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“Through its values, aims and objectives, which staff, pupils and parents understand and share effectively, the school gives clear direction and sets out firm principles that guide all areas of school life.� Estyn, 2008 2 EAL prospectus

Welcome to Howell’s At Howell’s our primary aim is to encourage each of our girls to become self-aware, enquiring, positive young women with the skills to equip them for life. With an independent mind and values of courtesy, sensitivity and responsibility your daughter can join society with the foundations for a glorious future. The school holds an exceptional record of academic excellence; since its founation in 1859 the upmost has been done to ensure the girls excel in their academic potential and develop a passion for learning, but that is just the beginning of what we can offer. Your daughter will develop enthusiasm, independent work habits and a true sense of achievement which will spur her love of learning, all of which are benefits of our educational ethos that is present throughout all age groups at Howell’s. There is clear evidence that girls perform best in all-girls schools where they can focus on their education and Howell’s is the only all-girls boarding school in Wales. The school also offers outstanding extra curricular and enrichment activities which allow your daughter’s talents to develop and flourish. I would like to invite you to visit our community and experience our unique environment where learning, arts, competitionand exploration prosper. Emma Jones Academic Principal EAL Prospectus 3

English as an Additional Language Howell’s School provides all students who do not speak English as their first language with tailor-made EAL lessons, specifically developed to meet the students language needs and allow them to reach the level of proficiency required by the school. After an initial assessment, in which they are expected to deal with a sample of the four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), students are allocated into small size groups according to their abilities, and specific courses are designed to address their needs in the various aspects of the language learning process. For some students individual tutoring may be recommended. For others it might be deemed appropriate that they are temporarily taken out of lessons and be given EAL tutorial instead. This would happen when their knowledge of English was inadequate to allow them acceptable progression in other subjects. When designing the courses, a special emphasis is placed on grammatical and linguistical structures, enrichment, and spoken and written practice. In the lessons, all students are helped to develop their ability to communicate accurately, appropriately and effectively in speech and writing. They are helped to understand messages from a listening source, deal with unfamiliar vocabulary, practise pronunciation and intonation, as well as produce different kinds of written texts, appropriate to their level. Students are encouraged to use relevant vocabulary and correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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“The school provides pupils with very good care, guidance and support that enables them to achieve high standards of personal, social and moral development.� Estyn, 2008 EAL Prospectus 5

“Pupils benefit from support from class and subject teachers in small classes throughout the school, and have good access to additional tutorial sessions to support their learning.� Estyn, 2008 6 EAL prospectus

Progression in English At the end of a set number of lessons, students take a test to verify their progress to date. In addition to activities concerning the strictly technical aspects of the language, students carry out a number of other practical assignments related to the usage of English in everyday situations. Moreover, specific help can be given in those subjects where the student might be experiencing difficulties. The overall objective of an EAL course is to offer students the tools they need in order to build up their confidence in the language, create or improve their interaction with English speakers, and react with assurance to both familiar and non-familiar cues and situations. It furthermore allows them to increase their involvement in class and become active in lessons as well as facilitating the process of understanding the school subjects and effectively dealing with assignments, homework, and examinations. International students are encouraged to take part in lunch-time and after school enrichment activities to further promote the use of English. At the end of the school year, internal examinations are set for each group. The following examinations are offered to students who do not speak English as their native language: • IGCSE English as a second language – International General Certificate of Secondary Education • IELTS – International English Language Testing System • The complete range of Cambridge Examinations: KET (Key English Test), PET (Preliminary English Test), FCE (First Certificate of English), CAE (Certificate in Advanced English), and CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

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International Qualifications Taken in year eleven, the IGCSE comprises the assessment of the four language skills, is international recognised as an English Language qualification and accepted by many universities, with a grade C or above, as suitable proof of competency in English for the purpose of undergraduate study. It gives students the advantage of performing at an improved rate and increasing their marks. In the Sixth Form students should progress to the IELTS Examination. They are, therefore, continuing to study and improve their English Language skills and the aim is to achieve at least grade 6.5. This qualifications is welcomed by all British Universities, those in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and in more than 200 universities in USA. Employers, immigration authorities and professional bodies also recognise it. IELTS is an indispensable tool to promote the students’ educational and employment prospects. The Cambridge ESOL General English suite of exams has a wide choice of certificates reflecting the very different needs and abilities of people.They cover basic examinations for those beginning to learn English, through to advanced certificates for those who have attained a high level of fluency. All examinations are recognised around the world by thousands of employers, universities and government bodies as proof of ability to use English.These certificates never expire and will not need to be renewed; they are an achievement for life. More than 7,500 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries recognize the TOEFL test. In addition to English, the EAL department caters for First Languages, preparing the international students to take their GCSE, IGCSE, and A-levels in their mother tongue, such as Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German and Spanish. These lessons incur an additional charge. 8 EAL Prospectus

“The school places emphasis on maximising each pupil’s potential in a caring and supportive environment with aspirations for each pupil to develop a thirst for knowledge an the skills to enable lifelong learning.” Estyn, 2008 EAL Prospectus 9

“The good provision for boarding pupils makes a strong contribution to the overall educational aims of the school.� Estyn, 2008

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Boarding at Howell’s Girls who decide to board at Howell’s are given access to a whole wealth of new social and cultural opportunities which contribute to their well rounded development. Enabling your daughter to become independent, responsible and socially adept through regular boarding activities and trip away at weekends. The trips can be very diverse, from shopping and a trip to the cinema one week to a tree tops adventure course or ice skating the next. There are also optional church visits on Sundays. A great sense of camaraderie is present between all ages of boarders and strong bonds in both of the houses, with the girls making great friends and memories they will never forget. Our housemistresses are friendly, well qualified, non-teaching staff and have a great relationship with the boarders; every girl is monitored closely to ensure she is comfortable and happy with appropriate support in all aspects of a boarder’s life. All boarders benefit from extra curricular support and homework support from senior teaching staff in the evenings following enrichment time. The younger girls live in St George’s House where excellent dormitory and leisure facilities provide the perfect balance between academic study and social activities. Stanley’s House is for the older girls from Year Eleven to Thirteen and offers an environment which reflects the girl’s growing maturity, self reliance and inference. Sixth Formers have the privacy of a study bedroom and a life style which totally prepares them for every aspect of university life. The facilities available to borders are second to none, with their own full equipped gym, kitchens and communal social area. The houses also have their own nursing staff who are highly qualified and experienced in caring for girls in house, our student’s health and safety is our upmost priority. EAL Prospectus 11

Howell’s School Park Street, Denbigh, Denbighshire, LL16 3EN Phone: +44 (0) 1745 813631 Email:

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