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Talks About  GOP’s   Hall  of  Shame


Slavery Depicted   As  Never  Before


Be The  Match   For  Her  Memory



By Michele  Grant

PG 2 OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013


04 05 Local Briefs 09 Dr. Laura Murillo Medicaid Fight By Jesse Jackson

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OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013

PG 3

jesse Jackson

commentary Medicaid Fight Has GOP Governors Standing in the Hospital Door


he tea party effort to torpedo health care reform at the federal level has been repelled, but only after the campaign shut down the government, threatened default on the U.S. debt and cost the country billions in damages. But that victory should not blind us to how destructive the rejectionists have been at the state level. In the name of states rights, right-wing governors and legislators will leave some 8 million impoverished and low-wage Americans uninsured and ineligible for any assistance. The reason is that the Su-

preme Court’s conservative majority resuscitated the pernicious doctrine of “states’ rights.” When they found Obamacare constitutional, the majority ruled that states had a “right” to refuse to expand Medicaid. Medicaid expansion was designed to cover the poorest half of those now without health insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid would be expanded to cover those with incomes at or below 138 percent of the federal poverty level (now $19,530 for a family of three). The federal government would pay the full cost until 2016, when states would be asked to pick up only 10 percent of the cost of expansion. Led by Republican governors and legislators, 26 states, including every state in the deep South outside of Arkansas, have thus far refused to support expansion of Medicaid, turning their backs on literally billions in fed-

PG 4 OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013

eral subsidies to cover health care costs for the uninsured (although recently Republican governors in Ohio and Pennsylvania ended their opposition). This is the modern version of George Wallace standing in the schoolhouse door to reject integration. The states rejecting Medicaid expansion have about one-half the nation’s population, but over two thirds of the uninsured poor who’d be eligible under the law. The leading targets are people of color. Two thirds of otherwise eligible and uninsured poor African-Americans will be barred from getting affordable health care. Once more, we see the harsh reality behind “states’ rights.” From the Civil War to the civil rights movement, from slavery to segregation, the argument of states’ rights has been unfurled as the banner of those looking to punish black people. And once more right-wing leaders are acting against the best interests of their own people and their own states to keep people of color locked out. They would allow poor whites to suffer rather than allow the black poor to benefit. These governors are not standing up for the Constitution. They’re playing the race bait politics of division once more. And, not surprisingly, this reversion to states’ rights is accompanied by systematic state efforts to suppress the vote. Many of the same governors who’ve led the fight against health care reform are pushing measures that make it harder for poor and working people -- disproportionately people of color -- to vote. They’ve reduced early voting, ended voting on Sundays, added new ID requirements, closed down convenient polling booths, opposed same day registration and more. The only way to keep people down is to lock them out. Republican governors, of


course, don’t admit the racial poison at the root of their policies. They say their states can’t afford the expansion (even though the federal government picks up the entire tab until 2016 and 90 percent thereafter). They rail against health care reform as “socialism,” even though every industrial nation in the world except the U.S. provides affordable health care to its citizens. Gov. Rick Perry of Texas says the Affordable Care Act would reduce Texas to a mere “appendage of federal government.” (Perry apparently doesn’t understand that Texas is a part of the union.) Historically, there has only been one remedy against the use of states’ right to inflict racially poisonous policies, and that has been forceful federal intervention. It took a Civil War and constitutional amendments to end slavery. It took a civil rights movement and federal legislation to end apartheid in the South. And now poor and working people will need to rise up once more and insist that the federal government step in to make certain that all American have access to affordable health care, no matter what the color of their skin, the amount of their income or the state they live in. The Democratic governors who stood in the schoolhouse door against integration -- George Wallace, Orval Faubus, Ross Barnett -are remembered in infamy. Now the Republican governors who stand in the hospital door --Rick Scott of Florida, Rick Perry of Texas, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana -- will surely end up in the same hall of shame. You can write to the Rev. Jesse Jackson in care of this newspaper or by email at Follow him on Twitter @RevJJackson. Share this story online at

Local Briefs Man Steals $80,000 Audi From Local Dealership

ton dealership is offering a $5,000 reward

and offensive players from Watt’s NFL

for the return of the car or information

team, the Houston Texans, will compete

leading to the suspect and the car.

on opposing teams under “Friday Night

J.J. Watt Announces Date for 2nd Annual J.J. Watt Charity Classic in Texas to Benefit the J.J. Watt Foundation

Lights” during a seven-inning softball game. A home run derby will precede the game. Tickets for the event will go on sale January 2014. An exact date will be announced later as to when tickets will be available at both the Constellation Field box office and online www.sugar-


