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Simply Organised

We thought it was time for a change… So now we’re excited to announce that after operating under the red, black and blue Howards logo since 1997, we’ve decided to reorganise our brand. However don’t worry, we’re still the same Howards that you’ve come to know and love, but with a fresh new look. In fact, we’re looking at lots of other ways to improve our offer to you.

eShop Online shopping 24/7 in the comfort of your own home, delivered right to your door.

Give a gift card Gift cards are available to customers for any amount over $20 (Australia only).

Help sick kids at Bear Cottage All profits from each Pocket Pad sold are donated to Bear Cottage, a hospice that provides care for children with life limiting illnesses in a home like environment with their families. Read more about Bear Cottage at

Free measure & quote pop o in one your bag Pocket Pad $4.95 Includes 5 Handy Tools in 1: Sticky Tab, Note Pad, Pen, Ruler, Magnifier. PCP001.

Your local store is happy to assist with your elfa®, easy-build and wine rack planning with a ‘no obligation’, free measure and quote. Installation can also be arranged.

The Howards guarantee We’ll gladly exchange or refund on presentation of a docket where goods are in original packaging (saleable condition).

Stay intouch with Howards Cover Image: Howards own easy-build shelving system. See page 68 for more. Props are stylists own.




elfa® entry unit Handy hooks Umbrellas & scarves

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Dream pantry Food containers Top & bottom cupboards Bench shelves Drawer organisers Sink drainers Waste bins

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easy-build sanctuary Family friendly Tight space organisers Mirrors Inside cupboards

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easy-build laundry solutions elfa® laundry solutions Drying & airing Cleaning time savers Washing money savers

Hangers Shoe storage Underbed & behind door Storing accessories Temporary wardrobe Kids corner Teen space


elfa® multipurpose room Top office solutions


easy-build shelves Resin shelving


Wine storage Modular rack system Cellarstack™ modular system


elfa® garage elfa® classic garage Bins & boxes


easy-build system easy-build kits & components elfa® system An evolving wardrobe with elfa® Inspirations rewards programme Store listings

Let’s help you get organised So you’ve decided to get organised. Whatever project you embark on, your space needs to be functional and reflect how you personally use it everyday. That’s our cue. We’re here to give you a helping hand and it all starts here! Stop, sort, solve! As with all things organisation, there’s a method to getting the job done right, the first time. These 3 simple steps will help you on your journey to organisational bliss. 1. Stop - Identify the problem. Ask yourself, what is it that annoys you about a particular space? Whether it’s lack of storage, a cluttered pantry or an inefficient laundry, this is your opportunity to STOP and identify what could be better organised. 2. Sort - It’s time to get your hands dirty. Pull everything out, group similar objects, discard unwanted or unused items and finally, prioritise. Then you’ll be able to put things away in the appropriate place.

3. Solve - The icing on the cake; it’s Howards to the rescue. This catalogue is full of ideas or visit us in-store and we’ll work with you to solve your problem. Whatever your organisation dilemma, we’ll help you fix it.


Howards – Simply Organised!

Three levels of solutions The secret to successfully organising your home is simply getting started and completing each project. A simple solution is a great place to start. The quick fix Simple Solution

Not every project needs to be big. If you’re after a mini makeover or if you’re short on time we have a multitude of simple solutions that will do the trick.

See Page 42

A half day project Solid Solution

It’s not a small job, it’s not the whole nine yards, it’s the middle of the road. You need a solid solution that will streamline your home and last the distance.

Supreme Solution

See Page 14

The complete overhaul

It may take a little more time and effort to install than a simple or solid solution but it’ll be worth its weight in gold. It’s durable and it will keep you organised for years to come.

See Page 40


> Let’s help you get organised

Insider - The inside scoop on everything organised! If you’re after extra organisation tips, ‘how to’ videos, articles, special downloads, a spot of shopping and so much more, visit us online. Our interactive site awaits you. Videos It’s one thing to visualise getting organised, it’s an entirely different thing to watch it played out before your eyes, we’ve created a number of videos that will walk you through various organisation scenarios:

Inspirations Howards Inspirations Rewards Program is all about YOU; inspiring you, rewarding you, advising you on what’s hot, what’s not and how to get the best out of the space around you. Joining is easy.

How to organise your bathroom cupboard easy-build shelving ideas How to plan your elfa® shelving system Tips to organise your kitchen cupboards

See page 84 for full details.

Blog Join the conversation on a whole range of organisation issues. From shoe storage solutions through to the best way to house cheese, there is always something new and interesting to read here.

Free measure and quote Are you ready for an organisation overhaul? Your local Howards store will happily assist you with elfa®, easy-build and wine rack planning with a no obligation, free measure and quote. Installation can also be arranged.

What you’re saying... Tips Look out for our special tips and downloads online. Whether you want to create your own bedroom sanctuary or you’re looking for 7 simple ways to stay organised, we’ve got the step-by-step guide.

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Solid Solution

freestanding Entry Unit $2,982.85 In Décor Walnut with White Mesh baskets. W240 x D48.7 x H113cm. ELF01040.

Umbra Flapper Coat Stand $299 White rubberwood with aluminium hooks. ANA61660.

Jewellery Trees White $22.95 EIC642. Stainless Steel $19.95 EIC90188.

Floating Tri Kubes $42.95 Set of 3. Timber. White. AKT4311.


Howards – Simply Organised!

Entry elfa®

Welcome to your organised home Just imagine if those odds and ends that can litter a home never quite made it past the front door? Create a clutter trap at the entry and exit point of your home for scarves, recycling paper, handbags, keys, umbrellas, shoes and more… Welcome home!

Handbags & more We’ve all searched for our keys and handbag before and it can be stressful. Use these handy hooks and save time each day when you know exactly where these essential items are located.

Décor Bracket Hook $44 W43.4 x D6.3cm. 602838.

Umbrellas Keep an umbrella stand close to your front door and never walk water past the entry of your home again. Perfect for storing wet or dry umbrellas this solution can also double as a door stop!

Umbrella Stand $29.95 EIC908.

Scarves Whether you’re racing to the shops or heading out for an evening, scarves can be a ‘last-minute accessory’, so keep your collection in an easy to reach place.

Birdseye Quad Hook $34.95 Powder Coated Metal. W29 x D3 x H19cm. ANA14660.

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Dream pantry It’s so much more than shelves and containers. It’s all about the way you put it together so the items you need most are easily at hand. With Howards you can make your dream come true.

Supreme Solution easy-build Custom Pantry Unit $1,720 Strong triple coated chrome and requires no tools to build. W273 x D46 x H220cm. DAD00013.


Our Favourite!

Tallis 21.7L Bin $21.95 Stackable. Clear. Food Safe Plastic. W30.8 x D51.5 x H29.5cm. PLF027.

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Inspired by you...

Bulk food storage flexible airtight lid



Dream pantry

My pantry is a complete disaster, and it’s not that I don’t have space – everything is just piled up, one thing on top of the other. I don’t even know what’s in there anymore. Please help! - Ana Petrovic, Inspirations Member

Ana, the key to an organised pantry is clever containers and zoning. This pantry is a perfect example. As an Inspirations Member, the shelves would also earn you $80 in vouchers! - The Howards Team

Bulk food zone

Aamina Easy Access Storer

Cook™ Handy Storers from $4.95

Dry Store Airtight Containers

Stackable. Clear. Plastic. 4.8L Small $14.95 PLF004. 9.6L Large $19.95 PLF005.

Stackable airtight containers suitable for pantry and fridge use. Clear. Plastic. (DCR165460).

Multi purpose. Freezer safe. Plastic. Clear. 10L Tall $22.95 PIW892. 12.5L Tall $25.95 PIW893. 11L Medium $23.95 PIW897. 16L Large $29.95 PIW899.

Easi Store 15L with Wheels $10.95

Separator Wide $9.95

Ideal for bulky goods at the bottom of the pantry. Clear. Plastic. W29 x D39 x H20cm. PJ015.

Makes the most of deep shelves with high sides and sensible handles. Clear. Plastic. W17.1 x D33.1 x H24.5cm. PLF008.

Pull-Out Organisers Clear. Plastic. Narrow $9.95

Shelf organisers

Create an archive zone for bulk food storage. Use quality storers with handles for safe and easy access up high. Airtight lids will seal in freshness and optimise shelf life.

Reserves zone This zone is perfect for storing reserves of pasta, rice, cereals and other dry goods.

High access zone For easy access to your daily supply of dry goods use storers with handles. Group ‘like’ items such as sauces and vinegars in caddies or baskets. Chrome baskets make it easy to take items between your pantry and the table. Label your caddies and then everyone will be able to use your system.

rear wheels

Wire baskets

W19 x D36.2 x H13.3cm. PLF009.

Wide $14.95

W36.6 x D38 x H13.5cm. PLF010.

Heavy items zone Safely store heavy items in this zone. Howards have a range of specialty storers to make the most of the space, from bottles to bulk flour.

Classico Basket $29.95 Easy to carry from pantry to the table. Chrome. Wire. W35 x D19 x H17.5cm. ANA93222.

Wire Stacking Baskets Chrome. Wire. Small $11.95

Wire Baskets Chrome. Wire. Rectangle Medium $11.95

W27 x D20 x H15cm. EIC2728.

W28 x D18 x H15cm. EIC27237.

W34 x D24 x H18.5cm. EIC2729.

W34 x D24 x H20cm. EIC27238.

Large $17.95

Rectangle Large $15.95

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Food container selector bar Imagine a complete collection of quality containers – your inspiration starts here! Come in-store and choose from our wider selection and start collecting your container system today.

brushed stainless steel with airtight seal

Bamboo Canister 3 in 1 $19.95 Bamboo with plastic insert that can be turned to reveal a different label. Bamboo. W11.5 x D11.5 x H17cm. EIC1252. B P

Borosilicate Canisters Small $12.95 ALB9258. Medium $14.95 ALB9259. Large $16.95 ALB9260. B

Tellfresh Storers from $2.95



Choose from all the standard shapes as well as many speciality storers for meat, vegetables and more. Innovative reusable tag system to mark use by date. Clear. Plastic. (DCR003060). B P F D M

airtight seal use pump to extract air steam release vent


Realseal Storers from $3.75

Stackable Glass Jars from $16.95

Clear. Plastic. (DCR180700).

Clear. Glass. (CAM85587).


