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september 2022 Agami heron here in Costa Rica? Special: "Long, long time ago" photo feature Costa Rica's Loudest voice to the World Since 1996


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There are so many incidents that exist here, as described above. In a country that is so-called emerging, these types of issues tend to hold back progress, making graft payments the only way to go forward.

He and I had said “hello” earlier and exchanged cards. After listening to the advice he was giving to a tourist I had to interject. The paying of bribes is a criminal offense here in Costa Rica, and if caught the person could face the legal consequences. Well at this point, he decided that I was negative. I just had to laugh and wish him luck in life.

Further into the discussion, he described an incident in which he paid off traffic police. It became very obvious that this man is now a target of the police, knowing they can get 20,000 colones every time they pull him over. He said he gets stopped at least twice a month.

With the new influx of people into Costa Rica also come the new experts on living here and how to traverse the difficulties. I have to sit back and just either laugh or pound my head with the amount of advice being given online by newbies.Itisnot hard to move here, but what is sometimes difficult is living here within the structures of the country’s rules and laws — that is, while trying to impose the laws, customs and rules from your home country. Don’t be a fool … Costa Rica’s rules and laws will not change for you.

I think the experts on FaceBook are the ones who really get me. I read the feeds and very rarely comment. I have seen comments about shipping pets here that are horribly botched and riddled with wrong information.


Recently, I ran into a gentleman who moved here from Colorado six months ago. In listening to his conversation, I was shocked at what an expert he professed to be on the law, including how to get around issues like building and water permits by paying graft.

My suggestion is to travel here and talk with people personally. See the different areas of Costa Rica yourself — explore and investigate. Doing the proper research can save you lots of pain and money.

Be Wary of Expert Expats



I guess Facebook is now a big part of how many people do due diligence. Ummm …

Keep in mind that just because someone lives here doesn’t mean that they know how to live here. There continues to be a big influx of people in 2022. This new group of experts has made their mark here very notable. by John Quam



Progress is good, but at what cost is the progress being made? Is the quiet beach you visit now full of people, and the trash they leaveThebehind?world shutdown has helped to cause this situation. People want to be free and not locked up anymore. We have to adjust our old ways and realize that we are in the midst of a world full of people needing to travel. me, do you use Facebook as your due diligence? Pura . are the one who can make it such.Contact me personally at headmonkey@ Costa Rica’s rules


and laws will not change for you.

John B. Quam

Tom Schultz. BS Biology and Geology, avid birder and nature photographer, retired software executive.

Howler helps celebrate Costa Rica’s 201st anniversary of Independence Day, September 15, 2022. Our cover story features 14 fascinating facts about the country’s proud historical milestones and cultural legacies connecting the past, present andDiggingfuture.

deeper and wider into Costa Rica’s cultural heritage, you can journey back in time more than 140 years through an exquisite collection of vintage photos telling infinitely rich stories. Our Travel & Adventure section takes you to the northern Caribbean coastal area known to some as the “Amazon'' of Costa Rica. Learn about the largest known nesting colony of the rarely seen Agami heron, discovered and made accessible only recently in the Pacuare Private Nature Preserve. A side trip to the town of La Florida offers a chance to see the new hydroelectric dam, Planta Hidroeléctrica Reventazón, while shedding light on a dark chapter of political history. This month’s LegalEase article provides highlights of Costa Rica’s new legal provisions for digital nomads working here remotely for international employers. Cover Photo by: Tom Schultz


Karl Kahler. Author of "Frommer's Costa Rica 2017," former travel editor of the Tico Times and former national editor of California's San Jose Mercury News. Laura Méndez. Founder of Pura Vida Vibrations. Offering sound journeys, breathwork experiences, cacao ceremonies & other activities. hello@


Joanna Blanco. Integrative nutritional health coach who helps clients embrace wellness in five interconnected areas of life: relationships, livelihood, physical activity, spiritual awareness and diet. Andrea Chacón. Paralegal at GM Attorneys. Ivan Granados. Managing Partner at GM Attorneys, specializing in real estate and corporate law.

Rick Philps. Canadian who practiced law in Victoria, BC before moving to Costa Rica in 1998. He has practiced law here for 17 years, having continued his education in civil law and notary and registry law. Offers legal due diligence seminars and consultations in the Gold Coast area for expats moving, or considering moving to Costa Rica. Contact or visit www.

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Source: Hotel Hacienda Guachipelín Discover a few interesting facts about Costa Rica Independence Day and rejoice for its 201 years of freedom with the country on Sept. 15!

5. Sept. 15 is a countrywide holiday, with agencies, banks and other establishments closed.

You'll notice businesses, homes and vehicles are proudly displaying blue, white and red Costa Rican flags, banners and decorations.1.OnSept. 15, 1821, a crucial Central American congress signed “The Act of Independence” asserting that Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica were free and unbiased of the Spanish Empire.

2. Even though Sept. 15 is the day the independence was declared, it wasn't until October 13 that the news reached Costa Rica. The messenger had to travel by horseback from Guatemala with the official declaration.

3. There was no fight required for independence in Central America. With its resources depleted by the battle with Napoleon Bonaparte, and a few Latin American wars, Spain really supported independence because the area had ended up as a burden.

6. Each year, a symbolic independence torch travels from Guatemala to Costa Rica’s colonial capital of Cartago, east of San José, arriving on Sept. 14. Like the Olympic torch, the independence torch is carried throughout the critical American countries in a relay by using runners.

4. Costa Rica ultimately became a totally independent country in 1838, when it separated from the Central American Republic.

7. On the evening of Sept. 14, Costa Rica starts its large party in every town throughout the country with a traditional midnight lantern parade (Desfile de Faroles) by schoolchildren.