Audi RS5

ment over photograph that was published on his website Jennifer Stetson has said that notification was sent informing of the illegal use of the photo that she titled “Claudia” sometime in September. In the lawsuit, it is noted that Stetson has had the photo officially registered since July 2012. Since the lawsuit was just filed late this month we will have to wait to see how this all turns out.

uto dealers will start to examine the way they let potential customers test drive vehicles

after an Audi coupe was stolen from a loJ.J. Watt of the Houston Texans

lowed the salesman to the office to talk


numbers. When the salesman turned his

Charity Classic. The event will be held

back to speak with upper management.

the evening of Friday, May 2, 2014, at

The man swiped the keys to the $80,000

Constellation Field in Sugar Land, Texas,

Audi and took off. The Audi West Hous-

a suburb of Houston, Texas. Defensive

cal dealership. A man in his 30s took a gray 2014 Audi RS5 for a spin on Oct. 17 at 11:30am. Appearing to be very interested in purchasing the car, the man fol-

.J. Watt, defensive end for the Houston Texans and NFL Defensive Player of the Year, is pleased to

announce the date for the 2014 J.J. Watt


Rapper 50 Cent Sued for Copyright Infringement by Houstonian


local woman is suing famed rapper 50 Cent aka Curtis Jack-

“Claudia” by Jennifer Stetson

son over copyright infringe-

OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013

PG 5


By Adolfo Chavez Special to Style

Be the Match for Dezma’s Legacy


s I write this, it has been 7 months and one day since my niece, Dezma Benitez, passed away after her battle with Leukemia. Impossibly, it seems as if it happened just yesterday and as if an eternity has passed at the same time. The grief is present and real. Yet, when I try to remember the long journey of her treatment the memories are fuzzy as if I had just woken from a terrible dream. The guilt of not being able to recall every moment is unbearable because I want so desperately to remember every detail of her so that I don’t forget who she was. But the sum of her time battling this disease was not who she was. Dezma was 10 years into a full life. She was a softball player, like her mother. She was a fantastic artist. She was brilliant and deep and thoughtful. At the memorial service, I looked into the eyes of an ocean of faces that had the imprint of Dezma’s life; an intri-

cate web that bound family, friends and strangers. There I witnessed the sum of Demza’s life and the depths to which it reached. It was these same people who, once Dezma was diagnosed, were spurred to action. Blood drives and benefits were organized. Donations were made. Dezma’s story spread. Team Dezma was born. Seven months later, Team

Dezma thrives and continues to fight for cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin‚ Äôs disease and myeloma. Through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program Dezma’s mother, Lynda Flores, is working furiously to raise $100,000 dollars in order to have a research program created in Dezma’s name. They have raised nearly $57,000 to date and can use your support to help them reach Team Dezma’s goal. To read more about Dezma’s journey and contribute to Team Dezma, use the following link: bit. ly/teamdezma. There is a myriad of other ways you can be a part of Team Dezma at lyndaiflores Dezma’s family was given the gift of more time because of another gift of bone marrow donation through Be the Match Donor Regis-

tery. For the thousands of people diagnosed every year with life-threatening blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, a cure exists. Over the past 25 years Be The Match®, operated by the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP), has managed the largest and most diverse marrow registry in the world. They work every day to save lives through transplant. Find out more information online at www.

culinary A Washington, D.C. Restaurant Puts A By Dawn Paul Culinary Writer


ne of the first questions you ask when visiting a city is “Where is a good place to eat?” Washington, D.C. is most known for its history and political power players, but D.C. is also known for great cuisine. If you want a good chili dog in Washington, D.C., you think historical landmark Ben’s Chili Bowl. However, if you want to experience fine dining that provides a fresh and unique spin on American cuisine like no other, I highly recommend Founding Farmers on 1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Founding Farmers has mastered providing customers with amazing comfort food in a four star environment that doesn’t have a pretentious feel. Thanks to Sarah Maciejewski with Destination DC, Houston Style Magazine received an amazing experience at one of the most talked about restaurants in Washington, D.C. After a long day of covering the Congressional Black Caucus, there was no better way for Houston Style Magazine to wind down than with great cocktails, great food and great service at Founding Farmers. The Founding Farmers management team and staff rolled out the red carpet and made the Houston Style Magazine family feel like D.C. royalty. Although the outside of Found-

Fresh Spin on American Cuisine

ing Farmers has a definite curb appeal, you really don’t get the full exceptional character and ambience of this establishment until you set foot through the glass doors. When we first walked in we received a warm greeting by the hostess and then we were escorted to our special reserved table by a Founding Farmers staff member. The Founding Farmers hospitality continued with our waitress Kaitlyn. She immediately greeted us with a genuinely warm smile. Her knowledge about the acclaimed menu was impressive. None of our questions were unanswered and her recommendations did not disappoint. We started off our Founding Farmers experience with signature cocktails from the Farmers Favorite Cocktails & Bar Menu. After sipping on the Organic Cucumber Delight and The Constitution it was no wonder why Jon Arroyo is their award winning Chief Mixologist & Beverage Director. These were not your average cocktails and it was nothing but pure genius behind these quenching creations. Founding Farmers Executive Chef Joe Goetze is the master mind behind their palate pleasing culinary creations and we could not have our cocktails without their delectable appetizers.

