sandbag defenses when he noticed one of the prisoners lip syncing to Johnson’s voice wafting from a radio tuned to the Armed Forces network. The prisoner even knew Johnson’s flourish to the song’s lyric: “... and our love will surely grow.... bluuuurrrrtttt�!

Wildlife magazine banned briefly over letter

his car horn outside his house. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say the man fired at the officer, who was not hit and fired several shots in return. The man went into his house and barricaded himself inside until police stormed in about two hours later. Family-owned with a tradition of trust, integrity and helpful service ... Since 1948

1015 Eastchester Dr., High Point

889-5045 SUNDAY Mr. Kwang Dong Ko 3 p.m. Memorial Service in the Chapel of Cumby Family Funeral Service, High Point PENDING Mr. George Kelly Brown

206 Trindale Rd., Archdale

431-9124 MONDAY Mr. Archie Junior Anderson 2 p.m. Chapel of Cumby Family Funeral Service, Archdale

*Denotes veteran Your hometown funeral service

J.C. Green & Sons Funeral Home “Since 1895�

122 W. Main Street Thomasville 472-7774 SATURDAY Mr. James Crawford Crenshaw 11 a.m. Fair Grove United Methodist Church Mrs. Emma Jo Ann Hartford Drown 5 p.m. Memorial Service Pleasant View Baptist Church

10301 North N.C. 109 Winston-Salem Wallburg Community 769-5548 SUNDAY Mr. Morgan Reiss Payne 2 p.m. Northpointe Pentecostal Holiness Church High Point, N.C. MONDAY Mrs. Shirley Ann Webb Lynch 2 p.m. J.C. Green & Sons Chapel

PEOPLE’S FUNERAL SERVICE “People Serving All People�

1404 English Road High Point / 882-3907 SATURDAY Mrs. Gloria M. Miller 2 p.m. Living Water Baptist Church Visitation: 1:30 p.m. at the church Burial: Carolina Biblical Gardens



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Pick right firewood, get the most heat I

like my fireplaces in the winter. The glowing, dancing flames from good firewood provides a warmth that permeates the body and soul to guard against the cold chill of winter winds and icy weather and provide a soothing mental relaxation. But if you want the maximum benefit from your cozy winter fire you have to start with good firewood. There are plenty of new fireplaces, BuckStoves, fireplace inserts, Chimineas and all kinds of metal firepits. The Oregon Department of Agriculture says thqat when selecting the type of wood for use as firewood, several characteristics are important. These include heat value, ease of splitting, weight per volume unit, ease of starting, amount of smoking and coaling qualities. Moisture content of the wood, number of knots and pitch content affect these characteristics of the more

common woods used as firewood. The only legal measurement and representation of firewood is a â&#x20AC;&#x153;cordâ&#x20AC;? ECOLOGY and fractional parts of a cord Gwyn or cubic meter. Riddick A cord is the â&#x2013; â&#x2013; â&#x2013;  amount of firewood contained in 128 cubic feet of space when the firewood is tightly stacked. A cord of firewood is a pile which measures 4 feet wide, 4 feet high, and 8 feet long. But whatever the dimensions of the pile are, it must be equivalent to 128 cubic feet of tightly stacked firewood to be equal to one cord. Firewood should be dried as much as possible before burning. Properly seasoned firewood has about 7,700 BTU maximum usable energy per pound versus only about 5,000 BTU available from green

firewood. For best results, season or air-dry firewood for at least six to eight months after cutting. The Department of Agriculture also recommends methods of drying and storing: Drying time is greatly reduced if wood is cut into firewood length and split, especially pieces larger than 8 inches in diameter. Splitting is easiest when firewood is frozen or green and should be done before firewood is stacked. Firewood must be properly stacked for satisfactory drying. The greater the surface area exposed to air, the more rapid the drying. Therefore, stack wood loosely and keep it off moist ground. The stack should be located in an open area for good air circulationavoid stacking in firewood lots for seasoning. Store firewood outdoors, under partial or full protection from the elements, and no closer than 25 feet from the house. Keep area around

firewood clear of weeds, leaves, debris, etc., to discourage rodents, snakes, insects and other unwanted pests from making their home in the stacked firewood. Avoid storing large quantities in the house, warm garage or basement because the heat will activate insect and fungi or spore activity and bring about hatching of any insect eggs in or on the firewood. The varieties of trees that have the excellent overall rating for BTUâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of heat, less sparks, less smoke and easy to split are: hickory, oak, pecan, dogwood, beech, hard maple, birch and ash. A rule of thumb often used for estimating heat value of firewood is: â&#x20AC;&#x153;One cord of well-seasoned hardwood (weighing approximately two tons) burned in an airtight, draft-controlled wood stove with a 55-65 percent efficiency is equivalent to approximately 175 gallons of No. 2 fuel oil or 225 therms

Boys with their funny looks are a persistent fact of life


ear Abby: Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a 12-year-old girl with a big problem. My class recently learned about reproduction. All of the girls accepted it in a mature manner, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s another story with the boys. Now all the boys look at me funny when I walk through the hall. It makes me feel awkward. Should I ignore them or should I say something? â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Embarrassed in Michigan Dear Embarrassed: Right now, I suspect most of your classmates are feeling awkward. A frank discussion about reproduction has been known to make students older than you uncomfortable. It is, however, a part of life â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and contrary to what some may think, ignorance isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t bliss. Acting the way the boys are is normal for their age. But if it continues, rather than saying anything to them


â&#x20AC;&#x201C; which might encourage more of the same â&#x20AC;&#x201C; talk to a teacher about it.

Dear Dear Abby: Abby Shortly â&#x2013; â&#x2013; â&#x2013;  before I started college, a relative introduced me to â&#x20AC;&#x153;Paul,â&#x20AC;? who would be attending the same school, and told us we were distant cousins. Paul and I became friends. We socialized together often and all our friends knew us as cousins. It wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t until after graduation that our parents told us that while we have a relative in common, it is by marriage, and we are not related to each other. Paul and I have a lot in common, and he has expressed an interest in pursuing a relationship with me.

Paul is a great guy, but Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m reluctant to date him because all our friends think weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re related. It almost feels like we are doing something wrong. Can you please share your opinion on this situation? â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s All Relative Dear All Relative: There is nothing to stop you and Paul from becoming romantically involved if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re both leaning in that direction. The way to deal with it would be to tell your friends, before you start being seen together, how â&#x20AC;&#x153;amusingâ&#x20AC;? it is that you were led to believe the two of you were related, when it turns out that you ARENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T. It was all a big mistake. (Ha-ha.) That should quell most of the gossip youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re concerned about. And if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re asked directly, repeat what you told me. Dear Abby: I have been involved with a man, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Seth,â&#x20AC;? for more than two years. We share

mutual interests and he makes me laugh. For the most part weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re happy, but I have one concern. I have yet to receive flowers from Seth, although he has mentioned many times that he had sent them to his ex while they were together. Is it wrong for me to expect flowers, or should I just forget the idea and leave it alone? â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Waiting For Roses in Houston Dear Waiting: Not knowing Seth, I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t say whether his unwillingness to send you flowers is because after what happened with his ex he considers them a bad investment or whether heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just cheap. But because the absence of flowers is bothering you, ask HIM about the omission.

of natural gas consumed in normal furnaces having 65-75 percent efficiencies.â&#x20AC;? There are many additional benefits provided by heating with wood. A wood fire can provide zone heating, backup heat or a main source of heat; but better yet, it is â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;off-thegridâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; especially during the worst ice storms we often have each winter. It is also the original, green way of warming your toes by the fire. Over the years, we have popped popcorn, roasted chestnuts and almost every year, toasted marshmallows over our fires. GWYN RIDDICK is a North Carolina Certified Plantsman and registered landscape contractor. He is a Fellow in the Natural Resources Leadership Institute and is vice president of agricultural biotechnology for the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. If you have gardening questions, send them to Gwyn Riddick at The High Point Enterprise, P.O. Box 1009, High Point, NC 27261 or e-mail them to

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DEAR ABBY is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Write Dear Abby at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Private spaceship makes 1st solo glide flight by two pilots, flew freely for 11 minutes before landing at an airport runway followed by the mothership. The entire test flight lasted about 25 minutes. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It flew beautifully,â&#x20AC;? said Virgin Galactic chief executive George Whitesides. The six-passenger SpaceShipTwo is undergoing rigorous testing before it can carry tourists to space. In

the latest test, SpaceShipTwo did not fire its rocket engine to climb to space. Until now, SpaceShipTwo has flown attached to the wing of its special jet-powered mothership dubbed WhiteKnightTwo. Sunday was the first time the spaceship flew on its own. The news was hailed by space tourism advocates.

The â&#x20AC;&#x153;flight marks another key milestone towards opening the space frontier for private individuals, researchers, and explorers,â&#x20AC;? John Gedmark, executive director of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, said in a statement. Whitesides said SpaceShipTwo will make a series of additional glide flights before rocketing to space.



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Pistachio, a 3-year-old domestic medium hair, is available for adoption at the Guilford County Animal Shelter, 4525 W. Wendover Ave., Greensboro. Beige and black, she has a medium, smooth coat, green eyes, erect ears and a long tail. She has not been altered and has a microchip implant. The adoption fee for Animal ID:10466545 is $80. The shelter is open between noon and 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday. The shelter is in need of volunteers. Call (336) 297-5020.


-/. /#4  !-TO0-

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4/524(%342!4&/2$$52).'4(%(%!,4(&!)24/ "%%.4%2%$).4/!$2!7).'&/2!')&4#!2$


MOJAVE, Calif. (AP) â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Virgin Galacticâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s space tourism rocket SpaceShipTwo achieved its first solo glide flight Sunday, marking another step in the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eventual plans to fly paying passengers. SpaceShipTwo was carried aloft by its mothership to an altitude of 45,000 feet and released over the Mojave Desert. After the separation, SpaceShipTwo, manned




CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Left-hand side ledger entry 6 “Don’t tread __”; words on an old flag 10 Not quite closed 14 Our planet 15 Fuel for some 16 Part of the ear 17 Clear the slate 18 Small parrot 20 Wood thickness 21 Astonish 23 Jelly beans or gumdrops 24 Boat dock 25 Tiger’s den 27 Thickheaded 30 __-raiser; event to benefit a charity 31 Obese 34 Swampy area 35 Spiny succulents 36 Miner’s find 37 Like afterschool activities, often 41 “__


Saturday, October 16, 2010 CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: John Mayer, 33; Kellie Martin, 35; Tim Robbins, 52; Angela Lansbury, 85 HAPPY BIRTHDAY: The more creative, imaginative and innovative you are, the further ahead you will get. There are plenty of changes heading your way. Alterations to your home, living arrangements or your geographical location are apparent. Stay away from individuals who want to control your life and your future. Now is not the time to give in just to keep the peace. Your numbers are 4, 11, 19, 22, 27, 36, 40 ARIES (March 21-April 19): Don’t take anything or anyone for granted. An emotional challenge will develop between you and someone you are close to. A problem with someone you work with may lead to a change in your position. ★★★★ TAURUS (April 20-May 20): You will be emotionally confused by the reactions you get from other people. Offering your services is fine but make sure you are clear about the cost involved. Take whatever steps are necessary to prepare for your next move. ★★★★★ GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Reassess your job, your home and your family life. Be honest about what’s working and what’s not. Come up with a plan that will ease your stress and get you moving in a direction that makes you want to participate. ★★★★★ CANCER (June 21-July 22): Romantic relationships can prosper if you make the right choice and talk about future trends. Children will give you an interesting perspective. Enjoy the people who deserve your time and attention. ★★★ LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You will discover information about a friend or neighbor. Use the knowledge you receive wisely. A partnership will change if you are honest about how you feel. A long distance connection can be made. ★★★ VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Spending time with friends or family or getting involved in a challenging activity or event will help you feel revitalized and will lead to an interesting proposition. Romance is highlighted. ★★★ LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): With a little discipline you should be able to finish a project you started some time ago. Your creativity is up and so is your patience. The work you put in today will bring positive results. ★★★★★ SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): You’ll be torn between what someone wants you to do or expects of you and what you want to explore. A challenge will stimulate your senses, allowing you to be and do your very best. Have fun. ★★ SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Don’t take on too much or make promises you cannot keep. Focus on the moment and what you can do easily. You may be interested in someone from your past but it isn’t likely to turn out in your favor if you try to get in touch. ★★★★ CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Just when you think you are getting ahead or have all your ducks in a row, someone is likely to dismantle your plans. Proceed with caution and refrain from criticizing or putting blame on someone else. The way you handle adversity now will determine your future situations. ★★★ AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): It’s time to sort through your personal possessions. There is money to be made if you have a garage sale or you simply sell what you no longer need. Your ability to collect can turn into a mini business on the side. ★★★ PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Your emphasis should be on home, family or the one you love most. Make plans or a promise that will seal a deal personally. You will be able to start moving in a direction that can assist you in getting ahead emotionally, financially or even physically. ★★★





“I understand the idea of the ‘echelon play,’ ” a pupil told me. “If I have several chances for my contract, I want to try them all. But how do I know which one to try first?” “Try the chance that won’t irretrievably lose the contract if it doesn’t work,” I replied. In today’s deal, North’s leap to four diamonds showed spade support and diamond shortness. When West led a diamond against four spades, East took the ace and shifted to a trump. South drew trumps and led a club from dummy: eight, queen, king.

INFERENCE West returned a club: He inferred from South’s play that East had the jack. When South finessed with the ten, East won and exited with a club, and South also lost a heart. South attacked the wrong suit first. He must lose a heart in any case and should lead a heart from dummy at Trick Four. When East wins, South gets a club discard on the ace, and the contract is safe. If West had the king, South would still have a chance: He could try for two club tricks.

DAILY QUESTION You hold: S 9 H K J 9 5 D A J 10 9 6 C J 9 8. After three passes, the player at your left opens one club. Your partner passes again, and the next player responds one spade. What do you say? ANSWER: Many players would double as a passed hand, but that action looks like a loser to me. Your partner has passed twice, and your side is probably outgunned. If you intervene, you may only help the opponents judge the bidding or the play. I’d pass. East dealer N-S vulnerable

ONE STAR: It’s best to avoid conflicts; work behind the scenes or read a good book. Two stars: You can accomplish but don’t rely on others for help. Three stars: If you focus, you will reach your goals. Four stars: You can pretty much do as you please, a good time to start new projects. Five stars: Nothing can stop you now. Go for the gold.

Pumpkin face A squirrel sneaks a taste of pumpkin at the Coronado Community United Methodist Church’s pumpkin patch in New Smyrna Beach, Fla., Thursday. AP


whiz!” 42 Coerce 43 Pen points 44 Find a sum 45 Escape 46 Useless; futile 48 Rude fellows 49 Overfill 50 Cold rice with raw seafood 53 Lather 54 Insane 57 Wrong 60 Nutmeg or cinnamon 62 Uproars 63 “__ and alack!” 64 Supple; agile 65 Speck 66 Wee 67 Go in DOWN 1 “__ in the Heart of Texas” 2 __ Grey tea 3 Donkey’s noise 4 “__ Now or Never” 5 Graduate’s paper, perhaps 6 Take place 7 Lunchtime 8 PC alternative 9 Antlered

Yesterday’s Puzzle Solved

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animal 10 Cathedral table 11 Bring together 12 Not up yet 13 Depend 19 Like a sour substance 22 Golfing peg 24 Feline sound 25 Ill-gotten gain 26 One opposed 27 Fraternity letter 28 Put in crates 29 Carried 30 Parody 31 Folder for loose papers 32 Saudis and Jordanians

33 Rudely brief 35 Heals 38 Happening; event 39 Freezing 40 College credit 46 Ancient 47 Scuffle 48 Selected 49 Bold 50 Thailand, once 51 Take apart 52 Dundee fellow 53 Read quickly 54 Oven glove 55 Pain 56 Doe or stag 58 __-a-tattat 59 __ Whitney 61 Brooch



Weight gain can be hard


ear Dr. Donohue: This is the second year I have tried out for football but got turned down. The coach says I’m too skinny. He said he would give me a chance if I put on some weight. How do I do this? I’ve been this way all my life. – J.R.


To be successful at this, you’ve got to do some math. Get yourself a book that list the calories of foods, and get one that lists that information in common measurements. These books aren’t expensive. Your school’s library or a local library probably has one. Weigh yourself at the beginning of a week. For that entire week, keep a record of all the foods and liquids that pass into your mouth. Add the daily calories and average the daily amount by dividing the total by seven. That’s the number of calories that keeps you at your present weight. If you have an exercise program, keep the program up during that week. The next week add 500 more calories a day to what you eat. Increase the portions of food you eat at every meal, and get in two snacks a day. The snacks should consist of calorie-dense foods. “Calorie-dense” means a small amount of food has lots of calories. Dried fruits, raisins, nuts and cheeses are calorie-dense. So is peanut butter. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich has 400 calories, close to the daily goal of 500 calories. If you aren’t on an















exercise program, get on one. You want to build muscle and not accumulate HEALTH fat. If such a program Dr. Paul is new to Donohue you, add ■■■ another 300 to 500 calories to your daily calorie goal. By exercising, I mean weightlifting. Does your school have a weight room? Ask the coach if you can use it. Dear Dr. Donohue: I’m scheduled to have an operation on my right big toe. The doctor tells me I will have to wear a cast for six weeks. I have been a competitive runner in my younger years, and I have kept running daily since I stopped competing. A six-week break will ruin my conditioning. Is there any way to stay in shape during this off time? – W.O. You can still exercise your upper body. You have to do exercises that keep your arms moving at such a clip that you raise your heartbeat to the level it rises to when you run. You can do this by using very light weights. It’s said, and I’m not sure it’s true, that exercising your good leg transfers an exercise effect to the casted leg. Tensing and relaxing the muscles in the casted leg will give those muscles a workout. Ask your doctor if your

foot can be immobilized in a waterproof cast. If it can, you can engage in many water exercises that will keep you in shape. Dear Dr. Donohue: Does weightlifting make women muscle-bound? My boyfriend lifts weights, and he wants me to join him. I don’t want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Will I? – C.S. Weightlifting doesn’t turn women into muscular behemoths. While females do make male hormones, they don’t make the amounts that men do. That puts the brakes on muscle development. Male hormones are responsible for the gigantic muscles attained through dedicated weightlifting. Weightlifting for women is quite appropriate. It’s encouraged. Not only will your muscles become stronger, but so will your bones. Weightlifting is important insurance against osteoporosis developing later in life. This is the time of life that you can get your bones to a state that they will not be liable to suffer from bone weakening as you age. Do you mean you don’t want to look like Arnold before or after he became a politician? DR. DONOHUE regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his column whenever possible. Readers may write him at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475



YOUTH IS SERVED: Freshmen could hold key for Lowe’s Wolfpack. 4C

Saturday October 16, 2010

100-POINT CONTEST: Willis runs wild as Southwest outscores Glenn. 3C Sports Editor: Mark McKinney (336) 888-3556

BIG MONEY: Federal budget deficit hits $1.3 trillion. 5C


WINSTON-SALEM – Parkland’s Homecoming festivities provided the entertainment during halftime of Friday’s game at Deaton-Thompson Stadium. High Point Central took care of everything else. The Bison spoiled their opponents’ celebration by treating the crowd to an aerial exhibition. Drew Adams threw for 381 yards and four touchdowns to lead Central to a 41-20 victory over the Mustangs, washing away any lingering possibility of a hangover from the Bison’s 27-21 loss last Friday to Northwest Guilford. “We didn’t want to let the loss last week hang over us,” Adams said. “We just wanted to come out and jump on them early.” Parkland’s opening possession spanned nearly six minutes and 72 yards, but the drive stalled at Central’s 10. The Bison capitalized with an impressive drive of their own that ended with a 21-yard TD pass from Adams to Desmond Lee. The score remained 7-0 until the final 70 seconds of the second quarter. With 1:10 left until halftime, Adams hit Lashuran Monk on a slant route that went for a 77-yard touchdown. Two plays later, the Mustangs coughed up a fumble at midfield. Adams completed a 21-yard dart to Monk that brought the ball to the 25 with one tick left on the clock. Instead of having Austin Miller attempt a 42-yard field goal, Jones dialed up a trick play. Senior wideout Derek Grant received a lateral from Adams and delivered a 25-yard strike to Monk in the corner of the end zone for a 21-0 halftime edge. Tailback Chris Hairston accounted for all of Parkland’s points, scoring both times he touched the ball in the third quarter – a 38-yard TD run and 85-yard kickoff return. He later added a 43-yard sprint for six in the fourth. “We just wanted to control the ball and keep our defense off the field,” Bison coach Wayne Jones said.

Scoring summary


HIGH POINT – Like a tidal wave, T.W. Andrews swept over Trinity on Friday night in A.J. Simeon Stadium. After both teams matched each other early, the Red Raiders scored 22 straight points to pull away from the Bulldogs to win 45-15 and hang onto their spot atop the PAC6 2-A Conference. Senior running back Xavier Quick ran for 261 yards and three touchdowns, while junior quarterback Marquez Swinton completed 6 of 7 passes for 144 yards and three TDs to lead the Andrews offense, which totaled 460 yards. “Offensively, we moved the ball well early,” coach Rodney McKoy said. “That was really important for our offense to get an early start.” The Red Raiders connected on six plays for more than 40 yards, including five for TDs. Quick scored on a 69-yard run on Andrews’ first play from scrimmage. Then senior receiver Mark Johnson hauled in a 53-yard TD late in the first. Swinton’s 46-yard pass to Ryan Bostic set up Swinton’s 2-yard TD on the second play of the second quarter to help give Andrews (5-3, 2-0) a 25-7 lead into halftime. Quick added a 44-yard TD and a 92-yard TD in the second half. “It goes from the offensive line to the receivers blocking downfield,”


Trinity’s Zach Barnes makes an ankle tackle on T.W. Andrews’ Mark Johnson (1) during Friday night’s game at Simeon Stadium. Quick said of the big plays. “If everybody does their job, a good outcome will come out of it.” Trinity (0-8, 0-2), which opened with two sustained drives and moved the ball well at times, totaled 310 yards of offense. Senior quarterback Rhyne Kivett threw for 201 yards. But, with six starters sidelined with injuries, the Bulldogs were challenged to stop Andrews. “We hung in there,” Trinity coach Alex Mebane said. “We had

18 players who could play tonight. I’m not into excuses, but when you have 18 varsity players, that’s going to be an issue. We got worn down a little bit.” | 888-3526

Scoring summary Trinity 7 0 2 6 — 15 T.W. Andrews 13 12 20 0 — 45 TWA – Quick 69 run (Childress kick), 7:31 1st T – Kivett 2 run (Willett kick), 2:18 1st TWA – Johnson 53 pass from Swinton (kick blocked), 1:57, 1st TWA – Swinton 1 run (kick missed), 10:39, 2nd TWA – Watts 9 pass from Swinton (kick blocked), 6:58, 2nd TWA – Johnson 25 pass from Swinton (Childress kick), 11: 32, 3rd TWA – Quick 44 run (Childress kick), 8:07, 3rd T – safety (illegal block in end zone), 5:02, 3rd TWA — Quick 92 run (kick blocked), 1:48, 3rd T — Kivett 1 run (run failed), :44.3, 4th

HP Central 7 14 7 13 — 41 Parkland 0 0 13 7 — 20 HPC – Lee 21 pass from Adams (Miller kick), 1st, 1:21 HPC – Monk 77 pass from Adams (Miller kick), 2nd, 1:10 HPC – Monk 25 pass from Grant (Miller kick), 2nd, 0:00 P – Hairston 38 run (30 kick), 3rd, 9:49 HPC – Grimes 1 run (Miller kick), 3rd, 6:45 P – Hairson 85 KO return (Kick failed), 3rd, 6:34 HPC – Grant 2 pass from Adams (kick failed), 4th, 11:54 P – Hairson 43 run (Kick), 4th, 11:10 HPC – Monk 30 pass from Adams (Miller kick), 4th, 9:51


THOMASVILLE – There were no surprises Friday evening at East Davidson. Thomasville took care of the Golden Eagles with ease, coasting to a 63-6 win in Central Carolina 2A Conference action. Thomasville had over 400 yards in the first half, as the starters were done for the night after 24 minutes of play. Shaquan Johnson had two carries for 138 yards and two touchdowns to go with two receiving touchdowns. Quin Riley added eight carries for 101 yards and two touchdowns, and Kesean Green had five carries for 97 yards and one score. Sam Nelson was 6-for-10 passing with 156 yards and three TDs.


Off to the races Ragsdale’s Barry Brown cuts for yardage through the Northwest Guilford defense as teammate Michael Baldwin (31) moves in to block during Friday night’s Piedmont Triad 4A Conference showdown in Greensboro. See prep roundup on 3C.




n a season marred by NCAA investigations, player dismissals and suspensions, the North Carolina Tar Heels have a chance to end almost 30 years of frustration of another kind with a victory at Virginia on Saturday. The Tar Heels haven’t beaten the Cavaliers in Charlottesville since a 17-14 triumph in 1981. Fourteen straight road losses to UVa have followed, including five games decided by three points or less and eight settled by 10 or fewer points. Carolina appears jinxed at Scott Stadium. The Heels have tripped in numerous ways

at UVa, but perhaps the most stunning loss came on Nov. 16, 1996. Mack Brown brought the sixth-ranked Tar Heels into Charlottesville on the verge of clinching a spot in the Bowl Alliance. UNC led 17-3 in the fourth quarter and was driving for another score when Antwan Harris picked off a third-down pass and raced 95 yards for a touchdown. Quarterback Tim Sherman scrambled for a touchdown on the Wahoos’ next possession, then Rafael Garcia booted the game-clinching 32-yard field goal with just 39 seconds to play in a 20-17 shocker.