9. Traditional food and souvenirs are typically sold through street vendors.


8. School marching bands, colour guards and folkloric dancers parade through almost every town on the morning of Sept. 15. Schoolchildren practice for several months in preparation.

Children convey colorful homemade paper and wooden “lanterns” (in recent times with LED lighting fixtures) in the shape of homes and other gadgets in a reenactment of the 19th-century journey that delivered the message of independence to Costa Rica.

10. Costa Rica conventional clothing for men is normally white cotton pants and a white button-up shirt with a red sash belt, a red handkerchief tied at the neck, and a straw hat. Ladies put on lengthy, flowing, bright multicolored skirts in layers, with a white, ruffled, sleeveless blouse (normally embroidered with ribbons), a choker band necklace, and their hair pulled up in complex braids or a bun and adorned with a big flower.

14. The National Seal of Costa Rica features three green volcanoes representing the nation’s three principal mountain ranges, a distinct Central Valley, the two oceans of the Pacific and Caribbean that border the nation, and merchant ships that symbolize commerce and the country’s maritime history. A rising sun represents Costa Rica’s prosperity, and the seven stars in the sky are for the country’s seven provinces. Two myrtle branches, above the words “Republica de Costa Rica,” symbolize Costa Rica’s peaceful nature. The seal is framed in gold with small circles that represent coffee, known in Costa Rica as “golden beans.”

youtube national anthem

11. Costa Rica’s national anthem was created in 1853, with the music composed by Manuel María Gutiérrez, but it wasn’t till 1900 that the current lyrics were introduced by José María Zeledón Brenes.

12. Costa Rica is a democratic and peaceful country and has not had an army since 1948.

13. Costa Rica’s countrywide flag is striped blue, white, red, white and blue. The color blue signifies the sky, white is for peace, and red is for the warmth and courage of the Costa Rican people. The current flag has been in place since 1964.

The torch bearer in the Juan Santamaria Park in Alajuela, Costa Rica

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The new dam is huge — the largest in Central America — generating over 300 megavolts (enough for 500,000 homes). It dams the Reventazón river, born in the Talamanca mountains and flowing through the Orosi valley through Turralba. Standing above the dam, you can see the new lake formed behind, and below, the flat drainage plain all the way to the Caribbean.

There are a couple of miradors opening to view what the people in the area of Siquirres hope will be the beginning of tourism, similar to what happened in Arenal. We chose one in La Florida, a little town above Siquirres, to visit one of the miradors. While the dam is certainly impressive, the local history provided to us was even more interesting.

n a recent trip out to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, we decided to take a side trip to see the new hydroelectric dam, Planta Hidroeléctrica Reventazón.

FIFCO’s beginnings

Ice and Farm got its start in 1908, founded by four brothers of Jamaican origin. They focused on making ice and supplies for the trains carrying bananas to the coast to be shipped mainly to the U.S. In 1912, when the German brewery Traube was selling its interest in Costa Rica, the brothers bought it … and the rest is history. But this next part of history takes a dark turn.

La Florida is the town where the La Florida ice company started. If that does not ring a bell, Florida Ice and Farm Company (FIFCO) today is one of the largest companies in Costa Rica. Every time you drink an Imperial or an imported Heinkein beer, a Tropical iced tea or a Pepsi, you are being supplied by FIFCO. The same is true each time you put Kerns ketchup on your burger, go to a Musmanni store, stay at the Hotel Westin Golf Resort & Spa in Reserva Conchal, or even drink Genesee beer in theFloridaU.S.



The infamous El Codo del Diablo (Devil's Elbow) location

La Florida:

Little Caribbean Town

It was right before Christmas in 1948, eight months after the civil war in Costa Rica and before the new constitution was written. The country’s de facto government was led by the “Figueristas." They were the right-leaning winning side of the conflict led by José Figueres Ferrer, defeating the “Calderón communists” led by Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia.

The location where the ice could be loaded was a sharp turn in the river, and hence the railroad, called El Codo del Diablo (the Devil's Elbow). If you mention El Codo del Diablo to older Costa Ricans, they hang their heads in shame. Persistent conflict

Six members of local unions (Calderón supporters) were rounded up and kidnapped, put on the train at El Codo del Diablo and then executed. Their bodies were thrown off the train into the river cuffed together, but one fell on the side and was discovered the next morning. Three Figueristas, members of the military, were accused of the crime, but somehow “escaped” justice. The Devil’s Elbow murders, as they are known, did become one of the drivers for reconciliation, a new constitution and government, along with the abolishment of the military, in 1949.A2014 documentary about the murders, “El Codo Del Diablo,” may be viewed on YouTube. So, the next time you head to the Caribbean, take a side trip to a pretty little town with a big dam and a lot of history.

If you mention El Codo del Diablo to older shame.headshangRicans,Costatheytheirin

Lot of History

Story and photos by Tom Schultz

The highlight was the opportunity to enter the Pacuare Private Nature Preserve. Founded in 1989 by John Denham, an Englishman who bought almost 1,000 hectares, it has been best known for decades for turtle conservation. A foundation and program for turtle protection was created in the 1990s, with facilities and volunteer programs to protect the turtle nursery.


Pacuare Nature Preserve: Home to the Rarely Seen Agami Heron A Weekend in Costa Rica's "Amazon" The northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is a large drainage basin for the Reventazón, Sarapiquí and Pacuare Rivers, and with its lowland tropical rainforest, swamps and canals, it is often referred to as the “Amazon” of Costa Rica. The well-known destination is Tortuguero, but we spent a long weekend in the much more remote region of Pacuare, to the south of Tortuguero.

As we sat at the water’s edge watching the sunlight fade, after encounters with such wonders of nature, we were reminded again what an amazing little country our Costa Rica is.