PG 6 OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013

Kaitlyn recommended the deviled eggs and fried green tomatoes and they definitely went hand in hand and complemented our cocktails superbly. If you are a fan of deviled eggs, then you will love Founding Farmers’ deviled egg appetizer. These are not your mom’s deviled eggs. Founding Farmers takes this American classic and turns it up a notch with Maine Lobster and the freshest crab and salmon. Fried green tomatoes are a southern staple you don’t usually see on the East Coast, but Founding Farmers made me feel like I was back at home with this cornmeal battered delight accompanied with their amazing sauces. Our main attraction was the Founding Farmers grilled center cut 8 oz. filet that was cooked to perfection. The double-whipped red bliss potatoes and fresh green beans with candied lemon were welcome additions to the filet. The beignets were the grand finale. You better think twice if you think New Orleans is the only place you can get appetizing beignets. This French inspired dessert that came with a raspberry coulis, a semi-sweet chocolate sauce and caramel sauce was a consummate ending to a delish meal. Washington, D.C. Founding


Farmers’ Keith, Riva and other staff made our experience memorable. Not only was the food stellar, but the service was as well. Next time you go to Washington D.C. after you visit the White House, take a trip down to Pennsylvania Ave. NW and enjoy a fresh spin on American cuisine at Founding Farmers. For more information about Founding Farmers visit or visit them on Twitter at @Foundingfarmers. Visit Destination DC at or find them on Twitter at @Washingtondc


OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013

PG 7

Travel Discover Atlanta Where Everyone Leaves By Rebecca Briscoe

National Entertainment Writer


couldn’t wait to “discover” Atlanta as my final travel destination from the Bayou City. As many of you know, Atlanta is one of the most cultural cities in the South that relishes on its distinct Southern hospitality and charm. Most attribute the city to the great nightlife and celebrity sightings, but this city has just as much to offer to historians, foodies, and above all tourists. A nonstop flight from Houston got me to the Peach City in less than two hours. This fall trip proved to be sunny skies, warm weather, and the serene atmosphere I so desperately needed. Riding the MARTA was heaven sent. A two- dollar ride got me from the airport to the Omni at CNN Center in less than fifteen minutes. It was unbelievable how easy it was to navigate, and how quickly you were routed to your final destination. Walking in the Omni at CNN Center was an experience. The hotel architecture and attention to detail was simply spectacular. This Four Diamond hotel nestled into the heart of downtown Atlanta was a marvel both inside and out. The highly attentive staff, valet, and concierge exceeded my expectations be-

with Georgia on Their Mind

fore I checked in. I would have to say that I felt presidential staying next to the CNN World headquarters; where real news happens 24 hours a day. As I entered my room from a long day of hustle and bustle, I relished in the beautiful view of the downtown skyline, Centennial Olympic Park, and the CNN Atrium. Once I settled in, I enjoyed the spoils of champagne and chocolate truffles by my bed, and a pillow top mattress that called my name before I reached my slumber. With the Omni at CNN Center being a short walk away from Phillips Arena, Georgia World Congress Center, The Georgia Dome, and tourist attractions like the Georgia Aquarium and Centennial Park could anyone ask for more? Tourist Attractions CNN Studio Tour: If you want to know everything news, and what makes something newsworthy you have to take the CNN Studio Tour. This highly interactive fifty minute tour gives you the behind the scene action of the Control Room Theater, Special Effects Studio, and Interactive News Desk Section. World of Coca-Cola At the World of Coca-Cola, I saw original ar-

PG 8 OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013

tifacts, and witnessed the most recognized beverage in the world come to life. I thoroughly enjoyed the vault session, and the international tasting where my favorite was the South African beverage that had the right amount of fizz and flavor for the pineapple/coconut concoction. Restaurants Bone Lick BBQ: Dining on a budget is always great for the budding traveler. You can dine for two at Bone Lick BBQ for fewer than $25.00, which include: an entree, two sides, and a drink. The brisket was succulent, seasoned, and so tender. Who ever thought you could mix jalapeno with a signature staple to create jalapeño macaroni and cheese? The jalapeño macaroni and cheese was to die for, and their homemade BBQ sauces made me lick my fingers; literally. STK I immediately thought I was in Vegas from ultra chic lounge and beautiful dishes. The feel of STK is sleek, sexy, and refined. As we dined, the restaurant transformed to theatrical lights illuminated with a haute deejay boosting a fun and energetic, night–out vibe. Is this a steak lover’s paradise or


what!! The food was opulent, and the dining experience was unlike I could ever imagine. Appetizers consisted of lump crab, jumbo shrimp, and other seafood spoils that made my mouth water. Unlike my guest, I doted on the lobster instead of the steak. It was more than I could have ever imagined. When you want to “discover” Atlanta, let the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau be your official tour guide. Whatever floats your boat, I can reassure you that they will tailor an itinerary to fit your needs, and tantalize your taste buds. For more information: @discoveratlanta