Despite their off-the-field woes, this could be the Tar Heels’ year to snap that Charlottesville drought. Carolina, 3-2 overall and 1-1 in the ACC, enters with a three-game winning streak. Virginia (2-3, 0-2) has suffered one-sided losses to Florida State and Georgia Tech the past two weeks. One thing’s for sure. Carolina needs to solve its road puzzle at UVa if it hopes to challenge for the school’s first ACC football championship since 1980.





10 a.m., The Golf Channel – Golf, PGA Europe, Portugal Masters Noon, WXLV, Ch. 45 – College football, Maryland at Clemson Noon, ESPN – College football, Boston College at Florida State Noon, ESPN2 – College football, Minnesota at Purdue Noon, FSN – College football, Missouri at Texas A&M 1:30 p.m., The Golf Channel – Golf, Nationwide Tour, Miccosukee Championship 2 p.m., SportSouth – College football, Furman at Samford 2:30 p.m., WXII, Ch. 12 – College football, Western Michigan at Notre Dame 3:30 p.m., WXLV, Ch. 45 – College football, Iowa at Michigan 3:30 p.m., WFMY, Ch. 2 – College football, Arkansas at Auburn 3:30 p.m., ESPNU – College football, Wake Forest at Virginia Tech 3:30 p.m., ESPN – College football, Texas at Nebraska 3:30 p.m., FSN – College football, California at Southern Cal 4 p.m., TBS – Baseball, Yankees at Rangers, American League Championship Series, Game 2 4 p.m., The Golf Channel – Golf, PGA, Open 4 p.m., Versus – College football, BYU at TCU 4 p.m., ESPN2 – Horse racing, NTRA, four races 6 p.m., ESPN2 – College football, South Carolina at Kentucky 7 p.m., ESPN – College football, Ohio St. at Wisconsin 7 p.m., FSN – College football, Iowa State at Oklahoma 7:30 p.m., WXLV, Ch. 45 – Motorsports, NASCAR Cup Series Bank of America from Charlotte Motor Speedway 7:30 p.m., The Golf Channel – Golf, LPGA Challenge 7:30 p.m., Versus – College football, Arizona at Washington State 7:30 p.m., WGHP, Ch. 8 – Baseball, Giants at Phillies, National League Championship Series, Game 1 9 p.m., ESPN2 – College football, Miss. at Alabama 10:15 p.m., ESPN – College football, Oregon State at Washington INDEX SCOREBOARD PREPS HPU MOTORSPORTS FOOTBALL ACC HOOPS BUSINESS STOCKS WEATHER

2C 3C 4C 4C 4C 4C 5C 5C 6C

SCOREBOARD 2C SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2010 THE HIGH POINT ENTERPRISE Jay Williamson Jeff Maggert Brent Delahoussaye Chris Wilson Mark Brooks Cameron Beckman Bill Lunde Tom Lehman Cameron Percy D.A. Points Skip Kendall Joseph Bramlett Erick Justesen Jarrod Lyle Rich Barcelo Trevor Immelman Cameron Tringale Daniel Chopra Henrik Bjornstad Briny Baird Scott McCarron Jeff Quinney James Driscoll Mathias Gronberg John Merrick Stephen Ames Nathan Green Roger Tambellini Rory Sabbatini Greg Kraft Omar Uresti Parker McLachlin Chris Marin David Lutterus Isaac Weintraub J.P. Hayes Nicholas Thompson Rod Pampling Troy Matteson Mark Wilson Joe Ogilvie Bryce Molder Bob Estes Greg Chalmers Justin Bolli Vance Veazey Aaron Goldberg Ted Purdy Jason Schmuhl Alex Cejka Kevin Johnson Brad Faxon




N.Y. Jets New England Miami Buffalo

W 4 3 2 0

L 1 1 2 5

T 0 0 0 0

Houston Jacksonville Tennessee Indianapolis

W 3 3 3 3

L 2 2 2 2

T 0 0 0 0

Baltimore Pittsburgh Cincinnati Cleveland

W 4 3 2 1

L 1 1 3 4

T 0 0 0 0

Kansas City Oakland Denver San Diego

W 3 2 2 2

L 1 3 3 3

T 0 0 0 0

Washington N.Y. Giants Philadelphia Dallas

W 3 3 3 1

L 2 2 2 3

T 0 0 0 0

Atlanta Tampa Bay New Orleans Carolina

W 4 3 3 0

L 1 1 2 5

T 0 0 0 0

Chicago Green Bay Minnesota Detroit

W 4 3 1 1

L T 1 0 2 0 3 0 4 0

Arizona Seattle St. Louis San Francisco

W 3 2 2 0

L 2 2 3 5

T 0 0 0 0

AMERICAN CONFERENCE East Pct PF PA Home Away .800 135 81 2-1-0 2-0-0 .750 131 96 2-0-0 1-1-0 .500 66 92 0-2-0 2-0-0 .000 87 161 0-3-0 0-2-0 South Pct PF PA Home Away .600 118 136 1-2-0 2-0-0 .600 107 137 2-1-0 1-1-0 .600 132 95 1-2-0 2-0-0 .600 136 101 2-0-0 1-2-0 North Pct PF PA Home Away .800 92 72 2-0-0 2-1-0 .750 86 50 1-1-0 2-0-0 .400 100 102 1-1-0 1-2-0 .200 78 97 1-2-0 0-2-0 West Pct PF PA Home Away .750 77 57 2-0-0 1-1-0 .400 111 134 2-1-0 0-2-0 .400 104 116 1-1-0 1-2-0 .400 140 106 2-0-0 0-3-0 NATIONAL CONFERENCE East Pct PF PA Home Away .600 89 92 2-1-0 1-1-0 .600 106 98 2-1-0 1-1-0 .600 122 103 0-2-0 3-0-0 .250 81 87 0-2-0 1-1-0 South Pct PF PA Home Away .800 113 70 2-0-0 2-1-0 .750 74 80 1-1-0 2-0-0 .600 99 102 2-1-0 1-1-0 .000 52 110 0-3-0 0-2-0 North Pct PF PA Home Away .800 92 74 2-0-0 2-1-0 .600 119 89 2-0-0 1-2-0 .250 63 67 1-1-0 0-2-0 .200 126 112 1-1-0 0-3-0 West Pct PF PA Home Away .600 88 138 2-0-0 1-2-0 .500 75 77 2-0-0 0-2-0 .400 83 96 2-1-0 0-2-0 .000 76 130 0-2-0 0-3-0

Sunday’s Games Detroit 44, St. Louis 6 Baltimore 31, Denver 17 N.Y. Giants 34, Houston 10 Washington 16, Green Bay 13, OT Chicago 23, Carolina 6 Atlanta 20, Cleveland 10 Jacksonville 36, Buffalo 26 Tampa Bay 24, Cincinnati 21 Indianapolis 19, Kansas City 9 Arizona 30, New Orleans 20 Tennessee 34, Dallas 27 Oakland 35, San Diego 27 Philadelphia 27, San Francisco 24 Open: Miami, New England, Pittsburgh, Seattle Monday’s Game N.Y. Jets 29, Minnesota 20

NFL injury report

NEW YORK — The updated National Football League injury report, as provided by the league: SUNDAY ATLANTA FALCONS at PHILADELPHIA EAGLES — FALCONS: QUESTIONABLE: DE John Abraham (back), TE Justin Peelle (groin), LB Sean Weatherspoon (knee). PROBABLE: WR Brian Finneran (knee), LB Curtis Lofton (knee). EAGLES: OUT: DT Brodrick Bunkley (elbow), T Jason Peters (knee). QUESTIONABLE: WR Riley Cooper (concussion), QB Michael Vick (rib). PROBABLE: TE Brent Celek (wrist), G Nick Cole (knee), G Todd Herremans (knee), T Austin Howard (back), RB LeSean McCoy (rib), CB Dimitri Patterson (back). CLEVELAND BROWNS at PITTSBURGH STEELERS — BROWNS: DOUBTFUL: QB Jake Delhomme (ankle), DE Robaire Smith (back), T John St. Clair (ankle), QB Seneca Wallace (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: DE Kenyon Coleman (knee), RB Peyton Hillis (thigh), DT Shaun Rogers (elbow), TE Robert Royal (shoulder), S Nick Sorensen (calf), G Floyd Womack (knee). PROBABLE: WR Joshua Cribbs (ankle), S Abram Elam (knee), C Alex Mack (shoulder), T Joe Thomas (shin). STEELERS: DOUBTFUL: G Trai Essex (ankle). SEATTLE SEAHAWKS at CHICAGO BEARS — SEAHAWKS: QUESTIONABLE: DT Brandon Mebane (calf), G Chester Pitts (knee). PROBABLE: DE Dexter Davis (hamstring), CB Marcus Trufant (ankle). BEARS: OUT: G Roberto Garza (knee), S Major Wright (hamstring). QUESTIONABLE: LB Lance Briggs (ankle). PROBABLE: CB Charles Tillman (calf). MIAMI DOLPHINS at GREEN BAY PACKERS — DOLPHINS: QUESTIONABLE: DT Jared Odrick (ankle). PROBABLE: LB Channing Crowder (groin), T Jake Long (knee). PACKERS: OUT: LB Brandon Chillar (shoulder), TE Jermichael Finley (knee). DOUBTFUL: LB Clay Matthews (hamstring), T Mark Tauscher (shoulder). QUESTIONABLE: DE Mike Neal (shoulder), DE Ryan Pickett (ankle). PROBABLE: T Chad Clifton (knee), S Nick Collins (knee), WR Donald Driver (quadriceps), DE Cullen Jenkins (hamstring, hand), RB Quinn Johnson (glute), TE Donald Lee (chest), QB Aaron Rodgers (concussion), CB Sam Shields (calf), CB Charles Woodson (toe). DETROIT LIONS at NEW YORK GIANTS — LIONS: OUT: LB DeAndre Levy (ankle, groin), DE Turk McBride (ankle), CB Nathan Vasher (nose, biceps). QUESTIONABLE: WR Calvin Johnson (shoulder, knee), LB Landon Johnson (concussion), QB Matthew Stafford (right shoulder). PROBABLE: RB Jahvid Best (toe), WR Nate Burleson (ankle), S Louis Delmas (groin), WR Stefan Logan (foot). GIANTS: OUT: T William Beatty (foot), WR Victor Cruz (hamstring), RB Madison Hedgecock (hamstring), CB Brian Jackson (neck), DE Mathias Kiwanuka (neck). QUESTIONABLE: LB Keith Bulluck (toe), C Shaun O’Hara (ankle, Achilles), K Lawrence Tynes (left ankle), RB Danny Ware (groin). PROBABLE: S Kenny Phillips (knee), DE Osi Umenyiora (knee). NEW ORLEANS SAINTS at TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS — SAINTS: OUT: RB Reggie Bush (fibula), CB Randall Gay (head), CB Tracy Porter (knee), RB Pierre Thomas (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: DE Will Smith (groin). PROBABLE: LB Stanley Arnoux (ankle), QB Drew Brees (knee), DE Jeff Charleston (neck), WR Marques Colston (rib), TE Jimmy Graham (ankle), S Roman Harper (hamstring), RB Christopher Ivory (knee), LB Scott Shanle (hamstring), T Jon Stinchcomb (shoulder), T Zach Strief (knee), CB Leigh Torrence (toe), LB Anthony Waters (hamstring), DE Jimmy Wilkerson (knee), S Usama Young (quadriceps). BUCCANEERS: OUT: C Jeff Faine (quadriceps). QUESTIONABLE: CB Elbert Mack (foot), DE Kyle Moore (shoulder), WR Mike Williams (foot). PROBABLE: RB Earnest Graham (hamstring), S Sean Jones (back), LB Niko Koutouvides (ankle), TE Kellen Winslow (knee). SAN DIEGO CHARGERS at ST. LOUIS RAMS — CHARGERS: OUT: LB Larry English (foot). DOUBTFUL: WR Legedu Naanee (hamstring), LB Brandon Siler (foot). PROBABLE: WR Buster Davis (ribs), RB Ryan Mathews (ankle). RAMS: OUT: LB Chris Chamberlain (toe). QUESTIONABLE: LB David Vobora (hamstring). PROBABLE: TE Billy Bajema (knee), CB Ron Bartell (calf), G Jacob Bell (head), RB Kenneth Darby (ribs), CB Kevin Dockery (hamstring), WR Mardy Gilyard (thigh), TE Michael Hoomanawanui (ankle), CB Justin King (calf), DT Darell Scott (ankle). KANSAS CITY CHIEFS at HOUSTON TEXANS — CHIEFS: OUT: S Reshard Langford (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: WR Chris Chambers (finger), DE Tyson Jackson (knee), S Kendrick Lewis (hamstring), T Ryan O’Callaghan (groin). TEXANS: OUT: DE Jesse Nading (knee). DOUBTFUL: LB Xavier Adibi (hamstring), LB Kevin Bentley (knee), G Mike Brisiel (knee), CB Sherrick McManis (hamstring). QUESTIONABLE: WR Dorin Dickerson (knee), WR Jacoby Jones (calf), DE Mario Williams (shoulder). PROBABLE: S Dominique Barber (ribs), LB Brian Cushing (knee), TE Owen Daniels (hamstring), RB Arian Foster (knee), WR Andre Johnson (ankle), S Bernard Pollard (neck), LB DeMeco Ryans (groin), LB Darryl Sharpton (ankle), RB Derrick Ward (ribs). BALTIMORE RAVENS at NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS — RAVENS: OUT: T Jared Gaither (back), LB Tavares Gooden (shoulder), WR Donte’ Stallworth (foot). DOUBTFUL: DE Paul Kruger (knee). QUESTIONABLE: DT Haloti Ngata (knee), CB Josh Wilson (thigh). PROBABLE: S Ken Hamlin (ankle), LB Edgar Jones (thigh), LB Jameel McClain (knee), RB Le’Ron McClain (shoulder, knee), RB Ray Rice (knee). PATRIOTS: OUT: RB Fred Taylor (toe). QUESTIONABLE: S James Sanders (hamstring). PROBABLE: QB Tom Brady (right shoulder), CB Terrence Wheatley (foot). OAKLAND RAIDERS at SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS — RAIDERS: OUT: RB Michael Bennett (hamstring), LB Travis Goethel (back), DT John Henderson (foot), LB Thomas Howard (knee), WR Chaz Schilens (knee). QUESTIONABLE: QB Bruce Gradkowski (right shoulder), LB Quentin Groves (hamstring), WR Johnnie Lee Higgins (knee), RB Darren McFadden (hamstring). PROBABLE: RB Michael Bennett (groin), G Robert Gallery (hamstring), G Daniel Loper (ankle), CB Jeremy Ware (ankle). 49ERS: OUT: S Curtis Taylor (quadriceps), TE Delanie Walker (ankle). PROBABLE: QB Troy Smith (abdomen), T Adam Snyder (quadriceps), T Joe Staley (shoulder). NEW YORK JETS at DENVER BRONCOS — JETS: QUESTIONABLE: CB Darrelle Revis (hamstring). PROBABLE: S Jim Leonhard (bicep), C Nick Mangold (shoulder), G Brandon Moore (hamstring), LB Calvin Pace (foot), LB Jamaal Westerman (ankle). BRONCOS: OUT: LB Robert Ayers (foot), S Brian Dawkins (knee), CB Andre’ Goodman (quadriceps), S Darcel McBath (ankle), LB Wesley Woodyard (hamstring). QUESTIONABLE: RB Spencer Larsen (ankle), RB Knowshon Moreno (hamstring), WR Demaryius Thomas (concussion). PROBABLE: RB Andre Brown (illness), LB Mario Haggan (neck). DALLAS COWBOYS at MINNESOTA VIKINGS — COWBOYS: QUESTIONABLE: WR Dez Bryant (ribs, ankle). PROBABLE: CB Alan Ball (shoulder), TE Martellus Bennett (ankle), RB Chris Gronkowski (groin), C Andre Gurode (knee), LB Bradie James (knee), DE Igor Olshansky (knee). VIKINGS: OUT: G Chris DeGeare (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: CB Chris Cook (knee), QB Brett Favre (ankle, right elbow), C John Sullivan (calf). PROBABLE: DE Brian Robison (ankle), S Jamarca Sanford (back), TE Visanthe Shiancoe (hamstring), S Madieu Williams (shoulder). INDIANAPOLIS COLTS at WASHINGTON REDSKINS — COLTS: OUT: LB Kavell Conner (foot), S Bob Sanders (biceps).

AFC 3-1-0 3-1-0 1-2-0 0-4-0

NFC 1-0-0 0-0-0 1-0-0 0-1-0

Div 3-0-0 2-1-0 1-2-0 0-3-0

AFC 2-0-0 3-1-0 1-2-0 2-2-0

NFC 1-2-0 0-1-0 2-0-0 1-0-0

Div 1-0-0 1-0-0 0-0-0 0-2-0

AFC 4-1-0 1-1-0 1-2-0 1-2-0

NFC 0-0-0 2-0-0 1-1-0 0-2-0

Div 2-1-0 0-1-0 1-1-0 1-1-0

AFC 2-1-0 1-2-0 1-3-0 1-2-0

NFC 1-0-0 1-1-0 1-0-0 1-1-0

Div 1-0-0 1-0-0 0-0-0 0-2-0

NFC 3-1-0 2-0-0 2-2-0 0-2-0

AFC 0-1-0 1-2-0 1-0-0 1-1-0

Div 2-0-0 0-0-0 0-1-0 0-1-0

NFC 3-0-0 1-0-0 3-2-0 0-4-0

AFC 1-1-0 2-1-0 0-0-0 0-1-0

Div 1-0-0 1-0-0 1-1-0 0-2-0

NFC 4-1-0 2-2-0 1-1-0 1-4-0

AFC 0-0-0 1-0-0 0-2-0 0-0-0

Div 2-0-0 1-1-0 1-0-0 0-3-0

NFC 2-1-0 1-1-0 2-2-0 0-4-0

AFC 1-1-0 1-1-0 0-1-0 0-1-0

Div 1-0-0 1-1-0 1-1-0 0-1-0

Sunday, Oct. 17 Seattle at Chicago, 1 p.m. Miami at Green Bay, 1 p.m. Kansas City at Houston, 1 p.m. Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 1 p.m. San Diego at St. Louis, 1 p.m. Detroit at N.Y. Giants, 1 p.m. Baltimore at New England, 1 p.m. Atlanta at Philadelphia, 1 p.m. New Orleans at Tampa Bay, 1 p.m. N.Y. Jets at Denver, 4:05 p.m. Oakland at San Francisco, 4:05 p.m. Dallas at Minnesota, 4:15 p.m. Indianapolis at Washington, 8:20 p.m. Open: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Arizona, Carolina Monday, Oct. 18 Tennessee at Jacksonville, 8:30 p.m.

QUESTIONABLE: RB Joseph Addai (neck), LB Gary Brackett (groin), RB Donald Brown (hamstring), WR Austin Collie (foot), WR Pierre Garcon (hamstring), WR Anthony Gonzalez (ankle), RB Mike Hart (hip), T Charlie Johnson (foot), CB Jacob Lacey (foot). PROBABLE: S Antoine Bethea (hamstring), CB Jerraud Powers (foot). REDSKINS: OUT: RB Clinton Portis (groin). QUESTIONABLE: T Jammal Brown (knee), S LaRon Landry (wrist), LB Rocky McIntosh (concussion), QB Donovan McNabb (hamstring), S Kareem Moore (knee), T Trent Williams (toe, knee).

MONDAY TENNESSEE TITANS at JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS — TITANS: DNP: WR Justin Gage (hamstring), P Brett Kern (right hamstring). FULL: DT Tony Brown (knee), RB Chris Johnson (thigh), DT Sen’Derrick Marks (knee), CB Jason McCourty (forearm). JAGUARS: DNP: RB Brock Bolen (groin), CB Derek Cox (hamstring), LB Jacob Cutrera (calf), G Justin Smiley (ankle). LIMITED: S Sean Considine (hamstring), RB Rashad Jennings (shoulder). FULL: LB Justin Durant (ankle), RB Maurice Jones-Drew (ankle), DE Aaron Kampman (ankle).

ACC standings All Times EDT ATLANTIC DIVISION W Florida St. 3 Maryland 1 NC State 2 Wake 1 Boston Col. 0 Clemson 0

Conf. Overall L PF PA W L PF PA 0 110 31 5 1 220 94 0 21 16 4 1 159 92 1 119 86 5 1 225 133 2 74 103 2 4 178 212 2 1763 2 3 94 127 2 37 51 2 3 154 109

COASTAL DIVISION Va. Tech Ga. Tech Miami N. Carolina Virginia Duke

W 2 3 1 1 0 0

Conf. L PF 0 60 1 115 1 47 1 45 2 35 2 64

Overall PA W L PF PA 30 4 2 200 132 110 4 2 181 148 66 3 2 147 105 46 3 2 128 106 67 2 3 131 104 75 1 4 139 199

Saturday, Oct. 9 Virginia Tech 45, Cent. Michigan 21 N.C. State 44, Boston College 17 Georgia Tech 33, Virginia 21 North Carolina 21, Clemson 16 Navy 28, Wake Forest 27 Florida State 45, Miami 17

Today’a games Maryland at Clemson, Noon N.C. State at East Carolina, Noon Boston College at Florida St., Noon Miami at Duke, 1 p.m. Middle Tennessee at Georgia Tech, 3:30 p.m. Wake Forest at Virginia Tech, 3:30 p.m. North Carolina at Virginia, 6 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 23 Duke at Virginia Tech, ACC Network, 12 p.m. Maryland at Boston College,, 1 p.m. Georgia Tech at Clemson, ABC/ESPN*, 3:30 p.m. Eastern Michigan at Virginia,, 6 p.m. North Carolina at Miami, ESPN2, 7:30 p.m.

