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Sustainable Tourism: Traveling with a Conscience in Costa Rica

Hello, eco-conscious explorers! Dreaming of a breathtaking vacation that's kind to our planet? Let's set our sights on Costa Rica, the shining star of Central America in sustainable tourism. Often dubbed the "Switzerland of Central America,” Costa Rica boasts a mesmerizing mix of biodiversity, landscapes, and cultures. From the tranquil ambiance of its cloud forests to the untouched beauty of its beaches, it's every nature lover's paradise.

But what truly elevates Costa Rica is its unwavering commitment to sustainable travel. Many of its accommodations, be it hotels or lodges, have adopted eco-friendly practices. They're powered by renewable energy, and some are even endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance and the Costa Rican Tourism Board for their stringent environmental and socio-economic standards. Notably, the country has zealously protected over a quarter of its land, safeguarding a mind-blowing 5% of the world's biodiversity.

Cloud Forest Reserve

And when you travel here, you'll feel the essence of community. A significant portion of tours is managed by local communities, ensuring that your tourism spending directly nourishes the very hearts and souls of the places you cherish. So, how can you champion sustainable travel in this tropical haven? Opt for spots with the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) label, tread gently in the national parks, and invest in local businesses by dining and shopping locally.

And while flying might be your goto travel mode, consider offsetting its carbon footprint by contributing to Costa Rica reforestation projects. Before you embark on your journey, delve a bit into Costa Rica's rich culture, customs, and environmental narratives.

Now, if you're wondering where to start, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is like wandering in an emerald dream, while Tortuguero National Park offers the serene spectacle of sea turtles nesting.

Corcovado National Park, praised by National Geographic as "the most biologically intense place on Earth,” is an absolute treat for wildlife aficionados. And let's not forget the iconic Arenal Volcano, where the thrill of an active volcano meets sustainable hot springs and waterfalls.

Ready to plan your escape? Begin your research at Costa Rica Real Escapes. A trusted source since 1996.

So, ready to make memories without compromising our Earth? Grab your ecofriendly essentials, and immerse in the magic of Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

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In the October issue of Howler Real Escapes magazine, we invite readers to "Escape the Ordinary, Embrace the Real!" as we explore the rich and vibrant facets of Costa Rican life and culture.

Discover the poetic narrative embodied in Costa Rica's equestrian ballet, a dance that blooms from the ancient bond between horse and rider, honoring a rich cultural legacy born from Spanish heritage. We shed light on sustainable tourism, guiding you through eco-friendly retreats that offer not just a getaway, but a conscious approach to travel.

Marvel at the mystique of the country's waterfalls and why these natural wonders hold the power to enthrall. Join us as we tackle the playful yet challenging endeavor of learning to surf, offering tips to help beginners embrace the surf culture with joy and grace.

Revel in the return of the beloved Pura Vida show in Tamarindo, a vibrant celebration of life and color. Explore the revolution in sustainable fashion reshaping the textile industry in Costa Rica, and venture into the innovative world of construction with hemp bricks, promising a greener tomorrow.

Indulge your senses as we guide you through the delicious world of Costa Rican chocolate, a journey from bean to bar that promises delight and knowledge in equal measure.

This October, Howler Real Escapes offers a gateway into the multifaceted culture of Costa Rica, from its unique traditions and wildlife to modern trends in fashion, cuisine, and local customs. Prepare to immerse yourself in a reading experience that unfolds the real Costa Rica in all its vivid and diverse glory.


John Brockmeier. Writer and activist inspired by diverse interests and international life experiences.

Terry Carlile. Served as a U.S. Navy journalist for eight years, and is also a workshop trainer and keynote speaker.

Frank Deloria. Health and wellness writer, currently in Costa Rica but traveling the world.

Audrey Vargas Gil has lived in the Tamarindo area for over 20 years she is originally from Cali, Colombia, and is now a citizen of Costa Rica. She started Ordry's Spa in Tamarindo 16 years ago and has many local and tourist clients.

Henry Lafarge. Business writer for the BYKA foundation for ethical work environment

Maria Andria Mata. Fashion writer and design consultant in Escazu

Harold Matarrita. Paralegal, GM Attorneys at Law

Anabel Miranda: Yoga instructor from Jacó.

Stacy Nicholson. Retired semi-professional surfer making her home on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

John Quam. Howler Magazine Owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, who has called Costa Rica home for nine years.


Tom Schultz. BS in Biology and Geology, avid birder and nature photographer, retired software executive.

Valerie Taylor. A native of the western U.S., enthusiastic about herpetoculture and nature in general. An avid photographer who has extensively explored biodiversity and ecotourism in Costa Rica.

Bryce Tomlinson. A part-time batracholgist who is retired from real estate business in Canada living in the Monteverde region.

Victoria Wagner. From Aspen Colorado currently traveling the world and writing about interesting places and things.

Captain Paul Watson. Globally renowned ocean conservationist and environmental activist, advancing marine ecosystem protection initiatives through the new Captain Paul Watson Foundation. Co-founder of the Greenpeace Foundation and founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Karen West. Nutritionist and healthy food chef from Boulder Colorado. Loves to teach people how to eat healthy and what foods have benefits for your health.

Bob White. A retired teacher who donates his time in teaching English to locals.

Barry Wolfe. A self proclaimed "chocoholic" living in the Central Valley.



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account executive

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Photo by Eugenio Garcia as his work is upfront in this edition. This is rider Yeison Delgado and what he practes is a type of dressage called "doma vaquera con garrocha".


Photographer Eugenio Garcia Captures the Beauty of Ancient Equestrian Horsemanship

Editorial: Sustainable Tourism: Traveling with a Conscience in Costa Rica


• Why So Many Sand Colors?

• Enchantment of Waterfalls: Why Do They Amaze Us?

• Packing for Costa Rica: Your Essential Guide to a Tropical Getaway

• Dive Deeper into the 180-day Costa Rica Visa: Unlock Extended Adventures in Paradise

• Exploring Australia - Western Australia Unveiled: From Perth's Secrets to Quokka Selfies


• Considering Retiring?

• Breast Cancer Awareness

• The Challenge of Diabetes for Costa Ricans

• The Irony of Burning Man

• Do you know what rainy season can mean for your pet?

• Why a Massage and Pedicure Relax You: The Science and Benefits Behind Relaxation Rituals

• Yoga: Inner Harmony and Physical Well Being

• Spanish: Asking for Forgiveness


• Tide Chart, Sun, Moon Schedule

• Discover the Caribbean Coast's Surfing Paradise

• Why Can't I Stand Up on My Surfboard?

• Where the Caribbean Whispers and Surfers Dance

Click on the section to go directly to those pages.


• Pura Vida Show Returns!

• Snapshots of History

• Travel Talks from 1947


• Chocolate: A Superfood?

• Cocoa's History in Costa Rica

• Are Brownies the #1 Chocolate Treat?

• When is the Best Time for a Chocolate Martini?


• Tres Amigos

• Horizon Pacific

• Sun Real Estate

• Grupo Tropical

• Force One

• Mar Vista

• Palmex Roofing


• Revolutionizing Construction: The Untapped Potential of Hemp Bricks

• The HOA Condo Dues


• Sustainable Fashion Impact: The Undeniable Shift Towards Eco-friendly Apparel

• Beauty In Imperfections

• Ethical Fashion Industry: Paving the Way for a Compassionate Future

• Almara


• Guanacaste Coastline a Haven for Sawfish Breeding

• Unveiling the Elegance of the Blue

Morpho Butterfly

• The Impressive Brahma Bulls

• Red Eye Tree Frog Embryos

• International Sloth Day Oct 20th

Captures the Beauty of Ancient Equestrian Horsemanship

If you love horses, or even just enjoy watching them , you will truly appreciate what Photographer Eugenio Garcia captures at a recent visit to Rancho San Miguel in La Guácima.

Eugenio brings his lifelong skills in presenting these magnificant photographs during a formal horse show at the facility.

Read as you discover the mastery of the "doma vaquera con garrocha". This unique equestrian discipline, dressage vaquera con garrocha, showcases the rich cultural heritage and deep connection between humans and horses in Latin America. Originating from Spain, it was brought to the Americas during the colonial era and has since become an integral part of Costa Rica's equestrian traditions.

