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Houston Symphony

2010•2011 Annual Report

four, knuckle-busting concertos in three weeks will be amazing to behold. Interestingly, Houston Though most performances are focused within metropolitan has a special relationship with Gerstein. In his early years as a fresh face in the industry, was Houston,hethe musicians have begun to expand their reach and are embraced by the Houston Symphony as a guest soloist. Then, in the days before now his most recent to communities in Humble, Sugar Land, Pasadena, traveling appearance with the Houston Symphony in January 2010, Gerstein received the news that he had Cypress and Spring. In the 2010-11 season, the Pearland, Webster, n been awarded the prestigious piano prize, the Gilmore Artist Award. musicians reached more than 54 different venues including all types l of retirement communities, from assisted living centers to nursing h ed homes; a broad spectrum of schools from elementary schools, to SPEC’S SALUTE TO EDUCATORS – (From L to R) Lisa Rydman Key, h college campuses and extended learning centers; places of worship Charles J. Stephens, Portia Stephens and Hermen Key…At the annual Spec’s Salute to Educators Concert which was held on March such as churches and synagogues; and many other facilities includThe director GDF Suez Community 31, Charles J. Stephens, of bands for WaltripConnections High School, program sent musicians to venues ing hospitals and shelters. received the 2011 Spec’s Charitable Foundation Award forseason. Excellence all over Houston in the 2010-11 Each musician gives three rehearsals and five performances to in Music Education. Since the late 1990s, Spec’s has generated more theitsprogram, performing as a Virtuoso, soloist, in than $2 million through annual charity event, Vintage to small ensembles or with piano accompaniment. Every performance is unique and customized for the audience. Most run for about an hour and consist of a performance and instrument demonstration, as well as adequate time for questions support Symphony education and appearances community programs. and discussion. “We give a little background about each piece [of music] before performing it. anets—An HD Odyssey, with glowThe purpose a well-received UK tour and a best-is to entertain, as well as inform,” says Peck. enthusiasm and significance the musicians invest in this program is matched quel is being launched. TheThe Houston by theirDuncan audiences. missioned producer/director have loved the program from the very beginning!” says Cecelia orld, high-definition film to “Residents accomSherretts, resident services coordinator at Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor. “Once we nce by the Houston Symphony. had 10 John or 12 members of the Symphony playing for us. We felt so honored that they us on planet Earth. Featuring chose us for this type of performance. The residents have a very proprietary attitude chine and Strauss’ Also sprach toward the musicians who come here.” Phyllis Lengyel, activity director, points out, ges from NASA’s shuttle missions, simply view the Houston Symphony as ‘theirs.’” ation orbiting Earth will“they be spun g story of our home planet’s land, sea erformance of this Symphony Special 18, 2012. Bassonist Rian Craypo shows off pieces of her bassoon to local children at Reynolds Elementary. She and colleague SOUNDS LIKE FUN! –The A young fan tries a flute at the Community Instrument Connections program is supported by a gift in ny Houston Symphony’s Petting Zoo before the Sounds Like Fun! concertofatAlfred Grace C. Community at Elise Wagner performed several pieces of music and then memory Glassell Jr. by his wife Clare Glassell. Church on June 1, 2010. The Sounds Like Fun! Concert Series is now fielded questions from the students. th



2010–2011 Annual Report © JAMI LUPOLD



3 Letter to Patrons 4–5 Financials THE MATRIX LIVE: Film in Concert 6–7 Looking Back 8–9 Looking Forward 10 David Dewhurst Student Concert 11 GDF Suez Community Connections 12 Orchestra and Staff 13 Board

in its 25 season. Last summer, 7,000 people attended the nine free, family-oriented Symphony concerts at churches, schools and community centers in Houston, Harris County and beyond.

At the turn of the millennium in 1999, the science fiction film, The Matrix, turned movie-making on its head and made audiences question reality. Now, THE MATRIX LIVE brings the Oscar®-winning film to the concert hall. This live film concert combines visionary science fiction imagery with the sound and power of a large symphony orchestra. The Houston Symphony is honored to perform the North American premiere of THE MATRIX LIVE on Thursday, November 3 at Jones Hall. Audiences will enjoy an extraordinary movie-going experience complete with a large screen hung above the Jones Hall stage, together with the entire Houston Symphony performing the musical score. Composer and conductor Don Davis reconciled new music disciplines with the requirements of an action film, using complex and unrelenting sounds to portray the irreality of The Matrix.

August 2011 17


As you will see in the following pages, our 2010-2011 season was one to be lauded for its artistic achievement, community service and financial support. In this annual report, you will find the audited balance sheet and financial reports along with special highlights through photos and articles. We’ve also included a preview of upcoming artistic activities for the 2011–2012 season that we believe are fundamental to our continued growth. The fundraising success of last year was indeed the most impactful and important story of the season as the Houston Symphony returned to a balanced budget, raised a record $8.4 million for the Annual Fund and qualified for the first of two $1 million dollar challenge grants from Houston Endowment.

Bobby Tudor President PHOTO BY BRUCE BENNETT

The foundation of this success was established in April 2010 when the Board adopted a five-year plan to strengthen the Symphony’s financial position by expanding the concert audience and donor base. The plan inspired Houston Endowment to make an immediate $3 million investment along with two back-to-back $1 million challenge grants tied to Annual Fund fundraising performance benchmarks. In 2010–2011, the Symphony qualified for the first $1 million challenge grant by surpassing the FY11 Annual Fund goal of $8 million, by expanding the donor base beyond 4,000 and by meeting first-year budget goals outlined in the five-year financial plan. In total, more than 4,200 donors participated in Houston Endowment’s challenge, contributing a record $8.4 million. This successful outcome was the result of the extraordinary generosity of the Symphony’s Board of Trustees who collectively doubled their annual contributions. At the same time, more than 1,200 donors made first-time gifts to the Annual Fund. Today, we are actively engaged in efforts to achieve the second $1 million challenge grant from Houston Endowment. This second challenge grant will be awarded next summer if the Symphony is successful in meeting its bottom line FY12 financial goals, expanding the donor base to at least 5,000 individuals and growing its FY12 Annual Fund to at least $9 million by May 31, 2012.

Mark C. Hanson Executive Director/CEO

Beyond the exciting challenges from Houston Endowment, the Houston Symphony ended FY11 with a balanced budget. The achievement was the result of strong ticket sales, the record-setting Annual Fund, Symphony League events and other contributed income that supported our sustainability campaign and special projects, including a critically successful tour to the United Kingdom in October 2010 and a major collaboration with Holocaust Museum Houston in November 2010. These financial and artistic victories will propel our institution toward our approaching milestone in 2013–2014—our Centennial Celebration. We are truly enthusiastic about our future and invigorated by the success from 2010– 2011—especially by the support of our city. The thousands of donors who stepped forward with new and increased contributions have greatly strengthened the Houston Symphony, and we are very grateful. On behalf of our tremendously talented orchestra, Music Director Hans Graf, Chorus, Board, Volunteers and Staff, thank you, Houston!

2010­‑2011 Annual Report • 

Financials FIVE-YEAR FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS (all values in millions)






OPERATING ACTIVITY OPERATING REVENUES Ticketed Concerts Fee-based Performance Miscellaneous Income Tours, net TOTAL OPERATING REVENUES

7.71 0.96 0.23 (0.20) 8.70

7.91 0.59 0.30 (0.08) 8.72

8.27 0.45 0.35 0.00 9.07

7.88 0.66 0.32 0.00 8.86

7.21 0.57 0.24 0.00 8.01







FIXED COSTS Orchestra General & Administrative* Interest Expense TOTAL FIXED COSTS

11.47 6.13 0.10 17.70

11.14 6.02 0.19 17.35

10.91 5.70 0.21 16.82

10.75 5.79 0.29 16.83

10.58 5.66 0.43 16.66













SUPPORT Annual Fund Events, Net Endowment Draw Operating Campaign, Net Reimbursement Of Campaign Costs NET SUPPORT

8.42 0.76 3.57 (0.11) 0.18 12.82

6.24 1.07 3.75 (0.01) 0.25 11.30

7.24 1.17 3.95 0.15 0.29 12.80

7.44 1.28 3.46 1.72 0.29 14.19

7.42 1.05 3.16 2.49 0.28 14.40







Sustainability Fund












HOUSTON SYMPHONY ENDOWMENT ** Value at start of year New gifts transferred into Endowment Support transfered to Society Investment gain/(loss) Year end value

57.3 2.6 (3.9) 9.2 65.2

52.6 1.1 (4.1) 7.7 57.3

68.9 2.2 (4.2) (14.3) 52.6

65.6 4.3 (3.7) 2.7 68.9

53.8 7.3 (3.6) 8.1 65.6






Fiscal Year


% Increase from investment gain ***

* Includes fixed costs of marketing & sales, fundraising, and general administration ** Endowment figures exclude value of pledges receivable. *** Not time-weighted: represents investment change for the year divided by starting balance

Total Endowment Investment Balance ($ million)















Fiscal Year-End

FY11 Total Revenue $25.3 million FY 11 Total Revenue $25.3 million

FY11 Total Expenses $25.1 million FY11 Total Expenses $25.1 million Capital Campaign 1%

Events 5%

Sustainability Fund 10%

Fixed Marketing, Fundraising & Admin 24%

Concert Revenue 34% Interest < 0.5%

Events 2%

Annual Fund 33% Endowment Draw 15%

Other Earned Income 1% Tour 1%

Orchestra 46%

Tour 2% Concert Production & Promotion 24%

2010­‑2011 Annual Report • 

. .................................................................................................... Looking Back Looking Back © JAMI LUPOLD

UK TOUR – In October of 2010, the orchestra packed up their instruments and headed to the United Kingdom performing a seven-city, eightconcert tour of The Planets—An HD Odyssey . With performances in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Basingstoke, Gateshead/ Newcastle and two concerts in London, the orchestra was met with gorgeous concert halls, sell-out crowds and standing ovations. Houston Symphony Society President Bobby Tudor, along with many other Symphony patrons, met up with the orchestra along the way attending concerts and dinners to provide hometown support and celebrate the tour’s success. © JEFF FITLOW


ANNUAL MEETING – At the May 17 Annual Meeting with the Houston Symphony Board of Trustees, the Development team provided a visual status report on the progress of the Symphony’s Annual Fund. Through the successful Million Reasons to Give campaign, the Symphony ended the season with a record $8.4 million in gifts that will support outreach activities in the community. © JENNy ANTILL

SPEC’S SALUTE TO EDUCATORS – (From L to R) Lisa Rydman Key, Charles J. Stephens, Portia Stephens and Hermen Key…At the annual Spec’s Salute to Educators Concert which was held on March 31, Charles J. Stephens, director of bands for Waltrip High School, received the 2011 Spec’s Charitable Foundation Award for Excellence in Music Education. Since the late 1990s, Spec’s has generated more than $2 million through its annual charity event, Vintage Virtuoso, to support Symphony education and community programs. © JAMI LUPOLD

KADDISH “I AM HERE” – Composer Larry Siegel hugs Houstonian, Naomi Warren, Holocaust survivor and contributor to his choral symphony, Kaddish “I Am Here,” on November 23, 2010. The Symphony partnered with Holocaust Museum Houston to present the concert that chronicled memories of Holocaust survivors. In a matinee performance, courtesy of Houston Endowment, more than 2,400 students experienced Kaddish and its moving condemnation of genocide, prejudice, hatred and injustice. 10 •

SOUNDS LIKE FUN! – A young fan tries a flute at the Instrument Petting Zoo before the Sounds Like Fun! concert at Grace Community Church on June 1, 2010. The Sounds Like Fun! Concert Series is now in its 25th season. Last summer, 7,000 people attended the nine free, family-oriented Symphony concerts at churches, schools and community centers in Houston, Harris County and beyond.

..................................................................................................................... © ERIC SAUSEDA


MUSICIAN SPONSORS DINNER – Dr. I. Ray Kirk and his wife, Jill, catch up with their sponsored musician, violist Linda Goldstein (center), at the Musician Sponsors Dinner on October 3, 2010, at the Magnolia Hotel. The Musician Sponsor program allows musicians the chance to step off the stage and connect with some of their biggest fans. © JEFF GILMER

MAHLER 10 – Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Gustav Mahler’s death in May 2011, Music Director Hans Graf and American Public Media’s Brian Newhouse delivered an interactive presentation before a performance of Mahler’s final, unfinished composition, Symphony No. 10. Graf and Newhouse made observations about the sketches Mahler left behind and what English musicologist Deryck Cooke did to make these sketches playable. © LOGAN SEALE

TWEET-UP – Erin Blatzer from the Houston Museum of Natural Science follows a Twitter feed on her smartphone during a Tweet-Up between the Symphony and museum on June 4, 2010. Guests, who were led to the event via posts on the social networking site, enjoyed light bites and beers before hearing a recital by a string quintet of Symphony musicians and watching an IMAX film about the Hubble telescope. © JENNy ANTILL

FIDELITY FINALE – Houston Symphony Principal Pops Conductor Michael Krajewski escorts student winners to take a bow following their performances in the 2010 Fidelity FutureStage Finale Concert at Miller Outdoor Theatre on June 30. Krajewski custom-built the program to showcase the students’ talents in vocals, strings, percussion and saxophone. © LAURIEPEREZ.COM

OPENING NIGHT – Music Director Hans Graf received a special commemorative photo from Houston Symphony Society President Bobby Tudor at the 2010-2011 Opening Night concert on September 11, 2010. The image is of Graf conducting the Houston Symphony at the New york premiere of The Planets–An HD Odyssey at Carnegie Hall.

JUNIOR PATRONS – Houston Symphony Percussionist Mark Griffith entertains young music enthusiasts at the 2011 Junior Patron Party, “The Big Bang,” on March 5. Last season, more than 280 children were a part of the Junior Patrons who enjoy up-close access to Symphony musicians. August 2011 11 •  2010­‑2011 Annual Report

. ............................................................................................... Looking LookingForward Forward © MARCO BORGGREVE

Rach Fest! It will be a month full of Rachmaninoff programming in January 2012 for a three-weekend concert extravaganza called RachFest! Included in the line-up will be all four Rachmaninoff piano concertos, performed by celebrated young pianist and 2010 Gilmore Artist Award winner, Kirill Gerstein, who will be serving as an artist-in-residence during the festival. Rachmaninoff, a virtuoso pianist in his own right, wrote hugely demanding music for the keyboard. Gerstein’s performance of all four, knuckle-busting concertos in three weeks will be amazing to behold. Interestingly, Houston has a special relationship with Gerstein. In his early years as a fresh face in the industry, he was embraced by the Houston Symphony as a guest soloist. Then, in the days before his most recent appearance with the Houston Symphony in January 2010, Gerstein received the news that he had been awarded the prestigious piano prize, the Gilmore Artist Award.


Orbit—An HD Odyssey Following the success of The Planets—An HD Odyssey, with glowing reviews, sell-out concerts, a well-received UK tour and a bestselling DVD/Blu-ray disc, the sequel is being launched. The Houston Symphony has once again commissioned producer/director Duncan Copp to create an out-of-this-world, high-definition film to accompany a live orchestral performance by the Houston Symphony. Orbit—An HD Odyssey will focus on planet Earth. Featuring John Adams’ Short Ride in a Fast Machine and Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra, high-definition images from NASA’s shuttle missions, and the International Space Station orbiting Earth will be spun together to tell an awe-inspiring story of our home planet’s land, sea and sky. The world-premiere performance of this Symphony Special concert will occur on February 18, 2012.

THE MATRIX LIVE: Film in Concert At the turn of the millennium in 1999, the science fiction film, The Matrix, turned movie-making on its head and made audiences question reality. Now, THE MATRIX LIVE brings the Oscar®-winning film to the concert hall. This live film concert combines visionary science fiction imagery with the sound and power of a large symphony orchestra. The Houston Symphony is honored to perform the North American premiere of THE MATRIX LIVE on Thursday, November 3 at Jones Hall. Audiences will enjoy an extraordinary movie-going experience complete with a large screen hung above the Jones Hall stage, together with the entire Houston Symphony performing the musical score. Composer and conductor Don Davis reconciled new music disciplines with the requirements of an action film, using complex and unrelenting sounds to portray the irreality of The Matrix.

12  •

..................................................................................................................... © MARy NOBLE OURS

ACCESS Series Houston Symphony patrons’ yearning for a deeper connection to music and musicians inspired the creation of a new interactive concert series for 2011-12. Along with the aid of celebrity guest host, Miles Hoffman of National Public Radio fame, the ACCESS Series is designed to be a highly accessible and informative approach to a symphony concert. The concerts, a collection of three Friday evenings, will begin an hour earlier than usual at 7:00 p.m. and will be shorter in length (approximately 80 minutes) with no intermission. As ACCESS host, Hoffman will bring an interactive spin to the performances such as interviewing artists, conductors and orchestra members or discussing repertoire throughout the concerts. In addition to the music, a pre-concert cocktail party is planned for each night along with post-concert question-and-answer sessions.

Sugar Land Series In 2011-12, the Symphony is setting-up shop in Sugar Land in bustling Fort Bend County for a series of three concerts on Thursday evenings beginning at 8:00 p.m. The first two concerts in this new Sugar Land series will feature the Houston Symphony and Chorus in performances of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and Handel’s Messiah. The third series performance will be presented in the new ACCESS format—an informative and interactive approach to a symphony concert hosted by NPR’s Miles Hoffman. The location will be the high-tech, multi-functional, and easy-access performance facilities at Sugar Land Baptist Church on Highway 59.


Vivaldi’s - Four Seasons The Houston Symphony will present a Beyond the Score production of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons during Thanksgiving weekend on November 26, 2011. Beyond the Score programs are sophisticated, multimedia concerts that appeal to the spectrum of classical music fans from expert to novice. The first half of the concert will include an engaging discussion and projections of images intermingled with live musical examples played by the Houston Symphony. Audiences will gain insight into this early 18thcentury set of four violin concertos and how it became one of Vivaldi’s most popular works. Following intermission, concert-goers return with their new-found knowledge to hear Associate Concertmaster Eric Halen and the Houston Symphony perform The Four Seasons in its entirety.

August 2011 13

2010­‑2011 Annual Report • 

................................................................................................................................. David Dewhurst Student Concerts ...................................................................... David Dewhurst Student Concerts © JEFF FITLOW

says Dean Muths, director of Visual and Performing Arts for Clear Creek classified Title I, or economically disadvantaged, the only ISD. “Theas teachers love it, the parents love it, and thewe kidsprovide come back from arts students. These arethe life-changing the exposure concert litfor up our about music and that’s best part.” experiences.” InExplorers 1937, the Houston a seriesbeginning of special stuConcerts areSymphony targeted tobegan older students in fourth dent matinee concerts coordinated with Houston Independent School grade and extending through middle school. The concerts’ music is speDistrict. 1956, to there were learning six pairsbyoflinking concerts with ancurriculum average cifically By selected reinforce to a specific attendance of 3,000. Today,criteria. the Dewhurst Student and standardized testing This year, “WaterConcerts Music” ishost theyoung theme. people in kindergarten through from more than 20 school By using music associated witheighth water grade and the water cycle—specifically districts collectivelywill serving more musical than 40,000 clouds—students learn about pitchchildren. which has different levels