By Jo-Carolyn Goode Editor-At-Large

Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Making a Better Houston And with the voices of these influen- form. “Comprehensive immigration tial women decisions are being made reform is of the upmost importance.” as it relates to women’s spending Dr. Murillo continued, “And for the habits and what is going on within the

economy to continue to find ways to

family. Making it easier for corporate support entrepreneurs and their exsponsors to communicate with this periences is critically important and particular audience. “With everything thirdly, healthcare reform, which we do is a conscience effort to make would impact many small businesssure that women are represented in es and corporations.” Utilizing the what has traditionally been a male chamber’s many resources, events are dominate area but also that we are

held to mobilize the membership and

represented on different boards and others to be active participants and commissions throughout the city not not bystanders in resolving different just the Hispanic Chamber of Com- issues. It is Dr. Murillo’s thought that merce Board. That we open doors if people can come together to have


Dr. Laura Murillo

and open opportunities for our com-

an educated discussion about these

munity to have a voice.”

issues of importance that solutions

From giving women a voice could be formed. “The job of the

ust a quick Google search will

directors. “Houston is a reality of

to securing the success of the next

chamber is to really be a convener, to

show the power player that the

changing demographics and fortu-

generation, with what Dr. Murillo

help people understand the issues, to

Houston Hispanic Chamber of

nately we are in a region and a city

calls her most important work, the

gather information and help people

Commerce (HHCC) is at the bargain-

that embraces diversity. Our chamber

chamber’s Emerging Young Leaders understand what can be a complex is-

ing table of business in Houston and

has really taken advantage of that op-

Institute teaches young people under sue so that Houston and the country

abroad. At the helm of this organiza-

portunity by integrating many ideas

forty years of age with less than eight

continues to thrive.”

tion for the past six years has been one

and cultures and really finding a way

years of work experience or who are

woman, Dr. Laura Murillo. Although

to work together,” said Dr. Murillo,

juniors or seniors in college the ways

way that the community can contin-

this savvy business lady solely holds

who remarked that diversity is why

of the business world. “We have ue to support the HHCC. A group of

the title of President and Chief Ex-

Houston as a city is so successful.

many dynamic leaders in the city of voices is always louder and more ef-

ecutive Officer of the HHCC she will

As the chamber stretches its

Houston but part our responsibility is fective than a single voice. Banning

readily tell you that the success of the

reach to make a greater impact, its

making sure that we are fostering that together for the greater good will al-

chamber is not by her single hand

members are expanding their own

next generation of Houston leaders low all to move towards the ultimate

alone but is due to a dynamic group

portfolios by not just being players on

and I am confident that our Mayor, goal, a better Houston

that composes the HHCC’s member-

a business team but serving as cap-

our elected officials, our board mem-

ship, staff, and board of directors.

tain of their own team in the form of

bers come from this group of our

upcoming HHCC Annual Awards

Since 1977, the HHCC is the

CEO. Latina women are among the

Emerging Young Leaders,” said Dr.

Gala on Saturday, November 2, 2013

largest chamber in the country that

fastest growing group of new entre-


at the Hobby Center-Downtown start-

is of Hispanic membership with the

preneurs. The chamber is supporting

purpose of serving as an advocate

this growth with a program called the

businesses, gives women a voice,

for the business community. Now

Latina Roundtable. “We try to target

molds future leaders, and they fight panic entrepreneurs and executives.

boasting a membership of 4,000,

specifically female entrepreneurs or

for the issues concerning the commu-

Find out more information online at

the chamber has pride in the diver-

women who have been very success-

nity. Number one on the chamber’s

sity of its membership and board of

ful, Latina or not, “ said Dr. Murillo.

list is comprehensive immigration re-


Talking out the issues is one

Mark your calendars for the

The chamber advocates for ing at 6pm. The chamber will appreciate and celebrate the city’s top His-

OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013

PG 9

Political Early Voting In High Gear for Houston City Elections

By Burt Levine Political Writer


arly voting began with 5,025 voters voting the first day of early voting Monday, October 21 for the November 5 Houston Mayor, City Controller and City Council, Houston School Board and College Board elections. That total this year was nearly twice the 2,557 people that voted the first day of early voting in 2011 and higher than any first day for a city race in the last 10 years. The busiest early voting site the first day of early voting was at the Metropolitan Multi-Service Station on West Gray in State Rep. Sarah Davis’ District 134 in the Montrose area where 540 early voters were counted including Mayor Parker who attracted a crowd to greet her in the morning when she showed to vote. Some predictors are Parker could win her third and final term allowed by law this November 5 with the more than the 50 percent required to avoid a December run-off election against her top challenger former City Attorney Ben Hall who cancelled his

television advertising weeks ago as she continues to clobber him with ads attacking him for personal federal and local tax issues. The second top early voting site was the Fiesta Mart across from Reliant in Rep. Boris Miles’ District on Kirby Drive where 286 early voters were counted. The Multi-Service Center on West Gray and the Fiesta on Kirby are the top two early voting sites despite being located in Ellen Cohen’s District C and Larry Green’s City Council District K where the second term district city council members are unopposed and not conducting campaigns to bring out their city voters. The Fiesta however is located across the street from the Astrodome area and the ballot does feature a countywide initiative to issue $271 in bonds to re-build the iconic Astrodome facility as a convention, hotel and exposition center as opposed to spending tens of millions of dollars to tear it down. The third busiest early voting

site was Bayland Park where 263 early votes were counted. Bayland Park is located in Rep. Gene Wu’s District at 6400 Bissonnet at Hillcroft. Bayland Park is also located in City Mike Laster District J who is also unopposed but it is the early vote poll that is closest to the City of Bellaire where Mayor Phil Nauert is being challenged by freshmen City Council Member Corbett Parker. A crowded field is also running for Bellaire City Council. Bayland Park is also convenient for those voting for Houston Community College District 5 which is the seat Richard Schechter abruptly retired from early this year. Businessmen Robert Glasser and Phil Kunetka and African American fire fighter union leader Roy Cormier are in the race to succeed Schechter to represent Bellaire, West University, Meyerland, Maplewood and other areas in southwest Houston and areas north to north of Sharpstown on the HCC Board. Bayland Park is also conve-

nient for those voting for the Houston ISD Board Seat being vacated by HISD long-time leader Larry Marshall. Running to succeed Marshall are term limited Council Member Wanda Adams, former Trustee Clyde Lemon and educator Coretta Mallet-Fontenot. Early Voting will continue 7 am to 7 pm Saturday, October 26, 1 pm to 6 pm Sunday, October 27 and from 7 am to 7 pm through Friday, November 1. For all information on Harris County voting the best source is wwwHarrisVotes.Com.


Affordable Fashion Tips for Dressing Your Best

PG 10 OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013


ith each new season comes the familiar urge to shop and stock up on the latest fashion trends. Whether you’re dreaming of the looks heading down the runway or shopping at your local thrift store for fabulous finds, it can be hard to get everything you want without breaking the bank. So, how do you keep up with the latest fashion trends on a budget? The fashion experts at Hanes offer some


affordable tips and tricks: Start with the basics - Select a few staple pieces that coordinate well together and can be mixed and matched with other items in your closet. A little legwear can go a long way – For an elegant finish to your look, add stylish legwear from Hanes. Pair them with chic, high-heeled boots or pumps to be ultra on-trend this season. Classics are always on-trend – Choose an inexpensive trend or two each season to add a little flair to your existing look and over time your wardrobe will build as the seasons change. This year, everyone is wearing bold, monochromatic colors, like cobalt blue and glamorous gold. Always accessorize – The ultimate accessory worth a little splurge is always the handbag. Filled with your daily must-haves and part of your everyday routines, handbags are one area of your wardrobe that may just be the most splurge-worthy but make sure to invest in something that is designed to last.



Embellished Decanter and Glassware

sk people to name their favorite holiday and many will scream Halloween. It’s one of the best times of year for crafting, cooking and scaring up some truly creative treats and decorations. Whether you love creating a little glitz and glamour or something frightening and fun, the experts at the JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores have come with ideas and inspirations for making

Scream for Halloween this Halloween your best one yet. Frightful Fun: Lead trick-ortreaters to their doom or, at least, your front door by lining the sidewalks with glowing rocks. Paint smooth river rocks with glow-in-the-dark spray paint. Once dry, use black paint and a brush to write scary words or draw silly designs on the rocks. Decorate Your Heart Out: Use black glass paint to turn a thrift store cake stand into a pedestal for your scariest Halloween decorations. Pile plastic hearts or skulls in the middle and cover with a clear glass cloche. Decorated cupcakes or a cakepop display would also work well under glass. Eat, Drink and be Scary: Scary food ideas abound, but few drinks scream Halloween more than an embellished decanter of swampy green brew or blood red punch. Before pouring the brew into fun glassware, drop plastic spider rings inside ice cube trays, fill with bottled water and freeze. Your guests will love a few frozen creepy crawlies in their drink.