Initially developed as a practical training method for working horses on ranches and farms, dressage vaquera con garrocha has evolved into a captivating display of skill and harmony between horse and rider. The discipline emphasizes precise movements, elegant transitions, and subtle cues that demonstrate the level of trust and understanding achieved through years of training.

The use of the garrocha, a long pole with a hook at one end, adds an extra layer of complexity to this art form. The rider must exhibit exceptional balance and coordination while maneuvering the garrocha to perform intricate exercises such as picking up objects or guiding cattle.

Photographer Eugenio Garcia
Garcia Ancient
Quintus ridden by jockey Juan Rodríguez
Train of Spanish horses


Tamer and Spanish horse
The boy Thiago Ríos, dressage prodigy, is escorted by his father. Click:


Tamer and Spanish horse


Do I Need A Realtor?

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Click the logo for website: What is the Process to Purchase Property?


In this edition: (bold)

• Sustainable Fashion Impact: The Undeniable Shift Towards Eco-friendly Apparel

• Beauty in Perfection

• Ethical Fashion Industry: Paving the Way for a Compassionate Future

• Almara

• Lisbeth Valverde Miss CR

• Selecting the Best Sunglasses

• Let's Talk Men's Fashions

• Fashion & Fishing?

• Sport Fashion

• Makeup with Cannabis Arrives in Costa Rica Thanks to Revlon

• Beach Fashion for the Holiday Season

• Dressing for the Dampness

• You've Come a Long Way, Bikini

• Stay Happy in the Rain

• Clothes Can Make Your Mood

• A Crowed-Pleasing Creativity Showcase

• Underwater Fashion Photography

• Dozens more...

See the FASHION section:

Sustainable Fashion Impact: The Undeniable Shift Towards Eco-friendly

In today's dynamic world, sustainable fashion stands as a beacon of hope and change, commanding attention from industry magnates and consumers alike. At its core, sustainable fashion represents a paradigm shift in how clothing is sourced, manufactured, and consumed. It's no longer just about aesthetic appeal or seasonal trends; it's about creating a positive environmental and social footprint.

One cannot overstate the environmental consequences of traditional fashion. The industry, notoriously dubbed the second-largest polluter, has left an indelible mark on our ecosystems. From the excessive water usage in denim production to the chemical runoffs from synthetic dyeing processes, the repercussions are widespread. Enter sustainable fashion, which emerges as the antidote.


Eco-friendly Apparel

Prioritizing eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton or bamboo, the sustainable fashion movement looks to drastically reduce the industry's environmental toll.

However, the conversation doesn't end with just materials. Sustainable fashion delves deep into the ethics of

production. It challenges the age-old practices of underpaying workers or maintaining subpar working conditions in factories. Ethical production has become a cornerstone of the sustainable movement, ensuring not just ecological balance but also social justice.

Click for the rest of the story:

Beauty in Imperfections

Imperfect Jewelryis a contemporaryjewelry brand, handmade in Costa Rica and designed exclusively by Carolina Gonzalez.

Thebrand isinspiredby lookingat beautyin imperfections, the strange orsubtle, whichItransforminto beauty through unique piecesthat allow ustoaccept who weareand recognizethatthese elements makeus unique sowecanvalue our ownbeauty. For me, thepieces are designed tobecome alive ineach personwhowears them, whileenhancingand adapting totheirstyle.

The aesthetics of the brand seeks to create differentiated designsof manualproduction, playingwith asymmetry, organicand irregularshapes, movingaway fromthe generic design that is unknown under what conditions thepieces areproduced and, onthecontrary, focus ona handmade jewelry design that shows the traceability of materials,their designand manufacturingprocess.

The jewelry is handmade mostly in 950 silver, 18k goldplated silver and gold in different karats. Thematic collections of limited quantities are worked for greater exclusivity. The uniqueness ofthe work allows us to create even more unique designsfor thosewhorequire it.

See the rest of the story, more photos, catalog, and contact information:



Sponsored Content



Howler Media has a commitment to only publish fashions. We reject any brand that can not verify loyalty in this highly volatile subject to only promote

In a world where fashion is a form of self-expression and a tool to wield confidence, it is paramount to ensure the industry respects not only style but human rights and environmental sustainability. Howler Media steps up to this urgent call by committing to only endorse and publish fashion products that are authentically crafted in Latin America, devoid of the stain of sweatshop labor.

Ethical Fashion Industry: Paving the Way for a Compassionate Future

By holding a magnifying glass to the heart of the fashion industry, this article elucidates the raw and urgent issues at play, steering a conscientious path forward for producers and consumers alike.

1. Unveiling the Slave Shops Behind the Glamour of Fashion

Defining the Slave Shop Phenomenon

Scratch the glittering surface of the fashion industry, and you uncover the grim reality of slave shops — zones of exploitation where laborers work for abysmal wages under horrifying conditions. The



publish authentically made in Latin American verify where their designs are made. It's our promote "sweatshop-free" fashions.

historic thread of exploitation stretches far back, painting a timeline of profit trumping human welfare.

A Chronology of Exploitation

From sweatshops of the yesteryears to today's slave shops, fashion has a grim history intertwined with human suffering. An insatiable appetite for fresh and cheap styles fosters this ground for injustice, turning a blind eye to the very hands crafting the trends.

The Rise of Fast Fashion and its Connection to Slave Shops

2. The Dark Side of Fast Fashion: Unveiling the Reality of Exploitation
Fast fashion has revolutionized the way we consume clothing. With its quick turnover of styles and affordable prices, it's hard to resist the allure of a new wardrobe every season. However, what we often overlook is the direct correlation Continue the story:
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Let's start the conversation.

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In this edition (bold):

• Pura Vida Show Returns

• Snapshots of Costa Rican History

• 1947 Travel Talk Video

• Celebrating Independence Day

• The Festive Dance of Costa Rica

• The Magic of Music

• Kids Rock at Camp Experiences

• Reggae's Infectious Rhythm

• Castillo de Lilo

• Costa Rica's Unwavering Love for Soccer

• Coldplay Sets a New Standard

• Sloth's Poetic Serenity

• Protecting the Indigenious Tribes

• Sebastian Kaya Salgueiro

• Muralist Returns to Restore Atenas


• The Language of Wood

• Rolo's History Collections

• Marching to the Rose Parade Beat

• Earth Without Humans

• Artist: Allan Murillo

• Liquor Factory Legacy

• Hundreds of more articles

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Returns at end of November

Two locations/two nights every


The full story of beautiful Costa Rica comes to life in this magical setting. Feel the warm welcome of “Pura Vida.” Learn it’s true meaning and where it came from. Feel the happiness of Costa Rica’s colorful people known as “Ticos” and see why they live longer here then almost anywhere else in the world.

See the awe-inspiring beauty of its incredible landscapes. Discover real pirates and dreams of dinosaurs. See through the eyes of famous explorers, cowboys, and beloved national hero’s. Learn why this little country has had no army since 1948. Taste the unique flavors of the food that transports you from the shores of the Caribbean to the fertile valleys of San Carlos.

All of this set to the award winning soundtrack of the “Costa Man” your entertaining host. A show filled with music, adventure, dance, fire, magic, mystery and all that is Costa Rica. A cultural experience perfect for the whole family.



5 star rating



Contact Us Email: Phone: 506-8960-1704 Click: provide email to receive updates
Costa Rica’s Only Cultural Dinner and Show video

Snapshots of Costa Rican History

1911 and 2023

National Theater of Costa Rica.

Second Avenue, south side of the theater.

These photos by Rolo, click FB for his link.
Old photo: Manuel Gómez Miralles. Comparison 2023: Rolando Alpízar (Rolo) 1902 and 2023 Bridge over Rio Grande de Atenas in Alajuela province. Photograph 1902; Harrison Nathaniel Rudd. 2023: contributed by Walner Chávez.

The first tourist center; hotel and thermal spa in Costa Rica, The Bella Vista or Banos Termales de Aquacaliente in Cartago.

Opened in 1886. Thanks to the new train tracks that did not run close by, it went bankrupt and closed in 1910.