just as clouds have different altitudes. Later, teachers can use the experith “I can still remember my amazement and wonderment, ence to reinforce life science and social studies a 5 grade student in the Houston Independent School District, at the firsta stronDetectives Concerts are created for younger students with concert I ever attended with the Houston Symphony. ger focus on the music, but with a structure that still supports language Asreading Lt. Governor of Texas, I have seen excellent arts arts and readiness. In 2009-10, Franzthat andan company reviewed state education helps creategraders the innovative thinking needed standards for first andtosecond and learned that almostforeveryone children to be the leaders tomorrow,” Accordingly, says David Dewhurst. hadour to understand comparing andofcontrasting. the Symphony designed a Detectives series called “Opposites Attract” where students Houston Symphony Associate Conductor Robert Franz greets Houston Symphony Associate Conductor Robert Franz has worked listened to sounds that were loud, soft, high, low, fast and slow. students arriving at Jones Hall for a Detectives Concert, part of the extensively in finale, music the education, of destino, music ontheboth “By the overturestudying to Verdi’sthe Laimpact forza del stuDavid Dewhurst Student Concerts program. brain and ability to learn. In Houston, Franz dentsdevelopment were listening in the a much more engaged and active wayprograms than even music each concert that dovetails into curriculum are many for of our adult audiences,” says Franz. This season,that thestudents eight-concert studying in school. To a student, the words “field trip” call forth an almost vacation-like already Detectives series begins in October and will feature music to help students “Where“Where the rubber hits the road, really important stuff, is when image where the promise of a break from school awaits. However, behind understand does sound comethe from?” we use music integrated into the curriculum to important, help the students better the scenes, teachers and performing arts administrators have a bigger Knowing that learning through music is the Symphony the world around them,” says Franz. “The exposure to music plan in mind with learning at the forefront of the experience. Thousands understand looked for ways to increase access for schools and deepen the experibeen to develop high-level, listening skills,introduced and good lisof Houston-area students get such a trip through the David Dewhurst has ence forshown students. Two years ago, theactive Houston Symphony the are vital to becoming a good reader.” Student Concerts where children hear classical music with real-world, tening Standskills Partner program. Stand Partners are individual schools or entire For districts studentsthat in Clear Creek ISD, to the Symphony is seen as classroom-based themes performed by the Houston Symphony. school collaborate withthe thetrip Symphony throughout the year rite receive of passage. They dress up for the concert, and music teachers take “This is the first time for 90 percent of our students to venture aand a sequential series of musical opportunities. Currently, there teach concert into downtown Houston,” says Sam Harris, director of Fine Arts and the areopportunity six schooltodistricts in the etiquette. program—Spring Branch, Alief, Galena “Last year, we sent 3,000 to hear the Houston Academic Enrichment for Galena Park ISD. “With all of our schools says Dean Muths, director of Visual and Performing Arts for Clear Creek Park, LaPorte, North Forest fifth and graders Clear Creek—and each oneSymphony,” receives all ISD. “The teachers love it, the parents love it, and the kids come back from of the educational programs offered by the Houston Symphony, includclassified as Title I, or economically disadvantaged, we provide the only the concert lit up about music and that’s the best part.” ing Master Classes, Community Connections, Explorers and Detectives arts exposure for our students. These are life-changing experiences.” Explorers Concerts are targeted to older students beginning in fourth concerts. In 1937, the Houston Symphony began a series of special stugrade and extending through middle school. The concerts’ music is spedent matinee concerts coordinated with Houston Independent School For more information about Stand Partners, cifically selected to reinforce learning by linking to a specific curriculum District. By 1956, there were six pairs of concerts with an average contact Carol Wilson, manager, Music Matters! and standardized testing criteria. This year, “Water Music” is the theme. attendance of 3,000. Today, the Dewhurst Student Concerts host young at or 713-238-1447. By using music associated with water and the water cycle—specifically people in kindergarten through eighth grade from more than 20 school clouds—students will learn about musical pitch which has different levels districts collectively serving more than 40,000 children. just as clouds have different altitudes. Later, teachers can use the experiThe Symphony, mindful of the future of its education programs, conence to reinforce life science and social studies lessons. stantly monitors current events that could impact their work. This year, “I can still remember my amazement and wonderment, as a 5th grade Detectives Concerts are created for younger students with a stron- STAAR testing, or State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, student in the Houston Independent School District, at the first ger focus on the music, but with a structure that still supports language will replace the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) test. concert I ever attended with the Houston Symphony. arts and reading readiness. In 2009-10, Franz and company reviewed state Even though STAAR will continue to assess similar curricula, how the As Lt. Governor of Texas, I have seen that an excellent arts standards for first and second graders and learned that almost everyone test uses the material will guide educational elements for concerts. education helps to create the innovative thinking needed for had to understand comparing and contrasting. Accordingly, the Symphony Also this year, local school districts are making funding decisions that our children to be the leaders of tomorrow,” says David Dewhurst. designed a Detectives series called “Opposites Attract” where students could impact schools’ participation in the Symphony’s programs. listened to sounds that were loud, soft, high, low, fast and slow. “More and more scientific studies are revealing the positive influHouston Symphony Associate Conductor Robert Franz has worked “By the finale, the overture to Verdi’s La forza del destino, the stu- ence that music has on learning,” explains Roger Daily, director of Music extensively in music education, studying the impact of music on both dents were listening in a much more engaged and active way than even Matters!, the Symphony’s education arm. “Knowing that, we at the brain development and the ability to learn. In Houston, Franz programs many of our adult audiences,” says Franz. This season, the eight-concert Symphony are inspired to ever increase our music education commitment music for each concert that dovetails into curriculum that students are Detectives series begins in October and will feature music to help students to the community because the next great Jones Hall moment is being valialready studying in school. understand “Where does sound come from?” dated not only in Jones Hall but in a lab by behavioral scientists.” “Where the rubber hits the road, the really important stuff, is when Knowing that learning through music is important, the Symphony we use music integrated into the curriculum to help the students better looked for ways to increase access for schools and deepen the experiunderstand the world around them,” says Franz. “The exposure to music ence for students. Two years ago, the Houston Symphony introduced the has been shown to develop high-level, active listening skills, and good lisStand Partner is an orchestra industry term. Stand Partner program. Stand Partners are individual schools or entire tening skills are vital to becoming a good reader.” String musicians are paired two to one music stand and share the school districts that collaborate with the Symphony throughout the year For students in Clear Creek ISD, the trip to the Symphony is seen as same set of sheet music, essentially sharing the same vision and receive a sequential series of musical opportunities. Currently, there a rite of passage. They dress up for the concert, and music teachers take and working together towards a common goal. are six school districts in the program—Spring Branch, Alief, Galena the opportunity to teach concert etiquette. “Last year, we sent 3,000 fifth graders to hear the Houston Symphony,”

Park, LaPo of the edu ing Master concerts.


The S stantly mo STAAR tes will replac Even thoug test uses Also this y could impa “More ence that m Matters!, Symphony to the comm dated not o

String m

same ...................................................................................................................... rts..............................................................................................................................

f the

ion-like behind bigger usands ewhurst -world,

venture rts and schools

10 • 14

............................................ GDF SuezCommunity Community Connections Program GDF Suez Connections Program PHOTOS By JEFF FITLOW

In between regular season performances at Jones Hall, many Houston Symphony musicians devote time to the GDF Suez Community Connections Program, free events produced by the Symphony. The volunteer program sends musicians all over Houston to connect with audiences in a smaller, more personal, one-on-one setting. “It’s very intimate in that you’re close-up to the audience, and it’s very casual,” says David Peck, principal clarinet, who has performed at Houston’s Brazos Tower at Bayou Manor, a local senior living community, for the last four seasons. “We get a lot of energy from them!” “Audiences love to be a part of all the visual and physical cues that we use when we play together, many of which are unnoticed or lost in the context of listening to a performance from a distance,” says Peck’s colleague and Principal Viola Wayne Brooks. Now in its 12th season, four out of five Symphony musicians participated in the GDF Suez Community Connections Program for the Violist Wayne Brooks, Pianist Edith Orloff and Clarinetist David Peck per2010-2011 season, reaching more than 6,000 individuals with 106 perforform in May 2011 at Brazos Tower at Bayou Manor. Peck and Brooks give mances. To the musicians, these small performances are significant. annual performances at this facility. “My colleagues and I enjoy playing at elementary schools, especially schools at which we can reinforce a strong music and arts program that’s already in place,” says Principal Bassoon Rian Craypo. “Often the kids are excited about an instrument they have just been introduced to or one their older sibling or parent plays. Teachers, especially music teachers and band directors, are happy to have another musician to talk to and often have nothing but praise for their students.” The GDF Suez Community Connections Program has given the musicians a unique opportunity to step off the stage and share their artistry with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. “I think that it is very special to see a Symphony member removed from the stage in casual clothing and willing to talk one-on-one with an audience member,” says Craypo, who enjoys performing at local schools. “We are just regular people who love music and who have devoted many hours to making it a reality in our lives and the lives of others.” Though most performances are focused within metropolitan Houston, the musicians have begun to expand their reach and are now traveling to communities in Humble, Sugar Land, Pasadena, Pearland, Webster, Cypress and Spring. In the 2010-11 season, the musicians reached more than 54 different venues including all types of retirement communities, from assisted living centers to nursing homes; a broad spectrum of schools from elementary schools, to college campuses and extended learning centers; places of worship such as churches and synagogues; and many other facilities includThe GDF Suez Community Connections program sent musicians to venues ing hospitals and shelters. all over Houston in the 2010-11 season. Each musician gives three rehearsals and five performances to the program, performing as a soloist, in small ensembles or with piano accompaniment. Every performance is unique and customized for the audience. Most appearances run for about an hour and consist of a performance and instrument demonstration, as well as adequate time for questions and discussion. “We give a little background about each piece [of music] before performing it. The purpose is to entertain, as well as inform,” says Peck. The enthusiasm and significance the musicians invest in this program is matched by their audiences. “Residents have loved the program from the very beginning!” says Cecelia Sherretts, resident services coordinator at Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor. “Once we had 10 or 12 members of the Symphony playing for us. We felt so honored that they chose us for this type of performance. The residents have a very proprietary attitude toward the musicians who come here.” Phyllis Lengyel, activity director, points out, “they simply view the Houston Symphony as ‘theirs.’”

The Houston Symphony’s Community Connections program is supported by a gift in memory of Alfred C. Glassell Jr. by his wife Clare Glassell.

Bassonist Rian Craypo shows off pieces of her bassoon to local children at Reynolds Elementary. She and colleague Elise Wagner performed several pieces of music and then fielded questions from the students. August Report 2011 17 • 11 2010­‑2011 Annual

Orchestraand and Staff . .......................................................................................... Orchestra Staff Mark C. Hanson, Executive Director/CEO

Hans Graf, Music Director

Martha García, Assistant to the Executive Director

Roy and Lillie Cullen Chair Michael Krajewski,

Meg Philpot, Director of Human Resources

Robert Franz,

Principal Pops Conductor

Associate Conductor

Sponsor, Cameron Management

Sponsor, Madison Charitable Foundation

double bass: David Malone, Acting Principal Mark Shapiro, Acting Associate Principal Eric Larson Robert Pastorek Burke Shaw Donald Howey Michael McMurray

FiRst Violin: Frank Huang, Concertmaster Max Levine Chair Eric Halen, Associate Concertmaster Ellen E. Kelley Chair Assia Dulgerska, Assistant Concertmaster Cornelia and Meredith Long Chair Qi Ming, Assistant Concertmaster Fondren Foundation Chair Marina Brubaker, Hewlett-Packard Company Chair Alexandra Adkins MiHee Chung Sophia Silivos Rodica Gonzalez Ferenc Illenyi Si-Yang Lao Kurt Johnson Christopher Neal Sergei Galperin

Flute: Aralee Dorough, Principal General Maurice Hirsch Chair John Thorne, Associate Principal Judy Dines Allison Jewett**

second Violin: Jennifer Owen, Principal Hitai Lee, Acting Associate Principal Kiju Joh Mihaela Oancea-Frusina Ruth Zeger Margaret Bragg Martha Chapman Kevin Kelly Christine Pastorek Amy Teare Sarah Ludwig* Emily Herdeman*

bass tRoMbone: Phillip Freeman tuba: Dave Kirk, Principal

oboe: Anne Leek, Acting Principal Lucy Binyon Stude Chair Xiaodi Liu, Acting Associate Principal Colin Gatwood Adam Dinitz

tiMPani: Ronald Holdman, Principal Brian Del Signore, Associate Principal

claRinet: David Peck, Principal Thomas LeGrand, Associate Principal Christian Schubert Alexander Potiomkin***

PeRcussion: Brian Del Signore, Principal Mark Griffith Matthew Strauss HaRP: Paula Page, Principal KeyboaRd: Scott Holshouser, Principal Neva Watkins West Chair

steven Brosvik, General Manager Roger daily, Director, Music Matters! Kristin l. Johnson, Director, Operations and Production steve Wenig, Orchestra Personnel Manager Michael Gorman, Assistant Orchestra Personnel Manager Donald Ray Jackson, Stage Manager Kelly Morgan, Assistant Stage Manager Meredith Williams, Operations Assistant Carol Wilson, Manager, Music Matters!

MiCHael D. Pawson, Chief Financial Officer sally brassow, Controller Philip Gulla, Director, Technology amed Hamila, Director, Database Support Heather Fails, Manager, Ticketing Database Janis Pease LaRocque, Manager, Patron Database Kay Middleton, Receptionist Maria Ross, Payroll Manager Armin (A.J.) Salge, Network Systems Engineer Chris Westerfelt, Manager, Accounts Payable and Special Projects

aurelie DesMarais, Senior Director, Artistic Planning Merle n. bratlie, Director, Artist Services lesley sabol, Manager, Popular Programming thomas takaro, Librarian Erik Gronfor, Assistant Librarian Michael McMurray, Assistant Librarian

e-Flat claRinet: Thomas LeGrand

oRcHestRa PeRsonnel ManaGeR: Steve Wenig

Rebecca Zabinski, Artistic Associate

bass claRinet: Alexander Potiomkin*** Tassie and Constantine S. Nicandros Chair

assistant oRcHestRa PeRsonnel ManaGeR: Michael Gorman

allison Gilbert, Director of Marketing, Subscription &

bassoon: Rian Craypo, Principal** Stewart Orton Chair Eric Arbiter, Acting Principal American General Chair J. Jeff Robinson, Acting Associate Principal Elise Wagner

cello: Brinton Averil Smith, Principal Janice and Thomas Barrow Chair Christopher French, Associate Principal Haeri Ju Jeffrey Butler Kevin Dvorak Xiao Wong Myung Soon Lee James Denton Anthony Kitai

tRoMbone: Allen Barnhill, Principal Bradley White, Associate Principal Phillip Freeman

Piccolo: Allison Jewett**

enGlisH HoRn: Adam Dinitz

Viola: Wayne Brooks, Principal Joan DerHovsepian, Associate Principal George Pascal, Assistant Principal Wei Jiang Linda Goldstein Sheldon Person Fay Shapiro Daniel Strba Mr. and Mrs. Jesse B. Tutor Chair Thomas Molloy Phyllis Herdliska

tRuMPet: Mark Hughes, Principal George P. and Cynthia Woods Mitchell Chair John DeWitt, Associate Principal Robert Walp, Assistant Principal Anthony Prisk Speros P. Martel Chair

amanda tozzi, Director, Executive Operations

contRabassoon: J. Jeff Robinson HoRn: William VerMeulen, Principal Jacek Muzyk, Associate Principal Brian Thomas Robert and Janice McNair Foundation Chair Nancy Goodearl Philip Stanton Julie Thayer

libRaRian: Thomas Takaro assistant libRaRians: Erik Gronfor Michael McMurray

Glenn taylor, Senior Director, Marketing Group Sales Melissa H. lopez, Director of Marketing, Special Projects carlos Vicente, Director of Marketing, Single Tickets Jenny Zuniga, Director, Patron Services Natalie Ferguson, Graphic Designer Jeff Gilmer, Group Representative, Inside Sales

staGe ManaGeR: Donald Ray Jackson

Jason Landry, Senior Manager, Patron Services

assistant staGe ManaGeR: Kelly Morgan

Melissa Pate, Assistant Manager, Patron Services

staGe tecHnician: Toby Blunt Zoltan Fabry Cory Grant

Derrick Rose, Group Representative, Outside Sales

*Contracted Substitute **Leave of Absence ***Regular Substitute

Jennifer r. Mire, Senior Director, Communications

Erin Mushalla, Marketing Associate Representatives Melissa Seuffert, Marketing Manager, Digital Media/ Young Audience Engagement Holly cassard, Manager, Communications Clair Studdard, Assistant, Communications

DaviD CHaMBers, Chief Development Officer stephanie Jones, Senior Director, Events and League Relations Vickie Hamley, Director, Volunteer Services brandon VanWaeyenberghe, Director, Corporate Relations




s se


Ha rp


Pi an


nets Clari

Tru mp ets



Vio las



nd Violins Seco

Violins First


ba Tu


ni pa Tim

Tro mb on es

12 •

Steinway is the official piano of the Houston Symphony. James B. Kozak, Piano Technician. Local assistance is provided by Forshey Piano Co. The Houston Symphony’s concert piano is a gift of Mrs. Helen B. Rosenbaum.

Peter yenne, Director, Foundation Relations and Development Communications Jessica Ford, Gifts Officer Samantha Gonzalez, Manager, Events Robin Lewis, Development Assistant, Gifts and Records Sarah Slemmons, Development Associate, Administrative Services Lena Streetman, Manager, Prospect Research

. ................................................................................. Symphony Society Board Symphony Society Board Executive Committee............................................................................................... President Chairman of the Board Robert B. Tudor iii Jesse B. Tutor President-elect and Vice President, Finance Robert a. Peiser

Executive Director/CEO Mark c. hanson Chairman Emeritus Mike Stude

Vice President, Artistic and Orchestra Affairs Brett Busby

Vice President, Board Governance and Secretary Steven P. Mach

Vice President, Volunteers Barbara Mccelvey

Vice President, Popular Programming allen gelwick

Vice President, Education cora Sue Mach

Vice President, Development David Wuthrich

Vice President, Audience Development and Marketing gloria g. Pryzant

General Counsel Paul R. Morico

President, Endowment gene Dewhurst


Martha garcía, Assistant Secretary Mark hughes, Orchestra Representative Rodney Margolis Burke Shaw, Orchestra Representative Donna Shen, President, Houston Symphony League Brinton averil Smith, Orchestra Representative Ed Wulfe, Immediate Past Chair

At-Large Members Ulyesse Legrange Jay Marks helen Shaffer

Governing Directors..................................................................................................... * Janice Barrow Darlene Bisso Marie Bosarge Terry Ann Brown Ralph Burch Prentiss Burt Brett Busby * John T. Cater Janet Clark Michael H. Clark Scott Cutler Lorraine Dell Viviana Denechaud Gene Dewhurst Michael Doherty Susanna Dokupil Kelli Cohen Fein

Julia Frankel David Frankfort Allen Gelwick Stephen Glenn Susan Hansen Gary L. Hollingsworth Ryan Krogmeier Ulyesse LeGrange Rochelle Levit Nancy Littlejohn April Lykos Cora Sue Mach Steven P. Mach Beth Madison Rodney Margolis Jay Marks Mary Lynn Marks

Jackie Wolens Mazow Billy McCartney Barbara McCelvey Gene McDavid * Alexander K. McLanahan Kevin Meyers Paul Morico Arthur Newman Robert A. Peiser Fran Fawcett Peterson Geoffroy Petit David Pruner Stephen Pryor Gloria G. Pryzant Kathi Rovere John Rydman Manolo Sanchez

Samuel Abraham Philip Bahr Anthony Bohnert Meherwan Boyce Walter Bratic Lynn Caruso Audrey Cochran Louis Delone Tom Fitzpatrick Craig A. Fox Stanley Haas Kathleen Hayes

Brian James Joan Kaplan I. Ray Kirk Roslyn Larkey Carolyn Mann Paul M. Mann Judy Margolis Brian McCabe Marilyn Miles Tassie Nicandros Scott Nyquist Edward Osterberg Jr.

J. Hugh Roff Jr. Michael E. Shannon Jule Smith Michael Tenzer L. Proctor (Terry) Thomas Stephen G. Tipps Mrs. S. Conrad Weil Robert Weiner David Ashley White James T. Willerson Steven J. Williams

Helen Shaffer Jerome Simon Jim R. Smith David Steakley Mike Stude Robert B. Tudor III * Betty Tutor * Jesse B. Tutor Margaret Waisman Fredric A. Weber Vicki West Margaret Alkek Williams * Ed Wulfe David Wuthrich Cary P. Yates Robert A. Yekovich

Trustees. ................................................................................................................. Ex-Officio Martha García Mark C. Hanson Mark Hughes Susan Osterberg Burke Shaw Donna Shen Brinton Averil Smith Glenda Toole * Life Trustee

............................................................................................................................ ENDOWMENT TRUSTEES Gene Dewhurst, President Prentiss Burt Janet Clark Marilyn Miles Michael Mithoff Jesse Tutor PaST PRESiDENTS Of ThE hOUSTON SyMPhONy SOciETy Mrs. Edwin B. Parker Miss Ima Hogg Mrs. H. M. Garwood Joseph A. Mullen, M.D. Joseph S. Smith Walter H. Walne H. R. Cullen Gen. Maurice Hirsch

Charles F. Jones Fayez Sarofim John T. Cater Richard G. Merrill Ellen Elizardi Kelley John D. Platt E. C. Vandagrift Jr. J. Hugh Roff Jr. Robert M. Hermance Gene McDavid Janice H. Barrow Barry C. Burkholder Rodney H. Margolis Jeffrey B. Early Michael E. Shannon Ed Wulfe Jesse B. Tutor

PaST PRESiDENTS Of ThE hOUSTON SyMPhONy LEagUE Miss Ima Hogg Mrs. John F. Grant Mrs. J. R. Parten Mrs. Andrew E. Rutter Mrs. Aubrey Leon Carter Mrs. Stuart Sherar Mrs. Julian Burrows Ms. Hazel Ledbetter Mrs. Albert P. Jones Mrs. Ben A. Calhoun Mrs. James Griffith Lawhon Mrs. Olaf La Cour Olsen Mrs. Ralph Ellis Gunn Mrs. Leon Jaworski Mrs. Garrett R. Tucker Jr. Mrs. M. T. Launius Jr.