Thursday, Oct. 28 Florida State at N.C. State, 7:30 p.m. (ESPN)

Friday’s N.C. prep scores

Albemarle 44, North Rowan 14 Apex 34, Holly Springs 7 Ashe County 27, Alleghany County 6 Asheville 56, McDowell County 0 Ayden-Grifton 49, Seven Springs Spring Creek 0 Belmont South Point 42, Gastonia Forestview 15 Boonville Starmount 55, West Wilkes 7 Burlington Cummings 28, Reidsville 7 Cary 19, Apex Middle Creek 10 Charlotte Berry Tech 23, Charlotte Harding 15 Charlotte Garinger 47, West Mecklenburg 20 Charlotte Latin 44, Charlotte AFC 28 Cherryville 53, North Lincoln 35 Clinton Union 34, Dunn Midway 20 Cox Mill 20, Concord 13 Cuthbertson 49, Monroe Central 24 Davie County 21, West Forsyth 17 Durham Hillside 34, Durham Jordan 14 East Bladen 40, West Bladen 15 East Duplin 49, South Lenoir 14 East Surry 36, South Stokes 14 Eastern Alamance 63, Eden Morehead 6 Elkin 58, North Wilkes 6 Fairmont 33, West Columbus 6 Fayetteville Britt 67, Fayetteville Pine Forest 13 Fayetteville Byrd 35, Western Harnett 13 Fayetteville Seventy-First 38, Fayetteville Sanford 15 Fayetteville Westover 29, Cameron Union Pines 6 Fuquay-Varina 51, Morrisville Green Hope 19 Greenville Conley 35, West Carteret 34, OT High Point Andrews 45, Trinity 15 High Point Central 41, Winston-Salem Parkland 20 Hillsborough Cedar Ridge 31, Granville Central 13 Hobbton 26, Rocky Point Trask 14 Indian Trail Porter Ridge 35, Monroe Parkwood 0 Jamestown Ragsdale 24, Northwest Guilford 21 Kannapolis Brown 21, Mt. Pleasant 13 Kernersville McGuinness 47, Surry Central 29 Kings Mountain 41, Gastonia Ashbrook 34 Lexington 55, West Davidson 0 Lincolnton 42, East Lincoln 28 Lumberton 21, Hoke County 17 Mallard Creek 48, North Mecklenburg 0 Manteo 35, Pinetown Northside 0 Marshville Forest Hills 34, North Stanly 0 Matthews Butler 46, Charlotte Ardrey Kell 15 Monroe 48, Union Academy 0 Monroe Piedmont 17, West Stanly 0 Monroe Sun Valley 9, Marvin Ridge 7 Mooresville 19, Huntersville Hopewell 3 Mt. Airy 37, North Surry 7 Nash Central 35, Wilson Fike 16 Newton-Conover 65, Claremont Bunker Hill 32 North Davidson 24, Pfafftown Reagan 14 North Forsyth 14, Asheboro 0 North Johnston 41, Louisburg 20 Northeast Guilford 43, Southern Guilford 30 Northern Durham 41, East Chapel Hill 14 Northern Nash 21, Southern Nash 7 Oxford Webb 14, Orange County 7 Panther Creek 33, Raleigh Athens Drive 30 Polk County 36, Avery County 12 Princeton 35, North Duplin 21 Raleigh Broughton 58, Raleigh Enloe 6 Raleigh Cardinal Gibbons 27, Southern Vance 8 Raleigh Leesville Road 49, Raleigh Sanderson 22 Raleigh Ravenscroft 29, North Raleigh Christian 22 Raleigh Wakefield 31, Wake ForestRolesville 21 Roanoke Rapids 49, Bunn 21 Robbinsville 60, Rosman 6 Salisbury 56, Central Davidson 37 Scotland County 34, Southern Pines Pinecrest 3 Shelby 41, Forest City Chase 10 Shelby Crest 31, North Gaston 3

71-72 72-71 74-69 71-72 73-71 75-69 71-73 68-76 74-70 72-73 75-70 74-71 72-73 72-73 72-73 75-70 74-71 72-74 75-71 72-74 71-75 71-75 72-75 73-74 74-73 73-74 74-73 75-72 71-76 77-70 70-77 74-74 75-73 72-76 79-69 74-74 72-76 73-75 72-76 78-70 73-76 75-74 73-76 80-69 73-77 72-78 78-73 76-76 83-74 70 76 80

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

143 143 143 143 144 144 144 144 144 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 146 146 146 146 146 147 147 147 147 147 147 147 147 147 148 148 148 148 148 148 148 148 148 149 149 149 149 150 150 151 152 157 WD WD WD

PGA European

Portugal Masters Friday At Oceanico Victoria Golf Club Vilamoura, Portugal Purse: $4.1 million Yardage: 7,231 yards; Par: 72 Second Round



Q. Who managed the Kansas City Royals to the 1985 World Series championship? South Columbus 37, North Brunswick 12 South Johnston 39, Pikeville Aycock 36 South Mecklenburg 42, Charlotte Independence 35 Southern Durham 47, Durham Riverside 7 SouthWest Edgecombe 40, North Pitt 6 Southwestern Randolph 34, Thomasville Ledford 14 Spring Lake Overhills 44, Southern Lee 37 Swain County 52, Cherokee 12 Tarboro 41, Kinston 14 Thomasville 63, East Davidson 6 Wallace-Rose Hill 29, Pender County 22 Warsaw Kenan 39, Lakewood (Salemburg) 27 Watauga County 35, Newton Foard 6 Weddington 22, Anson County 19 West Brunswick 41, Whiteville 21 West Caldwell 55, East Burke 49 West Charlotte 34, Hough High School 7 West Lincoln 29, Bessemer City 21 Wilkes Central 40, East Wilkes 7 Wilmington Laney 34, Greenville Rose 29 Wilson Beddingfield 47, Farmville Central 26 Wilson Hunt 14, Rocky Mount 7

College schedule All Times EDT (Subject to change) Today’s games SOUTH Maryland (4-1) at Clemson (2-3), Noon N.C. State (5-1) at East Carolina (3-2), Noon Boston College (2-3) at Florida St. (5-1), Noon Southern Miss. (4-2) at Memphis (1-5), Noon Vanderbilt (2-3) at Georgia (2-4), 12:21 p.m. Drake (3-3) at Campbell (2-3), 1 p.m. N.C. A&T (0-6) at Del. St. (0-5), 1 p.m. Miami (3-2) at Duke (1-4), 1 p.m. N.C. Central (2-3) at Ga. St. (4-2), 1 p.m. Norfolk St. (2-3) at Hampton (4-1), 1 p.m. Davidson (1-4) at Morehead St. (2-3), 1 p.m. Grd-Wbb (1-3) at Char. S. (2-3), 1:30 p.m. Beth-Cook (5-0) at S.C. St. (4-1), 1:30 p.m. Liberty (4-2) at VMI (2-3), 1:30 p.m. W. Carolina (2-4) at Wofford (4-1), 1:30 p.m. Coastal Car. (1-4) at Presb. (0-5), 2 p.m. Furman (3-2) at Samford (3-3), 2 p.m. Savnnh St. (0-6) at Fla A&M (2-3), 3 p.m. Alcorn St. (3-2) at Grambling (4-1), 3 p.m. E. Ky (2-3) at Tenn.-Martin (2-4), 3 p.m. Arkansas (4-1) at Auburn (6-0), 3:30 p.m. Mi. Tenn. (2-3) at Ga Tch (4-2), 3:30 p.m. New Hamp. (3-3) at JMU (4-1), 3:30 p.m. Wake (2-4) at Va. Tech (4-2), 3:30 p.m. Tenn. St. (3-3) at Jack. St. (6-0), 4 p.m. Idaho (3-2) at La Tech (2-4), 4 p.m. UTEP (5-1) at UAB (1-4), 4:05 p.m. The Citadel (2-4) at App St. (5-0), 6 p.m. Ga S. (3-2) at Chattanooga (3-2), 6 p.m. S. Carolina (4-1) at Kentucky (3-3), 6 p.m. N. Carolina (3-2) at Virginia (2-3), 6 p.m. SE Missouri (5-1) at A. Peay (2-3), 7 p.m. Miss. St. (4-2) at Florida (4-2), 7 p.m. South.U. (2-3) at Jackson St. (4-1), 7 p.m. La-Lafayette (2-3) at Troy (3-2), 7 p.m. La-Monroe (2-3) at W. Ky (0-5), 7 p.m. McNeese St. (2-3) at LSU (6-0), 7 p.m. E. Illinois (0-6) at Tenn Tech (2-4), 8 p.m. Mississippi (3-2) at Alabama (5-1), 9 p.m.



NASCAR Sprint Cup

Bank of America 500 Thursday qualifying; race tonight At Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord Lap length: 1.5 miles (Car number in parentheses) 1. (24) Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet, 191.544. 2. (99) Carl Edwards, Ford, 191.455. 3. (43) A J Allmendinger, Ford, 190.921. 4. (5) Mark Martin, Chevrolet, 190.914. 5. (98) Paul Menard, Ford, 190.678. 6. (18) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 190.644. 7. (83) Reed Sorenson, Toyota, 190.409. 8. (88) Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevy, 190.382. 9. (19) Elliott Sadler, Ford, 190.382. 10. (48) Jimmie Johnson, Chevy, 190.342. 11. (39) Ryan Newman, Chevy, 190.322. 12. (20) Joey Logano, Toyota, 190.275. 13. (56) Martin Truex Jr., Toyota, 190.275. 14. (47) Marcos Ambrose, Toy., 190.121. 15. (2) Kurt Busch, Dodge, 190.101. 16. (00) David Reutimann, Toy., 190.067. 17. (17) Matt Kenseth, Ford, 190.007. 18. (31) Jeff Burton, Chevrolet, 189.813. 19. (77) Sam Hornish Jr., Dodge, 189.793. 20. (33) Clint Bowyer, Chevrolet, 189.753. 21. (82) Scott Speed, Toyota, 189.707. 22. (16) Greg Biffle, Ford, 189.607. 23. (11) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 189.527. 24. (29) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 189.52. 25. (9) Kasey Kahne, Ford, 189.494. 26. (6) David Ragan, Ford, 189.334. 27. (1) Jamie McMurray, Chevy, 189.268. 28. (09) Landon Cassill, Chevy, 189.255. 29. (14) Tony Stewart, Chevy, 189.168. 30. (10) Bobby Labonte, Chevy, 189.023. 31. (12) B. Keselowski, Dodge, 189.009. 32. (78) Regan Smith, Chevrolet, 188.89. 33. (46) Mich. McDowell, Chevy, 188.871. 34. (42) Juan P. Montoya, Chevy, 188.857. 35. (26) Patrick Carpentier, Ford, 188.805. 36. (38) David Gilliland, Ford, 188.719. 37. (21) Bill Elliott, Ford, 188.232. 38. (71) Andy Lally, Chevrolet, 187.669. 39. (7) Robby Gordon, Toyota, 187.533. 40. (36) J.J. Yeley, Chevrolet, 187.363. 41. (37) Dave Blaney, Ford, Owner Points. 42. (34) Travis Kvapil, Ford, Owner Points. 43. (64) Jeff Green, Toyota, 187.305. Failed to Qualify 44. (87) Joe Nemechek, Toyota, 187.214. 45. (13) Casey Mears, Toyota, 186.935. 46. (55) Mike Bliss, Toyota, 186.599. 47. (66) Jason Leffler, Toyota, 185.81. 48. (07) Kevin Conway, Toyota, 185.79. 49. (23) Johnny Sauter, Toyota, 183.561.

NASCAR Nationwide

Dollar General 300 Friday At Charlotte Motor Speedway Concord, N.C. Lap length: 1.5 miles (Start position in parentheses)

1. (3) Brad Keselowski, Dodge, 200 laps, 128.4 rating, 190 points. 2. (5) Martin Truex Jr., Toyota, 200, 114.2, 175. 3. (9) Justin Allgaier, Dodge, 200, 112.5, 165. 4. (4) Joey Logano, Toyota, 200, 117.1, 165. 5. (1) Clint Bowyer, Chevrolet, 200, 123.1, 160. 6. (10) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 200, 135.9, 160. 7. (7) Reed Sorenson, Toyota, 200, 95.2, 146. 8. (15) Aric Almirola, Chevrolet, 200, 89.7, 147. 9. (2) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 200, 98.9, 138. 10. (14) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 200, 96.9, 139. 11. (21) Brendan Gaughan, Toyota, 200, 85, 130. 12. (19) David Reutimann, Toyota, 200, 89.6, 127. 13. (11) Carl Edwards, Ford, 200, 97.1, 124. 14. (13) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Ford, 200, 74.4, 121. 15. (24) Jason Leffler, Toyota, 200, 82.2, 118. 16. (30) James Buescher, Toyota, 200, 75.3, 120. 17. (25) Trevor Bayne, Ford, 200, 80.8, 112. 18. (39) Josh Wise, Dodge, 200, 62.5, 109. 19. (12) Colin Braun, Ford, 199, 76.4, 106. 20. (34) Tony Raines, Chevrolet, 198, 64.8, 103. 21. (18) Danica Patrick, Chevrolet, 198, 66.4, 100. 22. (23) Kelly Bires, Ford, 198, 58.1, 97.

23. (43) Eric McClure, Ford, 198, 49.4, 94. 24. (27) David Starr, Chevrolet, 197, 49.2,

Carolina Atlanta Florida

L 1 2 3 4 2

Pct .833 .500 .400 .200 .000

GB — 2 211⁄2 3 ⁄2 3

Southeast Division W 4 3 2 0 0

L 0 2 2 3 4

Pct GB 1.000 — .600 11⁄2 .500 2 .000 31⁄2 .000 4

Central Division W 4 3 2 2 2

L 1 1 2 3 3

Pct .800 .750 .500 .400 .400

GB — 1 ⁄2 11⁄2 2 2

WESTERN CONFERENCE Southwest Division W 4 3 2 2 1

Memphis Houston San Antonio Dallas New Orleans

L 0 2 2 3 3

Pct GB 1.000 — .600 11⁄2 .500 2 .400 21⁄2 .250 3

Northwest Division W 4 4 2 1 1

Utah Minnesota Denver Oklahoma City Portland

L 0 1 1 2 3

Pct GB 1.000 — 1 .800 ⁄2 .667 11⁄2 .333 21⁄2 .250 3

Pacific Division W 2 1 2 1 1

Golden State L.A. Lakers Sacramento L.A. Clippers Phoenix

L 1 1 3 4 4

Pct .667 .500 .400 .200 .200

GB — 1 ⁄2 1 2 2

Thursday’s Games Orlando 86, Charlotte 73 Milwaukee 96, Washington 88 Cleveland 106, San Antonio 80 Utah 108, Phoenix 97 Denver 100, L.A. Clippers 95

Friday’s Games Indiana 101, New Orleans 98 Boston 117, Toronto 112 Minnesota 99, Detroit 88 Dallas at Chicago, 8 p.m.

Today’s Games Houston vs. New Jersey at Guangzhou, China, 7:30 a.m. Detroit vs. Charlotte at Columbia, SC, 6:30 p.m. Chicago at Orlando, 7 p.m. Utah at L.A. Clippers, 7:30 p.m. New York vs. Boston at Hartford, CT, 7:30 p.m. Milwaukee at Memphis, 8 p.m. Atlanta vs. New Orleans at Johnson City, TN, 8:30 p.m. Golden State at Portland, 10 p.m. Denver at L.A. Lakers, 10:30 p.m.




All Times EDT EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division GP Philadelphia 4 N.Y. Islanders4 Pittsburgh 5 N.Y. Rangers 3 New Jersey 5

W 2 1 2 1 1

L OT Pts GF 1 1 5 10 1 2 4 13 3 0 4 13 1 1 3 13 3 1 3 9

GA 9 14 13 13 17

Northeast Division Toronto Montreal Ottawa Buffalo Boston

GP 4 4 4 5 2

W 4 2 1 1 1

L OT Pts GF 0 0 8 16 1 1 5 10 2 1 3 7 3 1 3 9 1 0 2 5

GA 9 10 12 14 5

Southeast Division GP Tampa Bay 3 Washington 4

W 3 3

4 2 2

8 8 6

7 10 5

W 3 2 2 2 1

L OT Pts GF 0 0 6 11 1 1 5 12 2 1 5 16 1 0 4 10 2 0 2 7

GA 6 11 15 6 10

GP 4 3 3 3 3

Dallas Los Angeles San Jose Phoenix Anaheim

GP 3 3 2 2 4

W 3 2 1 1 1

L OT Pts GF 1 0 6 14 1 0 4 9 1 1 3 8 1 1 3 6 2 0 2 3

GA 13 6 8 7 8

Pacific Division W 3 2 1 1 1

L OT Pts GF 0 0 6 13 1 0 4 6 0 1 3 5 1 0 2 5 3 0 2 6

GA 8 5 5 5 16

L OT Pts GF 0 0 6 12 1 0 6 14

GA 8 9


At Linz, Austria

Tampa Bay 3, Philadelphia 2 Ottawa 3, Carolina 2 Nashville 4, St. Louis 3 Minnesota 4, Edmonton 2 Dallas 4, Detroit 1 Florida 3, Calgary 0

Roberta Vinci, Italy, def. Sara Errani (9), Italy, 5-7, 6-3, 6-4. Andrea Petkovic (6), Germany, def. Eleni Daniilidou, Greece, 6-3, 6-2. Patty Schnyder, Switzerland, def. Daniela Hantuchova (2), Slovakia, 6-4, 6-4. Ana Ivanovic (7), Serbia, def. Julia Goerges, Germany, 7-6 (6), 6-2.

Colorado 3, New Jersey 2 Toronto 4, N.Y. Rangers 3, OT Pittsburgh 3, N.Y. Islanders 2, OT Chicago 5, Columbus 2 Montreal 2, Buffalo 1 Atlanta at Anaheim, 10 p.m. Vancouver at Los Angeles, 10:30 p.m.

Today’s Games

Doubles Quarterfinals

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia, 6 p.m. Ottawa at Montreal, 7 p.m. Boston at New Jersey, 7 p.m. Colorado at N.Y. Islanders, 7 p.m. Tampa Bay at Florida, 7 p.m. Washington at Nashville, 8 p.m. Columbus at Minnesota, 8 p.m. St. Louis at Dallas, 8:30 p.m. Buffalo at Chicago, 8:30 p.m. Detroit at Phoenix, 9 p.m. Edmonton at Calgary, 10 p.m. Atlanta at San Jose, 10:30 p.m.

Renata Voracova and Barbora Zahlavova Strycova (2), Czech Republic, def. Eleni Daniilidou, Greece, and Jasmin Woehr, Germany, 7-5, 6-0. Kveta Peschke, Czech Republic, and Katarina Srebotnik (1), Slovenia, def. Anna Chakvetadze, Russia, and Patty Schnyder, Switzerland, 6-2, 6-3.

At Shanghai

ATP World Tour Shanghai Rolex Masters Friday At Qizhong Tennis Center Shanghai Purse: $5.25 million (Masters 1000) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles Quarterfinals



Middle school Volleyball PACIS tournament Semifinals HP Christian def. Wesleyan 25-11 25-13 Leaders: HPCA - Marley Rush (10 aces, 26 assists), Amanda Connett (4 aces, 10 kills)

Finals Calvary def. HP Christian 33-31, 25-23 Leaders: HPCA - Connett (4 aces, 10 kills), Halle Hunt (8 kills), Rush (5 aces, 24 assists) Records: HPCA 15-3

Goals: HPCA - Casey Penland, Brad Weatherington Records: HPCA 9-5-2 Next game: This was the final game of the season for HPCA

Andy Murray (4), Britain, def. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (12), France, 6-2, 6-2. Novak Djokovic (2), Serbia, def. Guillermo Garcia-Lopez, Spain, 6-2, 6-3. Juan Monaco, Argentina, def. Jurgen Melzer (13), Austria, 6-7 (6), 7-5, 6-2. Roger Federer (3), Switzerland, def. Robin Soderling (5), Sweden, 6-1, 6-1.

Doubles Second Round Daniel Nestor, Canada, and Nenad Zimonjic (2), Serbia, def. Novak Djokovic, Serbia, and Jonathan Erlich, Israel, 7-6 (4), 4-6, 10-5 tiebreak.

Quarterfinals Bob and Mike Bryan (1), United States, def. Frantisek Cermak, Czech Republic, and Michal Mertinak (7), Slovakia, 6-3, 6-2. Lukasz Kubot, Poland, and Oliver Marach (4), Austria, def. Mahesh Bhupathi, India, and Max Mirnyi (5), Belarus, 6-4, 3-6, 10-6 tiebreak. Jurgen Melzer, Austria, and Leander Paes (3), India, def. Rohan Bopanna, India, and Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi, Pakistan, 7-6 (6), 46, 10-5.

At Oasaka, Japan WTA Tour HP Open Friday At Utsbo Tennis Center Osaka, Japan Purse: $220,000 (Intl.) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles Quarterfinals




Fryscom Open Friday At CordeValle Golf Club Course San Martin, Calif. Purse: $3.6 million Yardage: 7,199; Par: 72 Second Round Rocco Mediate Ryuji Imada Dean Wilson David Duval Tim Herron Will MacKenzie Henrik Stenson Rickie Fowler Bo Van Pelt Alex Prugh Charlie Wi Shaun Micheel John Mallinger Aaron Baddeley Chris Tidland Michael Letzig Charles Warren Graham DeLaet Kevin Sutherland Fredrik Jacobson Woody Austin Steve Wheatcroft Tom Pernice, Jr. Chris DiMarco Tim Clark Jonathan Byrd Webb Simpson Chris Riley Kevin Stadler J.B. Holmes Paul Goydos Chad Campbell John Ellis Brett Quigley Lee Janzen Jamie Lovemark Kevin Streelman Jerry Kelly Cliff Kresge Jeev Milkha Singh Kevin Chappell Scott Piercy Josh Teater Andres Romero Michael Allen Billy Mayfair Tim Petrovic Todd Hamilton Justin Leonard Derek Lamely John Daly George McNeill Ben Curtis Spencer Levin Danny Wax Robert Garrigus Brian Davis Troy Merritt Pat Perez Martin Flores Jeff Gove Mathew Goggin Stuart Appleby Paul Stankowski Aron Price Andrew McLardy Joe Durant Chris Stroud Roland Thatcher Richard S. Johnson James Nitties Ricky Barnes Brian Stuard

64-65 65-67 69-64 68-65 67-67 66-68 67-67 69-65 65-69 69-66 70-65 66-69 66-69 70-65 70-65 66-70 71-65 68-68 71-66 70-67 69-68 69-68 67-70 67-70 68-69 71-67 71-67 67-71 71-67 70-68 65-73 68-70 70-68 68-71 71-68 68-71 72-67 70-69 73-66 69-70 71-68 70-70 69-71 71-69 73-67 73-67 70-70 68-72 69-71 68-72 70-70 69-72 71-70 72-69 70-71 68-73 71-70 71-70 73-68 74-67 73-69 72-70 70-72 74-68 72-70 74-68 71-71 70-72 76-66 70-72 76-66 70-72 73-69

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

129 132 133 133 134 134 134 134 134 135 135 135 135 135 135 136 136 136 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142

— — — — — —

143 143 143 143 143 143

Failed to qualify Brenden Pappas Jimmy Walker Matt Bettencourt Greg Owen Johnson Wagner Michael Connell

74-69 72-71 74-69 73-70 72-71 74-69

134 134 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 126 136 136

WTA Tour Generali Ladies Linz Friday At Intersport Arena Linz Linz, Austria Purse: $220,000 (Intl.) Surface: Hard-Indoor Singles Quarterfinals

Thursday’s Games

Friday’s Games



NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for overtime loss.


W 5 2 2 1 0

Cleveland Milwaukee Chicago Detroit Indiana

0 0 0

PACIS tournament championship at Wesleyan HP Christian 2, Calvary 1 (2OT)

Preseason Glance All Times EDT EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division

Orlando Washington Miami Atlanta Charlotte

1 2 2

Northwest Division Colorado Edmonton Minnesota Vancouver Calgary

NBA preseason

Boston New Jersey Toronto Philadelphia New York

GP 3 4 5 3 3

Nashville Detroit Chicago St. Louis Columbus



2 1 1


91. 25. (35) Mike Wallace, Chevrolet, 197, 51, 88. 26. (31) Michael McDowell, Dodge, 196, 55.1, 85. 27. (42) Kenny Wallace, Chevrolet, 195, 38, 82. 28. (22) Brian Scott, Ford, 192, 56.9, 79. 29. (16) Steve Wallace, Toyota, accident, 188, 70.1, 76. 30. (38) Hermie Sadler, Ford, 188, 46.9, 73. 31. (40) Mike Bliss, Chevrolet, 176, 42.8, 70. 32. (37) Jason Keller, Chevrolet, 170, 39.6, 67. 33. (41) Robert Richardson Jr., Chevrolet, accident, 130, 37.6, 64. 34. (20) Jeremy Clements, Chevrolet, rear end, 118, 58.7, 61. 35. (6) Paul Menard, Ford, engine, 117, 86.5, 63. 36. (32) Michael Annett, Toyota, 73, 34.2, 55. 37. (17) Ryan Truex, Toyota, accident, 72, 61, 52. 38. (28) Kevin Lepage, Toyota, vibration, 25, 39, 49. 39. (29) Shelby Howard, Chevrolet, accident, 19, 36, 46. 40. (26) Mark Green, Chevrolet, electrical, 12, 32.9, 43. 41. (36) Joe Nemechek, Chevrolet, accident, 10, 34.7, 40. 42. (33) Jeff Green, Chevrolet, ignition, 4, 29.8, 37. 43. (8) Parker Kligerman, Dodge, accident, 3, 30.4, 34. ——— Race Statistics Average Speed of Race Winner: 125.640 mph. Time of Race: 2 hours, 23 minutes, 16 seconds. Margin of Victory: 1.137 seconds. Caution Flags: 8 for 36 laps. Lead Changes: 16 among 9 drivers. Lap Leaders: C.Bowyer 1-22; K.Busch 23-54; P.Menard 55-56; A.Almirola 57; J.Buescher 58-65; K.Busch 66-85; J.Logano 86-93; K.Busch 94-112; C.Bowyer 113-119; K.Busch 120-121; M.Truex Jr. 122-139; B.Keselowski 140-143; K.Harvick 144-145; K.Busch 146-156; B.Keselowski 157-163; M.Truex Jr. 164-165; B.Keselowski 166-200. Leaders Summary (Driver, Times Led, Laps Led): K.Busch, 5 times for 84 laps; B.Keselowski, 3 times for 46 laps; C.Bowyer, 2 times for 29 laps; M.Truex Jr., 2 times for 20 laps; J.Logano, 1 time for 8 laps; J.Buescher, 1 time for 8 laps; K.Harvick, 1 time for 2 laps; P.Menard, 1 time for 2 laps; A.Almirola, 1 time for 1 lap. Top 10 in Points: 1. Bra.Keselowski, 4,954; 2. C.Edwards, 4,504; 3. K.Busch, 4,439; 4. J.Allgaier, 4,103; 5. P.Menard, 3,929; 6. K.Harvick, 3,902; 7. J.Logano, 3,557; 8. T.Bayne, 3,503; 9. J.Leffler, 3,433; 10. S.Wallace, 3,427. ——— NASCAR Driver Rating Formula A maximum of 150 points can be attained in a race. The formula combines the following categories: Wins, Finishes, Top-15 Finishes, Average Running Position While on Lead Lap, Average Speed Under Green, Fastest Lap, Led Most Laps, Lead-Lap Finish.

3 3 3

Maarten LaFeber, Neth 64-67 — Mikko Ilonen, Finland 65-68-133 Raphael Jacquelin, France 67-67 — Jose-Filipe Lima, Portugal 70-64 — Richard Finch, England 70-65 — Pablo Martin, Spain 67-68 — David Dixon, England 68-67 — Pablo Martin, Spain 67-68 — Robert Karlsson, Sweden 64-71 — David Howell, England 67-68 — David Horsey, England 66-69 — Hennie Otto, South Africa 69-67 — Gary Boyd, England 68-68 — Peter Lawrie, Ireland 68-68 — Gonzalo Castano, Spain 69-67 — Rhys Davies, Wales 69-67 — Francesco Molinari, Italy 74-62 — Soren Kjeldsen, Denmark 69-67 — Paul McGinley, Ireland 66-70 — Thongchai Jaidee, Thailand70-66 — Gregory Havret, France 68-68 — Richard Green, Australia 70-66 — Oliver Wilson, England 70-66 — Johan Edfors, Sweden 64-72 — Paul Lawrie, Scotland 67-69 —

Marion Bartoli (2), France, def. Jill Craybas, United States, 6-1, 6-2. Tamarine Tanasugarn, Thailand, def. Chang Kai-chen, Taiwan, 6-3, 2-6, 6-4. Shahar Peer (3), Israel, def. Iveta Benesova (7), Czech Republic, 6-2, 6-0. Kimiko Date Krumm (6), Japan, def. Samantha Stosur (1), Australia, 5-7, 6-3, 7-6 (4).

Doubles Quarterfinals Alberta Brianti, Italy, and Magdalena Rybarikova (1), Slovakia, def. Ayaka Maekawa, Japan, and Lavinia Tananta, Indonesia, 6-3, 6-2.