BPA free



Pantry suitable


Freezer safe



Dishwasher safe


Microwave friendly

Vacu Vin Savers Coffee Saver and Pump 1.3L $54.95 VLL1209. Cereal Saver $39.95 VLL1216. Coffee Saver $32.95 VLL1211. Tea/Nut Saver $29.95 VLL1215. B P


Rosti Storers from $7.95

Clear lid, also ideal for drawers

Food containers

If you’re looking for a classic container storage solution, turn to a recognised brand. These durable BPA free airtight containers with clear lids from Rosti come in a range of shapes and sizes that make them ideal for in drawer or standard pantries. Clear/White. (ALB220306). B P F D

quality silicone seal A

Top – Leakproof and space efficient


Lever suction lid

D A. Leifheit Aromafresh Containers from $19.95 Pop – Press button airtight seal

Easy to seal, lever action lid make containers air and water tight. Stackable to optimise space use. (TRA31198). B P

B. Zak Stacking Canisters from $10.95 These stackable transparent canisters have a silicone seal to keep items fresh. Clear. Acrylic. (ZAK0210). B P

C. Oxo Top Containers from $8.95 Airtight, leak proof food storage, with clear lids that seal securely with one simple motion. Clear. Plastic. (WKI90622). B P F D M

D. Oxo Pop Containers from $18.95 Easy to open with press button airtight lids. Stackable to optimise your space. Huge range of sizes. (WKI81595). B P D

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Choose the right container Here’s a guide to help you choose appropriate containers that will extend the life of your refrigerated foods. You’ll save money with less waste and have an organised fridge. Cold cuts


separate different cuts

holds 250g butter



ridged base ideal for cheese Tellfresh Butter Box $4.25 DCR149660. Rosti 2L Cheese Storer $21.95 ALB106934.

Vacu Vin Savers Tea $29.95 VLL1215. Coffee $32.95 VLL1211. Pump $29.95 VLL10040. No Spill Jug 1.8L $19.95 PIW1292. 2.2L $24.95 PIW1293.




Marie Fridge Baskets Clear. Plastic. Medium $4.95 PLF028. Large $6.95 PLF029. Fridge Binz $34.95 ANA70530.

Tellfresh Lettuce Crisper $13.25 DCR072200. Tellfresh Vegetable Storer Long 5L $12.95

Organiser Trays from $3.95 Clear. (PLF026). Fridge Binz from $19.95 (ANA70130). Linus Turntable $34.95 Clear. Acrylic. ANA54030.

Deli foods

Left overs

Tellfresh 1.25L Meat Storer $7.75 DCR140900. Rosti Cold Cuts 3 x .55L Triple Storer $27.95 ALB106938.


steam vent

Tellfresh Tag Set $3.25 Plastic. DCR135904.

store upside down in fridge to preserve olives Tellfresh Deli Storer $7.95 Plastic. DCR141900. Self Draining Deli Jar $11.95 Plastic. DNE4445.

Realseal Storers from $3.75 (DCR180700).

10 Storage dilemma? Ask our in-store organisation specialists!

Tellfresh Oblong Storers from $2.95 (DCR003060).

Oxo Top Containers from $8.95 Clear. Plastic. (WKI90622).





A. Tellfresh 1.25L Meat Storer $7.75 DCR140900. B. Tellfresh Deli Storer $7.95 DCR141900. C. Fridge Binz $29.95 ANA70230. D. Madesmart Turntable $17.95 DNE45561. E. Marie Basket Medium $4.95 PLF028. F. Oxo Tops from $8.95 (WKI90622). G. Amalie Pullout Organiser $9.95 PLF009.


high quality acrylic turntable for jams and condiments





Top cupboards: optimised Whatever your top cupboard quandary, we have an extensive range of specific storage solutions that will help you maximise space, increase visibility and make accessibility, well, very simple indeed. Shelf helpers

Tier racks

Packets & spices

Stacking Shelf Flat Chrome. Small $11.95 W27.7 x D16.3 x H14.6cm. EIC2165.

Linus Packet Food Storer $24.95

Large $17.95

3 Tier Rack $29.95 Chrome.

W36 x D23 x H15.5cm. EIC2166.

W27.9 x D22.9 x H11cm. RGH3479.

Clear. Plastic. W12.5 x D26.5 x H8.8cm. ANA54930.

Linus Binz with Divider $29.95

Clear. Acrylic. W14 x D28 x H8.9cm. ANA57230.

non-slip top Add a Shelf with Grip Base $22.95

Linus Pullz $26.95

Plastic. White. W46 x D24.4 x H16.5cm. DNE4554.

Shelf Organiser Grip Base $24.95

Clear. Acrylic. W15.2 x D29.2 x H8.9cm. ANA59430.

Linus Pullz with Divider $32.95

W36.3 x D24.4 x H8.6cm. DNE4548.

Clear. Acrylic. W20.3 x D29.2 x H8.9cm. ANA59630.

Expandable Shelf Flat Small $19.95 Flat Chrome.

Expanding Shelf Organiser $32.95

Linus Stadium Corner Spice Rack $49.95

W36-56 x D15 x H14cm. EIC2164.

Plastic. White. W37-66 x D24.5 x H9cm. DNE4549.

W25.4 x D22.2 x H8.9cm. ANA61930.


holds 10 cans

Can Rack $22.95 Chrome. W15 x D40 x H19cm. PC013.

Twin Turntable $24.95 Smooth ball-bearing mechanism. Diameter 26.5cm. DNE45571.

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Medium Spice Rack $12.95 Chrome. W28 x D6.5 x H6.5cm. PC042C.

Large Spice Rack $14.95 Chrome. W33 x D6.5 x H6.5cm. PC043C.

Cabinet Organisers Small $99 W22.8 x D50.8 x H15.2cm. ALB01118. Medium $129 W35 x D50.8 x H15.2cm. ALB01119. Large $149 W50.2 x D50.8 x H15.2cm. ALB01120.

Standalone Custom Drawer Unit $238.15 ELF01041. Easy Glider System 450mm Easy Glider™ $38 E234528. + 3 Runner Basket $62.70 E145390. = $100.70 complete unit.

These baskets literally rescue your cupboards making rear shelf space easy to access. White. Epoxy Bonded Steel.

It’s fine to change your mind with our simple Returns Policy. 13

Food containers

We’ve all rummaged for pots and pans at one time or another. Enough is finally enough. Howards can help get your bottom cupboard back on track.


Bottom cupboards: perfected


Solid Solution

Archive Zone


Between making breakfast and packing lunches, mornings are busy. For a really effective use of space and time, create a breakfast station. With extra kitchen bench space available and with everything the family needs in one place, time is back on your side. We love a solution the whole family can enjoy.






High Use Zone






Very High Use Zone

easy-build Custom Breakfast Station $312 W91 x D30 x H120cm. DAD00014.

The breakfast station – Family, friendly, fun! 14

Here’s how we did ours: A. Fridge-to-go Cooler Bag $34.95 Black. Red. FTG3050/501. B. File Holder $19.95 Bamboo. PHA1103. C. Zak Stacking Canisters $10.95 W12 x D12 x H10cm. ZAK0210. D. Pen Box $4.95 Bamboo. PHA1102. E. Aladdin Bento Food Container 600ml $24.95 CAM30672. F. Aladdin Bullet Bottle 500ml $19.95 Stainless Steel. CAM50000. G. Aladdin Travel 350ml Tumbler $15.95 CAM30638. H. Aladdin Food Jar 500ml $32.95 CAM20588. I. Large Suction Pod $9.95 TRA90040. J. Oxo Pop Containers Square from $18.95 (WKI81595). K. Coffee Pod Holder $24.95 EIC1104. L. Large Tea Box $39.95 Bamboo. W26 x D20 x H6.2cm. PHA4015. M. Bamboo Canister 3 in 1 $19.95 EIC1252. N. Linus Turntable $34.95 Clear. Acrylic. Diameter 30 x H4.5cm. ANA54030.


Make cooking enjoyable and easier with all your essentials in the one place. If you’re crying out for extra bench, this one-stop cooking station solution is for you. Remember, the fewer steps required to do something, the more time you will recoup for yours truly.



F High Use Zone


G Very High Use Zone

easy-build Custom Cooking Station $340 W91 x D30 x H120cm. DAD00015.

The cooking station – Win back bench space Here’s how we did ours:

A. Over the Door Hooks from $11.95 (PC665). B. Garlic Sack $9.95 TRA93362. C. Linus Pullz from $19.95 (ANA58930). D. Cuisipro Liquid Measuring Cup 1L $19.95 ZBD747101. E. Cookbook Holder $49.95 Stainless Steel. ZLS4339. F. Umbra Magnetic Noticeboard Large $89.95 W53 x D2 x H38cm. ANA15410. G. Joseph Joseph Steel Index Chopping Board $149 W38 x D8 x H27.5cm. IDS20190.

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Bench shelves

Solid Solution

Archive Zone

4 Solutions to the drawer organisation dilemma Standard tray



Bring instant order to your drawers and allocate a space for each item of cutlery with one of our standard trays.

Specialty organisers are ideal for larger items in order. Perfect for the second drawer or the ‘junk drawer’.

Designed to fit most drawer spaces, slide the expandable tray to fit the width or depth of your drawer.

Cutlery Tray with Grip Base $24.95

Utensil Tray with Grip Base $21.95

White. Plastic. W32.4 x D40.1 x H4.6cm. DNE4541.

White. Plastic. W32.4 x D40.1 x H4.6cm. DNE4542.

Expandable Bamboo Cutlery Organiser Large $69.95 Bamboo. W33-58.5 x D45.5 x H6.4cm. PHA17.

Linus Cutlery Tray $34.95

Junk Drawer Organiser $32.95

Expandable Cutlery Tray $29.95

Clear. Acrylic. W27.3 x D34.9 x H5.1cm. ANA53930.

White. Plastic. W29.2 x D38.3 x H8.4cm. DNE4543.

White. Plastic. W33.7-54 x D40.6 x H5.1cm. STE1567.

Cutlery Tray $15.95

Spice Drawer Organiser with Grip Base $14.95ea

Expandable Cutlery Tray with Grip Base $44.95

W32.2 x D37.2 x H6cm. HTH72050.

W15.5 x D39.1 x H5.3cm. DNE4545.

W33.5-54 x D41 x H5.2cm. DNE4546.

cut to fit

Many more sizes in-store

16 Need help? Bring your drawer in-store and speak to one of our organisation specialists!


Modular Simple Solution

Second drawer syndrome

Linus Modular Organisers from $5.95 Clear. Acrylic. (ANA52230).


Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organisers from $6.95 Bamboo. (PHA3051).

We do ask a lot of this drawer. More commonly referred to as the junk drawer, it needs to hold big items and small gadgets, tidily. So how do we fix it?

Oxo Interlocking Bins from $6.95 Drawer Organiser with Grip Base from $5.95 White. Plastic. (DNE4550).

Clear. WKI90102.


Ask yourself, what annoys you about this drawer?


Empty everything out, group items, discard double ups and prioritise what you readily access.

SOLVE: Choose an organiser that best suits your needs or bring your drawer or measurements in-store and ask one of our organisation specialists.

It’s fine to change your mind with our simple Returns Policy. 17

Drawer organisers

Be creative and create your own configuration, remember to keep items you use the most at the front.

Creative & clever kitchenware Vacu Vin PopSome Bowl $19.95

Mastrad Seasoning Tube $11.95

Blue, Pink and Purple. VLL1218/19/20.

Makes it easier to remove herbs from stalks and stews. TRA24841.

Chef’n Emulstir $29.95

shaker dispensing lid


trigger action mixer

Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Set $109

one handed action

Prepara Oil Mister 100ml $34.95 BRB76017.