Mrs. Thompson McCleary Mrs. Theodore W. Cooper Mrs. Allen H. Carruth Mrs. David Hannah Jr. Mary Louis Kister Ellen Elizardi Kelley Mrs. John W. Herndon Mrs. Charles Franzen Mrs. Harold R. DeMoss Jr. Mrs. Edward H. Soderstrom Mrs. Lilly Kucera Andress Ms. Marilou Bonner Mrs. W. Harold Sellers Mrs. Harry H. Gendel Mrs. Robert M. Eury Mrs. E. C. Vandagrift Jr. Mrs. J. Stephen Marks Terry Ann Brown Nancy Strohmer

Mary Ann McKeithan Ann Cavanaugh Mrs. James A. Shaffer Lucy H. Lewis Catherine McNamara Shirley McGregor Pearson Paula Jarrett Cora Sue Mach Kathi Rovere Norma Jean Brown Barbara McCelvey Lori Sorcic Nancy Willerson Jane Clark Nancy Littlejohn

2010­‑2011November Annual 2011 Report 27 • 13

Annual Fund Donors Anonymous (132) Mrs. Vanessa Abahashemi Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Abraham Mr. Neil Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Abramson Ms. Lynne V. Abruzzo Ms. Sophia Acevedo Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ache Mr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Ackerman Mr. Jaime Acosta Mr. Johann Acuna Mrs. Harold J. Adam Mr. and Mrs. Noel T. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Lee Adams Ms. Jean Adams Mr. Wilton T. Adams Mr. and Mrs. E. Lloyd Adamson Jr. Ms. Becky Adcock Ms. Alexandra Adkins and Mr. Steve Wenig Mr. John E. Adkins Jr. Mr. Yaell Agar Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley Agbor Ms. Patricia Aguilar Mr. and Mrs. Kamal A. Ahmad Ms. Farhana Ahmed Ms. Nora Ahued-Sarquis Rev. and Mrs. H. Eldon Akerman Dr. and Mrs. William W. Akers Mr. Saied M. Alavi Mr. Bob Alban Ms. Sasha Albertini Mrs. Sally Alcorn Ms. Barbara Aldridge Ms. Laura Aldridge Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Stanford J. Alexander Mr. Peter Alexander Mr. Robert Alexander Mr. George Alexander Ms. Henrietta K. Alexander Mrs. Marjory Alexander Ms. Bridget Allan Ms. Constance Allard Mrs. Nancy C. Allen Mrs. C. M. Allen Ms. Linda Allen Ms. Muffet Allen Ms. Norma Allen Mr. and Mrs. Roland Alley Mrs. Betty L. Allison Ms. Julia D. Allison Dr. and Mrs. Jack N. Alpert Ms. Kate Alsina Mr. and Mrs. Alton Alsup Ms. Yoset Altamirano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Altman Ms. Elaine J. Altschuler Ms. Judith Alvarado Ms. Joan Ambrogi Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ameen Mrs. Melanie Anbarci Mr. Eric S. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Ira T. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson Mrs. Dorothy H. Anderson Mr. Richard S. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. J. Emery Anderson Ms. Jeanette Anderson Ms. Heather Anderson Ms. Janice Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William J. Anderson Mr. N.J. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Thurmon Andress Mr. and Mrs. T. Michael Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Stafford E. Andrews Ms. Sally S. Andrews Mr. Ted Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Andrews Mrs. Carole Andrews Ms. Gloria Andriuskevicius Dr. and Mrs. Peter L. Andrus Ms. Jean Anglade Ms. Priscilla Angly Mr. and Mrs. Albert Angulo Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Les Antalffy Ms. Andree Antony Dr. Angela R. Apollo Ms. Rachel Applegate Ms. Janis Apted Mr. Eric Arbiter Mr. and Mrs. Alan Arbizu Mr. Dale Arceneaux Mr. and Mrs. David Archibald Dr. Nester Arellano Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. Arend Mr. Maurice J. Aresty

Mrs. Carley A. Armand Dr. David Barry Ms. Valinda Arnett-Patton Ms. Marlys Barry Ms. Rene Arnold Mr. Gary Barton Mr. and Mrs. John M. Arnsparger Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Bartz Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Aron Ms. Carol H. Barwick Mr. and Mrs. Don S. Aron Ms. Pamela Bass Ms. Sheila Aron Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bast Jr Mr. Alan Aronstein Mr. Rana Basu Dr. and Mrs. Roy Aruffo Mr. Donald Batchelor Ms. Kellee Ash Mr. and Mrs. Joshua L. Batchelor Mr. John B. Ashmun Mr. Donald Bates Mr. Thomas Asimakopoulos Ms. Nitza Bates Mr. David Askin Ms. Emma Bauarschi Mr. R. Corbin Aslakson Ms. Lorette Bauarschi Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Asofsky Mrs. Bonnie Bauer Ms. Erin S. Asprec Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Baum C.P.A. Mrs. Susan Atkins Mr. Lawrence Baum Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Atkinson Mrs. Jennifer M. Bauman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aulbach Ms. Pam Baumgarten Mr. Brynn F. Aurelius Ms. Deborah S. Bautch Ms. Maria Aurisano Mr. and Mrs. Harry Baxter Mr. and Mrs. James L. Austin Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Baxter III Mr. Jeff Autor Mrs. Jaqueline Baxter Mr. Adam Avants Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bayens Dr. and Mrs. Hans G. Avelallemant Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Bayliss Mr. and Mrs. John C. Averett Ms. Krista Beach Mr. Sean Avery Mr. and Mrs. John P. Beall Dr. and Mrs. Francisco Aviles-Roig Ms. Jan Bean Mr. Ketti Awad Mr. Logan Bean Ms. Stephanie Ayala Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Beard Dr. and Mrs. Ray Ayers Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Beasley Ms. Sofia Azua-Dao Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Beaty Dr. Ernesto D. Baca Mr. Gary V. Beauchamp and Ms. Marian Wilfert Ms. Rosemary Bach Beauchamp Mr. and Mrs. Milton Bade Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Beaudet Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Bahr Ms. Ann Beaudette Ms. Judy Jo Baiamonte Father Albert J. Beck Ms. Joan Bailes Mr. and Mrs. James D. Becker Mr. Richard C. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Karl H. Becker Mr. Lorenzo Bailey Ms. Teresa Becker Mr. James Bailey Mr. Justin Becker Mrs. Nancy Bailey Ms. Bernice Beckerman Mr. Robert Bailey Mr. Dennis Beckmann Mrs. June Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Beckstrom Ms. Joann Bain Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Becnel Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. Stanley Bair Mr. and Mrs. David Beerbower Mr. and Mrs. John B. Baird Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bell Mr. Edward H. Baird Ms. Marie L. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Baizan Ms. Amanda Belmares Ms. Barbara Bakanic Mr. Rene Benitez Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Baker Ms. Maritza Benitez Ms. Arlene K. Baker Ms. Maria Benitez Mr. and Mrs. Valentine A. Baker Drs. Peter and Sonia Benjamin Ms. Mary D. Baker and Mr. Wade L. Callender Ms. Natasha Bennett Mr. and Mrs. John Baker Ms. Roberta Benson Mr. Randall Baker Ms. Nancy Benthien The Honorable and Mrs. James A. Baker III Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Benton Ms. Jerre Baker Dr. Alan Bentz and Ms. Sallymoon S. Benz Mr. James Baker Mrs. Chinyoung Bergbauer Mr. J. D. Baker Mrs. Robert L. Berge Ms. Jane Baker Ms. Marie C. Bergen Mr. Amol Bakshi Mr. August Bering Mr. and Mrs. Saul Balagura Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Berkman Ms. Lydia Balahutrak Mr. and Mrs. Norman Berlat Mr. Michael Balahutrak Dr. and Mrs. Joel Berman Mr. and Mrs. David M. Balderston Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bernard Ms. Dorothea Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Berner Ms. Sarah Balinskas Mr. and Mrs. Lee Berry Ms. Virginia C. Ballard Mr. and Mrs. Noel J. Bertelli Ms. Gayle Bammerlin Mr. Kristopher Berthold Mr. and Mrs. Jack Banik Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Bertrand Mr. Stephen J. Banks Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Beshears Dr. and Mrs. William S. Banks III Mr. and Mrs. Randall Beste Mr. Alex Barber Drs. Henry and Louise Bethea Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Barbieri Mr. John S. Beury Ms. Karen Barbour Mr. George Beust Mr. Lee Bar-Eli Mr. Kerry Beverly Mr. Andrew Barkley Mr. Bob Bewley Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Barnes Ms. Dorothy Bey Ms. Rebecca Barnes Ms. Divita Bhandari Mr. Svetlana Barnes Dr. and Mrs. Devinder Bhatia Ms. Maryann Barnett Mr. Jun Bi Mr. David A. Barnhart Ms. Pat Biddle Ms. Debbie Barnhart Mr. William C. Biggs Mr. Christopher Barnhart Mr. and Mrs. Mike Biggs Mr. Allen Barnhill Dr. Gloria C. Biles Mr. and Mrs. Don Barnhill Mr. and Mrs. Ed Billings Mr. Terence Barr Ms. Debora Birnbaum Mr. David Barr Ms. Sonya Bishop Mr. Greg Barra Ms. Elizabeth Bishop Mr. and Mrs. John A. Barrett Captain and Mrs. W. A. “Cappy” Bisso III Ms. Anne Barrett Ms. Joan H. Bitar Mr. and Mrs. Seth Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bixler Mr. Daniel Barretto Mr. Ira J. Black Mr. A. Greer Barriault and Ms. Clarruth A. Seaton Mrs. Berne Black Mrs. Adele Barrier Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Black III Mr. and Mrs. William L. Barron Jr. Rev. and Mrs. Donald G. Black Mrs. Janice Barrow Ms. Dorothy B. Black

14 •

Ms. Tara Black Mr. Randall Black Ms. Roberta S. Blackburn Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Blackburne Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blair Mr. Neil C. Bland Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bland Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blanton Sr. Ms. Brandie Blanton Dr. Terry L. Blasdel Mr. Timothy M. Bleakley Mrs. Svetlana Blidman Ms. Judith M. Blissard Mr. Robert H. Blocker Mr. Leonard Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bluestein Jr. Ms. Fannette Blum Mrs. Rita Blumenfeld Ms. Brenda Bly Mr. Randy Boatright Mr. Francis Bocchino Mrs. Margaret S. Bock Ms. Clare Bodin Mr. Howard Bodner Ms. Rachel K. Boeckenhauer Mr. Doug Boening Mr. and Mrs. George Boerger Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Boggio Mr. Jerry Bohannon Mrs. Laura Bohlmann Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bolam Ms. Nancy Bolduc Mr. Alexei Bolshakov Mr. Espen Bommen Mr. Arno S. Bommer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bond Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bond Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bongers Dr. and Mrs. Milton Boniuk Mr. David Boniuk Ms. Wynona Bonner Ms. Donna Bonnette Mr. Philip Booth Mr. and Mrs. Allen Borchers Ms. Lucy Borja Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Borman Ms. Krista Borstell Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Bosarge Mr. Teodoro Bosquez Ms. Joan Boss Mr. and Mrs. George Boss Ms. Joan Bossonnault Mr. Gonzalo Botello Mr. Eric C. Botts Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Boudesky Mr. Kirtley A. Boudreaux Ms. Diane Boundy Dr. Nancy Bowden Mr. and Mrs. John Bowers Mr. and Mrs. Dee Bowman Ms. Dianne Bowman Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bowser Mr. and Mrs. James C. Box Dr. and Mrs. Meherwan P. Boyce Ms. Suzie Boyd Mr. Walter Boyd Mr. Bob F. Boydston Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boydstun Mrs. Leslie Boyette Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Boyle Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bozeman Dr. Arthur W. Bracey Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Brackett Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Braden Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bradfield Ms. Susan Bradford Mr. Andrew Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey L. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Bragg Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bragg Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Brann Mr. and Mrs. James Brannon Ms. Evelyn Brass Ms. Sally Brassow Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bratic Mr. Merle N. Bratlie Mr. and Mrs. Ken C. Braud Mrs. Bobbi Brauner Mr. & Mrs. Bill Brawn Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bray Mr. Joe Brazzatti Mr. Dan J. Breaux Ms. Katharine Breaux Mr. Jim Breef Ms. Kim Brehm Ms. Anna-Marie Breitmeyer

Mrs. Susan Brende Ms. Cynthia Breneman Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Brenner Ms. Nancy Brenner Ms. Lisa Brenskelle Mr. and Mrs. John B. Brent Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bresenhan Mr. Charles E. Brewer Mr. Malcolm Brewer and Mrs. Irina S. Dudley Ms. Patti Breymeyer Mr. David Bridges Ms. Katherine Briggs Mrs. Margaret Briggs Ms. Dena Bright Mrs. Albertina W. Brink Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brink Ms. Victoria Briscoe Mrs. Barbara Britt Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Britton Ms. Karen Briza Dr. and Mrs. Gary T. Brock Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Brock Mrs. Ruth White Brodsky Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Broer Mrs. Micki Bronston Mr. Chester Brooke Mr. Wayne Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Brooks Ms. Barbara A. Brooks Ms. Janet S. Brooks Ms. Brenda Brooks Ms. Tralee Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Brophy Mr. and Mrs. Steven Brosvik Mr. J. W. Brougher Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Brougher Ms. Becky Broussard Mr. Robert D. Brown Mr. Laurence R. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Steve Brown Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brown Ms. Terry A. Brown Mr. Jay T. Brown Mrs. Norma Jean Brown Ms. Jeannette Brown The Honorable and Mrs. Peter Brown Mr. Ian Brown Mr. Christopher Brown Mrs. Melinda Brown Master Nathan Brown Master Daniel Brown Ms. Charlene Browne Ms. Barbara Browning Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Brownlee Ms. Carol Brownstein Dr. Joan K. Bruchas and Mr. H. P. Cowdin Miss Marcille Bruecher Mr. Peter Bruell Mrs. George L. Brundrett Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Brunk Mr. Frank Bryan Ms. Courtney Brynes Mr. G. Sidney Buchanan and Ms. Nell Richardson Mr. Rustin Buck Ms. Meera Buck Mrs. Cheryl Buckingham Mr. Brad Bucklew Mr. and Mrs. Fred Buckwold Ms. Mary Rose Buechele Mr. Christopher Buehler and Ms. Jill Hutchison Mr. and Mrs. James Bueker Mr. and Mrs. James E. Buescher Ms. Bethe Ann Bugbee Mr. and Ms. Bruce Buhler Ms. Sue Buller Mr. Philip R. Bullington Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Bullitt Mr. and Mrs. Sean Bumgarner Mr. and Mrs. William Bumpus Mr. Robert Bunch Mr. Ralph Burch Mrs. Dorothy Burge Mr. and Mrs. Christian P. Burger Mrs. Shirley Burgher Dr. and Mrs. Gene Burke Dr. and Mrs. Luke Burke Mr. Lamar D. Burkhalter Mr. and Mrs. Ellis H. Burkhardt Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burlingame Mr. Richard C. Burnett Mrs. Cindy Burnett Ms. Mary A. Burnside Mr. and Mrs. Rick A. Burris Mr. Thomas Burton Ms. Helen P. Burwell Mr. and Mrs. J. Brett Busby Mr. and Mrs. Hermann Buschor Dr. Barbara E. Bush

Ms. Carol J. Bush Mrs. Anne H. Bushman Mr. Ed Buskirk Mr. Emile A. Bussemey Mr. Michael Butera Mr. and Mrs. Wade Butin Dr. and Mrs. William T. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Stennis R. Butler Ms. Monika Butler Mr. Carl Butler Mr. James L. Buttler Mrs. Toba Buxbaum Ms. Cheryl Byington Ms. Kyla Bynum Mrs. Miriam Byrd Mr. Eugene Byrd Mr. Robert Cabes Mr. Gary Cacciatore Mr. Michael Caddell Mr. and Mrs. Raul Caffesse Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cahill Ms. Marjorie Carter Cain Mr. Kevin Cain Mr. James D. Caldwell Ms. Leslie Caldwell Mrs. Jeanne Callaghan Ms. Lee Callaway Mr. and Mrs. Charles Callery Ms. Chris Calvi Ms. Maria Adelina Camacho Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cambio Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cameron Mr. and Mrs. William A. Camfield Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Campbell Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Campbell Mr. Ray Campbell Ms. Gwyneth Campbell Ms. TaRita Campbell Mr. John Campbell Ms. Doreen Campbell Ms. Lorrie Campbell-DeBaylo Ms. Dulce Campins Mr. Raymond J. Campion Mr. Carlos Campo Mrs. Luis Campos Ms. Sandra Campos Mr. & Mrs. and Mrs. Bruce Cantrell Mr. and Mrs. Dell Cantrell Mr. Yusong Cao Mr. David Cao Mr. Chris Capitan Mrs. Marilyn Caplovitz Mrs. Marjorie H. Capshaw Mr. Hector Caram Mr. and Mrs. James R. Carazola Ms. Janique S. Carbone Mr. and Mrs. Luis J. Cardenas Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hal Cardiff Ms. Anna Cardona Mrs. Anna Cardona Mr. Terry Carius Ms. Grace Carlson Ms. Holly Carlson Mr. David M. Carmichael Mr. John Carmichael Mr. and Mrs. Wiley D. Carmichael Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Carney Ms. Katherine Carney Mr. Shawn Carnley Ms. Cheryl Carpenter Mr. Tim J. Carpenter Mr. Stephen Carr Mr. Jeff Carr Mrs. Charles P. Carriere Mrs. Lily G. Carrigan Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Carroll Ms. Susan Carson Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Carter IV Mr. and Mrs. Fowler T. Carter Mrs. Valerie Carter Dr. and Mrs. James T. Carthel Ms. Maria Carugno Mr. and Mrs. Thierry Caruso Mr. Petros Carvounis Mr. Joaquin Casamayor Ms. Elizabeth Caselli Mr. Louis V. Caserta Ms. Constance L. Casey Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Casey Mrs. Mary K. Casey Ms. Holly M. Cassard Mrs. Susan Castano Mr. Jose G. Castillo Mr. and Mrs. John T. Cater Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Cathcart Mr. William Caudill Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cavanaugh

Mr. Bradford Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. Luis C. Cavazos Mr. Walter Cavazos Ms. Patricia Caver Ms. Susan Cecilia Mr. and Mrs. Paul Centers Mr. Bory Chab Ms. Nancy Chafe Mr. and Mrs. Hazel and Bharat Chahar Ms. Cheryl Chakory Mrs. Claire Chamberlain Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Albert Chan Ms. Gianna Chan Mr. Eric Chan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Chance Mrs. Carol Chance Mrs. Kathy M. Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chandler Mrs. Patricia Chandler Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Chaney Ms. Cynthia Chang Dr. Robert N. Chanon Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Chapman Ms. Martha Chapman Ms. Maria Chapman Mr. Matthew Chapman Dr. K. D. Charalampous Ms. Donna J. Charleson Ms. Anna Charlton Mr. and Mrs. Virgil W. Chatham Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Cheek Mr. Ed Cheek Mr. Fangfang Chen and Ms. Genbao Shi Mr. Bo Chen Mrs. Gianna Cheng Ms. Sherry Cheng Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Chernault Mr. Paul Chevalier Mr. Jack Chichester Mr. Robin Chichester Ms. Bernadette H. Child Mrs. Marylen Child Mr. David O. Childers Dr. Don H. Childs Ms. Margaret Chiles Mr. Kenneth Chin Mr. Sheila Chin Mrs. Jenny Chiovaro Mr. William H. Choice III Mr. and Mrs. Stefan P. Choquette Dr. Diana S. Chow Ms. Pauline Chow Ms. Martha Chow Mrs. Emily Christensen Mr. Jack H. Christiansen Mr. and Mrs. Roy Christmann Ms. Nancy A. Christopherson Mr. Philip Chumlea Ms. Mi-Hee Chung Ms. Janet Chung Ms. Winnie Chung Mr. Tomasz Ciesielski Ms. Angela Cinque Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cizik Mr. and Mrs. Allen Clamen Mrs. Anne Clancy Ms. Janet F. Clark Ms. Virginia A. Clark Mr. and Mrs. William L. Clark Mr. Michael H. Clark and Ms. Sallie Morian Ms. Sarah W. Clark Ms. Sandra F. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Clark Mrs. Phyllis Clark Mrs. Jemia M. Clark Ms. Laura Clark Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Clarkson Mr. and Mrs. Bob Clay Ms. JoAnn Clayton and Mr. Jim Jones Mr. and Mrs. William J. Clayton Mrs. Cielle Clemenceau Mrs. Patricia Clements Ms. Riikka Clifford Ms. Darlene Clifton Mr. John E. Cline Mrs. Penny Clingman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Clinton Jr. Ms. Nancy Clinton Ms. Janet Clippard Dr. Peggy Cloninger Mr. Bill Cloyd Dr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Coats Ms. Sandra C. Coats Mr. and Mrs. James G. Coatsworth Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Cochran