Making your own embellished decanter and glassware is a simple project for crafters at every level. The best part is you can get the whole family involved. For more holiday dĂŠcor inspiration and craft projects, visit www.JoAnn. com. Embellished Decanter and Glassware Crafting Time: 1-2 hours Skill Level: No experience necessary Supplies and Tools: Wine decanter Wine glasses Martha Stewart Crafts gloss-finish glass paint Martha Stewart Crafts adhesive stencils Jute Self-adhesive rhinestones: black, orange Sponge pouncer Hot glue gun and glue sticks Wine Glass: 1. Adhere stencils to wine glass in design of choice. 2. Using a sponge pouncer, paint in the stencil. Remove adhesive stencil

while still wet, and then allow glass to dry. 3. Wrap stem of wine glass in jute. Start by adding a small amount of glue at the top of the stem to secure the jute in place. Tuck the raw end of jute into wrap as the stem is circled. Wrap to the base of wine glass. Add a small amount of glue at the end to secure. 4. Embellish the base of the wine glass with self-adhesive rhinestones. Decanter: 1. Using a hot glue gun, stabilize 4 pieces of jute to the bottom of the decanter. Design a spider web pattern up the decanter using jute. Each horizontal piece of the spider web is individually cut and glued in place. 2. Horizontally wrap jute around the decanter to hide the raw edges of jute created by the spider web. Use glue at the start and finish to hold in place. 3. Embellish decanter with selfadhesive rhinestones.

OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013

PG 11

breast cancer

Dazzle in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Kendra Scott Jewelry ‘s “Lolley” Necklace 20% of the profits from this

limited edition Kendra Scott Jewelry necklace will support the Seton Breast Cancer Center in Austin, TX. Retails $50,

Marco Bicego’s Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet 10% of the profits

from Marco Bicego’s Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet will support Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Retails $395, Bloomingdale’s

Caroline Rocha Cuffs 120% of the

proceeds from sales of Caroline Rocha cuffs will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Retails $159-$219 depending on cuff size,

Waxing Poetic Charm Bandlets

20% of the proceeds of sales from Waxing Poetic by founder Patti Pagliei Simpson will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Retails $295-$330,

Robindira Unsworth Slice Ring

20% of the proceeds of Robindira Unsworth Slice Ring will benefit breast cancer research. Retails $315,

PG 12 OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013



Houston, TX


Houston, TX

Wells Fargo $760,00 Grants for Houston’s Homeless Photography By Vicky Pink n Wednesday, October 16, 2013, Houston Style Magazine was on hand at Houston City Hall as Mayor Parker made a major announcement to help Houston’s homeless. Wells Fargo will make donations totaling $760,000 over three years for two Houston-based nonprofits to help support Mayor Annise Parker’s goal of ending chronic homelessness. The local grant recipients were identified in close collaboration with the City of Houston and Mayor Parker to assist the city in the areas of transitional and permanent supported housing and shelter and support services for the homeless. The Corporation for Supportive Housing will receive a grant of $450,000 over three years in support of their efforts for the Houston homeless community, including a goal of developing 2,500 units of permanent supportive housing, along with more than 2,800 units of general-population affordable housing over three years; The Coalition for the Homeless Houston/Harris County will receive a grant of $310,000 over three years to create and implement programs necessary for the successful response to the housing crisis by creating a system that rapidly returns homeless persons to housing stability.


2013 Pinnacle Awards


Photography By Vicky Pink

n Friday, October 11, 2013, Houston Style Magazine was on hand at The Power Center for the 19th Annual African American Business Achievement Pinnacle Awards hosted by the Greater Houston Black Chamber. The annual awards show recognizes Houston’s top Black Businesses. Business mogul Cathy Hughes, Radio One, served as the keynote speaker. This year’s honorary co-chairs were Carla Lane, Lane Staffing, and Bob McKay, Radio One. Some in attendance were Rhonda Arnold, Kim Davis, Erica Lee, Carey and Judge Clarease Yates, Jerome Love, State Rep. Ron and Dr. Jonita Reynolds, Rev. Leslie Smith, Zoe Cadore, Kim Roxie, Jarvis Johnson, State Rep. Sylvester Turner, Len Cannon, Renee Logans, Dr. Reagan Flowers, Lalou Davies-Yemitan, and Houston City Councilmen Larry Green and Andrew Burks.


OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013

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Terri Schichenmeyer

“Losing to Win” by Michele Grant


t’s always in the last place you looked. You know how it is: you’ve lost something. You look beneath, above, in and out, corners and cabinets. You turn the house upside down but no matter where you look, it’s always in the last place you’d expect to find it. It almost makes you lose your mind. But there are worse things to misplace: love, for instance, and in the new novel, “Losing to Win” by Michele Grant, a loss might result in a bigger gain.

