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Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention 77th Annual Meeting November 7-8, 2019 Olivet Baptist Church THE POWER OF THE CALL: WE’RE BETTER TOGETHER During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” After Paul had seen the vision, we got ready at once to leave for Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel to them. Acts 16:9-10

Thursday Evening, November 7 Presiding: President, Steve Irvin 5:00 Registration & Refreshments 6:00 Call to Order ………………........................................................................................... Steve Irvin 6:05 Worship..................................................................... California Baptist University Worship Team 6:20 Welcome and Announcements ............................................................................... Jamie McElrath 6:30 Invocation ..................................................................................................................... Arbab Khan 6:35 Credentials & Resolutions Committee Report .......................................... Nelson Chapman, Chair Seating of Messengers Seating of Messengers from New Churches 6:45 Introduction of New Pastors, Workers, Guests ........................................................... Chris Martin 7:05 Theme video and scripture reading ................................................................................ Ken Reyes 7:20 Special Music .................................................................................................. CBU Worship Team 7:25 Message ....................................................................................................................... Chris Martin 7:55 Adjournment/Benediction .............................................................................................. Steve Irvin 8:00 Closing Music ................................................................................................. CBU Worship Team Refreshments - Downstairs in the Fellowship Hall

Refreshments provided by Central Baptist Church, The Gathering, Mililani Baptist Church and Palisades Baptist Church Special thanks to Hawaii Baptist Academy, Hawaii Baptist Foundation, and Pu’u Kahea Conference Center for also helping provide refreshments. 1

Friday Morning, November 8 Presiding: Vice-President, Sterling Lee 8:15 Call to Order/Announcements ..................................................................................... Sterling Lee 8:20 Praise and Worship ......................................................................................... CBU Worship Team 8:35 Invocation ..................................................................................................................... TJ Catingub 8:40 Greetings from Southern Baptist Agencies Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee Guidestone Financial Resources LifeWay Christian Resources International Mission Board North American Mission Board 9:30 Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention Report ................................................................. Chris Martin 10:00 Hawaii Baptist Foundation ………………...................................................................Arnold Goto 10:15 Hawaii Baptist Academy .................................................................................................Ron Shiira 10:40 Refreshment Break - Downstairs in the Fellowship Hall 10:55 Special Music .................................................................................................. CBU Worship Team 11:00 Message .......................................................................................................................... Steve Irvin 12:00 Adjournment ................................................................................................................. Sterling Lee Benediction …………………………………………………………………….......... Chris Martin 12:00 Lunch (on your own)

Special thanks to Hawaii Baptist Academy, Hawaii Baptist Foundation, and Pu’u Kahea Conference Center for also helping provide refreshments. 2

Friday Afternoon, November 8 Presiding: President, Steve Irvin 2:00 Business .......................................................................................................................... Steve Irvin Call to Order Invocation ...................................................................................................... Chris Morales Credentials & Resolutions Comm Report & Recommendations .. Nelson Chapman, Chair Convention Arrangements Comm & Order of Business Comm Report.. Larry Hale, Chair Executive Board Reports/Recommendations ..................................................... Steve Irvin New Business ..................................................................................................... Steve Irvin Committee on Committees & Board Nominations ............................................ Steve Irvin Elections of New Officers .................................................................................. Steve Irvin Introduction of New Officers .......................................................................... Chris Martin Adjournment/Benediction .................................................................................. Steve Irvin

Friday Evening, November 8 Presiding: 2nd Vice President, Alan Krober 5:00 Registration & Refreshments (provided by Hawaii Baptist Academy) 5:45 Call to Order/Announcements ..................................................................................... Alan Krober 5:50 Praise and Worship ......................................................................................... CBU Worship Team 6:05 Invocation ..................................................................................................................... Zach Taylor 6:10 Acknowledgement of Outgoing Officers .................................................................... Chris Martin 6:20 Theme video 6:25 Annual Message ................................................................................................. Dr. Paul Chitwood 7:00 Credentials Committee Report ............................................................................. Nelson Chapman 7:05 Adjournment/Benediction ................................................................................. Incoming President 7:15 Closing Music ……......................................................................................... CBU Worship Team

Refreshments provided by Pali View Baptist Church, Word of Truth, and FBC Pearl City. Special thanks to Hawaii Baptist Academy, Hawaii Baptist Foundation, and Pu’u Kahea Conference Center for also helping provide refreshments. 3

HAWAII PACIFIC BAPTIST CONVENTION OFFICERS 2018-2019 President ……………………………............................................................................. Steve Irvin First Vice President …………………………….......................................................... Sterling Lee Second Vice President ……………………………..................................................... Alan Krober Recording Secretary ……………………………....................................................... Liz McElrath Executive Director-Treasurer ……….......................................................................... Chris Martin Committee on Convention Arrangements and Order of Business: Gail Gierhart, Larry Hale, Becky McGuire, Brent Young Parliamentarians: TBA PROGRAM PERSONALITIES: Steve Irvin, HPBC Executive Board President, Pastor, Pali View Baptist Church Jamie McElrath, Pastor, Olivet Baptist Church Arbab Khan, Pawa’a Community Church Nelson Chapman, Chair, Credentials Committee, Pastor, Central Baptist Church Ken Reyes, Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Pawa’a Community Church TJ Catingub, FBC Wahiawa Sterling Lee, HPBC First Vice President, Pastor, First Baptist Church Pearl City Arnold Goto, President, Hawaii Baptist Foundation Ron Shiira, President, Hawaii Baptist Academy Chris Morales, Nuuanu Baptist Church Larry Hale, Chair, Arrangements Committee, Pastor, Eleele Baptist Church Alan Krober, HPBC Second Vice President, Pastor, Mililani Baptist Church Zach Taylor, International Ministries, The Gathering/Citywide Church California Baptist University Worship Team – J.C. Bautista, Steve Dahlgren, Easton Dahlgren, John Montgomery, Nate Piester, Wesley Schaeffer, Andrew Ursua and Matthew Watson

HAWAII PACIFIC BAPTIST CONVENTION STAFF Chris Martin, Executive Director-Treasurer Brian Smart, Assistant Executive Director Craig Webb, Assistant Executive Director Mike Martin, Director, Business/Financial Services Dawn Akutagawa, Ministry Assistant Lisa Tabudlo, Ministry Assistant Arjay Gruspe, UH Manoa Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Pastor, Pawa’a Community Church Sean Lathrop, Church Planting Catalyst Robert Miller, Director of Regional Ministries Darrell McCain, Director, Disaster Relief and Maintenance Teresa McCain, Director, Women’s Ministry


EXECUTIVE BOARD RECOMMENDATIONS to the ANNUAL CONVENTION MEETING November 7-8, 2019 1. That the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention Budget for 2020 be adopted. 2. That the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention Calendar 2020 be adopted. 3. That the report of the Significant Actions of the Executive Board be accepted. 4. That the report of the Executive Director-Treasurer and staff reports be accepted.











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JANUARY Call to Prayer Month New Year's Day January Bible Study Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Martin Luther King Jr. Day VBS Directors Training

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FEBRUARY "True Love Waits" Emphasis HPBC Executive Board The Gathering Racial Reconciliation Sunday Focus on WMU Children’s Ministry Day President’s Day WMU Annual Meeting, Oahu

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MARCH Youth Week Week of Prayer for North American Missions and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering Church Planting Emphasis Sunday VBS Training Prince Kuhio Day Substance Abuse Sunday

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APRIL Good Friday Easter Baptist Doctrine Study SBC Seminaries Sunday Cooperative Program Sunday

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MAY HPBC Executive Board Senior Adult Sunday National Day of Prayer Christian Home Week Pastor's Retreat Memorial Day

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JUNE Keiki Adventure Camp SBC Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL King Kamehameha Day

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Baptist Men’s Emphasis Mission: Dignity Sunday Citizenship & Religious Liberty Sunday

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JULY Independence Day (observed) Send Relief Sunday

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AUGUST HPBC Executive Board Student Evangelism Day Worship Music Week Statehood Day

SEPTEMBER Single Adult Sunday Week of Prayer Hawaii Pacific Missions Sue Nishikawa Offering 7 Labor Day 13 Anti-Gambling Sunday 14-17 HPBC Leadership Training Events TBA HBEEA Conference 6 6-13

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OCTOBER Cooperative Program Emphasis Personal Evangelism Commitment Day Global Hunger Sunday Women’s Retreat Week of Prayer for Baptist Associations

NOVEMBER 1 Orphans and Widows Sunday 4 Missions College One Day 5 New Workers Orientation 5-6 HPBC Annual Meeting 8 Disaster Relief Appreciation Day 11 Veterans’ Day 14 HPBC Executive Board 26-27 Thanksgiving 29-Dec 6 Week of Prayer & Mission Study for International Missions & the Lottie Moon Christmas offering DECEMBER 25



Revised 7/22/19

RESOLUTIONS TO 77th ANNUAL MEETING Resolution 1 : The messengers and guests of the 77th annual session of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention have enjoyed the hospitality of our gracious host, Olivet Baptist Church, whereas, we acknowledge and appreciate the many courtesies, services, and accommodations which have made our stay a pleasant one, be it resolved, on this 7th day of November, that the messengers of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention express our profound gratitude to Olivet Baptist Church, whose efforts contributed to the gracious spirit, evangelistic impact, and overall effectiveness of this annual meeting. Resolution 2 : Whereas the continuing ministry of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention is dependent upon volunteer leadership; and whereas the convention officers: President, Steve Irvin; 1st Vice President, Sterling Lee, 2nd Vice President, Alan Krober, Recording Secretary Liz McElrath; have served with dedication and faithfulness for this past year; whereas members of the executive board: Wendi Okazaki have served with dedication and faithfulness and are now completing their elected term of service; whereas members of convention committees: Arrangements: Larry Hale; Credentials: Shane Miura and Neal Matsumura; Historical: Faith McFatridge and June Duffer; Nominating: Eun Hee Cowin and Steve Gray, have served with dedication and faithfulness, be it resolved, on this 7th day of November, the messengers of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention express appreciation to the men and women who have completed their terms of office as Convention Officers, members of the Executive Board, and members of Convention committees; be it further resolved that we recognize these members for highly effective service in guiding our convention with personal sacrifice of time and energy. Resolution 3 : Whereas the entities of the Southern Baptist Convention serve as sources of encouragement to the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention by providing financial assistance and program expertise, and, whereas, the North American Mission Board, the International Mission Board, GuideStone Financial Resources, LifeWay Christian Resources, and the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Board have added information and inspiration for our annual session; be it resolved, on this 7th day of November, the messengers of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention express appreciation to these Southern Baptist Convention leaders and extend to them our warmest “Aloha” and most sincere “Mahalo.”


Significant Actions of the Executive Board From February 2, 2019 Approval of Minutes: September 15, 2018. Vince Bagoyo motion to accept and Wilson Pascua seconded. Approved. COMMITTEE REPORTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Programs Committee 19-1 To approve an internship grant to Jason Estopinal, pending his acceptance of the intern position at New Life Church, for 4 months at $700 per month. Approved. Operations Committee 19-2 That the Executive Board approve a grant of $100,000 from the new church property fund to Ohana Church in Hilo, Hawaii, for the purchase of the property at 1967 Kinoole Street, Hilo, HI. The approval is subject to the site being at least one acre, as described in the church’s request, and to the Church including in its property deed a reversionary clause in favor of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention (HPBC) if the Church ceases to be a cooperating church with the HPBC. The language of an acceptable reversionary clause shall be provided by HPBC prior to the closing of the sale. Approved. Administrative Committee 19-3 The Administrative Committee moves to recommend for Dr. Glenn Young to serve on the HBA Board, term expiring in 2022. Approved. 19-4

The Administrative Committee moves to approve of Order of Business for the Executive Board Morning and Afternoon Sessions, May 4, 2019. Approved.

From May 4, 2019 Approval of Minutes. February 2, 2019. Misspelling of Called in 1.A. Shane Okimoto motioned to approve as corrected and Vince Bagoyo seconded. Approved. COMMITTEE REPORTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Programs Committee 19-5 To approved eliminating the Sue Nishikawa Offering for Hawaii Pacific Missions as a designated fund and undesignate the $347,719 in the fund as of March 31, 2019. There was some discussion on the fund. Approved with one abstained. 19-6

To approve the engagement of CW Associates to audit the 2018 financial statements of the HPBC, at an expected cost not to exceed $25,000. Approved.

Communications Committee 19-7 Recommends that Rev. Chris Martin share a Spotlight video with the churches on the HPBC vision. Approved. 16

Administrative Committee 19-8 To recommend to the Executive Committee that Jon Elliff (Makakilo Baptist), Gary Appel (Eleele Baptist) and Daniel Tomita (Kinoole Baptist) serve on the Executive Committee to fill the vacancies for 2019. Approved.