Chef’n Ez Squeeze Can Opener $34.95

mess off the bench!


A. Tomato Saver $9.95 DNE36652. B. Banana Saver $7.95 DNE3666. C. Onion Saver $9.95 DNE36651. A


use less oil Cuisipro Foam Pump $19.95 Fill with soap and water to create foam when pumped. Soap goes further. ZBD837579.


Joseph Joseph Quicksnap Ice Tray $15.95 Releases cubes individually. White. IDS2215.

18 Looking for a great gift idea? Give a gift card!

suction cup base




We’re a little partial to quality kitchen gadgets. Anything that can assist you in the kitchen, save you time and money, reduce waste or make life a little simpler is good in our book. Visit


Avo Saver $7.95

chops garlic in seconds


Chill Balls $29.95

Garlic Zoom Garlic Cutter $19.95

Chills wine without diluting it. MMD131.

Minces garlic in seconds. Dishwasher safe. CPS7715.

Leifheit Perfect Roll $21.95

Joseph Joseph Snack & Store $39.95

Rolls perfect sushi everytime. TRA23044.


fits all jars Jarkey Jar Opener $8.25 Pop the seal and lid is easy to open. Assorted colours available. DNE3703.

3 Tier Heavy Duty Spice Rack $34.95

‘Stirr’ Hands Free Sauce Stirrer $29.95 DNE3960.

Chrome. W28.3 x D10 x H26.9cm. EIC27107.

battery operated

put shells in lower bowl

Chef’n Veggichop $39.95

pull ring to chop


3 speeds

Can’t make it to a store? Shop online 19

The sophisticated sink Dish racks

If you need a quality, functional, durable, skillfully engineered solution that will make washing, drying and life around the kitchen sink easier, the search is over. I’ll wash. You dry. simplehuman Dishrack $199 Bamboo/Stainless Steel. W38.7 x D53.8 x H22cm. ALB01143. 5 year warranty.

In Sink Dish Drainer $29.95 W31 x D37 x H16.7cm. EIC2724.

flatware caddy

Dish Rack $54.95 Double decker capacity and includes a stainless steel cutlery drainer. Chrome. W31 x D41.5 x H22cm. EIC7778.

sits in second sink extendable drip tray

bamboo knife rack cup holders

coated steel wire 20 Are you an Inspirations Member? Join in-store today!

5 year warranty swivel spout

simplehuman In Sink Drying Mat Small $29.95 W32.5 x D28.6 x H2cm. ALB01114. Large $39.95 W41.3 x D32.4 x H2cm. ALB01115.

A. simplehuman Grocery Bag Holder $34.95


In sink organisers


B. Expandable Under Sink Shelf $49.95


White. Plastic. W46.5-81 x D28 x H44cm. DNE4534.

simplehuman Sink Caddy $36.95 ALB01116.

Create Space

expands and easily fits around pipes

A. Retractable Side Mounted Towel Rail $36.95


Great for narrow spaces. W42 x D2.5 x H11.5cm. HTH03600.

Sink Top Caddy $12.95 Holds brush, soap and sponge with drip tray. Chrome. W21.5 x D11.4 x H16cm. EIC8040.

B. Medium Adhesive Command Hooks $8.95


Set of 2. Many more styles in store and online. PQ17001.

C. Slide N Stack Baskets Plastic sliding baskets suit moist areas and can be screwed to the cupboard base. White. Medium $28.95 RUB5577. Long $14.95 RUB5580. Large $32.95 RUB5576.


simplehuman Sensor Lotion Pump $99 Sensor activated for dispensing soap or hand sanitiser. Black. Brushed Nickel. W7.8 x D15 x H20.8cm. ALB01001.

Top Idea

Use double sided tape if you don’t want to fix runners with screws.

Shop close to home. Visit our online store locator at 21

Sink solutions

Holds up to 30 bags. Stainless Steel. W16.6 x D9.2 x H39.5cm. ALB1000.

We’ve thought about your rubbish Howards is a premium bin specialist so whether you’re recycling, need a family sized solution, or you’re after something that will fit into a narrow space we will find the right bin for your situation. Family solution

10 year warranty

10 year warranty

50L brabantia Touch Bin $399

40L simplehuman Semi Round Step Bin $329

Fingerprint proof Stainless Steel. W40 x D40 x H70.5cm. BRB6414.

Fingerprint proof Stainless Steel. W43.1 x D37.8 x H68.7cm. ALB1818.

Sterilite Waste Bins White. Plastic. From left to right: 39L Swing Top $39.95 STE1092. 42L Step On Waste Bin $59.95 STE1096. 49L Ultra Touch Top Waste Bin $59.95 STE1085.

Recycling butterfly opening lid

touch top lid

10 year warranty

38L simplehuman Butterfly Twin Recycle Bin $399 Fingerprint proof Stainless Steel. W26 x D58.25 x H64.8cm. ALB1839.

10 year warranty

2x20L brabantia Twin Bin $499

2 Compartment Pedal Bin

Fingerprint proof Stainless Steel. W36.5 x D36.5 x H75.5cm. BRB6358.

Removable inner bins have handles making them easier to empty. Brushed Stainless Steel. Medium 2x24L $159 W58.5 x D33 x H54cm. PJF57403. Large 2x30L $189 W58.5 x D32.5 x H64cm. PJF57404.

22 Storage dilemma? Ask our in-store organisation specialists!

Brushed S/Steel Pedal Bins 3L $24.95 PJF57252. 5L $34.95 PJF572521. 12L $54.95 PJF572522. 20L $79.95 PJF572523.

Waste bins

Need a good everyday bin? Howard’s own Brushed Stainless Steel Bin is an excellent choice and great value!


Howards is a bin specialist

For tight spaces stackable fingerprint proof

5 year warranty

10 year warranty


22.5L Stacking Recycling Bin $74.95

35L Slim Step Can $299

20L Smooth Step Bin $44.95

W26 x D44 x H47cm. ALB1345.

Fingerprint proof Brushed Stainless Steel. W26 x D46.5 x H66.25cm. ALB1831.

W22 x D40.5 x H47cm. PIW2006.

In cupboard

auto opening lid 10 year warranty 5 year warranty 2x15L Bin $139

35L Pull Out Recycle Bin $199

15L Built In Bin $159

White. Plastic/Metal. W34 x D47 x H34cm. HTH43854.

20L and 15L. W24.8 x D50 x H48.5cm. ALB10160.

Brilliant Steel. W30.2 x D31.3 x H35.8cm. BRB6471.

Can’t make it to a store? Shop online 23

It’s all about you It’s lovely to be surrounded by beautiful things so why not create the perfect space for your bathroom trimmings and your own day spa at home. It’s your sanctuary… your way.







Solid Solution


A. Custom Bathroom easy-build Unit $598 W138 x D46 x H120cm. DAD00016.

B. Bamboo Leaning Towel Ladder $79.95 W51 x D4 x H180cm. EIC01552. C. Allure Maxi Organiser $179 W35 x D21.5 x H24cm. PTM1260. D. Allure Cotton Tip Box $11.95 W5 x D5 x H10cm. PTM5929. E. Allure Cotton Tips & Balls Caddy $23.95 W10 x D5 x H5.5cm. PTM3091. F. Allure Cotton Pad Dispenser $22.95 Dia. 8cm x H25.5cm. PTM2201. G. Allure Lipstick Cosmetic Organiser $24.95 Holds 9 lipsticks. PTM7. H. Allure Tissue Box $34.95 W16 x D14 x H7cm. PTM10. I. Allure Stackable Boxes $19.95 Set of 2. W10 x D10 x H17cm. PTM1127.


Hair dryer & straightener storage


water resistant bamboo holds large bottles Hair Dryer Holder $14.95

Hair Straightener Holder $12.95

A freestanding home for your hairdryer. Quality Chrome. W12 x D13 x H23cm. EIC99522.

Free standing. Keep your hair straighteners off the bathroom bench top. W13.5 x D10 x H27.5cm. EIC2069.

Shamboo Shower Caddy $99 Mix timeless beauty and organisation with an eco-friendly organic touch. Fits a standard shower arm. Bamboo. W29.5 x D13.5 x H71cm. ANA160390.

easy-build Bathroom Bench $267 A simple shelf to hold your bath time essentials. W91 x D46 x H60cm. DAD00017.

Suction Hair Dryer Holder $29.95

Suction Hair Straightener Holder $27.95

Can be easily removed and shifted; will not leave residue. W11.5 x D13 x H27.5cm. EVO10204.

UV resistant and will provide continuous suction from -20C to +60C. W8 x D8 x H32.5cm. EVO10212.

Wall Mounted Coil Hair Dryer Holder $21.95

Suction Hair Care Centre $47.95

W15 x D14 x H17cm. EIC99500.

Keep your hair care products easily accessible with this deluxe hair care holder. W24.5 x D16 x H30cm. EVO10284.

Can’t make it to a store? Shop online

Aquala Bath Caddy $99 Really relax in your bath. Book holder, soap/loofah holder, razor holder and non spill wine glass holder. Bamboo. W70-107 x D21 x H16cm. ANA90390.



Sort your hair accessories

Teeth Time What’s the secret to getting the kids to brush their teeth? Simple. Make bathroom time fun.

the kids will love these

Hanging Organiser 22 Pocket $21.95 LTW5216.

Sort your laundry

Big Eye Robot Toothbrush Holder $9.95 FEX1460. Animo Junior Toothbrush Holder Hippo $8.95 FEX1406.

Animo Junior Toothbrush Holder Tiger $8.95 FEX1410. Step Stool $17.95 STE1310.

26 Storage dilemma? Ask our in-store organisation specialists!

3 Divider Laundry Cart Large $129 W76 x D45 x H79cm. PYS660. Small $69.95 W62 x D32 x H70cm. PYS661.


Storing toys

Storing towels Twin Towel Rail $34.95 Unparalleled performance from a suction cup system. W50 x D7 x H8.5cm. EVO10205.


Bamboo Leaning Towel Ladder $79.95

Family friendly

Bath Tub Toy Bag - Ducks $24.95 H38cm. ANA659.

W51 x D4 x H180cm. EIC01552.

mesh for drainage

Bath Tub Toy Bag - Crocodile $24.95 H38cm. ANA967.

Bath Tub Toy Bag - Zebra $24.95

3 Tier Over the Door Towel Organiser $18.95

Shower Screen Hanging Towel Rail $29.95

Utilise bathroom or shower door space. W48 x D11 x H47cm. PC810.

Easy to install with no hardware needed. W45 x D10.5 x H76cm. EIC1807.

H38cm. ANA969.

Bath Tub Toy Bag Numbers $29.95

Chrome Towel Rack

H30.5cm. ANA747.

A sleek stylish design, chrome finish towel rack.

Medium $49.95

suction cups

W56 x D30 x H90cm. EIC99521.

Bath Tub Toy Bag - Pirates $29.95

W90 x D29 x H90cm. EIC99520.

H30.5cm. ANA745.

Large $59.95

Wall Shelf & Towel Rack $49.95 Make use of unused wall space. W63 x D22 x H17cm. PYS624.