Photo taken from a book by Manuel Gómez Miralles and Fernando Zamora. AMAZON LINK: BOOK 1

Rural print, 1890. We observe the simplicity of the inhabitants, adobe houses, clay tile roofs, a cart and its oxen, essential for transporting all kinds of merchandise, mainly groceries and firewood. It is observed that the photo is not spontaneous because there are people posing, especially some girls in the background together with a large group of people, there is also a domestic animal,

it looks like a pig and small streams along the road which was very common near the villages, drinking water nearby. In the background hills with a lot of vegetation and some pastures. This photo is ideal for those who specialize in giving them color. (Taken from the book: Costa Rica by Manuel Gómez Miralles - see links for the books on next page)

Best Facebook groups to follow for Costa Rica Historical Photographs:

Fotos Antiguas de Costa Rica y su Historia

Fotos antiguas de Costa Rica

Fotos Antiguas Indigenas de Costa Rica

Fotos Historicas Antiguas de Costa Rica

Extracting cocoa seeds in Matina in 1933

Way Back In the Old Days...

Can you imagine living during the Depression and going to your only entertainment venue, the movies and watch an exciting film about some country far away before the feature?

Before televisions, very little radio, and no travel brochures, millions of people had the opportunity to dream of traveling through TravelTalks. It was the first introduction to other parts of the world during the 30's and 40's before television began.

James Anthony FitzPatrick was the "Voice of the Globe". In 1930, FitzPatrick started making travel documentaries for people in Britain and America.

The movie company MetroGoldwyn-Mayer showed his films and called them FitzPatrick Traveltalks.

Starting from 1934, the Traveltalks were filmed in Technicolor. This was one of the first times color films were made in America. FitzPatrick stopped working with MGM in 1954, but he still made a similar series for Paramount Pictures called Vistavision Visits for one more year before he retired.

See the rest of the story:


Costa Rica - 1947

Discover Your Dream: A Gardener’s Paradise Awaits Near Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Sponsored Content

fIyou’re on the lookout for an exceptional property in close proximity to the stunning Playa Grande beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, your search ends here. Nestled within this beautiful landscape lies a true haven for nature enthusiasts and gardening aficionados alike. With its lush greenery, magnificent trees, and a myriad of remarkable features, this property beckons you to explore its potential. Let’s delve into what this garden paradise has to offer.

Spanning over an expansive 3000m2 (approximately 3/4 of an acre), this mini organic farm is a canvas for your green dreams. Imagine the possibilities as you explore the abundance of space that can be sculpted according to your vision. Cultivate your own oasis, utilizing the rich soil and optimal climate that this region offers.

A Home Designed for Tranquility and Comfort

At the heart of this haven stands a meticulously crafted house, encompassing 1800 square feet of American construction excellence. The attention to detail is evident in the ceiling and woodwork, thoughtfully crafted from cypress, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The spacious kitchen is fully equipped to cater to your culinary adventures, while the adjoining laundry room offers convenience with a full-size washer and dryer, along with ample storage.

Luxurious Amenities for Your Delight

Step into the walk-in closet, adorned with true cedar shelves, offering a fragrant retreat for your belongings. The expansive bathroom adds a touch of luxury to everyday living. Two lofts provide versatile spaces that can be customized to suit your needs.

here for more information, photographs and map.
Download the 2023 Real Estate edition! Click the cover:

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Palmex since 2006 in Costa Rica: Small Team, Big Achievements

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Let our work and clients speak about us:

Our Palmex roof really makes the whole look and feel of our house and we feel that it is a very high-quality material and the installation was professionally done. We had planned on a roof of tin, insulation, and teak... a fairly standard choice in our area, but made a late decision to use Palmex. I cannot imagine this house without Palmex and we are so happy that we made the right decision. When I am in a neighbor's house with a tin roof and the rain starts coming down it sounds like a Jamaican steel drum marching band and I can't wait to sit in my house and quietly watch the rain fall. Palmex has so many benefits in the tropics. Thanks!

Thank you again, we couldn’t be happier with the new roof!-John

Tonight we had neighbors visiting and they are so excited about the Palmex! In addition, the engineer for our architect was here today and he asked us to provide him with your information. He thinks the product is beautiful.

-Best regards, Mary and Lee Addleman

The roof is looking great! Of course, as you can imagine, already there have been many admiring passers-by. Who knew that putting on a roof would pull in so many new acquaintances?

Why Palmex when it comes to your roof? Click here.

Our Team
Since 2006 in Costa Rica 100% recyclable heavy-duty tropical roofing material with a 20-years warranty. Certified ISO 9001 Techos Tropicales Palmex - Tel. (506) 2786-5126 -
Centro de visitantes Parque Nacional Tortuguero, Arq. Ibo Bonilla, Constructora REYCO

Home Houses Production

Page Farms

Production Land & Hotels & Land & Our Farms Beachfront Airbnb Development Team

Travel & Adventures

In This Edition:

• Why So Many Sand Colors?

• Around the World In 40 Days - Part 2: Australia

• Packing for Costa Rica: Your Essential Guide

• The 180-Day Costa Rica Visa

• Why the Enchantment with Waterfalls?

Other favorites:

• Soulful Escapes in Costa Rica

• Around the World in 40 Days: Introduction, Part I

• So You Want to Travel Around the World?

• The Best Time to Visit Caribbean Costa Rica

• Howler Monkeys: Fascinating Creatures of Costa Rica's Forests

• Pacific Screech Owl What's the Huge Nest In the Tree?

• Fred's Bird Adventures

• Surrounded by the World's Largest Sunflower Field

• Should I Use a Travel Agent?

• Coatis the Clowns of the Forest

• A Sticky Subject

• Gyrocopter Girl Returns!

• Jungle Hiking Tips

• Planning Your Holiday Vacation Early

• Plus hundreds of other articles

Click for more:


Around the World in Exploring Australia

Western Australia

Western Australia, 4000 km west of Sydney, is the lesser visited part of Australia, even for Australians. We based our visit from Perth, an amazingly large and robust city of over 2 million inhabitants, considering it is considered the most remote major city in the world. It is closer to Jakarta, Indonesia than Sydney. A land of stark beauty - from the incredible beaches of Lancelin with its sand dunes meeting the ocean, to the Rottnest Island, Quokkas, Emu and other unique wildlife and birds, to some of the strangest landscapes with the darkest skies in the world in the Pinnacles. Enjoy a trip through this unique and beautiful part of the world.

We drove from our hotel to Fremantle, the departure point for the fast ferries out to Rottnest Island. The island is famous as the best place in the world to see Quokka.

Rottnest Island was named by the Dutch, and translates to “Rat’s nest”, the Dutch thinking the large creatures on the island were rats. They were not. They are Quokka, a relative to the kangaroo that is found only on the island and a couple others. Dubbed “the cutest animal in the world,” posing with one for a selfie has become huge for tourists. The poor things seemed not amused at times as tourists poked and pushed cell phones in their faces.

Read more and see incredible photographs and videos:

“Quokkas and the highway to hell"

40 Days, Part II Australia

Series feature stories, videos and photos by Tom Schultz

Western Austrailia night sky

The Enchantment WhyDoTheyAmaze Nature's Majestic Wonder

There's something utterly enchanting about these majestic wonders of nature that ignites an unparalleled excitement within us. It's the harmonious symphony of crashing water as it descends to Earth, releasing a mesmerizing spray that tickles our skin and invigorates our senses.

Perhaps it's the sheer force displayed by these breathtaking cascades, reminding us of the unstoppable power flowing through our own veins. They transport us to a realm where time stands still, captivating our very souls. And let's not forget their mystical allure – hidden deep within lush forests or tucked away on rugged cliffs, waterfalls exist as clandestine treasures waiting to be discovered.

The anticipation builds, heightened by the unknown journey that leads to their grandeur. With each step closer, we are rewarded with a transcendent sight that nourishes our spirits and fuels adventure in our hearts.

Waterfalls hold a timeless beauty that whispers tales of nature's resilience and perfection – they simply draw us in like magnets calling their beloved admirers home.