From August 3, 2019 Approval of Minutes. May 4, 2019. Naomi Ashman motioned to accept and Daniel Tomita seconded. Approved. COMMITTEE REPORTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Programs Committee 19-9 That the Executive Board approve the HPBC 2020 calendar. There was some discussion on holidays on the calendar. Approved. 19-10 That the Executive Board send the HPBC Calendar, after approval by the Board, to all association moderators. Operations Committee 19-11 That the Executive Board accept the audited financial statements for the HPBC for 2017, as opined on, by independent certified public accountants CW Associates, CPA’s in their letter dated July 29, 2019. Approved. 19-12 That the Executive Director/Treasurer be authorized to prepare and execute a three-year lease agreement with the International Mission Board for property at 5-23-11 Ryokuen, Izumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken in Yokohama, Japan at a cost of $1000 per month. That he also be authorized to concurrently prepare and execute a mission partnership with the Tennessee Baptist Convention which will provide for reimbursing the HPBC the cost of leasing and maintaining the Yokohama property. For the strengthening and expansion of the HPBC, the use of the property will be in accordance with policies developed by the HPBC Executive Director/Treasurer and HPBC officers. Approved. Communications Committee 19-13 To participate in the Caring Well Challenge as recommended at the 2019 SBC annual meeting. The HPBC would promote the Challenge to our churches and coordinate training. (Craig will work on getting the Korean translation by the annual meeting in November. Other languages also were identified). There was some discussion on The Caring Well Challenge. Approved. Administrative Committee 19-14 That the Executive Board approval the 2020 Budget as presented. Approved.


Executive Director’s Report Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention Annual Meeting

Chris Martin

Executive Director's Report January 1, 2019 to November 1, 2019 Power of the Call: We’re Better Together! Greetings to you in the name of our magnificent Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Mahalo for your continued support of your sister churches and God's global Kingdom work by your faithful giving through the Cooperative Program. God is working tremendously through your combined efforts in proclaiming the truth of the Gospel and in making disciples of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to remain dedicated to this cooperative effort and even more as the days advance. We are better together! Serving these past six years as your executive director of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention has been an incredible blessing for me. Having spent the last 14 years in Hawaii, I know the challenges and the victories that God brings us through are drawing us closer together as a network of churches. Brothers and sisters, stay faithful. Let us commit to strive together in the work of the Gospel so that no obstacle or distraction draws our attention away from the immense spiritual needs around us. Throughout this 77th Annual Meeting of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention, you will hear a recurring theme, "Power of the Call: We're Better Together!" repeated many times. This theme is more than a slogan about serving alongside each other, but it is a reminder of the commitment we made as churches working together to pursue God's mighty Kingdom plans. The task before us is never more significant than the call within us. From the earliest days of modern global exploration, the Hawaiian Islands have served as a vital link between North America and Asia. The European explorers dreamed of utilizing our islands for the establishment of a vantage point in the Pacific for their global endeavors. The United States realized the military advantage of our islands, building a presence for offensive and defensive objectives. God's universal church recognizes the strategic positioning of Hawaii to reach the Pacific Rim and beyond. Earning the title of "Crossroads of the Pacific," Hawaii has long been known as highly strategic in Oriental and Occidental connections. And now, God has placed us strategically throughout the Pacific and Asia with the desire to use us to repel the work of darkness and advance the causes of Christ. Our time is now.

How will we respond? Beginning with the 1997 expansion of the original Hawaii Baptist Convention into the regions of the South Pacific, and the more recent additions of East Asia, and Southeast Asia, some may feel that we have overextended ourselves in providing resourcing and connectivity for this incredibly vast geographical area. Others may think that our churches are stretching beyond their practical value in serving each other. With every step farther, the reach of Hawaii Pacific Baptists widens. How will we respond? 18

Our deeply-held history of being missional recipients instead of a missional sending people is in the midst of a radical transition. We cherish and value those who have poured their lives and resources into the HPBC - many of our churches number among the select few that began as international mission efforts before becoming indigenous-based ministries. Yet, God is pressing us to become the senders and receivers of ministry in a vastly new way. How will we respond? We must be people of prayer and obedience in a day that presses us to do neither. God is raising leaders of today to continue the building of His work in the Pacific and Asia. The vision of the Charles McDonald's, the servant's heart of the Sue Nishikawa's, the passion of the Dan Kong's, the dedication of the Mori Hiratani's, and the combinations of the characteristics of many more faithful leaders of the HPBC are catalyzing the work of today and tomorrow in the lives of men and women across our churches. In preparation, God is mobilizing current leaders to capture a view of what lies ahead and move us into the next steps of the HPBC. Within the metropolitan areas of the cities of our churches lie an estimated 75 million people without a knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord. How will we respond? I believe that we are at a critical crossroads for the future of our HPBC. You sit in a position to affect the future of our work. Your decisions either will facilitate or hinder this view. Your prayers either will open or close the doors for ministry. In every future decision, your role points us to the direction in which we leave the crossroad. Many of our churches are in desperate need of revitalization and revisioning. In many ministries, leadership is aging without suitable replacements. In other churches, leadership has lost the understanding of Southern Baptist roots and practical purposes, exposing the congregation to gross ignorance of understanding the Kingdom's resources available through our convention of churches. Some congregations are battling declines in attendance, giving, new membership, baptisms, qualified leaders, and evangelistic efforts leading to a deterioration in hope, excitement, and Holy Spirit power. At the same time, God is stirring leadership to increase their efforts of disciple-making and multiplication. Their efforts are bearing fruit in ministry leadership, where more are discipled to engage the world with the hope of the Gospel. This replication transcends nationality and ethnicity, finding believers of many cultures maturing together in Christ to later mobilize together for Christ. In the multiplication efforts, churches are starting in new works as evangelistic extensions are reaching into communities, shaping believers through small groups and then church formation. Without a robust network of churches to partner and resource together, churches will be struggling to know what role God has for them in our convention. God is leading the way ahead. It begins with our response. We must move beyond the view of ourselves as members of individual churches, agencies, organizations, and groups and see ourselves as all part of the universal Body of Christ, pressing forward with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, eliminating every obstacle and taking advantage of every opportunity that together we may see the Gospel of Jesus Christ redeem and transform men and women of the nations of the world - moving them from outsiders and enemies with God into becoming his dear children, as disciple-making disciples of Jesus Christ. We must proceed in this direction together with 19

Hawaii, the South Pacific, and Asia combining forces to assist, learn, develop, and go as one unit - the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention. The vision ahead for the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention is grounded in our stated purpose. The Constitution of the HPBC states: “The purpose of this Convention shall be (A:) “to provide organization” through which Baptist churches in Hawaii and the Pacific areas can cooperate in their efforts to help bring people into a right personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ and (B:) “to help forward Christ’s whole program” of preaching, teaching, healing, and ministering throughout the world. Following the stated purpose of the HPBC, it’s only right that the unspoken goal of your HPBC staff team is: (A:) to help facilitate the organization of HPBC churches for cooperation in Gospel ministry and (B:) facilitate the forwarding of Christ’s whole program of ministry through the HPBC churches for the empowering and mobilization of the HPBC churches. Those two purposes give us the vantage point of seeing the next vision for the HPBC as:

We see every Hawaii Pacific Baptist Church working together to be leaders in impacting God’s Kingdom throughout the Pacific and Asia.

We, as Hawaii Pacific Baptist churches believe this vision will be executed in 2 primary ways:



Together we will build and sustain a stronger Kingdom network of like-minded churches and ministry partners to facilitate God’s Kingdom through Hawaii Pacific Baptists and Together we will empower and mobilize Hawaii Pacific Baptist churches to engage Hawaii, the Pacific, and Asia with intentional efforts for God’s Kingdom.

In order to:

1. Build and sustain a stronger Kingdom network, together we will: A. Intentionally target like-minded churches and organizations for partnership/affiliation B. Leverage the SBC network in positive Kingdom relationships C. Position Hawaii Pacific Baptist churches to be engaged and influential in the areas God calls them. 2. Empower and mobilize the churches of the HPBC, together we will: A. Support the efforts of the HPBC staff team B. Provide excellent resources for Hawaii Pacific Baptist churches C. Strengthen integrity and accountability in institutional stewardship and structure Over the past five years, the changes within our HPBC structure and staff team have been numerous. Some believe that I was brought to this role to make the changes that will set the direction for the future of the HPBC. I see that God has brought me forward in this time to work among a team of leaders and visionaries to continue to evolve our convention system for the future. Within this system are several steps for our success. I believe the vision ahead involves three fundamental values: Committed Involvement, Humble Unity, and Strong Communication. 20

1. Committed Involvement Accountability is crucial to the forward momentum of our churches in becoming leaders in Hawaii, the Pacific, and Asia. With the emphasis on “integrity, authenticity and a deep sense of mission,”1 the Generation X and Millennial leaders are changing the face of ministry. For the future growth and impact of the HPBC, we are driven to raise the level of commitment. Ministry impact is not measured by financial obligation only but through the active involvement of each church in the overall pursuit of HPBC goals and work. 2. Humble Unity The origin for working together is not found in a desire to pool resources or to make a name for ourselves, but a deep longing to fulfill the purpose of the Bride of Jesus Christ. The foundation of cooperative ministry originates in the desire to accomplish God’s Kingdom as one body. Operating as one body, or unit, requires the individual members to work in coordination, not respecting their roles above another. Striving together in humble unity, allowing others to speak into our roles as we speak into the roles of others, will open the power of the Holy Spirit throughout our efforts. 3. Strong Communication Within the concept of strong communication in the HPBC, the need to over-communicate is evident. We cannot accomplish effective communication through media outlets alone; the networking of pastors and leaders discussing God’s movements across our convention is vital. In the continued connections of HPBC churches, we must find an over-communicating network. One of the primary responsibilities of the HPBC staff team is to facilitate the connections between pastors, leaders, and church members for greater Kingdom effectiveness - this is just one example of how we can directly strengthen communication between ministry leaders. This report is a vision of God’s plans for the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention for the coming years. Your staff team is strategically located among the HPBC churches, partners, and others to see beyond the context of any local church or gathering of churches in our convention. From this location, as we are experiencing God’s movements and actions throughout the HPBC, we believe strongly that this vision is the firm pathway for the future of the HPBC. Please join us as we faithfully follow God’s leading in this vision, support this vision as we strive together for God’s Kingdom, and openly communicate this vision to everyone you can, encouraging each other to more excellent works than ever before as we boldly pursue the darkness of evil with the life-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

These terms are quoted from an article from Carey Nieuwhof, “5 Things Millennials Are Looking For In a Church,” CareyNieuwhof.com. https://careynieuwhof.com/5-things-millennials-are-looking-for-in-a-church/ (accessed April 18, 2019.) 1


Together, we will submit to God • Together, we will unite • Together, we will serve • Together, we will pray • Together, we will give • Together we will see God’s Kingdom come in our day. Aloha in Christ,


Brian Smart, HPBC Assistant Executive Director 2019 Summary and 2020 Plans My assignment is to support kingdom work in Hawaii and the Pacific in the areas of missions, evangelism, partner development, and church planting. 1. Build relationship with HPBC Pastors, church staff, and church leaders. • Attended transitional pastor training led by Henry and Craig Webb. • Met with over 40 pastors this year to help with church needs. • Met with pastors in Samoa to help with strategy. • Met with IMB missionaries to assist HPBC churches in partner development. 2. Plan and Implement Training Opportunities for evangelism and missions. • Evangelism Training with Southwestern Seminary: Revive the Nations, March 2019 o 3 Professors taught Everyday Evangelism o Everyday Evangelism has trained 250 evangelists o 15 churches represented o 3 Salvations at evangelism conferences 3. Develop Partners abroad and state side. • Full Count Ministries will travel to Japan for the second time. • Formed evangelism strategic partners in North Carolina and Tennessee. • Evangelism meeting NAMB o NAMB introduced new evangelism strategy; will update churches as we hear from NAMB. • Partner Development meeting at IMB: Completed o IMB welcomed the new president and IMB shared with state conventions partnership ideas. • Partner Development meetings o Northwest Baptist Convention ▪ Met with leaders to see how we can partner with their convention in East Asia. ▪ Met with Seattle Church Planting Network to secure a SDOM meeting in December on Oahu. o Working with Southwestern Seminary to develop a curriculum for Hawaii on evangelism. 2020 Plans 1. Provide organization and visionary leadership to strengthen pastors and churches through evangelism, missions, partner development, and church planting. a. Developed an evangelism team to look at ways we can strengthen evangelism in the state. We need to gather stats on what we have learned over the last year of evangelism trainings. b. In the process of developing a mission leadership team to assist our partners and churches in the Pacific 2. Continue to develop relationships and networks with pastors, church leaders, and denominational entities to help mobilize HPBC churches to meet their vision. 3. Enlist churches to serve with IMB missionaries. 4. Effectively respond to needs/requests from pastors and church leaders a. Help churches use our resources from evangelism funds.