Ms. Helen Cody Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy R. Coe Mrs. Ann T. Coffey and Mr. Brad Bangen Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Coffman Mrs. Donna Coggins Ms. Caryn Cohan Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cohen Mr. Evan Cohen Ms. Jan Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Cohn Mr. Christopher Cokinos Ms. Martha S. Colangelo Mr. William E. Colburn Mrs. Barbora Cole Ms. Kim D. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Newton J. Coleman Ms. Teresa Coleman Ms. Carole Colley Mr. M. D. Collier Dr. Donna Collins Mr. and Mrs. Mason Collins Ms. Linda Collins Mr. and Mrs. Tulio Colmenares Mr. Ilyas Colombowala and Ms. Elizabeth Abraham Mr. John P. Colson Mr. and Mrs. Todd Colter Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Colton Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Colvin Mr. and Mrs. Clayton A. Compton Dr. and Mrs. Charles Conant Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Condit Mr. Mark Conely Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Coney Ms. Patricia A. Connelly Mr. and Mrs. William P. Conner Ms. Julie Conner Mrs. Pamela Connolly Mr. Mark C. Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Cook Mrs. Shirley Cook and Mrs. Julie Howard Ms. Evelyn W. Cook Mr. John Cook Mr. L. C. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Cooke Mr. H. Talbot Cooley Mr. and Mrs. Byron Cooley Mr. and Mrs. Dave Coolidge Ms. Heike Coons Ms. Rochella Cooper Mr. Joseph H. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cooper Ms. Karen Cooper Mr. Larry Cooper Mr. Carl Cooper Mrs. JoAnn K. Coorsh Mr. L. E. Cope Jr. Ms. Tina Copenhagen Mr. Michael T. Coppinger Mrs. Marcie Corder Mr. David Corder Ms. Jane Cornelson Mr. Art Correiro Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Correll Ms. Miguel A. Correll Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Costello Mr. and Mrs. John Cotton Mr. and Mrs. David Cottrell III Dr. Robert Couch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Coughlen Mr. William S. and Dr. Mary Alice Cowan Mr. G Michael Cowan Mr. Joshua Cowan Mr. Jeff Cowell Dr. and Mrs. James D. Cox Ms. Pamela Cox Ms. Jeanne A. Cox Mr. Wendell J. Cox Mr. David A. Coyle Mr. and Mrs. Trevis Crabtree Mr. Travis Crabtree Mr. Charles Crabtree Ms. Ann K. Crabtree Mr. Kate Crady Mr. Jack Craft Mr. Charles Craig Ms. Frances Craig-Pain Ms. Kathleen B. Crain Mr. and Mrs. James D. Crain Ms. Mary Cramer Mr. and Mrs. David Crandon Mr. Kim Cranford The Honorable and Mrs. William C. Crassas Ms. Judith Craven Ms. Patsy Cravens Ms. Libbie Crawford Mr. and Mrs. John F. Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Creager Mr. and Ms. Otto Crenwelge Ms. Darcy Creswell Ms. Justine Crick Ms. Kimberly Crim Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Criner Mrs. Karen Crisler Ms. Sharon Crisman Mr. Andre Crispin Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Crocker Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crocker Mrs. Walter Crofton Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Crook Mr. Philip Croome Mr. Kevin Crosby Mr. and Mrs. William L. Crothers Jr. Ms. Patsy A. Crowder Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Crowl Mr. and Mrs. James W. Crownover Mrs. Ann Cruikshank Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Crull Mr. and Mrs. Amado Cruz Mr. Enrique Cuervo Mr. Raul Cuervo Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Cullen Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Culp Ms. Debbie Culp Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Culver Mr. Alexandra Cumberland Mr. Carl Cunningham Ms. Patricia Cunningham Dr. & Mrs. Glenn R. Cunningham Mr. Tom Cunningham Mrs. Lana L. Cureton Mr. and Mrs. Nigel W. Curlet Ms. Ann Currens Mrs. Sharon Current Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Curzald Mr. Roger Cutler and Mrs. Debby Cutler Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cutler Dr. Scott Cutler Ms. Debbie Cutler Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Cutsinger Dr. and Mrs. Joel Cyprus Ms. Betty Da Silva-Draud Mr. and Mrs. Hasan A. Dabbouseh Mr. Phil Dahlstrom Dr. Lida S. Dahm Mr. Roger Daily and Camille DiTusa Mr. Benjamin Daily Mr. Matthew Daily Mr. Nicholas Daily Mr. Alan Dale Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Daley Ms. Dianne Daly and Mr. John C. Smith Dr. Paul Damaske and Dr. Sarah Damaske Ms. Catherine Dameris Ms. Lisa Danek Mr. Richard Danforth Mr. Chinh Dang Ms. Marilyn Daniel Miss Avery Daniels Mrs. Christina Daniels Mr. Joey Daniels Mr. Nicholas Daniels Mr. and Mrs. James D. Dannenbaum Mrs. Darleen Danney Ms. Mary Joe Danquard Ms. Neva Dare Mrs. Sarah A. Darneille and Mr. Kenneth D. Breaker Mr. and Mrs. Abhoy Das Ms. Geeta Das Mr. and Mrs. Robert Daves Ms. Leslie B. Davidson and Mr. W. Robins Brice Mr. and Mrs. Leon Davis Mr. Robert Davis Ms. Betty C. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Davis Ms. Beryl Davis Dr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Paul Davis Mrs. Faith Davis Mr. Trayton G. Davis Mrs. Heather Davis Mr. and Mrs. E. Ted Davis Mr. Larry R. Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Day Ms. Deborah Day Ms. Linda Day Ms. Debbie Dayton Ms. Julia de la Garza Mr. Pablo De la Torre Mr. Flavio De Moraes Mrs. Douwe de Vries Mr. and Mrs. Bastiaan de Zeeuw Mr. Daniel Deal Mr. Warren Dean

Ms. Laura C. DeAsarta Mr. R. B. Deauvearo Mrs. Edna Deauvearo Mr. Michael Deavers Mrs. Jayne DeBee Mr. Jeffrey M. Debevec Ms. Dionne Dedman Ms. Mavis Dedmon Ms. Caroline Deetjen Mr. and Mrs. Rene Degreve Mr. Brian Del Signore Mr. Elmer Delacruz Mr. Steve Delage Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Delaney Dr. and Mrs. Clotaire D. Delery Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Dell Mr. Joseph A. Dellinger Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. DeLone Ms. Niki DeMaio Mrs. Maria Dembski Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dement Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Demeter Mr. and Mrs. John R. Deming Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Deming Judge and Mrs. Harold DeMoss Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Denechaud Mr. Raymond Dennison Dr. David Dennison Mr. Kleber Denny Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Denson Mr. James Denton Ms. Rebekah Deo Ms. Joan DerHovsepian Mr. and Mrs. Jack DerHovsepian Ms. Kay S. Derry Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Derzapf Ms. Aurelie Desmarais Dr. and Mrs. Russell Deter Mrs. Mary DeTray Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeVet Ms. Sara J. Devine Mr. Lewis Devore Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dewhurst Mr. and Mrs. Gene Dewhurst The Honorable and Mrs. David H. Dewhurst III Ms. Elisabeth DeWitts Ms. Gloria Dial Mr. and Mrs. Dimitri Diano Ms. Maria E. Diaz Pines Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dibrell Mr. John A. Dickinson Mrs. Glenice Dickson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Diehl Ms. Elizabeth Diener Ms. Jan Meyer Diesel Ms. Jeanette P. DiFilippo Mr. Sam Diliberto Ms. Amy Dill Mrs. Sara Dillard-House Ms. Dora Dillistone Mr. Terrance Dindy Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dinerstein Ms. Judy Dines Mr. and Mrs. Ira Dinitz Mr. Adam Dinitz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dishberger Mr. and Mrs. Carr P. Dishroon Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Ditto Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Dixon Mr. and Mrs. George Dobbin Ms. Nancy Dobbs Ms. Julie Dock Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dockins Mr. Terence Dodson Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dodson Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Michael Doherty Ms. Barbara Dokell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dokupil Dr. and Mrs. George M. Dolson Mr. Alan Dominey Ms. Rosemarie Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Barry Donovan Mr. Michael Dooley Ms. Lynn Dooley Mr. and Mrs. James P. Dorn Ms. Aralee Dorough Mr. Robert Dorries Mr. and Mrs. James E. Dorsett Ms. Alice Dotson-Oeben Mrs. Debbie Dougharty Mr. Paul Dougharty Ms. Ruth Dougherty Mr. Joe Douglas Mrs. Cindy Douglass Colonel and Mrs. John J. Douglass Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Douthwaite Ms. Karen Dow

2010­‑2011 Annual Report • 15

Annual Fund Donors continued Mr. Bob Dows Mrs. Anita Doyle Mr. and Mrs. James W. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dozark Ms. Kelly Dozier Mr. Constantin Dragomirov Mr. and Mrs. John Drake Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Drake Mr. and Mrs. Robert Draper Ms. Carol L. Drawe Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dreith Mr. and Mrs. Peter Driscoll Mrs. Vic Driscoll Prof. and Mrs. Daniel M. Droogleever Mr. and Mrs. James Drummonds Ms. Luisa Duarte-Green Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Duble Mr. Donn A. Dubois and Ms. Yukiko Iwata Mrs. Lesa Ducharme Mrs. Elizabeth H. Duerr Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duin Mrs. Cathy Duke Mr. and Mrs. Clifford C. Dukes Mr. Steve Dukes Ms. Nathalie Dulac Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Dumestre Mrs. Mary Dunaway Dr. and Mrs. Burdett S. Dunbar Ms. Kathleen Duncan Mrs. Georgine Duncan Ms. Delores Dunham Mr. and Mrs. Willis G. Dunkum III Mr. and Mrs. Randy Dunn Mr. and Mrs. John Dunn Ms. April Dunn Ms. Melissa Dunne Mr. and Mrs. Tom D. Dunscombe Jr. Ms. Consuelo Duroc-Danner Ms. Jackie Duron Mr. Kevin F. Dvorak Drs. Rosalind and Gary Dworkin Mr. Byron F. Dyer Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dyer Mr. David Dylla Mr. and Mrs. John R. Eagle Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Eagle Mr. William D. Eakes and Ms. Zola W. Cater Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Earle Mr. and Mrs. John Eason II Ms. Angela Easterbrook Ms. Holly Eaton Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Eaton Mr. K. James Ebeling Mr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Ebert Jr. Mrs. Christine Eckelkamp Mr. and Mrs. Michael Economides Mrs. Bonnie Edelstein Carolyn & David G. Edgar Ms. Rachel Edgerly Mrs. Karen A. Edgmon Mr. and Mrs. James R. Edmondson Mr. Marc Edwards Mr. James Edwards Mr. Arnoldo Efron Mr. Russell J. Egan Mr. and Mrs. William J. Eggleston Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Egner Jr. Mr. Simon Ehiemua Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ehlig Mr. and Mrs. Doug Ehrenkranz Ms. Annette Ehrhardt Dr. Lisa Ehrlich Mr. Paul Ehrsam Ms. Josephine Eichblatt Mr. and Mrs. Dean Eicher Mr. Roger Eichhorn Mr. Gus K. Eifler Mrs. Elizabeth Eikenburg Mr. Bill Eisen Mr. Howard Eisner Mrs. Whitney Ekblad Mr. Gbolahan Ekisola Mrs. Atasha El Mokhtari Mr. William Elbel and Ms. Mary J. Schroeder Ms. Elizabeth Elbel Mr. Ramsay M. Elder Ms. Karen Elders Ms. Ewa Elenberg Mrs. Smaro K. Elgohary Ms. Leslie Elkins Mr. and Mrs. George Elledge Ms. Jennifer Elliot Mr. Brian Elliott Ms. Diane Elliott Mr. William Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ellis Ms. Ann Lang Ellis Ms. Christine Ellis

Mrs. Donna Ellis Mrs. Rebecca Ellisor Mrs. Robin A. Elverson Mr. Ronald Embry Mr. James Empereur Mr. Todd Engle Mr. Russell English Mrs. Angela Enyart Mrs. Peggy Epps Mrs. Ruth W. Ereli Mr. and Mrs. Milton T. Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Erickson Dr. and Mrs. Charles Ericsson Dr. Lillian R. Eriksen and Dr. James Turley Ms. Lunetta Dahl Erwin Mr. Parrish N. Erwin Jr. Mrs. Ursula Esch Ms. Karla Escobar Ms. Christy Esmahan Mr. Robert Espinosa Ms. Gwen Essinger Mr. Alan Essington Ms. Emily Estill Mrs. William Estrada Ms. Marcella Estrella Ms. Gina Etherton Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Eubank Mr. Lee Eubanks Dr. Kenneth L Euler Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Eury Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Eutsler Mr. and Mrs. Mark Evans Ms. Yolanda Evans Mrs. Frances P. Evans Ms. Susan Evans Ms. Eleanor Evans Ms. Sharla Evans Mr. and Mrs. William Evans Ms. Cordelia Ewell Mr. and Mrs. Keith Ewing Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ewing Mr. Roger Eyster and Mrs. Angela Vascellaro Mr. Mike Ezzell Mrs. Bonnie Faber Mr. and Mrs. Russ Fabiani Ms. Patricia A. Fadely Ms. Martha Fagin Mr. Glenn Fahl Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Faillace Senora and Estate of Heather N. Fails Esq Dr. Robert H. Fain, Jr. Ms. Bonnie Fairbanks Mrs. Alice Fairbanks Mr. Gregg Fajkus Mrs. Hsin C. Fan Ms. Michelle Fanale Mr. Wei Tsuen D. Fang Ms. Derrosette Fanner Mr. Tom R. Fannin Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey M. Farb Ms. Diane Lokey Farb Mr. and Mrs. John R. Farina Mrs. Mary K. Farr Ms. Marilyn Farrell Ms. Ann S. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Farris Ms. Jill Fatzer Ms. Elizabeth Faulkinberry Mr. and Mrs. David Faulkinberry Dr. and Mrs. Larry Faulkner Ms. Barbara Faulkner Mr. and Mrs. Donald Faust Sr. Mrs. Carolyn Grant Fay Mr. and Mrs. Craig Fecel Mr. and Mrs. Morton Fefer Ms. Gabriella Fehervari Ms. Susan Feickert Dr. and Mrs. Barry W. Feig Mr. Martin J. Fein and Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein Ms. Bernice Feld Mr. and Mrs. Louis Feldman Mrs. Harry W. Feldman Ms. Sherry Feldman Mr. Chris C. Fellows Ms. Ursula H. Felmet Mr. Robert Feltenberger Mr. Kevin Ferdinand Mrs. Kelli Fereday Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ference Ms. Natalie Ferguson Mr. Daryl Ferguson Mr. Alvaro Fernandez Ms. Adriana Fernandez Mr. Enrique Fernandez Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Fernbach Ms. Jill Ferreira Ms. Elizabeth Ferrell Mrs. J. J. Ferrero

Mr. Mark J. Ferring Dr. and Mrs. J. Reeves Ferry Dr. and Mrs. George Ferry Mr. Ian W. Fetterley Mrs. Arvia Few Mr. Richard Field Mr. David Fifield Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Finger Mr. and Mrs. Steven Finkelman Ms. Celeste Finnerty Mr. and Mrs. Al Fis Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Fischer Ms. Tamara Fish and Mr. Nathaniel Treadway Mr. and Mrs. Dean R. Fishburn Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir Fishel Ms. Michelle Fisher Ms. Kathryn Fisher Ms. Eileen Fisher Mr. Robert Fisher Mr. and Mrs. John C. Fitch Mrs. Joan Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fitzpatrick Ms. Aileen S. Flack Mr. and Mrs. Joe F. Flack III Mrs. Patty Flack Mr. and Mrs. James Flannigan Mr. and Mrs. John R. Flasch Ms. Kaaren Fleisher Ms. K. L. Fleming Mrs. Sandra Fleming Ms. Carol L. Fletcher Ms. Sandy Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Flick Mrs. Erin Flis Mr. James B. Flodine and Ms. Lynne Liberato Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Flores Ms. Sheri Flores Ms. Mireya Flores Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Flowers Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Floyd Ms. Annamarie Flusche Mr. Eugene A. Fong Ms. Jessica Ford Mr. Don Ford Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ford Mr. John Foreman Mr. Jonathan Forester Mrs. Lisa Forgan Dewitts Mr. and Mrs. John M. Forney Mr. Jeff Fort Mr. and Mrs. David Fortner Mr. and Mrs. James Foster Mr. and Mrs. Vince D. Foster Mr. and Mrs. James L. Foster Ms. Barbara Fouquet Mr. Joe Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Fox Mr. and Mrs. David M. Fox Mrs. Patti O. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fradkin Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Francisco Ms. Minerva Franco Mr. and Mrs. Russell M. Frankel Mr. S. David Frankfort Ms. Johnella V. Franklin Mr. Ralph F. Frankowski Ms. Danielle Frankuhl Ms. Elysia Franty Mr. William Franz Dr. and Mrs. O. H. Frazier Ms. Mary Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Ron Fredman Mr. and Mrs. William B. Freeman Jr Mr. and Mrs. Ron Freeman Ms. J. E. Freeman Ms. Diane L. Freeman Ms. Beth Freeman Mr. Phillip Freeman Ms. Caroline Friderg Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Friedlander Mr. and Mrs. Harold Friedman Dr. and Mrs. Robert Friedman Ms. Lee Friedman Mr. Edward Friedman Mrs. Jack B. Friedman Mr. Edwin C. Friedrichs and Ms. Darlene Clark Mr. James W. Friesell Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Fritz Mr. Robert Fritz Dr. and Mrs. John E. Frost Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Frost Mr. and Mrs. William Fruit Master Matthew Fu Mr. Miguel Fuentes and Ms. Maria Gago Ms. Karen Fuller Ms. Kathy Fultz Mr. David Funtanilla Ms. Dorothy Furman

Dr. Robert A. Furse Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Fusillo Dr. Abdel K. Fustok Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Gaber Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Gahr Ms. Sharin Shafer Gaille Dr. Sarah Gainer Mrs. Marilyn Gajeski Ms. Jackey Gale Mr. Diego Galer Mr. Dagoberto Gallegos Mr. Martin Gambling Dr. and Mrs. Jaime Ganc Mr. John Ganguzza Ms. Lori Gannaway Mr. Hui Gao Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Garber Ms. Rosemary Garbett Ms. Martha Garcia Ms. Molly Garcia Mr. George Garcia Mrs. Virginia Garcia Ms. Martha Gardill Ms. Betsy Garlinger Mr. Gary Garner Mrs. Holly Garner Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Garofalo Mr. Glen Garon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Garrett Mr. Douglas Garrison Mrs. Tanya Garrison Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Garwick Ms. Teresa Gary Mr. and Mrs. Jaime O. Garza Ms. Robbin Garza Mr. Luis E. Garza Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo E. Gaskill Mrs. Pam J. Gaskin Ms. Clarice Gatlin Mr. Colin Gatwood Mr. and Mrs. Gibson Gayle Judge and Mrs. J. R. Gayle III Mrs. Alan Gaylor Mr. and Mrs. Neil Gaynor Mr. George B. Geary Ms. Lucy Gebhart Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Geddy Mrs. Gloria Gee Mr. John Gee Mr. and Mrs. Geeslin Ms. Haley Gehring Mr. John Geigel Mr. and Mrs. Duane V. Geis Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gelber Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gelwick Mrs. Katrina Gelwick Mr. Garrett Gelwick Mr. Sean Gelwick Mr. Aydin Gelwick Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gemignani Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Gendel Mr. Joe Gentempo Mr. and Mrs. Karl Geoca Mrs. Lila Gene George Dr. and Mrs. William D. George Mr. Michael B. George Mr. Jerry George Mr. Jeffrey D. George Mr. Panos Georgiou Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gerhardt Mr. Ronald Gerlach Ms. Margaret Wendy Germani Mr. Richard Germer Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gerold Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Gershenson Ms. Paula Gerstle Mrs. Deborah Gerth Mr. Glen Gettemy Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Getz Mr. Robert J. Giammaruti Ms. Janet Giannoni Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Giardino Ms. Carolyn Gibbs and Mr. Rick Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Gibson Mrs. Joan M. Giese Ms. Laura Giese Mrs. Susan K. Giesecke Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Gift Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Gigliotti Mr. J. E. Gilbert Mrs. Louise Gilbert Mrs. Allison Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. David L. Giles Dr. and Mrs. Jack Gill Mr. Bob Gillebaard Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick D. Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gillette Mrs. Patricia Gilliard

Mr. and Ms. Roy Gillick Mr. Charles J. Gillman Mr. Jeff Gilmer Mr. Walter Gilmore Mr. Mauro Gimenez and Ms. Connie Coulomb Mr. William E. Gipson Ms. Karen Girard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Glanville Gen. and Mrs. Melbern G. Glasscock Mrs. Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Mr. Alfred C. Glassell III Mrs. Mitchell Glassman Mr. and Mrs. Jarrold Glazer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Glenn Mr. Deryl Glenn Mr. Micah Glenn Mr. Tommie Glenn Mr. and Mrs. Morris Glesby Ms. Floret Glinton-Pollard Dr. and Mrs. Gary Glober Mr. William E. Glover Ms. Donna D. Godbout Mr. and Mrs. William B. Goeckler Mrs. Joanne Goff Mr. Walter Goff Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Goldberg Mr. James Goldblatt Mr. and Mrs. Bert H. Golding Mr. and Mrs. Ira Goldknopf Mr. Clifton A. Goldman Mr. Leonard A. Goldstein and Ms. Helen B. Wils Ms. Linda Goldstein Mrs. Sylvia M. Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. David Goldstein Mr. Paulo Gomes Mr. Robert Gomez Mr. Leonel Gomez Mr. Carlos Gomez Ms. Sheree Gomez Mr. and Ms. Eric J. Gongre Ms. Melanie Gonzales Ms. Rodica Gonzalez Mr. Andry Gonzalez Ms. Samantha Gonzalez Ms. Graciela Gonzalez Ms. Lydia Gonzalez Mr. Oscar Gonzalez Mr. Enrique Gonzalez Ms. Jessica Gonzalez Ms. Landy Gonzalez Mr. Salvador Gonzalez Ms. Martha Gonzalez Mr. Marcos Gonzalez Ms. Heidi Good Ms. Amy Good Ms. Marjorie Goodall Mrs. Lynn K. Goode Ms. Nancy Goodearl Dr. and Mrs. Barry Goodfriend Mr. and Mrs. Herbert I. Goodman Mr. Richard Goodman Ms. Melissa Goodman Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Goodmark Dr. and Mrs. Brad Goodwin Mr. Robert Goodwin Mr. George G. Goolsby Dr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Gordon Mrs. Aileen Gordon Ms. Patricia D. Gordon Dr. and Mrs. Terry Gordon Mrs. Serra P. Gordon Mr. Louis Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gordon Mr. Bert Gordon Dr. and Mrs. David Gorenstein Mr. Vladimir Gorescu Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Gorman Mr. Michael Gorman Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gorton Mrs. Jack T. Gossett Mr. Jon Kevin Gossett Mr. Joshua Gottlieb-Miller Mr. Brad Govreau Mr. Ned Graber Mr. Jonathan Grabyan Mr. Pete Gracia Mr. Clemence R. Graef Maestro Hans Graf and Mrs. Graf Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Grafton Dr. Michael Graham, Jr., M.D. Ms. Adelma Graham Mr. Keith C. Graham Mr. John Graml Mr. and Mrs. William Granek Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grant Mr. Robert Grant Ms. Rosemary Grant Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Graumann