Semifinals Shuko Aoyama and Rika Fujiwara, Japan, def. Chan Chin-wei, Taiwan, and Natalie Grandin (2), South Africa, 6-3, 6-4.



BASEBALL American League

KANSAS CITY ROYALS—Acquired RHP Kevin Pucetas from San Francisco to complete an earlier trade.

National League ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS—Reassigned director, player development Mike Berger to a scouting role within the organization. Named Rico Brogna director, player development. COLORADO ROCKIES—Announcecd major league hitting coach Don Baylor will not be retained in his current position for the 2011 season. Named Carney Lansford major league hitting coach.

BASKETBALL National Basketball Association CHARLOTTE BOBCATS—Waived G Javaris Crittenton. SACRAMENTO KINGS—Waived F-C Connor Atchley, G Joe Crawford and F Marcus Landry.

FOOTBALL National Football League NFL—Rejected the appeal of Cincinnati DE Antwan Odom on his four-game suspension for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances. Fined Houston DE Antonio Smith $12,500 for three violations: a major facemask and two unnecessary roughness calls against the New York Giants. Fined Cincinnati WR Terrell Owens $5,000 for violating the league’s ban on using social media shortly before games. Fined Washington DE Jeremy Jarmon $5,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers.

HOCKEY National Hockey League NHL—Fined Ottawa F Nick Foligno $2,500 for an illegal check to the head of Carolina RW Patrick Dwyer during an Oct. 14 game. CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS—Recalled D Jassen Cullimore from Rockford (AHL). DALLAS STARS—Named Gary Roberts player development consultant. WASHINGTON CAPITALS—Assigned G Dany Saborin to Hershey (AHL).

American Hockey League HAMILTON BULLDOGS—Activated Ryan Russell from injured reserve.


COLLEGE ST. JOHN’S, N.Y.—Named Gene Keady special assistant/adviser for men’s basketball.



A. Dick Howser.



Willisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; epic night powers Cowboys past Bobcats, 54-46 alties, and it barely put a dent in his stat line. It left the Georgia Tech-bound senior in need of a break. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They run the triple option like we do, and our defense is similar to theirâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Willis so we see it every day in practice,â&#x20AC;? Willis said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I just came out and did my responsibilities, and it came out good.â&#x20AC;? The win moved Southwest to 1-2 in the league, 4-4 overall, almost guaranteeing the Cowboys a playoff berth. Glenn matched Southwest step-for-step in the first quarter, marching 75 yards to paydirt on its first possession. Josh


HIGH POINT â&#x20AC;&#x201C; It took a full quarter, but Southwest Guilfordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s defense ultimately solved Glennâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s offensive attack. Cowboysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; quarterback Airyn Willis must have seemed like a riddle wrapped in a cocoon of Chinese math to the Bobcats. Willis ran for over 300 yards and five scores to lead the Cowboys to an exhausting 54-46 victory in Piedmont Triad 4A Conference action at Southwest. How special was Willisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; performance against Glenn on Friday night? He had a 12-yard touchdown run and a 54-yard touchdown reception negated by pen-

Hawkinsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; bruising 9-yard run gave the visitors a 7-0 lead, but it was short-lived. The Cowboys responded with a 65-yard drive in seven plays, capped off by Aaron Fletcherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 20-yard rumble. But Ryan Parker returned the ensuing kickoff to the Cowboy 30, and the Bobcats took advantage of the short field with Cameron Campbellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 7-yard scoring run. But Willis kept the track meet rolling with a 43-yard touchdown run moments later, and it was 14-14 after one quarter. Southwestâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s defense stiffened in the second quarter, holding the Bobcats to negative yardage. Willis polished off a long drive with an 11-yard run. The Cowboys stuffed the Bobcatsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; next drive and

took a 20-14 lead into the locker room. Southwest extended the lead to as large as 47-26 midway through the fourth, but two Cameron Campbell touchdown passes made it 47-40.

Scoring summary Glenn 14 0 6 20 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 40 SW Guilford 14 6 12 22 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 00 G â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Hawkins 9 run (Kapec kick) 7:33, 1st SWG â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Fletcher 20 run (kick blocked) 5:12, 1st G â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Campbell 7 run (Kapec kick) 2:23, 1st SWG â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Willis 43 run (Edwards run) :57, 1st SWG â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Willis 11 run (kick blocked) 5:05, 2nd G â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Parker 24 pass from Campbell (kick failed) 8:56, 3rd SWG â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Willis 31 run (kick failed) 8:21, 3rd SWG â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Edwards 19 run (run failed) 4:34, 3rd SWG â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Willis 13 run (Raymond Bridges run) 10:59, 4th G â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Hawkins 5 run (run failed) 8:02, 4th SWG â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Willis 37 run (Butler kick) 6:08, 4th G â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Green 51 pass from Campbell (Harris pass from Campbell) 5:54, 4th G â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Hawkins 62 pass from Campbell (kick failed) 2:41, 4th SWG â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Gehris 62 interception return (Butler kick) :24, 4th G â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Hawkins 5 run (kick failed) 0:00, 4th

Tigers trip Vikings in first-place showdown ENTERPRISE STAFF REPORTS

182 yards and a pair of TDs for Surry Central. Bishop plays host to league-leading Mount Airy on Friday night.

RAGSDALE 24, NW GUILFORD 21 GREENSBORO â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Ragsdale edged Northwest Guilford 24-21 in a key Piedmont Triad 4A Conference first-place showdown on Friday night. The Tigers improved to 8-1 overall and 4-0 in the conference. The Vikings fell to 6-3, 3-1. Ragsdale enjoys an open date this week before playing at Glenn on Oct. 29.

26 15

0 0

14 8

7 6

â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

47 29

BM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Fields 20 fumble return (pass failed), 1st SC â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dimmette 90 kickoff return (Martin run), 1st BM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; DeFrancesco 69 run (Sgroi kick), 1st BM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; DeFrancesco 15 run (Sgroi kick), 1st SC â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Wilmoth 3 run (Valladarus kick), 1st BM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Sgroi 1 run (run failed), 1st SC â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Brown 1 run (Dimmette pass to Crews), 3rd BM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; DeFrancesco 30 run (Sgroi kick), 3rd BM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; DeFrancesco 3 run (Sgroi kick), 3rd SC â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Wilmoth 24 run (kick failed), 4th BM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Pluciniczak 41 run (Sgroi kick), 4th




DOBSON â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Marty DeFrancesco rushed 18 times for 258 yards and four touchdowns as Bishop McGuinness cruised past Surry Central for a 47-29 Northwest 1A/2A Conference victory on Friday night. DeFrancesco scored on runs of 69, 15, 30 and 3 yards as the Villains improved to 7-1 overall and 3-1 in the conference. The Golden Eagles fell to 2-6, 1-3. Nick Sgroi ran 18 times for 129 yards and a 1-yard touchdown for Bishop. He also booted five extra points. Peter Fields opened the Bishop scoring with a 20-yard fumble return for a touchdown, while Jared Pluciniczak closed the Villainsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; outburst with a 41-yard scoring run. Bishop rushed for 497 yards on 56 carries. Alex Wilmoth rushed 27 times for

SUMNER â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Jacob McCann rushed for three touchdowns and Kyle Martin carries for two as Northeast Guilford outlasted 43-30 in a Mid-Piedmont 3A battle Friday night. Northeast scored the first 14 points and did not allow Southern to get closer than a touchdown the rest of the way. Malik Moseley scored on carries of 50 and 7 yards; and Jamie Cunnigham threw two touchdown passed for the Storm, who drop to 5-3, 1-1 MPC.

Scoring summary NE Guilford S. Guilford

14 7

13 7

2 7

14 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 9 â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

ATKINS 26, WHEATMORE 12 TRINITY â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Wheatmoreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Josh Rickard scored on a 5-yard touchdown run and an 80-yard kickoff return, but it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t enough as the Warriors fell 26-12 to Atkins on Friday night. Atkins improved to 1-6, 1-1 in the PAC6 2A. The Warriors fell to 1-7, 0-2.

Scoring summary Bishop Surry Central

NE - j. McCann 8 run (Resar kick) NE - Safety, Southern penalty in end zone SG - Thompson 6 pass from Cunningham (kick Fail) SG - Brandon 27 FG NE - Martin 1 run (Resar kick)

43 30

NE â&#x20AC;&#x201C; C. McCann 2 run (Resar kick) NE - J. NcCann 3 run (Resar kick) SG - Moseley 7 run (Brandon kick) NE - Martin run (Resar kick) SG - Butler 10 pass from Cunningham (Brandon kick) NE - J. McCann 4 run (kick fail) SG - Moseley 50 run (Brandon kick)

ASHEVILLE â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Christ School rallied from a 22-8 second-half deficit to edge High Point Christian Academy 30-28 on Friday night. The Cougars fell to 1-7 overall and 0-4 in the NCISAA Central Piedmont Conference. Christ School improved to 1-7, 1-4. Matt Haas scored on both sides of the ball for HPCA. Haas rushed eight yards for a touchdown, then returned a fumble 36 yards for a TD. He also recorded an interception at cornerback. Shawn Millsap tossed a 10-yard touchdown strike to Colby Grant to pull the Cougars within 30-28 with 1:30 to play. The potential game-tying two-point conversion attempt failed. Grant led the Cougar ground game with 13 carries for 53 yards. His 1-yard

touchdown run in the first quarter opened the scoring. Aaron Scales recorded nine tackles and a sack for the Cougar defense, while Matt Ardoin also registered nine tackles. HPCA plays at Forsyth Country Day on Friday.

VOLLEYBALL HP CHRISTIAN DEF. FCD HIGH POINT â&#x20AC;&#x201C; High Point Christian clinched the PACIS championship Friday night, completing an undefeated run through the league with a 25-12, 2516, 25-19 sweep of Forsyth Country Day. Leaders for the Cougars included Bethany Gesell (19 kills, three blocks), Kathryn Cox (nine kills, two blocks), Ellen Fay (16 digs), Lauren Fox (three aces). HPCA (26-6, 7-0 PACIS) travels to Raleigh Ravenscroft for a nonconference match on Tuesday.

WESTCHESTER DEF. SALEM WINSTON-SALEM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Westchester Country Day School finished its regular season on a high note, sweeping Salem Academy on Friday. Finishing 7-5 in the Triad Athletic Conference, the Wildcats earned the fifth seed for the conference tournament and will play at Elon Academy in a first-round game on Thursday.


FARMER â&#x20AC;&#x201C; When a team is playing on the road in a key conference game, turnovers and playing four solid quarters of football becomes even more paramount. Ledford failed on both fronts Friday night losing to Southwestern Randolph 34-18 at Ivey B. Luck Stadium. A solid first half by the Panthers only gave to way to two quarters of Ledford fumbles and big plays by the Cougars in the Mid-Piedmont 3A contest. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We played two and a half quarters of good football,â&#x20AC;? Ledford head coach Chris Adams said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We had a stretch where we turned the ball over and put the ball on the ground, and nothing good is going to come when you do that.â&#x20AC;? The Panthers did almost everything right in the first half to grab a 13-7 lead and then proceeded to do a lot of things wrong

in the decisive third quarter. After SWR reclaimed the lead on a 1-yard run from Matt Berry, Ledford fumbled the ensuing kickoff, putting the ball back in the Cougarsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; hands at the Panther 37. Thanks to two runs by Caleb Haywood, SWR had a 21-13 advantage. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We had a nice, gentle talk at haltime,â&#x20AC;? said SWR coach Martin Samek. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We made some adjustments and told the kids what we wanted them to do and what we expected out of them. We had a good second half.â&#x20AC;? Trailing by just a

touchdown, Ledford had a chance to answer but Duke Boger fumbled at his 16, giving SWR a very short field. The Panthers paid dearly as Butch Dunn connected with Dalton Fletcher on 16-yard touchdown pass, giving the Cougars 21 points in a span of 2:15. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We kept giving them a short field and they took advantage of it,â&#x20AC;? Adams said. â&#x20AC;?Defensively, we played lights out in the first half, we just need to learn how to carry it over to the second half. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re young and we showed a lot of improvement.â&#x20AC;?

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GREENVILLE â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Ruffin McNeill has seen some welcome signs of growth midway through his first season at East Carolina. The coach has also seen some significant struggles on defense that will likely plague the Pirates all season. When the Pirates face instate rival N.C. State today, McNeill knows he could see a little of both. East Carolina (3-2) has lost both nonconference games this season, watching both Virginia Tech and North Carolina pull away in the second half to turn close games into lopsided margins. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Anybody with Carolina in their name is a big rival to me,â&#x20AC;? said Pack defender J.R. Sweezy, a Mooresville native.



DURHAM (AP) â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Duke threw one last party to celebrate last seasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s national championship. Then the Blue Devils went to work on winning another one. Duke unveiled its fourth and most recent title banner Friday night during a ceremony as part of the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Countdown to Crazinessâ&#x20AC;? event to mark the start of preseason practice. Two of the key seniors from last springâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s run â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Jon Scheyer and Lance Thomas â&#x20AC;&#x201C; came back for the event. The players received their championship rings.

Gordon looks to end long losing streak

BOONE â&#x20AC;&#x201C; HPU junior Neal Darmody was the individual champion as the High Point University menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cross country team finished second in the Blue Ridge Open. Patrick Crawford finished sixth overall and was the third collegiate finisher. Darmody won with a career-best 8K time of 24:35.9. He ran in the top three for the whole race before taking the lead and holding it throughout the last mile. He was followed by three ZAP Fitness runners, including HPU graduate Cole Atkins, who finished fourth in 24:41.1. Kentuckyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Luis Orta placed fifth. Crawford was clocked at 24:57.5. Sophomore Jacob Smith placed 16th in 25:19.5 and freshman Jacob Roach placed 29th in 25:38.6. Sophomore Dakota Peachee was HPUâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fifth finisher in 34th overall at 25:45.1. Freshman John Yankello took 45th in 26:02.8 and junior Mike Ali placed 67th in 26:29.5. In the open 8K, HPU sophomore Jonathan Riley placed fourth with a time of 26:56.1, sophomore Anthony Kilar took 10th in 27:42.1 and sophomore Mike Peavey took 28th in 29:51.5. Appalachian State won with 59 points to edge High Pointâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 63. The Panthers were running without senior Jevin Monds, who sat out with a minor injury.

HPU VOLLEYBALL CONWAY, S.C. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The High Point University picked up a four-set Big South volleyball victory at Coastal Carolina on Friday to move to 12-10 (7-1 Big South). Handing the Chanticleers their first home loss of the season, the Panthers took the first two sets 25-17, 25-19

then loss the third 25-23 and came back to win the fourth 25-17. Megan Smith and Stephanie Wallin had 15 and 12 kills, respectively and Julie Hershkowitz (had a match-high 18 digs. Audie Gonzalez added 10 kills and 15 digs as well as five service aces. High Point had 14 aces as a team and hit over .400 in the first two sets led by Smith who hit .378 for the day with seven aces and six digs.

HPU WOMENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CROSS COUNTRY BOONE â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The High Point University womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cross country team placed sixth in the Blue Ridge Open on Friday. The Panthers were led for the third time by senior Emily Webb. Duke runners took the top three spots, led by Carly Seymour in 17:15.0, and the Blue Devils won the team title with 23 points. Appalachian State placed fifth with 194 and the Panthers took sixth with 198. Webb finished 35th overall in 18:37.5 and was followed by sophomore Kaylyn Peck in 42nd with a time of 18:44.8. Freshman Audrey Malloy finished 51st in 18:57.4 with sophomore Kelsey Hunt 58th in 19:01.5. Monica Delizo rounded out HPUâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s scoring, finishing 74th with a time of 19:12.4. HPU senior Brittany Killough ran unattached and finished 41st with a time of 18:44.0. She will be eligible to run for HPU at the Big South Championship. The Panthers had five runners in the open 5K. Sophomore Dani Paul led HPU in 11th with a time of 20:05.8 and was followed by Kelsey Fraser in 19th. Sophomore Emma Tobin took 20th, senior Dianna Bell took 22nd and junior Kelsey Hinchliffe placed 26th.

CHARLOTTE â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Burt Myers led all but one lap in winning the UNOH

Freshman trio could hold key for Packâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lowe RALEIGH (AP) â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Ryan Harrow knows N.C. State fans already have high expectations for three freshmen who have yet to play a college game. Coach Sidney Lowe is cautioning everyone from expecting too much right away from the newcomers on a team with plenty of experienced returnees. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not trying to put too much pressure on us,â&#x20AC;? Harrow said Friday during the teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s preseason media day. â&#x20AC;&#x153;What if we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t live up to everybodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s expectations and then everybody comes down on us? We are only freshmen, but I think weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re pretty good freshmen. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll just have to see how we do. Then, if we do well, then all of yâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;all can boost us up and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be great.â&#x20AC;? No one can blame N.C. Stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fans â&#x20AC;&#x201C; or Lowe â&#x20AC;&#x201C; for being excited about the potential of Harrow, C.J. Leslie and Lorenzo Brown. Harrow brings a talent lacking at point guard in Loweâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first four seasons, Leslie is an athletic big man and Brown is a guard who figures to be physically ready for significant minutes after spending last season at prep school as an academic nonqualifier. That group could hold the key to whether Lowe ends up in the NCAA tournament or out of a job.

Southern Slam 150 late Thursday night and leapfrogged three title contenders to claim the NASCAR Whelen South-

ern Modified Tour championship. Myers entered the final race fourth in points and trailing firstplace James Civali by 41.

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Keselowski pulled away from Martin Truex Jr. on a late restart at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Friday night for his fifth win of the

CONCORD (AP) â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Brad Keselowski, and then thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the rest of the field in this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nationwide Series standings.

Myers wins, takes Southern Modified crown SPECIAL TO THE ENTERPRISE

Sprint Cup championship. Tonight marks the halfway point in the Chase, and Gordon goes into the race ranked fourth in the standings. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 85 points behind Jimmie Johnson, the four-time defending series champion.

Keselowski races to fifth Nationwide win of season

HPUâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Darmody prevails in cross country ENTERPRISE STAFF REPORTS

to snap that 59-race drought tonight at Charlotte, where he has five career wins, but only one since 1999. It was Gordonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first pole of the year and a breakthrough victory this weekend would bolster his chance of winning the Chase for the

CONCORD (AP) â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Jeff Gordon earned the first of his 82 victories at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Now, 16 years later, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stuck in the longest losing streak of his career. But his pole-winning run has him in strong position

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GREENSBORO (AP) â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The athletics director at North Carolina A&T is out of a job following release of an autopsy report on the death of a track and field prospect. A&T Chancellor Harold L. Martin announced the firing of athletics director Wheeler Brown at a news conference Friday. The report showed that student Jospin â&#x20AC;&#x153;Andreâ&#x20AC;? Milandu died at a tryout Aug. 19 of complications of sickle cell trait. Martin said last month the tryout supervised by the retiring track coach wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t approved and none of the 29 participants had a physical on file, which violates NCAA policy. The exam could have detected if Milandu had the trait. Martin said Deborah Callaway, special assistant to the chancellor, will oversee the athletics department until an interim director is named.

season, extending his series lead to 450 points. Keselowski shot ahead of Truex Jr. when the green flag fell with eight laps left.



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Saturday October 16, 2010

DOW JONES 11,062.78 -31.79

NASDAQ 2,468.77 +33.39

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Bernanke: Weak economy, not skills, affecting jobs WASHINGTON (AP) – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Friday gave an endorsement to one side in a debate among economists about why the unemployment rate is so high. Bernanke agreed with those who see the problem being more tied to a weak economy, and less so to workers lacking the necessary skills for jobs that are available. That assessment is a big reason why the Fed is widely expected to take more steps soon to stimulate economic growth. The “bulk of the increase in unemployment is attributable to the sharp contraction in economy activity ... rather than to structural factors,” Bernanke said during a speech in Boston on Friday.



Credit card defaults dropped in September NEW YORK – Default rates on credit cards are mostly down in September, but improvements in late payments slowed for most of the major card issuers. American Express, Discover, Chase, Bank of America and Citibank all said Friday that September charge-offs fell to the lowest points this year. Citi and Bank of America showed the most improvement over the month.

Pump prices may retreat soon There was good news and bad news in energy prices this week. While drivers paid more to fill their tanks than they did a year ago, some analysts think it shouldn’t be long before gas is cheaper again. The national average for a gallon of regular gasoline was $2.833 on Friday. That’s about a nickel more than a week ago, according to AAA. A weaker dollar has kept crude hovering between $81 and $83 a barrel this month, which is translating into higher prices at the pump. Benchmark oil lost $1.44 to settle at $81.25 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Administration delays China currency report WASHINGTON – The Obama administration announced Friday it will delay a scheduled report on whether China is manipulating its currency to gain trade advantages until after upcoming meetings with world leaders next month. Instead of putting out a report, the Treasury Department issued a statement praising China for letting the yuan appreciate by roughly 3 percent since June 19. ENTERPRISE NEWS SERVICE REPORTS


It’s an important debate because its implications affect most Americans. The Federal Reserve can take action to boost a weak economy and bring down unemployment. But if the problems are more associated with mismatched skills, or other so-called “structural reasons,” then there’s less policymakers can do. Not all Fed policymakers agree with Bernanke’s assessment. Narayana Kocherlakota, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, pointed out in a speech in August that job openings have increased steadily in the past year, but the unemployment rate hasn’t come down. It is currently at 9.6 percent. “Firms have jobs, but can’t find appropriate work-

ers,” he said. “The workers want to work, but can’t find appropriate jobs.”

Fed wrestles with size of bond purchase WASHINGTON (AP) – The Federal Reserve is prepared to take further steps to rejuvenate the economy by buying Treasury bonds but is wrestling with how big the program should be, Chairman Ben Bernanke said Friday. Those Treasury purchases would inject many more dollars into the financial system. And that poses a longer-term risk: High inflation. Fed policymakers are widely expected to announce a Treasury-buying program at their next meeting Nov. 2-3.

Mortgage fears dragging bank stocks down WASHINGTON (AP) – Lurking mortgage problems left over from the collapse of the housing market sent bank stocks tumbling for a second day Friday and the cost of buying protection for bank debt, now perceived to carry new risks, climbed steadily higher. Bank of America Corp.’s stock hit a 52week low and Wells Fargo & Co. tumbled nearly 5 percent. Shares of JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc. and other major mortgage players slid as well. The big banks had recovered strongly from the crisis that ensued when home loans began to sour during the real estate bust that started in 2007. But recent revelations about mortgage fraud

and flawed foreclosure paperwork fueled doubts about the health of major banks and the how quickly they will be able to put the mortgage mess behind them. Standard & Poor’s downgraded Bank of America stock to “Hold” from “Strong Buy” Friday. S&P analysts said the nation’s biggest bank may not have set aside enough cash to cover losses on fraudulent loans that were resold to investors. They also are concerned about costly legal bills after the bank agreed to review paperwork for thousands of foreclosures that may have been done improperly. The same issues drove higher the cost of insuring the debt issued by banks.

Federal deficit hits $1.3 trillion WASHINGTON (AP) – The Obama administration said Friday the federal deficit hit a near-record $1.3 trillion for the justcompleted budget year. That means the government had to borrow 37 cents out of every dollar it spent as tax revenues continued to lag while spending on food stamps and unemployment benefits went up as joblessness neared double-digit levels in a struggling economy. The deficit was $122 billion less than last year, a modest improvement. Republicans are slam-

ming Democrats for votes on President Obama’s $814 billion economic stimulus last year and on former President George W. Bush’s $700 billion bailout of Wall Street. Outside of the bailout, the federal budget went up by 9 percent in the 2010 budget year to $3.5 trillion, the Congressional Budget Office reported last week. Food stamp payments rose 27 percent as record numbers of people took advantage of the programs, while unemployment benefits rose 34 percent as Congress extended benefits for the long-term jobless.


50-day Average


- 0.06%




- 0.24%




- 0.18%




- 0.37%




- 0.60%












- 0.12%








- 0.07%




- 0.12%








- 0.22%




- 0.39%




- 0.07

- 0.07%








200-day Average





- 0.47%



FIDELITY FREEDOM 2020 FUND 13.48 - 0.02

- 0.15%





















- 0.53%




- 0.17%




- 0.17%




- 0.17%












- 0.36%



















- 0.28%




- 0.51%








- 0.26%




- 0.25%




Dow falls; Google boosts Nasdaq NEW YORK (AP) – Google’s upbeat earnings report sent technology stocks higher Friday, while the rest of the stock market lagged on concerns about banks’ foreclosure problems. The tech-focused Nasdaq composite index rose more than 1 percent with a boost from Google Inc.’s 11 percent gain. While all three major market indexes rose for the week, the Nasdaq’s 2.7 percent jump more than doubled the performance of other measures. Stocks across the board initially rose after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke reiterated that the central bank is ready to do more to stimulate the economy. But that burst of optimism couldn’t fully overcome worries about how banks like Bank of America Corp. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. handled the foreclosure process on mortgages. Both banks, along with General Electric Co., were the primary culprits in sending the Dow Jones industrial average down more than 30 points. “The market is not going to continue to rally if financials accelerate to the downside,” said Maier Tarlow, a managing director at Raven Securities. “It’s a major roadblock.” Stocks have been rallying in recent weeks in anticipation the Fed would announce a firm plan at its next meeting, which ends Nov. 3.