Annual Meeting Report – November 2019 Assistant Executive Director, Dr. Craig Webb Thank you, Hawaii Pacific Baptists, for the privilege of serving you. My primary assignment is leadership development, theological training, pastor development, church revitalization, and communications. On June 2, 2019 I completed a 17-month-long dual-location transition from Tennessee to Hawaii. I’m thankful to be settled here with my wife, Barbara, and our youngest, Gracie, who is a Freshman at University of Hawaii. In 2019 God has allowed me to develop deeper relationships with the HPBC team, Hawaii Pacific Baptist pastors and church leaders, and to improve ways of serving our churches, develop leaders, and share the story of what God is doing throughout Hawaii, the Pacific, and Asia. Pastor & Church Relations As a pastor who has experienced both the joys and struggles of ministry, I am passionate about equipping and encouraging Hawaii Pacific Baptist pastors and pastoral staff. In 2019 besides leading a Pastors Retreat in May at Pu’u Kahea and in October on Hawaii Island at Kilauea Military Camp I also encouraged and equipped pastors face-to-face, on the phone, and through video meetings. I have also had the privilege of meeting with, resourcing, and training groups of deacons, pastor search teams, and disciple-makers. This included working with and advising pastor search committees, providing Deacon trainings, helping pastor-less churches with pulpit supply, and leading training in discipleship/disciple-making. In support of our churches, I have supplied the pulpit at the following churches: Cornerstone Fellowship Mililani Mauka, New Life, Living Faith, Ola Nui, Central Baptist, FBC Haleiwa, Pali View Baptist, FBC Wahiawa, Waianae Baptist, Waikiki Baptist, Waikoloa Baptist (Hawaii Island), Kaunakakai (Molokai), Calvary Baptist (Guam), Tamuning Christian Fellowship (Guam), and Guam Christian Life Fellowship. In addition to the churches above, I have attended or visited with pastor/staff on-site: Kalihi Baptist, Yokohama International Baptist (Japan), Tokyo Baptist (Japan), Calvary Baptist (Bangkok, Thailand), Kona Baptist (Hawaii Island), Cornerstone (Hawaii Island), Kaumana Drive, Kinoole, Olivet, FBC Pearl City, and The Gathering. Leadership Development Besides one-on-one mentoring and training, I have planned, promoted, and implemented the following events: • September Leadership Training Events: This event with Dr. Jeff Iorg and Dr. Adam Groza drew 227 leaders from 53 churches on 5 Islands. • Missions College: Planned, promoted, and supported event along with HPBC’s Brian Smart and IMB’s Julie Bradford. • Ministry Grid Online Training: Working with pastors to use this valuable tool for their own continuing education and as a possible tool for training leaders in their churches. • Transitional Pastor Training: co-led with Dr. Henry Webb on Oahu and Hawaii Island.


Communications I’ve enjoyed working with our team to oversee the following: •

• • •

Pacific Connector: We have expanded readership as well as the increasing the areas we are covering to include more news from neighbor islands, South Pacific, Micronesia, and Asia Baptist Network Churches. We have also expanded the number of pages dedicated to news from our churches and reduced national news. Social Media: We have expanding our reach via Facebook through sharing news from churches and ministries real time. We have also used Facebook to publicize Hawaii Pacific Baptist events and events of other churches and partners. E-mail campaigns to keep Hawaii Pacific Baptists up to date. Surveys are sent to participants of all persons attending events.


Mike Martin, Director of Church Finance Aloha! It has been a great joy to serve again during this reporting period to our churches and other ministries. Here are some highlights during this reporting period. 2018 Budget: During the 2018 fiscal year, HPBC was able to meet target goals as set forth. Our HPBC churches support the ministry by giving through Cooperative Program of $1,133,145 (budgeted $1,025,000), Hawaii Pacific Missions Offering – Sue Nishikawa of $127,421 (target goal of $90,000), Annie Armstrong Offering of $153,449 (goal of $150,000), Lottie Moon Offering of $264,458 (goal of $250,000) and the World Hunger Offering of $45,751 (goal of $40,000). Hiring of New Staff: Monica Kang joined our staff in the Accounting area on January 1st. Monica has been assisting in bookkeeping duties along with other items. Since coming onboard to serve at HPBC, she has assisted in setting up the new accounting system and help convert over contributions module for our recording of giving by our churches. She previously served as the Business Manager at Hawaii Kai Baptist Church. Modernizing Accounting Systems and Controls: The process of modernizing our structure and financial reporting continues to move forward. Several churches have taken advantage of the online giving platform for their cooperative program and other offerings and designations. With the online giving platform starting to increase, we are seeing more individuals and organizations outside the convention to give towards special offerings especially the Disaster Relief and Sue Nishikawa Funds. In addition Continual Training of Church Finance and Ministerial Tax with Churches. In moving forward with working with our churches, more opportunities to work with individual churches has been great. Continued dialogue with pastors, along with their financial teams, is progressing in better serving them in church finance and ministerial taxes. Many questions and insights were given by both sides and allows for future opportunities in working with them. Common concerns discussed dealt with compensation of a pastor, tax laws associated with the uniqueness of a minister, FICA vs. SECA payments, and what is required by churches in reporting to different entities (i.e.- payroll related items). The type of questions continues to demonstrate two items: the area of business and especially ministerial taxation is critical to our churches and secondly, churches need assistance in understanding the laws. In addition, discussion about the different benefits associated with the HPBC have been requested. Goals for 2020: We are continuing to move forward with the goals. Many churches have already stepped out and aided as we move forward in spreading the gospel. As we continue to work together in this transitional time, the goal is to provide the best financial information about HPBC and the use of its resources for kingdom work. This includes but is not limited to: evaluation of designated and restricted accounts, shared resources costs, and provide more tools for improved giving to our mission goals as an organization. In addition, we will be partnering with others in providing practical resources in maintaining day-to-day operations of churches. Once again, it has been a great joy to get to know the many servants we have throughout our convention. Moving forward we can see how God will use the synergy of all our resources to fulfill kingdom work.


Baptist Collegiate Ministries of the HPBC Arjay Gruspe, Director for HPBC Baptist Collegiate Ministries September to October 2018-19 This was an exciting year for collegiate work in the HPBC. We have Baptist Collegiate Ministries serving primarily on Oahu and the Big Island. We are currently seeking to reach new campuses on Oahu and are in the preliminary stages helping our Guam churches start BCM work there. Guam Christian Life Fellowship has thrown a number of gatherings to connect with students on campus, including a worship service on campus. They are working on registering as a campus ministry group and establishing student leaders to help in the formation of a BCM at the University of Guam. The following are statistics for our last year of service (Fall 2018-Spring 2019) for all the BCM work on Oahu (BCM Oahu, International Ministries) and Big Island (Hilo BCM): 1. 1687 Collegians impacted in Campus Ministry programs 2. 698 Collegians involved in Campus Ministry programs 3. 27500 Total of all contributions to student missions 4. 310 Collegians educated about the Cooperative Program 5. 42 Collegians involved in leadership development 6. 9 Conversions of college students 7. 57 Conversions of others 8. 11 Collegians preparing for church-related vocations 9. 27 Churches assisted by campus ministry 10. 67 Number of meaningful church leader contacts 11. 52 Collegians involved in evangelism 12. 19 Number of Small Group Bible studies 13. 110 Collegians involved in Bible study or discipleship small groups 14. 177 International students involved 15. 74 Collegians involved in community ministries/missions 16. 33 Students involved in other ministries 17. 17 Collegians serving on short-term mission trips 18. 3 Campus Ministers: Full-time – Permanent (state office) BCM is all about partnerships. In the last year, we have had partnered work with ministries in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona. These ministries helped by sending teams and resources to partner with work in the islands to reach students on various campuses as well as help local churches in their envisioned work to reach their communities. In February, Adam Groza, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Gateway Seminary, joined us to speak at our annual collegiate retreat. The messages helped students to live as a witness on their campuses in order to intentionally share the gospel in practical ways. The focus on practical apologetics was helpful to the students who attended. A group of around 80 attended. From the weekend, we were able to celebrate salvation decisions, and many new small group d-groups were started on our Manoa and Hilo campuses, with students taking the lead in these. Along with that, each campus ministry had a renewed push to share the gospel in intentional ways.


During the summer, our state BCM students were active in missions and serving around the islands. We had students serve at association youth and keiki camps as worship leaders and volunteers. We also sent teams comprised of alumni and students to places like Japan, Alaska, Brazil, and China. In August we sent a group of 15 college students and leaders to Collegiate Week in its new location: Falls Creek, Oklahoma. We were hosted by the Great Plains Baptist Association of Oklahoma, who cared for our group well during the conference. We are excited to continue this partnership with our Oklahoma family. LifeWay did a fantastic job in continuing the focus of Collegiate Week as a conference where students were challenged to be gospel minded and evangelism focused going into the new year. Hawaii Baptist work was the focus of the mission night, and a few from the Hawaii contingent had the privilege of sharing about the good work in front of over 2000 students. This past year we were also blessed to see alumni continue in seminary pursuit, as well as some serve with the IMB in their journeyman program. We pray that the Lord will grow them as they are answering the call. We have also gotten to see new graduates and students take on ministry roles in their local churches. This school year started off fast with a Back to School Luau, weekly worship and Wednesday Free Lunch at the Hilo BCM. BCM Oahu was busy participating at the Student Involvement Event at UHManoa and starting up their weekly campus worship. The student leadership and staff at BCM Oahu have set a goal of sharing the gospel 140 times this Fall. International Ministries were busy with airport pickups and English classes, along with free lunch and Global Café and Bible studies. We cannot do what we do without the support of our HPBC churches and her faithful members. It takes a lot to reach the next generation and we are always looking for new partners in ministry. If you would like to volunteer, give resources, or sponsor events and/or mission endeavors…or if there might be a way we can serve your church… please connect with me. Also, if you would like us to share about our ministries during one of your services or Bible studies, let us know. We love to tell the story of God’s work among college students. Let’s reach the campuses together. Please continue to pray for the work in our convention to reach college students for God’s glory.


Church Planting Ministries from October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019 The HPBC Church Planting Office (CPO) has resourced churches planting churches and new congregations as follows: Missions and their Sponsoring Churches resourced by HPBC Church Planting Office: • Ohana Church (Big Island Baptist Assn) – Kona BC • New Life Church (Big Island Baptist Assn) – Ohana Church • Legacy Community Church (Big Island Baptist Assn) – FBC of Pearl City • Kauai House Church Network (Garden Isle Baptist Assn) -- Eleele BC • Red C (Oahu Baptist Network) – Pawa’a Community Church • Hamama Community Church (Oahu Baptist Network) – University Ave BC Newly Constituted Churches directly resourced by HPBC CPO: • Kauai House Church Network, (GIBA) Church Planters We Support as of October 1, 2019: • Jay (James) & April Parks, New Life Church • Shane & Donna Miura, Legacy Community Church • Ikaika (Carlos) & Stacey Higa, Hamama Community Church • Jay & Melissa Haynes, Waiehu Community Church

Church Planter Training: On March 29, 2019, Mike Martin, HPBC Director of Business Services led a workshop on “How to Constitute as a Church and Affiliate with the HPBC.” The March 29, 2019 workshop was well received -- most of our church planters brought core team members with them, to learn the steps for constituting and affiliating. New Church Plant: Yokohama International Baptist Church, led by Pastor Ben Howard, had a vision to establish a strong evangelical witness in the city of Yokosuka, in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Yokosuka has a population of approximately 400,000 and is home to a US Naval base with a population of 24,000 military and civilian personnel. YIBC enlisted Chris Thomas, a long-time member and staff person of YIBC, to serve as the missionary church planter. Chris & his wife, Sai, completed all required training, including a North American Mission Board assessment retreat weekend for planters from the Western states. Cross Church Yokosuka, the church plant, will focus on the aforementioned US Military base community. The church will also reach out to the local Japanese population, as well as to the students who attend the nearby National Defense Academy (Japan’s West Point equivalent). Please join YIBC, Pastor Ben Howard, and the rest of the HPBC congregations, as we pray and support Cross Church Yokosuka.


Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention Disaster Relief Ministries and Facility Management Report 2019 Teresa and I are so blessed to have served here in Hawaii and the Pacific. Mahalo for accepting two Oklahomans that just wanted to come and serve God where He wants us to be. We knew it was Hawaii after a short mission trip here in 2004. We have served here for 10 years and it has been a blessing to us. It was hard when two grandsons came but God has made it possible to be here. Mahalo to Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention for caring for us and supporting us with our ministries. We will always have Hawaii Pacific in our hearts. January Attended the Disaster Relief Round-Table annual Disaster Relief meeting and training in Kansas where it was cold and snowing. The meeting and training provided trailer towing, recovery, assessing training. We also finalized our structure to use the Home Depot Rebate funds for our convention’s use. The Home Depot rebate funds are accrued from all participating state convention and private use of purchases to Home Depot. The rebate is awarded to NAMB DR annually. State Convention DR then can make a request for the funds for disaster relief responses, equipment, tools etc., for Disaster Relief. This is funds that helped HPBC with outfitting our shower/laundry trailer, our response to the flooding in Hilo, and our new Rapid Response Feeding trailer coming in May. February I attended the WMU 75th anniversary and gave a testimony of being a Royal Ambassador and how it has led me to missions and our work here in Hawaii. I also traveled to Saipan to coordinate the rebuild after Typhoon Yutu came across the Island and created a lot of damage. We are working with FEMA in their VALOR initiated to repair homes. This is a national response and a SBDR team from Kentucky to the lead and went for three weeks. We are also having a team from Minnesota/Wisconsin DR going. A team from Hilo is working on a team to go as well. The FEMA VALOR initiative is all-expense paid program for teams to go that have construction skills that can go and stay for at least two weeks or longer. I was able to visit with Pastor Dan and his wife during my time there. I also visited with Pastor Rob in Guam as well. March I conducted Disaster Relief training on Saturday March 2 and FSBC of Pearl Harbor hosted our training. NAMB DR is working on online training videos and the first one is mass feeding; this will be a great help to us here on the Islands. I conducted a RA training for Fellowship BC, and they will try to have RA’s once a month on Saturdays. This is exciting to have RA’s on the Islands again. March 18, I was invited to speak to our military in a leadership disaster response type meeting on how we could possibly work together in a response. April I attended the WMU roadshow at University Avenue BC and participated in mission education training. I have also been working with the trailer company, shipping company and Southern Baptist of Texas Convention on the new feeding trailer to get it here on Oahu. 30