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gravatt Mr. and Mrs. Jo A. Graves Mr. and Mrs. Dean Graves Mr. and Mrs. Larry Graves Mr. Jim Graves Mr. David M. Gray Jr. and Ms. Mary A. Pearce Mr. Gordon Gray Ms. Jean Gray Ms. Brandi Gray Dr. Louis Green and Dr. Barbara Schachtel Green Ms. Lynda A. Green Ms. Margaret Green Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Green Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Greenan Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Greenaw Ms. Joyce Z. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Greenberg Mr. Van Greene Ms. Clare Greene Mrs. Donna Greenwood Mr. and Mrs. James Greenwood Mrs. Diana Greenwood Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Gregory Ms. Kathryn Gregory Mr. Gerald Greiner Mrs. Howard Grekel Mr. Dane Grenoble Mr. and Mrs. Laurent Gressot Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grieb Mr. and Mrs. William A. Grieves Ms. Laura Griffenberg Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Griffith Mr. Mark Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Jack Grimes Mr. Steve K. Grimsley Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Griswold Mr. and Mrs. William K. Grittman Mr. Michael Groat Mr. Marc Grossberg Mr. Doug Groves Ms. Katherine Grzesik Mr. and Mrs. Ben Guefen Mr. William Guest Ms. Fran Guest Mr. and Mrs. William H. Guggolz Jr. Mr. David Gugino and Mr. Jeff Carey Ms. Nandita Guha Mr. William Guilford Ms. Jo Ann C. Guillory Mrs. Freda T. Guillot Ms. Esmeralda Guiterrez Ms. Erick Guitierrez Mr. Joseph Guitreau Mr. Philz Gulla Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gulliver Mr. Jas A. Gundry Ms. Selda Gunsel Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gunther Mrs. Elizabeth Gurney Ms. Susana Gutierrez Mr. Cuitlahuac Gutierrez Dr. and Mrs. Howard Gutstein Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Haas Mr. and Mrs. Siegfried Haenicke Ms. Zahava Haenosh Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Hafner Jr. Dr. F. B. Hagemeister, Jr. Mr. Teruhiko Hagiwara Mr. Michael Haigh Mr. and Mrs. Curtis D. Haines Mr. Alan Haislup Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hajtman Ms. Carmen C. Halden Mr. Eric Halen Mrs. Thalia Halen Mr. and Mrs. Uzi Halevy Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Halford Mr. Gregory Hall and Ms. Julia Nolte Mr. and Ms. Charles R. Hall Ms. Ronica Hall Mrs. Susan Hall Mr. Dennis Halpin and Ms. Gaye Davis Ms. Beverly Haltom Ms. Marjorie S. Halvorson Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Hamaker Ms. Judith Hamelers Ms. Edith Hamer Mr. Peter Hames Dr. and Mrs. Carlos R. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hamilton Mr. LeRoy W. Hamilton Jr. Ms. Vickie Hamley Mr. and Mrs. Clifton L. Hammer Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Hammersley Mr. J. Richard Hammett Ms. Elizabeth Hammond Ms. Marilyn Hanak

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hanaoka Mr. Joe Hancock Mr. Frank Handy Dr. Marcus J. Hanfling Mr. James P. Hanley Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hanna Ms. Debbie Hannah Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hannah Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hansen Mr. Jeff Hansen and Mrs. Kelly Marts Ms. Margaret Hansen Dr. Douglas Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Hanson Mr. Paul Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Harbachick Mrs. Mary L. Harberg Mr. Franklin J. Harberg Jr. Ms. Julie Hardie Mr. Michael D. Hardin Mr. and Mrs. Tod P. Harding Ms. Karen Harding Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hargrave Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hargrove Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Harkness Mr. and Mrs. Bradley K. Harmes Mr. and Judge Frank Harmon III Mr. Paul Harmon Mr. and Mrs. W. Russell Harp Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Harper Mr. and Mrs. Ed Harper Ms. Carolyn Harper Mr. Taylor Harper Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Harrell Ms. Holly Harrell Mr. and Mrs. Brantley Harris Mr. Quince Harris Ms. Jessica Harris Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Harrison Mr. Charles E. Harrison Ms. Nora Hart Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Hartley Mr. Jim Harty Mr. Dave Harvey Mr. Michael Harvey Mrs. Audry Harvey Mr. Scott Harvey Ms. Katherine Harvin Dr. and Mrs. William S. Harwell Ms. Alison Hasbargen Mr. and Mrs. William Haskins Mr. Timothy Hassett Mr. Bernard Hatch Ms. Claudia Hatcher Mrs. Catherine Hatfield Ms. Anna K. Hathaway-McKee Dr. and Mrs. Eric J. Haufrect Mr. and Mrs. Brian Haufrect Mr. and Mrs. Roy Haun Mrs. Linda L. Hausman-Butler Dr. Charles Hausmann Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hawes Mr. and Ms. Malcolm Hawk Mr. William H. Hawkins and Mrs. Clarice Fox Hawkins Ms. Kristen Hawkins Mrs. Amy Hawkins Ms. Vicky Hayes Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hayes Mr. Joseph Hayles Mrs. Patricia Haynes Mr. Rodney Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hayward Mr. William Hazlett Ms. Debra Healy Mr. J. D. Heaney and Ms. Ann Lents Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Heard Jr. Ms. Eugenia Heard Mrs. Clora B. Heath Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Hecht Mr. and Mrs. Zdenek B. Hedbalek Mr. David T. Hedges Jr. Ms. Nancy Heger Mr. and Mrs. Eric Heggeseth Mr. Douglas Heguy Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Heimbinder Mr. Doug Heinlein Mr. John Heiny Dr. and Mrs. William Heird Mr. and Mrs. George A. Helland Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dieter Hellerbach Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Helms Mr. and Mrs. David Hemenway Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Heming

Mr. and Mrs. Rex Hemme Mr. and Mrs. Jim Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Eric Henderson Mrs. Joyce Henderson Ms. Susan Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Henderson Mrs. Ruth Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Angus G. Hendrick Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Hendrix Ms. Pamala C. Henjum Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Henley Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hennings Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Henrichs Mrs. Mary Lou Henry Ms. Margaret Henry Mr. Azteca Henry Ms. Lynn Herbert Ms. Emily Herdeman Ms. Shellie Herman Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hermance Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Hermes Jr. Ms. Janet Hernandez Ms. Thelma Hernandez Mr. Joseph Hernandez Mr. Aroldo Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Herring Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Herring Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Herrmann Ms. Hilda R. Herzfeld Mr. and Mrs. Frank Herzog Mr. Stig Hestholm Mr. and Mrs. John R. Heumann Mr. Martin Heyn Mr. Gerald Heynen Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hickman Mr. and Mrs. William G. Hicks Ms. Beata Hicks Mr. Audel Hicks Mrs. Kathy Higginbotham Dr. and Mrs. Joe W. Hightower Ms. Mary Hilgendorf Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Hill Mr. and Mrs. Ross K. Hill Mr. Kevin J. Hill Ms. Katherine Hill Mr. Lou Hill Mr. John Hill Mr. Robert S. Hinds Mr. Jess W. Hines, Jr. Ms. Peggy Hines Mr. and Mrs. Doug R. Hinzie Ms. Carolyn C. Hippard Mrs. Maureen Hirsch Ms. Roberta Hirst Dr. Walter Hittelman The Honorable David Hittner Mr. and Mrs. George Hixson Mr. Victor Ho Ms. Susan K. Hodge and Mr. Michael A. Stocker Ms. Erin M. Hodgess Mr. John Hodgin Mr. Robert Hoff Ms. Relda Finger Hoffer Ms. Rachel M. Hoffer Mr. David Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Hoffman Mr. Miles F. Hoffman Mr. Tim Hogan Ms. Helen Hogg Mrs. Beryl Anne Hogshead Mrs. Debra Hohn Ms. Constance Holderer Mr. and Mrs. David S. Holland Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Holland Dr. Gary L. Hollingsworth and Dr. Ken Hyde Mr. and Mrs. David Holman Mrs. Patricia Holman Ms. Denise Holmes Mr. Michael L. Holmes Mr. Walter Holmes Mrs. Holly Holmes Ms. Amy Holmes Ms. Ryland Holmes Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Holt Mr. Barry Holtz Mr. Alan Holzberg Mr. John M. Holzer Jr. Ms. Jean B. Holzer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Homan Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Homeyer Mr. and Mrs. John Homier Dr. and Mrs. Sung-Yun Hong Mrs. Rosann F. Hooks Ms. Sylvia Hoopes Mrs. Sarah Hoover

Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hopkins Mrs. Joy Horak-Brown Ms. Kathleen Horkowitz Mr. David Horles Mr. Casey Hornberger Ms. Annette Horsch Mr. Jim Horsch Dr. Matthew Horsfield and Dr. Michael Kauth Mr. Matthew Horstman Mrs. Keiko Cho Horton Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Horton III Mrs. Barbara Horwitz Mr. and Mrs. David Y. Hostak Mr. David Hoster Ms. Marylee House Mr. Jonathan House Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Houston Mr. and Mrs. William Houston Ms. Michelle Houts Mr. Scott Howard and Ms. Bridget L. Jensen Mr. Michael C. Howard Ms. Catherine Howard Mr. Norman Howard Mr. and Mrs. Alex Howard Mrs. Marinda Howard Mr. George E. Howe Dr. and Mrs. Jimmy F. Howell Mr. and Mrs. Walt Howell Ms. Rebecca Howell Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Howes Mr. Donald E. Howey III Mrs. Ruth Howey Mr. Donald Howey Mr. Donald F. Howie Jr. and Ms. Claudia Helmkamp Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Hoyer Eileen and George Hricik Mr. George Hritcko Mr. Ted Hsiao Dr. Xiaomin Hu Mr. Andrew Huang Ms. Cindy Huang Mr. Limin Huang Mrs. Patricia P. Hubbard Mr. Tyler Hubbard Mr. Edgar Hubbard Ms. Lee M. Huber Mr. John Huber Mr. David Huckin Mr. and Mrs. David V. Hudson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hudson Mr. Louis Huerta Ms. Vicki Huff Mr. and Mrs. Dean Huffman Mrs. J. Patrick Hughes Ms. Phyllis S. Hughes Mr. James M. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hughes Mr. Mark Hughes Mr. Samuel Huisman Mrs. and Mr. Harry Hulen Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hulsey Mr. Steve Hulsey Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Humbach Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hunter Mr. Michael Hunter Ms. Jewell T. Hunter Mr. Bruce Hunter Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Hunton Mr. Carolina Hurtado Ms. Kristin Hurter Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Husak Ms. Priscilla J. Huston Mr. and Mrs. Booker Hutchison Mrs. Susan Hutsell Ms. Margaret B. Hutton Mr. and Mrs. David Hyde Mr. Craig Ignacio Mr. Richard Im Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Imber Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ingham Ms. Marya M. Ingram Dr. Katie D. Irani Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Irani Mr. Bradford Irelan Ms. Alma Irr Ms. Jennifer Isadore Dr. Carolina Isaza-Londo単o Dr. Laura Isensee Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Isham Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ivany Mr. Joseph Ivey Mr. Francisco J. Izaguirre Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jaax Mr. Bryan Jaax Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Jackson Dr. Robert E. Jackson, MD, FACP Dr. Carolyn Jackson Mr. Randy Jackson Dr. and Mrs. Warren Jacobs Ms. Rachel Jacobs Ms. Sharon Jacobs Mr. John Jacobsen Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Jacobson Ms. Shirley A. Jahn Mr. Paul W. Jahn Ms. Ariel James Mr. Brian James Ms. Jeanette James Mr. Edward James Mr. Winston James Mr. Andrew James Mr. Jacek Jaminski Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Janes Dr. Malissa Janes Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Janicke Mr. and Mrs. Paul Janish Mr. and Mrs. Kim R. Janke Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Jankovic Mr. John Jansen and Mrs. Lori Sorcic Jansen Ms. Nora J. Jante Mr. Larry January Mr. and Mrs. Randy Jarnigan Mrs. Paula Jarrett Mr. Jon F. Jasmer Mr. John Jay Mr. Jonathan Jee Dr. Margaret S. Jelinek Lewis and Dr. David S. Lewis Ms. Lisa Jenks Ms. Elizabeth Jennings Ms. Shirley Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Grant Jensen Mr. Juan Jerez Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jessberger Mr. Wei Jiang Ms. Kiju Joh Mr. Mark Johansson Mr. and Mrs. George C. John Ms. Glennys Johns Mr. Christopher Johns-Krull Mr. James D. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Mike Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Okey B. Johnson Mr. John Johnson Mr. Robert E. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Steve Johnson Mr. Eric S. Johnson and Dr. Ronada Davis Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. Johnson Mr. Erik Johnson Ms. Dianne Johnson Mr. Richard Johnson Mr. Cletus Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Johnson Ms. Kristin Johnson Mr. Andrew Johnson Ms. Betty Johnson Ms. Paula Johnson Mrs. Pauline Johnson Ms. LaMiektra Johnson Ms. Kara Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Bill Johnston Ms. Sheila K. Johnstone Mr. and Mrs. John F. Joity Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Jones Ms. Charmaine Swygert Jones Ms. Marie Jones Mr. and Mrs. Randal E. Jones Dr. and Mrs. Peter H. Jones Miss Emily Jones Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jones Ms. Stephanie Jones Mr. Raymond Jones Mrs. Julie Jones Mr. Cleveland Jones Ms. Jaquline Jones Ms. Sarah Jones Mrs. Jillian Jopung Mrs. Megan Jordan Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Jordon Mr. James H. Jordon Mr. Jeffrey L. Jorgensen and Ms. Andrea Jensen Ms. Sheryl Jorgensen and Mr. Martin R. Adams Mrs. Donna P. Josey-Chapman Dr. Elena A. Jouravleva Mr. and Mrs. Michael Journeay Ms. Vicky Jud Mr. and Mrs. Larry Judd Ms. Donnette Judd Miss Lois Junker Drs. Rita and Blair Justice Ms. Karen Juul-Nielsen and Mr. Rick Garnett

Annual Fund Donors continued Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kades Ms. Mary G. Kaeppel Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Kaestner Ms. JoAnna Kafoed Dr. and Mrs. Klaus Kaiser Mr. Ioannis Kakadiaris and Ms. Maria Gasi Mr. John Kaldy Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Kalman Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Kalmans Mr. Yuraj Kalra Dr. Marie-Luise and Dr. M. S. Kalsi Mr. Benjamin Kamins and Ms. Janet Rarick Mr. John Kane Ms. Jean Kanik Mr. Guido Kanschat Dr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Kant Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kantner Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kantor Ms. Deanna Kantor Ms. Connie Kao Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kaplan Ms. Gin Kappler-Peeler Dr. Girish Kapur Dr. Jayne Kapur Mr. Mario Kapusta Mr. and Mrs. David Karohl Ms. Renee Karpas Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kase Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kashar Mr. Frank V. Kaspar Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kasschau Mrs. Patricia Kass-Pitts Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Katz Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Katz Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Katz Mr. Dan Katz Mrs. Elizabeth L. Kaufman Dr. and Mrs. Ira Kaufman MD Mr. Stephen Kaufman Mr. Tim Kavulla Mr. and Mrs. Yoshi Kawashima Mr. and Mrs. Curtis R. Kayem Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Kean Jr. Ms. Colleen Kearns Ms. Mary Keathley Mr. John Keating Mr. John E. Keating Ms. Margy Keaton Dr. Helen K. Kee Mr. Brian Kee Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keefe Ms. Arlette Keene Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Keeper Ms. Gloria Keeter Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Keeton Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Kehn Mr. and Mrs. Eric Keibler Dr. and Mrs. Andres H. Keichian Mr. and Mrs. James A. Keller Ms. Kathryn Keller Ms. Karen Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Kelly Ms. Mercedes Kelly Ms. Carlotta Gary Mr. Joshua Kelly Ms. Darla Kelly Mr. Robert Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Uri Kelman Mr. David Kelsch Mr. and Mrs. Mavis Kelsey Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kelsey Mr. and Mrs. E. Rogers Kemp Mr. J. P. Kemp Mr. and Mrs. David Kendall Mr. and Mrs. Ross Kennedy Dr. Erin Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. John Kenney Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kenney Ms. Sue Kerr Dr. and Mrs. Sherwin Kershman Dr. and Mrs. James Key Mr. and Mrs. Hermen Key Mr. Ziad Khan Ms. Janet T. Kiersted Dr. and Mrs. James M. Killian Mr. and Mrs. James Kilpatrick Mrs. Jeanie Kilroy Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kimball Ms. Constance Kimbark Ms. Virginia Kincaid Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon M. Kindall Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Kinder Ms. Karen King Ms. Elizabeth King Mrs. Rose King Mr. Don E. Kingsley Mr. and Mrs. Lynn R. Kinnamon

Mr. Jack Kins Mr. Stephan Kinsella Mr. and Mrs. James Kinsey Mr. Ross Kirch Mr. Dave Kirk Dr. and Mrs. I. Ray Kirk Mr. Stephen Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Kirkpatrick Mr. Robert J. Kirner Mr. Thomas Kirsch Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kissner Mrs. Mary Louis Kister Ms. Allyria Kizzee Ms. Charlotte Klebanoff Dr. and Mrs. Milton Klein Nora J. Klein, M.D. Ms. Bernice Klepac Mr. Brian Klinger Ms. Malgorzata Kloc-Stepkowska Mr. and Mrs. John Klug Mr. and Mrs. Maury K. Knape Dr. George S. Knapp Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Knapp Mr. Ralf Knickrehm Mr. John Knight Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Knight Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Knobil Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Knobler Dr. Helen Knox Mr. Jason Knox Ms. Keira Knox Mr. and Mrs. William H. Knull III Mrs. Jennifer Knupp Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kob Dr. Nobuhide Kobori and Mr. Stephen Dukes Mr. and Mrs. William M. Koch Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Koehl Ms. Amy Koepp Ms. Tonja A. Koeppel Mr. and Mrs. John A. Koerschner Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Koester Mr. James Kohn Mrs. Mary Jo Konen Mrs. Isabel Konradi Mr. and Mrs. James Koonce Dr. Lucy A. Kormeier M.D. and Mr. Victor Kormeier Ms. Paula Korn Mr. Daniel Kornberg and Ms. Mary Scott Hagle Ms. Juliet Korst Ms. Deborah Kosich Mr. and Mrs. Frank Koska Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Koski Mr. and Mrs. Sam Koster Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kotlen Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krajewski Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kralik Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred M. Krenek Mr. William L. Kreps Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kretlow Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Krezer Jr. Mr. Herbert P. Krog Mr. Cres M. Krogman Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Krogmeier Drs. Michael and Penny Kroll Mr. Andreas Kronenberg Ms. Gillian Kruse Mr. and Mrs. Marion W. Kruse Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Kubin Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kubin Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kubis Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kuchar Jr. Mr. Willy Kuehn Mr. and Mrs. David W. Kuenneke Ms. Sharon R. Kuester Ms. Joey M. Kuhlman Ms. Anna Kuo Dr. and Mrs. Larry Kupor Mr. Arthur W. Kurtis Ms. Anita Kusnoor Mr. Vijay Kusnoor Mrs. Adora Kutchin Mr. Tom Kvinta Mr. Lawrence Kwan Mr. Mike La Groen Mr. Kent Lacy Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ladd Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Lafitte Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Lai Mr. Cuiwei Lai Ms. Lori Laird Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Laity Mr. David H. Lake Ms. Mona Lam Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Lamb Ms. Jeannine K. Lamb Ms. Diane R. Lambert Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lamoreux

Mr. David C. Lancaster Mrs. Beth Lancaster Mr. James Landers Lord and Lady Jason Landry Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lane Mr. John Lane Ms. Susan Lang Mr. and Mrs. Mark Langford Mr. Willie Langston Mr. and Mrs. John E. Langwith Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Shane Lanys Dr. and Mrs. Herman Lapin Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Lapushin Ms. Janis P. LaRocque Ms. Carol LaRocque Mr. and Mrs. Guy LaRose Mr. Eric Larson Ms. Beth Lasater Mr. J. Stephen Lastrapes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Latham Mr. and Mrs. Truett Latimer Ms. Joni Latimer Mr. and Mrs. Ying T. Lau Mr. Willie Lau Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Laufman Mr. Herve Lavenant Mrs. Mary B. Lavender Ms. Renee Laverdiere Ms. Sandra Laves Mrs. Betty Laviage Mr. Doug Lawing Mr. and Mrs. James Lawrence Ms. Mary Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lawrence Ms. Nancy Lawrence Ms. Georgia Lawson Ms. Sharon Lay Mrs. Kathleen E. Lazarou Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Leach Jr. Mrs. Sandy Leach Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leach Mrs. Marianthe Leach Mr. and Mrs. Robin Lease Mr. James Leatherby Mr. Dick Leathers Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Leben Dr. Robert M. LeBlanc Ms. Anne T. LeBlanc Mr. Richard S. Ledermann Mr. Fabian Ledesma Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Lee Ms. Sarah A. Lee Ms. Michelle A. Lee Ms. Saumya Lee Mr. Michael Lee and Ms. Amy Phan Ms. Abbie Lee Mr. Michael Lee Ms. Anne Leek Mr. David Leet Mr. Brent Lefaive Mr. David M. Leff Mr. Thomas LeGrand Mr. and Mrs. Ulyesse J. LeGrange Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Lehrer Ms. Laura A. Leib Mr. and Mrs. William Leighton Mr. and Mrs. William Leighton Mr. Bruce Leipzig Ms. M. L. Leisenring Dr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Leiser Mr. Manuel Lemelle Ms. Golda K. Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leonard Mr. Scott Lepley Ms. Lila K. Lerner Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lerner Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Lesser Mr. and Mrs. Jary Lesser Ms. Sandra B. Lessig Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Lester Jr. Mrs. Virginia Lester Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Lester Mr. and Mrs. R. Steve Letbetter Dr. Monica Lett Mr. Marcel N. Levi Mr. and Mrs. Stuart I. Levin Mr. Samuel J. Levine Mr. and Mrs. Barry S. Levine Mr. David Levine Mr. Max Levit and Dr. Rochelle Levit Ms. Janine T. Levitch Mr. Eugene Levy Ms. Elena Levy Mr. James Lewandowski Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Lewis Dr. Kay R. Lewis Ms. Jessica K. Lewis