Read more and see more waterfall stories:

Photo by Alejandro Esquivel of Karoll Orozco Calvo Waterfall: Paraiso Manantiales in Bajos

of Waterfalls: AmazeUs?

Bajos del Toro

Costa Rica Beach Sand Exploring the Vibrant

You may wonder as you see the many beaches here in Costa Rica what causes the many different colors of sand. Here is a great explanation of the differences.

The color of sand on Costa Rica's beaches, as well as on beaches around the world, is primarily influenced by the geological composition of the surrounding land and the processes that have shaped the landscape over time. Several factors contribute to the different colors of sand found on Costa Rican beaches.

1. Mineral Content

2. Coral Reefs and Marine Life

3. Weathering and Erosion

4. Location and Geography

5. Human Influence

Read the story:


Sand Colors: Vibrant Palette

Do you know were to find the various sand colored beaches?


Packing for Costa Rica: Your Essential Guide to a Tropical Getaway

If you're planning a tropical getaway to Costa Rica, you're in for a treat. The country boasts stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and diverse wildlife that make it a top destination for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and beach bums alike.

But before you jet off to paradise, it's important to pack the right gear to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

Packing for a tropical vacation can be a daunting task, but with this comprehensive guide, you'll know exactly what to bring for your Costa Rican adventure.

From clothing to tech gear, outdoor essentials to health and safety items, use this packing list to make sure you're fully prepared for your trip to paradise.

1. Essential Clothing Items for a Costa Rican Vacation

Costa Rica is known for its humid and tropical climate, so packing lightweight, breathable clothing is essential. Here are a few items to consider:

Lightweight Clothing for Hot and Humid Weather

Consider packing lightweight, breathable clothing made of fabrics such as cotton, linen, or rayon. These materials allow air to circulate, which helps to keep you cool and comfortable. Shorts, tank tops, and sundresses are all great options. You may also want to bring a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings and unexpected rain.

Swimwear for Beaches, Waterfalls, and Hot Springs

With plenty of beaches, waterfalls, and hot springs, swimwear is a must. Bring a few different bathing suits so that you can switch them out as needed. Don't forget a cover-up or rash guard for sun protection. Click logo for:

2. Tech Gear and Accessories

3. Health and Safety Items

4. Outdoor Essentials for Exploration

5. Must-Have Beach Accessories

6. Packing Tips

7. What NOT to Bring

8. FAQs


180-day Costa Rica Visa: Unlock

Extended Adventures in Paradise

Great news, fellow travelers and Costa Rica enthusiasts! We are absolutely buzzing to share some heartwarming news that would revitalize your travel plans and perhaps even your outlook on the adventures that await you in the vibrant heart of Central America. Costa Rica has opened its arms even wider to welcome visitors from around the globe. Let’s delve deeper into this fascinating update, shall we?

Gone are the days when your stay in the picturesque landscapes of Costa Rica was restricted to a mere 90 days. Now, you have a whopping 180 days to immerse yourself into the ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle that this beautiful country endorses. Just think about it – more sunsets to witness, more local cuisines to taste, and more time to forge meaningful connections with the lovely locals. It’s a generous extension that beckons travelers to enjoy a relaxed, enriched stay, as they explore the diverse culture and scenic beauty that Costa Rica has in abundance.

But that's not all! This policy change is a golden ticket for digital nomads who have been daydreaming about working amidst the lush landscapes of Costa Rica. Now, you can actually live that dream, finding peace and a close connection to nature, all while staying plugged into your work world. The vibrant life of Costa Rica promises not just an escape but a wholesome experience where work and leisure blend seamlessly.

Wondering about the specifics of this exciting new policy? Let us break it down for you. Essentially, if you were previously eligible for a 90-day visa, you automatically qualify for the extended 180-day visa, no extra fuss involved. It’s a grand invitation from Costa Rica to travelers worldwide, encouraging a longer, more leisurely exploration of its beautiful landscapes and rich cultural experiences. Please note that the 90 day requirement for the ability to drive in Costa Rica with your drivers license still applies.


It is expected that this law will catch up to the 180 day visa soon, but you need to be aware of this.

With this abundant time at your disposal, the options are endless. Whether it’s the pristine beaches, the rich biodiversity, or the surfers' paradise in places like Jaco, you have the golden opportunity to explore them all at your own pace. And speaking of pace, why rush? You have all the time to venture out, to understand, to explore, and to fall in love with Costa Rica, a little more every day.

As you envisage this enticing opportunity, it's normal to wonder about the logistics of a long-term stay. Well, fear not because we are here to guide you in making informed decisions, be it choosing the right accommodation or budgeting your extended trip effectively to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling stay. Costa Rica offers a delightful range of accommodations to suit all preferences, ensuring your long stay feels just like home, perhaps even better!

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Planning Your 2023/2024 Escape

One of the beautiful aspects of Costa Rica is the variety of opportunities for adventures. Literally there is something for everyone. The extremes are real, from being lazy chillin’ in a hammock by the beach to trekkin' a volcano trail to adrenaline rush jumps.

Deals in Costa Rica presents a small fraction of the adventures that await your next vacation/escape. We highlight examples in just five regions to intrigue your adventuresome spirit. Click on the buttons for more information.

There are two major international airports. Check to see which one is nearest your desired locations to visit.

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CLICK FOR YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE SPONSORED BY: MOON Set 7:27 am 8:24 am 9:21 am 10:19 am 11:15 am 12:08 pm 12:57 pm 1:43 pm 2:24 pm 3:03 pm 3:40 pm 4:15 pm 4:51 pm 5:28 pm 6:07 pm 6:50 pm 7:37 pm 8:30 pm 9:27 pm 10:28 pm 11:30 pm 12:30 am 1:29 am 2:26 am 3:21 am 4:15 am 5:10 am 6:07 am 7:04 am 8:03 am
Surfer: Charles Merritt

Where the Caribbean Whispers and Surfers Dance

In the heart of Costa Rica's cerulean shore, Where the Caribbean whispers tales of yore, There a surfer stands, his board by his side, Embracing the dance of the passionate tide.

Every wave is a dream, a challenge, a song, In its rhythm, the surfer finds where he belongs. The sun paints golden hues on his bronzed skin, As he becomes one with the world he's in.

The water's embrace, so fierce and so kind, Is where all his troubles he leaves behind. With every swell, with every crest, He feels alive, he feels the best.

The palm trees sway, sharing Of ancient times, of legends galore. The sky above, a vast canvas Reflects the depth of emotions

The horizon beckons with promises As the surfer rides memories In Costa Rica's embrace, wild He finds his rhythm, his destiny.

Feel the pull of the waves? Dive beauty of Costa Rica’s shores


their lore, galore.

of blue, emotions so true.

promises vast, of the past. and free, destiny.

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Dive in and let the wash over you!

Discover the Caribbean Coast's Surfing Paradise

The captivating land of Costa Rica is a paradise for surf aficionados. While many are drawn to its Pacific charm, the Caribbean coast unveils its magic, particularly in October. As the month rolls in, it brings a blend of consistent and powerful swells, thanks to the unique geographical positioning and seasonal weather patterns of the Caribbean Sea. The warm embrace of tropical waters further enhances every surf session, turning them into unforgettable memories.

One of the crown jewels of the Caribbean coast is Salsa Brava in Puerto Viejo. Earning accolades as the Caribbean's answer to Hawaii’s waves, it's a haven for seasoned surfers. The right reef break here promises thrilling rides, making it a magnet for those seeking adrenaline rushes. However, if you're looking for a location that caters to all levels, Playa Cocles is the spot to be. Its consistent beach breaks serve both left and righthand waves, making it perfect for both newbies wanting to find their footing and pros aiming to hone their skills. And then, there's the serene Punta Uva. A lesser-celebrated gem, it's perfect for those who prefer a quieter setting. The waves are gentler, making it suitable for beginners and intermediates, and the picturesque backdrop adds to the overall surfing experience.

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Photo Salsa Brava

Caribbean Paradise

WhyCan't IStandUpon MySurfboard?