May I attended Palisades BC installation of Pastor Jeremy Kaneshiro. I attended several VOAD meetings and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief conference calls. I attended a Mass Violence Emergency Response Training hosted by the state health and Emergency manager office. June I attended the Keiki Adventure Camp; Teresa and I were one of the featured missionaries to share with the children. I also instructed campcraft skills. This was the first year we combined our Mission Adventure Camp and Keiki Camp. I attended the SBC annual meeting, WMU annual meeting and the mid-year DR directors meeting in Alabama. July Teresa and I had a great time having our kids here and took some time off to show them around the Island. I assisted Pillar church and Kauai House Church to pick up the Pillar Church trailer and transport it to the port for shipping to Kauai. The trailer full of equipment was donated to Kauai House Church from Pillar Church. I attended several state emergency management meetings. I attended and displayed the new Quick response Feeding Trailer at the Pearl Ridge Emergency preparedness fair. I received lots of interest in SBDR from this display. August I attended a VOAD meeting on Maui. I also visited with Pastor Jay Armstrong, Pastor Paul Kaneshiro, and Pastor Jay Wright. I shipped a SEND RELIEF trailer to Maui Baptist Association. The trailer was donated to us from Texas Baptist Men and filled with recovery equipment from Southern Baptist of Texas Convention. We are so blessed by these Texas Conventions. I had the honor of speaking to Hamama Community Church about DR. Teresa and I attended the HBA pastor’s appreciation day, we had a great time learning more about HBA and their facilities. I preached at Enchanted Lake Baptist Church on the 18th and 25th filling in for Pastor Brad. September I attended the SBDR region 1 meeting in New Mexico hosted by New Mexico Baptist Convention DR. This two-day meeting was for our region 1 directors to learn better how we as a region can support each other in Dr work. I attended WMU Council meeting as the RA consultant. I preached at FBC Haleiwa on the 29th. What a blessing to share with this church. October I assisted Teresa with her Women’s retreat making airport run and hosting the Illinois Women Mission team. I attended the OBN annual meeting. HPDR Chaplain training 25th and 26th with our new Chaplain Task Force co-leader Gay Williams. Gay has been under the mentor and training of Dr. Naomi Paget. Mililani BC hosted our training. November I am attending the HPBC annual meeting and will display the new QRFT. This will be my last Annual meeting with HPBC. I will have one more SBDR training on November 9 hosted by Halawa Heights BC. I have continued to attend VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters) meetings and chair the Emotional and Spiritual Care committee (Chaplain).


Churches Teresa and I have our membership at University Avenue BC and have been blessed by this church. We will miss our church ohana. I had the blessing to visit Olivet BC, Halawa Heights BC, Palisades BC, Calvary BC on Guam, Kahului BC, Valley Isle Fellowship Sunrise service, Kohala Baptist Church, University Avenue BC, FBC of Haleiwa, FBC Pearl City, Enchanted Lake Baptist Church, Aina Haina BC, Church 360 in Saipan, Hamama Community Church. Facility Management Jim and Shirley Taliaferro are long time volunteers and friends to Hawaii, they came in January for two months and helped me repair a few electrical issues and some grounds work. Shirley helped with International Baptist Ministry. I am so appreciative of their servant hearts and all they have done for HPBC, HBA, and Shiraki Foundation. I have made a few repairs around the Convention building, Baptist Student Dorm including a new porch swing. The old one was repaired so many times, it had a lot of history, but it was time for a new one. International Baptist Student Center continues to need work done on it, Carlye worked hard on remodeling the sunroom or overhang room. I installed new blinds and removed a window and window AC and closed it off with wood and trim. Her father helped with painting and a volunteer repaired some window issues and installed curtains. We also had an underground water leak in the Missionary volunteer apartment and had to have a plumbing company to repair that leak. It damaged the carpet; I installed a new vinyl plank floor and took out the built-in bench and repaired the wall. This gave her more room. Unfortunately, we had a major plumbing repair to replace broken sewer line at the convention. At a great expense we had to have a plumbing company make this repair. We replaced two split air units this year as well. Scott and Debbie Lesley from N. Carolina came again this summer. This mission team worked at Olivet Baptist Church, University Avenue BC, FBC of Haleiwa parsonage, HPBC properties, Waipahu Community Church. I am so thankful for this mission team. Darrell McCain, Director of Disaster Relief Ministries and Facility Management


Women’s Ministry Report 2019 By Teresa McCain What a joy and a privilege it has been to serve the Lord here in the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention these past 10 years. Thank you so much for the opportunities here to serve first in the Baptist Student Dorm and then as your Director for Ministry to Women. January 12-15 – National WMU January Board Meeting, Birmingham, AL I attended the National WMU January Board Meeting this January in Birmingham, AL. It is one of two national meetings we have each year. At this meeting, we do the planning for the Annual WMU Meeting held in June and meet together as State Executives to gain ideas and inspiration from each other. It is also a time for networking that I have found invaluable. There are several states who are willing to come alongside our state WMU to provide speakers and ideas for our meetings. I attend these meetings with Gail Gierhart, our state WMU President. WMU 75th Annual Meeting and Missions Celebration – February 2, Oahu and February 4, Hilo Our WMU Annual Meeting took place at the Honolulu Country Club. Sandra Wisdom-Martin, national WMU Executive Director/Treasurer, was our main speaker. Many of our attendees wore Aloha wear. One exciting part of our event was the presentation of bricks for the National WMU Walk of Faith. The Hawaii Pacific WMU purchased bricks honoring Sue Nishikawa, Alice Newman, and Deanna Aoki. In addition, other bricks were purchased in honor of Gail Gierhart, Liana Benn, Diane Hom, Charlene Vaughn, Emiko Takaki, Pauline Shiroma, Mary Eleanor Kong, Joyce Wong and Amy Watanabe. We had a total attendance of 200 at this meeting. On Sunday, Sandy Wisdom-Martin was the guest speaker during the church service at Nu’u Anu Baptist Church. Sandy, Gail, the Bradfords, and I then traveled to Hilo for a meeting on Monday evening at Kino’ole Baptist Church. There were 60 in attendance. The total attendance for the Annual Meeting in Oahu and in Hilo was 260. The offering total for the Alice Newman Touch Tomorrow Today Fund was $2,939.00. There was a total of $379.97 spent for WorldCrafts at these two meetings. Women’s Luncheon, Kohala Baptist Church – Sunday, February 10 I was able to attend the Women’s Luncheon held after the church service at Kohala Baptist Church. The children presented a short program and I was able to share with the attendees more about missions and the mission offerings. There were about 40 in attendance. HPBC Woman to Woman Tea – HPBC Chapel, February 18 On Monday, February 18 at the HPBC Chapel, we held our third annual Woman to Woman Tea. Women and young ladies from several different churches participated in our tea. Scott and Julie Bradford shared their missionary testimony with the women. It was a lovely time with these women and girls. Disaster Relief Training – First Southern Baptist Church, Pearl Harbor – Saturday, March 2 I was able to assist Darrell with Disaster Relief Training held on Saturday morning and afternoon.


WMU Traveling Road Show and Training Events – April 6-14 Our guest speaker for all of the Road Show events was Simone Lake. Simone is the Women’s Ministry representative for Arizona and is an adjunct professor at Gateway Seminary where she teaches on Prayer and Apologetics. Her husband, Dr. John Lake, is the pastor of The Church on Randall Place in Pine, Arizona. This year we held the Traveling Road Show for Oahu on Saturday, April 4th at University Avenue Baptist Church. There were about 25 in attendance. On Monday, April 6th, we traveled to Kauai where we held the Traveling Road Show at Eleele Baptist Church. About 35 men, women, and children representing 4 of our HPBC congregations were in attendance. The program was preceded by a dinner and followed with a dessert time. On Saturday, we headed to the Big Island very early to hold our WMU Traveling Road Show in Waikoloa on Saturday morning. Approximately 45 women and men attended that meeting. The meeting was followed by a potluck lunch. On Sunday evening, we held our last WMU Traveling Road Show at Kaumana Drive Baptist Church. Over 40 women and men attended that evening. The evening was followed by a potluck dinner. Totals for the WMU events: Attendance: Just over 400 Offering (TTT): $3,332.00 WorldCrafts Sold: $787.00 VBS Training – Saturday, March 30 I led the training for Preschool VBS teachers again this year. Our training took place at Mililani Baptist Church. We had more participants than the previous years and 11 attended my breakout session on Preschool VBS. Wives in Ministry Retreat #1,– April 25-27, Hawaii Kai Our Wives in Ministry committee decided to offer a different kind of retreat this year for our Pastor’s wives by offering 4 smaller events at Airbnb homes. We held our first on Oahu in the Hawaii Kai area. We had 14 wives attend. It was a great time of sharing our hearts with each and just enjoying some “down time”. We discussed ways to improve the WIM Retreat in following years. Keiki Adventure Camp – June 4-8, Pu’u Kahea Conference Center What a great week we had at Keiki Adventure Camp! Approximately 60 children from 2nd through 6th grade participated with about 30 adult sponsors. Our theme was Escape the Room. In the mornings, the children were kept busy with worship time and rotating through different breakouts which included learning from some of our former and current missionaries and trying to solve an escape room puzzle. In the afternoons, the children were able to choose 2 breakouts in their areas of interest. I led the “Mad Scientist” breakout where we made marshmallow shooters (transfer of energy), rockets (propulsion) and color-changing slime (chemical change). Along with learning the scientific principle each day, there was a Scriptural application. Each evening had a different activity for the whole group to participate in and each cabin of kids was led by a college student who worked through a Bible study with them. It was a great combination of both Mission Adventure Camp and Keiki Camp! National WMU Annual Meeting - June 9-10, Birmingham, AL National WMU celebrated their 131st Anniversary by providing 131 activities to choose from at the National WMU Building. Hawaii was represented well by Titah, a member of Nu’u Anu, who performed hula during the worship services and taught hula at the WMU building. Over 60 people participated in her hula lessons and learned a little bit about Hawaiian culture. In addition, Hawaii was 34

well represented in the WMU Walk of Faith. We have 12 bricks along the walkway honoring women of Hawaii who love missions. In total, we had 5 from Hawaii who attended. Southern Baptist Convention – June 11-12, Birmingham, AL I am always grateful to attend these important meetings and also getting to spend time with others in women’s ministry from across the country. Darrell and I actually spent a good deal of time manning the National Disaster Relief booth and got to share with many how the DR ministry opens doors to share the Gospel. It was pretty fun to give away chainsaws, too! Disaster Relief Round Table – June 13-14, Birmingham, AL After spending time with many of the DR leaders in the DR booth, it was great to get together as a group and I especially enjoyed the time I got to spend with the DR wives. They are always such a great group who love serving people and the Lord. Wives in Ministry Retreat #2 – July 11-13, Keaau, Big Island We had our second Wives in Ministry Retreat on the Big Island, deep into Hawaiian Paradise Park. It was a great getaway with 14 more wives, some who had never attended a WIM retreat before. Again, late night talks and laughter and short day-time trips led to a relaxing time away with sisters in Christ. Sue Nishikawa Offering for Hawaii Pacific Missions – July, August Much of this summer has been spent preparing the print and video materials for this September’s State Mission Offering emphasis. It has been a great year of sending out the offering funds to help churches all across our convention. I hope your churches shared the videos found on the HPBC website https://www.hpbaptist.net/suenishikawa/ . If not, please encourage them to share them even now in November. Continue to encourage your church to give generously to the Sue Nishikawa Offering. In the near future, this fund will be even more important for helping our churches grow stronger and minister in their communities. Allocation Guidelines – August, September I also spent time this summer writing down what has been the oral guidelines we have used as an Allocation Committee to make decisions regarding the Sue Nishikawa Offering funds. Wives in Ministry Retreat #3 – October 10-12, Pu’u Kahea Our third retreat was moved to Pu’u Kahea where 13 wives attended. A sweet time of fellowship. Women’s Retreat – October 1819, Pu’u Kahea Our 2nd annual Women’s Retreat was held with 115 women in attendance. Stephanie Beaulieu, from Canada was our main speaker. A mission team from Illinois came and led our breakout sessions. Over half the women who attended came from neighbor islands. What a beautiful time of women worshipping the Lord together.


Director of Regional Ministries - Robert K. Miller 2019 Report (Jan 1 to Nov 6) As Director of Regional Ministries, I oversee the relationships between HPBC and our Associations. This includes assisting pastors, churches, and ministries among our four Hawaii associations. I regularly support and resource pastors through face to face visits and bring them together for mutual encouragement. I assist pastor-less churches and guide congregations through a church revitalization process. My duties also include communicating the needs of our associations to the HPBC staff and working with associational leaders to both strengthen their organizational structure and develop Great Commission strategies. I. Ministry with Oahu Baptist Network (OBN) • Assisted FBC Haleiwa with transition on Jan 13, Feb 10, Feb 24, Mar 31. • Assisted Palisades BC with pastor transition throughout January. • Attended Pastor Fola’s installation at Aina Haina BC, Jan 20. • Led Leadership Council meeting at HPBC office, Jan 22. • Attended Waianae Coast Christian Women’s Job Corp meeting, Jan 23. • Met with Olivet BC staff per visioning, Feb 1. • Attended Youth Camp planning, Feb 12. • Facilitated Korean-English speaking pastors’ lunch, Feb 18. • Led Leadership Council vision dialogue, Feb 28. • Attended Waianae Coast Christian Women’s Job Corp Executive meeting with trainers, Mar 25. • Attended International Ministries Easter Celebration, Apr 20. • Led Installation of Jeremy Kaneshiro, May 5. • Assisted FBC Haleiwa with parsonage renovation on May 18, June 1, June 20, June 29, July 13, July 27. • Helped plan FBC Haleiwa Aloha party held on May 26. • Facilitated OBN/HPBC Meeting, May 28. • Facilitated Korean & English-Pastors’ Fellowship Lunch, June 17. • Participated in Living Faith BC Retreat Planning Meetings, June 19 & July 17. • Attended Hope Center Ministry (Addiction Recovery) meeting with Stephen Palk, July 2, • Gave oversight of OBN Youth Camp, July 8-12. • Attended OBN/HPBC Budget meeting, July 12. • Attended Leadership Council, July 23. • Led Annual Celebration Planning team meeting, Aug 6, 22, Oct 8. • Gave oversight to International Ministry Advisory Group meeting, Aug 7. • Participated in FBC Haleiwa Workday, Aug 10, 23, Sept 5, 28. • Met with Hamama staff, Aug 14. • Participated in Oahu Bible Institute Certificate graduation, Aug 14. • Attended Waianae Coast Christian Women’s Job Corp Board meeting, Aug 21. • Attended FBC Wahiawa 85th Anniversary, Aug 25. • Led Living Faith Church Retreat, Aug 31-Sept 1. • Attended Korean & English-speaking Pastors’ Fellowship & Lunch, Sept 4. • Attended Mililani Fil-Am 21st Anniversary, Sept 22. • Participated in OBN Leadership Council, Sept 24. • Assisted church in conflict, Sept 26, Sept 30. 36

• • •

Met with Caryle and OBN officers, Oct 1. Assisted Waianae BC in finding pulpit supply, Oct 2. Attended OBN Annual Celebration, Oct 24.