Ms. Joyce Lewis Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Lewis Ms. Connie Lewis Dr. Valerae Lewis Sir Robin R. Lewis III Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lewis Ms. Michelle A. Lewis Mrs. Ann Lewis Ms. Christyna Lewis Mrs. Margaret H. Ley Mr. Karl H. Liebchen Mrs. Edith Liebenthal Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lietzow Dr. Betty L. Ligon and Mr. Gordon T. Borden Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Lillich Jr. Ms. Terry Lim Ms. Amy Lin Mr. Alan Linan Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lindgren Ms. Joyce Lindler Mr. William W. Lindley Mr. Henry Lindley Ms. Lauren Lindsay Mr. James C. Lindsey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lineberry Ms. Sue Ling Mrs. Nancy Linkous Mr. and Mrs. Michael Linn Ms. Lisa Linney Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lisle Ms. Priscilla L. List Ms. Barbara Lister Mr. and Mrs. Charles Liszcz Mr. and Mrs. H. Arthur Littell Mr. Mike Little Mr. Patrick Little Mr. and Mrs. Earl Littman Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Litts Ms. Judy Liu Mr. Eric Liu Ms. Joy Liuzza Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Lively Dr. and Mrs. James R. Lloyd Ms. Shirley Lloyd Ms. Nancey Lobb Mr. Kelly Bruce Lobley Mrs. Margaret Lodge Mr. and Mrs. Michael Loeb Mr. Alex Loftus Ms. Susan Logan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Loggenberg Mrs. Sylvia Lohkamp Mr. James Lokay Mr. and Mrs. John Lollar Mr. and Mrs. Meredith J. Long Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Long Mr. and Mrs. Rolla L. Long Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Long Ms. Joyce Long Mr. Karl Long Mr. and Mrs. Robert Longmire Mr. William Looser Mr. and Mrs. Larry Loper Ms. Melissa H. Lopez Ms. Dina Lopez Mr. Carlos J. Lopez Mr. and Mrs. George Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. LoPiccolo Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lopushansky Mr. and Mrs. Tom F. Lord Mr. Andy Lorenz Dr. and Mrs. Eberhard C. Lotze Mrs. and Mr. Sarah D. Loudermilk Ms. Ruth Love Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lowe Mr. Edward Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Loyd Mr. Alberto Lozano Mr. Albert Lozano Mr. Ron Lozoff Mr. and Mrs. Duane Luallin Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Lui Ms. Karen Luik Mrs. F. R. Lummis Ms. Page Lummis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lykos Jr. Mrs. Rosemarie Lynch Ms. Susan Lynn Ms. Hilary Lyon Mrs. Joan H. Lyons Ms. Julia Lyons-Ryle Mr. and Mrs. Peter MacGregor Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mach Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Mach Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mach Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Mach III Ms. Jennifer Machacek Ms. Jennifer Macia

Ms. Chameka Madise Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Madsen Mr. and Mrs. N. K. Maer Jr. Mr. Marc Maeseele Mr. and Mrs. Stevens Mafrige Mrs. Laura Mafrige Ms. Doris M. Magee Ms. Marian Magee Mr. and Mrs. Joe Magers Mr. Adam A. Maggio Ms. Pamela Magnuson Mr. John Maguire Mr. Souad Mahmassani Mrs. Alice M. Mailloux Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Majek Mrs. Amparo Makridis Ms. Connie Malcolm Mr. Ernesto Maldonado Ms. Kelly Malek Mr. David Malone Ms. Barbara Mandelstein Ms. Bernadette P. Maness Dr. and Mrs. Michael Mann Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Mann II Mrs. Goldie Mann Ms. Barbara Manna Mr. and Mrs. James D. Manning Mr. Victor E. Manning Dr. and Mrs. John T. Manning Jr. Ms. Karen E. Manyak Ms. Ellen F. Manzullo Ms. Alissa Maples Ms. Heather Marburger Mr. Joshua Marcell Ms. Dagmar B. Marchant Mrs. Michelle Marcil Mr. Edmund Marcinkiewicz Dr. and Mrs. George Marcom Ms. Susan Marett Mr. William Margolin Mr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Margolis Mr. and Mrs. Barry H. Margolis Drs. A. J. & Mary Ella Round Marian Ms. Liz Markell Mrs. Sonya L. Markham Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Markland Ms. Olga Marko Mr. William Marko Mr. and Mrs. Jon Markowski Mr. and Mrs. Jay Marks Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Marks Mr. Myron B. Marks Mr. Barry R. Marks Mr. Richard Marks Mr. Lester Marks Mr. Ted Markus Mr. William Marlow Ms. Carole Marmell Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Marple Mr. Doreen Marquis Mr. and Mrs. Laban Marsh Mr. Anthony Marsh Ms. Linda Marshall Ms. Cheryl Marshall Ms. Helen Marshall Mr. Larry Marshall Mr. Khambrel Marshall Miss Beth Marshall Ms. Jayme Marshall Ms. Faerie Marston Mr. Ronald S. Marta Mr. and Dr. Jerome Marten Mr. and Mrs. Hunter L. Martin Jr. Ms. Charlene Martin Mr. David Martin Mr. Jim Martin Mr. Jason Martin Mr. Bruce Martin Mr. David Martin Ms. Sarah Martin Mr. Joseph Martin Ms. LaMeka Martin Dr. and Mrs. Waldo M. Martinez Mr. John Martinez Mr. Leigh Martinez Mr. Troy Martinez Mr. Roman Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Mascis Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Mason Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Mason Ms. Elizabeth Mason Mr. and Mrs. George L. Mason Mr. and Mrs. James R. Masten Ms. Sandra Mastren Mr. and Mrs. George Matcek Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Mathalone Mr. Steven Matherly Mrs. Lynn P. Mathews

Mr. Ken Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Gerald K. Mathews Ms. B. Lynn Mathre and Mr. Stewart O’Dell Mr. Mark Matovich Dr. and Mrs. Toshimatsu Matsumoto Mrs. Catherine Matta Mrs. Chong Ok Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Noah J. Matthews Mr. James G. Matthews Ms. Annette Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Mattingly Mr. Nicholas Matula Mr. and Dr. Alexandre Matuszczak Mr. Christopher Matza Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mawhinney, Jr. Ms. Jean Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Alan May Mr. Kenneth May Mrs. Rebecca May Mr. and Mrs. Hans Mayer Ms. Barbra Mayer Mr. and Mrs. William L. Maynard Mr. R. Britton Mayo Ms. Patricia Mayo Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm L. Mazow Mr. and Mrs. Rod McAdams Ms. Sara McAllister Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. McAllister Mr. and Mrs. J. V. McAnally Mr. and Mrs. Murray A. McAndrew Mrs. Rebecca McAndrews Mr. and Mrs. Randall T. McBee Mr. and Mrs. James McBride Ms. Georgia McBride Mr. Bernard McCabe Ms. Suzanne McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. James W. McCartney Ms. Cynthia McCartney Mr. and Mrs. Billy McCartney Ms. Nancy McCaslin Mr. and Mrs. D. Patrick McCelvey Dr. Rebecca McClay Mrs. Genny McClellan Mr. and Mrs. Bramlette McClelland Mr. and Mrs. Gero McClelland Mr. Robert E. McCleskey Mr. and Mrs. James McCollom Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John L. McConn Jr. Ms. Rachel McConnell Ms. Robin McCorquodale Mr. Wilmer H. McCorquodale Ms. Sue McCourt Mr. Paul C. McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. McCrary Mr. W. A. McCree Ms. Melissa F. McCrimmon Mr. Kevin McCue Mr. and Mrs. William D. McCullough Mr. Laurence McCullough and Ms. Linda J. Quintanilla Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCullough Mr. and Mrs. George McCullough Ms. Meghan McCurdy Ms. Sheryl McCurdy Ms. Linda McCutchen Mrs. Jean McDaniel Mrs. Annie McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. Gene McDavid Mrs. Alison McDermott and Mr. Adrian Glasser Mrs. Beverly T. McDonald Mr. Donald McDonald Mr. Robert McDonald Dr. Mary McElroy Mrs. Grace McEwan Mr. and Mrs. Robert McFadden Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McFarland Mr. and Mrs. Shay McGarr Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. McGee Mr. and Mrs. John M. McGill Mr. and Mrs. Terry McGill Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGinity Mr. Gordon McGinley Mr. and Mrs. Carrol R. McGinnis Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGlashan Ms. L. Dianne McGreevy Ms. Maria McGreger Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGuire Mr. Daniel McHenry Mr. and Mrs. Martin McIntyre Mr. David McKee Mr. George McKee Mr. and Mrs. David R. McKeithan Jr. Col. and Mrs. W. J. McKenzie Mrs. Kendra McKeon Mr. David McKeson Dr. and Mrs. Patrick H. McKinney Ms. Katherine McKinney Ms. Marilyn McKnight

Mr. and Mrs. Lance McKnight Mr. and Mrs. Alexander K. McLanahan Mr. Alexander McLanahan Mr. and Mrs. Barney McLaughlin Mr. James McLean Mr. and Mrs. Pat O. McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. McManus Mr. and Mrs. James F. McMartin Ms. Shirley Teagle McMillan Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. McMillan Mr. John R. McMillon Mr. Michael McMurray Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McNair Mr. and Mrs. William B. McNamara Ms. Catherine McNamara Mr. Robert McNamara and Dr. Tracey Samuels Mrs. Nancy McNease Mr. J. C. McNeill Mr. John R. McNerney Mr. James L. McNett Dr. Alice McPherson Dr. Pamela McVeigh Ms. Virginia Mead Mr. Guy W. Meaders Mr. Tom Meadows Ms. Ava Mears Ms. Rose Ann Medlin Mr. and Mrs. Roger Medors Miss Lois R. Meek Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Meer Mr. and Mrs. Jehanbux R. Mehta Mr. and Mrs. Pershant Mehta Mr. and Mrs. John Meixner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Melanson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Melo Mrs. Alice Meloy Mr. John H. Meltzer Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Meltzer Mrs. Dorri Melvin Dr. Robert A. Mendelson Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mendelson Ms. Maria Carolina Mendoza Mr. Gerard and Mrs. Helga Meneilly Ms. Joan Mercado Miss Catherine Jane Merchant Mr. Harry W. Mergel Mrs. Diane Merrill Mrs. Sherry Merritt Mr. and Mrs. Sam Merwin Ms. Wendy Messerschmidt Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Metcalfe Mrs. Marjorie L. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. William Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O. Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Michalski Ms. Georgette M. Michko Mr. and Mrs. Karl N. Micklitz Mrs. Kay Middleton Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Migit Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mihalo Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Mika Mr. Ronald A. Mikita Ms. Sarah Milam Mr. Coe Miles and Ms. Ellen Ochoa Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Miles Ms. Karen Miles Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Miller Mrs. Bernadine Miller Mr. Russell J. Miller and Mrs. Charlotte M. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Rex Miller Jr. Ms. Debbie M. Miller Mr. and Mrs. John C. Miller Mr. Ryan Miller Ms. Christine Miller Mr. Roland Miller Ms. Kristen Miller Mr. Kem Miller Ms. Sandra Miller Mr. Allen Miller Ms. Bobbi Jo Miller Mr. Joseph Milles Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Mills Ms. Pamela Millsap Ms. Lenore A. Millspaugh Mr. Barry Milner Dr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Milstein Mr. James Miner Mr. Les Ming Dr. and Mrs. Robert Minkoff Mr. Jerry Minshew Mr. and Mrs. William Minter II Ms. Jennifer R. Mire Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mire Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mireles Nima Mirpour Mr. Cameron Mitchell

Mr. George P. Mitchell Mr. Willis B. Mitchell Ms. Sheila Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell Ms. Mary Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Mithoff Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mithoff Dr. Sankar Mitra Mr. and Mrs. John Mixon Mr. William Mize Ms. Amy S. Mobley Dr. and Mrs. David J. Moeller Dr. and Mrs. James D. Moers Mr. Issac Molho Ms. Malinda Moller Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mollerup Mr. Thomas L. Molloy Mr. and Mrs. John C. Molloy Mr. and Mrs. Julio Molne Mr. and Mrs. Price Moncrief Mr. and Mrs. James A. Moneypenny Ms. Freda Monk Mr. David Monk Mr. and Mrs. John H. Monroe Jr. Mrs. Monica Monsalvez Dr. Eleanor D. Montague Mr. Julio A. Montano Ms. Marsha L. Montemayor Mr. and Mrs. John Montgomery Ms. Elizabeth R. Montle Ms. Emma Moon Mrs. Gennifer Moore Mr. and Mrs. Harvin Moore Ms. Kathleen Moore and Mr. Steven T. Homer Ms. Barbara Moore Mr. Clyde W. Moore, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Moore Ms. Karen Moore Mrs. Sharron Moore Mr. Ram Moore Mr. Randy Moore Mr. Yavar Moradi Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Moran Ms. Deborah Moran Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Moreton Mr. and Mrs. George C. Morgan Ms. Sharon T. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Morgan Ms. Lauren Morgan Mrs. Kelly Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Morico Ms. Beth Morita Mr. and Mrs. Owen Morris Mrs. Suzanne K. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morris Mr. and Mrs. David A. Morris Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Morris Mr. Michael J. Morris Mrs. Sue A. Morrison Rev. and Mrs. Alex Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Lucian L. Morrison Jr. Ms. Myrtle Morrow Dr. and Mrs. Norman L. Morse Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Morse Mr. and Mrs. Chris Morton Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Morton Mr. Fred J. Morton Mr. Brent Moseley Ms. Margo Mosely and Ms. Mary Green Mr. and Mrs. John Moss Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Moss Mr. Edward Motter Mr. and Mrs. James Moyes Mr. and Mrs. Gerarld Moynier Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Moynihan Mr. and Mrs. William L. Mudry Mr. and Mrs. Klaus D. Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Mueller Mrs. G. A. Mueller Mr. Peter Mueller Mr. Karl Mueller Ms. Katherine A. Muenzer Ms. Cynthia Mulder Ms. Gretchen Mullen Mr. Lach Mullen Ms. Kimberly Mullins Mr. David A. Munday Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mungavin Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Munoz Mr. Jeff Munoz Mrs. Deanna Murphey Mr. and Mrs. Terence Murphree Mrs. Mary Murphy Dr. Shirley Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Richard Murphy Ms. Joan B. Murphy

Mr. Daniel Murphy Mr. and Mrs. James T. Murphy Mr. Todd A. Murphy Mr. James Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Murray Ms. Barbara E. Murray Ms. Maryana Murray Ms. Carmen Musat Ms. Jane Muse Ms. Lindsey Muse Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Musher Mr. and Mrs. Alan Mut Ms. Janet Muzal Ms. Judy Myers Mr. Robert Myers Ms. Marilyn Myers Mr. and Mrs. Barry Myones Ms. Jennifer Naae Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nadal Mrs. Georgia Nagel Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Nail Mr. Miguel Nakhle Ms. Senaida Napolez Dr. and Mrs. Raghu Narayan Mr. Arturo Narro Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Nash Mr. Cliff Nash and Mrs. Lee Bar- Leli Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Nash Mrs. Sandra G. Nauert Mr. Christopher Neal Mrs. Mary C. Neal Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neelen Mr. and Mrs. John Neighbors Ms. Jeanne Nelsen Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Nelson Dr. D. Patricia Nelson Mrs. Rosemary Nelson Mr. Greg Nelson Mr. Brit Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Nelson Mr. Eric Nelson Mr. John Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Dan Neskora Mr. and Mrs. David E. Nesper Mr. Philip R. Neuhaus Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Neuhaus Mr. and Mrs. Ed J. Neville Mr. Lyndale Newcomb Ms. Elsie F. Newlin Mr. and Mrs. Ben Newman Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Newman Mr. Kevin Newman Ms. Marian F. Newman Ms. Helen Newman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Newman Ms. Nancy H. Newton Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey B. Newton Ms. Amy Ng Mrs. Debbie Ng Mr. W. Martin Nicholas Mr. Robert Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Nickless Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Nickson Ms. Diane Nielsen Mr. and Mrs. John Niemand Ms. Ann Niemer Mr. Cesar Nieto Mrs. Sandra G. Nite Mr. and Mrs. Barry Nixon Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Noah Mr. William Noel Mr. Patrick Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Noland Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Noland Miss Mary Anne Nolen Ms. Marilyn Noll Mr. and Mrs. Jim Nordhaus Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nork Mrs. Susan C. Norman Mr. and Mrs. Nils Normann Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. North Mr. and Mrs. Bill Norton Ms. Sarah H. Norton Mr. Ed Norwood Mrs. Lisa Norwood Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Novo Mr. and Mrs. Charles Novosad Mr. and Mrs. Dick Nunn Dr. Darla Nunn Mr. Dave G. Nussmann Mr. Alaba Obiri Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. O’Connor Mrs. Phyrne O’Day Dr. and Mrs. M. David Odle Ms. Jean Odum Mr. Peter Oehler Mr. and Mrs. Christian Oestrup

Mr. and Mrs. Paul I. Ofield Mr. Anthony G. Ogden Mrs. Maria Ohanna Mr. Joseph O’Hare III Ms. Katie O’Harra Ms. Theresa Ojobaro Mrs. Pat Ojobaro Mr. and Mrs. Barry R. Okin Mr. Ose Okojie Mr. J. Thomas Oldham Mr. Tom Oldham Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Oldham Mrs. Mary Ann O’Leary Mr. and Mrs. George M. O’Leary Mr. John C. O’Leary Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Olfers Mr. and Mrs. Rufus W. Oliver III Mr. William H. Oliver Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Olson Mrs. Betul Oney Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ong Mr. Charles A. O’Niell Mr. Maria Onufrow Ms. Judith Oppenheim Mr. Edward Oppenheimer Jr. Katy Optiks Ms. Janet Orman Mr. and Mrs. Morris Orocofsky Mrs. Tammy Orozco Mr. and Mrs. Duncan H. Orr Ms. Amanda Ortiz Ms. Jasmin Ortiz Mr. and Mrs. John S. Orton Mrs. Olga Osechkina Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Osgood Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Ospina Mrs. Caroline Osteen Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon I. Oster Mr. Steven R. Oster Mr. Edward C. Osterberg Jr. and Dr. Susan Osterberg Ms. Carol Ostlind Mr. Austin M. O’Toole and Ms. Valerie Sherlock Mr. Paul Otremba Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Oudin III Ms. Jeanie Oudin Ms. Joan B. Ounanian Mr. Fred Overby Ms. Peggy Overly and Mr. John Barlow Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Owen Ms. Jennifer Owen Mrs. Deirdre Owen Gen. Kenneth Owen Ms. Kathleen Ownby Mr. and Mrs. Steven Owsley Mr. Patrick C. Oxford Mr. Kerem Ozer Dr. Michael A. Ozer Mr. Sehran Ozer Mr. Carlos Pachecho Ms. Victoria Pachecho Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pacini Mr. Keith Packman Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Page Mr. and Mrs. Sherman G. Page Mr. and Mrs. Marc C. Paige Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pain Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold M. Paine Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Paine Ms. Cynthia Palmer Mr. Jonathan Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Palmquist Mr. Fred Palumbo Ms. Bonita Pamphilis Ms. Linda Pancherz Mrs. Linda Panos Ms. Eileen Pape Ms. Sarah Pappworth Ms. Cecilia Parada Mrs. Diana Pardue Mr. Seung K. Park Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Bill Parker Mr. Boyd Parker Ms. Gloria Parker Smith Mr. Steven Parker Dr. Corita B. Parker-Dubose and Dr. Ralph Dubose Mr. John Parkerson Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Parra Mr. Robert Pastorek Ms. Christine Pastorek Mr. and Mrs. Wilton L. Pate Ms. Phyllis Pate Senora Melissa Pate Ms. Hanan K. Patel Mrs. Lois B. Patterson Mr. Richard Patterson Mr. Robert M. Patteson

Annual Fund Donors continued Mr. and Mrs. James D. Patton Mr. William Patton Prof. and Mrs. Jordan Paust Mr. and Mrs. Raul Pavon Dr. Michael D. Pawson Mr. Jay Paxton Ms. Christen Paxton Mr. and Mrs. James L. Payne Mr. George Payne Mrs. Preston A. Peak Dr. Ian S. Pearce Mr. Mason Pearsall Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Pearson Mr. James Pearson Mr. Floyd T. Pease Mrs. Louise Pease Mr. David Peavy Mrs. David Peden, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jens R. Pedersen Ms. Carol Pehlman Mr. Joe Peine Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Peiser Mr. William Pelham Ms. Susan Pena Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Penn Mr. and Mrs. James D. Penny Mr. Manuel J. Penso Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pepper Mrs. Yene Perelberg Ms. Patricia Perez Mr. Jesse Perkins Mr. and Mrs. George Perkins Ms. Cindy Perlman Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Peropoulos Mr. R. Thomas Perry and Ms. Carolyn Dahl Mr. Carlton Perry Ms. Helen S. Perry Ms. Ada Perwien Mr. and Mrs. David Pesikoff Mr. Jacob Pesikoff Mr. Ethan Pesikoff Ms. Sarah Pesikoff Mr. Bryan Peters Mrs. Gloria Petersen Dr. Nancy J. Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Gary Petersen Mrs. Natasha Petersen Ms. Sara M. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Peterson Ms. Jennifer Peterson Ms. Linda Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Geoffroy Petit Mr. John M. Petrosky Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Pettijohn Ms. Evelyn Pettus Mrs. Lillian Petty Mr. John Petzold Ms. Stephanie Pevow Ms. Glena Pfenning Ms. Sharon K. Philips Mr. and Mrs. Carroll W. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Jack Phillips Mr. and Mrs. W. Hugh Phillips III Ms. Carolyn Phillips Mr. Stephen Phillips Ms. Pam Phillips Ms. Meg Philpot Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Pickett Mr. Howard Pieper Mr. Larry Pierce Mr. William Pierce Mrs. Anne Pierce Mr. Carmelo Pieri Ms. Cheri Pierson Mrs. Valencia Pierson Mr. Robert J. Pilegge Ms. Mary Pine Dr. and Mrs. Jorge Pinera Mr. Walter E. Pinkston Mr. C. E. Pipes Ms. Jennifer Pipkin Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pirtle Mr. James D. Pitcock Ms. Michelle Pittenger Ms. Gloria Pittman Mr. Timothy N. Pitts and Mrs. Kathleen Winkler Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pivec Mr. Jim Placette Dr. and Dr. Eduardo Plantilla Mr. Greg Plate Mrs. Laurie Pleasant Mr. Jay H. Plotkin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Pogue Mr. and Mrs. Karl Poirot Mrs. Helene Poling Mr. and Mrs. Gary Polland Mr. J. Russ Polsgrove