Story and photos by Tom Schultz

After our Agami encounter, we were treated to an unexpected event. We were lucky to witness the release of the last few remaining leatherback turtles, uncovered from nests after most others had left. We stood with all the kid volunteers and cheered as the four little turtles raced into the surf towards their uncertain future.

A new attraction The best time to see nesting turtles is not in July, which is when we visited, but we did not go to see turtles. We went to see the nature preserve’s new attraction — likely the largest known nesting colony of the Agami heron. The discovery of this nesting colony occurred less than a decade ago, and trips there have only been available since about 2018. To visit the colony, you have to take another boat trip around the island to the entrance of the reserve, then walk about a kilometer up along the ocean, then about another 300 meters through the swamp. The Agami have chosen an island in the middle of a pond in the middle of the island. It was a drinking hole for cattle, dug decades ago, that formed this small island after the land was purchased for the reserve. When you arrive, you are behind a mesh hide so as not to scareSimplythem.put, the Agami heron is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Hundreds of Agami are there, nesting, feeding young, and fledged young still sitting around. If you are lucky, you can see the mating ritual of their head shaking and their lower mandible quickly turns crimson. Each day we stayed about an hour or so watching the show. Rarely seen Not much is known about the Agami. They are listed as a vulnerable species, since no one really knows how many there are or where they go after breeding. They are difficult to see normally because they are very reclusive and stay deep in the forest wetlands. Pacuare is one of only a handful of known breeding areas, and may by now be the largest in the world.The best time to see the Agami is from mid-May until August. By then, the adults leave the juveniles behind until they too fly away a few weeks later. It is truly a special trip to see a special bird.


Simply put, the Agami heron is one of the most beautiful birds in the world.


Getting to Pacuare

he base for our trip to the Pacuare Nature Preserve was the Lirio Lodge in the “town” of Pacuare. Getting to Pacuare and Lirio Lodge is not the easiest thing in the world. You drive towards Limón, then to Bataan (not the John Wayne “Back to Bataan”) and then through unpaved banana plantation roads until you reach a narrow road into the dock. How people found it before GPS is amazing! Once there, you can park in a gated and secure area. Then you travel for about 15 or 20 minutes in a launch through the canals until you get to the Laguna Madre de Dios, where the Lirio Lodge is Pacuarelocated.isavillage of fewer than 50 families, although most are single men. They are spread out over kilometers of canals and have no supplied water or electricity. There is an EBAIS health clinic where a doctor travels via boat twice a month. The lodge provides basic accommodations that should be marketed as glamping. There is a meeting and eating area at the water's edge that is relaxing. Meals were all very good, and they met the dietary requirements of all. There is no internet there, which some think is a problem. But for us, having 48 hours unplugged, with just the jungle and animal sounds was a needed purgative. Birds flying above, sloths and monkeys clinging to the trees, the sound of rain at night on the canvas roof, and the sun rising and setting over the canals — all are more than a welcome replacement for reading emails.

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Costa Rica prepares plan to regularize status of 200,000 mostly Nicaraguan migrants The cost of living in Costa Rica skyrockets!

Seven ATMs in Costa Rica allow you to exchange bitcoins for colones Expect the price of coffee to continue to rise, experts say Why are there so many potholes in the roads of Costa Rica?

Costa Rica

Franklin Chang’s plasma engine could be in space in 2025

Amazon Costa Rica offers 3,000 bilingual positions

There are the remaining long weekends for 2022 in Costa Rica

Tourism sector concerned that Costa Ricans could “sacrifice their vacations” due to the increase in the cost of living

One of the beautiful aspects of Costa Rica is the variety of opportunities for adventures. Literally there is something for everyone. The extremes are real, from being lazy chillin’ in a hammock by the beach to trekkin' a volcano trail to adrenaline rush jumps. Deals in Costa Rica presents a small fraction of the adventures that await your next vacation/escape. We highlight examples in just five regions to intrigue your adventuresome spirit. Click on the buttons for more information. There are two major international airports. Check to see which one is nearest your desired locations to visit. Planning Your 2022-2023 Escape LIR SJO Brought to you by Deals in Costa Rica SURVEY: Your top 5 adventures

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On the internet you will read about people who didn’t like living in Costa Rica and went home — of course you will. Highlighting the negative is human nature. Unfortunately, in our social media era, you will hear about people who have had bad experiences more often than you do people who have good experiences. And to be fair, the positive

We find that most people, after visiting for a couple weeks, have a pretty good idea if they will like living in Costa Rica or not. Now of course, some people move here and ultimately decide it’s not for them and go home. But there are very few, especially if they do their due diligence.

People are enjoying themselves so much that they want to share their experience with others.


Enjoying Life

We get these questions all the time: Will I enjoy living In Costa Rica? Where Is the best place to live in Costa Rica? Who moves to Costa Rica? Will I enjoy living in Costa Rica?

Tres Amigos Realty Group has sold more real estate in Costa Rica than just about anyone else. We have had thousands of people buy property from us and we can count on a couple of hands how many people don’t like it and go back to where they lived before.

Three Common Questions

Costain Rica

Sponsored Content and Photo by: Tres Amigos Realty Group


CLICK for the rest of the questions.

It’s the same thing here in Costa Rica. The few people who didn’t like it, go home and write all over the internet about how terrible it is.

feedback about living in Costa Rica has been drowning out the negatives. So that tells us that people are enjoying themselves so much that they want to share their experience with others.