It’s fine to change your mind with our simple Returns Policy. 27

Top solutions for tight spaces Think outside the bathroom box and get a little clever with your space. These nifty solutions have unlimited storage potential and will keep you, your bathroom and anyone else who uses it organised and in-check.

shelf folds for longer items

Leifheit In Shower Drying Tower $169

York Tension Caddy $179 Durable, adjustable, beautifully finished. Assembles in minutes – no tools required. Polished Chrome. W28.5 x D19.5 x H275cm. ANA42670.

Bevi Shower Caddy $64.95 Simply styled in acrylic and stainless steel to hold all your shower necessities. W41 x D11 x H58cm. ANA00265.

19m of drying line. 3 year warranty. Made in Belgium. White. W66 x D61 x H150cm. TRA81435.

Powerlock Screw Suction


A. Shower Caddy $54.95 ANA53820. B. Mirror $39.95 ANA52120.

adjusts for ceiling heights between 152-274cm


Over the Door Shower Caddy $49.95 Includes 4 hanging hooks and 2 storage baskets. Polished Stainless Steel. W26 x D20 x H58cm. EIC3048.

28 Storage dilemma? Ask our in-store organisation specialists!

D C. Razor Holder $11.95 ANA51220. D. Large Basket $39.95 ANA52420.


Store high use items together. Hang inside or outside cabinet. W28 x D12 x H12.5cm. ANA56470.

Classico Tank Toilet Roll Holder $27.95

Med + High Rise Organiser $24.95 W30.5 x D7.5 x H13cm. ANA43130.

Med + Multi Level Organiser $24.95

Holds one toilet roll in use and one spare. ANA69030.

Other styles available. Quality Plastic. W30.5 x D7.5 x H8.5cm. ANA43030.

includes 5 year warranty

Be Rewarded Shampoo & Soap Dispenser Rust resistant stainless steel design.

Single $69.95 ALB1034. Twin $119 ALB1028. Triple $169 ALB1029.

4 Tier Bamboo Stand $79.95 Large enough to be useful yet small enough to be portable. W28.2 x D18.5 x H88.3cm. EIC069.

Join our new Inspirations™ reward program today. See page 84 for more. Umbra Hide N Sink $49.95 Over cabinet door caddy for your hair dryer and hair supplies. W25 x D13 x H15cm. ANA21014.

Over Toilet Chrome Storage Rack $89.95 W61 x D29 x H176cm. PYS655.

Can’t make it to a store? Shop online 29

Tight spaces

Axis Over Cabinet Sponge Caddy $29.95

Specialty mirrors

Narrow drawer

Antifog Mirror $49.95 Quality Plastic. SIR001.

Suction Mirror $19.95

Swing Arm Mirror $54.95

Quality Plastic. D17.8cm. Mag x5. EIC2527.

Quality Plastic. Mag x5. EIC2536.

Glam 5 Compartment Organiser $37.95 High sided to keep items together. Quality Acrylic. W18 x D25.7 x H10.3cm. ANA1188.

Lowline mirrors

Squat Mirror $24.95 Mag x4. EIC2532.

Cosmetic Mirror $26.95 Mag x2. EIC2503.

Medium drawer

Vanity Mirror $59.95 Mag x5. EIC2505.

Vanity Mirror $49.95 Mag x5. EIC2504.

Pedestal mirrors

Pedestal Mirror Ball Pedestal Mirror Cosmetic Mirror Pedestal Mirror $54.95 $29.95 Mag x2. EIC2500. $49.95 Mag x5. EIC2509. $39.95 Mag x7. EIC2528. Mag x10. EIC2541.

30 Howards is a Mirror Specialist. Come in-store and see our extensive range.

6 Piece Organiser Set $29.95 Arrange to suit your specific needs. Quality Acrylic. PTM6031.

Wide drawer

OXO Interlocking Drawer Organisers from $6.95 Bring your drawer or measurements into store and solve the storage puzzle. Quality Acrylic. (WKI90102).



Fall in love with organised everyday

W30.5 x D15.5 x H9cm. ANA43230.

Med + Multi Level Org $24.95 W30.5 x D7.5 x H8.5cm. ANA43030.

make-up Allure Stackable Boxes $19.95 Set of 2. W9.5 x D9.5 x H16cm. PTM1127.

Allure Cotton Tips & Balls Caddy $23.95 Dia10 x H13.5cm. PTM3091.

Med + High Rise Org $24.95 W30.5 x D7.5 x H13cm. ANA43130.

Bathroom cupboards and drawers are the backbone of a bathroom’s functionality. Organise these and enjoy a designer bathroom inside and out.

Glam Organiser $37.95 5 compartments. ANA1188.

Allure Lipstick Holder $13.95 Holds 9 lipsticks. PTM6. Allure Lipstick Cosmetic Organiser $24.95 Holds 9 lipsticks. PTM7.


Milky Bathroom Set Acyrlic. White.

Lotion Pump $19.95 EIC2701. Soap Dish $12.95 EIC2704. Toothbrush Holder $14.95 EIC2702. Tumbler $9.95 EIC2703.

Linus Pullz from $19.95 (ANA58930). Medium Storage Basket with Handle $4.95 Transparent. W16 x D28 x H12.9cm. PLF028.

in-cupboard Can’t make it to a store? Shop online 31

Beauty queen

Med + Catch All $34.95


Ruckzuck Airers Install indoors or outdoors. Anodized Aluminum. 3 year guarantee.

80cm $149 PZ332. 100cm $169 PZ333. 120cm $189 PZ334.









B Pre-sort/ Wash/Dry

Hand Wash/Drip Dry



Build your own laundry solution Get the workflow right. You’ll save time and reduce the effort needed to get the job done. Supreme Solution


Here’s how we did it: A. easy-build Custom Unit $1,062.50 Triple Coated Chrome. W273 x D46 x H180cm. DAD00010. B. Large 3 Divider Laundry Cart $129 W76 x D46 x H80cm. PYS660. C. 42 Rail Folding Airer with Castors $109 W90 x D79 x H151cm. PLT4617. D. Laundry Powder Tin $34.95 White. W15 x D18 x H23cm. UNE110264. E. Peg Box $19.95 White. W15.5 x D18 x H13cm. UNE110262. F. Wheat Straw Baskets from $19.95 (BSK6005). G. Soak Bucket $29.95 White. UNE110263. H. House Box $34.95 White. W27.5 x D20.5 x H18.5cm. UNE110265. I. Tubtrug 26L $16.95 Green. CRS2607. J. Over the Door Ironing Board Holder $11.95 W24.5 x D11.5 x H23cm. PC665.


easy-build: corner unit





Space for your ironing, cleaning, washed and ironed laundry plus a clever fold down ironing board.


A. Corner easy-build Unit $696.50 Triple Coated Chrome. DAD00011. Left: W91 x D46 x H180cm. Right: W120 x D46 x H180cm. B. 12.5L Dry Store $25.95 PIW893.

C. Over The Door Ironing Board $59.95 W43 x D107 x H126cm. PLT4116. D. Ultra Caddy Large $22.95


White. Plastic. W44.5 x D32 x H23.5cm. STE1584.

E. Sterilite Caddies and Baskets from $2.95 (STE1608). F. 22 Pocket Organiser $21.95


W46 x D93cm. LTW5216.


G. Laundry Hamper with Wheels $84.95 Plastic. White. STE8003. A

easy-build: little wonders


Utilise the space over the washer with these clever triple coated chrome easy-build shelves. A. Hanger Shelf $28.95



W61.5 x D31 x H18.5cm. PC78.

B. Over the Washer easy-build Custom Unit $255 Triple Coated Ironing

Inspired by you... I have shelving in my laundry, and my laundry is a great size, but I still can’t seem to make it look neat and organised. Help please! - Justine Leopold, Inspirations Member Justine, creating a simple workflow (as above) will give you an efficient and organised space. Did you know this shelving solution would also give you $50 in rewards as an Inspirations Member! - The Howards Team

Chrome. W66 x D36 x H180cm. DAD00012.

C. Amalie Pullout Organiser Wide $14.95 W36.6 x D38 x H13.5cm. PLF010. D. Separator Caddy $9.95


Wide. W17.1 x D33.1 x H24.5cm. PLF008.

E. Aamina Easy Access Storer Large $19.95 9.6L. W19.5 x D29.9 x H26.4cm. PLF005.

F. Oyster Laundry Hamper $29.95 Large. W45 x D30 x H60cm. DNE46822.

Become an Inspirations Rewards Member – Join in-store. 33

Your very own laundry haven A

create a mending station behind the laundry door!

There’s no doubt about elfa®. If it were to get any easier, it would do your laundry for you.

B C 22 Pocket Organiser $21.95 W46 x H93cm. LTW5216.


drip dry over the sink


adjustable height



Adjustable Ironing Rack $69.95 Height adjustable and includes easy glide castors. Chrome. Grey Plastic. W83 x D43 x H151cm. EIC90024.


A. Dry Store 10L $22.95 PIW892. D

Laundry Tins White. B. Peg Box $19.95 UNE110262. C. Laundry Powder Tin $34.95 UNE110264. D. Soaking Bucket $29.95 UNE110263.

washing station as shown $1,552.45 See plans online.


This ‘attach to the wall’ system has remarkable weight bearing capabilities, is made from exceptionally durable epoxy coated steel, is customisable in length and width and above all, it’s oh so easy to install. ELF01016.

Supreme Solution

Pegasus Drying Hangers Set of 5 $22.95 Made from durable plastic and includes 2 x red clip on smalls hangers. TRA81535.




Iron Organiser $11.95 A complete ironing station. Mount on the wall or behind the door. W32 x D8.5 x H33.5cm. PC019.


Even if your laundry is confined to one wall it can still be organised. This elfa® system has remarkable weight bearing capabilities, is made from exceptionally durable epoxy coated steel, is customisable in length and width and above all, it’s oh so easy to install.


Over the Door Ironing Board Holder $11.95 Metal with white enamel finish. W24.5 x D11.5 x H23cm. PC665.

Laundry Tins Charcoal.

A. House Box $34.95 UNE110135.

B. Soaking Bucket $29.95 UNE110133. C. Laundry Powder Tin $24.95 UNE110134.

holds a large hot iron

D. Peg Box $19.95 UNE110132.

brabantia Steam Iron Store $49.95 Wall mountable with hooks for hanging ironing board. Heat resistant plastic. Grey. W19 x D16 x H38.5cm. BRB9833.

walk through laundry as shown $935.70 See plans online. ELF01013.

Howards in an elfa® specialist. Ask about our free design, measure and quote service. 35


Walk through laundry

Drying & airing know-how We all have different drying needs and space limitations. So here’s a little something for everyone, and we have even more in-store.

Standard Cover

Wall Fix Clothes Line $299

Pop Up Hamper $12.95

24m of drying line

Does not spin. Effortless one-handed operation. Includes nylon cover. 5 year guarantee. Opened: W182 x D184 x H107cm. Closed: W20 x D18 x H102cm. BRB09027.