A Beginner Trying to Surf the Waves of Costa Rica

The Dream of Surfing (Without Falling)

So, you want to surf the waves of Costa Rica, but your surfboard seems to have a personal vendetta against you? I get it. I, too, decided to befriend the ocean and ended up on a first-name basis with the sandy beach. Time to dive into the mishaps, triumphs, and wet-nosed wipeouts of this epic journey!

The Surfboard and Me – A Love-Hate Relationship Finding the Right Board

Choosing a surfboard is like choosing a best friend. It has to be the right fit, or else you're destined to become better acquainted with the ocean floor. For beginners, bigger and thicker boards are usually the best. Why? Well, let's just say they're more forgiving when you lose your balance. And trust me, you will.

Trying to Stand Up

Attempting to stand up on a surfboard for the first time is a comedy of errors. Arms flailing, legs wobbling, it's a dance that even the ocean laughs at. But fear not, dear surfer, for practice does make perfect. Well, maybe not perfect, but at least you'll fall less.

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Oct 14

Bill & Nancy Ripley OWNERS

Nancy and Bill moved to Tamarindo from Isle of Palms, South Carolina. They have been married for over 35 years with two children, Corinne and Christopher and three amazing grand children.

Welcome to Horizon Pacific, your premier Property Management and Rental company situated on the stunning golden coast of Costa Rica.

Horizon Pacific Management and Rentals is a reflection of our owners’ love for the ocean. Bill and Nancy Ripley, hail from Mays Landing, New Jersey in the USA. They grew up in a world of waterskiing, barefooting, sailing, and surfing, shaping their deep connection to the water. Never going far from the salty air, they moved with their two children to the beautiful resort town of Isle of Palms, South Carolina.

It was on the Isle of Palms where Bill embarked on his Real Estate and Property Management career in the 1990s, learning the industry and establishing himself as a trustworthy professional known for his unwavering work ethic and commitment to clients. In 2008, they acquired Horizon Pacific and have since nurtured the company with the same values that have defined their success.

In 2011, Bill and Nancy took a leap of faith and relocated to Costa Rica, captivated by the breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm friendships they formed. It was a decision driven by a profound love for the area and a desire to share its riches with others.

At Horizon Pacific, we cater to homeowners and renters alike, striving to provide an unparalleled experience that leaves our clients completely satisfied. Our goal is to make the treasures of this region accessible to everyone who wishes to enjoy them. Whether you’re on vacation, a homeowner in need of management services, or an astute investor seeking professional assistance from afar, we are here to fulfill your needs.

Our dedicated team combines extensive local knowledge with a genuine passion for delivering exceptional service. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in property management and rentals, and we are committed to maximizing your investment, ensuring peace of mind, and fostering unforgettable experiences.

Favorite Pastime: Surfing, bike riding and visiting different beaches.

Discover the Horizon Pacific difference and embark on a journey where the essence of Costa Rica is brought to life. Join us as we create lasting memories, build thriving communities, and open doors to remarkable possibilities.

Vacation Rentals • Property Management • HOA Management 888-795-7373 (US & Canada) • (011) 506-2653-0390 • Find us on Social Media:
Rock Patterson Partner Grupo Tropigala S.A. United States 1 (407) 535-9939

Pura Vida Living

For Ticos, the term "pura vida" is an expression of happiness, optimism, and It is impossible to visit Costa Rica without hearing this phrase continuously.

In This Edition

1. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

2. The Challenge of Diabetes for Costa Ricans

3. The Irony of Burning Man

4. Why a Massage and Pedicure Relax You

5. What Can Rainy Season Bring to Your Pet?

6. Spanish: How to Ask For Forgiveness

7. Yoga: Inner Harmony and Physical Well Being

8. Considering Retiring? FREE MAGAZINE TO DOWNLOAD

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living life to the fullest.

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Retirement: Why Costa Rica?

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Ten chapters that discuss:

• the beauty of Costa Rica

• cost of living

• healthcare and safety

• climate and lifestyle

• legal and immigration considerations

• real estate and houseing options

• retirement activites and opportunites

• adjusting to a new culture

• finding the best lawyer

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The Challenge of for Costa Ricans

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide. It is also a significant issue in Costa Rica, where diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death in the country. According to the Pan American Health Organization, diabetes affects nearly 260,000 people in Costa Rica, with more than half of these cases being women. The disease is prevalent in both urban and rural areas, affecting people of all ages.

One of the main concerns regarding diabetes in Costa Rica is the high prevalence of undiagnosed cases. Many people do not know they have diabetes, which can lead to serious health complications such as blindness, kidney failure, and heart disease. The lack of awareness and education about diabetes is a significant factor contributing to the high number of undiagnosed cases in the country.

In recent years, the Costa Rican government has prioritized efforts to combat diabetes and improve access to healthcare. The National Diabetes Program was established in 2010 to promote the prevention and early detection of the disease, as well as to improve patient care and education. Initiatives such as these are crucial in addressing the growing burden of diabetes in the country and ensuring that those affected receive proper treatment and care.


One of the most severe consequences of this disease is the need for amputations. Diabetes can cause damage to a person's nerves and blood vessels, which can lead to poor circulation and eventually amputation.


Unfortunately, amputations due to diabetes are becoming increasingly common in Costa Rica.

According to recent studies, there has been a significant increase in amputations due to diabetes in Costa Rica over the past few years. The prevalence of diabetes and obesity in Costa Rica has increased, leading to a rise in complications like amputations. The country's healthcare system is struggling to keep up with the growing demand for amputation surgeries, and many patients with diabetes are at risk of losing limbs due to a lack of proper care. For those who undergo amputation, the consequences can be devastating, affecting their quality of life and limiting their ability to work and function normally.

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Beach Community Church's Effort to Support the Vargas Family After a Diabetes Amputation

Beach Community Church recently gave a big boost to the Vargas family's life by donating a wheelchair. The gift was received with great joy by Mr. Vargas, his wife, and their daughter.

Mr. Vargas has been fighting several health problems, including diabetes. Because of these health issues, he has trouble standing for even short periods. But, with this new wheelchair, he now has a chance for a better life with more freedom to move around.

More of the church's wheelchair program is included on the web article.

Mrs. Vargas receives a new wheelchair from Tony Baker for her husband.



Toallwomenanywhere,andofanyprofessionalstatus.Aswetake needtocheckandensurethatourhealthisingoodshape.


• It’sbeenpredictedthatoneineightwomeninthe cancer.

• TheWorldHealth Organizationsaysthatbreastinwomenandhasahighrateof non-survival.reducingovertheyearswiththehelp andfundraising.

• Therearenoevidentcausesfor check-upatleastonceayear.


AwarenessMonthtakecareofallourduties,we thistopic?theUnitedStateswilldevelopbreast non-survival.breastcanceristhemostcommoncancerThankfully,themortalityratehasbeen helpofmanyorganizationsthatcontributetoeducation fordevelopingthisdisease;thatiswhyitissovitaltohavea year.

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What Can Rainy Season Bring For Your Pets?

Let's check on some vet recommendations for this season. During this time there is a significant excess of humidity, sudden changes in temperature, alteration of routines due to rain and strong thunder and lightning that affect the physical and emotional well-being of our pets.

First, to reduce fear and anxiety it is important to provide our dogs and cats with a place of refuge where they feel safe during rains and storms; It is also advisable to accompany them, and in very severe cases natural anxiolytics, relaxing necklaces with lavender essence or pressure vests can be very useful.

One of the most affected organs during the rainy season is the skin, especially in breeds with thicker and longer fur, which by remaining wet for long periods generates an increase in the appearance of fungal infections that produce itching and bad odor, also triggering bacterial infections, hair loss and more serious injuries. Because of this, it is recommended to keep the skin and hair clean and dry, giving greater importance to paws and ears. Antiseptic shampoos and ear cleansers are good options.

Rainy season also increases the appearance of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and parasites, producing infections by giardia, kennel cough, and even pneumonia. To prevent some of these conditions it is important to keep up to date the correct vaccination and deworming scheme of our pets.

In addition, it is the time of accelerated mosquito reproduction, which is responsible for transmitting “Dirofilaria immitis”, commonly known as "heartworm". Regular blood tests and monthly prevention with appropriate medications is very important.