Visits with Oahu pastors: 44 Monthly Pastor’s Fellowships: 9 Monthly Windward Prayer meetings: 9 Pulpit Supply: 25 International Ministries Lunches: 18 Visit worship services: 11 II. Ministry with Big Island Baptist Association (BIBA) • Attended Executive Board with Mike Martin & Arnold Goto, Jan 19. • Visited 3 pastors on eastside, Feb 7. • Attended Eastside pastors’ brown bag & prayer, Feb 7. • Visited 4 pastors on westside, Feb 28 • Zoom meeting with Moderator, Mar 13, Mar 28. • Visited 2 pastors on westside, Mar 15. • Attended Hillside Calvary worship service, Mar 17. • Attended Spring Executive Board via zoom, Apr 6. • Dialogued with Moderator, Apr 15. • Visited 3 Westside pastors, May 9. • Zoom meeting with Moderator and BCM leader, June 3. • Met with Moderator, June 17, June 24. • Visited 2 Westside pastors June 27. • Visited with 3 Eastside pastors, Aug 6. • Attended Executive Board meeting, Sept 7. • Visited with 3 Westside pastors, Sept 7. • Preached at Waiakea Baptist Bible Church, Sept 29. • Attended Annual Meeting at Kona, Oct 20. III. Ministry with Maui County Baptist Association (MCBA) • Visited 3 pastors and moderator with Craig Webb, Jan 11. • Visited 3 pastors, Jan 26-27. • Attended Waiehu Community Church commissioning service, Jan 27. • Attended MCBA Pastors’ meeting, Mar 21. • Visited 2 pastors, Mar 22. • Visited 2 Pastors & Moderator, May 23. • Attended Pastors’ meeting, May 23. • Attended Executive Board, May 23. • Visited Pastor on Lanai, June 13. • Preached at Kaunakakai & met with Pastor Search Team, July 14. • Attended Pastor’s meeting, July 18. • Attended Executive Board, July 18. • Visited with Korean pastor, July 19. • Attended HPBC Leadership Training at Valley Isle Fellowship, Sept 17. 37

• • • •

Attended Pastor’s Meeting, Sept 19. Attended Executive Board, Sept 19. Visited with 3 pastors, Sept 19. Attended Annual Meeting at Kihei, Nov 2.

IV. Ministry with Garden Island Baptist Association (GIBA) • Visited 3 pastors, Feb 16-17. • Had multiply phone conversations with GIBA moderator. • Zoom meeting with Kauai pastor, May 29. • Assisted Kauai pastor with strategic planning, May 29. • Communication with pastor per future of GIBA, July 2-8. • Strategic Planning with Larry Hale, Sept 20. • GIBA had their Fall Meeting on Oct 27. V. Other Meetings, Projects & Trainings • Attended Evangelism Training at FBC Pearl City on Jan 16. • Reported to Executive Board, Feb 2, May 4, Aug 3. • Participated in Transitional Pastor Training, Jan 7-8. • Participated in Ministry Grid training, Feb 6, Feb 15. • Participated in HPBC Pastors’ Retreat, May 13-15. • Attended Haruo Kakiuchi memorial service, May 23. • Took vacation in CA, June 5-10, • Participated in HBA Golf Tournament, June 24. • Participated in Pastor’s Day at Hawaii Baptist Academy, Aug 28. • Attended Evangelism Training at First Presbyterian, Aug 30. • Participated in HPBC Staff meeting, Sept 4, Oct 17. • Attended Hawaii Baptist Foundation Dinner, Sept 14. • Participated in Pacific Church Leadership Conference, Oct 11-12. • Attended Memorial Service for Rev. Tsunenori Uchino, Oct 26. • Attended Memorial Service for Fuyoo Matsumura, Nov 2. • Participated in Missions College Day, Nov 6.


Hawaii Baptist Academy Annual Report to the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention 2018-2019 School Year Opening Remarks: Is has been another wonderful school year at Hawaii Baptist Academy. In June, we celebrated the accomplishments of all 113 member of the class of 2019. I am very pleased to say that all of these students had been accepted to colleges in Hawaii, on the mainland and abroad! Members of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention, thank you for investing in the lives of these students, who will soon become the next leaders of our communities, churches, businesses and their own homes. The 2018-2019 school year marked our school’s 70th anniversary! To celebrate this milestone, we hosted two major events. A community Christmas concert at the Hawaii Convention Center, December 14-15, “The Sound of Heaven Touching Earth.” Directed by Todd Yokotake ’84 (Choir, SOL and Halau), and led by our talented performing arts directors, Brad Shimizu (Wind Ensemble), Peter Chang (drama), and Jody Lovett (ES Eagle Choir). An interactive display of various programs of HBA including, student art displays, praise and worship, STEM/robotics, and community presentations, engaged the approximately 2,500 people in attendance for two concerts. The Salvation Army has honored as the program’s partnering non-profit organization. The purpose of this program was to share the good news of Jesus Christ and celebrate our school’s 70th anniversary with our island community. The school, led by the department of Institutional Advancement, hosted a 70th Anniversary Celebration and Legacy Awards gala event on February 23, 2019 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Coral Ballrooms. This was a memorable way to celebrate this momentous event and honor our legacy awardees. A special acknowledgement for a job well done to the 70th Anniversary Planning Team: Michelle Brese (president’s assistant), Billie Lueder (director of Institutional Advancement), and Christina Yasutomi (communications/public relations officer). Mahalo! As we compile this report, we feel validation in our hearts that it is God who brings the parts together and makes everything possible. He gives HBA the courage, strength, and resilience to sustain its mission to share the gospel through Christian education. The achievements of our students in the classroom and community and the number who choose to follow Christ each year are the blessings that refresh and inspire us to be faithful servants and good stewards at HBA. Amy Vorderbruegge, Elementary School Principal George Honzaki, Middle School Principal Marsha Hirae, High School Principal Mission, Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs), and Theme HBA remains true to our mission statement as a Christian college preparatory school that equips students spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally so that they bring honor to God. At HBA, we bring faith and learning together so we may join God in the formation of students and the transformation of the world. To accomplish this goal, we have incorporated our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) of humility, curiosity, love and commitment to help develop a Christian worldview through our curriculum.


Binding us together for the 2018-2019 school year was the theme Committed through Faith, where we celebrated our school’s 70th anniversary through 70 days of activity and special events including a Christmas Concert for the community held at the Hawaii Convention Center. Enrollment The 2018-2019 school year began on August 1 with a total enrollment of 1026 students in grades K-12. The elementary opened with 350 students, the middle with 193, and the high school with 483. Food Service January of 2019 brought with it our new food service vendor, Flik. Their focus on fresh foods prepared in a healthy manner aligned with HBA’s strategic focus of “Creating Balance.” There are a variety of options daily for breakfast, lunch and snack that allow students to make good choices regarding their nutrition. What’s Important Now (WIN) Initiatives We continued our What’s Important Now initiatives this school year which were developed by looking at our WASC/HAIS accreditation self-report. Through this initiative, we are happy to report the following updates: Teacher & Staff Effectiveness - This WIN team has developed a professional performance rubric and has begun rolling out these standards to enhance the classroom experience. Last year teachers began focusing on “opening routines” and formative assessment. We will proceed with instructional practices this upcoming year. Social Emotional Learning - We implemented the Yale RULER program in 18-19 by introducing the program tools to the faculty. By immersing the faculty in good emotional practice, we aim to increase our success in the program roll-out to students by encouraging emotional health amongst the faculty and modeling good conversations about emotions and strategies in managing them. Homework - To address concerns about homework loads, the M/HS implemented a new doubleblock schedule that, based on student and parent surveys did seem to improve the situation. Increased monitoring of student assignments and direct conversation to remedy problem areas has improved student morale and decreased stress. The Elementary campus aligned and monitored homework quantity and developed a homework philosophy. This WIN team is preparing to address quality homework as their next task. Faith Integration - Tony Traughber was hired part-time to serve as the Director of Faith Integration. We are working to “Define, Align, and Refine.” What is faith integration and what does it look like? How do we align our curriculum to this plan? Finally, how can we improve (or refine our craft? Christian Ministries - A decision was made to have a Christian Ministries Coordinator for each campus. Cindy Gaskins continued as CMC for the elementary, and Rob Lockridge was installed as our CMC for the middle school. We were blessed to connect with David Green in the fourth quarter who interviewed and toured our campuses in the spring. He has been hired to lead the high school Christian Ministries starting the 2019-2020 school year.


Campus News: Elementary: School year 2018-19 was filled with loads of learning and fellowshipping with each other and our community. The elementary campus continues to focus on building good character by taking care of Self, Others and the Community. Students participate in the Operation Christmas Child Boxes, provide books for Ka Pa`alana preschool ministry, sing with our kupuna at Craigside and visit businesses in our neighborhood to show the love of Jesus. Our fourth grade students trip to Maui this year included a service learning project with Lahaina Baptist Church. Our Bible curriculum grew this year as we implemented a new 5th & 6th grade program that includes an in depth study of the scriptures. Our 3rd-6th grade science program added more hands on lessons with an emphasis on STEM. The popularity of our Innovation Station continued and we were blessed to be able to expand it to include STEM Technology and STEM Engineering courses for students in grades K-6. Middle School: The middle school recently secured a grant to support our science curriculum. Project Lead the Way is a hands-on inquiry based program that teaches the concepts of science using authentic learning. In addition, we added two 3-D printers which will be used to support the middle school STEM curriculum through modeling and design. We installed artificial turf on the middle school field and resurfaced the playcourts last school year. These improvements support the healthy development of the adolescent by encouraging physical activity and healthy socialization. The field is now an “all-weather” play surface and is in use yearround. It is the hub of campus life, and you will see students sitting, playing, and having instruction there daily. Community is an intentional theme at the middle school-- we are constantly reinforcing the idea of our three take care statements: Take care of yourself, others, and this place, and we emphasize bonding within the classes and between the grade levels. Finally, we traveled to China with 7 students and their parents as a pilot project to boost interest in learning Chinese. The trip opened doors to new understandings about God’s world and his people. We look forward to hosting another similar trip. High School: One hundred-thirteen seniors graduated on Saturday, June 1, at the Hawaii Convention Center. Sixty-five percent of the class of 2018, two of whom were National Merit Finalists, graduated with honors. Twenty-four graduates who began at HBA in kindergarten were recognized as Sons and Daughters of HBA. A new addition last year was the recognition of the twenty-two Legacy Graduates, children and grandchildren of HBA alumni and their parents. . We are truly grateful for our multigenerational alumni who represent our school’s past, present and future, and honored that they have made an HBA education part of their family tradition. Our world language classes offered three travel abroad opportunities for students to pique their curiosity about the world that God created, to enable them to discover and experience an environment outside their comfort zone, and to give them a venue to apply their language knowledge and skills. Twenty-nine students, traveled to Japan during fall break. Students enjoyed the inter-cultural exchange at a school in Osaka, visited the Inari Shrine in Kyoto where thousands of vermilion torii gates straddle a 41

network of natural trails, fed the Japanese monkeys at Arashiyama, and solemnly reflect upon the cultural and historical experience at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park During spring break, thirtynine travelers, consisting of students in grades 8-12, parents, and chaperones, embarked on a nine-day tour to the People’s Republic of China. Highlights included learning Tai-chi on the Great Wall, exploring the Terra Cotta Warrior Museum in Xian, and visiting the Panda Breeding Center in Chengdu. Our final destination was Shanghai where we visited the Wharf Silk Museum and enjoyed the perfect cultural blend of east and west Disneyland Shanghai. At the same time, a group of twenty Spanish and art students and their chaperones had the privilege of spending nine days touring Madrid and Barcelona learning about Spain's rich history, culture and art. We continue to enhance both the learning environment and the learning experiences on the high school campus. A $30,000 Project Lead the Way grant allowed the science department to introduce a project-based learning curriculum in the AP Environmental course. The Project Lead The Way program creates engaging hands-on activities, projects, and problems that empowers students to solve real-world challenges. Our journalism, visual and performing arts, as well as our athletic program motivate, inspire and instill a love of learning, commitment and excellence in our students. The staff of the Eagle Eye, HBA’s student newspaper, took home Best-in-State for a fifth consecutive year in the Hawaii High School Journalism Awards. HBA's Symphonic Wind Ensemble garnered top scores in every category for their performances of "Les Preludes" and "Music of the Spheres" at last year's Parade of Bands. Since the 1970s, the Oahu Band Directors Association (OBDA) has hosted the Parade of Bands, which brings judges from the mainland and even overseas to score participating school bands on qualities such as tone, technique, and musical artistry. For the 12th consecutive year and 13th time in 14 years – HBA, representing the Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH) once again won the large school award in the 2019 HMSA Kaimana for overall school excellence in academics, athletics, community service, sportsmanship, and healthy activities. To God be the glory for all He has done! Christian Ministries Tony Traughber, Christian Ministries Advisory Team Leader, High School Campus Robert Lockridge, Christian Ministries Coordinator, Middle School Campus Cindy Gaskins, Christian Ministries Coordinator, Elementary School Campus Elementary School Campus: Student leaders on the Christian Ministries Team, prepared for chapel through practical setup of chapel, leading in the scripture chant and assisting with skits, games and songs. These student ministers carefully led students in the See You at the Pole prayers in September and the National Day of Prayer in May. CEW brought out their excitement in creating surprises and learning activities for their peers. Lunch Bunch provides an opportunity the 2nd week of school for students 4-6th to join me in my room for lunch and teatime. This offers new students a place to go when they may not have connected with friends yet. Conversations are intentionally initiated and routines for good will and service established. With delight, I can say boys are just as enthusiastic about tea time as the girls! Because we want to be good neighbors serving others with hope and joy, CEW ended with our annual Community Day walk into the Nuuanu neighborhood with over 400 of us visiting 8 different locations:


Senior adults at Craigside, Honolulu Care Center, and Malulani Hale enjoyed games, music and cards made by students.

