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Axle Load Indicator

Axle Load Indicators - find out why it is a must for every truck driver to have one How It Works The Axle Load Indicator (electronic scale) works by converting the air pressure in the tractor and trailer air suspension into an on-theground weight. When the vehicle is loaded or unloaded, the air suspension will maintain the same vehicle ride height. The ride height is maintained by changing the air pressure in the air suspension to support the new load. The Axle Load Indicator senses the smallest change in the air pressure and displays the weight of the axle group within 100 kg (220 lbs), once calibrated.

Easy to Operate The Axle Load Indicator can be operated right from your cab. With a keypad and a large three digit display, it offers you the complete overview of the load on single axles/axle groups, trailer(s), tractor, gross and net vehicle weight, alarms and much more. Now you can sit in your cab and weigh as you load or unload. It offers print-out of all loads on the vehicle. Easy to Install Everything you need for normal installation is included in the Axle Load Indicator kit. Only the air pressure tube from the air suspension to the Axle Load Indicator is not included. The benefits are that you have no restrictions to the placement of the Axle Load Indicator. Installation is fast and easy and the kit comes with detailed installation instructions. Note that the Axle Load Indicator supports dual leveling vehicles without any extra expenses or parts needed. Product Benefits Here is why the Axle Load Indicator will pay for itself in short time.

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Eliminates commercial scale fees. Eliminate the cost of overweight fines because you always know the precise weight of your vehicle. Reduce the cost of waste time and out-of-route mileage in connection with commercial scale weighing. Reduce the cost underweight loads. Load to the maximum weight and increase efficiency.

Reduce the cost of free hauled loads because of inaccurate shipping weights. Warranty If your Axle Load Indicator product fails due to defective parts or factory workmanship, we will repair or replace it for two full year from date of purchase.

Kimax Series I KIMAX I

Double - Axle Load Indicator

The KIMAX I Double Axle Load Indicator is a "Self Weighing System" for eg. tractors, semitrailers, trailers etc., with air suspension. The KIMAX I handles one single axle/ axle group and the KIMAX I Double handles two axles. The axle/ axle group can be with or without dual leveling - no extra parts needed. The KIMAX I and the Kimax I, Double sensor include full -function keypad and a three digit LED weight display for each axle/axle group, so the trailer axle weight is always displayed even if the tractor is not equipped with a weighing unit. Because of its simplicity, it is very user friendly.

Part no.


X10732002003 Cabin Display, 1 Sensor X10732002001 Cabin Display, 2 Sensors

High Quality and Robustness Even though the KIMAX I and the KIMAX I Double sensor are smaller and more affordable versions of the KIMAX I, they will give you the same high quality. As for the KIMAX I, the KIMAX I 's will always provide the same high weighing accuracy (100 kg ~ 220 lbs), no matter the circumstances. This is ensured by compensating for changes in temperature and humidity, as well as placing the air pressure sensores inside the KIMAX I housing, opposed to placing them outside near the air suspension. In the housing they are well protected against the rough life on a trailer, which gives a longer life and better accuracy. Placing the air pressure sensors inside the housing requires transmitting the air pressure to the housing rather than transmitting an electric signal. That is done by air pressure tubes (4 mm or 6 mm ). Some would claim that it is a disadvantage to transmit the air pressure rather than an electric signal but in fact it is an advantage, because the air pressure is unaffected by electric and magnetic noise.


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X10732002004 Trailer Display, 1 Sensor X10732002002 Trailer Display, 2 Sensors

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Display of axle/axle group weight When calibrated correctly, the KIMAX I Trailer shows weights with an accuracy of 100 kg (220 lbs) Variable decimal point setting (000 / 00.0 / 0.00) for increased display accuracy Choose between weighing in kilograms or pounds. On-screen alarm for axle/axle group weight with adjustable set-point Externally wired alarm for axle/axle group weight with adjustable set-point. The alarm can be connected to eg. horn or lights. The alarms have approaching overweight warning Analogue output (0 - 5V DC) of the axle/axle group weight. Adjustable set-point for the maximum output from 10.0 ton to 99.9 ton RS232 interface for transmission of axle weight to on-board vehicle computer (only if mounted on tractor) Software lock to protect calibration against deletion


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Technical Data

Operating voltage: +11 ... +30 V Operating current: I < 90 mA Operating temperature: -25 ... + 70 °C; Protection: IP64 - box in plastic housing (for in-cab mounting). IP66 - box with high-grade steel housing (for outdoor mounting) EMC: CE European EMC directives 95/54 EEC (e1 type approval) Signal output (alarm): Duty-cycle from 0 ... 100 % with period of 1 sec. Short circuit proof. Interface (for onboard computer): RS232, 9600 baud Air connection: Push in fitting, air pressure tube thickness: 6 mm Maximum pressure: 15 bar Operating pressure range: 0 ... 10 bar LED size: Three large 1" LEDs Dimensions: (L x W x D in mm) 100 x 50 x 40 Operating temperature: -25 ... + 70 °C; Protection: IP64 - box in plastic housing. EMC: CE European EMC directives 95/54 EEC (e1 type approval) Interface (for printer): RS232, 4800 baud Maximum pressure: 500 bar Operating pressure range: 0 ... 250 bar Pressure type: Hydraulics LED size: Three large 1" LEDs Dimensions: (L x W x D in mm) 100 x 50 x 40


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