AT&T Aetna Alcatel-Lucent Alcoa Allstate AmEx AIG Ameriprisel Analog Devices Aon Corp. Apple Avon BB&T Corp. BNC Bancorp BP Bank of America Bassett Furniture Best Buy Boeing CBL & Asso. CSX Corp. CVS Caremark Capital One Caterpillar Inc. Chevron Corp. Cisco Systems Inc. Citigroup Coca-Cola Colgate-Palmolive Colonial Prop. Comcast Corp. Corning Inc. Culp Inc. Daimler AG Deere & Co. Dell Inc. Dillard’s Inc. Walt Disney Co. Duke Energy Corp Exxon Mobil Corp FNB United Corp. FedEx Corp. First Citizens Bank of NC Ford Fortune Brands Furniture Brands Gap Inc. General Dynamics General Electric GlaxoSmithKline Google Hanesbrands Harley-Davidson Hewlett-Packard Home Depot Hooker Furniture Intel IBM JP Morgan Chase Kellogg Kimberly-Clark Krispy Kreme La-Z-Boy LabCorp Lance


T 28.33 31.74 AET ALU 3.67 AA 13.13 ALL 32.43 AXP 39.09 AIG 41.47 AMP 49.93 ADI 31.67 AON 39.46 AAPL 314.74 AVP 34.86 BBT 22.64 BNCN 9.92 BP 40.62 BAC 11.98 BSET 4.91 BBY 42.15 BA 70.11 CBL 14.68 CSX 59.54 CVS 31.31 COF 36.86 CAT 79.75 CVX 83.61 CSCO 23.36 C 3.95 KO 59.94 CL 75.89 CLP 17.33 CMCSK 17.87 GLW 18.78 CFI 10.34 DDAIF.PK 66.85 DE 76.16 DELL 14.49 DDS 26.66 DIS 34.88 DUK 17.59 XOM 65.19 FNBN 0.58 FDX 89.62 FCNCA 186.95 F 13.8 FO 56.13 FBN 5.98 GPS 19.52 GD 63.93 GE 16.3 GSK 41.53 GOOG 601.45 HBI 27.63 HOG 32.3 HPQ 42.82 HD 30.7 HOFT 11.52 INTC 19.32 IBM 141.06 JPM 37.15 K 50.08 KMB 66.38 KKD 5.11 LZB 8.7 LH 79.12 LNCE 22.4

Chg. -0.17 0.16 0 0 -0.24 -0.35 -0.47 -0.31 0.25 -0.03 12.43 -0.02 -0.24 0.03 -0.4 -0.62 -0.09 1.17 -1.25 0.24 -0.39 0.06 -3.03 -0.16 -0.29 0.29 -0.11 0.03 0.05 -0.1 0.49 0.39 -0.01 0.25 1.07 0.22 0.1 0.03 0.01 -0.11 0.05 0.23 -2.8 -0.11 -0.11 0.19 0.46 0.76 -0.86 -0.12 60.52 0.08 0.32 0.69 -0.11 -0.06 0 -0.44 -1.57 -0.29 -0.06 -0.08 0.06 0.14 -0.31

High 28.71 32.06 3.7 13.29 32.97 39.8 42.36 50.73 31.84 39.73 315 35.26 23.02 9.92 41.11 12.68 5.01 42.36 71.9 14.75 60.64 31.56 40.25 80.47 84.54 23.4 4.11 59.98 76.38 17.58 17.91 18.83 10.57 67.34 76.31 14.52 27.05 35.15 17.71 65.65 0.58 90.5 192.65 14.04 56.9 6.14 19.77 64.05 16.79 41.78 601.64 27.84 32.65 42.84 31.08 11.81 19.47 142.1 38.94 50.75 66.72 5.25 8.87 79.89 23.03

Low 28.2 31.54 3.65 12.77 32.32 39.03 40.82 49.63 31.28 39.25 304.91 34.63 22.24 9.86 40.4 11.74 4.88 41 70.05 14.43 59.16 31.15 36.5 79 83.12 23 3.91 59.74 75.59 17.08 17.36 18.49 10.1 66.11 75.27 14.1 26.4 34.56 17.51 64.82 0.53 88.65 186.95 13.61 55.69 5.74 19.05 62.9 16.15 41.21 591.6 27.28 31.68 42.12 30.42 11.44 19.2 140.54 36.54 49.94 66.27 5.1 8.53 78.82 22.4







Legg Mason Leggett & Platt Lincoln National Lowe’s McDonald’s Merck MetLife Microsoft Mohawk Industries Morgan Stanley Motorola NCR Corp. New York Times Co. NewBridge Bancorp Norfolk Southern Novartis AG Nucor Old Dominion Office Depot PPG Industries Panera Bread The Pantry J.C. Penney Pfizer Pepsico Piedmont Nat.Gas Polo Ralph Lauren Procter & Gamble Progress Energy Qualcomm Quest Capital RF Micro Devices Red Hat Reynolds American RBC Ruddick Corp. SCM Micro Sara Lee Sealy Sears Sherwin-Williams Southern Company Spectra Energy Sprint Nextel Standard Micro Starbucks Steelcase Inc. SunTrust Banks Syngenta AG Tanger Targacept Inc. Target 3M Co. Time Warner US Airways Unifi Inc. UPS Inc. VF Corp. Valspar Verizon Vodafone Vulcan Materials Wal-Mart Wells Fargo Yahoo Inc.


30.95 23.8 25.09 21.56 77.48 36.95 39.22 25.54 55.05 25.02 7.95 14.27 8.28 3.64 61.51 59.02 39.25 25.93 4.86 76.77 92.03 22.51 33.87 17.75 66.68 29.5 95.27 62.76 44.7 44.79 0 6.58 40.4 61.77 54.83 34.94 2.16 14.87 2.73 74.9 72 37.68 23.6 4.59 24.09 27.54 8.53 24.38 57 47.46 22.98 54.33 89.14 31.79 9.7 4.33 69.31 85.97 32.02 32.43 26.92 36.53 53.35 23.58 16.25

-0.28 0.01 -0.18 -0.12 0.44 -0.2 -0.42 0.31 -0.33 -0.42 -0.01 0.05 -0.21 0.03 -0.27 -0.27 -0.39 0.11 -0.08 0.44 0.29 -0.32 0.77 0.09 0.04 0.11 1.2 -0.04 0.44 -0.25 N/A 0 0.73 1.8 0.01 -0.2 -0.09 0.06 0 1.11 -1.11 0.13 0.09 0.03 0.07 0.12 -0.07 -1.2 -0.25 -0.14 0.32 0.26 0.07 0.38 -0.08 -0.06 -0.09 0.03 0.04 -0.01 0.16 0.1 0.1 -1.14 0.32

31.61 24.04 25.65 21.89 77.77 37.44 40.08 25.55 56.22 25.61 8.08 14.4 8.62 3.74 62.27 59.62 40 26.18 5.01 77.34 92.29 23 33.92 17.85 67 29.73 95.66 63 44.75 45.51 N/A 6.73 40.51 61.82 55.31 35.52 2.3 14.97 2.79 76.36 73.64 37.79 23.78 4.6 24.36 27.6 8.71 25.9 57.2 47.94 23.15 54.59 89.89 31.82 9.88 4.4 69.91 86.77 32.24 32.8 27.03 36.82 53.58 25 16.73

30.72 23.61 24.79 21.28 76.93 36.76 38.26 25.23 54.75 24.87 7.9 14.1 8.25 3.5 61.05 58.91 38.87 25.67 4.74 75.83 91.18 22.48 32.59 17.62 66.46 29.43 93.9 62.55 44.41 44.49 N/A 6.48 39.56 60.6 54.26 34.87 2.11 14.68 2.71 73.11 71.88 37.51 23.42 4.49 23.83 27.17 8.4 24.19 56.34 47.3 22.52 53.97 88.37 31.23 9.68 4.25 69 85.4 31.8 32.17 26.7 36.11 53.02 23.37 15.9

METALS PRICING NEW YORK (AP) — Spot nonferrous metal prices Friday. Aluminum -$1.0893 per lb., London Metal Exch. Copper -$3.8153 Cathode full plate, LME. Copper $3.8345 N.Y. Merc spot Fri. Lead - $2401.00 metric ton, London Metal Exch. Zinc - $1.0877 per lb., London Metal Exch. Gold - $1367.50 Handy & Harman (only daily quote). Gold - $1371.10 troy oz., NY Merc spot Fri. Silver - $24.315 Handy & Harman (only daily quote). Silver - $24.272 troy oz., N.Y. Merc spot Fri. Platinum -$1696.00 troy oz., N.Y. (contract). Platinum -$1691.10 troy oz., N.Y. Merc spot Fri.

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at 888-3511


High Point Enterprise Weather Today






Mostly Sunny






Kernersville Winston-Salem 68/42 68/42 Jamestown 68/42 High Point 68/42 Archdale Thomasville 68/42 68/42 Trinity Lexington 68/42 Randleman 68/42 68/42

Partly Cloudy

Mostly Sunny


Local Area Forecast




North Carolina State Forecast

Elizabeth City 69/45

Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.

Asheville 66/33

High Point 68/42

Denton 68/42

Greenville 69/44 Cape Raleigh Hatteras 69/43 66/49

Charlotte 71/41


Wilmington 70/49 Today


Hi/Lo Wx

Hi/Lo Wx

ALBEMARLE . . . . . .69/42 BREVARD . . . . . . . . .70/35 CAPE FEAR . . . . . . .70/49 EMERALD ISLE . . . .69/51 FORT BRAGG . . . . . .70/44 GRANDFATHER MTN . .53/37 GREENVILLE . . . . . .69/44 HENDERSONVILLE .68/35 JACKSONVILLE . . . .69/40 KINSTON . . . . . . . . . .70/43 KITTY HAWK . . . . . . .68/58 MOUNT MITCHELL . .62/33 ROANOKE RAPIDS .67/43 SOUTHERN PINES . .70/42 WILLIAMSTON . . . . .69/43 YANCEYVILLE . . . . .69/42 ZEBULON . . . . . . . . .69/42

s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s

79/47 75/41 75/55 74/57 77/50 60/41 74/51 74/42 76/53 75/50 70/60 69/38 75/47 77/49 74/51 74/48 76/48

s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s

Weather (Wx): cl/cloudy; fl/flurries; pc/partly cloudy; ra/rain; rs/rain & snow; s/sunny; sh/showers; sn/snow; t/thunderstorms; w/windy


Hi/Lo Wx

ALBUQUERQUE . . ATLANTA . . . . . . . BOISE . . . . . . . . . . BOSTON . . . . . . . . CHARLESTON, SC CHARLESTON, WV CINCINNATI . . . . . CHICAGO . . . . . . . CLEVELAND . . . . . DALLAS . . . . . . . . DETROIT . . . . . . . . DENVER . . . . . . . . GREENSBORO . . . GRAND RAPIDS . . HOUSTON . . . . . . . HONOLULU . . . . . . KANSAS CITY . . . . NEW ORLEANS . .

. . . . .

.76/45 .74/42 .70/42 .59/43 .74/48 . .66/47 . .66/43 . .68/49 . .61/45 . .87/56 . .63/46 . .67/44 . .68/42 . .64/42 . .85/57 . .86/71 . .79/47 . .78/61

s s s mc s s s s s s s s s s s s s s



Hi/Lo Wx


75/44 78/45 63/38 61/42 79/53 70/50 69/43 61/50 60/44 86/61 58/44 77/45 76/48 59/40 85/60 86/70 73/52 80/63

LAS VEGAS . . . . . . .90/69 LOS ANGELES . . . . .75/57 MEMPHIS . . . . . . . . .78/53 MIAMI . . . . . . . . . . . .83/69 MINNEAPOLIS . . . . . .65/37 MYRTLE BEACH . . . .71/49 NEW YORK . . . . . . . .62/46 ORLANDO . . . . . . . . .82/59 PHOENIX . . . . . . . . . .94/69 PITTSBURGH . . . . . .60/42 PHILADELPHIA . . . . .62/45 PROVIDENCE . . . . . .58/40 SAN FRANCISCO . . .71/55 ST. LOUIS . . . . . . . . .77/51 SEATTLE . . . . . . . . . .57/47 TULSA . . . . . . . . . . . .85/52 WASHINGTON, DC . .66/47 WICHITA . . . . . . . . . .85/54

s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s


Hi/Lo Wx

Hi/Lo Wx

pc sh s s s s cl ra pc s

86/76 50/41 100/71 64/46 62/44 87/71 64/50 47/33 67/48 88/70

pc pc s sh pc s sh sh s s


Hi/Lo Wx


COPENHAGEN . . . . .46/33 GENEVA . . . . . . . . . .50/39 GUANGZHOU . . . . . .87/73 GUATEMALA . . . . . .73/57 HANOI . . . . . . . . . . . .82/73 HONG KONG . . . . . . . .84/77 KABUL . . . . . . . . . . .83/53 LONDON . . . . . . . . . .55/43 MOSCOW . . . . . . . . .39/29 NASSAU . . . . . . . . . .83/75

s ra s t t t s ra pc sh


s s s s s s mc s s s s mc pc s s s s s


Hi/Lo Wx


49/35 47/39 88/73 74/58 84/74 86/69 82/55 53/42 40/30 83/73

PARIS . . . . . . . . . . . .56/42 ROME . . . . . . . . . . . .72/57 SAO PAULO . . . . . . .77/65 SEOUL . . . . . . . . . . .65/46 SINGAPORE . . . . . . .90/78 STOCKHOLM . . . . . . .42/31 SYDNEY . . . . . . . . . .61/52 TEHRAN . . . . . . . . . .86/66 TOKYO . . . . . . . . . . .74/65 ZURICH . . . . . . . . . . .45/41

s sh s t t s s s sn sh



Is your hearing current? 211 W. Lexington Avenue, Suite 104 High Point, NC


. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

.7:27 .6:43 .3:23 .1:31

UV Index a.m. p.m. p.m. a.m.

UV Index for 3 periods of the day.

8 a.m. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Noon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 4 p.m. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 0-2: Low The higher the UV 3-5: Moderate index, the higher the 6-7: High need for eye and 8-10: Very High skin protection. 11+: Extreme

Hi/Lo Wx 86/62 73/56 83/56 84/72 58/39 76/55 65/47 84/60 91/66 63/41 67/47 61/40 65/54 73/51 60/46 83/55 70/50 80/53

s pc s s s s s s s s s s pc s s s s s

Full Last 10/22 10/30

New First 11/5 11/13

Lake Levels & River Stages Lake and river levels are in feet. Change is over the past 24 hrs. Flood Pool Current Level Change High Rock Lake 655.2 653.5 -0.1 Badin Lake 541.1 540.0 +0.1 Flood Stage Current Level Change Yadkin College 18.0 0.94 +0.09 Elkin 16.0 1.27 +0.01 Wilkesboro 14.0 2.13 +0.01 High Point 10.0 3.10 +2.51 Ramseur 20.0 0.62 -0.28

sizing its finance unit, GE Capital, which accounted for more than half of GE’s profit in 2006 during a boom in financial services, but recorded billions in write-offs when the economy went into recession. Instead, it’s focusing on making products ranging from wind and natural gas turbines to sonogram machines to energy-efficient appliances. So far the results are mixed. While GE has struggled to grow sales, its order book is showing signs of life.

L^aY=di9d\ ah dc ^ ah HeZX^V LZYcZhYVn

CEO Jeffrey Immelt said both equipment and service orders increased for the first time in two years. That led him to forecast better results and increased dividends in 2011. Immelt told analysts that he sees “a slow recovery in a few areas” of GE’s diverse industrial operations. GE has been looking to grow its core businesses of energy infrastructure, health care and aerospace and Immelt said GE will continue to search for acquisitions.

Reg. all beef hot dog, homemade chili and coleslaw, potato salad or chips and drink

Today: Low


Hi/Lo Wx

GE profit drops 18 percent NEW YORK (AP) – General Electric’s return to its roots as an industrial company continues to proceed unevenly. The industrial and financial giant said Friday that sales of industrial equipment - everything from wind turbines to jet engines to locomotives - lagged in the third quarter. Revenue of $35.9 billion was about $1.7 billion shy of Wall Street estimates and investors drove the stock down more than 4 percent. GE has been de-empha-

. . . .

Pollen Forecast


ACAPULCO . . . . . . . .87/76 AMSTERDAM . . . . . .51/42 BAGHDAD . . . . . . . .99/74 BARCELONA . . . . . .67/50 BEIJING . . . . . . . . . .66/44 BEIRUT . . . . . . . . . . . . .91/74 BOGOTA . . . . . . . . . .62/49 BERLIN . . . . . . . . . . .45/36 BUENOS AIRES . . . .66/48 CAIRO . . . . . . . . . . . .91/72

Statistics through 6 p.m. yesterday at Greensboro


Hi/Lo Wx

Around The World City

24 hours through 6 p.m. . . . . . . .0.00" Month to Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0.52" Normal Month to Date . . . . . . . . .1.70" Year to Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37.60" Normal Year to Date . . . . . . . . .35.55" Record Precipitation . . . . . . . . . .6.24"

Sunrise . . Sunset . . Moonrise Moonset .

Across The Nation City

Precipitation (Yesterday)

High . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71 Low . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 Normal High . . . . . . . . . . . .70 Normal Low . . . . . . . . . . . .48 Last Year’s High . . . . . . . .53 Last Year’s Low . . . . . . . . .43 Record High . . . . .87 in 1985 Record Low . . . . . .29 in 1937

Sun and Moon

Around Our State City

Temperatures (Yesterday)

ra pc t s t s pc s pc ra

Hi/Lo Wx 53/35 69/54 70/60 60/43 89/78 44/31 69/49 84/66 72/62 43/38

pc pc t s t s s s mc ra

Pollen Rating Scale



Air Quality

Predominant Types: Weeds

100 75 50



0 0

Today: 38 (Good) 0-50: 51-100: 101-150:


10 Grasses


0: Absent, 1-25: Low, 26-50: Moderate, 51-75: High, >75: Very High

151-200: 201-300: 301-500:

Good Moderate Unhealthy (sensitive) Unhealthy Very Unhealthy Hazardous

Air quality data is provided by the Forsyth County Environmental Affairs Department.


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Teen who killed brother gets life in prison RISING SUN, Ind. (AP) – An Indiana teenager who told his girlfriend a few weeks before he strangled his 10-year-old brother that he wanted to be just like a fictional TV serial killer was sentenced Friday to life in prison without parole. Andrew Conley, 18, bowed his head silently, and members of the courtroom audi-

Conley unexpectedly pleaded guilty last month. ence gasped as Ohio Circuit Judge James Humphrey methodically read from a written sentencing order. Conley unexpectedly pleaded guilty last month to the Nov. 28 murder of his brother, Conner, averting a trial and setting off a five-day hearing in the small Ohio River town of Rising Sun. “He deserved life, and that’s what he got,” said Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard. Conley couldn’t face the death penalty because

he was only 17 when the murder occurred. “He knew this could happen,” said defense attorney Gary Sorge, who had argued that Conley deserved leniency because he was seriously mentally ill. “He knew he was going to be locked up for years and years and years.” The judge found that Conner’s age at the time of his death “far outweighed” any arguments in favor of leniency. The teenager told police he choked his brother while they were wrestling until the boy passed out. He said he then dragged his brother into the kitchen, put on gloves and continued strangling him for at least 20 minutes. He then wrapped the boy’s head in two plastic bags. A coroner testified that Conner may have still been alive for minutes or hours after that point, Humphrey noted, but the bags helped suffocate him, and Conley repeatedly banged the boy’s head on the ground before loading him in the trunk of his car to make sure he was dead.

No increase for Social Security next year


Andrew Conley, 18, is led away from the Ohio County Courthouse in shackles after being sentenced to life in prison without parole in Rising Sun, Ind. Friday. Conley was convicted for the strangulation and murder of his younger brother, Conner Conley, 10, last November in Rising Sun.

Army won’t seek death in Afghan killings case SEATTLE (AP) – A U.S. soldier who told investigators in horrifying detail that he and other members of his unit executed three civilians in Afghanistan for sport will not face the death penalty if convicted, the Army said Friday. Spc. Jeremy Morlock, of Wasilla, Alaska, is one of five defendants charged with murder and conspiracy in the deaths this year. Much of the Army’s case is based on extensive statements Morlock gave

des c ribing the killings . Last month, an investigating officer at Joint Base Lewis-McChord south of Seattle held a preliminary hearing in Morlock’s case and recommended it proceed to a court martial. The Army announced Friday Morlock that a court martial would be scheduled, though no timeframe was given,

and that Morlock would face a maximum penalty of life in prison if convicted. Neither announcement was a surprise. The military hasn’t executed anyone since 1961, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. Morlock, 22, cooperated with investigators and his lawyer said he suffered from repeat concussions from explosions in Afghanistan, both factors that could weigh against seeking execution.

Slow fast-food deal

More Gulf waters reopen

Vermont man’s 3-year lawsuit claiming condom in ‘Whopper’ is dropped MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) – A former Vermont man who claimed he bit into a Burger King sandwich and found an unwrapped condom has dropped his lawsuit, with the restaurant agreeing to drop its counterclaim. The man and the store’s owners agreed to pay their own legal costs. The plaintiff’s attorney, Devin McLaughlin, said Friday that the details of the settlement are confidential and won’t be disclosed, but the owneroperator of the Rutland restaurant says forensic

analysis of the object and surveillance video prove it didn’t originate in the Burger King. “That was, from our side, pretty conclusive,” said Joseph Zirkman, vice president and general counsel for Carrols Restaurant Group Inc., of Syracuse, N.Y. “They agreed to drop their claim and we agreed to drop our counterclaim. The parties agreed to pay their own legal costs, so you can draw your own conclusions.” In 2007, Van Miguel Hartless sued the store’s owners, who denied the claim

and filed a countersuit. At the time, Hartless was a student at Green Mountain College. He claimed he bit into a Southwestern Whopper and found a condom, which he said caused him “sustained pain and suffering, vomiting, nightmares, mental and emotional distress” and medical expenses. He couldn’t be reached for comment Friday. He has since moved to El Paso, Texas, and efforts to reach him by telephone were unsuccessful Friday.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Another year without an increase in Social Security retirement and disability benefits is creating a political backlash that has President Barack Obama and Democrats pushing to give a $250 bonus to each of the program’s 58 million recipients. The Social Security Administration said Friday inflation has been too low since the last increase in 2009 to warrant a raise for 2011. The announcement marks only the second year without an increase since automatic adjustments for inflation were adopted in 1975. This year was the first. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised to schedule a vote after the Nov. 2 election on a bill to provide one-time $250 payments to Social Security recipients. Obama endorsed the payment, which would be similar to one included in his economic recovery package last year. Obama had pushed for a second payment last fall, but the proposal failed in the Senate when a dozen Democrats joined Republicans on a procedural vote to block it. Michael Steel, a spokesman for House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio, said that if Democrats were serious about a bonus, they would have voted on it before lawmakers went home to campaign for re-election. Barbara Kennelly, a former Democratic congresswoman from Connecticut, applauded Pelosi’s promise to vote on the payments.


In this Dec. 6, 2007 file photo, Van Miguel Hartless, of Fair Haven, Vt., looks at the Burger King sandwich he claims contained an unwrapped condom in it. He dropped his lawsuit after three years.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) – Nearly 6,900 square miles of Gulf waters south of the Florida Panhandle have reopened to commercial and recreational fishing after the end of the oil spill crisis offshore. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin-

Many human bones found at Arizona cemetery pits

Fish from those waters tested clean of oil and was found safe to eat.

laws were broken, even though they found the discovery disturbing. “It goes against, ethically, of what you think should be done with remains of humans,” Reyna said. But Alexander Estrada, compliance administrator for the Arizona Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers, said a regulatory investigation will be conducted to determine if the cremations were handled properly.

istration announced the reopening Friday of those Gulf of Mexico waters, 29 percent of those that had remained closed. NOAA says scientists reported the last oil sheen in that area in mid-July and found fish from those waters testing clean of oil and safe to eat. The area is about 220 miles south of the Florida Panhandle and about 130 miles southeast of the now-capped well.

PHOENIX (AP) – State regulators said Friday they will investigate whether countless partially cremated human bones found in uncovered pits in a southern Arizona cemetery were handled properly by a business that was contracted to dispose of the remains for a medical research company. A visitor to the Memory Gardens Cemetery in Bisbee contacted authorities after discovering

the two pits while looking for a friend’s headstone. The pits contained a swath of fragments from skulls, ribs, femurs and other remains, some with artificial knees and hips still attached. They were so large, it took several tarps to cover each of them while investigators examined the scene. Sgt. Benjamin Reyna of the Bisbee Police Department said authorities have concluded no

After a cremation is conducted, bone fragments and other hard remains are to be pulverized into ash, Estrada said. Police said Paul Parker, owner of the cemetery and the cremation business, told authorities he had been disposing of remains from medical researchers in his cemetery for five years. Messages left for Parker weren’t immediately returned Friday. But Parker’s wife, Virginia Park-

er, told The Associated Press the pits were part of a “scattering grounds” for remains located 100 yards from graves. “It’s in a separate area, and it’s not in the cemetery proper where the graves are,” she said in a telephone interview. Virginia Parker said the scattering grounds are where remains from donors are kept when their families don’t want them returned.


Lincoln Center says 2nd venue has bugs



Minnelli cancels performances due to illness LOS ANGELES â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Liza Minnelli is canceling seven upcoming performances because she has bronchial pneumonia. Minnelli released a statement Thursday through her publicist saying she was ordered by her doctor to cancel the shows. In her statement, she says performing live is her passion and sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;greatly disappointedâ&#x20AC;? that she had to cancel the tour dates. The canceled performances include an Oct. 15 concert in Spokane, Wash.; Minnelli an Oct. 22 show in Appleton, Wis.; and an Oct. 29 appearance in Joliet, Ill. She also will miss shows in Indiana, Massachusetts and Tennessee. The entertainer says sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be back on stage Nov. 20.