Watch the Video

Optional Stainless Steel Cover $199 BRB9024.

Optional Cover

Lightweight, portable, and collapsible. Includes side pocket. EIC8042.

save your back

includes 5 hangers

Laundry Buggy with 2 Baskets $145 Ideal for transporting and distributing laundry. W74 x D38 x H88cm. PC023.

Pegasus 200 Deluxe $199

Ultra Hiphold 49L Laundry Basket $34.95 Large capacity and easy to hold. Heavy duty. White. W66 x D45 x H26cm. STE1210.

36 Shop online

Ideal for low-line balconies. 3 year guarantee. • 2 holders for small items • Anti-slip rung for hangers • 5 wind resistant hangers • Bag for clothes pegs • Mesh for soft drying W174 x D66 x H89cm. TRA81530.


28 Rail A-Frame Airer $79.95

Retractable Clothesline $24.95 A clever pull out alternative to a traditional line with 15m of drying space. PLT4660.

42 Rail Airer With Castors $109 Collapsible shelves and swing out shirt holder. Will hold a full load of washing. W90 x D79 x H151cm. PLT4617.

10m of hanging space

ideal for tight spaces, caravans, bathrooms

fold away when not in use

Ruckzuck Airers Install indoors or outdoors. Anodized Aluminum. 3 year guarantee. 80cm $149 PZ332. 100cm $169 PZ333. 120cm $189 PZ334.

base allows water to drain

Versaline “Up & Dry� Traveller $229 Line can be removed from dock when not in use. W203 x D51 x H10cm. VER00270.

Clothes Peg Bag $29.95 Includes carabiner hook. Pegs not included. Assorted colours. BRB9836.

Drying dilemma? Ask our in-store organisation specialists! 37

Drying & airing

Use indoors or outdoors. Folds away when not in use. Stainless steel. W96 x D146 x H60cm. PLT4614.

Saving you time: cleaning Time is precious so the less time spent cleaning, the better. With the right equipment organised and at the ready, you will save 15 minutes every time you clean. These will get you on your way.

marks wipe off walls in seconds


use dry for dusting.


use wet for glass windows.


Watch the Video

use wet on grease, mould, soap scum, spills and dirt.

White Magic Original Eraser Block $4.95 Cleans marks off hard surfaces with water. Use to clean your shower and walls and watch it gleam. JTY16.

Magic Holder It’s easier and faster when you can find all your tools in one place. White. Plastic. 3 Broom $17.95 EVR404. 5 Broom $25.95 EVR405.

Ultra Caddy Large $22.95 Save time and avoid trips back and forth to the cleaning cupboard. White. Plastic. W44.5 x D32 x H23.5cm. STE1584.

38 It’s fine to change your mind with our simple Returns Policy.

White Magic Household Value Pack $19.95 Guaranteed to last for 300 washes. Absorbs over 7 times their weight. Fibres are 150 times finer than human hair. JTY0252.

(Saving of $9.90 when purchasing value pack)

Trend Vacuum, Brush & Broom Tidy $12.95 A handy station for your cleaning products and vacuum cleaner. White. Plastic. W39.5 x D15 x H22cm. HLL4289.


Saving you money: washing

replace washing powder with a detergent free alternative

Ecozone Eco Stain Remover 135ml $10.95 No phosphates, not tested on animals, fragrance free. DNE4664.

Ecozone Ecoballs 150 $34.95 100% hypoallergenic, residue free and anti-bacterial. Ideal for sensitive skin. Reusable for up to 150 washes. DNE4662. Ecozone Ecoballs Refill 180 $24.95 DNE4663.

Exit Pump Spray 125ml $6.95 JTY8023. Exit Soap $3.95 JTY002.

dries clothes faster Dryer Balls $17.95 Set of 2. DNE4660.

high performance stain removal

Oops Red Wine Stain Remover 100ml $12.95 Contains natural citrus extracts. Suitable on most fabrics. Biodegradable. VLL6100.

Shop close to home. Visit our online store locator at 39

Cleaning & washing

Get smart with your washing. These little beauties are quality laundry solutions and they’re great on your hip pocket. Say goodbye to laundry detergent!


Bedroom With Howards you can combine organisation with affordable, sophisticated style. It’s your space to relax, recoup and recharge. So go on, have it your way! Keep an eye out for these symbols over on the right hand page to find out the level of your project. Simple Solution Solid Solution Supreme Solution

Love this wallpaper? We do too! It’s ‘Soprano’ from

40 Howards is an elfa® specialist. Ask for a free design, measure and quote.



Upgrade your hangers for an instant wardrobe makeover. See page 42.

Shoe Library

Give your shoes the home they deserve with a shoe library. See page 44.

Higher shelves become a useful archive space. See page 46.

Lingerie Library Your elfa® wardrobe easily accommodates extra hanging rails for a lingerie library. See page 43 and the video online.

Gliding Shoe Library

Store heels or men’s shoes with this gliding shoe rack. See page 45.

Reach-in Wardrobe

Make the most of your entire wardrobe space. Ask in store for a free measure and quote. Shown here is elfa® Décor in Birch with White mesh baskets. For more on elfa®, see page 76.

Follow us on Twitter! @HowardsStorage 41

Wardrobe organisation

Archive Zone

The heart of a simple wardrobe makeover Howards is a hanger specialist. Ask in-store for help choosing the right hangers for you. Shirts Adult Timber 20 Hanger Value Pack Natural $24.95 PZN20. Chocolate $26.95 PZN202.




Casual Pants Eva Trouser Rack 3 Pack $7.95 LTW3032.



Shirt space saver

Shirt/Trouser Hanger 2 Pack Natural $7.95 PZN2. Chocolate $3.95 PZN22.

Eva 5 Tier Shirt Tree $10.95 LTW3033.


Trouser space saver

Hotel Style Hanger Natural $10.95 PZN63. Chocolate $5.50 PZN64.

Eva Trouser Swing Arm $11.95 LTW3034.


Skirt/Trouser space saver

Coat/Trouser Hanger Natural $2.75 PZN8. Chocolate $2.95 PZN82.

Skirt and Trouser Hanger 8 Clip $8.95 LTW3426.




Thick Trouser Hanger 2 Pack Natural $7.45 PZN33. Chocolate $3.95 PZN332.

42 Be rewarded – Become an Inspirations Member!




Flocked 20 Hanger (no bar) Value Pack $35.95 Cream, Silver, Black.

Skirt Hanger 2 Pack Natural $7.45 PZN4. Chocolate $3.95 PZN42.







Trousers Flocked 20 Hanger (with bar) Value Pack $45.95 Cream, Silver, Black. LTW3331/3327/3329.




Your own lingerie library Delicates. We wear them each and everyday. They can make you feel fabulous and stored well, can last you a long time. The key here is the “stored well” part because if you squeeze your delicates into any old drawer they simply won’t last the distance. Love your lingerie with help from the completely customisable elfa® and the right hangers.

Lingerie Library Create a lingerie library using elfa® by adding in extra hanging rails and single runner drawers. For a free measure and quote, ask in-store. See page 76 for more about elfa®.

Watch the Video

Diamond Drawer Organiser $16.95 Plastic. W47 x D36 x H7cm. PDI24.

Satin Hanger 5 Pack $7.95 Ivory, Blue, Pink. LTW3054/5/6.

Skirt Hanger 2 Pack $7.45 Natural. PZN4.

Shop online 43

Lingerie library with elfa®

Supreme Solution

Love your shoes

Clear Store boxes

Clear Store Stackable Shoe Cube $22.95 Acrylic. Clear. W30.5 x D30.5 x H11.4cm. PAP1012. Top $12.95 PAP10121.


a Shoe Library... Plus $1000 to spend on shoes!* Purchase any product from Howards during the promotion period and tell us in 25 words or less “How has the new Howards catalogue inspired you to be simply organised?” But Hurry! Entries close 30th October 2011. 5 prize packs to be won!

easy-build unit $259 See component list online. DAD3. Plastic Wheels $12 Set of 4. DAD82.


Solid Solution

*Terms and conditions apply. Enter at One prize awarded per state group: 1x NSW/ACT, 1x QLD, 1x VIC/TAS, 1x SA/NT, 1x WA.

Small Clear Store Shoe Drawer $22.95 Stackable. Acrylic. Clear. W17.7 x D30.4 x H10.1cm. PAP8000.


Large Clear Store Shoe Drawer $33.95 Acrylic. Clear. W20.3 x D35.5 x H13.5cm. PAP9000. Divider $12.95ea PAP90001.

Large Clear Store Sweater Drawer $54.95 Acrylic. Clear. W35.5 x D35.5 x H20.3cm. PAP22.


Storing boots

Wire racks for shoes

Shoe storage

small shoe boxes Boot Boxes $19.95 Set of 3. Clear. W52 x D30 x H11cm. PEC384.

each row holds up to 9 pairs of shoes Booty Shapers $9.95 Available in a variety of sizes and designs. BTS5210.

Extendable racks

21 Pair Shoe Rack $64.95 White. Plastic Coated Wire. W59 x D13.3 x H173cm. PC017.

Set of 2 Over the Door Brackets $4.95 PC6271.

Solid Solution

extendable Extendable/ Stackable Shoe Rack $49.95 Additional racks can be stacked on top. Wood. Chrome. W64.5-118 x D30 x H40cm. PYS420.

Gliding shoe racks This is a solid solution that can hold up to 72 pairs of shoes. Each row glides out to reveal racks 3 deep and designed to hold up to 9 pairs of ladies shoes. How easy. We love a bit of luxury.

Shoe Library Unit as shown $970.20 See plans online. ELF01042.

3 large racks stacked Stackable Shoe Rack White. Small $21.95 W50 x D30 x H18cm. PC501. Medium $24.95 W60 x D30 x H18cm. PC601. Large $29.95 W70 x D30 x H18cm. PC701.

12 Pair Shoe Rack $35.95 White. Plastic Coated Wire. PC059.

Shoe Box Small $22.95 Set of 3. W20.5 x D33 x H10.5cm. PJ4891. Large $21.95 Set of 2 (not shown). W26.5 x D39.5 x H13.5cm. PJ4892.

Howards is a shoe storage specialist. Come in-store to see the full range. 45

Archive your wardrobe


Archive out of season clothing and blankets to keep them fresh and protected from bugs, dust, humidity and mildew.

B Easi Store Tubs from $18.95 Stackable plastic tubs, quality boxes for use in the home or garage. (PJ035).


Shown on elfa® Décor Birch and White. For more about elfa®, see page 76.





Space Bag Cube and Totes from $44.95 Extract air to triple your storage space and protect contents from dust and bugs. (TRA77021).


Compactor Compressible Trunks from $36.95 Vacuum seal contents to save space and protect them long term. (STE4023).

46 Follow us on Twitter! @HowardsStorage

A. PVC Shoulder Covers 3 Pack $11.95 PLT0007. B. PVC Suit Bag $9.95 PLT0003. C. PVC Dress/Coat Bag $14.95 PLT0005. D. Suit Space Bag $21.95 TRA57006. E. Dress Space Bag $22.95 TRA57014. F. PVC Sweater Bag Medium $7.95 PLT0001. G. Large PVC Storage Chest $12.95 PLT0008. H. Space Bag Large Underbed Tote $49.95 TRA90111.