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The Irony of Burning Man

What better place to illustrate the contradictions of climate change than Burning Man.

Burning Man is a social phenomenon. It was established in 1986. Lots of people like it, lots of people are involved with it and as a social event it has been relatively harmless, artistically educational and lots of fun. Sort of a playtime fantasy event for millionaires.

Burning Man was founded with the following stated principles: radical inclusion, gifting, decommodification, self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, civic responsibility, participation, and immediacy.

All valid moral principles but at the same time there are contradictions like the use of private jets by privileged attendees, single use plastic, widespread use of private gas-powered generators and a very liberal use of propane for displays.

To be fair, the organizers are wellaware of these contradictions and strive to address the issues without compromising the ambience of the festival. It’s not easy.

One of the principles that Burning Man holds, in fact the first principle of eleven principles is radical inclusion. The third principle is radical self-expression.

On Monday, August 31st, there was a demonstration by climate change activists on the road leading into the desert site where the festival takes place. The protest organized by the Seven Circles Group and Extinction Rebellion staged a classic non-violent protest by blocking the road with a trailer, signs, and their bodies.

As the line of cars began to back up for miles, many of the attendees became quite angry. The police were called, the protestors were roughly handled, and the blockade was removed.

None of this was unexpected by the protestors. Getting busted and roughed up by the police is not unusual for climate change activists.


What I found shocking however was the vitriol and rage expressed by people who were temporarily inconvenienced with a bevy of people posting social media comments complimenting the police for roughing up the activists, demanding they be jailed and even shot.

How dare they protest Burning Man?

What I did notice is that vehicles could easily have driven off the road slightly and around the protestors. Or they could have waited it out and even considering the cause, supported the action as a legitimate form of social protest in the spirit of Burning Man.

In fact, of all the displays and participation, creativity and art, the blockade by Extinction Rebellion and Seven Circles was perhaps the most valid and real for this year’s Burning Man.

The protest fell neatly into the principles of radical inclusion and radical self- expression. It also fits perfectly with the principles of communal effort, civic responsibility, participation, and immediacy.

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Why a Massage and Pedicure Relax You:

The Anatomy of Relaxation

We all know the feeling: after a long week, there's nothing better than sinking into a plush massage table or chair and allowing skilled professionals to pamper your body with a massage or pedicure. But have you ever wondered why these treatments are so inherently relaxing?

Understanding the Physiological Responses

Every touch during a massage sends signals through your nerve endings to your brain. When a massage therapist applies pressure to your muscles, it increases the blood flow to that area, which not only soothes muscle tension but also aids in toxin removal. Massages have been

The Science and Benefits Behind Relaxation Rituals

linked to a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol. When cortisol levels drop, the body's parasympathetic nervous system is activated—this is what gives us the feeling of tranquility and serenity post-massage.

Pedicures, on the other hand, are not just about pretty toes. Feet are home to numerous pressure points connected to various parts of our body. When these points are massaged and pampered, it promotes relaxation and wellness across multiple body systems.


The Mental Escape

Apart from the physiological benefits, there's also a psychological aspect to consider. In our hectic world, setting aside time for a massage or pedicure is like granting ourselves permission to disconnect and float away from daily stresses. This mental break can be as therapeutic as the physical treatment itself.

The Magic of Aromatherapy

Often, massages and pedicures are accompanied by the use of essential oils. Scents like lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus are known for their calming properties. When inhaled, these fragrances stimulate the limbic system – the part of the brain linked to emotions and memories – leading to an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

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Inner Harmony and Physical Well Why integrating yoga into your life will improve all aspects of your

The practice of Yoga is a lot more than making pretty shapes with your body - It is a holistic system that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, offering a journey of self-discovery and transformation that goes far beyond the external appearance of flexibility and strength. There is a Yoga practice that is right for your body - take the time to find an instructor that understands your needs. Yoga is for everyone, no matter what your gender, background, physical ability or economic stance is.

When you get to practice in this beautiful country, you will find yourself so connected with Mother Earth that you will realize there is no separation between you and her, there is no separation between you and the beings that surround you, as our essence is all the same. Costa Rica is celebrated for its breathtaking natural beauty and offers more than just a travel destination, it's a sanctuary for those on a quest to explore the transformative power of Yoga.


Well Being: life existence

Yoga cultivates mindfulness, teaching individuals to be present in the moment, to breathe consciously, and to observe their thoughts and emotions without judgment. It provides tools for managing stress, anxiety, and the challenges of modern life, ultimately leading to a sense of inner calm and balance.

Click diagram to learn more:

Asking for Forgiveness

Let’s enjoy life together again. It’s too short to be angry for long.— Disfrutemos la vida juntos nuevamente. Es demasiado corto para estar enojado por mucho tiempo.

I did not mean to knock the chip off of your shoulder. — No era mi intención quitarte el chip del hombro.

I'm sorry I almost hit your motorcycle/ bicycle/ car, but your lights were not on. — Lamento haber estado a punto de chocar contra tu motocicleta/bicicleta/automóvil, pero tus luces no estaban encendidas.

Yes, I know it is my fault. Quick, do you want to record that?— Sí, sé que es mi culpa. Rápido, ¿quieres grabar eso?

I apologize for staring at your rude child. I am not used to screaming 8-year-olds. — Pido disculpas por mirar fijamente a tu hijo grosero. No estoy acostumbrado a gritar a los niños de 8 años.

Yes, we would like our dining bill, we have been sitting here for 30 minutes looking at you.— Sí, nos gustaría recibir la factura de la cena. Hemos estado sentados aquí durante 30 minutos mirándote.

No, I do not mind you cutting in front of me. Perhaps you also need to have your eyes checked. - No, no me importa que te cortes delante de mí. Quizás también necesite que le revisen la vista.

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puzzlesEnjoy the online and children's resources at HOWL

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The HOA Condo

Acondominium complex is a property belonging to several people identified as condominium owners. In a condominium, some areas belong to each owner -private- and some are common property or areas. Condominium property and life are governed by the Condominium Property Regulatory Law N 7933.

Common areas or property are those indicated in Article 10 of Law N 7933:

"a) The land on which the building sits, in the case of vertical constructions, which results in two or more buildings, subsidiaries properties resting on the same ground, or when, because it is so required, the land must be considered common.

b) The foundations, master walls, roofs, galleries, vestibules, and stairways, as well as access, exit, and internal displacement routes, when they must be considered as such due to the type of construction or development.

c) Premises for housing personnel in charge of the administration or security of the condominium.

d) Premises and installations of central services such as electricity, lighting, telephony, gas, water, refrigeration, tanks, water pumps, wells, and others.

e) Elevators, waste incinerators, and, in general, all devices and installations intended for the common benefit.

f) Others expressly indicated in the regulations."

Private areas or property are those indicated in Article 7 of Law No. 7933:

"Each subsidiary property constitutes an autonomous portion and must be conditioned for independent use and enjoyment, communicated directly with the public road or with a certain common space leading to it."

The HOA dues, approved yearly in the annual HOA meeting, must be paid by all condo owners as established in Article 13 of Law No. 7933, which states:

"The owners shall be obligated to pay the expenses of administration, conservation, and operation of the common services and property. The waiver, express or implicit, of the use and enjoyment of the common areas shall not relieve the condominium owner of his obligations as to the conservation, reconstruction of such property or the payment of maintenance fees, nor any obligation arising from the regime."

CR BIZ Legal Ease


Matarrita, Paralegal, GM Attorneys at Law

The HOA administrator must collect the HOA dues per Article 30 of Law No. 7933:

"The administration shall be responsible for the care and surveillance of the common goods and services, the care and operation of the facilities and general services, all acts of administration and conservation of the condominium, and the execution of the resolutions of the Condominium Owners' Assembly. It shall collect the corresponding dues from each owner for the common expenses. It shall ensure compliance with the provisions of this law and the regulations; it shall also have the other powers and obligations established by the law and the regulations. Said dues will be used to maintain the infrastructure in good condition and the proper functioning of the condominium project, whether for sidewalk repairs, replacement of exterior lighting, green areas, payment of insurance, personnel, cleaning, gardening, among others."