Spend one day here walking around town talking to the local expats and they will all say the same thing. “You couldn’t pay me to go home.” Ask the people who have invested in a property here what they think. You won’t find too many people who have anything negative to say.I think maybe the people who have left didn’t do a good enough job adapting. Remember, people move to New York and don’t like it and go home. People move to California, Florida and all over the world and some have ended up going home. But most people, once they make a move, theyCostaadapt.Rica is no different. It is not the USA or Canada or Europe. That is why we moved here. We don’t want the same old-same old. Costa Rica is for people who want a little adventure … for people who don’t want to follow the same routine. If you want to do the same thing, every day for the rest of your life, God bless you. Have at it.

For example, you will see online two or three detailed negative reviews about your favorite restaurant and 500 thumbs up, or 5-star reviews. You can find a negative review for anything under the sun. In the end, people who are having a good time enjoying their life are too busy to tell you about it.

(506) 2672-4100 Office

The other 100,000+ expats (that is the estimate of how many gringos live in Costa Rica) are too busy enjoying life in Costa Rica; they don’t have time to write on the internet. Yet, come and ask these people yourself and you will find out. None of us would ever leave.

Food Combinations For Healthy Digestion

Ayurveda, an ancient holistic science of healing, offers a logical approach for determining the correct diet based upon the elements comprising an individual's constitution. This approach is quite different from the contemporary view of a balanced diet based on eating from various foodAccordinggroups. to Ayurvedic beliefs, understanding the individual is the key to finding a truly balanced diet. Ayurveda also teaches that the gastric fire — or agni — in the stomach and digestive tract is the main gate through which nutrients enter the individual cells to maintain all life functions.Proper digestion is closely connected to the strength of gastric fire.

So as Ayurveda advises, food incompatibility not only disturbs our digestion, but also causes confusion in the intelligence of our cells, which can lead to many different diseases. by Laura Méndez


It is no surprise to see on the market today so many digestive and dietary aids for the stomach, along with pills for gas and indigestion.Mostofthese conditions likely begin with poor food combining.

In Ayurvedic medicine, every food has its own taste, healing or cooling energy, and a post-digestive effect. Some foods also possess an unexplained effect.

So while it is true that an individual's digestive fire largely determines how well or poorly food is digested, food combinations are also of great importance. When combining two or more foods having different tastes, energy and postdigestive effects, the digestive fire can become overloaded, resulting in the production of toxins. Poor food combinations can produce indigestion, fermentation, putrefaction and gas formation. If prolonged, this can lead to toxemia and disease. Such food combinations can cause “confusion” in our digestive system, and may result in toxins, allergies and other imbalances.

In Ayurvedic medicine, every food has its own taste, healing or cooling energy, and a post-digestive effect.

You may be saying this is much too complicated — how will I ever figure it out?There are some useful guidelines to introduce you to these concepts; just go slowly.The easiest way to introduce yourself to food combining, for example, is to start by eating fruit on its own. Once you have adopted this change into your healing eating habits, try other suggestions from the list on the next page.

As a principle,generalavoid eating lots of raw and cooked foods together, or fresh food with leftovers.



Any other food (except other fruits); exception: dates with milk


Best to drink it alone or with rice pudding, oatmeal, dates, almonds

Pretty much all food, especially bananas, cherries, melons, sour fruits, yeasted breads, eggs, yogurt, meat, fish, kitchari, starches

Grains, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, eggs, cooked fruit

Fruit, milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, meat, fish Grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds, other beans


According to Ayurveda, food combinations are an essential part of understanding how to eat properly. For some, the idea that some foods digest well together, while others do not, is entirely new and somewhat foreign.

Milk, cheese, yogurt, fruit, melons, beans, kitchari, potatoes, meat, fish Grains, non starchy vegetables


Yet, proper food combining can dramatically improve the quality of digestion impacting our overall health On the other hand, combining foods with radically different energies and qualities can overwhelm the digestive system, causing indigestion, fermentation, gas, bloating and the creation of toxins


Freshly cooked foods Ideally, just other leftovers from the same meal preferably not more than 24 hours old

Everything (especially dairy, eggs, fried food, grains and starches) Must be eaten alone Eat each type of melon on its own


(Peppers, eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes), Fruit, cucumber, milk, cheese, yogurt Other vegetables, grains, beans, meat, fish, nuts, seeds






Vegetables, grains

For other foods use in small amounts, for garnishing and flavoring





Cooked foods (especially in large quantities) Other raw foods, ideally in small quantities

Starches, mangoes, yogurt, cheese, meat, fish Most foods are ok, unless the hot drink contains other foods (milk, fruits, etc )

Fruits with similar qualities (apples and pears, citrus together, berries)

Fruit Beans, vegetables, eggs, fish, meat, seeds and nuts, cheese, yogurt, meat, other grains

Fruit, milk Grains, beans, other vegetables, cheese, yogurt, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, eggs


Fruit, beans, milk, cheese, eggs, meat, fish, nightshades, hot drinks


Cucumbers, tomatoes, milk, yogurt Lime can be used for cucumbers and tomatoes instead


Grass fed ghee Peanut oil

Colorful Expressions



tamaño poco means “a small mean “a lot.” ¡Upe! — outsideexpressionsomeone’splaceofknocking,intoanemptyanyoneinback. Click here for more:

estañon sin fondo — “bottomless barrel,” a person who eats a lot hacer la boca agua — “to make your mouth water,” describing something appetizing or enviable ir a mi arbolito — “to go to my little tree,” meaning to go off to urinate me da pereza — “It causes me laziness,” or something more unpleasant, like fear. “Me da pereza ir a la tienda” — “I’m too lazy to go to the store.” “No me gusta visitar a los enfermos; me da pereza que me enfermo yo” — “I don’t like to visit the sick; I’m afraid I’ll get sick myself.” mover el esqueleto — “move the skeleton,” dance oler mal — “to smell bad,” to appear suspicious. “Ese negocio me huele mal” — “That business looks fishy to me.” puros dieces — “all tens,” really good ¿Qué sabe la chancha de astronomía? — “What does a pig know about astronomy,” meaning someone doesn’t know he’s talking about, doesn’t know anything about some subject suave — Literally “soft,” this means slow down, wait, not so fast. “Suave, viene un carro” — “Wait, a car is coming.”