Caring for your clothes is easy place in the microwave to re-charge

Cli-Mate Egg $29.95

Cli-Mate Hanger $29.95

Cli-Mate Sunsack $11.95

Place on any shelf to absorb moisture. OMG200.

Designed to protect clothing from mildew from the inside. OMG001.

Pop it in your drawers/photoboxes to absorb harmful moisture. OMG150.

Pure bamboo - Carbon based odour & moisture eliminator.

Footwear Deodoriser Natural Clothing Protector $8.95

Natural Wardrobe Protector $10.95

Place in clothing drawers, suitcases or wardrobe shelves. PUR1304.

Hang in wardrobe over rail or on a coat hanger. PUR1301.

Keeps footwear fresh, odour free and dry, increasing lifespan. Boot $8.95 PUR1311. Shoe $8.95 PUR1310.

sit in the sun for 1 hour to re-charge

DampRid range - Moisture absorbing granules. easy to refill

DampRid 3.4kg Economy Refill $19.95

DampRid Hanging Bag 3 Pack 397g $32.95

DampRid Disposable Moisture Absorber 300g $6.95

The economical way to refill your DampRid. KEN37.

Specially designed to hang in the wardrobe. KEN83.

Handy disposable pack for tucked away corners. KEN100.

Can’t make it to a store? Shop online 47

Archive & clothes care

Cli-mate range - Absorbs moisture and is odourless.

Clever ideas for creating space

Inspired by you... We were very inspired by Louise’s blog post at about our Tubtrugs... “...nice and big, yet shallow enough for sliding under the bed. Best 96 clams I ever spent! Oh and they come in pretty much every colour of the rainbow” For more inspiring stories visit

Did You Know?

The Original and the Best Tubtrugs are made from food safe, virtually indestructible plastic in Spain.

Shallow Tubtrug 15L $13.95 Blue. CRS1500.

Easi Store Underbed Shoe Box $39.95

Easi Store Underbed Box $34.95

Divided compartments for 6 pairs of shoes with locking lid, on wheels. Clear. Plastic. W84.5 x D38 x H15cm. PJ066.

Ideal for toys, linen and more. Lockable lid, has wheels, and is stackable. Plastic. W45 x D84 x H17cm. PJ045.

48 Be rewarded – Become an Inspirations Member!

PVC Underbed Storage Bag $14.95 Soft PVC with zip top. W105 x D45 x H15cm. PLT0006.


Utilise behind the door space Over-door hooks are quick and easy to install. No screws or glues required.

Hook $10.95

Melody Single Hook $10.95

6 Double Peg Hook $34.95

Powder Coated Metal. White. PC605.

Stainless Steel. EIC9850.

Chrome. EIC90106.

Chrome. EIC2044.

4 Hook Rack $11.95

2 Hook $9.95

Melody Double Hook $16.95

10 Knob Hanger $26.95

Powder Coated Metal. White. PC625.

Chrome. EIC9781.

Chrome. EIC90108.

Chocolate Timber Design. Chrome. EIC2817.

Hanger 10 Hook $9.95

Single Hook $6.95

Melody Triple Hook $24.95

10 Knob Wave Hanger $19.95

Powder Coated Wire. White. PC315.

Chrome. EIC2050.

Chrome. EIC90109.

White Ceramic Design. Chrome. EIC7624.

Purse/Handbag Holder $12.95 Holds 4-6 purses. Hooks over standard sized doors. EVR427.

Valet Rod $49.95 Lined with a soft foam rubber to protect door surfaces. W45 x D20 x H20cm. ANA60410.

Shoe Organiser $22.95 Create hanging shoe storage in your wardrobe or behind the door. W48 x D135.8cm. LTW5117.

holds 10 pairs of shoes Can’t make it to a store? Shop online 49

Under the bed & behind the door

Multihook $16.95

Your accessory bar Fed up with rummaging for the right jewellery, belt or tie every morning? Create a customised accessories oasis with easy-build shelving and a few key organisational essentials.

Jewellery Allure Necklace Keeper $24.95 PTM12.

Allure Bangle Keeper $19.95 Learn more about easy-build

Keep all your favourite bangles on show making it easier for you to select, as you need them. W20 x D10 x H15.5cm. PTM13.

no tools required

Allure Folding Earring Screen $34.95 Display your favourite earrings without them becoming tangled. Quality Acrylic. W7 x D11.5 x H27cm. PTM8572.

Allure Jewellery Chest with Necklace Keeper $169 easy-build Unit as shown $706 DAD00002. See component list online. For more on easy-build see page 68.

50 Storage dilemma? Ask our in-store organisation specialists!

Find your favourite jewellery in a flash. Made from high quality Acrylic. Easy to clean. W27 x D14 x H29cm. PTM1645.

Allure Earring Organiser $24.95

Acrylic. W16 x D9.5 x H23cm. PTM1290.

Belts & ties

Hand bags

Storing accessories

Top Idea

also useful for long necklaces

Stackable Faux Leather Jewellery Trays Medium Trays from $34.95, Lid $24.95. Large Trays from $49.95, Lid $29.95.


Stackable jewellery boxes

Belt Rack $9.95 Double-sided. Holds 7 belts on each side. EIC00014.


stackable trays

Mix and Match Jewellery Trays

EVA Tie and Belt Hanger $7.95

Handbag Holder $35.95

Flock lined jewellery trays in an attractive chocolate timber look outer. 3, 4 & 6 Compartment from $12.95 (MMA03/02/04). Lid $8.95 MMA00.

Holds 12 ties each side and has 2 hooks for belts. Black. LTW3036.

Clear pockets make bags easy to see as well as protecting them. Holds 7 bags each side. Silver. PVC. LTW5218.

Faux Leather Stackable Jewellery Trays from $34.95 (MMA70405). Lids from $24.95 (MMA704052).

Electronic Tie Rack $59.95

Port-a-Bag Inserts from $19.95

Holds 54 ties. Forward and reverse operation with automatic light. PAC001.

Nylon handbag inserts with pockets for all your essentials, that can quickly transfer contents from one bag to another. 4 sizes and 2 colours to choose from. (LTW5401).

Can’t make it to a store? Shop online 51

Temporary wardrobe solutions 1. Double rack

2. Basic storage


height adjustable

basket sets are stackable A


create more storage with a storage basket


2 Rod Garment Rack $79.95

A. Garment Rack $109

A space efficient double hanging rack on casters ideal for ironing or the spare room. Two adjustable arms allow you to set height to suit longer garments if needed. W90 x D61 x H148cm. EIC27296.

Other sizes and colours available in-store. Silver. W125 x D39 x H157.5cm. PC1511. B. Basket for Garment Rack $39.95 Silver. PC1531. C. LAD Frame and Basket Sets (can be stacked using an elfaÂŽ frame connector). 3 Tier $64.95 W42.5 x D41 x H65.1cm. PC346. 4 Tier $74.95 W44.2 x D53.2 x H69.5cm. PC475. 5 Tier $94.95 W42.5 x D41 x H102.1cm. PC546.

52 Talk to us, tell us what you think, we’re on Facebook!




no tools needed to build

Wardrobe Rack on Wheels Custom easy-build Unit $365 Made from triple coated chrome components, easy-build is durable and totally customisable. This rack is perfect for extra hanging space incorporating 2 useful shelves. When it is time to move, the unit is easy to break down into it’s components again. See component list online. DAD00018.

freestanding Unit as shown in Décor Birch and White $875.50 For premium, customisable storage, elfa® freestanding is the perfect choice. As your storage needs change, add components such as drawers, a second hanging rail or even extra shelves. See page 76 for more about elfa®. See plans online. ELF01002.

Are you an Inspirations Member? Join in-store today! 53

Temporary wardrobe

3. Design your own

Small people Organised space

Create a room with accessible, fun storage. Teach them tidy habits from a young age and look cute to boot!

Top Idea

Drawers Design your own drawer units with mesh or wire baskets in many different heights, widths and depths. Shown here from left to right:

4 Runner Drawer $210.65 ELF01043. 7 Runner Drawer $324.55 ELF01044. 10 Runner Drawer $399.40 ELF01045. Hanging:

Skirt Hanger 2 Pack $7.45 PZN4. 3M Command Hooks 2 Pack $8.95 PQ17081.

Spice Racks

Get clever and transform spice racks into simple yet effective bookshelves! $12.95 PC042C.

54 Shop online


Top Idea

The important box

Easy Hang Kids Over the Door Shoe Organiser $19.95

22 Pocket Organiser $21.95 LTW5216.

W48 x D7 x H108cm. Blue LTW5122. Pink LTW5123.

Easy Hang Kids Sweater Organiser $16.95 4 convenient shelves. Also available in Pink. W24 x D28 x H84cm. LTW5120.

Sweater Drawer $12.95 LTW5130.

Kids Toy Storer $22.95 Assemble yourself with loop fastener seams. Also available in Pink. W50 x D38.5 x H16.7cm. LTW5126. Create an ‘Important Box’ with this nifty A4 File Case.

A4 File Case $6.95 Clear. PJ003. This lightweight box becomes the ‘go to’ place for important paperwork. Think home readers, notes and any other important forms that may need to make it safely between school and home. Kids. Their minds are often on other things so help them establish effective habits and make it easy for them.

Easy Hang Kids Shoe Organiser $17.95 Holds 8 pairs of shoes. Also available in Pink. W13.5 x D27.2 x H112cm. LTW5124.

D. Product Description Shoe Organiser $10.95$00.00

W00 x D00 x H00cm. Colour. CODE. LTW5132.

E. Product Description $00.00

W00 x D00 x H00cm. Colour. CODE.

It’s fine to change your mind with our simple Returns Policy. 55

Wardrobe & play

If you’ve ever discovered an important note from school in a crumpled ball at the bottom of your child’s school bag, this solution is for you.

Your space



Create an organised space with storage that will grow with you, then happily travel and reconfigure as you leave home. H







Sport Media





storage inside Custom Designed easy-build Design your own to suit your space and needs. Ask in-store for help with your design. A. Desk With Side Shelf $455.50 W183 x D46 x H90cm. DAD00019. B. Wall Unit With Hanging $1,336 W272 x D46 x H220cm. DAD00020.

Supreme Solution Here’s how we organised ours:


C. Umbra Magnetic Noticeboard $89.95 W53 x D2 x H38cm. ANA15410. D. Faux Leather Letter Holder $19.95 EIC321. E. Faux Leather Stackable File Tray $17.95 EIC308. F. Large File Holder $24.95 EIC312. G. Stackable DVD Caddy $21.95 W22 x D15.3 x H14.8cm. H. File Box $24.95 Holds foolscap suspension files. Clear. W45 x D26.5 x H27cm. PJ4998. I. Easi Store Tubs 35L $18.95 W34 x D46 x H24cm. PJ035. EIC303. J. Timber 20 Hanger Value Pack $24.95 Natural. PZN20. K. Large Clear Store Sweater Drawer $54.95 Acrylic. Clear. W35.5 x D35.5 x H20.3cm. PAP22. L. Tubtrug $16.95 CRS2607. M. Faux Leather Padded Ottoman $59.95 W40 x D40 x H40.5cm. EIC97007.