NEW YORK (AP) â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nothing to sing about. Lincoln Center says it has detected bedbugs at the complexâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s opera house. But thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s some good news: theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not in any public areas. New York Cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s preeminent performing arts center had earlier reported that the pesky bugs were detected in a dressing room of its David H. Koch Theater. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the home of the New York City Ballet and the New York City Opera. That led the Metropolitan Opera to conduct a check. It found bedbugs in some isolated areas


As bedbugs relentlessly re-enter American life, and we learn how little we can do to stop them, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s increasingly important to know how to avoid them and how to cope if they work their way into our homes and belongings. but not in any public areas. The Met says that thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no infestation

and that the areas were being treated Friday. Bedbugs have been discovered in cloth-

Judge: 2 weeks for home invasion punishment phase FILE | AP

Grammy award-winning artist Clifford â&#x20AC;&#x153;T.I.â&#x20AC;? Harris (left) speaks with media with his wife Tameka â&#x20AC;&#x153;Tinyâ&#x20AC;? Harris.

T.I. headed back to prison for 11 months ATLANTA â&#x20AC;&#x201C; A federal judge revoked rapper T.I.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s probation Friday and ordered him back to prison for 11 months, according to a spokesman for the U.S. attorneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s office. The Atlanta native, whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., was in federal court here following his arrest last month in Los Angeles on suspicion of drug possession. He was on probation after serving 10 months behind bars on federal weapons charges. During the hearing, T.I. begged U.S. District Judge Charles Pannell Jr. not to send him back to prison, saying he needed to get help for drug addiction. He told the judge he â&#x20AC;&#x153;screwed upâ&#x20AC;? and pleaded for mercy.

Leif Garrett enters plea in heroin case LOS ANGELES â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Former teen heartthrob Leif Garrett pleaded no contest Friday to heroin possession in Los Angeles and will enter a drug rehab program. Garrett, 48, was arrested in February after authorities found him carrying heroin in a Los Angeles subway station. He has had a series of drug arrests since the height of his popularity in the 1970s. Garrett The case could be dismissed if Garrett completes the terms of the treatment program within 18 months.

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) â&#x20AC;&#x201C; A judge has set court sessions over two weeks for presenting evidence to a jury that will decide life-or-death punishment for a man convicted in three home invasion killings. New Haven Superior Court Judge Jon Blue said at a hearing Friday he expects the jury could begin deliberations on punishment for Steven Hayes by Nov. 1. Blue said evidence will

be presented Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the coming week. He tentaHayes tively set other sessions for Oct. 25 through Oct. 28. Final arguments are expected Oct. 29. Hayes was convicted last week of 16 counts for the 2007 killings of a woman and her two

Dr. Robert Crawford and Dr. Julian Busby


91/'0#0&/'0 9'.%1/'

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daughters in Cheshire. The same jury will now consider aggravating and mitigating factors to determine whether he should receive a death sentence. Earlier in the day, Blue rejected a request by prosecutors seeking statements Hayes made to a psychiatrist hired by his defense. Blue said the requirements for the defense to disclose material to prosecutors is limited.

ing stores, office buildings, housing projects and posh apartments throughout the city.


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Meet Ashley, a recent graduate of GTCC who is now pursuing degree in Healthcare Management from Gardner Webb University. Ashley, who grew up in High Point, was one of the first kids to attend the Southside unit of the Boys & Girls Clubs when it opened its doors in 1995. She was eight years old, and the Boys & Girls Clubs became her second home. Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s come full circle now -- as an employee of the Southside Boys & Girls Clubs! â&#x20AC;&#x153;When I was growing up, the Boys & Girls Clubs was an escape from the negative influences of my neighborhood,â&#x20AC;? she says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;My experiences have taught me so much and opened my eyes to a bigger world.â&#x20AC;? And Ashley, who aspires to open a Teen Resource Center one day, also says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;So many of my friends who didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t participate at the Boys & Girls Clubs have made much different choices in their lives. I am so grateful for all they have taught me, and now as an adult I am so attached to the kids I work with. I tell them, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t rush your childhood!â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? Your support of the United Way of Greater High Point and the Boys & Girls Clubs makes it possible for kids like Ashley to focus on education and career development, health and life skills, the arts, character and leadership development, recreation, and fitness, so please give generously. On behalf of Ashley, and the tens of thousands of High Pointâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s kids whose lives have been similarly enriched, we say thank you! photo by McWhorter Concepts |

Saturday October 16, 2010

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Decorator creates fantasies for stars SUE MANNING ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER


he first time Cheryl Tiegs and Martyn LawrenceBullard met, they sat on folding chairs inside the fixer-upper she’d just bought. It came with sticky aluminum doors, small louvered windows and worries that she might have to raze it. That was 14 years ago. They gutted the house, raised the roof and, in 14 months, turned a five-bedroom teardown into a fantasy home – “a beautiful Balinese paradise with British Colonial touches,” said Tiegs, 63. The model’s home was one of Lawrence-Bullard’s first jobs as an interior designer and still ranks as one of his favorites. At 43, he travels the globe to work and shop, and to this day keeps Tiegs’ tropical tastes in mind. Lawrence-Bullard talks about friends instead of clients. He has spent the last three Christmases with Cher, toasted every New Year since 2005 with Elton John and vacationed in Paris with Ellen Pompeo. “I love to travel with clients because we get inspired together,” he said. And they reciprocate. Tiegs threw Lawrence-Bull-

ard’s 40th birthday party. On Monday, Lawrence-Bullard receives the Andrew Martin Interior Designer of the Year award, an Oscarscale honor for a decorator. In January, Architectural Digest magazine listed him as one of the world’s top 100 designers. People want to live out their fantasies, he said. “I am an enabler. What makes my job exciting is that I can help people live out their fantasies.” At her Malibu home, Cher wanted Oriental and Orientalist. For her Los Angeles duplex, she wanted an Indian fantasy: a maharani palace with a slight harem feel to it, Lawrence-Bullard said. “Cher has fantastic tastes and ideas. Her interiors are almost like stage sets and become a further extension of her personality. Her extraordinary dress sense in everyday life is very rock ‘n’ roll sexy, she loves that leather and lace vibe,” he said. On stage, he added, she incorporates all her fantasies, “from the gypsy look to the American Indian to her sleek ‘70s Halston-y vibe.” Fantasy ideas accumulate over a lifetime, but some decorating decisions come quickly, Tiegs said.

She and LawrenceBullard were up in the attic when they deMARTYN LAWRENCE-BULLARD DESIGN | AP cided it would Cheryl Tiegs’ great room at her home in Los Antake $2,500 geles. and one day to scoop out all started full of friendly the ceilings at the fixer-upper stuffed animals when he was in the toney Bel Air section of 4, took on lifelike tigers and Los Angeles. Now, the Great MARTIN LAWRENCE-BULLARD DESIGN | AP cheetahs when he was 8, and Room — “that’s capital G and Another view of Cheryl Tiegs’ great became a rock star’s room capital R” — with its 35-foot room at her home in Los Angeles. when he was 14 and Lawceilings is home to a picnic rence-Bullard converted it table from Bali that can seat to zebras, rock stars and music an actor. He had a brief two or 24, a pool table, a cozy modeling career and once legends. spot by the fireplace to sit and was dressed as the debonair Lawrence-Bullard insists on read, television space and Valentino. a splash of red and something room to exercise. His fantasy job? Decorating green or living in every room. “I was afraid it would bethe 28-room, Los Angeles casIt also has to be clutter-free. come like a gymnasium. But tle that Johnny Depp bought Tiegs tends to leave books sitwhen I walked in I burst into after filming “Ed Wood.” Or ting around. After Lawrencetears I was so happy. It was so “any house for Lady Gaga,” he Bullard visits, she will find beautiful. It was so warm and said. them all put away. so inviting,” Tiegs said. “She is the ultimate amazing She has a little Balinese She said she can see firsticon of this decade, for sure. lamp at her front door. time visitors take a deep As an artist, she is an extraor“It’s very feng shui. That’s breath. “It has the calmest, dinary woman in whatever my red,” Tiegs said. “I’m sweetest, most serene vibe of she does,” said Lawrence-Bultrying to green up my house any house I’ve been in,” she lard, who met the singer at one as much as possible. I’ve put said. of John’s parties. “She was unCambria all over my kitchen, Lawrence-Bullard has freshbelievably sweet and gorgeous which is a natural quartz ened up Tiegs’ Great Room and intelligent and sensitive. countertop, which is a green four times over the years with I think that actually comes upholstery, pillows, plants and product. That was pretty through in her music.” major.” other accents. Born in London, LawrenceThe transition in her son’s ONLINE: http://www.martynlawrenceBullard said he originally room has been a bit more moved to Hollywood to become extreme. Zack Peck’s room

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Garage/Estate Sales


Garage/Estate Sales

Avon Stock Reduction Sale 30-50% off regular price, also 3 Family Yard Sale. Sat. 10/16, 8am-4pm, 7217 Oakwood Ct. T-ville.

Fri. & Sat. 7:30am-4pm, 301 Thornwood Rd., Cedarwood (Jamestown), Old records ex. cond., Good clothes, HH items, new Christmas tree, etc. Huge 3 Family, Archdale. 100 Brookhollow Lane. Off Balfour. Sat 10/16, 8am-Until. Too Much to Name!


BIG YARD SALE AT GIVE AWAY PRICES! Fri 10/15 & Sat 10/16, 6am-Until (both days). Clothing, Books, Dishes, Electronics, NASCAR Items, Lots of 25 & 50 Cent items, All Clothes $.50 each. 3504 Rocklane Dr, Archdale. South on Hwy 311, Left on Englewood, Right on Rocklane

Honeybee Black Pitbull/Lab Mix 10 mo. Old Please call Kasie @336-414-4811' REWARD OFFERED

Cabbage Patch & Barbie Dolls in Box, Clothing, Shoes & Miscellaneous Items. Sat 10/16, 8am-2pm. 2230 Burton Rd




LOST: in Paige Ct & Hwy 64. 1.5 yr old Chihuahua. Black, Brown & White. 8lbs, Not neutered. Inside dog. "Peeper" 336-474-6278 / 460-4502 Silent Bob lost Cat, Hilltop Dr & Penman Rd. last seen Thurs 10/7,black w/gray swirls, white around mouth & eyes, red leather collar w/heart shaped tag, w/"Silent Bob" w/ address & email address. Please call if seen owner is heartbroken. 336-861-6094 or email



Found Poodle in Dollar General Store Parking Lot on Westchester. Call 885-8794 to identify. FOUND: in the Hwy 62 area. Male Mixed Breed Dog. Reddish Brown, Medium Sized. Very Good Natured. Nails Trimmed. Please Call to identify 336-434-4651




Garage/Estate Sales

2 Yard Sale 1114 & 1116 N. Rotary Dr. Emerywood. Lots of stuff! Sat. 10/16, 8am-1pm. NO Early Birds Please! 3 Family Yard Sale Lots of clothes. 205 H. E. Clement Lane T-ville. Sat. 10/16, 8am-12noon Big Yard Sale. Too Much to List! 3547 Old Mountain Rd, Off Finch Farm Rd, Trinity. Fri 10/15 & Sat 10/16, 8am-Until.

Consignment Sale, Fri 10/15 & Sat 10/16, 9am-6pm, Sun 10/17, 1-4pm (1/2 Price Day). Magic Feet Dance Company in Archdale. Beside the Pioneer Family Restaurant. 336-668-1028

DAVIS FLEA MARKET Several Indoor/outdoor yard sales every Sat & Sun. 336-498-5200 9755 US Hwy 220 Bus N, Randleman DOWNSIZING SALE Sat. 10/16, 7am-until, Antiques, Collectibles, Yard Tools, Camo Blinds & Clothing, Halloween, Christmas items, Old Whicker Rocker & Chair, Steeplegate 2nd entrance, 3568 Carriage Pl. Estate Sale, Fri 10/15 & Sat 10/16, 8am-Until. 12 Conrad St, off Liberty Dr, Thomasville. Estate Sale, Inside Sale, Contents of House. Sat 10/16, 8am-2pm. 7 Finch Ave, Thomasville Estate Yard Sale, Miscellaneous & Christmas Items. Sat 10/16, 7am-Until. 2022 Chestnut St Ext. Family Yard Sale Children's Toys and Books, Porcelain Dolls 3950 Johnson St. HP Sat. 10/16, 7:30am Fri 10/15 & Sat 10/16, 8am-Until. 7060 Cedar Square Rd, Archdale. Fabric/Trims, Floral/Craft Supplies, Toys, Linens, Clothing, Refrigerator, Daybeds, Mattress/Frame, Miscellaneous.

HUGE Indoor Yard Sale. 5328 Johnson St., Archdale. Fri 10/15 & Sat 10/16, 8am-Until. MANY Misc Items, Wood Heater, Uph Sewing Machine & Supplies & Furn. Make Us An Offer! Huge Inside Moving Sale Sat. 10/16, 8am-12noon, 301 Cedarwood Dr. Jamestown. Huge Moving/Yard Sale. Fri 10/15 & 10/16, 8am-Until. Lots to choose from, Great Prices! 2316 Castleloch Ct, High Point Huge Multi Family Sat. 10/16, 2600 Wildwood Rd. Trinity off Thayer Rd., Antique Bottles, Furn., Plus size clothes, baby girl stuff + much more!! Huge yard Sale. 902 Carrick St. Sat 10/16, 7am-Until. X Women's Clothes, Ceiling Fans, TV, Girls Clothes.

Jamestown 1st Annual Yard Sale. Sat 10/16, 10am-4pm, 715 W. Main St. Tons of reduced and discontinued Paint, Plumbing, Electrical items, Raffle, Hot Dogs, Fundraiser, Music and more... Multi Family Charity Sale 620 E. Lexington Ave. HP. Lexington Avenue Baptist Church. Sat. 10/16, 8amMulti Family Yard Sale 10/16, 1312 Georgetown Ct. 7:30-noon, Toys, Furn., HH items, & books. Multi Family Yard Sale Sat. 10/16, 8am-12pm. 1511 Beaucrest Ave. HP Multi Family Yard Sale, Sat 10/16, 7am-Until. 211 Kinview Dr, Near Wendy's & CVS in Archdale. Furniture, Clothing (Adult & Children) Housewares & MORE! Multi Family Yard Sale. Sat 10/16, 7am-Until. 5624 Meadowbrook Dr, Trinity, 27370.


Garage/Estate Sales

Yard Sale 10/16, 8am-12noon. Furn., Appliances, HH items, Pictures & More. 509 West Ray St. HP Yard Sale Saturday 10/16 7am-until. 109 Pine Street. T-ville. Rain Date 11/6 Yard Sale. Sat. 10/16, 8am-2pm. Tools, Patio Set, Elect., Furn., etc. 210 Westdale Dr., HP





Bookkeeping and payroll tax accountant position for large non-profit. 20 hrs/week with flexible schedule. Must have full write up experience (5 years minimum) for financial reporting to Board of Directors, payroll, tax deposits, quarterly and annual reporting. Knowledge of Peachtree, Quickbooks, Excel, Word and/or similar software required. Grant writing/reporting/ reconciliation is a plus. Wages negotiable. References required. Send Letter with wage requirement and Resume to: Bookkeeper PO Box 6066 High Point, NC 27262 Local Furniture Company has opening for a Customer Service Representative. Must have good telephone skills and some computer knowledge req'd. Reply in confidence to Box # 104 c/o The High Point Enterprise PO Box 1009 High Point NC 27261. EEOC


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g n i p p Sho ? l a e D a for Advertise your garage, yard, moving and estate sales in the High Point Enterprise Classifieds for the best results!

Call 888-3555 s y a d 3 , 9 lines urance s n i n i a r h t i w


cutive. st be conse ly. u m s te a d Run tions app Some restric


Experience Furniture Sales. Base + Commission Send resume to Kagan's Furniture PO Box 2833 High Point NC 27261




Skilled Trade

MASSAGE THERAPIST / RECEPTIONIST Immediate full time position available in outpatient physical therapy center in High Point area. Must have computer sills, communication skills, Massage Therapy certificate and have some experience in Medical Field. Please Fax your resume with cover letter to: 336-886-1131 or email to: Only qualified applicants will be considered.



Modern, Busy Practice in High Pint is searching for an Office Manager to lead, motivate and encourage our wonderful Dental Staff to their utmost potential & success. Previous Dental Office Experience Required. Salary & Benefits Commiserate with level of Maturity & experience. Submit resume to:


General Help

Adult Entertainers, $150 per hr + tips. No exp. Necessary. Call 336-285-0007 ext 5 Start Earning Christmas $$ Now. Sell Avon to Family, Friends & Work. 908-4002 Independent Rep.


Industrial Trade

PEARSON has these openings: * Glaze Sprayer/Wiper-req min 2 yrs exp & exc rec * Night Watchman P/t-req NCDL & exc rec Qualified apply EOE M/F/D/V


Skilled Trade

Skilled Craftsmen/ Carpenters Industrial Painters Send resumes to *Must pass criminal background requirements and drug screen Con Tab Inc. Contab is a furniture manufacture that supplies high quality componenets to the furnitureindustry. We are seeking individuals experienced in CNC Router Programmer/Operator and CNCPanel Saw Operator. First and second shifts available. Full time and part time positionsavailable. Applicants must be experienced in the above positions and have a good work record. We offer competitive pay and benefits and a good work environment. Qualified applicants must apply in person at Con Tab Inc. 4001 Ball Park Rd. Thomasville



Experienced Residential Delivery Drivers/Furniture Handlers. Some Overtime, Some Overnight. Must be Neat, Dependable, CDL Not Required. Clean Driving Record and Drug Testing Required. Send Resume: Attention Personal Manager, PO Box 7132, High Point, NC 27264-7132 Help needed for in-home furn. delivery. Must have health card & Class A or B license & be at least 25 yrs. old. Exp'd in furn. moving required Call 336-431-2216

Graphics Designer needed, Signage layout preferred. Exp. Correll, Part time/Full time. Some clerical duties. Please call 883-6010

Kimmies Kutties Licensed In Home Child Care. Enrolling Now. N. HP. 336-880-1615

Temp Exp'd Sewer for Leather & Vinyl. Apply 6022 Lois Lane Archdale. 861-6000

Will keep kids in my home. Hopewell area behind Walmart. Call 336-472-4659


Child Care


Part-time Employment

Avon Reps needed part time, work your on schedule, Call Mary 336-447-4758


Business Opportunity

Looking for Business Opportunity? Come out and let me show you how $25.00 can turn into $20,000. a month. Location Golden Corral Oak Hollow Mall Loop. 10/18/10, 12noon-2pm Call 336-298-1524





4 Chihuahua puppies for sale $100. ea. 1-white, 2-chocolate, 1-black/tan, 7 wks. old. Call 336-307-8538 5 Beautiful free Kittens to good home. 10 weeks old. Call 336-476-9007 CKC Boston Terrier Puppies. Parents on Site. Call 336-989-2637 Free Kittens to a good home only. Outside Kittens, 10-11 weeks old. Call 336-476-3790 Free Kittens-8 wks. old, bottle fed, inside only, good with other pets. Call if interested 689-0950 German Shepherd Pups Registered, parents on site, CKC, AKC, 4 males, 2 females. $200. FIRM. 336-259-0845 Male Dwarf Rabbit with Cage & Toys. White & Gray, All Vaccines. "Peter". $75. Call 336-476-3790


0509 Household Goods

0820 Campers/Trailers


Pit Bull Puppies for sale 7 weeks, 5 Males, 2 Females, $100.ea. HP area 336-965-1247

Magic Chef (Matag) Washer/Dryer Matching Set. Super Cap. Plus. Like New. $250. 479-0445

06 Fifth Wheel Cardinal. 30' w/2 Slideouts. Immaculate. $33,000. F350 Truck. 474-0340

05 Chev. Suburban, 4X4, Loaded, Leather, DVD, Onstar. $19,000. 884-8737 / 882-2293

Pomeranian pups 6 wks olds, shots/dewormed, white/golden, parents-on-site, $250. 475-7572



05 Taurus, 71k, Very Nice $4,200. Call 336-847-4635 or 336-431-6020



SCOOTERS Computers. We fix any problem. Low prices. 476-2042

Shih Tzu registered puppies, wormed, shots, ready to go, $250. Call 672-0630


Yorkshire Terrier AKC. Beautiful Little Boy. Smart Too! $500 Cash. Call 336-431-9948

Ent. Cntr, $200., Mock up Ottoman-$20., New Cherry Coffee Table-$100., New Oak Chair-$150., OBO. 2-free lamps Call 476-1238


Living Room Suite Large Sofa and Love Seat, both for $180. good shape. Call 434-0841



Auction Sales

Absolute Auction SUN OCT 17 @ 2:pm 2020 W Green Dr, HP (between I85 and Market Center Dr) Selling it all . . . wall-to-wall! Antiques, household goods, tools, toys, sports, restaurant, something for everyone! Every item put on the block GUARANTEED TO SELL to the last and highest bidder. Bring your trucks and trailers . . . we are cleaning the auction gallery out to the bare walls to make room for the next auction! See @ #5098 JCPegg 996-4414

0509 Household Goods Amana Electric Stove, Digital Clock. Like New. Great Condition. $150. 479-0445




Firewood-$130 Dump Truck, $65. Pickup Truck. Delivered. You pick up $50. 475-3112


Wanted to Rent/ Buy/Trade

Cash 4 riding mower needing repair or free removal if unwanted & scrap metal 689-4167 Top cash paid for any junk vehicle. T&S Auto 882-7989




Recreational Vehicles

'90 Winnebago Chiefton 29' motor home. 73,500 miles, runs good, $9,995. 336-887-2033

Motor Homes

'01 Damon motorhome. 2 slides, 2 ACs, 10k, loaded. 36ft. Very good cond., $52,000. Back-up camera. 431-9891



00 Harley Davidson Fatboy, 1,900 miles, extras, Must See!. $11,000. 884-8737 / 882-2293 Yamaha V-Star Classic, 2000. 4660 miles. 1 owner. New tires. Windshield & Saddlebags. $2695. 869-4058


Sport Utility Vehicles

95 Toyota 4-Runner, 145K miles, Exc Cond. $5,200. Call 336-687-8204


Vans for Sale

1984 Tan Dodge Ram Van Bruno wheelchair lift, 202k mi., $1,995. Call 336-475-7190


Pickup Trucks for Sale

1990 Dodge Ram, 94k miles. Runs Great. $3,800. Call 336-307-8742 2001 Chevy S10. 4 cyl, 5spd. 93k miles. VGC Bed liner & Cover. $3,800. 336-289-4046 98 Silverado, Reg Cab. LB. 4.3 V6. Runs & Drives Great. $3000. 495-9636 or 301-6673

Cars for Sale

1997 Cadillac Sedan Deville. Good Cond. Asking Price reflects "As Is" Cond. $2900. Call 336-823-5206 93 Honda Accord. 1 owner. Never Wrecked. All orig. 10th Anniversary. 217k miles. $3,350. Call 687-3623 AT Quality Motors you can buy regardless. Good or bad credit. 475-2338 Car's, Truck's, Van's & SUV's. $650 & Up. Larry's Auto Sales. Trinity. Call 336-682-8154




IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE DISTRICT COURT DIVISION 09 CVD 2959 NICOLE AMMONS, Plaintiff, v. HOLLAND WILBANKS, Defendant. NOTICE OF SERVICE OF PROCESS BY PUBLICATION To: HOLLAND WILBANKS TAKE NOTICE that a pleading seeking relief against you has been filed in the above entitled action.

Mazda 626 LX 2001, auto, a/c, CD, 98k mi., clean, $3600. Call 986-2497

The nature of the relief being sought is as follows: a Complaint seeking an Absolute Divorce.


You are required to make defense to such pleading no later than November 11, 2010 said date being forty (40) days from the first publication of this Notice, and upon your failure to do so plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief sought.




Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 10am. Carolina Self Storage of Archdale, LLC, 501 Liberty Rd., Archdale, NC. Various items of personal property will be sold pursuant to the assertion of a lien for rental at the Carolina Self Storage facility. October 16, 2010

This the 30th day of September, 2010. ___________________ Martha C. Massie, Attorney for the Plaintiff 324 West Wendover Avenue Greensboro, North Carolina 27408 (336) 275-6695 NCSB No. 31668 October 2, 9 & 16, 2010 NORTH CAROLINA GUILFORD COUNTY NOTICE TO CREDITORS THE UNDERSIGNED, having qualified as Administrator of the Estate of Joanna Elizabeth Lyons, deceased late of Guilford County, this is to notify all persons, firms, and corporations having claims against said Estate to present them to the undersigned on or before the 27th day of December, 2010, or this Notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate please make immediate payment to the undersigned.

The High Point Enterprise is accepting applications in the advertising department for the following position:

Marketing Consultant A highly motivated marketing consultant who understands the difference in selling advertising versus delivering solutions. The right candidate is goal oriented, understands the requirements of achieving goals and meets that expectation through prospecting, finding and delivering solutions for the customer and providing exceptional customer service after the sale. Position is full-time with an opportunity to grow with a highly successful media company. Onthe-job training provided, excellent benefits including 401K and major medical. If you thrive in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment, take your responsibilities seriously and delight in helping others this could be just what you are looking for.