Expressions Too — although this literally small amount,” it’s used to expressionlot.” used when you’re someone’s house and want in, in knocking, or when walking empty office to see if there’s back.

by Karl Kahler

Figures of Speech Figured Out


Things To Do With Your Hands by Karl Kahler acariciar — caress agarrar — grab aplaudir — clap estripar — squeeze frotar — rub oprimir — press (like a button) or squeeze (like a strong handshake) palmear — pat (like on the back) pellizcar — pinch (like to hurt someone or to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming) prensar — press presionar — apply pressure to rascar — scratch sobar — rub tocar — touch torcer — twist tocar musica — play music tronar los dedos — snap your fingers signo de paz — peace sign saludar — greet tocar a la puerta — knock on the door

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ARTS CULTURE ENTERTAINMENT CULTURAL HERITAGE A LONG,TIMELONGAGO We invite you to look back with us at some snapshots of Costa Rican history — timeless photographs that capture the people, culture, buildings, and events of long ago. Thanks to the history buffs who have generously posted on various social media pages and publications, these images and captions take us on a cultural journey spanning more than 140 years. They help us to realize the rich cultural history of Costa Rica — the hardships, advancements, and the people at the heart of it all, captured with a click of a camera shutter. Follow the social media links for more. Compiled by Howler Staff Social media sources: • Fotosantiguascr Instagram • Fotos historicas antiguas de costa rica | Facebook • Fotos Antiguas Indígenas de Costa Rica | Facebook • Costa Rica Antigua Y Su Historia video

He held the position of cacique for more than 50 years, and was an adviser to the entire town. As he himself commented on some occasions, the indigenous law appointed him as protector of the community and nature.

Nicoya, 1908. When we speak of Nicoya, the pre-Columbian city of Costa Rica, we cannot avoid its relationship as the capital of the Chorotega Nation, a vast region populated by the Chorotega indigenous people, a people of Mesoamerican tradition, they lived in the northwestern part of Costa Rica towards the year 1200 AD. The Chorotega culture left an important heritage in the Guanacaste region, a culture that over time spread and mixed with the cultural heritage of other indigenous ethnic groups that settled in different regions of Costa Rica.

In 1992, when the Ministry of Culture and Youth awarded the National Prize for Traditional Popular Culture for the first time, the Ngöbe community of Brusmalís, led by Bejarano Palacios, received this recognition.

Pedro Bejarano Palacios and his wife, Coto Brus, 1970s. Bejarano was a social and religious leader of the Ngöbe people. He held the title of cacique honorifically after, due to loss of his vision, he had to cede the position to his successor. Despite the visual limitation, Bejarano exercised the practice of his knowledge in natural medicine, making handicrafts and musical instruments typical of his ethnic group. He also fought for the vindication of the rights and culture of his people.


The indigenous cultural contribution greatly contributed to outlining the characteristics of the inhabitants, their customs and traditions, their way of life, and determining elements to fully identify the essence of being Guanacastecan.

The events of this unfortunate tragedy happened unusually. The bus plate PB-358 had 10 or more excess passengers, transporting about 70 people. They had just picked up some passengers at the Monseñor Victor Manuel Sanabria Hospital and were heading to downtown Puntarenas. As they approached La Angostura, the narrowest part of the route, the travelers heard a tire burst and the vehicle wobbled. The bus went to the right, where there was no protection fence, then it left the road and plunged into the waters of the estuary.


Soon a battle of the passengers for survival began. Some tried to get out through the bus windows. Soon, the news spread throughout Puntarenas, and volunteers arrived to retrieve the bodies: 11 men, 22 women, 6 girls and 10 boys lost their lives. The pain felt by the families of the victims — the widows, the widowers, parents, and orphans — is still felt in the country. They will never forget the eternal mark that tragedy left on their lives.


Tragedy of Angostura, Puntarenas, 1975.

The Central Market is a beautiful century-old building. Part of the building was built at the end of the 19th century and another stage was built during the 1940s. It is the largest market in the city of San José. Founded in 1880. It was declared Cultural Heritage of Costa Rica for its strong tradition and identity.

In the mid-1950s, Sirias moved to San José, where he began his artistic career in nightclubs and radio stations. At the Copacabana cabaret — located then near the Zapote radio station — he met Rafa Pérez and joined Los Tres Armónicos. The members were Fernando Jiménez Morgan (or Aquilino Morgan, first voice), Rafa Pérez (requinto) and Solón (accompanying guitar). Later, Ronald Alfaro replaced Aquilino and the trio was renamed Los Armónicos.

A small tribute to one of the great Costa Rican musicians who passed away in 2021, Solón Sirias. He was born in Lepanto, Puntarenas, in 1929. The environment of marimbas and guitars awakened in the boy a musical inclination that would mark him for the rest of his life. This link between the land and the artist was fundamental in the music of Solón Sirias: the landscape of the coast, the mountains, the townspeople and, above all, the affection and nostalgia that unites man with its origin.

The composition of the Tinaja Brass was as follows: Ricardo Guerrero (vibraphone), Alejandro Murillo (saxophone), Manuel Rojas (trumpet), Boris Ortiz (tuba), Álvaro Ávila (bass), Mario Barquero (percussion) and Solón Sirias (electric guitar).