The non-payment, according to Article 20 to Law No. 7933, generates consequences for the condo owners:


The dues corresponding to the common expenses owed by the owners, as well as the fines and interest they generate, shall constitute a mortgage lien on the subsidiary property, only preceded by the lien referring to the real estate tax. A certified public accountant shall issue the certification of the amounts owed by the owners for these concepts; this certification shall constitute a mortgage executory title."

Click here for the rest of the article.


• New Obligations for Inactive Corporations

• Options for Real Estate Subdivision in Costa Rica

• New Capital Gains Tax in Costa Rica

• Corporation Basics: Benefits and Obligations

• Costa Rica Residency

• Home Luxury Tax 2022

• FAQs for Expats

• Mandatory Registration of Rental Properties for Non-Traditional Tourist Accommodations

• The Eviction Process in Costa Rica

• Advance Directives for Medical Decisions

• New Laws Provide Second Chance for Corporations Being Dissolved or Already Dissolved

• Digital Nomads: Work Remotely From the Land of Pura Vida!

• Chartering in Costa Rica for International Vessels is Allowed

Revolutionizing Construction: The Untapped Potential of

In the ever-evolving landscape of the construction industry, innovation stands at the forefront of sustainable and efficient building. Enter hemp bricks, a remarkable blend of nature and science, heralding a new era in eco-friendly constructions without compromising on durability or costefficiency.

The negative environmental implications of traditional building materials and methods are no secret. From resource extraction to the energyintensive production processes, the industry has long needed a green revolution. Hemp bricks provide just that. Harnessing the innate qualities of hemp, a swiftly renewable resource, these bricks champion an impressively low carbon footprint. The unique property of hemp to absorb vast quantities of CO2 during its growth cycle means that every brick not only offsets its production emissions but actively contributes to a more sustainable environment by encapsulating this CO2.

Insulation, often an added layer in construction, is integral to the fabric of hemp bricks. This natural insulation ensures optimal indoor temperatures, diminishing the need for excessive artificial heating or cooling mechanisms. The result? A tangible reduction in energy consumption and subsequent expenses.

But the benefits of hemp bricks are not merely environmental. When it comes to structural integrity, these bricks rival, if not surpass, many conventional materials. Their composition grants them a resilience and flexibility, safeguarding constructions against potential cracks or damages that can arise from the earth's natural shifts.


of Hemp Bricks

Safety remains a paramount concern in any construction endeavor. Beyond their strength, hemp bricks excel in this domain too. Their inherent fire resistance ensures they don't emit toxic fumes under high temperatures. Moreover, their natural composition deters pests, eliminating the necessity for chemical treatments and fostering a healthier living environment.

While the upfront costs associated with hemp bricks may hover slightly above traditional materials, the long-term financial gains cannot be overstated. Factor in the reduced energy bills, minimal maintenance needs, and the extended lifespan of hemp-based structures, and it's evident that they offer exceptional value for money.

Read more:

Hotel for sale

Hotel Diversion Tropical

• 45 minutes from Liberia International Airport

• Brasilito, Guanacaste

• 1 km from the most beautiful beach in the region, Playa Conchal

• 10-12 restaurants and shopping within 1 km

• Built in 2006

• Ten rooms

• Turnkey operation

• Future growth is possible

Click here for more details.

Dining & Recipes

In this edition:

• Chocolate: A Superfood?

• Cocoa's History in Costa Rica

• Are Brownies the #1 Chocolate Treat?

• When is the Best Time for a Chocolate Martini?

• plus hundreds of other online articles

NOTE: we welcome your recipes and local soda recommendations

All things Chocolate!

The History of COCOA in Costa Rica

Discovering the Journey of Chocolate

Nestled in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica remains an unparalleled bastion of cocoa indulgence, resonating deeply within the souls and tastes of its inhabitants and global aficionados alike. This verdant nation bears witness to the time-honored journey of cocoa, charting its transcendental voyage from archaic epochs to our contemporary era. Let's plunge into the annals of time and traverse this riveting narrative of Costa Rican cocoa.

In the lush tapestry of Costa Rican terrains, cocoa emanates a profound allure, entwining itself seamlessly with the nation's storied heritage. Its legacy, not merely confined to gustatory pleasures, has intricately woven itself into the country's socio-cultural and economic tapestries. Yet, whence did this infatuation originate?

To satiate such curiosity, one must embark on an odyssey through the annals of time, charting cocoa's mesmerizing tale within Costa Rica.

Before the European sojourners ever set foot on these shores, cocoa, revered by civilizations like the Maya and Aztec, flourished in Mesoamerica's bosom, including the territories of modern-day Costa Rica. To these indigenous societies, cocoa transcended mere gustatory delights. It became an emblem of divinity, a token in sacred rites, and even a potent currency in their socio-economic intercourses. Such civilizations crafted xocoatl, an effervescent concoction exuding bitterness, primarily reserved for the upper echelons and pivotal in spiritual ceremonies.


However, the 16th century ushered in a seismic shift with the advent of Spanish conquistadores. Perceiving cocoa's inherent value, they swiftly co-opted its narrative, introducing it to European gastronomy. As the Spanish palate was ensnared by cocoa, they imparted their culinary artistry, enriching the cocoa with sugars, aromatic spices, and dairy, forging a delightful beverage that would later evolve into the cherished chocolate of Costa Rica.


Chocolate: A Superfood?

Unveil the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate!

You Bet! Hey chocolate lovers! Grab a bar of your favorite dark chocolate, and let's chat about something utterly delightful. You know that heavenly treat we often crave? Well, guess what? It's not just a guilty pleasure. Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, has earned its stripes as a superfood! No kidding!

A Sweet Discovery: The Nutrients in Dark Chocolate

Let's get the record straight: we're talking about dark chocolate here—the darker, the better. Aim for 70% cocoa or higher, and here's why:

• Antioxidants Galore: Dark chocolate is packed with flavonoids, which are like bodyguards for your cells, fighting off the bad guys (free radicals).

• Vitamins and Minerals: Think iron, magnesium, copper, and manganese. It's like a treasure chest of essential nutrients!

• Healthy Fats: The good kind of fat that makes your heart do a happy dance.

The Amazing Perks of Dark Chocolate

This delectable treat doesn't just melt in your mouth; it's also working wonders inside your body:

1. Mood Booster

Feeling down? Grab a piece of dark chocolate. It triggers the release of endorphins, and before you know it, you'll be smiling from ear to ear.


Heart's Best Friend

Several studies have shown that consuming dark chocolate can improve heart health. It's like a love letter to your ticker, improving blood flow and even lowering blood pressure. Click here to continue reading:


Is the Brownie the #1 Chocolate Treat?

Are those fighting words? You know those fudgy and gooey squares of chocolate heaven that make your taste buds dance? Everyone has their biased opinions that's for sure.

With or without nuts? Cake-like or chewy? Added chocolate chips? Cream cheese? Condensed sweeten milk?

Well, the recipes deliver exactly that. It all starts with simple ingredients you probably already have stash in your kitchen

– butter, sugar, eggs, flour, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract. The key to ultimate brownie success is in the technique - don't overmix the batter or else you'll end up with dry and cakey brownies instead of those dense and chewy delights we all crave. And let's not forget about the heavenly crackly top that adds a little extra magic to every bite. So go ahead and whip up a batch of these bad boys because life is just better with a warm and indulgent homemade brownie cradled in your hands. Yum!

Click for the recipe and more:

What's Your Favorite Chocolate Martini

Hola, our fellow chocolate enthusiasts, get ready to indulge in the ultimate decadent delight with the best chocolate martini recipe! This luxurious drink combines smooth, velvety chocolate flavors with a subtle hint of alcohol, creating a blissful symphony for your taste buds.

To start, gather your ingredients: premium vodka, rich dark chocolate liqueur, creamy Bailey's Irish Cream, and a splash of freshly brewed espresso.

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes, combine equal parts vodka and dark chocolate liqueur along with a generous measure of Bailey's and a dash of espresso.

Shake vigorously until chilled and strain into a chilled martini glass.

For an extra touch of elegance, garnish with shaved dark chocolate or sprinkle cocoa powder on top.