Mr. Warren B. Pond Jr. Mrs. Marilyn Ponzer-Morris Ms. Michelle Pop Mr. Joseph Porter Mr. and Mrs. George W. Posey Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd G. Posey Jr. Ms. Deborah Posso Mr. and Mrs. James Postl Mr. John Potts Mr. Ted Powell Ms. Sarah Powell Mr. Robert W. Powell Mr. Simm Powell Mrs. and Mr. Elizabeth L. Power Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. Powers Mr. George E. Prado Mrs. Marian Prager Mr. Norman E. Prather Mr. James Prather Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Andy Pratt Ms. Heather Pray Mr. Arthur Preisinger Mrs. Carmen Prescott Mr. and Mrs. David Preston Mr. and Mrs. Harold Preston Mr. Benjamin Preston Ms. Ceil Price Mr. Michael H. Price Ms. Karan Prince Mrs. Fiona Prince-Wright Mr. and Mrs. Roland W. Pringle Mr. and Mrs. Richard Prinstein Mr. Anthony Prisk Mr. Michael R. Proctor Mr. John Proffitt Mr. Meyer Proler Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Provizer Mrs. Jennifer Provizer Mr. and Mrs. David R. Pruner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pryor Mrs. Doris F. Pryzant Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pryzant Mrs. Dana Puddy Mr. Michael Puddy Mr. Armando Puente Mr. and Mrs. Juan R. Puerto Mr. Frank Pugliese Mrs. Ophelia L. Pujol Mr. Chip Purchase Mr. and Mrs. William R. Purifoy Mr. and Mrs. William Pursell Mrs. Elisa Stude Pye Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Nita Pyle Mr. John Pyle Mr. Dennis Qian Mrs. Kathy Qin Mr. Shannon Quadros Mr. Don Quaintance Mr. Dale Qualls and Mrs. Melissa McWilliams Mr. and Mrs. Allan Quiat Mr. Joseph M. Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Manuel E. Quintana Ms. Yuri Quintanilla Mr. and Mrs. Elias S. Qumsieh Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rabinow Mr. Lev Rabinowitz Dr. and Mrs. Henry H. Rachford Jr. Ms. Lillian Rachlin Mr. Charles Racusin Ms. Ann Raden Ms. Jean Raffetto Ms. Susie Raizner Mr. and Mrs. Sudhakar Rajulu Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ramirez Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ramirez Ms. Vidal Ramirez Mr. Fernando Ramirez Mr. and Mrs. William M. Ramos Ms. Nancy Randall Mr. Thomas P. Randt Ms. Sally F. Rankin Mr. and Mrs. Venu Rao Ms. Sina Raouf Mr. Morris Rapoport Mr. and Mrs. Clinton L. Rappole Mrs. Marjorie Rasche Mr. Robert Rasmus Dr. Mike Ratliff Mrs. Lila Rauch Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Rauch Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Rauch Mr. David Ravad Mr. and Mrs. William B. Rawl Ms. Cheryl Ray and Mr. Ruel Smith Ms. Stephanie Rayburn Ms. Joanna Raynes Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Rea

Mr. Frank Rea Mrs. Adele A. Read Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Reans Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Reat Ms. Elizabeth Rebello Mr. and Mrs. John B. Reber Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Reckling III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Redden Ms. Sue Redden Mr. and Mrs. Louis Redondo Ms. Dianne L. Reece Ms. Anne D. Reed Mr. Ralph Reed Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Roman Reed Ms. Nancy A. Reed Mr. Ronald Reed Ms. Kathy Reedy Ms. Johnyne Rees Mrs. Diane Reeves Ms. Donna Reeves Mr. and Mrs. David Regenbaum Mr. Joel L. Reichek Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Reid Ms. Louisa B. Reid Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Reilly Mr. Charles M. Reimer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reinhardt Dr. and Mrs. Alexander P. Remenchik Mr. and Mrs. Hank Rennar Ms. Linda Renner Ms. Georgana Repal Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Repka Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Reuben Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Rexford Sr Mrs. Claudia Reyes Mr. Cielito Reyes-Gibby Mr. and Mrs. Norman T. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Ted Reynolds Ms. Joan Reynolds Ms. Maria Reynolds Ms. Andrea Reynolds Mrs. Constance Rhebergen Ms. Lauren Rhines Ms. Carolyn S. Rhoads Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Ricards, Jr. Mr. Liston M. Rice III and Mrs. Peggy A. Goetz Mr. and Mrs. Phil Rice Mr. and Mrs. William K. Rice Mrs. Bess Rice Mr. and Mrs. Hershel M. Rich Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rich Mr. Ernest G. Richards Ms. Kathryn Richards Ms. Barbara B. Richards Ms. Cheryl Richardson Ms. Linda Richardson Ms. Tracy Richardson Mr. Frank Richardson Mr. Timothy J. Richey Mr. and Mrs. Michael Richker Mrs. Barbara Riddell Mr. and Mrs. Claud D. Riddles Mr. Brian Ridley Mr. Guy Ridout Mrs. Linda E. Ridout Ms. Paula Riehle Mr. Charles Riepe Ms. Carole R. Riggs Mrs. Carolyn Rigsby Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rigsby Mr. and Mrs. William F. Rike Ms. Cynthia Riley Mr. and Mrs. John W. Riley Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Rinehart Mr. and Mrs. John T. Riordan Mr. Brian Rishikof and Mrs. Elena Lexina Mr. and Mrs. Allyn Risley Ms. Kathryn Ritcheske Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ritchie Mr. and Mrs. George Rittenhouse Mr. Alejandro Rivera-Artigas Mr. and Mrs. George A. Rizzo Jr. Ms. Lynn Rizzo Mrs. Irene Roark Mr. and Mrs. William K. Robbins Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Robbins Ms. Kelly Roberson Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Roberts Mrs. Jennifer Roberts Ms. Aisha Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Ken N. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Robertson Ms. Janice Robertson and Mr. Douglas Williams Mr. James L. Robertson

Mr. Stuart Robertson Ms. Colette A. Robichau Mr. James Robin Mr. John R. Robinson Jr. Ms. Mallory Robinson and Ms. Helen Dow Ms. Linda B. Robinson Ms. Julie Robinson Ms. Chalandra Robinson Ms. Erâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ron Robinson Mr. and Mrs. James T. Robinson Mr. Clark Robison Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Robson Ms. Robin Roche Mr. and Mrs. Fabrice Roche Ms. Shari Rochen Mr. Jerry Rochman Mr. Lane B. Rockoff Ms. Lauren Rode Ms. Ruth Rodriguez Mrs. Lucha Rodriguez Ms. Cristina Rodriguez Mrs. Evelyn Rodriguez Mr. Darrell Rodriguez Dr. and Mrs. John O. Roehm Jr. Mrs. and Mr. Mitra Roehr Drs. Herbert and Manuela Roeller Mr. and Mrs. J. Hugh Roff Jr. Ms. Emily L. Rogacion Ms. Carolyn Rogan Ms. Regina J. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Rogers III Ms. Franelle Rogers Mr. James R. Rogers Ms. Lisa Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Rohlfing Mr. John M. Romeo Mr. Daniel J. Romero Mr. James Romig Mr. and Mrs. Len Rood Mr. John Rood Mrs. Ellyn Roof Dr. Glenn L. Roof Mr. Jack H. Rooker Mr. Edward Rooker Mrs. Sybil F. Roos Mr. and Mrs. John W. Root Drs. Alejandro and Lynn Rosas Mr. and Mrs. Milton R. Rose Mr. and Mrs. Jules H. Rose Dr. and Mrs. Franklin Rose Mr. and Dr. Donald M. Rose Mrs. Annetta Rose Mr. Derrick Rose Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Rosenbaum Mr. Glen A. Rosenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rosenthal Mr. Roy Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rosenzweig Mrs. Janis Ross Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Ross Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Ross Mr. Autry W. Ross Mr. Ernest O. Ross Mrs. Maria Ross Mr. Edward Ross Ms. Linda Ross Mr. Carlos Rossi Mr. and Mrs. Redouane Rostane Ms. Charlotte A. Rothwell Dr. Mary Round Ms. Louise Roush Mr. Rick Routzon Mrs. MarieAnge Rouxel Mr. and Mrs. William J. Rovere Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alan T. Rowe Mrs. Pamela Royal Mr. Gregory Rozenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rubbo Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rubenstein Mr. Morris Rubin Ms. Emily Rubino Mr. John B. Ruchalski Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Ruffing Mr. Karl Rugaard Ms. Mary Ruisard Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Rumrill Ms. Shana Runions Mr. and Mrs. Clive Runnells Ms. Marina Ruseva Ms. Anita Rush Mr. Joel Ruth Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Rutherford Ms. Judy Rutledge Mr. James E. Rutledge Mr. Kent Rutter

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Ryall Mr. Robert Ryan Mrs. Eleanor Rydeen Mr. Carl Ryden Mr. and Mrs. John Ryder Mr. Ji Yong Ryu Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Saalwachter Mr. William Sain Mr. Kazumi Saita Brittany Sakowitz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Salanitro Mrs. Anna Salas Ms. Lisa Salazar Mr. and Mrs. David I. Saletan Mr. A. J. Salge Mr. and Mrs. Nikos Salmatanis Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Salmonsen Ms. Mara Saltz Mrs. Jennifer K. Salyer Ms. Dee Samford Ms. Susan Sampson Mr. Barry Samuels Ms. Sharon Sanchez Mr. Ramon L. Sanchez Ms. Veronika Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. Manolo Sanchez Ms. Julie Sanchez Ms. Heidi Sanders Mrs. Mary Louise Sanderson Mr. Harold H. Sandstead Mr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Santamaria Mr. and Mrs. Ross Santee Mr. and Mrs. David Saperstein Dr. and Mrs. David Sapire Mr. and Mrs. Neal Sarahan Mr. Ramesh Sarathi Mr. James Sasseman Ms. Phyllis Sato Mrs. Patricia Saulter Mr. and Mrs. Ross Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Kent Savage Mr. and Mrs. Martin Savrick Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Sawaya Dr. Kathleen J. Sazama Ms. Cynthia Scanland Ms. Susan E. Scarrow Mr. and Mrs. David Scarrow Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scarsella Ms. Grace Scasny Ms. Cinda Schaffer Ms. Phyllis Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Schanzmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schenck Mrs. Maryjane Scherr Mr. Robert Schick Dr. Mya Schiess and Dr. Don Molony Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Schimmel Dr. and Mrs. Robert Schindler Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Schissler Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Schlanger Mr. Joshua Schmaltz Mrs. Jane Schmitt Mr. Donald Schmuck Mrs. Renate P. Schneider Mr. Ed Schneider and Ms. Toni A. Oplt Ms. Virginia Schneider Ms. Nicole Schneider Ms. Ruth Schnitzer Mr. and Mrs. David Schoen Mr. David J. Schoen Ms. Linda Schoene Mr. and Mrs. Garry Schoonover Mr. Andrew Schramm Mr. and Mrs. Dee Schrinner Mr. and Mrs. Jurgen R. Schroder Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Schroeder Dr. Barbara Schroeder and Mr. Stefan Kruezer Mrs. Jill Schroeder Ms. Emmanuelle Schuler Dr. and Mrs. Herman J. Schultz Mr. James Schulz Mr. Han U. Schutt Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Schwaab Drs. Robert and Helene Schwartz Mr. Robert Schwartz Ms. Jean Schwenke Mr. David Scott Mr. and Mrs. W. Berry Scott Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Scott Dr. Philip D. Scott and Dr. Susan E. Gardner Ms. Noreen Scott Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Scott Ms. Sarah Scott and Ms. Melinda S. Rubin Mrs. N. E. Scott Ms. Denise Scott Ms. Sybil Scott Mrs. Cherie Scroggins Ms. Judith Scruggs

Mr. Gary B. Scullin Ms. Brandi Scully Mr. Peter Scully Mrs. Lynda G. Seaman Mr. and Mrs. Daniell Sears Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Seay II Mrs. Lenoir Seelhorst Mr. and Mrs. Christian N. Seger Mrs. Kenna M. Seiler Mr. and Mrs. David Seitzinger Mr. & Mrs. Jack Selber Mr. Mandel C. Selber Mr. Rush Selden Mr. Lawrence Selden Mr. and Mrs. Vance Senter Mrs. Caridad Sentmanat Mr. and Mr. T. Sera Mr. Victor E. Serrato Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Seto Ms. Melissa Seuffert Mr. Philip Severson Ms. Theresa Sewell Mr. George Sgouros Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shack Mr. Don Shackelford Mr. and Mrs. James A. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Vic Shainock Mrs. Ruby Shankle Mrs. Kim Shanks Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Shannon Mrs. Jane Shao Dr. and Mrs. Victor Shapiro Ms. Fay Shapiro Dr. Durwin Sharp and Ms. Christianne Melanson Ms. Carla Sharples Mr. and Mrs. Seth Sharr Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Shasteen Mr. and Mrs. Greg Shaull Mr. and Mrs. Tim Shaunty Dr. and Mrs. Le Roy Shaw Mr. Burke Shaw Mrs. Joanne Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Shear Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Sheffield Ms. Vicki Sheffield Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shell Dr. and Mr. Adrian D. Shelley Mr. and Mrs. Russell Shellhamer Mr. Lawrence E. Shelton Ms. Holly Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Tim Shen Dr. Lynne Shepard Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sheridan Mr. Kevin E. Sherlock Mr. and Mrs. Haag Sherman Ms. Glenda Sherrod Mr. Kenneth Sherrod Mrs. Sandra Sherrod Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Sherry Dr. and Mrs. Lie-June Shiau Mr. Brandon Shiba Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Shipman Mr. Vinton H. Sholl Mrs. Susan Shope Mr. Larry Shryock Mr. Robert Shulman Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Shumaker Mr. Scott Shuster Mr. Barrett Sides Mr. and Mrs. John A. Siebern Ms. Donna R. Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Adam Siegel Mr. Ralph D. Sikes Mrs. Kristi A. Sikes Mr. Brett Sileo Ms. Sophia Silivos Mrs. Laura Sillerman Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Silva Ms. Beverley Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Simecheck Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Simon Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Simon Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Simon Mrs. Camille Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Simpson Mr. Jay P. Simpson Ms. Rhonda L. Simpson Ms. Audra Simpson Mr. Walter Simpson Mr. Barre Simpson Mr. Michael Simpson Ms. Peggy L. Sims Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sims Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sims Ms. Ann Sims Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Sinclair Ms. Willie M. Singleton Mr. Lennie Siscoe

Ms. Barbara L. Skerrett Mr. Louis H. Skidmore Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Sklar Ms. Barbara N. Sklar Mr. Doug Skopp Mrs. Laura Skoracki Mr. Peter Skroctt Mr. and Mrs. Corwin R. Slack Mr. and Mrs. John Slater Mrs. Carol Slatick Ms. Liz Slavik Ms. Sarah Slemmons Mr. and Mrs. William T. Slick Jr. Mr. Thomas Sloan Mr. and Mrs. Scott Slocum Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Slot Mr. Len Slusser Mr. and Mrs. Larry Smaihall Ms. Phyllis Smallwood Ms. Marcia Smart Mr. Steve Smetana Mr. and Mrs. David Smith Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Smith Jr. Drs. Louis and Laurel Smith Mr. and Mrs. David K. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Smith Jr. Ms. Pamela R. Smith and Mr. David Devine Mr. and Mrs. W. Gilbert Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Smith Mr. and Mrs. J. Phillip Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Smith Mr. and Mrs. William Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Smith Ms. Marijane D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith Mr. Hilary Smith Mr. Larry Smith Mr. Barney A Smith Ms. Nancy Smith Mr. and Mrs. Tad Smith Mr. Michael Smith Mr. Darren T. Smith Mr. Brinton A. Smith and Ms. Evelyn Chen Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Smith Mr. Doug Smith Ms. Christine M. Smith Ms. Jennifer Smith Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith Ms. Delores Smith Ms. Cecilia Smith Mr. Broc Smith Mr. Marcus B. Smith Mr. Alex Smith Mrs. Josephine Smith Mr. and Mrs. William T. Smithgall Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Smusz Mrs. Josephine Sneed Mr. and Mrs. Dean Snider Mr. and Mrs. Carl Snider Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Snodgrass Ms. Aimee Snoots Ms. Brooke Snowden Mr. John L. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Snyder Mrs. Lynn Snyder Mr. Edward J. Sockell Mr. Nicholas Sollenne Ms. Dracy Solomon Ms. Edna Solomon Mr. Jose Soltero Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Sommer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Sommer Mr. Lesley Sommer Mr. Hans Sonneborn Mr. Charles South Ms. Amy Sowers Mr. Charles Spain Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Spangler Mrs. Grace L. Sparks Ms. Blair Spearman Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Spears Mr. and Mrs. William C. Spence Ms. Norma Spencer Mrs. Tashia Spencer Mr. Scott Sperling Ms. Marie Speziale Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Spicer Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Spindler Ms. Olga Spirina Dr. Alana R. Spiwak and Mr. Sam Stolbun Ms. Judy Spong Ms. Madeline Y. Sprague

Ms. Irene M. Springer Mr. Dewell Springer Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Springob Mrs. Donna Sprudzs Mr. Shanthakumar Srinivasa Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Stacy Mr. and Mrs. Joel V. Staff Ms. Sharon B. Staffel Ms. Charlotte Stafford Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stamatedes Mr. Jay Stanaland Mr. David Stanard Mr. and Mrs. Jack G. Stanfield Mr. Norbert Stang Mr. James C. Stanka Ms. Georgiana Stanley Ms. Carolynn B. Stanley Ms. Jennifer Stanley Mr. Philip Stanton Mr. and Mrs. R. John Stanton Jr. Ms. Mary Jane Stapleton Mr. Joshua Starnes Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard Stasney Ms. Blanche Stastny Ms. Noreen Stavinoha Mr. and Mrs. David G. Steakley Ms. Marlene Steckbeck Mrs. Alice Steele Dr. and Mrs. James H. Steele Mr. Richard P. Steele and Ms. Mary J. McKerall Ms. Shauna Steffen Ms. Beth Stegle Ms. Angela J. Stegman Ms. Virginia A. Stehr Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stein Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Stein Mr. David Stein Dr. and Mrs. Alton L. Steiner Mr. Jay Steinfeld Mr. Dustin Steinhauer Mr. Doerte Steinhoff Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Steinman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stelling Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Stelmak Mr. Philip A. Stemmler Mr. and Ms. Gary Stenerson Ms. Elizabeth A. Stengler Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stephens Mr. William F. Stern Mr. and Mrs. Herbert U. Stern Mr. and Mrs. William Stern Mr. and Mrs. Jon Stevens Mr. David O. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. James R. Stevens Mr. Andrew Stevens Mr. and Mrs. James C. Stevens Mr. Travis Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Keith Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stevenson Ms. Ingeborg Stevenson Mr. Myron F. Steves Mrs. Sylvia Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Stewart Mr. William M. Stewart Mr. Charles Stewart Mr. Steve Stiff Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Stiggins Mr. and Mrs. John Stiles Mr. and Mrs. Gaynor E. Stiles Mr. James Stiles Mrs. Lamar C. Stinner Ms. Cassie B. Stinson and Dr. Barry Holtz Mr. and Mrs. David Stivers Mr. and Mrs. David D. Stock Dr. Helen Stockebrand Dr. William Stockebrand Mr. Clyde Stoltanberg Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Stonecipher Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Stopnicki Mr. Richard H. Stork Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Stout Mr. George Stout Mr. and Mrs. James W. Stovall Mr. and Mrs. William G. Straight Mr. James Straight Mr. Doug Strain Ms. Carol E. Strawn Mr. Daniel Strba Ms. Lena Streetman Ms. Lissa Streusand Mr. and Mrs. James F. Strickland Mr. Karl J. Strobl Dr. John R. Stroehlein and Ms. Miwa Sakashita Mr. and Mrs. Hans F. Strohmer Ms. Betsy J. Strong Ms. Jeanne Strope Mr. Kevin Stryker Mrs. Lorraine Stuart