Its main singers, at different times, were Marcos Torres, Rony Soto, Hugo Lino Salas, Quique Guerrero and Enzo Fernando. In some seasons Quincho Prado was on the saxophone and Alfredo Barboza on the trumpet. His son, also called Solón and founder of the Expresso group, is a highly successful clarinettist and saxophonist. video

In the 1970s, Solón Sirias created a small musical group that played at private parties and entertainment centers. The group grew and became Solón Sirias and his Tinaja Brass. Obviously, the name was influenced by the famous American group Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. In Costa Rica, Tinaja Brass had a tremendous impact thanks to the originality of their arrangements; however, what struck the most was the timbre of that ensemble, a mix of vibraphone, strings, two trumpets and a trombone.


In the mid-1980s, a project arose to develop a tramway in San José that would connect Pavas, Sabana Centro, San Pedro and Curridabat, through an agreement with the French government; however, that initiative did not prosper.


Since the beginning of 1899, and for almost 50 years, San José had an electric tram that linked different communities, thus becoming the first means of collective and urban passenger transport in our country. After its inauguration, it was extended with new branches: La Sabana, San Pedro de Montes de Oca, Guadalupe and San José Centro. However, the tram was displaced by buses and made its last run on August 1, 1950.

This was a means of urban transport that also existed in Cartago. One went from the Cemetery to San Rafael de Oreamuno and the other left the railway station, passing through the Courts of Justice and the Fello Meza stadium, until reaching Agua Caliente.

In 1926, the decree for the electrification of the line was signed, and the company Allgemeine

Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft was contracted for this process, including the construction of a small hydroelectric plant in Tacares. The electrified line came into operation in April 1930.


On July 23, 1910, at 3:15 p.m., the last rail was laid, the work on the railroad to the Pacific had been completed, and Costa Rica fulfilled its dream of having rails and sleepers cross the Gonecountry.were decades of illusions and frustrated attempts. That day at the end of July, with the laying of the last rail of the road to the Pacific, Costa Rica reached the goal of having a railway line that crossed its bowels from ocean to ocean.

The services of this line were canceled in 1995 during the administration of José María Figueres Olsen, because the Incofer was closed by Decree SCD-106-95 on June 28.

On August 17 of the same year, the Spanish base the teaching at the School on a strong still lasts. Don Tomás would be the director moments of economic and political crisis century. Don Tomás remained director of the National University of Costa Rica. A skilled artist, he left a large number of national society, landscapes, illustrations


In 1897, the same year that the National Castro, the National School of Fine Arts

Images of the beautiful colonial temple of Orosi from the end of the 19th century to the present.

Spanish painter Mr. Tomás Povedano de Arcos was named in the Directorate, who will strong academic basis, also contributing with his trade as a painter, an artistic legacy that director of the School for more than 40 years, as well as the bastion that kept it firm in the crisis that the country -and the whole world- experienced during the first half of the 20th National School of Fine Arts until 1940, when the institution became part of the of works such as portraits of some of the most important politicians and figures of illustrations and paintings of the national flora such as orchids.

It is located in the canton of Paraíso de Cartago, in Costa Rica. It is one of the oldest buildings in the country, dating from the time of the Spanish colony, which persist to the present day. It was built in 1767 by Franciscan friars, and is dedicated to Saint Joseph. In the old convent of the friars, there is currently a museum of religious art. Since 1920 it has been a historical-architectural heritage of Costa Rica, and in 1985, it was declared a National Monument.

National Theater was inaugurated, and under the administration of President Rafael Yglesias was inaugurated.

In 1743, the missionaries built a convent, and 10 years later, in 1753, they erected a parish. In 1766, they finished the construction of the temple, built in cañabrava and adobe, which is the same that persists until the 21st century, thus being the oldest church in Costa Rica still in operation. In 1973 it had to undergo a thorough restoration given the degree of deterioration in which it was.


On May 23, 1851, Marian Le Capellain Agnew

Calvosa shoe store, Born in Castrovillari Mariangela) arrived A shoemaker by de Moras, 75 yards Married to Nelly Carmelo and Flory Chacón was a deputy

Beautiful photograph of Nathaniel Rudd, rural area year 1908, the serenade. The man with the real Costa Rican "straw hat". His skin tanned by the sun, his worn shoes, his torn clothes, his old guitar…a lot of poverty. This photograph is more than a testimony of how our ancestors lived, with many shortcomings.

Ladies, from 1888 to 1908, where she also Of Protestant religion, at the age of fourteen She arrived in Costa Rica in 1872 (with her political sister of Mauro Fernández, Secretary It also had a private school which it kept It was she who provided the organization section, the students could aspire to the She participated in the Sociedad La Gota poorest children, supported by the feminists

Gota de Leche, a social assistance organization founded in 1913 with the purpose of improving the nutrition of the feminists of the time. store, Cuesta de Moras, 1925. Castrovillari (Cosenza) in 1888, Carmine Calvosa Pugliesse (son of Gaetano and arrived in Costa Rica in 1906. profession, he once had a shoe store located in San José at the foot of Cuesta yards to the south. Chacón, their children were: María de los Ángeles, Yolanda, Doris, Cayetano, Flory Calvosa Chacón, all born in San José. The doctor Dr. Carmelo Calvosa deputy from 1949 to 1953 and years later he served as Minister of Health.

Dr. Alexander Pirie on horseback in front of the old Basilica of Los Angeles in Cartago, year 1904. This church was destroyed in the Santa Monica earthquake of 1910. The current one was built on the same site.

Agnew was born in Jersey (English Channel, belonging to England). She was the first director of the College for also taught English. fourteen he moved to New York, where she finished her studies. her sister Ada) as a governess for the daughters of former Salvadoran President Rafael Zaldívar; she was the Secretary of Public Instruction. open until 1886. organization for the College and the first teaching plans, divided into two sections: Literary and Pedagogy. "In this last diplomas of teacher of primary education or teacher of superior primary education."