This the 25th day of September, 2010. Joseph E. Lyons Administrator of the Estate of Joanna Elizabeth Lyons 2003 La Vista Drive High Point, NC 27265

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September 25, October 2, 9 & 16, 2010

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Grahamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s All Around Storage building

Cleaning by Deb

Bathrooms & Kitchen are not Self Cleaning


Residential & Commercial

Built on your lot 8x12 $1,050 10x12 $1320. 12x12 $1580. 12x16 $2100. tax included

sTIMEOR regular s3PECIAL occasions

!LSO$ECKS 6INYLSIDING 7INDOWS 'ARAGES All types of home repair. Free Estimate

Reasonable Rates Call 336-362-0082

336-870-0605 SEWING M CONTRACTOR 35 Years Experience

Driveways, Patios, 7ALKWAYS 3LABS Basements, Footings, #USTOM3UNDECKS "OBCAT'RADING

Best Prices in Town! FREE ESTIMATES

CALL 442-0290








Service Special $

89.00 Nozzleincludes & Filter C. PH: 336-887-6848 MB: 336-772-0256 Guaranteed Services

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Licensed & Insured

Home 336-869-0986 Cell 336-803-2822


Ronnie Kindley


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Twin Mattress Set (mattress and box spring)

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King Mattress Set Pillow Top (mattress and box spring)

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1240 Montlieu Ave



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Saturday October 16, 2010

SMART MOVES: Tips for home sellers facing foreclosure. 3R

To place a classified ad, call (336) 888-3555

this weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Featured Homes

Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors 6353 Sugar Cane Lane McCullough Woodward 906-2467

Price & Associates 6914 Saddle Club Drive Janice Wilson 442-1859

Allen Tate Realtors 1048 Cantering Rd Jennifer Wooten 688-5544 30048135


Set the right price despite pressure D

eciding on an asking price for your home is challenging enough these days, but you need specific pricing strategies for particular scenarios, especially if you’re under pressure to move quickly or your home isn’t selling after being on the market for several months. Here are suggestions for both situations. If you’re facing a deadline due to job relocation or other reasons, then you need to price competitively, even more competitively than expected in today’s market. You’ll need to list at significantly less than your

competition. Think 15 percent less. That may seem tough to stomach, but it’s better than continuing your REAL ESTATE monthly loan payments or the Ken hassle of trying Wall to find tenants ■■■ to rent your home. If your home has been listed for some time, but not generating interest, you’ll need to lower your price. Of the three elements that sell a home – price, location, and condition – price is the one

If your home has been listed for some time, but not generating interest, you’ll need to lower your price. you’ll have the most control over. If home values have declined in your neighborhood, the price you originally listed at a few months ago may now be too high and out of line with

comparable listings. Now would be a great time to have your Realtor prepare a new Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for you, and re-evaluate your pricing strategy. If you’ve got to sell, and sell now, price it like you mean it. KEN WALL is president of the High Point Regional Association of Realtors, one of more than 1800 local boards and associations nationwide that comprise the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The association is an advocate for property rights and the “Voice of Real Estate” in the Triad area of North Carolina. HPRAR represents more than 700 members in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industry.


High Point Regional Association of Realtors Inc. Address: 1830 Eastchester Drive, High Point, N.C. 27265 Phone: 889-8181 President: Ken Wall Email address: Executive Vice President: Ed Terry Email address:

Lili Dunn joins Bell Partners as CIO SPECIAL TO THE ENTERPRISE

GREENSBORO – Lili F. Dunn, a recognized national leader in multifamily real estate investment, has joined Bell Partners Inc. as the firm’s chief investment officer. Dunn is a 20-year veteran of AvalonBay Communities, the secondlargest multifamily real estate investment trust in the U.S., where she most recently served as senior vice president and managing director. Dunn assumed her duties at Bell Partners on Oct. 5. Bell Partners executive Jon Bell commented, “We are very pleased to have Ms. Dunn join the Bell team. She will

play a critical role at Bell Partners, providing leadership in directDunn ing investment strategy, raising capital, expanding acquisitions and building the portfolio management platform.” Jon Bell continued, “She has the ability to be a ‘game changer’ for our company and a key player in our growth strategy. She has extensive experience, a vast network of relationships and a strong track record of success. Adding Dunn is yet another step in our effort to build one of the strongest leader-

ship teams in the industry.” Bell Partners is the nation’s 10th largest apartment management company. The company owns or operates about 60,000 apartment homes (contained in 205 multifamily properties), generally located in the MidAtlantic, the Southeast and Texas. Dunn commented, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join Bell Partners. Their vision and culture create a unique environment which attracts talent and inspires the team to deliver outstanding performance.” Dunn added, “Bell Partners has a tremendous history of providing superior returns for

their investors and is well positioned to take advantage of market opportunities.” At AvalonBay Communities, Dunn was responsible for the company’s national acquisition and disposition activity, which consisted of almost 60,000 apartment homes, valued at approximately $6.5 billion. Dunn helped raise and oversee AvalonBay Valued Added Fund I and II, discretionary institutional investment management funds. In addition, she helped to create the company’s redevelopment and market research platforms and to direct investment strategy and portfolio management initiatives.

Dunn is an executive board member of the National Multi-Housing Council and serves as the chairperson of its Finance Committee. She graduated from the University of Michigan with highest honors. Headquartered in Greensboro, Bell Partners invests and manages capital on behalf of individual and institutional clients. Founded in 1976, and now employing more than 3,000 associates, Bell Partners oversees a $4 billion portfolio. The investments include the apartment homes, 28 senior living communities and more than 4,000,000 square feet of retail and office property.


Do you think you have something to contribute? We’d like to hear from you. If you have an idea for a story concerning new subdivisions, agent or agency achievements or news that affects the local real estate community, please contact Andy English at aenglish@ or feel free to call us at 8883635.



Tips for home sellers trying to beat foreclosure A

re you facing foreclosure and seek to sell your home before the bank takes it away? If so, you’re one of many, says Rick Sharga, a senior vice president of RealtyTrac, which follows foreclosure activity throughout the U.S. By the end of 2010, he estimates that the yearly total of households in foreclosure will reach 3.2 million – despite the technical postponements announced by some banks recently. Those who know they’ll be to make their mortgage payments, with or without their bank’s help, are smart to recognize this reality early and put their home up for sale as promptly as possible, Sharga says. There are programs approved by the federal government that are designed to help homeowners keep their property by lowering their monthly payments. But if you’re unemployed and don’t expect to find a job anytime soon, a lower mortgage payment may not be the answer. In this case, Sharga says “by selling before you go into foreclosure, you have the best chance of preserving your credit standing.” He emphasizes that sellers living in a neighborhood where foreclosures are prevalent need to take an aggressive approach to the sale of their property. He recommends that homeowners in a hurry to sell hire an experienced real estate agent – ideally someone with special training in pre-foreclosure work. Such training is now available

through an increasing number of realty firms. Here are several pointers for those who need to sell quickly to avert foreclosure: • Focus first on how your house looks from SMART MOVES the outside. When you’re in a hurry Ellen to sell, your home’s Martin curb appeal is especially ■■■ important, says Ashley Richardson, a veteran Coldwell Banker agent. No matter how low your asking price, you’re not going to attract a purchaser if it goes on the market in poor condition, says Richardson, who’s affiliated with the Council of Residential Specialists ( “The outside photo of your place will be plastered all over newspaper ads and hundreds of Internet sites,” she says. Richardson urges home sellers to keep their front lawn and the greenery that surrounds their home weeded and trimmed. And make sure that any junk cars languishing in your driveway are towed away or donated to charity; “you could even get a tax deduction,” she says. • Clean and clear away clutter from your place. Not all home upgrades are expensive. In fact, as Richardson says, two of the most powerful home improvement steps you can take, cleaning

and de-cluttering, are not pricey. “Go to discount stores for a couple of all-purpose cleaning items. Or look on the Internet for ways to create your own cleaning supplies with such natural substances as vinegar,” she says. During the purging process, Richardson also recommends that sellers remove family photos and other personal mementos – especially those attached to the front of the refrigerator with magnets. • Paint as many parts of your home as time allows. If you’ve lost your job and project you’ll be unable to meet your house payments in coming months, the odds are you’ve already depleted most of your savings. Still, no matter how short on money they are, Richardson says hurried home sellers shouldn’t scrimp on paint, which is relatively inexpensive, and painting their home themselves. The first priority for your painting, she says, should be the front door of your dwelling, which is highly visible. Once that’s done, move to the first room inside the front door. Then proceed through the home, painting as many areas as time allows – especially the bathrooms and kitchen, because “buyers are very insistent that these rooms look fresh and clean,” Richardson says. • Create a deadline for yourself by scheduling an open house. You may need a well-defined deadline to complete your home-improve-

ment project in a timely way. Assuming that’s the case, Richardson encourages you to give yourself a hard deadline by scheduling a broker’s open house right after your home goes on the Multiple Listing Service. This is an event to which real estate agents throughout your area are invited; these agents are most likely to be working with serious buyers. (It’s likely to be especially successful if your place is accessibly located and has ample parking.) • Don’t give up without trying more than one approach to selling. Even if you live in a neighborhood where For Sale signs are numerous, a successful sale is plausible if your property is in good condition and is priced a notch below the competition, says Sharga, of RealtyTrac. If your home doesn’t sell promptly through traditional methods, he suggests you consider putting it up for auction – making sure you are protected with a “reserve figure,” a dollar amount that reflects the lowest sum you’re willing to accept for the property. Sharga recommends homeowners contact local auctioneers and ask about their success rate for residential real estate. Also, ask for references. “Selling a house by auction isn’t common in the United States. But it’s very common in some other countries,” he says. TO CONTACT Ellen James Martin, e-mail her at ellenjamesmartin

Chinese drywall maker to fix 300 homes NEW ORLEANS (AP) – A Chinese drywall manufacturer facing thousands of homeowners’ court claims has agreed to pay to repair 300 homes in four states in a pilot program, a person with knowledge of the deal said this week. Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co. will select which homes in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi will be fixed,

the person told The Associated Press. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to disclose the terms. Thousands have sued over damage from Chinese drywall installed in homes that has caused problems ranging from a foul odor to corrosion of pipes and wiring. Attorneys were expected

to announce the deal Thursday on the steps of the federal courthouse in New Orleans, where a judge is presiding over thousands of Chinese drywall claims. Kerry Miller, a lawyer who represents Knauf, didn’t immediately return a call and e-mail seeking comment. The pilot program could pave the way for a larger settle-

ment of more than 3,000 claims against Knauf. U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon, who is presiding over the consolidated claims, already has ruled in favor of plaintiffs and ordered extensive remediation in Chinese-drywall tainted homes. In April, Fallon awarded more than $164,000 to a Louisiana family whose home was

ruined by drywall made by Knauf Plasterboard and said the home needed to be gutted. Knauf argued that the family’s home could be repaired for less than $59,000. Earlier that month, he awarded $2.6 million to seven Virginia families whose homes had been ruined by drywall made by another Chinese manufacturer.


LOOKING FOR PRIVACY!! Enjoy it in this beautiful 2100 sq ft brick ranch on 3.3 acres in Trinity, including the new Wheatmore school district. Features 3 BR, 2 full baths, large family room with fireplace, eat in kitchen with new range and dishwasher. Fresh paint, new counter tops, carpet, vinyl, and light fixtures. Also has large activity room. Oversized double garage (handy man’s dream) with full bonus room and full bath. Priced $183,900 Directions: I-85 S to Hopewell Church Rd Exit, Lt off ramp, Rt on Welborn Rd, Lt Shannon Dr, House toward end on Right




Too Many Specials To List! /PENDAILY s3UNDAY  Call Pat Colonna 841-7001 or 906-2265 North Main to Old 311. Left on Hedgecock. Right on Ansley

Great Kernersville location in Forsyth County. Single family homes 3000 + SQ FT with all new floor plans to choose from. Prices starting in the $220’s Directions: US-311 north, take Exit # 60 High Point Road, turn right on High Point Rd, turn right on Union Cross Rd, left on Sedge Garden, Glennstone is on the right.

Sue Hoult 883-7200

OPEN 2-5 DIAMONDS KEEP Phase 1 Lot Prices start in the $40’s. Construction has now begun! Randolph County! Adjacent to Kynwood Village! Large lots! Quiet country setting! Directions: HWY 311 South to right on Tom Hill Rd. Left on Archdale Rd. Approx. 3.5 miles from I-85.

Chris Long 689-2855


WHITESTONE Single family homes from the $140’s. Townhome plans w/2 car garages. Community lawn maintenance, pool and clubhouse. 3 & 4 BDRMDS w/master on main level available. Open Monday-Thursday 11-6, Friday and Sunday 1-6, Saturday 10-6.

Lisa Sherman 878-7011 Directions: Eastchester Dr. to right on Deep River Rd. Whitestone is on the left.

Open Sunday 2-4

MLS no. 589161 Hosted by Nancy Streetman Directions: Westchester to right on Coventry, Right on Wimbledon Place.

Nancy Streetman 886-4247


Open Sunday 2-5 604 Tangle Drive This beautiful and well cared for brick home in Jamestown’s Cedarwood Subd. is waiting for a new owner. Three bedrooms two baths, Hardwood floors in three rms Eat-in Kitchen ,Formal L.R. D.R. and Den with fireplace. Large screened porch and double garage. 1/2 acre, and NO CITY TAXES! No HOME OWNER DUES! Swim and tennis available.$174,900.00 Mls# 593869

LINDA SOLDANO 549-7544 Directions: National HWY to Hasty School Rd. R on Joe Moore Rd. R on Burton Rd. R on Paul Pope Rd.


Directions: Guilford College Road to stop light. Turn right onto Thornwood , Rt. on Tangle, home on the right!

Murray Skeen Properties

Faye Skeen 336-906-6077

Single Family at SADDLE BROOK

Ranch Homes w/Optional Bonus from $180s /PEN$AILY s3UN sCall 638-5765 Ask About Special s!

From High Point: Skeet Club to Rt. onto Sandy Ridge. 2 mi. on L. From WS: I-40 E. to Sandy Ridge Rd. exit Rt. onto Sandy Ridge Rd. 2 mi. on Rt. From GSO: I-40 W to Sandy Ridge exit L. onto Sandy Ridge. 2 mi. on Rt.

4208 Jeffrey Lane Pt. Totally Renovated 4 BR, 2.5 Bath Home in Weston Shores. New SS Appliances in Bright & Airy Kitchen, Re-finished Hardwoods on Main Level in Kitchen, Breakfast Area, Dining Room and Foyer. New Carpet throughout. Large Master BR with walk-in closet and Master Bath with Double Vanity, Jetted Garden Tub and Separate Shower. Fenced Backyard with Mature Trees and Landscaping. $204,500 Buyer’s Agents are Welcome. FSBO (336) 399-2250 or (336) 687-1250

Open Sunday 2-4

1247 Dovershire Place, High Point 5 Bedrooms/3.5 Baths. Great neighborhood, great location! Directions: From Main St. take Westchester Ave to Country Club. Right on Country Club, Right on Kensington, Right on Dovershire Place.

Kristy Dudley 336-841-6469




Where buyers & sellers meet... The Classifieds

Unfurnished Apartments


Nice 1BR Condo $450-$475 Nice 2BRCondo $565 Convenient location Kitchen appls. furn. GILWOOD NORTH Call (336) 869-4212


Unfurnished Apartments

RENT SPECIAL! 502-C Playground (Archdale) â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 1BR/1BA apt. Stove, refrig. furn. WD hookup, No pets, no inside smoking. $325 mo. 434-3371

THE HIGH POINT ENTERPRISE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2010 5R Unfurnished Unfurnished 0610 0620 Homes for Rent Apartments Apartments


1BR Condo, 1107-D Robinhood Manor, Central H/A, Appliances, $450.0 Call 870-5450 1br Archdale $395 2br Archdale $475 L&J Prop 434-2736

************** Quality 1 & 2 BR Apts for Rent Starting @ $395 Southgate Garden & Piedmont Trace Apartments (336)476-5900 ***************

1BR/1BA Apartment. 115 Hoskins St. $225/mo. Call 336-442-8243

OPEN HOUSES 2:00 - 4:00 OPEN 2-5

Outstanding Performance Awards for September 2010 GREENSIDE TOWNHOMES 4008 FLAGSTICK COURT JAMESTOWN 3BR 2.5BA (522654) Linda Faircloth 410-7150 $249,900 Directions: Wendover Avenue, South on Penny Road, Left on Flagstick.

Linda Faircloth 847-4970

53 KENSINGTON VILLAGE KERNERSVILLE 3BR 2.5BA (525010) Lisa Pfefferkorn 996-3971 $218,900 Directions: I40 to S. Main St, Kernersville. R Old Winston Rd at Hess Station, bear R Hopkins Rd, R Kenville Green into Kensington Village, Circle around to Kenville Ct.

WEATHERSTONE TOWNHOMES KERNERSVILLE 2BR 2BA Lisa Pfefferkorn 996-8538 From Low $100â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Directions: I-40 to L on Union Cross Rd., Go 1.5 miles, 1st entrance on left. Model open daily 231-2248.

THE RESERVE AT ROCK CREEK Single Family & Villas From $130 sOpen Wed - Sun 1-5 Build your own Windsor or Rock Creek home *IM-C"RIDE s!MY.OLEN  Directions: I-85/40 East to Rock Creek Dairy Rd. L Rock Creek Dairy, R Reserve Pkwy, ofďŹ ce in clubhouse

Clositers & Foxfire 1BR, $420, 2BR, $499, 3BR, $575. 885-5556

3BR Hasty/Ledford. 2.3 ac. Screened Porch & deck. Appls. $695/mo, 472-0224

Must Lease Immediately! Prices starting @ $499 1, 2, & 3 Br Apts. Ambassador Court 336-884-8040

3BR/1BA cottage. Central heat/air. 12x16 storage bldg in fenced lot. 1020 Tabor near HPU. $420/mo. 336-803-2729

Now Leasing Apts Newly Remodeled, 1st Month Free Upon Approved Application, Reduced Rents, Call 336-889-5099

3BR/1BA Duplex Apt $575. Archdale Rockdale Ct., 2br, 2ba, central h/a $535. Call 442-9437

2 BR, Appls, AC, Clean, W/D Connection. Good Location. $450. 431-9478



$99 Deposit, $395 month No Credit Ck. (sect. 8 no dep.) Lg Remodeled Apts 1418 E. Commerce 988-9589

C SYDNEY SHORES GREENSBORO 3BR 2BA (581140) Lynda Evans 545-4636 $232,900 Directions: Muirs Chapel to Tower Road. Community on left. Open 1-5:30 W-F, 11-4 Sat, 1-4 Sun

8511 MERRIMAN FARM ROAD MERRIMAN ESTATES OAK RIDGE 4BR 3.5BA (588233) Melissa Calabrese 4106847 $409,900 Directions: Hwy 68, L Hwy 150,L Billet, R Merriman Farm Rd, home on left.

105 TANGLE DRIVE CEDARWOOD JAMESTOWN 4BR 2.5BA 1.5AC (584440) Marshall Morgan 906-1314 $249,900 Directions: From Guilford College Rd. Turn into Cedarwood on Cedarwood Dr. 1st R Violet. L Tangle. House is on the left.

3666 VILLAGE SPRINGS DRIVE WATERFORD VILLAGE HIGH POINT 5BR 3BA (591224) Madalyn Kunow 210-3223 $249,900 Directions: Skeet Club to Beacon Ridge, R Single Leaf Circle, R Village Springs Drive. House is on Right.

175 OAK LEVEL CAROLINA RIDGE ROCKINGHAM 4BR 3BA 1.1AC (579976) Sunni Lauten 8702755 $239,900 Directions: From Gsbo 220 R on 158, cross over 220, go 8.7 miles, R- Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Bryant (right after church & graveyard), L- Oak Level

Spacious All Electric. 1 Level, 1Br Brick Apt. W/D Conn. Stove, Refrig. 883-7010

Coldwell Banker Mortgage 1563 PONDHAVEN DRIVE MEADOW CREEK HIGH POINT 4BR 3.5BA (584529) Tanya Simmons 4107197 $236,000 Directions: Eastchester/ Hwy 68, turn on Skeet Club Rd., R Johnson Street, L Pondhaven Dr. Or North on Johnson Street, L Pondhaven Dr.

113 HERITAGE HILLL DR HERITAGE HILL JAMESTOWN 2BR 2BA (578255) Nancy G Hamilton 4107176 $214,900 Directions: Wendover, W Guilford College Rd.,L Heritage Hill Dr, cross from Jamestown Presbyterian Church & Wellington Sub

4304 SOUTHERN OAK DRIVE SEVRON OAKS HIGH POINT 4BR 2.5BA (565584) Linda Faircloth 4107150 $195,000 Directions: Skeet Club to Barrow, Right Oak Chase, Left Southern Oaks, Home on Right.

1112 TRINITY SAVANNAH PRK #511 CONDOS THOMASVILLE 2BR 2BA (578496) McCullough Woodward 906-2467 $62,000 Directions: From Thomasville, East Main St, R Trinity St. From High Point, National Highway to East Main St, L Trinity St.

Same Day Loan Decision... Guaranteed Call your local Mortgage Advisor 336-207-2778

JAMESTOWN Jackson St. NEW 1800 sf. 3BR, 2.5BA, $ No pets. 336-456-7038 206 Edgeworth-1br 300 Earle-2br 883-9602 Rent to Own. Hasty/Ledford Schls. 3BR/2BA, No Pets. $725/mo. Call 336-317-1247 Small house 2br, 2ba with basement, all appliances, Hasty/Ledford area, very private, $, 336-687-7607 Remodeled, A'dale, 3BR, 2 1/2BA, finished basement, $1400. Trinity Country setting, near A'dale, $900. mo. NO PETS. 861-6400

Unfurnished 2 Br Apt. Central Air. No Pets. near Pilot School on Harom Dr. $400/mo & Dep $400. Call. 476-4756

T-ville 3BR/2BA, Cent H/A, 125 A Kendall Mill Rd. $700/mo, $700/dep. Ph 472-0310/491-9564

Furnished Apartments/

617 Goodman, A'dale, Spacious 3BR, 2BA , Cent. H/A, Stove, Fridge, DW, EC., $795 mo dep. 474-0058 NO PETS

0620 30048093

Š2010 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation. Coldwell BankerÂŽ is a registered trademark of Coldwell Banker Corporation. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each ofďŹ ce is Independently Owned and Operated.

Fall Dep. Special! Limited Time! Freshly Renovated 1 BR Apts & (1) Single family 3BR Home. Section 8 accepted. Call Laverne 254-3975 or Phillip 267-907-2359 Today

T'ville 2BR/1.5BA Townhouse. Stove, refrig., & cable furn. No pets. No Section 8. $460 + dep. 475-2080.



2BR, carpet, blinds, appli. No Pets. $500. mo. 883-4611 Leave message. 3BR 609 Jeanette Ave. H.P. Cent. air/heat. $725/mo. Section 8 welcome. 887-0825.

Raintree Apartments Carefree living Convenient location No Security Deposit. (336) 869-6011

OPEN 1-4

2BR, 1BA, Good condition, $550. per mo., $500. dep., sect. 8 accepted. 235 New St. HP Call 751-1152

2BR Apt. Archdale. 127-A Columbus Ave. Quiet, Clean, A/C, Refrig, Stove, W/D Hookups. $395/mo. Call 434-6236


2542 SQUIRE MANOR PLACE SQUIRE MANOR KERNERSVILLE 4BR 3.5BA 1.3AC (578642) Linda Faircloth 410-7150 $419,900 Directions: Skeet Club- R Dillworth, L Squire Davis Rd., R Squire Manor Place.

1604 Boundary 2br 340 415 Cable 2br 325 1713 Welborrn 2br 325 HUGHES ENTERPRISES 885-6149

Homes for Rent

2BR/1BA 1107 Cassell St., $395 336-434-2004



High Point Office

Archdale Office

Wendover at Eastchester Office

FEATURED COMMUNITY 0 ,00 ns up to $7 io t o m o r Special P ed time! for a limit

220 Jones Circle $159,900


Beautiful home with 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath and 3 half baths. Located in Thomasville.

Donna Lambeth 240-3456

Locally Owned & Operated!


1220 N. Main 812-3161

118 Trindale Road 861-7653

3815 Tinsley Drive 883-7200



w w w . e d p r i c e t r i a d . c o m


WHITESTONE Open Monday-Thursday 11-6,

Single Level Townhomes • 2 & 3 bedroom plans with garage • 1 level with gas log fireplace • Sunroom, Screen Porch, Bonus Room options

1705 Farnsworth Court $276,000 OPEN SUNDAY 2-4

Pre Inspected! Mint condition w/new exterior paint. Hardwood floors on main level. All bedrooms upstairs. Large sceened porch.

David Hart 883-7200

Directions: West on W. Lexington. R. on Heathcliff R on Brookfield L on Farnsworth.

3653 Oak Chase $214,900 Open Sunday 2-4

One level living. Well maintained. Open floor plan. Fenced , landscaped yard. New Price!

Carol Ferrell 669-4703

Directions: Skeet Club to Barrow Rd. Right on Oak Chase

403 Carrington Place $93,500 Open Sunday 2-4

6914 Saddle Club Drive $440,500 Open Sunday 2-4

Just like new! New carpet. Fresh paint. Kitchen and baths sparkle. Open plan w/guest bedroom. Patio and fenced.

Beautiful 5BDRM/4BATH home with finished basement that can be guest quarters. Exceptional landscaping.

Directions: Westchester to National Highway to R on Hasty School Rd. Carrington Place is on the right.

Directions: I-85 S to Finch Farm Rd. exit. L on Finch Farm Rd. 1st entance into Steeplegate. Home is on right.

Carol Ferrell 669-4703


Janice Wilson 442-1859

387 Hollow Lane Open Sunday 2-4

Country Estate w/5 bedrooms and 3 baths. Pool and almost 6 acres!