Carissa Melody Wayne was ambushed. There was no other way to consider it: on the last day of school, while cleaning her classroom, she was called to the auditorium. That was never a good sign but on that day, it was doubly bad. Carissa learned that she’d been tapped to appear on a reality weightloss show, along with several people from her past - including her ex-fiancé, the man she never wanted to see again. Malachi Knight had been Carissa’s best friend. They’d been together since high school, but not long before the ambush, Carissa left him standing in his Houston mansion when she realized his NFL career was more important to him than she was. Her dreams didn’t matter anymore, which broke her heart so she broke it off.

Entertainment By Susie Stillwell Entertainment Writer


But, of course, big ratings are the reason for reality shows and nothing would achieve that faster than putting two old lovers together. Because there were big bucks at stake, as well as help for her struggling Louisiana town, Carissa agreed to go along with the hot mess… but she didn’t have to like it. When Malachi’s football career tanked due to an injury, he knew he had a lot of reassessing to do. He’d lost his future, in more ways than one: no football, no Super Bowl, and no Carissa. He vowed to fix all three losses, and this reality show was just the ticket. He’d lose fifty pounds, get in shape, reignite his career, and get back with the woman he’d always loved. It was easy for Carissa to slip back into a relationship with Mal. It was easy to slip

back into his bed. But if Carissa trusted Mal again, was it really a win-win situation? Looking for something fluffylight for your fall reading? “Losing to Win” may be what you need: it’s a classic boygets-girl romance that doesn’t let you know which boy gets the girl until the end. That was a nice surprise, actually: author Michele Grant gives her strong main character lots of choices, including that of remaining single. In a romance, that’s unusual. Here, it’s refreshing because readers know that Grant’s Carissa will be fine, no matter who she chooses (or doesn’t). Surely, you’ll have a preference for her, which is part of the appeal of a book like this. Readers who are looking for a marshmallow (with heat!) will enjoy this book,

c.2013, Kensington Dafina $14.00 / $15.95 Canada 288 pages

Steve Mcqueen and Chiwetel Ejiofor Talk 12 Years a Slave

man who was kidnapped into slavery, and we go through the whole assault course, the whole maze of slavery with him. So I was writing with John Ridley, the screenwriter, and we were working together on the script, and we came into some kind of difficulties. I was talking to my wife and I told her what I was doing, and she said, “Why don’t you look into true tales of slavery?” And I thought, “Of course.” We did some research and found this book 12 Years A Slave, and it was amazing. SS/JC: There’s a very methodical sense of despair and deterioration to this film. Was there ever a temptation -- or, say, pressure from the studio -- to include more beats of hope or emotional uplift? STEVE MCQUEEN: I had final cut on the film -- not that that always means a lot these days -- and I think the people involved helped me make the sort of film that I wanted to make. So that was my decision. It’s, you know, about a particular time in history -- and I wanted to tell the truth about that particular time in history. If we’d altered it I don’t think that would have been helpful.

SS/JC: Chiwetel, so much of this performance is internalized; there’s a stillness and a resolve to Solomon’s character that resonates on screen. Did you find that difficult to convey? Chiwetel Ejiofor: Yeah. I think a lot of it was in the script and also in the book. I was able to get a very clear idea of how he would react to these circumstances and, you know, in some cases literally what he was thinking. So that kind of internalization becomes easier as you become more and more aware of the character. I think it’s harder if the character’s somehow distant from you, and you’re trying to reach for something internal. But with Solomon, I suppose, the circumstances that he’s in are so relatable. SS/JC: Many of the films scenes are harrowing to watch -- I’m thinking particularly of the moment you’re forced to whip Patsey, a fellow slave at gunpoint. What were those moments like to shoot? Chiwetel Ejiofor: I traveled in with Lupita [Nyong’o, who plays Patsey] that day, I think, from the crew base where we were at to get ready, and it was

PG 14 OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013


lready one of 2013’s most critically-acclaimed films -- and an early Oscar frontrunner, for those that keep track of such things -- Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave depicts the grim true story of Solomon Northrup, a free, educated black man who was kidnaped and sold into a life of slavery on a southern plantation -- a seemingly hopeless ordeal that he suffered with considerable resolve. The film opens in limited engagement this week, and we had the opportunity to speak with both McQueen and his star, Chiwetel Ejiofor, who portrays Northrup in a remarkable performance of dignity and despair. SS/JC: Steve, I wanted to begin by asking you how you came across Solomon’s book, and why you decided to make this story as your next film. Had you been interested for a while? Steve McQueen: …I thought, “This is a very interesting subject.” It’s sort of ridiculous to call it “interesting” -- of course, I have roots in slave history -- but I thought it could be very interesting to investigate. I was thinking about it as a narrative -- about a free

and romance lovers will eat it up. If that’s you, then I definitely think “Losing to Win” is what to look for.