Onetouch Tower $279 The dorm

Holds 600 disks without cases in double sided, index suspension sleeves and features push button ejection system. W20 x D27 x H105cm. MMA380.

Top Idea Mini Kitchen for Your Room Create a mini kitchen using elfa速 drawer units on wheels. Shown here from left to right: 4 Runner Drawer in Platinum $247.35 ELF02040. 7 Runner Drawer in Platinum $406.25 ELF02041.

Axis Over the Door 5 Hook $39.95

Pop-Up Hamper $12.95 Lightweight, portable and collapsible. Includes a side pocket for pegs and detergents. EIC8042.

For coats, robes, bags and more. Instant temporary storage. Chrome. W39 x D9 x H28cm. ANA22870.

Easi Store Underbed Box $34.95 Stackable, lockable and on wheels. Plastic. W45 x D84 x H17cm. PJ045.

Storage dilemma? Ask our in-store organisation specialists for help. 57

Create a multipurpose room with

Sewing Station





A modern home office can wear many hats. This solution combines space for you, the kids, craft and even a wrapping station. C

Supreme Solution

Multi-Purpose Room in both Décor Birch and Platinum Mesh. Left side: Wrapping kids corner and craft station $2,023.30 ELF02042. Right side: Adult work station $2,179.65 ELF02043.

Kids Corner


Wrapping Station

Create a home for all your wrapping supplies. We’ve used elfa® hanging rails to house bulk rolls of paper.

Kids Corner

Kids love to work alongside their parents. So create a space they can call their own. We’ve also used:

A. Caddies $3.95ea For pens and pencils from (PLF026).

B. Bigso Storage Boxes from $19.95 For a set of 2 CD boxes. PBB9462.

C. Umbra Magnetic Noticeboard $89.95 ANA15410.

58 Howards is an elfa® specialist. Ask for a free design, measure and quote.

easily raise the desk height as children grow


Paper Control


Sewing Station



D. Belle Swivel Storers from $3.95 For buttons and beads. (PLF020).

Work Station



Increase productivity, reduce stress and reclaim control by being organised. An elfa® workstation makes this easy.


ZAK Canisters from $10.95

Work Station


We’ve also used:

E. Bamboo Desk Tray $16.95 PHA1106.

F. Bamboo Organiser $29.95 PHA1108.

G. Bamboo Recipe Box $26.95

good storage means a clear desk


Paper Control

Set up a “paper-in” area using an elfa® basket shelf and an efficient filing system. Labelled of course! We’ve also used:

H. Bigso File Holders $17.95 Set of 3. PBB96833.

I. Bigso Fred Boxes $32.95 Set of 2. PBB9642.

J. Bigso CD Boxes $19.95 Set of 2. PBB94623.

K. Bamboo Waste Bin $26.95 PHA1111.

K Watch the Video

To see more about the multi-purpose room, watch the video online.

Love being organised? Become an Inspirations Member today! 59

Multi-purpose room

Have your machine, cotton, buttons and fabrics on the ready! Use an elfa® trouser hanger for fabrics and hanging rail for ribbons. We’ve also used:

Top solutions for an organised office Faux leather desk accessories

Handy Command hooks

Classically designed and beautifully finished with a suedette lining. Chocolate.

Keep things tidy, off the floor and organised.

Umbra Magnetic Notice Board Small $59.95 ANA12410. Large File Holder $24.95 EIC312.

Large $8.95 PQ17003.

Cord Bundles $10.95 2 pack. PQ17304.

Spring Clip $8.95 PQ17005.

Letter Holder $19.95 EIC321.

Large Desk Organiser $29.95 EIC3220.

Stackable File Tray $17.95 EIC308.

An organised office will take the “hard” out of work. These clever space savers and organisers will enable your office to function at full capacity.

Cabinet Trolleys The perfect home for pens, pencils and paper. White. 3 Drawer $109 W32.7 x D39.5 x H57cm. EIC1071. 5 Drawer $149 W32.5 x D39.5 x H85cm. EIC1073. Slim 3 Drawer $99 W23.5 x D39.5 x H57cm. EIC1200. Slim 5 Drawer $139 W23.5 x D39.5 x H85cm. EIC1202.

60 Storage dilemma? Ask our in-store organisation specialists!

Stylish Solution


Stackable drawers

Never lose your phone at home again!

Prioritise your paperwork.

Phone Charger Holder with Frame $16.95 W23 x D7.5 x H18.3cm. EIC376.

Phone Charger Holder $12.95 W16.5 x D14.2 x H11.4cm. EIC375.

Top office solutions

Phone homes

Small Stackable Drawers $19.95 White/Clear.

Paper Triage 3 Tier A4 Drawer $44.95 Natural.

W36 x D26 x H16cm. PLF002.

W25 x D35 x H32.5cm. PF4312.

Media organisers

Projects & poster storage

In sleek Faux Leather.

Convert an Oxo Wine Rack into a storage space for posters and projects.

Top Idea Oxo Wine Rack $64.95 Clear. W35 x D20 x H24cm. WKI96384.

Remote Control Caddy $21.95

Stackable DVD Caddy $21.95

W16 x D16 x H15cm. EIC3040.

W22 x D15.3 x H14.8cm. EIC303.

Can’t make it to a store? Shop online 61

Make space for life These simple solutions are the classic way to get organised.

62 Are you an Inspirations Member? Join in-store today.


Inspired by you...


I have so many books of different sizes that I’d like to keep neatly out on display. It looks so messy if I don’t group them by size. Are there shelves I can use that I can adjust the height to accomodate my books? - Helen Benson, Inspirations Member

Helen, you are in luck! We have a few shelving designs that will help with books and other items of all different sizes, that even let you adjust the height of the shelves yourself. - The Howards Team

shelves can be repositioned

Shelves Your living room plays host to a number of people so make the most of vertical space with a clean-lined, easily accessible, open shelving system. Have your treasures and favourite books on show but keep it simple to minimise clutter. It’s the perfect way to create a peaceful and welcoming living room.

A. 5 Shelf Wooden Unit $299 Easy to assemble and shelves can be repositioned to suit your needs. W80 x D32.5 x H158cm. DAD14.

simple to build with no tools needed


Only at Howards


B. 4 Shelf Wooden Unit $269 Made from contemporary chrome and timber. Simple to build. W80 x D32.5 x H131cm. DAD15.

Top Idea

Resin It’s contemporary, durable, waterproof and a great alternative to timber. Available in multiple sizes, our resin range has a sophisticated finish that will give your living room a classic look and feel. No mess, no fuss – just the way we like it!

Use as a standalone unit, or combine units to create a tiered solution.

A. 3 Tier Wide Shelf $195 Chocolate. W40.6 x D33 x H121.9cm. PUP04723.

B. 2 Tier Wide Shelf $155 Chocolate. W40.6 x D33 x H83.8cm. PUP04722.

C. Wide Cube $89.95 Chocolate. W40.6 x D33 x H45.7cm. PUP04721.

D. 2 Tier Double Width Shelf Large $279 W81.3 x D33 x H83.2cm. PUP04725. Also shown: Howards own Bigso Boxes made from recycled cardboard and newspapers. Set of 2 from $19.95 (PBB9462).



Follow us on Twitter! @HowardsStorage 63

Wine storage selections Simple Solution

Here’s a taste of ideal wine storage for the small collection.

Solid Solution

Are you a mid-sized collector? These storage solutions are great for the growing collection, and can be designed to fit large or small spaces such as under the stairs.

rubber wedge holds bottles in place

perfect for a growing collection

Smart Wine Bottle Storage $14.95 High quality silicone rubber. Can stack up to 10 wine bottles. W8.4 x D4 x H15.4cm. MMD120.

Oxo Wine Rack $64.95 Wine Rack Pocket System, in 5 bottle sections. W35 x D20 x H24cm. WKI96384.

Grapevine Wine Rack $34.95 Holds 6 bottles. Acrylic. W30 x D16 x H40cm. ANA50165.

build to any shape or size

8 x 6 bottle rows shown

WineStak Storage System $4.95 Per Pocket Stackable Wine Rack 6 Bottle Row $16.95 Rows are stackable and available in either 4 or 6 bottles per row. Chrome. W55 x D35 x H11cm. PYS031.

Timber and metal pocket system that can grow with your collection. For cellar fit-outs, ask in-store for a free measure and quote. Made in Australia. WST.

64 Need a little help? Contact us for a free measure and quote.

perfect for tight spaces


For the serious wine enthusiast, these modular systems are perfect for a serious cellar. Ask in-store for a free measure and quote and we can help you choose the right solution.

Modular wine rack Heavy-duty timber racking system suitable for a full cellar fit out as well as the growing collection. Available in 3 widths and 2 finishes; Natural Timber or Stained. Made in Australia.

Ask for a Free Measure & Quote

12 Bottle Rack (2 rows of 6) W66 x D30 x H28cm. Natural $49.95 MOD12. Stained $59.95 MOD121. 16 Bottle Rack (2 rows of 8) W84 x D30 x H28cm. Natural $59.95 MOD16. Stained $69.95 MOD161. 24 Bottle Rack (2 rows of 12) W120 x D30 x H28cm. Natural $69.95 MOD24. Stained $79.95 MOD241.

Cellarstack™ modular system

Modules can be joined as your needs grow, up to 30 bottles tall. Plastic. Available in Black or Silver. 15 Bottles $42.95 CEL151/15. 35 Bottles $109 CEL351/35. 55 Bottles $159 CEL551/55.

Love being organised? Become an Inspirations Member today! 65

Wine storage

Supreme Solution


to Howards

Garage To see the full range of elfa速 Garage Components visit your local store or view online at

Cork Hook $26.15 E477270.

elfa速s unique pegboard and utility track system is designed to house all your tools no matter how big or small. Larger hooks can also be screwed direct to the wall.

66 Storage dilemma? Ask our in-store organisation specialists!


lids lock closed with handle

elfa® in the garage

Easi Store Plastic Boxes with Wheels Stackable plastic boxes with locking lids. 15L$10.95 W29 x D39 x H20cm. PJ015. 35L$18.95 W34 x D46 x H24cm. PJ035.

Latch Box Protect items from dust and find them easily. Made in USA. 6L $11.95 W22 x D36 x H12.5cm. STE1882. 14L $21.95 W31 x D44 x H17cm. STE1884. 33L $39.95 W45 x D63 x H18.5cm. STE1886.

Iron Wedge Bike Hook $14.95 Store any style of bike on the wall. Easy to install. STE105.

Tubtrugs Made from food safe plastic and are virtually indestructible. Available in many colours and sizes. Made in Spain. 14L $13.95 CRS004. 26L $16.95 CRS002. 38L $22.95 CRS001. 75L $42.95 CRS003.