The Rehab Hospital and Kuakini Health Care Home received encouragement banners, wall art and door signs for residents and patients.

Lanakila Services received Thanksgiving turkey notes for Wheels on Meals while other students learned from Ho’opono Services for the Blind.

The whole school contributed canned goods and 6th and 3rd graders help stock them in the Olivet Baptist Church Food Pantry.

During CEW, 2-6th grade homeroom teachers gave students a personal opportunity to make a choice to trust Jesus as Savior and Lord. Many first time commitments were made to become a Christ Follower. Additionally, others stated they have questions about what it means to follow Jesus. Grow Groups offered during lunch for these new believers and those with questions about faith in Jesus. Personal Bibles and journals were given to these students. The most consistent students to continue in discipleship Grow Groups were 3rd and 4th graders. MAC Week always brings the excitement of friends coming to visit. Class time, chapel worship, a supreme potluck was enjoyed. Student Ambassadors provided great hospitality, conversation and friendship with their MAC guests. The continuing work on our 5 Act Play stained glass windows for chapel and a tour through the Innovation Station fostered dreams and ideas for working together with our MAC family. At the elementary campus, Christian Ministries looks for ways to also connect with and serve families through Parent Café, conversations and prayer, and support during challenging seasons. Faculty and staff are provided with ideas for faith integration, prayer and quiet, service and fellowship. Centering on the mission of our school, my role as the Campus Minister is to bring faith understanding and practice together with the classroom experience for both student and teacher. As students, faculty and staff are listened to, resourced and prayed for, the Spirit of God can do immeasurably more than we ask or dream in our personal lives and the lives of our students and their families. High School and Middle School Campuses: Our God is always faithful. Through the 2018-2019 school year, He has done great things. Through His love, grace and mercy, 41 students in grades seven and eight, and additional students from the high school either committed or recommitted their lives to Christ this year. Sixty-nine students indicated their desire to join a small group and 12 students requested prayer. As these and other students’ faith grow, they naturally want to be obedient and serve their Lord and Savior. Here are some of the ministries that our middle and high school students have been involved in this year. City of Joy: HBA students play a major part in this ministry to the homeless in Waianae and Nanakuli. Eight times this year, over twenty students will sacrifice their Saturday morning to help hundreds of families through food distribution. They also have the opportunity to minister to dozens of children 43

through crafts, face painting and other activities. Our students are always encouraged to pray with the children and their parents. Partners in Development Joint Ministry: The Ministry Team joined with the Partners in Development (PID) organization to provide Christmas gifts to over eighty children. PID operates mobile preschools and kindergartens for children who are homeless are in transition. The Ministry Team students purchased gifts for each individual child and committed to pray for them throughout the Christmas season. Christian Emphasis Week: Our theme for CEW 2018-2019 was “Committed Through Faith” which was the same theme being used for our 70th Anniversary. The guest speaker was Jeff Mullis, youth pastor for Olivet Baptist Church. Grade Level Camps: Every student from 8th Grade to 12th Grade had the opportunity to attend a Christ focused grade level camp. Each camp is focused on the needs and personalities of the students within their grade. Dozens of students made a first time commitment or recommitment to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior during these camps. IHS Athletics – Deren Oshiro, Athletic Director God has graciously continued to shower HBA with blessings in the form of students eager to participate, parents willing to support, and coaches dedicated to teaching and encouraging! The 20182019 school year was another example of God’s provision for us at HBA. Close to 70% of HBA students enrolled in grades 7-12 participated in 19 various interscholastic sports. About 38% of these students participated in multiple sports! Our teams and athletes once again acquitted themselves very well. The girls varsity basketball team, boys varsity tennis team, girls varsity tennis team, girls junior varsity basketball team, girls intermediate tennis team, girls varsity bowling team, and girls junior varsity bowling team all won Interscholastic League of Honolulu Division 2 Championships! Our boys junior varsity cross country team and boys varsity golf team both won ILH Division 1 Championships! The boys varsity golf team also won the first HHSAA Division 1 State Championship in school history. The team of Alex Kam (HBA ’19), Mason Nakamura (HBA ’19), Noah Koshi (HBA ’21), Joshua Hayashida (HBA ’22), and Jonathan Chung (HBA ’22) finished 34 strokes ahead of runner-up Mid-Pacific Institute to win their title going away! The girls varsity basketball team defeated Seabury Hall in the final to claim their second HHSAA Division 2 State Championship and first since 2016. The girls varsity cross country team won their first HHSAA Division 2 State Championship in dominating fashion. In this sport, all athletes run together but are scored separately. Had there been just one division, HBA actually defeated 13-time defending Division 1 state champion Punahou by 2 points! The boys varsity cross country team successfully defended their HHSAA Division 2 State Championship and third overall. They won the inaugural boys D2 state title in 2012. •

Individually, we had several athletes make their marks at the ILH and State levels... Alexis Dang (HBA ’20) was named the ILH Player of the Year for Division 2 in girls basketball 44

• • • • •

Ka’imilani Duncklee (HBA ’20) was named the ILH Player of the Year for Division 2 in girls water polo Johanna Seng (HBA ’21) won her first HHSAA state title in the 3000m run Kacie Kwan (HBA ’20) won the ILH Championship in girls cross country Kelcie Ito (HBA ’21) won the ILH Championship in her weight class for girls judo Kacie Tanimoto (HBA ’21) won the ILH Championship in her weight class for girls judo

The following is a list of the varsity performers who were recognized by league coaches as ILH firstteam all-stars: Maya Nakasone (volleyball, HBA ’19), Maxwell Wiemken (basketball, HBA ’19), Donovan Shiraishi (sporter air riflery & precision riflery, HBA ’20), Jarin Ashimine (sporter air riflery, HBA ’21), Joshua Hayashida (golf, HBA ’22), Reiko Shiraishi (golf, HBA ’21). Madelyn Weaver (canoe paddling, HBA ’19), Kenneth Tamashiro (canoe paddling-mixed crew, HBA ’19), Christianne Young (canoe paddling, HBA ’19), Kelcie Ito (judo, HBA ’21), Kacie Tanimoto (judo, HBA ’21), Kasen Wong (soccer, HBA ’19), Gabriel Shibuya (soccer, HBA ’19), Racen Horita (soccer, HBA ’19), and Kyley Nakagawa (basketball, HBA ’19). At the Varsity Athletic Awards Banquet held at the Pomaikai Ballrooms on May 18, 2019, there were several athletes honored. The outstanding male and female athletes were Maxwell Wiemken (basketball) and Johanna Seng (cross country, track & field). The Robert Fulford Male and Female Scholar-Athletes were Kasen Wong (soccer) and Reanne Inafuku (bowling). Seniors Peyton Oshiro (cross country, track & field) and Jada Inouye (cross country) were honored as recipients of the Ken and Rosemond Street Male and Female Sportsmanship Awards. These sportsmanship awards are given in honor of longtime Mainland Advisory Council members Ken and Rosemond Street who were faithful supporters of the Hawaii Baptist Academy and her athletic program. Athletics certainly is one of the largest and most visible programs at HBA. We will continue to strive for excellence while maintaining a healthy perspective on athletic competition. Our ultimate goal is to have an eternal impact on others through our Christian witness. Thank you for your support and prayers toward this end. Institutional Advancement – Billie Lueder, Director of Institutional Advancement During 2018-19, Hawaii Baptist Academy received from its community of supporters approximately $965,246 in gifts. Of that fiscal year total, 24% was designated for our high school expansion project (ninth year of campaign), and 76% for endowments, financial aid, scholarships and other funds. Donations to the school were divided between our mainland and Hawaii donors. In February, the Mainland Advisory Council held their 43rd annual meeting at the campuses of Hawaii Baptist Academy. This year, the week also served as a culmination of HBA’s 70th Anniversary. Dr. David McKinley, Senior Pastor at Warren Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia, was the guest devotional speaker. He inspired and challenged our participants to live lives faithful and committed to Christ. The Mainland Advisory Council received seven new members at its 43th annual meeting. Its 2018-1019 officers were Robert Oxford (Golden, CO), chair and Clara Inglish (Richardson, TX), vice chair. 45

The Aloha Council (TAC) continues to actively contribute to HBA’s legacy by strengthening and its membership. Its 2018-19 officers were Linda Wang, chair; Morris Kimoto, vice chair; and Maurine King, secretary. TAC is the local counterpart to the Mainland Advisory Council (MAC) whose purpose is to prayerfully and financially support HBA. HBA’s Alumni Association continues to grow and is a vital supporter of the school. In 2018-19, the association was led Jennifer (Harada) Okino ‘89, president and Luther Beck ’04, president elect. Besides sponsoring educational and networking events that bring alumni together and support the mission of HBA, the association’s desire is to contribute and grow its newly established endowment to provide scholarships to financially need worthy HBA students of alumni. HBA has 4,616 alumni from 66 graduating classes. God has truly blessed HBA over the past 70 years. The school’s remarkable development is a tribute to the dedication of its faculty and staff, and to the faithfulness and support of our missionminded friends and churches on the mainland, and here in Hawaii, who have answered God’s call to support His vision for HBA. HBA’s greatest need for our 2018-2019 school year was to increase our endowment for Financial Aid. Although HBA has exponentially grown its Financial Aid Budget from $150,000 to $1,100,000 over the past 11 years, we only meet an average of slightly more than 42% of a family’s need to cover tuition costs. This is far lower than other premier schools in Hawaii. Several schools are able meet 100% of a family’s tuition need. HBA’s goal is to grow its budget to meet 50% of need for families that qualify for financial aid. This is important to allow HBA to provide an excellent Christian Education and make it available to all qualified students and their families, who desire to be at our school. Thank you for your continued support and prayers as we seek to raise the necessary funds to meet our goal. The following were our department goals for the 2018-2019 school year. Goal A: Build a strong donor base to include, but is not limited to our Mainland Advisory Council, The Aloha Council, Alumni, parents, HBA employees, current students and other community groups. Goal B: Develop stronger alumni relationships to keep alumni engaged. Goal C: Celebrate our supporters through annual events. Goal D: Develop outreach material and web pages that are effective and appealing. Goal E: Create an Annual Giving Fund timeline, messaging and call to action. Goal F: Build Institutional Advancement department that integrates with the school community. The Office of Institutional Advancement is happy to report the following updates that took place over the last several months of the school year.


New HBA Scholarships Established (Goal A) in SY 2018-2019 •

Willis and Roberta Tassie Merit Scholarship

Jim and Shirley Taliaferro Endowed Scholarship

Joan Trew Scholarship Endowment

Stacie and Julie Lee College Scholarship

Total College Scholarships Awarded this year: 9, totaling $13,500

Annual Giving Appeal - HBA’s Financial Aid Scholarships (Goal A) FY 2018-2019 end total raised $162,071.30. Planning is underway for the FY 2019-2020 annual appeal that will focus on financial aid scholarships and campus expansion. Capital Campaign Update (Goal A) Planning has begun in conducting a comprehensive feasibility study toward a campaign to raise capital funds for the Elementary expansion project as well as a recommended timeline and action plan. MAC Communication (Goal A) Advancement office helped to send out a congratulatory email from MAC leadership to the graduating class of 2019. We are working with MAC leadership to improve communications to their members. Parent Thank You Handout (Goal A) Parent thank you handout took place on Friday, April 26 at all three campuses. Parents were given a small gift as a thank you from the school for their support. Thank you to Walt and Kay Agena and Terrance Arashiro for helping out. Approximately 850 gifts were passed out at all three campuses. Monthly E-Newsletter (Goals A & B) Monthly E-newsletters to alumni, MAC and TAC continue to be sent out every month. Distribution of the E-newsletter will now include major donors and retired employees. Open rate averages remain steady over two months averaging: Alumni 31%; MAC 45%; TAC 61%. Senior Luncheon (Goal B) The annual President’s Senior Class Luncheon was a success! Luther Beck ‘04 from CPB was our guest alumni speaker. Seniors received an alumni shirt as their special gift. Alumni Association (Goal B) The IA Office continues to attend monthly meetings. Instagram social media has grown from 379 in January to 480 in July - 27% increase in followers. Engagement on social media is active. The Association gave a $1,000 HBAAA Eagle Pride scholarship at the 2019 Annual Awards Assembly. The Association would like to continue to give this award as well as the Alumni Association Endowment is now able to distribute awards for the SY 2020 - 2021. Summer Soaring Eagle (Goal D) Summer edition was mailed out to a little over 4,000 households at the end of June.