Mr. and Mrs. James Studdard Mr. M. S. Stude Mr. Martin Stupel Mr. Thomas Sturm and Ms. Janet Bidis Mr. and Mrs. Mark Suchman Mr. Robert Suelter Dr. and Mrs. David Sufian Mrs. Aviva Sufian Mrs. Pat B. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sullivan Mr. Henry Sullivan Mr. Michael Sullivan Ms. Fiona Sullivan Mrs. Christie Sullivan Ms. Lori Summa Ms. Cili Sun Ms. Yang Sun Ms. Cecilia Sun Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Sundt Dr. and Mrs. Frank C. Sung Mr. and Mrs. William Sunshine Ms. Marcia Sureau Ms. Linda R. Susman Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sutterby Mrs. Louise Sutton Ms. Amy Sutton Mrs. Mary Swafford Mr. Gautam Swami Mrs. Lily Swan Ms. Barbara Swartz Mr. and Mrs. John Sweeney Dr. and Mrs. Roger Sweet D.V.M. Ms. Anglia Sweet Ms. Denise Swicker Ms. Jeanine Swift Mr. J. B. Switzer Mr. David Switzer Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Swyka Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Symon Mr. and Mrs. Antonio M. Szabo Mr. Walter Taber Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Tabony Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Tabor Jr. Mr. Bill Taggart Mrs. Melissa Taggart Mr. Jonathan Talbot Ms. Lorena Taleno Mr. and Mrs. George Tallichet Mrs. Molly Tally Ms. Audrey Tamm Ms. Nancy Tamm Dr. James Tang Mrs. Ann Tanner Ms. Keisha Tanner Ms. Brenda Tanner Mrs. Maureen Tarnopol Mr. Stephen C. Tarry Ms. Luz Tastard Mr. and Mrs. Leland Tate Mr. Robert S. Tate Mrs. Nina P. Tate Ms. Carolyn Tatge Mr. Robert M. Tatum, Jr. Ms. Georgia Tatum Mr. Charles B. Tauber Dr. Shahin Tavackoli Mr. and Mrs. Jay Taylor Mr. Kerry Taylor Ms. Ann Taylor Mr. and Mrs. William S. Taylor Ms. Sanaa Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Taylor Mr. Mark Taylor Mr. Tim Taylor Ms. Donna Taylor Mr. Colin Taylor Ms. Jessica Taylor Ms. Marcie Taylor Ms. Jenna Taylor Ms. Jamie Lynn Taylor Ms. Karen Taylor Mr. James Taylor Mr. Joe Taylor Mr. and Mrs. David Teall Ms. Amy E. Teare Mr. Greg Teeter Mr. and Mrs. Van Teeters Mr. Brian Teichman Ms. Ruth Teleki Mr. and Ms. Gary Teletzke Ms. Barbara Templin Mr. Jasen Tenney Ms. Mery Teran Mr. and Mrs. Peter Terenzio Mr. and Mrs. David K. Terry Mrs. Robert J. Terry Dr. Stephen A. Tew Mr. Howard Thames

Mrs. Sandra Thames Ms. Lisa Tharaud Mr. Joe Thayer Mrs. Julie Thayer Mrs. Marjorie Therrell Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Thielke Ms. Becky Thilo Mr. Hardeep S. Thind Mr. and Mrs. L. Proctor Thomas III Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Doug J. Thomas Mr. John R. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Thomas Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Thomas Ms. Bette A. Thomas Ms. Jacalyn Thomas Mr. Kenneth Thomas and Ms. Terzah Horton Mr. Michael Thomas Mr. Tyler Thomas and Mrs. Joanie Thomas Mr. Lawrence Thomas Mr. Aaron Thomas Mrs. Alisa Thomads Ms. Jill Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Thomas Mr. Dwight Thomas Ms. Estelle F. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Thompson Dr. and Mrs. Peter K. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Thompson Ms. Susan L. Thompson Dr. and Mrs. E. B. Thompson Ms. Jane B. Thompson Ms. Marcia Thompson Dr. Melissa Thompson Mr. Billy J. Thompson Ms. Annette Thompson Ms. Andrea Y. Thompson Mr. Steven Thompson Mr. Steve Thompson Ms. Cora Thompson Ms. Anne Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Thompson Mrs. Rosetta Thompson Mr. John Thorne Ms. Michele Thornton Dr. and Mrs. William M. Thorsell Mrs. Paula L. Thorson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Thurmond Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thweatt Ms. Meda Thyer Ms. Marcia Tiebout Dr. and Dr. Eric M. Timmreck Ms. Marian Tindall Ms. Shelly Tindle Mr. and Mrs. M. Dale Tingleaf Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Tipps Ms. Joyce Tipton Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Titus Mr. Daniel Tobin Mr. and Mrs. C. Stephen Tobin Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Todd Mr. G. M. Tolunay Dr. and Mrs. David Tomatz Mr. and Mrs. John H. Tomfohrde Jr. Mr. Sonny Tomlinson Mr. Tom Tomlinson Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Tongberg Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Toole Mr. and Mrs. John J. Toomey Mr. and Mrs. Gary Torbert Dr. and Mrs. Karl Tornyos Mr. and Mrs. Wade Tornyos Ms. Melissa Torres Ms. Sylvia P. Torres Ms. Virginia Torres Mrs. Shaun Toskey Mr. Jon D. Totz Mr. Robert Touchstone Mr. Herbert Towning Ms. Linda Townsend Mrs. Jennifer Townsend Ms. Amanda Tozzi Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Traband, Jr. Mr. Daniel S. Trachtenberg Ms. Ann Trammell Mr. and Mrs. Jasper E. Tramonte Ms. Loan Tran Mr. Lam Tran Mr. Roger Trandell Mr. and Mrs. Edmunds Travis Jr. Ms. Cathleen J. Trechter Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Tremant Mr. Gilles Tremblay Ms. Melanie Trent Mr. and Mrs. Raoul Treverton Mr. Joe Trevino Ms. Lisa Rai Trewin Ms. Linda Trimm

Annual Fund Donors continued Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trinh Mr. Gerard Trione Mr. James Trippett Ms. Marcela Tristan Mr. and Mrs. Marc Tronzo Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Trotter Mr. Santiago Trujillo Mr. and Mrs. W. Marc Trygstad Ms. Susan Tso Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Terry Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Tudor III Mr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Tulich Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Tupper Mrs. Carol Turley Mr. and Mrs. Carl Turner Ms. Lonna Turner Ms. Sandra Turner Mrs. Crenisha L. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tusinski Mr. and Mrs. Jesse B. Tutor Mr. and Mrs. William R. Tuttle Mr. Michael Tuvim Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Tvedt Jr. Dr. and Mrs. James A. Twining Mr. and Mrs. Ronnald P. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. John F. Tyson Mr. and Mrs. Wil Uecker Dr. Robert Ulrich and Ms. June R. Russell Mr. Benjamin Ulrich Ms. Hetty Umeh Mr. and Mrs. Keith Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Unger Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Unger Mr. Robert C. Updegrove Mrs. Martha Upton Ms. Amy Uribe Dr. and Mrs. Brad Urquhart Mr. and Mrs. Duane E. Utecht Mrs. Alexandra Vaikhman Mr. Jose Armando Valdes Mrs. Catalina Bernice Valenzuela Mr. Leo Valk Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Valka Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vallee Ms. Patricia Van Allan Mr. and Mrs. William Van Dame Mr. and Mrs. Peter Van Dongen Mr. Paul Van Dorn Mr. Glenn Van Dusen Mr. and Mrs. Gene Van Dyke Mr. Kurt J. Van Gilder Ms. Norma Van Hoesen Dr. and Mrs. Gage Van Horn III Mr. and Mrs. George Van Horn Ms. Laura Van Ness Mr. and Mrs. Ken Van Nostrand Ms. Barbara Van Postman Mr. and Mrs. William A. Van Wie Ms. Louise G. Vanasse Mr. James Vance Ms. Jana Vander Lee Mr. and Mrs. Wil VanLoh Mr. David Vannauker Mr. Brandon S. VanWaeyenberghe Mr. Earl Vanzant Ms. Esther Varga Mr. and Mrs. Peter Varman Dr. Holly Knudsen Varner Dr. and Mrs. Victor Varner Dr. and Mrs. Carl Vartian Mr. Srini Vasan Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Vaughan Mr. Paul Vaughan Mr. and Mrs. Leopoldo C. Vazquez Mr. Tony Vazquez Ms. Karen Veit Mr. Gary Venkataraman Ms. Claremarie Verheyen Mr. William K. VerMeulen Mr. and Mrs. George Vernau Ms. Jody Verwers Mr. and Mrs. Louis Vest Mr. Christopher Vice Mr. Carlos Vicente Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Victor Ms. Donna Vierling Ms. Carla Vigilante Mr. Alvaro Villamizar Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Vitullo Dr. Allen Vogt, Ph.D. Mrs. Marjorie Vogt Ms. Claudia Vogt Mr. and Mrs. Robert Voigt Ms. Miriam Vyles Ms. Mary Ann Wacker Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Wade

Mr. Lowell Wade Mrs. Irving Wadler Mr. Eugene Wagenecht Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Wagner Ms. Elise Wagner Mr. Greg Wagner Ms. Sangeeta Wahi Mr. and Mrs. Joel Wahlberg Ms. Lilly Wai Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wainberg Dr. Margaret Waisman and Dr. Steven S. Callahan Mr. William Paul Waits Ms. Connie Walden Mr. David Waldmann Mrs. Judy Waligura and Ms. Carol Moeller Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Walker III Mr. Dean Walker Mr. and Mrs. James B. Walker Ms. Andrea Walker Mr. William Walker Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Walker Ms. Jennifer Walker Ms. Jeanne Walker Mr. Andrew Walker Ms. Pamela Walker Ms. Skylar Walker Rev. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Walker Mr. and Mrs. John T. Wall Mr. and Mrs. C. Harold Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Wallace Ms. Jamesene T. Wallace Ms. Amy Wallace Mr. Robert Walp Ms. Louise Walsh Ms. Cheryl S. Walter Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Walters Mr. and Mrs. Jim Walters Mr. Thomas A. Walzer Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Wanamaker Ms. Winter W. Wang Ms. Lucy Wang Mr. Vincent Wang Mr. and Mrs. Bill Warburton Ms. Sandria Ward Mr. Danny Ward and Ms. Nancy Ames Mr. and Mrs. John Wardell Mr. Ben Ware Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Wareing Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wareing Dr. Laverne Warner Mr. Kenneth W. Warren Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Warren Mr. Brian Warren Ms. Cathy Warrington Mr. and Mrs. John E. Waters Dr. and Mrs. William C. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Watler, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Watson Mrs. Armatha Watson Mr. and Mrs. James A. Watt Mr. David M. Wax and Ms. Elaine A. Cali Ms. Allyson Weathers Mr. Mark Weaver Mr. and Mrs. James D. Webb Ms. Paula J. Webb Ms. Richelle Webb Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Webb Mr. and Mrs. Fredric A. Weber Ms. Andrea Weber Mr. Michael Webster and Ms. Leone Buyse Ms. Dinah Webster Ms. and Mr. Deborah Wedekind Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wedemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wegenhoft Mr. and Mrs. Tim I. Wegner Mr. Paul Wehner Ms. Beth Weidler and Mr. Stephen James Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Weil Jr. Mr. Jonathan A. Weinbaum Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Weiner Mr. Robert Weiner and Ms. Toni Blankmann Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Kane C. Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Don Weinmann Mrs. Nicola Welch Ms. Beatriz Wellings Ms. Julia Wellner Ms. Kelly Wells Mr. Gary Wells Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wells Ms. Bryony Jane Welsh Mr. and Mrs. William B. Welte III Dr. Joan Weltzien Ms. Ann Wenck Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Wendelburg Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wendt

Mr. and Mrs. Eden N. Wenig Ms. Cindy Wennagel Dr. and Mrs. Angel Werch Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Werlla Dr. and Mrs. William A. Wescott Ms. Vicki West Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. West Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Westall Mrs. Vicki Westbrook Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Westendarp Ms. Chris Westerfelt Ms. Huong Westerfield Mr. John Wetsel and Mrs. Joanne BreihanWetsel Mrs. Corinne H. Wheeler Mrs. Debbie Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Whelan Ms. Melanie Whelan Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Wherry Mr. and Mrs. Matt Whitaker Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. White Mr. and Mrs. Dale White Mr. and Mrs. Clinton White Ms. Sara E. White Mr. and Mrs. John C. White Mr. Russell White Mr. and Mrs. Gordon White Mr. David E. White Mr. Bradley White Mr. David Ashley White Mr. Donald White Mr. Richard White Ms. Debrah White Mr. Gary White Ms. Shawna White Mrs. Margaret Whitehead Mr. Sam Whitehill Ms. Julie Whiteside Ms. Lynne Whitt Ms. Michele Michael Wibbelsman Ms. Kathleen Wicker Ms. Linda Wiesner Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wijninckx Ms. Jennifer Wike Mr. and Mrs. H. Erwin Wilbanks Mrs. Amber Wilbanks Mr. David M. Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Wild Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Wilde Dr. and Mrs. Rudy C. Wildenstein Mrs. Carolyn Wildenthal Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Wiles Ms. Paula Wiley Mrs. Johannah Wilkenfeld Mr. Bill Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Ronn Willard Dr. Jim T. Willerson Ms. Nancy Willerson Mrs. Delores Williams Ms. Elizabeth D. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Williams Ms. Betty Elizardi Williams Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Williams Mrs. Margaret Alkek Williams Mr. Wright Williams Mr. Lee E. Williams Mr. Marvin Williams Ms. Diane Williams Mr. and Mrs. John L. Williams Mr. and Mrs. George R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Cornel Williams Mr. Mark L. Williams Mr. Calvin Williams Mr. and Mrs. William Williams Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Williams Ms. Martha Williams Mrs. Leslie Williams Ms. Meredith Williams Ms. Jessica L. Williams Mr. Alvin Williams Mr. James Williams Mr. Lisa Williams Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Tom Williamson Mr. and Mrs. David Williamson Mr. Aaron Willke Mr. and Mrs. Scott Willson Mr. and Mrs. Wallace S. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Wilson Ms. Marian Wilson Mrs. Carol Wilson Mr. Paul L. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Alden Wilson Ms. Jill Wilson

Mr. Patrick Wilson Mr. Allen Wilson Mr. Burt Wilson Mr. William Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Don Wilton Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Wimberly Dr. De Lois Wimmer Dr. James Winford Ms. Anna Winter Wingfield Mrs. Vernell Winney Mr. Geoff Winningham Mrs. Anita Winsor Mr. Daniel Winstead Ms. Karen Winston Mrs. Linda Winston Ms. Catherine Wintz Mr. and Mrs. Roland Wise Mr. Steve Wiseman Mrs. Evelyn R. Wisenberg Mr. Jonathan M. Witt Ms. Catherine Witte and Mr. Gary Zimmerman Mr. Sunday Witte Ms. Celia Wittliff Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wittman Ms. Jennifer R. Wittman Mr. Neil Wolfe Ms. Kathy Wolfe Mrs. Sarah Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn L. Wolff Ms. Elizabeth Wolff Ms. Mary Wolff Wolff-Toomim Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Jerry S. Wolinsky Mrs. Julie Wolter Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Wood Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wood Dr. and Mrs. Barry P. Wood Miss Susan Wood Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Wood Ms. Carol Wood Ms. Vada A. Woodall Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wooddell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Woodell Ms. Blair Woodell Ms. Deanna Woodlief Mr. and Mrs. William Woods Ms. Laura Woods Mr. Cleveland Woodson Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. Woodward Mr. Michael J. Woodward Mrs. Michael Woolcock Ms. Dorothy Wooten Ms. Clavia Wooton-Kee Mr. and Mrs. Robert Workin Mr. and Mrs. O. Russell Worley Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Worth Mrs. Dalia Woss Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wray Dr. J. David Wright Mr. and Mrs. Denney Wright Mr. and Mrs. C. Clifford Wright Ms. Sarah H. Wright Mr. Keith Wright Mr. Clifford Wright and Mrs. Carol ManleyWright Ms. Kristi Wright Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wright Ms. Courtney Wright Mr. Randall Wright Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wulfe Mr. and Mrs. Emil Wulfe Mr. and Mrs. David J. Wuthrich Mrs. Peggy J. Wylie Mr. Robert W. Wylie Mr. Winthrop A. Wyman and Ms. Beverly Johnson Mr. Scott Wynant Mr. Kory Wynegar Mr. Dan Q. Xu and Mrs. Xiaowen Zhang Mr. Kevin Yamamoto Mrs. Constance Yancey Mr. Shawn Yang and Mrs. Wenshang Zhu Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Yankowsky Mrs. Kristy Yao Mrs. Merele Yarborough Mr. Tera Yashimura Mr. Cary P. Yates Dr. and Mrs. Frank Yatsu Mr. Le Roy Yeager Mr. and Mrs. David W. Yeary Ms. Colleen Yee Dr. and Mrs. Robert Yekovich Mrs. Carrie Yen Mr. Peter Yenne Mr. Ricardo Yepez Ms. Anita Ying Mrs. Barbara Yoder

Mr. Elan Yogeswaren Mr. Frank Yonish Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. York Dr. Byron York Jr. Mr. Jim Yoshimura Mr. and Mrs. William A. Young Mrs. Barbara S. Young Ms. Dee Young Mr. William Young Mr. Ray Young Mr. John Young Mr. and Mrs. Alan Young Mrs. Julie Young Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Young Mrs. Dorothy M. Young Dr. Melanie Younger Mrs. Basima Zabaneh Ms. Rebecca Zabinski Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zabriskie Mr. Greg Zantelle Ms. Carmen Zatorski Ms. Ruth Zeger Ms. Leah Zeger Mr. and Mrs. Bob Zehentner Ms. Sabine Zeilinger Mrs. Zoula P. Zein-Eldin Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zeitler Mr. and Mrs. Randy Zercher Ms. Fuwei Zhang Mr. Qi Zhu and Ms. Bailiang Li Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zilkha Mrs. Betsy I. Zimmer Dr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Zinn Ms. Helena Zodrow Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Zohlen Mr. Max Zollers Mrs. Barbara Zoufalik Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Zuber Ms. Jenny Zuniga


Albert & Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foun‑ dation Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation Bauer Foundation Brodsky Foundation Carleen and Alde Fridge Foundation David and Judith Beck Foundation Diamond Family Foundation GEM Insurance Agencies, L.P. George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund Helmle-Shaw Foundation Houston Arts Combined Endowment Fnd. Houston Endowment Inc. Houston Jewish Community Foundation Huffington Foundation John P. McGovern Foundation Knox Charitable Foundation Leon Jaworski Foundation Lillian Kaiser Lewis Foundation Lubrizol Foundation Lynne Murray Sr. Educational Foundation MacDonald-Peterson Foundation

Macy’s Foundation Madison Charitable Foundation Margaret and James A. Elkins, Jr. Founda‑ tion Marks Charitable Foundation Melbern G. and Susanne M. Glasscock Foundation Mithoff Family Charitable Foundation Nightingale Code Foundation Oshman Foundation Pierce Runnels Foundation Ray C. Fish Foundation Scurlock Foundation Stanford and Joan Alexander Foundation State Employee Charitable Campaign Sterling-Turner Foundation Strake Foundation The Alkek and Williams Foundation The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation The Brown Foundation, Inc. The Cullen Foundation The Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts The Hood-Barrow Foundation The Humphreys Foundation

The Naomi and Martin Warren Family Foundation The Powell Foundation The Schissler Foundation The Vivian L. Smith Foundation The Wortham Foundation, Inc. Vaughn Foundation William E. and Natoma Pyle Harvey Chari‑ table Trust William S And Lora Jean Kilroy Foundation

Houston Symphony League Intercontinental Exchange Ironshore Insurance Services, LLP KPMG LLP Mach Family Fund Madison Benefits Group Inc. Marathon Oil Corporation Marvin Consulting, Inc. McCombs Energy Memorial Hermann Morgan Group, Inc. Neiman Marcus Northern Trust Oceaneering International, Inc. Palmetto Partners, Ltd. Rand Group Randalls Food Markets, Inc. Regions Bank Rice Epicurean Markets September Enterprises Seyfarth Shaw LLP Shell Oil Company Smith, Graham & Company Investment Advisors LP

Spec’s Charitable Foundation SPIR STAR, Ltd. St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital Star Furniture Stewart Title Company Swift Energy Company The Boeing Company The Kroger Co. The Methodist Hospital System TOTAL UBS USI Insurance Services LLC Vinson & Elkins LLP Vitol, Inc. W. S. Bellows Construction Corp. Weatherford International Ltd. Wells Fargo Bank Williams Companies, Inc. Wood Group Management Services, Inc. Wortham Insurance & Risk Management

Corporations Access Rehab Clinic Amegy Bank of Texas Andrews Kurth LLP Baker Botts L.L.P. Bank of America BBVA Compass Beck, Redden & Secrest L.L.P. Bloomberg, LLP Bracewell & Giuliani LLP Cameron International Corporation CenterPoint Energy Chevron Chubb Group of Insurance Companies ConocoPhillips Cooper Industries, Inc. Cotton, Bledsoe, Tighe & Dawson Devon Energy Corporation Ernst & Young ExxonMobil Fidelity Investments Frost Bank Fulbright & Jaworski, L.L.P. GDF SUEZ Energy North America Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Jesse B. Tutor

Chairman of the Board

Robert B. Tudor III President

Mark C. Hanson

Executive Director/CEO

For additional information about the Houston Symphony: Individual Giving: 713-337-8521 Corporate Sponsorships: 713-337-8520 Foundation Relations: 713-337-8522 Volunteer Relations: 832-531-6701 Events: 713-337-8526 Legacy Giving: 713-337-8521 Box Office/Patron Services Center: 713-224-7575 Group Sales: 713-238-1435

615 Louisiana Street, Suite 102 Houston, TX 77002 (713) 224-4240 Contents Š 2011 by the Houston Symphony

Houston Symphony - Annual Report 2010-2011  

Houston Symphony - Annual Report 2010-2011

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