Dr. Pirie was an outstanding doctor who also promoted charitable institutions in Cartago, collaborated with the foundation of the first public service institutions in this city, actively participated in the administrative and technical organization of the hospital, the construction of the Municipal Market and the installation of the Neighborhood Board that founded the first electricity company.

ARTS CULTURE ENTERTAINMENT Limón, Siquirres, 1900s. Beautiful image of how families lived at that time in Limón. An example of the excellent architecture of those times, the houses were supported on pillars, isolating the floor from moisture and making it better ventilated in summer. Too bad that Costa Rica lost that type of architecture typical of the Caribbean. CULTURAL HERITAGE Guanacaste, 1904. An image that evokes how the locals lived at that time. Simplicity, poverty, deficiencies.

Fire department practicing on the south side of the Buenaventura Corrals school, San Jose: 1920 forClickmore

In the background the monument by Juan antitinoquistas.Ramon Corrals school, CULTURAL HERITAGE ARTS CULTURE ENTERTAINMENT

Party in the Park, 1939 background is the Temple of Music. Note monument to Don Mauro Fernandez, sculpted Ramon Bonilla and destroyed by the antitinoquistas. On the right is the Buenaventura school, known as the metal building, 1919.


Minding Your Money and Your Wellness in 2020

When a seller offers a property for sale, there are minimal considerations required by the seller for the content of the purchase and sale agreement. Those are: the amount of the purchase price to be paid, when it will be paid, the name of the party who is responsible to pay it, and the corresponding penalties for the buyer’sHowever,non-performance.fromthebuyer’s standpoint, there is the additional requirement of the conditions of purchase that must be satisfied, to ensure that the buyer’s intended use and enjoyment of the property can be met. It is this latter issue of the buyer’s requirement, for conducting the satisfactory legal due diligence of the property, that renders the purchase and sale agreement the most important document in the transaction. Without these provisions, the legal due diligence having been satisfactorily met, it is unlikely that the transaction will proceed.

5. The default provisions for either party’s non-performance of the purchase and sale agreement provisions, and the penalties for default that will arise

Formal elements

1. The parties described with their formal personal description and their capacity to act in the transaction, if not acting in their personal capacity, such as in the capacity of a company director

2. The legal description of the property to be purchased

What is the Impact of the Purchase Sale Agreement on a Property Purchase Transaction?

In Costa Rica, these formal elements of the purchase and sale agreement are fundamental to its enforcement.


6. An arbitration provision for any disputes that may arise in the interpretation and enforcement of the agreement (if there is no arbitration clause, any disputes that arise will be adjudicated by the courts)

4. The legal due diligence conditions that must be met to the buyer’s satisfaction for the transaction to proceed and the time allowed for inquiry by the buyer

When entering into a property purchase transaction, the purchase and sale agreement — the initial formal legal document that binds the parties to the transaction — deserves the undivided attention of the parties, but particularly that of the buyer and the buyer’s lawyer.

The formal elements of the purchase and sale agreement will vary according to the type of property interest being acquired. These are described in my blog entitled What Are The Most Common Forms Of Holding Real Property Interests In Costa Rica? However, the formal elements common to all purchase and sale agreements will be the following:

3. The purchase price of the property and the deposit amount, with the dates that they will be paid, and the responsibility of the parties for the payment of the closing costs

7. A “Notice To The Parties” clause, providing the details of where the parties may be legally served or contacted by email and/or telephone regarding the enforcement of the agreement provisions

Purchase and

Property transfer deed and related closing documentation During the time preceding the closing, the buyer and the seller most likely will each have their own lawyers, acting in an adversarial stance on behalf of their respective clients. However, at closing, a public notary, who also must be qualified as a lawyer, will act to draft the notarized property transfer deed and attend to the closing process. The public notary can also be one of the party’s lawyers, who is also an active notary. Otherwise, it can be an independent notary, who in such capacity, acts as an officer of the state and not as an advocate for either party.

8. The location and date on which the agreement is signed by the parties In Costa Rica, these formal elements of the purchase and sale agreement are fundamental to its enforcement.

The notary’s role is to draft the property transfer deed in his or her public deed book (protocolo), in a form suitable to be presented in the National Registry to transfer the property title from the seller to the buyer. This process will vary according to the property interest being acquired as previously mentioned. In certain circumstances, two notaries may be involved in the closing process, most commonly where seller financing is involved and the property to be purchased is provided as security for the financing. One notary will be responsible for the drafting of the property transfer deed. The other notary will be responsible for the drafting of the mortgage deed to secure the financing and will be registered on the property title. This process is referred to as co-notary. My opinion Costa Rica is a civil law jurisdiction. As such, the formal requirements of documentation are as important as the textual content, in order to be enforceable.Inallofthe circumstances of a property purchase and sale transaction, a qualified real estate lawyer is required to ensure that all formal requirements of the transaction are met and that the provisions of the purchase and sale agreement are enforceable.

For more information and answers to your questions on diverse legal topics, visit Costa Rica Canada Law: by Rick Philps

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Applicant requirements Foreign nationals and their dependents who meet the following requirements may legally stay in the country under the immigration subcategory of Stay (Estancia) for Remote Workers and Service Providers. They require:

1. An application form signed by the applicant or their representative.


• Bank account opening: They will be allowed to open a bank account in Costa TheRica.benefits will last while the digital nomad has a valid migratory condition. The digital nomad is not allowed to work for a Costa Rica employer; it must be a company or employer outside Costa Rica.