IA Donor File Audit (Goal F) 16 files (17%) audited out of approximately 101 total HBA and College Scholarships. The plan to audit IA donor files has been initiated. Starting with the active files, currently 17% of the project has been completed. Each file takes approximately 1- 2 hours depending on the complexity to review criteria, donor intent, correspondence, accounting reconciliation and scholarship recipient list. Goal is to complete 60% of the audit by the end of this calendar year and 100% by the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Financial Aid Committee Partnership (Goal F) A representative from IA is serving in an advisor role to the Financial Aid Committee by providing guidance on the new application and screening process for SY 2019-2020, verifying scholarship selection criteria, and identifying endowments when they are ready for distribution. Institutional Advancement Resource Documents (Goal F) The IA office has completed our baseline procedures and resource documents that will be shared with all employees at FOCUS to best equip and educate others about what the IA Office does and how we can best service our school community. Upcoming events and projects: Alumni Week - July 8-13; Welcome to School - August 1, 2019 Individualized Donor Reports for major donors; Annual donor report summary above $250 - September Employee Giving Campaign September Annual Giving Campaign - October Donor Appreciation Event - tentative date October 24 Annual Giving Report - November Implementation of the Grandparents Club at the Elementary - Fall 2019 MAC Week 2020 Mailer and website Concluding Remarks: As we celebrated our 70th year, we are forever grateful to our HBA ‘ohana, comprised of countless individuals, including the churches and members of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention, who contributed to HBA’s success. From our very first graduating class of 3 boys, in 1954, to today’s classes of over 110, we have relied upon God’s hand to lead us. God has provided us vision through His Word and prayer, as well as, leaders, teachers, students, partners, and the guidance to bring HBA to this point in its history. Thank you for being a part of HBA’s story and in doing so, a part of God’s story. We deeply appreciate and thank the churches of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention for your life long encouragement and partnership with HBA in equipping our students for lives of service to others and to God. Together, let’s remain Committed through Faith for the next 70 years to create an even brighter future for our students, our school, and our world.

In Christ, Ron Shiira HBA President


Annual Report to the HPBC - October 18, 2019 HAWAII BAPTIST FOUNDATION Serving Christian Stewards Arnold Goto, President & CEO The Lord has allowed the Hawaii Baptist Foundation to serve our HPBC community in three ways: The Foundation provides funds management services for long-term financial assets held by our churches and institutions. The Foundation manages endowments that have been created to fund the many important ministries of the HPBC. Finally, the Foundation helps individuals to plan for their retirement, provide for their heirs, and support important Christian causes. During this past year there were six new church accounts, donor accounts, and institutional accounts opened with the Foundation, and many churches and associations added to their existing accounts. Utilizing the free will service offered on the Hawaii Baptist Foundation website, donor gifts totaling $2.2M were made to Hawaii’s churches and institutions. With the investment oversight of our HPBC-appointed board, along with an annual financial audit, our funds management services allow churches to receive healthy market returns, and at the same time receive protection from mismanagement. We are especially grateful to God for these volunteers who help to oversee and protect the investments of the Foundation. We were blessed with solid financial performance for this past Oct 2018-Sep 2019 annual period. Churches with funds invested (60 equities/40 fixed income) with the Foundation for the period received returns approximating 5.53%. Through God’s provision, during this annual period the Foundation earned $1.5M for our churches and institutions. President’s Concluding Remarks: The financial results would be meaningless if it were not for the important Kingdom-building work for which the funds are raised. We pray for God’s continued blessing upon the work that is being done with these funds, and that there be an abundance of fruit and affirmation for our churches, our institutions, and their ministries. Our Foundation directors share Bible readings together at the end of every full board meeting. I pray that this will always be the most important part of our gatherings. We are thankful that we are able to serve together in ways that glorify Him! ###


2019 HPBC Annual Meeting Report Pu’u Kahea Conference Center has had a successful year of hosting churches, schools and other groups from the islands and mainland. We continue to make improvements to the facility while maintaining the day to day operations. PKCC Updates • Full slate of volunteers (52) for all months from NC, AL, GA, TN, SC, VA, KY, MI, NJ, FL & MN • Hosted 12 college students for 2019 PKCC Summer Staff from FL, GA, AL, NC, PA; Conducted a summer long bible study walking through the book of Ephesians and some leadership training. • American Heritage Girls troop; AHG Troop HI1949 started their second year at PKCC in September with 16 girls and 9 adult volunteers. AHG’s Mission Statement: Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country. • Attended the Southern Baptist Camping Association annual conference and board meeting at Fort Caswell in Oak Island, NC – Jimmy / Kelly • Attended the North Carolina Baptist Missions Conference in Charlotte, NC; taught breakout sessions, interviewed summer staff candidates and set up a promotion booth • Attended MOVE missions conference at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, GA. Set up information booth and spoke in Sunday School classes - Ashley • Attended Collegiate Week at Falls Creek, OK; set up a booth, spoke with students about summer staff and with state agencies about student mission partnerships • Attended the Southern Baptist Camping Association Board Meeting in Texas (Jimmy). Also met with the SBCA Board about the national conference being held here February 18–23, 2020. • 4th Annual Keiki Adventure Camp completed; We had a total of 57 campers this year. Students from the following HPBC Churches attended: Hamama Community Church, Ewa Beach Baptist Church, University Ave Baptist Church, Cornerstone Fellowship, Palisades Baptist Church, Central Baptist Church, Mililani Baptist Church, and Ocean View Baptist Church (Big Island). Along with our staff and volunteers here at PKCC we had Darrell and Teresa McCain (HPBC), Dani Beth Crosby (UABC), Brandi Timmer (Central Baptist) and a mission team of 4 from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, GA. This year’s camp was an amazing time. We saw the Lord move through the students like never before. 2 students prayed to receive Christ and many more had meaningful questions. Lots of seeds were planted at this year’s camp. • Keiki Adventure Camp 2020 dates have been set and are June 2 - 6, 2020. • Anna Summerford, from Montgomery, AL, is our first intern assisting and shadowing the Director, Office Manager and Food Service Manager. Anna is here through a partnership with the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions • A work team (Borderless Brigade) from Mississippi came and painted the entire exterior of the Plantation Hale as well as help with various repairs on the exterior of the Plantation • Multiple other grounds beautification projects were completed this past year as well as multiple renovation/rehab projects on buildings and grounds 50

Guest Report for the months of October 2018 – October 2019 • 6,150 guests on campus • 25,170 meals served • 50% of guests were HPBC (3,075 HPBC/ 3,075 Non-HPBC) From your PKCC Staff and Volunteers, “Mahalo” for allowing us to serve the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention in this capacity. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to book your next event at PKCC or if you have any questions. pkcc.org 808-696-3467 office@pkcc.org







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GUIDELINES FOR MESSENGERS Every year, more than 100,000 Southern Baptists are elected messengers or alternates to their state or associational annual meeting. Many of them do not know what to do. This guide intends to help all concerned. HERE ARE SOME IDEAS FOR: THE LOCAL CHURCH The whole congregation has responsibility toward churches of like faith and order. Churches created by the love of God and in the harmony of faith ought to watch over one another with brotherly affection and encourage one another to do good works. It behooves the church not to leave communication with sister churches as last-minute leftovers. Respect for the household of faith demands more than that. Most Southern Baptist missionary and benevolent work is accomplished through the church and association. Doctrinal unity and evangelistic concern have been nurtured there. The quality of work done by churches is fellowship on mission in their setting relies heavily on the best in mind and spirit that the local church can send. Messengers to the annual meeting should be selected with prayerful concern by church. Here are specific recommendations. 1. Ask the church nominating committee to include the position of messengers and alternates in its annual report. Elect these messengers along with other church officers. Communication with neighboring churches deserves that consideration. 2. Elect messengers to serve an entire year for semi-annual and called, as well as annual meetings. Such advance election also allows messengers time to prepare mind and spirit. 3. Elect the most capable church leaders because the association or state convention deserves the best. 4. Let the messengers represent the entire congregation by selecting men, women and youth from various church organizations. 5. Be sure associational/state executive board members are also elected messengers to the annual meeting. 6. Be sure to elect the number of messengers to which your church is entitled by the constitution of the state convention. 7. Provide each messenger with a copy of these guidelines. 8. Be sure the messengers have copies of the minutes, constitution and available advance reports. 9. Support the office of messengers by bringing the messengers before the congregation for dedicatory prayer by the pastor on Sunday before the associational/state meeting. 10. Provide time in one or more regularly scheduled church services for the messengers to report on the results of the meeting. HERE ARE SUGGESTIONS FOR: THE MESSENGER The office messenger originates with the New Testament. Representatives of the Corinth church communicated their gift to Jerusalem. In I Corinthians 16:3, Paul says, "I will send those whom you accredit by letter to carry your gift to Jerusalem." Paul speaks of messengers to Corinth in II Corinthians 8:23, "and as for our brethren, they are messengers of the churches to the glory of God." The messengers report to the association/state on behalf of his church. He should share with the other messengers a report on his congregation's welfare. Even though he is a representative, the messenger is a free agent. His main purpose is to prayerfully determine the thing God wants his association/state to do or to be, and vote accordingly. In business sessions, he speaks and votes his own conscience, not, necessarily the sentiments of his church. The church is never bound by the vote of its messengers. 60

PREPARATION 1. Be familiar with the human needs of your community and the strategy your association/state use to meet those needs. 2. Study the constitution and bylaws. These documents, usually placed in the minutes, explain the structure and function of the organization. Special attention should be given to statement of purpose. 3. Review the minutes of the last annual meeting to help prepare for the coming meeting. The minutes record any unfinished business the association/state must handle. 4. Review any advance organizational reports of the association/state. Review also your own church letter or report. 5. Review the principles of parliamentary procedure. 6. Pray that the meetings may be used of our Lord to accomplish his good will, and that you may conduct yourself as a messenger representing a church or our Lord Jesus Christ. PARTICIATION 1. Upon your arrival at the annual meeting, register immediately with the credentials committee as an authorized messenger. 2. Arrange your schedule so that you can attend the sessions of the annual meeting - all the sessions. An absent messenger is not an asset to the meeting. 3. Exercise your best judgment in the business sessions. Evaluate the reports on budget, calendar, organization's recommendations and resolutions before voting. 4. Decide your vote after hearing the discussion. Do not come to the meeting with a closed mind. 5. Take notes on the sermons and addresses so that you may share their best insights with your home church. 6. Be a responsible participant in the meeting. Remember that this is the Lord's work, too.


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PROCEDURE The messengers shall be elected in the churches on the following basis: a. Ten voting messengers from each church; b. One additional voting messenger for each one hundred members or fractional part thereof beyond the first one hundred members, not to exceed a total of twenty. The Committee on Credentials and Resolutions will, upon receipt of a messenger card duly signed by a cooperating church, certify messengers to the annual meeting of the Convention. Only certified messengers may vote on issues before the Convention. Visitors may be accorded the courtesy of speaking on issues under consideration. “Robert’s Rules of Order Revised” shall be recognized as the standard authority to guide the Convention on questions of parliamentary procedure. Ten percent of the messengers enrolled shall constitute a quorum for transaction of business by the Convention. A majority of members shall constitute a quorum for transaction of business by Convention committees. All proposed resolutions coming before the Convention shall be forwarded to the Committee on Credentials and Resolutions for consideration. Any new major program calling for expenditure of money shall be approved in two successive annual meetings of the Convention. ELECTION OF OFFICERS AND THEIR DUTIES The following officers shall be nominated from the floor and elected by the Convention in the listed order: president, first vice president, second vice president, and recording secretary. Each officer of the Convention shall be elected annually and by a majority of all votes cast. Each officer elected shall be a member of a cooperating church of the Convention. These officers with the exception of the executive director-treasurer shall be nominated from the floor and elected annually in the order listed above. Officers shall serve for one year and hold office until their successors are elected and qualified. Terms of office shall commence at the final adjournment of the annual meeting at which they are elected. The executive director-treasurer shall be recruited and elected by the Executive Board. Duties: a. The president shall preside over the annual sessions of the Convention. He shall be chairman of the Executive Board and will preside over its meetings. He shall serve as exofficio member of all committees of the Convention without vote and of the Executive Board of the Convention with vote. He shall be eligible for re-election and shall not serve more than two successive terms. b. The first vice president shall assist the president in presiding over the annual sessions of the Convention and the meetings of the Executive Board. He shall assume the responsibilities of the president in his absence. He shall have a vote only in the Executive Board meeting or when representing the president at an Executive Board committee meeting. 62