$339,000. Mariea Shean 687-9464

Directions: Exit 96 on I-85 towards Asheboro . Look for Heath Church flashing billboard on left. Look for signs!

325 Creekside Dr. Open Sunday 2-4 $264,900

One visit and you will want to stay! Covered porch overlooking the beautiful yard. 4BDRMS/2.5BATHS. Lots of updates and spacious rooms. Wallburg/Ledford Schools. Sharon Sink 688-2122 Directions: Westchester Dr. to R on W. Lexington R on Wallburg_H.P. Rd. Approx. 5 to 6 miles. L on Creekside

Too Many Specials To List! • Open Daily 12-6 • Sunday 2-5

Call Pat Colonna 841-7001 or 906-2265 Directions: North Main to Old 311. Left on Hedgecock. Right on Ansley

Grand Opening Oct 23rd • 1pm-5pm


Friday and Sunday 1-6, Saturday 10-6.

Single family homes from the $140’s. Townhome plans w/garages from the $120s. Community lawn maintenance, pool and clubhouse. 3 & 4 BDRMDS w/ master on main level available.

Lisa Sherman 878-7011

Directions: Eastchester Dr. to right on Deep River Rd. Whitestone is on the left.


Condos starting in the 70’s Model Hours: Open Daily 1pm to 5 pm. Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.

Great Kernersville location in Forsyth County. Single family homes 3000 + SQ FT with all new floor plans to choose from. Prices starting in the $220’s 224 Aldridge $128,000

Immaculate 3BDRM/2BATH near end of cul-de-sac. Manicured fenced yard. New Trax Deck. Wired workshop.

Vida Bailey 906-0132

3047 W. Lexington Ave. $179,900

Main level master suite. Over 2400 sqft. with lots of storage. Spacious interior.

Sharon Sink 688-2122

3767 Deerfield St. $234,500

Spacious home with sunroom. St. Charles Place model home.

Sharon Sink 688-2122

200 Beard Avenue $118,500

Great 3BDRM/2BATH immaculate home. Very private backyard. Three decks for entertaining! 2 storage buildings.

Shelby Brewer 707-8629

308 Oakwood St. $235,000

Victorian Home w/4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Large rooms. Can be residential or commercial.

Charles Willett 327-5225

6004 Old Park Lane $122,900

Great Townhouse in Davidson Co. 3BDRMS/2BATHS - Hardwood and tile floors Like New! Priced below tax value.

JoAnn Crawford 906-0002

1829 D Johnson St. $69,900

3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths with lots of updates. Includes all appliances. Ready to move into!

Charles Willett 327-5225

235 Dorothy St. $75,000

Investment or 1st time home buyer. Main house has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. New HVAC in house.

Vida Bailey 906-0132

4202 Oak Hollow Drive $209,900

Beautiful home in Oak Hollow Estates. 4BDRMS/2.5BATHS. Huge kitchen. Screened porch. Oversized garage. Covered front porch.

Karen Dietz 688-6539

1818 Old Cedar Falls Rd. $59,900

Good 1st time home buyer property with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. Randolph County Ranch.

Foster Ferryman 253-8888

3219 Pipers Way $114,900

Darling cottage in cul-de-sac. Top knotch condition and ready to move into. Great Rm with Fp. Outdoor area with patio.

Diana Baxendale 870-9395

4300 Spenway Place

Brick Ranch less than tax value on culde-sac location. New flooring and painting. All appliances remain. Large level lot.

Larry Guy 889-6767

106 Linda Drive $99,000

3 bedrooms and 1 bath. 1200+sqft. 2 room storage workshop wired. Very well maintained property.

Vida Bailey 906-0132

1407 Fernwood Dr. $159,900

One level living in Emerywood Forest. Walk in closets in 3 bedrooms. Beautifully landscaped backyard.

Sharon Sink 688-2122

241 Running Stream $248,000

403 Paul St. $96,000

3 bedroom Brick Ranch in Allen Jay area. Full basement, tons of storage and large lot.

Scott Myers 906-4069

149 Yadkin Falls Rd.

2313 Meadowlark Dr.

Only $29,900 lot in Uwharrie Point Subdivision. Lot backs up to Golf Course.

Nice building lot for single residence.Conveniently located near the Palladium and other shopping.

Foster Ferryman 253-8888

Directions: US-311 north, take Exit # 60 High Point Road, turn right on High Point Rd, turn right on Union Cross Rd, left on Sedge Garden, Glennstone is on the right.

Paul Bowers 906-6870

SUSAN WOODY 689-3819

Kim Davis 655-8188

4 bedrooms and 3 baths in quiet area. Bonus room above garage. Rocking chair front porch.

Foster Ferryman 253-8888

Directions: Conveniently located just off North Main St. in High Point. Quick access to highway 311 By-Pass. From Main Street turn onto Westover Drive. Westover Ridge will be on your right just after you cross the Davidson County line. New Builder is PHD Builders.

Great LocationGuilford County Single Family Homes2200+ Sq Ft For More Information Contact: Kim Davis 655-8188 Prices Starting from the Low $220’s New floors plans and Lots To Choose From! Directions: From I-40 and Eastchester (Hwy 68) towards High Point. Pass Piedmont Parkway and turn right on Willard Dairy Rd., Cottesmore is on the Right.

INTRODUCING SIMPLY SHUGART! Starting at $159,900! Ask about Incentive up to $10,000!

Homes from the 180s In Archdale Ask About ! ls Specia

• Exceptional standard features • Convenient to I-85

Call Janice Spainhour 681-2791

Open Daily 12-6 Sunday 2-5

Directions: South on Main St. into Archdale. L on Tarheel. R on Wood. Follow to the end.

Weston Woods Starting at $129,900! One level townhomes!

Low Randolph co. taxes. Ask about Incentives up to $7,000! Open daily 12-6 Sunday 2-5 Janice Spainhour 681-2791 Directions: 311 South to Archdale Rd. R on School Rd. Neighborhood is on the left.

OPEN 2-5

DIAMONDS KEEP Phase 1 Lot Prices start in the $40’s. Construction has now begun! Randolph County! Adjacent to Kynwood Village! Large lots! Quiet country setting! Directions: HWY 311 South to right on Tom Hill Rd. Left on Archdale Rd. Approx. 3.5 miles from I-85.

Chris Long 689-2855

Showcase of Real Estate Water View




164 Emily Ann Drive, N. Davidson County-FSBO Desirable Davidson County Schools, gorgeous, custom brick home built in 2005, 2,864 SF, quiet cul-de-sac,3BR,2.5BA,possible 4th BR in unfinished space, spacious modern open floor plan on one level, HW floors, bonus room over garage, custom kitchen w/granite countertops, maple cabinets, SS appliances, and beautiful tile floor, wonderful master suite with HUGE walk-in closet, tons of storage, too many extras to list here. See our ad at for more details or call 336-201-3943. Shown by appointment only. $369,000.

Like quiet neighborhoods? ...backyard privacy? ...secluded living yet near everything? ...downsizing a priority? ...home ready to move into?

Lots starting at $34,900 Homes starting at $225,000 Special Financing at 4.75% (Certain Restrictions Apply)


Builders personal home with many upgrades: hardwood floors, jetted tub, separate shower, beautiful granite counters, fabulous kitchen, 2 story family room AND DRAMATIC VIEWS!! Plus much, much more….



Call 336-869-4040 or 336-471-3900 to visit.

315 S. Elm St, High Point Commercial Building for Sale $499,900 8,400 Sq. Ft +/-, SHOW ROOM DISTRICT

Ed Price & Associates Diana Baxendale, Broker Sales Associate 118 Trindale Road, Archdale, NC 27263 Direct (336)475-1052 Office & Cell (336) 870-9395 Fax (336)475-1352 Email: Website:


Quiet rural living, new high quality 3BR/2BA, 1800 sq ft, 0.83 acres, lots of storage, 9/10 ft ceilings, large porches and garage, $225,000, $15,000 to closing and down pay, 3865 Tarmac Dr., Sofia/ Hillsville, FSBO, (336) 287-6107

2300 + Square Foot, 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Living Room, Dining Room, Eat-in Kitchen, Laundry Room, Gas Heat with a/c, completely remodeled, large backyard, $98,900

Call 336-689-5029 OPEN HOUSE


3309 CENTRAL AVE NEAR NEW UNION HILL SCHOOL LR, Lg Den w/FP, 2 BR w/possible 3rd BR, 1 Bath, Central H&A, Wired Workshop, Paved Drive, on 0.6 Acre, Garden Space.

Only $79,900. OWNER 621-2096

LARGE HOUSE Big Family - Home Offices Family Compound 336-886-4602 Near Wesley Memorial Methodist/ Emerywood

$259,900 Tell Your Friends - Move in Condition! FOR SALE BY OWNER




Directions: Westchester to West Lexington, south on Hwy. 109, Community is on the left just past Ledford Middle School. Quality construction beginning at $169,900! Eight Flexible floorplans! - Three to seven bedrooms - 1939 square feet to 3571 square feet - Friendship/Ledford Schools - Low Davidson County Taxes - Basement lots Available. No City Taxes, No Slab, All Crawspace Construction MORE INFO @ Marketed Exclusively by Patterson Daniel Real Estate, Inc.

Debra Murrow, Realtor New Home Consultant 336-499-0789

For Sale By Owner 398 NORTHBRIDGE DR. 3BR, 2BA, Home, 2 car garage, Nice Paved Patio Like new $169,900 OWNER 883-9031 OPEN HOUSE MOST SAT. & SUN. 2-4


8 Unit Apartment Building Available

1.2 acres, 3.5 baths, 14 rooms


Beautifully remodeled brick home at 502 Birchwood 3bedrooms, 2 updated baths, new windows, new appliances, countertops and kitchen floors. Completely remodeled, this is like new. Call for appointment. PRICE CUT $129,900.



then...657 Sonoma Lane is for you! This 1343 s/f, 3br, 2ba townhome is perfectly maintained and features 9’ ceilings w/crown mouldings, custom drapes and blinds, heat pump, gas logs and water heater, Whirlpool appliances and mature plants. Upgrades include: privacy fence, water purifier, glass enclosed sun room and brick patio. All exterior maintenance through homeowners assn. $169,900.

3152 WINDCHASE COURT 3 BR 2 BA 1164 SF, New carpet & paint, New HVAC, GE Appliances. End Unit $94,500 w/ 1 year home warranty

2 Bedroom/ 2 Bath Condo. Excellent High Point location convenient to Winston-Salem and Greensboro. Apprx. 950 square feet. Spacious bedrooms and closets. Garden tub in the master bath. Tray ceilings and crown molding in the living room. Private balcony overlooking a wooded area. Includes: Refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, microwave and washer/dryer connection MOTIVATED SELLER. New Lower Price $79,900!

Call 336-769-0219

All Brick Exterior Built 1987. Paved Parking. Each unit 2BR, 1BA (Approx. 750 square Ft.) Electric Heat & Air Conditioning. Many Upgrades and new appliances, floor coverings, cabinets, paint. Public water & sewer (individual meters). Convenient to public transportation and downtown. Asking price $350,000.00. For additional information call (336)833-6797.



MAKE A DONATION, WIN A HOUSE! Help Support I AM NOW, INC., a local Non-Profit Your Chance to Win - $100 226 Cascade Drive, High Point Visit www.RaffleThisHouse.Info Canned Food Drive Begins In September Refreshments served-Join us on 30047783

Showcase of Real Estate DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T MISS TAX CREDIT 189 Game Trail, Thomasville

Rent to Own - Your Credit is approved! 505 Willow Drive, Thomasville Over 4,000 Sq. Ft. Brick home with 4 Bedrooms & 4 bathrooms, 2 ďŹ replaces, hardwood ďŹ&#x201A;oors, updated kitchen, 2 master suites, fenced yard. Grand dining room â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Priced at $319,900!!

Wendy Hill 475-6800


125 Kendall Mill Road, Thomasville 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms. Large Rooms. East Davidson Area.  sSQUAREFEET

336-491-9564 or 336-472-0310

5.9 acres, Homesite in Hasty School area. With Underground Electric. Davidson Water and existing Septic. Borders Creek with 3.9 acres wooded & 2.0 acres mostly clear. Ready for your Building. $65K. Call 336-869-1351 or 336-689-0388 8am-7pm

4 bedrooms 2 and 1/2 bath Two-story home in Avalon community, 2078 sq.ft. in High Point (Guilford Co.). Formal living room, dining room, ďŹ replace, laundry, great kitchen with breakfast area, Jetted tub in master with separate shower. $1,330 per month with credits toward down payment. Visit or call



Beautiful townhouse at 1740 Ternberry Rd. in Cherokee Hills with 2BR, 2.5 baths, sunny eat-in kitchen, security system, ďŹ replace and private deck area, approx. 1400 SF.... lovely established nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;hood conv to all of High Point & Triad. A great value for $114,900... Contact Shirley Ramsey, Broker, Keller Williams Realty for more info 336-992-7602


Located at 1002 Barbee St, High Point 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath Fireplace, New Vinyl, Completely Remodeled. Garage & Storage. $89.900. Have other homes to ďŹ nance. Will trade for land.

Call 886-7095


6439 Starlette Lane, Trinity Newly Remodeled in Wheatmore School District 3 BR 2BA, 1 level living on a great lot in Gaddy Place. Must see many custom upgrades in these large rooms. Hardwoods, granite counter tops, custom ďŹ nished cabinets, new carpet. 1700 sq ft, 2 car garage, FP, large laundry room(possible ofďŹ ce area), custom deck w/professional landscaping. Will consider trade for larger home in the area.  s   6ISITWWWFORSALEBYOWNERCOMsPHOTOSPOSTED

4493 Orchard Knob Ln Built in 2007, this nearly 1800 SF townhome features 3br/2ba, hardwoods, carpet, tile. Corian counter tops w/ undermount sink & tile back splash. Large living-dining with gas ďŹ replace, stainless steel appliance, rear stamped concrete patio with awning, and 2 car garage. Many upgrades from the standard home. Look, decide & make an offer!

887-9568 or 906-1703

For Sale By Owner 6822 Mendenhall Rd. 2-15,000 ft. buildings 9.25 acres, $600,000.

Call 336-665-0997

Call 888-3555 to advertise on this page!

visit us online...

Enjoy living in a quiet, distinctive neighborhood with no through trafďŹ c. 3 BR 2.5 BA, 2300 sqâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, open ďŹ&#x201A;oor plan, vaulted ceilings & lg. windows, Oak ďŹ&#x201A;oors & carpeted BRs, marble tiled bathrooms, lg. large master bath with separate shower, double ďŹ re place in master BR & LR w. gas logs, kitchen w. granite counter tops, double oven, stereo system. 2 car garage, large patio overlooking a beautiful back yard. Low taxes. $299,800 $321,000 Visit or call 336.687.3959


Homes for Rent

Trinity Schools, New Carpet & Paint. 3BR/2BA. $550/mo. Call 431-7716 BEDROOMS 1124 Meadowlawn...........$995 809 Doak.........................$775 520 Pendleton..................$625 3 BEDROOMS 3603 Grindstaff..............$1195 611 Longview..................$825 2703 Ingleside.................$750 423 Aldridge.....................$675 2713 Ernest St................$675 112 Hedgecock...............$600 2305 Friends...................$600 222 Montlieu..................$595 726 Bridges......................$575 610 Paramount...............$575 1020 South.......................$550 701 Habersham..............$550 2507 Dallas......................$550 209 Earle..........................$535 637 Wesley.....................$525 2418 Williams.................$525 507 Hedrick......................$525 601 Willoubar...................$525 324 Louise.......................$525 637 Wesley......................$525 919 Old Winston..............$525 637 Wesley......................$525 834 Cummins..................$500 1220-A Kimery.................$500 12 Forsyth........................$495 2219 N. Centennial..........$495 2543 Patrick.....................$475 $


Homes for Rent

836 Cummins..............$450 502 Everett......................$450 410 Vail...........................$425 328 Walker......................$425 1725 Lamb......................$395 914 Putnam.....................$399

2 BEDROOM 500 Mint St................$395 4202 Dawnwood Dr.....$450 208 Morgan.................$350 411 Ridgecrest.............$450 1709-A Rotary..............$350 504-A Everett...............$350 418 Hodgin...................$400 2406 Dallas...................$385 213 W. State.................$495 6117 Hedgecock #1A......$695 1720 Beaucrest...............$600 1111 N. Hamilton.............$595 1540 Beaucrest...............$525 101 #13 Oxford..............$525 120 Kendall....................$475 1610 Brentwood............$475 905 Old Tville Rd............$450 215 Friendly....................$450 1198 Day........................$450 914 Newell.....................$450 1119 Textile....................$435 1804 Johnson.................$425 205-D Tyson Ct..............$425 114-A Marshall...............$425 1501-B Carolina..............$425 541 E. Dayton................$410 324 Walker....................$400 $


Homes for Rent

2306 Palmer..................$400 305 Barker......................$400 713-B Chandler.............$399 2903-B Esco....................$395 622-A Hendrix...............$395 1704 Whitehall..............$385 1100 Adams.................$375 2306-A Little..................$375 1227 Redding.................$350 311-B Chestnut...............$350 309-B Griffin...................$335 900-A W. Kearns..............$335 4703 Alford......................$325 313-B Barker...................$300 1116-B Grace...................$295 306-B Meredith..............$290 1515 Olivia......................$280 1700 A & B Brockett........$275

1 BEDROOM 1123-C Adams...............$450 402-C W. Lexington.......$400 620-A Scientific..............$375 508 Jeanette..................$375 910 Proctor.....................$325 1119-A English...............$295 305 E. Guilford................$275 309-B Chestnut...............$275 1103-A S. Elm.................$275 502-B Coltrane................$270 405-A Kennedy...............$250 1317-A Tipton..................$235

CONRAD, REALTORS 512 N. Hamilton 885-4111


Rooms for Rent

1st week 1/2 price. Fully furnished. All utilities. $80-$100. in High Point. Call 848-2689 A Better Room 4U. Walking distance of stores, buses. 886-3210 A-1 ROOMS. Clean, close to stores, buses, A/C. No dep. 803-1970. LOW Weekly Rates - a/c, phone, HBO, eff. Travel Inn Express, HP 883-6101 no sec. dep. Private extra nice. Quiet. No alochol/drugs 108 Oakwood 887-2147 AFFORDABLE Rooms for rent. Call 336-491-2997


Misc for Rent

3BR, $665. 2BR Apt, $500, Furnished Room $100/wk. Section 8 ok. Call 887-2033 Mobile Homes & Lots Auman Mobile Home Pk 3910 N. Main 883-3910


Misc for Rent

3 BEDROOMS 109 Quakerwood............$1100 330 W. Presnell................$790 1704 Azel.........................$600 603 Denny.......................$600 317 N. Hall......................$600 2209 B Chambers...........$575 1014 Grace......................$575 281 Dorothy.....................$550 1414 Madison..................$525 116 Underhill...................$525 1439 Madison..................$495 840 Putnam......................$475 5693 Muddy Creek #2......$475 920 Forest.......................$450 1032 Grace......................$430 1711 Edmondson............$350 2 BEDROOMS 3911 C Archdale.............$600 819 1-B Belmont..............$600 6 Hart...............................$530 285 Dorothy.....................$500 532 Roy............................$495 1114 Westbrook..............$495 8798 US 311 #3..............$495 312 Model Farm.............$450 307 Liberty......................$450 813 E. Guilford...............$450 312 Terrace Trace...........$450 600 Willowbar..................$450 410 Friddle......................$435 112 A Marshall................$435 10721 N Main..................$425 500 Lake.........................$425 $


Misc for Rent

800 Barbee.....................$425 804 Wise.........................$400 105 Cloverdale.................$400 283 Dorothy...................$400 107 Plummer.................$400 304-A Kersey...................$395 1033-A Pegram.............$395 1418 Johnson.................$375 1429 E Commerce..........$375 309 A N. Hall....................$365 215-B & D Colonial..........$350 417 B White Oak..............$350 10532 N. Main ................$325 1 BEDROOMS 3306 A Archdale.............$350 311 A&B Kersey...............$335 313 B Kersey..................$335 203 Baker.......................$325 205 A Taylor....................$285 1504 A & B Wendeell.....$275 909 A Park.....................$250 529 A Flint......................$250 KINLEY REALTY 336-434-4146


Roommate Wanted

Female Roommate wanted N. Tville area, large room & bath in private home. $350. mo. incl. utilities, lrg back yd.,email

Sell the House. Live the Dream. Buy and sell the easy way with the Classifieds.


Only $50 includes photo

Some Restrictions Apply.

Call 336.888.3555

THE HIGH POINT ENTERPRISE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2010 11R Business Places/ 0670 0728 Lake/River/Resort 0773 Income Property Offices

GUARANTEED RESULTS! We will advertise your house until it sells! • 2X2 Display Ad (Value $64.60/day) • Ad will run EVERYDAY • Ad will include photo, description and price of your home • Ad runs up to 365 days


Certain restrictions apply. This offer valid for a limited time only.

Call 888-3555 or Email For Sale By Owner, Realtors & Builders are Welcome!

1000 SF retail space close to new 85. $595/month. Call day or night 336-625-6076 8000 SF Manuf $1800 168 SF Office $250 600 SF Wrhs $200 T-ville 336-561-6631

Historic Bldg, Near Market Sq, Restored for Office. 2000sf. $885/mo. 106 Oak. 887-5130 Large bar behind Home Depot on N. Main Street. Reasonable rent. Call day or night 336-625-6076.

1000 SF OFFICE The Best Deal In Town! Good location, beautiful ground floor, good parking in front. Special price $510/mo. Henry Shavitz Realty 882-8111 Retail/Office/Beauty Shop Intersection Hwy 29/70 & 68 1100sf $600 336-362-2119


Mobile Homes for Rent

2BR, MH, Furnished on a farm. Very Safe area. S E of Archdale. Limited Space. No Partying, Loud Music or Pets. Long Term Rental. $350. Call 336-861-4437 3BR, central h/a, remodeled completely, NO PETS, $550. + dep., Archdale area, 847-7570

N.MYRTLE BEACH OCEANFRONT CONDO. Upscale 4BR/3BA in central OD. ALL new furnishings. Lazy River plus many amenities. 1/13th Interest - Use 4 Weeks/Year. $34,900 BeachBuddies (704) 634-4006.

0754 Commercial/Office 70,000 ft. former Braxton Culler bldg. Well located. Reasonable rent. Call day or night. 336-625-6076

OFFICE SPACES Looking to increase or decrease your office size. Large & Small Office spaces. N High Point. All amenities included & Conference Room, Convenient RETAIL to the Airport. SPACE across from Outback, 1200-4000 sq. ft. D.G. Real-Estate Inc 336-841-7104

Classified Ads Work for You! (336) 888-3555

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Clean 2BR, 1BA, water incl., central air, NO Pets. $200 dep. $100 wkly. 472-8275 Mobile Home For Rent, 1BR, Stove & refrig, elec. heat, good location, 431-5560




Homes for Sale

2 & 3 BR Homes Job's Your Credit + Handyman Homes Fix It & It's Yours Sophia 336-799-4199 Elon 336-449-3090 Jamestown: 3bdm/2.5 bath 1800 sq. foot. Quiet Cul de Sac. Community Swim and Tennis included in rent. $850. (919-270-0073)

0728 Lake/River/Resort MUNICIPAL AUCTION- City of Beaufort, SC. Thursday, October 28th, 10:00 AM. Fire Trucks, Recycling Trucks, Crown Vics, J/D Tractor, Much More! (800) 442-7906. SCAL#1874

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A TRUE GIVE-AWAY (New Listing) Two duplexes on approx. 1/2 acre of land. Needs much repair. 1112-1114 W. English Rd. Priced far below land value! Must sell due to illness. Only $42,000 for all. Henry Shavitz Realty 882-8111

0780 Misc. Real Estate 5,900+/- sf Comm. Building Trucks, Shop Equip, Tools. 5388 Amherst Hwy. 0.5 miles from Lynchburg, VA. Bankruptcy Auction: Wednesday, Oct. 20, 10 a.m. (434) 525-2991. VAAF93. AUCTION- FARM, HOUSES & PERSONAL PROPERTYMecklenburg County, VA 433+/- total acres offered in 14 tracts. Houses, cabin, barns and grain bins on the farm. 3 homes and land in Chase City. 18.7+/- Acre development site between Food Lion and Dollar General Store on North Main St. 19.5+/- acres of timberland in Lunenburg County. Personal Property includes coin collection and farm equipment. Auction is Saturday, October 30 at 8:30 am (Real Estate Sells at 11:00 am.) For more information, go to or call Woltz & Associates, Inc, (VA#321) Brokers & Auctioneers, Roanoke, VA, 800-551-3588. AUCTION- Watauga Lake in TN. 10 lake access lots. Oct. 23, 10 a.m. Spectacular mountain views. Damascus Realty & Auctions. 276-475-5000. TNA#6373 TNF#5498 BANKRUPTCY AUCTION, Powder Horn Estates, (25)Tracts, 3-11 Acres. Sat., Nov. 6th, 11am. Gated Community. Clubhouse, pool, tennis, (3)lakes. Near Boone, Blowing Rock, NC. 800-442-7906 NCAL#685 UPCOMING AUCTIONS IN JOHNSTON COUNTY: We are offering 5 homes and 293+ Acres Divided throughout Johnston County over the next month. Johnson Properties, NCAL7340, 919-693-2231,


Monuments/ Cemeteries

1 Plot at Holly Hill Cemetery in the Front Sec. Will Sell Cheap! 336-491-9564 or 472-0310

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