Sip slowly and savor each luscious moment as this masterpiece transports you to chocoholic paradise. Cheers!

Click for more video recipes and leave your favorite recipe in the comment section.


Favorite Martini Recipe?

Barry Wolfe
Located just south of Huacas in Guanacaste Click:

Small and Large Beach & Mountain Properties

Turn-Key Investment Opportunities In Costa

Sun Real Estate specializes in the Guanacaste Real Estate Market.

We have a significant amount of unique Mountain Real Estate, Beach Properties or just beautiful Farm Land to offer.

As an independent Real Estate Broker, our experts cover a variety of locations ideal for living, retiring or investing in Guanacaste.

Hot Springs and Mountain Farms, such as Residential and Building lots, Commercial Land, Hotels, Titled Beachfront Farms, for development also very huge properties.

Business ideas are what Sun Real Estate listings include.

Johannes Valentin Beriè, known as Hans is a German entrepreneur and the owner of different companies, working as a proven and successful businessman, for 30 years in Costa Rica, with different kinds of views, and greatly connected everywhere, to get things done.

With Sun Real Estate he formed a team of specialists and solvers of critical situations, for any type of happenings, to lead the clients to a positive outcome.

Hans never lets his clients run alone before and after a successful closure, he always watches them and makes sure they are in a safe place.


Private flat land, 4 km from Liberia Luxury Oceanfront Villa, private access to Carrillo

Properties for Sale Costa Rica

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Carrillo Beach Property in the Mountains of San Juanillo Teak wood farm with horse stables, river frontage and 5 homes for sale, La Cruz

The Wildlife of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a true paradise for nature lovers, boasting an incredibly diverse and abundant wildlife.

From the moment you set foot in this tropical haven, you'll be captivated by the symphony of sounds coming from the lush rainforests and howlers monkeys swinging high above your head.

With over 500,000 species calling this country home, it's no wonder that Costa Rica has become a top ecotourism destination. You can spot colorful toucans perched on tree branches, playful dolphins frolicking in clear waters, and majestic jaguars prowling through dense jungles. The cloud forests conceal rare quetzals with their resplendent green feathers, while the coasts see Olive Ridley turtles flocking to lay their eggs on pristine sandy beaches.

Whether exploring national parks like Corcovado or Manuel Antonio or embarking on thrilling river safaris, Costa Rica provides endless opportunities for wildlife encounters that are sure to leave you awe-inspired and deeply connected to nature's wonders.

Howler has hundreds of articles for your exploration in learning about the various wildlife in the land of pura vida.

Discover all of the articles:

In this edition:

1. Guanacaste Coastline a Haven for Sawfish Breeding

2. Unveiling the Elegance of the Blue Morpho Butterfly

3. The Impressive Brahma Bulls

4. Red Eye Tree Frog Embryos

5. International Sloth Day Oct 20th

Dozens of Howler videos, click here:


Unveiling the Elegance of the Blue Morpho Butterfly

In the vast tapestry of the natural world, few creatures can match the exquisite allure of the blue morpho butterfly. With its resplendent azure wings, delicate flight and captivating charm, this winged marvel never fails to mesmerize all who have the privilege of witnessing its graceful presence.

The blue morpho butterfly, scientifically known as Morpho menelaus, boasts a breathtaking display of radiant blue hues on its wings. Its intricate patterns and iridescent scales create a mesmerizing spectacle that seems almost otherworldly. Bathed in sunlight, the wings shimmer and glimmer, capturing the imagination of nature enthusiasts and casual observers alike.

Click for more:


The blue morpho butterfly's behavior is as captivating as its physical attributes.

The Red-Eyed Tree Frog Embryos

Thanks to the incredible macro lens of Mike Canzoneri, we get a close-up of these amphibians. Scientifically known as Agalychnis callidryas, they possess a remarkable level of complexity and development even at their earliest stages. These fascinating creatures inhabit the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica and undergo a unique reproductive process. It is truly intriguing to explore the intricate behavior, communication, and adaptation strategies employed by red-eyed tree frog embryos within their eggs.

Continue reading:

Photo by Mike Canzoneri

Celebrating the International Day of the Sloth

Friday, October 20: This day deserves all the promotion it can get. Who doesn't appreciate and fall in love with these creatures?

Just picture countless adorable sloths smiling and hanging lazily from tree branches around the world. It's a day dedicated to appreciating these fascinating creatures that bring so much joy to our lives. From their leisurely pace to their endearing expressions, sloths truly capture our hearts.

It's a day of spreading awareness about conservation efforts for these amazing creatures. Click the icons below to discover facts, coloring sheets and learn how you can take part in conversation efforts.

Click for more:

Photo by Jenn Parker

Guanacaste Coastline a Haven for Sawfish Breeding

Sawfish, a distinctive and endangered species of fish, find sanctuary in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, which serves as crucial breeding grounds for these remarkable creatures. With their long, flat snouts adorned with teeth-like projections, sawfish inhabit coastal and estuarine habitats worldwide, including the captivating Guanacaste coast.

The Guanacaste coastline presents an ideal environment for sawfish breeding, owing to its diverse marine ecosystem. Estuaries, where rivers merge with the sea, play a vital role as nursery areas for juvenile sawfish. These estuarine habitats provide a unique combination of fresh and saltwater, which is essential for the early development and growth of these magnificent marine creatures.

Click for more:


The Guanacaste coastline presents an ideal environment for sawfish breeding, owing to its diverse marine ecosystem.


Brahma Bulls

The Brahma bulls of Costa Rica are a fascinating breed of cattle known for their size, strength, and adaptability. These magnificent animals have been bred for centuries, originally originating from India, and are highly valued for their ability to survive in the diverse climates of Costa Rica. Despite their reputation as tough and formidable creatures, Brahma bulls are also known for their intelligence.

Click for more:

The Brahma bulls Rica are a fascinating breed of cattle for their size, strength, and adaptability. magnificent animals been bred for originally originating India, and are highly for their ability


bulls of Costa fascinating cattle known strength, adaptability. These animals have centuries, originating from highly valued ability to survive

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Articles inside

Brahma Bulls

pages 154-157

Guanacaste Coastline a Haven for Sawfish Breeding

pages 152-153

Celebrating the International Day of the Sloth

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Unveiling the Elegance of the Blue Morpho Butterfly

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The Wildlife of Costa Rica

pages 144-145

Small and Large Beach & Mountain Properties Turn-Key Investment Opportunities In Costa

page 142

What's Your Favorite Chocolate Martini

page 138

Is the Brownie the #1 Chocolate Treat?

page 137

FOR YOUR HEALTH Chocolate: A Superfood?

pages 134-136

The History of COCOA in Costa Rica

pages 132-133

of Hemp Bricks

pages 125-126

Revolutionizing Construction: The Untapped Potential of

page 124


pages 121-122

The HOA Condo

page 120

Asking for Forgiveness

pages 114-115

Inner Harmony and Physical Well Why integrating yoga into your life will improve all aspects of your

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The Science and Benefits Behind Relaxation Rituals

pages 108-111

Why a Massage and Pedicure Relax You:

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The Irony of Burning Man

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What Can Rainy Season Bring For Your Pets?

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The Challenge of for Costa Ricans

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Discover the Caribbean Coast's Surfing Paradise

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Where the Caribbean Whispers and Surfers Dance

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Planning Your 2023/2024 Escape

pages 75-79, 81

180-day Costa Rica Visa: Unlock

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Packing for Costa Rica: Your Essential Guide to a Tropical Getaway

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Costa Rica Beach Sand Exploring the Vibrant

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The Enchantment WhyDoTheyAmaze Nature's Majestic Wonder

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Around the World in Exploring Australia

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Palmex since 2006 in Costa Rica: Small Team, Big Achievements

pages 58-61

Way Back In the Old Days...

page 52

Snapshots of Costa Rican History

pages 46-51

Returns at end of November

pages 44-45

Beauty in Imperfections

page 30

Sustainable Fashion Impact: The Undeniable Shift Towards Eco-friendly

page 28

Captures the Beauty of Ancient Equestrian Horsemanship

pages 14-23

Sustainable Tourism: Traveling with a Conscience in Costa Rica

pages 8-13
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