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The second vice president shall assist the president in presiding over the annual sessions of the Convention and the meetings of the Executive Board. In the absence of both the president and the first vice president, he shall assume the responsibilities of the president. He shall have a vote only in the Executive Board meeting or when representing the president at an Executive Board committee meeting. d. The recording secretary shall be charged with keeping the minutes of the annual meeting of the Convention and the minutes of the Executive Board. He shall, with close cooperation and assistance from the executive director-treasurer, edit, print, and distribute the annual report of the Convention. He shall make available for preservation in the Convention offices all records and documentary materials of the Convention and the Executive Board. e. The executive director-treasurer is the executive officer and director of all work and programs of the Convention and the Executive Board, unless otherwise specified. He shall be a member ex-officio of all Convention committees and of the Executive Board without the privilege of vote. He shall be responsible for initiating, formulating, and recommending objectives, goals and programs to the Executive Board. He shall report regularly to the Executive Board and to the Convention. All checks shall be signed by the executive director-treasurer, or in his absence by the president or by the first vice president of the Convention. Vacancies: a. In the event that the president, the first vice president, and the second vice president should be unable to serve, the recording secretary shall call the Executive Board into session to elect a president from among its membership. b. In the event of vacancy in the office of the director-treasurer: (1) The Executive Board in session shall elect a committee composed of seven members: the member receiving the most votes shall be designated as chairman. (2) During the interim period, the president shall serve as executive director-treasurer until otherwise designated by the Executive Board. POLICIES, COMPOSITION AND DUTIES OF CONVENTION COMMITTEES The convention shall clearly establish the major areas of action it reserves unto itself. The Convention as a body in session shall be responsible for: a. Determination of Convention objectives and the programs to be sponsored to achieve these objectives. b. Determination of the overall plan of organization of the Convention and its work. c. Delegation of responsibility to Convention committees and the Executive Board for the conduct of specific programs. d. Determination of broad policies applicable to the operation of all programs. e. Determination of the broad financial support to be given the various programs of the Convention, including the allocation of undesignated funds to Executive Board programs. f. Nomination and election of Convention officers, committee members and the membership of the Executive Board. g. Making the final appraisal of the contributions to the total program of any agency or program on the Convention. h. Approving the establishment of new agencies, subsidiary corporations, institutions, and any major extensions of current agencies, institutions and programs. Committees of the Convention: a. The Committee on Committees and Board Nominations 63

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The Committee on Committees and Board Nominations shall consist of nine members holding three-year terms with three new members appointed annually, one by the president, one by the first vice president and one by the second vice president. This committee, including ministers, laymen and laywomen, shall nominate and the Convention shall elect all members of the other standing committees and of the Executive Board. The Committee shall elect its own chairman and secretary. The committee slate of nominees shall be developed by September and composed only of qualified individuals who indicate a willingness to serve, if nominated and elected. This committee will therefore need to contact the prospective nominees to obtain their willingness to serve, if elected. The principal task of this committee is to maintain a consistently high level of Executive Board leadership within the limits of democratic procedures. b. The Committee on Convention Arrangements and Order of Business The Committee on Convention Arrangements and Order of Business shall consist of six members holding three-year terms with two new members elected annually. The committee’s responsibilities include selection of time, place and preacher for the Annual Convention. The time and place is to be selected two years in advance. This committee shall seek to follow the plan of having its Annual Convention on a neighbor island every third year. The preacher of the annual sermon and other program personnel including the music director are to be selected for the current session of the Convention. This committee shall plan the program and order of business of the Annual Convention of the following year, which it shall publish at least one month prior to the annual meeting of the Convention. The committee shall provide a parliamentarian for each session of the Convention and guard carefully the schedule of program adopted by the Convention. Emergency Conditions: The Executive Board after consultation with the Committee on Convention Arrangements and Order of Business shall have the authority to postpone or advance the date of the annual meeting of the Convention for what may be considered justifiable reasons. In this event, all officers, committees and Executive Board members shall continue to serve until their successors are elected and qualified. c. The Committee on Credentials and Resolutions The Committee on Credentials and Resolutions shall consist of six members holding three-year terms with two new members elected annually. This committee will certify messengers to the annual meeting of the Convention and help with the registration of messengers and visitors and such other duties as the Convention may spell out. This committee will be responsible for receiving, studying and recommending all resolutions to the Convention. d. The Historical Committee The Historical Committee shall consist of three members holding three-year terms with one new member elected annually. This committee shall formulate a scholarly and comprehensive program for systematically preserving materials of historical value. All standing committees and Executive Board members’ terms shall start with the adjournment of the Annual Convention at which the member is elected or appointed. The president and the executive director-treasurer shall serve as ex-officio members of all committees without the privilege of vote. The executive director-treasurer should provide such secretarial needs as may be required. A record of all minutes of all standing committees shall be on file in the executive directortreasurer’s office. These committees shall report annually in writing to the Convention.




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Membership on Convention standing and special committees, except the Committee on Committees and Board Nominations, should not bar nomination and election to membership on the Executive Board. In the event of a vacancy on the Committee on Committees and Board Nominations, the president shall appoint a person to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term. Interim vacancies on the committees of the Convention shall be filled by the Executive Board for the remainder of the year.

COMPOSITION AND DUTIES OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD AND ITS COMMITTEES The terms of members of the Executive Board shall be established at three years, with the terms of approximately, one-third of the members to expire each year. A person who has served two consecutive terms on the Executive Board shall be ineligible to continue serving. A period of two years following expiration of the second consecutive term must pass before the person can serve again, unless an exception to this restriction is required by the person being elected an officer of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention. The Executive Board shall be composed of ministers, laymen and laywomen. An employee, or member of the immediate family of an employee, of the Convention shall not serve on the Executive Board. Convention employees are those who work for wages or salary from the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention. A director or employee or immediate family member of a director of Hawaii Baptist Academy or the Hawaii Baptist Foundation shall not serve on the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall serve as the Convention’s principal advisory group on the total program of the Convention, and recommend the overall plan or organization, program objectives, policies, general allocations of undesignated funds, division of special offerings, and action to be taken on annual reports and budgets of the programs of the Convention. The Executive Board shall act for the Convention, by majority vote of all of its members, to elect the members of the Board of Directors of each of the institutions of the Convention; to approve or disapprove changes to the articles of incorporation and bylaws (or documents by other titles that serve the same purposes) of the institutions; to periodically place limits on the total of financial obligations that each institution may incur; to approve or disapprove of the sale of all or substantially all of each institution’s assets; to dismiss any or all Directors of each institution; and to take such additional actions on behalf of the Convention as the member of each institution is entitled to take under the articles of incorporation and bylaws (or similar documents) of that institution. “Institutions” of the Convention are those nonprofit corporations of which the Convention is the sole member. The Executive Board shall elect the membership of all its committees from the duly elected members of the Executive Board, except for those members who are designated to serve on such committees by virtue of their offices. The Executive Board shall have bylaws and policies and shall determine its time of meeting, organization and method of procedure so long as such bylaws, policies and determinations do not violate the Convention’s constitution and bylaws. The Executive Board of the Convention shall report in writing annually concerning the total programs of the Convention, their operations and such other matters as the Board may deem necessary and proper. The executive director-treasurer shall serve as the principal staff advisor of the Executive Board and its committees and shall furnish secretarial help as needed. The office of the executive director-treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining records of the Executive Board 65



proceedings and mailing out the minutes of each meeting and other appropriate communications to members. The Executive Board shall be responsible for the election of the executive director-treasurer, editor of The Hawaii Pacific Baptist, division directors, associate directors, and for approving basic programs, goals, plans and annual budgets of the Convention. The Executive Board shall have the following standing committees and such special committees as it shall from time to time deem necessary or desirable. a. Administrative Committee (1) Structure: (a) This committee shall consist of the chairman and vice chairman of the other three standing committees of the Executive Board and the president and the two vice presidents of the Convention. (b) The president of the Convention shall serve as the chairman of this committee and the first vice president of the Convention shall serve as its vice chairman. The committee shall further organize itself annually. (2) Duties: (a) Submit a list of nominees for all vacant positions on Executive Board committees to the Executive Board. (b) Be responsible for recommending to the full Executive Board action to be taken in regard to the internal affairs of the Executive Board such as organization and order of business. (c) Nominate for election by the Executive Board persons to fill vacancies on the Executive Board and committees of the Convention, except the Committee on Committees and Board Nominations, until the next Annual Meeting of the Convention. (d) Nominate for election by the Executive Board persons to serve as Directors of Hawaii Baptist Academy and the Hawaii Baptist Foundation. (e) Review and recommend to the Executive Board the creation of special committees. (f) Recommend financial goals and recommend the overall allocations of undesignated funds of the Convention. (g) Review and recommend that portion of the annual budget related to administration. (h) Review budget proposals from standing committees and recommend the full budget to the Executive Board. (i) Recommend to the Executive Board job descriptions, salary schedules and the election of Convention employees, and be available to the executive directortreasurer as an advisory committee in personnel matters. (j) Review and appraise annually the work of the executive director-treasurer. (k) Review that portion of the Executive Board annual report which deals with the work of this committee. (l) Make decisions on behalf of the Executive Board, when necessary, between Executive Board meetings, within limits established by the Executive Board. b. Programs Committee (1) Structure (a) This committee shall consist of eight members of the Executive Board, one of whom shall be the president of the Convention. If so directed by the president, a vice president of the Convention may serve in the president's behalf. 66


This committee shall elect its own chairman and further organize itself annually.




Duties (a) Be responsible for all programs of the Executive Board not specifically assigned to other committees of the Board. (b) Review and recommend to the Administrative Committee that portion of the annual budget related to programs assigned. (c) Recommend for approval the annual calendar of activities for the Convention. (d) Recommend assignment or reassignment of program responsibilities of the Executive Board of the Convention. (e) Appraise recommendations to be made to the Convention dealing with programs. (f) Recommend to the Executive Board implementation of the program of work assigned. (g) Be responsible for that portion of the Executive Board annual report that deals with the work of this committee. Operations Committee (1) Structure (a) This committee shall consist of eight members of the Executive Board, one of whom shall be the president of the Convention. If so directed by the president, a vice president of the Convention may serve in the president's behalf. (b) This committee shall elect its own chairman and further organize itself annually. (2) Duties a) Develop and maintain on a current basis, a policy manual for the Executive Board relating to its operation. (b) Formulate policies and supervise the purchase or sale, maintenance, and use of Convention properties. (c) Formulate policies and supervise the business operations of the Convention. (d) Formulate policies and supervise operations of Puu Kahea Conference Center. (e) Review and recommend to the Administrative Committee that portion of the annual budget which deals with Convention and Executive Board meetings and all other operations assigned. (f) Monitor the financial plan of the Convention to see that its policies are adhered to and report any infraction to the Executive Board. This includes recommending the hiring of an auditor and reviewing audits of the Convention. (g) Be responsible for that portion of the Executive Board annual report which deals with the work of this committee. Communications Committee (1) Structure (a) This committee shall consist of eight members of the Executive Board, one of whom shall be the president of the Convention. If so directed by the president, a vice president of the Convention may serve in the President's behalf. 67

(b) (2)

V. 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6.


8. 9. 10.

This committee shall elect its own chairman, and further organize itself annually.

Duties (a) Maintain awareness and appraise the cooperating relationships among Southern Baptist groups and recommend to the Executive Board actions designed to improve these relationships. (b) Recommend actions to the Executive Board concerning appropriate ways to develop proper cooperative relationships. (c) Recommend broad policies having general applicability to the Convention and its institutions. (d) Formulate policies and supervise the production and circulation of The Hawaii Pacific Baptist. (e) Recommend financial policies and specific goals for special offerings and other campaigns seeking financial assistance in any form from the churches. (f) Maintain awareness and appraise trends in public affairs with their attendant problems to Southern Baptists and bring recommendations of actions to be taken by the Executive Board and the Convention. (g) Review and recommend to the Administrative Committee that portion of the Convention's annual budget which supports the institutions of the Convention and other work assigned. (h) Be responsible for that portion of the annual Executive Board report dealing with the work of this committee

GENERAL FINANCIAL PLAN The Convention recognizes the Cooperative Program as the primary source of financing the work of the Convention, its institutions and agencies. The Convention recognizes the right of every Baptist and every Baptist group to determine the method or methods through which stewardship obligations are fulfilled. No agencies, divisions, departments, committees or institutions shall promote or accept funds for any programs or institutions not specifically authorized by the Convention. The Convention authorizes its Executive Board to make reasonable inquiries at any time of the Convention-sponsored agency or institution as to its adherence to financial policies of the Convention. No agency or institution of the Convention shall, without the approval of the Convention or its Executive Board, pledge, directly or indirectly the faith and credit of the Convention. The Convention expects and anticipates that each agency and institution will follow sound business practices in accounting for funds under its control and will maintain as soon as practical, reasonable financial reserves to protect itself against a temporary failure to achieve anticipated annual revenues. The Convention recognizes that the acceptance of financial aid from non-Convention sources may affect the control of the Convention over its agencies and institutions; therefore, it reserves the right to determine the broad limits within which various types of such aid may be accepted. The Convention binds itself and its agencies faithfully to apply and use all designated gifts for the purpose specified by the donor in accordance with the foregoing policy. The executive director-treasurer shall provide quarterly financial reports in writing and an annual audit report prepared by a certified public accountant or auditor. All persons charged with handling monies of Convention agencies shall be bonded. 68

VI. 1. 2. VII.

STATISTICAL AND FISCAL YEAR The statistical year of the Convention shall close with the twelve-month period ending at midnight on September 30. The fiscal year of the Convention shall coincide with the calendar year. AMENDMENTS By majority vote these bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Convention at any time, provided the amendment is distributed in writing to all messengers one hour prior to the time for the discussion of and the voting on the proposed amendment.



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