blistering hot -- over 100 degrees, usually -- and I think we just spoke very calmly about knowing what we were about to do in the days shooting. It happened, you know. It really happened to these people, and we’re right there in Louisiana, and you have that sense that you’re dancing with spirits, dancing with ghosts. Truth be told. The film is probably the most intense exhilarating tear jerker, very passionately emotional and there are moments that will actually take your breathe away...the actors are all superb and Chiwetel Ejoifor is an amazing performer. Juicy Culture takes pride in bring you the best and most current Black Movie and TV news and interviews

National Rich and Nancy Kinder Announce Donation $50 Million to Houston Parks Board


through a public-private partnership. The Houston Parks Board has committed to raising a matching $115 million. To date, $21 million has been committed with significant gifts by Houston Endowment Inc., The Wortham Foundation, Inc., The Fondren Foundation, the Brown Foundation, multiple federal agencies and individual donors. For more information, visit

of September. And, the Authority will close out 2013 with the launch of the North (Red) Line extension, expanding the existing Main Street Line by 5.3 miles. The Southeast (Purple) and East End (Green) lines are expected to open in 2014. For more information, visit

Sofia Vergara Collection Introduced At Rooms To Go

METRO Tops 80 Million Boardings in Fiscal Year ‘13 Rich and Nancy Kinder

ich and Nancy Kinder, through their family foundation, have announced plans to donate $50 million to the non-profit Houston Parks Board for the Bayou Greenways 2020 project, which would make it the largest donation in the history of Houston’s park system and one of the largest grants to a public greenspace in the United States. The Kinder Foundation was inspired by the visionary project to create new parkland and trails to connect greenspaces along Houston’s bayous. The creation of parkland, trails and natural areas along major bayous – while enhancing protecting and preserving water quality, natural habitat, and native wildlife – promotes the overall health and welfare of the city. Once Bayou Greenways 2020 is complete, Houston will have the largest offstreet shared use path system in the nation. The seven-year Bayou Greenways 2020 project will be funded

Boardings registered on METRO fixed-route service in FY13, (includes local bus, Park & Ride and METRORail) was 80,042,098 - a 4.3 percent increase, or 3.27 million increase from last fiscal year.


he New METRO closed out fiscal year 2013 (Oct 2012Sept 2013) with more than 80 million boardings recorded for the first time in four years. Ridership, system-wide, had lagged behind the 80 million mark since FY2009 when 84,408,919 trips were recorded. METRO Board Chairman Gilbert Garcia made the announcement at the Greater Houston Partnership’s annual State of METRO luncheon while highlighting the Authority’s achievements and focus on the future. Among the New METRO board’s priorities See what’s hot on is building ridership and improving the customer experience. RidNow exclusive ers are thrilled with the partners with return of the METRO Day Pass. Articulated buses are also back as

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Sofia Vergara

urniture retailer Rooms To Go and Latin World Entertainment Licensing announced the much anticipated launch of its furniture line with Modern Family star, Sofia Vergara. The Sofia Vergara Collection comprises beautifully crafted, contemporary designed furniture groupings for living, dining and bedrooms along with accessories. Exclusively available at Rooms To Go, the Sofia Vergara Collection will be merchandised and displayed in complete room groupings designed to provide customers with inspiration, affordability and ease of shopping. The new line will be available in all Rooms To Go stores. Named as one of the world’s most powerful Latinas by Forbes Magazine, Sofia Vergara is both a successful businesswoman and the only Hispanic actress to begin her career on a U.S. Hispanic network and successfully cross over to the general market. For more information about the privately held company please visit

Spain Joins Bumpy European Recovery


pain’s economy is beginning to emerge from years of gloom even as eurozone data show how bumpy the region’s recovery is likely to be. Unemployment in the eurozone’s fourth-biggest economy fell in the third quarter, according to figures published Thursday. That followed a report from the Bank of Spain Wednesday predicting a return to economic growth in the quarter after a recession lasting two years. The government is due to publish its latest GDP numbers next week. Improvement in Spain’s jobs market is crucial to a broader recovery and Thursday’s figures show the country’s unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in a year. But with just under 26% of the workforce -- and more than half of all young people -- still without a job, it remains painfully high. Spain was hit hard by the financial crisis after a housing bubble burst and many of its banks required hefty bailouts. Saddled with high debt and borrowing costs, it began a program of austerity to control its budget deficit and structural reforms aimed at improving productivity. Exports have recovered as a result, helping drive the return to growth, but economists say the country has some way to go. For more information, visit Share these stories online at

OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30, 2013

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