Applicants can extend a 90-day tourist visa, allowing them to work remotely from Costa Rica for up to one year, and with an extension of up to one year. (The applicant's proof of stay in Costa Rica must be for a minimum of 180 days). A digital nomad is someone being paid to provide services remotely for an employer or entity outside Costa Rica, using digital or telecommunication technologies, or in similar circumstances.

Benefits (conditions apply)

• Income tax exemption: Digital nomads will not be considered permanent country residents for tax matters; they are exempt from income tax, as their income originates outside Costa Rica.

3. Health insurance — mandatory medical insurance coverage of at least US $50,000 through the digital

In July 2022, the reglamento was published, which established the rules for a foreigner to apply as a digital nomad.

• Driver's licenses: Digital nomads will be allowed to use their home country driver's license in Costa Rica for the entire stay here.

• Tax exemption for imported equipment: Digital nomads may waive customs taxes on telecommunications and electronic devices necessary to fulfill remote work requirements. The tax benefits apply only to the digital nomad, not to their family members.

Ayear ago, Costa Rica approved Law 10.008, Ley para atraer trabajadores y prestadores remotos de servicios de carácter internacional, also known as the "Digital Nomads law."

2. Proof of stable income — bank statements showing a stable monthly net income of at least US $3,000, or $4,000 to $5,000 if they are applying as a family group, and an affidavit of the origin of this information.

Digital Nomads: Work Remotely From the Land of Pura Vida!

by Ivan Granados & Andrea Chacón nomad's stay in Costa Rica for medical expenses in the event of illness here. An insurance policy must also cover any dependents accompanying the digital nomad to Costa Rica.

5. A copy of the photo page of the foreign national's valid passport, which contains their photograph and biographical information, and the page containing the Costa Rican entry stamp if the applicant is already in Costa Rica. The passport must always be provided for the documentation process.


The digital nomad is not allowed to work for a Costa Rica employer; it must be a company or employer outside Costa Rica. Click Here for the rest of the story

4. Receipt confirming payment to the Costa Rica government in the amount US $100, or the equivalent amount in Costa Rican colones at the reference exchange rate of the Central Bank of Costa Rica, per Article 256 of the General Law on Immigration and Aliens. Payment is required for each family group member.

6. Consular or restricted visas as applicable to the group of countries outlined in the requirements under Executive Decree no. 36626-G, entitled "Regulation on granting entry visas to Costa Rica." This is based on the applicant's nationality per the provisions of the "General Guidelines on Visas for the Entry and Stay of NonResidents." The exceptions set forth in the guidelines mentioned above will be considered when applying this rule. All documents issued in a foreign language must be officially translated into Spanish.


3. Know your budget. It is good to invest in social media advertising as much as you spend on printed materials like brochures or newspaper and magazine ads. If you allocate part of your marketing budget to social media promotions, such as on Facebook or Instagram, you will connect with your target audience and keep your business visible. That will help you save money in the future.

4. Keep your camera handy. Photographs are one of the most important business promotion tools for social media. Thanks to technological advances, cameras are more affordable, practical and portable. For a small or medium-sized business, your smartphone camera can likely take good enough photos, if not great ones, and will cost you nothing.

1. Schedule time for your social media activities and set a reasonable time limit. It is better to know how many hours per week you can use to create posts, advertisements or any other digital marketing actions. Being in control of your social media time makes it more likely you will have time for other things you need or want to do.

Typically, that means you must be on Facebook because if not, you are missing out on too much. Yes! If “too much” seems like an impossible measure, think in terms of access. Nowadays, your business and personal profiles must be easy and fast to get.


Let’s be clear: you are “in” or you are out.

How to Have a Healthy Relationship With Social CR We live in the era of digital marketing.

2. Post and promote frequently to maintain a constant social media presence. Make an action plan that keeps your business visible at all times. A consistent publication schedule allows your audience to stay engaged with your company regularly.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube are just some of the most recognized platforms.Asmost of us have learned in life, too much of any good thing can become less than ideal and start taking a toll. So how can we have a healthy relationship with social media and still have time to enjoy other good things in life … including our nondigital world? Best for your business If you want to have a successful business, all the information about it needs to be in as many places as possible. Yet, you need to be selective in choosing which platform will work best, depending on the product or service your business offers, and the target market. Facebook is one of the most commonly used platforms, followed by Instagram. For showing and telling more about your business in a graphic, hands-on way, YouTube is the way to go. I can go on and on, but my focus here is to keep you healthy by helping you make choices that work best for you.

Next, I offer these social media management tips for ensuring your business interactions and relationships are beneficial and rewarding.

6. Use notifications. They are really helpful! If you get a notification from someone who sent you a message, this will help you respond fast. Enabling notiifications can help you be more selective and efficient with your time.

2. Set a timer. Social media activity can consume huge chunks of time and attention while rendering us oblivious. Having a social media action plan will help you to manage your time, money and relationships, both in your business and personal life. It can free up time to exercise, prepare healthy meals and even meditate. Remember, being in balance will keep you healthy.

5. Know who to follow. Connecting with your social media followers is important, but that doesn’t mean you need to follow everyone. If an account has relevant information that you can use, it makes sense to follow it. But, if not, don't waste your time. You need to focus on those who will have time to like and comment on your post MOST of the time. Don't be afraid to be choosy about who you follow. It will save you time.

Having a healthy personal relationship with social media is what will give you enough time and energy to run your business. I have two simple but important tips.

If you are looking for professional guidance, you can contact me at any time. Howler readers can receive a free consultation. and follow me on Instagram and Facebook

Too much of any good thing can become less than ideal and start taking a toll.

Personal pointers

1. Keep your personal accounts private. This ensures you are aware and in control of everyone who can access information about your personal life.

Healthy Social Media by Joanna Blanco

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