Classic in Platinum Design your own elfa® unit to suit your garage shape and storage needs. Made from strong epoxy coated steel, choose different shelf depths and lengths. Add in hanging space for coats and sports wear. Unit as shown $829.05 See plans online. ELF02020.

It’s fine to change your mind with our simple Returns Policy. 67

Designer space with easy-build This system is brilliant. It’s freestanding, completely adjustable and requires no tools to assemble. More than that, it’s durable, made from triple coated chrome and will keep everything beautifully organised. One easy-build to go please...

5 year guarantee

See online for more details.

Supreme Solution easy-build Custom Shelving Unit $1,540 Strong triple coated chrome and requires no tools to build. W273 x D46 x H220cm. DAD00021.

68 Howards is an easy-build specialist. Ask in-store for help with your design.


For any room

It’s so simple...

Watch the Video

Components or kits With a wide range of components, you can design a unit specifically for your needs. Pre-designed kits are available for shelves, wardrobes and even a kitchen rack.

Built to last The great advantage of this shelving design is it’s strength and durability. A book shelf suitable for today’s needs can easily be reconfigured into a wardrobe at a later date with a few additional components.

Light commercial This system is also suitable for light commercial use in kitchens, retail, hospitals, offices and more.

Need help? The options are endless and we are happy to assist with your design.

Inspired by you.. We’re looking for something funky to display our magazines, books and files in our office.

Start at the bottom and build up 1 Line up the notches on the clips with the grooves on the pole at the height you desire. 2 Snap the clips into position at the same height on all the poles.

- Julie Dwyer, Inspirations Member

Julie, why not try easy-build it’s strong and portable in case you move. And it looks great! As an Inspirations Member, the unit would also earn you $70 in vouchers! - The Howards Team

3 Lower shelving into position over the clips. Press down firmly to secure.

Can’t make it to a store? Shop online 69


Made from contemporary chrome, easy-build is a fully adjustable, free standing shelving solution suitable for any room in the home and easy enough to build yourself.

Extra kitchen bench space

Complete pantry system

Made from triple coated chrome, easy-build is ideal for use in kitchens. Now it’s simple to design and build your own kitchen space solution.

Gone are the days of rummaging in your pantry. This innovative pantry system will save you time and money. It’s easy to build, use and keep tidy.

Unit as shown $931 See component list online. DAD00006.

Unit as shown $1,606 See component list online. DAD00005.

No tools required

Aerial view

Right: Large 4

Shelf Kit $349

W120 x D46 x H180cm. DAD1.

shelf rolls out for easy access Shown:

Kitchen Rack Kit $299

Far Right:

Kitchen Trolley Kit $235 W61 x D36 x H90cm. DAD13.

W61 x D46 x H150cm. DAD12.

Perfect kitchen helper

Shelf space solutions

Handy, portable and small enough to fit in any corner of the kitchen, you’ll be lost without this little kitchen helper.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra shelf space in the kitchen? easy-build makes this possible.

70 Storage dilemma? Ask our in-store organisation specialists!

Maximise the space on your bench top with this microwave stand. It’s neat and petite and there’s plenty of room for kitchen essentials above and below it.

Unit as shown $882.50 See component list online. DAD00001.

Unit as shown $142 See component list online. DAD00022.

Design your own entertainment unit The breakfast station With a wide range of components it’s easy to custom design a unit to suit your entertainment needs.

With all your breakfast items in one spot, this is a solution the whole family can enjoy. Now that’s an effective use of space and time.

Unit as shown $438 See component list online. DAD00004.

Unit as shown $312 See component list online. DAD00014.

Can’t make it to a store? Shop online 71


Microwave stand

Perfect for the uni student, this custom built unit is durable and strong. Better yet, it will easily disassemble when it’s time to move.


Wardrobe plus more

Clever easy-build kits

Large Shelving Unit Kit $349 W120 x D46 x H180cm. DAD1.

These versatile pre-designed kits are the fastest way to solve your storage challenges.

slide out basket Large Wardrobe Kit with Cover $249 Includes slide out basket. W91 x D46 x H180cm. DAD9.

Small Wardrobe Kit $199 W61 x D46 x H180cm. DAD8.

Large Wardrobe Kit $219 W91 x D46 x H180cm. DAD7.

Medium Shelving Unit Kit $259 W91 x D46 x H150cm. DAD2.

Small Shelving Unit Kit $259 W66 x D36 x H150cm. DAD3.

narrow depth - 30cm shelf Long Slim Shelving Unit Kit $169 W91 x D30 x H90cm. DAD5.

Small Square Shelving Unit Kit $199 W46 x D46 x H120cm. DAD4.

72 Storage dilemma? Ask our in-store organisation specialists!



easy-build Poles and Shelves CODE



























(includes shelf clips)

W46 x D46cm



W61 x D36cm



W61 x D46cm



W66 x D36cm



W91 x D30cm



W91 x D46cm



W120 x D46cm







(includes shelf clips)





W91 x D20cm



W120 x D20cm




(includes shelf clips)




W91 x D46cm



(includes shelf clips)

All shelves include shelf clips.

Follow us on Twitter! @HowardsStorage 73

easy-build kits & components


easy-build Shelves and Baskets SIZE









W45 x D45cm



W66 x D36cm



W91 x D46cm



W45 x D45cm



W66 x D36cm



W91 x D46cm



W66 x D36cm



W91 x D30cm



W91 x D46cm



W120 x D46cm







(includes shelf clips)



(includes shelf clips)




(includes shelf clips)


sits on top of a chrome shelf





(includes shelf clips)

All shelves include shelf clips.

74 Need help? Ask our in-store organisation specialists!











































CHROME BASKET W34 x D18.2 x H16cm







All shelves, bars and baskets include shelf clips























(set of 4 – pictured) HEAVY DUTY WHEELS (set of 4 ) INDUSTRIAL WHEELS




(includes shelf clips)


(set of 4 )






(includes shelf clips)






46cm (set of 2)

5 year guarantee.

Shop close to home. Visit our online store locator at 75

easy-build kits & components




easy-build Specialty Components

Give your belongings a home they deserve with

NEW TO HOWARDS elfa® Décor now comes in white!

76 Howards is an elfa® specialist. Talk to us about our free design, measure and quote service.

Systems elfa®

Time to get truly organised? Then you can’t go past Swedish designed elfa®. It’s cleverly designed to make the most of your space no matter how large or small. Choose from freestanding or attach to wall installation styles and many finishes and components to fully customise a solution to your needs. Quality is an elfa® hallmark with core components made from epoxy bonded steel. You can also rest assured as all components carry a 10 year guarantee. Ask in-store for a free Howards design, measure and quote.

elfa gives you choice

The elfa® storage system is incredibly hardwearing and durable. elfa® is so confident of the quality that they have a ten year warranty on all elfa® products.



• System is attached to the wall via a top track • Simple wire shelves in white or platinum

• Specially designed components for the laundry and garage




• Upgrade with Décor timber trims in Birch, Walnut and White • Includes additional premium components

• With a place for everything, you will never lose your tools again


• Ask your local store today • Pick up your copy of our elfa® planning guide in-store

• Attach Classic and Décor components to standalone frame system

Free Design, Measure & Quote

View elfa® videos online at 77

Kids room


Encourage children to be organised by making it easy for them to put things away.

Utilise wall space with elfa® and put everyday items within reach.



Take control of your workspace and find important documents fast.

An organised pantry can help reduce food wastage and make cooking easier.



elfa®’s flexibility and strength makes it a quality garage solution.

elfa® shelves are strong and ventilated to give excellent airflow.

78 Howards is an elfa® specialist. Talk to us about our free design, measure and quote service.

Systems elfa® around the home

Any space can be organised elfa® helps you make the most of your space and it’s cleverly designed to make busy lives easier. Shown here:

Classic White Custom Unit $954.55 ELF01046.

Love being organised? Become an Inspirations Member today! 79

Evolution of a wardrobe with 1. Basic setup

2. Add components

elfa® is seriously flexible. Start small with a basic shelf and rail. It will evolve when you’re ready to create an ultimate storage setup.

Ready for the next stage? Create additional space with a few key components and increase your wardrobe’s organisational efficiency.

Use your

Inspirations Rewards Vouchers

to help upgrade your system.

How we did it: • Fix the top track to your wall and hook on the wall bands • Insert ventilated shelves and hanging rods • Overhaul your wardrobe with new hangers

How we did it: • Create a second tier of hanging space with another hanging rod • Insert elfa® gliding shoe racks (each row holds up to 9 pairs of shoes)

As shown $307.35 ELF02044.

As shown $682.95 ELF02045.

80 Howards is an elfa® specialist. Talk to us about our free design, measure and quote service.


4. The ultimate setup

Give your wardrobe a luxurious timber finish with elfa® Décor trims and shelves. Available in Birch, Walnut and now White.

Create a specialised storage space with a few key additions. Now this really is an ultimate wardrobe solution you will enjoy everyday!

How we did it: • Replace second tier of hanging space with elfa® mesh drawers • Upgrade with décor trims on all shelving and drawer frames • Use archive boxes for additional storage

How we did it: • Reconfigure hanging space and include a gliding pant rack • Create a shoe library with clear store shoe drawers (see page 44) • Rearrange the placement of your gliding shoe racks

As shown $1,396.40 ELF02046.

As shown $1,825.35 ELF02047.

Can’t make it to a store? Shop online 81

Evolution of elfa®

3. Upgrade with Décor

Ready to get organised with ? Follow these simple steps, and you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of an organised elfa® space. 1. Measure

2. Design

3. Take home today!

• Draw a sketch with simple measurements and take some photos of your space • Or, ask for a free measure and quote

• Visit your local Howards store and make an appointment for a free elfa® design consultation

• Take home and install yourself, it’s easy! • Or we’ll come and do the work for you

When you’re measuring your space, take an inventory of exactly what needs to be stored and start to think about what your supreme storage solution might look like.

Bring your notes, thoughts and sketch in-store and we’ll help you to customise a plan. If you’re pressed for time, call us and we’ll arrange to come out to you.

Let the fun begin! It’s time to install your customised elfa® storage solution. It’s simple to install yourself. However, if you’d prefer, we can organise delivery and installation for a small fee.

82 Howards is an elfa® specialist. Talk to us about our free design, measure and quote service.


4. Enjoy your dream space!

Can’t make it to a store? Shop online 83

Getting organised with elfa®

Did you know that it is easy to reconfigure your design as your needs change? Move shelves, add more specialised components like pant racks. The options are limitless with a quality elfa® system from Howards.

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Reduce your carbon footprint, save money and help the environment! • The natural alternative to conventional washing powders • Lifts away dirt and won’t fade or damage delicate fabrics • Reusable up to 150 washes • Softens clothing without the need of fabric softeners • Place 2 Ecoballs amongst your washing and switch your machine on

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2012 Catalogue - Australia  

Howards Storage World 2012 Catalogue

2012 Catalogue - Australia  

Howards Storage World 2012 Catalogue